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BIG RED FINALLY GETS A BREAK Big Red, a stalwart dough mixer dating back to the 1930s, has retired from the pizza business, but she won’t wander far from her home of the past 21 years: the Flying Pie Pizzeria in Issaquah, Washington. Katheryn Parker, the pizzeria’s owner, issued a warm and witty press release in January announcing that her beloved Hobart M80 mixer would no longer be pulling pizza duty. “Big Red was known for being reliable, hardworking and relatively quiet,” Parker wrote. “Recently, her old motor began to need more frequent breaks and constant encouragement from staff members. Retirement plans for Big Red include getting out of the kitchen and parking it near Flying Pie’s front door, where she has no intentions of moving. She’s tired and weighs 1,470 pounds.” Parker also welcomed Big Red’s flashier, sexier replacement: “Grayskull has fancy modern amenities like a 15-minute timer, which Big Red deems unnecessary, since she did just fine without it for over 80 years.”

A mixer named Big Red has been a valued team member at Flying Pie Pizzeria since it opened in April 1997. Owner Katheryn Parker said the 80-quart giant mixed her last batch of dough on December 26.


THE #METOO MOVEMENT IS HERE #MeToo is more than a hashtag: It’s a growing movement nationwide. Implementing an effective sexual harassment policy—and strictly enforcing it—should be a top priority for restaurant owners. Your employees deserve protection, and so does your brand’s reputation.

CHEETOS WITH HEAT-O ARE NEAT-O Never underestimate the power of a Cheeto. Pizzas topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are searing tongues and creating media buzz for pizzerias around the country. Lelulo’s Pizzeria in Cape Coral, Florida, landed in the News-Press after rolling out the Chicken Volcano Pizza, featuring Cheez Whiz, a version of General Tso’s sauce, grilled chicken and a blend of cheeses, all topped with a handful of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and a drizzle of ranch dressing. Mickey’s Deli, located in Hermosa Beach, California, also scared up free PR—including coverage in QSR Magazine—with its Spicy Spooky Cheeto Pizza last Halloween. And the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pizza has put Ameci Pizza Kitchen, with three locations in Southern California, on the world pizza map, with coverage on national websites like Thrillist, Buzzfeed, FoodBeast and others. Signature pies topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos—like the Spicy Spooky Cheeto Pizza from Mickey’s Deli—are getting media coverage for pizzerias around the country.


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