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The magic of Planet-Goa

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For India’s smallest state, Goa offers a variety of options to visitors and residents alike. Be it Goa’s rich heritage, diverse cultures, unique architecture, world class nightlife, beaches & watersports, religious monuments, backwaters, shacks, shopping… there is something for everyone. At PlanetGoa we have bestowed upon ourselves the honorous task of ensuring that we present the best of Goa to everyone, which includes all - those who live here, those who are presently visiting here, and those who are planning to visit in the near future. Planet-Goa began in humble but passionate surroundings by throwing itself in the deep end of the pool in mid-2010. Our determined quest and search for information only drew the best out of us apart from making us even more knowledgeable on the State and its attributes. We got down to packaging this info in a manner which is expected from the best tourist destinations across the world and then market it to our various audiences – and voila! Planet-Goa was born. This heady mix of discovery, packaging and marketing, undeniably, has ever since, allowed Planet-Goa to dominate Goa’s media space. Planet-Goa then went on to further present a range of best-in-class media products, which would in turn disseminate information on the same subject, Goa, in a manner suitable to the reader or user of that particular medium – Internet, Social Media, Ground Events, Special Publications and the soonto-launch Planet-Goa Apps. Accordingly, the content and design of these new media products is packaged around all that Goa has to offer as a world class and premier holiday destination. Our aim has always been to showcase and present Goa as it should be to our target audiences, which cuts across a diverse segment of the local domicile and holidayers, right from high profile international and domestic holidayers, budget travelers, backpackers, honeymooners, family and friends groups, real estate buyers, Goan diaspora and even those visiting Goa for business or health tourism purposes. For us at Planet-Goa, while the team is driven by that feeling of exhilaration that one gets when discovering that something ‘unique’ and ‘new’ about Goa for our ever-so-discerning readers, it is that very feeling which has driven our business to clearly make it the leader in its space.


product mix


In Goa `100 Out of Goa `150

discover • entertainment • wine & dine • shopping • real estate • adventure

REAL THiNK 2013 ESTATEThe Planet-Goa magazine What's happening when! flagship product, the Planet-Goa magazine is Goa’s first and also the ultimate EverythingOur from investing destination and lifestyle publication, which tells you just about everything that you need to know about Goa. It is packed with destination news, features, upcoming in Goa to conservation

events, offers, the varied lifestyles of Goa- rural and urban, info on things to do, places to visit, sightseeing and stay options and even has a listing of interesting real estate options which does tend to entice readers to think about simply investing in that piece of land or holiday home for themselves. This unique and premium product has a die-hard and loyal fan base that can’t wait to get their hands on it month after month, and they can often be seen leafing through the magazine at leisure apart from being found in the best homes of Goa at most times.


SHOPPING Get beachy

Dean D'Cruz's take on Planet-Goa is distributed nationally across all metros and other major cities in India TASTES Goa's Realthrough Estateits distribution partner, India Book House (IBH) and can normally be found


in any large bookstore worth its salt, across India. Over the years, the magazine has also established for itself a sizeable subscriber base from across India and even across the world. In Goa alone, it is retailed from almost 400 stores across the State and includes retail points which extend far beyond the traditional magazine vendor stall.


Midnight snack joints


A clear favourite with hoteliers across Goa, the magazine is subscribed to by almost 4000 hotel rooms in Goa for the reading pleasure of their in-house guests as well as for placing at various vantage points.

Sohonos Villas - the chic address


Pondicherry calling

Living the


The Planet-Goa website With smartphones, tablets, laptops etc now having entered everybody’s lives and fast becoming a medium to search for information, Planet-Goa first took time off to understand how this medium works, and then got down to creating this very unique website on Goa. Launched in 2011, is a one stop shop for anyone who needs information about Goa that brings you the latest, most credible, most frequently updated and comprehensive information on all that Goa has on offer, right from the best stays, places to visit or of interest, to where to eat, holiday and sales offers, cruises, events, news etc – you name it and the information is there for you to browse through. This apart, the site is now also ready to commence with some very unique and exclusive website products and services which include its own exclusive promo offers of best deals for the day, stay auctions, entertainment options offers, wining and dining exclusives, cruises on call, etc. While this is all aimed at enhancing what we call ‘the Goa experience’, this also makes the most exciting website on Goa, to visit. Event and news updates are done by the hour, which makes it Goa’s most frequently repeat visit site too. For the avid reader, who is more comfortable with his reading habit in a traditional magazine format, and does not want to miss out on his usual ‘fix’ of Goa because of having to go out and brave the traffic, rain, snow or simply does not like going into crowded market places, the website has the perfect solution at hand for them. The site retails the hard copy of the magazine with delivery systems in place for an instantaneous doorstep delivery, be it a single-issue buy or buying a yearly subscription, ordering back issues or select issue packs, or maybe even gifting a subscription to a loved one. And for that netizen, it allows them to buy and download the soft copy of the print product on their iPhones, tablets and desktops anywhere in the world. The site’s capabilities are further enhanced with its own payment gateway as well as PayPal account integrations, in place to handle all transactions from across the world in any currency. Easily the most detailed and extensive website dedicated to the destination, Goa, is simply unique and one of Goa’s most frequented websites.


Planet-Goa Special Publications Given the diversity of the products and places that exist in Goa, Planet-Goa has now also developed its Special Focus products with the first edition of the Planet-Goa Wine & Dine handbook having been released in 2013. Slated to come out every year, the book contains information on the wide variety and features some of the best places when it comes to wining and dining options that exist in Goa. Extremely well collated, aesthetically designed and packed with information on the subject, the book has already been acknowledged by the readers and trade as the best ever what with its very stylish look and extremely high usage-appeal factor, when browsing. A complete must for every restaurant, bar, nightclub, party venues etc to be featured in this book because of its very essence of being a comprehensive list of culinary hot spots and eateries in Goa. The Planet-Goa Special Publications unit will see many more such publications arrive in the near future, work on some of which is already in progress.


Planet-Goa Special Language products The Planet-Goa stable also consists of a freshly compiled and translated version of the magazine in the form of Planet-Goa Russian Edition. This product came into existence in 2011 to fulfil the quest for information required by the sizeable market of Russian travellers who come in to Goa every season via the charter operators. Produced and released annually, it works as a very handy information platform for these travellers who are often not well-versed with the English language. In a magazine format it contains comprehensive information on Goa suited and customised to the needs of this segment of readers. Again, it is a complete must to be present in this publication for all establishments who wish to reach out to the Russian travellers to Goa with their message. The success of this vertical has led to plans that will entail the launch of many more such targeted language publications, which would provide comprehensive information to different non-English speaking communities for their convenience.


Planet-Goa Events (On-Ground) Planet-Goa successfully launched its events unit with the launch of the PlanetGoa Retro House along with the Grand Hyatt Goa in 2013. Evenings of live retro music, these were essentially Brand–led events which allows the Planet-Goa Retro House event sponsors to reach a prime segment of premium customers, both local domicile and holidayers, in a very cost-effective but with a high-impact brand message delivery approach. This has thereafter been extended to The Park, Calangute and can soon be seen happening in the other premium hotspots of Goa. The Planet-Goa Events unit, in another first, also launched its Planet-Goa Golf Holidays for reaching yet another premium segment of Golfing Holiday seekers, which was till now virtually unheard of in Goa. In its nascent stages currently, this event property is already showing huge potential with sponsors in Goa wanting to communicate with the unique and so far unreachable golfing community about their brand message in an extremely high impact manner.


The Planet-Goa magazine distribution


The Planet-Goa magazine distribution follows a most unique distribution strategy, a very in-your-face approach, the highlights of which are: J Goa alone has over 400 points where the magazine is retailed from and

includes all points of holidayer interest e.g. restaurants, nightclubs, spas, casinos, hotel receptions / stores, supermarkets, lifestyle stores, chemists, cyber cafes, in cabs, etc. J The magazine is available all across India (All metros and other towns and

cities) and can be bought from J Has generated an extensive subscriber and institutional buyer base of close

to 5000 which includes all prominent hotels and resorts of Goa for in-room placement as well as international and domestic subscribers. J Online retail for single issue buys, gift-a-subscription, select issue packs from

our website e-store. J E-version retail of the magazine is available through Magzter and Rockstand.


The Planet-Goa Reader


While the local domicile of Goa is now at about 1.4 million, it also has a year-onyear growing floating population of travellers visiting the State, mainly on holiday, On last count, in 2013, Goa received 3 million plus travellers, with over half a million of them being international travellers. To describe our reader base, they can be broken up into 3 segments: J The upscale local domicile and people living in Goa, and definitely passionate

about the State. J The holidayer already in Goa on holiday, seeking info on how best to spend his

holiday. J The person living outside of Goa, who probably already has a connect with the

State or aspires to visit the State at some opportune time. The attributes of these readers can be best described through the psychographics, and are from a mix of: J Their passion for the State as well as wishing to explore into the aura that

surrounds the very name of the State. J Readers who can be termed as a mix of high net worth individuals to people

definitely over an income bracket where they have the disposable income available at hand to take a holiday. As is well known and obvious, a holiday is something which clearly a person can do only after having provided for all their other needs. J Arrive in Goa with an ‘X’ amount of money which they are likely to spend on their holiday. J A very captive audience as not only are they searching for info, which product / service advertising provides, but also at a time when their minds are most receptive to consuming and digesting the info and message being provided. J Figures from the Tourism department show that 45% of travellers into Goa are repeat travellers who are coming in for their second or more visit – clearly they love the Goa experience. J Also at an average the per capita expenditure on their holiday in Goa (3 N / 4 D) is in excess of `7000 per person. J Last but not the least, the Planet-Goa universe also encompasses another 30 million people who aspire to come to Goa but cannot make it for whatever reason!


Planet-Goa is best used for‌



The usual communication tool - we get you to the reader in an appropriate pre-defined manner, while your creative and in-built call-to-action takes over from there.


Simple and relevant logo & tagline branding opportunities for re-enforcement of brand positioning and visibility purposes with in-built relevance.

Content Participation / Advertorials / Promo Features

Placement of brand / service in sections like Upcoming Events, Own your Dream Home, Readers Recommendations, Best Holiday Packages, Picks of the season, Spotted, In Conversation With, Party Hopping, New in Town, Check in at, Flavours, etc. Opportunity to create further innovations and customised content solutions can also be explored. Popularly referred to as ‘write ups’ or ‘plugs’, this is a paidfor exercise where content controls lie with the client and operates by the Rate Card.

PR - options

Publishing of Press Releases in the magazine and website that are relevant and appropriate.

Website Listing

Various listings by category which tell the world about your existence, along with imaging and branding options on the website.

Website Promotions

Utilisation of various promotion tools in the website to promote your business and increase footfalls, like, Deals of the day, Offers, Auctions, etc.

Social Media Promotions

Usage of the Planet-Goa cluster of pages and groups to promote and also get promoted by the in-house social media team at Planet-Goa.

Co - Promotions

Participating in several joint promos and offers for Planet-Goa subscribers and as part of subscription drives.


Factual content which is often experiential and control is always with the edit team without exception.


Our USP Planet-Goa provides advertisers with effective and easy to implement solutions when trying to reach sharply defined audiences in a high impact manner. This is because: J Planet-Goa is about the most effective advertising medium when trying to

reach the most upscale local domicile audience of Goa. J It also is the most effective medium to reach a holiday seeking audience,

especially those looking for that holiday to Goa. J Only media product from Goa with a national and international reach. J Most effective medium for brand / product image enhancement and

perception building, because of its unique reach, product quality and content style. J Highly respected for its credible editorial levels and fulfilling the brand

positioning with readers of ‘your trusted friend in Goa’.


The Planet-Goa advantage With Planet-Goa you have the advantage of a unique vantage point that gives you access to those the live here, those who are coming, those who are planning to come and those that aspire to come here – it’s a win-win situation! The Planet-Goa products have accordingly, been carefully and meticulously designed and created to provide this captive reader with suitable solutions and options that satisfy their quest for information on the place in a manner which is interesting to consume, digest and utilise. On the other hand our products aim to provide Goa’s business establishments with suitable and appropriate platforms to reach all segments of their target audiences, so as to further their business objectives. All in all, the business approach that Planet-Goa follows is to provide holistic 360 degree solutions to all, i.e. readers, advertisers, stakeholders, etc where the communication vehicles are customised to work in tandem with each other with an eye on the overall objective.


Reader’s Speak…

comments from readers across the country and beyond Helen Hogg, Scotland: We have just returned home to Scotland, following our annual visit to Goa, one of my first tasks on arriving is to find a copy of Planet-Goa from the bookshop. The January issue was superb, thank you, we got lots of tips to enhance our holiday, especially the Houses of Goa Museum and Reis Magos Fort, visits to both of which made great days. I look forward to my next visit to Goa and your future magazines, much appreciated.

Vivek Naik, Colva: I have to get my ‘PlanetGoa fix’ each month. The magazine has evolved into a great read, simply love it!


Ayesha Fernandes, Benaulim: Planet-Goa is one of those magazines that is a must-read if you really want to know what’s going on in town. I really enjoy the features and the photographs are just brilliant.

Mario D’Costa, Madison, Wisconsin: Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary. I look forward to receiving and reading your magazine every month. Your team does a good job of putting the magazine together. I enjoyed reading the segment by Samira Sheth ‘Tastes best At…Eat like a local”. My mouth was watering just reading all the reviews of local cafes. Please include some of the recipes for pattal, usal bhajjis and other Goan favorites in your future issues.

BK Dalal: It is nice of you to check on the receipt of the publication, very unique service, nobody does that. Yes, I have received your magazine and enjoyed reading it. It is a nice publication, very informative and very appealing. It creates an urge in me to visit Goa often. Though in India, it has a distinctive Latin American culture, bohemian and colorful. I have been visiting Goa ever since liberation but still I cannot get enough of it. There are plenty more places to see and more restaurants to sample their fare. Your publication will serve me as a good guide. Keep up the good work.

Zara Hasan, Mumbai: We planned our entire trip based on the info we got from your website! Great portal guys, it’s got all the juice we wanted to know and all the places we wanted to visit.

Bhavesh, Vadodara: My friends and I came across Planet-Goa Wine & Dine issue and it really helped us plan our meals. Being foodies, all of us really relished each place we visited thanks to the tips mentioned in the book.

Sunila Rao, Tiska, Ponda: I am completely enjoying the various issues of Planet-Goa- having lived in rural and urban parts of Goa, I can relate to all that is written on food, wine, wellness, beaches etc. In your issue 8 I loved the ‘Beyond Goa’ on the pics taken by Anurag Yadav – and wished had Goa – this teeny weeny state really been developed by leaders, politicians, today there wouldn’t have been drugs, child abuse and laws implemented….

Natasha Bhattacharya: Came across this magazine called ‘Planet-Goa’ and this will be my companion for the next one hour.


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The magic of Planet-Goa  

For India’s smallest state, Goa offers a variety of options to visitors and residents alike. Be it Goa’s rich heritage, diverse cultures, un...

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