Platinum Business Magazine - Issue 84

Page 60


By Scott Nursten, CEO, ITHQ

CLOUD SECURITY DOING CLOUD THE RIGHT WAY On-demand availability, scalability, measured services, accessibility from anywhere … the benefits of cloud infrastructure are many. However, this does not mean cloud is a magic bullet guaranteeing success. And, contrary to popular belief, cloud does not automatically take care of cyber security either.


I hear organisations state three reasons for cloud adoption, and they’re not the best. One: to save money. Two: to remove the hassle of running and maintaining their own servers. Three: because everyone is doing it.

❛❛ It is a huge mistake to assume your cloud provider takes responsibility for your cyber and data security ❜❜


Better reasons could be to drive resilience, provide services in different geographies or to new clients. Specific service requirements are another good reason. As an example, if a key service depends on a web application, it makes sense to be in the cloud, instead of trying to create global, resilient web architectures yourself. Even with a clear reason to migrate, it still doesn’t mean that your entire business belongs in the cloud yet. Using a cloud adoption framework and ensuring your ‘why’ is aligned with your security strategy should come first.