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Anik was voted one of Business Week's Top 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs in the US for 2008. He spent his childhood days living in India before his family migrated to the United States making it his new home. Anik was a professional tennis player for a while until he decided to leave that behind and enrolled himself in medical school. However, he soon came to the realization that the medical profession wasn't for him and so he started studying business. It was while Anik was a freshman in college that he dreamt of creating and running profitable online companies. He wanted to make it big in the Internet Marketing Industry and he wanted to create an online empire. Anik was a student at The University of Maryland in the year 2004 when he won $100 at a party and decided to use that money to start his online career. One of the first companies founded by Anik was Affiliate Classroom which is an online or virtual training center for affiliates. Like many successful persons Anik made many mistakes along the way but like all the Gurus and Super Affiliates today he didn't give up. He had a passion, he had a dream and he was focussed. He learnt from his mistakes, kept on going and today he has a multimillion dollar empire making millions online each year. In fact today he is running a $10 million a year company. That's very good for someone who came into the industry with a START UP CAPITAL of $100 and with little or no internet marketing experience in 2004. This proves the point that It takes little or no start up capital to get started in the Affiliate Marketing Industry. In just 6 years Anik have managed to create a business empire that most people can only dream of creating and again this is testimonial to the fact that you can make your dreams a reality through this billion dollar Affiliate Marketing Industry. You just have to think positive, put in the hard work, be patient, stay focussed and NEVER QUIT. Anik is the FOUNDER and CEO of Lurn Inc, an e learning company with the mission of helping persons all aroung the world become more successful online. His company now employs over 70 persons across India and the United States. Anik believes strongly in giving back and continues to share useful information about what it takes to be a successful internet entrepreneur.His non profit organization For All Our Good continues to help people all around the world find prosperity. Anik has made a very positive contribution to the affiliate and internet marketing industry and is truly an Affiliate Marketing Guru.

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Anik Singal  

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