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Hello! My name is Amy Terry. I am a 20 y.o artist whose goal is to incorporate more 2D animation in America. My skills include: • Animation • Illustration • Storyboarding • Graphic Design • Adobe Suite • and a whole lot more!

This booklet contains fanmade projects only. I did not actually work with these companies.


This children’s book is based off of the world renowned SNES classic game, Earthbound. The story follows a boy named Ness who encounters a bee from the future telling of a prophecy that Ness and his friends must complete to save the world. The game and story is near and dear to my heart, and fits perfectly as a children’s book. Each page is a redrawn version of actual scenes in the game. The earth and text logo on the front cover are the original logo for the game. All illustrations were created in photoshop.


These characters were designed for a short film I am making called Skull Patrol. It’s about a gang of girls who watch the streets at night protecting others from harrassment. The girls have matching jackets all with the same patch on the back.


Google Doodles are illustrations that replace the google logo on it’s website during holidays or events regarding the illustration. I decided to base two Google Doodle’s off of two Studio Ghibli films, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Howl’s Moving Castle. I wanted to capture the main tone each movie gives off- both being a different kind of comforting or safe feeling. Each Doodle was also referenced from actual locations from the movies. Everything was drawn in Photoshop.


Using characters from the children’s show Miraculous Ladybug, I boarded and animated a fighting sequence. Using prior knowledge of the characters personalities and weapons I came up with a short, but passionate fight between Chat Noir (seen to the right) and Ladybug- a duo that usually works together.

Everything was animated in Photoshop using a tablet, frame by frame at 24 FPS. In only 11 seconds, there are 93 hand drawn frames. Watch the video in motion here:

A P PA R E L Splatoon is a video game by Nintendo about humanoid squids that battle over their different ink colored turfs. Different weapons are used to spread ink, and different outfits give certain abilities. Titled “RGB”, this hoodie design is made to reflect the fun, kid-like quality of the game and it’s style. The design was illustrated in photoshop, with the squid’s outfits and weapons based off of real ones from the game.


The theme/idea around these weapons is a hero stuck in space, finding old archaic alien weapons and tools powered by strange gems. The items were inspired by Zelda’s bow, hookshot, and boomerang.

S TORYBOARDING These boards from Skull Patrol start in the middle of a scene, right when danger is at its highest. A girl walking home notices she is being followed. When she runs away from the pursuer, she finds herself caught by another threat. Until..... There are 20 in total boards, but the entire scene is more than 50. Characters used are as follows:

BAC KG RO U N DS The night is still and quiet. The daytime noises of city life have drawn only to the low hum of a vending machine. A perfect night to not be noticed. A perfect night for crime. These are backgrounds for the first few scenes of Skull Patrol. The city and colors were inspired by “synth-wave”, 80’s neon style like in Blade Runner, or Akira.

APP DESIGN Gentle Reminder is a 3-in-1 organization, reminder, and selfcare app. A bunny named Elphie helps you make to-do lists, set reminders, and daily activities to practice self-care. The main purpose of this app is to help those who equate their self worth to their accomplishments instead help them form an understanding that although you should congratulate yourself for completing tasks ( no matter how small ) you shouldn’t punish yourself for failing to do so. Elphie’s design ( and name ) is based off of an elephant, who have amazing memories.

EDITORIAL I L L U S T R AT I O N The following article was taken from, and written by Philip Perry. The editorial is about how studies show that certain personality types easily get addicted to social media, more specifically, the validation received from it. I used notification bubbles as the main symbol of addiction and social media, as even I can admit I get a rush of excitement whenever I receive a notification.

Looking forward to creating a world with you! If you’d like to contact me for any work related inquiries please email: portfolio website is:

check out my personal work at @pixelameart on tumblr and twitter

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