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PARKLAND POST NO. 228 AMERICAN LEGION VOL. 4, NO. 39 PARKLAND, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1949 4~~·" Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Sunshine Hall Whether you know it or not, P'1rkland was represented at the rec1"nt annual Paul Bunyan Days celebration at Shcllon. Our good comrade, . . Fritz, went down, with the post boat 0 1 1 and trailer in tow, and grabbed a dTuehsdaby . " a} . ' ma1 ,e t e iea mg o hols.tcrcd aud1tonum chairs numplace in th" line of march and from announced that he and Walter R. . cl f ·h . .' . , , g1 oun or t e newes t cl eve 1opmen t be red mdividually will be used on the ltttcr that we received from the On" week ahead of most of the C'.otten Jr. and John, B. Cotten, of of Pacific Lutheran college campus the auditorium floor. The large Job· Shelton Chamber of Commerce we schools, Park- ~,otten brothers of Spanaway, have facilities - a new Auditorium-Dra- by and entrance will face toward gather that his efforts were appre· rest of the county's · . · rncorporated under the name . S peec . Il· C onservatory,, sc 11001 w1.11 en cl its term l Ius . . of ma t'1csof M u- the Old Main building. Above the ciated. The Post also appreciates land . J SI iortene cl Ch nst· Home · . 1)UI·1c1·mg. Tl1e p ac1'f'ic L u ll ieian . . be a fine arts and . . . Gas company to d1stnbute . sic main entrance will Fritz's efforts on behalf of the cam- Friday, une. 3· . · d ot·h er l1qu1f1ed petroleum gas to this area. co ll rgc · , b an d , un d er cl'. t'ion o f lounge with . .. S d n1as an pnng vacations an uec two offices, one on paign that he is presently the skipmade-up time permits the earlier Through the purchase of ·the Harlem G. Moen, opened the cereeither side. On a third floor above per of. His goal and the goal of Modern Gas company of. Cheh~lis monies at 1 o'clock. the mezzanine, there w'al be a small all of us is a spot for the Post home dismissal here. Following the close of school this the new company starts busmess with Following special music by the devotional chapel which will hold and this boat and trailer deal, we hope, will bring forth the required week, a summer recreation p.rogr?m 1-:iany estabhs_hed accounts and con- Choir of the West, directed by Gun- 75 people. nar J. Malmin, the Rev. Kclmer The stage will be 36x72, and it is amount necessary to achieve this. All will again be held, under dueet10n s1derable equipment. A 20,000-gallon. bulk storage t.ank I Roe gave. ~cripture r7ading and stated that it will be the largest stage of the members are requested to of Paul L~rson. The s'.chedule for rally around the "pole" and come the recreation progrnm is to be an- has already been mstalled on High· pra~er. Add1t10nal selections by the of its kind in this pnrt of the country way 99, between Tacoma and Olym- I Chou· of the West preceded Dr. S. and one of the finest in America. to the aid of the cause. During the nounced. Class picnics and field. trips were pia, to assure an ample supply of C. Eastvold, president of the college Tl b 'Id' . II b · . cl next month you and everyone else . ·! ic . ui. 1'.1g· w 1d. e deqLllppel will catch a glimpsf' of this very en- in order this week nt the school,' gas. The company has two tank and master of the. ceremonies, wi10 1 l l "f I l· I 'II ma I•e d eI'1veries · l · · . . de11vered the address an d 11turgy on wit 1. aT specia . ra 10 an. speec . ticing bit of marine goods. Read al I pomtmg tie way to t 1e sw1 t- trnc rn w uc 1 w1 1 · · . slue Iung time w11en " sc I100 l' s to home and commercia I accounts. the occasion. . . hJO. wenty piano practice h' iooms, h 'II with interest the appeal printed on approac ,, \VIt two organ rooms, \V ic \VI the sign and try to act according to out. Display and sales rooms are loHeads of the three departments be sound-proofed and cork-floored the guide thereon. It will be very cated at 14-0th and Pacific avenue, which will be quartered in the new and several studios for teachers wilI much appreciated. at the site of Poche! .Distribut~ng ~u~lding-Dr. J. P: Pflue~er, re- be a part of the three floor instruFritz says that he enjoyed the trip company, Chehalis, tw? miles hg1on; Prof. Malmm, music, a;i<l m~ntal department. Special rooms to Shelton and had a very fine time south of the city center on Highway Theodore 0. H. Karl, dramatics will be set aside for recording, for but that much-lauded automobile of and speech-wielded the spade in music libraries choral work band 99. his has apparcnLly passed the prime . the g~ound-breaking rite'. The spade instruments, ,:ork rooms, dressing of its existence quite some time back., .A ground-breaking service will be usc;cl .1s to be preserved 111 the· new rooms, including a small stage for This is witnessed' by the fact that held at Trinity Lutheran church on bu1ldmg. . one act plays independent of the on the return trip his treasured I Sunday for a Parish house which is The Choir of the West was again' big stage facing the auditorium, and "bucket of bolts" devclopE'd a ter- ' to be constructed during the months heard following the ground-break- a special pit for the orchestra which rific assortments of knocks that has ahead. The inaugural exercises for Petitions for formation of a wa- ing, followed by delivery of greet- will be at the front of the room at even the most expert of experts baf- this project will be held directly ter district at Spanaway am to be ings and benediction by Dr. H. L. the f'nd of the slanting floor. fled. Fritz has not said anything after the morning service, which be- circulated beginning· this week ' it is Foss · The- colleg-e Th e b u1'Id'1ng \Vl'II b e mo d ern in · "- band closed the about billing the Post for any re· gins at 11 o'clock. The entire Sun- announced by President Harry W observance . . every way. It w1'II b e concre te repairs but it's my guess that some- day school as well as the adult con- Smith of the sponsoring Spanaway The cross-shaped building will be · f d · 11 b · k t h" th 200 feet from front to rear and ' n _or! ce wit d nc .h ma c mg de where in the back of his mercenary gregation will unite and participate Progressive Improvement club · 1)l"!C < now use on t e campus, an • . • • • • mind there rests a stagnant thought jointly in the event. Smith asks the cooperat10n of all will be -143 feet wide across the h h" h ti t 1·I I /~ that answers this description. Dr. Ernest B. Steen, pastor of the residents of the proposed• water dis- section which will include the clas.s- t ed a_rc ·:~et~ire w b 11- ~.atc completion of rooms The Chapel will hold 1200 use mda h tt ethnewt t '1 mtgs. 'll bis congregation, will be in charge of trict to assure speedy · · • expecte t a w1 e j people and it is expected that up- . l . hb 0 eh 00ocl a 0 fcos$500 OOO PARKLAND POST NO. 3 the ceremonies. The Rev. Kelmer N. the petitions. 111 ' t iel. neig ~ 'b Roe, Junior Service pastor, will give AMVETS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::, 1 Actua construct10n may start a ou t. . h l\1ectings every second and fourth A ugust 1 cl epen d mg upon t e sue1 · d Cl ,• · i. Thursdays at 8 p.m. in Sunshine cess 0 f t h e present U mte u 1stmn will be carried out by the following: ....... i--.. . . . _......_ f-B.l . . . A ppea l b cmg · · d on Hall, Parkland carne Ed ucat10n . Mrs. Stella Jacobs, Sunday school ...,., h h h J. D. Rinker, state commander, superintendent; "Tommy" Swindt roug out t e nat10n. · f'""'4H-~4 w::is present at our last meeting, . B INGA ST. C L A I R - - - - - - - - - - - ' May 27. He gave a short talk on land, the representative pupil of the MOTOR TO QUINCY Sunday school; Mrs. A. W. Ram: Y membership drives. Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Christilaw stad, former Sunday school super~.,. NOW IN PACIFIC ORTHOPEDIC GUILD MEET Members of the Post decided to Seaman William D. Bigelow, son Sylvia Storaasli Orthopedic guild and children of Mountain highway donate a silver trophy to the winner intendent and representative of the motored to Quincy, Wash., over the of the tennis tournament at Park- organizations of the church; Burt of Milo 0. Bigelow of Parkland, is will n1eet this afternoon (June 2) three-day holiday. There they visRaymond, chairman of the Finance now serving with Tactical Air Confor 12 :30 o'clock luncheon at the land school, now being held in Parkand Building committee. trol squadron 3 in the Pacific fleet home of Mrs. C. S. Fynboe, with ited his aunt and uncle. land's Memorial park. The firm of Lea, Pearson and amphibious forces. He received re- Mrs. L. Rasmussen assisting hostess. Next meeting, election will be held home. Whirling to learn the cause for Post delegates to the state con- Richards is architect for the congre- cruit training at the naval training CIRCLE TO GATHER lnger Tonette circle of Trinity of the din, Duffield put a foot on vention in Seattle, July 30 and 31. gation. The archite~t·~ plan calls f~r center, San Diego. Lutheran church will meet Thurs- the upturned tines of a rake, the Annual election of Post officers a brick veneer bmldmg of Gothic SILVER TEA' May baskets wt>re featured in all pay, June 9, at 12:30 o'clock p.m. r a k e handle promptly nsmg to will be held at a special meeting, design_. The ~ina~ce and Building Thursday, June 30. Come out and comnuttee, wl11ch is charged by the decorations for a silver tea here at the home of Mrs. J. U. Xavier. smack him smartly over one eye. congregation to raise the needed May 24 sponsored by the Women's Mrs. Louise Sales is assistine- hostess. BIRTHDAY CLUB vote for the man you want. funds and to direct building opera- club of' Parkland Ev. Lu the ran BIRTHDAY CLUB DINNER Chatalot Birthday club met last Mr. and Mrs. H. Bellerud of I 27th week at the home of Mrs. Robert CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 tions, consists of the following: Burt church. A May basket surrounded Raymond, ~ a r 1 Hedlund, Oscar by candles formed the ccriterpiece street were host and hostess to a E. St. Clair, with Mrs. Bert Streng AMERICAN LEGION Morken, Chff 0. Olson and Ernest of the white-clothed table where birthday dinner for the following co-hostess. Present were the Mesl\1eetings every second and fourth Pitzler. Mrs. Stanley Willis, club president, guests: Mr. and Mrs. George Knut- dames William Storaasli, Max KerFriday at 8 p.m., in Scout Pari~h house h~s _been plai:med served and Mrs. G. A. Gullixson sen and sons, Ralph and Gene; Mr. stetter, I. Underdahl, Robert Haner, Hall, Spanaway with the aim of prov1dmg the fm~st poured. and Mrs. I.· Strand, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Peterson, Ira Tisch and Miss AUXILIARY NOTES possible _facilities _for carrying out A "home cooking program" radio Henry Dale, Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Anna Marn Neilson. The Ladies Auxiliary of Clover an effective educatwnal program and broadcast was the theme of the pro- Dahle, Miss Anga Da.le and Martin SUNDAY AT BEACH Creek Post No. 118, American Le- for.-training the youth_ of the gram planned by the Mesdames Ru- Dale. Mr. and Mss. Quincy Carrell and gion, finished May with a comfort- in the _art and_ h~b1t of wor~h 1 ~· dolph Strom, Mel Pedersen and ATTEND GRADUATION children spent Sunday at Copalis The, bu1ldmg wtll mcludc. 25 mdtJulius Ingebritson, in charge. Miss Mr. and Mrs. Arthnr Daniels and able feeling of satisfaction and a beach. ' deep sense of appreciation to all who v1dual classrooms, a social room Ellen Smith Pacific Lutheran col- son Rick motored to Pullman GRADUATES AT AUGUSTANA with ~ fir~place which will b_e 40x25 lege student: presented a saxophone Wa~h., last 'week eni to attend th~ made possible our successes. Augustana college, Sioux Falls, graduation of another son, Allen. First, the Auxiliary ladies have feet 111 size, a chapel wluch can solo. S. D ., will confer degrees upon 127 Present were: The Mesdames LUNCHEON GUESTS many "thank yous" for business seat 250 children or 200 adults, two Mr. and Mrs. Julius Leiseth and members of the 1949 graduating houses, organizations and individuals offices for the church staff, and a Stanley Willis, G. A. Gullixson, Rudolph Strom, Mel Pedersen, Julius daughter, Barbra, were dinner guests class in commencement exercises who made our Poppy Days real caretaker's apartment. Ingebritson, Iver Johnson, Walter at the home of Mrs. ]. 0. Dahle Monday, June 6. The number inachievements. Every poppy was sold, which means we will have more in Perkhun, , Paul Roseth, Ch1·istian on Monday. The Leiseths are from cludes 16 students who have comGoodman, Marvin Hanson, Harold McMinnville, Ore., and had been pleted the two-year State Certificate our hospital fund than usual; and it is indeed doubly needed during the Hillman, F, in er Jacobs, Wendell spending a few days visiting in Sc- course. Amo n g the graduates is Stanley L. Ariton, son of Dr. Alexforthcoming season. Bradley, Al Langseth, A. Benjamin, attle and Tacoma. ander Ariton of Parkland, who will Dawson Field Recreation club is A. Molden, M. Salli; Noble Jahnke, CROSS MOUNTAINS We particularly wish to thank the Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Richardson, receive a Bachelor of Arts dPgrce. Prairie Pointer for co-operating with sponsoring a card party at the field· Max Parker, Walter Daniels, Theous in putting across our drive for the house, June 3, in an effort to raise do re Daniels, Arthur Daniels, John with their three cHildren, spent the CRADLE ROLL PARTY Mothers' club of Trinity Lutheran comfort of the hospitalized veterans. money to purchase a set of six Benson and the Misses Amelia Har- week end at Soap lake, Dry Falls church will meet in the church and a slide of nursery size, swings Plans are being made for success stad, Bertha Harstad, Clara Malden, 1 State park and Wenatchee, Wash. of the Fourth District meeting to be .to equip a .kindergarten playground Tina Ellefson, Inga Hong, Helena, They arrived home Sunday evening. parlors Friday, June 3, at 3 o'clock p.m. This will be the annual Cradle held June 9 in the hall of Post 138, for the wry young set at the play- Aaberg, Louise Harstad, Lydia Har-· VISIT COULEE DAM American Legion. A number of our field. This equipment will cost about stad and Ellen smith. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snyder and Roll party, Special guests will be Misses Lydia and Louise Harstad children, former ParklanCI residents the babies baptized in Trinity Lu· ladies plan lo be present. A dinner $200 and, with the matching fund will be served. Call Mrs. Irma Long set up by the Metropolitan Park made and presented corsages to all now living in Tacoma, and Mr. and the ran church since last June and (GR. 8~ 13) or Mrs. Mabel Host district, it will cost the community guests. Mrs. Bert Streng and sons of Park· their mothers. All who have attend(GR. !3172) for further particulars. about $100. The committee also has OPENING NEW HOME land motored to Coulee dam and ed Mothers' club meetings before are Make your plans to attend, gals. We another set of six swings picked out Mrs. Theodore Daniels of A street visited other points of interest over urged to come, and to all who are interested in these babies and young for the 7 to 14-agc youngsters but will open her new home June 2 to the holiday. work and visit at these occasions. children a cordial invitation is exwill try to get the very young chilAside from the very successful the Women's club of Parkland Ev. BAKE SALE FRIDAY poppy job, the next best thing our dren's grounds set up first. Pinochle Lutheran church. Circle -Six of Trinity Lutheran tended. auxiliary has done since our last and 500 will be played at the card GUESTS FROM PORTLAND guild will sponsor a bake sale this MISS ROGERS HONORED Miss Lorna Rogers was honored "colyum" was the memorial service party, with prizes awarded for high Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Binkley Friday, June 3, from 2 to 4 o'clock hdd at Spanaway cemetery on Me- scores. Refrcs,hments will be served of ! 19th and K streets were hosts p.m. at the Parkland Light and recently at a shower given at the home of Mrs. A. F. Turner. Co-hosmorial Day. The ladies made beau- by the committee. All residents of to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schoonover Water company office. tesses wne Mrs. W. C. Gregory, tiful poppy wrPalhs of remembrance the district are urged to attend to from Portland, Ore., house guests. VISITING PARENTS ( Continue<l: on Page Two) Mr. Schoonover is a nephew to Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Glen Ogden and Mrs. Bernice Acton and Miss Gladys aid this worthwhile effort. Binkley. their three children, from Silver Carlson. Games were played during the DAY AT LAKE Spring, Md., are visiting here at Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Totten, son the home of Mrs. Ogden's parents, evening, and for the presentation of Earl and daughter Lois Kay, Mr. Mr .. and M1·s. Ludvig Larson. Dr. the gifts, a bridal bouquet was used and Mrs. T. H. Olson and sons, Ogden is now on the medical staff in a novel manner. A buffet supper was served from. a lace-covered ta· Alton and Henry, of Parkland, and at Seattle Marine hospital. QUIET ble centered with a spring bouquet. Mr. and Mr[. Peter Velsvick of FINAL GUILD MEET Mrs. Harold Peterson poured. Tacoma spent Monday at Bald Hills Parkland Orthopedic guild met SINCERITY Invited guests were the Mesdames lake. May 23 at the home of Mrs. HarLADIES ENTERTAINED old Peterson, with Miss Lorna Rog- M. E. Ford, S. Willis, Mabel GalJn an hour of greatest need, it is comforting and assuring to meet Mrs. A. Malden entertained the ers co-hostess. This was the final braith, H. Mobley, L. Gaume, M. with quiet sincerity. In making ladies of Parklan'd Ev. Lutheran meeting of the guild this spring; all Havnaer, P. Leque, A. La1'son, Marfuneral arrangements, you will alchurch at her 111.lth street home, scheduled meetings will begin again ion Waldron, M. Johnson, Lois ways find . . . Wednesday, June !. in September. Work on projects will Timms, H. Clotheir, R. Reynolds, HERE FROM IOWA be continued through the summer, P. Larson, R. Lynd, the Misses SINCERITY and S1MPLIC1TY Mrs. C. B. Harmon of Northward, however. New members taken into Frances Scearce, Frieda and Elsie at Piper's . . . Iowa, arrived by plane la~t week the guild arc Mrs. John Richards Blandau, Virginia Seaburg, Betty Christenson, Delores Randolph, June end to be the guest of her son and and Mrs. Carl Fynboe Jr. Walter and Ruth Simonson. daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Er- OUT OF CONTROL nest Harmon of 119th street. Mrs. New 114-th street resident Bill Harmon witnessed her son's grad- Duffield, a Kapowsin school teachuation from Pacific Lutheran col- er, was the star character in an old lege here Sunday. She will spend time slapstick routine-all unintenMiss Carrie Nelson of Seattle spent ~ome, time i;i. the Northwest, visit- I tionall'.-:-:-:a fe".' da'.s ba:k. _J?u~fiel? u1g p1aL:cs u1 iuten:si. I \Yas wh111ng t11e time tn hIS back the week end here with ht>r sister, DINNER GUESTS yard, throwing a stick for the en- Mrs. G. Ledford. Mr. and Mrs. Arne Johnson and thusiastic retrieving efforts of a LeRoy Vanfleet is in a hospital three children of Seattle, and Mr. I neighhor's dog, Shorty. Duffield let for surgery. A family reunion at Enumclaw, and Mrs. La Vern Johnson from fly a high, hard one for Shorty to Minot, N. D., were dinner guests fetch, but his pitching control Wash., drew the Elliotts, Sunday. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ]. 0. slipped and the stick crashed through Prairie Mission Ladies club will Dahle, Thursday, May 26. [the kitchen window of the Duffield meet today (] une 2).

G·Ranite 5184 BOX 7131, PARKLAND

Office: Park Av<Cnue and Whr>eler St., Parkland

SCHOOL'S OVER ~:::a~:: ~:::p:!y CEREMONY HERE TUESDAY MARKS Daylight Mail AIRPORT & SIGN THIS WEEK FOR Is Told by Pochel SITE Of NEWES J COLLEGE BLDG. I~hi~c~;:;k ;~~~:~~~~ !~~\0~:,~~ DISCUSSION FOR IBU sIN Es s MEET PARKLAND KIDS uti~~ ~~m~~~1~elof ,i,a~~~:lth~ ~~~1; ME~ci3·c1ises he,11~c _aftk~.rnoonf, -----~-~-------- offfmai~



Trinity Lutheran To Break Ground For Parish House



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Playfield Benefit Card Party June 3





mg tunes for departures and arrifvf?ls atdthe. Parlhdand l>.ost o ice, e ec.tive unng t e commg h h · t ree mont s o f d ay J'1gh t savmg time. Since trains and planes continue on standard time, dispatches · w1'II b e one liour Iater of mail • h t savmg . . rn · here wh iie day11g 1s · b oth T aco1na an d p ar I{e ff ect in land post offices. Arrival times of mail are: 13:20 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. Departure times for mail are: 12:30 p.m. and 5:30 J?·lll·. The~e later dispatches o'. mail will still mak~ all connections they ha~e prev1ously, Post Ill as t c r Qmll pointed out.



SCANDINAVIA FILMS TO RE SHOWN GROUP Motion pictures filmed in SGtndinavia will be viewed by members of the Parkland Business club at their last regular dinner n1el'ting until fall, next Tuesday evening, June 7, at the Alnor cafc. The pictures will be shown by Hans Lavik of the Lavik Travel bureau. Items of business discussed by the board of directors, which will be brnught bf"fore the members incluck: Effort to secure erection of signs pointing to Parkland, along Highway 99; revival of action to secure a civil airport as close as possible to the Mountain highway, to be handled by the airport committc·e. Tom Casto, new board member, was chosen to a vacancy on the highway signs committee. The club will also be asked to act on protests to change of mail dispatch hours from Parkland post office.

IM '/' Ip ,," "fary "p • R,t "/es " H H eJd • Or

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Full milita;y rites for Pv!. W~llac~ J. Harns, who was killed m action at Luxembourg, February 9, 194-5, were held Saturday from C. C. Mellin.ger memorial fun er a I church, wit~ Clover .Cree~ Post No. 118'. Amer~can Legion, lil charge. Bunal w_as m the ~ew Tac_orna ccm· etery, wit~ ~h.aplam (MaJ.) K.· W. Schalk off1c:at111g. . Pvt. Harns .was born m Caldwell, Idaho, and. lived on Hood Canal before where · he . f commg to Tacoma b f 11ved or one vear e ore enterrng the service. . Because of last-minute objections . . . h' M d f . 'd f .I L . I. Surv1vmg a1e 1s parents, r. an rom some 1es1 cnts o tie a1 el Mrs. Edward Harris of Spanaway; mont area to annexation of a portwo brothers, Edward of Spanaway, tion of the Tacoma school district · · . , . . and Murrel of the U. S. Army; five to F rnnkhn Pierce sehoo1 d1stnct, sisters ' Mrs. Mildred Kershner of another hearing on bthe hproposed p· I d ah o Mrs. Edna Matthews of transfer has been set y t e 1ercc · · ' . . . Thorp. e W a s h. Mrs. M 1 n n 1 e county r.omm1tte<C on schoo1 d1stnct ' ' . ·11 Matthews of Ellensburg ' Mrs. Jessie . orgarnzatwn. T.· his new hearmgC wt Tennison of Renton and Mrs. Rose 1 he held June 14-, at Larchmont om. JI Tenmson of Alaska. . . mumty ha , 13 p.m. The objections were heard wllf'n 1 the committee conducted a public hearing at the court house last Dear Sir: month. The section affected lies out-· Have you noticed on Garfield side the Tacoma city limits border· street lately that iuany of the mer- ing on Franklin Pierce district. chants have signed up to have their street in front of th e i r business FRANKLIN PIERCE cleaned up twice a week~ HAS 2ND PRIORITY Why don't they all sign up and Franklin Pince school district has have a clean town. There is a small fee paid by each been ranked by state school authorities with the group of school dismerchant for this work. Anyone wanting to sign up can tricts rcceivi11g second priority on the $6,500,000 emergency school do so by notifying construction fund appropriated by S. WILLIAMSON, the last legislature. First priority is 806 l 20th Street, given to schools that suffered earthGeneral Delivery, quake damage. Parkland, Washington.

New Hearing On School Transfer


. .




Letter to the Editor

Jack Harris Takes Tacoma Miss As Bride in Impressive Wedding Rites White stock in large baskets. dee- I orated Plymouth Congregat10_nal I Preceding the wedding mnrch, church May 21 for formal rites candldightcrs lit w h it f' candies uniting Miss Carolyn Shield of Ta- along the aisle for the bride. coma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. The mother of the bride, Mrs. R. F. Shidd, and Mr. Jack Harri~, F. R. Shield, wore an evrning dress son of Mr. and Mrs: Theo Harns of yellow and long evening gfovcs. Jr. of ·Lake Shore dnvc, Spanaway. Her corsage was an orchid. The The bride, given in marriage by groom's mother wore a gown of her father, wore a gown of white white jersey with silvr:r acccssorif's slipper satin with tight bodice, long and a corsage of gardenii1s. sleeves and square neck. A veil with "I Love You Truly" was µlayeJ flowers that formed a crown on her while the parents of the bridal couhair completed her costume. pie were being seated. The bride's Complementing the lovely bride uncle and aunt also played and were the two bridesmaids in orchid sang "Always" and "Because." taffda---:carrying colonial bouquets A large reception was held after of yellow sweet peas with long the wedding, in. the basement of thf' yellow ribbon bows. Bridesmaids church. A large bouquet of pink were Miss Jeanne Hobaugh and and white stock was the centerpiece. Miss Jeanne Harris, sister to the Mrs. Boynton, aunt of the bride, bridegroom. poured at one end of the table and Matron of honor to her sister was Mrs. Ray D. Shaw, aunt of the Miss Marilyn Shield, also gowned groom, at the other. in or ch id taffeta. Miss Marilyn Another reception was held at thf' Mock, the flower girl, was dressed R. F. Shield home fo1"relatives and in a long yellow gown and carried the bridal party. From there, the a basket of yellow rose petals. young couple left on a honeymoon Mr. Theo Harris HI, brother of to California. The bride wore a pink the groom, was best man. He was j gabardine suit with brown accesin dinner clothes with white carna- , sorirs and orchid corsage for her tion boutonniere, as were the bride- going away. and Mrs. Pete Gar· groom and the ushers, the Messrs. ner awaited the ncwlyweeds in their Ron Bassett, Bill Buck, Frank Ho-1 car and took tlwm to their own hough and Chuck Overa. car to start on their honryn10011.


dohnsan &Anderson On Mountain Highway

arket Parkland

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Finest Parking on the Mt.'Hiway ONE-STOP SHOPPING

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, June 2, 1949


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Misleading, He Says/ · l d' bl" h d I · I k' .I ~ his _letter to t 1e e !tor, pu ts. e comp et~ m ast wee s Pra1nc Pointer, Robert Lynd re-asserted that figures used by rhis newspaper in presenting general aspects of city incorporat"o w . "mis! ading" We wonder just how closely Mr. i n ere -· e · . . . . Lynd has looked at those figures or 111 what dtf!ection he bas been misled. We assume that "the figures in the Prairie Pointer on some .. . . . . obscure rown to which Mr. Lynd refers are those cited 111 our issue of March 24, s·etting forth estimated first year income and expenditures for a proposed third-class city of Sky. . way Park in King county. We make this assumption because no other figures applying to any particular community have been cited by us. Other figures. used were, in main, average . , , . mcome items for a number of this states most promment cities of the third class. So, Mr. Lynd says oui: Skyway Park figures were mis. . . . . . leadmg. If, as he unplies, they were chosen to show c1v1c 111corporation in a favorable light-the chooser didn't look at them any closer than Mr. Lynd seems to have. Those figures · · f . . . · estunated a total mcome or that commumty, with maximum allowable taxation, only silghtly over four thousand dollars more than estimated expenditures. Taking into consideration . . . . the likelihood of unforeseen contmgennes and expenses, to be expected in the launching of any totally new town, that hardly seems a very safe margin. .


Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone Graham 206


Miss Bettie C:ruts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cruts, attended the Senior tea for the girls of the Puyallup high school graduating class of '49, held at Altrusa club in the Elk's hall in Puyallup. Mrs. Charles Lorenz and family were dinner guests at the home of AUTO REPAIR AUTO SUPPLIES I FEED STORES Mrs. Lena s_chiemer, We~nesday. LAKEWOOD FEED & FUEL·. CO. Your ONE-STOP Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erickson arr (Next to State Scale) leaving June 5 for Pullman, Wash., Shopping Center Hay, Grain, Seeds, Peet, Fertilizers to attend the Grange convention. Complete line of Centennial Authorized Dealer Kapow.sin hi~h school gra~uating J Complete Painting - . Touch-Up HARDWARE Products class of 4-9 will have exercises on GET MY BID FIRST Also Albers Stove Oil June 1, at 8 p.m. Honor guards Pacific Ave. and Airport Road are Lenora Jewitt, Patricia Howe, GR. 6119 11536 Pacific Highway LA. 3522 Airport and Pacific. Winifred Poorman, Joan Erickson, FLOWERS - SHRUBS Charks Bullion, Norman ~urebe~m, James Mooreheart, and Bill Rohde JUNE BRIDES There will' be two valedictorians, WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS Ruth Wiese and Shirley Andrews. WHOLESALE & RETAIL GENERAL REPAIRING MACHINE SHOP SERVICE Salutatorian is ~harles Markham. HOME APPLIANCES . Parkland, Wash. Guest speaker will be Joseph Mal- GR. 3619 We Wire Flowers-We Deliver Jory. Pacific A,·e. at Airport Way I W o Gladly Delioer Mt. Hiway at Parkland GR. 7270 Joan Ericl1son is leaving June 5, Open Till 6:00 p.m. Week Days via 4--H special to Pullman, Wash., to represent the Graham 4-H farmettes. .,,COMPLETE FLOWER CENTER Graham Grange will hold rneetin 24-Hour Towing Service ings only once a month throu~·h PARKLAND CENTRE J June, July and August. They will 10006 Pacific Ave. SEE GR. Bl 77 Box 67, Parkland I be held the fourth Friday of each Spana way GR. 6547 Stella Jacobs GR. 7583 EXPERT REPAIRING month at 8 p.m. GRanite 7863 BICYCLES SALES, REPAIRS Kapowsin Rebekah s attending HJEL DEALERS lodge at Elbe, May 4, W<"re: Mrs. Edith Anderson, Marie Tinnius, Rt. 7, Box 660 Katie Nelson, M. Jorgerson, Elise COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE Saunders, Winnie Huff, Beth NorSERVICE man, May Borden, Mayme Novak, BIKE RENTALS •• KEYS CUT Also s. Mothershed, Emma Carlson, Cora Lawnmowers Precision Ground THE HOME OF FRIGIDAIRE HEAVY FIREPLACE AND Free l'ick-up & Delivery Service York, A I ex i a Sundquist, Harvey WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES JIURNAC:E WOOD 334 Garfield St. GRanite 5772 Sun~quist,. L. Winters, Margar~·t General Petroleum Products AUTO SERVICE STATIONS Phone: GRanite 4604 Damels, Mildred Nelson, and Nellie BUILDING SUPPLIES McKemnay. A grand time was had

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deepest sympathy to Mrs. Carl CasIf a prospectus for Parkland were no more prom1smg. person and family on the loss of their Marfak L~bncat10n . there would be very good reason for caution with regard to husband and father, who was laid Texaco ?as -:- Oil and Accessories · - · M'r. L yn d pro b a bl y t h'111 k s we are mis · Ied , b ur to 1·est May 23. Mountam Hiway at Clover Creek B . mcorporat1on. J Saturday, E . k v·1rg-1n1a . . Tl1ors~n GR . , , . . . oan r1c son, . 9942 en 1. .a,v1 ence we feel a full appraisal of Parkland s pos1t1on will show a and Ruth Weise were hostesses to surer prospect for incorporation here. If we are misJ.ed, we'd a surprise party honoring Lenora Top Quality like to find it out-that's why we arc supporting the investi-1 Jewitt, May 28. Mrs. Weise had GASOLINE charge of games. gat10n directed by the Parkland Busmess club. Graham grade school is holding MOTOR OIL-50c Gallon The facts of town financing, as well as the boundaries a picnic June 1 at Wapato park. , , • Mr. Lynd asks about, are matters to be established by the inMr. and Mrs. Albert ~elson were S . . . L . guests at the home of their daughtPr, Mt. Highway at Orchard Hill vest1gat1011 which Mr. ynd decrn~s. Mrs. D. E. Gooch, Saturday. Also Of course, that is the point of Mr. Lynd's position. He present were Mrs. Bert Gooch and doesn't want to know the facts regarding incorporation as Mrs. Brown from Longview, Wash.'. Kathleen Reardon has been chosthey would pertain to Parkland and, seemingly, he doesn"t en to attend Girls' state at Pullman, want anyone else to know them either. "We moved to Park- Wash. John Nielson will attend Alice Dorfner, Reporter .land to get out of the city!" he declares, setting forth that as Boys' st?te ..They were chosen from Graham 458 . ,, . ,, . . . Kapowsm high school. his most important thought where the issue of incorporaMr. and Mrs. Sam Jenkins had a Mr. and Mrs. George Walk arc tion is invo]v1ed. family gathering at their home Sun- being congratulated on the birth of Mr. Lynd just doesn't want Parkland to become a town, day. . a b?by boy. He was bo~·n °11 ~fay . . . . . . . Mr. and l\frs. Ross Plumb and 22 111 the Puyallup hospital, wcigh110 matter what impartial mvest1gation may show. And, of sons and Martin Vosnick motored ing 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and his course, Mr. Lynd has every right to hold that view and be to Fairfox, Sunday. name is George Wilson, Grandpardecided by it. But, Mr. Lynd' s personal feeling is hardly an Mrs-, B. Ufrick is confined to St. ents arc Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Mallery . . . . Josephs hospital. of Enumclaw and Mr. Paul Walk of argument to carry weight with others not so prejudiced. Terry and Jerry Plumb were Elk Plain. Finally, Mr. Lynd charges this editor with using the guests at a wienPr roast at the Mrs. Jen Wheeler was hostess at "scare lines that if we don't do something in Parkland, Ta- home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rear- her home Wednesday, May 25 at "11 II " M L d · 1· l d' . don. a party. Demonstrator was lvfrs. col11;a Wt .swa ow us. . r. yn imp ies t 1at your e 1tor Mr. an~ Mrs. Ross Plumb a.nd Dorothy Martin. Those present were denies mak111g such content10n. Of course, we have made state- sons, ~artm Vosneck, Merle Smith the Mesdames: Nick Ocldcn, Wesments to that effect, though we do not regard them at all as and \ 1 ct 0 r Becl:er attended the ley Ackerson, Eddie Ruth, Preston . , T his . editor . at Elk Plam Grange hall, Henderson Walt Acl·crson Keith un f ounded .. scare Imes.' truly feels that assimil- dance M 28 · .. ' '· ' · . . . . . . ay · Bonnell, Hartley Bouncll, E. W. ation of Parkland 111to Tacoma 1s mevitable unless Parkland Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lorenz and Castle Sr., Thelma Funk, John Airheads off the process by taking prior steps to preserve its iden- l ~on~ld were _callers ~L tlrie home of! hart, Ross Plumb, Gordon Johnson, . Th , d l . his sister, Mis. Albert Nelson, Sat- John Oclden Jr., John Oclden Sr., t1ty. ere-we ve use t 1em agam'1 l urday J K B K L .· . . ames eoug11, en upcr, ester Friends and neighbors arc sorry C:ruts, Albert Nelson, Doris Crim, to hear . that both Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt Rich By Miller the hostess ar_n~n Claude Aeke~son are confined to a and co-host;ss Mrs. J~n Wheeler Pierce county comm1ss1oners have given recent notice that Tacoma h?sp1tal. .. and Mrs. L. E. Elston. They all vandalism in this area has overreached to a point where close Kapowsm Rebekah Auxiliary n~et enjoyed a lovely lunch. "] . v· andafo, believed . . . at the home of May Borden, with I . h l . • . curta1 ment is necessary. to be prmc1pally Cora York and Mayme Novak hosThe Elk Pam sc oo p1c111c wi 11 juveni1es, have destroyed private and public property. The tesses, Tuesday, May 24-. Ninetee~ bsc hdcld Jat th c Eschool gi:ound s _on · ·· . b . d · un ay, une 5 . • veryonc 1s to 1Jnng tearing down and breakmg of newly-erected street and traffic ~em cis were p_resent an two ~i~tluck s er. · · · . itors. Next meetmg will b<: at Wim- a po upp signs is a part1cularly glarmg example of conduct that has fred Huff's June 23 . Mrs. F.. Miller .'".'eek end guests at the L. W. · · · · 1s · hostess and ' were: b roug I1t f rom t l1e commissioners a warmng t h at t h"is area 1s all RrIwkahs arc ·m· Dillingham M C: W home db · f ·s Mr. and "t d rs. . oo ury o eatt 1e. now being subjected to vigilant police surveillance to effect vi l\e,; d , Alb . M h d A recent visitor at several homes . p k . . ·ir. an iv1rs. ert ot1iers e . b a h a I t to van d a 1ism, arents are as ed to act first, before police motored to Raymond; Wash., and 111 the past week has_ een a_ 1arge, have to. returned Sunday bringing her fath- black bear. So far his. appetite _has · · · . er for a visit ' been appeased by nothmg more than Another deplorable cond1t1on hereabouts pomted out by . · fh b berries and burrs and we hope he · · . Mrs. Olive stepped out o er ac'1 . the comm1ss10ners results from promrscuous dumping of gar- door the other day and was greeted continues to fmd these rn abundance bage along roadsides. This too must be stopped, they in ask- by a bear. Who was the more fright· fand doesn't have to resort to human · rat"o mph 'ze A b d · "d d ened is a question. lesh. mg coope 1 n e. as1 - . ~ar age ump area 1S prov1 e Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumb attendMr. and Mrs. Ben L. Kuper arc for the use of residents and residents must learn to use it, say ed a P-TA meeting at Kapowsin the pro~d grand!Jarents. of a lovely the commissioners. I Monday evening. baby gll"l. She is the daughter of - - - - - - - - - - - - - I Albert Nelson, Emil Nelson and Mr. and Mrs: E.arl Kuper, born on Ralph Nelson motored to Packwood, May 17, we1gh!ng over 6 pounds GRADE SCHOOL PICNIC Wednesday. and named C:hns.ty Lynn. PLANNED FOR MIDLAND . Mr and Mrs Ilert Gooch of TaThere was cxc1Lement aplenty for . . . C:ontmucd from Page One · · , a few minutes one day last week 7 P1crnc plans were a top topic at coma, and Mr. and Mis. D. L. I k d . f · · · --the fuial spnng meetrng of Harvard. . Gooc ]l an d fmm'I y of p at·!I c an d we1.e when a motorcyc e, par ·e m rnnt , Midland P-TA at Midland school which were reverently lai_d on the visitors at the home of Mr. and of a gas pump ~t Hugo Lovel~nd s garage, cal\ght f1rc. It was quickly . ' grave of each comr::ide restmg in our Mrs Albert Nelson Mondav iecent 1y. · • · · ' '· · · ·I d b J J cemetery. Words of sympathy were - Fred Hoganson and Billy Erick- extmgms 1e . ut tic eye e was a A dessert luncheon was served at extended to" sorrowing families who f" 1 . S"l total loss M d b "f II · d bl b I son went JS 11ng on ay at , 1 ver · :eaut1 u y-appomte ta es Y t JC expressed appreciation to the aux- I 1 -~-----------mothers of the kindergarten rooms. iliary for its recognition of their _a_<_e_._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Mrs. John Gorow and Mrs. Clarence honored dead. . . Johann presided at the urns. Host· They also attended the services put esses were the Mesdames Mike Hans- RODGER LUNDE POST NO • 0 • 2 on by the Pa~·ldand American Lr•µ;ion !er, Walter Olson and Edward Jack,' · .> :> Post at the site of the Parkland War son, assisted by the Mesdames Al Vet~rans of Foreign 'Vars Memorial in the forenoon. In the Bombardier, Stanley Lipke, f. c. Meets First and Third Tuesdays, 8 afternoon, the following members Wagaman, Walter Larson and J. L. p.m., in Parkland School went to Orting, with their colors, for AUXILIARY NEWS · dedieatio_n of the new dining hall at Bosquette. · · 1 D avi"d T urn b u JI' s re· A t I' rmc1pa The following· Auxiliary members the soldiers I home: Mr. h andE Mrs. I . . Guy Stec e and daug ters, Ne yn M R v s· qucst,d I r~. . . I impslon was put on a ward party at Madigan and Doris, Mrs. Ralpl; Rawley, Mrs. name c lauman, to c 10ose lCr own General hospital Tuesday evening: M G d M E Th · t . · · · b Joe c .arr an rs. . orsen. commit cc to assist at a picnic to c Mrs Tex Vernon Mrs Troy Nighs- ' · 'II M d" · f d I I I 'Id · ' · Roy Peterson JS i at a 1gan given or gra_ e sc 100 c ll ren on wonger Mrs Joe McGarr lvfrs lvfax I h · I the last day of school. Mrs. Orland Jordon' Mrs. Guy Steele' Mrs. Fr~d Ge1.~lera f llosp'.ta. ·1· I · d · l · ' · ' ' 1e o owmg auxi iary memJcrs M yer_s was appomte to assist tcac l · Bradford Mrs Winfred Sehwaub · F. "d d s d · d H d ' ' · ' sold poppies •n ay an ay: • ers of t h e primary gra es at arvar Miss Doris Steele and Miss Janie C , ._ M w·.rn f re·d satur h . J with their picnic . . .bauman, rs. c w<1u J, · Wetzstem. The ladies served coffee Mrs. Troy Niµ;hswonge:r Mrs. Ralph I ~nrl {'{"\/).1~;~0 1n f-h .... o.c. ... ~ .... "..t.. .._ ' s' tee1e. MI'S . . Mar1"on . . L . C:i·on1w1·ll ; Pif'rrt• .... ' I, ____ -.--···-" .......... nU•Uo. TL~ '. HL Rawley and Mrs. Guy county hbranan, was. presented. to followmg members put. the services .. Third District meeting is June 7 the P-T~ by Mrs. ?avid McPherson. on at the t\~o cemeteries at Park- at Ray O. Roberts Post, 2609;0 She outlrned reqmrements for estab· land, Memonal Day: Mr. and Mrs. 6th avenue Tacoma at 8 o'clock lishment of a local station. Mrs. Fred Bradford, Mr. and Mrs. Guy for election' of distric~ officers. ' McPherson will continue as library Steele, Herbert Gullberg, Walter chairman, and with sugges-1 Larson, Don Ward _and. Mrs. Ralph Monthl.y terms on all purchasestions is mged to contact her. Rawley and Mrs. Winfred Schwaub. Brookdale Lumber.Co. (adv.) 1







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Herc arc a number of business firms, who, ·through their individual advertisements, offer to citizens of the Sou th End trading area a service as close as their own telephones . . . These firms are established not only with hopes of personaL success but also with the hope of being able to contribute to the development of a growing community. Check these listings for the services you need!

At least the residents of the commumty of Skyway Park did not think it was. On the basis of those estimates, they by all. voted down incorporation. Perhaps they were misled? Friends and neighbors extend their





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fl-''H_E_S_E_W_O_M_E_N_!_ _B_yd-'A-less-io,

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A WISE PROVISION . . . Under the PURPLE CROSS plan, your loved ones arc relieved of the burden of last expenses . . . services are paid fot when it is most convenient to pay ... al a substantial saving ... in low monthly payments. Investigate this thoughtful, business-like plan now. Recommended by PAUL and CHARLES MELLINGER Owners

OBITUARIES CARL CASPERSON Carl S. Casperson, 67, died at St. Joseph's hospital, Tuesday eve· ning, May 2+, after a long illness. The family home is at Rt. 1, Box 45, Graham, Wash., where he had lived since 1908, coming from Chicago. He was an employee of Tacoma Harbor Lumber company. Be~ sides his widow, Gerda, he leaves two sons, Arthur of Graham and Einar of Puyallup; two daughters, Marie Tinius of Graham and Esther Lindinau of Tacoma; six grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; a brother, Jens of Wisconsin; and a brother and two sisters in Norway. Funeral services· were held Saturday, May 28, from Wrigley Cleme'.1ts, Puyallup, with burial at Woocl-1 bme cemetery. JOHN McGUIRE John D. McGuire, 59, 760 I 14th strcrt, Parkland, died in a Tacoma hospital. 1-fr. McGuire was a stationary firc-man at Fort Lewis for


Hiway Variety ·storu 7025 Pacific Avenue


l 0 years. He was a native of Pennsylvania and had lived in this community for 20 years. He served in the Army in World War I. Surviving are his widow, Margaret; a daughter, Mrs. Rosetta Hill of Tacoma; two sonos, James M. of Parkland and Robert C. of Pullman; a brother, Michael of Pennsylvania, and three grandchildren. Services were held Thursday aft. ernoon, May 26, from Trinity Lu· theran church in Parkland, Dr. E. B. Steen officiating. Burial was in Trinity Luthernn cemetery, under direction of the C. 0. Lynn company.

Vacation Bible Classes Set at Prairie Mission Daily Vacation Bible school, commencing J u n e 6 and 'continuing through June 10, is announced this week by the Prairie Mission Sunday school, Tacoma avenue and Sales road. Classes are non-denomination· al and will be for all ages of children. The vacation Bible school will meet mornings, from 9 o'clock until noon.

Prairie Mission conducts weekly Sunday school sessions from 10 until l l :30 o'clock a.m. Fred Southwell, superintendent, welcomes any new members. A group of reporters first con\ cci vcd the id,ea of the lino type in i 1886.



GR 7947.



l\frs. John Susan, reporter Rt. 7, Box 400 GRanite 7002 A 7Yz pound baby boy was born to Mr. and Mts. Duke Herbert, Sat· urday evening. They live at Kuper's Cabins. John Kuper and mother, Mrs. Christine McCarty, motored to Centralia to \'isit Mr. Kuper's brother, Ernie, who is very ill. C. E. O'Neill of the Naval Reserve was on a three-day cruise of Puget

WE GLADLY DELIVER SPANAWAY-Across from School GR. 7583 or GR. 6547

county Adopts Plan R d T 0 'l D

a new service

DU Community!


R. E .. POCHEL of Pochel Dist rib u ting Company, WALTER R. COTTEN Jr. and JOHN B. COTfEN of Cotten Brothers of Spanaway, Wash., announce their association in the fm:mation of the



Anstcth, William Fowler, Clifford Mason, George Chessum, Park Shaw and the hostess. They made plans Mrs. Arthur Pietz Reporter for a picnic some time in June. ' .. Rt. 1, Box 445, Spanaway--GR. 6646 i Mrs. Osca~. Haugen .of M1htari: ___ j road ~l?e.nt l<nday afternoon, 1-~a) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steidel and 27, v1sit111g Mrs. H?1-ry Bradsh,1w children are leaving June 11 for an and was pleased to fm~ Mrs. Bradextended vacation. They will first <haw feelrng somewhat improved. motor to New York City and then A lovely afternoon party was held to Washington, D. C. Before ff'- at the home of Mrs. George Ouhl turning home they will buy a new of Mountain highway and 2nd street, car at Pontiac, Mich. Thursday, May 26. Lundwon \~as Mr. and Mrs. s. P. Napora and served by the hostess and entertam· family of Bremerton, Wash., were ment ?f the. afternoon. was games, week end guests at the home of Mr. for which pnzes were given. Attei:d· and Mrs. Anthony Mrous of Moun· ing were the Mesdames J. W. Walm, tain highway at Roy. A. R. Ouhl, .w. C. Fow!C'r, r:ay_ G. P t St b' h f gth street is con· Cooley, Phillip J. Taylor, E. S. 1 Y"' I e ~ rtich. oh me after a recent L. L. Hoyt, Ida Cook, Frances Mesva escmg is o . M art ha p·ictz an d the hos· . aat T . I hos - kimen, operat10n aeoma G· enern . I tess. pita· . . Spanaway-Elk PI a in Volunte_er Due to a waterfront tte·~ip Ill Firemen's Auxiliary will hold its Honolulu,. Mrs. Robert Man~mg of next meeting at Spanawa): school. 1st street is delayed on her tup. She This will be the last mcetmg until will I.eave f?r Honolulu as soon as next fall. the dispute IS over. Loveland Ladies Aid met ThursMr. and Mrs. Carl Rose of 1st day, May 26, al the home of Mrs. street are happy to have his moth:'r, William Rohr of Spanaway: Pb'.1s Mrs. Christine Rose of Seattle, with were made for a joint Ladies A1<l them for a short visit. Mr. and M~·s. picnic, which will be held at Bethany Rose and children and Mrs. Chns· church, Rockie Ridge, on Thursday, tine Rose motored to Portland, Ore., June 16. Those attend~ng were the over the week end. Mesdames Elvira Schmitz, Margaret Miss Leon Smith of Yakima, for· Wright, Doris and Judy Omat, mer teacher at Spanaway school, Maria Kanton, Christina Johnson, was a week end guest at the home Grace Splane, Annie Hall, Ve~ma of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steidel of Rhone, Violet Turner, Bell· K~ng, 9th street. Althea Flannery, Olive Tarp~irnmg, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mrous are Ethel Woolhouse, Minnie Edie, Lulannin to sell their present home cetta Wright. A very lovely lunch· P d g t R y Wash 1·n the eon was served by the hostess. an move • ., · • f . o o , Members of Spanaway- Ell • ' Pl am near utme. . , A ux1. 1a1 . . , f 1 Volunteer Firemen s 1 y exMr. and Mrs. M. A. Peterwn ecutive board met Wednesday, May Spanaway are proud parents of a 95 at the home of Mrs. Clair Fi'ddaughter, bor~ last week at Tacoma 1 de;·s~n of Lake Shore drive. AttenclGeneral hospital. 1 ing were the Mesdames Don MeMrs. Louise Lonergan celebrated Lell:rn, Jack Henricksen, Robert her birthday May 30. Due to wed· Steidel, Ed Flannery, Emerson Ta:·ding plans she did not have .a party. penning, Harry White and Dons She received many lovely gifts. Ornat. Spanaway Boy Scout Troop 34 Miss L ind a Bmdshaw of 12th has plans for a week end tnp to street gr:iduated from the Little Tathe ocean, June 10. Harvey. Brad· coma theatre Tuesday, M;iy 31. shaw, Mr. and Mrs. rRay H1l.l and She had studied dramatics at the Mr. and Mrs. John Newell will ac- Little theatre for the past year. company the scouts. Two of Spanaway's 82-year-oldIt's a baby girl in the ~omc of sters left Friday for an extended Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hetr1ch. She trip. Ted Wormald and Jack Admas was born Tuesday, May 24, at St. of Mountain highway near 1st street, Joseph's hospital. went to Spokane, Wash., where ~hey Mr. and Mrs. Don.aid Alfonso will visit old friends and relatives. are at home on Spanaw~y !~kc fol· Mr. and Mrs. Winsor Hunt w~ll lowing their recent weddrng rn Spo· meet them at Spokane and all will kane, Wash. Mrs. Alfonso was for- motor to Valley, Wash., to visit merly of Spokane. Mr. and Mrs. John Daisley, parents Roy high school held its. 1949 of Mrs. Hunt. From there, they will graduation Friday, M?y 27, m the motor to Missoula, Mont., to the school gym. Leota R1eter, Elnoree home of Mr. and Mrs. Hunt. Ruby, Shirley Payne and Jeannette Floyd Holden of 8th street ?clcOuhl, all of Spanaway, were usher- brated his 15th birthday Friday cttes. night, May 27, at his home .. Enj~ySpanaway Scout Troop 34 held ing ice cream and c:ikc with him "Dads' night" Thursday, May 26, were: Shirley Atkins, Mona Atkins, at Spanaway lake. Scouts and dads Roberta Butler, Van Atkins, Sonny not there really missed a wonder· Drake, Dick Landis, Bobby Drak:, ful time. Donna Landis, Judy Hoag, Nac1c Students of Spanaway school were Holden Nacic Lee Hoag, and Sonpleased one day last week when ny Ho~g. "Happy Birthday" w:is W. W. Pollom of Tacoma showed sung for Floyd. The evening's enter· them his model tractor, made from tainment was games and dancing. discarded materials such as scrap Mrs. 'Valter Hunt of Mountain iron and tin cans. Pollom made his highway near !st street, has been model from childhood memory. He called to Everett, Wash., to the is the father of Mrs. Harvey Brad· bedside of her mother, who was opshaw of 12th street. , erated upon recently. Prairie Flower Garden du~ held Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Brook.s from held its regular monthly meetmg at Sherman, Texas, spent a week's vathe home of Miss Alice Randall of cation with their son and daughlcr.3rd and Lake Shore dri~e, Frid.a~ in-law, Mr. a. nd Mrs. George Broo'.~ afternoon, May 27. A Jm,ely lunch of !st street. They left for then eon was served by the hostess around Texas home Tuesday morning. a centerpiece of maple and figur- I ines. Attending were the Mesdames Free estimates on repair and reGeorge King, Merle Prettyman, model jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. Lorin Buck, Jack Greenlaw, Arthur j (adv.)





Hon1e Ceremony Unites Miss Janice Kittelson and Mr. Joseph Welliver

. I

Daniels Hard are


Sound waters, stopping in the San Juan islands and at Port Angeles. He returned Mondat. Tommy Plew, brother of Mrs. H. Markstone, spent the week end .at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Markstonc. Wessel Kuper exhibited one of his registered heifers at the F.F.A. show in Enumclaw, Monday. Week end guests at the home of Fcna N. Elledge included Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Wickes, of Colorado Springs, Colo, C. E. Nordwall of Lake Bay, and Mr. and Mrs: S. ~· Nordwall of Seattle. Mrs. Wickes JS a cousin and the Nordwalls are brothers of Mrs. Elledge. "lnste~d of filing alphabetically, we should get a - simple Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cook of system where we wouldn't- have to look thru twenty-six Lebam, Wash., and Mrs. Joe Karas . drawers for something!" and three children spent Sun cl ay at . mother, the home of their Mrs. Pete Burgi. l\fr. and Mrs. Harry Ma1·kstone spent Sunday in Tenino, Wash., visiting Mrs. Swanson.' On their way Miss Mary· J an ice Kittelson, home they stopped in McKenna to daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Severn A reception, also at the home of visit the Hulls. Kittelson, of 505 South 120th street, the bride's parents, immediately folMrs. Jack Dunn, formerly of Parkland, became the bride of Mr. lowed the ceremony. A three-tiered Clover Creek, spent Thursday in Joseph Edward Welliver, son of Mr. pink :md white wedding cake, orna- Seattle, going through the Manning and Mrs. Joseph W. Welliver of mented with a miniature bride and bakery and coffee shop. She is em• South 120th street, Parkland, in a groom, was the centerpiece on the ployed by Manning's of Tacoma. beautiful and impressive ceremony table, presided over by Mrs. Frank Clover Creek school is holding i~s at the home of the bride's parents; Slyth. Mrs. Clarence Kittelson, aunt annual picnic at Lake Geneva this Saturday evening, May 21, at 8 of the bride, and Mrs. J. M. Young, year. All parents and friends are in• o'clock. aunt of the groom, poured. Mrs. vited to attend and have fun with The double ring ceremony was James St. John was in charge of the kids. performed by Dr. Ernest B. Steen, gifts and Miss Barbara Pepper the Dinner guests at the Ray Turner pastor of Trinity Lutheran church, guest book. home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. against a background of lighted canOver 60 guests attended the wed- Otto Strauch of Tac?ma. delabras and tall floral baskets of ding and reception, including: Mrs. 1\frs. C. E. O'Neill . opened ht;r pink and white stock. Freel Hess and daughter May De- home Friday after.noon . for a plas.ttc The bride was given in marriage light of Chehalis, Miss Margaret party. Th o s e attendmg were th e . . I van C o11 ier, by her father. She chose a two-tone O'Kelley, James and Chriss O'Kel- Mesdames V . R od ms, brown dressmaker suit, brown acces· ley of Sumner, Mrs. Claude Quim- Harold Cox, Jack La Marr, H. L. sories, and a small brown stra.w hat by of Hoquiam, Mrs. George Monks White Teddy O'Neill and the dem• for her wedding. The bride's corsage and Wesley Monks of Seattle, and onstra~or, Gretchen Van De Meer. A style show at the Meeker school \vas of brown and green orchids, tied Mrs. Charles Renkel of Denver, in Puyallup was attended by Mrs. with ·gold ribbons. Colorado. Miss Esther Velsvick, maid of hon· The b r i cl e attended school in J. A. Susan, Maxine Susan, Kay or and only attendant to the bride, Parkland, graduating from Pacific and Bobby Mann, Lois ~outhwell, was attired in an aqua-blue dress· Lutheran college hi g h school in Joan Schaffner and Elsie Keene. maker suit with white accessories l 943, and attended Pacific Lutheran Maxine and Kay modeled dresses they had made in school. and a corsage of pink carnations. college. Teen-agers enjoying a taffy pull, Candlelighter was Miss Carol Joan Mr. Welliver graduated fro 111 Kittelson, sister of the bride, who Eatonville high school and served games and dancing. at the Gran~e wore a pastel blue dressmaker suit, with the armed forces in Germany hall Saturday cvcnmg were: Elsie and Luella Keene, Harris Cox, Ruth white accessories and corsage of pink during the war. carnations. John Bye was the best After a short honeymoon at Sea- Failey, Maxine and Gary Susan, man and only attendants of the side, Oregon, the couple are at home Loi.~ and Alfred Southwell, Wessel Kuper, Paul Smithlin, Dorothy Bobridegroom. in Parkland. lieu, Oren Echer, Clarence Cruzan Soft music, by Mrs. William Ber· and Ray Hammond. Mr. and Mrs. wold, preluded the ceremony. John K,uper and Mrs. E. Ward were . Mrs. Kittelson, mother of the also present. bride, was attired in a two-piece 0 t USty Oll S Friday evening, the Young Peoaqua gown with white accessories Following a system successfully pie of Clover Creek Baptist church and a corsage of pink rosebuds. Mrs. in operation in the city of Tac~1:na, enjoyed a wiener roast and swim· Welliver, the bridegroom's mother, . King county and othe~ localitie~, ming at Five Mile lake. chose a brown suit with matching Mrs. Stanley Carlson, Mrs. Lightaccessories and. also wore a corsage Pierce county commiss10ners this of pink rosebuds. ' week a~nounced participation in ,a body and Mr.s. LeRoy Gammon The groom's gift to the bride was dust-laymg plan for the county s spent Tuesday m Seattle. . Mr. and. Mrs. LeRoy Gammo~ I a beautiful gold bracelet, set with roads. Under the plan, as explamed by have, as theu· house guest for a week I blue zircons. Commissioner Harry Spnnker, res1- or two, Mrs. Wetherell. dents on dust-ridden roads may teleMrs. Lightbody entertained the phone private oil compani~~ and as~ following at dinner Sunday: .Mr. for a survey for a road 01ltng prOJ· and Mrs. LeRoy Gammon, Mrs. ect. Wing of Woodenville, Wash., Arley A representative of !he oil com· Wing, son and dau~hter, Mrs. Weth· pany then cont~cts residents of the erell and Homer Lightbody. area and obtams from them an The Rev. and Mrs .. Clyde Rhea agreement to share cost of the 011. and children are leavmg Tuesday, The county "ngineer or 1:oad super· to be with Mrs. Rl~ea's par.ents, on visor is notified by the 01! company their golden weddmg anmversary. of this action, and county road crews Rev. Rhea is pastor of the Clover will prepare the roa? for o~ling. The Creek c~urch. The .Rev. only cost to the residents is for t. he Schoonover will fil! the pulpit of oil. Clover Creek Baptis.t church next "We realize that many of our· Sunday. In the evenmg the Young roa~s hav; become extreme. ly,,<l~.s;y '.eople will ha'.'e charge of the servdurmg this hot dry weather, said ice. Sprinker. "However, it should be Last Sunday the Rev. Clyde Rhea pointed out that this county, like all delivered the B~ccalaureate message others in the state, ~as never dust- to the graduatmg class of Clover oiled roads. Use of 011 on roads has Creek school.. . been for surfacing and to cut operPicnickers at Green River gorge


Sporting Goods and Hardware

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ation costs. "We feel by joining in cooperation with oil companies in this manner, we offer an economical solution to the dust nuisance." King county recently adopted a similar measure, has ·proved satisfactory, Sprinker said.





and Sophia lake Sunday were: ~r. ....••• ••••uoooHo•••o•ou•••u•.••.•·~·.••.••.••.u~•.••............• and Mrs. H. Cox and sons, Harns, ;.:.t·1!•:;.::.::•:t-:t·:t·:t·l!·!t-:t·lt·:t•!!·••·••·.~•. .-•••.....····"'································....... u ........ h ... uu•n••• Larry and Chuck; Mr. and Mrs. J a n e s and daughters, M yla and Lona of Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. '\Varring and children, Laura ar_id Sydney, Richard Susan, Ruth Failey and Alfred Southwell.



We Fix It .. ~! REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS No Job Too Small - or Too Big




He's the healthiest boy in the block.

Coniplete Sales and Service of Gas Appliances Bottle Filling Facilities

Phone GR. 8624

Phone 1211-W-4

, fW'ffWRTr·· -


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GR. 8514

the Kreamilk kid.

Offices and Display Rooms Located at 140th and ·Pacific Avenue Chehalis, on Highway 99 TWO MILES SOUTH OF CHEHALIS CITY CENTER

GRanite 6544



(Under Poche! Distributing Co. Sign) TACOMA, WASHINGTON

Our expert photographers will take an exciting album of bridal portraits, and, if you wish, a candid picture of your entire wedding day.






Parkland Fuel DH I Service Station GRanite 8112

Parkland, Wash.


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2x8 CEDAR LOG CABIN SIDING ............ per

M bd. ft. $55.00

1x8 CEDAR LINING .................................... per M bd. ft. $55.00

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, June 2, 1949

Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanitc 5738

Y2x8 CEDAR BEVEL SIDING .................. per M bd. ft. $120.00




84th and Pacific Avenue



BUSY WEEK AHEAD The week of June 5 to lD be a busy one for the entire community, what with the school year drawing to a close and all the civic groups meeting: J unc 6, Midland Orthopedic guild will hold its final meeting until fall, at 12:30 o'clock at Midland hall;· June 7, Dawson Field Recreation club will meet at . lclh ouse at noon f or a pot Iuck t h e f 1e luncheon and in the evening the a~nua


PARKLAND METHODIST George W. Cooper, Pester Sunday: Divine Won:hip, preaching- at 11 a.m. Nursery for children during worship and preaching. Church School at 10 a.m. Classes for all grade~. Adult Bible Class led by the. pastor JUC'Cts at the parsonage.

Since a wedding is a ceremonial occasion, etiquette demands proper forms-althoug·h for a small wedding or a small reception to which only relatives or close friends arc TRINITY LUTHERAN Parkland, Washington invited, telephone calls or personal Ernest B. Steen, Pastor notes from tlw bride's mother are Thursday, June 2: 7 :30 p.111.~Boy Scoub. in good taste. Friday, June 3: rrwo envelopes are used with wed3:00 p.m.-Nfotlwrsi Clttb iu d1urd1 p:ir!ors. d .ing f orn1S. Th c J. n n e r cnve Iope Saturday, June ·l:

Y2x6 CEDAR BEVEL SIDING .................... per M · bd. ft. $57.50 GREEN TAPERED THICK·BUTT SHINGLI~S .... per Sq. $7.85

CHURCH Announcements

Correct Selection Of Stationery for Wedding Important


bears only the nan1e of the person

9 :30 a.n1.-Confirmalion cbss('s.

· 1s · sent, or the names of· Sunday June 5: to w l10m 1t 10:00 a.m.-Suncby school. each member of the household if it 11:00 a.m.-Junior Worship Service. · ., f 'I T · I d h' 11 :00 a.m.-Worhip Service, followed J,y

· 1 ' d ] . c'll ] n1nt l gra c .)anqutt w1 JC

IS sent to n

an11 Y·

? inc u

e c


?Tot111d-breaki11g cerl'1111111y for ne'v par-

g-1vcn by I-Iarvard-M1dland P-TA for '1· . ·I ' I J 8 "I tic grac uallng- c ass; unc , r ar~ vard-Midland Pre-school outing will be held at the game farm, for kindergarten and pre-school children, and at _B that evening Midland school will be. the scene . of the- an· nual graduation exercises. On June 9, Midland Improvement club will h Id 't t' . M'dl d II o 1. s mee .mg· Dat. 1 . an 1ia . at 8 p.m.; June 1 is the day more

dren, one docs not write "And Famtsh house. 'I ., on t h e outer enve lope. Name Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.-Senior Luthei· League I yJune 7: · · the children on the inner envelope., 8:00 p.m.-Trinity Guild in church rm· For example, the outer envelope 1 Wed~~:;day, June 8: 3-WAY ~ORK LOIN ROAST-Here are three fresh-cooked meat meals might read: j I :Oi> p.m.--Ladies' Ai~: , 1 all of which may be prepared from one pork loin roast. The1'.'re barbe~ucd Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones a.OJ p.rn.-llo.ud ur Cllstces. CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST bacl,boncs, baJ,ed and pork . roast · To get three different dishes 1977 N or til 0 a 11 . . _ .pork chops, .. . c ey A;venue Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School from one po1k roast, purchase a J,nge enough cut (probably half of Los Anaelcs California W. C. Rhea, Pastor Bible School, 10 a.m. George Che'>sum, a whole· pork !om). and pi;occcd as follows: Ask your mcatman .to saw off The in~cr ~nvelo c . Id re, I· superintendent. t_he backbones, leavmg an mch layer of me_ at on them and ask huu to chop . P wou . ac · · · · · ( as 1'II ustrate d) . T o prepare t h e b ac I'bones, Mr · 'and Mrs · Jones Niorning worship, 11 a.m. t h ese mto servmg-s1ze pICces Youth Fellowship, 7 p.m. (Junior and brown them in hot fat, cover with barbecue sauce and cook slowly, covered, Mary and Richard, junior Senior). Evening Gospel Service, 8 p.m. than 5DD youngsters ~rnve been look· 1 V2 to 2 hours. For another good pork meal, cut off four or five chops and You should mail invitations to J\fidRweek Service, Thursday, B p.m. mg forward to for nmc months, the braise or bake them with apples and raisins. The remaining piece makes the wcddin<> about three veeks beChoir practice Thursday, 7; also teacher last day of school. a chunky one-meal pork loin roast. Roast this at 325°F., 40 minutes to f th S d tl' t 0 11 meeting. 111 The first an_ grades at the 2 to 2V2) hours. (A meat thermometer will 1cg-1 wdc re 1gat1ves .. en w liem a · d· second · · t pound, 185°F approximately ·111 t · J · nen d s c an ' om you PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN Harvard, under Miss Nortan and is er • erna temperature. . . , . , Walther C. Gullixson, Pastor . M y· 'll h h · · · would hkc to h,nc p1esent, even Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Nlorning \Vorrs. 1mont, w1 ave t eir p1c111c th 0 I1 J th t th 'II b at Harvard with their mothers in- be reported by the chest chairman, own table settinos and coffee will ~~ you mow a ey WI e •;hi1>, lll:OO a.m. vited also. A P-TA committee is Mrs. Henry Tcffre. Guild president, be served by the "'committee. \ una e. to. coi:ne. SPANAWAY METHODIST assisting with the picnic lunch and Mrs. Donald Kemp, has announced Midland W.C.T.U will meet at I . An _mvi_tation to ~ church wed"The Church by th• Side of the Road" 10 a.m.--Church School. is hea_ded ~by Mrs. Orlar:d Myers. tha~ this will be the last meeting the home of Mrs. Lucila Engler, I drn·g· iequ'.res no ackn_owledgement, 11 n.m.-Sunday Worship Service. At Midland school, the first grade untJI September and urges all mem- 7D39 S th W . . , T T I nor is a gift to the bride n,ecessary. ·h · . . · . · .. . ' , ou ainei, acoma, ucs- However, an invitation to a recep3:30 p.m.-.,-lnte1'mediate You th throug the sixth giades will iemarn be1s to attend. Hostesses f01 the day June 7. Flower Mi$ion day . . Fellowship. · · · . an d games, . J une meetmg · . w1·11 1)C. t h e d ames will . ' be observed All members are ' t10n .does a t ti1e sch ooJ f or a picnic . require acknowledgement . 6:45 p.m.-Youth Fellowship. . d . , d C . , , , , . .· · ' and 1t 1s customary to send a gift. . h . 1 11 9 ~.m . .'111. to "" rew hnst< nsen Sr., Ro>. Chns- requested to bring bouquets for a . w ''.c w1 sta1 t at wluch. m?thcrs are. cordially mv1ted. tenscn, Robe_rt_ Hanslcr, David Mc- hospital. Potluck luncheon will be If ~he plans a large c_hurch The pic111c lunch will be serve? start-, Pherson, Wilham Stevens and served at l2:30 p.m. weddmg, with. a small recept10n. to mg at 11 a.m. Mrs. R. V. Simpson George Turner. follow, she will have the weddmg

Following is the first general fund school budget for Franklin Pierce School J?istrict 4·02,_ as adopt~d in prelimina1:y form May 17 by the local s~hool dnec_tors.' This budge~ 1s subJe~t to _review by both county and state school adm1111strat10ns befo1e becommg fmal. . . In general, the budget allocations were accepted by the board without prolonge? discussion, following_ explanation by Superintendent of Schools Morns E. Ford. Most attention was centered upon Ford's salary . of other school adm1111strators. . . . . and salaries Board Chairman Clifford 0. Olson pointed to what he termed "top-heavy" administrative expense as, one budget item which must be made more realistic in the future. He conceded that the board's hands are tied for the next year because of prior agreement that there should be no change in pay rates of the heads of the four sc. hool set-ups consolidated into Franklin Pierce district. Thed board did adopt IOlson's be ' f f suggestion · · that · the superintendent · mstructe to prepare a sea e o uture adnumstratlve salanes. The superintendent's pay for the next year was fixed at $6,0DO, a reduction of $40D from the budget figure first proposed. In reviewin!i" his bud!i"et draft for the boa1_-d, Superindent Ford pointed to a of '.t_e,rn~ ,\:h.1c~1 he _behevt:s pro~_1de factors _of _safety. Am~n.g them is l11s eonsel\atnc estunatc of the gene1al fund bal.rncc lo be ant1c1pated on July l. ' ' ' FUND GENERAL .' t • t· NBUDGET ,S c h oo I D 1s nc o. 402 REVENUES: State FundsAttendance allotment ............................................................ $1D7,4-5 l .40 Transportation allotment ...................................................... 5,810. 71 Harvard, Midland an_ d Lar.chn.1ont in_vitation. engrave~ or printed . an~ Equalization allotment .......................................................... 51,596.27 is ~eading a conn;-1ittce to assist the will tuck ll1 cards of mv1-1 Per Word ...................................... 03 Educational unit allotment .................................................. 100,HD.OD M;dland cooks wJth the lunch. On Fire· Department and Ladies Aux· tat10~ to the recep_t•on. _Co~re~t form Minimum · Other state reimbursements and gTants .............................. 7 lD.DO this last day of school the Junior iliary pooled social funds to finance high students with their teachers a bano·-ui) party at the Country !\". Al' S 't·l R t requires a weddmg mvitat10n to Federal Fundsp . D f" f . " us. ICC 1111 1, epor r.r , d· " t th h f Gi, ODO . Do Journey to Federal school lunch reimbursement . . coup ·. lcs 1.ea . ---- reques e onor o· . . omt e iance or their I-I ousc, M ay 9_ 8 . T wen t,)- f'tH ·GR 5475 " f · County Administered Fundsn O annual p1c111c, thus bringing an ex- spent a wonderful ev.ening dining · your presence. I the recept10n 1s Equalized county support :i0,7DD.4 citing week to a thrilling close. and dancing. Attending ~ere th~ . _--to be large and the ceremony small, Local Taxes--M d.. M cl L I Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Drath· mo- the enclosed card should be one of Whether ~ rssrs. an es ames awrcnce Regular levy, valuation of district $2,7D0,762 (6 mills) .... 16,204-.57 tored ·to· -Westport and Tokcland, invitation to the ceremony. Correct You want Friends of S v? n d Neilsen, f?r Alden of Seattle, Floyd Ayers, Frank Revenues from Non-tax SourcesWash., :tvfo11day, to get clams and form requires that the reception inTo buy, sell or 25,500.DO many years prop_netor of. the Neil· Baskett, Otto Bergmann, Al BomSchool lunch receipts (other than F('dcrnl) crabs. vitation :read: " - - request the sen grocery at Midland, will be glad hardier Euo·cnc Brittain Sol ChrisCash BalanceInsure a home Mrs. Ervin Smith was hostess to pleasure of your company." N et General Fund cash balance 5,0DD.00 to hear that he is recovering nicely tel Jol~n D~erino Vict~r Eshpcter Announcements of the wedding We can serve you . , . after sustaining a chipped vertebrum J a~1 cs Hartley Flovd Jensen Clar'. a party held at her home last Friday. ..15 of . the neck when he fell at his ence J ol1ann, F'·ran< I .J o h nson, D' onaId Th o s e attending and enjoying a go to those who were not invited CASI-I BALA"lCE available for Cmrf'nt Exped1turcs .... $3494-13 Best, for ' , , '. luncheon were: Mrs. Forrest Sallee to the wedding. They should be ad~ome, May 21. ~ven afte~ lus re- Kemp, Stanley Lipke, Lewis McEXPENDITURES: and Peter, Mrs. Sam Harriss and dressed, sealed and stamped but not We specialize in tirement from busrness, Neilsen was Artor David McPherson William AdministrationBarbara, Mrs. Alfred Larsen, Mrs. mailed until after the ceremony. . . h''.' cat:I Y II Shanahan, ' ' These services C h c t Robinson, Paul Salaries of superintendent and assistants 6,0DD.OD .m t h ? Iiab"it of cont11:umg Harold ·Olson, and Mrs. Frances They require no gift or acknowlSalary of ~ecretary, clerk or business managrr 4D0.00 rno:nrng, walks and _friends will mtss \Thompson, George Turner, Harold edgcment. PARKLAND REAL TY Supplies and expenses 40D.DD seemg· him pass their homes. 'Weeks, Harry Weeks, Harvey Weeks Richards. GR. 7232 or GR .. 6774 Anna Jean Baskett and Buster At the same time that you order 1DD.DD Election and census expense Mrs. R. V. Simpson of 72nd and and Miss Joyce Kauffman and Don Smith have received scholarship cer- your invitations, you should buy -~~~~--~~~~---".3~8_-42c , Wilkeson road was hostess to a Peterson. Total.. ............................................................................ $ 6,9DO.DO "blessed event" sho\ver honoring hrr tificates, after suecessf~1lly complet- stationery for your "thank you" ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICEDawson Playfield committee met Instructionsister, Mrs. Carlton Smith of Mid- May 2 7 to make final plans for a ing a course on the Hawaiian guitar, notes. Choose eithn a siugle or foltlLyman Redford, owner. Septic Salaries of principals ............................................................ $ 18,54-0.0D land, at her home, May 26. The and arc going on to a professional ed sheet in white, plain or with a tanks pumped, contents hauled Salaries of teachers and other certificated personnel ........ 212,618. 18 table was attractively set with pea- second party and dance, to be given course. away. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794. 1nonogTan1. by the group at Dawson ficldhouse. Instructional clerical salaries .............................................. 3,DOO.OD tfC Harvard Improvement club will Calling cards, with your married Instructional supplies ............................................................ 4, 7 5D.OO nut dolls around a May pole and June 18 is the date decided on and Instructional expense ..................... :...................................... 900.00 gifts for the honor guest were placed everyone in the Harvard-Midland meet June 8 at Dawson fieldhouse. name in full, arc nice to own for SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, con· tents hauled away. Don Redford, Textbooks ............................................................................... 3,500.00 in a decorated bassinette. The guest communities is cordially invited. The There will be election of officers for the few occasions where they are GA. 7334. tfc Library and reference expense ............................................ l,DDD.00 list induded the Mesdames Earl party will be very informal with the coming y<'ar. Refreshments will nece,~~ary; ho;:e~•er, mor_e and more, Jones, Julio Marinacci, Eugene Pet- everyone wraring jeans, slacks and be served by Frank. Gural and Chet the mformal 1s replacrng the call- FOR SALE-Fertile, rock-free valley topsoil. Immediate delivery, 5 Total.. ...................... :.................................................... $244,3D8.18 erson, Fred Diamond, Robert Ransing card. This small, folded card gingham. Music will be furnished by Robinson. is widely used for invitations and . yards $1D.DO. HI. 5052. 39-43c .Operation of School Plantsler, James Hartley, Clarence Jo· Mr. and Mrs. Van Etten and A. Dawson Field Recreation club met Operating salaries and wages 20,96D.OO hann, Jam es McAllister, Frank Petgift enclosures. Have yours made lip KITCHEN CABINETS - -w~-in­ stall. Free estimates. Expert furOperating supplies and expense 2,3D0.00 erson, Frank Baskett, Gordon An- Heath of Harvard will call for the May 24 at 8 p.m. Plans were dis- with your married name and use it niture repair. Suburban WoodFuel .... 5,60D.DO dreasen, George Turner,· Charles square dances and circle two-steps. cussed for putting in a softball dia- wherever your grandmother ·would working, 9643 Pipe Line road. Utilities 4,000.00 Peterson, J. J. Doyle, Andrew Chris- On the committee arc 1\frs. Char- mond and for volleyball and otlwr have written a messag;e on a calling Phone GR. 8662. tfc lotte McClatchcy, Mrs. Olive Hus- games. An outside stove will be incard. Total.. ............................................................................ $ 32,860.0D tensen r., Roy Christensen, William ton, Mrs. Raymond Ellison, Mrs. stalled by June 14, and a si11k set HUTSON TANK CLEANING Stevens, Myrtle Davies, Phil Zur- Clarence Johann, Chet Robinson, in the kitchen. Plans were made to Septic tanks, cesspools cleaned; Maintenance and Improvement of School PlantsContents hauled away. Phones: Maintenance supplies and expenses 1,5DD.DO fluh, John Deering, Ray Manges, Frank Johnson, Spalt Wartenbe and raise funds to match Metropolitan teachers will meet at 7:45 o'clock. GA. 7038 and GR. 5467. tfc Contractual repairs and maintenance 2,50D.OO Wayne LaChappelle, Albert Bom· Harold Olson. Park board money for swings and a June 11, the young married group, Replacement of equipment 1,5D0.00 bardier, David McPherson and the RAY GOGAN slide. The park board will furnish the "77ers," will meet for a potluck Harvard-Midland Pre-school met Improvements to school plants 4,0D0.00 Misses Joyce Kauffman, Betty TurLandscape Construction horseshoes, badminton net, softball picnic in Kiwanis cornr·r at Wapato Additional equipment acquisitions 4,408.17 ner, Joan Peterson and M a r g i c May 25 at Harvard school for its and volleyball equipment. This ma- pai·k, at 4 p.111. For a small fee, New lawns, rock masonry walls and final meeting of the year. Mrs. James fireplaces. 3 years to pay. GRanite Simpson. Tauscher, progran1 chairn1an, pre- terial will be available to anyone coffee, cream, sugar, hot dogs and Total. ............................................................................. $ 13,9D8. 17 8812. tfc Mrs. Robert Hoover and sons, ice cream may be purchased. There wishing lo use it. A special meeting Auxiliary ServiceBobby and Gregory, of Portland, sented Mrs. Harriet Carmody of was called May 27 to distribute will be a ball game and other games FOR SALE-Factory reconditioned Lunchroom salaries and wages 9,4-4-3.00 Ore., arrived in Midland this week Tacoma School District 31 D, who Steam-0-Malic iron. It's a steal, will be played. June 12, a confirmaLunchroom supplies and expenses 80D.OO for \l visit with her folks, Mr. and spoke on "Reading Readiness." She tickets to members to sell to buy at only $12.50. GR. 6381. tf the swings and slide. The tickets ·tion service will be held at the Lunchroom food costs ... 21,257.00 FOR SALE-6 Model A wheels with Mrs. Carl Taylor. Mrs. Hoover's answered questions in an attempt to are for a card party to be held church at 11 a.m. Health program salaries 2,6DD.DD iron out various problems facing the tires and tubes, mounted and in Health program supplies 4DD.OO aunt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Har- pre-school mothers. During the busi- Friday, June 3, 8 p.m., at Dawson good condition, $7 each or 6 for old Johnson of Eatonville, brought Ask about our house plah service $+D. Call Cosby, Graham 453. ness meeting, conducted by Mrs. ficldhouse. Anyone wishing to doTotal ............................................................... , ............. $ 34,5DD.OD her and the boys back with them {adv.) . na tc cakes for refreshments, call GR. --Brookdale Lumber Co. 39c Herschel Payrw, plans were made after making a visit to Culver, Ore. Transportation·------54-75 or GR. 6900. The card party with Mrs. A. R. Ferguson and Mrs . Transportation salaries 5,DDD.DO .... H a r v a r d , Midland and Larchcommittee consists of Alice Smith, Transportation supplies and expense 587.0D mont's resuscitator was called into Perry Crothers to take the kinder- Lorene Baskett, Olive Huston, Carogarten and pre-school children and Transportation insurance ............... . 89D.OO action again· May 28 when Mrs. Gasoline, lubricants and anti-freeze 2,8DD.DO Maude Taylor became suddenly ill their mothers for a field day at the lyn Olson, and Edith Skog. The ·1 Repairs and maintenance 1,SOD.00 at her home. Later, Mrs. Taylor Game farm. The trip will be made next meeting of Dawson Field Recreation club will be J4. at 12 :30 was removed to St. Joseph's hos- June 8, utilizing one of the school and a potluck lunch will be served. Total.. ............................................................................ $ 10,777.00 buses and a number of cars supplied pital where she is still confined. Community Serviccsby mothers of the children. After Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Drath and Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Brittain and Recreation salaries and wages 1,00D.00 the business meeting, the new offi· children, Butch and Tooty, from Recreational supplies and expense 200.DO family were guests of Mr. and Mrs. cers fo~ pre-school were instalkd by Portland, Ore., were visitors at the Raymond Kerrick on a cruise aboard a past-president of Pre-school and home of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Smith, Total.. ............................................................................ $ 1,2DD.OD Gallant Lady 2, May 30. The occasion was the 13th birthday of their P-TA., Mrs. John Deering. A lunch Sunday. Fixed Chargeswas served by the hostesses at tables Teen-agers are going to sell pop Insurance 4,960.00 daughter, J oAnne. They left the and ice cream at the ball games clock at 10 a.m. to cruise about the festive with spring flowers. Mrs. Roy Taylor, Mrs. James held at I.i~wson field, to raise funds TOTAL WARRANT ISSUE .................................... $3-19,413.35 Sound and put into Quartermaster Harbor during the afternoon for a Hartley and Mrs. Clarence Johann to buy equipment for the park. Mrs. were guests of Mrs. Eva I-lowland Glen Alstead is chairman of the picnic lunch. Midland Improvement club has at a luncheon sponsored by the group. Mrs. William Robinson returned been postponed until June 9, this Westrninister Presbyterian church, month, in order that the Midland May 27. Mrs. Johann ai!d Mrs. home after visiting for two weeks graduating class may have its annual Howland came home lucky winners with relatives in Oregon and Los banquet at Midland hall on Class of two of the prizf's given during Angeles. Mrs. Robinson reported having a wonderful time. day, June 7. President Spalt War- the afternoon. As an indication of your good taste, you' I! tenbe announces that pictures will Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Alden Sunshine Sewing club met May want the finest printing craftsmanship for be shown at the meeting and that and children, Susan, Jimmy and 26 at the home of Mrs. Ila Shipton, your wedding stationeryhe has asked that a cartoon picture Tommy, of Seattle, were Memorial with Mrs. Violet Kennedy co-hosweek end guests of Mr. and Mrs. tess. Plans were made to close the be included for the children. NOW AVAILABLE AT Midland Orthopedic guild will David McPherson. meetings until September, with a EXTREMELY MODEST PRICES meet for 12:30 luncheon at Midland Dawson Playfield Recreation club picnic to be held in June. Election Improvement club hall, June 6. Last will meet for a potluck luncheon, of officers was held, with Norma minute details for the big Midland J unc 7, at noon, at Dawson field- S h c p r o elected president; Lola for example: Orthopedic picnic, June 19, at Daw· house. President Olive Huston will Bf'shaler, vice-president; Margaret Cabinet of 50 fine vellum panelled anson field, will be disctJSsed by Mrs. call for reports on the June 3 card Crouch, treasurer; and Ila Shipton, nouncement or invitation folders, with 5 0 George Turner, picnic chairman, party, to determine how much ad· re-elected secretary, a position she and members of her committee. The ditional 1'noney will he needed to has held consecutively for 11 years. inner and 5 0 outside envelopes"bride's chest and linens" will be furnish swings and a slide for the Mrs. Arra Duncan is slowly re__ ..,_ .... given away at the picnic and the kindergarten area of the playground. covering from a severe illness at ONLY $7.50 COMPLETE final showings .of this project will Metnbers are reminded to bring their her home. Hurry up and get out of Additional cabinets of 50 sets at $5.00 that bed, Arra. Harvard Covenant church will hold mid-week Bible study Thursday, June 2, at 7 :45 p.m. Saturday, June 4, a cbnfirmation class will be held at ID a.m. There will be clean-up clay at Covenant beach at More people in this area mean Tacoma City light MUST meet 9 a.m. All. are requested to .bl'ing il1Ur.: :turn~; .•• ;;;~;~ :~tl:.::~d:: th!! !'!eetl-wHh p!~~! !~ :iir~vid~ a picnic Uaskei '111Ll l.0015 fer rc:p:;i!·~ . . . • a constantly GROWING MORE power for MORE people for llllllllllPllllllll"illllllllllllll '1111111111 11111 1111 lllll!lllllll'llllllllllllllllliii!P --need for electric power. Sunday school will be at 9:45, and MORE purposes in the future. morning worship at 11 o'clock. WHEELER AT PARK David Sahlin will preach at the morning services. Tt1csday, June 7, ON THE PLC CAMPUS Junior girls will meet at 3:30 and ' Junior boys at 4· p.m. at the chun:h. GR. 8488 96th & PORTLAND AVE., MIDLAND In the evening, the Sunday school






. l

Call GRanite 7100










2 x 4-8-foot No. 4 Com., per M $19.00 No. 3 .. ______________________ per M $45.00 No. 1 ________________________ per M $55.00

We Cut Glass

Baskett Lumber o.

phone GRanite 7100

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Prairie pointer v 4 no 39 jun 2, 1949  
Prairie pointer v 4 no 39 jun 2, 1949