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Naina Lal Kidwai talked about the disruptive changes, digital technology and protectionism that is emerging in the current world. She noted that as the cost of robotic technology falls, it will impact the talent market forcing large-scale, people intensive organizations to relook their strategies. She also pointed out that countries are increasingly moving towards protectionism. She projected that the manufacturing models of the future will most likely have smaller units closer to the market. This shift is being facilitated by the technologies like robotics and is giving prominence to the micro-entrepreneurs in this market. She also mentioned that the tech-driven platform services are likely to make small businesses viable.

She highlighted the issues of lack of infrastructure, low social security, low skills, under-utilization of resources, and ineffective delivery of services as challenges in getting India to be future ready. She suggested that as a country, we should educate ourselves, understand the upcoming change, adjust to it and influence it by innovative thinking.

Naina Lal Kidwal

Chairperson, Altico Capital India Ltd.