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Monday 14 October 2013

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Tom Greggan News Editor

DAVID Cameron has announced a possible ‘Earn or Learn’ policy for under-25s. The policy involves taking away housing benefits as well as Jobseekers Allowance from approximately one million people who aren’t in education, employment or training. Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, Cameron said: “Today it is still possible to leave school, sign on, find a flat, start claiming housing benefit and opt for a life on benefits. It’s time for bold action here. “Instead we should give young people a clear,

positive choice. Go to school. Go to college. Do an apprenticeship. Get a job.” It is thought that single parents, disabled people and people in care will be exempt from the ruling, but there is no indication as to if the rule will apply to unemployed graduates straight out of university. Edd Graham-Hyde is a committee member for the UCLan Politics Society and speaking as a Labour supporting student criticised the policy, saying: “I’m not a massive fan as you’d expect. “Coming from a white, middle class, man that inherited millions he has no idea what it is like to live as an under 25-year-old person in this country, struggling for money. “Currently students can’t claim benefits when in education, yet many are forced out of education due to increased fees, rent prices, and fuel costs whilst

at the same time youth unemployment is on a high – this policy is out of touch and leaves young people with no options.” But first year Social Work student Bowen Perryman, a Conservative supporter backed the policy, saying: “More than one hundred thousand young people are in employment thanks to the Conservatives with many paying less tax but Cameron pledged to do more. “The ‘earn or learn’ policy will support young people; showing that hard work whether in employment or in education is the only path to succeed in Britain.” WE TAKE AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT THE PARTY CONFERENCE SEASON, PAGE 7

ALL HAIL KING MANFORD Comedian delivers a brilliant set at Guild Hall performance

CULTURE, Page 18


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14.10.2013 Contents News

UCLan to open new Technical College

£10 million project set to open 2015 Page 3


Party Political Conference Season

Students give their views on conferences Page 7


Are we victims of dumbing down?

Britain worst for literacy and numeracy, Page 9


Should airbrushing be banned? Fabulously or frivilously fake, Page 10


Common Courtesy A Day To Remember Their best album yet? Page 15


Filth - The Review James McAvoy steals the show Page 18


UST: There’s Snow Sport Like It Club profile, Page 22


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Jess Millington Deputy News Editor

A PAIR of UCLan students are raising money for a research volunteer program which will see them travel to Cambodia to change the lives of people in a community. Psychology student Lyndsay Wood, 21 and Physiology and Pharmacology student Nicole Wood, 24 are working with ‘Reach out Volunteers’ to improve the lives of families living in poverty. The program is designed to enable willing volunteers to spend one month in a variety of different places, such as Cambodia, Mozambique and Laos. Allowing young people to develop whole communities, teach English to willing children and help rescue elephants from refuge, the ‘Reach Out Volunteers’ program is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Leaving for Cambodia on 15 June next year, Nicole told Pluto how they feel about the challenge to come, saying: “I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a really long time. It’s something I am passionate about and I want to make a difference.” With a target amount of £8,000 needing to be raised for the project to go ahead, Lyndsay said: “I think our main worry at this moment in time is raising enough money for the trip to actually go ahead. We are doing all we can to try and raise the money we need.” After bag packing at local supermarkets, selling cakes in the Students union and setting up a website where people can donate money, Lyndsay and Nicole are also setting up a Christmas raffle for students to win prizes, with the money raised helping to pay for the trips expenses. A range of big companies and organisations are helping the pair on their way to their target, with brands such

as Boots, Starbucks and Nandos offering to donate some of their items to the raffle. The money needed for the trip will help pay for the flights, food, accommodation, safe and clean water, vaccinations for both girls and building materials and resources for the community. Home comforts will be hard to come by when Lyndsay and Nicole leave for Cambodia, but Nicole said that it’s all part of the experience: “I’m not too worried about living without a proper shower or a bed as I’m not there to live in luxury. “We are there to help change these people’s lives.” With mud huts and tree tops quite literally becoming their home for the month that they’ll be there, Lyndsay said: “Going back to basics will be interesting, but it will definitely make me appreciate everything that I have back at home.” The time that the pair will spend in Cambodia will be mentally and physically challenging, Nicole said: “We have been doing a lot of training in order to prepare ourselves for the hard work when we get there. “Going to the gym and taking zumba classes have made working out more fun.” Their preparation doesn’t end there though. An organised 50k run is taking place on 17 November to raise money to help them reach their target. The deadline for the money to be raised is 20 April 2014. Lyndsay said: “I am so excited to be able to do something like this, and I just hope we can pull it off.”

To donate towards Lyndsay and Nicole’s fund, please visit their website: News Editor: Tom Greggan



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CAMBODIA TRIP... Friends Lyndsay and Nicole

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Issue 253

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Luke Beardsworth Interim Deputy Editor

INTERNATIONAL superstar Coolio cooked dinner for UCLan students the night after playing YBD nightspots. The Gangsters Paradise star appeared at Ships and Giggles and MACs on Monday night to kick off his world tour. The Preston appearance was a UK exclusive and a coup for YBD. It was after the performance that Coolio overslept and missed his flight to Zurich, leading to him cooking for the students After taking the students to Tesco, the rapper cooked a three course meal of Caprese Salad, Chicken á la Daaaamn, and Peach Crumble for the house who could not believe their luck. Coolio was earlier heard bragging about his cooking skills. He said: "I do have a speciality which is making something out of nothing. I can take stuff you wouldn't think makes a meal, like pork and beans. I could make a gourmet dish out of pork and beans." To make the night even more special, Coolio then performed Gangsters Paradise backed by a student on an acoustic guitar. The gathered students provided the vocals for the famous chorus. The guitarist posted on Reddit: "Met Coolio on a student night out in Preston and he said he wanted to cook for me and my house mates the following and that's exactly what happened. "We decided to take a break from the



surreal night of our lives." The video of the performance of Gangsters Paradise, which is available on Pluto Online, has since become a huge hit with the Preston audience, shared by both students and locals. Andy Mac, owner of the YBD group, said: "He was so laid back and so cool and he just liked having a laugh. "He really loved it - he was very appreciative and said he loved performing at MACs Bar and wants to come back. The atmosphere was unbelievable." Earlier on Monday, Coolio played Fifa with students and was well-beaten by many of them.

Coolio’s Top 10 Hits 1. Gangster’s Paradise

2. C U When U Get There

3. Hit ‘Em High (The Monstars’ Anthem)

4. Too Hot

5. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New) 6. Ooh La La

7. It’s All the Way Live (Now) 8. Fantastic Voyage

UCLAN TO OPEN NEW TECHNICAL COLLEGE COOLIO... The hip-hop star cooked up a storm with students.

Jade Kneen News Reporter

NO HOMEWORK... No longer will students spend hours working at home.

A NEW technical college with a difference is to open in Preston, with handson experience and no homework. Could the University Technical College be the answer to increasing employability among Lancashire’s young adults? The joint venture between UCLan and Preston City Council could be opening as soon as September 2015. The £10 million project will offer industry led courses for 14-19 year olds in areas such as civil engineering, construction, architecture and design. Rod Dubrow-Marshall, Pro Vice-Chancellor at UCLan said: “Preston is a perfect place for a new University Technical College. It is the engine for economic growth in Lancashire and beyond, even more so now with the £400M city deal that is planned.” Adopting a no homework policy, the college instead will incorporate a longer school year. This means that students in this environment could earn an extra year’s worth of education in comparison to other typical schools and colleges. Speaking of UCLan’s academic recogni-

9. The Winner

10. Gangsta Walk (ft. Snoop Dogg)

tion, Rod Dubrow-Marshall added: ”UCLan has a fantastic reputation and track record in academic excellence. “We are one of the biggest universities in the UK and a destination of choice for many thousands of young people to study and start their careers.” He added: “It is a wonderfully exciting project to be involved with and we are putting in every effort into making the bid successful.” There are currently forty four University technical colleges open or in development and there is a 100% rate of leavers gaining employment or going onto further education. It is yet unknown where the college will be built, although it is likely to be within the city centre of Preston, with its students coming from a 15 mile catchment area.


SPORT 21-24



Tom Greggan

FRACKING company Cuadrilla is to close its Anna’s Road site over wildlife safety concerns. The site was being used to explore the possibility of shale gas in the area. It opened in 2011 after Cuadrilla acquired it two years earlier but the company knew their operations there were dependant on how it impacted on local birds, such as whooper swans and pinkfooted geese. The company said it is looking for new sites to relocate to, that did not have such problems. It is another setback for the company who hit the headlines in the summer when protesters converged on a site in Balcombe, West Sussex. They also made the news back in 2011 when it was confirmed that fracking tests near Blackpool had caused two tremors on the Fylde coast. The process of fracking involves pumping water and chemicals underground at high pressure to shatter rock and release gas. Fracking is used more in the US where law restrictions are less tight. There, it has been associated with air and water pollution, radioactive waste and methane emissions.




When nobody is in the SAC office, I like to go and sit in my old seat and tell myself that I will return! #confessions

Just #Coolio popping over to a student household at #UCLAN to cook them dinner and sing Gangsta's Paradise


PRESTON North End supporters are being urged to take to twitter as the Lancashire Constabulary look to improve supporters’ match day experience. Football Intelligence Officers of Lancashire Constabulary will engage with fans on the account @PNEPolice. The account has been set up so that supporters can find out details about match day advice such as; parking, match day travel, issues with the rail network and places to eat and drink that accept away supporters. The service has already proved successful after a major accident on the M6 south closed the road and supporters heading to Peterborough were alerted well in advance. Paul Elliott, Football Intelligence Officer for Preston North End said: “Primarily the objective is to inform and interact with PNE supporters. “As I attend most, if not all, of the games home and away the PNE supporters are used to seeing my face, particularly at away games as you tend to get a hard-core of supporters travelling.” Mr Elliott is hoping to attract more Preston supporters as well as fans of other clubs in the league, who are travelling to all matches. PNE’s official twitter recognises the importance of the account by retweeting a number of the tweets from the account, which already has 650 followers.





IN an annual event, High Sheriff Ann Dean is encouraging outgoing youths that have helped their community to come forward and get recognised. Applications are accepted from individuals that have initiated beneficial projects, big or small. These projects can include anything from improving local safety, to boosting someone’s confidence or unlocking their potential. The winners and runners up will be selected by a joint decision of the High Sheriff, Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC), Lancashire Constabulary, BAE Systems as the sponsor and the award-scheme-founder Rodney Swarbrick. BAE’s Site Director, Ian Wood says the company is “extremely proud to be associated with the award”. All finalists will be invited to a presentation at Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters in March 2014. There, the winner will receive £250, a trophy and a certificate; while two runners up will receive £100 and a certificate. For minors, parent or guardian approval is needed for the nomination, future publicity and ensuing events. The closing date for applications is 31 January 2014; application forms can be found at or at the LANPAC office on 01772412372.


Allanah Maher Reporter

UCLAN and the National Union of Students have taken part in a range of activities to promote World Mental Health day on Thursday 10 October. For the first time, representatives from student services, mental health agencies and students themselves gathered in central London to discuss student mental health, and the role of education. The conference, supported by Mind and hosted by the Royal College of Nursing, was the first step in examining current student support and increasing understanding of mental health on campus. Research shows that one in four people will develop a mental health problem and for many, the symptoms will appear in their late teens or early twenties. The NUS conducted research this month, which found that 20 per cent of higher education students surveyed consider themselves to have a mental health problem. Out of the 1,000 students who took

part, 92 per cent identified themselves as having experienced feelings of mental distress, whilst 13 per cent confessed to having had suicidal thoughts. For 65 per cent of respondents the main causes of this were found to be work, exams and study with 47 per cent citing financial difficulty. Everyone at the conference sent a postcard to the Minister of State for Universities and Science, David Willetts, alerting him that the discussion on student mental health is open and that the NUS is starting to take action. Vicki Nash, Mind’s Head of Policy and Campaigns said: “We need to make sure that we break down the taboos that still exist about mental health so that no student is too embarrassed to talk about it.” There was a number of inspiring keynote speakers at the event, including former Defence Minister Kevan Jones MP, who said that there is still much more education required to improve support available. He said: “Nowhere is that more true than amongst students. Student life, whilst of course very exciting, can be very challenging. It is vital that the right support is in place to help them.”


NEW FLATS SET FOR FRIARGATE MENTAL HEALTH... The mental health of students came under the spotlight

Charlotte Arrowsmith News Reporter

WORK will soon begin on the project to build 260 student flats on Great Shaw Street, Friargate. Portergate Property Management is aiming to create deluxe, en-suite apartments for post-graduate students and apprentices working in the Central Lancashire area. The company said: “The student accommodation and retail facility will be located in the Friargate retail area in the heart of Preston City Centre, convenient for the UCLAN campus and also local amenities, shopping, leisure and transport links.” They were granted permission to go ahead with the project back in June, and want to start the work before the end of the year. Businesses already on the site include a body piercing shop, the former Popadom Palace takeaway and what used to be Retrorags. These need to be demolished before the work can begin. Portergate Property Management has revealed that the flats are scheduled to open for the 2014/15 term. There has yet to be an annoucement on how much the new flats are expected to cost. Visit for more details.

COMING SOON... Computer images of proposed new student flats on Friargate to be built in time for September 2014


Issue 253



Jade Kneen News Reporter

MENTION a book club and you might think of a few housewives discussing the latest bestseller around a plate of chocolate biscuits. But here at UCLan, the School of Social Work have taken it a step further. Lecturer Amanda Taylor came up with the idea to set up the book club as a simple teaching method. What originally started out as three students has now turned into a national project. Speaking about the book club, Amanda said: “I found that there is a variety among the students who like to read, especially those who like to read fiction. Setting up this club allows us to discuss the themes presented in those books while also encouraging others to read. We also get academics that join us which allow us to combine fiction and research.” Partly funded by the Higher Education Authority, the book club has become extremely popular. It now boasts group




groups from six universities in the UK including Lancaster, Glasgow, Nottingham, Queens and Cardiff, with UCLan at the centre. The program takes place four times a year, each time focusing on a book which has strong themes in social work. On some occasions, authors contribute to the sessions as well as professional researchers. The club has incorporated Twitter and enlisted the help of UCLan’s media department to set up a live camera feed to allow each of the book clubs to hold discussions in real time. Each university can select a “Tweep”; an individual responsible for reiterating the discussions taking place in their own groups to the wider community. Amanda said: “As long as you don’t let the chaos bother you, chaos can work. The great thing is that you never know what will come up in terms of themes or discussion that will be put forward.” There are now discussions in placewith Australian universities and talk of using Kindles as another attribute to the programme.

Plan Planning anniing your your Journey Jo our our rne ey Home ey H Stud Studying dying g late late and liv live e in PR1, PR2 post postcode? code? B Book oo ok th the he FREE home.. Timetable FRE EE Late Late Bus home 2200h hrs to to Timetable runs from from 2200hrs 0430hrs seven ven nights nights a week week throughout throughout term. term. 043 30hrss se · Tickets available Library Tick i etts a vailable in the Libr ary up to to 48 hours in n adv advance.* ance.* · Tickets Tick are valid i ets ar ev alid for for the booked booked journey journey only. only. Need Late Check Ne eed transport transpor nsp t home before before the La te Bus? C heck out hec term ticket discounts available from term errm length le ength student studen stu tud t bus tick et disc ounts a av ailable le fr om Stagecoach Bus Travel pages S ta agecoach o Bu us and a Preston Preston Bus on the T rav a el pag ges o on Student advice the eS tuden ent Portal Portal and for P for advic e on personal al jou urney planning journey planning.. www.u k t d ts/lif k/ k/studen t /life/tr /t avel el.php hp * Tickets Tickets must m be pre-booked prre-booked up tto o 10 minut minutes es before befor o e bus d departure. departure. e



SPORT 21-24

UCLAN STUDENTS HAVE A DREAM BOOK CLUB... School of Social Work book club could soon go international

Jasleen Kaur News Reporter

AS October rolls around and the promise of Halloween hangs in the air, UCLan’s Afro-Caribbean and Nigerian societies prepare to celebrate Black History Month. An annual event, it celebrates the contributions of African, Caribbean, Asian and Arab people to humanity. During Black History Month, the two societies will be holding events celebrating the achievements of African people all over the world. In particular, the AfroCaribbean society will be paying homage to the 50 year anniversary of Martin Luther King’s infamous ‘I have a dream’ speech. Aaron Kiely, the NUS Black Students’ officer said: “We are proud as a campaign to be joining organisations across the country in celebrating Black History Month.” Mr Kiely said the issues Dr.King addressed in his speech are still relevant to this day: “The reality of being Black in Britain is tough. We are fighting an austerity offensive, with massive cuts to the public sector.” He also added that there is a long way to go to achieve the

HERO... This year marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous speech

equality and freedom that Dr King dreamed of. In addition to this month, the Afro-Caribbean society will be running campaigns throughout the year to make a difference in the lives of both black students and other members of the black community.





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14 October 2013


ALUMNI KICKSTARTS NEW GAME AS LEAD DEVELOPER ZOMBIES... The game continues the undead trend with a unique style

Contagion is a PC video-game being developed by a team led by UCLan alumni Dec Doyle. Luke Beardsworth spoke to him about his experiences in videogames development and how he came to be Lead Developer at a project that has raised over £30,000 and counting through Kickstarter...

VERY few people know what they want to do from a very young age. Most of us harbour sadly unrealistic dreams in those early years – often based on whichever cartoon we happen to be hooked on. Spaceman, Fire-fighter and Police Officer are all positions we might aspire to and then later perhaps professional footballer or pop star – but this isn’t how things pan out for the vast majority. Dec Doyle knew what he wanted to do from the age of eight and has worked towards that goal ever since. Being a video games developer isn’t quite in the upper-echelon of careers kids want, but it’s popular nonetheless – particularly for those who get hooked in their early teens. Dec had a head start on those people that might have proved crucial. Speaking about his early years, he said: “I worked on building my own personal skills and knowledge in and around all areas of Games Development. “Being self-taught with almost everything that I know, it was a benefit to go to University to fill in the blanks in what I may have missed while learning on my own. “I got involved with a small team working on a Half-Life 2 Modification called 1187 and also working on my own project called The Mortewood Plaza. “My own project Mortewood is what caused Brian, the CEO of Monochrome, to find me. “My project won ModDB’s Upcoming

Mod of the Year award back in 2009.” Many young developers cut their teeth in developing through modifications – it’s a huge part of the PC gaming community. Winning awards is what signified that there was real talent on display. It was enough to convince Brian Comer, of Monochrome LLC, to come calling for Dec. “Monochrome LLC (also known as Monochrome Games) is an American game development company and we are currently working on our first release title: Contagion.

At the time of writing we have raised £36,505”

“We are a team of around twelve developers with a closed play-testing team and other members on the team for other non-development related tasks such as PR or web development.” As the name hints at, Contagion is a first-person survival-horror game with the main antagonist being zombies. It is developed, as many games are, on the Source Engine. The game features up to eight people playing co-operatively to survive the post-apocalyptic world that Monochrome have lovingly created. When your character dies in the game, you become a zombie with special abil-

ities and the game is built around random scenarios to allow the game to retain its freshness. All of this sounds startlingly familiar to another game built using the Source Engine in Left 4 Dead. Dec is quick to distance Contagion from that series: “Left 4 Dead and Contagion have similarities that basically stop at the word Zombie. “Left 4 Dead is a more fast paced arcade style shooter with fast and infinite zombies. “Contagion on the other hand is a much slower, more co-operative and more survival-horror based style of game that addresses less of the run-andgun elements and more of the working together as a team to solve objectives and progress through levels together sharing ammo and weapons. “Our zombies are slow, but very powerful and feature the classic zombie style of having bullet shots to the head be the best, and sometimes only, way of killing them. “We also feature eight player co-operative and the ability to play as a standard zombie, which offers a more dangerous threat than the AI controlled zombies”. As with a great many projects, Kickstarter has provided quite a portion of the funding. For the uninitiated – Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects – used by selling an idea to the public and hoping their crowd-

funding will provide the necessary push. The twist is that the investors don’t make a profit through Kickstarter – they receive a reward. For example, the band Future of the Left recently produced an album through Kickstarter – and depending on the level of your investment you could either receive a download of the album or an LP with a t-shirt. They raised 269% of their goal and the album was successfully released on October 1st. Contagion also generated enough for the project to go ahead: “At the time of writing we have raised £36,505 which is 117% of our goal. “We were confident of reaching our goal as we have a fantastic community and fan base and are bringing thousands of people a game that they want, as well as the product we want to make”. It’s been a strong year for Dec. He graduated this year with a first class honours degree in Games Development and now, the game he has had a key part in creating, Contagion, will soon be unleashed on the world. It is released via. Steam on October 25th. “The best, fastest and cheapest way to obtain the game at the moment is to pledge $15 to our Kickstarter, this will get you early access to the game the moment that we are available to give the keys out once Kickstarter ends for a low price and over a week before it is released on Steam.”


Issue 253

NEWS 2-5







SPORT 21-24

The past few weeks have been a critical period in politics as the main political parties took off round the country for their respective party conferences. UCLan’s politically minded students have been having their say on conference week and how it went for the parties they support.


SPEAKING about David Cameron’s speech, which many have lauded as his best yet, UCLan Politics Chair Dan Dewhurst, speaking as a Conservative student agreed, saying: “This year’s Conservative Party Conference probably saw David Cameron’s best political speech to date. He showed a very strong performance, which focused on the contemporary issues voters wanted to hear. “Whilst it may have been a speech that won’t go down in the history books, it was certainly a solid performance which will dwindle the popularity of the opposition approaching the next election.”

Bowen Perryman, a Conservative supporter and first year social work student was also pleased with Cameron’s speech, saying: “David Cameron took the stand with a clear and proven agenda and whilst Miliband talked of passion, the Prime Minister embodied it in a rousing speech.” This was the first Conservative Party conference since Margaret Thatcher died in April. Of the way the ‘Iron Lady’ was represented in Manchester, Dan said: “Cameron gave time to pay dedication to the late Baroness Thatcher, which appealed greatly to the Party’s core voters.

SHIFT LEFT... Labour focused on strengthening the minimum wage.

“The blue banners hanging from the ceiling, embroidered with the achievements of this terms government gave a hint of reminiscence to the days of Thatcher’s tenure.” In summary, Dan said: “Cameron’s performance at this year’s CPC was very strong and encouraging for a state just reaching its feet again. “Cameron’s dedication to passionately help the entire spectrum of society shone through. “And he appealed to the middle ground of politics and saw the stance of the conservative party move to a one nation party.”

LIB DEMS ACKNOWLEDGE THE NEED TO WORK WITH ALL PARTIES tremely critical of Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, Vince Cable called them the ‘nasty’ party of all and Nick Clegg criticised their tax breaks for married couples policy. In his keynote speech to end the conference, Clegg said: “The absolute worst thing to do would be to give the keys to Number 10 to a single party government – Labour or the Conservatives. “We’re no one’s little brother. We’re not trying to get back into government to fold into one of the other parties – we want to be there to anchor them to the liberal centre ground... bang in the middle. We’re not here to prop up the two-



THE main news to come from Labour’s party conference was their shift to the left, announcing policies such as strengthening minimum wage and freezing gas and electricity prices. Third year Journalism student Adam Legg, a Labour supporter, said of the shift: “Whenever Labour gets a new leader, we generally see a shift to the left. “In all honesty, I wish we would stay to the left for a little bit longer rather than moving back towards centre and centreright wing economic policy which we saw under Blair.” Another debate surrounding Labour was Ed Miliband’s ability to act as Prime

THE main piece of news to come out of the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow was Nick Clegg’s admission that he and his party would be willing to work with Labour- something that is unlikely to please David Cameron. Even their main new policy, free school meals for primary school children, was very Labour-like. However, this came before Labour’s shift to the left at their party conference a week later; the Lib Dems moved right, into the middle ground in Glasgow. The Lib Dems did not speak very favourably of their Tory counterparts. Secretary of State Ed Davey was ex-

STRONG PERFORMANCE... The Prime Minister gave a rousing speech.

party system. We’re here to bring it down.” Jes Ostler, a third year Journalism student and Liberal Democrat supporter said: “I know they’ve been given a hard time but I think they’ve had a positive impact. “Nick Clegg has had it rough but he made some good points about how limited their power has been this term. “I think it’s brilliant that they’ve announced free school meals for children from next September. “The Lib Dems have a key role to play in keeping future governments on track and in the middle ground.”

Minister. Former SU President Edd Graham-Hyde, now doing an MA in Religion, Culture & Society said: “I think Ed Miliband showed that he has what it takes to be a real driving force forward and that he has the gall to stand up for what is right which includes standing up to the press. “Equally, I think he shows himself to have a real deep knowledge of what the government, and the Labour Party, need to have in order to be more representative and relevant to the general public.” Whilst Cameron used his speech to highlight the work the Conservatives have done so far in the coalition rather

than introduce new policies (he only mentioned one), Labour used their conference to introduce many and one in particular caught Edd’s attention: “One that stood out for me was for votes at 16. “I’ve been campaigning for this for years and it’s great to see a party willing to involve younger people in politics. It sends a real message to the parties that oppose this policy that they don’t truly care about what young people want if they won’t allow votes at 16 – Labour clearly does care.” Adam Legg was equally supportive of this policy: “I think that it’s such a good idea.”

COALITION... The Liberal Democrats admit they are willing to work with Labour

IMAGE: World Economic Forum



14 October 2013




EditorCharlotte Alty

Editor Megan Lincoln Deputy Editor Vacant Want more? Find us online at


Issue 253

Jasleen Kaur


bet you didn't realize that in the the sentence you are reading there are two thes. That’s fine because at least you can read the sentence. An international report published this week has shown that young adults in England and Ireland aged 16-24 years have the lowest literacy and numeracy level out of 24 countries surveyed. The study showed England is the only country where the older adults (aged 5565) have a higher level of literacy than their descendants. Thank you, Countdown. Let’s hope 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown has a similar effect on the younger generation. The worrying fact of all of this, however, is that this is not a new figure. It might be the latest and therefore most accurate one, but it’s certainly not new news. A quick Google search in the way of my research for this article showed that the BBC, TES and even the daily fail have

NEWS 2-5

remarked on this cultural phenomenon that Britain has become victim to. One in five adults are functionally, fatally illiterate. The fact that this problem doesn’t seem to have been tackled is even more worrying. News articles on the issue go back at last three years and yet, here we are again in 2013 with a report from UCU claiming that out of the average of 19%, England scored a 24.1% in adult illiteracy. Numeracy has also suffered with 16.4% of the adults in England and Ireland scoring the lowest level of numeracy (the average is 15.5%). If people can’t even use a chequebook, how can they be expected to enter entry level jobs in marketing or sales? Are we going to see people frantically fumble around for their phone’s calculator every time they want to buy a pair of jeans just to see they have the correct change? In an age of digital advancement where technology is at the highest peak we have ever experienced, it’s worrying that the very developers of the iPod or



Kindle may be the last generation of people able to spell Apple or Kindle without spellcheck. Now when a toddler is asked what an apple is, they’ll probably gleefully point to the nearest obnoxious iThing before they make the connection with the fruit. There was once a time when people used to flock to England just to be in with a fighting chance of gaining the education offered at its schools. It seems now that England has gone from being the beacon of high education to gaining a reputation for the reverse and people can’t get away fast enough. As developing countries such as Korea and India claw their way up the who’s who of world achievements, it seems like the British education system needs to buck up its ideas if the future generation wants to stand a fighting chance. Because let’s just face it now – there are enough problems in the world with nuclear weapons, global warming, financial crashes. We don’t need to add more stupidity to the mix. In the past few years, we’ve seen the




education sector take hit after hit. Funding is being cut, teachers are being made redundant, schools are basically training students to parrot answers for exams. It’s a nice idea when all you have to do to pass an exam is write down a couple of keywords in a certain order, but the future will hold grim repercussions for this attitude. The minute the emphasis is taken off education and put onto figures and result thresholds, schools begin to compromise the futures of their students. The social acceptance of this level of un-education is not acceptable either. This is the time when we should be functioning at our best as a society. Even with the awful economic climate, there are more jobs than ever before and more people than ever before have access to education. It falls to mob mentality, naturally, to undo the work of generations by choosing to watch the latest cat video rather than pick up a book. Children would rather play Angry Birds or *insert latest fad* than do their maths homework, and parents are either


SPORT 21-24

too lazy or too busy to persuade them otherwise. But it’s not all doom and gloom. If we use the powers of technology for good instead of evil, education becomes more accessible and more fun than it’s ever been before. If the cliché is right and we’re educating tomorrow’s leaders today, at the minute it looks like we’re in for a dire future.




Wooo @SourcePreston are now doing all day ultimate breakfasts. So me and @mac_lee are going for brunch :) #Cuties #MarriedCouple

Amazing gig organised by @uclansu literature soc @53degrees. Awesome work @Jennafooj & co!

IMAGE: Asim Bijarani

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N Nominate omin nate O Online nlin ne Today To T oday NUMBER CRUNCHED... Numeracy in Britain is among the worst in developed nations

to nominate nominate or to to For more more information, information, to For award visit: criteria for for each award see the criteria



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14 October 2013



All the latest fashion news and more For more in-depth fashion coverage and all the latest trends, head over to


Lifestyle Editor, Victoria Hepworth

THERE’S no denying that a perfectly polished and well-designed magazine cover is the first thing that attracts us to pick it up in the shop and purchase it. But as I sit here reading the latest issue of Vogue, with a packet of chocolate digestives in tow, the last thing I want to see is the slender image of a naturally beautiful and flawless Alexa Chung staring back at me. It would be wrong for me to say that Alexa Chung is none of the above; because she certainly is a beautiful young woman and a great style icon for many. However, Alexandra Shulman (the Editor of Vogue) would be the first person to tell you that the very photo sat before me has undertaken a hundred different stages of enhancement before it made the cover. Models, just like us, get the occasional breakout of acne, have ‘fat days’ and even the most renowned of professional make-up artist are unable to perform miracles. You therefore won’t be surprised to hear that the news of Vogue’s campaign for school children to learn the exact stages of airbrushing is something I welcome with open (slightly flabby) arms. In a world so focused on the way we look, there seems to be an epidemic of body consciousness. Yes, that is a nod to my size 8 Facebook friends constantly complaining about their body hang ups and pinning photos of Kate Moss wearing nothing but a bikini up around their house as ‘thinspiration.’ The development of apps such as Instagram has widened the use of so called ‘airbrushing’ with the use of filters becoming utilised more and more to improve our appearance in photographs. Is this any better than the fake images we are presented with in the media on a regular basis? For me the two are just as bad as each other. I’m all for having a photo taken in black and white to hide the fact that I didn’t have time to touch up my roots this month. But when does it all become too much? My belief is that if we are paying for a product, we should be presented with a factual representation of the event; in the same way that we wouldn’t expect to read factually incorrect news reports, we also should receive a realistic portrayal of the model on that mag cover (warts and all), something which some people may consider simply a trivial detail. I salute Alexandra Shulman in her latest move to educate high school children on the bare facts of photo rejuvenation. As a tool so widely used in magazine journalism in particular, it is something I would have appreciated knowing as I grew up in a nation obsessed with celebs and mag culture. But I’m still waiting for her to take it that step further and actually publish a cover which has had no touch ups. After all, it’s a huge confidence booster when we see Britain’s hottest motel, Cara D, without makeup (no, I have not been trawling the internet to see if celebs look as bad as I do in the morning...).”



SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Everyone’s favourite fierce woman, the beautiful Beyonce, isn’t beyond the reach of Photoshop.

Images: 10StepsSG



When your nail varnish starts to become gloopy, add a drop of nail varnish remover to restore it to its natural consistency.

Fashion Reporter, Elizabeth Kelly

THE topic of airbrushing is no doubt a controversial one, which often ignites a plethora of opinions against the fashion industry's retouching techniques; however, have you ever actually thought what the big issue is? Like Vickie I am going to explore around the debate of airbrushing, however, it may come as a surprise that I am FOR such activity. As soon as you walk past the newsstand in your local newsagents or supermarket you are bombarded with images, regardless what publication they may be, you are still fed subliminal messages. Most of the time (I know I do) I walk past and think I really should be picking up a newspaper rather than picking up a beautifully glossy voluminous magazine, but why do I pick it up? Yes, I have a serious, invested interest in fashion, but I already receive another fashion magazine directly to my door every month, so why do I need Vogue? For the cover. That sounds shallow I know; however, I know I will never look like Rosie Huntingly Whitely and I know that most probably that photo of dearest Rosie is airbrushed to absolute death, but in all honesty, do we care? These desirable images on the cover and inside these magazines transport us away from the mundane reality we live in. In actual fact these retouched photos bizarrely make me feel better about myself because I am fully aware how different they look in reality. It only takes a quick look on the Daily Mail’s website to see Rosie without make up on and she's still amazingly beautiful, but let me tell you, she isn't as flawless as on that cover of Vogue! Also, you have to think about the models in the magazines; their income is solely based on their appearance. Of course they are going to want a bit of retouching doing if they aren’t entirely happy with the end product. Another positive about airbrushing is that the images produced are truly artistic, magical and utterly perfect. There often isn't a hair/eyelash out of place and even the landscape where the photo-shoot took place looks amazing, even if it's shot in the back end of nowhere that nobody would think twice about going to visit. But, after seeing that location looking stunning in any magazine thanks to airbrushing, we all want to go. You also have to look at the positively funny side of the whole airbrushing topic, because, there have been several blunders thanks to the photo editors getting a tad excited with their pens. Remember that shot of Kate Moss’s daughter…with no fingers? Well her fingers blended into her supermodel mums back! To conclude, I say long live the airbrushing industry…just hold back on the Photoshop fails!”


Issue 253



TARTAN is a huge trend this season as seen on celebrities such as Rita Ora, Madonna and even The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Not many people dare to rock the full on look, but we are here to show you a few ways to add a hint of tartan into your autumn/ winter wardrobe.

Outfit 1: The Tartan Skirt

Knitted Sewuin Fluffy Jumper - Topshop - £38 Tartan Skater Skirt - Matalan - £14

The tartan skirt is definitely my favourite piece this season, it can be dressed up or dressed down, it’s a look that will suit the majority and is adding tartan without over doing it. Here I have teamed it with a cute fluffy black jumper & a pair of rocker heeled style boots for an edgy daytime look. You could even add a red satchel as an accent piece.


Notch Neck Throw On Coat

Topshop - £85

Super Skinny Denim Disco Jeans

New Look - £19.99

Red Check Print Scarf

New Look - £7.99

Divya Leather Platform Chelsea Boots

Missguided- £37.99

Check Crop Top

Miss Selfridge - £32

Wet Look Pencil Skirt

Miss Selfridge - £20

Anna Zip Clutch



TUCKED away in a quiet corner of Preston, shying away from the hustle and bustle of the main high street is Miss Matilda’s Boutique. Everything about the Boutique oozes modesty, right from the very fact that it is located directly above a barbers shop. It’s certainly not your traditional clothes shop. Opening the shop door and walking through the busy hairdressers shop, it was hard to know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised by a homely welcome to the shop, complete with a mock up garden and bouquets of the prettiest red roses occupying the surrounding flower beds of the staircase. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. Miss Matilda’s Boutique moved to its new location at the end of August after a stint of selling purely online to cut costs following the initial opening all the way back in 2007 in our very own Students’ Union. The owner was pestered by loyal customers to bring back the physical shop for the experience they love so much. It was immediately obvious that I was not simply entering a run of the mill shop, but that Miss Matilda’s Boutique is the epitome of sophistication and femininity. The friendly atmosphere continued upstairs where I was met by Emma , the owner. Emma explains that Miss Matilda’s Boutique is more than

We let three men loose on one of the biggest trends this season. This is what they had to say... “Eurgh. Horrible. Is that real fur? And leather gloves - really?”

“Pat Butcher’s probably turning in her grave. Why are you girls stealing her coats?” - £16

Safiya Suede Embellished High Heeled Sandals

Missguided- £32.99


Victoria Hepworth Lifestyle Editor

Adding a tartan scarf is a great way of just adding a pinch of the trend if you’re not quite confident enough to rock the whole look. Plus, adding a colourful accessory is perfect for brightening up a winter outfit. Here I have teamed it with a heavy grey coat, black jeans and classic heeled Chelsea boots for a casual daytime look.

If you’re feeling a little bit bolder why not try a tartan top. It’s a real statement piece and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd! Here I have added a cute structured crop top with a black pencil skirt, statement clutch & strappy heels for a perfect night out look.


SPORT 21-24



Outfit 2: The Tartan Scarf

Outfit 3: The Tartan Top


“Whether the fur was faux or real, it's been abused by too many chavs. Fur deserves to he buried with the animal it came off. I think that girls that wear faux fur are too pretentious. Seeing every second girl wearing them stupid fur headband things wanted to make me give them a roundhouse kick to the face.”

just a shop, and more of a shopping experience. I was certainly not keen on rushing off anywhere soon. Every corner of the room had something to admire, whether it be the beautiful array of jewellery set upon a rotating vintage table, the gorgeous clothes or the huge selection of handbags, right through to the small detail of the butterflies painted upon the pristine white walls. It is simply every girl’s dream. The beauty continued on the second floor which is home to the biggest dressing room, finished with fresh flowers, full length mirrors and a coffee table adorned with copies of the finest glossy magazines. What makes Miss Matilda’s Boutique so unique is the nature of it all. Unlike the generic high street shop, there is a welcome lack of blaringly loud music, and staff who are distinctly less than happy to help you find exactly what you want in your size. At Miss Matilda’s Boutique, you are not rushed or pressured into buying something. For me, the best part is that everything is unique. You don’t have to worry about turning up to a party in the same dress as that girl you can’t even stand to look at. For great quality and stylish fashion, head to Miss Matilda’s Boutique at 34 Glover’s Court, Preston or shop the range online at Psst…There’s a 10% discount offered to all University students in store.

THE STYLE JURY Clayton Short 23 Blackpool

Mohammed Patel 20 Bolton

Anik Zubair 22 Peterborough



THE recent launch of an app has universities across the country competing to be named the most fashionable campus. Mallzee has kicked off the nationwide competition with the aim being to unveil the most stylish campus. Launched in September and appearing at London Fashion Week, the app is fast becoming the latest fashion essential. Described as ‘the personal shopper in your pocket’, the app works by tailoring your shopping experiences directly to you. By creating a unique style graph, Mallzee can pick out the outfits that will best suit your shape and preferences from 200 top retailers- that equals over one million items of fashion. The team behind the app


14 October 2013

pride themselves on providing practical experiences for students and young people. For the whole of October, Mallzee has recruited 30 student ambassadors who will be touring campuses nationwide in order to reach the conclusion as to which university is to be crowned the most fashionable. So don’t be surprised if you see one of the ambassadors walking around UCLan asking to take your photograph. Each photo will be uploaded to the Mallzee Facebook page where students are then encouraged to cast their votes for their campus. The winning campus will not only get the glory, but also win a prize of £1,000.

To track UCLan’s progress, head to: and make sure to download the Mallzee app from the App Store today.

EĈ·őđÉőŔâ·őçÕÕ·ŅŔő ĦĿđø·ĂŅőÉz™çĈÕő đő ŅŔŢ«·ĈŔŅőçŅőŲâ·Ŀ·őŔ Ŀő â·ç ĿőŔ Éđ ôŅő đđ «ő ÎĈ ·Ĭ ŢĿŅ ™đ


(·Ŀ·őzŔőŔâ· đđôőŷ™âzĈÕ·őŲ·őâ ·øĦő ŅŔŢ«·ĈŔŅőÎĈ«őŔâ·őŔ·ŷ ŔőđđôŅő Ŕâ·ŸőĿ·ĴŢçĿ·őŸő·Ĉ™đ ŢĿzÕçĈÕő ø·™ŔŢĿ·ĿŅőzĈ«őŅŔŢ« ·ĈŔŅőŔđő«đĈzŔ·ő Ŕâ·çĿőŢĈŲzĈŔ·«őŔ·ŷŔ őđđôŅőÉđĿő Ŕâ·ő·Ĉ·ÎŔőđÉőđŔâ· ĿŅ¥ő·ŅĦ·™çzøøŸő ŔâđŅ·őòŢŅŔőŅŔzĿŔçĈÕőŔ â·çĿ z™z«·Ăç™ő™zĿ··ĿŅĬ

+RZGRHVWKH%RRN([FKDQJHZRUN" It is simple! All you have to do is bring any old books that you do not want or no longer have a use for and swap them for books which other people have donated.

:KDWDUHWKHEHQHILWVRIWKH%RRN([FKDQJH" The Book Exchange helps students that struggle with the cost of books for their courses. It also helps us to save the environment by re-cycling old books.

:KDWLI,FDQ¶WILQGDQ\ERRNVWKDW,OLNHZKHQ, EULQJP\ROGERRNVLQ" Don’t worry, if you can’t find any books that you would like then we’ll issue you with a ticket and you can come back a browse the books at a later date.

LIVEN UP YOUR LUNCHBOX Cook up a storm in the kitchen with our easy to follow recipes “Cheese - Milk’s leap towards immortality” - Clifton Fadiman

WHAT is so great about a lunchbox? Most of the time the contents of it are cheap and healthy, and you are also able to eat exactly what you want and how much you want. Plus, you can eat from it almost anywhere you feel comfortable. Here are a couple of recipe ideas from our food writer, Toma Sukyte, for those who are busy juggling a dozen different tasks during the day and do not have the time to queue in one of the university’s eateries. They are equally suitable for those who wish to try something different for lunch or who would not trust their gut with anyone else’s food.

Cheese and Onion Muffins Makes 6 muffins These soft and moist muffins will keep well in the fridge for five days. 150g plain flour ½ tsp baking powder A good pinch of salt 1 large onion, chopped 1 egg, beaten 110ml milk ½ tsp dried thyme 3 tbsp olive oil 50g cheddar cheese, grated Ground black pepper

- Pre-heat the oven to 200C. - Place the muffin cases in the muffin/cupcake tin. - In a pan, heat 1 tbsp of olive oil and gently fry the onions until soft and translucent. - Set the onions aside. Meanwhile, sieve flour and, along with the baking powder and salt, add to a bowl. - In a separate bowl mix an egg, and add the milk, thyme and remaining olive oil. - Add a generous pinch of black pepper. - Add the wet ingredients to the dry mix. - Stir-in the onions and ¾ grated cheese and mix until just combined. - Spoon the prepared mixture into muffin cases and sprinkle with the remaining cheese. Add more black pepper if you wish. - Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown, well risen and firm to touch. - Leave to cool on a rack and pack into an airtight container or wrap with a cling film and enjoy the next day for a quick and satisfying lunch.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Servings: 1-2

200g chicken breasts ¼ cucumber, diced 6 cherry tomatoes, sliced ¼ chopped red onion 50g crumbled feta cheese 7 diced olives (either black, green or both) 1 tbsp sliced almonds (optional) Bread, pitta, wraps, rolls (if for the contents of a sandwich) Dressing 3 tbsp plain Greek yogurt 1 tbsp sour cream 1 clove garlic, minced 1 tbsp chopped fresh dill (or dried) 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley (or dried) ½ tbsp lemon juice Salt and pepper to taste

- Mix chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese, onion, olives and almonds (if using) in a bowl. - In another, smaller bowl mix all the ingredients well for the dressing and season with salt and pepper. - Drizzle the dressing onto the chicken and vegetables, before tossing gently to coat everything evenly. - You can prepare this salad in the evening and sandwich it in the morning for a delicious lunchbox meal. - Put the salad into an airtight container and keep in the fridge. - Pop the container in your bag in the morning – and your lunch is sorted.


Issue 253

NEWS 2-5






SPORT 21-24




Love is complex so let our writers hold your hand and guide you through it

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." ― Dr. Seuss

That is the view of Pluto writer and fashionista Mahaim Saud

UPON adding a new friend on Facebook I had not anticipated that it could lead to being blackmailed with screenshots of my former self and the disastrous style decisions I once made. As I shamefully laugh at myself looking like what can only be described as a train wreck, I can’t help but recollect that at one point, I thought that, that was a killer outfit. Yes that same picture I’m laughing back at now, was once bang on trend. Just as the rest of those terrible, “seemed like an amazing idea at the time” situations did. This brings me to the very thought I’ve been having since the ‘M’ word started flying about. Marriage. DUN DUN DUNNNN. People think it’s okay to commit to a person for the rest of their lives when I can barely commit to a pizza topping. This makes me wonder if men and relationships are comparable to fashion on a higher scale than we know. Think back to that guy back in school you all thought you were madly in love with. Fast forward to 20 and imagine you had married that guy. *shock emoji* Yes exactly. Just as you wouldn’t be seen dead in that jumpsuit you were totally obsessed with last summer. You probably wouldn’t even fit into it. So who’s to say we would fit so perfectly with the person we think fits right now? I’m not the same

Hair Amy Winehouse would be proud of. Thick framed geek glasses. Inspired by Despicable Me minions?

Yes that same picture I’m laughing back at now, was once bang on trend”

Matchy matchy top and brightly coloured trousers with a smart blazer.

person I was yesterday. My dress sense, diet, friend circle and job changes max every year. So why bind ourselves to a person that we may outgrow like a pair of jeans in a few years time? At one point my taste might have determined that a crush was marriage potential, but that exact mind set thought wearing a mini skirt with jeans was acceptable too. Don’t get me wrong, I would invest in a Mulberry and keep it for life. I can’t guarantee I won’t later buy myself a Céline and a Chloé along the way too though. Just as Jameela Jamil once said: “Marriage was invented at a time when we didn’t need divorce, people generally died in their 20s” so yeah sure I could make marriage vows till then and live up to them too. However, people live until their late eighties nowadays. Quite frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that. I still think marriage is a beautiful union *cringe* for the monogamists that think being contracted to a single person, unconditionally, for the rest of their lives, is not a psychotically obsessive deal. My parents are a fine example of people that still have hilarious banter and date nights, decades later. However, if you’re that person that doesn’t feel like marriage is for you, just know you’re not a cynical, cat loving, freak. You just don’t want to be hiding your husband away, with that embarrassing shoulder padded dress, you also once thought was a good idea.



14 October 2013



On a mission to find out more about England, newcomers to Preston, Bai Kongling and Alannah Maher take a trip to the Lakes and report back with their opinions.

ARE you still worrying about where to go on weekend or vacation? Don’t worry, just follow the leaf symbol of The National Trust, and it will lead you into a beauty you’ve never imagined. We are eager to share with you a beautiful landscape we discovered through the National Trust.The Lake District, also known as The Lakes, is a mountainous region in North West England. It lies entirely within the modern county of Cumbria. You can enjoy the highest mountain, deepest and longest lakes in England here, in addition to lush green forests with amazing waterfalls. Girls pay atten-

Survival of the thriftiest Money

IT is a widely accepted truth that in the quest to enrich their lives, knowledge base and career aspects through the pursuit of further education, many students face years of substandard living. Enduring precarious financial situations, assignment deadlines, rent deadlines and diets made up predominantly of 2-minute noodles. Disposable income deprived and culture hungry, these kids trudge along between lectures, part time jobs and/or welfare appointments – the thought that they are maybe working towards satisfying futures dragging them out of bed… early in the afternoons. Cheer up young studious ones, you had your high school emo phase for feeling hard done by. Limited spending money and the liberty of not living under your parents’ roof only calls for some innovative thinking and strategy to make life enjoyable. You may even look back fondly on these times when you are a successful entrepreneur millionaire. (Which I am led to believe is the guarantee at the end of years of undergraduate toil). MAKING YOUR HOME HOMELY

When you’re feeling a bit bummed out about not having piles of cash to squander, a dull and lifeless living space to sit and do all that self-pitying in isn’t going to do much good in way of snapping you out of that gloom, now is it? But how, you may ask, am I supposed to decorate my home into sheer funky-uber-comfort-zone awesomeness when I do not possess said piles of cash? In case the point of this article has escaped you – you don’t need tons of cash, but you do require: some time to rummage through local second-hand and discount stores, a keen eye for free posters and postcards lying about, and a little creative innovation. Simple touches like cushions, throw rugs or a table cloth can really homely things up, and in the right op-shops it’s no more than a few pounds for items in funky retro designs and patterns which are selling for a small fortune in designer stores these days. When it comes to adding some interest to a blank wall, sticking up posters can be somewhat stock-standard teenager-y, unless you mix things up a little more than a basic showcasing of your super impres-

BEAUTY... The beautiful Wastwater lake

Australian exchange student, Alannah Maher takes us through the do’s and dont’s of living the champagne lifestyle on a student budget.

sive taste in bands. Collecting stashes of free postcards from around the university can lead to the creation colourful collages. Other found objects can also provide unexpectedly adorable decorative pieces. While a line-up of empty alcohol bottles can look like a sticky tribute to triumphs of liver damage, a tasteful grouping of (washed) glass bottles can serve as lovely vases for flowers hand-picked from around the place. Think: vintage soft drink bottles, wine bottles, foreign beers and ciders. CREATURES OF COMFORT

Windermere Lake cruises that leave about every hour. My friends and I bought tickets for the cheapest one we could find (little more than £7), and that got us a 45-minute tour. On which we gawked at the impressive estates dotted along the shoreline and delighted at the collection of islands throughout the body of water, even the smallest one had a name, and it was only big enough for a medium sized tree with a single bird perched on it. Remember to pack your camera; on a day in this picturesque town you’ll rarely put it away.

IMAGE: alancleaver

HOMELY... Windermere is home to many lush Bed and Break-

tion here! Don’t bother making yourself beautiful: ditch those heels and find a pair of hiking boots. Not quite an hour on the train from Preston station lays the civil parish of Windermere in the South Lakeland district of Cumbria. We were lucky enough to spend a recent Saturday exploring the delightful little lakeside town. There are two individual town-centres to see, as what we now know as Windermere began as two separate villages. Both are packed with interesting shops, teahouses, pubs and more. But there’s no need to buy a bus ticket once you get off at Windermere train station, the first centre is a quick walk down the road and the second, which touches the shore of the lake, is a further walk but a pleasant one. We stumbled across lush pockets of parkland, endearing historic buildings – pubs, churches, hotels and B&Bs – the Beatrix Potter Museum (the town is where she lived, I’m led to believe Peter Rabbit was also a resident), and the tiny town library where there was a captivating exhibition on the lives of a group of Jewish children, orphaned in WW2, who came to live in Windermere. I easily had the idea that owning a gorgeous dog is a mandatory requirement for the residents of Windermere. They were everywhere I turned. There would be a dachshund toddling down the street on its tiny legs, the droopy face of a basset hound peeking up from underneath a table of one the numerous cafés and tea houses, an English bull dog enjoying the lake side… One definite recommendation is purchasing a ticket on one of the

There’s a special something about a living companion that’s nurturing for the soul. The pet kind, I mean – cockroaches, house mates and other pests* can be more likely to cause distress. (*Not that other human beings are pests, but sick experiments like student housing show that too much time in an enclosed space with another human being can get, touchy.) Most student housing however doesn’t permit the keeping of the fluffy and cuddly types of creatures (meaning many of us must postpone our pending futures as crazy cat ladies). Instead some of us must attempt to fill the void by wrapping our arms around the sheer, cold exterior of a fish tank. Unable to embrace as they may be, goldfish still add interest to a living area (plus the size of their eyeballs can be hilarious). Hermit crabs can also be contained to similar tanks, and much like fish the little fellas barely eat so you won’t exactly have to go sacrificing your grocery budget for some extra mouths to feed. By all means save money by putting your new friends in a secondhand or alternative tank – but for goodness sake don’t put fish in a bowl! The lack of corners to hide in actually drives them suicidally insane, and in a shared housing environment with high-pressured students, one less living being putting out manic depressive vibes certainly makes a difference. If you have enough trouble keeping yourself sustained, perhaps start out with a nice cactus plant, or a stuffed animal.


Even when sticking to clubs with the longest happy hours and cheapest door prices you can find, nights out can still at times evade the budgeting of uni folk. The solution? Bring the party home! What kind of college lifestyle are you living if you don’t hold at least one rambunctious house party? Tell guests it’s BYO and there’s a large sum of money taken care of. Costume themes are great for breaking the ice and creating atmosphere, dress ups don’t have to break the bank either if you keep the theme open and versatile. Outfits for an ‘Op shop formal’, masquerade or hat party for example can all be sourced from second hand and pound stores. (Note: parties are something you might want to proof check with any housemates, or appropriate officials if you live on a campus. Also if scare tactics on sensationalised news programs have taught us nothing, don’t make it a public facebook event if you don’t want a tidal surge of crashers dismantling your neighbourhood…) CHAMPAGNE TASTE, ON A BOXED WINE BUDGET

Back in Australia, the humble boxed wine, or “goon box”, is the choice of alcohol supply for many a student, with its economic benefits of being the lowest priced alcohol around and the bountiful amount of cups that can be poured from a single metallic bladder. Here in the UK, most alcohol is a whole lot cheaper, so it seems much less of you resort to drinking something that comes in an aluminium sack. But thriftiness and drinking do universally go hand in hand. So here are a couple of tips on drinking this Australian delicacy: 1. If the tart taste doesn’t quite agree with your palette then cheap juices can assist in masking the flavour. 2. For those of us who like to pretend we’re drinking “real wine” of the bottled variety, sipping from an actual wine glass can assist in this false reality – raised pinky finger optional. Second hand shops are your saviour here yet again; wine glasses can be picked up from little as 25 cents apiece! (I do however recommend heavily disinfecting any second-hand drinkware prior to use.) :) Best wishes, don’t let those post-freshers blues drag you down.


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The very latest music news, reviews and interviews

“Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it.” - John Lennon

ONE of the most widely anticipated albums of the year has finally landed, as A Day To Remember (ADTR) release their 5th studio album. Prior to the release, the band was in dispute with their record label Victory Records and there were serious doubts as to when we would hear the album. Thankfully, the record was self-released via ADTR's online store and as many expected, it does not disappoint. The band has been known to create music which blends the 'pop-punk' and 'hardcore' genres together to create an almighty and anthemic sound. The opening tracks 'City of Ocala' and 'Right Back At It Again' demonstrate lead singer Jeremy McKinnon's vocal range and in particular his fantastic singing voice. Track 3, 'Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail' sees the typical ADTR blend of the two genres come together for what I personally see as the stand out track of the entire album. It is as if the band are going back to the sound of their first two albums in which there was less singing and more 'hardcore growls'. Lead single 'Violence (Enough Is

Enough)' underpins the band's intentions to go back to their roots as a hardcore band. Lyrics such as 'Violence, give me violence, cause they say we're the worthless ones. Substance, give me substance. Heavy lies the crown as I cut you down' gives the impression that the band are really hellbent on making a statement to any who doubt their credentials in the music world. No ADTR album has disappointed thus far as the band continues to go from strength to strength with Common Courtesy further enhancing their reputation as one of the most exciting bands on the planet. The Florida five-piece have the ability to keep making more and more fantastic albums for the fans to enjoy for years to come. This is the best A Day To Remember release to date, by some margin. No songs disappoint, there is variety with each track to keep you on the edge of your seat as well as forcing you to admire the creativity and quality this band possesses. If you haven't heard of the band before, give them a listen. For those who like

What’s On

Our guide to the best gigs in the North-West Music

Preston’s Got Soul 53 Degrees 18th October £10 Early Bird -

Album of the week

Drenge Lancaster Library 23rd October £9 -

A Day To Remember ‘Common Courtesy’ Self Released


Review - Jamie Cleaver-Smith music to be easy on the ears, listen to the tracks 'Right Back At It Again' and 'I Surrender'. Those who want a bit more, 'Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail' and 'Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way' will do the trick for you. Overall, a fantastic album from A Day


To Remember.



The Fratellis ‘We Need Medicine’ Republic of Music


Review - Victorine Fasquel

Like the first single, the rest of the album shows how much the band have grown and matured”


Editor Chris Copestake Editor Vacant Deputy Editor Tony Tenev

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HAVE you had your dose yet ? The Glasgow boys of The Fratellis finally ended the long wait for a release with ‘We Need Medicine’ on October, 7th. Jon, Barry and Mince Fratelli kept us in the dark during their five-years hiatus, only to come back with an album expected to be impressive enough to erase the memory of their fairly disappointing previous production, ‘Here We Stand’ . The bands’ 2006 debut ‘Costello Music’ and its mythical anthem ‘Chelsea Dagger’ secured the bands place in music folk lore and the band have been expected to produce something just as big ever since. Surprisingly The Fratellis took a wrong turn while producing their 2007 album ‘Here We Stand’, which, despite its commercial success, was poorly received by the critics and left the fans unsatisfied. Hence why the first single from ‘We Need Medicine’, ‘Seven Nights Seven Days’ was seen as the preview of the bands next move. Against all expectations, they chose to

follow a third path. Like the first single, the rest of the album shows how much the band have grown and matured. Clever choice, they chose not to be as bluesy as in their second record nor did they try to copy the screamo-rock melodies of their debut. After spending half a decade apart, the band has grown up and so have their songs with less shouting, more laid-back guitar riffs and darker melodies. ‘We Need Medicine’ definitely acts like another debut for a band which, by going tighter and slower, may have detracted elements of excitement from their show, but one that is more than capable of attracting big crowds. The Fratellis will be playing Preston’s 53 Degrees on November 22nd. Tickets are still available to buy from and from the Students’ Union Reception.

We have a pair of tickets to giveaway for the 53 Degrees show. Head to for details.

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What’s been played in the Pluto office this past week Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks Avici - You Make Me

Coolio - Gangsta’s Paradise Ice T- High Rollers

Miles Kane- Better Than That

Ruen Brothers - Blood Runs Wild

Witch Hunt - Crawl

Wolfmother - Woman Jamie T - Sheila

Editors - Ton of Love

Bloc Party - So Here We Are

To Kill A King 53 Degrees 25th October £8 - Ivan Campo The Ferret 27th October Free Entry The Smiths Ltd 53 Degrees 2nd November £10 - Young Rebel Set The Ferret 8th November £4 Frankie & The Heartstrings 53 Degrees 14th November £7 ADV - The Fratellis 53 Degrees 22nd November £23.00 -


Beat The Frog Frog & Bucket Every Wednesday Free Bill Bailey Preston Guild Hall 17th October £25- Sean Lock Preston Guild Hall 2nd November £22- Justin Moorhouse 53 Degrees 7th November £15-

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14 October 2013


Painting the picture of Preston’s art scene

“As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight.” - James McNeil Whistler

Kristina Hall Arts Editor

A PRIORI: An Alumni Show presents how the artist’s; Claire Hope, Stuart Edmundson, Nicole Ellis and Craig Atkinson, approach the making of work in different ways with the one connection being the Alumni here at UCLan. The collection of work demonstrates the dynamics of the Fine Art course and the diversity of artists it produces. Due to opportunities presented to the artists who are showcased, the show represents each piece individually and the developments the artist has made. I believe that this represents Hanover project as a place of experimentation, a place that can be used as a testing ground for both students at various

THE next event presented by Hanover Project is a book launch and exhibition, opening with a talk by John Claridge on 15 october at 4pm in Adelphi building lecture theatre 4.

stages in their academic career and exhibiting artists. Hanover Project hopes that by presenting its first Alumni show, it will be a recurring thing whilst they work alongside talented students in their progress into the contemporary art world. For further information please visit where you will find past and future exhibitions or follow them on twitter @Hanover_Project . A Priori: An Alumni Show will be running until 15 October, Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm in Hanover Building.

Check our art blog at

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iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G with Apple Smart Smart Cover Cover 575 Credits

Laptop Acer Aspire p La p p ptop Screen 15.6” HD H Scr reen een Windows Windo ows 8 64-bit 64-bi Installed Pentium Core Processor 2.4 GHz Intel P entium Dual Cor e Pr ocessor 4GB RAM Hard 500GB Har d Drive Drive MOS Exams Warranty 3 Year Year W arranty Registration and d Exam 399 Credits 30 Credits

And An don’ A don’tt fforget orget yyou ou o can also b buy uy W Waterstones aterstones ate B Book V ouchers, Pr inting and Photocopying Photocopying Vouchers, Printing Credit as w ell as a rrange ange of services services fr om well from UCLan Pr Pr int using our cr edits! Print using yyour credits!



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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Ubisoft Georgia Gregoriou Gaming Writer AVAST! Calling all who are ready to unite and defy under the Black Flag! With the release date of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag nearing next month, it goes without saying, a check of chronology is vital before stepping into the boots of Captain Edward Kenway and setting sail into the Golden Age of Piracy of the 18th century. Ubisoft’s ‘Assassin’s Creed’ franchise has looped gamers with the aid of the animus, through the bloodline history of a selected few Assassin’s, with the aid of our 21st century protagonist, Desmond Miles. The history of a prevailing secret war between Assassins and Templar’s. From the legendary Assassin, Altair ibn-La'Ahad of Jerusalem through the Third Crusade, to the fearless Ezio Auditore Da Firenze in Italy and Constantinople during the Renaissance period. In 2012, Ubisoft developers took a ‘leap of faith’ with the announcement of Assassin’s Creed III, which was to say thrilling, as the Ezio saga came to a close in AC Revelations after three consecutive games, (ACII, AC Brotherhood, AC Revelations) thus, gamers were ready for something new and cutting edge. Rather than focalizing on Connor’s life story into three games, as they had done with Ezio, a “Kenway family saga” was born. Set in 18th century Colonial America during the American Revolution, the half Native American, half British, Ratonhnhaké:ton, otherwise known as Connor, was set as the lead protagonist, along





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Pushing your buttons makes us happy


“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.” - Half-Life 2

with his father, Haytham Kenway in ACIII. With Black Flag being the sixth main instalment in the AC series, it can be said that Ubisoft developers are guilty of falling into a redundant ‘yearly franchise fatigue’ by releasing a new AC game every year for the sake of it. Ubisoft’s lead writer, Darby McDevitt details that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag had been in development since 2011, at the close of AC Revelations. Likewise, Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot said in an interview with Kotaku that they are dedicated in making sure the teams have enough power, energy, time and necessary steps to produce high quality games. So, will it be smooth sailing for this next generation game? Or will gail force winds return to bring to the surface issuesgamers faced in ACIII. Is this a case of “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.”? Nevertheless, the year is 1715 and a pirate trained by Assassins who ‘bends his knee to no man’ has been described by Matt Ryan, voice actor for Edward Kenway in the ‘Infamous Pirates Video’ released by Ubisoft. “We live the story of Edward Kenway, a selfish and ambitious pirate, who will become the uneasy ally of the Assassin’s, the bane of Templar’s, and the enemy of empires.” This year Ubisoft was ‘anchors aweigh’ and has left little to the imagination. Revealing and releasing videos on multiplayer, walkthroughs, game play, weapons and a myriad of new mechanics that one can expect from the game. This includes shark and whale harpooning, underwater looting of ship wrecks, naval combat mechanics and ship-to-ship warfare,

thus, trying to keep true to the history of the period. Reliving and playing alongside legendary pirates such as Benjamin Hornigold, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, Charles Vane and the notorious Blackbeard. A new intricate implementation of in-game combat and weaponry is that of the ‘free aiming’ and the more fluent function of ‘Flintlock Pistols’ which can be used as a maximum of four chain shots. The iconic, signature and more traditional, double ‘Hidden Blade’ for stealth and effective close combat. With one-on-one combat, the most standardweapons of the franchise are the ability to dual wield cutlass swords and execute bigger combination skills. A new featured weapon in the game is the ‘Blowpipe’, with a distinctive choice between sleep or poison darts. Last but not least, the good ol Rope Dart which made its debut in Assassin’s Creed III, a medium ranged weapon which enabled a latch and pull up of guards into trees and beams. Ubisoft Montreal promises an open diverse world with 3 main locations of Havana, Nassau, which the Assassin’s call their home, where European Empires hold no sway, and Kingston. Not to mention 50 other islands for players to explore. From smuggler’s coves, jungles and Mayan ruins to coconut islands and underwater locales. Finally, sail the Caribbean with the vessel ‘Jackdaw’, which has often been referred to as the games ‘second main character.’ Crew recruitment and upgrades to the ship, are an essential part of progression between captain vessel and storyline.


Bioshock Infinite: 3 Part DLC Irrational Games Georgia Gregoriou Gaming Writer

‘Burial At Sea’ Episode 1 Couldn’t get enough of Bioshock Infinite? Want the best of both Columbia and Rapture? Well, not to worry because ‘Burial At Sea’ should be just the right amount for your Circus of Value! Irrational Games, developer of the original Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, have recreated Rapture the underworld paradise turned horror as fans have never seen before. A day before the fall and in all its glory in 1958, the 5 minute sneak peek trailer, released 7 October, ‘Burial at Sea Episode 1’ reveals, Booker DeWitt, and Elizabeth who is looking for a missing little girl, resembling the ‘Little Sisters’ from the original Bioshock games. All I have to say is: “Would they ‘kindly’ hurry the release date! During a ‘Reddit AMA’, Lead Level Designer, Andres Gonzalez said: "Because we wanted to bring players to Rapture before the fall, we basically rebuilt Rapture from scratch and reworked

the game play systems to offer a unique experience that has elements of the original Bioshock, but is built in the BioShock Infinite engine," Gonzalez said. "What we ended up with was an experience that feels new and unique." Game play elements include the return of the weapon wheel, as it was notably absent in Bioshock Infinite, confining the player to a two weapon count. A new weapon, Plasmid, Gear and Tears will be available to both episodes of Burial at Sea. In ‘Burial At Sea’ Episode 2, the plot continues and thickens as players step into the shoes of Elizabeth. We see the world of Rapture through her eyes, as she seeks to bring closure to her story and in a sense, Bioshock Infinite as well. Developers at Irrational have modified game play to give gamers a hybrid experience both of Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite with; new weapons, Plasmids/Vigors, Tears, Sky-Lines and the infamous Big Daddies! ‘Clash in the Clouds’ being the first add on in the Bioshock Infinite DLC pack which is the first to be released, embraces a “Horde Mode” mechanic of game-play, purley combat, which takes place in Columbia,

the city in the sky. With a range of sixty challenges in four new environments, the combination of weapons, gear, tears and sky-lines are vital in order to beat the odds as each wave becomes progressively more difficult than the last. Never before seen, extra add on locations that were added in this DLC include: The Raven’s Done, The OPS Zeal, Duke and Dimwit Theatre and Emporia Arcade.

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Batman: Arkham Origins 25 October Battlefield 4 29 October

Killzone: Shadow Fall 15 Nov

Watch Dogs 19 November

Assassin’s Creed IV Q4

State of Decay (PC) Dec




MIGHTY MANFORD 14 October 2013


Saluting the Stand Ups!

“A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles. - Mignon McLaughlin

He’s still Britain’s best after two nights at Preston’s Guild Hall, writes Matthew Murphy SINCE catching him on TV in an Apollo performance some 5 years ago, I’ve been yearning to see a comedian like Jason Manford live. His down-to-earth demeanour, and ability to spin your average chuckle-worthy story into a hilarious encounter has always been a high admiration of mine. Although Preston wouldn’t be his biggest gig – in front of just over 1000 people – I was looking forward to see any new jokes he had in store. “I know some comedians have warmup acts,” Jason started with as he faced a mostly intoxicated Guild Hall. (He also, strangely, just walked out without any standard build up, music, or introduction.) “But to pay £60 a night for someone to be a bit sh*ter than me? I can do that myself.” He wasn’t wrong. And although joking about it, in doing so he was in fact dishing out a less organised start that quite clearly lacked some solid material. But being the professional he is, he managed to steer far clear of silence with


ease by bonding with the audience, and picking from the front row. It’s a tough skill conjuring laughs from simple conversation, but when executed appropriately it’s my favourite type of comedy, and Manford was in fine form in this area. At one point someone got up from the front row to go to the toilet, and Manford stopped abruptly in mid-story and asked “Where are you going, to the toilet? How long are you going to be? 2 minutes? Right, we’ll wait.” And he did. It was weird, but very funny. Unfortunately, there had to be someone too drunk to keep their mouth shut. This was an older woman, who, frankly, most of the audience wanted to punch in the face. She just couldn’t resist spewing constant nonsensical bullsh*t at the top of her lungs. It was eventually taken care of, but it did take several attempts from Manford to overpower her disrupting cries. On the whole, his performance was fantastic. The name of his show, “First World


Problems”, was quite poor as a title in theory. Surely he could think of something better than that? But when in practice it changed my perspective completely. He managed to get the audience involved by writing down their most hated troubles of everyday life, and read out the funniest. His material peaked when he was talking about his family and being a father. Both of these are quite generic topics, which you’d expect would be hard to find a unique approach to address them without being too cliché. But as I’ve said before, Manford is an effortlessly funny character, and framing situations in a more entertaining light is his forte. He hardly had to work to have the audience in stiches. I often found myself, as many others were, laughing at the way he was telling the joke, rather than the joke itself. And he breezed between topics without the slightest notice of change.”

The Big Screen in Big Words

“The secret to film is that it's an illusion.”- George Lucas

Unashamedly filthy. Full of sex. Full of drugs. Full of violence. Brutally brilliant. IF you like your cops dirty, drug-fuelled and slightly insane then look no further. Classified as an 18, Filth is unashamedly, well… filthy. As the second film adapted from Scottish writer Irvine Welsh - if you haven’t seen Trainspotting, where have you been? - it doesn’t just pack a punch; it beats you over the head. Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson (played by James McAvoy), is a cocaine fuelled, bigoted alcoholic heading a murder investigation and in line for promotion. On the surface, it’s all out warfare to get what he wants; he manipulates his co-workers, blackmails suspects and personifies the proverbial ‘bent copper’. But everything isn’t as cut and dry as it seems. Scripted and directed by Jon S. Baird (whose producing credits include Cass and Green Street), it has the same wry, cynical take on life that Trainspotting offered us back in the nineties.

Filth Dir - Jon.S.Baird

Lionsgate Entertainment

Review - Jes Ostler


Filth builds a twisted picture of a manic depressive whose web of deceit spirals out of control and will have you questioning yourself by the end. There are some throwbacks to the book that aren’t explained and will seem random to those of you that haven’t read it, including a huge tapeworm (which speaks to Bruce throughout the book) and recurring animal themed hallucinations that appear out of seemingly nowhere. But with that hard hitting, surrealist Scottish drama that Welsh is well known for, its darkly comic nature and slowly unraveled poignancy will surely have you forgiving the small plot holes. It took Welsh fifteen years to find backers for the film and no less than nine production companies were involved in bringing it to life. But you’ll be glad they got there. Filth is out in cinemas now.

A NEW EW W SERVICE S RVICE SER V VICE AT AIMED AT AIMED HELPING HELPING STUDENTS STUDENTS MAK KE FRIENDS, FR RIEN NDS MAKE SE ETTL LE IN, IN N, SETTLE N GET OUT AND HA AVE FUN! HAVE kđŢø«őŸđŢőøçô·őŔđőĂ··ŔőŢĦőÉđĿő™đË··Ņő†ő™âzŔŅőŲçŔâőĈ·ŲőĦ·đĦø·őđĿőŔzô· k đŢø«őŸđŢőøçô·őŔđőĂ··ŔőŢĦőÉđĿő™đË··Ņő†ő™âzŔŅőŲçŔâőĈ·ŲőĦ·đĦø·őđĿőŔzô· ĦĦzĿŔőçĈőĈ·Ųőz™ŔçűçŔç·ŅőŔđő«·ű·øđĦőŸđŢĿőâđç·ŅőđĿőçĈŔ·Ŀ·ŅŔŅĵő zĿŔőçĈőĈ·Ųőz™ŔçűçŔç·ŅőŔđő«·ű·øđĦőŸđŢĿőâđç·ŅőđĿőçĈŔ·Ŀ·ŅŔŅĵő ZZâ·ő ·ÉĿç·Ĉ«çĈÕőU·Ŀű癷őçŅőâ·Ŀ·őŔđőâ·øĦőĦ·đĦø·őçĂĦĿđű·őŔâ·çĿőŅ·øÉæŲđĿŔâ â·ő ·ÉĿç·Ĉ«çĈÕőU·Ŀű癷őçŅőâ·Ŀ·őŔđőâ·øĦőĦ·đĦø·őçĂĦĿđű·őŔâ·çĿőŅ·øÉæŲđĿŔâ zzĈ«ő™đĈΫ·Ĉ™·őŔâĿđŢÕâőŅâđĿŔæŔ·ĿĂő·ÉĿç·Ĉ«çĈÕőĿ·øzŔçđĈŅâçĦŅĬ Ĉ«ő™đĈΫ·Ĉ™·őŔâĿđŢÕâőŅâđĿŔæŔ·ĿĂő·ÉĿç·Ĉ«çĈÕőĿ·øzŔçđĈŅâçĦŅĬ +ÉőŸđŢļ«őøçô·őĂđĿ·őçĈÉđ ÉđĿĂzŔçđĈőđĈőâđŲőŔâ·őŅ·Ŀű癷ő™đđŢø«őâ·øĦőŸđŢ¥őđĿĿőçÉő jđøŢĈŔ··ĿőŸđŢĿŅ··øÉ£ ŸđđŢļ«őøçô·őŔđőâ·øĦőđŔâ·ĿŅőŸő·™đĂçĈÕőző ·ÉĿç·Ĉ«çĈÕőjđ

jjçŅçŔ£őŲŲŲĬޙøzĈŅŢĬ™đĬŢôՏ·ÉĿç·Ĉ«çĈÕ çŅçŔ£őŲŲŲĬޙøzĈŅŢĬ™đĬŢôՏ·ÉĿç·Ĉ«çĈÕ Ăzçø£ő ·ÉĿç·Ĉ«çĈÕU·Ŀű癷Ţ™øzĈĬz™ĬŢô Ăzçø£ő ·ÉĿç·Ĉ«çĈÕU·Ŀűű癷Ţ™øzĈĬz™ĬŢô ZZ·ø£ő01772 ·ø£őő01772 894894



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COULD Adnan Januzaj be the saviour English football is so desperately craving for? The 18-year-old who scored twice on his debut in Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Sunderland last weekend, may be eligible to play for our national team if he chooses to do so. We’ve all heard the criticism aimed at this notion, most notably by Jack Wilshere this week, due to the fact that Januzaj’s only link to this country is residency. But isn’t this just a smokescreen disguising the fatal flaw in the English setup? And no, the FA is not to blame: that should lie squarely at the feet of us, the media. We’ve seen it all before. Highly touted, teenage footballers who explode onto the world stage with breathtakingly brilliant performances that see them categorized next to the likes of Pele, Messi, and Maradona by the all-knowing beast that is the British media. Hundreds of column inches, hours of coverage, devoted to the young lad who pops up in the 90th minute with a crucial goal, sending the public into hysterics: will this be the man who will take up the legendary Bobby Moore’s mantle and end 47 years of hurt? And yet, it has never transpired. The relentless attention, pressure, and demands placed on the shoulders of these young men tends to corrupt, influence and derail their careers. The clubs love the attention. The press thrive off the profits. The public dream of finally seeing their beloved Three Lions on top of the world footballing tree. But the heart of the nation is essentially being led by a merry dance up the garden path. For when it reaches the end of the rainbow, the pot of gold is replaced by an assortment of old coppers and broken dreams. We all want to see England win the World Cup. It is the dream of many a young boy playing in the street: pretending to score the winning goal and dancing crazily in circles. So why don’t we, the press, start to support rather than hinder these young men? No paparazzi hounding them on doorsteps, no ridiculous articles about their similarities with legends of old. No mention of 1966. Let them do what they do best - play football. Purely and simply, without distraction, with the full support of their clubs and families. Until then, we can forget about a victory parade down Oxford Street anytime soon.

BURNLEY striker Danny Ings made his international debut coming on as a 65th minute substitute, as England secured their second victory under Gareth Southgate in a 4-0 win. The Three Lions looked comfortable victors straight from the off as goals from Manchester United’s Michael Keane and a hat-trick from Tottenham’s Harry Kane mean that England sit in second place behind leaders Finland. The Clarets target-man has been in sizzling form this season, netting on 11 occasions as well as firing the Championship side to the top of the table in the process. And that eye for goal saw U21 Coach Southgate reward the 21-year-old with his first taste of international football. Keane began the proceedings for the Three Lions, ramming the ball home after five minutes before San Marino keeper Andrea Manzaroli was sent-off after conceding a penalty on the stroke of half-time. Keane scored the spot-kick to send the away side two up going into the second period. The San Marino outfit barely looked a threat once they were reduced to ten men as Kane scored his second after his first effort was blocked by the substitute shot-stopper. Kane rounded off his goal-romp after connecting to a Tom Carroll cross in the 89th minute sending their opponents at the foot of the table. England welcome Lithuania to Portman Road on Tuesday for what promises to be a pulsating encounter.

An owl and a squirrel are sitting in a tree, watching a farmer go by. The owl then eats the squirrel because it’s a bird of prey.

Cansdell-Sherriff in Brewers loan move

Danny Ings player profile 2013/14 D.O.B PLACE OF BIRTH HEIGHT FORMER CLUBS

23/07/92 WINCHESTER 5 FT 10






Preston North End centre back Shane Cansdell-Sherriff has joined Sky Bet League Two outfit Burton Albion on loan. The central defender has signed for Gary Rowett’s side up to and including 29 December and will be available to feature for them as early as the weekend. He will also be eligible to play for the Pirelli Stadium based club in the FA Cup – providing they are not drawn to face PNE. Cansdell-Sherriff has made 22 first team appearances for Preston since his summer move from Shrewsbury Town in 2012.


UCLan Students Union is running many recreational leagues for you to take part in alongside your course mates, flat mates or to give you an opportunity to meet new people. Football, basketball and netball all have recreational leagues played throughout the week and there is always plenty more on offer. For more information contact Team UCLan: or Telephone 01772 894843




UCLan Tennis Club are hoping for a more successful season than the one they endured in the previous campaign. Relegation for both men’s sides ended a disappointing season but chairman Robert Henson is hoping for better: “Last year was poor on the men’s side with both teams suffering relegation. “However, we are hopeful that the first team will be much stronger this year and could push for promotion. “For the ladies we would hope to remain in Division 2A as we’ve lost a few players.” The club is looking for any new players with membership costing £20 and an extra £25 BUCS membership needed in order to play tennis. Sessions run on Monday nights at UCLan Sports Arena from 5pm with a Tuesday Sports4U session being run.

JANUZAJ... England’s answer to Messi?

MORECAMBE manager Jim Bentley has signed a new contract keeping him at The Shrimpers until 2016. Bentley, who’s two and a half years at the club has seen him propelled him as the 14th longest serving manager in the Football league, has been at the club for more than 10 years when he signed as a player in 2002. The 37-year-old has overseen Morecambe establishing themselves as a League two outfit, steering clear of relegation as the club look to move forward. The North-West side find themselves in the play-offs spots in 6th place, as Bentley looks for an improvement to last seasons 16th place finish.



Jade Kneen Sports Writer

COMING to university is all about meeting new people. Having new experiences and attending a few lectures along the way. Those brave ones who chose to try their luck with the UCLan Snowsports’ Team (commonly known as UST) are definitely boarding on a brilliant experience. They celebrate being the largest, mixed club here at the university so you can guarantee that you will meet a range of personalities with one thing in common: a passion for snow. But even if you aren’t a skier or snowboarder, the team offers a variety of opportunities for all skills within the sport. In fact the club particularly caters to novices by offering a full course of lessons for as little as £80, easily half the usual price. Once you’re established, the team arrange trips to Chill Factor in Manchester and can offer you lift passes and gear rental from just £7. With membership at £30, learning to ski with the UST definitely has it’s advantages. However it’s not just fake snow and imagination. The UST hosts many annual skiing holidays, the largest of which is in January. This year they are heading to Tignes, (pictured top right) a resort in the Alps with a great reputation for nightlife. But even if you aren’t

ready to commit to the team, the holiday is open to all UCLan students for just £369. For the more experienced boarder or skier, the team regularly competes in competitions around the UK such as Kings Ski Club races, the first of which is taking place on October 26. The team’s racers have successfully made it to the finals in these competitions for the last two years. This year will also see the team racing in European competitions. But if all that fast paced stuff isn’t for you, UST encourages socialising away from the slopes. The committee organises fortnightly nights in Preston with very differing themes.

SNOW JOKE... Experience the real deal with UCLan Snowsports Team SNOWSPORTS is a completely unique type of club. A club spokesperson said: “Consistently, we are the largest mixed club at UCLan. We compete in competitions across the country and from last year we even have competitions in Europe. These are across a range of disciplines from races to freestyle events. “There is a very strong social and casual participation rate within the team for trips to Manchester's Chill Factor and our holidays in the Alp's. Being a part of the club allows members incredibly low prices. Lift passes from Chill Factory (including gear

rental) start from £7. We have skiing or snowboarding for £80 which is a full course of lessons. “So, as you can probably tell we have complete beginners all the way through to experienced slalom racers, some of which ski for England! “Our biggest week of the year is the annual holiday. “This year we are going to Tignes. These holidays are described by many as the best week of the uni year and on another level compared to freshers week. “The holiday is open to all UCLan students not just club members.”

14 October 2013


SPORTING BRIEFS MOURINHO walks out of a Press conference, England’s number one is under fire and Sky Sports finally have a decent set of pundits. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the world’s gone back ten years after the big talking points of the past fortnight. Jose Mourinho was as ever, his charismatic self after walking out of a conference when questioned about Kevin De Bruyne the other week, whilst Joe Hart’s recent performances for Man City have seen the goalkeeper come underfire after a string of poor displays in the past week. Sky Sports meanwhile, after the departure of Andy Grey and Richard Keys have had a torrid time in trying to rekindle that partnership that had Football fanatics glued to their screens as they dissected the weekend’s footballing events. From Dion Dublin to Dean Windass, Sky Sports have tried, tested and pretty much failed until now. When Jamie Carragher was announced as the new face alongside Gary Neville, the Scouse-Manc combination was expected to spark a mountain of debates as their rivalry from their playing days was expected to reignite and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Despite this, their rows and wind ups have even had us shocked and surprised. Most notably when Carragher claimed that nobody grows up dreaming to be the next Gary Neville!

Issue 253


THE second half saw UCLan’s dominance begin to show as they controlled possession and territory throughout large periods. This pressure eventually told as Adam Smith found a gap in the Lancaster defence to burst through and score. After another missed conversion UCLan were immediately back at Lancaster with scrum-half Matty Dawe stopped only a few metres from the try line. It did not matter too much as a few minutes later McLean picked the ball up from deep again and sidestepped several Lancaster players to claim his second try. Lancaster did apply a brief spell of pressure in the second half but UCLan withstood this brilliantly and quickly worked the ball to the other end of the pitch for Baptiste Kolb to force the ball over the line from close range. Adam Smith then completed the first successful conversion of the match to complete the scoring and leave his captain, Tom Swift ecstatic with the result. He said: “To keep a team to nil is one of the best things you can do in Rugby and to do it against your rivals makes it even sweeter. “To be honest, our defence was so brilliant today, it is hard to pick out a star performer. “We still have things to work on but now I just can’t wait for the rest of the season.”

SOLID... There was no way through the UCLan defence for Lancaster



Joe Cooper Sports Editor

OLDHAM moved one step closer to Wembley as goals from Danny Philliskirk and Jame Wesolowski secured a 2-0 victory to send them through to the Northern Area quarter finals of the JPT. A lacklustre first-half from PNE began when Oldham’s Philliskirk opened the scoring after just 16 seconds. The striker wrong-footed goalkeeper Thorsten Stuckmann with a mis-hit shot to send the Latics one up. North End boss Simon Grayson made nine changes from the 2-0 defeat to Peterborough, and it showed when Australian Wesolowski made it 2-0 three minutes later after some terrific work from James Dayton. The number 19 weaved his way past full-back Scott Laird from the right before squaring it to the Aussie, whose half volley struck the top right hand corner, leaving Stuckmann at a standstill. To add to Stuckmann’s woes, the Keeper gave North End a real scare when a pass back to the German almost made its way past the keeper and into the net. Preston’s attempts to hit back proved unsuccessful. A 15 yard run from David Buchanan forced Latics keeper Paul Rachubka to save to his left, while an effort from Nicky Wroe blazed over. Joe Garner, who looked an isolated figure throughout the first period, headed straight at the keeper from a free-kick to sum up a dismal first-half for The Lilywhites. The North End side being reduced to spectators at times as Lee Johnson’s side employed a passing style that kept the home side out of touch with The Latics throughout the first-half. North End

Pluto Puzzle&Games Plutoku - Down to Earth






SPORT 21-24

steadily improved after the break and almost got back into the game when Lee Holmes’s cross found substitute Stuart Beavon, but the number 10 failed to get any direction on his header. Fellow substitute Tom Clarke then came close with a pair of headed efforts. The first one needed a goal-line clearance from an Oldham defender, whilst the second sailed over the crossbar. Some clever play from Garner nearly saw him finally get on the score sheet, flicking the ball past an Oldham defender before shooting agonizingly wide. Garner, who found himself with plenty more room in the second-half, perhaps should have lessened Oldham’s advantage after he squandered two decent chances. His low driven effort flew past the post before a miscue from Sidney Schmeltz fell to Garner in the centre of the penalty area, but his effort coasted helplessly wide. Preston’s failure to convert their chances in the second-half cost them heavily and Beavon wasted another opportunity, as his timid shot was comfortably saved. Although the Latics were less threatening in the second-half, their stubbornness was enough to send them through as they avenged their 2-1 defeat earlier to Preston last month.


James Dayton ... 7

The pacey wide man was involved with almost every Oldham attack.

CRUMBLING... Deepdale no longer the fortress it previously was.

Plutoku - Out of this world

Brain teasing riddles

1. Why can't a man living in the USA be buried in Canada? 2. Is it legal for a man in California to marry his widow's sister? Why? 3. A man builds a house rectangular in shape. All the sides have southern exposure. A big bear walks by. What color is the bear? Why? 4. If there are 3 apples and you take away 2, how many do you have? 5. How far can a dog run into the woods? 6. One big hockey fan claimed to be able to tell the score before any game. How did he do it? 7. You can start a fire if you have alcohol, petrol, kerosene, paper, candle, coke, a full matchbox and a piece of cotton wool. What is the first thing you light? 8. Why do Chinese men eat more rice than Japanese men do? 9. What word describes a woman who does not have all her fingers on one hand? ANSWERS: 1. Why should a living man be buried? 2. No, it is not legal to get married if you are dead. 3. The bear is white since the house is built on the North Pole. 4. If you take 2 apples, then you have of course 2. 5. The dog can run into the woods only to the half of the wood - than it would run out of the woods. 6. The score before any hockey game should be 0:0, shouldn't it? 7. A match, of course. 8. There are more Chinese men than Japanese men. 9. Normal - I wouldn't be very happy if I had all my fingers (10) on one hand.





Jack Wilson-Mumford Sports Writer

A BRACE of tries from Cameron McLean helped UCLan Men’s Rugby Union second team kick off their season with an emphatic victory in this fierce local derby on Wednesday afternoon. It was an even start as both sides tried to adjust to the cold and blustery conditions at UCLan Sports Arena with early spells of possession for both sides without either creating any serious try scoring opportunities. The intense rivalry was immediately apparent when a ruck ten minutes in led to an angry tussle. This resulted in the referee ordering both

UCLan and Lancaster captains, Tom Swift and Gregory Mornin to calm their players down. The first half was quite disjointed due to the high number of scrums in the midfield area that disrupted the flow of the game. UCLan’s initial breakthrough came when McLean, an early substitute for the injured Amit Jayaprakash, picked up a loose ball ten yards inside his own half and powered through a couple of challenges to run the full distance and score. The conversion was missed by the otherwise excellent James Farnsworth, sending UCLan into the break 5-0 to the good.


POWER... Lancaster failed to contain the raw strength of the UCLan side

IMAGE: Jack Wilson Mumford


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