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Річний REPORT звіт ANNUAL 2012


Dear Friends! The 100th anniversary of Plast and Ukrainian Scouting have been celebrated throughout 2012. The International Jubilee Scout Meeting, which gathered more than 2,000 Ukrainians and guests from abroad, not only drew the attention of society to Plast, but also gave an opportunity to estimate the achievements of the organization and the capacity of volunteers, to understand what we're worth. Besides an all-encompassing celebration of the 100th anniversary, Ukrainian Plast moved in other directions last year. To implement the strategic goals in 2010-2012, we worked in three major directions: - Organizational development and recruitment of new members; - Plast public relations; - International cooperation. The results of our activities are outlined in the report below. Our achievements are the result of the work of hundreds of volunteers who have been contributing to this organization at many different levels. Therefore, this report is also a wholehearted thank you to our volunteers for their effort. Plast is grateful to all our benefactors, parents, partners and sponsors for support. Special thanks to Bogdan Hawrylyshyn Charity Fund for supporting Plast development programs. We hope that this edition will allow the nation to discover Plast in all its glory! With Plast greeting SKOB! National Plast Council National Plast Executive Body


The goal of Plast The goal of Plast is to promote an all-round, patriotic education and self-education of Ukrainian youth on Christian principles. Being non-political and non-denominational organization, Plast educates youth as conscious, responsible and valuable citizens of local, national and world community, the leaders of the society.

Plast age groups: Cub Scout Age group, for scouts aged 6 to 11 years. Education is conducted mainly in the form of games based on the Ukrainian history, customs and traditions.

Scouts Age group, which brings together boys and girls aged from 11 to 18 years. The program is divided into three stages, based on selfgoverning principles: the group members elect their leaders and management, plan and carry out activities.

Rover Scouts Senior Plast members Age group, combining scouts aged 18 to 35 years. They work on a voluntary basis and carry out educational, mentoring, administrative and other duties.

This age group unites the oldest scouts that turned 35. They work on a voluntary basis and carry out educational, instructor, administrative and other duties.


100 Year Anniversary of Plast In 2012 the Plast members celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Ukrainian Scout movement. In 1911 first Plast groups, known as hyrtky, were organized by Oleksandr Tysovskyi, Petro Franko and Ivan Chmola. On 12 April 1912 O. Tysovskyi`s hyrtok swore the First Plast Oath and since then this day is considered to be an official date of the initiation of the organization. During 2011-2012 members of the organization completed a number of projects dedicated to the anniversary.

England, 1954

The First Plast Oath Day

Australia, 1955

Celebration of «The First Plast Oath Day» was held in Kyiv and Lviv. On 21 April, about 350 members of Plast and other scouts came together in Kyiv and took part in the march along Khreshchatyk street and then participated in a historical quest. On 28- 29 April – more than 1200 members of Plast and scouts from other organizations celebrated the Jubilee in Lviv.

The First Monument To Members Of Plast Who Did Not Break Their Oaths. On the 12 April 2012, as a part of the 100 anniversary celebration The First Monument To Members Of Plast Who Did Not Break Their Oaths was erected in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. A huge fundraising campaign was organized across the country and abroad. As a result, 117,000 hryvnia (about 14625 dollars) were collected for the monument.

«100 Charitable Acts For 100 Year Anniversary»

Argentina, 1965


The aim of the project was to promote the Second Plast Duty – «To help others», and to give an opportunity for Plast members to make the surrounding community happier. Everyone could join the project by doing something nice.

USA, 1960

International Jubilee Plast Meeting

Australia, 1975

International Jubilee Plast Meeting – a summit with participation of Ukrainian scouts, diaspora and guests from other scout organizations. This was an apogee of the celebration of the anniversary of Plast in Ukraine. This gathering took place from the 9th until the 24th of August, 2012, in two stages: 1st stage (9th-18th, August) – 27 Plast camps held, involving 995 scouts. 2nd stage (18th-25th, August) – Jamboree camp at the Lviv Clerical Seminary of the Holy Spirit and Ukrainian Catholic University, where 2326 scouts

Opening of the second stage of the Meeting 2012 Second stage of the Meeting began on the 18th of August. Scouts from different countries started arriving in Lviv early in the morning. On the 19th of August, at the opening ceremony the Iron Plast Crosses were presented as a distinction for courage in fighting for Ukraine. First 14 crosses were presented to families of deceased prominent scouts.

Alberta, 1978

Programe of the Meeting

USA, 1992

Exercise activities: rock climbing, hinged passages and water rafting… Scientific activities: scientific tent, intellectual games, chess…

Historical activities: archery, knight fights… Art activities: egg painting, blacksmithing, glass painting…

International conference dedicated to the anniversary of Plast The conference took place at the Lviv Clerical Seminary of the Holy Spirit on the 24th of August. The conference was organized with an aim to discuss the role of the Plast and scout Movement in society, its history and outlook for future development.

Canada, 2007


Plast (Scout) camps in 2012 In Ukraine, throughout the year Plast organizes over 100 educational camps of different specialization: sport, marine, aeronautics, art, skiing, climbing, archaeological, horseback riding, environmental, etc. Camps are the basis of Plast's educational program as here, “plastuny” (engl. scouts), have a unique opportunity to practice their knowledge and skills which have been acquired during the year of weekly studies.

All-Ukrainian Cub Scout camps Cub Scout camps are attended by children from 6 to 11 years. Unlike tent camps for Youth, cub scouts live in houses. Camp is organized by a qualified and skillful team of instructors.

Historical Camp “Chronicle of our land”

German language camp

Art cub scouts' camp

Scout camps During summer we have troop, regional and specialized camps. The most numerous are troop camps, which located in all regions of Ukraine. Those scouts who are living in small villages also participate in regional camps. The most popular are allukrainian specialized camps.

Amount of different scout camps in 2012 troop camps

103 Cub scouts sport camp "Movement"


Environmental cub scouts camp

specialized camps

132 camps

16 13

regional camps

Specialized Scout camps “Regional boot camp”

Specialized Plast camps - the camps for children aged 15-18 years, aimed to develop proficiency in some area of interest.

Qualifying National Camp for proficiency assessment of the Third Plast Trial.

“Flee the world”

“Wolf School"

Participants have an opportunity to gain advanced skills in cartography, cycling, tourist guiding, rowing techniques.

This is an eco-camp, where participants receive practical skills how to cohabitate in nature without harming the environment.

“Legion 15"

“Hertz” Participants receive basic skills of horseback riding, carts riding, life in nature and other practical skills.

"Kalyna warden” Participants compete and improve their skills in traditional and learn about new sports.


participants obtain practical survival skills in modern society based on fostering the Ukrainian traditions of chivalry.

"Regional Marine camp" Participants learn about the sailing, various types of crafts that can be used for coastal journeys on seas, rivers and lakes.

“Chota krylatych”


The purpose of the camp is to acquaint scouts with the structure of aircraft, aerodynamics.

The purpose of the camp is to educate qualified instructors and groups in mountains traveling.

“Revor” Participants learn history of Carpathian mountains visit castles, waterfalls and other sightseeing places by bicycle.

“Metamorphoses” This is an ethnographic oriented Regional Arts Camp and took place in Carpathians.


Camps for adults Camps that are held to attract new volunteers, advancing and training of Plast members. They are the nationwide or international camps. All camps (except camps "The Forest School" and "The School for Girl Guides ") are open to all aged over 18 years.

Interregional boot camp "Forest School" The main purpose of the “Forest School” is to educate qualified instructors and scout leaders for the boy scout camps.

Interregional camp "Life in Plast" The purpose of the camp is training of qualified scout mentors through advanced training in cartography, cooking, hiking, field survival, first aid, and others.

Interregional hiking boot camp "Play" The purpose of the camp is to train qualified hiking instructors for scouts.

Interregional approbation camp "Circle" Participants have been given the opportunity to explore the philosophy, history and beliefs of ancient and contemporary Ukrainian society through study of rituals, life style, traditional food and rafts.


Interregional boot camp «School for Girl Guides " The camp is focused on training Girl Guides. Participants gained practical skills in organising guide camps with the focus of establishing modern priorities in guide education.

Interregional exploratory campexpedition "Vyriy 2012"

The purpose of the camp was to awake a sense of self-identity in the wider Ukrainian youth and countering assimilation of Ukrainians outside the country.

Interregional approbation equestrian and sports camp "Cavalry" The camp aims to educate professional riding instructors for scout camps.

Instructional scout camp "Green Path" The camp schedule is based on the Qualifying Programme that is specifically designed for adults that recently joined Plast and participated in scout camps for the first time.

Informal training for volunteers Qualification training Full Membership Qualification Training is a workshop provided for those who wish to become a Rover Scout and aimed to develop a clear understanding of the role and possibilities of the involvement of adults in Plast. In 2012 the total number of participants in FMQT was 142.

A number of trainings were 2009 introduced in 2009 for 2012 1 effective and comprehensive 2010 7 24 11 trainings presentation of activities of adult Plast members. During 5 the last 4 years 24 trainings 2011 were conducted and involved 612 participants. This allowed effective organization of Plast activities in four main areas: educational, administrative, instructional and social work.

Training of Cub Scouts mentors Regional Training for Cub Scouts a training for those wishing to be engaged in educational activities for children aged 6-11 years. On successful completion of the training, a relevant certificate is issued.

Regional training for Scouts - a training for those wishing to be involved in educational activities with youth aged 11-18 years. On successful completion of the training, a relevant certificate is issued. 73







92 p

2010 tic ipa nts


80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Training of Scouts mentors







International activities Bethlehem Lights of Peace In 2012, the scouts spread the "Bethlehem Lights of Peace" to Austria, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Australia, Argentina, Switzerland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Canada, USA, UK, Poland.

On 9-10 June 2012, at the Plast territory "Vatra" in Ireland, the first in Irish history Ukrainian Plast Camp meeting was held. It was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Organization.


On 2-12 January 2013 the Regional Plast Summer Camp was held in Argentina named "Plast Oath – a lifelong path". For the first time, as part of the mentor exchange program “Ukraine is next to you” a Plast guide from Ukraine participated in this camp.



On June 2-4 2012, at the "Verhovyna" Camp, Plast members from Great Britain and Ireland joined at the Interregional Spring Festival, that this year was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Plast. The event was attended by four Mentors from Ukraine. Also, during the SF, a pre-training for parents and youth interested in Plast was carried out.

Great Britain

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Plast, in 10 July 2012, three Plastuns from Belgium and a student from Ukraine, climbed the highest peak in Europe Blanc (4808 m), and erected a Plast flag on the summit.



On February 5, 2012 a Ukrainian-Czech team of scientists reached one of the peaks of continental Antarctica and called it “The Peak of '100th anniversary of Plast'"

Youth in Action Plastuny(Scouts) participated in international projects within the program "Youth in Action". During this program they visited Croatia, Georgia and Ireland where they took part in seminars and trainings.

5-7 of October in the city Pushkino, plastuny participated in Ukrainian youth forum in Russia 2012. Delegation presented scout movement to all forum participants. For the first time within the project «Time for partnership», Ukrainian delegation took part in the Polish Jamboree «Grunwald-2012".


11-20 September NOSU representatives (including plastunka Jaryna Halushka) participated in the meeting «Inspire Japan 2012" in Japan.

UAE Plastun(Scout) Maxim Studilko participated in the 15th International Scout Meeting within cultural exchange. It took place between 24 August and 2 September at the International Scout Center in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt



In February 2012 Mykola Yarynovskyy attended the international Scout seminar "Engagement of physically disabled people in scouting", Sharjah, UAE.



December 26, 2012 - January 3, 2013 novatskyy and youth camps in Australia were held. These camps were attended by plastuns from Ukraine (in the exchange of scout leaders program "Ukraine is next to you").


Cooperation with diaspora In 2012, the International activities of Plast focused on effective representation of the Ukrainian Scouting in the International Scout Movement. The second main goal was development of the effective cooperation between Plast troops in Ukraine and in the Diaspora.

Plastuny from ukrainian Diaspora participated in UMPZ 2012 Scout camps - 191 Cub scout camps - 11

211 participants Adult scout camps - 9

Plast in Ukraine is very close to Plast in Diaspora. During the last 3 years we had project “Ukraina poruch”, which means "Ukraine is near." Thanks to this project, we had trainings and camps for those who are interested in Plast in Ireland and Great Britain. Also, our mentors took part in camps in Argentina and Australia. We’ve participated in Ukrainian art festival in Latvia. A very important step in development of the Diaspora is that plastuny took part in Ukrainian youth forum in Russia in 2011 and 2012, and Ukrainians from Russia received Bethlehem Lights of Peace for the first time in December this year.


Public activities of Plast in 2012 Mobile exhibition "Plast - Ukrainian Scouting" The exposition was placed on the premises of regional and local administrations , schools, universities and other institutions across Ukraine in order to acquaint visitors with the activities Plast and Ukrainian Scouting.

Event "Embroidered Ukraine" The event was represented by an exhibition of Ukrainian traditional costumes using standins. Everyone had the opportunity to learn about special features of costumes from different regions of Ukraine and, in addition, to be photographed in national dress. During the year the event was held in seven cities in Ukraine.

Mobile Game "Learning history together!� In the central squares of their cities Plastuny made a large puzzle-game (6 x 3 meters - 135 figures ) with images of Ukrainian troops from different times. To the event were added celebrities and ordinary people with children in order to interest them to study the history of Ukraine.

Event "DomiNation� This involved a trident with 95 large dominoes. On the dominoes, instead of the usual black dots, were emblems with images of various Ukrainian cities and villages (total 225). This showed that regardless of the city you are from - we are all Ukrainian.

Created 3 photo montages titled "Different yet similar stories� These montages, "Different yet similar stories", are an attempt to present Plast , in a new somewhat unusual light. In each essay you can see a typical day in the life of three different plastuns, living in different parts of Ukraine. Goal - to show what could unite three radically different people, living in opposite corners of Ukraine, who took different paths in their lives.


Funding of Plast in 2012 Expenses, USD

Income, USD N


















«Bohdan Hawrylyshyn» Charitable Foundation 105 000

Celebration of Plast Centurial Jubilee and educational activities 79 646

State Service for Youth and Sports of Ukraine 30 000

Organizational Development Program 40 625

Membership fees 3 732

Public Relations Program 13 053

Contributions of events participants 11 236

International Cooperation Program 24 431

International Renaissance Foundation 32 995

Sustainable Development Program 2 920

Other donations 10 196

Administrative expenses 32 011

Total: 193 159 USD

Total: 192 686 USD

International Jubilee Plast Meeting Expenses, USD

Income, USD 1. Contributions from participants 2. State and Local Budgets 3. Sponsors in Ukraine 4. Other income

– 304 989 – 46 538 – 141 951 – 7 345

1. I-st stage (camps) – 99 387 2. II-nd stage (meeting in Lviv) – 348 333 3. Administration – 53 103

Total - 500 823 USD


Partners Ministry of education and science, youth and sport of Ukraine

LUBOMYR ROMANKIW International Renaissance Ministry of Emergency Вohdan Hawrylyshyn charitable foundation CHARITABLE FOUNDATION Foundation Situations

Risk Reduction Foundation


"The Day" all-Ukrainian

Dubnevych brothers Foundation


Рomich Ukraini fund

National Television Company of Ukraine

Kids World Fund

Ukrainian catholic university

TBI Chanel

"Kraina" journal

Business School MIM-Kyiv

ZIK chanel

Chanel 5

Media Lviv Life

National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine

Foundation of Regional Initiatives

Sport tourism federation of Ukraine

Ukrainian centre of tourism for youth

A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers “GRAZHDA” Publishers


Photo agency LUFA

HD partners TM "Yarych”

“Misto NV”

ТМ Olio

“STARY LEV” Publishers



TPK South Opilla




Contact us

AVE Lviv

Pervomaysky Molochnokonservnyj Kombinat

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Design: Anton Holoborodko. Cover photo: Ihor Haidai. Photo: Petro Zadorozhny, Andriy Sadlak, Taras Zen, and from Plast archive. Text: Taras Volyanyuk, Dzvenyslava Petryshyn, Dmytro Kolesnyk, Iryna Stepanets. Translation: Natalia Medvid, Dzvenyslava Petryshyn.

Plast annual report 2012  
Plast annual report 2012  

This report continues the initiative of governing bodies in the direction of informing the society about the activities of Plast not only in...