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Sandeep Bidani, Partner, Positive Momentum, and Founding Director Cognitiv Hanumant Talwar, Founder, Cognitiv

Sandeep Bidani and Hanumant Talwar talked about the importance of staying relevant in fast changing times. They spoke of “Digital Darwinism” as the phenomenon of how consumers change their behavior when society and technology change faster than they can adapt. They quoted Uber as an example of digital technology causing business transformation and artificial intelligence-based tools helping in scaling up capacity. Sandeep pointed out that systemic impacts of these changes are big, for example,

- Driver less cars can lead to less trauma and increasing life expectancy.

- Solar technology being used in the walking canes of people with disabilities.

Talwar pointed out that in these fast changing times, it is not the strongest who would survive but those who adapt the fastest.