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Well would you look at that? Autumn has arrived! And perhaps it is the wonderfully spooky season that has inspired us to pack this issue with all things technology. After all, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” and telematics are so advanced nowadays, we can’t be 100% certain there isn’t a magic wand involved somewhere along the line.

So what lies in store for you this issue?

Have you ever had any plant or equipment stolen? Or is it something you fear, that keeps you up all night with worry? Well, don’t worry! Plant Planet has a whole host of possible solutions for you, both technological and otherwise. We also look at the latest in construction telematics, giving you all the tips and tricks for finding the best app for you and your business.

Avant Tecno brings us our cover story this month, giving us the low down on Leguan Lifts, whose access solutions truly are at the cutting edge of technology. SMT and Targa Telematics are our company profiles, each detailing the latest innovative insights they have to offer.

Plant Planet also has the inside scoop on not one, but two exciting shows coming up! The CPA, who we have had the great pleasure to media partner with on numerous occasions, tell us all about their upcoming annual conference. We are also delighted to announce that we are now the official event media partner to IPAF for their Elevation Day in November, with a preview of this fantastic event appearing in this issue.

We also give you all the astounding highlights from this year’s RWM Expo hosted at the NEC in Birmingham. We had an amazing two days there supporting our sister magazine, Future Waste, and have a jampacked review to show for it.

And can you believe it, it’s our fifth birthday! In this, our 30th Issue, we look back at everything we have achieved over our tenure, with some sneaky cheeky insights into the upcoming year.

Happy Reading!


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David Chuck has worked in the Construction Plant industry for over 50 years. As well as being a contributor to Plant Planet magazine, David is a social media and website management consultant, and a Partner of Kingston PR.






Rachel Lambert is a PR consultant and the founder of Kingston PR, a business she started over 30 years ago. A former magazine editor, she is also a freelance writer covering a range of sectors.


Stu McInroy joined the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) as its Chief Executive in June 2023. One of Stu’s key priorities is to collaborate and engage with multiple organisations to promote the safe and effective use of construction plant in all operational environments.

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The telescopic handlers of the ROTO range allow 360 degree operation due to the rotating turret. This offers a greater range of action compared to a fixed telescopic handler. This model can be offered as a hybrid solution, allowing you to plug into an electric source on-site allowing emission & noise free operation. Visit to find out more.


The Board of Directors of the Merlo Group have confirmed Paolo Merlo as President of the group: “Innovation, research and inclusiveness are the pillars of our future, the same pillars shared by the whole family since our story as a company began.”

The Board of Directors of the Merlo Group have appointed Paolo Merlo as President, marking a sign of continuity to the path undertaken at the beginning of the year following the passing of company founder & President Mr Amilcare Merlo late last year.

The Italian company was the first in Europe to manufacture the modern design of telehandler in 1981.

Today the presence of the Merlo Group, which includes nine specialised in-house companies, is strengthened by a direct organisation of six established subsidiaries in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Australia and a new subsidiary in the USA – alongside a distribution network of over 80 importers and 600 dealers worldwide.

More than 90% of production is carried out at the Italian site, a rare feature in the industry, where control over the entire production process allows the company’s know-how to be developed and protected, guaranteeing a quality of supply that the world market continues to recognise and acknowledge.

The goal for the next three years, confirmed by the new President, is to achieve 10,000 telehandlers annually, as well as about 25,000 attachments. To achieve this, significant investments are planned for the opening of both new production lines and new infrastructure, aimed at an increasingly efficient,

technological and above all sustainable management and production systems.

Development services for the interconnection of logistic flows with regular suppliers will also be enhanced, which will streamline and make the supply chain more efficient.

The industrial objectives naturally intersect with one of the distinctive characteristics of the Merlo Group, which has been handed down from time immemorial, namely the focus on people, in terms of in-house workforce, but also with reference to the needs of distributors and end users, to whom many future initiatives will be dedicated.

This is how the President, Paolo Merlo, put it: “Today, the solidity of the Merlo Group allows us to look far ahead and plan for the long term. There are still many applications and areas where we can grow; we aim to strengthen our historical markets, starting with Italy and the countries where we are present with subsidiaries and importers. At the same time, we also intend to expand into markets that are relatively new to us, where there is still plenty of room for growth. In the USA we have just established our new subsidiary Merlo America and are strengthening our presence in Asia.

“We are a very different industry group from the traditional ones. Our international presence is very strong, we are in fact a multinational - a “pocketsized multinational”, as one national newspaper called us. Today Merlo engages with the world market, but the strong link with our territory and the choice of having only one production plant today certainly make us a very special organisation. This allows us to

develop without ever losing our vocation for all-round innovation and to present ourselves as a unique and appreciated player worldwide.”

Merlo’s strength today is innovation - something that has been in the company’s DNA since its inception. But there is also a lot of research, just as much curiosity, passion and willingness to face the challenges of the market; above all, there is the constant search for balance, between process industrialisation and sustainability, towards which the company today directs most of its efforts and investments.

Among its “honours”, Merlo boasts over 90 patents, the latest of which are all dedicated to the safety of operators at work. Just think of the very recent Suspended Cab (CS), a technological solution that has developed a lowfrequency system to reduce vibrations inside the cab, increasing comfort and safety for the operator and consequently reducing the risk of accidents or the development of occupational diseases related to this issue. Another innovative patent is the ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System) that prevents the risk of the machine tipping over while handling a load.

Merlo is a unique brand; it is difficult to find a company with the same characteristics anywhere in the world. But it is not just a question of patents or innovation, because one of the secrets of its success is iys human capital:

“Innovation is fundamental, both in terms of product and production, but it is not enough,” recalls the President. “The human component is also crucial, because companies are first and foremost made up of people. With us this will always remain central, we believe in people, we believe in those who work with us and we believe above all in talent. Today it is important to find a way to attract and retain new talent, so that with them we can continue to grow, we as a company and they as professionals. That is why, starting this year, we have opened the Merlo Academy, an in-house school to train newly recruited employees so that they can be better integrated into the company. This is the only way to be truly innovative.”


To learn more about Merlo Group, please visit:

october 2023 11 PLANT PLANET merlo news


GGR Group, the leading provider of lifting solutions, hosted the Industry Lifting Lead AP Group Open Day at their headquarters in Haddenham. Sponsored by both the group and Skanska, the day was a huge success with well over 200 visitors in attendance – a significant increase compared to previous years. The event offered professionals and innovators the opportunity to discover new and impressive technologies and network with some of the leading experts in the industry.

Throughout the event, visitors were able to view kit demonstrations showcasing innovative products from both GGR Group and some of the biggest names in the lifting industry. Companies also took the stage to share their knowledge on important topics such as lifting safety and the advancement of the industry. Attendees could visit table exhibitors for insightful discussions as well as take advantage of breakout

spaces for networking and conversation.

Daniel Ezzatvar, Marketing and Special Products Director at GGR Group commented: “We saw a record number of people in our second year of hosting the Industry Lifting Lead AP Group Open Day. This considerable turnout was a true reflection of all the hard work put into the event and the passion of industry professionals when it comes to innovation.”

David Borley, Chairman and founder of The Industry Lifting Lead AP Group, said: “At the open day we saw a real enthusiasm for products and ideas that will bring the industry into the future. Seeing the interest sparked by the incredible products as well as the networking opportunities brought by the event has made us proud to bring the ILLAPG Open Day to the industry for the second year at GGR Group. It’s clear that our industry is evolving, and it’s inspiring to see so many industry leaders coming together to shape its future.”

Exhibitors and presenters

Emerson Crane Hire Ltd, Laing O’Rourke, ALLMI, NOCN Group, CPA - Construction Plant-hire Association, Skanska, CITB, Liebherr Group, Radius Group, Speedy Services, Ainscough Crane Hire, Lloyds British, Select Plant Hire, InspHigher, Met Police UK, Xwatch Safety Solutions and GGR Group.

Big kit demonstrations

Ainscough Crane Hire, Flannery Plant Hire, Torquer Lifting Solutions, Crosby® and Hoistech.


To learn more about GGR Group, please visit:

12 october 2023 PLANT PLANET news ggr


Established in 2001, Keenan Recycling has grown from a garden waste composting business based near Aberdeen to become the UK’s largest organic waste management company. Its sustainable food waste management service includes an integrated approach to collecting food waste and turning it into green energy through its innovative processing facility in Scotland.

Each year, the company recycles around 100,000 tonnes of garden and food waste which is then transformed into compost that is used by farmers to improve their soil. Additionally, food waste is used to create valuable biofuels which are turned into green electricity, in a successful example of a truly circular economy approach.

Keenan Recycling first hired a trommel from CRJ Services back in 2006. Since then, they have hired various machines, including Slow Speed Shredders, Picking Stations and Deck Screeners. CRJ has also cross-hired machines off Keenan over the past 15 years, developing a

strong working relationship between the two companies. Keenan Recycling purchased their first JENZ high-speed shredder back in 2008, a BA725, and since then have taken delivery of a new one approximately every three years, showing ongoing trust in the JENZ products.

The Challenge

To meet the necessity for increased production year on year, Grant Keenan, Managing Director of Keenan Recycling contacted CRJ in December 2022 about the possibility of a new shredder.

How CRJ met the challenge

Keenan took delivery of their new JENZ BA926 High-Speed Shredder in April 2023. The machine is fully equipped with innovative JENZ options, including:

• an impact Protection System to detect tramp material in the feed

• a Wagner Neodymium Over-band Magnet to remove all ferrous material from the product belt.

• a powerful 530HP MTU engine to allow for increased productivity.

• and JENZ’s patented Easy2 Control System to allow for offsite machine diagnostic and machine management functions.

“We are delighted that we have been able to continue to fulfil Keenan’s machinery needs, to ensure high-quality performance, uptime and increased productivity. It has been a pleasure working with them and we are excited to continue to do so for many years to come.”


To learn more about CRJ Services, please visit:

october 2023 13 PLANT PLANET crj services news


SITECH® UK & Ireland who provide tailored hardware, software, and training in Trimble® technology has supported civil engineering company Daniel Charles Construction and its subsidiary Daniel Charles Surveys (part of the Daniel Charles Group of companies) to bring drone site surveying and monitoring to their clients saving man hours and improving site safety.

Working with connected site specialist SITECH, the Lincolnshire based civil engineering company has invested considerably in a drone package which provides site survey data to monitor site progress, make calculations and determine bulk quantities accurately and quickly.

Prior to this investment Daniel Charles Surveys had been conducting volumetric calculations using conventional survey techniques. With the latest remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) technology in the shape of a DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone combined with Trimble Stratus drone survey processing system powered by Propeller, they can now calculate site requirements more efficiently, in less time, with less environmental impact, and in a safer manner. As site time is reduced and once the data is processed, calculative works are now managed safely from the comfort of the office.

Matt, General Manager at Daniel Charles Surveys, said investing in the drone package with SITECH was an easy decision to make for the business having previously achieved such good results by adopting other forward-thinking technology such as GPS machine control.

“First and foremost any investment made had to not only expedite our existing processes but, ultimately, to the same level of accuracy and standard all our clients have come to know and expect. The accuracy of the system was a key factor. A lot of our work is repeat business, so any new data had to tie in precisely with existing projects.

“The time saving element was also important. Within 24 hours of conducting a site survey we can view the data on the platform and commence any interrogative works. In a fraction of time, it can do a job which ordinarily would take a surveyor the whole day or longer. It has dramatically reduced time on site. Further to this it means our clients are in receipt of requested reports or drawings faster.”

He added: “Amongst various deployments across the business we’re using the RPAS to produce regular stock reports at our quarry. As we’re not having to physically scale heaps in an already

hazardous environment it takes a big step in the right direction in terms of health & safety.

“The fact it’s a Trimble system meant it was easy to integrate into the business. As long-standing Trimble users, this was key. Third party processing and the system being so intuitive meant staff training was also minimal.

“Until now we have predominantly utilised the RPAS within the business across the Daniel Charles Group companies. However, we are now starting to offer the service to external clients receiving very positive feedback. Clients are very receptive to the concept and love the fact all the data is readily available via the web-based portal. As an additional tool in the box, it really compliments well what Daniel Charles Surveys already offer.”

Lisa Cheshire, SITECH Eastern Regional Sales Manager, said: “Daniel Charles were early adopters of Trimble technology and have continued to invest. When they saw drones in action at a technology event we co-hosted with Trimble and Propeller in 2022 they knew it could save them time and process data which would free up their engineers for other important tasks.

“Drone flights can be done in such a short space of time and the new Trimble Stratus platform allows them to send raw data via the cloud which the team at Propeller process within 24 hours, giving Daniel Charles a quality checked data set they can use for volume calculations and progress tracking on site.

“It’s been an investment for them in terms of also getting drone pilot licences, but the return is considerable. It is another service they can offer to their clients which allows them to share site data quickly and easily and will give them a competitive advantage to continue growing their business.”

14 october 2023 PLANT PLANET news sitech To learn more about SITECH, please visit: FOR FURTHER INFORMATION


Established groundworks business Breheny Groundwork Contractors have added three new Cat® 313 GCs to its machine fleet, after seeing a 10% fuel saving from the same range of machines purchased eighteen months ago.

The three new machines bring the Breheny fleet of Cat machines to nine, making the brand the largest part of their fleet. The groundworks company, which has operated across the NorthWest of England for over 30 years, has expanded its services into the sewer and road installation market and has been operating successfully there for a couple of years.

The nature of the work, and the harsh environments that the machines are required to work in, meant they needed tough and reliable machines that were up to the job – which was essential in order to maintain their level of service to their customers.

The Cat 313 GCs were therefore the smart choice for Breheny. The machines are extremely competitively priced for the weight to power ratio they deliver, and meet EU Stage V emission standards. The machines also have a new smart mode operation facility which automatically matches engine

and hydraulic power to the working conditions for maximum productivity, and fuel efficiency.

Kerryanne Sidlow, Director of Breheny Groundwork Contractors, said: “We bought three Cat 313 GCs a couple of years ago and were impressed with everything about the machines from performance, safety, comfort, and the fuel savings. They’re not only economical, but also enable us to reduce our carbon footprint which is something we are actively working towards as a company.

“One of the new 313 GCs is already on a roads and sewers project we recently secured, so these machines are also supporting our continued growth into this area.

“When we’re looking to expand our fleet, Finning is always our first point of contact. We have a great relationship with their whole team, in particular Andy Ackers who ensures the deal runs seamlessly, and Holly Hayward who looks after the aftercare and our account - nothing is ever too much for her, she’s fantastic!”

With support from Finning, Breheny were able to secure Cat finance for the machines which enabled them to purchase the assets before the end of the tax year so they could benefit from the

tax savings, while also being able to sell their older Cat machines back to Finning to help fund the machine upgrades.

All the new machines come with premier four-year warranties in place and a dedicated customer value agreement which means their service parts, such as filters, are supplied ready for Breheny’s own team to fit.

Andrew Ackers, Regional Account Manager North West for Finning UK & Ireland, said the new machines have all been fitted with Cat VisionLink® to allow Breheny to monitor all their equipment, providing machine operation, health, and productivity data.

He added: “I’m delighted we were able to secure these machines for them within the tax year and with Cat finance in place so they can spread the cost and help ensure they have the working capital they need to keep on growing and expanding into new sectors.”


To learn more about Breheny Groundwork Contractors, please visit:

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Operators of Mecalac’s new Revotruck can now rotate the entire cab to keep their vision and focus on the job and a view of potential obstacles on the site. The exclusive chassis with central oscillation ensures stability and traction in all conditions. The infinite cab positions of the Revotruck open up visibility in all directions.



From September 2023, Obart Pumps officially became Tsurumi Pumps UK Ltd. The name change follows the acquisition of Obart Pumps by Tsurumi (Europe) GmbH back in 2020, when Obart Pumps first became part of the global network of companies that belong to Tsurumi Manufacturing Company of Japan.

Matthew Hill, Managing Director of Tsurumi Pumps UK Ltd said: “Following the acquisition in 2020, it is a natural step forward for us to become known as Tsurumi Pumps UK Ltd so we form part of a single brand with a single vision. Tsurumi - pronounced Sir-roo-me - is becoming much more visible in the UK and is often associated with quality and reliability.

“This transition will lead to a positive impact for our customers, allowing us to build on our position as a market leading supplier of submersible and engine driven pumps, Nevertheless, it is very much business as usual. All staff and management will remain in place supported by myself as Managing Director, and we will continue to operate

from our existing head office and warehouse in Maidstone, Kent.

“All our existing products and brands will remain unchanged. We will continue to offer Tsurumi, Speroni, APP, Honda, Faes and Umbra products alongside our own trusted Fit&Flow, DryMax and Floodmate product ranges,” Matthew continued.

The company has been a Tsurumi distributor since 1975 and the firm’s pumps are used widely across construction, civil engineering, wastewater treatment, tunnelling and domestic applications.

Matthew’s father John first discovered Tsurumi pumps at a trade show in America in 1974, when he purchased Tsurumi’s compact single phase 110V pumps. His company was the first to rent out lightweight, portable submersibles in the UK and he soon went on to selling them through Obart Pumps to other hire companies. John is credited with creating the 2” 110V submersible pump market which is always in the top 20 of tools hired by plant and tool hire companies across the UK.

From these humble beginnings with small pumps, he went on to sell the larger pumps made by Tsurumi.

Tsurumi was formed in Osaka, Japan, in 1924 and now has over 1,100 employees, manufacturing over 1 million pumps per year. The company has five factories - two in Japan and others in Taiwan, Vietnam and China - and is the world market leader in contractor pumps. Tsurumi developed the world’s first contractor’s submersible pump in 1954. Tsurumi Pumps UK is the sole supplier of Tsurumi pumps in the UK market.

The contact details and ordering process for Tsurumi Pumps UK remains unchanged. The website URL and email address will change ‘’, however the use of ‘obartpumps’ will still get redirected for the foreseeable future.


To learn more about Tsurumi Pumps, please visit:

october 2023 17 PLANT PLANET obart pumps // tsurumi pumps news


Tobin Plant supply Ardent Hire Solutions with 50 excavators, including 9 Luigongs. No matter what you do, you’ve got to trust your machine 100%, and the new Liugong 922F delivers that and then some!


To build machines that can withstand the hardest conditions takes intelligent design, and attention to detail. We know that a machine is only as strong as its weakest point, so every weld, every joint, every component is scrutinized to ensure it passes our rigorous durability tests. Here’s the proof.


Our X-shaped undercarriage delivers optimal structural integrity and reduces stress and deflection by 10%.


Deeper side beams provide higher impact resistance and make it quicker and easier to add additional impact plates if required.


100% flaw detection ensures every weld is checked to meet our stringent standards.


Choose from our range of performance and durability enhancing extras such as our easy to fit demolition guards and heavy duty counter-weight.


Finite element analysis proves the load efficiency and toughness of our boom and arm, but we go further to reduce stress by 35%.


There’s no need to compromise digging performance to get the highest fuel efficiency because the all New 922F gives you both. With greater torque and more power at lower engine speeds you get the power you want and the fuel efficiency you need.


With VGT technology, the 6.7L, sixcylinder Cummins engine delivers 5% extra torque compared to high torque at low engine speeds. VGT enables the engine to maximize its power output whilst creating less noise and using less fuel.


Engine Auto Idle and Auto Shutdown make every single drop of fuel count. Reducing unproductive fuel saves you money and helps protect the environment.


When it comes to efficiency, the 922F is smarter than you’d think. Feed Forward control technology matches the engine’s speed to the operator’s command and predicted load to deliver even greater fuel economy.


We are always improving our performance, with fuel consumption reduced by 20% and efficiency increased by 10% compared to the 922E, we have delivered on that promise.


Divided into 3 groups for independent control, our intelligent fans automatically adjust to match the hydraulic oil and coolant temperature, and the requirements of the air conditioning condenser.

The results are impressive.

18 october 2023 PLANT PLANET news tobin plant
For full details, please visit our website page: medium-excavators/922f/ FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
Why choose between power and efficiency when you can have both? The all New 922F lets you do more, for less cost, and with less environmental impact. don’t settle for anything less!


Kubota has launched a new tracking system portal to help construction equipment operators increase machine efficiency and security. The ‘Kubota Tracking System’ portal is available on all 4, 5 and 8 ton machines and can be accessed via a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, meaning the data from a Kubota fleet can be seen anywhere at any time.

“As costs in other areas of construction rise, we are trying to develop new ways to help Kubota machine users understand where savings can be made and efficiency increased,” says Rob White, Division Manager, Construction at Kubota UK.

“Our Kubota Tracking System ensures operators can access all the data from their machines at the touch of a button, allowing them to make informed

decisions. This includes considerations around servicing times and fleet movement, alongside additional benefits such as increased visibility of machines that helps with security.”

The intuitive and user-friendly portal shares informative data that helps users access operational performance and consider management decisions.

Enhanced security is provided as machine owners can view locations via GPS tracking to oversee the movement of each Kubota mini-excavator.

Furthermore, geofencing is available, which allows users to designate specific areas of use for each machine, with the portal notifying operators should that machine leave the area. In addition, the portal provides alerts which show a machine’s faults enabling a fast response and resolution, thus minimising any downtime.

Increased productivity is achievable thanks to the constant review and analysis of real-time parameters of parts such as machine work rate, operating times, actual operation, occupancy rate (as a percentage), idling time, DPF regeneration history, water and oil temperatures, and fuel consumption.

“Having access to all this real-time data provides the opportunity for Kubota excavator owners to really streamline their processes and adapt fluidly to any and all situations,” concludes Rob.


For more information on the system, please visit: constructionmachinery/products/ kubota-tracking-system/

october 2023 19 PLANT PLANET kubota news


Prolectric, the off-grid, renewable lighting, and power specialist, has unveiled an innovative new savings calculator to help companies fast-track and achieve their environmental and sustainability objectives by making the switch from diesel to solar.

Serving a wide range of industries from construction, housebuilding, and rail to major infrastructure, Prolectric’s new savings calculator has been specifically designed to calculate the potential carbon, diesel and cost savings that could be realised when switching from diesel powered systems to Prolectric’s solar and hybrid power solutions.

Rachel Preen, Managing Director, Prolectric, commented: “Our range of environmentally friendly, advanced performance products have been designed as direct like-for-like diesel replacements, making them a simple switch. The environmental case is clear, but our new savings calculator provides a

simple yet highly effective tool to support businesses to see the full benefits and build a commercial case to switch to solar. Since launching our first solar lighting tower in 2017, we estimate to have saved our clients 26 million kg of CO2 and reduced diesel usage by more than 10 million litres, – that’s probably saved our customers more than £9 million.”

“We are committed to providing practical and commercially viable ways for businesses to stop using polluting fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions. Our new tool offers another level of granularity for customers during the critical specification and procurement stages, with quick access to understandable data, so they can make informed decisions which in turn will help them achieve their net zero goals and save money.”

Prolectric was the first to introduce all-in-one solar street lighting to the UK in 2011, with specialist technology

specifically designed and developed for UK weather conditions. As a market leader, the company has installed over 8,000 units across the UK, providing high-quality, reliable, low-voltage LED lighting to customers across Local Authorities, MoD, Commercial and Industrial sectors.

The company’s solar lights, hybrid generators and CCTV, provide highperformance temporary and permanent site lighting, power, and security - with minimal environmental impact and low running costs. In particular, Prolectric’s lighting systems produce zero carbon, zero noise, need little maintenance, and require zero fuel.

20 october 2023 PLANT PLANET news prolectric
For further information visit: savings-calculator FOR FURTHER INFORMATION

Jacksons CRS provide a range of debt recovery services to businesses across the UK to help them retrieve money that is owed to them. We know that dealing with debtors can be exhausting and a significant use of your time and resources. We are professional debt recovery specialists and aim to give you peace of mind that your debts will be 100% recovered. We manage your debt recovery, leaving you free to run your business.


result of your debtor paying you what they owe. Jacksons CRS works closely alongside Solicitors, Rescue and Recovery and Funding Experts as well as high court enforcement teams. So you can be confident that you have experienced people on your side working for you.

Our Mission Statement



Our services are bespoke to your business; we will work with you to understand your organisation, keep you fully informed of the process ad ensure best outcome for your business. We work on a no win no fee basis which means there are no upfront costs, hidden fees or subscriptions to pay. Our aim is to recover your money, including interest and costs where possible, as quickly as possible.


C M Y CM MY CY CMY K AD-Jacksons CRS-PPD-PRINT.pdf 1 05/10/2023 15:48


Our Beginning

Ronda Jackson, the Director of Jacksons CRS, is passionate about helping you collect all money owed to you or your business. She qualified as a credit manager in 2002, and after working in several different industries in Credit Manager Roles, decided to start her own company in 2008, which became a limited company – Jacksons CRS in 2016.

An experienced negotiator, Ronda can help to resolve conflicts and maintain a positive working relationship with your debtors. This helps to achieve the best


Our mission is to provide exceptional debt recovery and credit control services with integrity and compassion. We strive to assist individuals and businesses in reclaiming what is rightfully theirs while treating debtors with respect and empathy. Through innovative techniques, and a dedicated team, we aim to maximize recovery rates while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Our relentless pursuit of fair and ethical debt resolution allows us to optimise cash flow for our clients. Together, we aspire to turn challenges into opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted and effective debt recovery company in our local community. We strive to become a beacon of hope for businesses facing difficulties with getting invoices paid on time. By providing personalised debt recovery and credit control solutions, we aim to demonstrate that it is possible to resolve disputes and recover debts responsibly and with dignity. Through our relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and professionalism, we seek to reclaim what is rightfully owed to our clients.


october 2023 21 PLANT PLANET Jacksons CRS news
To learn more about Jacksons CRS, please visit: FINEST T: 01603 319 034 E: info@jacksonscrs W: www



CASE is launching its top-tier graders for ultimate precision and ease of use. With TwinLift function and three different steering modes, CASE graders are at the cutting-edge of productivity. Discover the new road we are building.

CASE dealer NOW
Contact your


Widest range in terms of performance, the new RTH family includes 14 models and offers capacities from 5 to 13 tonnes and lifting heights from 18 to 51 metres.

The 6-tonne RTH range has been completely redesigned: the cab has been placed in a more forward position to improve accessibility and visibility during lifting operations. Unlike the previous generation, the new RTH 5.18 is now the entry level machine in the Magni telehandler family, for those who may be new to the world of telehandlers and are looking for a compromise between ease of use, performance and price. The new RTH 6.22, 6.26 and 6.31 not only have 1 metre more lifting height than the previous generation, but also offer up to 70% improved load charts. The latest addition to the RTH range, the 8.27 is the result of the compactness of the RTH 7.26 and the performance of the previous generation RTH 8.25.

We have increased the glass surface of the windscreen and slimmed down the steering column to improve visibility and safety. Moreover, the range comes as standard with a rear view camera so that

the operator has everything under control in real time.

We have introduced the new MCTS (Magni Combi Touch System) on-board software which allows for three different load chart visualisations: classic, dynamic and from above. Developed and patented by Magni TH, the new “easy access system” automatically stops the turret rotation when approaching the access ladder, simply by pressing a green button on the left joystick.

Finally, in order to improve usability and comfort, the cab interior has been completely redesigned and all upholstery is injection moulded to ensure durability and a better finish. The cabin now also features dimmable courtesy LED lights under the access ladder, under the armrests, on the cab ceiling and under the right-hand dashboard to improve accessibility even in dark places.


To learn more about Magni, please visit:

october 2023 23 PLANT PLANET magni news
Classic dynamic from above
The new RTH 5.18 is now the entry level machine in the Magni telehandler family, for those who may be new to the world of telehandlers and are looking for a compromise between ease of use, performance and price.


Safe Site Check In, a leader in construction management software for jobsite productivity and safety, announced its new Advanced Edition making jobsite management even more productive, safer and secure.

Project onboarding: Onboard all workers – employees, subcontractors, visitors. Create a personal QR badge for phone or print. Capture worker identity, licenses, certs, employer, etc.

Badge scanning: Workers check-in and out ever faster using any tablet or phone, with or without screening questions. Use phones or printed QR badges and tablets. Just like boarding an airplane with access controls.

Visitor management: As always, visitors can scan jobsite posters, agree to jobsite waivers, view safety training, receive a badge, and notify supers – all selfservice.

Daily log automation: Manpower and visitor data is captured and securely cloud stored. Weekly jobsite reports distributed via email, reports available 7×24. Validate wage, invoice, and insurance claims.

Integration with Construction Management Platforms: Best and fastest way to lower Procore and Autodesk Build operating costs. No more manual keying of manpower, visitor and observation data. Save a full FTE or more and reduce bid overhead on every sizable project.

Safety & Security enhanced: Verify attendance, confirm safety requirements, record tool talk attendance, distribute

hazmat data sheets, broadcast to jobsites. Supervisors can verify badges and be notified of any attendance issues.

The Easiest Check In Anywhere For Any Jobsite

Safe Site Check In saves field managers hours a day by automating manual, paper-based or neglected jobsite processes. Project onboarding can even be delegated to subcontractors. We’ve confirmed savings of £1.50 or more per check-in, which, on larger projects, easily saves one or more headcount. And because these costs are typically included in project overhead fees, estimators can offer more competitive bids. Safe Site Check In also provides HQ departments all the real time jobsite data they need but are missing today:

• Leadership and Owners: Real time views of jobsite attendance.

• Project Managers: Capture resources and effort against milestones.

• Safety Managers: Communicate with the field, confirm safety compliance.

• Accounting: Verify hourly payroll and t&m invoices.

• HR: Onboard employees and subcontractors with certs, skills and credentials.

• Risk: A daily log archive is critical after any incident or claim.

Advance Your Digital Strategy a nd Be AI-Ready

“We continue to evolve the Safe Site Check In platform based on customer feedback to accelerate construction’s digital transformation,” said Tom Tortolani, Co-Founder & Head of Product at Safe Site Check In. “Digital badging is a game-changer for all our customers in

safety-first industries. Within construction, we are especially seeing increased demand when they use Procore or Autodesk Build as the foundation of their digital strategy.”

“Jobsite data is the missing link in every contractor’s digital strategy to bridge field operations and HQ. Lean, agile collaboration with our customers means we deliver the greatest business value for the price of any jobsite management solution”, said David Brian Ward, CEO. “Our new badging and onboarding features are accelerating adoption by larger ground-up projects every day. More workers mean more savings when you use Safe Site Check In. And our jobsite attendance data will be essential for tomorrow’s AI productivity gains for project and safety managers in any hard hat industry.”

Achieve 100% ROI on Every Project

Safe Site Check In is also announcing pricing changes for its compliance data storage, and will now offer fixed price discounts when customers commit to an entire project from inception. As before, our Standard Edition provides essential basics, while the Advanced Edition meets the needs of even the most advanced and complex project jobsites. As always, the more project sites, the greater your discounts. Most customers will achieve full payback and ROI on their very first project.

To learn more about Safe Site Check In, please visit:

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SmartPM CEO Michael Pink will join Procore’s Matt Baum and Outbuild’s Franco Giaquinto to examine the future of construction scheduling

ATLANTA — In a pivotal development for the construction technology sector, SmartPM Technologies has further strengthened its strategic alliance with Procore, the industry’s premier construction management software provider. Together, they aim to enhance the way construction professionals operate and manage their projects, from inception to completion.

The collaboration integrates SmartPM’s analytics and monitoring capabilities seamlessly with Procore’s comprehensive project management features. This integration is anticipated to provide professionals with actionable insights, helping reduce project delays, mitigate risks, and streamline operations.

“We are thrilled to deepen our partnership,” said Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM. “Joining forces with Procore allows us to leverage the best of both platforms, resulting in an unparalleled

offering for construction professionals worldwide. Our combined expertise is destined to push boundaries and set new standards.”

As part of this alliance, Pink will take the stage at Procore’s annual Groundbreak 2023 conference, diving deep into the future of construction scheduling. He will be joined by Matt Baum from Procore’s scheduling product management team and Franco Giaquinto, CEO of Outbuild, to illuminate the transformative potential of the construction sector’s digital evolution.

Titled “The Future of Construction Scheduling”, this session promises a fresh perspective on the advancements in the construction scheduling process. Despite the legacy of CPM scheduling, the trio will delve into how technological innovation is finally catching up. They will highlight the transition from traditional systems to contemporary, data-enabled platforms enriched with powerful analytics. This session, given

the combined expertise of its speakers, is expected to be one of the event’s highlights.

“The construction industry is on the cusp of a revolution,” remarked Pink. “With the advent of AI, machine learning, and business intelligence, we’re looking at unprecedented systematization of workflow management. Our collaboration with Procore and the insights from this session at Groundbreak 2023 are pivotal for professionals to grasp these emerging trends.”

Procore’s Groundbreak 2023 brings together the most passionate and innovative thought leaders from around the world who are embracing the transformation happening across the construction industry.

october 2023 25 PLANT PLANET smartpm tech news
For more information, visit: FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
SmartPM CEO Michael Pink


Two entry-level packages for Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) intelligent compaction system Compact Assist have now been introduced to best match the varied demands of its customers on its line of Volvo Soil Compactors.

Designed for customers who need some of the existing system’s functionality – but not all of them –the new ‘Lite’ and ‘Start’ packages unlock varying degrees of access to the core functions of Pass Mapping and Compaction Measurement Value (CMV) Mapping, all powered by the 10” Volvo Co-Pilot touchscreen. With these tailored solutions, customers can now more easily unlock the benefits of intelligent compaction, receiving only the information that is most useful to them and in turn achieving optimum compaction results.

Packages to fit your needs

Customers can now choose from three packages from Volvo CE’s suite of Compact Assist tools – whether they are looking for simple compaction measurements right through to complete tracking of both the coverage and compaction of the material – ensuring the most cost-effective and relevant solution, specific to their needs.

1. Lite – The first of the two new bundles, this is the perfect option for those taking the first steps towards improving the quality of their compaction work.

It integrates a simple compaction gauge and rear-view camera within the Volvo Co-Pilot monitor, allowing the operator to track the progress of current and recently completed compaction with full visibility behind the machine.

2. Start – The other latest option combines all the functionality of the Lite package, plus the ability to see completed work across the entire jobsite. With increased functionality, it uses GPS data to provide the operator with a clear map of passes and CMV mapping.

3. Compact Assist – Offering the fullest functionality of the existing Compact Assist solution, this option provides everything that the Start package boasts, as well as high accuracy location and data recording, enabling the creation of reports on the finished job and access to extensive detail on the performance of the roller.

Intelligent compaction made simple

Since its launch, Volvo CE’s Compact Assist has been the industry standard when it comes to intelligent compaction tools. Available on the company’s SD75B, SD115B, SD135B and SD160B soil compactors, it facilitates a more successful compaction process, helping operators understand where the ground has been adequately compacted and where more attention is needed –information that is especially useful when working on large jobsites.

One of its essential features is Pass Mapping, where customers can visualise the whole job and keep track of where they have compacted, making it easy to see where work is still required and in turn saving time and money.

Another key tool is CMV mapping, whereby customers are given a complete image of the load bearing strength of the jobsite allowing them to identify a soil mixture that is too wet, for example, or any buried infrastructure. This helps operators to identify areas that require additional compaction or further investigation.

The highest standard of compaction

With these new more-tailored packages, customers can better integrate the Compact Assist solution into the day-today work of their Volvo Soil Compactors, all the while assured of the same great compaction results.

While these packages have been created for Volvo Soil Compactors, Compact Assist is also available for Volvo Asphalt Compactors, including Pass Mapping, Temperature Mapping, as well as Density Mapping and Stiffness (CMV) Mapping tools.


To learn more about Volvo CE, please visit:

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SANY UK is pleased to announce that Rocket Rentals Ltd, a leading name in UK plant, access and tool hire has made a significant investment in its fleet with the procurement of 10 new SANY excavators.

The decision to invest in SANY excavators aligns with Rocket Rentals’ dedication to offering top-tier machinery that ensures safety, productivity, and reliability on job sites.

SANY has earned a reputation for its efficiency, durability, and exceptional performance in the construction and excavation industries. The new excavators are equipped with powerful engines and advanced hydraulic systems and are also designed to minimise fuel consumption, empowering operators to tackle projects of varying scales with greater accuracy and speed.

Leigh Harris, Business Development Director for the UK and Ireland commented: “It’s fantastic that a high level and renowned UK hire company such as Rocket Rentals has decided to invest in SANY excavators as they strengthen their hire fleet. Our machines

are continuing to receive great feedback across the country and this partnership is another excellent endorsement of our products.”

The order which includes a range of machines from 2 to 8 tonne has been supplied by SANY’s depot in the South East and will join an already extensive fleet of equipment that is available to hire from Rocket Rentals across the South West.

Rocket Rentals Managing Director, Simon Tomblin said: “We are delighted to have taken delivery of our first order of SANY excavators to support our continued growth plans in 2023. We’ve been in discussions with the team at SANY for a while and in the end our decision to invest was based on a number of factors that included the high specification of the machines, the industry leading 5-year warranty, price and the relationship that we have built with the team over these past 18 months.”

Simon continued: “In this industry it’s important to keep moving forward and SANY certainly aren’t standing still. They listen to the customer and make

changes along the way, which is fantastic. The new machines have all performed really well since arriving and the feedback has been really positive.”

Rocket Rentals is a family run business that has been providing specialist plant and tool hire services across the South West since 2003. Its comprehensive range of plant hire includes excavators, dumpers, rollers, telehandlers, attachments and access equipment.

They are committed to buying machinery that provide safety, security and ease of operation to ensure that their customers receive the very best value for money.


For more information about SANY UK and its comprehensive range of construction machinery, please visit

For more information about Rocket Rentals Ltd, please visit

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Stainless Steel enclosure

Forklift pockets

Hard wired, fly lead or panel mount incomer

100% configurable board

Galvanised crash frame

Adaptor Plates to change outgoing ways

Lockable incoming breaker door.

BS 7375:2010:

Distribution of Electricity on Construction & Demolition Sites. Code Of Practice.

Scan to find out more

Your partners in Temporary Power Distribution.

IDE has over 25 years’ experience in designing power distribution solutions. We can help you with every aspect of your project requirements, from hiring and/or purchasing to helping you plan ahead.

Our site power distribution equipment is designed to withstand the tough conditions of construction sites and is used to supply temporary power to site cabins, heaters, lighting, tools and plant equipment. It can be fitted with our Energy Management and Control module, Erica.

01543 574 111 E: W:


IDE Systems is a trusted temporary power distribution and energy management provider, who have now partnered with Invisible Systems, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider, to create a combined offering for on-site energy management.

The partnership marks an exciting milestone as IDE Systems transitions from being a product supplier to Invisible Systems, to now becoming a distributor of Invisible Systems’ Eco Lync product, providing an end-to-end energy management solution for construction sites. This partnership will enable substantial savings on fuel consumption, energy usage, and subsequent reductions in emissions and costs for the construction industry.

IDE Systems has its own energy management and control system, Erica, which enables sites to have access to real time data on power consumption and also the ability to turn off power to certain areas of the site by using the online dashboard. IDE Systems has been working with the temporary power market for the last few years to understand how energy is used and provide control solutions to reduce waste and carbon

emissions, contributing to their journey towards net zero operations and ultimately helping them to save costs.

Invisible Systems’ Eco Lync technology is a proven energy management system making a significant impact, reducing carbon emissions by over 30% on construction sites. Offering both solutions, users can ensure the best system is selected based on their needs, or by combining both, users can have optimised system across the whole range of on-site needs.

As IDE Systems provide energy management and control solutions to construction sites and Invisible Systems is adept at monitoring energy usage in compound buildings, bringing the two systems together will provide monitoring and energy management for construction projects of all sizes, from single cabins to large-scale developments encompassing hundreds of units.

Wayne Woodhead, MD of IDE Systems, is pleased to have secured this partnership saying: “IDE Systems started on its journey to develop energy monitoring and control solutions four years ago. Our focus with Erica was always for the vast number of smaller site compounds, but there is an obvious need

to apply the same principles to larger set ups. Working with Invisible Systems expands our energy management offering to encompass these and become the UK’s leading provider in the temporary market. We have a shared vision to make a real change in the way the industry uses energy, and ensure it meets carbon reduction targets.”

Jamie Robertson, CEO of Invisible Systems, emphasised the significance of this partnership, stating: “IDE Systems’ has been a trusted supplier for some time and it felt like a natural next step to head into a more collaborative partnership with them that delivers a one-stop energy management solution. Their strong presence in the temporary power marketplace here in the UK opens up new possibilities for other construction companies to benefit from Eco Lync’s proven efficiency in reducing carbon emissions and saving on business costs.”


To learn more about how the construction industry can reduce energy usage and work towards a sustainable future, please visit:

For more information on Eco Lync visit:

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You can’t miss it!! Thanks to Blackwood Plant Hire and Molson Young, all eyes are on the fantastic new Kobelco SK130 which proudly showcases the vibrant colours of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity’s recently launched Make It Visible campaign.

The Lighthouse Charity is the only charity 100% dedicated to providing emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to construction workers and their families.

Their campaign aims to raise awareness of welfare and wellbeing support in the construction industry and signposts to a portal full of helpful information and resources.

The machine is currently in place at Balfour Beatty’s site in Dunfermline, on hire from Blackwood Plant.

Paul McCormack, Managing Director of Blackwood Plant said: “As a member of the West of Scotland Lighthouse Committee I witness the strains of the industry’s mental health through the real struggles of people the charity helps. I also see this with my own staff, where in a male dominated industry, many are scared to admit that they have mental health issues and in simple terms are struggling.

Our vision for this machine is to promote and hopefully help gain acceptance through the industry that it is ok not to be ok and to talk about any issues they have. This message is underpinned by the charity’s campaigns ‘make it visible’ and ‘help inside the hard hat’.

“We cannot thank the committee, Molson Young and A Gray enough for their help in getting this machine as visible as possible as well as Molson Young agreeing to match our donation of £1.00 for every hour the machine works over the next 12 months. We hope to gain lots of donations from our customers throughout the year and have our sights set on a target of £10,000.”

Alistair Murdoch from Molson Young Plant Sales said: “As a past Chairman of the West of Scotland Lighthouse Club and a supporter for many years it was a pleasure to work with Paul and develop an idea to support and promote the charity. We chose the Make It Visible campaign as its vibrant colour scheme would make the Kobelco SK130LC-11 stand out and raise awareness of the charity to everyone working on and visiting the sites where the excavator is located. A massive thanks must also go to Molson Group and Blackwood Plant

Hire who have both agreed to financially support the charity.”

Alan Gilmour, the Chair of Lighthouse Club Scotland West said: “We can’t thank Blackwood Plant Hire and Molson Scotland highly enough for their efforts in arranging for the Make it Visible branding to go on their new excavator. Placing the machine into a live project environment where there will be hundreds of trades working over the coming months, really allows the name of the charity to get out there much more widely and also supports the earlier visits from the Make It Visible on site team. We hope the initiative really raises much needed awareness as well as hitting the fundraising targets that Paul and the team have set over the remainder of the year.”

Both businesses have pledged to match £1 per hour each for the time that the machine is on hire for the next year. As well as raising funds we also hope to raise awareness of the campaign and help spread the message of support.

30 october 2023 PLANT PLANET news Blackwood Plant Hire & Molson Young
To view the video of the fantastic Make It Visible machine, visit:


Bobcat fans in the USA voted to decide the winner of the $25K backyard makeover, and the opportunity to meet country music superstar Justin Moore

The votes are tallied, and Bobcat Company is thrilled to announce the winner of the Bobcat Backyard Makeover Contest is Julie Rummer from Turlock, Calif. Julie will receive a $25,000 backyard makeover using Bobcat equipment to transform her backyard and garden. She will also have the opportunity to meet country music superstar – and Bobcat enthusiast – Justin Moore.

Five finalists were selected based on the originality and creativity in their contest entry submission, as well as sharing the impact of how a backyard makeover would empower them to accomplish more. Julie’s powerful story received the most votes from the public.

Julie survived an auto accident in 1995 that left her paralysed as a quadriplegic. She is now wheelchair dependent, and often encounters challenges manoeuvring in her backyard. While she loves to garden, the dirt and weeds often get stuck in her wheelchair. She would like to makeover her backyard and make it wheelchair accessible so she can be outdoors more often, which she says helps her forget her mobility limitations.

“We are thrilled to announce Julie Rummer as the winner of the Bobcat Backyard Makeover Contest and can’t wait to bring her backyard dreams to life,” said Laura Ness Owens, vice president of global brand and communications and North American marketing. “At Bobcat, we are committed to empowering people to conquer their biggest challenges, and we are proud to help Julie in her pursuits by enhancing her backyard.”

Julie and her husband love to entertain family, friends and neighbours at their home. They have dreamt of making improvements to their yard – both visually and to make it more wheelchair-friendly –but haven’t had the time or money.

“Gardening is one of my biggest passions and being outdoors makes me forget my daily limitations. I am so incredibly grateful to Bobcat for this opportunity to create a completely accessible yard that will allow me the garden of my dreams,” said Julie.

“I’ve been brought to tears at the thought of winning this contest. The kindness, love and support from my family, friends, neighbours and total strangers has filled my heart.”

In addition to the backyard makeover, Julie will have the opportunity to meet Justin Moore as he joins the Bobcat team in the renovation project. Moore has been a brand ambassador for Bobcat Company since 2021. As an owner and operator of multiple pieces of Bobcat equipment, including a compact loader and compact tractor, Moore keeps busy on his 80-acre property in Arkansas.

In addition to meeting Moore, Julie will work with an area landscape contractor and her local Bobcat dealer to plan and create her dream backyard.

“Bobcat is known for empowering people and in my case, they are helping me to enjoy more sunshine and time in my happy place – my backyard,” said Julie. “Thank you for your generosity and commitment to lifting people up and helping me find a new path.”

About Bobcat Company

Since 1958, Bobcat Company has been empowering people to accomplish more. As a leading global manufacturer of

compact equipment, Bobcat has a proud legacy of innovation and a reputation based on delivering smart solutions to customers’ toughest challenges. Backed by the support of a worldwide network of independent dealers and distributors, Bobcat offers an extensive line of compact equipment, including loaders, excavators, compact tractors, utility products, telehandlers, mowers, attachments, implements, parts, and services. In 2024, Bobcat will expand its brand with the addition of portable power, industrial air and industrial vehicle offerings. Headquartered in West Fargo, North Dakota, Bobcat continues to lead the industry with its new and innovative offerings.

The Bobcat brand is owned by Doosan Bobcat, Inc., a company within the Doosan Group. Committed to empowering people to accomplish more, Doosan Bobcat is dedicated to building stronger communities and a better tomorrow.

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To learn more about Bobcat, please visit: FOR FURTHER INFORMATION


The National Federation of Builders (NFB), along with The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and People’s Partnership, have conducted research on neurodiversity in the construction industry.

The NFB is the leading trade association in England and Wales representing real construction and building contractors. They provide expert advice, training, representation and business services for members so that they can comply with industry standards, excel in delivery, and grow successful businesses.

The CITB is the industry training board for the construction sector in England, Scotland, and Wales. It’s their job to help the construction industry attract talent and to support skills development, to build a better Britain.

People’s Partnership is a ‘profit for people’ organisation. As a business without shareholders, they reinvest their profits to help customers and achieve better financial outcomes. They’re one of the largest workplace pension providers in this country and help 1 in 5 UK workers aged 22+ with a workplace pension save for their retirement.

Danny Clarke CMIOSH, Commercial Director of NFB explains; “This research focuses explicitly on the construction industry and highlights the incidence of neurodiversity amongst workers. The results of which show that neurodiversity is surprisingly common, with one in four identifying as having a neurodiverse condition.”

The NFB, CITB and People’s Partnership are all committed to improving the construction industry for the current workforce and new entrants. To understand how many of those working in the industry are neurodiverse, and the challenges and hurdles they face, the NFB commissioned research undertaken by market research company

OnePoll between 20 March and 30 March 2023. The survey sampled over 1000 UK adults working in the construction industry.

Neurodiversity is the term used to describe the different ways in which people’s brains function, learn and process information, not better, not worse, simply different.

The report highlights that in the UK, it is estimated that 1 in 7 individuals are neurodiverse, with the construction industry being no exception to this diversity. 1 in 4 construction workers identify themselves as having a neurodiverse condition, and among these workers, ADHD is the most prevalent, accounting for 54% of the neurodiverse individuals in this field.

34% of neurodiverse workers expressed that their condition actually heightened their desire to work in construction, while only 5% felt it made them less inclined to do so. This indicates that construction is a field actively chosen by neurodiverse individuals.

The construction industry is perceived as supportive towards neurodiversity, with 67% of all construction workers believing that the sector is capable of accommodating and aiding individuals with diverse neurological conditions, while only 11% expressed disagreement. These findings highlight the industry’s potential for fostering inclusivity and embracing the talents of neurodiverse individuals.

A significant 80% of respondents who disclosed their neurodiverse condition to their employer experienced reasonable adjustments made for their accommodation, with 71% receiving additional support. These statistics are very positive, however despite progress in supporting neurodiverse individuals in the construction industry, concerns regarding stigma and embarrassment persist.

comments; “There is of course still work to do when it comes to stigma. The research shows that almost 40% of neurodiverse workers have not told their employers and of those about a third say it is because they are worried about the stigma, and a significant percentage say they are embarrassed. This is simply not acceptable. We can only get the best out of our people when they feel fully supported and it is hard for employers to support where we do not know the challenges that our people face. With more awareness, we can change that, and between us, the NFB and CITB, it is our mission to do so.

“I’m proud our sector is a home to many neurodiverse people and that it attracts neurodiverse people to work in it. That is something we should shout from the rooftops. Let’s do everything we can to make it the most supportive sector too.”

Lawrence Webb comments; “This research is well timed and sends a clear, data based message. It supports and endorses the opportunity that exists for us all to continue in the drive to be truly inclusive so we can all be at our best as teams, and as individuals.

“Those who are not neurotypical deserve the full understanding and support of work colleagues at all levels to enable, lever and maximise the benefits that come with full, unhindered access to the full work environment and all it has to offer. This is a win-win where together, we can unlock the potential that may be unrealised within at least one in seven of us, so together, we can all thrive.”


The report is available for download on the NFB’s website here: neurodiversity-report/

32 october 2023 PLANT PLANET news NFB // CITB

Targa Telematics: Mastering Digital Solutions for the Future of Plant Machinery

34 october 2023 PLANT
PLANET company profile Targa telematics

Introducing Targa Telematics

In the rapidly evolving landscape of connected mobility and IoT, Targa Telematics stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. With over two decades of ground-breaking developments, Targa Telematics is sculpting the future of various industries, prominently including construction machinery.

Offering a spectrum of digital platforms and telematics technology solutions, the company has established itself as a vital ally for businesses in different sectors - be it short and long-term rental companies, financial institutions, or large fleets, offering services such as insurance telematics, asset and fleet management, and remote diagnostics.

october 2023 35 PLANT PLANET targa telematics company profile

In the age of smart mobility, Targa Telematics acts as both a solution provider and a change agent, helping businesses become more adaptive, efficient, and green. By enabling harmonious collaboration between connected vehicles, drivers, and mobility managers, they craft an ecosystem that enhances safety, costeffectiveness, and advanced business methods.

Rising as a Global Force

The acquisition of the Viasat Group in May 2023 was a pivotal moment for Targa Telematics. It not only solidified their status in the IoT domain but broadened their horizons. With headquarters proudly standing in Treviso and operational branches across Europe and as far as Chile, Targa is not just a European entity but an emerging global titan.

The company’s relentless drive is evident as they introduce technology that scales, complemented by local expertise. This dual approach ensures that their services aren’t just cutting-edge, but also deeply sensitive to local market dynamics, thereby delivering services of unmatched quality.

Expertise in Plant Machinery

Targa’s brilliance shines brightly in the realm of construction machinery. Targa Telematics also aims at preserving and maximising the value of vehicles and heavy machinery by providing specialised solutions tailored for businesses that operate construction equipment, including trucks, elevators, cranes, and excavators. Vehicle owners now can leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the security, cost management, and profitability of their equipment. These solutions make use of telematics capabilities, advanced algorithms, and Targa Telematics’ extensive expertise in the plant machinery sector to convert real-time data into advanced services. These services encompass various aspects, such as maintenance scheduling, prevention of theft and fraud, and the optimisation of fleet operations.

Users can effortlessly access the data via a digital platform compatible with PCs, laptops, and smartphones. Where required, API integrations facilitate smooth data exchange with the leasing firm’s IT infrastructure, streamlining their rental and billing operations by leveraging vehicle data. Presently, the IT company boasts over 150 clients, operates in six international locations including the UK, Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal, and oversees continuous multilingual control centres with over 15,000 vehicles connected.

An array of solutions

Within the realm of plant machinery, Targa Telematics rolls out a suite of solutions that enhance invoicing accuracy, streamline maintenance, and safeguard invaluable assets. Beyond just operational efficiency, these tools also lead to significant cost savings and ensure the longevity of assets for businesses. Their pay-per-use invoicing system stands out for its precision. Instead of guessing equipment usage, Targa Telematics captures exact operational hours and mileage. So, when a construction firm leases heavy machinery, the invoicing reflects the true usage, ensuring a transparent billing process for both parties. Maintenance, especially of machinery leased out for extended periods, can be a challenge. Addressing this, Targa Telematics offers a digital platform that enables real-time monitoring and alert setups. These alerts aren’t merely time-bound but factor in live metrics like engine hours and mileage. Such proactive monitoring prevents potential warranty breaches, safeguards the machinery from unnecessary wear, and preserves its value. The system’s vigilance can culminate in annual savings of up to 15-20% on maintenance expenses.

36 october 2023 PLANT PLANET company profile targa telematics
october 2023 37 PLANT PLANET targa telematics company profile

For plant owners, asset preservation is paramount. Targa Telematics extends its services beyond just tracking and maintenance. They bolster asset security by introducing measures like automated alerts for unauthorised usage driver ID and key pad immobilisation. In cases of theft, they pair up with 24/7 control centres and local authorities. This synergy often results in impressive recovery rates, sometimes surpassing 90%, ensuring not just asset protection but also peace of mind for the businesses leveraging these assets.

Leveraging OEM data

The automotive industry is currently being revolutionised by connected vehicles, leading the charge in innovations such as electric, shared, and autonomous mobility. Modern vehicles come loaded with embedded sensors, continuously capturing a multitude of data points. Targa Telematics adopts cutting-edge technology to collect this rich data and process this, as well as from any aftermarket devices, providing a comprehensive and unified view of the fleet. This enables our customers to overcome the technical, commercial, and legal complexities of sourcing OEM data from a number of providers, allowing full visibility of their fleets, regardless of vehicle makes or models.

This ability to directly harness OEM Data, not just from providers but also from collaborators, who collect from over 65 sources sets Targa Telematics apart from others in the arena. Their offerings provide fleet and mobility managers with adaptable solutions tailored to their fleet needs.

Their strategic alliances with automotive giants such as Stellantis, Ford, BMW, Mini, and Renault further underline their industry dominance. Additionally, Targa Telematics isn’t just limited to the automotive sector; they also make significant strides in the plant machinery segment, showcasing their versatile solution range.

From Plant Machinery to Fleet Management Optimization

Effective fleet management is essential for logistics, and Targa Telematics is carving a niche in fleet refinement with its stateof-the-art tech and data-centric approaches. Differentiating Asset Management from Fleet Optimization, the company tailors its solutions to the diverse challenges fleet managers face. In a business landscape where efficiency is key, Targa Telematics ensures that enterprises can run their fleet operations both seamlessly and economically.

38 october 2023 PLANT PLANET company profile targa telematics

The current business environment demands precise fleet management— a factor that could significantly impact a company’s profitability. Targa Telematics understands the pivotal role of fleet management in cost management, elevating operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and sustainability.

The company’s robust solutions touch upon these vital elements in depth. They utilise vehicle data for timely maintenance, minimising idle time, and enhancing asset worth. Their utilisation of AI and Machine Learning boosts security through risk identification, theft deterrence, and swift recovery.

Electric Vehicles and Beyond

Targa Telematics is leading the way to seamlessly incorporate electric vehicles (EVs) into corporate fleets while simplifying EV charge management. Their service, TARGA4ELECTRIC, empowers fleet operators to gauge potential savings and pinpoint traditional vehicles ready for an electric switch. This technology not only manages pivotal EV charging aspects but also delivers comprehensive battery health and upkeep insights, guaranteeing consistent operation and extended lifespan. Furthermore, Targa Telematics presents a tool that

grants fleet managers exhaustive data to supervise and finetune electric vehicle and hybrid use, facilitating timely interventions. This innovation provides financial savings, whilst also meeting decarbonisation requirements.

Corporate Car Sharing

Corporate Car Sharing by Targa Telematics enables company cars to be shared efficiently amongst employees, increasing fleet utilisation and limiting the number of vehicles deployed. The solution integrates seamlessly into your business systems and processes, streamlining fleet operation activities, including managing vehicle reservations, availability, and reporting. It can be deployed in a wide variety of fleets, including those with electric vehicles. Based on Targa Telematics’ digital mobility platform and suite of mobile applications, Corporate Car Sharing is straightforward to implement and manage, whilst delivering a simple and easily accessible user experience: a solution that makes shared mobility for employees simple, fast and efficient.

october 2023 39 PLANT PLANET targa telematics company profile
Remove DIRT & WATER in the same mobile application Affordable and easy to change out replacement cartridges Kind to the planet - as a natural, sustainable product Save waste costs, replacement value and labour Simple ‘plug and play’ application Site permantely on a problematic machine or on a rotational cleanse across your fleet. Whether it be to tackle one off contamination issues, or as a permanent fix to heavy use equipment to protect pumps, valves & cylinders etc.. or as a rotational cleanse on off-hire equipment. KLEENOIL offer a completely free trial at your site ; with before and after independent oil analysis. Clean your used or wet Hydraulic oil back to new KLEENOIL can restore oil to as good as new, or better; ISO 18/16/13 CONTACT US 01977 682810 SALES@KLEENOIL.CO.UK WWW.KLEENOIL.CO.UK MAXIMISE PRODUCTIVITY Increase productivity with real-time performance status of every machine. ENHANCE SECURITY Instantly view the location of every machine with GPS tracking. REDUCE DOWNTIME Plan maintenance easier with real-time alerts and service noti cations. Instant information. All the time. Everytime. Get connected today: Contact your local dealer or scan to nd out more. Available now as standard on all 4/5/8 tonne Kubota mini-excavators. Manage your eet easily and remotely with the Kubota Tracking System. PlantPlanet_OCT.KTS_210x150.indd 1 15/09/2023 09:59

Crucial to Construction: How Telematics Has Changed the World of Construction Indefinitely

Data, data, data. That’s the name of the game when it comes to telematics. In the construction industry, having the ability to break down information into readable chunks allows construction sites to function smoothly, safely and successfully.

So, how did it all start?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Since it’s early conception by the U.S. Department of Defence in the 1960s, telematics transformed from something inspired by the Soviet Spacecraft Sputnik to a cornerstone of many businesses.

Use of GPS to asset-track has long since moved beyond just the battlefield and entered the wider general consumer market.

The term telematics was coined in 1978 in a technology report to the French Prime Minister, and derives from the French ‘télématique’, a compound of ‘télécommunication and informatique.’ These days, it’s now associated with the innovative technology that can be called on right from your very own pocket.

october 2023 41 PLANT PLANET Crucial to Construction feature

From the early 2000’s onwards, telematics made its full transition into the consumer market, particularly in construction. It was the fleet management company, GE, that first developed a driver communications platform. With this technology, businesses were able to manage key components such as vehicle registration requirements, maintenance needs and even a delivery timeline. Though, unlike the high-tech systems we have today, these were all based on text messages and push notifications rather than an accurate tracking of business needs. There was no live reporting, which meant that the data was never 100% precise.

Even in 2001, when giants WEBFLEET, Blaupunkt and Siemens came together to launch one of the initial connected navigation systems, we were only a small step closer to where we are today. Their technological pursuits meant that there was now integrated tracking with two-way driver communication as well as navigation.

In fact, it wasn’t until the financial crisis of 07/08, when fuel prices rose to ridiculous heights and EU legislation meant that there were newly required CO2 targets to meet, that a new focus on reducing fuel consumption became a priority. Money saving became just one of the multiple additions in telematics. Using Bluetooth as a base, there became a hands-free gateway into voice activation and control, along with multimedia and multifaceted handsets, as well as driver

behaviour pattern monitoring and live, accurate traffic data that enabled companies to make better informed decisions about their planned routes.

How does this help with Construction?

Construction is a fast-moving industry with multiple assets all needing to be used at once. The moment one is called into service, the need to monitor and track its progress and performance becomes paramount, as not only does it instil confidence in your customers but also your workforce.

The ability to break down all the relevant information you require into easy-to-read chunks, as well as be accessed from the same platform, gives construction sites the ability to run smoothly whilst remaining safe and profitable. Nowadays, you can track equipment and assets, as well as driver performance and handling patterns. Without checking with the foreman, you can follow the work in real time, giving them and their workers the freedom to continue with their work unimpeded.

It also means you get a better idea of your equipment’s general wear and tear, as from one portable device you can see whether daily and weekly checks are being performed, as well as the last full service carried out on each individual piece. It keeps you ahead of potential hazards and safety issues, as well as upholding long term asset retention.

42 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature Crucial to Construction


Machine to Machine communication was first conceptualized in 1968 by the Greek inventor and scientist Theodore G. Paraskevakos while he was working on the Caller ID technology.

october 2023 43 PLANT PLANET Crucial to Construction feature

In this competitive market, most telematics companies aim to provide the following features:

Project Management – Mobile, project management software which allows you to connect to multiple sites, assets, and people all at once, all done with live, real-time visibility.

Safety & Quality – By keeping on top of regular health and safety checks, risk is lowered, and visibility of potential problems increased. Incident reporting and monitoring can also be performed from these programmes, storing the data for any litigation needs.

Financial Projections – Budgets have never been more accurate with reliable data helping you to project properly into the future. Spend wisely by tracking how your financial decisions affect your business in real time.

Design Coordination – Coordination issues can now be accessed and assigned all in one location, with the ability to connect and check in with other teams.

Tender and Invoice Management – Tenders are now easily collected through the platform, as well as giving you the ability to distribute needed information and follow progress. The same goes for invoicing, as billing can now be streamlined easily into the easy-to-use app.

Real Time Connectivity – Connect to your workforce in real time, monitoring driving patterns, assessing needs, and managing workload quickly and efficiently.

44 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature Crucial to Construction

Speaking to Andrew Clarkson, Finance Director at CRJ, he had a lot to say on telematics.

“Telematics is crucial in ensuring operations in the plant sector run efficiently and seamlessly. Not only do they help enhance productivity levels, but they can also improve safety and boost profits.”

CRJ Services Ltd is a comprehensive waste, recycling and forestry equipment solutions provider in both the UK and Ireland. They know, better than anyone, just how much telematics is needed in today’s modern world.

“Telematics enable real-time monitoring and data consumption of equipment and machinery, allowing for efficient resource allocation and reducing downtime. Operators can remotely track equipment performance, schedule maintenance,

and optimise routes, leading to increased operational efficiency and productivity.

“Having that total connectivity with machines also plays a vital role in safety management. With the user having data on equipment usage, operator behaviour, and maintenance needs, it facilitates the user with proactive safety measures. Users can identify unsafe practices and machines that require maintenance and take corrective actions promptly, reducing accidents, costs and liability.

“Additionally, with precise data on equipment usage, companies can maximise their fleet’s efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Telematics also allows businesses to reduce unplanned downtime, however ultimately with productivity increasing as a result, profits and income will follow.”


The first car navigation system launched for consumers came out in 1985, based on the idea by CEO of Etak, Stanley Honey.


It’s estimated that by 2025, nearly 90% of all vehicles globally are expected to have integrated telematics.

october 2023 45 PLANT PLANET Crucial to Construction feature

And which are the best apps to help do this?

With so many telematics companies worldwide, it is fundamental to find one that is right for you and your business, as it is not a simple case of finding the first one on your search engine. There are specific solutions designed for and by the construction world in order to best support your business. Procore, for instance, is one such telematics platform that can now boast 2 million users globally. They purport to ‘build software, opportunities, and community for construction.’

They let the statistics speak for themselves. Based on a 2022 customer survey, Procore’s website tells us that:

48% More Construction Volume - Surveyed participants say using Procore enables their project teams to manage 48% more construction volume per person.

16% Reduction in Rework - Customer survey respondents who agree Procore helps reduce rework reported an average reduction of 16%.

83% Improved Quality - 83% of customer respondents agree that Procore has helped improve overall quality control in order to deliver higher-quality projects.

Trackunit is another construction specific telematics platform. Trackunit Iris is ‘the platform built for construction by construction’, and is made to scale, so grows alongside you and your business. Not only is it designed to be safe and secure, but Trackunit Iris allows you to connect anywhere, as it ‘makes Connecting to Construction as simple, borderless, and programmable as the rest of the internet.’

Over 40 million API calls every day. Over 1 million connected assets globally. Over 1 billion data points added to the platform every day.

Don’t worry, be ‘appy’!

Whatever your needs are, the world of telematics has your back. Connectivity has transcended from simple tracking to become the powerhouse of information that it is today. Connect, create and critique all relevant data in one easy to use crucial construction platform.


The estimated annual worth of the connectivity market is $3.5 Billion!

46 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature Crucial to Construction

Every step of the way

Unleash excavator efficiency with machine control systems from SMT GB

With machine control systems such as Dig Assist, excavator operators get all the site design information they need directly on a screen in the cab, preventing costly or dangerous mistakes like digging too deep.

48 october 2023 PLANT PLANET company profile smt

Ensuring that machines are being utilised to their fullest capabilities is at the forefront of every fleet manager and operator’s mind – and the quarrying, earthmoving and construction industries are witnessing a paradigm shift with the increasing adoption of machine control systems.

Using high-precision sensors and the latest location acquisition technology, these systems deliver real-time machine data to a screen in the cab that empowers operators to easily boost efficiency, productivity, and precision.

“Machine control systems have taken the UK by storm in recent years and changed the game for contractors. While these systems may feel relatively new, however, the same technological principles have been around for a long time in site surveying,” explains John Lawrence, Product Manager for Site Technology Solutions at SMT GB, who spent 10 years working with land surveying equipment before becoming a support application engineer for machine control systems around four years ago.

“Back in the day, land surveying meant someone behind a tripod watching another person with a stick, moving about the site. Now, robotic optical instruments automate all the tracking,” he continues. “Machine control systems simply took that survey toolkit – GPS, a screen, and data – and brought it to construction equipment. So instead of a person pacing around with strings, lines and spray paint, machine operators get all the site information they need directly on a screen in the cab, preventing costly or dangerous mistakes like digging too deep.”

Public bodies have been pushing for the use of this technology on their infrastructure projects for several reasons. The government wants to reduce the risk of injury to workers on construction sites by having fewer staff on the ground close to machinery. Plus, ONS statistics point to construction lagging behind other sectors in productivity and with machine control systems, projects wrap up faster and with less disturbance to the public.

october 2023 49 PLANT PLANET SMT company profile
In the world of quarrying, earthmoving and construction, efficiency is the name of the game – and for companies seeking to make swift and substantial improvements to their operations, SMT GB offers a range of both factory-fit and retrofit machine control systems for excavators that promise just that.

They can also contribute to mitigating environmental impact and the labour shortage and skills gap.

This encouragement from public bodies is now having a trickle-down effect from the Tier 1 contractors to the rest of industry, which has led to a surge in demand for machine control systems over the past year. With SMT GB’s suite of solutions, both fleet managers and operators alike can rest assured that they are able to unlock the full potential of their machines.

For companies looking for a factory-fit system, SMT GB, as the authorised dealer for Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) in Great Britain, offers Volvo excavators equipped with Dig Assist, Volvo CE’s proprietary machine control system designed specifically for excavators.

The dealer also offers fully integrated Volvo machine control systems for articulated haulers, wheeled loaders and pavers, known respectively as Haul Assist, Load Assist and Pave Assist. Each system features a range of different functionalities according to the specific demands of working with each machine type.

Regardless of the system chosen, operators receive real-time machine data via the state-of-the-art 10” in-cab Volvo Co-Pilot touchscreen tablet. In the case of Dig Assist, this data enables the operator to deliver considerable excavation accuracy in significantly less time than through conventional methods, boosting productivity.

50 october 2023 PLANT PLANET company profile smt
Example information shown on the Volvo Co-Pilot screen.

The versatility of Dig Assist

Dig Assist is a versatile system available in three levels of sophistication – 2D, 3D and In-Field Design – according to need. The 2D system is intended for site levelling and profiling slopes and removes the need for a site surveyor, saving on cost and improving site safety. Providing target depths to centimetre-scale, the 2D system clearly shows operators when these targets have been achieved, and a laser catcher located on the arm of the machine ensures that the system can easily recognise existing and commonly used tools.

Building in sophistication is the 3D version, which is the ideal choice for complex and large-scale infrastructure projects. Offering full three-dimensional functionality, this system allows for project files created using either Topcon or Trimble’s systems to easily be uploaded directly to a machine.

Dig Assist also enables operators to create their own projects through the In-field Design app. Using the simple on-screen instructions, operators can go from a paper drawing to a digital excavation model in minutes. The system can also save individual projects, meaning that the excavator can pick up a project exactly where it left off should it need to temporarily leave the jobsite.

october 2023 51 PLANT PLANET SMT company profile
Volvo Active Control is an extension of Dig Assist that allows the operator to perform previously defined digging movements, partly autonomously.


Volvo Co-Pilot is a state-of-the-art touchscreen tablet that powers all Volvo Assist platforms, using on-board machine data and high precision sensors to easily complete tasks in less time. Simple and intuitive, the operator can set up projects in just a few touches by selecting the required job parameters.


Duxford, Cambridge CB22 4QX

Telephone: 0330 175 5586

Volvo Active Control: semi-autonomous operation

Enhancing productivity even further, Volvo Active Control offers all of the benefits of Dig Assist and more. The system goes far beyond the capabilities of indicative machine control systems by automating certain boom and bucket movements, making for right-first-time excavations through a single-lever control.

By employing a Volvo factory-fitted steer-by-wire solution, combined with a new electro-hydraulic control system, Active Control also provides operators with the ability to set depth and height limits, as well as a swing fence, which can greatly reduce the risk of on-site accidents occurring.

Swing control also automatically stops the swing motion at a set angle to assist in digging and truck loading, while bucket angle control with return to dig and tilt bucket control automatically maintains a constant cutting edge and adjusts the bucket to match the surface design.

With single-lever automated grading, excavator arm speed is manually adjusted by the operator, while the machine automatically adjusts boom and bucket movements to maintain an even grade and create the desired shapes. Not only does this deliver consistent results, but also makes grading up to 45% faster.

It is expected that the sensors and processes forming part of Dig Assist and Active Control will be an enabler for further excavator automation in the future.

october 2023 53 PLANT PLANET SMT company profile

Ultimate flexibility with Unicontrol

SMT GB recognises that a factory-fit solution may not suit every customer, however, which is why the dealer also offers retrofit machine control systems from Unicontrol.

“Great Britain operates primarily as a hiring market, where equipment is rented for project durations, aligning with a focus on operational expenses (OpEx). Given this preference to minimise upfront capital expenditures (CapEx), retrofit systems, such as from Unicontrol, provide customers with the flexibility to move systems between machines and get more longer-term value from their investments,” John explains.

The retrofit market for machine control systems is also very well established in Great Britain and contractors are running these systems on all sorts of equipment from different manufacturers.

“We recognise that many customers have mixed fleets and appreciate the convenience of standardisation in their systems,” he continues. “Given this landscape, it comes as no surprise that customers buying a Volvo excavator from us in Great Britain were asking if we could work with a third-party provider, such as Leica, Trimble or Topcon, to include a retro fit solution. That’s why we became an official dealer for Unicontrol machine control systems.”

Unicontrol is a fairly new player in the industry, founded in Denmark in 2018, and SMT GB proudly unveiled its partnership with the company in January 2023. Built on the basis of userfriendliness and versatility, Unicontrol3D was the first system on the market to provide full support for the swing boom, helping to guarantee the best functionality and flexibility for smaller excavators. Unicontrol works for a variety of machine types and sizes, meaning that it can grow with the customer as their fleet adapts, making for far greater flexibility than most other machine control systems available today.

54 october 2023 PLANT PLANET company profile smt
John Lawrence SMT GB

“So if a customer owns an excavator, and they want a retrofit solution, we can now offer a system that can be equipped to any make or model of machine - and install it when and where they want. We’ll install the hardware, set up the software and ensure its precision. Plus, we’ll provide ongoing support and offer a comprehensive warranty. In Great Britain, our competitors typically offer warranties only for parts, but our packages cover both parts and labour,” John says.

SMT GB is now Unicontrol’s third dealer in Great Britain, as well as its only national and OED (original equipment distributor) dealer. Before officially announcing the partnership, SMT GB tested the waters behind the scenes to ensure the dealer could deliver a truly outstanding solution. SMT GB approached a select group of strategic customers across different regions of Great Britain, who were already using machine control systems extensively in their fleets and invited them to put the Unicontrol system and the dealer’s service support to the test.

“The response was beyond our expectations. The system seamlessly integrated into their existing workflows, earning praises from their teams for its user-friendliness. Now, we eagerly await the data results over the long term and our next step is to extend the use of this technology to owner-operator customers so they can experience its benefits too,” John said.

In a world where every moment counts, SMT GB’s machine control systems empower quarrying, earthmoving and construction companies to take control of their operations with precision and efficiency. Whether it’s with Dig Assist, Volvo Active Control or Unicontrol3D, SMT GB ensures customers are equipped to efficiently tackle any project, big or small, with full confidence.

“Our commitment to our customers in unwavering – we’re dedicated to meeting their needs and assisting them in optimising their operations. Together, as we forge ahead, offering a choice of machine control system solutions backed by reliable service support, we’re creating a safer, more productive, and more sustainable future for the construction industry in Great Britain,” John concludes.

october 2023 55 PLANT PLANET SMT company profile
Unicontrol3D can be retrofitted to the majority of construction equipment in Great Britain.
Unicontrol works for a variety of machine types and sizes, meaning that it can grow with the customer as their fleet adapts.
LEEDS, GB AUCTION 25 th - 28 th October @ 8.00am Roall Lane, Kellington, Nr Goole, Leeds, DN14 0NY ACCESS A GLOBAL AUDIENCE LIKE NO OTHER, CONSIGN TODAY!
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Leguan Lifts in the UK

Redefining Access Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of access solutions, the demand for innovation, efficiency and reliability has never been more critical. As the UK construction and maintenance industries continue to expand, so does the need for equipment that can navigate the complexities of modern worksites while optimising productivity. In this quest for excellence one name stands out – Leguan Lifts.

october 2023 57 PLANT PLANET avant techno cover story
58 october 2023 PLANT PLANET cover story avant techno

Leguan Lifts, as a part of the esteemed Avant Group, has emerged as a leading provider of access equipment in the UK market. With a commitment to delivering superior performance, unmatched outreach, and intuitive controls, Leguan Lifts has redefined the way professionals approach challenging projects. In this article, we delve into the technical aspects that make Leguan Lifts a preferred choice in the UK, emphasising its intuitive controls, all-terrain capabilities, class-leading outreach, quality components, and undeniable efficiency.

Leguan Lifts: A Tradition of Excellence

Leguan Lifts has a rich tradition dating back to 1994 when they introduced the first self-propelled access platform with outriggers. This legacy of innovation and reliability has made them a respected name in the access equipment industry. As part of the fast-growing Avant Tecno Group from Finland, Leguan continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of access solutions.

Intuitive Operating Controls

The heart of any access equipment lies in its controls. Leguan Lifts understands this implicitly, and this is evident in the design of their lifts. The intuitive operating controls of Leguan Lifts make them exceptionally userfriendly. Operators, regardless of their experience level, can quickly adapt to these controls, reducing the learning curve and ensuring optimal performance from day one. The control panel, strategically positioned within the operator’s reach, provides a comprehensive view of the lift’s functions. This user-centric design allows operators to focus on the task at hand rather than grappling with complex controls. As a result, the productivity of worksites employing Leguan Lifts soars, making them a preferred choice across industries.

All-Terrain Capabilities

In the dynamic landscape of construction and maintenance, the ability to navigate all types of terrains is paramount. Leguan Lifts excels in this regard, offering all-terrain capabilities that set them apart from the competition. Whether it’s rough construction sites, uneven ground, or challenging outdoor environments, these lifts demonstrate exceptional stability and mobility. A robust chassis and powerful tracking system ensure that Leguan Lifts can confidently tackle diverse terrains. This adaptability significantly enhances their versatility, making them a reliable choice for projects that require accessing hard-to-reach places, regardless of the ground conditions.

Class-Leading Outreach

Accessing elevated work areas, often positioned at considerable distances, is a common challenge in many industries. Leguan Lifts addresses this challenge headon with class-leading outreach capabilities. Their lifts are designed to provide extended horizontal reach, allowing operators to access a wide range of workspaces without the need for constant repositioning. This extended outreach is particularly valuable in applications such as tree care, building maintenance, and construction. It not only enhances safety by reducing the need for frequent equipment relocation but also boosts productivity by minimising downtime.

october 2023 59 PLANT PLANET avant techno cover story

Quality Components

The durability and reliability of access equipment hinge on the quality of its components. Leguan Lifts leaves no room for compromise in this aspect. Each lift is meticulously crafted using top-grade materials and components, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

The hydraulic systems, for instance, are designed for exceptional performance, with high-quality pumps and valves at their core. This ensures smooth and precise movements, enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of Leguan Lifts. Furthermore, the lifts undergo rigorous testing and quality control procedures to meet the demanding standards of the UK market.

Part of the Avant Group

Leguan Lifts’ association with the Avant Group is a testament to its commitment to excellence. Avant Group, renowned for its innovation and engineering prowess, provides the technological backbone that drives Leguan Lifts’ cutting-edge access solutions. This partnership ensures that Leguan Lifts remains at the forefront of technological advancements, offering state-of-the-art solutions to UK customers.

Perfect Choice for Demanding Environments

The UK market is renowned for its diversity of applications, from bustling urban centres to remote rural landscapes. Leguan Lifts has been engineered to excel in this challenging and dynamic environment. Its robust build, combined with the ability to access difficult locations, makes it the perfect choice for the most demanding environments.

Whether it’s maintenance work on towering city structures or reaching remote areas for forestry applications, Leguan Lifts proves its mettle time and again. The ability to effortlessly switch between indoor and outdoor tasks further underscores its versatility, making it a cost-effective investment for businesses across the UK.

Increased Efficiency

In today’s competitive business landscape, efficiency is not just a desirable trait; it’s a prerequisite for success. Leguan Lifts understands this need and has designed its lifts with a focus on increasing efficiency. Their quick setup, intuitive controls, and extended outreach translate into time and resource savings on projects.

Furthermore, the reduced need for repositioning, thanks to the extended outreach, leads to a significant reduction in downtime. This allows businesses to complete tasks faster, take on more projects, and ultimately enhance their bottom line.

60 october 2023
PLANT PLANET cover story avant techno


Octopus 14

Max Working Height: 14m

OctoPlus 17

Max Working Height: 17m

OctoPlus 21

Max Working Height: 20.7m


Scorpion 1490

Max Working Height: 14.2m

Scorpion 1812

Max Working Height: 17.8m

Scorpion 2013

Max Working Height: 19.9m

Snake 2010H Plus

Max Working Height: 20m

Scorpion 2313

Max Working Height: 22.6m


01482 481960

SAFE, RELIABLE AND INNOVATIVE ACCESS from one of Europe’s leading platform manufacturers
the full range at

Leguan Models: Setting the Standard

Now, let’s take an in-depth journey into the world of Leguan’s extraordinary models, each of which is revolutionising access solutions.

Leguan 135 NEO: Efficiency Redefined

The Leguan 135 NEO is a testament to efficiency and innovation, extending beyond the standard access platform. What truly sets it apart is the exclusive 1.35% finance deal, available until December 2023. This offer makes the 135 NEO an even more attractive choice for access equipment.

Efficiency is at the core of the 135 NEO’s design, offering a seamless, userfriendly experience with easy operation and unmatched versatility. Its all-terrain capabilities enable it to excel in various environments, an asset for tradesman seeking safe and efficient solutions.

The Leguan 135 NEO is more than just a machine; it’s a feat of engineering, designed to simplify tasks. With its state-of-the-art joystick control, operators can effortlessly manage multiple boom movements with one hand. Smart automatic levelling simplifies setup and operation, while a “home function” automatically retracts the booms for transport.

Superb manoeuvrability is another highlight, making it ideal for navigating tight spaces. The Leguan 135 NEO adapts to various applications, whether for rental use or facility maintenance, indoors or outdoors, redefining access solutions.

Leguan 190: Rental Industry’s Ideal Choice

Tailored for the rental industry, Leguan’s 190 model meets the demands of heavyduty professionals. Exceptional durability, up-and-over clearance, and a user-friendly interface make it the ultimate rental partner.

This model thrives year-round, offering consistent performance in diverse weather conditions. Designed for tasks like tree care, painting, construction, and facility maintenance, it embodies heavy-duty equipment.

62 october 2023 PLANT PLANET cover story avant techno

High ground clearance and a stable tracked base ensure smooth access on challenging terrains. The ability to operate all Leguans while standing on the platform enhances efficiency during site transitions, reducing setup time.

The Leguan 190 comes with a suite of standard features, including a robust 14 hp Kubota diesel engine paired with a 230 V electric motor, automatic engine RPM control, automatic outrigger levelling, and proportional outreach monitoring.

Operators can further enhance its capabilities with optional features like extra drive speed, remote control, LED spotlights, and more, tailoring the Leguan 190 to specific needs.

Leguan 225: Unmatched Performance

The Leguan 225 redefines industry standards with impressive all-terrain capabilities, a high-profile track platform, and rapid driving speeds. Designed for demanding environments, it stands as the ultimate choice for top-tier performance.

Its boom design maximises side reach even at great working heights, enhancing accessibility. Smart controls ensure swift, precise movements, simplifying operation. Safety is paramount, with the boom engineered to withstand external impacts.

Technical specifications include a 21 hp Kubota diesel engine, 230 V and USB power outlets, automatic levelling, and a proportional outreach monitoring system.

Optional features allow customisation, from remote control to LED spotlights. With a maximum lift capacity of 250 kg, a maximum working height of 22.5 m, and a gradeability of 25%, the Leguan 225 is a versatile powerhouse.

The Leguan 135 NEO, Leguan 190, and Leguan 225, are not just machines; they are tools empowering professionals across industries. Whether in tree care, construction, maintenance, or any field requiring efficient access solutions, Leguan lifts set new standards, enabling success with confidence.

october 2023 63 PLANT PLANET avant techno cover story

Smart Features and Options

Leguan models come equipped with a range of standard features and optional enhancements. These include a powerful Kubota diesel engine, electric rotation of the platform, proportional outreach monitoring system, battery-powered emergency lowering system, and much more. Optional features such as remote control, LED spotlights, and nonmarking tracks further enhance the user experience.

Close Customer Relationships and International Partnerships

Leguan Lifts maintains close relationships with major customers and international distributors to ensure the highest standard of customer satisfaction and product development. As a member of IPAF (International Powered Access Federation), Leguan Lifts promotes the safe and effective use of MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) worldwide.

Effortless Transport and On-Trailer Operation

Leguan Lifts not only excel in performance but also in practicality. One of their standout features is the ease of transport, thanks to Leguan’s innovative approach to trailer design.

Tailored Trailers for Leguan Lifts

Leguan simplifies the challenge of transporting access equipment by crafting custom trailers designed exclusively for their lifts. These purpose-built trailers eliminate the need for third-party solutions, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced safety during transportation.

Easy Loading, On-Trailer Operation, and More

Leguan’s trailers are not just about fit; they streamline the loading and unloading process, making it straightforward for operators, whether solo or in teams. The standout feature is the ability to operate the lift while it’s on the trailer, invaluable for worksites requiring frequent repositioning or with limited space.

Efficiency and Safety

On-trailer operation reduces setup time significantly, minimizing downtime and labor costs. Safety is a top priority, with Leguan’s trailers engineered to maintain lift stability during road travel. They’re designed for secure access to elevated work areas. These trailers offer versatility in transport, ensuring your lift is precisely where and when you need it.

User-Centric Design

Leguan’s commitment to user-centric design extends to their trailers. Operators can conveniently control the lift’s functions from the trailer, offering a vantage point for precise adjustments and efficient workflow management.

64 october 2023 PLANT PLANET cover story avant techno


Leguan Lifts stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the dynamic UK access solutions landscape. Their unwavering commitment to superior performance, unmatched outreach, and user-friendly controls has redefined the way professionals tackle intricate projects.

Leguan Lifts’ all-terrain prowess, class-leading outreach, and dedication to quality components make them the preferred choice for diverse applications. Their association with the esteemed Avant Group reinforces their dedication to excellence and technological advancement.

In an era where efficiency reigns supreme, Leguan Lifts shines with quick setup, intuitive controls, and extended outreach capabilities, driving tangible time and resource savings. These lifts, including the Leguan 135 NEO, Leguan 190, and Leguan 225, are more than machines; they are the tools that empower professionals across industries.

Furthermore, Leguan’s innovative trailer design simplifies transport, enhancing safety and efficiency. Whether it’s easing loading and unloading or enabling on-trailer operation, these trailers reflect Leguan’s commitment to user-centric design.

In a world where access solutions are integral to progress, Leguan Lifts continues to redefine what’s possible, fostering safer, more productive work environments and ensuring that businesses and individuals can confidently approach their projects with success.

october 2023 65 PLANT PLANET avant techno cover story
Walker Plant Services Ltd Leverton Road, Retford, Notts. DN22 0DZ, UK T: +44 (0)1777 709533 E: ALL OFF-ROAD • PENTA INDUSTRIAL WE SUPPLY PARTS FOR ALL VOLVO MACHINES • 25 years’ experience with Volvo Dump-Trucks • Selected-used or refurbished parts • All models catered for • Big savings • Engine and transmission rebuilds • Maintenance and repairs • Export enquiries welcome • Your choice of Swedish quality SLP or genuine OEM WPS Ltd has no affiliation or connection with, or approval by the VCE organisation

Stealer’s Keepers, Owner’s Weepers

How to protect your assets against rising theft

We are in an unprecedented time in the construction world. Projects are bigger than ever with more demand on efficiency and quality than ever before. The world is fast paced, and staying on target gets harder every year. These challenges are made even harder by the dramatic rise in construction site crime.

october 2023 67 PLANT PLANET Heavy Machinery Theft Prevention feature

But what’s causing it?

Since 2018, it’s reported that 89% of UK tradespeople have been victims of theft which is a terrifyingly high statistic. It’s just as alarming in the theft of heavy-duty construction equipment. Plant and agricultural machinery theft is an estimated at £1million a week, and that is only based on the documented cases as many of the crimes go unreported. Not to mention the time that is lost while waiting for replacement equipment or vehicles, with entire months being sacrificed as a result.

So why is it that crime has reached this all-time high? Why are criminals turning their attention to construction sites and vehicles?

Well, as always, a big driving force is inflation and economic conditions, such as the cost of living. Rises in price always see rises in crime, as all construction equipment, from simple workman’s tools to telehandlers, has gone up. Vehicles and heavy machinery run to tens, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of pounds. Given that such site hits are not often opportunistic thefts and more so targets of organised crime, it makes sense that when risking it all, thieves would go for something that is worth so much. Even second hand, large items still bring in a substantial amount.

68 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature Heavy Machinery Theft Prevention
Materials such as copper have become really soughtafter, given that copper prices have increased by over 30% since 2021.

Machinery and tools aren’t the only targets. Materials such as copper have become really sought-after, given that copper prices have increased by over 30% since 2021. Even timber has nearly doubled in price globally, and if the most basic of construction material has skyrocketed, it’s a sad fact that crime will follow.

It’s not just an increase in prices either. Lockdown, the aftermath of Covid and also war in Ukraine have created supply chain issues, which has led to a high demand for stolen goods of many varieties, but especially in construction. Particularly in the agricultural sector, trade sanctions with Russia have rendered many people turning to the black market to get what they need to continue working. And where there is demand, people will provide.

what can you do to help protect your assets?

No one wants to think about their property being stolen, but prior planning can ensure your equipment is well protected.

The Metropolitan Police suggest 3 main things to help combat theft:

Make Machinery Secure CCTV and trackers all go a long way to protecting your property. It means you can monitor your asset location more easily and efficiently, often from a completely different location. Immobilising the equipment also makes it much harder for thieves to take them. Using an immobiliser would stop it moving it at all, or perhaps shackling them to something secure.

Alarms also deter thieves quite considerably, as it is unlikely they would only be going for one piece of equipment at a time, so ensure all of your assets are alarmed.

october 2023 69 PLANT PLANET Heavy Machinery Theft Prevention feature

Mark Your Property

Uniquely mark your property so you know exactly which one is yours, including any and all attachments.

It is suggested you use the numbers of your address followed by your post code (for example, 41 PO19 1ET). This way, organisations who may have recovered your item will be able to return it more easily. Using names or symbols gives no clear indication as to where it has come from.

Make A Property Log

Ensure you have a detailed list of all your valuable items, including photos, detailing:

• Make

• Model

• Serial number

• Value

• Description

70 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature Heavy Machinery Theft Prevention
Datatag’s state of the art identification technologies are probably the most sophisticated Number 1 Security Marking and Registration Systems designed to stop theft

How Can Technology help?

Recommended by the police to aid you in your asset retention and recovery is Datatag. Datatag and the CESAR scheme are backed by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association) and appear on the Met website as a perfect solution to combat plant theft.

The CESAR scheme, established in 2008, can boast to being the ‘premier initiative to combat equipment theft’. Working closely with Datatag’s technology, CESAR promise a low, one off cost that will protect your asset for life as well as a secure and accredited 24/7 UK contact centre.

Datatag’s website states that ‘Datatag’s state of the art identification technologies are probably the most sophisticated Number 1 Security Marking and Registration Systems designed to stop theft.’ They create unique systems that add layers of identification to your assets and their parts, with the stored

information remaining available to police forces across the world 24 hours a day.

Simply having a marked item is often enough to deter thieves. After all, the risk increases, and the profit devalues instantly just from that one small tag. Systems like Datatag go a step further, and actually aid in the prosecution of stolen items as well as trying to put thieves off the initial theft. In fact, Datatag can boast the statistic that this makes their items 4 times less likely to be stolen, and 6 times more likely to be recovered if theft occurs.

october 2023 71 PLANT PLANET Heavy Machinery Theft Prevention feature

Of course, even with all of this, theft is still rife

The Metropolitan Police website suggests you follow these guidelines should you be a victim of theft:

Have these details ready about what’s been stolen:

• Make

• Model

• Serial number

• Chassis number

• Engine

• Registration

• Colour

• Distinguishing marks

You’ll also be asked:

• Where it was taken from

• The time you last saw it

• The time you noticed it missing

• If there’s CCTV footage

• If there’s a tracker fitted along with the details of the company that fitted it

• If it’s security marked

• If it’s protected by Immobilise

It is recommended that you call the police as soon as possible, with as many details as you can. Call 999 if it’s happening now. Report it online if it’s already happened.

Make sure you record your crime reference number; it’ll be needed by:

• Your insurance company, to progress your claim

• The police if you ask for an update

72 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature Heavy Machinery Theft Prevention
0758 4411 875

Stopping Crime In Its Tracks

During National Rural Crime Action Week, Datatag Supported Communities with 50% Off Marking Systems as Police and Crime Commissioner Introduces Property Marking Tech for Farmer Protection

Rural Crime Week took place from 18-24th September. The National Rural Crime Network (NRCN) showcased the hard work of its Police and Crime Commissioners and their teams in addressing rural crime. Datatag and the CESAR Security Scheme, backed by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association), supported this week-long initiative. Throughout the week, the focus was on highlighting the measures taken by the Police and Crime Commissioners and their forces against rural crime.

As part of her Police and Crime Plan priority to get tough on rural crime, the Commissioner is investing £15k in an initiative that gives farmers an opportunity to have their vehicles, machinery and equipment securely marked with the industry standard CESAR Security Systems and ‘Datatag’ products to help deter thieves.

The scheme is already active in North East Derbyshire, Bolsover and South Derbyshire. This new investment will enable the Commissioner to roll out the scheme across the whole of Derbyshire to further protect farmers and their livelihoods from rural criminals.

There are a number of different types of markings used to keep property secure. These include visible identification labels, microdots, forensic DNA markers and electronic transponders which are fitted in hidden locations on the protected vehicle or property. Each element provides an identification unique to each machine. This means the police can quickly and easily confirm ownership.

Datatag tamper-resistant labels warn potential thieves that the property has been permanently marked to deter their activities in the first place. Even if some of the other identification markers are removed by the thief it’s almost impossible to remove them all. This means offenders caught in possession of Datatagged property face certain conviction.

The Commissioner pledged to support rural communities and help to reduce crime, trespass, and theft in her Police and Crime Plan.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “I am keen to fund a resource that not only protects farmers from theft and quickly reunites them with their stolen property but also helps bring more offenders before the courts.

“I know from my meetings with farmers how disruptive and costly these crimes are on their livelihoods. They deserve support and should have confidence that their local force is working harder than ever to prevent them.

“Since my election, rural crime has been a key focus. I have increased the capabilities and resilience of our Rural Crime Team and have invested in new roles, training, and technology to ensure the force is well-equipped and prepared to meet the challenges posed by today’s rural criminals. This is what our rural communities want.

74 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature stopping crime
Angelique Foster, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner is funding the expansion of a high-tech property marking scheme to better protect farmers from thieves.
Markings used to keep property secure include visible identification labels, microdots, forensic DNA markers and electronic transponders which are fitted in hidden locations on the protected vehicle or property
october 2023 75 PLANT PLANET stopping crome feature

“My commitment to roll out this initiative across Derbyshire is an expansion of this work. I take rural crime very seriously and will continue to give the Chief Constable and her officers the resources they need to deliver a high-quality, consistent police service to all rural residents and businesses.”

The Commissioner’s investment will see the scheme extended to the remaining six local authority areas in Derbyshire and a continuation of funding in the three areas already piloting the project.

The CESAR System and Datatag products are recognised as offering one of the UK’s leading anti-theft systems.

PC Emerson Buckingham from the Rural Crime Team said: “We have already tagged £2.1m worth of items in the last couple of years in NE and Bolsover Council areas. None of these items have been the subject of theft. This is a great deterrent to thieves and gives owners of valuable plant and equipment confidence that their property is safe.”

Dave Luscombe of Datatag, technology partner to the CESAR Scheme, which is owned and promoted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association) added: “The results that we have achieved working with Derbyshire Police, North East Derbyshire and Bolsover councils has proved beyond doubt that forensic marking of property works. I am really excited about working with PC Buckingham and the Rural Crime Team to take the powerful CESAR deterrent county-wide.”

The RCT has already seen CCTV evidence of an offender only stealing unmarked horse trailers from an equestrian centre, leaving Datatag-protected vehicles behind. Officers have already received training to identify and scan vehicles to detect the Datatag markers on a vehicle or other equipment. This ensures that stolen property can be identified and returned to the rightful owner at the earliest opportunity.

Datatag supported rural communities during National Rural Crime Action Week with 50% off selected security marking systems.

The recent NFU Rural Crime Report highlighted, once again, that the issue of crime in the countryside is not going away and in 2021 cost a staggering £49.5 million (up 22%!) – that’s £135,616 each day, or £5,650 stolen from rural communities every hour. Particularly affected have been farm tractors and ATVs which not only cost owners £11.7 million in value but also an untold amount in disruption, loss of earnings, and associated stress.

76 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature stopping crime
The Commissioner’s investment will see the scheme extended to the remaining six local authority areas in Derbyshire and a continuation of funding in the three areas already piloting the project

Police say that using forensic marking of their property is one of the most costeffective ways for farmers and landowners to fight back against crime. This makes it far less attractive to criminals, due to the increased risk to them, and far easier for the police to identify and recover property to owners.

Datatag, a name most farmers will recognise, is the market leader in forensic marking and is the industry’s delivery partner to the Construction Equipment Association’s (CEA) official CESAR Security Scheme. As a result, Datatag forensic technology is a regular fixture on tractors, being fitted as standard by many brands. CESAR has been a huge success, and now the majority of agricultural machinery brands fit CESAR and the Datatag technology as standard. Thereby not only helping to combat theft but also assisting Police in identifying stolen goods and putting those responsible behind bars.

So successful has CESAR been in combatting crime that during National Rural Crime Awareness Week, Derbyshire Police took the proactive step to work with CESAR Authorised fitters across the county, offering CESAR Systems at heavily discounted prices to local residents.

Datatag is not only the power behind the CEA’s CESAR Security Scheme, but they also have forensic products to protect almost any asset, including trailers, 4x4s, power tools, and expensive farm GPS systems. All are high on the wish list of criminals as the NFU report highlights, with trailer theft up 66%, 4x4s theft worth £2.4m, and GPS theft up 15%.

Using a combination of secure and unique RFID transponders, Datadots in a UV trace adhesive with a forensic DNA marker, tamper-evident ID labels, and UV etches, Datatag’s systems provide irrefutable proof of ownership and as such deter theft.

To learn more about Datatag, please visit:

october 2023 77 PLANT PLANET stopping crime feature
All Datatag systems can be easily self-fitted and are available through the webshop at where the discount will be applied automatically.
using forensic marking of property is one of the most cost-effective ways for farmers and landowners to fight back against crime


Where does Grease come from?

The word “grease” originates from the Latin word “Crassus” meaning fat and is the earliest known examples of lubrication when simple animal fats were used to lubricate the axles of chariot wheels by the ancient Egyptians more than 3,500 years ago.

Right up until the industrial revolution, machinery and mechanisms were still being lubricated by vegetable oils and animal fats, but then, in the early 19th Century, rapid developments in engineering, developed a need for more sophisticated lubricants, including making use of the newly discovered petroleum and its associated products and so the first modern greases were born.

What is


Grease is a semi-solid lubricant that is produced using three main ingredients from a base oil with extra additives and thickeners to give it the properties it requires. Grease is an essential component of all aspects of engineering due to its defining property that when placed under pressure (shear), it behaves in a way that has approximately the same viscosity as the base oil used in the product, so providing and mimicking the lubricating qualities.

The addition of the thickener is what differentiates a lubricating oil from a lubricating grease. The thickening agent is useful as it forms a thick layer between moving parts, preventing wear.

The first greases consisted of a heavy mineral oil fluid thickened with simple soaps. By dissolving or forming the calcium soap in the oil at temperatures above the melting point of the soap and then cooling it gradually, the dispersed soap solidified in the form of a fibrous structure, which retained the oil in a cohesive mass, in a similar way that a sponge retains water.

These early greases, whilst having good lubrication and water-resistant properties, suffered from a very limited temperature range, and could not be used at temperatures above 60C. Later the calcium soaps were replaced by sodium soaps which could operate at much higher temperatures but the disadvantage of being easily emulsified by water.

It was not until the mid-1940’s, that the most common grease of today – lithium grease – was developed which could withstand temperatures of up to 120C and excellent water repellent properties.

Lubricating greases are used the world over in bearings, gears, and heavy-duty machinery. Greases are ideal when you need to only lubricate infrequently, or just once. It is always preferable to use a lubricating oil as it is easier to handle, flows directly to the part needing lubrication and conducts heat away from the moving parts. This is why oil makes up around 95% of the total lubricants market. However, the use of oil necessitates the use of an associated reservoir, sometimes with a pump and piping system which is not always practical such as in the wheel bearings of vehicles. In these cases, greases are preferred and can be sealed into the bearing without the need of relubrication.

78 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature witham group
Grease is used all over the world on plant and off road machinery, vehicles and equipment but what is grease made from and what are the different types available? here we find out more…

Lithium v Calcium grease –a new sustainable option

For the past 60 years multipurpose greases, based on lithium technology have made up more than 70% of the world’s lubricating grease. However, in recent years the demand for the mining of lithium continues to expand at an exponential rate as car manufacturers are being targeted to reduce CO2 emissions, by using battery operated vehicles, and the consequence of this is that lithium prices have reached an all-time high and the raw material itself is becoming a scarce commodity.

As a result of this a new wave of anhydrous Calcium based greases (contains no water) are now able to offer significant sustainable advantages and savings to lithium due to less impact from extraction and transportation.

In addition, the anhydrous calcium-based thickener is stable and more predictable. It is of biodegradable status and is abundant in supply, found in many continents and countries around the world. It also offers a low risk to handlers and manufacturers and is approved for food grade applications due to its low toxicity.

All these advantages are not the only success, the new anhydrous Calcium technology providing outstanding water resistance and surface adhesion, increased corrosion protection and shear stability.

This product is ideal for many universal applications such as marine, agriculture, forestry, food grade and environmentally acceptable greases. Suited for the lubrication of plain bearings, wire ropes, chains, rails, and geared applications across a full range of equipment, where operating temperatures are not excessively high.

A wide range of greases for a whole variety of uses

Here at Witham Group, we have a wide range of reliable grease products designed for many different types of machinery, vehicles and uses.

Not sure which grease to use and would like a free lubrication survey? Witham Group would like to ensure you are using the correct grease for the correct application at all times, and once contacted we can send one of our team to your site to confirm this, offering alternatives if necessary. We will ensure that you are using the most suitable and cost-effective products for your vehicles and machinery and help rationalise the number of different products. The process is entirely free, so please get in touch today.

To learn more about Witham Group, please visit:

october 2023 79 PLANT PLANET witham group feature

Promote and enable the safe, e ective use of powered access worldwide

Certified IPAF PAL Card is proof of platform operator training to the highest standard.

Available as eLearning or instructor-led course

Regularly audited to ensure the highest standard of training is delivered

Online verification of PAL Cards:

Smart technology & fraud protected

Courses available in multiple languages

Optimal instructor-tocandidate ratio

Comprehensive range of training courses

Used by manufacturers of equipment worldwide

Operator theory module can be taken remotely via eLearning

Safe. Audited. Internationally recognised.

The IPAF Powered Access Licence or PAL Card is recognised worldwide across industries as proof of platform operator training to the highest standard. It is issued by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) to platform operators who successfully complete a training course and pass a test at an IPAF-approved training centre. Ask for the PAL Card as proof of operator training! Now available digitally on the ePAL app.

Find your nearest IPAF approved training centre at

PAL Card now available on IPAF’s ePAL app

Annually reviewed by the industry to ensure relevant and up to date content

Complies with legal requirements

Focus on safety & e ciency

40 years of industry experience

Reassurance: A valid PAL Card proves the holder has passed an approved and audited IPAF theory and practical test within the past five years

The future of powered access: it’s all about the people

82 october 2023 PLANT PLANET preview IPAF

What’s the most important thing that will keep you safe when working at height?

Your harness?

Your helmet?

Your lanyard?

Here at the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), we don’t think it’s any of those things.

It’s all about the people –how they behave, how they develop, and the way they take responsibility for themselves and others.

october 2023 83 PLANT PLANET IPAF preview

IPAF is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. While we can look back at four decades of achievements with pride, reaching this milestone has inspired us to look to the future.

Our mission has always been centred on the safe and effective use of powered access equipment, and as we mark 40 years of global collaboration it seems a good moment to reflect on the idea that safety starts and ends with people.

Equipment is only as good as the way it’s used, and rules and regulations are useless if they’re not followed. Safety is ultimately achieved collectively through a set of shared behaviours, values and actions.

IPAF has grown exponentially in the lead-up to our anniversary year, with a record increase in membership in 2022 and a corresponding rise in training uptake.

It’s clear that the wider industry shares IPAF’s view that people are at the heart of our collective success, which is why we have a number of ongoing initiatives aimed at developing and diversifying the global powered access workforce.

Last year, Karin Nars, Managing Director of Dinolift, became the first woman elected as IPAF President.

Leading in a male-dominated industry, Karin has made celebrating and encouraging diversity in the powered access industry one of the central themes of her time in office.

Her Women in Powered Access initiative aims to highlight the roles of women who work in the industry and to inspire the next generation.

84 october 2023 PLANT PLANET preview IPAF

As well as sharing stories of role-model women in the industry, the initiative offers access to a suite of resources and a mentoring scheme for women in the powered access industry who are looking for extra support and guidance to develop their career.

Karin says: “We want to communicate the broad opportunities our industry can offer women. We invite everybody with a passion for our industry, and a passion for safety in powered access, to be heard and to contribute.”

The next generation was in our minds when we created our ‘roadmap’ to engineer or technician status.

This framework was developed in response to calls from IPAF members about a lack of a clear route to training and certifying technicians and engineers, whether new entrants to the industry or existing personnel.

The training roadmap is unique because it offers a choice of routes. IPAF recognises that people come to the industry with different skill-sets, goals and aspirations, and offer a variety of routes and direction to suit everyone.

Whether people are more suited to a traditional engineering qualification, enter the industry through an apprenticeship, or choose the vocational route to certified technician status, the roadmap offers them the opportunity to grow and progress in their own way.

Richard Whiting, IPAF’s UK Market General Manager says: “Offering multiple career pathways like this is crucial if we are to continue to attract people to the industry and ensure there are enough skilled technicians and specialist engineers to maintain and repair equipment and uphold our safety standards.

october 2023 85 PLANT PLANET IPAF preview

“Collaboration has been crucial to this important workalthough IPAF took the lead on developing the roadmap, input from members and training providers was essential to this collaborative programme.

“So as our annual Elevation UK conference approaches in November, we’re looking forward to bringing all of this important work into sharp focus under the theme of ‘It’s all about the people’.”

Hosted at The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Sutton Coldfield, the event is a chance for powered access professionals to network, to hear about the latest developments, and to celebrate all that is great about our industry now and in the future.

Penny Mallory, the first and only woman to compete in the World Rally Championship, is our keynote speaker,

sharing her insights on developing mental toughness.

Her talk will offer a fascinating insight into strategies we can all use to develop important qualities like confidence, determination and focus.

But developing these qualities as individuals is only the start. Horizon Platforms Chief Executive, Ben Hirst, will deliver a session on harnessing the power of behavioural science to improve organisational culture.

This is important because we understand that in order to attract and retain the best people we need to create positive workplace cultures.

If leaders don’t create organisational culture, it creates itself. Taking positive and informed steps to develop strong, positive workplace cultures is vital if we are to succeed

86 october 2023 PLANT PLANET preview IPAF

in our aims of increasing diversity in our industry and recruiting the next generation of workers.

Young people joining our industry belong to a generation that is more socially conscious, inclusivity-driven and wellbeing-focused than any that has gone before, and it is essential that we incorporate these values into our organisational cultures.

The key to getting this right is listening. That’s why the final presentation of the conference is focused on perceptions of young people approaching the working world. By understanding the hopes and fears of the next generation we can create workplaces that are fit for the future.

Personal and professional development is all about maintaining a willingness to learn and grow.

Current members of our industry can pass down their knowledge of engineering and safety to the younger generation, but we should be mindful that they can teach us about empathy, work-life balance and inclusivity.

It’s exciting to bring people together to think about these challenges because the future of our industry won’t be secured with only technology and regulations – it’s all about the people.

IPAF Elevation UK takes place at The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, on 16 & 17 November. Tickets can be booked at

october 2023 87 PLANT PLANET IPAF preview

RWM Reflecting and Reconstructing

RWM Expo 2023 wowed at the Birmingham NEC in spectacular style, with one very special focus for all of its exhibitors and attendees: Innovation.

88 october 2023 PLANT PLANET review rwm

Plant Planet was thrilled to return to RWM for its fourth year, this time taking a proud backseat as our sister magazine, Future Waste, took the stage. In fact, it was exactly a year ago, at the 2022 RWM show that we debuted Future Waste. This break from the spotlight gave us time to thoroughly explore the show and everything that it had to offer. And, if the RWM expo taught us anything this year, it’s that the world is set for change!

Walking through the exhibits there was a clear focus in everyone’s minds: What has humanity done to the world? And what can we now do to fix it?

Let us take you on a tour of the leading event for waste and recycling professionals.

october 2023 89 PLANT PLANET rwm review

Interior Insights

One thing that RWM certainly knows how to do is create the perfect visitor experience. Colour coded areas and clear signage made traversing this huge convention exceptionally simple, boosted further by a handy, and very user-friendly app. Perfectly demonstrating their own push for a greener outlook, the guidebook this year came in digital form. Not only were exhibitors and visitors able to find seminar lists and the all-important site map, but going one step further, the ESS app was also a messaging platform, giving everybody there the perfect way to connect and meet up. This was made especially easy by the networking hubs that were dotted around the expo; quiet havens away from the hubbub where people could sit and discuss their plans over a well-deserved coffee.

Amongst all of the incredible entertainment, including a DJ, live violinist and even some rogue Wombles, RWM was a veritable treasure trove of companies all eager to show just how crucial they were to the resource management sector. Finning CAT stood proud over the crowd; their signature yellow stretching into the ceiling and their impressive Orange Peel Grapple dominating the ground. Family run business Fairport Containers were all smiles as they talked to us about how they’ve stayed at the forefront of the waste container refurbishment industry for over 30 years, and their importance in the waste sector. Agg-Pro also caught our eye with their customer focused approach whilst discussing their exclusivity of distributing world renowned brands such as GIPO, Lippmann and MWS.

Everyone collectively came together to promote the same, key ideal: how can we make the world of waste the best it could possibly be? Whether it was increasing efficiency, profit or sustainability, all exhibitors understood the assignment and put their best foot forward to deliver the all-important message: we can and will change for the better.

90 october 2023 PLANT PLANET review rwm
RWM was a veritable treasure trove of companies all eager to show just how crucial they were to the resource management sector.
0800 233 5490 C ontact for more details: The most comprehensive range of MultiFunction Loaders that can be transported by 3.5T Plant Trailer

Outdoor Exploits

Of course, being ‘all things plant and equipment’, we readily ran to the outside demo area. Machines and attachments of every variety were exhibited along the amazing run of notoriety, with names such as Liebherr, JCB and Engcon showcasing their impressive products to the world of waste resource management.

INMALO also impressed with their hydraulic excavator attachments and dust suppression systems while BPH certainly caught everyone’s attention with their eye-catching purple attachments. BPH Sales Director, Matthew Bastable, proudly presented their Heavy Duty Selector Grab which could be seen in action in the demo zone. Attached to SMT’s Volvo excavator, the audience got to see exactly what it could do. Working together, the two giants dazzled us with their efficient designs and impressive machinery.

Also bridging the industry gap between waste and construction were companies such as Blue Group, a leading supplier of material processing and handling equipment. Marketing Manager, Jacob Thrasher, showed us their impressive portfolio of leading OEM brands, illustrating how their technologies can provide a competitive edge to multiple businesses. And it wasn’t just machinery in all its forms on display. Fireward’s Marketing Manager, Paul Smith, was keen to tell us about their fire suppression systems to aid protection of heavy-duty assets.

Whatever the reason for visiting, the live demo zone and its displays had much to offer.

92 october 2023 PLANT PLANET review rwm

Liebherr showcasing their impressive products to the world of waste resource management.

october 2023 93 PLANT PLANET rwm review
BPH heavy duty selector grab attached to SMT’s volvo excavator

Speak And Be Heard!

Both days were jampacked with seminars of every variety, from ‘Writing A Municipal Resource and Waste Strategy’ to ‘Women In Resource & Sustainability.’ All had their part to play in the rich world of our planet’s future, most notably two that took place in the revered Keynote Theatre.

Simon Mundy, Editor of the Financial Times, kicked off the seminar schedule with his talk ‘Race for Tomorrow.’ Introducing key features of his new book of the same name, Simon held the crowd captive with stories and photos of his journey through 26 countries and six continents. His aim was simple; to demonstrate that the climate crisis has a direct effect on the world of business, and that the companies present at the convention needed to take note of their role in the future of our world. Simon said it best himself: “It’s not an obviously sexy part of the sector, but definitely one of the most important.”

The keynote speaker of the day was James Honeyborne, Creator and Executive Producer of Blue Planet 2, who described himself as “a scientist by training and a storyteller by heart.” James detailed how the ‘Blue Planet 2 Effect’ swept the nation after the show debuted in 2017, and how despite only taking approximately 15 minutes of screen time, it was the waste littering the sea and its shorelines that really struck the hearts of the public. People went out in droves to free the beaches of waste, demonstrating “the warmth of human nature.”

Sadly, this faith in humanity somewhat dwindled after covid. Waste of an entirely different kind stole the ocean bed, rendering PPE now the scourge of the sea. James implored the audience to understand what the companies there present could do to stop pollution in its many forms. As David Attenborough himself says, “saving the planet is a communications challenge, not a scientific one.” Hope fuels action, and that terrific sentiment certainly captured the crowd when raucous applause heralded the seminar’s end.

94 october 2023 PLANT PLANET review rwm
saving the planet is a communications challenge, not a scientific one

And The Winners Are…

Facing the future comes in many forms, and RWM continually demonstrated its commitment to change with their Future Talent Hub. It played host to two pivotal award ceremonies, both organised by and hosted by their Editor, Joshua Doherty, whose cheery disposition welcomed the crowd.

The first was the ever popular 35-under-35 awards which were sponsored by Grundon, whose Chairman, Neil Grundon, was onboard to hand out the certificates to the successful, bright faced recipients. The award champions the youngsters of the waste and resource management sector, looking at the pioneering work they have achieved in their relatively young careers. Two of the previous winners, Sioned Thomas of Recorra and Tom Giddings of Alupro, kicked off the event with a discussion panel about their outlook for the future and how they continue to strive for excellence in their field. Out of the 35 winners, three top status holders were chosen, all presented with a bottle of champagne to celebrate their excellent drive in the industry. Mark Garvey from Whitespace Work Software Ltd, Laura Fisher from FCC Environment and Sarah Key from WRAP were the lucky three and were all beaming with pride as they collected their awards amidst the cheering crowd.

Closing the expo was the Zero Waste Awards, now in its tenth year! The awards recognize and celebrate organisations that make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of resources they waste. Using a 5 star rating, companies were awarded their stars based on their level of commitment and achievement to Zero Waste. Four incredible companies received five stars at the ceremony: property development company, British Land, who worked in partnership with commercial waste management firm, Recorra; facilities management providers Apleona UK; and property management business, Derwent London, also working in partnership with Recorra.

A full list of winners across both ceremonies can be found on the website.

october 2023 95 PLANT PLANET rwm review

Round up and Reflect

No matter what brought you to RWM, everyone was enveloped in the heady buzz of hope that encircled the exhibition. The future has never looked brighter, with everyone eager to show how they are a crucial catalyst to our planet’s redemption. As Simon Mundy said in his seminar, “this stuff ain’t easy.”

Plant Planet was honoured to be there to support Future Waste in striving for that change. It was the perfect place to celebrate one year of our sister magazine and watch it flourish in the big wide world of waste.

Our biggest takeaway from all of it was certainly an unbridled sense of hope...

Hope for change. Hope for humanity. Hope for the future

96 october 2023 PLANT PLANET review rwm

Speakers and Agenda Announced for the CPA Conference 2023

The Construction Planthire Association (CPA) has announced the speaker lineup and agenda for the CPA Conference which is taking place on Thursday 9th November 2023.

The theme of the one-day event is ‘Facing the Challenges in the Planthire Sector’ and the conference is being hosted at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre in Fillongley near Coventry. Delegate tickets can be booked online at for £75 plus VAT per person including lunch. The event is open to both CPA members and non CPA members.

The CPA Conference 2023 is being held in association with headline sponsor Point of Rental Software and it will be the eighth CPA Conference to be held. Over the years, the event has become established as an essential entry in the calendar for senior figures in the plant-hire sector.

Former BBC news presenter and journalist Merryn Myatt will host four panel debates covering ‘The Plant-hire Sector in 2023’, ‘Fuelling the Future’, ‘Focus on CPA Special Interest Groups and Challenges’ and ‘Combatting Plant Theft and Fraud’ featuring experts from the construction planthire sector.

98 october 2023
PLANET commentary cpa

Panel speakers include Asif Latief, Managing Director of Boels Rental; Mark Anderson, Managing Director North of GAP Group; James Atkinson, Vice President UK & Europe of Rouse Services; Jim Haigh, Chairman/ CEO of Eagle Platforms; Joel Babb of Falanx Cyber; Kirsty ArchboldLaming, Director of Southern Hoist Services; Adam Nicholson, Managing Director of Eagle Platforms; Alasdair Reisner, Chief Executive of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA); Chris Gill, Director of L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage; Peter Gibbs, Chief Operating Officer of Ainscough Crane Hire; Kevin Howells, Managing Director of Datatag ID; Superintendent Andy Huddleston of the National Rural Crime Unit; Ian Elliott, Group Head of Security at Clancy; Paul Mabey, National Account Sales Manager at JCB; and Matt O’Hara, Senior Sustainable Applications Manager at Sunbelt Rentals.

CPA Chief Executive Stu McInroy said: “This year’s conference agenda addresses some of the most important issues faced currently by CPA members and the wider construction industry. Topics such as future fuels and plant theft and fraud are of significant concern to many of our members, and the event will provide delegates an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the challenges they face currently and how they may be addressed.”

october 2023 99 PLANT PLANET cpa commentary

The conference will run alongside a small, targeted exhibition. Confirmed exhibitors at the event include Point of Rental Software, Genquip Groundhog, Thomas Group, Nexus Vehicle Rental, Plant Planet, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Capja, MHM Group, Tobin Plant/LiuGong Machinery (UK), NOCN Group, Prolectric, CITB, Rouse Services, Go Plant Ltd, CESAR Powered by Datatag, Satellite Finance, BigChange and Equipment & Machinery Supply (EMS) Ltd.

The exhibitor packages also include attendance at a preconference networking dinner on the evening of Wednesday 8th November. Only a very limited number of exhibition spaces remain available.

For more information on exhibiting, please contact Lisa Collins on 07968 840390 or email:

100 october 2023 PLANT PLANET commentary cpa



at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre near Coventry

• Open to both CPA members and non CPA members

• Learn how you can face the challenges in the plant-hire sector

• An essential entry in the calendar for senior figures in plant-hire

• Former BBC news presenter and journalist Merryn Myatt will host four panel debates covering ‘The Plant-hire Sector in 2023’, ‘Fuelling the Future’, ‘Focus on CPA Special Interest Groups and Challenges’ and ‘Combatting Plant Theft and Fraud’ featuring experts from the construction plant-hire sector

Book delegate tickets online at cpa-conference-2023 for £75 plus VAT per person including lunch.


The conference will run alongside a small, targeted exhibition. Contact Lisa Collins on 07968 840390 or email for further details.

Construction Plant-hire Association
This event is held in association with:

Ain’t No Party Like a Plant Planet Party…

Can you believe it’s been 5 whole years since the very first issue of Plant Planet? No? Neither can we.

Imagine the setting. It’s August 2018, on a perfectly sunny summer’s day, and somewhere in a sleepy city in the south of England, an idea is born. An idea that set in motion the birth of a new magazine. An idea that grew into something truly amazing.


All right, perhaps not that. But since its first issue in October 2018, Plant Planet has certainly cemented itself as one to watch in the world of construction.

2019 | Finding Our Stride

If 2018 was when the idea sparked and grew, then 2019 was when we established our brand identity within the plant and equipment industry. It was clear to us very early on that forging long lasting relationships would be pivotal to our journey.

We were utterly delighted to make the all-important connection with the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA); one that is even stronger today. We worked closely with them to help promote their brand and ethos, also gearing up to exhibit at their events. Our Business Manager, Darren, knew that the key to such success for us would be visiting and exhibiting at shows: “Shows have always, and will always be, the thing that sets us apart from everyone else,” he told us when we threw around the idea of an anniversary celebration. “We exhibit more than any other magazine and will always do so.”

Teaming up with Plant Force, we first exhibited at the 2019 Plantworx. It was a fantastic experience, and the euphoric buzz really had us enraptured. It would only be 3 months later when we would do our first solo exhibition at the RWM expo in September 2019, celebrating nearly one whole year of all things Plant Planet. We were high on the thrill of events; one we were certain we’d never come down from. And then Covid happened.

102 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature plant planet party

2020 | The Year the World Stopped

We still managed to kick off the year in style by visiting the Executive Hire Show in February, eager to get ourselves out there and keep driving forward. It was only one month later when the entire world came to an abrupt halt.

March of 2020 brought us all into an unprecedented time of change, and like so many other businesses out there, Plant Planet could only wonder; what does this mean for our future? Still very much in its infancy, the threat of obsoletion hung over our heads.

But that’s ridiculously pessimistic, and certainly not the Plant Planet way. It was time to switch things up. If the world interests developed, then so to must we.

In a time where people could no longer live their hectic lives, world interests changed. More people went back to the simpler things in life, and that certainly included reading. Online reading particularly became many people’s go-to entertainment, and we met that demand head on. For the majority of 2020, we remained a purely online magazine, giving our readers that glimpse of plant life that we knew we would return to. “Our message for our readers was clear,” said Darren. “Still here, still writing, still pushing forward.”

Readership and social media engagement hit an all-time boom, a testament to our grit and determination. Many publications took a break during this time, and of course, there was always that option for us. But refusal to lose our momentum actually led to a new era of Plant Planet. We persevered, and we not only survived; we thrived!

2021 | Amidst the Anxiety

Rife with the unease of the unknown, the world began to open back up. Despite the omnipresent fear of another lockdown, Plant Planet was eager to get back to what it does best; shows.

Although we had to wait right up until September to be able to do so, it was glorious to return to the RWM expo in Birmingham. And it was here, at a show nearest and dearest to our heart, we first dreamed up our sister magazine, Future Waste. “Being at RWM made us realise that there was more that we could do in the waste management sector,” Darren mused. “What started as a regular feature in Plant Planet, grew into the full magazine we know today.”

Our confidence had bloomed over the first two years, and this was evident at the CPA Conference in October 2021. Armed with our positive mindset, we were able to ‘talk shop’ with some of the big wigs of the construction world, hyping them up for our plans for the coming year!

october 2023 103 PLANT PLANET plant planet party feature
“Still here, still writing, still pushing forward.”

2022 | One to Watch

With lockdowns firmly behind us, Plant Planet was ready to tackle its most important year to date. We knew who we were and what we wanted. Now was the time to go out and get it.

Shows were back in full force, kicking off with the Executive Hire Show in February. Although we were only visiting, it got us ready and raring for May, when we would exhibit at UK Construction Week in London. The atmosphere was phenomenal, everyone breathing a sigh of relief that we had recaptured normality once again. Vertikal Days was no exception, our gaze turned skywards as we took in the amazing exhibition.

Hillhead in June was a pinnacle moment for us, as it was our first time exhibiting at the veritable giant of a show. One of the only magazines actually exhibiting there, the public and other exhibitors took notice of our can-do attitude, and we garnered the gigantic wave of interest and recognition we had been chasing.

The RWM expo became our platform to fully launch our sister magazine, Future Waste. Debuting in sensational style, Future Waste was finally ready to stand on its own two feet as an independent publication. What a fantastic moment it was to know that our success had given another voice to a sector that needed such recognition; one that we will never forget. It would be the last time Plant Planet exhibited at RWM, and what a tremendous send-off it was.

Closing our amazing year, was the CPA Conference in November. As always, it was spectacular working so closely with this fantastic organisation, especially as an official event media partner.

2023 | Our Biggest Year Yet

So, we’d launched a new magazine, media partnered and exhibited. What was 2023 going to hold in store for us?

This year we have exhibited at more shows that ever before, with the Executive Hire Show, UK Construction Week London, Vertikal Days and Plantworx all under our belt. Every single one was a dazzling success, with our Plantworx review being heralded as ‘our best to date’.

We also sponsored our very first event, and we were so delighted that it was for the CPA. Their awards, CPA Stars of the Future, is an awards scheme for apprentices and trainees in the construction plant sector. In its tenth year, it was an honour to sponsor such a prestigious event and look forward to attending the CPA Conference in November.

It begs the question though… what’s next?

104 october 2023
PLANT PLANET feature plant planet party

Onwards and Upwards

Well folks, it really has been an amazing journey to get to this point. More than anything, we are so grateful for the continued support of our readers, advertisers and contributors. With your encouragement we have grown this magazine into something to be proud of.

But we know you’re all wondering, what does the future hold?

We can announce that we are the official Event Media Partner for the IPAF Elevation Conference in November. Plant Planet is absolutely delighted to not only attend, but to support this organisation, and all the incredible work it does. There is also talk of new regular contributors and features happening in the very near future.

Without giving too much away (because who doesn’t love a good tease) we have so many fantastic insights to share with you in the coming year. Some that even take us out of the office or convention hall, and out onto worksites in the big wide world of construction. Make sure you keep your eyes out for what’s to come.

Not only are we extending our magazine, but also our media content as a whole. That’s right dear readers, Plant Planet is looking to become multimedia, with firm plans to launch a podcast next year.

Excited is an understatement. We are fit to burst with pride at everything we have achieved in the last five years, and it fuels us ready for the next amazing five years ahead.

Beaming with delight, our Social Media Coordinator, Jenny, had this to say:

“We are excited to be diversifying the range of content which we will be offering in the upcoming year.

Most especially the launch of our new podcast which will enable us to have deeper conversations about key topics in the industry, getting the time to fully explore genuine issues and insights.”

october 2023 105
PLANT PLANET plant planet party feature

Party People!

Over our five years, we have had the absolute privilege of working with some of the industry’s biggest names. We invited them to our little article party and asked what it had been like to work with us over our tenure.

“Witham Group have worked with Plant Planet for a couple of years now as a sound representation of the news of the Off Road machinery industry. We find them friendly, competitive, creative and helpful and look forward to continuing to work with them over the months ahead.”

“It’s impressive the speed Plant Planet have come onto the scene and the impact they have achieved in promoting our presence in the marketplace. Their abilities in digital are outstanding and they get involved in all the prominent construction topics. I look forward to seeing what they achieve in another 5 years!”

“In our longstanding relationship, we have continued to maintain a close relationship with all the members of Plant Planet. Over the years they have helped strengthen our industry presence and have shone visibility on all of GGR Group’s advancements in specialised plant and across the construction industry. They have played a key part in some of our most recent product launches, including the launch of the world’s first Electric Telehandler, working directly with us to produce impartial editorial and coverage. We look forward to many more years of partnership with the team.”

Lisa Collins, Communications Consultant to the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) said: “We have worked closely with the Plant Planet team for several years now and the whole team is very supportive of CPA events such as the CPA Conference and the Stars of the Future apprentice and trainee awards. We supply regular feature articles to Plant Planet and this gives us a great opportunity to get our message across to key stakeholders in the plant-hire sector. Thank you Plant Planet and we look forward to continuing to work with you moving forward.”

“Plant Planet is an essential resource for anyone involved with heavy machinery in the construction industry. It is packed with news of the latest events, insights from industry experts, and informative articles. I recommend it to anyone who wants to stay upto-date with the latest news and trends, learn about new products and services, and connect with other professionals.”

James BB, SITECH UK & Ireland

“When we looked to launch our Cat® Central app, which allows Finning customers to order parts in the field just by scanning a QR code, Plant Planet was an essential keystone of our media plan. There is simply no better way to reach our target market of plant machinery professionals.”

Marketing Manager, Finning

“It has been a pleasure working with Plant Planet, they are professional, accommodating and very flexible. I have no doubt I will continue to work with them in the future.”

“We have been collaborating with Plant Planet for the last few years to enhance our marketing campaigns and have been consistently satisfied with the results, but also the high level of customer service they provide to us throughout our campaigns.”

106 october 2023 PLANT PLANET feature plant planet party

Thank You!

On behalf of our lovely little team, we’d like to say a huge thank you.

Thank you to all of the people that have contributed, advertised and made this all possible. Thank you to our partners, followers and of course, our fabulous readers. This journey would not have been possible without any of you, and we’re so happy you’re here to celebrate with us.

Such support has brought together this rag tag bunch to create a wonderful little family of like minded people. We all have our role to play, especially Clementine (or Clemmy for short, the office dog), our new head of welfare. Together, we have created something to be proud of.

So, all that’s left to say is here’s to the next five years and beyond.

Cheers everyone!

october 2023 107 PLANT PLANET plant planet party feature


CASE has launched the new joystick levers for the 836C and 856C motorgraders. The new joystick control delivers improved moldboard control, along with a range of steering upgrades which are an addition to the already great features of the grader.

Benefits include:

• Reduced effort & high precision thanks to the new electro-hydraulic joystick control.

• Increased productivity & efficiency thanks to the Dual Power system, automatic gear shifting and Creep mode.

• Best operator comfort & controllability thanks to optimised moldboard control and a redesigned side console.

• European Stage V emissions standard compliant thanks to the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCRoF) exhaust after-treatment system.

• Increased safety thanks to a rear-view camera reducing the need for the operator to continually turn when working.

october 2023 109 PLANT PLANET case product focus

Joystick control

The electro-hydraulic joystick control delivers a new level of moldboard control to the operator. The electro-hydraulic joysticks are built into multi-adjustable armrests on each side of the operator’s seat.

Each joystick is equipped with multiple roller switches and push buttons, to control the working hydraulic and steering functions. The redesigned side console now contains additional switches that allows adjustments to the system as per the operator’s needs.

The new Joystick Steering allows the operator to steer the machine using the left-hand side joystick. All steering commands, including turning the front wheels, moving the frame articulation and setting the wheel lean are available through the joystick. The also new RTC function allows

the operator to return all steering commands back to the centred position, by just pushing the dedicated button. This allows the operator to control the machine without having to take their hands off the joystick levers, reducing effort and increasing productivity.

Comfort Steering, when activated, reduces the number of steering wheel turns required to fully turn the machine. This improves fine control of the steering wheel and makes it easier to complete a full U-turn, with just a small turn of the steering wheel.

Combined Steering brings together the various steering commands into one control function. Once activated, front wheel steering, frame articulation and wheel lean work together as the operator turns the steering wheels or moves the joystick. This provides the operator with the ability to

110 october 2023 PLANT PLANET product focus case

make narrow turns without having to think about which steering command to use individually.

Additionally, with activated TwinLift, operators have the possibility to move both lift cylinders by using just the right-hand joystick. TwinLift makes it easier for the operator to correct the moldboard position without having to work both joysticks. This feature also assists the operator, when grading a wider slope, as the operator can simply lift the moldboard with one joystick to reposition the machine for the next pass.

Dual Power

The CASE C-Series graders are powered by the latest 6.7-litre six-cylinder FPT diesel engines. Using Hi-eSCR2 technology, they feature a maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCRoF) exhaust after-treatment system to comply with the European Stage V emissions standard. This combined system helps to create a compact engine compartment with exhaust temperatures in normal operation on average 200°C below that of a traditional particulate filter.

The engines are application-engineered specifically to work in a grader operation, where fast torque response is required to maintain high productivity levels. A Dual Power system offers increased engine output from fourth to sixth gear. In the case of the 836C and 836C AWD, the engine develops 102kW (138hp) in first to third gears, shifting to 115kW (156hp) in fourth to sixth ratio. For the larger 856C and 856C AWD, the engine develops 129kW (173hp) in first to third, lifting to 142kW (190hp) in fourth to sixth gears.

The power is transmitted through an Ergopower powershift transmission with six forward and three reverse gears. Automatic gear shifting optimises machine performance, leaving the operator free to concentrate on moldboard and blade work. A no-stall torque converter and 100% automatic differential lock ensures maximum traction in all operating conditions.

All-wheel drive models also feature a Creep mode, allowing the operator to set the forward speed almost independently of engine rpm. This makes the grader suitable for compaction work, reducing the overall fleet of machines required on site, increasing efficiency and cutting cost for the customer. Both the 4WD and 6WD models are available with optional 24” tyres, ideal for uneven soils and when low tyre bumping effect is required.

Cutting-edge technology

The CASE moldboard design maximises controllability, with a low friction, roller-mounted encapsulated slewing ring delivering jolt-free rotation torque. This moldboard design results in fewer greasing points, which reduces the maintenance time and eliminates the need for periodic replacement of wear inserts reducing the costs for the customer.

An A-Shape frame virtually eliminates lateral stress in offset positioning and the central saddle can be set hydraulically in five different positions. The operator can rotate the blade over 90° to each side without any mechanical interference. An infinitely variable radius blade reduces traction effort and improves material roll in finishing operations.

october 2023 111 PLANT PLANET case product focus

All C-Series CASE graders can be equipped from the factory prepared for the most commonly used blade control solutions. The grader can be delivered to the customer in a plug-and-play set-up, allowing rapid installation of 2D and 3D machine control systems. These automatic blade control systems allow even the most inexperienced operator to achieve higher productivity and more constant output.

Operator comfort

The machines feature a rear-mounted, low-profile, ROPS/ FOPS cab with heated and air-suspended seat, that delivers best-in-class levels of operator comfort and visibility, while keeping overall machine height low to avoid transport concerns. Wide, tinted glass provides an excellent view around the machines, with a full view of the mouldboard for the seated operator. A rear-view camera provides increased safety when reversing, reducing the need for the operator to continually turn when working.

Boosting uptime and customer peace of mind with CASE® Service Solutions

To further boost the productivity, profitability and uptime of the revised 836C & 856C, CASE has available a range of connected and non-connected after-sales services, CASE Service Solutions, which supports customers’ experiences of CASE equipment.

The complete fleet management tool CASE SiteWatchTM enables geolocation, fleet security using geofences and unauthorised use alerts and flexible reporting. This includes key performance indicators (KPIs) such as fuel consumption, utilisation rate, machine hours and idle time, so productivity and profitability can be monitored and optimised. The data is easily accessible via a portal.

CASE SiteConnect enhances telemetry data used by CASE’s Uptime Center team to provide dealers with alerts based on machine performance. Fast corrective action to minimise downtime is possible, as dealers remotely access machine data and take corrective action faster. This enables dealers to be proactive in managing customers’ machines and boosting uptime. Both SiteWatch and SiteConnect are available as options with the newly revised models.

Customers benefit from greater peace of mind with CASE Care, CASE Protect and CASE Fluid Analysis. CASE Care is a standard planned maintenance programme, with genuine parts and lubricants. The programme is underpinned by the support, logistics and technical expertise of the wide-reaching CASE dealer network. CASE Protect is an extended warranty program and CASE Fluid Analysis aims to prevent major failures, optimising the asset reliability and extending operating lifetimes.

Quick Specifications

836C – 836C AWD

Operating weight: 11,701-12,800kg

Engine : FPT Hi-eSCR2 Stage V

Power: 102/115kW Dual Power

Moldboard width: 2,440/3,050/3,355mm

856C – 856C AWD

Operating weight: 14,976-16,650kg

Engine : FPT Hi-eSCR2 Stage V

Power: 129/142kW Dual Power

Moldboard width: 3,350/3,665/3,960mm

112 october 2023 PLANT PLANET product focus case
HEAVYJOBS. SITE E: T: 02922 360346 INDUSTRY TALENT SPECIALISTS Connect with top industry talent. Transform your hiring process. Boost your brand with the right people. Scan to Find the Best Talent Today

SANY excavators just got bigger

SANY UK has launched the new Stage V compliant, 78-tonne SY750H crawler excavator, the largest model now available in the UK market. This new addition to the SANY range boasts impressive features and capabilities designed to meet the evolving demands of large-scale construction projects. With a powerful Cummins X15 Stage V engine and enhanced hydraulic system, the SY750H delivers exceptional digging force, making it ideal for heavy-duty excavation and earthmoving tasks. Its advanced technology and robust construction ensure optimal efficiency, reliability, and durability, even in the most challenging environments.

Key features of the SY750H excavator include:

Exceptional Power: Equipped with a high-performance Cummins engine, the SY750H meets Stage V emission regulations and delivers superior power and torque boasting 391 kW gross power, a maximum dig depth of 7,580 mm, 410 kN of bucket breakout force and 354 kN of dipper tear out force.

Enhanced Efficiency: The advanced variable hydraulic control system optimises the excavator’s performance, providing faster cycle times and increased fuel efficiency. Selectable working modes further improve overall operating efficiency, allowing you to match performance to the job application and ultimately helps to save on fuel costs and the durability of the machine.

Durable Design: The SY750H is designed, built and tested with durability in mind. Featuring a heavy-duty undercarriage 100% steel bodywork and solid boom it provides an exemplary level of stability. High-quality components as well as easy and safe access to all maintenance points also ensures extended service intervals and minimal downtime.

Comfort and Safety: The SY750H is designed to enhance operator comfort and ease of operation. The ergonomically designed ROPS/FOPS certified cab is equipped with modern amenities such as deluxe, fully adjustable, heated operators seat, large 10 inch, high resolution colour display, automatic climate control, radio, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and large storage compartment including integrated cooling box.

The SY750H also includes a combination of safety features that work together to minimise risks to those people in and around the machine including rear and side view cameras to enhance the operators sight line, travel alarm and warning beacon. LED work lights also come as standard and are positioned on the boom, front and side of the cab, for improved visibility in low light conditions and helping to prevent accidents on site.

Leigh Harris, Business Development Director for SANY UK, said “SANY UK is excited to introduce the SY750H excavator to the UK market. SANY has a strong pedigree in large excavators with machines up to 300 tonnes operating in some markets around the world. The SY750H is the largest machine to enter the European market so far and features the same quality, fuel efficiency and cab comforts as our SY390H and SY500H which are both receiving great feedback from our customer base.”

All SANY excavators are registered and protected with the CESAR Datatag Scheme and CESAR ECV for quick and easy verification of emissions category and the SANY SY750H also comes with an industry leading 5-year / 5000-hour warranty as well as a comprehensive range of service and support packages.

For more information about the SY750H excavator or to explore SANY UK’s full range of heavy machinery, visit

october 2023 115 PLANT PLANET SANY UK product focus








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