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The Playwickian

Senior Edition

June 13, 2014


Principal thanks graduates, congrats new Neshaminy alumni Dear Seniors in the NHS Class of 2014,

It gives me great pleasure to be one of the first to welcome you to the ever-growing family of Neshaminy Alumni. You are now among a group of people dating back many decades who can proudly state, “I am a Neshaminy Graduate.” Congratulations on your accomplishment as it marks the culmination of a 13-year pursuit. Take a short break, you have earned it; but not for too long. Though your graduation marks the end of your high school experience, it is just the beginning of a much longer journey; a much more important journey. Continue this journey; pursue your goals; pursue your dreams; pursue your passions; and along the way, use your talents to help make the world a better place for yourself and others. We need you. Your community needs you. Your nation needs you and our world needs you to make a difference, just as you have made a difference at NHS.

Class adviser gives farewell to senior class Dear Class of 2014,

You made it! The Class of 2014 is graduating from Neshaminy High School. It seems like just yesterday when you were nervous freshmen walking the halls in August 2010 for student orientation. I love still seeing so many of you wearing our first red Class of 2014 shirts I gave away those two mornings. This was my first time being a class advisor and you have spoiled me. I am going to advise the class of 2018, but the shoes they have to fill are enormous. In the past four years, we have been through a lot together. Three homecoming booths, a pink out, two dances, two proms, four Phillies games, a Sixers game, Camelbeach, Hersheypark, a Spirit of Philadelphia dinner cruise and our junior class trip. We asked you to get involved in activities and you did. Every event we have held has been a success because of you. Every student I ever said good night to leaving a dance, prom, or trip has always thanked me for planning and I respect each one of you for that. I have been lucky enough to see it happen right before my eyes, you have become young adults. As I look back on the past four years, I have many fond memories. A Phillies game in 2010 where 150 Freshman got over 42,000 fans to do the wave was by far my favorite. That moment inspired me to go above and beyond as your class advisor as you inspired strangers to have a great time. Always seeing the dance floor packed was also awesome. Whether it was Gym 3, Kings Caterers, the Merion, the Sheraton, or a dinner cruise dance floor, you were the best.

Remember when you first came to NHS? We asked you to be part of the solution; to help us build a better school inside our new facility. I am proud to say, “Mission Accomplished!” Over a four year period of time, each of you, individually and collectively, has helped redefine how NHS acts, how it thinks and what it values through your commitment and actions over the last several years. Look back on your experiences at Neshaminy: smile, reflect, laugh, cry, shake your head, be critical and celebrate. But also give thanks, as those experiences have helped shape you and prepare you for the challenges yet to come. These experiences will be a part of you forever. Thank you for helping us move NHS forward academically, socially and emotionally. Collectively, you the Class of 2014, through your day-to-day, hour-to-hour actions have left future classes with a positive foundation and climate. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed watching you enjoy your Senior Year. Again, congratulations and welcome to the club! Rob McGee, Ph.D. Principal

Presidents express their love for graduating class

Our trip to Virginia was one of the best class trips that I have ever done. I am sure those of you that went will never forget the fun we had at King’s Dominion, Busch Gardens, The Spirit of Norfolk and in Washington. That weekend has always been my favorite during the school year. May 10, 2014 brought us to the Senior Prom at the Sheraton City Center Hotel in Philadelphia. Over 700 students attended a memorable night. With that number came over 700 snuggies being handed out at the end of the night. The boys were sharply dressed in tuxedos and the girls in their gowns were beautiful. The theme, “Save the Last Dance” brought the evening to a close. At this very busy time I hope you all take a moment to reflect on your years here at Neshaminy High School. Whether you only did one of the above mentioned events or all of them, I am sure you have your own fond recollections of Neshaminy High School, Class of 2014.

Seniors, our time is almost up! These last four years have truly been so special with the family I’ve made here at Neshaminy. The next chapter is about to start so revel in the memories, make the most of the present, and take the future by the horns! I’ll leave you with one word: #surfboard. ;) To the seniors, I love you all and Class President, want to thank you all for making these Ton Do-Nguyen For all of you I wish you good health, happiness and great past four years the best years of my life. success in your future endeavors. Thank you for all of the I hope you guys will remember me like I memories that I will forever treasure! will remember you. To the underclassmen, enjoy your last few years here. Before Sincerely, you know it, it will be gone. With peace, Mr. Len Davis, Class Adviser 2014 love and happiness, your Student Council President, Jeremy Diamond.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the best class officers ever, Ton Do-Nguyen, President; Calli Vasilarikas, Vice-President; Shelby Lins, Secretary; Kylie Dumke, Treasurer; and Arielle Arleth, Historian. Without their dedication, hard work and perseverance the past four years would not have been so successful. To my four ladies and a gentleman, I’m going to miss you more than any students I have come in contact with over my nineteen years of teaching.


June 13, 2014

Editor Farewells

Trivia 1. In what year was Neshaminy High School first constructed? a. 1954 b.1953 c.1967 d. 2009

The Playwickian



Time at Neshaminy now history

By Heather White Archivist

I’m surely not one to write a sappy, heartfelt farewell about my memorable experience at Neshaminy High School. I barely know what to write in my best friends’ yearbooks because I’m horrible with goodbyes, so here is my best attempt. 2. The predecessor to Neshaminy High School went by what I’ve definitely learned a lot from my four years at Neshaminy. I’ve learned things like how to memorize a vocabulary list ten minutes before the name? test, how to start an essay at three in the morning when it’s due first a. Langhorne-Middletown High School period and how to finish all of my homework before I even leave the b. Langhorne High School school building. c. Attleboro High School On a serious note, I’ve also learned how much I’m capable d. Pennswood High School of and most importantly, what I want for my future. I’ve decided to become an education major and teach middle school math, thanks to some of my very passionate math teachers over the years. I also 3. What college football team once practiced near the old high school, inspiring the school to change their colors to red and blue? have learned that quality is always better than quantity, especially when it comes to friendships and people I can depend on and that is a. DeSales University Bulldogs (formerly Centaurs) something I will carry with me forever. b. Shippensburg University Raiders I want to thank everyone involved in the instrumental music c. Univeristy of Pennsylvania Quakers program at the high school for everything they have done for me, as d. Duquesne University Dukes well as others. When I joined color guard at the end of eighth grade, I never could have imagined how much of an impact the program would have on me. I have created the best of friendships that will leave a mark 4. Who is the current high school football head coach? on my life forever. Thanks to the music program, I’ve learned what it a. Peter Cordelli means to be incredibly passionate with something I love. I could write a b. Mark Schmidt novel about how much the music department has changed my life and it c. Mike Frederick still wouldn’t be a big enough thanks. Specifically, I really want to thank d. Neil French every single color guard member that I’ve spun with because without them, I don’t think I would be where I am now. Color guard is truly my life, and again, 5. Fill in the blank: “ During after school hours, all students are I could write 400 novels and still couldn’t thank them enough. As cheesy as it sounds, it was really an honor to be one of the color guard captains my senior year and was the required to be with __________, _______________, ___________, best way to end my career as a member of the Neshaminy Color Guard. I’m not going all other students must leave the campus IMMEDIATELY.” to thank specific people because it would definitely be a lengthy list and I really don’t want to forget or disappoint anybody. So instead, I’m just going to say, you know who 6. What Playwickian editor forgot to do her senior farewell, thus you are and thank you. creating room for a section of “ Neshaminy Trivia”? This is where my senior farewell will end and the cue for all the nostalgic memories a. Heather White-- Archivist to start rushing back into my mind. Although this is called a “senior farewell,” it’s not b. Gillian McGoldrick-- Editor-in-chief so much a farewell, but more of a “see you later.” I definitely plan on coming back and visiting Neshaminy in the future. I could never give up the excitement and tradition c. Corey LaQuay-- Photography and Graphics Editor of going to Neshaminy football games every Friday. d. Holly Muska-- Photography and Graphics Editor Answers: 1. b 2.a 3.c 4.c 5. a coach, adviser, or faculty member” 6. d ( Sorry Holly; Congratulations!)


Copy Editor bids adieu to Neshaminy By Colleen Harley Copy Editor

That warm September morning in 2010 when I walked into the doors of Neshaminy High School, I knew that my life was going to change forever. As a naïve 15 year old, the thought of being in a school with people who could drive, work and had so much more knowledge than me, scared me straight to the bone. After the fact that my bus had never showed up that morning, getting lost trying to find all of my classes and getting placed in a seat next to a gorgeous Senior boy in French class, I was not ready for what high school was about to throw at me. Much to my surprise, high school was not like it was depicted in movies. I didn’t win homecoming queen, the captain of the football team never had a crush on me, people didn’t break out into song and dance on the cafeteria tables and not everyone had a “Super Sweet Sixteen” birthday. Although, looking back on the past four years of Neshaminy, I’ve come to realize how different everyone’s high school experiences are and how much you grow as a person throughout those four years. Fortunately, I was blessed with having an unforgettable experience throughout my career here. My own personal experiences are not near the same as my three best friends, but that’s the good part of it all. You may not go through the same experiences as your best friends, but the lessons they learn can be passed on to you and vice versa. In the end, all the things I’ve been through and things I had the pleasure of experiencing throughout my career here at Neshaminy, have attributed to lessons for the future and tools I’ll use for the rest of my life. To the underclassmen; if it’s one thing I can tell you, it’s appreciate every moment you have here at Neshaminy. Once you’re seated on the football field, in your red or blue cap and gown; once you walk across the stage to shake Dr.McGee’s hand and receive your diploma, it’s all over. You can’t get any of those moments that you may have taken for granted at the time, back. To my fellow classmates: Congratulations 2014, we did it!

Circulation editor mails out By Julianne Miller Circulation Editor

♥♥♥ Being put onto the Playwickian staff was by far one of the best accidents that could have happened to me. Because there was a mistake with my scheduling going into my junior year, I was put onto the staff and have since developed a love/hate relationship with the exhausting world of journalism. The opportunities presented to me, the friends I have made and the memories created in room G202, a place I have spent a good majority of my time these last two years, will be what I look back on and remember most about my time at Neshaminy. I will truly miss all of the editors that I have spent my final two high school years with and the times we have shared together. Mrs. Huber has been the crazy school-mom that has treated me like her own and was and always will be so much more to me than just a teacher. Teaching me life lessons, as well as helping me to become a better writer, she has taught me how to find the confidence in myself to succeed. Leaving this classroom will be bittersweet, but I am more than thankful for every day spent with the Playwickian newspaper staff. ♥♥♥


Editor Farewells

The Playwickian

Sassy-girl editor, heartfelt farewell

June 13, 2014

Senior captures last moment as editor By Corey LaQuay Photography Editor

By Emily Scott Business and Op-Ed Editor All I can really think to say is thank you; although those two words hardly do any of you justice. Being a part of this amazing publication has been the most memorable aspect of high school for me. I’ve learned more about myself and my abilities by working with a group of the most talented NHS students. Each one of you has something so unique about yourselves that truly makes the Playwickian family what it is. To my fellow senior editors—we actually graduated (hopefully). We spent plenty of time hiding from classes and coping with our severe cases of senioritis. I wouldn’t have wanted to share senior year with any other individuals. To my co-editor Jackson, thank you for being extremely talented and the more sane side of Op-Ed. I have learned how to accept and appreciate other opinions because of you. We’ve wrote some pretty killer editorials if I do say so myself. *cough cough* sweeping the Keystone Press Editorial awards… To Mrs. Huber, Tara, or school mom—I don’t think there is any way I could ever repay you for all that you have done for us this year. You have taught me more as an adviser than any other educator I have had in my life. You accept us, the weird, deadline-challenged journalists who reside in G202. I know there is some awful quote out there that is on the lines of “Those who can’t, teach.” Well, I think that is completely wrong and you debunk that yourself. You are an educator, adviser, mentor and someone I will look up to and only hope to be like in my life. The Playwickian has been my dysfunctional little family and G202 has been my home. It’s going to be devastating saying goodbye to all of this. You guys have definitely prepared me for the real world and I can’t wait to see where you guys go next. Thank you again, and continue being the best high school newspaper in the country.

Editor finds reality of high school By Shannon Byrne Special Features Editor High School. Four years. 1,460 days. 35,040 hours. All this time and effort for what? You guessed it, a piece of paper and a handshake. High school wasn’t my fairy tale. Short and simple. My first date was with a boy who spent the whole night flirting with my friend in front of her boyfriend and me, my first kiss was with a “pothead” that seemed to have conveniently lost my number after the fact, and I had one friend. One true friend who stuck with me through it all and showed me that being a freak is okay and who never let me feel alone in my sadness or happiness; who watched Disney movies with me and never cried during my favorite movies and claimed heartlessness, despite her unyielding kindness and care for those she loves. I went to a school with people who picked on me for being different despite the claims of tolerance, teachers who hated teaching, and made me feel small and stupid despite the assurances of the opposite, and administrators who restricted my right’s to stand up and call out the cruelty of the world. So no high school wasn’t my dream. However, there were people in this building who made getting through the day easier. Those diamonds in the rough that showed me that my faith in humanity could be restored. There was a guidance counselor who supported me and assured me I wasn’t dumb when I had to make a tough decision; a Physics teacher whose nerdy tendencies and bad jokes made me laugh when I felt like crying, and an English teacher whose quirky personality and undying faith taught me the value of speaking your mind, being yourself-- and using proper grammar. Now, I’m headed off to a school that values my individuality and intelligence in a way that makes me feel good about myself. Where the students are kind and accepting, the teachers eager to teach and help students become who they want to be, and staff that see your potential and reward you for going against the grain. I’m not trying to be negative, but I’m just telling it like it is. High school wasn’t a happy story, but it sure as heck is going to be a happy ending.

I honestly couldn’t have had a more memorable high school experience. Over the last four years, most of my time has been spent in the classroom anxiously awaiting the bell to ring, or counting down the days until summer. It’s amazing now to look back at all the times when I was so anxiously awaiting graduation and seeing how time has a way of sneaking up on you. The saying that “time flies when you’re having fun” hasn’t always had very much meaning to me during high school, but as a whole, high school really is over before you know it. There have been times during the past few years where I thought that I was prepared to graduate right then and there. (Or maybe I was just tired of doing homework) Looking back, however, I’m glad it took me four years to begin a new chapter in my life. The amazing teachers, supportive friends and family, and even those who wandered in and out of my life played a significant role in shaping the person I am today. I’m forever grateful for all of you. I especially want to thank my newspaper family for giving me a place to call home. All throughout high school, I’ve been searching for a purpose - searching for a place where I can feel comfortable just being myself and having fun, but also showcasing my abilities and working together as a team. This year has really taught me to stand up for what I believe in, which is something that I’ve always struggled with throughout my entire life. I’ve developed personal relationships with all of you that I couldn’t be more thankful for. The long hours spent in G202 slaving away at the newest issue of the Playwickian have prepared me for real-world situations and have also influenced my decision to major in Digital Media next fall. Newspaper has truly allowed me to define myself in a world where everyone is searching for a purpose. Mrs. Huber - you’re like a second mother to me. Regardless of some of your outlandish outbursts during layout week, you’ve pushed me to excel in everything that I do and to always do my best. Ever since freshman year, you’ve harnessed my talents and abilities and shown me that they can be used in amazing ways. I know we all drive you absolutely insane, but I’m proud to call you my adviser and even more proud to call myself a Playwickian alumni. I’ll always miss having my name on that masthead. Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for us!

Editor opens up to her weird side By Shealyn Miles Special Features Editor

If from me, you are expecting a bunch of sappy goodbyes and reflections of my glorious days at NHS, then you will be thoroughly disappointed. Truth be told, high school was not a musical, like I had expected. The basketball captain did not serenade me over winter break. Students didn’t break out into a perfectly choreographed musical number when it was summer time. And no one ever bothered to scream “Yo, yo, yo, it’s lunch time!” in the cafeteria. Not once. For those of you who think you know me, you probably don’t. I have always been the kind of person to keep to myself. The people who really know me, however, know that I am the weirdest person on the planet. And I thought that it would be a shame if I left campus this year, without sharing my deepest, darkest secrets. Afterall, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHOM HAVE BEEN INFLICTED BY SENIORITIS, I AM THOUROUGHLY IMPRESSED THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR, AND YOU’VE EARNED IT. So here they are. 1.) I have a cat named Mushie (MOO-SHE) and I talk to him in the patented “Mushie voice” 2.) I have a dog named Duke, but I call him Housh (Hawsh)—we never knew why. 3.) I put rubber chickens on my Christmas tree—long story. 4.) I quote Forrest Gump with my dad on the daily. 5.) I had a blanky up until middle school. (I may or may not still have one. I’ll let you decide.) 6.) When I was little, and imagined something very intently, I would unknowingly wave my fingers in front of my face, as if creating something in the air. – stange, I know. 7.) I write with my right hand, but still manage to get lefty lead marks all over the side of it. 8.) Mulan is my hero. 9.) I have witnessed the beautiful masterpiece that is Walt Disney’s “Captain EO” starring Michael Jackson. – look it up. 10.) My family is the most important thing in the world to me. Well, there you have it. I guess all that’s left to say is, “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day… and tomorrow is just a dream away.” – Disney’s Carousel of Progress. See ya!

Congratulations to the amazing Senior Editors of the Playwickian, and best of luck in all future endeavors!

June 13, 2014

The Playwickian

Senior Edition


The Class of 2014 is preparing to say goodbye to their high school years. A few seniors took a moment to reflect on the times they have had over the past four years and to discuss what they are looking forward to in the near future.

Greatest memory of high school?

“Gym Night 2014 was unforgettable.” Jess Vadaketh, Ursinus College

“Being on the stage crew for ‘Phantom of the Opera.’” James Roden, BCCC

Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

What are you looking forward to in college?

“I’m excited to meet new people.” Ellie Bley, Philadelphia University

“Furthering my education in my field of study. #WeAre” Bailey Jones, Penn State Main


“Be bold and do crazy things.” Dan Martin, University of Pittsburgh

“Don’t think that you’re too cool.” Sarah Grudza, University of Pittsburgh

1995 to 1996 was a period with lots of change. From grunge music soaring the top hits to flannels and denim jackets, the Playwickian has changed immensely. Here are some of the big “Playwickia” headlines from the year the Class of 2014 was born.


The Playwickian

Special Features

Compton, Stephen - Rutgers, Newark Abraham, Elsher - Swarthmore College Connelly, Jaclyn - BCCC Abramovich, Michelle - Drexel University Connors, Sean - University of Pittsburgh Ackerman, Jeffrey - Year off Cook, Collin - Keystone College Addesa, Heather - Employed Cook, Reid - BCCC Agbugui, Apeayena - PSU, University Park Cooper, Jeffrey - Lebanon Valley College Ageyeva, Caroline - BCCC Corbett, Shane - Military Alford, Devonte - Military Corcoran, Susan - BCCC Allen, Tiffiny - BCCC Costello, Shawn - Pennsylvania College of Technology Altunbas, Bekir - Undecided Costelow, Kristen - BCCC Alvarez, Robert - Undecided Craig, Allison - University of Pittsburgh Amato, Alexandra - Temple University Creighton, Cole - Stony Brook University Amin, Harsh - PSU, Harrisburg Crenshaw, Maya - BCCC Amoroso, Kylie - West Chester University Crespo, Wilfredo - BCCC Anderson, Christina - Elizabethtown College Crist, Payton - BCCC Anselmi, Virginia - Temple University Croshaw, Melissa - Employed Antonelly, Christopher - Employed Crossan, Daniel - Temple University Appleton, Jonathan - BCCC D’Aulerio, Amanda - Philadelphia University Aquaro, Antonio - BCCC Dalessio, Michael - BCCC Arbegast, Elizabeth - Temple University Dando, Leah - BCCC Arleth, Arielle - PSU, World Campus Davis, Coeli - The University of Arizona Arndt, Jeffrey - Cairn University Davis, Ian - Lehigh University Arnold, Carleigh - BCCC Davis, Isaiah - BCCC Arnott, David - Temple University Dean, William - Boston University Arthur, Dorian - West Chester University Decker, Sydney - IUP Atkinson, Annamarie - Saint Joseph’s University Deegan, Matthew - BCCC Balent, Abigail - BCCC Deeney, Erin - PSU, Abington Balis, Daniel - Northeastern University DeSei, Cassandra - Fairleigh Dickinson University, Banks, William - BCCC Edward Williams College Bautista, Franco - BCCC Bayer, Tyler - IBEW 269 Beck, Jonathan - BCCC Beckles, Robert - Military Bedesem, Erin - University of Pittsburgh Beury, Kesley - Temple University Bianchino, Matthew - PSU, University Park Binczewski, Amanda - Bloomsburg University Bizup, Danielle - Kutztown University Bley, Eleanor - Philadelphia University Blucas, Alexandria Paige - Temple University Bonner, Colin - BCCC Bouley, Nicole - BCCC Bowes, Kimberly - Undecided Boyd, Andrew - Azusa Pacific University Bravo, Diana - Undecided Brazil, Bridget - West Chester University Bream, Rachael - BCCC Brennan, Jaclyn - Shippensburg University Brennan, Joseph Brennan- East Stroudsburg University Shannon Bresnahn- BCCC Breuer, Saje - Bloomsburg University Brittingham, Troy - BCCC Broderick, Edward - BCCC Brodnyan, Bridgette - Temple University Bront, Daniel E - BCCC Brosius, Nicole - BCCC Brown, Devon - BCCC Brown, Mary - BCCC Bryson, Megan - 2 year college Buch, Ashley - Employed Diamond, Jeremy - PSU, University Park Buesmaill, Trokon - West Chester University Dickerson, George - IUP Buiocchi, Dalton - Undecided Didok, Andrey - Undecided Bullick, Alexandra - American University DiDonato, Stephanie - Holy Family University Burban, Benjamin - Employed DiFerdinando, Casey - Undecided Burns, Ashlee - BCCC Difrancesco, Samantha - BCCC Bussmann, Jessica - BCCC Dillon, Christy - The University of the Arts Butts, Ryan - BCCC DiNunzio, Jason -- BCCC Byrne, Brendan - BCCC Do-Nguyen, Ton Dai - New York University Byrne, Shannon - Ursinus College Doan, Rachel - BCCC Byun, Alexander - Rutgers, New Brunswick Dodson, Aliyia - Community College of Philadelphia Caldwell, David - East Stroudsburg University Domico, Jaclyn - BCCC Campana, Madison - PSU, University Park Domico, Zachary -Career education Campos, Mychelle - PSU, Abington Donahue, Stephanie - Ursinus College Cantwell, Megan - George Mason University Donlon, Danielle - PSU, Altoona Capriotti, Blaise - BCCC Donohue, Melissa - Holy Family University Carnation, Madison - Saint Joseph’s University Drum, Eric - BCCC Carr, Brennan Patrick - University of Pittsburgh Dudley, Koraima - Chestnut Hill College Carrezola, Luke - University of Connecticut Dukes, Allison - Kutztown University Carroll, Christopher - Holy Family University Dumke, Kylie - PSU, World Campus Carroll, Max - BCCC Dunlap, Dillon -Undecided Castillo, Angel - Liberty University Duru, Ogechi - University of Pittsburgh Catapano, Danielle - IUP Easter, Jarred - BCCC Cerenzia, Cassandra - BCCC Eckart, Samantha - Kutztown University Chambers, Shannon - 2 year college Eckel, Jacob - BCCC Chase, Janelle Elise - BCCC Edelman, Robert - Military Chase, Taylor - BCCC Egnak, Dylan - Career education Chatereski, Brandon - Military Elonis, Matthew - Rutgers, New Brunswick Chichilitti, Joseph - PSU, Abington Engel, Kylee - Employed Chmura, Melanie - BCCC Enoch, Lauren - BCCC Clark, Justin - BCCC Epstein, Danielle - BCCC Cloonan, Kelly - Employed Esher, Taylor - BCCC Cochran, Justin - 2 year college Eshewsky, Peter - PSU, University Park Coey, Stephen - Employed Evans, Rebecca - Career education Coffin, Caitlyn - Juniata College Fantini, Megan - BCCC Coleman, Carly - Monroe College Fario, Paul - West Chester University Colon, Adriana - Employed Fario, Samantha - Career education Colsher, Veronica - Duquesne University Fay, James - University of Colorado at Boulder

June 13, 2014

Ferketich, John - BCCC Ferry, Michael - Career education Feuerstein, Erik - BCCC Fidler, Amanda - University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Fienman, Heath - University of Pittsburgh Figueroa, Amanda - 4 year college Fizzano, Thomas - 2 year college Fletcher, Jeffrey - West Chester University Flores, Isaiah - Military Fodor, Alexander - Chemistry; Forensic Science Foster, Jordan - West Chester University Foster, Matthew - Military Fox, Daniel - West Chester University Fox, Jake - BCCC Franzen, Jacob - Employed Freedman, Stephen - Temple University Frisch, Allison - Temple University Frisch, Nicholas - Military Fullen, Chase - West Virginia University Fuller, Curtis - BCCC Gainer, Nicholas – PSU, University Park Gallagher, John - University of Massachusetts, Amherst Gallagher, Preslee - BCCC Gallagher, Ryan - Temple University Gallo, Jessica - West Chester University Gambino, Giuseppe - Temple University Gamble, Alexandra - Wilkes University Gansworth, Connor - BCCC Gatewood, Amanda - West Chester University

June 13, 2014

The Playwickian

Hassan, Farooq - Nova Southeastern University Hassler, Kurt - Military Hastings, Kieran - West Chester University Hastings, Sean - Lycoming College Heinsinger, Jessica - BCCC Heinze, Sean - BCCC Heisse, Eric - BCCC Heller, Amy - Philadelphia University Hemberger, Andrew - Military Henry Jr, Mark - Kutztown University Henry, Jacqueline - Harcum College Herb, Dalton - BCCC Hertenberger, Sarah - PSU, University Park Hesson, Amanda – Gwynedd Mercy University Hill, James - BCCC Hoch, David - West Chester University Holl, William - Albright College Houser, Aimee - BCCC Houser, Kaylyn - BCCC Hughes, Bethany -Valley Forge Christian College Hurlock, Amber - PSU, University Park Iaquinto, Caitlin - BCCC Incelli, Dana - Duquesne University Incelli, Richard - Albright College Inemer, Daniel - 2 year college Ivey, Dwayne - Employed Jackson, Hunter -Temple University James, John - BCCC

Special Features

Mullin, McKenna - Saint Joseph’s University Murray, John - Shippensburg University Murray, Karissa- BCCC Murrey-Simmons, Curtis – Career education Muska, Holly - Moore College of Art and Design Myers, Julia - Delaware Valley College Myers, Kera - Pace University, New York City Nabit, Brett - Rider University Nahar, Prerna - Undecided Negrotti-Hughes, Gavin - BCCC Nelms, Kevin - BCCC Neville, Brittany - Community College of Philadelphia Nguyen, Jimmy - BCCC Nguyen, Michelle - Temple University Nguyen, Vivian - BCCC Nickey, Carey - Armstrong Atlantic State University Nicolas, Alexander - Lebanon Valley College Nissley, Alexander - BCCC Notz, Nicholas - BCCC Nunez, Felicia - Kutztown University Nusire, Theodore - 18-21 year old program O’Neill, Amber - BCCC O’Neill, Colin - Temple University Ogborn, Casey - Employed Okwara, Courtney - Harvard College Oliveira, Sarah - PSU, Altoona Oliver, Jasmine - BCCC Olsen, Eric - Military

2014 Class of

Destinations Gathercole, Brandon - York College Gaun, Kenneth - BCCC Geiger, Laura - BCCC Geronimo, Angelique - West Chester University Getz, Aaron - Rider University Giannini, Robert - BCCC Gillen, Sean - Employed Gillen, Tyler - BCCC Glaze, Kabriea - Mercer County Community College Goldberg, Emily - BCCC Goldberg, Jake - PSU, University Park Goldstein, Rachel - PSU, Berks College Gonzalez, Alexander - BCCC Gordon, Alexus Rae- Career education Gordon, Danielle - West Virginia University Gorman, Haleigh- BCCC Graham, Eric - Temple University Graham, Justin - Medaille College Graves, Lawrence - Virginia Wesleyan College Green, Zachary - PSU, University Park Grudza, Sarah - University of Pittsburgh Guilmoutdinov, Daniel - Career education Guindon, Julia - PSU, Altoona Guld, Kiersten - BCCC Gulla, Amanda - West Chester University Gulla, Michael - West Chester University Guth, Jeremy - Drexel University Guzman, Janel - BCCC Guzman, Karina - BCCC Hadi, Iyeh - BCCC Hahn, Emily – BCCC Hajduk, Zachary - Year off Harer, Julia - BCCC Harley, Colleen - BCCC Harris, Antonio - Mechanical Engineering Harris, Matthew - Gwynedd Mercy University Hartpence, Tyler - BCCC Harvey, Timothy - Career Education

Jamison, Ryan - Loyola University, Chicago Ortiz, Gabriel - Undecided Jefferies, Hunter- Military Ortlieb, Nicole - BCCC Jenza, Sofija - Temple University Ortman, Natalie - Bloomsburg University Johnson, Daniel - PSU, University Park Osborn, Brett - Kutztown University Johnson, Hailey-Bloomsburg University Ott, Emily - Military Joiner, Sydney - BCCC Ottinger, Jeffrey - Employed Jonas, Chloe - Drexel University Pallante, Evan - Elizabethtown College Jones, Bailey - PSU, University Park Palmer, Michael - Shippensburg University Jones, Daniel - Military Parker, Alanna - Millersville University Jones, Laura - Temple University Parker, Eric - Temple University Jones, Rachel -The Peabody Institute of the JohnsPascucci, Evan - University of Pittsburgh Hopkins University Patel, Apurva - BCCC Joseph, Amber - New York University Patel, Kevin - BCCC Juza, David - Temple University Patel, Marlie - Temple University Kaba, Ansu - BCCC Patel, Nihar - University of Pittsburgh Kabbani, Anass - Temple University Patel, Virajkumar - Temple University Kabbani, Eyad - BCCC Patterson, Lisa - Philadelphia University Kaiser, Madeline - Seton Hall University Patton, Gabrielle - BCCC Kaleck, Matthew - BCCC Paul, Austin - Military Kane, Logan - Pennsylvania College of Technology Paz, Logan - Community College of Philadelphia Kane, Ryan - West Chester University Pearson, Christopher - Military Katsourides, Andrew - Career education Pease, Matthew - Employed Kaur, Yashmeet - Drexel University Peluso, Justin - BCCC Kay, Gina - Temple University Perez, Rebecca - Pre-veteranian Kazanjian, David - Career education Petrizzi, Alexandra - Pennsylvania College of Keashon, Steven - West Chester University Technology Keen, Dustin - Temple University Petrizzi, Samantha - Millersville University Kelly, Jessica - Physical Therapy Philip, Eliza - PSU, Abington Kelly, Sara - BCCC Pickett, Jaylen - Mercer County Community College Kenderdine, Erin - BCCC Pilaras, Antonella - Rider University Kensil, Matthew - Mercer County Community CollegePintozzi, Kevin - Widener University Kershbaumer, James - Employed Pirritano, Stephen - 4 year college Khusanov, Olimjon - Loyola University Maryland Piszczek, Joshua - BCCC Kilic, Emirhan - BCCC Poit, Leonard - BCCC King, Courtney - Kutztown University Pokedoff, Brandon - West Chester University Kinsey, Devon - Arcadia University Poley, Rachael -4 year college Kitchin, Samantha - Temple University Pomponio, Kristin - 4 year college Klimowicz, Eric - West Chester University Possenriede, Amelia – IUP


Klingerman, Patrick - PSU, Abington Kneiss, Emily - IUP Koch, John - Widener University Koellner, Corey - Eastern Kentucky University Koimene, William - West Chester University Kotowski, Mateusz - BCCC Kramer, Samantha - PSU, University Park Krane, Jason - Career education Krutikov, Roman - Temple University Lagerman, Colten - BCCC Lang, Adam - BCCC Lapergola, Lauren - The College of New Jersey LaQuay, Corey - Messiah College Later, Emily - BCCC Latkowski, John - Cabrini College Lawall, Kelsey - PSU, University Park Ledonne, James - Career education Lee, Joshua - Temple University Lee, Juwan - BCCC Lee, Michael - University of the Sciences Leff, Kylie - Kutztown University Lemongelli, Justin - Temple University Lewanowicz, Samantha - BCCC Lins, Shelby - IUP Little, Casey - West Chester University Lodini, John -BCCC Long, Brandon - Temple University Longstreet, Christopher - Military Lord, Dennis - Kutztown University Lowry, Brian - BCCC Lucas, Robert - BCCC Ludwig, Matthew - Community college Lupfer, Kody - BCCC Lutz, Justin - West Chester University Lutz, Robert - West Chester University Lynch, Christopher - BCCC MacDonald, Margaret - Syracuse University Macelko, Nicholas - PSU, Abington Magee, Kathleen - Temple University Magee, Samantha - IUP Maggetti, Robert - BCCC Maiorino, Sarah - BCCC Malageri, Nicole - PSU, Abington Mannino, Gabriella - Towson University Marchione, Karina - Temple University Margolis, Dylan - University of Pittsburgh Marinelli, Matthew - PSU, University Park Marseille, Daphne - BCCC Marshall, Olivia - PSU, University Park Martin, Daniel - University of Pittsburgh Martino, Carmine - BCCC Matles, Sabrina – York College Matthews, Morgan - Saint Mary’s College McClave, Brianna - Liberty University McCloskey, Amanda - BCCC McCloskey, Bailey - PSU, Harrisburg McCloskey, Ryan - BCCC McCullough, Breanna - BCCC McCullough, Richard - Career education McGarry, Conner - BCCC McGarry, Samantha - BCCC McGee, Caitlyn - BCCC McGinnis, Colleen - BCCC McGlynn, Kayli - Ithaca College McGonagle, Katherine - Temple University McHale, Katherine - Temple University McHugh, William - 18-21 year old program McKenney, Wayne – BCCC McLaughlin, Bridget - BCCC McLennan, Madison - Old Dominion University McMonagle, Mary Kate - Temple University McMullen, Patrick - Undecided Melvin, Samantha - Holy Family University Merva, Alexander - Military Messinger, Morgan - BCCC Metzger, Margaret - BCCC Miele, Rocco - BCCC Miglo, Yevgeniya - Johns Hopkins University Milcarsky, Vincent - BCCC Miles, Shealyn - West Chester University Miller, Erica - Employed Miller, Julianne - Rider University Minto, Kara - BCCC Mirmelshteyn, Angela - Bloomsburg University Mirza, Ahmed - Temple University Mohanty, Rohit - BCCC Monaco, Marisa - BCCC Monaco, Thomas - BCCC Mondelli, Courtney - Employed Mongillo, Ryan - Employed- Barber Mooney, Kateri – BCCC Moore, Barbara - East Stroudsburg University Moore, Thomas - Career education Moran, Patrick – BCCC Morath, Benay - BCCC Morgan, Jessica- BCCC Mulholland, Evan - BCCC


The Playwickian

Special Features

June 13, 2014

Destinations continued... Prieto, Matthew - University of Maryland, College Park Pulyk, Krystyn - Employed Punchello, Emily - Temple University Quigley, Colleen - BCCC Quinlisk, Kayleigh - BCCC Quinn, Connor - Temple University Rafferty, Kerri - Temple University Raffin, Allison -Millersville University Rakita, Jennifer – PSU, Abington Ramsden, Jaylina-2 year college Range, Megan - PSU, University Park Raykovitz, Patrick - West Chester University Reardon, Paige - BCCC Reed, Kevin - BCCC Reid, Taylor - Military Reiser, Robert - BCCC Repoley, Alexander - Holy Family University Reyes, Jeslyn - BCCC Rhon, Jennifer - BCCC Riccobene, Tyler - Military Rider, Elliott - West Chester University Riley, Alex - PSU, Abington Rizzi, Vincent - BCCC Roach, Ian - BCCC Robbins, Tylar - West Chester University Roden, James - PSU, Abington Rodop, Dustin - BCCC Rodriguez, Rebecca - Shippensburg University Rodriguez, Veronyca - West Chester University Rogowyi, Alexis - University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Roldan, Nicole - BCCC Rothfeld, Harris - Syracuse University Rovny, Brett - Kutztown University Rowe, Monica - BCCC Roy, Alexandra - PSU Abington Rudolph, Samuel - West Chester University Rudzik, Bridget - PSU, University Park Rue, Amanda - BCCC

Ruggero, Tayler - Rochester Institute of Technology Rush, Julianna - BCCC Russell, Daniel - West Chester University Russell, Nathan - Undecided Rzepka, Todge - 4 year college Sabatini, Kaitlyn - BCCC Sabella, Zachary - BCCC Sander, David - Kutztown University Sanderson, Sarah - BCCC Santoro, Brett - Montana State University, Bozeman Schafer, Megan - PSU, University Park Schmidt, Breanna - West Chester University Schmitz, Selena - Year off Schreiber, Alexis - Cairn University Schuler, Heather - Employed Schultz, Taylor - BCCC Schumann, Ashley - Law Schweizer, Justin - BCCC Schwendiman, Ryan - Millersville University Scott, Emily - Temple University Segal, Jonathan - Undecided Seidel, Emily - BCCC Seitchik, Madison - University of South Florida, Tampa Serano, Christopher - PSU, University Park Sheenan, Shawn - PSU, University Park Shelley, Taylor - BCCC Sheplock, Ryan - University of Delaware Shepta, Jacqueline - BCCC Sherno, Christopher - Lock Haven University Shirkness, Emily - PSU, Altoona Simmons, Victor - California University of PA Simonyan, Eduard - PSU, Abington Singer, Emily - PSU, University Park Sizemore, Devin - BCCC Slabicki, Christopher - BCCC Slate, Allie - BCCC Smink, Kyle - BCCC

Smith, Akeile - BCCC Smith, Ashley - BCCC Smith, Joshua - BCCC Smith, Matthew - West Coast Bible College and Seminary Solyarik, Anna - Philadelphia University Son, Michelle – BCCC Spade, Alexa - BCCC Span, Timothy - BCCC Spanudis, Amy - Bryn Athyn College of the New Church Stackhouse, Lucas - BCCC Staub, Ian - Employed Staunton, Jacquelynn - BCCC Stead, Richard Thomas-Military Stephenson, Joshua - Temple University Stroker, Sierra - BCCC Suchodolski, Katie - Marshall University Sufrin, Adeline - Temple University Sullivan, Blake - BCCC Sztenderowicz, Matthew – BCCC Tard, Elijah - BCCC Taveira, Kyle - Temple University Taylor, Nicholas - PSU, University Park Taylor, Troy - Military Tchotorlishvili, Salome - Temple University Tharakan, Jasmin - Shepherd University Thiemsen, Matthew - Eastern University Thomas, Jodie - Bloomsburg University Timberman, David - Employed Timbone, Kimberly - Northeastern University Tippy, Jenna - Pennsylvania College of Technology Tolnay, Emily - Temple University Trapp, ShaeLynn - Temple University Trejo, Gabriella - Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach Gardens Tucci, Nicholas - West Chester University Turner, Gayle - University of Pittsburgh Tuttle, James - University of Rhode Island Tyler, Kathleen - BCCC Tyler, Matthew - Employed Udris, Sean - Central Connecticut State University Urusow, Alexandra - Temple University Usher, Ian - Temple University Vadaketh, Jessica - Ursinus College Vala, Katelyn - West Chester University Valentino, Jessica - BCCC Van Hart, Kristina - BCCC VanDine, Matthew - Rochester Institute of Technology VanHorn, Kyleigh - Undecided VanOsten, Tyler - BCCC

Varshavskiy, Mikhail - BCCC Vasilarakis, Calli - PSU, University Park Vavilov, Katharine - Temple University Veacock, Meagan - Liberty University Velez, Ethaniel - BCCC Verdi, Nicholas-Career education Vereshchak, Oleksandra- Temple University Vespe, Ashley - Rider University Vilsmeier, Amanda - Temple University Vogel, Benjamin - University of Virginia Walker, Jennifer - Mercer County Community College Walters, Zachary - BCCC Walton, Meg- Career Education Warren, Kelly - Holy Family University Warren, Taylor - Holy Family University Wa t s o n , C h r i s t o p h e r - A r c a d i a University Weaver, Bryelle - BCCC Weight, Alexis - BCCC Weik, Chris- Career education Welhaf, Alexander - Delaware County Community College Wenyon, Allen - Military Werler, John - BCCC Werler, Justin - New Jersey Institute of Technology White, Heather - Millersville University Whyte, Samantha - The Art Institute of Philadelphia Williams, Breyanna - Drexel University Willis, Justin - Military Wilson, Collin - Military Winther, Robert - Military Wombough, Tyler - Wilkes University Woods, Breyon - BCCC Worth, Andrew - BCCC Wrobel, Catherine - BCCC Wynne, Matthew - Electrician’s Union Yancer, Victoria - BCCC Yates, Scott - BCCC Yefimenko, Illya - Temple University Yim, Justin - Temple University Young, Casey - BCCC Young, Timothy - Employed Yurovskaya, Anastasiya - Business Adminstration Zaino, Nicholas - PSU, University Park Zawisza, Brian - BCCC Zeidieh, Neda - BCCC Zimmerman, Carla - BCCC Zorger, Haley - Ursinus College Zueva, Xenia - BCCC Zwiebel, Christopher - Employed

This graph represents the outcomes of the class of 2014. (Based on 624 students.)

Most Popular Majors Among Neshaminy Graduates * Disclaimer TAKEN FROM THE STUDENT BODY OF 624. This is an equal representation of the NHS class of 2014.

Graphic/ Gauri Mangala and Ashley Reiss

1st Place: Education - 7.5% 2nd Place: Undecided - 7.4% 3rd Place: Business - 6.9% 4th Place: Psychology - 4.2% 5th Place: Nursing - 4.2% 6th Place: Biology - 4.0% 7th Place: Engineering - 3.0% 8th Place: Criminal Justice - 2.6%

June 13, 2014

The Playwickian

Senior Edition


Teacher Farewells

Mary Roderick - Math teacher

How has your experience as a teacher contributed to your overall learning experience in life? Grow as a person? My teaching experience at Neshaminy High gave me the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of students. I became a more effective teacher from those experiences. What made you choose the teaching profession? My grandmother, mother and aunt were all dedicated teachers. I never thought about any other career options. What is your best memory at NHS? My selection by the Class of 2013 yearbook staff as the most inspirational female teacher What are your future plans after your departure from the high school? I plan on staying very busy in retirement. I will be babysitting my grandchildren in New York and visiting relatives and high school friends in Smithfield, Virginia. My husband and I will be traveling as well. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Rocky road. would you give up your phone, internet and TV (and all other forms of technology) for a month for a million dollars? Totally! Give me twenty or thirty good books to read and I could be happy without all of the technical devices. Closing statement: My advice to the Class of 2014 and those who follow: Work hard, but laugh a lot in life! I like the phrase, “ It’s amazing how lucky you can be when you work hard.” Best Wishes to all of you!

Laura Bearss - Math teacher What made you choose the teaching profession? I am the third generation of mathematics teachers in my family. it always seemed like a natural thing to do. What are your future plans after your departure from the high school? Spending more time with my family. what will you miss the most about Neshaminy? The students, my colleagues and MY SUBJECT. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip. Would you rather be fluent in all languages or master of ever musical instrument? Both are forms of communication. Music soothes the soul and languages allow conversation. Both would be ideaL. Would you give up your phone, internet and TV (and all other forms of technology) for a month for a million dollars? No, because the phone is important for emergencies.

Dennis Cox Science and I.e.p. teacher

W h at m a d e y o u choose the teaching profession? I made the decision to return to school when I was 30 years old to get my degree and have and will always state that it was the best decision of my life. I had always wanted to teach and coach from

early on but life sidetracked me for a few years. What are your future plans after your departure from the high school? They are not yet set but will include traveling. What will you miss the most about Neshaminy? I will miss my students and players the most because the students here at Neshaminy are truly wonderful. I have coached baseball at Neshaminy for over 25 years. Would you rather be fluent in all languages or master of ever musical instrument? Why? I do not care to be fluent in languages, hence the term “foreign”, nor do I possess any musical talent but I do appreciate many varieties of music. Closing statement: I would like to thank the entire staff here at Neshaminy for the wonderful years we have shared and to strive to make the future in this district something we can all hold our head up and feel proud of a continued tradition.


Senior Edition

The Playwickian

June 13, 2014

2014 SENIOR AWARDS Agbugui, Apeayena - Business Academic Certificate Alexander, Byun - 11, 12 Perfect Attendance Alexandra, Bullick - K thru 12 Perfect Attendance Allison, Raffin - 12 Perfect Attendance Amin, Harsh - Business Academic Certificate Arleth, Arielle - Senior Class Historian, Cheer Scholarship Arnott, David - USMC Scholastic Excellence, Valedictorian Arthur, Dorian - Silver Athlete Bedesem, Erin - Silver Athlete, Student Council Treasurer, Marti Carlson Memorial Beury Kesley - Silver Athlete Bianchino, Matthew - Silver Athlete Bonner, Colin - Bucks County Community College Dean’s Academic Boyd, Andrew - Gold Athlete Bullick, Alexandra - Albert Schweitzer PTO Creighton, Cole - Courier Times Scholar Athlete Award, Gold Athlete Crossan, Daniel - Business Academic Certificate Dando, Leah - NHS Vocal Music Boosters Davis, Ian - Mildred R. Mariotti Memorial Dean, William - McCollick Scholarship. Decker, Sydney - Carl Sandburg PTO Deeney, Erin - Maple Point Middle School Scholarship, Silver Athlete , Cheer Scholarship Diamond, Jeremy - Student Council President DiDonato, Stephanie - Sean Costello Donahue, Stephanie - Girls Basketball Boosters Scholarship, Gold Athlete, Girls Soccer Booster Book Scholarship Do-Nguyen, Ton - Senior Class President, Eugene F. Birkhead Jr. Memorial Scholarship Donohue, Melissa - Student Council Historian Dumke, Kylie - Senior Class Treasurer Fantini, Megan - NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Service Fario, Paul - NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Book Fario, Samantha - NHS Vocal Music Boosters, Theodore Kloos Award Fienman, Heath - LSAA Eric Hanson Memorial Fodor, Alex - NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Service Foster, Jordan - Silver Athlete Fullen, Chase - Silver Athlete Gainer, Nicholas - Karen Blumenfeld Pearl Buck PTO Gallagher, Ryan - Lower Southampton Elementary School PTO, NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Service Gallo, Jessica - Mollie Woods, Walter Miller PTO Geronimo, Angelique - NHS Vocal Music Boosters, Mollie Woods, Neshaminy Federation of Teachers Book, Carl Sandburg PTO, Certified School Nurses’ Assn. Bucks Co., Langhorne Rotary Club– T. Walter Styer Scholarship, Walter Miller PTO Gainer, Nicholas - Perfect Attendance, Pearl Buck PTO

Graham, Eric - Samuel Everitt PTO, Dawn Yauger, Carl Sandburg PTO Gulla, Amanda - Carl Sandburg PTO Hastings, Kieran - Silver Athlete Hastings, Sean - Gold Athlete Heinsinger, Jessica - 9,10,11,12 Perfect Attendance Heisse, Eric - Business Academic Certificate Heller, Amy - Girls Soccer Booster Book Scholarship, Herb Dalton Business Academic Certificate Herb, Dalton - Business Academic Certificate Hertenberger, Sarah - Neshaminy Education Foundation, Girls Soccer Booster Book Scholarship, Dr. Esther M. Wenrich Elementary Teaching Scholarship Hill, James R. - Clayton Thomas Memorial Scholarship Incelli, Dana - Pearl Buck PTO, Christopher Reid Johnson, Dan - USMC Distinguished Athlete, National Merit Commended Student, LSAA Eric Hanson Memorial, Frank S. Innocenti Jones, Rachel - Neshaminy Valley M T Evelyn McLean Memorial, NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Book, Jesse Soby Memorial, Distinguished Scholar Music Achievement, Dr. Stanley D. Howell Kelly, Jessica - Girls Soccer Booster Book Scholarship Koellner, Corey - Business Academic Certificate Lapergola, Lauren - Business Academic Certificate LaQuay, Corey - Playwickian Book Scholarship Later, Emily - Carl Sandburg PTO Latkowski, John - Business Academic Certificate Lins, Shelby - Senior Class Secretary Malageri, Nicole - Gold Athlete Martin, Dan - Neshaminy Men’s Soccer Alumni Wm. Powell, Gold Athlete Matles, Sabrina - Christopher Reid Matthews, Morgan - Gold Athlete McClave, Brianna - Distinguished Choral Music Scholar, NHS Vocal Music Boosters, Roy Nelson Award McGonagle, Katherine - NHS Vocal Music Boosters McLennan, Madison - Carl Sandburg PTO McMonagle, Mary Kate - Gold Athlete Miglo, Jane - Feasterville Rotary, Elizabeth Moyer, National Honor Society VP Miles, Shealyn - Dr. Esther M. Wenrich Elementary Teaching Scholarship, Neshaminy Education Foundation, Helen R. Bates Mirza, Ahmed - National Merit Commended Student, Neshaminy High School Science, Levittown-Bristol Kiwanis Monaco, Thomas - NHS Vocal Music Boosters Mooney, Kateri - NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Service Moran, Patrick - Business Academic Certificate, Neshaminy Pride and Perseverance

Mullin, McKenna - Girls Basketball Boosters Scholarship, Gold Athlete, USMC Distinguished Athlete, 100 Clemens Girls Soccer Booster Book Scholarship Murray, John - Silver Athlete Murray, Karissa- Business Academic Certificate, Poquessing Middle School PTO Award, Clayton Thomas Memorial Scholarship Macelko, Nicholas Perfect Attendance Nicolas, Alexander - Silver Athlete, Gloria H. Mack O’Neill, Colin - Distinguished Choral Music Scholar, NHS Vocal Music Boosters, Roy Nelson Award, Harry M. Dengler Jr. Memorial Music Scholarship Okwara, Courtney - John Fisher Citizen Scholar Award, Silver Athlete, Foundations Community Partnership, Comcast Leaders and Achievers, Connie White Bucks County Chapter of The Links, Inc., Courier Times- John Fisher Citizen Scholar Award Oliveira, Sarah - Girls’ Basketball Boosters Scholarship, Neshaminy Class of 1973 Alumni Parker, Eric - Distinguished Choral Music Scholar, NHS Vocal Music Boosters, American Choral Directors Assn Patel, Kevin - Business Academic Certificate Patel, Nihar - Maple Point Middle School Scholarship, NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Service Patterson, Lisa - Silver Athlete Petrizzi, Alexandra - Herbert Hoover PTO Petrizzi, Samantha - Neshaminy Education Foundation Pomponio, Kristin - Neshaminy Education Foundation, Bucks County School Administrators Assn, Helen R. Bates, Possenriede, Amelia - Poquessing Middle School PTO, NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Service Rafferty, Kerri - Neshaminy Valley M T Joseph J. McGlade Memorial Raffin, Allison - Neshaminy Valley M T George W. Kinsley IV Memorial, Neshaminy Education Foundation, Carl Sandburg PTO, T. Walter Styer Scholarship, Frank E. Sottung Memorial, Lipton N H S I n s t r u m e n t a l M u s i c Boosters Service Range, Megan - Samuel Everitt PTO, Carl Sandburg PTO Raykovitz, Pat - Foley Neshaminy Men’s Soccer Alumni Wm Powell Reiser, Robert - NHS Vocal Music Boosters, Newtown Arts Company, Langhorne Lions Award Roden, James - Langhorne Lions Rothfeld, Harris - Lower Southampton Elementary School PTO, LSAA Eric Hanson Memorial Ruggero, Tayler - Detective Christopher Jones Foundation Criminal Justice, Business Academic Certificate Sanderson, Sarah - Neshaminy Pride and Perseverance, Perfect Attendance Schaefer, Megan - Gatorade Athlete of the Year, Neshaminy Men’s Soccer Alumni, Courier Times Scholar Athlete Award,

Girls Basketball Boosters Scholarship, Gold Athlete, Girls Soccer Booster Book Scholarship Schmidt, Breanna - Neshaminy Education Foundation Schreiber, Alexis - Shady Brook Rotary, Neshaminy Education Foundation Schwab, Elizabeth - National Merit Semi-Finalist, Carl Sandburg PTO, USMC Semper Fidelis Scott, Emily - Langhorne Lions, Playwickian Freedom of the Press, David Tenenbaum Memorial Seidel, Emily - Perfect Attendanc Singer, Emily - Feasterville Rotary, Neshaminy Valley M T George W. Kinsley IV Memorial, Neshaminy Education Foundation, Bucks County School Administrators Assn., Margaret Perry Still, Dr. Gary L. Bowman, Distinguished Scholar Music Achievement, Essence of Joy, Ila Federkeil Suchodolski, Katie - Girls Soccer Booster Book Scholarship Taveira, Kyle - Herbert Hoover PTO Taylor, Nicholas - Distinguished Choral Music Scholar, NHS Vocal Music Boosters, Theodore Kloos Award Tharakan, Jasmin - American Choral Directors Assn, Distinguished Choral Music Scholar, Feasterville Rotary, National Honor Society President, NHS Vocal Music Boosters, Salutatorian, USMC Scholastic Excellence, National Honor Society Book, Paul Sauerbry Community Service, Detective Christopher Jones Foundation Community Service Tolnay, Emily - Distinguished Choral Music Scholar, Musical Theater Award, Neshaminy Summer Stock Boosters, Neshaminy Valley M T Dotti Gelenberg Honorary, NHS Vocal Music Boosters, Dramatics Scholarship Trapp, ShaeLynn - National Honor Society Treasurer Tucci, Nicholas - Boys Soccer Boosters Book Scholarship, Silver Athlete Urusow, Alexandra - Distinguished Choral Music Achievement, Musical Theater Award, Neshaminy Summer Stock Boosters, Neshaminy Valley M T Joseph J. McGlade Memorial, NHS Vocal Music Boosters Vadaketh, Jessica - Neshaminy High School Science, American Association of University Women, Detective Christopher Jones Foundation Community Ser Vasilarakis, Calli - Senior Class VP Veacock, Meagan - Neshaminy Valley M T George W. Kinsley IV Memorial, Dr. Joseph E. Ferderbar, NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Book Vogel, Benjamin - Neshaminy Federation of Teachers Book, Lorraine Souders-Bay, USMC Semper Fidelis Watson, Chris - Business Academic Certificate, James Smith Memorial Scholarship, Neshaminy Men’s Soccer Alumni Hal Heffelfinger, Silver Athlete Weaver, Bryelle - Sean Costello White, Heather - NHS Instrumental Music Boosters Service Zimmerman, Carla - Neshaminy Educational Support Professional Association

June 13, 2014

The Playwickian

Senior Edition


The Neshaminy High School Science Department would like to recognize the members of the class of 2014 who have taken ve or  more science classes.    Thank your for pursuing a challenging course of study.  Your interest in science is admirable and we have appreciated your     enthusiasm and curiosity! 

Commendable—Five Courses  Tiffiny  Kylie  Arielle  Dan  Bill  Danielle  Saje  Dan   Madison  Danielle  Caitlyn  Sean   Coeli  Sydney  Ma�  Erin  Ton  Melissa  Koraima 

Allen Amoroso  Arleth  Balis  Banks  Bizup  Breuer  Bront  Carna�on  Catapano  Coffin  Connors  Daves  Decker  Deegan  Deeney  Do‐Nguyen  Donohue  Dudley 

Alli Ogechi  Robert  Ma�hew  Alex  Jordan  Nick  Nick  Angelique   Jus�n   Kieran  Amanda  Liza  Anas  Madeline  Emily   William  Kelsey  Michael 

Dukes Duru  Edelman  Elonis  Fodor  Foster  Gainer  Gainon  Gerinimo  Graham  Has�ngs  Hesson  Jenza  Kabbani  Kaiser  Kneiss  Koimene  Lawall  Lee 

Casey Ma�  Jus�n   Olivia   Carmine  Brenna  Jane  Barbara   Sarah  Eric   Evan  Nihar  Rebecca  Kevin  Amelia  Taylor  Taylor  Elliot   Alexis 

Li�le Ludwig  Lutz  Marshall  Mar�no  McGrath  Miglio  Moore  Oliveira  Olsen  Pascucci  Patel  Perez  Pintozzi  Possenriede  Reice  Reid  Rider  Rogowyi 







Elizabeth Schuab  Emily  










Ma�hew Thiemsen  ShaeLynn  Trapp  Jessica  


Katherine Vavilov  Bobby 














Outstanding—Six Courses  Joe  Lexi  Brennan  Veronica  Allison  Amanda  Will  Sydney 

Brennan Bullick  Carr  Colsher  Craig  D'Aulerro  Dean  Decker 

Cassandra Stephanie  Eric  Jeff  Allison  William  Farooq 

Balis Bedesem Beury Bianchino Boyd Buesmaill Byun Carrezola Catapano Chichilitti Corcoran Craig Creighton Dean Deeney

Jones Lang  Ma�hews  Nabit  Nahar  Patel  Philip    

Benjamin Vogel  Neda 




Exemplary—Seven Courses       

Brandon Gathercole    

Daniel Erin Kesley Matthew Andrew Trokon Alexander Luke Danielle Joseph Susan Allison Cole William Erin

Laura Adam  Morgan  Bre�  Prerna  Virajkumar  Eliza 




DeSei Donahue  Drum  Fletcher  Frisch  Holl  Hassan 

Dana Incelli   



Chloe Jonas   


     Nick Macelko    


        Bridget Rudzik 














Stephanie Ogechi Jordan Angelique Michael Kieran Amy Sarah Ryan Daniel Jessica John Justin Robert Margaret

Ahmed Mirza 

Donahue Duru Foster Geronimo Gulla Hastings Heller Hertenberger Jamison Johnson Kelly Koch Lemongelli Lutz MacDonald

Courtney Okwara   


Nicholas Macelko Nicole Malageri Daniel Martin Morgan Matthews Brenna McGrath Katherine McHale Mary Kate McGonagle McKenna Mullin John Murray Alexander Nicolas Courtney Okwara Sarah Oliveira Michael Palmer Evan Pascucci Lisa Patterson

Megan Range Patrick Raykovitz Elliot Rider Harris Rothfeld Sam Rudolph Megan Schafer Ryan Sheplock Emily Shirkness Katie Suchodolski Salome Tchotorlishvili Nicholas Tucci Sean Udris Katharine Vavilov Christopher Watson


Senior Edition

The Playwickian

June 13, 2014

The Playwickian  

June 13 2014 Special Senior Edition