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Issue 3, Volume 2

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Fall 2016

Prepare to expand your experience! Pittverse Magazine is a quarterly publication that proudly represents the introspection and creativity of adults on the autism spectrum. Its goal is to provide thoughtful opinion and enhanced knowledge of wide -ranging topics to the public while providing its writers, who are all adults on the autism spectrum, with skills applicable to future employment.

Pittverse is produced by Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), a national non-profit agency that comprises a multitude of services for families with not only individuals on the autism spectrum but also other atrisk youth and adults. Brian Kluchurosky, the director of YAP’s PA Allegheny County Adults with Autism Program, founded Pittverse in 2013. It began

as a newsletter written by four of the adults in the YAP program. In 2015, with generous funding from Edith Trees Foundation, Pittverse grew from a newsletter into a magazine that commissions over twenty autistic adults. Welcome to The Pittverse...

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Letter from the Editor... Each issue, the Pittverse writers become more and more involved with putting together the magazine. For this fall issue, not only did they, as always, write the brilliant articles in the pages to follow, but they invested a lot of thought into the design of the magazine as well. One of the most exciting aspects of this fall issue that they worked on together is our cover photo. We took one of our magazine meetings to brainstorm themes and topics for our cover page. Some of the ideas were Kennywood, outer

space, the zoo, and haunted houses, just to name a few. We compiled a list of all the ideas for the next meeting, where the writers voted for their top three picks. We tallied them up with a point system, and the overwhelming winner was a train theme. Next, I found some train-related photos online that met our highresolution and public-domain requirements. The writers voted on their favorite of those photos to come up with the picture that you

see on our cover! The process worked out smoothly, and was a lot of fun for everyone involved. As well as the cover, the writers also had the chance to look at the individual design of the articles they wrote and tweak things like photos, colors, and formatting. Another change they requested is a larger table of contents that’s easier to read. They have such great ideas, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for next time!

Have a great fall!

Renee Fisher, Pittverse Editor

CONTENTS 3… Men’s Wearhouse, Interview with Manager Rick Gizzo by Richard Campbell 5… Allene Boyer, Autism and Segregation Activist by Michelle Middlemiss 9… Mini Takes the States by Dima Harmon 11… Olde Towne Creamery by M.J. Devine 14… Living Independently by Kevin Hart 15… Martin Landau by Thomas R. Skidmore 17… The Gemini Children’s Theater by Mark Sulkin 19… Personal Trainer Power, Interview with Andrew Buranich by Bryan Lippert 21… The World Through the Eyes of a Three -Year-Old by Delaine Swearman 23… 3D Printing at General Electric by Bryan Lippert 25… Kay Jewelers, interview with Manager Lori Lynne McCutcheon by Richard Campbell 27… Interview with the Owner of Maryland's by Max Chaney 28… Max Chaney Builds, Yogcast Stuck on a Bike by Max Chaney 29… Making Miniatures with Max: Civil War Cannon by Max Chaney 30… How to Build a Diorama with ERTL Percy by Max Chaney 31… L.E.E. Engraving: Here’s Your Sign by Steven Girouard 32… Gene Wilder Tribute by Thomas R. Skidmore 33… Bon Appétit by Delaine Swearman, Sara Brooks, Daniel Ashkin, and Mike Levenson 35… Pesto Pureness from Manchester Farm by Kenneth Miller, David O’Rorey, and Nature f.f. Aura

36… Cooking the Perfect Steak by Dima Harmon 37… The Legacy of Gary Numan by David O’Rorey 38… The Chef of Bravo Restaurant by Mike Levenson 39… Michael Moorcock, the Chaos Master by Thomas R. Skidmore 40… The Monkees: Musical Lifesavers by Thomas R. Skidmore 42… An Analysis of Seals and Crofts’ Song “We May Never Pass This Way Again” by Daniel Ashkin 43… Bartram House Bakery Review by Kenneth Miller and Bryan Lippert 45… My Special Vacation Out West by Daniel Ashkin 47… An Analysis of Tracy Chapman’s “Broken” by Daniel Ashkin 48… The New Jerusalem by Thomas R. Skidmore 49… My Special Grandparents by Daniel Ashkin 50… Bill Bragg and Joe Henry’s Train Themed Album by Kenneth Miller 51… An Analysis of Tracy Chapman’s “Remember the Tinman” by Daniel Ashkin 52… An Analysis of Tracy Chapman’s “Change” by Daniel Ashkin 53… Pokémon Stories by Michelle Middlemiss 54… Kennywood’s Director of Public Relations, Nick Paradise by Mike Perret 55… The Children’s War: Fourth Installment of Lark’s Story by Michelle Middlemiss 58… Fugitor: The Time Escapee: Twelfth Installment by Thomas R. Skidmore 59… Pittverse Top Tens by Richard Campbell, Michael Kurland, Dima Harmon, Kevin Hart, Thomas R. Skidmore, and Sara Brooks

Pittverse 2

Men’s Wearhouse Interview with Ross Park manager Rick Gizzo by Richard Campbell


first met Rick Gizzo at the Men’s Wearhouse South Hills Village in the late 90s or early 00s. He was my wardrobe consultant and helped me to pick out a great new Easter outfit. We’ve been friends ever since, and I got a chance to ask him some questions about his career at Men’s Warehouse. What made you decide on a career with Men’s Wearhouse? Well, it all started when I was in college. I had an interest in working with a company that was getting off the ground and getting its feet wet, and had potential for a

fantastic future. That’s why I decided to make a career with Men’s Wearhouse. So I put in an application, filled it out, and then a couple of weeks later the Men’s Wearhouse founder and CEO George Zimmer (who a few years later was fired), said, “Richard Michael Gizzo, you’ve got a job at the Men’s Warehouse.” So we first knew each other at the former Century III and Monroeville Mall stores (as did Stan Gugula, who today is at Ross Park, as are folks such as Sandy Hughes) Monroeville’s store

moved to 3911 William Penn Highway and Century III and the Forbes-Shady Plaza are now at Amity Square in The Homestead Waterfront). Out of the bosses of Men’s Warehouse stores Tom Pinekowski, Bob Sullivan, and Bill Marcuss (and also your Ross Park boss when you first came here) which was the most professional boss you ever knew? I had great respect for Tom. He was a fantastic person. I called him, and so did you, Richard, the George Zimmer look-alike because he looked like now-fired

Photography by David Issod

founder and CEO at Men’s Wearhouse George Zimmer.

that summed it best about Bob Sullivan: BS take no BS!

Bob Sullivan was also professional. He showed me around the Men’s Warehouse Ross Park when Michael Clechelski with Southwestern Human Services took me to Ross Park Mall one day. And Bob Sullivan was a nice friendly guy who today I miss very much, like Tom Pienkowski. But may God be with them forever.

When you and first met in the late 90s to 2000s – it was 2009 when I was in South Oakland CHSC Domcare, when I got a new Easter Outfit from you at the Men’s Wearhouse South Hills Village when you were my wardrobe consultant, between then and now, what’s the big difference between you being a wardrobe consultant and a manager?

And if there’s one saying I like

Well, Richard, I’ve known you over 18 years and to you, I’m still a “wardrobe consultant.” I’m still “your wardrobe consultant.” Even though here at Ross Park, Stan Gugula and Sandy Hughes are also your wardrobe consultants so they can help you, too, with your clothing needs, whether it be casual or formal.

Pittverse 4

Allene Boyer: Segregation and Autism Activist by Michelle Middlemiss


ichelle: Mr s. Boyer, I know that you were an activist/advocate for both Segregation and Autism… When did that all start for you? Mrs. Boyer: I gr ew up in the segregated South in Charlotte, North Carolina. That was the start of everything. Back then because of the biases etc…and black adults wouldn’t take the chance of doing anything that “somebody might not like” because they could possibly lose their jobs. But as teenagers, black undertakings were in charge of us. We were the ones who could ring bells to get people to join the NAACP. We could raise thousands of dollars and send it to New York.

I’ve been active since I grew up in the South. The advantage we had was that we had black teachers in our black schools. The attitude they taught was that what was in your head nobody could take away. And if parents couldn’t pick up their child after school because of work, teachers would take the child home. And if you were a good student you would have no problems getting scholarships.

Michelle: Wow, so teacher s went the extra mile for their students! Mrs. Boyer: My father was a minister so you had to learn to be a good girl. I was named after my grandmother, Allene. The

minister’s family usually lived next door to the church. I can remember one time when we were at the church these missioners said to my mother who was a saint, (I took after my father) that instead we needed to have a 10 o’clock Sunday meeting tomorrow. They had just rung the bell at 9:30. My grandmother was so mad that she told my father we would have just six months to move and that she wanted them to have to take two buses to get to

church! My father’s excuse for moving was that we needed a four bedroom house. Because of segregation, blacks weren’t allowed to stay in hotels. The sky’s the limit for what I’ve been through!

Michelle: So how did you go from being an activist for segregation nonstop to advocacy for autism? Mrs. Boyer: Fir st of all I was on the Gateway school board and we were exposed to Autism. Gateway had one of the strongest programs for Autism in this part of the country. That’s how I learned more and more about Autism and what was going on in Harrisburg. Since I had been a “political animal” since the age of 12, I could put two and two together. I had such a high respect for the Gateway School System, and that is the reason we moved to Monroeville. To get elected to the school board, you were voted in locally but 90 percent of the rules come from Harrisburg. Gateway had to meet the state rules for every child. We’re lucky because many states don’t follow those rules. When the US Steel Building was built in

Pittsburgh we moved here because of my husband’s job. We talked about when she was running for the school board. She had put up four signs in Pitcairn and knew they would be taken down. Her picture wasn’t on them and nobody knew she was black. One person campaigning for her was Italian, and everyone thought “Boyer” sounded like a white last name! After the signs had been torn down a friend whom she had helped had a friend near Pitcairn who put Mrs. Boyer’s sign in his yard. He sat on the porch with a gun he legally owned, just to make sure the sign stayed up! Michelle: Do you think that the fact nobody knew you were black helped you get elected? Mrs. Boyer: Absolutely!! (We both had a good laugh) Michelle: In the 60s, did you get the chance to meet anyone influential? Mrs. Boyer: Oh yes. Dan Torisky. He used to live in Garden City and we would see him walking around with his Autistic son and we became friends. When I met Dan, I saw how much I could learn from someone who has a son with Autism. You could read about Autism but to see a family involved with an Autistic child… Dan is such a credible, honest gentleman. So anything he is involved in I always respect it. He is recognized all across the country. I was fortunate enough to meet Dan Torisky, the President of the American Autism Society (1990-

1992). I interviewed him for the Fall 2015 (Issue 3, Volume 1) PITTVERSE magazine. Please read it online. Michelle: Let’s go back to your childhood when you grew up in the South in Charlotte, North Carolina. What memories do you have? Mrs. Boyer: Segr egation was one of the strongest things around. We were blessed that my father had a car and we didn’t have to ride a bus. Back then, blacks had to sit in the back of the bus. Most of the time my father could drive us places unless he was out of town. There were the three of us; myself, my sister and brother. We had to take turns sitting in the middle. My sister never wanted to sit in the middle and always made up excuses so she didn’t have to. Probably when I was 14 years old I decided that I only wanted to have two children. In my husband’s family those who had girls seemed to have four boys before a girl. His sister thought my only wanting two children was terrible. Soon as my husband and I became serious I told him “I love you very much; but I have your ring and this is my body.” He would have to choose between me and his sister. So since he chose me, he had to love me more than his sister! Michelle: In our histor y books we learned mainly that the terrible burnings that took place in Mississippi in the Segregation era, so I guess the KKK was most active there?

Mrs. Boyer: The KKK was active everywhere, not just Mississippi. Back in those days “The dummy KKK and segregated white boys had no clue.” We had educated black leaders and luckily in the southern schools black parents were secure in what the educated black leaders’ attitude was for our children; we had black doctors with PHDs. (Pointing to her head) “What’s in there nobody can take away.” Michelle: I thought that any blacks with ideas of getting ahead were put down, like with the Jim Crow Laws? (These were state and local laws enforcing racial segregation in public facilities in the South until 1965) Mrs. Boyer: Dur ing segr egation you still had to do what you had to do. But having educated parents helped me a lot. Growing up I was told “It’s what’s in your head what counts. Nobody can take that away.” We never went shopping in the city. Back then when it came to drinking water, there were white water fountains and there were separate black fountains that you had to use. My mother was a teacher and a seamstress. My sister and I had 15 to 20 dresses. We had enough to have a different dress each day. We were blest to have relatives in Washington DC and every summer we’d make a trip there to shop. Michelle: Thank you for talking about this because I don’t think that people remember important things like this.

Pittverse 6

Mrs. Boyer: I have no pr oblem talking about the reality of America. We continued our talk. I mentioned that now you still sometimes hear slavery referred to as “Indentured Servitude.” She said that they have friends all over the world who say to her “When are Americans going to get it all together?” Mrs. Boyer: I still think and don’t say it out loud, but historically we have more privileges here than any place in the world. With all the money and privileges we have…Still we are the dumbest country!! There are still people who can’t believe we have a black president. And he’s a walking genius! Young black men still have their problems, like my oldest son. He is so intelligent yet he didn’t have the discipline to get a college degree. He was in the gifted program at Gateway. A lot of black kids weren’t nice to him; all of his friends were white. It’s so discouraging when you meet these young black guys who are doing what they shouldn’t be doing. Black issues in the gangs are terrible. I still remember our kids being taught to remember it’s what’s up here that counts. It breaks your heart to see that isn’t what’s important nowadays. Michelle: I wish that idea was still taught to blacks. When I was in a racially diverse public high school, I saw a lot of students were introduced into the “gangsta thing.” They were put down saying that they can’t be anything but that. In school, kids were always

uneasy because it was so crowded and everybody was so squished together. I had a lot of great teachers but nowadays some of them pick and choose which students to coddle. Mrs. Boyer: You ar e ver y aware of a very real reality. Like every race people always have problems. Back in the segregated South, teachers didn’t become teachers unless you were serious in demanding that every child I have contact with will have an opportunity so that the sky’s the limit. It was never about money. But there was prejudice here in the 60s when we moved to Monroeville and there is still racism here today. In Pitcairn there are still some people who use the “N” word. It is so dumb! Today when I’m working with childrenblack or white, it’s all about respect. You have to earn respect. Do what you’re supposed to do and you will earn it. I told her that I often felt prejudice against myself. I told her. Look at me. I have Special Ed against me and being a white woman we are in the minority even though we are the majority. But I know it’s nothing like you faced with segregation. She agreed with me. Michelle: All differ ent localities had different prejudices during segregation. Did you have any culture shock when you moved to the North? Mrs. Boyer: No because we had relatives from all over. My grandfather was a teacher as were many of my relatives. The lady he married had a Sixth Grade education. But she sold eggs and chickens to the rich white folks; she was a business woman. She

obviously made far more money than her husband who was a teacher and she always saved money. One aunt who wanted to be a nurse went to college and got pregnant to her professor. She was very smart and couldn’t tell anything that had happened because it was a professor. The next year the professor paid for her to go to nursing school. My sister from Philadelphia was a beautician and secondly wanted to be a nurse. The first semester of nursing school she was too busy doing hair. My parents’ attitude was to just go back and graduate a year later. She was a nurse for 46 years. During segregation when we were at home we all had to read Time Magazine cover to cover so we didn’t just grow up in Charlotte, North Carolina. We knew what was going on in the rest of the world. We knew what was going on in Washington, New York and you name it. Michelle: What about your neighbors who were not as blest as you to have educated parents? Mrs. Boyer: Even if not formally educated, their training came from behind closed doors and you knew what your children were learning and what they could do. You didn’t have all perfect people. In our church there were two ladies that we found out later were prostitutes. If you needed $5,000 for some reason somebody made a donation. The ladies were smart enough not to be sleeping with “no damn poor man.” They were sleeping with white millionaires.

Mrs. Boyer: My husband gr ew

up in Philadelphia and went into the service when the military was segregated. He was at the top of his ranks and the only black man leading his men into Korea. She said at the time most blacks went into the military as cooks, not leaders. They didn’t have any choice in the matter. We then talked about some of the photos Mrs. Boyer has hanging on her living room wall. I asked about a photo of three civil rights leaders: Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Mrs. Boyer explained that Malcolm X wanted black people to be able to get a good education. He had a more violent attitude and said if people mistreat you, you mistreat them back. Martin Luther King had a more gentle and peaceful way of thought. Mandela was in a South African prison for 27 years because he fought the apartheid. Michelle: Did you meet any other civil rights leaders? Mrs. Boyer: When I was in college my major was in religious education. My late sister worked at Zion Baptist church. She met Leon Sullivan who was a civil rights leader and social activist who created job opportunities for

the blacks. His idea was to encourage young people to go to college. If you do what you’re supposed to do and apply for a job and could pass the test…. (People just assumed that all blacks were too dumb to even have the books) They were in a state of shock when they found out that blacks were the ones in school. Like my late brother who was a doctor and went to Howe

University. Also, Leon Sullivan started the Opportunities Industrialization Centers. (OIC) What happened in Philadelphia was that they had separate black and white bathrooms. His protest plan was that we didn’t buy any more Cokes. Period. Nobody knew how many black people drank Coke! They were in a state of shock when the people who made deliveries were told by the store owners that they had to take back any Cokes that were left from the week before. Nobody realized how segregation still

was taking place in Philadelphia because people in the North just assumed… So many businesses closed in Philadelphia. Then OIC went to many other places, including one in Pittsburgh in the Hill District. They still had issues when people were prejudice. Leon Sullivan was actually the gentleman who married us! Michelle: One mor e question. How did you and my mom meet? Mrs. Boyer: Your mom was a saleslady working at Sears Roebuck. I was a customer with a wealth of knowledge about politics and education. (She said tongue in cheek) She mentioned her daughter was ready to graduate but was having trouble getting her special needs met at college. Your mom was honest and I guess she trusted me. I talked to the head person at the college who was in charge of everything. I always work from the top down! I knew of a person with influence and got her connected with Dan Torisky and we made sure that you got all the help you needed. Michelle: Thanks to your effor ts I graduated with an Associate’s Degree as a Teacher’s Assistant. And thank you for this insightful interview.

Pittverse 8

Mini Takes the States by Dima Harmon


very so often in a lifetime people get to experience extraordinary things. I myself got to experience something remarkably extraordinary this past summer. It started out as a meet and greet with a very unique and ambitious individual named Diana Matteson to discuss international advocacy for the Youth Advocate Program organization and to discuss the Pittverse Magazine at this event called “Mini Takes the States.”

As services grow internationally she plays a part in acclimating that country to the YAP mission (ex bringing YAP to Australia) set up, training, Right now in Ireland. Involved in France, Sweden When I was offered the opportunity to attend this meeting it was clear from the description that it was going to be something

The event is a club where hundreds of families or individuals who own mini coopers travel from Atlanta to Palm Springs in their cars over the summer to raise money for Feeding America. Inside the event are pit stops at different cities where they have a gathering and hold contests, buffets, D.J. music, and, of course, the vast opportunities to meet and socialize with individuals who enjoy and are excited to talk about their mini coopers. Diana is the Director of International Development for YAP, based in Washington D.C. She supports their international programs and partnerships while also seeking out new partnerships. Particular interests of her’s are: The Initiative, Youth Voice – give back, youth panels so that young people are informing policy. For example, Ireland all day event – it was Youth Voice. In Ireland, they have youth that serve to inform policy as well while meeting with other YAP youth visiting from other countries.

very interesting but we were not sure what the event actually was about. My C.I. and I met up with Brian, the director of YAP Allegheny, and Dan Hacket and we started the evening off by noticing and checking out several of the mini coopers that were stationed in front of the hotel near the Highmark Stadium as we

waited for our contact to show up. Once Brian got the call that she was there, we headed to the stadium and signed in, got nifty gifts and memorabilia tag that stated the event and on the back had the dates of cities scheduled. While Brian was signing everyone in and getting the souvenirs, Dan and I started engaging in in-depth conversations with Dianna about the event, the car she drives, and what she does. We then proceeded inside the stadium and the first thing we saw was a big jug of iced tea and lemonade that we helped ourselves to because it was fairly hot outside. As we moved forward about 20 to 25 steps was when we saw the buffet and started geeking out over what they had at the buffet that no young man could ever resist. They had chips, salsa, dip, vegetables, pulled pork, buffalo chicken, sliders, and they did have other drinks but we didn’t have any of those. Then we headed to the bleachers and did a little more talking and then the PA announcer started announcing winners of a contest were people won some prizes. Then we proceeded to the parking lot that had all the mini coopers parked and we were astounded and excited at how many people actually drove mini coopers to Pittsburgh and then started joking about how many people in the na-

tion drive mini coopers. If I were to estimate today I would probably claim that there were roughly around 400 mini coopers parked in the large lot. There were vintage ones from the 60s, big ones like mini SUVs, people had decorated their mini coopers to their liking with stripes, decals, nerd-typed logos like Batman and then at the end we got to see Diana’s mini cooper which was a manual and had 150,000+ miles on it already. Diana told us the story about how she acquired her mini cooper. Basically, the person who owned the car was studying for her PhD in clinical psychology. Her and Diana had been bargaining about a price. Diana gave her YAP card, and it said Art Therapist on it. She was very interested in art therapy, so she pulled her husband aside, and said I think we should sell to her, she will take care of it.

“The woman that she bought the mini from originally also looked similar to me, so they decided, this was the way to go and sold me the car,” Diana told us. Diana has participated in this mini -cooper for several years (2011, 2012, 2014, 2016) in various cities, even bringing her son along with her on various legs of the trip. She found out about it doing online search about Mini’s, and finding the widespread love of Mini-Coopers. She said she enjoys the event because, “Well, I get to meet people like you and Lindsay. It tends to be really good people, up for the adventure…the call of the open road.” There is always a give back part – such as donations to

food banks etc. Mini Take the States chooses a different main charity each year that is the official give back of the tour to the community. Raising money for issues such hunger, animals, etc. Sometimes people do it in an individual way along their travels with Mini Takes the States. “I have thought we should try to raise money for YAP while driving to various cities.” Similar to walk-athons, we could raise money for YAP, Inc.

Then we each got to take a turn sitting in the driver’s seat to see what it felt like and see how it was designed for the driver. You would not believe how much leg room was down there for the drivers. We left around 9 p.m. because there was so much to see.

Pittverse 10

Interview with the Owners of Olde Towne Creamery by M.J. Devine


have been thinking about opening my own business. This made me think of my family's business and writing my article about their business. Maybe I could get some ideas about how and what it would take to start my business by writing about their business. This is why I choose my article about Olde Towne Creamery. I interview my Aunt Janet.

go as our customers favorites. The ice creams that have no sugar added and are sweeten with Splenda have a silver label next to their names. The year around favorite is Turtle Sundae.

Olde Towne Creamery in Manteo North Carolina is a special place to me. My aunt Janet and Uncle Bill Zottoli are the owners. The ice cream is delicious, the restaurant is cozy and my family will make you laugh and smile as they take your order.

We use traditional advertising like newspaper, Facebook and other Internet ads but our favorite is having one of our staff members outside and in a sundae ice cream costume waving the customers in during the summer months.

What ice cream described you?

Why did you decided to open an ice cream shop?

Rocky Road describes Uncle Bill because it has lots of delicious flavors, a little nutty, and is a lot of fun! Are there dairy-free & sugar-free options in there? Our Italian ice is our dairy-free option with Sour Apple and Man-

What kind of advertising do you use to attract visitors to your ice cream shop ?

We decided to open an ice cream shop because our first date was at one over 33 years ago. To celebrate our opening day, I presented my husband with a very special gift. It's a clock of a girl and boy at an ice cream parlor sharing a special treat. The clock

hangs in our shop as a daily reminder of those special memories.

lot from our customers and believe it or not the superstars are Chocolate and Vanilla!

What is your favorite ice cream on the menu?

What do you do to run an efficient operation in the winter?

caramel cheesecake cookie monster is a family favorite it's packed with so many delicious flavors. Pumpkin is super delicious and taste just like a pumpkin pie with cool whip as a topping.

We are open year round selling ice cream and our hot menu items, but since we are not as busy we take steps to stay profitable. One of our biggest expenses is electric to keep all of that ice cream frozen. So we lower the amount of ice cream in stock to run less coolers.

are you passionate about ice cream? We are passionate about our ice cream, because it's the best on the island! Our slogan is one bite one sip - you'll be back!

What time you open and close?

What flavor is your best seller?

Although our hours are posted on our website, Uncle Bill likes to tell people "If the lights are on, we are open!"

This is a question we get asked a

What inspired you to be come an

ice cream shop owner?

It is a great place to work, because it's the happiest place in Manteo. Everyone leaves with a special treat and a smile! What are 3 tips for running a successful ice cream shop? Great products, great team, and great service! What are your future plans for the ice cream shop? we would like to add more items to our menu especially to the OTC creations board. Our OTC creations are gourmet desserts added to the ice cream to come up with a very special treat. Some favorites are the holy cannoli, peanut butter overboard, Kennywood parfait, and clown Sundaes.

Pittverse 12

What are your day-to-day responsibilities as a restaurant owner and manager? Our most important responsibility is greeting our customers and treating them to a fun family atmosphere with some small town charm. What’s your secret to keeping customers coming in? It warms our hearts when customers tell us they love to stop to visit with us and grab a special treat while visiting the Outer Banks. Having great products that we believe in and great customer service keeps them coming back year after year. What have been some of your most successful promotions, and where did they originate?

We enjoy giving back to the community by offering free ice cream to students with perfect attendance or reaching their reading goals. As a restaurant manager, how important is it to have actual experience in every aspect of the business, as you have? As a manager it is very important to know how to do all of the jobs. That way you can train your employees to do them well. Also when it's extremely busy everyone can pitch in, roll their sleeves up and get the job done as a team. What are some of the challenges of being a restaurant owner and manager? Sometime it's difficult to have the right number of staff members

on the schedule. Some days you're very busy and some days you can be very slow it's difficult to predict. What advice can you give to those who would like to open a restaurant of their own someday? Have a plan and be ready to work hard everyday to make it happen. You must lead by example for your team members. Surround yourself with people that can help you achieve your dream. What other items do you offer on your menu? At Olde Towne Creamery we offer more than just ice cream! We have All-American Burgers, AllBeef Hotdogs, NC BBQ sandwiches as well as veggie burgers turkey burgers and a spicy chicken sandwich.

Living Independently


by Kevin Hart

Her favorite activities are: reading books, watching movies, and playing with her cat Pumpkin when she’s not hanging out with friends. She also enjoy cooking in her When you live on your own apartment. She knows she likes to there's ups and downs. The ups live close to work. She doesn't are: no one to bother you, being have to own a car which is nice independent, living near public when living in Pittsburgh, where transit, if you want, have a roomparking can be hard. It's nice to not mate that's not annoying, living in waste time on a commute. She a safe neighborhood especially at takes public transport or walks night, you live the way you want most places. She knows people to live etc. The downs are: who own cars and make it to work Living in a bad section of town, but it is nice to not have to worry being taken advantage of by othabout street parking. She does like ers, getting injured in fights or othto spend time with friends. They er confrontations, people stealing like to go to the movies, out to eat, from others and you, ( etc. ). So go on hikes in the woods and go to what I'm saying is be events out in Pittscareful when it comes burgh. Her five perks time to make this imon living on your own portant decision in your are: get to have all the life. You got to beware room in the refrigeraof your surroundings tor, get to wear whatevwhen you live on your er you want around the own you never know house, be as messy or what's going to happen as clean as you want to to you out there. If this be, have people over is one of the things you whenever you want or want to do. I say go try be alone, get to decoit out and see the opporrate the apartment howtunities. that are out ever you want. Her five there to choose from. disadvantages are: no apartment complex can be a good place to live independently on one to split bills with, I'm going to interview An a budget no one to share responNora Zidian, a local photo via Wikimedia Commons sibilities of cleaning nurse her recently began with, have to make living independently. She made her want to live on her own plans to hang out with friend infeels very excited about living on was because her roommate was stead of just coming home, it's her own. There's a lot of us that don't get the opportunity to experi- moving and she decided that she more expensive, and you must buy ence living on their own. She likes would like to try living on my all the furniture yourself. She feels to live on her own. It's nice, she own. When she went to college that the area that she lives is pretty likes learning to be more inde- she was homesick for a little. It safe. She thinks it's a combo of a pendent and more about herself in was very different and she missed good community and good police the process. Nora prefers to live her mom’s cooking. Now that she department. She has a job that alone. She enjoyed living with a has lived away from home for a pays enough for her to live on my own. She met a lot of her friends roommate or roommates in the while she doesn't get homesick. from work, school or through othpast but it is nice to be able to er friends. have the whole living space just 'm going to write about living on your own. This is one of the things I want to do.

how you want it. She gets to be around people when she wants to not when she doesn’t. She has an apartment now. She thinks for living by herself it is not to have a large house to clean. If she continues to live by herself, she thinks will stay in apartments. If she starts living with a significant other she may consider moving into a house. Nora moved into an apartment after she graduated from college. Looks for it being clean, a nice kitchen with a possible stove, frig, and dishwasher if possible. She likes to have laundry in the building. She mostly looks for a good location. What

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Martin Landau: Encountering a True Legend by Thomas R. Skidmore


n Saturday, August 13, 2016, at the Steel City Con, I met up with a true legend of Hollywood. He’s an Academy Award winner, a Golden Globe nominee, and is adored by legions of fans the world over. He’s an icon in both mainstream and cultclassic film and TV.

acting class (where he met his future wife Barbara).

I’m talking about none other than the star of Ed Wood, Mission: Impossible, and Space: 1999, Martin Landau.

Of course, he’s also known for his exuberant sense of humor, displayed in his numerous impersonations (something else that delighted me). During a 2008 interview, he imitated people such as Woody Allen and Alfred Hitchcock. In the 1988 film Tucker: The Man and His Dream, he was called upon to do the voice of radio newsman Walter Winchell. Plus he’s done voices for the 1994 animated Spider-Man series.

My first encounter with Mr. Landau came in 1976, when I began watching his cult TV series, the aforementioned Space: 1999, which co-starred his then-wife Barbara Bain. He exuded a sense of heroic strength and resolve laced with a latent yet powerful feeling of guilt. It’s to his character of Commander John Koenig that his crew, and fans of science fiction in general, turn to in times of stress.

Perhaps the best attribute Martin displays is his congenial and approachable nature. This was clearly on display during my brief but momentous meeting. He complimented me on my costume, in particular the heavy trench coat I was wearing. After waiting 40 years to meet him, I found myself too star struck to fully engage in a conversation, but his friendly nature and openness made it all the worthwhile.

Another amazing factoid I discovered was the revelation that he grew up reading science fiction authors such as Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Jules Verne. In

Martin Landau in 1968

Along the course of my via Wikimedia Commons life, I learned all I could learn about Martin Landau. As an a 1976 interview, he stated, “I example: before he turned to act- think science fiction’s a great liting, he was an assistant to cartoon- erary form, because it leaves ist Gus Edson. Martin drew the room for a lot of imagination.” Sunday strip versions of the popu- It’s due to his deep respect for the lar strip The Gumps from 1947 to genre that he frequently criticized 1950, after which he enrolled in scripts during Year Two of Space: 1999.

Anyone who says Hollywood legends don’t care about fans, have them meet Martin Landau sometime. I’d love to see them proven wrong.

Martin Landau and Thomas Skidmore at 2016 Steel City Con

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The Gemini Children’s Theater by Mark Sulkin


y article is all about the Gemini Children’s Theater. This theater is located at Father Ryan’s Art Center, in McKees Rocks outside of Pittsburgh. The theater was established in 1996 as an interactive children’s theater. It was recognized as a non -profit organization on February 3, 1997. The Gemini Theater puts on shows for people of all ages. The theater’s mission is to promote and support the love for performing arts. Kids and adults could both be in plays at this theater. They also have acting classes, summer camps, and they travel to different organizations such as: daycare, pre -school and elementary school.

Cat. He’s was recently in a production called Mermaid. I decided to come up with some questions and interview Ross.

Mark: What has been your favorite character to play?

Mark: What par t in M ermaid did you play?

Mark: What made you want to get into acting?

Ross: Pincher the Cr ab.

Ross: I use to do shows with mini figures.

I chose to write about the Gemini Theater because it reminds me of my 10-year-old stepbrother, Ross. He has been participating at the theater for four years. One show I really enjoyed was A lice in W onderland. He played the Cheshire

Ross: Getting my costume on and reading lines.

Mark: What was your favor ite part about being in Mermaid? Ross: Making fr iends. Mark: What do you like best about the Gemini Theater? Ross: The shows. Mark: How do you pr epar e for shows?

Mark: Do you ever get ner vous when you’re on stage? Ross: Not r eally.

Ross: Pincher .

Mark: If you could be in any show, what would it be? Ross: No Idea. Mark: Who is your favor ite actor/actress? Ross: Daniel Radcliffe. Mark: What is your favor ite part about being in theater? Ross: Meeting new people. I also asked some questions to the director of Gemini Theater, Jill Jeffrey.

Contact information: The Gemini Children's Theater Father Ryan Arts Center 420 Chartiers Avenue McKees Rocks, PA 15136 412-243-6464

The cast of Mermaid. Ross is on the right-hand side in the pink and red crab costume.

Mark: How long have you been directing? Jill: I have been directing theater productions since 2004, professionally. I directed my first show my senior year of college as part of my senior final. Mark: Was there someone who inspired you to get into theater? Jill: Honestly, I don't think there is one person. I love to create theater, whether it is directing or acting or both. As a kid, I did not have opportunities to take theater classes or camps, so I just played a lot of "pretend." In school, I often made class presentations theatrical - I added costumes or sound effects- because I knew the class would pay more attention if I acted out my report rather than lectured.

trying out for a show, and it is not easy picking the cast and having to tell people they did not get in the show. But, after I watch every audition, I decode who best fits each role, and we call the actors we would like in the production. Mark: What ar e some ways people can get involved at Gemini? Jill: a thedo

Even though we are ater, you not

Jill: I love the play Noises Off. I had the lead in college, and I would do that show again in a heartbeat!

Jill: Yes. I have written two original shows for children as well as collaborated on four or five others with Lani Cataldi and Dennis Palko. I love creating theater for children and teens. Mark: How does the audition process go? Jill: When I am going to direct a show, I typically have to pick show dates months in advance. This includes audition and rehearsal dates. I then decide if I want actors to prepare their audition piece or do a cold reading from the script. Auditions are tough on the director because we often get so many talented people

Jill: Gemini is an interactive theater. This means we allow the audience to participate in the show. Some theaters do this by letting the audience talk to the actors from their seats, but we allow them to come down on stage and be part of the story. This helps the younger kids understand the plot and how a story has a beginning, middle, and end. We also cast kids in our shows so they can work with adult actors, learning how to work and behave in a professional theater setting. It is important that our student actors are treated like professionals and that they, in turn, are just as polished on stage as our seasoned actors. Mark: Ar e ther e mor e children or adults in the plays at Gemini?

Mark: Do you have a favorite play or show?

Mark: Have you ever wr itten your own play?

Mark: What makes Gemini different from other theaters?

Gemini Theater Director Jill Jeffrey with fellow actor

have to be an actor to be part of our programs. We teach kids age 12 and older about theater technology, and many of them run our lights and sound for shows. We use adults and teens as stage managers for our shows. That is the person who keeps rehearsal schedules organized, helps the director, and is in charge of the show when it opens. We also use volunteers for ushers, class and camp interns, characters, and other items that need an extra hand to get done. We are so grateful for everyone who helps us keep going!

Jill: Typically, our shows feature more students. This is mainly because there are roles that are written for younger actors. For example, we use kids as dwarves in Snow W hite, as animals in Jungle Book, and as Lost Boys in Peter Pan. We cast adults in lead roles and roles that have to teach interaction because those characters need to have control of the scenes at all times, especially when the kids are on stage. Some shows do need a younger actor in a lead, like Mowgli in Jungle Book or Jimmy in V elveteen Rabbit. We then work extra with that actor to help them understand how to maintain their character and energy during the show. I really enjoyed interviewing Ross and Jill and learning more about the Gemini Theater.

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Personal Trainer Power Interview with X Shadyside Trainer Andrew Buranich by Bryan Lippert


orking out daily is a key essential to making sure your body and mind stay in tiptop shape. I chose to interview a personal trained named Andrew Buranich. The gym that he works at is called X Shadyside gym, located at 5608 Walnut Street Pittsburgh, PA 15232. Yes I also am a member of this gym, L.A Fitness gym, all YMCAs, and JCC Jewish Community Center gym. I enjoy working out at the X Shadyside gym, and I should consider going back more often. It's a bit smaller than the other gyms I mentioned. It still offers most equipment required for a good workout on every part of your body. Also they offer classes in a

room that can accommodate up to 20 people. Some classes I took up a year ago were yoga classes, pump up classes, etc. I set up this interview all by myself without any help. I went out and met Andrew face-to-face, got his email, and confirmed a day and time to meet back up with him. Moving forward to July 19, 2016 around 5:30 p.m. I started to interview him. First impressions mean a lot, Andrew was very nice to talk to. He's very well educated, looks in good shape, has good manners and so forth. Now the fun, part the questions and answers portion.

Question 1. What made you want to become a personal trainer? When did you realize you wanted to do it?

His response: Because I always enjoyed helping people, it’s a career I fell in too. I have been doing it for the past five years. Working with athletes is very hard to get into. I had an internship with Penn State and then I really started training people. I really wanted to do strengthening and conditioning but it's very hard to get into so in 2011 I started into personal training. It doesn't pay much but I enjoy doing it. Question 2. What types of training do you need to become a personal trainer?

His response: You need a personal trainer certificate. There's some good ones and some bad ones. You also need a master’s degree in exercise science. Some easy degrees you can get are found online. To work at Shadyside, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to work here. There's also these programs in which you can receive a certificate in personal training, and maybe a degree. NASM-National Academy of sports medicine, NCCPTNational console of certified personal trainer's, ACSM-American College of sports medicine, ACEAmerican Council on exercise. Question 3. What do you enjoy best about being a personal trainer? His response: Seeing people achieve their goals. Same people enjoy working out here. Being able to come to work with shorts and T-shirt in the summertime,

and hoodie and sweatpants in the winter time. Question 4. What does a typical day look like for you? His response: Usually it depends on the time of year, also depends on the seasons. I normally have appointments in the morning. In the afternoon I am checking my email and I do my own personal work outs I make other appointments for myself in the afternoon it's normally slower. Question 5. When do you plan on retiring from doing personal training? His response: A long, long time. Training is something you can do for the life time, there's no retirement date in sight. I can do this personal training part-time down the road.

Question 6. What is the most rewarding part of being a personal trainer? His response: helping people reach their goals, saying that they are living a healthy lifestyle, taking away their stress. Question 7. Why should others join X Shadyside gym? His response: It's a privately owned business, not corporate. It doesn't lock you into long term contracts. My last remarks would be if anyone's interested please visit or email Andrew directly at Also please do consider checking out the gym for yourself.

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The World Through the Eyes of a Three-Year-Old by Delaine Swearman


n November 3, 2012 my family started referring to me as “Aunt Delaine” instead of just “Delaine.” This was the day that my nephew, Zachary, was born to my brother, Michael, and sister-inlaw, Lindsey. Ever since then, I’ve loved watching Zachary grow into the little boy that he is now, and it amazes me how smart he is and how much he seems to know about the world.

Q: “Where do you Zachary: “Davidsville.”


Q: “What state do you live in?” Zachary: “Pennsylvania.”

Q: “What is your favorite color?” Zachary: “Green and yellow.” Q: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Zachary:

For my interview, I thought it would be interesting to get his perspective on life, to see the world through his eyes. Q: “What is your full name?” Zachary: “Zachary.” Q: “Do you know your middle and last name?” Zachary: “I don’t know… that’s a tricky one.” Zachary was given the middle name Edmund, the same name as his maternal grandfather. His last name is Swearman. Q: “How old are you?” Zachary: “Three and almost four.” Q: “What will you be able to do when you turn four that you can’t do when you are three?” Zachary: “I don’t know.”

“Pappy has tractors, blue and yellow. When I grow up I will be a tractor puller like Pappy.” Q: “What is your daddy’s job?” Zachary: “To make money to buy things.” Q: “What would you buy if you had a lot of money and could buy anything you wanted?”

Zachary: pretzels.”




Zachary was playing with PlayDoh and making pretzel shapes when he answered this question. Q: “What are your favorite things to play with?” Zachary: “Cutting.” Zachary loves to do arts and crafts projects that involve using scissors. He also loves cooking in his pretend kitchen and playing with Play-Doh. He is obsessed with garbage trucks and has garbage truck toys, a “dump” in his yard, and a “waste management” area where he crushes cans for recycling at his grandparent’s house. Q: “Why do you like garbage trucks?” Zachary: “They come to our house and we watch them. My favorite is Waste Management." Q: “What is your favorite animal?” Zachary: “Monkeys, because I see them at the zoo.” Q: “What is your favorite food?” Zachary: “Spaghetti and meatballs and berries”

Q: “What food do you hate?” Zachary: “Macaroni and cheese.” Zachary also does not like soft bread or buns, but he will eat toast. Q: “What makes you sad?” Zachary: “When Mommy went to Arizona and Daddy just stayed.” Q: “What makes you happy?” Zachary: “Chuck E Cheese and you got to get a stamp there and the car wash.” Q: “What are you afraid of?” Zachary: “Pretend snakes at Grandma’s, and I saw one in the blueberries.” His grandmother uses plastic snakes in her garden to scare birds away. Zachary is also afraid of automatic flush toilets and the sound of hand dryers. Q: “What do you like about having a little sister?” Zachary: “I love her.”

Q: “What do you like about being a big brother?” Zachary: “I get to help.” Q: “Where do babies come from?” Zachary: “Hospital.” Q: “What is the difference between a boy and a girl?” Zachary: “A girl wears a dress and a boy wears a shirt.” Q: “What is a dream?” Zachary: “At nighttime you think about stuff. Mommy dreams about Christmas trees.” Q: “What happened to your kitty when she died?” Zachary: “Kitty fell asleep and turned to an angel and went to heaven. But Mommy won’t tell me how she got out of the house.” Q: “Does the same thing happen to people when they die?” Zachary: “Yes”

Q: “Why do elephants have trunks?” Zachary: “Because that’s how they blow water.” Q: “Why do cats and dogs have tails?” Zachary: “I don’t know.” As I anticipated, it was not easy to interview a three-year-old. My questions were asked over multiple sessions, and peppered in amid conversations on unrelated topics and during play sessions. Zachary didn’t always give me his full attention and often needed some help by rephrasing the questions or got suggestions from his mother on the answers. I had to eliminate some questions that were obviously just too hard. I also doubt the validity of answers that seem to be directly related to his current activity. However, I did learn some new things about Zachary and it was an interesting experience.

Q: “Why do birds have wings?” Zachary: “Help them fly.”

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3D Printing Will Change The Way We Live An interview with the 3D printing pioneers of General Electric by Bryan Lippert


o anyone who has not had the opportunity to see 3D printing first hand, it likely sounds quite futuristic. While the process is quite ingenious, it is also very straightforward. The printers essentially add layers and layers of material until it adds up to a full 3d object, much in the same way that a regular printer adds ink and toner to paper. While simple in practice, being able to print objects of virtually any shape and size on the spot is becoming the clear economic choice for many businesses. To learn more about the 3d printing industry I visited General Electric's state of the art 3D printing facility in Imperial, PA. There I had the opportunity to tour the facility as well as interview Ed Rowley (Additive Manufacturing Engineer) as well as Russ Giovanetti and Steve Waslosky of CADimensions which provides Sales and Technical Service Support for Stratasys brand 3D Printers. In touring the facility, I discovered that there are a lot of types of 3D printing. General Electric has printers that use anything from

Photos via Wikimedia Commons

metal, hard plastic and sand. The applications for these range from any of the industries that GE is involved in from oil and gas to aviation. 3D printing can cut time off of machining parts made the old fashioned way by weeks or even months. They are also working on perfecting new materials and types of printing all the time. Following the tour we sat down with Ed, Russ and Steve to discuss 3D printing and the future of this technology. Question 1. What is it exactly that you do for your company in terms of 3d printing? Could you walk the readers and I through a typical day for yourself?

Ed Rowley - I'm a Additive manufactural engineer. I make sure the machines are set up properly. We have jobs to put in them, load the files into the computer. I'd change the materials, if it needed to be changed. I would slice the programs, look at the files make sure there's no problems with the files. Then I would start the machine and watch it while it builds. I'd come back to monitor it. If it did what it's supposed to do,

and didn’t crash and had no problems. When it was complete I would remove the parts from the machine. Move the support materials, and then sometimes look at the parts, if some needed sanded. Sometimes we will spray a clear coat on them, to make them more attractive. How early do you have to start every day? I start every day at 7am, its not so bad, other jobs I had I had to start earlier than that. I usually start at 7am end at 3:30pm. Depending on if there's more projects to work on, I'll stay longer. Question 2. What type of CAD software would you use? We use NX which is universal graphics. Is there a different type of software for every different type of printer? There are slicing programs that do different things, that will use the base of CAD files, into something the machine will understand, in other machine language.

What's the term slicing mean? Take the image drawn on CAD and make it into a bunch of thin slices like bread, if you cut a shape out of the loaf of bread and stacked the loaf of bread back up. Every machine has their own different types of software. Every machine has different codes that need to be keyed in. The CAD software is what we use for basic designs. At General Electrics they use nothing but NX G.E is locked into a contract with NX. Russ Giovanetti - You could use any software though like AutoCAD, or Solidworks, there’s a bunch of different CAD programs. All of these programs can design a product.

Question 3. What if someone was interested in pursuing 3D Modeling what would you recommend?

and machines and run you through the process of how things work. Also Libraries, Carnegie science center, and Carnegie Museum offer classes in 3D printing as well. Question 4 What sparked your interest in this field? Where do you see it going 5-10 years? YouTube was my first exposure.

continue to expand. The intelligence of the machines will continue to get better. How long do you think it will be before everyone has a 3D printer in their homes? We are on the verge of the 3D printer becoming more like a computer and every home will have one. The more you play with the 3D printer, the more applications you will find. The 3D printer owns its keep. The 3D printer is ideal to repair things in the future. Question 4 What are the current materials now being used in 3D printing? Nylon, ABS plastic, Oxotic, High temp plastics, Poly Carbonate, Sand, Bamboo, and Tango

After my visit, I discovered 3d printing is one of the utmost fuI know some universituristic advances in ties that are offering 3D technology of our programs to learn the time. In the near fudifferent technology. I ture, many homes will would personally enbe equipped with 3d courage people who are printers much like we interested just to find a have ink and paper maker/work shop, or printers. I urge people someone who has the to get familiar with 3d 3D printing machines to printing technology to allow individuals to put yourself out in come and work with front. I really enjoyed them. Tech Shop in Russ Giovanetti, Bryan Lippert, Ed Rowley, and Steve Waslosky my visit to General Pittsburgh is a prime ex- under General Electric’s 3D Printed Decor Electric, they were inample that is accessible to formative and showed My son was actually very inter- great hospitality. a lot of people. ested in it. Four years ago I purThe basic skills you need to learn chased a 3D printer, and started I’d like to extend my gratitude to would be through programs like playing with it. The machines are Ed, Russ, Steve, Yolanda and the that. There's another 3d printer getting less and less expensive. 5 rest of the team at General Elecprogram class called Assemble -10 years from now the quality tric. Shop. The shops can take you will continue to improve, along through a tour and see their tools, with the types of material will

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Kay Jewelers Manager, Lori Lynne McCutcheon by Richard Campbell


ince 2007 when I first met Lori Lynne McCutcheon, when she was manager of Kay Jewelers in Century III Mall (the store has moved to nearby Southland Four Seasons Shopping Center in nearby Pleasant Hills from West Mifflin four months ago) we have been, in my words, “the best of friends.” And today, almost a decade later, even though I now call the North Hills home, Lori Lynne McCutcheon and I are always and forever “friends.” I call her on the phone at least once or twice a week as she’s at her Monroeville Mall store (her current store), and I tell her things are just great! So my first question is, When did you begin with Kay Jewelers, and where was your first store? Well, I started with Kay Jewelers on November 15, 1986. It’s very hard to believe that this year will mark my 30th anniversary with that wonderful company, Kay Jewelers. When was your first taste of the



It was in 1986. I was hired as a part time seasonal associate at the South Hills Village Mall. And what I enjoyed most was the fulfillment I felt. I made other people happy by helping people select that perfect gift.

That January I was transferred to Monroeville Mall where I trained and learned more about our products in depth, and I received the basic knowledge and skills needs to excel with my career.

In in case you may not know I (Richard) got my first taste in at South Hills Village in 1998 when Bev Medved and Kelli Dunco (now Kelli Smith) were on the lower level, and Jeanne Evans worked there, too. And September 2016 marked 18 years since I’ve known Kelli Smith and Nora Adams (who’s now at Ross Park Pandora Jew-

I was transferred to Century III Mall, where I worked until February 1990. From there it was on to Clearview Mall in Butler, PA where I ran my very first Kay Jewelers store. And then later that year I was promoted to a much larger store in Beaver Valley Mall in Monaca, PA. But that only lasted four months, and then I went back to Monroeville Mall where I worked until October 1992.

You kept getting bounced around the Western PA area. Did you want to go to a different state that paid more money? Well I wanted to move to Florida so I requested a transfer to the Tampa/ St. Petersburg-Clearwater Florida area, and my wish and my request were both granted. So for 15 years I was the manager of two Kay Jewelers stores at Tampa malls. And they were great pay.

But when you decide to say to yourself, it’s time to return to Pittsburgh? Well I got older and I missed my family and my Port Vue home. So I decided to move back to Pittsburgh in March of 2007. When I returned, that’s when I met you, Richard, at Century III and that’s when we started our wonderful friendship. After you left Century III where was your next move from there? Then it was on to Westmoreland Mall in Greensburg in from October 2011 until March 2014. And now I’m back at Monroeville

Mall. Wow! What a trip down memory lane these past 30 years!

since 2000 Valentine.

Do you get satisfaction from your job?

We think you’re lovable too, Richard, because we’re all your friends. Always have been, always will be.

Yes, Richard, my wonderful friend. Because we’re in the business to make people happy, celebrate life, and express love, and best of all, I love you my wonderful friend, Richard.



Me, Rose, Tish, Brittany, my friends at the other Kay stores and best of all, my fellow Taurus's I’ve known

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Interview with the Owner of Maryland’s by Max Chaney aryland's is small shop in "Lakeside" Marblehead Ohio; I decided to ask the owner a few questions... (Short n sweet style)


5) When designing the shops, did you take inspiration from anywhere else?

1) How long have you been in business?

6) Did you ever have a business partner before, if so what is s/he name?

Maryland: In lakeside (18 years)

Maryland: No I just do my thing...

selves. 9) Did you have anyone famous visit? Maryland: Several hover entertainers.

10) I understand you used to be a teacher. Is that true?

Maryland: No, just me (because she's a specialty store)

Maryland: Yes I was for 30 years.

Maryland: Ohio state products

7) Do you have any good friends that used to work with you?

Maryland: McCord Junior High in Sylvan.

3) What is the strangest item, that you sell in Maryland's 2?

Maryland: Many of my are good friends.

12) What are your ambitions for the future?

Maryland: Outdoor pottery ornaments.

6) When do you specifically start Christmas in July?

Maryland: I'm going to retire eventually

4) Have you had financial problems before? (I do apologize about this one)


13) What will you accomplish when you retire?

2) What is your favorite item, that you sell in Maryland's two?

Maryland: No, because I manage my money wisely...




8) Have you had a specialty item before or now? Maryland: I sell specialty t-shirts, mugs etc., that we design our-

11) At what school?

Maryland: Being with family. Thank you for your cooperation, I hope this will help people in and out lake side understand you better‌

Max Chaney Builds… Yogcast Stuck on a Bike by Max Chaney


n August 16, 2016 at about 7:00 p.m., I finally started my bike…! This is monumental for me because it’s one step closer to getting the diorama finished! When designing the original, I did not do as much research as this one… now this one is authentic to is original design (I think, just as Barry whites “Love theme” plays on my radio phone…) I ponder to myself, hmmm this entirely accurate???*(and awesome! So______________ far…) But then I remember that seeing the video is all I need… (But that’s for later…) Now speaking of that there’s something I want to talk about, it’s about the construction of the bike… Now, as you can see the antinomy of the bike is interesting, because in the inside, like the second pic-

ture shows how the bike is connected together… Which it’s a lot more complicated than the prototype, mainly due to the fact I did not have those special 1x1 brick w/ 4 studs on all side… But it was still fun! Well, I hope you’re not too mad I changed the bike out a little…

eo about me putting the bike together, I tried to record it on the computer… but sadly it did not work, and what’s worse is it backdated the computer (*sigh*…) But it was still interesting to test; by the time you read this, there will be a video already on our site!

I still have to collect some pieces such as Mini-figure back plate… 1x4 tile in old dark grey A few 1x2 sloping bricks (in lime green…) This will be fun to collect (*sigh*) But it won’t let me down; I still have to glue the bike together, which will be fun…

Lastly I still have to make a vid-

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Making Miniatures with Max: Civil War Cannon by Max Chaney


ello. And welcome back! I’ve recently built this cannon for a possible war gaming terrain layout!

I really like how it turned out Mainly, because of its style and beauty… As you CAN clearly see the steering wheel bricks HAVE been painted a military brown, which I love! But it still needs work… Also the cannon, has a simulated barrel (obviously…) What I also like about this canon is the usage of parts, Because it has so few parts, which the model is useful to maneuver in battle… Now, for the diorama, I plan for it to be a 3x3 diorama (that’s feet not inches…) It will be based in 1863 in

via pixabay

(I have not decided yet, the name of the town/country side…) But there will be a LEGO Mine Track and entrance, there will also be a church (probably) but many more details WILL be added! Also, last thing… I plan to customize me own figures (from trainsets or from elsewhere…)

If you have any suggestions please email me at ( I’ll be waiting!

How to build a Diorama! With an ERTL PERCY by Max Chaney


ello there fans! And welcome back! Today, we have is a tiny diorama that I made! And I will show you how to build one!

Once dried… I glued the track down… I originally used the same adhesive, but it was taking FOREVER… so I used “Elmer’s Glue all,” which my relative bought at Giant Eagle

What I used was (1) Scenic grass sheet… (2) Cardboard… (3) Acrylic paints (4) Gravel… (5) Model train track… (6) Some sort of adhesive…

(It’s a local supermarket here in Pittsburgh…) surprisingly it foams when it dries…. Which is good and it’s STRONG!!!

First I cut a piece of cardboard out into a 5 3/4x 4 inch sheet… glued the grass sheet down, (It was originally going to be 6”x4,” but because I couldn’t cut a d**n line straight… So I cut the track shorter…)

Then I painted the track brown… which was fun…. Then when still wet, I sprinkled the gravel down (you never really have to use glue…but eh.) Then, once dry… I painted down the dark grey paint…..

The last step was to detail it up… I cut some Popsicle sticks the width of the track, which I cut at a sloping angle… Then I stained it mahogany! This is beautiful once done…How I converted Percy was.

I then drilled a small hole into the undercarriage; this is so the screw has somewhere to go… Then, screwed the bogie on… and laid the body onto the chassis…. WARNING… a hobby knife will have to be used… Thanks for reading!!! Find me here! Go to for the link to my YouTube Channel!

I first unscrewed the original chassis from the body…I also took the red running plate off, and then carved some plastic away from the rear (and the bottom) of the undercarriage…

Pittverse 30

L.E.E. Engraving: Here’s Your Sign by Steven Girouard


ittsburgh has long been a hub for many craftsmen and entrepreneurs. Jim Lester is no different; Jim is a humble business owner/ operator that resides in Oakdale, PA. There are many things that make Jim’s business special; he makes engraved signs for both individuals and companies. With the help of family and friends the company has grown substantially. LE.E. Engraving has manufactured different types of signs for customers who work in places all over the United States and the world, including Mexico, Japan, and Canada. Jim’s business is almost 50 years in the making. Since 1977, he and his employees have utilized the skills and experience attained over those years to help the business grow and develop a loyal customer base. Over the years, L.E.E. Engraving has had many chances to work with and create different types of signs for a variety of individuals and companies alike. When asked about the materials that are most often used in sign construction,

Jim responded, “We engrave plastic plates as well as aluminum, brass, and steel.” Jim and his employees at L.E.E. Engraving make legend plates, receptacle plates, stencils, graphics, and large plates as well as undertake specialty jobs for customers. In order to produce these types of engraved signs they must be competent in foreign languages and be able to use different materials and specialized engraving tools. Perhaps the best quality of Jim’s business is his commitment to delivering a high-quality product. The motto of L.E.E. Engraving is Accuracy, Speed, and Attitude. In order to safeguard accuracy in product development, Jim insists on three different employees proofing every job with a zeropercent error rate; every sign must be perfect and meet your requirements. L.E.E. Engraving is also equipped to quickly process your order for a timely delivery and finally, Jim and his employees

Some samples of L.E.E. Engraving’s Signs

work diligently to build solid relationships with customers because they understand that every customer is the most important one and they strive for creating long-term relationships that will span many years.

Jim Lester is a model small business owner/operator and L.E.E. Engraving is destined to be in business for at least another 50 years.

Gene Wilder: A Loving Tribute by Thomas R. Skidmore


n August 29, 2016, veteran Hollywood and Broadway legend Gene Wilder passed away at his home in New York, at age 83. He had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for a few years, never disclosing the full extent of his condition. Though retired for some time, his legacy on stage and film never wavered. His first major starring role was in the 1968 Mel Brooks film The Producers, but his rise to stardom was established when he played the mysterious confectioner in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. From there, he was in a reign of glory. His most famous role, aside from Willy Wonka, was the title character in Mel Brooks’

1974 comedy-horror spoof Young Frankenstein (he pronounced it “Fronk-en-steen,” much to the audience’s delight). Following this was the first of many pairings with cutting-edge comic Richard Pryor, the 1976 mystery comedy Silver Streak; the pair also starred together in Stir Crazy in 1980, See No Evil, Hear No Evil in 1989, and their final film together, Another You in 1991.

by all accounts to be giving, kindhearted, and eager to delight new generations of fans. After his retirement from active acting, Gene took up writing his memoirs as well as two novels and a book of short stories.

Gene Wilder is gone from this physical realm but the great body of work, as well as his devotion to his fellow humans, should never be forgotten.

Away from film, he was active in cancer research and support due to the inspiration of his late wife, comedienne Gilda Radner (who died of ovarian cancer in May 1989). He also supported the arts for education, and was considered

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

Photos via Wikimedia Commons

Pittverse 32

Bon Appétit! by Delaine Swearman, Sara Brooks, Daniel Ashkin, and Mike Levenson


ur group decided to create a multi-course dinner taking into account the needs and likes of its members. For the most part, the recipes can be modified to meet the needs of each person, or a course can be skipped and the meal will still be filling without it.

Each member of our group has unique dietary needs that he or she has to keep in mind. Sara must eat a diet free of soy, dairy, and gluten. Michael is diabetic and must avoid sugary foods. Delaine tries to cook with a lot of vegetables and avoid over-processed foods. Dan tries to eat a kosher diet free of ham and red meat. We compiled recipes for a complete meal that meet most of our food preferences. The meal includes: Appetizers – Tostitos (made by Mike) and fruit salad (made by Dan) Soup – French onion soup (made by Delaine) Main course – Gluten and dairy free mac n cheese (made by Sara) and roasted asparagus medley (made by Delaine) Dessert – Gluten free cookies (made by Sara) and pudding cups (made by Mike) Mike’s Favorite Tostito Snack ●Pre-heat oven or toaster oven to 400 degrees. ●Line a baking sheet with tin foil or parchment paper. ●Place your favorite tortilla chips (Mike likes to eat blue tortilla chips or Longboards organic stone-ground white corn tortilla chips) puzzled in close to each other on the prepared sheet. ●Spoon onto each chip a little blob of favorite sauce (Mike recommends Paul Newman’s marinara or Ragu). ●Sprinkle on grated or shredded cheese, like mozzarella or Mexican blend, to cover the chips. ●Put in the oven to heat through and get melty. ●Eat! And eat some more!

Allergen-Free Mac n Cheese Ingredients: ●1 cup gluten-free pasta ●½ cup vegan cheddar cheese ●¼ cup almond milk ●1 tsp of soy-free, dairy-free butter Directions: ●Fill medium pot ¾ of the way with water and bring to a boil. ●Once water is boiling, add pasta to water and cook until tender. ●After pasta is tender, drain water from the pasta. ●In a separate pot, combine milk, butter, and cheese. Put pot on medium heat and stir until mixture is melted. ●Combine pasta and cheese sauce mixture. ●Enjoy! (Makes 3 servings)

Daniel’s Fruit Salad ●Set two or three bananas on the cutting board. ●Slice the bananas into small slices. ●Put the pieces into a large container. ●Cut up three delicious red delicious apples. ●After the apples are sliced, put them into a container. ●Slice up two large peaches into thin pieces, place the slices into the bowl. ●Slice up strawberries, put them into the container ●Add a half cup of raisons into the dish. ●Pour a half-cup of white delicious grape juice to keep the fruit moist. ●After pouring all the ingredients into the container, cover the container with plastic wrap to prevent it from getting spoil. ●Next, place the bowl of delicious fruit into the refrigerator until it is ready to serve for guests or yourself.

French Onion Soup Ingredients: ●Butter 4 Tbsp ●Sweet Onions 7 cups thinly sliced ●Beef or Chicken Broth 2 quarts ●Leaf Thyme 1/2 tsp ●Bay leaf 1 each ●Salt and pepper to taste Directions: ●In a large pot with lid (at least 3 quart) melt butter over low heat. ●Add the onions, stir, and cover, cook over low to medium heat. ●Check under the lid every few minutes to see when onions start to turn translucent and release their water. ●Then remove lid and allow onions to brown evenly, stirring as necessary. ●Add broth when all onions are golden brown. ●Add thyme and bay leaf. ●Bring soup to a gentle simmer for 40 minutes or until it tastes sweet. ●Add salt and pepper to taste. Optional: Serve with cheese and croutons/toasted bread on top.

Roasted Asparagus Medley Via nl=email_share

Ingredients: ●2 ½ lbs asparagus ●1 large purple onion, sliced ●1 red bell pepper, sliced ●1 orange bell pepper, sliced ●3 celery hearts, quartered ●1 tbsp garlic, minced ●3 tbsp balsamic vinegar ●3 tbsp olive oil ●1 tsp sea salt Directions: Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash and trim asparagus, removing tough ends; cut spears in half and place in large bowl with sliced onions, peppers, celery and garlic. Toss vegetables together with balsamic vinegar and olive oil; mix well and allow to marinate at room temperature 15 minutes. Coat a large flat baking sheet with cooking spray and spread asparagus mixture evenly in pan; sprinkle with sea salt and roast 20 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit or until vegetables start to brown. Serve hot.

Pudding In A Cloud ●3 cups cool whip ●1 pack chocolate pudding ●3 cups milk Spread cool whip on bottom and side of graham cracker dessert pie shell. Mix pudding and milk for two minutes. Let stand for five minutes. Cover and let stay in refrigerator till hard. Pudding cups. Get individual graham cracker shells.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients: ●2 ¼ cups good all-purpose gluten-free flour blend ●½ tsp xanthan gum (omit if flour blend has xanthan or guar gum already) ●1 tsp baking soda ●1 tsp salt ●2 ounces cream cheese (room temp.) ●¾ cups unsalted butter, melted ●1 cup packed brown sugar ●½ cup sugar ●2 egg yolks (room temp.) ●2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips Directions: ●In a medium bowl, whisk together gluten-free flour, xanthan gum (if needed), baking soda, and salt. Set aside. ●In a bowl of your stand mixer, place the cream cheese, then pour melted butter over it. Add brown sugar and mix on medium speed for two minutes. (I use the paddle attachment on my mixer.) ●Add vanilla extract and egg yolks (one at a time), mixing on low-medium speed until well mixed. ●Add the flour mixture that you set aside earlier, beating on low until just combined. Add the chocolate chips and mix on low or by hand just until mixed thoroughly. ●Cover the mixing bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate a minimum of 4 hours and up to 4 days. ●When you’re ready to bake, remove from refrigerator and let sit for about 15 minutes to soften enough for easier scooping. ●Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. ●Line cookie sheets with parchment paper or silicone liners. Do not spray! ●Use a #20 cookie scoop to scoop even mounds of cookie dough spaced several inches apart. I can get 12 per sheet. ●Bake the cookies for 11 to 12 minutes at 375 degrees. ●Remove when edges are set and just browning. The centers will look underdone, but will continue cooking as they cool. ●To ensure you don’t overbake centers, I suggest you bake a few test cookies so you can determine the right baking time for your oven. ●Let the cookies set on the cookie sheet for just 2 to 3 minutes before removing to a cooling rack to finish cooling.

Pittverse 34

Pesto Pureness Right From the Manchester Farm by Kenneth Miller, David O’Rorey, and Nature f.f. Aura


e are creating a beautiful fusion of ingredients right from a local Pittsburgh farm on the North Side. They are allowing the natural force of Mother Earth’s ingredients to be in real food that real chefs make every day from either their own garden or even from a farmers market every single morning. It is well known that good food made from fresh ingredients gets people to the table to sit and enjoy either family and friends while enjoying. We picked basil from Manchester Farm to make homemade pesto: Ingredients ●2 cups packed fresh basil leaves. ●2 cloves garlic. ●1/4 cup pine nuts. { note - we are using walnuts instead of using pine nuts for that gamey taste} ●2/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil, divided. ●Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste. ●1/2 cup freshly grated Pecorino cheese.

First, take the basil leaves from their stems. Used a salad spinner to clean the basil. Then, mix the above ingredients in a food processor and mix with cooked rotini noodles. Now the garden is at the corner Chateau and Columbus streets. There at the garden you can volunteer. If you would like to know more about volunteering there just ask Kenneth at your local Youth Advocate Program offices. We made pesto after the Lunar Knights meeting. David cannot eat this because it has walnuts in it but as Nature states – there is a substitute for this recipe that allows David to eat it without the nuts. In Nature’s opinion these ingredients will be different from the glorified taste of nutty goodness that is the walnut, and you know what all chefs say about that, we all have a little nuts that make us a little batty in the brain, in other words a little insane in the membrane. This is a good thing for all cooks when they want to flare up their own style for food. We all had had a fun time picking basil and making homemade pesto. David says about the experience, “I didn’t eat it because I’m allergic to some of the ingredients, but I brought some to my mom and Denny, and they liked it. It was fun to make and it’s something I’ve

never done before.” You can sample some pesto (as well as our Hummus Volcano) at our October 19 release party of this fall 2016 issue of Pittverse Magazine.

Cooking the Perfect Steak Meal in 10 to 15 Minutes by Dima Harmon Prep Work. Make sure you have all the ingredients listed due to time constraints since, you will be working really quick. Pull out the steak 20 to 30 minutes before you cook it so it can get to room temperature.

Seasonings. Garlic: One clove maybe two if the cloves are small. Thyme: About five to seven sticks. Green Onions: Used for the mashed potatoes. Butter: Required to change the flavor of the steak in the later stages of cooking. Salt/Pepper: Used for seasoning everything. Very Crucial. Olive Oil: Used for cooking things in skillet and offers a nice taste to what it is you are cooking. Main Ingredients for Dishes. Steak: Roughly the size of a six inch plate give or take and about half inch thick. These are just estimates.

Green Pepper: Veggie portion of the meal, This is just a suggestion it could be anything like broccoli or carrots. But I personally like them. Onion: half of the onion. I feel a whole onion is too much and you will be mixing it with the green pepper to add variety to the taste of veggies. Packet of Idaho Mashed Potatoes: Only one packet. You will get at least three generous servings of it.

Cooking Advice While Cooking and Cooking the Veggies. Cook the veggies while you are cooking the steak since all they will be doing is sitting in the skillet for the majority of the cooking of the steak and only requires a bit a of mixing around to get seasoning flavor and veggies to actually be mixed. 1: Use small skillet on medium setting of heat add olive oil. Put in chopped green peppers and onions in skillet once pan is hot. Add a bit of salt and pepper for seasoning. 2: Stir every so often to make sure seasoning and veggies get stirred in well. Cooking the Steak.

1: Start off by heating the pan. Do not put in the olive oil right away. Let pan get hot on a generous heat. 2: Season the steak by throwing salt and ground pepper on a cutting board so you can season it evenly on both sides. Mop up the excess seasoning with the steak so seasoning can get onto the sides of the steak. 3: Add olive oil to hot pan and put in the steak while keeping yourself away from pan. Once you put in the steak, you should hear a nice sizzling sound. That is how you know the steak is searing itself properly. 4: Turn over the steak after about one-minute. Then use tongs to render the sides, use the pan to your advantage, let it do the work.

5: Take clove/cloves of garlic crush with palm and just add

them to the pan. 6: Wait a couple of seconds (maybe 10 to 15) and then add the thyme. A couple should be on top of the steak while the rest split on each side of the pan. Flip the steak every so often, about 30 seconds each time. At this point the steak should be almost cooked and the total time should be about two to three minutes of cooking time from when you initially put in the steak. 7: Add about three thicker slivers. A method I have used is measure a table spoon of butter and divide it into thirds. The butter should melt really quickly. At this point everything should be smelling really evenly. A) Steak. B) Garlic, C) Thyme. Stir the Thyme around while at the same time using a spoon to scoop up melted butter and pouring it over the steak. 8: Grab a clove of garlic with tongs and brush it on top of the steak for more flavoring/ seasoning. 9: Remove steak from skillet onto cutting board. While it is releasing excess juice you can put other parts of the meal onto your plate. Mashed Potatoes. When you have reached step four of cooking the steak, you can start to boil the water for the mashed potatoes. 1: Once boiling, remove from the heat and proceed to step two. 2: Pour in the packet of mashed potatoes into water and mix it in. 3: Add some butter and salt and pepper and chopped green onions and stir until the butter is melted in and then serve. Pittverse 36

The Legacy of Gary Numan by David O’Rorey


orn March 8, 1958 in leased until 1984. In early 1978 Hammersmith London Numan went to the studio to recU.K. Gary Numan was ord his first official album he acborn as Gary Anthony cidentally ran into a synthesizer James Webb. He grew up as the by mistake which was left from classic loner. He began singing at another band. He was able to use a very young age. He was a big fan it and realized how much power of The Monkees and used to sing you can get from a synthesizer it their sounds around London in was left on the huge whirling people houses and get paid via Wikimedia Commons some for it. Later he learned how to play guitar, piano, and bass guitar. Numan is an atheist and was excused from religious classes in high school. Gary met Paul Gardiner in high school, and they hooked up as friends. Gary was a big David Bowie Fan and some of his high school peers would call David Bowie queer, and Gary would get into fist fights over it (he was a loyal fan.) Mean Street was Numan's first formed band in the early 70s. Then in 1976 out of high school Numan formed The Lasers, but Mean Street and The Lasers were short lived. In 1977 with his friend Paul Gardiner on bass guitar he formed his first official band The Tubeway Army adding his Uncle Jess Lidyard on drums and percussion while Numan played all guitars. He played in small pubs and clubs around London in 1977. In late '77 Numan landed a record contract with Beggar's Banquet and recorded his first album, a punk rock album titled The Plan recorded in early 1978, but not re-

sound. Gary pushed one key and the room shook. He realized how much power you can get from pressing one key. This meeting with a synthesizer changed his life forever. His first album titled Tubeway Army which used a lot of guitars with a little bit of synths mixed in

on certain songs. It was released in 1978 but it refused to gain any chart attention. In early 1979 Numan recorded his next album the highly influential darkwave, goth rock, synthpop album Replicas still a three piece band. The first single from the album released in March 1979 was ''Down In The Park." It failed to gain any chart status. Jon Peel a local Radio D.J. would play the it on late night U.K. Radio. But ended up being a highly influential song. An electro goth classic later on that was covered from the likes of Marilyn Manson to The Foo Fighters and more. It is considered one of Numan's best songs as well. Also a favorite among fans. It wasn't until May 1979 Gary's next single released from Replicas album was "Are 'Friends Electric?� It shot straight to #1 on The U.K. Charts although some local stations in England refused to play the song such as Radio One. Numan added some new band members also for local U.K. TV Appearances his Uncle Jess Lidyard didn't want to commit to TV appearances and touring which Gary wanted to do soon. So Gary kept his best friend Paul Gardiner on bass guitar. Adding Cedric Sharpley on drums and percussion. Russell Bell on guitars, synthetic percussion, keyboards and tambourine. Chris Payne also on synths as well as

violin and viola. Lastly Bill Currie was asked to join by Gary which Bill a former member of the band Ultravox which they were considered to be highly influential by Numan and The Blueprint of his music. The lead singer of Ultravox was John Foxx who went on the have a highly successful solo career in the early 80s after Ultravox. Gary now could do what he wanted and Beggar's Banquet let him. He found a plumber's add in a local phonebook called Numan. He changed to Gary Numan. His next released album would be The Pleasure Principle recorded with his new band mates in the late spring or summer of 1979. In September 1979 the first single released was "Cars" which took off on The U.K. charts hitting #1. It also charted in several other countries, the highest in Ireland reaching #5. Numan embarked on his first major tour in September ‘79 through October '79.

Interview with the Chef of

Bravo Restaurant by Mike Levenson


interviewed Chef Mike at Bravo, my favorite restaurant because I love Italian food. Chef Mike is a big guy with tattoos. Bravo is a chain restaurant located in Florida, Robinson, PA, and Homestead, PA. He said the most popular dish is chicken parmesan. The most popular dessert is cheesecake. The busiest day is Saturday. The slowest day is Tuesday. Chef Mike’s favorite thing about the job is the people. Chef Mike’s least favorite thing about the job is the hours. Chef Mike’s favorite food is pizza and lasagna.

On stage there were massive 10 foot towers with lights, two pyramids, also a big glowing pyramid light in the middle between the two towers where Cedric the drummer was positioned at it was above his head the glowing pyramid. Also between the towers were spaces, one the right for Bill Currie and left was Chris Payne. That was on the upper deck, both across from the middle where Cedric was at. On the bottom on the floor on the right was Russell Bell and left was Paul Gardiner. They were in front of the towers on the left and right not inside with a space like above for Chris and Bill. Look out for Part Two in the Winter 2016 Pittverse Magazine.

photos via pixabay

Pittverse 38

Skidmore’s Science Fiction Spotlight MICHAEL MOORCOCK: The Chaos Master by Thomas R. Skidmore


ICHAEL JOHN MOORCOCK (born December 18, 1939) is a British-born author of numerous award winning science fiction and fantasy stories, literary fiction, rock music songs, and even comic books. He is chiefly noted for his popular fantasy anti-hero Elric of Melnibone, as well as other heroes in the cycle of the Eternal Champion saga. Moorcock is also the writer of the controversial 1966 story Behold the Man (about a psychologically damaged man who travels in time to find Christ), and is noted for being overly critical of fellow fantasy authors J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Growing up on such authors as Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard, Michael first began publishing at the age of seventeen, when he put out a fanzine which proved so successful, that he was asked to edit a British edition of the Tarzan comic magazine. It was here that Moorcock infused his own Burroughsian pastiche, in the form of his first major hero Sojan the Swordsman (an obvious take on John Carter of Mars). After writing and editing for other British comics, he wrote his science fiction saga The Sundered Worlds, which for the first time brought forth the idea of the Multiverse. Starting in 1961, Michael introduced his most enduring fantasy creation, the tragic albino antihero Elric of Melnibone (pronounced “Mel-Nib-Bone-Ay”)

in the British magazine Science Fantasy, and would ultimately write countless stories of not only Elric but also other characters who are related in the binding cycle known as the Saga of the Eternal Champion. Predating the film/TV character Highlander, the Eternal Champion must struggle to maintain cosmic balance throughout every known universe. Moorcock has a mild discomfort with being compared to Tolkien, especially after Elric gained fame particularly in the USA, even going as far as claiming to fully despise Tolkien. He later admitted to heavily exaggerating that hate, and in fact holds Tolkien in good regard as a creator of wondrous tales. After taking over editorship of the magazine New Worlds in 1964, Moorcock gradually pushed for more literary tales not directly related to science fiction/fantasy, thus giving birth to the so-called “New Wave” of science fiction (a movement largely reviled in the SF world in general). During this period, he wrote what is considered his most controversial story, the 1966 novella Behold the Man. In addition to his novels and short stories, Michael dabbled in songwriting for rock bands. Starting in 1975, he co-wrote for such groups as the English space-rock band Hawkwind, and more prominently the American hard metal band Blue Oyster Cult. For

BOC, he helped write three songs: “The Great Sun Jester,” “Black Blade,” and “Veteran of the Psychic Wars” (the last of which was used in the 1981 animated film Heavy Metal).

In 1997, Michael wrote a twelveissue series for DC Comics’ shortlived Helix line of science fiction comics. Titled Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse, this was to help introduce new readers to his works. Chiefly illustrated by his friend Walt Simonson, the series was popular with fans but proved confusing to new readers. Undeterred, he and Simonson teamed up again in 2005 to created a fourissue miniseries starring his famous creation, Elric. Also, he wrote two issues of the popular Tom Strong comic which costarred his other hero Seaton Begg, the Temporal Detective (a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who). Moorcock is widely known as a kind and generous soul, even going far as to support people on the autism spectrum disorder. Though he’s technically British, he considers himself a “down-home Texan” and writes favorably about his adopted home state. He also has a warm sense of humor, and devotes time to his family. But it’s the power and legacy of his works that we should look to Michael Moorcock.

The Monkees: Musical Lifesavers by Thomas R. Skidmore


n one of my earlier pieces I wrote about my ongoing struggle with clinical depression, which I’ve had since childhood, and related some of the means I use to cope with my illness, like drawing, reading, and meditating. I neglected to add the one force for good who came in and saved my life time and time again, without seeking reward. This force consists of four talented young musicians, three Americans and one Englishman, and their presence has been a true guide for everyone the world over.

been watching. One of the young stars of this program was an attractive brunette girl named Marta Marerro (aka Martika), and during the course of that whole year my feelings for her soared even as my emotions and mental health plummeted. It even went so far as to have me see a psychiatrist, from the fall of ’85 till the summer of ’86. That depression made my whole life very erratic because of Marta,

Those four young men are Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones, known as the Monkees, stars of their namesake TV series running from 1966 till 1968, and a band in their own right. Most fans know the Monkees through Via Wikipedia their music, with hit songs like “Last Train to Clarksville,” “I’m A Believer,” “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” and their signature tune “Daydream Believer,” and the TV show which featured these iconic tunes. From the time I was thirteen years old, I saw them in a different light. It’s a bit hard to explain without rambling but from the spring of 1985 till early 1986, I felt the sharp pangs of unrequited love courtesy of another TV show I’d

but on that Sunday in February 1986, my soul was saved by the Monkees. From that day on, I looked forward with great anticipation to watching them, and with the help of Mike, Micky, Davy, and Peter, I gradually let Marta slip away from me. In fact, the boys led me on the right path to academic success; I had made the honor roll during my seventh grade year in middle school. Of course, I had other mentors as well, namely Jim Kirk and his

crew, Fonzie and the gang, and Archie and Meathead. Over the years my life took some twists and turns, and I allowed the Monkees to slip into the recesses of my personal history until the darkest days of my life in late 2011. Once more depression gripped my mind and soul, even leading me to contemplate suicide until the Monkees, without being fully cognizant of their power to heal, arrived and saved my life. Theirs is a presence I cannot thank enough, and on February 29, 2012, the world lost an icon and I lost a good friend with the passing of Davy Jones, who died of a heart attack at age 66. They say music has the power to heal, and never has this been so very true than with the calming energy of the so-called “Prefab Four” (a term I have now come to despise). Yes, the Monkees were influenced by the Beatles, and yes, they were a “manufactured” TV band who became the real deal. To me, though, the Monkees are so much more than what they were and continue to be. They’re God’s messengers of life, healing, and hope. I know . . .

Pittverse 40

Family An interview with my dad by Kevin Hart


'm Kevin Hart, and I'm writing about family.

It's good to be with family. They help out in every way they can for each other. ( ex: having problems at work, family matters, problems within the family, problems getting around ). You can talk about these topics with family and come up with solutions. Families usually go to family reunions to meet with other members of the family. When you move out it’s always good to visit your parents once in a while. You should do your part as a family member and all gets done. I want to help my dad with his building maintenance so he gets the job done quicker. It's good to be with family instead of being on your own because they can help you out more. When you’re away your family worries about you, where you’re at, at all times ( safety factor ) when at your destination always call home to let them know you’re safe. They look out for your best interest, they want to keep you safe at all times so you don't get into trouble. When you do get into any kind of trouble. It's always good to ask for help before it gets a lot more worse. There's a lot of ways to help get you out of trouble. If it's time to move out, your family can help you out, finding a place to live ( for me hopefully, that I can afford). I'll be interviewing my dad, Kevin Hart Sr. He says it's very important to be family and he says that a family unit is within each of

us strength, inspiration, resource, and direction can be drawn at any time. His opinion on being a part of a family is it gives him great pride that pride holds true for all of the family members, as everyone in the family takes interest in each other and is there is for one member. Generally family reunions are scheduled every other year. They are hosted in one of the cities (like Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Frankenmuth, Ohio) of a fam-

Kevin’s dad

ily member, which brings a variety of places to visit during the reunion. His activity he likes to do on family reunions is relaxing and spending time with those you love and respect would be the favorite. Depending on the location chosen individually and in groups from canoeing, biking, zip line, swimming to other activities that are too many to list. My dad says we do family outings and they occur on a regular basis, and vary in length from a few hours, to over a week at a time. They include going out to eat/ to taking

family vacations. He enjoys most having the family together to attend activities, functions, and events. It is not as often as one would like, as each family members schedule often conflicts with the planned agenda, thus making it more special when we as a whole family are able to do "family time" together. Each grandchild is different to choosing places to go when rewarded. For example, one may choose to spend time with a cousin doing a joint activity such as swimming, putt putt golf, bike riding, or may choose to time spent individually, from previous activities among them, or even a meal out at one of their favorite restaurant. Often times young grandchildren often act up, or misbehave to get attention. It is the responsibility of the parents/grandparents or caregivers to redirect a child so that only positive actions get the attention, not the negative ones. Communication and perspective taking is the best way to encourage answers to any questions, or to problems that one would face individually, or as a group. We all are in charge of the family. Each one of us contribute to the needs of the family, and are in charge of our own actions to the needs we excel at. Personally, one would believe that all members of an immediate family, as well as extended family are considered "family." An equal respect and admiration is given to each and every family member, as each members uniqueness only adds to the entire family dynamic.

An Analysis of Seals and Crofts’ song “We May Never Pass This Way Again” by Daniel Ashkin


n many ways, a love affair is an adventure through unknown journey in life like Columbus exploring America. Seals and Crofts wrote “We May Never Pass This Way Again.” When Columbus gets off the boat, he explores the new culture of America. He gathers plants, seeds, and talks to the Indians. In contrast, when a man communicates with a girl, he is exploring the girl’s life by knowing her personality, education, and the culture. In the same ways, Columbus is exploring America the same approach as a couple is develops a relationship; Columbus is asking questions about the new land through his observation of the Indian culture. He does this through sharing his culture with the Indian’s cultures like a man who meets a new girl on a date. In the song, the silent dove symbolizes the conclusion of era and new beginning of new period of time. Before a new generation of time, a man must learn to care for the girl as best as he can before she leaves him. The man must show affection, devotion, and commitment to the girl before he leaves her, said Seal and Crofts. Along the journey, marriage consists of many unexpected turns, twists as each one discovers their hidden personalities. For an example, when a couple goes on camping trips, they often explore

their evolution of time by looking at the constellation in the stars. From looking at the developing of stars, the couples can discover their childhood by asking questions of their past. By looking at their childhood, they can gain a better understanding of themselves through pain and hardship of life through their restrictions gain through childhood and adult. By gaining an understanding of each one limitation, he or she can explore new techniques to understand one's volubility. The dove symbolizes the birth and the end of life, said Seals and Crofts. When an old generation dies, a new production of people begins to evolve in life. When a new generation begins, marriage consists of many phases of life from young to old as the evolution of the Earth. The couple's life will end because each one uses up all its organic matter to sustain life like the Earth will finish in the future. In many ways, the earth evolution will evolve again after man learns to stop killing each other. When a new earth forms from the ashes, it will evolve with pretty flowers, mountains and streams, as said in "We May Never Pass This Way Again." As old generation dies, a new generation of people will begin to explore each other like Columbus sailing to America. The new group must learn how to understand each other’s limitations in order to survive on new Earth.

“We May Never Pass This Way Again” by Seals and Crofts Life, so they say, is but a game and we let it slip away. Love, like the Autumn sun, should be dyin' but it's only just begun. Like the twilight in the road up ahead, they don't see just where we're goin'. And all the secrets in the Universe, whisper in our ears And all the years will come and go, take us up, always up. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. Dreams, so they say, are for the fools and they let 'em drift away. Peace, like the silent dove, should be flyin' but it's only just begun. Like Columbus in the olden days, we must gather all our courage. Sail our ships out on the open sea. Cast away our fears And all the years will come and go, and take us up, always up. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. So, I want to laugh while the laughin' is easy. I want to cry if it makes it worthwhile. We may never pass this way again, that's why I want it with you. 'Cause, you make me feel like I'm more than a friend. Like I'm the journey and you're the journey's end. We may never pass this way again, that's why I want it with you, baby. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again.

Pittverse 42

Review of Pittsburgh’s Number One Bakery: Bartram House Bakery by Kenneth Miller and Bryan Lippert


n Thursday, August 18 2016 Bryan and Kenneth Miller a part of the Lunar Nights visited Bartram house bakery and Café on the 2600 block on E. Carson St. in Pittsburgh. Kenneth wanted to hang out with me today shortly afterwards Kenneth discovered the best pastries he has tasted in his lifetime. First off he met up with me at Crazy Mocha in the Southside, then he was getting hungry while we were walking down East Carson

lady at the register about his love in the bakery department and the fact that he works in that department at Giant Eagle. Kenneth's taste buds ignited with joy, he could not get enough of sweetness in one day. He was very pleased with his order. He went on to try the donut and was asking questions about how it's made and everything he said with a very excited look in his face and eyes that lit up the

I remembered something tasty. I said Kenneth sometime you have got to try Bartram house bakery and Café and it is the best pastry shop in the entire city of Pittsburgh. Kenneth said oh really let's check it out. In a previous issue it was number one on my top 10 pastry shops in Pittsburgh that Bryan Lippert wrote. Kenneth was amazed and walked in through the door with me and had a big sweet tooth. Kenneth ended up getting a macaroon with white chocolate topping, Lemon French macaroon, oatmeal raisin cookies, and a chocolate cake donut with glaze and black and gold sprinkles. Kenneth was extremely excited and immediately started telling the lady at the register that my friend Bryan told me he wrote up a top 10 list of pastry shops to go to and you were number one, and then Kenneth spoke to the

nights skies. "Ohhhh this is the very best doughnut that I ever had. Congratulations on being number one. Then he wanted me to get a picture with the lady behind the counter, I ended up getting a picture with her and the daughter of this fine establishment. I ended up standing in between the two lovely talented ladies. Kenneth enjoyed his time at Bartram Bakery and cafe and would like to give them more recognized as the best pastry shop in

Pittsburgh. Everything happened so fast, I did my best to go along with Kenneth when he got very hyped up. I was there to support him, the Pittverse magazine and of course the number one pastry shop. It seems like every time Kenneth goes out with me he's so much happier. That is really great seeing a friend adventuring out trying new foods, going to new places with me and much more. Kenneth would go back again, and again all year round so would I. Some of Kenneth's comments on the big display of pastries: Pecan bar looked good. The cakes are all covered in large pieces of shaved chocolate yummy in my Tummy. A special note from Bryan Lippert who thinks and knows that Bartram House and café is number one. Whenever I first tried them out I ate that Pecan bar it was very delicious it was made very well, nice and fresh the way I like it. This place was kept very clean, it looks like a very expensive place. The prices are reasonable, then later down the road I came back and tried some coffee and an amazing peanut butter cupcake that took my taste buds to heaven.

Pittverse 44

My Special Vacation Out West by Daniel Ashkin


s Dan take a quick observe across the Grand Canyon, he peek at many colorful rocks. He came across sedimentary rocks which were brownish, red, and sharp textures below the cliffs. At night, he glares at the night sky above the rim. The brilliant stars shone like sparking diamonds in the sky. When Dan put down his binnacles, he went to bed in a log cabin which lay next to the cliff. After looking at the wonderful stars, he slept softy next the Grand Canyon. The star shines brightly in Dan's face like a fantasy world from outer space; Dan fantasizes a beautiful young girl walking with him along the Grand Canyon. Daniel and his girl friend pass through the Grand Canyon to discover the sparkling diamonds along the river's edge. Washing and crashing river below the Canyon roar like an angry lion looking for food. After roaring river swept them over the cliff, he woke up

The Grand Canyon via pixabay

from his dream in wild scarily of night of sweat. In many ways, the voyage along the Grand Canyon fulfilled Daniel's natural adventure in the world.

py, joyful, and thrilling sensation as she purchase a sparking necklace from the counter. Today, she's still wears the dazzling necklace around her neck for special occasions.

Next, the bus roars down the hill to the desert hill. As the bus get lower in elevation, the temperature get hotter and hotter like walking into a sauna. As Dan glare at the rocks and plants, the blazing heat produce sun shadows. . When Dan looks from the tour bus window, the trees and shrubs emerge smaller than smaller than those of the state of the Pennsylvania. Going to bathroom and buying lunch became a necessity for the bus tour. Dan glances over to Indian Jewelry, necklaces bowls, and arrows from inside the store. Many travelers glance at the beautiful Indian Merchandise. The Indian Jewelry shines and glitters as the customer's eyes glance by the merchandise. My mother develops a hap-

Next, the bus travel to Zion National Park in Utah. Before the group reach the Holiday Inn, the bus swirl around many curves through the park. As the bus swirl through many curves, he experience motion sickness and an upset stomach. His head swirl around in circles like spinning top on spinning ride at an amusement park. . He could hear his stomach turning and swirling up and down like baker mixing a bowl of cookies. After the baker turn off the mixing bowl, the bus arrived at the Holliday Inn. The next day, the group walks around the canyon. As Dan observes above the canyons, the rocks appear too made up of metamorphic rock. As Dan look up at the towering mountains, the rocks

Bryce National Park via Wikimedia Commons

show a tough black shape sticking out in the mountain. For an example, Dan uses sandpaper to bring out the rough edges of the rocks and stones in his water paintings. Next, the bus travels Bryce National Park which is located in the State of Utah. As the bus travels around the Bryce National Park, we observe fantastic formations of rock patterns. When Dan observes the unusual rock structures, they appear like cylinders and cones that drip down from cave ceilings. The color of rocks emerges as brilliant reddish, brown cones that resemble ice - cream cones. Dan verbalizes excitement to his mother about the unusual rock textures as he pear through his binnacles. When Dan watches Science Fiction on television, the scenery shows cones dripping inside the caves. In many movies, the Indians hid behind the done shaped rocks for protection against their enemies.

When he hears the negative news, he can often visualize the beautiful rocks in the world. Visualizing the beautiful impressions gives him an opportunity for relaxation. The beautiful images also originate from listening to mediation, and classical music. Two, they often show up in Nature Movies of the Western States. Listening to classical music creates a peaceful vision of peaceful harmony and an out of world experience for me. For an example, when Judy Collin sings in orchestra, her voice is as clear as beautiful girl playing the harp. In many ways, the voice illustrates a fantasy appearance of violins, hearts, and guitars playing in succession to make fantastic mountains in the West. Judy Collins voice sings like a crystal bells ringing in a church to create fantastic landscapes of mountains in the Western States. Judy's Collins voice reminds me as waves crashing along the rocks at

the sea soar to shape the unusual rock patterns as in the making Bryce National Park. Listening to Judy Collins makes life fulfill for Dan when he is experiences anxiety. When you fill your brain with pessimistic thoughts, the beautiful visions of the cylinder rocks often disappear in the ashes. In summary, Dan experiences a picture of beauty of nature, rocks, and beautiful sunsets in the West. Joyful, cheerful, and elated thoughts come from his memorable experiences like visiting the South-Western States. . Finally, Dan becomes more relax and peaceful when he is able to picture the beautiful landscape of the unusual rock formations in the South Western States in his brain. Listening to relaxing music is an excellent method to bring back these wonderful pictures of the scenery of rocks and mountains when Daniel feels anxious about many things.

Pittverse 46

An Analysis of Tracy Chapman’s song “Broken” by Daniel Ashkin


racy Chapman helps me see my life more clearly through the song “Broken” She teaches us that life is not what we really want. Satan uses magazines, tabloids that promise us a perfection, wealth and glamour. The devil wants us to see the pictures of beautiful girls at the beach which are only fictitious snapshots of our vivid imagination. Seeing the life style of the rich is only a false impression in your mind. People cannot accept themselves unless the imagery of material processions is broken into pieces.

resolve the world’s problems. When I write a letters or e-mails to politicians, Congressman or Senators always overlook me in like a silence snowflake in the winter. I always ask myself this question, why can’t I solve the problems of hunger? What is wrong with me? Do you ever feel this way?

When the pictures of material needs are broken, we are able to see the hungry, starving people around the world crying for our aid. The children are crying for our help for food, clothing, and medical care. When the phony Tracy Chapman pictures are burn in the trash, it via Wikimedia Commons helps me to see my personality come to life through thoughtfulness, empathy, and concern for When you experience a disability, others. However, Satan is always life is not you always of what you trying to clutter my mind with un- visualize. My disabilities often expected fantasy of wealth through prohibit me from reaching a morHollywood snapshots by advertis- al job that involves thinking and er, and magazines covers in the solving problems. I often want to grocery stores. Tracy Chapman escape to an imagination world said, “Life is not always want you with pretty girls. When I often want.” sprint off to imagination world of Supermarkets and restaurants sex, it makes me feel excited like should nourish the hungry on the beautiful princesses in the wonstreets. However, parents, close derful green forest. friends want me to worry about Since this wood is only a delusolving my own dilemmas. Since sion, I often want to travel down most people are barely able to sup- to the genuine world of problems port themselves, they are unable to

and distress. However, this fantasy is only a brief daydream in my mind said Tracy Chapman When you mind breaks away with reality, a huge rock falls on top of me like a crashing glasses of fire. Each piece of splinter glass is a fragment of our personality that is unable to become rebuilt unless I am able to accept my decent qualities. Good qualities are empathy, thoughtfulness, and concern for other people who are less unfortunate than most of us. Thinking about a fantasy world is only a visual snapshot in your mind said Tracy Chapman. When I hear this song, it makes me cry out loudly in tears. Tracy Chapman gives a distressing, repetition tone of the word broken throughout the song. She makes me think of all the starving people in the world crying for our help in need. When she repeats the word broken throughout the song, she paints a vivid picture of the hungry and starving pictures in your mind. When people listen to the song, people often visualize pictures of naked, starving, people crying for our help.

Tracy Chapman is able to give persuasive atmosphere of gloom through her deep, slow voice. Listening to the voice of a singer helps us to distinguish an atmosphere in our minds between good and evil. The slower the pitch, the more gloomily the song is for me. When a singer uses a deep voice, she is able to paint a gloomily picture in her message. I strongly recommend that a person listen carefully to the nature of a song to help them get the main idea.

“Broken” by Tracy Chapman


You can close your eyes/ And see a picture perfect life/ Inside of your mind/ Dreaming only of the days ahead/ Wanted and wished for more than now/ Or the days behind/ You waste your time

Distant future in where I now live, tied at the end of life’s

The picture makes a promise/ The flesh lets it be broken/ The picture makes a promise/ The flesh lets it be broken

by Thomas R. Skidmore

tightened rope. All around are the woes the demons give, and for me now there’s no hope.

Suddenly the place, new and beautiful, enters through

You can never think/ You can't even stop yourself/ Before the words have been spoken/ And you've already said/ You would give everything/ And something for nothing/ Everybody thinks you're joking

time-space into my weary eyes. A lovely female voice calls out, “Walk toward me and touch the place my soul lies.”

The picture makes a promise/ The flesh lets it be broken/ The picture makes a promise/ The flesh lets it be broken

Too stunned to scream, I cannot run away from the sight

You want to be the one/ Made over be your own/ Before and after/ And a supermarket

With the soft feminine lure, I move toward the white

now glowing from gold and jade.

light, the place my new home’s made.

Beauty in a bottle queen/ Who'll one day grace a check-out counter/ Magazine front cover/ Though the fine print reads The picture makes a promise/ The flesh lets it be broken/ The picture makes a promise/ The flesh lets it be broken Lets it be broken, Lets it be broken, Lets it be broken, Lets it be broke, Lets it be broken, Broken, Broken When your life is never what you wanted/ Not even halfway normal/ Just tarnished and soiled/ When in your reach/ A framed and frozen moment/ So far from perfection/ Not truth or transcendence/ Will set you free/ Still you don't believe The picture makes a promise/ The flesh lets it be broken/ The picture makes a promise/ The flesh lets it be broke

Pittverse 48

My Special Grandparents by Daniel Ashkin


rom knowing my grandparents in CT, she satisfies me in many thankful ways. Grandma Anne encourages me to socialize more so I could make new friends. She always reassures me of my positive traits. From knowing my Grandpa, he satisfies me through meeting the Rabbi. Grandpa said, “Daniel, you can become anything you wish if you develop an optimistic attitude toward yourself.� Developing a positive attitude today would make my grandparents proud of me today. After we strolled home from temple, my grandma cooked chicken soup, boil chicken, and serve Challah. Saying the prayers over the bread is a Jewish Tradition on Friday Nights. Before lunch or dinner, Grandpa read prayers from his Bible. Reading the Bible enables my grandpa to develop faith, trustfulness, and potential in our family. When I was speaking to Grandma Anne alone, she wanted me to socialize more with friends. By socializing to more friends, my life would become more enjoyable for me. She always encourages me to develop self-confidence in myself through her timeless lectures. As I look upon my grandma today, she consistently verbalizes a positive influence on me. Worrying about our family is one of Grandma's greatest strengths in my life. Af-

ter lunch, grandma and grandpa took an afternoon nap for a couple hours. Recognizing my uncle, aunt, and relatives on the porch gratify all us through our short stories. My Uncle Melvin socializes about the state of Israel. Aunt Francis verbalizes about her relatives. They enjoy eating cookies, cake and hot tea on the warm porch. Communication enables us to become closer together like knitted happy, joyful, family. The porch became a special place where my uncle,

cousins, and visitors came to congregate on the warm New England days to talk over social issue involving their families. Cousin Douglas and I enjoy watching the Red Sox games on television. In the 80s and 70s the Red Soxs hit many home runs over the Green Monster. After the death of my grandparents, Many pleasurable memories still stand out today. Daniel, Kenny, and mother still experience wonderful, fantastic memories today. Visiting 5 Proctor

Drive brings back many memorable and inspiration of love. Grandparents bring caring, thoughtfulness, and self-esteem to our family. When grandparents died, life seems unfilled on religious holidays such as Passover and the New Years. In summary, grandparents bring a special fulfillment in the children growing up to become an adult. When you get depress, grandparents make possible for us to develop our self-esteem through their faith and dedication. In essence, the family and the grandparents play an essential role in developing our character, self-esteem, and confidence. Caring about our grandparents plays a major role in our happiness, in life. In addition, they strengthen our character. In essence, grandparents play an essential role in assisting the growth of the family through positive aspiration and encouragement in families. Because the mother or father is under so much stress in their careers, it is very difficult for our parents to devote a positive dedication all the time.

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry’s Train Themed Album by Kenneth Miller


have learned a lot about music from my friend Woody over the years. He always has incites about artists and pieces of trivia that help the musical universe make sense. He is ill, he is in the hospital with a lung illness related to his five decades of heavy smoking: like I needed more encouragement to end my own tobacco habit. He gave me his Billy Bragg tickets. Get well Woody. I'll tell you all about the show. Bill Bragg and Joe Henry just came out with a train themed album, filled with songs they recorded live on a train journey across the United States. Billy and Joe were the headliners in a production of NPR's "Mountain Stage" at the Byham Theater on September 25. The show was two and a half hours long with at least seven groups of performers, each with a very short set. The artists haircuts, the silhouettes made with their haircuts were hypnotizing in themselves.

I've listened to Billy Bragg for as long as I can remember. His poetry about women always resonated. Yes you can create a baby in the same amount of time that it takes to drink a cup of tea. Getting married is like admitting that our parents were right. A better knowledge of the United Kingdom would help me appreciate many of his political songs. Could it be a coincidence that Billy Bragg comes out with a train themed album, "Shine A Light: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad," at the same time as the Pittverse writers choose a train theme for the front of our magazine or that Netflix as just comes

out with a three part series about trains in India? Maybe the Pittverse writers can dig down on this theme in the next issue by creating a Top Ten list of train songs. I am floating all of the songs on "Shine A Light," Jethro Tull's Locomotive Breath, Arlo Gutherie's City of New Orleans, and Joe Hill's Casey Jones for starters.

Photos by Daniel Ashkin

Pittverse 50

An Analysis of Tracy Chapman’s “Remember the Tin Man” by Daniel Ashkin


racy Chapman describes a woman’s feelings when she is abused by another partner. Before the man leaves her, she feels confidence, self-reliance, and cares deeply in the man she have love.... When woman leaves love ones, she often feels like a neglected person. Woman, who leave their loves ones, often see their bodies as skin and bones without any type of beauty. When a woman leaves a loving man, she shows no trust in anybody. The women personality demonstrates a person lock in a cage says Tracy Chapman. She feels like a lonely soul in a lost forest where the girl is searching for friendly animals who will likely put a smile on her face. When the girl in a forest with loving man, she feels like a princess of glittering silver. When girl stays with a man, she see sees brilliant, silvery diamonds on the ground. However, when she leaves a man, she often feels depress and sorry for herself. Tracy Chapman encourages girls to experience faith, empathy, and kindness in themselves after a man leaves them. In addition, Tracy Chapman encourages girls to let go of the past relationship through no fault of herself. When a girl observes her good qualities, she demon-

strates faith, and inspiration and a positive outlook on life. The girl, who loses her husband or love one through an abusive relationship, must gain faith in God said Tracy Chapman.

Finding the "Tin Man" means you must learn how to regain your trust and confidence in people who play a significant role in developing your personality. When the girl opens the lock key in the song, she can remember her grandparents, mothers, fathers and good friends that play a positive role in believing in herself before the abusive relationship. God, happiness and pleasures assisted her in developing her personality for meeting a man. Writing positive goals on a diary would greatly assist her in strengthen her confidence in knowing how to acknowledge friendships. If lost girl is able to gain dedication in God, she is likely to obtain a new relationship says according to Tracy Chapman in the Song "Tin Man." Tracy Chapman acknowledges that faith, inspiration, and self-confidence are the key ingredients in overcoming an abusive relationship. When Tracy Chapman uses repetition of the words like heart, she wants her song listeners to see the hurt, pain, and agony of an abusive relationship. For an example,

how many times have you ever complain about your physical and mental illness of yourself? Character and spirit may likely become worse through excessive complaining. Letting go of the past is the first step of overcoming an abusive relationship. When Tracy Chapman writes about songs of love and poverty, she illustrates a sense of concern for her characters in the song. She examines every minute detail of the girl’s empathy in the song called “Remember the Tin Man” When the audience examines the surfaces of person feelings, they fail to visualize hurt and sorrow below the skin. In summary, the song teaches us that family, self-confidence, and faith play an essential goal in gaining self-esteem to meet new people. When you let go of hurt and sorrows, you are on your first step of recovery from escaping from the cage of pain. Unless you are able to escape from a terrible experience, you are likely to suffer severe depression and anxiety the rest of your life.

An Analysis of Tracy Chapman’s “Change” by Daniel Ashkin


y listening to “Change” by Tracy Chapman, the song teaches us very important lessons about life as in forgiveness and praying to God. War teaches troops to appreciate people whom we may likely dislike. War teaches us to appreciate every day to the fullest. When soldiers are fighting a war, they may likely die in combat without giving a full chance to lives with their wives and children. I am going to interpret what Tracy Chapman is saying in the song "Change". Because a soldier sees dead bodies full with blood along the windily roadway, he is able to judge what is important in life. When you see deceased bodies; it makes you forget the possibility of getting out of the battle alive. When a soldier fights a war, it helps him treat others with compassion, admiration and kindness. When a soldier is fighting a confrontation, he or she often prays to God for forgiveness of their sins. Before I would go to combat, I would often criticize other people for remote issues. For an example, I would wish that my mean boss suffers a heart attack. After going home from a terrible, bloody, and disgusting war, violence television shows would often bring back horrible, terrifying descriptions of men getting shot in pool of blood.

In addition, when you go into confrontation, combat teaches you to treat everybody with respect, kindness and admiration. Team work and cooperation are essential ingredients in working together in killing the enemy. If the enemy shot you, you want your friends to save you from the enemy. Before I would go to war, many people often complain about material issues such as money, houses and nice cloths. Since any of the soldiers could likely die in combat, material things are often non-important because any of my friends could likely get shot by the enemy. For an example, before war, many people often say appalling comments about other people who they find objectionable. If I knew my friends would die in a nasty pool of red blood, kindness, respect and fortitude would often become my new traits of my personality.

me think about the tragedies of war through the soldiers’ mind. The tone of the song message appears sluggish and unhappy throughout Tracy Chapman voice. Tracy Chapman uses a repetitive phrase “Would you Change?” When an author or songwriter uses a repetition in a song, she creates a sad and dismay atmosphere. Joni Mitchell is famous for creating sad tone about war in the song “Tim Angle” The album is called “Clouds:” Why do you think that it is important for soldiers to work well together? Could this lesson apply on your job? Think of incidents where you had to use teamwork to get work completed on time. How did that make you feel? Why do you think that soldiers turn to God in times of war?

Because some soldiers live a life of poor character, praying to God would enable us to gain confidence, and forgiveness for people whom we may treat unfairly. Furthermore, praying to God would make sure that our friends would go to heaven and not to hell. Praying to God would reward us a beautiful place up in heaven. Listening to this song often made

Pittverse 52

Pokémon Stories: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire by Michelle Middlemiss


watched YouTube videos to help remember all of the parts of the game. One YouTube creator’s username is Munching Orange.

Episode 1 The game starts off where you can choose to be a boy or a girl and give your character a name. When we watched the YouTube videos, he chose to name his main character Orange. Orange is on a moving truck, on his way to Little Root Town. He meets up with his mom and then goes into his new house. While in his room, Orange via Wikipedia sets his clock and checks his desk. Mom tells Orange he should visit his father's friend Professor Birch. Orange goes to Professor Birch's house where his wife tells Orange to visit her daughter, May, upstairs. May would like to be friends with Orange and then goes off to meet her father. Upon leaving the house, Orange hears someone in need of help and it ends up being Professor Birch! He is being chased by the Pokémon Poochyena. The professor asks you to grab

poke balls out of his bag to help him out. At this point, Orange gets to choose his starter Pokémon! He can choose the fire Pokémon Torchic, water Pokémon Mudkip, the grass Pokémon Treecko. Orange chooses Mudkip and fights off the Poochyena. After the battle, Professor Birch takes Orange back to the lab and let's Orange keep Mudkip in thanks for saving him. Orange

chooses to give his Mudkip a nickname, Finn. The professor tells Orange that May is surveying Pokemon on Route 103 and suggests they meet up. Episode 2 Orange walks on Route 103 and goes to Oldale Town. Someone meets Orange to tell him about the Poké Mart and gives him a few potions. He also shows Orange the Pokémon Center, where

hurt Pokémon can be healed. Orange walks around the town talking to the residents. He learns a few tips, like how to creep up on Pokémon. Above Oldale Town Orange finds May in the grasses by the water. May asks to battle to show Orange how to be a better Pokémon trainer. May has the starter Pokémon that would be the strongest against whom Orange picks, Treecko. After Orange's victory, May heals his Pokémon and she goes back home. Orange returns back to Professor Birch in Littleroot as well. Professor Birch gives Orange a Pokédex. A Pokédex registers all the Pokémon that Orange will catch and will give him information about them. May gives Orange some Pokeballs. These are needed to capture new Pokémon in the wild. Upon leaving, Orange's mother says goodbye and tells him he's his father's son. On his way back to Oldale May runs after Orange to update his Pokedex to PokeDexNav. She also shows him how to use this new update. Orange is now free to go to Route 102.

Kennywood Park Interview with Director of Public Relations, Nick Paradise by Mike Perret


he topic that I chose to write about is Kennywood , and the name of the person that I interviewed is Nick Paradise. Nick is the Director of Public Relations and Social Media. Nick Paradise is a very friendly type of person, and he takes his job seriously. I conducted my interview at Kennywood. Kennywood is a very nice place to go during the summer when school’s out. I learned that there are a lot of maintenance people at Kennywood who take care of all the roller coasters to make sure that they are safe to ride. They also inspect rides to make sure they are in excellent condition. Nick highly recommends that people come back to Kennywood in the years to come.

The most important thing that I learned at the interview is how to take care of the rides at Kennywood. My experience at Kennywood this year has been a lot of fun. I like to go to Kennywood to ride the “Black Widow” and the roller coasters. I also like to go to Kennywood for the good food. I would also recommend everyone who reads this article to go to Kennywood and have a lot of fun. To conclude this article, I would like all the readers to enjoy going to Kennywood and having lots of fun riding most of the rides and to enjoy all of the good food at Kennywood.

a very nice amusement park and it is a place to go to and possibly make some new friends. I also learned at my interview that if you work at Kennywood, it is a difficult job to keep all of the roller coasters safe to ride. It’s also a difficult job to make sure that Kennywood is clean an a healthy place to be. All of the workers at Kennywood take their jobs very seriously because they really would like it if the people that go to Kennywood keep coming back. To summarize all of the article up, Kennywood is a very nice and fun park to go to every year, and every season that Kennywood opens.

I learned that Kennywood is also

The Racer at Kennywood Park via Wikimedia Commons

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The Children’s War: Fourth Installment of Lark’s Story by Michelle Middlemiss Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel. I do not get paid for my story. The character Lark is my own creation.



he children of the Resistance wondered how long before others finally will join the fight for freedom. Or will they be fighting for the freedom they lost because they had refused to fight. Lark was taught that it was her duty to protect her freedom before it could be lost and to not give into fear that was following her around at this time. Lark and her blood siblings were raised in the shadows of war, so the Civil War was not what threw them through a loop. It had been that Iron Man had not been on the same side as Captain. At one time the two worked so well together, now the two adults were at each other’s throats. Lark had more questions than faith. She did truly believe where Cap was going and this was why the two wouldn’t try to fight together rather than apart. Lark looked over to her left side; that’s where Billy’s boyfriend Teddy was. Of course she had to turn her whole head to make sure that she could see Teddy there. Like Lark, Teddy was on edge wanting to go and find Billy and smash something of Tony Stark’s. Being the oldest of Strange’s children, Lark had to be the one to represent the Strange family in this Civil War that had turned into the most uncivil war she had ever lived through. It made her wince that at one time she had respected

Stark. Not anymore; not after all the betrayals and not after what he and his team did. Not after the dirty way they caught Wiccan and the others. There is a line— one that Tony had crossed. Lark thought that she would have to bite down on her tongue on that subject; anger was the one emotion that Faltines could not bottle up. This had always made Lark a walking time bomb. Tony Stark had made a chip for her; one that helped the anti depressant to calm her. It would also help to strengthen her right eye and for the other powers to have a new focus point. But like a lot of other things that Tony had planned in case Lark ever went against him he could use the chip to shut her down for a time. Finally classes were done for the day. It was way too long for Lark’s liking. After ten hours of class and hands on fighting and Bomb Diffusion activities, Lark walked down to Cap’s temporary room. Iron Man had beaten up Cap so badly that he still hadn’t healed up. Cap still had one foot up on a chair and was sitting in a wheelchair. It caused Lark to wince to see her father in law like this, not like when he hides his pain in anger. This was something Lark knew only too well, being part Faltine and the child of royalty. Lark saw Cap as Steve Rogers rather than Captain, which in his war mode was never good. As Captain America he was a symbol, not a man who had gotten angry because of the betrayal of his country. Yes Lark knew that Cap was just a man, but it was only because she had been

living with him under the roof of the Avengers mansion since long before she could remember. Lark saluted him, making sure that she stood on her right side so she could see him.

“Stand down Trigerlet.” Lark stood down but her face still showed nothing. Steve didn’t mention anything about that; he had known her for far too long. “I need you to go and get the plans for the prison that Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D are building. I wouldn’t ask you this but I’m not able to do this mission right now. Trigerlet, I’m sure you know how important it is for you to do this without the recklessness of the last mission. If it wasn’t for Nick Fury you’d be drugged up and in Avengers Towers right now. You however have the ability to take down at least some of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents before you go down.” Lark created a small smile at this and then made it go away quickly. “Remember, Lark, that Iron Man had put a chip that will allow you to teleport out if need be. But remember that he also made you to “freeze” for a time. So Hulkling and Xavin are with you; you will need their abilities in case you pass out if it starts to lightning or they shut you down.” Lark knew what that meant but still let a small smile cross her face. She was glad that Cap was using her hero name rather than her birth name. To Lark’s mind it showed that he could see her as an equal, not just a person he had to watch over. But true to the Faltine

blood line that ran through her veins, the smile would be gone long before anyone would know unless they knew her. “Lark, I know that Faltines don’t show their emotions, but you are half human. You can’t remain bottled up like this.” Captain used her real name to show that he was concerned about her. Not only as her leader and Commander but her father in law. “Sir we can, but it’s discouraged since one’s birth. Also, if I let my guard down…” Lark said, not wanting to remember or think about what happened two years ago. If she lost her cool now, her training would be for nothing and she’d probably blow up the hideout for that matter. Faltines had the power to be very destructive when provoked. Lark had

been fighting that part of her life since she was able to control what flowed through her. Just like her mother Clea, she had no real desire to go into her Faltine form. “Where am I to go for the disk?” Lark asked, turning her mind back to what was going on. “Downtown right next to the ruins of the Avengers mansion.” Lark was one to speak her mind because she knew her face was a stone marble. “This feels like a setup, sir. Plus, why do I have to bring along Hulkling (Teddy) and Xavin?” “Like I said, you’ll need their strength. Plus knowing Teddy, he’ll try to go after Billy. This way he won’t get a chance to. Also, Xavin needs to see that Teddy

is not yet ready to take up his destiny and Teddy needs to see that you can live in two worlds.” Captain America said as he looked at the girl he had watched grow up so fast over the last couple of years. “How can I show them? I have barely gotten used to the idea I’m to take over for my father one day.” “Yes, but you have adjusted to spending more time on Earth. Xavin needs to see that one’s origin planet is not the only place you should remain loyal to.” “When do you want us to leave?” Lark said, hoping that he’d say now so they could get this over with. “In the morning; I want you to take your time as you travel to the ru-

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ins. If I send you to the mansion now it will tip off Agent Hill that something is up.” Lark could not hide her dislike for Hill; there was no way. Hill had become the symbol of hate and the reason there was this new law, just like Damage Control was becoming the symbol of profiting. Lark was starting to see the conditions of this war just like the ones that happened in the War of the Seven Spears that had lasted very long until it was finally over. She is praying that this war won’t take that long. For one thing, Earthlings didn’t live as long as most other species that are out there. “You should go and get the other two; you will need your rest. Oh, by the way your fake I.D.s came in.” “I have more than one?” Lark asked. “Yes, your bus and subway I.D.s.” *** Next Morning Lark walked into the room that Xavin and Teddy were in, and it was weird seeing the two not fighting with each other. But it could also be that Molly and Luna were in the room. “Teddy and Xavin, I need to talk

Pictures by Bryan Lippert

to you now.” The two walked to where they could talk alone. “So what’s going on Faltine. What makes you think a full blooded Skrull like me will listen to you?” Xavin said, more unpleasantly than ever. “Because she’s older than you, and Captain America wants us to work together.” Teddy said before Lark could answer back. Looking back at it now Lark could have seen this as a “things to come,” but hind sight is 20/20 after all. “So are we going to break into Stark’s building to get the plans? Please say we are going to do that.” Teddy asked. He had wanted to destroy Tony’s building, just like Lark had been. “No, we are going to meet somebody at the old Avengers mansion.” Lark said.

“This sounds like a setup to me. Does Captain America think we are expendable because we’re children?” Xavin said.

Bus to Subway

When Trigerlet, Hulkling (in human form of course) and Xavin got on the bus there had been a few tense moments when soldiers had stopped them to ask why they weren’t with parents. Lark then said they were to meet their parents in Greenwich Village. The soldier let them go after saying to be careful of Cape-Killers. It had become embarrassing because Xavin had to hold back Hulkling and Trigerlet from giving the group away. Xavin didn’t really care if non-registered heroes are now called Cape-Killers. He was the only one in the group who could hear that and not pull the gun from the soldier and pull the trigger in said soldier’s mouth. They were now making idle teenage chat while the bus passed endless cornfields and other family run farms. You could not tell there was a war going on unless you could read the peoples’ minds .When they passed the Xavier mansion, it brought home what was going on way too easily.

“No, it’s because we are children and children get to ride the bus and subway for free. And we have to ride the bus and subway to get where we are going.”

Hulkling put a hand on her shoulder for comfort and Lark nodded her thanks. That was just a reminder of what they were fighting against and why this small mission was more than it seemed.


To be continued...

FUGITOR: The Time Escapee by Thomas R. Skidmore Twelfth Installment


n uneasy silence cascaded about us as the journey back to the Time Beyond Time neared its conclusion. Not one of us said a single word to each other, and it worried all of us. If there’s one thing I despise (aside from my former masters-turnedarchenemies), it’s good friendships gradually turning sour. Upon landing on the spot near the pub, the three of us exited the force-field screen now dissolved from all around us. The silence grew even more deafening, if that’s at all possible. Just before entering the pub, Marlena unexpectedly walked up to me, a look of apologetic guilt marking her attractive features. “Tony, I want you to know that what I said to you, I didn’t really mean it. For that, I’m deeply sorry,” she told me, as though trying to lift a burden off her shoulders.

I didn’t know what, or indeed, how to respond. Romantic emotion, like true logic, was not one on my strongest suits in this great cosmic game called Life. “Well….” I stated hesitantly, “let’s just let it drift away, at least for the nonce anyway.” And with that said, all seemed hopefully forgiven. After quickly entering the pub, purchasing our nourishment, and then exiting, we wordlessly resumed our journey, but not straight away. From out of the blue, Leslie floated about to my face. I didn’t know this right there and then, but it grew apparent that he was quite angry with my poor handling of the situation between Marlena and myself. “Say, Tony, I noticed that you kind of gave your girl the…brush -off, is it?” he said. I whirled around, trying a little too hard to remain calm about this.

“Look, Leslie, it isn’t that I don’t like Marlena. In fact, I like her almost to the point that I’m starting to--” I began, then stopped myself. “Aha! I think, Tony, you’re starting to fall in love her. Isn’t that right, Mr. Wishy-Willy? Well?” Having uttered that to my face, he throbbed about in what was (to me) a case of the most smuggest satisfaction imaginable. I was more than prepared to make a rebuttal when the words sunk in rather suddenly, and after a brief pause I realized, to my dismay, that Leslie was spot-on accurate; I was falling for her, but I didn’t wish to admit that . . . not even to myself. But I had to tell her my truest feelings lest I further risk alienating her from me. And thus, drawing a heavy breath, I made my move… To be continued...

Picture by Daniel Ashkin

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PITTVERSE TOP TENS Top Ten Foods by Richard Campbell 10. Reuben Sandwiches 9. Watermelon 8. Corn on the cob 7. Baked Beans 6. Barbequed Ribs 5. Pork Chops

via Wikimedia Commons

4. Prime Rib 3. Steak 2. Seafood 1. Spaghetti

Top Ten Movies by Richard Campbell 10. Escape from Alcatraz (1978) 9. The Grinch (2002) 8. Space Jam 7. Happy Gilmore 6. Inside Out 5. Miss Congeniality (2001) 4. Into the Woods 3. Dragnet (1987) 2. The Wizard of Oz 1. Gone With the Wind

via Wikimedia Commons

Top Ten Elvis Presley Songs by Richard Campbell 10. Burning Love 9. The Wonder of You 8. If I Can Dream 7. Suspicious Minds 6. Return to Sender

5. Jailhouse Rock 4. Love Me Tender 3. All Shook Up 2. Don’t Be Cruel 1. Hound Dog via Wikimedia Commons

Top Ten Portrayals of Batman by Michael Kurland and Dima Harmon

Top Ten The Who Songs

10. George Clooney (Batman & Robin, 1997)

(other than Tommy)

9. Val Kilmer (Batman Forever, 1995)

by Richard Campbell

8. Ben Affleck (2015—present, Batman v. Superman)

10. I Can’t Explain

7. Will Freidle (voice, Batman Beyond, 1999—2005)

9. Behind Blue Eyes

6. Jason O’Mara (voice artist, 2014—present)

8. Who Are You

5. Bruce Greenwood (voice artsit , 2009—2013)

7. Long Live Rock

4. Adam West (1966)

6. Baba O’Riley

3. Christian Bale (The Dark Knight trilogy, 2005—

5. Love Reign Over Me


4. The Real Me

2. Michael Keaton (1989—1992)

3. I Can See for Miles

1. Kevin Conroy (voice artist, 1992—present)

2. Won’t Get Fooled Again

Batman, created by Bob Kane, is ™ and © DC Entertainment.

1. My Generation

All rights reserved.

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PITTVERSE TOP TENS Top Ten Clint Eastwood Films

Top Ten Books

by Richard Campbell

by Sara Brooks

10. The Gauntlet

Runners up: Daring to Dream,

9. Play Misty for Me

A Gluten-Free Dessert Cookbook

8. High Plains Drifter

10. Summer of Fear

7. Escape From Alcatraz

9. A Gluten-Free Cookbook

6. Million Dollar Baby

8. The Notebook

5. The Bridges of Madison County

7. Green Eggs and Ham

4. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

6. A Walk to Remember

3. Heartbreak Ridge

5. Stega Nona

2. Sudden Impact

4. The Little Mermaid

1. Dirty Harry

3. The Cat in the Hat 2. A Giving Tree 1. Little Women

Top Ten Pieces of Life Advice by Kevin Hart 10. Stay organized. 9. Be prepared for anything. 8. Be good to yourself.

7. Stay out of trouble. 6. Do your part in the family and at work. 5. Don’t get taken advantage of. via Wikimedia Commons

4. Exercise and eat right. 3. Get help when you need it, instead of taking matters into your own hands. 2. Defend yourself when needed. 1. Be aware of your surroundings.

Top Ten Classic Comedy Shows by Thomas R. Skidmore 10. Fawlty Towers (BBC, six episodes in 1975, six episodes in 1979) 9. The Jeffersons (CBS, 1975 - 1985) 8. Monty Python’s Flying Circus (BBC, 1969 1974)

7. Are You Being Served? (BBC, 1972 - 1983) 6. The Monkees (NBC, 1966 - 1968) 5. The Golden Girls (NBC, 1985 - 1992) 4. I Love Lucy, (CBS 1951 - 1957)

via Wikipedia

3. Sanford and Son, (NBC 1972 - 1977) 2. All In The Family (CBS, 1971 - 1979) 1. M*A*S*H* (CBS, 1972 - 1983)

Top Ten George Harrison Songs by Michael Kurland 10. “Taxman” from Revolver (1966)

Top Ten Movies

9. “Got My Mind Set On You” cover of Rudy Clark

by Sara Brooks


10. Ratatouille

8. “When We Was Fab” from Cloud Nine (1987)

9. The Lion King

7. “All Those Years Ago” single from 1981

8. The Parent Trap

6. “All Things Must Pass” from album of the same

7. Pollyanna 6. A Goofy Movie 5. Enchanted 4. Frozen 3. The Little Mermaid 2. Aladdin 1. Beauty and The Beast

name (1971)

5. “I Need You” from Help! (1965) 4. “If I Needed Someone” from Rubber Soul (1965) 3. “Something” (1969) George’s only #1 as a Beatle 2. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” from The Beat-

les (White Album, 1968) 1. “Here Comes the Sun” from the album Abbey

Road (1969)

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Youth Advocate Programs (YAP) currently has programs in 17 states and serves 25 major US cities as well as dozens of other urban, suburban, and rural communities. By tapping into the strengths and capabilities of the 10,000 families we serve each year, our 2,000+ YAP staff members, and the capacity of communities, YAP affects positive change. YAP has developed unique service delivery principles that guide our work with youth and families involved in the Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, Behavioral Health, and Education systems. Our staff, who reside in or near the neighborhoods they serve, work non-traditional, flexible hours and are accessible 24/7. Our demonstrated ability to recruit and energize indigenous resident leaders within neighborhoods is another unique element of our success. External evaluations of YAP confirm the validity of our approach. Our model has also been cited by several external bodies, including the Annie E. Casey Foundation, as a “promising practice” in providing effective alternatives to institutional care. Since our agency opened, YAP has experienced rapid growth. We have broadened our scope of services and increased our capacity to service more children, youth, families, and adults—including those who have not succeeded with traditional services. We continue to explore new opportunities to demonstrate our unique and effective community-based alternatives to out-of-home placements.


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