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hal_levitt Fin. Date: 2012 Location: Beverly Hills, USA Collections: Faz Project by: Jendretzki Architecture Typology: Private Residence

B&B house Fin. Date: 2013 Location: Madrid, Spain Collections: Rest, Fiesta, Moma Project by: A-Cero Typology : Private Residence

Riba Excorchada Fin. Date: 2015 Location: El Tarter, Andorra Collections: Pillow, Solid, Blow, Kes, Moma Typology: Sports Installation

diego portales Fin. Date: 2013 Location: Santiado de Chile, Chile Collections: Stones Architects: Alvano and Riquelme. Collaborating Architects: Clemente Guarda and Cornelio Saavedra Interior Design: Brainworks Typology :University

ocean_suites Fin. Date: 2015 Location: Altea, Spain Collections: F3 Project by: Xavier Pastor Photo: RomĂĄn RodrĂ­guez Typology : Private Residence


western xian Fin. Date: 2016 Location: Xi An, China Collections: And, Moma, Marquis, Blow, Faz, Organic, Agatha, Linea XS, Linea XL, Overlap, Moonbeam Project by: Stephen Chan Photography: Zhang Lin Typology: Office Installation


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VONDOM Termékek  

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