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It may sound a little silly to talk about things NOT to do when it comes to getting website traffic but the following strategies will oftentimes be a waste of your time and your money. I know that when you're looking for website traffic; especially when you desperately need more site visitors, a quick and easy way might sound like just the ticket. But what I'm about to reveal to you are complete "time-wasters" and will not help you or your reputation online. So here's a short list of what to AVOID when it comes to these methods: Safelists First, let's talk about what a safelist is. This is an email list that people can join for free and in return, you're allowed to send out emails to the entire list of members themselves in return for you joining the email list as well. Typically you'll find that there are free and paid safelists. The higher the membership level the more people you are allowed to email. You can earn what are called "credits" by clicking on links contained within the emails you receive. I'm not a big fan of safelists simply because I don't believe that the people who join this kind of list will actually read my email. They are there for the same exact reason you are - to promote their own products and their own websites. The only thing other members of the list care about is getting their ad in front of you and getting their own traffic and sales. So this is one traffic method I suggest avoiding. The best kind of traffic you want to find for your site is targeted traffic and safelists (in my opinion) are about as un-targeted as they come. Paying for Website Submissions There are companies online who, for a fee, will "submit" your website to thousands of search engines or thousands of online directories. Sounds tempting doesn't it? The fact is, there are only three search engines that truly matter: Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Sure there are others who can hold their own and this is not to say that you shouldn't also consider others like, and but you'll often find that you can submit your website for free to these same places yourself. Moreover, many of these search engines actually don't need help in discovering your website; this

will happen naturally as you work on other traffic methods such as article marketing. As soon as a link to your website is found online (usually coming from another website), search engines will then "crawl" or in other words, visit your website and all of the pages on your site and you'll be indexed within the search engine. FFA (Free-For-All) Websites Free-for-all websites are exactly what they sound like. A website where you can add your own link free. At first, it sounds good in theory, after all who wouldn't like a bunch of free links coming to their site? But these are usually pages full of spam-related links that the search engines don't consider important in the least bit. The reason behind this is that no real people other than those who have websites themselves visit these kinds of websites. Additionally, oftentimes these sites are nothing more than "email harvesters". This means that the email you use to submit your own site will most likely end up being spammed continuously. And if that weren't enough, Google themselves states in their documentation that you should stay away from FFA websites. If you do for some reason, decide to use an FFA website, do yourself a favor and use a "throwaway" email address. This is because your email will likely be spammed and the last thing that you want is to do provide your actual business email address to one of these sites. You'll have a heck of a time getting rid of all of the nonsense messages that come your way. This isn't a comprehensive list by any means but when you talk about the "big three" most talked about methods used online to get website traffic, these are the ones that tend to come up quite often and are the ones that should be avoided.

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