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THE SHOW MOJO works hard to be innovative, on the cutting edge. Known for bringing innovative ideas to the marketplace, MOJO’s goal is to demonstrate the use of those products, along with those of our sponsors/ partners, to our fans and to the entire outdoor television viewing audience. MOJO focuses on two main areas of hunting: Waterfowl and Predators.

PREDATORS For the first half of 2013, MOJO TV will bring its viewers a mix of PREDATOR hunting excitement and big game hunting entertainment. Throw in a couple of WATERFOWL shows to carry you over until quarter 3 and you can see it’s going to be an exciting year. Our goal on these shows will be to educate the viewing public on ways to maximize their abilities using the most innovative gear available today. TERRY DENMON, along with CHUCK SMART and MIKE MORGAN, have over a century of hunting experience under their belts and look forward to sharing their expertise on a weekly basis. With PREDATOR hunting quickly becoming one of the fastest growing segments of our sport, MOJO has devoted endless hours in the field developing new and innovative products that will help you become a better hunter. Terry has coined the phrase “HUNTING PREDATORS MOJO STYLE” which is calling them in up close and personal and taking them with a shotgun. When you can do this, your equipment has to be the best. Having called a lion and leopard in Africa, wolf in Canada, and a grizzly in Alaska, on top of hundreds of coyotes and bobcats, Terry along with the rest of the MOJO crew look forward to helping the viewing audience become more successful PREDATOR hunters by tuning in each week to MOJO TV. So whether it’s introducing their audience to new weapons, ammo, optics, or any other equipment that is needed by today’s hunter, MOJO TV will be a force to be reckoned with during the upcoming year.

WATERFOWL For the second half of the year (Quarters 3 & 4) MOJO will turn the corner and go after waterfowl full-time. Terry and the MOJO Crew, along with some of the most notable waterfowl pros, will bring world class waterfowling from Northern Canada, the southern states, and into Mexico and South America. Many of these hunts are “do it yourself” hunts, as the MOJO Crew are seasoned waterfowlers who have been successfully hunting on their own for many years. Few entities in the world are considered more “duck” than MOJO and we have developed a large and loyal following who believe in the information, advice and endorsements we bring to them. Each of our episodes is specifically designed to be informative and entertaining, to show the viewer how they can do this themselves, all without seeming overly commercial. We simply show them how our sponsors’ products will help them accomplish this, and we have fun in the process. In summary, this is a show designed and capable of bringing your product line or service to the correct outdoor audience in a forceful and impacting way. At MOJO, we wear both hats. We know and use outdoor TV for our own product line and we enjoy our partnerships with the leading innovators from the outdoor industry.

THE HOSTS MOJO TV has been hosted by Terry Denmon since the beginning, four years ago. However, this year we have some exciting news and changes: Predator Calling Icon Byron South will join Terry as co-host of our Coming to the Call Segment.

Terry Denmon (Host)

Mojo’s TV show has been hosted by Terry Denmon since the beginning; five years ago. Terry has a long and extensive history in both hunting and Outdoor TV, having grown up in a rural environment, in a hunting family, where one could pick up a gun, walk out the back door and start hunting. During the ensuing years, Terry has hunted all over the world, has outfitted and guided mule deer in Colorado, antelope and mule deer in West Texas and waterfowl in Louisiana. Terry has hosted or co-hosted TV Shows such as Hunting Across America and SHOOTERS in addition to the current MOJO TV. He has been involved in many outdoor activities including serving a 6-year appointment to the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Commission where he served twice (2 years) as Chairman and twice (2 years) as Vice-Chairman. He was one of the founding partners of MOJO Outdoors. Terry’s stated goal in Outdoor TV is not for you to watch him hunt on TV, but rather for you to go along with him.


The Mississippi Flyway begins to start its funnel in northeast Louisiana as it continues to the coast. Here, in the “Sportsman’s Paradise,” waterfowl hunting thrives, and most begin partaking in the sport at an early age. Chuck Smart was no exception. Chuck’s backyard consists of the bayous, rivers, and wetlands of the Lower Mississippi Flyway in Louisiana--which is ripe for a wide variety of hunting and fishing. He quickly became a fan of the shotgun and stuck to it like a duck to the water. In the late 90’s, he was given the privilege to hunt over the first MOJO Mallard that revolutionized the way we all hunt ducks. In 2000, Chuck became General Manager of MOJO and has chased ducks and geese across the North and South American continents from Alberta, Canada to Argentina. He and the MOJO Crew follow the Migration from North to South America and each hunt is included in the MOJO Migration Television Series. In his free time, Chuck enjoys coaching summer youth baseball. However, he always tries to make room in the duckblind or boat to pass on the hunting and fishing tradition to his son, as well as other young hunters in hopes of keeping the sport alive. Big game hunting has also been very rewarding for Chuck. He has taken very nice antelope and mule deer along the way as well as some impressive trophy white tail deer that reside on his wall.

Mike Morgan (Co-Host)

Mike Morgan grew up in a hunting family and literally cut his teeth at deer camps in Mississippi and Louisiana. At the early age of seven he took up archery, and by his late 30s, he had made it his profession by opening an archery shop in central Mississippi. Mike’s love to travel combined with his archery skills allowed him to take some of the largest game on the North American continent, from muskox in the Northwest Territories to mountain goats in Alaska. He also took elk in Wyoming and antelope in Colorado. Mike has taken hundreds of big game animals with his bow and arrow over the years and loves to pass down the tradition whenever possible. During the late 80’s, Mike, along with his business partner, helped pioneer the early stages of what is now MOJO Outdoors TV. They started by producing hunting videos under the “Indian Archery Outfitters” label and quickly transitioned into one of the first hunting shows on the newly formed “Outdoor Channel.” Their show “Hunting Across America” quickly became one of the network’s most popular shows and paved the way for Mike to eventually get involved with MOJO Outdoors. Mike is currently the television production manager for MOJO Outdoors and travels, films, hunts, and co-hosts the MOJO Outdoors TV Series.



TV show media kit


TV show media kit