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“A new ci t y w i t hout denying the city of our past”


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Solar Decathlon

Solar Decathlon Europe is an international competition among universities which promotes research in the development of efficient houses. The objective of the participating teams is to design and build houses that consume as few natural resources as possible and produce minimum waste products during their life cycle. Particular emphasis is put on reducing energy consumption and on obtaining all the necessary energy from the sun. The event has a twofold purpose: educative and scientific. The Decathletes learn how to work in multidisciplinary teams and how to face the challenges of the future of building by developing innovative solutions. On the one hand, the public can see and becomes aware of the real possibilities of reducing the environmental impact and at the same time keeping the comfort and quality of the design in their homes. On the other hand, professionals have access to techniques and processes that they can study and use. Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 will take place in Paris, in Versalles. During the competition, the participating houses will compete on the ten contests of the competition:

P L A T E A U T EA M | SD E 2014

1. Architecture 2. Engineering and Construction 3. Energy Efficiency 4. Electrical Energy Balance 5. Comfort Conditions 6. House Functioning 7. Communication and Social Awareness 8. Urban Design, Transportation and Affordability 9. Innovation 10. Sustainability

Symbcity House, by Plateau Team, has been developed to solve an urgent urban challenge: to launch the full energetic rehabilitation of the outdated Spanish housing estate. Old, inefficient buildings are a main responsible of the pollution and energy waste in our country. The construction of an efficient and more sustainable human habitat must try to fight and solve this exodus. The core of our old cities represents a huge energy waste for our countries and the whole planet. But at the same time, it represents the opportunity to prove that the compact city is the most balanced model for human settlings, as it concentrates the energy consuption and it reinforces the social links of the community. Inspired by the mutual benefit relationship between natural organisms known as symbiosis, a new self-sufficient house will cooperate with the old buildings to reach the sustainability goals demanded to our cities. SymbCity House colonizes the roofs of outdated buildings with an extra level of construction. They take advantage of a developed and well-connected location, while the sale of this extra urban land helps financing a global rehabilitation operation on the building. This way, we establish a reciprocal benefit between a host building and guest housing units.

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Project Description

Being a prototype that shows how this operation could take place in a real situation, the translation from the top of an old building roof to the SDE site keeps as many features as possible to make the proposal accurate to the real life situation it is trying to solve, including the external structure which supports the construction without interference with the old construction. The prototype is composed by a complete Symbcity House appartment for 2 people, v and a 1,30m high basement representing the “host� building. It performs the external look and an indoor scenography of the dialy life of the original inhabitants of the building. Symbcity House begins with an external wooden trussed structure. It creates an extra space 1 metre wide for the host house, increasing its surface and creating an air chamber where heat from solar gains can

P L A T E A U T EA M | SD E 2014

be stored, reducing heating consumptions in winter. The structure is also used to incorporate improved accesibility for people with disabilities. Following a standardized pattern, we generate the three main areas of the house. The first one contains the bedroom and the house living core, where daily activities such as cooking, eating and rest take place. The second space, the technical block, contains the home facilities, bathroom and kitchen. The third space is the multifunctional room, which is a very flexible space that can be adapted depending of the change of seasons.It becomes a cool place in summer, with sunshading, cross ventilation and a vertical garden which keeps the air fresh. During the cold months, the envelope is completely closed, becoming a greenhouse which provides extra heating to the house.

PR OJE C T D E S C R IPT ION Symbcity House is a fast and industrialized construction. The whole system has been built following the balloon-frame system, made entirely with wood based materials. We introduce an innovative system of industrialized wall sections. With this system the transport and execution are cheap and fast,reducing the energy waste during the construction period. The walls of the builiding are composed of thick layers of insulating material, archieving passivhaus standards, while Phase Change Materials on the internal side of the wall keep a balanced indoor temperature without extra energy waste. Solar gains are carefully controlled by eaves and other sun - shading devices. This way, we obtain a good balance between passive and active energy saving strategies, archieving a nearly zero energy consumption The heating and cooling conditioning system are ba-

sed on a low temperature radiant ceiling, with very low heat and electricity consumptions. Besides, the constant monitoring of the house activates a series of simple mechanisms in order to take advantage of external conditions or protect the house against them . Following a symbiotic approach towards the sustainability, SymbCity House gets from the sun all the energy that it needs, with a positive energy balance. The extra power is given to the host building, establishing this way a reciprocal benefit between a host building and guest housing units. With this positive model, the energetic transformation of our cities will become a widespread phenomenon by individual operations focused on the reuse of existing buildings. A new city without denying the city of our past.

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The University of Alcalá was founded by Cardinal Cisneros in 1499 as a completely new educational project. Masters like Nebrija, Juan de la Cruz, Lope de Vega, Quevedo, etc. studied and tought here. The prestige of both and university studies and professors, soon became the model on which the new universities were established in America. Due to: the uniqueness of the university model, the historical contribution to the arts and sciences, and the beautiful architecture of its buildings; UNESCO declared the University of Alcalá, a World Heritage Site on December 2, 1998. At present, the University of Alcalá is a modern, medium sized institution, which is recognized in Europe and America as a role model. The renowned quality of its university studies, the development of important research projects, its international relations, the historical and artistic interest of its iconic buildings, its new and modern facilities and its complete adaptation to the demands of today´s labor market, are the reasons why the University of Alcalá is at the very forefront of public universities.

Universidad de Alcalá P L A T E A U T EA M | SD E 2014

UNIVERSITY OF CASTILLALA MANCHA The University of Castilla-La Mancha began its first steps in 1985, but was formally established by law on June 30th, 1982, as the result of political autonomy and collective desire expressed by the society of Castilla-La Mancha, and shared by the regional government. From its modest beginnings three decades ago, the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) has become a reference for higher education in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. It has campuses in Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo, and university headquarters in Talavera de la Reina and Almadén, and it is a modern and competitive institution with over 30,000 students, 2,300 teachers and researchers and 1,200 service and administration staff.

Plateau Team is presented as a multidisciplinary academic team of students of Architecture (UAH) and Building Engineering (UAH and UCLM), in collaboration with professors from these centers. It counts as well on the participation of other faculties and schools of these universities that will share their knowledge to cover all the areas in order to create an innovative Solar Habitat.

OBJECTIVES In “Plateau Team” we have a very clear objective: to gain professional experience by facing the challenge of searching a new building system that can be able to absorb the population growth in a controlled and sustainable way. We can not continue with the current model of land consumption: we must become aware of the capacity of available resources and avoid overburdening the system. This raising awareness creates a symbiotic organism benefiting all parts involved.

TEAM’S ORGANIZATION Plateau Team is organized into three working groups: design, communication and finance. They are composed of students from both universities that work together to form a multidisciplinary group in all three fields. There are regular meetings scheduled for each group, and there is a weekly coordinators meeting, involving both universities, in which they share their progress and questions.

To achieve a sustainable development it is necessary to provide solutions to absorb these dynamics of development that, is why we are committed to sustainable densification of the existing urban structures.

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About Us





Antonio Baño Nieva Antonio Baño Nieva was born in Madrid. He obtained the title of Architect specialist in Building Science from the Architecture School of the Polytechnic University of Madrid on 15 December 1989. He became a collegiate member of the College of Architects of Madrid. His professional experience as both teacher and researcher, has always followed sustainable architecture by the publication of books and articles, and his participation in Masters and Courses of a variety of academic and professional institutions. E-mail:

FACULTY ADVISOR Fernando Estirado Oliet Architect and DEA in construction and architectural technologies by ETSAM. Own study: Cotta Architecture. Main projects: School of Music, Theater and Pensioner´s home in Casarrubuelos, Madrid (1st prize contest ARPEGIO, Community of Madrid); Heated pool and Multifunctional building in Moraleja de en Medio, Madrid (1st prize Town Hall contest ); TRC Office Building in c/Albasanz, Madrid. Associate Professor in the Architecture School of the University of Alcalá. E-mail:

Francisco Javier Castilla Pascual Degree in architecture by the School of Architecture at the University Politechnic of Madrid (UPM) in 1995. And post graduate specialist in conditioning and Facilities in building Rehabilitation. PhD from the UPM in 2004. Currently, PhD Professor, Department of Building Engineering and Construction at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. Polytechnic School in Cuenca. Office owner where has developed numerous projects of housing, public facilities and intervention in building. It also holds the title of Assessor accredited by GBC-Spain. E-mail:

P L A T E A U T EA M | SD E 2014

Eduardo Pérez Alonso

Project Manager Building Engineer. UAH E-mail: pm.plateauteamsde14@

Patricia Mendieta León

David Peña Asensio

Student Team Leader Architecture. PFC, UAH E-mail: stl.plateauteamsde14@

María J. Martínez Gómez

Health & Safety Team Coordinator Building Engineer. UCLM E-mail: hs.plateauteamsde14@

Elena Cuevas Gómez

Construction co-Manager Building Engineer. UAH E-mail: ctm.plateauteamsde14@

Safety Officer Building Engineer. PFG, UCLM E-mail: so.plateauteamsde14@

Luis López López

Sergio Tapiador Albertos

Construction co-Manager Building Engineer. UCLM E-mail: lopezylopezluis@gmail. com

Site Operations Coordinator Building Engineer. UAH E-mail: soc.plateauteamsde14@

Jesús Morales Sánchez-Céspedes

Ana Isabel Jato Mozas

Andrea Reina Rojas

Fernando Estirado Oliet

Natalia Fraile Gómez

Luis Serrano Gómez

Jessica López Palomar

José Alejandro Arenas Garrido

Project Architect Architecture. PFC, UAH E-mail: pa.plateauteamsde14@

Contest Captain Building Engineer. Master, UAH E-mail: cap.plateauteamsde14@

Communications Coordinator Architecture. PFC, UAH E-mail: cm.plateauteamsde14@

Sponsorship manager Building Engineering. TFG, UAH E-mail: fm.plateauteamsde14@

Instrumental contact Building Engineering. UAH E-mail: ic.plateauteamsde14@

Structural Engineer Architect UAH E-mail:

Electrical Engineer Building Engineer UCLM E-mail:

Project Engineer Building Engineering. PFG, UCLM E-mail: pe.plateauteamsde14@

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Alberto Alarcón García

Architect from the ETSAM in 1995, studying one year in the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. Professor at several Technical Schools, now teaches the subject “Technological Innovations” at UAH, and other subjects of construction, and master classes. E-mail: a.alarcon.gar@gmail. com


José A. Almendros Ibáñez He received the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from Carlos III University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain in 2008. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Projects, University of Castilla-La Mancha. E-mail:

Jesús Alfaro González

Mónica Martínez Martínez

Architect specialist in Building and Urban Planning by ETSA Seville in 1988. Works in his own study from 1989 to the present, with continued activity in projects and construction management, urban planning, planning and design. E-mail:

Architect by the ETSAM in 1994 (specialist in building). She has published several articles in research journals and teaching and research books She currently teaches at the University of Alcalá, teaching building and structures subjects. E-mail:

José Luis Serrano Canto

J. Francisco Belmonte Toledo

Mónica Morales Segura

Ruth Vega Clemente

Technical Architect at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in June 1992. Professor, of University School in the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction in the subjects of Drawing I, Drawing II, Computer Aided Drafting, Energy Sustainability and Environmental Quality and Final Project. E-mail: joseluis.serrano@uclm. es

Architect since 1998 by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She is also an associate professor of the Architecture and Geodesy School of the University of Alcalá, teaching subjects of structural design and environmental and sustainable construction. E-mail:

P L A T E A U T EA M | SD E 2014

Degree in mechanical engineering by the School of Engineering at the UMH in 2005. Post graduate specialist in thermal engineering in 2010 at the University of Vigo. Currently, PhD Candidate and Assistant professor, Department of applied mechanics and engineering projects at the UCLM. E-mail: juanf.belmonte@uclm. es

Combines her teaching, professional and research experience, all of them in the field of architecture. She is an associate professor at the School of Architecture of the University of Alcalá and is currently working on her Ph.D. thesis focused on the sustainability assessment of industrialized building systems.E-mail:


Amaya Bienzobas García

Building Engineer. UAH

Santiago Jiménez Cortés Architecture. 3º, UAH

Jesús Angel Martínez Carpintero Building Engineering. PFG, UCLM

Kevin Moreno Gata

Alvaro Tarancón Vinuesa

Fernando Gómez Arroyo

Alejandro Cabeza Prieto

Bárbara Gonzalo de Diego

Architect. Master, UPM.

Architecture. 5º, UAH.

Jose Angel Delgado Torres

Lidia de Lucas Fernández

Architecture. 5º, UAH.

Architecture. 5º, UAH.

Minerva Díaz Heras

Andrea Molina Cuadro

Building Engineering. 4º, UCLM

Architecture. 3º, UAH

Industrial Mechanical Engineering. 4º, UCLM.

Javier Paredes Zurdo

Mireya Escobedo Pastrana

Architecture. PFC, UAH

Architecture. PFC, UAH.

Angel Sánchez Inocencio

Myriam Garcia Rodriguez

Building Engineering. PFG, UCLM

Architecture. 5º, UAH.



Daniel Ruiz Lolo

Sergio Carpintero Montero

Macarena del Rocío Gutiérrez Pascual

Leónidas Fernández Antón

Sergio Hernández Guardia

Alejandro Gil Graells

Architect. UAH

Architecture. 5º, UAH Architecture. 5º, UAH

Raúl Ramírez Sánchez

Architecture. 5º, UAH.

Architecture. 3º, UAH.

Marta Perez Real

Architecture. 5º, UAH.

Esther Garrido Plaza

Arquitectura UAH PFC / Centro de Tecnologia del Espectaculo, 2º curso.

Building Engineer. TFG, UAH

Building Engineering. 4º, UAH Building Engineering. 4º, UCLM.

Architecture. 4º, ETSAM

Carlos Pérez Real

Building Engineer. UAH

Ana Isabel Urbaneja Sánchez

Building Engineer. Master, UAH.

Sandra Urbaneja Sánchez

Building Engineer. Master, UAH.

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Official Decathletes Plateau Team


Dissemination Activities

Plateau Team has organized and participated in different events with the intention of make public and disseminate the project SymbCity House in several areas. Through dissemination activities, Plateau Team aims to encourage our younger generations, generating an approach to ecological, sustainable and responsible behaviour.


After a second internal competition for the development of ideas within the fields of design, communication and financing, the different schools that are part of the Plateau Team organized the first teambuilding weekend for the members of the team that took place in February 2013 (from 15 to 17) in a hostel in the province of Cuenca.


Looking ahead to the delivery of Deliverable #2 on July 1, the universities that comprise the team organized aII Plateau Team coexistence among team members, teachers and students. This time, the event was held in Alcala de Henares, in a student residence on the outskirts of the city, from 7 to 9 June 2013.


Looking ahead to the delivery of Deliverable #3 on November 1, the universities that comprise the team

P L A T E A U T EA M | SD E 2014

organized the III Plateau Team coexistence among team members, teachers and students. This time, the event was held in the same place than #2 (Alcalá de Henares, in a student residence on the outskirts of the city), from 27 to 29 September 2013.


The fourth teambuilding weekend of Plateau Team took place in La Felipa, a little village of Albacete, where we focused all our attention on work in bringing together groups of people from different areas.


During the last weekend of March, the I Construction Weekend took place in Alcalá de Henares, where all Plateau Team’s decathletes met to continue with SymbCity House construction; we disassembled and built the foundation and built the floor and roof. In addition we attended the “Course of risks and preventive measures in the sector of the construction” gived by FREMAP.

During the past 20 and 21 March 2013 the first workshop of the Solar Decathlon competition 2014 was held in Paris, coinciding with the Ecobat fair. The 20 selected teams together with the 7 standby teams, attended the meeting.

On the 20th, after the accreditation of the teams, Pascal Rollet from the organization, outlined the points that would be treated in the two-day workshop. Then, one by one, the Faculty Advisors and the Student Team Leaders presented themselves to the rest of the teams and the organization with their respective country flag and team shirt. They also presented the basic ideas of their prototypes. Plateau Team was named in the 13th position. Once all the teams were presented, there was a meeting with Mme. Cécile Duflot, minister of territorial equality and housing, in the Solar Decathlon´s stand. After a welcome cocktail, the 27 teams were moved to the “Cité du Soleil” at Versailles, which is currently under construction. There the organization explained to the teams the location of the prototypes, the agora, the area for sponsors... The stay at Versailles ended with a reception with Mme. Catherine Pègard, president of the public foundation of the palace; and with an interior visit to the palace. The day concluded with a dinner with all the 27 teams and the organization; and with a boat ride on the Seine.

On day 21, after a coffee reception, roundtables began with different points to discuss. These points where: design, construction and in the last place, financing. After lunch, and some interviews to the teams, the roundtables continued with communication issues, “Cité du Soleil” and the management of the workspace set up for the teams. The first workshop of the Solar Decathlon 2014 ended up with a picture of the group and the announcement of the next event from 4 to 8 November 2013.

WORKSHOP#2 PARIS >> A few incredible days that Plateau Team had the pleasure of sharing with a large group of decathletes and members of the organization. From the 6th to the 8th of November, we shared experiences with the Organization that served to help out and improve all solar Decathlon teams’ projects, through advising and showing new aspects of the competition. We visited the construction site for SymbCity House that will be in place during June 2014. We had a Decathlete Party at the ENSAV that created ties and friendships between the participants. We also had the pleasure of visiting Versailles Palace, and the rest of the city’s historical wonders.

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Plateau Team believes that continuing education is essential to obtain a project adapted to modern times, making use of new developments in terms of regulations, materials, building systems, etc. Therefore we attended various conferences such as:

“I Rehabilitation Meeting,Architecture and Energy.

On February 20, 2013 a conference on rehabilitation was held at the COAM headquarters. The aim of the conference is to analyze what rehabilitation should be, focusing on the energy aspects, and also analyze on which parts of the building can be modified.

“Rehabilitation: from the building to the neighborhood”. The I Technical Conference was held on March 21, 2013 on issues of neighborhood rehabilitation.

The URSOS Program was presented in this conference, a software aid for sustainable urban development.

“Rehabilitation and Energy Performance Certificate Days in Coam”. On april 18th, Changes on regulations in force were analyzed, the importance of the Energy Performance Certificate was presented, and the entry into force of the Housing and Land Integral Plan, which was approved on 5 April. The plan not only includes the Energy Performance Certificate but also other aspects such as rehabilitation and urban renewal and regeneration.

“II Workshop almost zero energy buildings” (EECN). On 13 September, Plateau Team attended II

Workshop almost zero energy buildings. It intended as a forum for reflection to address the implications for the construction industry, architecture and related services adoption of the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (Directive 2010/31/UE).

“LCA at Torroja Institute”.

On 27th September we had a course about LCA really interesting at Torroja Institute. We learned how to perform a Life Cycle Analysis and regulation currently exists on the subject.

P L A T E A U T EA M | SD E 2014

“AURhEA Workshop”. On 19 September we partici-

pated in AURhEA Workshop, a unique showcase to raise awareness of professionals and the general public on different aspects influencing the comprehensive rehabilitation, both from a policy perspective, aid and programs, as applicable solutions to each case. practical way.

“Thermography course”.

In collaboration with Sergio Melgosa, of the E-Building company, a company of energy efficiency dedicated to energy analysis and Thermographic, we had the possibility to do a training course at the Eduardo Torroja Institute of science and construction of CSIC.

“11 Dic - Congress EECN”. On December 11 we

had the possibility of participating in the III Workshop buildings energy almost nil, “building - neighborhood - city of energy consumption nearly zero: Identification of similarities and differences depending on the scale of action”, at the Sala Retiro of Madrid on IFEMA fairgrounds.

17 Nov - Visit Homes SD2007.

November 17 we had the opportunity to visit the “Solar House” that participated in the US Solar Decathlon of 2007, it is currently set in the campus de Montegancedo of the UPM. We visited the two models they have installed there, both used for scientific means.

28 March 2014 - Occupational hazards construction course. On 28 March we attended the “Course of

risks and preventive measures in the sector of the construction” gived by FREMAP, and directed by our safety and health coordinator, in which we learnt all about risks and preventive measures in the field of construction.

<< Congress EECN

On 26 to 28 February;

thanks to Madri+d, Plateau Team could attend GENERA, the International Fair of Energy and Environment held at IFEMA in Madrid from 26 to 28 February 2013. We had the opportunity to present our project at a conference organized by Team Building, a Madrid R+D program to promote entrepreneurs whose work is related to sustainability in construction, and to present what the benefits would be for a company to collaborate with us

On 25 March; Among the training activities that are car-

ried out in La Casa Encendida, On March 25, 2013 we had the opportunity to conduct the roundtable discussion: “Towards a paradigm shift: From neighborhood to Econeighborhood” having our project as the plot thread to discuss the sustainable rehabilitation and its viability.

On 29 April

we held a conference in the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineering of the UPM within the Materials Week Programme. The objective of this programme is to promote the exchange of experiences, knowledge, technologies and ideas among teachers and researchers, students and companies, in the field of science and materials engineering.

On 14 June we participated in the EFENALBA fair, which was organized by the fair institution of Albacete and oriented to both professionals and general public. Plateau Team showed the project to the public attending to our stand, and through a conference.

On 4 July Plateau Team celebrated a party in Madrid to

the students and young public and the party helped us to achieve cash for the next events.

On 7 to 17 September; Albacete Fair, International

Tourist Interest in 2008, was held from 7 to September 17. Plateau Team had the opportunity to be present at this event with various activities aimed at all ages.

On 30 September; Plateau Team has participated

in the X edition of the Architecture Week with different activities for all ages. The team created an exposition (placed in the Architecture School of the University of Alcalá) with a predefined route that had different stages: the SDE Competition presentation, the world urbanism problem.

On 3 October Plateau Team had a meeting with a

president of different communities of neighbourhood residents in Manoteras (Madrid). The aim of this meeting was to allow us to do a future energy study, with the technical support of the Torroja Institute of Building in the area that suit the characteristics of the buildings that we rehabilitate in our project in return for performing a rehabilitation proposal.

On 25 October

the SymbCity’s model made for Plateau Team for the next II Workshop in Paris (from 6 to 8 November) was shown in the Architecture School of the University of Alcalá

On 23 October;

The past October 23 we got a chance to present our project to the alumni of a training Cycle on Construction and Public Works at I.E.S Fernando Zobel (Cuenca).

give the welcome to the summer 2013. It was an event for

Genera 2013 >>

Stand in Efenalba >>

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A fundamental part of the dissemination of the project is to participate in as many events and conferences as possible, in order to make ourselves known for companies, to gain their support and funding in both educational and social levels, and to raise public awareness of current environmental problems and possible solutions.


On 29 October; The UCLM 3E Work forum is a meeting point between companies, working in different sectors, and students.In it, there are training sessions and activities centered on the acquisition of personal competencies and skills needed to enter the professional world.

On 13 Noveber; Last November 13th Plateau Team

was pleased to receive 11ª grade students from “Profesor Dominguez Ortiz” High School from Azuqueca de Henares, at the School of Architecture in Alcala de Henares to talk about our project SymbCity House.

On 22 November;

Plateau Team and the students of the “The world of energy” course at the School of Educational Sciences of Albacete, will collaborate on spreading the message of the importance of sustainability and the environment to children at primary school, with the Practicum.

On 22 January;

We presented our project to Marketing and communications Director at IADE, the UAH’s Design School. The purpose of this meeting was to seek collaboration in the design of Plateau Team’s uniforms.

On 6 February;

Architecture Week >>

Meeting with the students of professional training of “Water and energy” and “carpentry” of the integrated Centre of vocational training of Aguas Nuevas (Albacete).

P L A T E A U T EA M | SD E 2014

On 6 February;

During the open day of the UCLM we had the opportunity to present our project to the students of the Sagrada Familia School and I.E.S San José of Cuenca, I.E.S Órden de Santiago of Horcajo de Santiago and the Art school of Albacete.

On 10 February;

Plateau Team presented SymbCity House to students of “Construction Project”, “Production and Constructive Floor plans”, and the I.E.S Parque Lineal of Albacete,

On 12 February;

We had a second meeting at IADE to propose the collaboration with the uniform’s design directly to last year students.

On 12 February;

We were at FIMMA-Maderalia, an international fair of Interior design, architecture and design that takes place in Valencia. We had the opportunity to presented our project because we attended to the event accompanying to our sponsor Maderas de Cuenca.

On 20 February;

We were in the School of Architecture of Guadalajara, presented SymbCityHouse to the students of the Degree in Science and Technology of edification. We have had the possibility of placing a moneybox , made manually by us, in its cafeteria so students become co-funders in our crowfunding.

FIMMA Maderalia >>

On 26 March;

“Plateau Team” conducted a workshop with a group of 26 sixth grade students of from La Milagrosa School in Cuenca. The children were introduced to the SymbCity House project and the main strategies of the project through adapted children’s educational strategies; the redensifiacion urban understood as “space saving”, we explained capturing solar energy with the behavior of our mascot, as well as saving and reuse of resources and recycling.

the Polytechnic School of Cuenca as speakers of the Conference “SymbCity House: efficient housing for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 contest”. The event was broadcasted and streamed, the media attending the event interviewed our decathletes.

On 11 April;

Virginia Sanz Jurado, Councillor for youth and childhood, opened the exhibition SymbCity House in the Youth House of Alcalá de Henares. The exhibition has been opened to the public 20 days and the attendees have been able to learn about the Solar Decathlon, the 20 participating teams, our urban project, and it’s adaptation to the SDE2014, the housing, and the videos we’ve made for solar decathlon so far.

On 4 April;

We presented SymbCity House at the art school of Guadalajara, students of the school and numerous local and regional media (press, radio and television) attended the event, where they learnt not only about the project but also about the Solar Decathlon competition.

On 9April; We had the opportunity to participate in

the XIX Technic Information Cicle of conferences from


Press Relea se | 16


Visit Homes SD2007 >>

On 26 March

On the sixth day of the public course “Urban Eco-development: didactics of the cycles of the energy and the matter “, “Plateau Team” participated in the conferences. The event took place on the CREAS (Center of Resources of environmental education for sustainability) and was aimed at high school teachers from centers dedicated to technological innovations.

INSTITUTIONAL PRESENTATIONS >> On day 15th, the presentation of the Project Symb-City took place in the assembly hall of the rectorate building of the University of Alcalá de Henares, with the university community, companies and institutions.

On 19 April

the project was presented in Castilla-La Mancha university in a conference held within the Smart Week 2013 programme, which is organized by the EPC of Cuenca. The Smart Week days were oriented to smart technology as a the present and future of Smart Cities, sustainable cities in balance with their landscape trough the use of information and communication technology.

Presentation in the assembly hall of the rectorate building of the University of Alclá de Henares

On 27 May, Plateau Team held a meeting with the regional minister of development of Castilla-La Mancha, Marta García de la Calzada and with Pedro Carrión, vicerector of transfer and relations with the business sector, in which they acquired first-hand knowledge about the project.

On 12 July, Plateau Team held a meeting with the Housing CEO of Madrid, Ana Gomendio López de Asiaín. The Director expressed her support for the project, as well as a great interest in following the projects development, since strategies for rehabilitation are proposed, which could generate different research areas in implementing the new housing plan.

Presentation in the Smart Week.

On September (from 7th to 17th) took place the “Albacete Fair”, declared International Tourist Interest in 2008. Plateau Team had de opportunity to participate in this event with various activities. The activity which more interest caused was the “solar pizzas” (pizzas cooked with a solar oven). It was taken by Juan Francisco Belmonte, teacher of Mechanical Installations at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Meeting with the regional minister of development.

On 8 October, Plateau Team conducted the conference: “SymbCity”. Sustainable re-densification of the existing urban structures, within the International Research Conference / 3rd International Forum on Science Anthropic Heritage Areas, Land, Landscape, which it was held at the Architecture School of the University of Alcalá in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (Mexico). The presentation not only served as a framework to introduce the team and its participation in the next edition of SDE2014 but also to deepen the urban aspects of the SimbCity project, the research that it is being carried out on this matter and its work methodology.

P L A T E A U T EA M | SD E 2014

Meeting with Housing CEO of CAM

PHOTOGRAFIC CONTEST From 1 to 19 May, 2013, on the occasion of the European Solar Day celebration, the Communication area from Plateau Team released, in different social networks, a quickly photo contest. Selected photographs, besides the two universities expose team members, will be exhibited at the prototype at Versailles and appear in various publications that are preparing now.

BASEMENT + THEMATIC RAMP CONTEST Parallel to the project definition raised the idea of a lower basement that reflect and simulate the lifestyle and the people who live in buildings where in the future will be placed on the prototype in the city, simulation, for scenery, which gives some identity to our proposal. To develop this idea of scenery the communication area of the team launched a design contest open to all fields: design, graphic arts, scenery ... for the design of the basement and ramp issue, which borders the parcel to access the prototype, it is also an appeal to the incorporation of new partners to the team and thus enhance the idea of multidisciplinary team we have had since the beginning of the competition.

Winner Photo. Patricia Mendieta >>

Winner Photo. Laura Huerga >>

SOCIAL AWARENESS MEDIA ECOLOGICAL CALENDAR: Starting day: June 13th, as there is year left to build the prototype in Versailles.

Calendar structure: - Thematic days: world or international days. - Free days: those with no important events which will be completed with elements as the ones shown below. - Countdown every 15 days that will become a daily countdown in the last month. Everyone can participate. If everyone have any link to share, or you want to propose a topic, send us your comments and suggestions to: and we will publish it.

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Crowdfunding + distributed collaboration Goteo is a social network for collective funding (monetary contributions) and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructure, and other resources microtareas) from which encourage self-development initiatives, creative and innovative, contributing to the development of the commons, free knowledge and / or open source. A platform for investment â&#x20AC;&#x153;irrigation capitalâ&#x20AC;?, in projects whose purposes are social, cultural, scientific, educational, journalistic, technological or ecological, generating new opportunities for continuous improvement of society and the enrichment of goods and common resources.

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