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FEB - APRIL 2019






210.619.1200 DISPATCH






Animal Services (210) 659-4851 x 3233 City Hall (210) 658-9900 City Manager (210) 658-9900 x 3103 City Secretary (210) 658-9900 x 3111 Court (210) 658-9900 x 3409 EDC (210) 658-9900 x 3119 Fire (non-emergency) (210) 658-9900 x 3180 Permits 210) 658-9900 x 3154 Planning (210) 658-9900 x 3140 Public Works (210) 658-9900 x 3164 Utilities (210) 658-9900 x 3408

GVEC - 210-658-7033 GVSUD - 830-914-2330 SCUCISD - 210-945-6200 GOVERNMENT CONTACTS Post Office - 210-658-2631 County Tax office - 210-945-9708 Guadalupe County Commissioners n Precinct 3 Commissioner - Jim Wolverton 101 East Court Street Seguin, TX 78155 Tel: 830-303-8857, Press 3 Fax: 830-303-4064 n Precinct 4 Commissioner - Judy Cope 101 East Court Street Seguin, TX 78155 Tel: 830-303-8857, Press 4 Fax: 830-303-4064 DPS - 830-625-8111 incibolo MAGAZINE - FEBUARY - APRIL 2019



pring is upon us. Can you believe it? South Texas has experienced one of its wettest winters on record. With it came nourishment for our plants, ample food sources for our local wildlife and OF COURSE, delays in construction projects. Currently, Cibolo construction entails: ➤➤

The intersection of FM 1103 and Main,


FM 78 and Haeckerville,


Deer Creek Boulevard,


Cibolo Valley Drive and


The Bridge on IH35 and FM 1103.

Thanks to you, we passed a bond to improve the drainage and fix Tolle Rd. We are currently working with Schertz and Developers to fix and widen Wiederstein Road. Last year, we completed Borgfeld Road and the lower section of Haeckerville Road. What does this mean? Well, as soon as it stops raining, Cibolo will have addressed almost every major thoroughfare in the city. Our work is not done. Staff, Council and Committees have been working hard to look into our bright future and make the City of Cibolo a comfortable place for you, the citizens and the future citizens of Cibolo. Despite the traffic and construction, our small business owners have made a huge push to come in and

help service the community. Whether it is FM 1103, downtown, FM 78 or any nook or cranny of Cibolo, small businesses are coming in to help keep our hard earned dollars in Cibolo. The small businesses are the foundation of Cibolo’s success and growth, and Cibolo will continue to help them grow and prosper. The Cibolo Youth Alliance is gearing up for another exciting summer of games and fun for the youth of Cibolo. The youth of our City are the future, and it is only natural for a family centered community, like Cibolo, to have an amazing Summer Youth Program. Last year’s events were deemed a success and the group has been working hard to bring another fresh look of fun and excitement to the area’s youth. The Cibolo Family YMCA Community Center is gearing up to open late Spring. Again, this is a project that has been made possible through bonds passed by you, the citizens. THANK YOU! Our new mobile application and revamped website are some steps that we are taking to communicate the events and happenings of the City to your living room. Finally, I would like to extend the most sincere thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as the Mayor of Cibolo. Very Sincerely and Respectfully,





s we begin the New Year in Cibolo, I would like to thank our citizens for being supportive in the 2018 Bond Election. All four of the proposed bonds were passed, which will allow Cibolo to keep moving forward and remain the “City of Choice” for years to come. Cibolo has lots of construction projects in the area, and the citizens of Cibolo are to thank for the opportunity to keep City facilities, roads, and parks up to par. You can find more information on the status of past and current bond projects at under the Capital Improvements section. The youth in Cibolo is the future of our community. We are continuing to adapt our events to be more youth centered and engaging, so that children want to participate in City projects. One of the passed bond initiatives is to build a Miracle League Field ball field in partnership with the YMCA. This field will be located at the Cibolo Youth Sports Complex, adjacent to the current ball diamonds. The Miracle league field will have modifications,


geared towards special needs children. SCUCISD reports that 10% of all enrolled students are special needs. The Miracle League Ball Field will have a custom-designed field with a cushioned rubberized surface to help prevent injuries, wheelchair accessible dugouts, and a completely flat surface to eliminate any barriers to wheelchair-bound or visually impaired players. Whereas the field is geared towards a special needs children sports league, the opportunity to serve disabled veterans is a plus to our community. This facility will be one of a kind in our area, and shows how supportive Cibolo, as a whole, is to our citizens with special needs. We are partnering with the YMCA to fund the Ball Field, and continuing to look for additional partners to make this complex inclusive and a destination in our City.


incibolo MAGAZINE - FEBUARY - APRIL 2019



Welcome to the official mobile app for the City of Cibolo. The My Cibolo app provides a connection between the City and its citizens. Whether a resident or visitor, this app delivers access to community news, events and emergency alerts. Features include: n News Flash - Receive official news about the local area. n Calendar - See what’s going on in the city and sign up for event notifications and changes. n Report a Concern - Allows residents to submit their ideas for improvements, changes and issues they would like to see implemented within the community. n Emergency Alerts - Receive notifications about important community news, street closures, road conditions and critical emergencies. Get up-to-the-minute emergency updates. n Staff Directory - City Staff Directory n Business Directory - Locate and contact local city businesses. Download the City of Cibolo app and connect with us today!



DEPARTMENT Cibolo Utility Billing Department

Billing Dates, Payments and Charges


The City of Cibolo has two billing cycles— Cibolo Water customers who reside off Main Street and Cibolo Valley Drive, and Cibolo Sewer and Garbage customers off FM 1103 and Cibolo Valley Drive are cycle 1 and Cibolo Water customers who reside off FM 1103 are cycle 2.

Important Monthly Dates

Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Meter Read Date

(Cibolo Water Customers)

15th of each month

1st of each month

Due Date and ACH Draft Date

15th of each month

1st of each month



Penalty Date

of each month

of each month

$10.00 penalty added at close of business

$10.00 penalty added at close of business

25th of each month

11th of each month

Disconnect Date

$25.00 penalty added at noon


Billing Date

of each month

$25.00 penalty added at noon


of each month

Please note – if the above listed date falls on a weekend or holiday, the date will move to the following business day at noon, with the exception of ACH DRAFT, which will be processed the business day BEFORE.

Water Rates


Residential Water Rates

Waste Water Rates Residential Rates

3,000 gallons or less $16.25 base rate 3,000 gallons or less $16.25 base rate Cost per 1,000 gallons Each 1,000 gallons after $4.85 per 1,000 gallons

Total Gallons Used

1,200 gallons or less


Each 1,000 gallons

$4.85 per

after call the City of Cibolo 1,000 gallons To request an extension of your due date Billing Office at$12.50 least 1 day prior to your disconnect. Accounts 1,201Utility to 3,000 are allowed 4 per calendar year. • To request an extension of your due date call the



Cost per 1,000 gallons

1,200 gallons or less...... $12.50 1,201 to 3,000................ $12.50 3,001 to 7,000.................. $5.50 7,001 to 15,000................ $7.00 15,001 to 30,000.............. $8.50 30,001 to 50,000............ $10.00 50,001 +......................... $12.50

WINTER SEWER AVERAGE Sewer Averaging takes place each year beginning in November and completing each February. Your new sewer rate will apply on your billing due in April.

If you suffer a water leak during this time, and have the issue repaired, make sure 3,001 to 7,000 $5.50 City of Cibolo Utility Billing Office at least 1 day prior ➤➤ Any account that has received two returned inAccounts a calento your checks disconnect. are allowed 4 per to apply for a sewer adjustment, bring in calendar year. 7,001dar to 15,000 $7.00on a cash only payment a copy of the repair bill to the Utility Billing year, will be placed option. After two • Any account that has receivedto two returned checks office no later than June. years of good payment history, account holders may request be in a calendar year, will be placed on a cash only 15,001 to 30,000 taken off cash only. $8.50 payment option. After two years of good payment If your water service is through Green history, account holders may request to be taken off 30,001 to 50,000 are returned $10.00 Valley Special Utility District, a consumption ➤ ➤ Deposits on accounts with two years of good paycash only. history for December, January, and February ment history. If your service ends before the two years, it will be • Deposits are returned on accounts with two years of 50,001 + $12.50 good payment history. If your service ends before is provided to us each year for calculating applied to your final bill. the two years, it will be applied to your final bill. your winter average. ➤➤ If you need to update your autopay service, an updated request • If you need to update your autopay service, an updated request formfor will be required. Autopay files Filling a pool during this time? Bring in a form will be required. Autopay files are sent to the bank proare sent to the bank for processing two business letter with the approximate consumption to cessing two business days prior to draft date. No changes can be days prior to draft date. No changes can be made have the pool waived. made after that time. after that time.

Selma, TX 78154 210-566-7702


San Antonio, TX 78216 210-344-4848

17361 Bell North Dr, Ste 113 Schertz, TX 78154 210-380-3433




Travis Company Sally Beauty Supply 117 Pecan Dr 5580 FM 3009, Ste 104 ➤➤ Your Cibolo utility bill includes theTX garbage and recycle Schertz 78154 Schertz, TX 78154 210-525-8088 fee. To ensure removal, please set your garbage out by 210-651-4562

7:00 AM. Garbage pick up is for household waste only.




If your solid waste or recycle receptacle is broken, con(See Bakeries/Cafes) (See Home Furnishings) tact the Utility Billing Office to request a replacement. CANDY GIFT BEVERAGE ➤ ➤ TheDISPENSERS City also offers chipper service for BOUQUETS residents who trim Kathy’s Basket Casetree trimtheir trees. The City does not accept palm Dispenser Service of Texas Cibolo, TX 78108 108 Commercial 206 mings Pl, orSte cactus. For additional information and to sign 830-243-2447 Schertz, up, TX 78154 please visit, the deadline for submittal 210-658-1187 is Friday at end of business unless noted online. Beginning January 2019, a $20 fee CAR willWASHES be charged to your BEVERAGE PROVIDERS utility account for the service.

Ashwa Enterprises Tri-City Distributors, LP 929 FM 1518 523 ➤➤FM 306 During the summer, trash collection service increases to Schertz, TX 78154 New Braunfels, 78130 Service changes twice TX a week. will be noted on your bill. 210-414-4599 830-625-0422 ➤➤ Recycle collection is only on your regularly scheduled day. Jet Car Wash FM(1) 78 95 gal. garbage cart ➤ ➤ The City of Cibolo provides 310 one BIRDS Schertz, 78154 for solid waste collection and oneTX(1) 18 gal. recycle Wild Birds Unlimited 210-833-3320 bin or (1) 95 gal. recycle cart. If your receptacle be3820 FM 3009, Ste 152 contact the Utility Schertz,comes TX 78154damaged or goes missing, Solar Car Wash 210-566-8808 Billing Office for a replacement. The replacements may 1198 Borgfeld Rd TXthis 78154 take up to 10 business days,Schertz, during time, the receptacle must stay at the curb.210-945-4205


The Mainyou Streetare Car allowed Wash ➤➤ & Treat In addition to your provided cart, 6 Heat of South Texas 426 Main Stcart. additional bags OR one additional 116 Commercial Pl Schertz, TX 78154 Schertz, TX 78154 ➤ ➤ To schedule a bulk pick up please visit, 210-509-7638

residents are permitted 1 bulk pickup every 60 days.




The Ron Pedde Memorial Community Garden was opened on July 23, 2018. This garden currently has 4 garden boxes and a storage shed for community members to store supplies. As we gear up for spring, stay tuned for more information on how to be involved and help keep Cibolo beautiful.

This building contains 26,300 square feet of usable space, which includes 2 regulation sized basketball courts which also allow for 4 volleyball courts as well as a large auditorium that can be portioned off into two separate areas, a large wellness center containing various exercise equipment, 2 locker rooms with showers, a child watch area, a caterers kitchen, 2 multi-use rooms for meetings and exercise classes, office areas and a digital library area. The parking area will hold more than 160 vehicles. This project is also scheduled to have a children’s “splash pad” built as part of the project.


PUBLIC SAFETY After the tragic mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, there were three chilling comments that struck me. The first was Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said that he has been in law enforcement for 40 years and has never seen active shooter trends like those in the past few years. He further expanded that no matter where you are, no matter how safe your community, no matter the crime rate, this can happen in your neighborhood. He’s absolutely correct. Researchers have found that there is no specific profile of an active shooter and only 55% of them have a connection to the location. Even though we think of them happening more frequently at schools like Columbine or Stoneman Douglass High School or Virginia Tech, from 2000-2014, 52% of the locations were businesses or commerce locations. Places we visit on a weekly or even daily basis. The second comment was made by Sheriff Dean who said that due to the population of the bar being mostly young people, they have thought about this type of situation and knew to get out and get away. One witness said she was struck by a bar stool in the head by someone who was trying to get out by breaking a window with the stool. Would you have thought about windows being an exit? This goes to show that we are living in a different and evolving world and not only do young people need to know what to do, but all ages and backgrounds need to know how to survive a horrific act of violence. The third comment was a witness who said, “I didn’t know where to go so I just went to the front door.” This is quite a different mentality than the one who was trying to exit through the window. Unfortunately, this is a very common response as it is a natural, human tendency to exit the same way we come into a building. So do you know what to do if you are in an active shooter situation?


YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS. WHAT YOU DO MATTERS. There is an organization headquartered in San Marcos in association with Texas State University called Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT). They are the leading organization in training law enforcement and Fire/ EMS in responding to active shooter events. They also offer training on what civilians can do to survive an active shooter event. The class is called Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE). In this class, civilians are taught three main actions, Avoid, Deny, Defend which are outlined below.

AVOID starts with your state of mind. ➤➤ Pay attention to your surroundings. ➤➤ Have an exit plan. ➤➤ Move away from the source of the threat as quickly as possible. ➤➤ The more distance and barriers between you and the threat, the better.

DENY when getting away is difficult or maybe even impossible. ➤➤ Keep distance between you and the source. ➤➤ Create barriers to prevent or slow down a threat from getting to you. ➤➤ Turn the lights off and silence your phone. ➤➤ Stay out of sight and quiet by hiding behind large objects.

DEFEND because you have the right to protect yourself. ➤➤ If you cannot AVOID or DENY, be prepared to DEFEND yourself. ➤➤ Be aggressive and committed to your actions. ➤➤ Do not fight fairly. THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL. Fight like your life depends on it. Because it does. ➤➤ Call 911 when you are in a safe area. When Law Enforcement arrives, show your hands and follow all commands. incibolo MAGAZINE - FEBUARY - APRIL 2019

There were 13 lives lost at the Borderline Bar and Grill. Eleven of them were there to just have a good time. One of them, Sheriff Deputy Sgt. Ron Helus, paid the ultimate price by giving his life to save many. Only a short time from retirement and a family at home, he will be forever remembered as a hero. Through the Avoid, Deny, Defend concept many lives have been and will be saved. I hope this basic information can help you or a loved one be prepared to survive or even stop an act of violence that I hope you never have to witness.

Stay Safe! Officer Schima Cibolo Police Department

Statistics and information provided by ALERRT. Resources:,,,




As the short days and cold nights of winter are slowly giving way to the hope and vigor of a South Texas spring, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your lawn from dormancy to vibrancy. In order to help you do so, I’d like to give you a few helpful tips as you prepare for spring green-up.

With all the rain we received in the fall, your irrigation system should have been off since September so you want to make sure it works correctly! If you have an irrigation system, you should audit that system at the beginning of February. Audits allow you to make certain your system is working properly and efficiently.

We had record rain this fall and broke a 102 yearold record with an early, hard October freeze. Those two conditions increased winter weed pressure. That being stated, your first step is to reduce winter weeds. During the cold months, your winter weeds should be mowed prior to seed production. If not, what was once one plant has now seeded itself to the possibility of 100s of new weeds. Plants have a limited about of stored carbohydrates and frequent mowing before seed production can be enough to reduce your weed population. As a last resort you can use a number of broadleaf herbicides found at your local gardening center.

As we work our way into mid-February we need to begin thinking about pre-emergent herbicide treatment of your lawn for warm-season weeds. Once applied, a pre-emergent herbicide remains in the upper 1/8” of the soil profile and is usually effective for about 3 months, plus or minus depending on environmental factors such as rainfall totals and temperature. This type of herbicide effects the weed seeds as they germinate, destroying them before they ever can be seen without harming your lawn. For our area we want to apply the pre-emergent between Valentine’s Day and March 1st. Good pre-emergent control prevents


incibolo MAGAZINE - FEBUARY - APRIL 2019

the ugly eye-sore of weeds in your lawn and reduces competition for air, water, light and nutrients with your grass. Your application should be watered in with 0.25”-0.5” irrigation. Dimension and pendimethalin are great choices this time of year for weed control. Once we get to mid-March your lawn should start to green-up and begin actively growing. As this occurs it’ll be time to think about core aerating your lawn and applying fertilizer. This should be done from around the end of March to mid-April. You’ll reduce thatch (some thatch is good, too much is problematic as it reduces water penetration and air flow; thereby, increasing disease potential). Additionally you will be loosening compacted soils allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate further into the soil profile and root system. Below is a great diagram showing its’ benefits. Your fertility for this time of year should be a 3-1-2 ratio of the numbers on the bag. That is Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. So something similar to a 15-3-5 or 25-5-11, etc. Also, this time of year you want a readily available source of Nitrogen, not a slow release. The plant needs the nutrients now to begin growing.

ENJOY LIFE INSIDE OUT Decks (Composite or Wood) Concrete Patio Work Patio Covers Arbors Pergolas Gazebos Gable Covers

And remember…more is not better. Always read and follow label instructions and you’ll be a good steward of the environment while saving money! Lastly, your best weed control is not herbicides. Your best weed control is a healthy lawn. You do this by way of cultural practices. Core aeration, which we already stated is one of the best things you can ever do for your lawn. Proper fertility is essential and after reading this you already know where to begin with fertilizer. Irrigation is essential, but only what is needed…not more (too wet, and pre-emergent herbicides wear off sooner, plus nutsedge really likes it wet). Lastly, frequent mowing is your best friend. Mowing prevents weeds from seeding out and forces your lawn to grown laterally instead of vertically; thereby, making it more dense and preventing seeds from germinating. For Bermudagrass lawns, mowing height should be between 1”-2”. For St. Augustine it should be around 3.5”. Mow frequently enough to never cut off more than 1/3 of the leaf tissue at a time.

Happy lawns! Kelly Craighead, Agronomist


Free Stain and Seal Labor on all new projects Additional 10% OFF for Military, First Responders, and Educators

210.945.TIME 8





Heating Safety There is something about the winter months and curling up with a good book by the fireplace. But did you know that heating equipment is one of the leading causes of home fire deaths? With a few simple safety tips and precautions you can prevent most heating fires from happening. be warm and safe this winter! • Keep anything that can burn at least three-feet (one metre) away from heating equipment, like the furnace, fireplace, wood stove, or portable space heater. • Have a three-foot (one metre) “kid-free zone” around open fires and space heaters. • Never use your oven to heat your home. • Have a qualified professional install stationary space heating equipment, water heaters or central heating equipment according to the local codes and manufacturer’s instructions. • Have heating equipment and chimneys cleaned and inspected every year by a qualified professional. • Remember to turn portable heaters off when leaving the room or going to bed. • Always use the right kind of fuel, specified by the manufacturer, for fuel burning space heaters. • Make sure the fireplace has a sturdy screen to stop sparks from flying into the room. Ashes should be cool before putting them in a metal container. Keep the container a safe distance away from your home. • Test smoke alarms at least once a month. NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION The leading information and knowledge resource on fire, electrical and related hazards ©NFPA 2017

Heating Equipment Smarts Install wood burning stoves following manufacturer’s instructions or have a professional do the installation. All fuel-burning equipment should be vented to the outside to avoid carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Install and maintain CO alarms to avoid the risk of CO poisoning. If you smell gas in your gas heater, do do not light the appliance. Leave the home immediately and call your local fire department or gas company.

FACT Half of home heating fires are reported during the months of December, January, and February.


WHAT’S NEW IN CIBOLO? ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT HIGHLIGHTS trade show in Fort Worth. Over the three days there, staff met with brokers, developers, and retailers to attract new shopping destinations to Cibolo. As always, residents are invited to attend the EDC Board Meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM.

Several new businesses will be opening their doors during the first quarter of 2019. THE SHELL BUILDINGS FOR CIBOLO POINTE AND CIBOLO VALLEY SQUARE, 4470 Green Valley Road and 2251 FM 1103 respectively, will be finishing up construction and begin lining up retail and service tenants. EL SERENO SENIOR LIVING, 213 Somerset Avenue, will offer one and two bedroom apartments for independent seniors 55-years-old and older.

NOW OPEN Alligator Dental, Cibolo Pediatric Dentistry, Code Ninjas, Crossfit Virillis, Dutch Boy Cleaners, German Motor Werks, Kindling Texas Kitchen and Pristine Bexar Services

FHE, a manufacturer of pressure control equipment, will be the newest addition to the Schneider Industrial Park at 128 Industrial Drive. MAKO’S ON THE CREEK, located at 169 Buffalo Place, is a chef-driven restaurant also offering craft beer and a wine bar. Coffee lovers will have another option to grab a quick cup to-go by visiting the newest ON THE GRIND location at 704 W FM 78. RE/MAX CORRIDOR will be opening its second area location at 209 S Main Street, offering residential and commercial real estate services. BANKCARD GROUP is relocating to Cibolo. Founded in 2005, The BankCard Group is a national provider of payment services to thousands of businesses of all sizes and types. They offer and support a wide variety of payment acceptance technologies and alternative payment methods. Finally, SOUTH TEXAS CENTER FOR PEDIATRIC CARE will be opening its doors inside the new medical office building at 580 Cibolo Valley Drive to provide the full-range of pediatric care for Cibolo residents. From January 9-11, EDC staff was at the ICSC Red River States Conference & Deal Making




Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm 210-658-4175 210-658-8065 200 S Main Street, P.O. Box 826 Cibolo, Texas 78108

Are permits required for roofing?


Permits are not required for a re-roof project, however, any structural work will require a permit and inspection(s). Do I need a permit to build a shed in my backyard? Yes. If building the shed yourself, a permit must be obtained. Following are requirements for submittal (include, but may not be limited to): ➤➤




Miscellaneous Permit Application (available at City Hall or on the City website) Site plan showing the proposed location (see setback requirements below) Site-Built sheds require detailed frame drawings and elevations (what the shed will look like).

Indicate whether the shed is on a slab, blocks or piers (permanent) or is portable (transportable, moveable, not attached to the ground)

If the shed is 100 square feet or less and is portable: ➤➤

No permit required


Setback requirements will still apply.


If placed on a concrete slab, a permit and inspection for the concrete slab will be required. (Inspection will be done before any concrete is poured)

If you are hiring a contractor to build the shed, the contractor must apply for the permit.

INSPECTION TIMES: 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm. No set appointment times. Homeowners may request an AM or PM inspection if the inspector needs to enter the home to complete the inspection (which includes the garage). Do I need a permit to pour a patio or build a deck? Yes. If building a concrete patio / wood deck, a permit is required. If hiring a contractor, the contractor must apply for the permit. Following are requirements for submittal (include, but may not be limited to): ➤➤

Miscellaneous Permit Application (available at City Hall or on the City website)


Material list


Site plan showing proposed location, distances from property lines


Detail frame drawing (deck)

incibolo MAGAZINE - FEBUARY - APRIL 2019


Copy of contract (if hiring contractor)

A minimum of 3 to 5 business days is required, although, plan review time may vary depending on workload and availability to accomplish a review. Can I do my own electrical / plumbing work? Yes. You may do electrical and plumbing work on your homestead, a permit and inspection(s) will be required. Do I have to permit remodel work? Yes. Most remodel work requires a permit. If you are not sure, please contact the permit office.


Miscellaneous Permit Application (available at City Hall or on the City website)






Site plan showing location of work


Direct replacement of ceiling fans


Copy of contract (if hiring contractor)


Direct replacement of doors


Landscape work: Installation of an irrigation system DOES require a permit.


Direct replacement of windows

Please see permit front office for commercial fence permit requirements.


Gutter work



Do I need an inspection when the fence is completed?


Roofing (non-structural)

If you are hiring a contractor, the contractor must apply for the permit.

Yes. A final inspection is required.

Do I need a permit to install/replace a fence?

What type of work does not require a permit?

Yes. Requirements for a residential fence permit submittal (including but not limited to):

You are not required to apply for a permit if you are doing non-structural work, such as:

This list may not be all inclusive. If you have any questions, please contact the permit office. Are there penalties for starting work without a permit? Yes. The penalty is 2.5 times the original permit cost.


$2,500 top Female $2,500 top Male

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200 S. Main Street Cibolo, TX 78108

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