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Collaborative platform for sustainable developpement in Mediterranean CPIE C么te Proven莽ale - France 1

Lessons of experience 10 years experience in joint project

Barriers identified Challenge of organising Geographic distance Need to share documents 2

Stages of development 2009

inquiry with 100 professionals


test online collaborative tools with five pilot projects


10 more projects 1er Workshop Ecorem Improve the platform


International development



Promouvoir l'éducation à l'environnement par la mise en réseau


Objectives Facilitate the dissemination of marine education materials Encourage the development of projects on environmental education Organised exchange among the territories and among the various Community protagonists - marine educators, scientists, managers

Collaborative tools Interactive Map


Shared calendar

Facilitates collaboration

Sharing educational materials Online interactions 5

Our strengths Holistic, transdisciplinary vision Methodologies in knowledge-sharing Improve image of marine educators


New notions of economics : Gift VS Transaction

the counterpart of the gift : gain consideration and esteem from all other members Face-to-face meeting are too rare We know that physical meetings, friendliness helps the participation but it's such a big organization

Ambassador : a real collaborative experience Developp in his territory Control the contents Participate in the management of the platform (strategy and new developpements) Ambassadors are in charge of fundraising for the development of their territory

Objective of 5 skype meetings Developp international platform (traduction and adaptation of contents) Transfer technical skills to manage the contents and methodology to collaborate Reflect together on the development strategy

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