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Sustainability Report 2023
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We believe in the art of the possible; producing quality homes that are beautifully designed, affordable and have minimal impact on the planet, is completely integral to our journey.

Our homes may be our legacy but the quality of the lives of those who live in them is what truly matters. We have a clear sustainability strategy that guides us to create uplifting places where people can flourish, and in turn, improve the lives of generations to come.

Being truly sustainable isn’t a choice for us, we believe it is central to our success.


Our responsibility to our team

We believe that investment into our people is fundamental to the success of the business, as it is their skills, passion and capabilities that will drive the business forward and allow us to sustain the reputation that we have built up over the last 100 years.


All team members: 209

Average age of team members: 39

A place to belong

We always refer to our team as the Strata family, being a family means we’re in it for the long haul, we’re honest and open, and we genuinely care for each other. We want to create a place where everyone feels they belong.

There isn’t a typical Strata team member. Each one of us is different, with our own skills, background and life experiences. The important thing is, we bring together talented people who share the same drive to create homes and experiences like no other.

Personal relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We see the people who come together under our roof as family - a diverse group of people who share our values and our passion for going beyond.

Whether we are recruiting the next member of our team, working with a key partner or talking to a first-time buyer, we always work hard to build, and maintain, connections.


Communication is key to ensuring all team members understand the vision and feel confident. We aim to create a place where everyone has an equal share of voice, we provide a number of different opportunities for our team to share their ideas and thoughts.

Our Managing Director films a monthly update that is shared with the full team, it highlights the key moments in the past month, the highs and lows and lessons learned. It sets an honest and open tone for everyone else to follow. This is shared on an online platform that everyone can access.

The past year has seen the live sharing of updates become part of our ways of working. It keeps everyone connected, updated, informed, and importantly allows everyone to celebrate together in the moment and cheer each other on.

Female team members: 40%

Average length of service: 4.6 years

Diversity and inclusivity

Strata are proud to be a progressive business with a commitment to diversifying our workforce. We encourage our team to be confident to be themselves, we know that our diversity is what makes us stronger together. We understand that when our team feel safe and comfortable they can really excel, that’s when amazing things happen!

The construction industry often comes with preconceptions about job roles and we have actively encouraged woman to join the business and strive to be industry leaders.

18-24 6.8% 25-34 34.8% 35-44 23.7% 45-54 21.3% 55-64 12.1% 65+ 1.4%
The best part of my job has to be the people that I work with’
Claire Lindley, Head of Planning

2% of the team are trainees


1% disability

100% receive living wage

Health and wellbeing

We will grow and be more innovative if we have an energised team. That’s why we understand that our teams’ health and wellbeing is also vital to our future success. Over the past year we have hosted a calendar of events that our team have embraced. Whether that’s creating a personalised online health report, attending mindfulness and yoga workshops, joining a lunch and learn session, or even trying something new with their teammates at the quarterly health and wellbeing mornings.

We are really proud that this year we have listed at number 36 out of the top 100 companies in the UK for our health and wellbeing strategy in the Best Places to Work.

Personal development plans

We make sure that everyone’s voice is heard, and everyone has an opportunity to contribute, because we know that the next extraordinary idea could come from anywhere. Whilst collaboration is key to how we do things, we also take each and every team members personal development seriously. That's why each year we run our My Development 121's. This is a focussed conversation about each individual, their development, and their career plans. Each team member has the opportunity to give feedback to their manager and receive feedback on what they are doing well and how they could grow further. Through this process we identify development areas and any training needs required to support them in flourishing in their role. Every team member receives a development plan with agreed focuses for the next 12 months.

Each quarter every team member is encouraged to take one day to focus on their own personal development. This allows them to undertake uninterrupted focussed development time relative to their development.

Anything is possible at Strata, there is no limit to what we can achieve. We are driven by making a difference to people and the world.
Sally Thompson, Forecast Manager

Mental health

We have a team of 17 mental health first aiders who are always on hand to support their colleagues. They are trained to support our team where needed with emotional or mental health. This can range from just an initial conversation to supporting them to seek the appropriate help.

We also provide a listening service for our team members with an independent and confidential listening ear who they are able to share their thoughts and feelings with.

Lunch and learn

Throughout the year, we run a number of awareness sessions, in an informal setting over lunch, relative to health and wellbeing. We run sessions such as financial planning, menopause awareness, and men’s health.


In 2022 we introduced a new online system that will make it easier for the health and safety team to track any recurring issues and work to resolve them before they happen again.

the workplace safer Health & Safety remains a vital commitment for us, and we continuously monitor and review our practices to ensure Strata remains a safe place to work.
We need to do as much as possible to prevent mental ill-health, as individuals, as a team and as society.
Liv Frost, Head of People and Culture

Investing in spaces

We believe that if we create that best possible working environment for our team, then in turn they will be able to deliver their best work, provide outstanding service to each other and create an amazing experience for our customers.

Officially a ’ Great Place To Work’

Great Place to Work is the global authority on building, sustaining and recognizing high-trust and high-performance culture at workplaces. For over 30 years, Great Place to Work has conducted research on the characteristics of great workplaces. Their mission is to build a better world by helping organizations become Great Places to Work for all.

In 2022, 129 Strata team members participated in the trust survey, that represents a 65% participation rate. We are delighted to have received our accreditation, and to have scored so highly for Wellbeing that we have been ranked number 36 for Best Place to Work in the UK.

This is a physically safe place to work.

98% My work has special meaning: this is not "just a job".


When people change jobs or work units, they are made to feel right at home.

95% If I am unfairly treated, I believe I'll be given a fair hearing if I appeal.


People here are treated fairly regardless of their race.


People here are treated fairly regardless of their age.


I feel good about the ways in which we contribute to the community.


I get empathy and support from my manager/supervisor when needed


There is a "family" or "team" feeling here.


People care about each other here.


People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender.


This organisation actively promotes mental and physical health among its employees.


People celebrate special events here.


I am treated as a full member here regardless of my position.


People here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.


I can be myself here.


2022 Great
Survey August 22, 2022 - September 5, 2022 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2023 I 21
Place to Work® Trust Index©

Our responsibility to our customers

We strive to exceed customer expectation and deliver sustainable homes and neighbourhoods what will stand the test of time.

We want people to come on a journey with us, be part of what we are creating and be part of one big Strata family.


Customer feedback

We devised all of our people processes, from land acquisition to after care service, around our customers. We made it our mission to really know them: how they live, their worries, dreams and desires. This inquisitiveness has allowed us to listen and learn without fear or presumption. All of our procedures and communication are intertwined with their journey, service and interaction. We have based our support office and our entire way of working around this concept.

Community cohesion

We have seen time and time again how our developments create a strong sense of belonging and community, our focus has been to continually provide ways to enhance this further and enable opportunities for people to come together. We do this by arranging community initiatives and events.

Each Strata development hosts a monthly Fika, where we open our doors and invite the community to join us to get to know their neighbours, we provide the coffee and cake, and the platform for the community to grow.

Maintaining community cohesion and the sense of belonging to the wider neighbourhood throughout the life of each development is a focus for us. We work closely with local residents and stakeholders to facilitate community events that will bring people together and leave a positive lasting impression for everyone.

Purchasing a new home is a big deal, I am absolutely delighted with my Strata experience.
89% of our customers would recommend us to their friends.
Michael Stratton, Customer

Our responsibility to the environment

We are living in game changing times. Businesses across the world are changing their focus to ensure they create a sustainable future that serves the wellbeing of all. We have started this journey too, in fact we have made great strides forward over the past couple of years.

We are committed to regularly reviewing our impact on the environment and looking at ways that we can make reductions by implementing greener solutions through various initiatives. We aim to achieve this through a combination of large and small projects.


Our homes

We want to be at the forefront of the drive towards more ecofriendly, low carbon, sustainable homes.

As part of this approach, we are embracing Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and have invested in a range of research initiatives and secured partnerships which allow us to deliver timber frame and panelised homes at varying speeds and efficiency standards.

We have developed a close working relationship with a number of partners, who can deliver an MMC product which utilises sustainable timber frames with a closed panel design.

The product has been designed to be as thermally efficient as possible with the lowest carbon footprint practicably possible, allowing our customers to then select additional bolt on technology to improve the performance of the homes to potentially maximise the efficiency and achieve a net gain.

Each MMC home is manufactured offsite and transported to the building plot on the morning of the erection date with the process taking around 8 weeks from delivery to construction.

In terms of environmental impact, we have summarised below how MMC can reduce carbon emissions: of CO2 by replacing the bricks with timber cladding as an external finish.


The key raw material for the panelised system is wood. Each tree felled has been in the forest for 25 years capturing carbon and producing oxygen and, as a member of the PEFC, two trees are planted for every tree felled to continue the sustainability cycle.


There is 100% utilisation of the raw material through the use of CNC machines to maximise the yield from the logs into engineered timbers and ensuring all unusable timber by-product being fed into the on site biomass energy plant.

Production factory

Offsite manufactured in a controlled environment which allows much greater quality control, minimalisation of waste and increased reuse and recycling.


The product comes pre-made flat pack which means the number of site deliveries and their associated emissions are substantially less.


Unlike traditional build, as the system is premade, if factory installed external cladding is used there will be almost no waste generated on site during the construction of the building fabric.

External timber cladding in-lieu of masonry

It is estimated that we can save around 362 tonnes of CO2 by replacing the bricks with timber cladding as an external finish.



360 is our first development of zero carbon homes. We have designed a range of high quality, zero carbon homes at affordable prices. The sustainable timber engineered homes are constructed offsite, ensuring efficiency and the highest quality standards. The closed panel design helps you keep the heat in and the draughts out, this means the homes cost significantly less to heat, and exceeds the standards of a traditionally built home.

We believe a home should provide a safe place and protect from external influences which may adversely affect wellbeing and actively promote good health. Reducing the running costs of the home will enable the resident to have more disposable income, reducing fuel poverty and having a positive impact on the local economy.


Chester field S41 9FG

Project Size

32 homes


April 2022

In 2022 we were so proud to have won the award for Best Approach to Modular Housing at The Northern Housing Awards. In partnership with



Purity in Chester field is our next development of lower carbon homes and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to building more sustainable homes and communities.

The collection of 15 five bedroom properties will be complete within the next 12 months.

All homes will be built using a closed panel timber frame construction, we will then combine this with smart technology and an intelligent living system that applies machine learning and predictive modeling to make the home more efficient, comfortable and cheaper for the homeowner to run.

The design for this development focused on creating a community at one with nature, the adjacent woodland will form part of the shared open spaces and will accessible to all residents.


Loundsley Green, Chester field

Project Size

15 homes


Spring 2024


Sustainable home metrics

% of all developments within 500m & 1000m of a public transport node, accessible through active travel modes OR average PTAL of developments 100%

% of timber procured that has FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody Certification

of completed homes that are built using modern methods of construction 3% Average SAP rating of homes built in last reporting year 85.49
of completed homes which have been supplied by non-fossil fuel sources 3% Average lpppd of homes built in the past year 120.66
of homes with secure cycle storage 98%
developments with initiatives to reduce personal car dependency and the environmental impacts of car travel, such as car clubs
100% AIIR 140.4
% of homes delivered in the past year that are affordable housing 16%

Company cars

During 2021 we changed our company car lease provider to encourage the use of electric and hybrid vehicles and move away from a reliance on pure diesel and petrol vehicles. Since the introduction of the scheme in late 2021, 48 new cars have been ordered of which 85% are fully electric or plug in hybrid models.

As part of the transition we are supporting our team by providing financial support to allow company car users to install car charging point at their homes. Our Quay Point office already has 8 charging points and all are currently free to use for our team members and visitors to the office. We are also exploring options for increasing the number of chargers further to support the move to an electrified fleet.


Our responsibility to the local community

It is important to us that we have a legacy that is beyond bricks and mortar.

Alongside delivering new homes, we are also committed to delivering social and economic opportunities for local people.

We want to ensure our developments create neighbourhoods which people choose to live for many years and create a long term sustainable environment that meets the needs of the future.


Social purpose

Alongside delivering new homes, a key part of Strata’s approach is to invest in local communities, committing to improving social and economic value in the neighbourhoods we work. We don't do it because we have to, we do it because we enjoy it.

For every project we’re involved with, we can deliver bespoke employment, training and social inclusion programmes which are tailored to the local community and Local Authority’s needs.

Connecting with local schools

When we think about the longevity of Strata as a company, we know that young people will play an important role. For this reason, connecting with local schools, colleges and universities, as well as students in the wider construction community, is an essential task.

In 2022 our team attended business insight days, mock interviews with local secondary schools, career fairs, design workshops, a guest lecture at Nottingham Trent University, Engineering guidance panel with Sheffield University. We have two female STEM ambassadors within the team that are actively promoting the STEM roles within our industry at many schools events throughout the year.

During 2022 we also worked closely with Sheffield University on a funded research project with one of their master’s students, this involved a 3 month secondment within the business.

Our local suppliers

We believe it is vital to support other businesses based in the local area to help ensure they continue to grow and develop alongside Strata and our community. We have a number of longstanding relationships with businesses in Doncaster and the wider South Yorkshire region, who provide us with everything from materials and subcontractor trades to photography and catering for events!

I am so proud to be a STEM ambassador, I believe that by sharing our experiences we can help and inspire the next generation.
Lucy McDonald, Architectural Visualiser

Community and event space at Elegance

Elegance is a development of 449 homes in Ackworth, West Yorkshire. The vision was to create a new community including homes for everyone from two bedroom first homes, to five bedroom detached family homes and bungalows. We worked closely with the local council to understand the needs of the local community. We identified the need for shared ownership and worked with our partner, Yorkshire Housing, to deliver these.

The original master plan for the development included a football pitch and changing facilities, but over the life of the development and through meetings with the Parish Council to identify the local needs we amended the proposals to a community centre and events space. The community centre has just been completed, the local community are already starting to enjoy the space.


Ackworth, WF7 7BE

Project Size

449 homes


April 2023


Support local charities

Each year we choose a local charity to support. This year our team chose b:friend, a Doncaster based charity that aims to prevent loneliness in the older generations.

Almost a fifth of the population admit to often or always feeling lonely. The impact of loneliness on both mental and physical health can be severe and even fatal. But our Charity of the Year are out to change that, one befriender at a time. b:friend are a growing community of volunteers who pledge to visit a socially-isolated older neighbour near them for one hour per week. As well as popping in for a cuppa and a chat, the charity also runs regular themed group activities, everything from street dance to pizza making!

Mike Niles, founder of b:friend and a befriender himself, says “I believe the work we do is so important because we see day in day out, when they have a befriender, and when they get involved in some of the things we do, there’s a change in their psyche. They now know someone loves them and looks out for them and just wants to know they’re well.”

This year our charity champions have arranged a calendar of events for our team, their families and friends, and our supply chain to get involved with. So far we have completed a Colour Obstancle race, Total Warrior, a football tournament, a golf day, a Skydive, The world's fastest and Europe's longest zip line, Santa’s Sledge & concert, a full month of The Great Strata Bake Off and a bowling night!

Dates for your diary of events still to come:

April 29th-1st

Kayaking across Yorkshire

May 4th

Go Karting

July 1st

Summer Ball



our sustainability committee

This year we have formed a Sustainability Committee to encourage team members from across the business, at every level, to think and contribute to sustainability initiatives.

The purpose of the Committee is to oversee the implementation of the Group’s Sustainability Strategy as approved by the Board, along with the associated procedures and policies, and guide the Board through the strategy’s natural evolution, helping ensure Strata is a responsible, resilient, and sustainable business.

This Sustainability Strategy forms a key component of our business planning and is central to delivering our “Uplifting places where people can flourish” purpose and values.

To drive progress in the most material sustainability issues, we have also formed three Working Groups focussed on reducing carbon emissions, safeguarding biodiversity and enhancing community cohesion. These Working Groups will feed directly into the Sustainability Committee. 06
Gemma Smith Managing Director Vernon Cunningham Chief Operating Officer Julian Davis Chief Financial Officer Lee Wilson Product and Specification Manager Martin Monaghan Architechural Technician Claire Linley Head of Planning Olivia Frost Head of People and Culture Matt Bloomer Head of Customer Journey


Our sustainability framework

In order for our business to keep making progress towards being more sustainable, we need to put a greater focus on our commitment to the environment. We are proud of all our initiatives so far, but acknowledge that they are heavily weighted towards social, health and well-being. We will update this report in October to align with the new sustainability strategy framework and Strata’s financial year.

We have created a framework to focus our team and create structure to our sustainability projects moving forwards.

Focus areas:

Happy customers:

Designing homes for healthy hearts and minds whilst promoting nature and enabling wholesome lifestyles

Commitments include:

Establish and practice a flexible and holistic approach to biodiversity & nature by 2024; Develop and roll out a “green transport plan” on all new developments from 2023; From 2023 apply best practice placemaking standards based on thorough site

Outstanding homes:

Building beautiful homes that create a sense of identity, use resources wisely and safeguard the environment for the coming generations

Commitments include: Develop an agreed methodology and publish a roadmap for Energy and Carbon in 2023; Create and apply minimum sustainability design standards in 2024; From 2025 ensure all homes contain at least 50% from a combination of reused components, recycled content or responsibly sourced materials

Thriving communities:

Cultivating a vibrant, welcoming community spirit by enabling team members and customers to prosper

Commitments include:

Establish and practice a flexible and holistic approach to community cohesion by 2023; All team members complete sustainability training based on a skills gap assessment in 2023; Establish an annual outreach programme to local education institutions from 2024; From 2025, include at least 3 diverse external stakeholders in integral decision-making during design, construction, operations and maintenance phases on all new developments

These focus areas are founded on integrating sustainability into current decision making and risk management processes, and will be enabled by technology, collaboration and actionable research and development.

To date we have created a sustainability risk register, a sustainable procurement policy and a sustainability training programme for all our team members.

We have further developed placemaking standards to apply to all future homes and endeavour to gain insight from our sustainability initiatives through conducting post occupancy evaluations, targeting a minimum of 10% of all completed sites.

Our sustainability strategy will be reviewed and updated annually in response to business needs and legislation.

Materiality matrix

Towards the end of 2022 we created a materiality matrix, this formed the basis of our wider sustainability strategy.

The matrix provides an opportunity for us to systematically, methodically and robustly understand which topics we control, and have an impact on social and environmental value for our customers, team and wider communities.

Biodiversity and green infrastructure
and carbon
economy (waste and resource management) Sustainable transport and connectivity
change adaptation, mitigation and resilience
and sustainable communities
labels and standards (including HQM, LEED, Passivhaus)
and chemical use
rights and labour conditions Alternative capital raising / funding models Crime reduction and prevention A昀ordability of products and services Demographics Air quality Water
economic development Diversity and inclusivity
and skills
wellbeing and productivity
of technology Importance to Strata 1.00 0.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 2.00 Importance to the market

Uplifting places where people can flourish

Happy customers

Outstanding homes

Thriving communities

Designing homes for healthy hearts and minds whilst promoting nature and enabling wholesome lifestyles

Biodiversity & Green


Affordable Housing

Sustainable transport & connectivity

Purposeful Placemaking

Building beautiful homes that create a sense of identity, use resources wisely and safeguard the environment for the coming generations

Energy & Carbon

Building Wellbeing & productivity

Circular Economy

Climate Change, Adaptation & Mitigation

Cultivating a vibrant, welcoming community spirit by enabling team members and customers to prosper

Community Cohesion

Healthy & Sustainable communities

Education & Skills

Inclusive Economic Development

Diversity & Inclusivity

Embracing new design & construction methods and clean technologies that encourage sustainable operations

Enabled by technology, leveraging partnerships & actionable R&D

Founded on policies and procedures, risk management and impact measurement & reporting


Overarching targets: Enablers and catalysts

Robust Governance Policies & Procedures

Establish a working committee focused on sustainability by end of 2022

Publish a sustainability framework that sets out Targets, and KPIs by end of 2022

Integrating sustainability into the wider business by the end of 2022

Implement a Sustainable Procurement Policy in 2023


Monitor & reporting Risk Management

Identify and implement a system for collecting company (site and office) performance data in 2023

Publish first sustainability report in 2023

Create and implement a risk register into decision making processes and operations in 2023

Disclose against TCFD by 2025 (to be reviewed)

Technology & Innovation

In 2023 allocate annual budget for innovation and collaboration and produce 2 research projects on either environmental or social sustainability each year

From 2024 target at least 10% of completed units to be built using modern methods of construction and report the percentage each year

Click to view the Sustainable Procurement Policy


Overarching targets: Happy customers

Designing homes for healthy hearts and minds whilst promoting nature and enabling wholesome lifestyles.

Biodiversity & Green infrastructure

Promote biodiversity by vigorously protecting and enhancing nature on all of our sites

Affordable Living

Grasp opportunities to enable home ownership for more people through support of affordable living

Establish and practice a flexible and holistic approach to biodiversity & nature by 2024

Reinforce the biodiversity hierarchy and incorporate BNG into acquisition and design decisions and aim to achieve >=15% BNG from 2023

20% of homes constructed to be affordable living homes from 2024


Sustainable transport & connectivity

Enable healthy, low carbon lifestyles by promoting walking, cycling, car-share and use of public transportation

Develop and roll out a “green transport plan” on all new developments from 2023

Purposeful Placemaking

Design meaningful places thatenhance the existing landscape and community through leveraging deep understanding of history, culture, climate and community needs

From 2023 apply best practice placemaking standards based on thorough site assessment prior to development

Implement social value framework to respond to place-based relationships and community requirements on all new sites from 2024

Set an overarching social impact target


Overarching targets: Outstanding homes

Building beautiful homes that create a sense of identity, use resources wisely and safeguard the environment for the coming generations


Energy and Carbon

Build homes that do not result in the increase of GHG emissions in the atmosphere

Wellbeing & productivity

Create healthy homes by providing fresh air, daylight and access to nature

Develop an agreed methodology and publish a roadmap for Energy and Carbon in 2023, including:

- Office and Homes to be net zero carbon operationally by 2030

Office: EUI <= 55 kWh/m2 /yr (GIA)

Homes: EUI <= 35 kWh/m2 /yr (GIA)

Reduce embodied carbon of developments

Create and apply minimum sustainability design standards in 2024

From 2023, complete a post-occupancy evaluation (POE) for 25% of units on a site at least once within 6- 12 months of occupancy


Circular Economy

Design and build homes that use resources effectively and enable the ongoing reuse of the materials from which they are made

Implement circular material strategy in 2024

From 2025 ensure all homes contain at least 50% from a combination of re-used components, recycled content or responsibly sourced materials

For new homes from 2024 onwards, 30% materials can be re-used or recycled at end of building life cycle

Zero waste to landfill by 2025

Climate Change, Adaptation & Mitigation

Futureproof our business and the homes we build by integrating climate-related risks into decision making processes and operations

Linked to “foundational enabler” section with target to create and implement a Strata Sustainability Risk Register


Overarching targets: Thriving communities

Cultivating a vibrant, welcoming community spirit by enabling our staff and customers to reach their potential and prosper.

Healthy & Sustainable communities

Promote sustainable lifestyles and robust pedestrian/cycle-oriented communities

Community Cohesion

Nurture human-tohuman connections and relationships between the different local groups

From 2023, provide support for each new customer during handover to effectively operate all sustainability features inand outside the home.

From 2024, host a sustainable community event 12-month post occupancy.

Establish and practice a flexible and holistic approach to community cohesion by 2023


Education & Skills

Fashion a more skilled and productive workforce and educate customers and communities on sustainable living

All team members complete sustainability training based on a skills gap assessment in 2023

Employment creation roles represents 7% of total direct workforce from 2025

Establish an annual outreach programme to local education institutions from 2024

Inclusivite Economic Development

Contribute to the expansion of the local economy through employment and procurement activities

From 2023 developments onwards employ at least 3 local people for every £1 million of project spend

• In 2025, set a target for %of the materials construction budget that must come from within 500km (310 miles) of construction site

Diversity & Inclusivity

Develop a diverse workforce to deliver intelligent designs and manage equitable communities

Collect and report on human resource metrics including gender, BAME, age and socioeconomic background by 2024.

From 2025, include at least 3 diverse external stakeholders in integral decision-making during design, construction, operations and maintenance phases on all new developments.

Quay Point Lakeside Boulevard Doncaster DN4 5PL
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