Pittsburgh Promise Annual Report 2015

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The Pittsburgh Promise



The Pittsburgh Promise is a regional economic and workforce development initiative that focuses on transforming the quality of education and life in the City of Pittsburgh through making higher education a reality for Pittsburgh’s urban youth. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Franco Harris (Chair) Member of the NFL Hall of Fame Owner, Super Bakery, Inc. Martin McGuinn (Vice Chair) Retired Chairman and CEO, Mellon Financial Services Candi Castleberry-Singleton (Treasurer) Founder and Chair, Dignity & Respect Campaign Olga Welch, EdD (Secretary) Dean, School of Education, Duquesne University Maxwell King (Executive Committee) President and CEO, The Pittsburgh Foundation Anne Lewis (Executive Committee) Chair, Oxford Development Company Kiya Tomlin (Executive Committee) Owner & Designer, Kiya Tomlin Pittsburgh Chester Babst, Esq. Shareholder, Babst Calland Debra Kline Demchak Community Leader Kirk Johnson SVP, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch


STAFF Linda Lane, EdD Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools

Lauren Bachorski Communication & Project Manager

Steve Kroser Data & Technology Manager

Mark Laskow Managing Director, Greycourt & Co.

Afiya Bey Workforce Development Coordinator

Katina Lee Operations Manager

Pamela Little-Poole Director of Youth Engagement & Organizing, A+ Schools

Shawn Butler Director of Programs

Betsy Magley Major Gifts Officer

David Malone President and CEO, Gateway Financial Group

Janay Coleman Scholarship Coordinator

Phil Mollenkof Communication & Design Manager

Greg Peaslee SVP and Chief Administrative Officer, UPMC

Saleem Ghubril Executive Director

Kai Roberts Communication & Development Coordinator

William Peduto Mayor, City of Pittsburgh

Amirah Hunt Program Manager

Julia Shepard Events & Relationships Manager

David Shapira Executive Chairman, Giant Eagle, Inc.

Marsha Kolbe Director of Development

Gene Walker Director of Workforce Development

Edith Shapira, MD Psychiatrist, Private Practice Demetri Zervoudis SVP, Covestro Saleem Ghubril Executive Director, The Pittsburgh Promise

Say what you do. Do what you say. Prove it. Franco Harris Chairman

Saleem Ghubril Executive Director

The Pittsburgh Promise has been charged with a grand and challenging mission. We have also been entrusted with significant resources to carry it out. Say. The Pittsburgh Promise seeks to do the following: • Send all eligible urban youth to college or trade school with a scholarship • Promote the reform of urban schools so that young people are prepared for successful and meaningful lives • Invest in our region’s workforce by preparing the next generation of workers to meet the demands and opportunities of our economy • Raise $250 million in order to fulfill our promise for generations to come Do. For the last seven years, we have supported thousands of urban youth in their pursuit of post-secondary education, and invested millions of dollars in that endeavor. We have seen pockets of improvement in the quality of public schools in the City of Pittsburgh. We have celebrated the graduations of lots of young people, and have aided hundreds of them in gaining employment with Pittsburgh companies. And, we have raised 70% of our fundraising goal.

Prove. In the next few pages, we share anecdotes, data, and research to quantify the impact and value of the work, and to objectively assess its effectiveness. However, we know that we have not done enough. There are too many children who will never be able to access one of our scholarships until more of the foundational building blocks that all children need are in place for them. In order to answer that call, in the final pages of this document we move from looking back to forging ahead. We shift from reporting on the activities and outcomes of the last seven years to the plans and goals for the next five years. We trust that you will find the report encouraging, and the investments that were made to carry out the work wellstewarded. We believe that you will find the “forging ahead” plans worthy of our amazing children and beloved city. We also hope that you will join us at the anvil as we together work for transforming the lives of all children, and vitalizing the Pittsburgh region. Sincerely,



Chatham University Women’s Studies On weekends, you can find me: Drinking coffee and practicing yoga outdoors Favorite type of music: Folk Favorite book: The White Oleander In the future I hope to: Advocate for women’s rights and publish a piece of writing

“The Promise offered me an avenue to higher education where I thrived at a school that fit my personality and supported my goals.” 4


Making higher education a reality GOAL:

We will send all eligible urban youth to college or trade school with a scholarship.

for more urban youth is undoubtedly the biggest, most visible, and most expensive aspect of the work of The Pittsburgh Promise. It is also the one that is likely to have the greatest long-term impact on the life prospects of individuals, the aspirations of young people, the expectations that adults have of them, and the preparedness and diversity of our region’s workforce.





6,068 SCHOLARS (2008-2015)






African American/ Multiracial Female

African American/ Multiracial Male

Caucasian Female

Caucasian Male


Asian/Pacific Female


Asian/Pacific Male


Hispanic Female


Hispanic Male


American Indian Female


American Indian Male


GOAL: Sending all eligible urban youth to college or trade school with a scholarship

All students who meet the following criteria are eligible for a Core Promise scholarship: 1. Residency: Live in the City of Pittsburgh for at least the four years of high school 2. Enrollment: Attend Pittsburgh Public Schools for at least the four years of high school 3. GPA: Graduate with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 4. Attendance: Maintain a minimum cumulative high school attendance rate of 90% We extend a grace period to students who meet all of the above except they graduate with a GPA of 2.00 to 2.49. We call it “The Promise Extension,” which provides a scholarship to students to attend the Community College of Allegheny County for one year, and if they prove that they are serious about their education, they can then take their scholarship elsewhere, if they wish, in the second year.





The Pittsburgh Promise is need-blind. While we do not means test, we require that all of our scholars complete the FAFSA application (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). All institutions of higher education use the FAFSA to determine the amount of federal and state aid a student may be eligible to receive. Appropriately, the very large majority of Promise funds are received by low-income and very low-income students.




“A single scholarship can touch thousands of lives. Mine did.”

As college costs increase and public support for higher education, along with financial aid resources, decrease, the impact of a scholarship from The Pittsburgh Promise is that much more significant.

Franco Harris Board Chairman


Since the program’s inception Promise scholars have enrolled at over 100 institutions across Pennsylvania. The majority of students attend one of about 20 institutions. The table below displays the institutions that serve at least 1% of Promise Scholars.

Post-Secondary Institution Community College of Allegheny County University of Pittsburgh, Main Campus Slippery Rock University Point Park University Penn State University, Main Campus Robert Morris University Indiana University of Pennsylvania Duquesne University Carlow University Penn State University, Gr. Allegheny Campus California University of Pennsylvania Clarion University of Pennsylvania Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Temple University University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg Campus Chatham University La Roche College Penn State University, Erie Campus Bradford School Carnegie Mellon University University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown Campus Art Institute of Pittsburgh Kaplan Career Institute Other Institutions

Promise Scholars 1478 351 300 292 285 253 230 195 184 180 178 171 164 129 122 116 90 83 77 72 68 61 60 929

Percent of All Scholars 24.4% 5.8% 4.9% 4.8% 4.7% 4.2% 3.8% 3.2% 3.0% 3.0% 2.9% 2.8% 2.7% 2.1% 2.0% 1.9% 1.5% 1.4% 1.3% 1.2% 1.1% 1.0% 1.0% 13.3%

Percent of Core Promise 18.6% 6.6% 5.5% 5.4% 5.4% 4.5% 4.0% 3.7% 3.2% 3.0% 3.0% 2.8% 2.7% 2.4% 2.3% 2.1% 1.6% 1.5% 1.2% 1.4% 1.3% 0.9% 0.7% 13.9%

Percent of Promise Extension 62.5% 0.3% 1.3% 1.0% 0.0% 1.9% 2.1% 0.1% 1.6% 2.5% 2.3% 3.3% 2.8% 0.5% 0.1% 0.5% 1.0% 0.4% 1.6% 0.0% 0.3% 1.4% 2.8% 9.0% 7

GOAL: Sending all eligible urban youth to college or trade school with a scholarship

Ensuring that students thrive is, naturally, a high priority for The Promise. We are not content to simply enroll students in post-secondary schools, we naturally want to see them complete their education. Retention and persistence are two different early indicators of post-secondary success. Retention is the proportion of students who begin at an institution and continue at the same institution the following fall. Persistence is the proportion of students who begin at an institution and continue their studies at any institution the following fall. Persistence allows us to see how Promise scholars are progressing toward degree completion, regardless of institutional mobility. The most reliable source for national retention data is IPEDS, the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. IPEDS gathers information from every college, university, and technical and vocational institution that participates in the federal student financial aid program. The table on the following page compares the retention rate of Promise Scholars to the published retention rate of the institutions they attend. The institutions included serve the majority of Promise Scholars. The table shows the combined 2011 through 2013 retention rates for Promise Scholars. This is compared to a three-year average IPEDS retention rate at the corresponding schools. The IPEDS retention rate is the average of the 2011, 2012, and 2013 published rate.


“In order to investigate the causal impact of Promise eligibility, we utilize an analytic strategy referred to as regression discontinuity… Our findings suggest that The Promise scholarship is, indeed, having a statistically significant positive impact on college enrollment, enrollment at four-year institutions, and persistence into the second year of college.” Drs. Lindsay Page and Jennifer Iriti “On Undermatch and College Cost: A case study of The Pittsburgh Promise” (2015)

“Knowing that The Promise is going to be there with a scholarship each year drives me. I am able to attend the college of my choice and not be burdened by debt.”

DANA Promise Scholar


Post-Secondary Institution

(2011-2013) (2011-2013) Promise Difference Scholars IPEDS Retention Rate Retention Rate

La Roche College (N=39) Art Institute of Pittsburgh (N=21) Penn State University, Main Campus (N=102) Bradford School (N=16) Point Park University (N=89) Indiana University of PA (N=89) Chatham University (N=41) Carlow University (N=62) Clarion University of PA (N=45) Slippery Rock University of PA (N=109)

82% 62% 87% 81% 79% 78% 76% 73% 71% 79%

70% 54% 82% 77% 75% 74% 74% 72% 72% 81%

+12% +8% +5% +4% +4% +4% +2% +1% -1% -2%

Robert Morris University (N=97) Temple University (N=61) Carnegie Mellon University (N=23) University of Pittsburgh (N=127) Community College of Allegheny County (N=383) California University of PA (N=62) Duquesne University (N=68) Penn State University, Erie Campus (N=29) University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg Campus (N=41) Edinboro University of PA (N=54)

77% 85% 91% 87% 50% 71% 79% 72% 66% 57%

79% 88% 95% 91% 55% 77% 88% 82% 79% 71%

-2% -3% -4% -4% -5% -6% -9% -10% -13% -14%

Source: Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh, August 2015


GOAL: Sending all eligible urban youth to college or trade school with a scholarship

The best persistence data available is provided by the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). It is important to note that NSC data reflect students across the US and are a representation of all geographic regions (urban, suburban, exurban, and rural), whereas Promise and PPS data only represent an urban area serving a larger share of lower-income and under-represented racial groups.

The table below compares the demographics of the NSC data set to the Pittsburgh Public Schools and The Promise cohorts: Student Population United States African American/Multiracial Caucasian Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander American Indian/Alaskan

Pittsburgh Public Schools

Pittsburgh Promise

61% 33% 2% 4% 0%

46% 51% 1% 2% 0%

19% 51% 24% 5% 1%


80% 78%

79% 80%

75% 79%

75% 79%

77% 79%

78% 79% NSC 2008-2013 Comparison

Promise 2008-2013 CORE (N=4027)

NSC 2013 Comparison

Promise 2013 CORE (N=732)


NSC 2012 Comparison

Promise 2012 CORE (N=700)

NSC 2011 Comparison

Promise 2011 CORE (N=650)

NSC 2010 Comparison

Promise 2010 CORE (N=697)

NSC 2009 Comparison

Promise 2009 CORE (N=747)

NSC 2008 Comparison

Promise 2008 CORE (N=572)

Source: Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh, August 2015

78% 79%


Core Promise Scholars consistently persist at higher rates than their Promise Extension peers, as we would predict given their higher high school GPA. High school GPA is one of the best predictors of ultimate college attainment.






Promise 2013 EXT (N=676)

Promise 2008-2013 CORE (N=4027)


Promise 2013 EXT (N=67)

Promise 2013 CORE (N=632)


78% 78%

Promise 2012 EXT (N=75)

Promise 2012 CORE (N=700)


Promise 2011 EXT (N=88)

Promise 2011 CORE (N=650)


Promise 2010 EXT (N=127)

Promise 2010 CORE (N=697)

Promise 2009 EXT (N=170)

Promise 2009 CORE (N=747)



Source: Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh, August 2015


GOAL: Sending all eligible urban youth to college or trade school with a scholarship

Attaining post-secondary success is a critical milestone on the journeys of all students. While we aspire for improvement in college-graduation rates, Promise Scholars complete Bachelor degrees at rates comparable to, or better than, national rates. In the charts below, we compare Promise Scholars’ Bachelor degree attainment at the same institution to the national rate as calculated by ACT. We also provide the Promise Scholars’ degree attainment regardless of institutional mobility to allow the reader to see the proportion of Promise Scholars who ultimately attain a degree. Data are grouped by type of institution and the highest degree they offer.


Promise Scholars have earned post-secondary credentials to date.


Ph.D. Private (N=111)

63% 56%


Ph.D. Public (N=134)

57% 56%


MA Private (N=51)

48% 44%


MA Public (N=61)

43% 58%


BA/BS Private (N=7)

12% 40% 37%

BA/BS Public (N=59)

“My brother was not able to finish college because the financial burden became too great. Because of The Promise scholarship, I had the financial resources to successfully complete my degree in Information Technology from the University of Pittsburgh.”


Ph.D. Private (N=327)

42% 29%


Ph.D. Public (N=442)

42% 45%


MA Private (N=165)

25% 24%


MA Public (N=212)

50% 48%


BA/BS Private (N=56)

11% 25% 22%

BA/BS Public (N=224)

Core Promise (Same Institution) ACT (Same Institution) Core Promise (Regardless of Institutional Mobility) 12

Source: Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh, August 2015

SHAKIR Promise Scholar


SERVING MORE STUDENTS FOR A LONGER PERIOD OF TIME requires a refinement in The Pittsburgh Promise’s scholarship structure.

Starting with the class of 2017, The Promise will return to its original structure of paying only for tuition and fees (not room, board and books), and adjust the annual maximum scholarship award to $7,500, or $30,000 over four years. These actions, along with the intended successful completion of a $250 million fundraising campaign, will ensure that scholarships can reach as many students as possible (at minimum through the class of 2028) and assure long-term sustainability. For the first four years of The Promise’s life (2008 through 2011), the maximum scholarship offered was $5,000 per year. In 2012, and for the subsequent four years, The Promise doubled the annual maximum to $10,000, which could be used to cover the cost of room, board, and books. With eight years of real experience, data, and outcomes to evaluate, The Promise is more clearly able to assess its sustainability, as well as its impact on the lives of children and the workforce of the region. The Promise scholarship was always intended to relieve the financial burden for families of Pittsburgh Public School students seeking a post-secondary education at any accredited Pennsylvania institution, including public and private colleges and universities, community colleges, and trade and technical schools. The Pittsburgh Promise scholarships are calculated into a student’s financial aid after federal and state grants as well as other scholarships, but before student loans. In most cases, Promise scholarships are the final piece of the financial puzzle to ensure that students have the appropriate level of funding for their post-secondary education or training. The City of Pittsburgh remains one of a small number of cities in the United States that support their young people with this extraordinary level of care. The Promise is committed to thoughtfully stewarding that care by delivering the most impactful scholarship possible, to the most students possible, for the longest period of time possible. This commitment is rooted in our belief that educational equity is critical to transforming the lives of our city’s children and ensuring the preparedness and diversity of our workforce and vitality of our region.


“Knowing that The Promise is there keeps me laser-focused. I refuse to graduate with mediocre grades; I want to get the best grades that I can and then do something amazing.�


Senior at Obama 6-12 On weekends, you can find me: At the Arts Greenhouse program at CMU Favorite type of music: Blues Favorite Book: The Autobiography of Malcolm X In the future I hope to: Become a professor at a university 14


Rising High School Graduation Rates GOAL:

We will promote the reform of urban schools so that young people are prepared for successful and meaningful lives.

are only one metric that indicates the qualitative shifts in our public education system, but it is an important one nonetheless. According to Pennsylvania’s Department of Education, graduation rates in Pittsburgh Public Schools have risen from 63% in 2007, when The Pittsburgh Promise was introduced, to 74% in 2014. The gap between the graduation rate of Caucasian and African American students was reduced to ten percentage points in 2014. While graduation rates are moving in the right direction, they are not moving fast enough. We are working to grow these rates to 95% by 2028. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION RATES AT PITTSBURGH PUBLIC SCHOOLS 85% 80% 75% 70% 65% 60%











78% 69%





63% 2011



2014 Caucasian African American 15

GOAL: Promoting the reform of urban schools

Increasing “Promise-Readiness” in our schools and ensuring that all children are on a pathway toward post-secondary education and success are driving forces in the work of The Pittsburgh Promise. We define “Promise-readiness” as maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.50 and 90% school attendance in order to be eligible for a Core Promise Scholarship, or 2.00 GPA to be eligible for our “safety net” program ­— The Promise Extension. As the two tables reveal, the percentage of Promise-eligible students varies significantly among high schools, which raises important questions about the many factors that contribute to student achievement, including equity, effective teaching, family health, and community support systems.



(GPA = 2.50 OR HIGHER) 100%


CAPA 6-12 Allderdice High School Science and Technology Academy Obama 6-12


50% Brashear High School Carrick High School Uprep 6-12 at Milliones


0% 20082009








Perry High School 20082009







Westinghouse Academy 6-12


RECOMMENDATIONS FOR INCREASING PROMISE READINESS IN OUR SCHOOLS In order to accelerate and expand college, career, and life readiness among Pittsburgh’s high school students, The Pittsburgh Promise recommends the following initiatives as ones that can make a significant difference for our city’s students: 1. Provide the entire junior and senior classes with the opportunity to take the SAT exam during the school day: students who take the SAT exam are 30 percentage points more likely to enroll in post-secondary institutions, and to be better-matched with these institutions. 2. Embed courses for post-secondary preparation at all PPS high schools, rather than only a few. While all schools emphasize college-going, those that offer a required college and career prep class equip students for greater success in identifying and planning their best path forward. 3. Coordinate and deliver a range of supportive educational, health, legal, and other services to students and families who need them most. Target the needs of the city’s most vulnerable students so that “Promise-readiness” does not elude any child who wishes to pursue post-secondary education with a Promise scholarship.



Promise Alumnus Slippery Rock University Accounting, Finance and Management On weekends, you can find me: At a gallery crawl or hanging out with my twin brother Favorite Music: Hip Hop Favorite Book: Dante’s Inferno In the future I hope to: Inspire youth to take advantage of educational and professional opportunities

“The Promise energized and prepared me. When I met my future employer at The Promise Career Launch event, I was ready to shine. Now, I’m in my third rotation of UPMC’s Finance Management Rotation (FMR) program and I love it.” 18



We will invest in our region’s workforce by preparing the next generation of workers to meet the demands and opportunities of our economy.

Connecting our scholars to the region’s workforce Not only do we wish to make higher education accessible to all of Pittsburgh’s children and improve the quality of public education in the city, we also want our students to come back and join our region’s workforce and infuse it with energy, hard work, and diversity. That is why The Pittsburgh Promise runs its Career Launch initiative in partnership with more than 60 companies that support our work. Through this effort we introduce aspiring workers to potential workplaces, orient recent graduates to the personal attributes that are required for professional success, train candidates for the rigors of interviews, equip job seekers with the technical “difference-makers” that cause a resume to stand out, and provide our graduates with the opportunity to make personal connections with those who hire.

“One of the greatest challenges our region will face in the years ahead will be the growing gap between the number of good jobs available here and the availability of workers with the education and skills to fill them. The Pittsburgh Promise is playing a critical role in the effort to find solutions that close that gap as it builds bridges between employers, educators, and students. The Promise helps businesses appreciate the challenges of educators, helps educators understand the demands of the marketplace, and opens a pathway to success for students who imagine a bright future in Pittsburgh.”

Bill Demchak Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. 19

GOAL: Investing in our region’s workforce

We are proud to report that the following companies, and more, have hired our graduates and added them to our region’s workforce: Aéropostale Aerotek Allegheny Conference Allegheny Health Services Alpern Rosenthal/BDO Alschuler Communications American Eagle Outfitters Baker Hughes Bayer Center Bayer Material Science/Covestro Bloomfield Garfield Co BNY Mellon Brinks Security Buzzanza California University of PA CardWorks Centria Chatham University Cigna

CitiParks City of Asylum City of Pittsburgh City Theatre Crown Castle Delta Airlines Dollar Bank Duquesne University Enterprise Rent-a-Car EQT Corporation ExxonMobil Family Behavioral Services FedEx Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts GAI Consultants Girl Scouts Grossman Yanak & Ford, LLP Heinz Endowments Highmark

Horhut Tree Experts Junior Achievement KizoomLabs, Inc. Leadership Pittsburgh Magee Women’s Hospital of UPMC Manchester Youth Dev. Center MedExpress Montour School District Ohio Valley Hospital Omni Hotels & Resorts Pa Cyber Penguins Shop Pennsylvania State University Pitt-Ohio Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Public Schools Pittsburgh Regional Alliance Planned Parenthood PNC Financial Services

PPG Industries Propel Montour Charter School Range Resources Rite Aid Pharmacy Robert Morris University Sci-Tek Consultants SIC Marking Group St. Irenaeus School Tenova Corp. The Pittsburgh Promise Thermo Fisher Scientific U.S. Steel Unimin Corporation University of Pittsburgh UPMC UPMC Health Plan UPMC Mercy Hospital WDTV-West Virginia WVU Healthcare

Furthermore, because of an apparent incongruence between available jobs and the skillsets of our workers, The Pittsburgh Promise and Pittsburgh Public Schools joined forces to deliver a workforce development initiative aimed at helping 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students to pursue career and technical training, workforce certifications, and post-secondary education credits. The program is designed in collaboration with the Community College of Allegheny County, the Energy Innovation Center, and other technical schools, and with insight, input, and support from the region’s employers. Participating students receive an “advance” on their Pittsburgh Promise scholarship to earn up to 24 post-secondary credits, two regulatory certifications, two industry certifications, drivers education, and a Pennsylvania Driver’s License by the time they finish high school. Students continuing their post-secondary education after high school could be eligible to receive the remainder of their Promise scholarship. We are currently in the second year of pilot-testing this initiative in health careers, HVAC systems, and culinary arts. In the next phase, we hope to add information technology, machining and manufacturing, and auto body and mechanics. 20


The 2015 Executive Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise initiative creates a permanently named scholarship for companies or individuals who support The Promise at a minimum level of one million dollars. We then match the donor with Promise Scholars whose field of study is aligned with their missions and who might be candidates for their workforces. Executive Scholars are chosen by academic performance (3.5 GPA or higher), commitment to service, demonstrated leadership skills, dedication to education, and relevant field of study. By creating this pipeline early, we increase the likelihood of bringing our best talent back to our city, we reduce recruiting time and costs, and we ensure that The Promise fund is sustainable for years to come.

9 155



UPMC Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise Farhiya Sekondo High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: Carlow University Major: Undecided

David Levin High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: Carnegie Mellon University Major: Business Administration

Meg Kharel High School: Pittsburgh Brashear College: Penn State University, Erie Major: Computer Science

Jamie Gratton High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: Robert Morris University Major: Business

Richai Johnson High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: Penn State University, Main Major: Economics



GOAL: Investing in our region’s workforce

Highmark Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise


American Eagle Outfitters Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise

Raj Pokhrel High School: Pittsburgh Brashear College: Penn State University, Erie Major: Computer Engineering

Shayonna Herring High School: Pittsburgh Perry College: Penn State University, Main Major: Political Science

Samantha Oliver High School: Pittsburgh Carrick College: Penn State University, Erie Major: Business

Morgan McCoy High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: Point Park University Major: Public Relations and Advertising

Sarah Conte High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Nursing

Jameelah Platt High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: University of the Arts Major: Advertisement Design

Angelica Advent High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: CCAC Major: Ultrasound Technician

Rieko Copeland High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: University of the Arts Major: Vocal Music Performance

Ra’naa Billingsley High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: Duquesne University Major: Nursing

William Mischler High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Politics and Philosophy


BNY Mellon Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise

Giant Eagle Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise

Ravyn Clark High School: Pittsburgh Perry College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Actuarial Science

Divine Zyhier High School: Pittsburgh Brashear College: Penn State University, Erie Major: Engineering

Drue Denmon High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: University of Pittsburgh Major: English Literature

John Novakowski High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: Duquesne University Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Samuel Ketter High School: Pittsburgh Carrick College: Slippery Rock University Major: Computer Science

Aaron Jones High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: Point Park University Major: Multimedia

Miriam Levenson High School: Pittsburgh Obama College: Robert Morris University Major: Applied Mathematics

Jessica Ignasky High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: Chatham University Major: Cultural Studies

Alexandra Oliver High School: Pittsburgh Carrick College: Penn State University, Erie Major: Mechanical Engineering

Kacey Boland High School: Pittsburgh Carrick College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Pre-Pharmacy


GOAL: Investing in our region’s workforce

McGuinn Family Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise


Mylan Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise

D’Angelo Spencer High School: Pittsburgh Brashear College: Dean Institute of Technology Major: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Rojanai Alston High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: Slippery Rock University Major: Physical Therapy

Marna Owens-Bailey High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: Penn State University, Erie Major: Mechanical Engineering

Amani Bey High School: Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy College: University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg Major: Biological Sciences

Marianne Kitsio High School: Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Engineering

Nicholas Darke High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: Indiana University of Pennsylvania Major: Communications Media

Jesse Moldovan High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Political Science

Sylvia Freeman High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Biology and Art

Thomas Rone High School: Pittsburgh Obama College: Delaware Valley University Major: Conservation and Wildlife Management

Nathan Whitney High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Engineering


PNC Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise

Thermo Fisher Scientific Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise

April Yoder High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Communication Science

Chelsea Helterbran High School: Pittsburgh Brashear College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Business Management

Ashley Mayers High School: Pittsburgh Brashear College: Indiana University of Pennsylvania Major: Psychology

Henry Novara High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Politics and Philosophy

Silvia Giampapa High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: Carnegie Mellon University Major: Biology and Chemistry

Logan Thompson High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: Villanova University Major: Astrophysics

Jacob Davis High School: Pittsburgh Brashear College: Saint Vincent College Major: Computer Science

Kevin Williams High School: Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy College: University of Pittsburgh Major: Biology

Zachary Greenhouse High School: Pittsburgh Allderdice College: Franklin and Marshall College Major: Undecided

Mia Williams High School: Pittsburgh CAPA College: Point Park University Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology



President & CEO, The Pittsburgh Foundation On weekends, you can find me: Hiking with our dogs, biking, kayaking and reading Favorite type of music: Mozart and Beethoven, in a photo finish Favorite book: The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald In the future I hope to: Be a damned good president of The Pittsburgh Foundation


“Now, more than ever, The Promise needs the support of the region’s foundations, businesses, and individuals to deliver on the compact that this city made to all its students in public school systems. The critical need right now is making the final push to the goal line for the $250 million fundraising campaign. We are 70 percent of the way to the finish, and this presents an immediate opportunity for the community to ensure the long-term viability of a program that has proven its worth.”


Thank You GOAL:

We will raise $250 million in order to fulfill our promise for generations to come.

The Pittsburgh Promise is blessed to have the support of our region’s leaders. They recognize the importance of this mission to the vitality of Pittsburgh, and they are willing to roll up their sleeves to help us fulfill it. We are deeply grateful.

Honorary Co-Chairs

Heather Bresch (Mylan) Bill Demchak (PNC) Kim Fleming (Hefren Tillotson) Chuck Hammel (Pitt Ohio) Franco Harris (NFL/Super Bakery) Henry Hillman (Hillman Company) David Holmberg (Highmark) Laura Shapira Karet (Giant Eagle) Mario Lemieux (Penguins) Anne Lewis (Oxford Development) Jerry MacCleary (Covestro) David Malone (Gateway Financial) Kent McElhattan (Industrial Scientific) Robert Nutting (Pirates) Robert Paul (Ampco Pittsburgh) Jeffrey Romoff (UPMC) Art Rooney (Steelers) Scott Roy (Range Resources) Susan Baker Shipley (Huntington Bank) Spencer Todd (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Institutional Campaign Committee

Marty McGuinn and David Shapira, Co-Chairs Chip Babst Ray Betler Bob Buzzelli Randy Dearth Laura Ellsworth Bill Hunt Max King Dave Malone Robert McCutcheon Ken Service Bernadette Smith Steve Spolar Chuck Stout Spencer Todd Winthrop Watson Ira Weiss Susan Yohe Demetri Zervoudis

Individual Campaign Committee

Peter Mathieson and Susan Baker Shipley, Co-Chairs Carol Brown Debbie Demchak Mike DeVanney David Hillman Anne Lewis Ann McGuinn Steve Ritter Greg Spencer Kiya Tomlin Debi Wheeler Karen Farmer White


GOAL: We will raise $250 million

Grassroots Campaign Committee

Candi Castleberry Singleton and Susan Paine, Co-Chairs Cornelia Davis Bill Isler Daniel Jimenez Linda Lane Allyce Pinchback Pam Little-Poole Patty Popek Richard Reed Vanessa Thompson Olga Welch The Keepers of The Pittsburgh Promise

Keepers of The Pittsburgh Promise

is a membership group of community leaders who believe in the importance of The Pittsburgh Promise, make annual contributions to support it, and invite their friends and colleagues to join them. Below are the founders and members of this growing organization: Founding Members Jeanne and Dick Berdik Ann and Paul Bridges Debbie Dick and Art Stroyd Gretchen and Bill Generett Janet and Bill Hunt Michele and Peter Margittai Mardi and Jim Royston Pat and Alan Siger Charter Members Robin Joan Bernstein Gail and Steve Burke Lynda and Joel Coslov Cornelia Davis Ellen and John Eichleay Jr.


Sue and Mark Gleason Kitty Hillman Erin and James Isler Wallis and Marshall Katz Betsy and Steve Magley Carol and Peter Mathieson Ann and Marty McGuinn Gail and Tom Murphy Aradhna and Grant Oliphant Judy Roscow and Stephen Oliphant Cris and Alex Scott Gayle and Bill Simpson Kathy and Lou Testoni Judy and Tom Thompson Susan and Bruce Weiner Lise Woodard and John Reilly Keepers Mary Louise and Chip Babst Sally Ann and Bill Bensur Susan Block Roberta and David Brody Ellen Brooks Patsy Burke Helen Hanna Casey and Steve Casey Janet and Bob Cline David Cohen Kristy and Alfred Cupelli Nancy Davidson and Thomas Kensler Angela and Michael DeVanney Cathy and Tony DiGioia Christina Dixon and Geoff Webster Carol and Brian Duggan Barbara and Dan Eichenlaub Dolly and Curt Ellenberg Lisa Favorini Lauren and Rogers Flannery Stephanie and Tom Flannery

Dawn and Chris Fleischner Frederick Frank Mary Anne and Ted Hermann Mardi and Bill Isler David Kozloff and Mark Meaders Mary McKinney and Mark Flaherty Peggy and Steve McKnight Ginny Merchant Wendy and Bryant Mitchell Bonnie and Ed Morris Marily Nixon and Luca Rigotti Ellen Ormond Phil Parr Nancy and Bill Rackoff Jean and Frank Brooks Robinson Rita and Joseph Salvucci Fred Sargent and Marty Stahl Jolie Schroeder Peggy and Steve Snavely Jim Spencer and Michael Lin Daniele and Daniel Stern Joanie and Bob Stern Franny and Charles Stewart III Carol and Paul Stockman Lilla Swan and David Hillman Linda and Jay Thier Signe and Winthrop Watson Susie and John Wean Lois and Gary Weinstein Penny Zacharias and Kirk Burkley Florence Zeve


Institutional Donors $100 Million University of Pittsburgh Medical Center $10 million to $25 million The Grable Foundation The Heinz Endowments The Pittsburgh Foundation $5 million to $9.9 million Richard King Mellon Foundation $1 million to $4.9 million American Eagle Outfitters BNY Mellon Charitable Foundation Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation Eden Hall Foundation Highmark Hillman Foundation Massey Charitable Trust McGuinn Family Foundation Mylan PNC Foundation The Buhl Foundation The Giant Eagle Foundation Thermo Fisher Scientific $500,000 to $999,999 Bayer USA Foundation The Fine Foundation The University Club of Pittsburgh Charitable and Educational Trust $100,000 to $499,999 Alcoa Foundation Anonymous Benter Foundation Bessie F. Anathan Charitable Trust Charles E. Kaufman and Virginia Kaufman Fund

Constellation Energy Group Foundation Direct Energy FISA Foundation Franco Harris Super Bakery Inc. (IMO Cad and Gina Harris) H.J. Heinz Company Foundation Huntington National Bank Lumina Foundation for Education Michael Baker Corporation Foundation Morby Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. Peoples Natural Gas Company Pitt Ohio Express Range Resources Raymond C. and Martha S. Suckling Fund Scott Fund The Birmingham Foundation The Mascaro Family Foundation The Roy A. Hunt Foundation UPMC Health Plan Walnut Capital/Bakery Square Waters Charitable Trust William Christopher and Mary Laughlin Robinson Fund $50,000 to $99,999 Adams Foundation Inc Allen H. & Selma W. Berkman Charitable Trust Citizens Bank Cleveland D. Rea Fund Fisher Fund Frank G. Wallace Fund International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Oliver High School Class of 1959 Alum Pittsburgh Steelers Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC W. Alfred Turner Memorial Fund W. I. Patterson Charitable Fund

$10,000 to $49,999 Alpern Rosenthal/BDO AT&T Inc Beckwith Family Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC Calihan Fund Carol and Joe Massaro Family Fund Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co, Inc. Eat N Park Hospitality Group EDMC EQT Foundation Ernst & Young LLP Eugene and Peggy March Fund Fair Oaks Foundation, Inc. Falcon Fund Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh First Commonwealth Bank First Niagara Bank Francis V. and Almeda M. Breeze Trust Fund Frieda G. and Saul F. Shapira Fund Gailliot Family Foundation GE Company Healthcare Division George and Ada Davidson Family Fund Gertrude E. Hellerman Charitable Trust Fund Goehring, Rutter & Boehm Gurtner Construction Co., Inc. H and J Fund Hans and Leslie Fleischner Fund Hefren-Tillotson Hyman L. and Sarah Berkman Memorial Fund Industrial Scientific Foundation Ketchum Brothers Educational Fund Lanxess Corporation Lillian Gorell Scholarship Fund Mathieson Family Foundation Molyneux Industries, Inc. National Council of Jewish Women Oxford Development Company 29

GOAL: We will raise $250 million

Paul N. Waite Family Fund Philip Chosky Charitable Foundation Pitt Ohio Express Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers Pittsburgh Pirates PNC Charitable Trust Grant Review Committee Rita M. McGinley Fund Riverfront Fund Rugby Realty Snee-Rienhardt Charitable Foundation SPEO, Inc. The Burke Foundation The Jack Buncher Foundation The Pennsylvania Society The Sylvia and Martin Snow Charitable Foundation Turner Dairy Farms, Inc. Wabtec Corporation We Are Family Fund Zeve Family Foundation


$5,000 to $9,999 Allegheny Technologies Ansys Inc Baum Family Fund Bill and Ruth Goode Endowment Brayman Construction Corporation Burns & Scalo C. S. McKee, LP Campbell Durrant Beatty Palombo & Miller, P.C. Columbia Gas of PA/NiSource Deloitte Dollar Bank Dominion Foundation Eckert Seamans Frank W. and Helen W. Lang Fund GlobalScholar Grambrindi Davies Charitable Fund Greybeard Advisors LLC James and Idamae Rich Fund Jewish Healthcare Foundation

Marcus L. Ruscitto Memorial Fund Margaret V. and Leonard S. Kisslinger Fund Maxine and William Block Fund Peter C Dozzi Family Foundation Stephan and Debra Todd Fund The David & Margaret Engel Family Foundation The Leonard C. Grasso Charitable Foundation United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh William R. and Dorothy J. Cullison Fund $1,000 to $4,999 AFTRA Angerman Family Fund Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Gallagher Bassett Services Bear Creek Christmas Fund Bridges & Company, Inc. Broadbent Family Foundation Casey Family Charitable Fund Chuck Sanders Charities Coalition for Christian Outreach Comcast Financial Agency Corporation Cowden Associates, Inc. Consultants and Actuaries Dapper, Baldasare, Benson, Behling & Kane, P.C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Des Moines Branch NAACP Deutscher Sport Dilworth Traditional Academy Fund Divers Family Foundation Fund Dulle Enterprises Inc F.E. Agnew Family Fund First National Bank Corporation Gamma Fund Google Pittsburgh Hyman Family Foundation Trust James and Elin Roddey Fund James P. and Mary S. McArdle Charitable Fund Jeff and Erica McIlroy Family Fund Jendoco Construction Corporation JFS Wealth Advisors

K & L Gates Lila Decker Fund MACUHO Marcelin Fund Maurice Falk Fund McKinsey and Company Medexpress Urgent Care Merrill Lynch Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh Paul and Dina Block Foundation Peabody 1960 50th Reunion Philips Respironics, Inc. Pittsburgh Advertising Federation Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon ProTech Compliance Inc. Rackoff-Loeb Family Fund Raphael Family Fund Rock Entertainment LLC RTI International Metals, Inc. Ruth and Alfred Spier Fund S&T Trust Seldon and Susan Whitaker Fund Shapira-Schmidhofer Family Fund Smithfield Trust Company Sweely Family Scholarship Fund The Hillman Company The Techs Industries, Inc US Foods Veritas Communications Advisors Vitasta Bazaz & Sheen Sehgal Fund IMO Dr. Kuldeep Sehgal Washington Family Fund


Individual Donors $100,000 to $499,999 Ms. Ritchie Battle Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simmons $50,000 to $99,999 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Jordan Ms. Anne Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Kent McElhattan Dr. Edith L. Shapira and Dr. Mark Schmidhofer $10,000 to $49,999 Mary Louise and Chester Babst Mr. Allen Baum and Mrs. Elizabeth Witzke-Baum Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Betler Ms. Carol Brown Steve and Gail Burke Ms. Patsy Burke Mr. Chip Burke and Ms. Carole King Mr. and Mrs. Sean Casey Debra and William Demchak Mr. and Mrs. Jack Diederich Ms. Carolyn Duronio Mr. and Mrs. Hans Fleischner Kim and Curt Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Saleem Ghubril Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gordon Ms. Mary Hackett Mr. Robert Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harshman Mr. David Hillman Diane and Gerald Holder Janet and Bill Hunt Mr. Kirk Johnson and Mr. Henry Krakovsky Mr. Patrick Kane and Ms. Rebecca Burgwin Mr. Kenneth Koedinger and Ms. Anna Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lammie Linda and Coleman Lane Drs. Joon and Grace Lee

Mr. and Mrs. David Malone Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McElhinny Steve and Marcie Ritter Mr. William Robinson and Ms. Sharon Semenza Mr. and Mrs. Mark Roosevelt Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rowan Mr. Eric Schaffer and Mrs. Michelle Gray-Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. David Shapira Mr. and Mrs. Peter Smerd Stephen and Jody Buchheit Spolar Mrs. Marguerite Standish Mr. and Mrs. John Surma Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tomlin Mr. Ira Weiss Mr. James Zeszutek $5,000 to $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allen Mr. Kenneth Argentieri and Ms. Paula Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. G. Nicholas Beckwith III Marvin Bellin, M.D. Ms. Robin Joan Bernstein Mrs. Carolyn M. Branthoover Paul and Ann Bridges Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cameron Mr. and Ms. John Casey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cindrich Ms. Jamini V. Davies Cornelia A. Davis Ph.D. Ms. Denise Debartolo York Mr. and Mrs. John Demos Ms. Vivian L. Fondy Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Frank Maria and Francis Guyette James and Erin Isler James F. and Peggy A. Knapp Al and Marsha Kolbe Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lowenstein Louise and Michael Malakoff

Mr. Timothy P. McNulty Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Miller Mr. Chris Mullin and Ms. Sarah Gaffen Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Newbury Mr. and Mrs. David Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. David Segel Mr. Shane Siciliano Ms. Candi Castleberry Singleton Mr. and Mrs. David Tuthill Ms. Susan Yohe Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios Zervoudis Mrs. Harvey Zeve $1,000 to $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Allen Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Amole Mr. John H. Anderson Mr. George Andrews and Ms. Roye Werner Mr. Angelo Armenti Jr. Mrs. Phyllis M. Armstrong Ms. Mary Austin and Mr. Ron Shapiro Ms. Eleanor L. Bahm Mr. and Mrs. Justin Belardi Mr. and Mrs. William Bensur Jr. Mr. and Ms. William Benter Jeanne B. and Richard F. Berdik Mr. Robert Bernstein Ms. Mary K. Biagini Ms. Christina Blackwood Mr. William Brant Suzy and Jim Broadhurst Ms. Jane Broudy Ms. Sandra Budd and Dr. Rafael Engel Ms. Shawn Butler and Mr. James Nelson Mr. Robert Butter Ms. Emily Byrne Mr. and Mrs. David Byzewski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell 31

GOAL: We will raise $250 million

Ms. R. Yvonne Campos Mr. William Caroselli and Ms. Dusty Kirk Mr. and Mrs. David Carver Stephen and Helen Hanna Casey Mr. and Mrs. James Cashman III Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Chait Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cline Mr. and Mrs. David Cohen Mr. Bruce Connelly and Ms. Mary Kay Frey Mr. and Mrs. R. Joel Coslov Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Craige Drs. Alfred and Kristy Cupelli Mr. and Ms. Gregory Curran Dr. Nancy Davidson and Dr. Thomas Kensler Dr. William Davis Ms. Patricia Dempsey Mr. Todd J. Derr Mark and Barbara DeWitt Aradhna and Grant Oliphant Ms. Deborah Dick and Mr. Arthur Stroyd Jr. Reverend and Mrs. James Donnell Ms. Stacey Drant Allada Mr. George B. Duffey Brian and Carol Duggan Mr. and Mrs. John Earman Dr. Daniel I. Edelstone Barbara and Daniel Eichenlaub Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Eller Mr. Attilio Favorini and Ms. Lisa Hoitsma Favorini Mr. David B. Fawcett Mrs. Frances S. Fetterolf Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Fischetti Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers Flannery III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flannery Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fleischner Paige and Jeffrey Forster Mr. Samuel Franklin Dr. Freddie and Hilda Fu Mr. Orlando Fulgenzio 32

Mr. and Mrs. William Generett Jr. Mr. Wayne D. Gerhold Esq. Mr. and Mrs. William Getty Mr. and Mrs. William Ghrist III Ms. Christina Gibson-Davis Mr. George Gich Mr. and Mrs. James Gilchrist Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry Gleason Mr. Edward M. Goldston Mr. Nanette Gordon Ms. Brenda A. Graham Ms. Elizabeth Graves Mr. Ernest Groover Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guadagnino Ms. Joan L. Gulley Mr. Daniel Gup and Ms. Terri Klein Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hannah Ms. Carey Harris and Mr. John Werling Mr. and Mrs. Franco Harris Ms. Alysha J. Harris Mr. Robert L. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hermann Ms. Katharine Hillman Ms. Jennifer B. Hoerster Ms. Judith Horgan and Mr. Steve Pavsner Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Huber Ms. Cynthia C. Ingram Dr. Jennifer E. Iriti Mr. and Mrs. William Isler Robin and Gary Ittigson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jenkins Mr. Daniel A. Jimenez Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson Ms. Cara L. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jones Mrs. Susan Karas Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Katz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kauffelt II

Ms. Edwina Kinchington Mr. and Mrs. David Klaber Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klein Elaine and Carl Krasik Ms. Alison Kresh Mr. Steve Kroser Mr. and Mrs. William Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Mark Laskow Mr. Gerard J. LaVan Mr. Peter Lavorini Dr. Alton Lawson and Mrs. Mary Pretz-Lawson Ms. Beth Ann Lazzara Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leech Mr. and Mrs. William Leemhuis Dr. and Mrs. Alan Lesgold Rosanne and Clifford Levine Mr. Barry Lhormer and Ms. Janet Markel Mr. John Liberatore Mr. and Mrs. H. Kennedy Linge Michael and Jane Louik Mr. Justin Mackey Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Macpherson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Magley Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mahone Mr. and Mrs. Peter Margittai Mr. and Mrs. James Martin Ms. Helen F. Mathieson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mathieson Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Mathis Mr. Jose L. Matos Mr. Kevin McCann and Ms. Cheryl Kubelick Mr. Michael McDonnell and Ms. Barbara Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McKnight Mrs. Mary Lou McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. David Meyer Mr. and Mrs. D. Bryant Mitchell II Mr. Godfrey Molyneux and Ms. Louise Herrle Bonnie and Edward Morris Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mosites Jr.


Mr. Geoffrey Muessig and Ms. Susan Buckley Mr. Andrew J. Muha Thomas and Gail Murphy Mr. Robert Nelkin Dr. and Mrs. Joel Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Nernberg Al and Barb Neupaver Ms. Marily Nixon and Mr. Luca Rigotti Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norman Mr. and Mrs. Jack Norris Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Donnell Mr. John Oliver and Ms. Sylvia Dallas Ms. Ellen M. Ormond Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ostrowski Mr. Michael Paga Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pagliari Ms. Carolina Pais-Barreto Beyers Mr. Michael A. Palombo Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Paul Mrs. Joyce Pearl Mr. Edward Pesicka Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Peters Patricia and David Popek Mr. Kurian Puthenpurayil Mr. and Mrs. William Rackoff Marirose and John Radelet Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reed Mr. and Mrs. Howard Reinfeld Mr. James J. Restivo Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Riley Mr. Cameron Riviere Ms. Natalie Robb Jean and Frank Brooks Robinson Ms. Natalie Robinson Mr. and Mrs. William Roemer Mrs. Joanne Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rooney II Ms. Judy Roscow and Mr. Stephen Oliphant Mr. and Mrs. James Royston

Dr. Barbara A. Rudiak Mr. Robert Rudzki Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ruppel Lauren Schneider and Dean Thompson Ms. Kimberly B. Schriver Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott III Mr. Christopher Seymour Laurie Graham Ms. Eleanor R. Siegal Ms. Jill M. Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sigal Pat and Alan Siger Gayle and Bill Simpson Mr. Paul Singer Dr. and Mrs. Howard Slaughter Jr. Mr. Brian Smith Mr. and Mrs. Philip Smith II Mr. and Mrs. Steve Snavely Dr. Carl Snyderman and Dr. Michelina Fato Dr. Sukanaya Srinivasan and Dr. Henry Willis Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Steinbrenner Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stern Mr. Clifford Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart II Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stockman Ms. Kay L. Stonemetz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stout Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Henry Suhr Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sumpter Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Telmer Ms. Krista A. Terpack Kathy and Lou Testoni Mr. and Mrs. Jay Thier Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas Thomas and Judith Thompson Ms. Gayle Tissue and Mr. Yiannis Kaloyeropoulos Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Todd Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Traugott Dr. and Mrs. Emil Trellis Mr. Michael Urban Kathryn Van Stone and Robert Smith Mr. Christopher Verdini Mr. and Mrs. Robert Voinchet Mr. and Mrs. Sunil Wadhwani Ms. Diane J. Walkowski Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Waller Mr. and Mrs. Milton Washington Signe and Winthrop Watson Peg and Peter Watt-Morse Susie and John Wean Mr. Geoff Webster and Ms. Christina Dixon Ms. Jacquelin Wechsler Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Weiner Mr. and Dr. George Welch Ms. Jane Werner-Rutkowski Mr. and Mrs. Ronald West Dr. Elizabeth Wettick and Mr. Nicholas Thompson Mr. Dennis Wilke Alice J. Wilson Mr. Paul Wood Mr. and Mrs. Demetrius Wren Ms. Laura Zaspel Lawson Ms. Roberta Zolkoski Ms. Louann Zwieryznski


“We believe The Promise is the most important thing going on in our community because it has the broadest impact: it encourages families to live in the city; incents kids to stay in school and enables them to get a post-secondary education; and helps prepare skilled workers for our employers.” Marty and Ann McGuinn

After a brilliant and global career in business, including Mr. McGuinn’s service as the Chairman and CEO of Mellon Financial Corporation, Mr. and Mrs. Marty and Ann McGuinn have given themselves in service to their adopted city, Pittsburgh. Whether in education, healthcare, history, arts, economic development, or leadership formation, they have been on the forefront of advocacy for their city, and they have modeled what deliberate generosity looks like. It would not be an overstatement to say that their caring investments have touched the lives of all who call Pittsburgh home. Through establishing the “McGuinn Family Scholars of The Pittsburgh Promise” fund, they are ensuring that Pittsburgh’s kids will be able to live up to the promise that is within them for many generations. We are forever grateful.

“We were able to go to college because we had athletic scholarships, and we know about the hope that a scholarship gives. The Pittsburgh Promise gives that kind of hope to every child in our city’s public schools who has a dream and is willing to work hard for it. That is why we support The Promise.” Mike and Kiya Tomlin

In a rather short period of time, Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Kiya Tomlin have warmly and thoroughly woven themselves into the fabric of Pittsburgh and the lives of Pittsburghers. It is hard to remember when they were not here. In addition to Mr. Tomlin coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers to win games and championships, and Mrs. Tomlin turning Pittsburgh into a fashion design hub, they have also invested themselves in service to youth and education, especially public education. In order to make sure that our city’s kids have access to college, along with the hope and opportunity that such an education nurtures, Mike and Kiya have been very generous annual donors to The Pittsburgh Promise. Their contributions, along with their examples, elevate vision and inspire hard work. For that and more, we say a heartfelt “thank you.” Photo: Pittsburgh Steelers/Arron Anastasia


“I believe that all children in our country have a right to a great public education. That is why I became a teacher – to help promote and provide as many opportunities as I can for our youth. I support The Pittsburgh Promise because this is one of the great opportunities of our city.” Dr. Edwina Kinchington

Dr. Edwina Kinchington decided to become a high school teacher after a twodecade-long career as a cancer researcher. She sought and gained her certification, joined the faculty of Pittsburgh Public Schools, and began her teaching career at Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy in 2009. She leads the Biomedical Technology department at the school. In 2015, Dr. Kinchington was named Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year. We are delighted that Pittsburgh’s children have access to world-class teachers. We are very thankful that Dr. K, as her students call her, also creates further educational opportunities for them by financially supporting The Pittsburgh Promise through her United Way giving.

“The Promise changed my life and it inspires me to try to change the lives of others. I know that my monthly donations add up and make a difference. I am proud that I am helping to give students who cannot pay for higher education an opportunity to live their dream.” Vanessa Thompson

Ms. Vanessa Thompson graduated from Pittsburgh’s Westinghouse High School in 2008, which was the first class to be eligible for a Promise scholarship. Although Ms. Thompson faced many challenges, her faith, determination, and community inspired within her a vision for what can be, despite the realities that are. Motivated by her vision, and with the help of a Promise scholarship, Vanessa earned an undergraduate degree from Chatham University. In order to have the needed skills to be a transformational leader in her community, she continued her education and earned an MBA, also from Chatham. She now serves as the Grant and Community Outreach Manager at the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania. Vanessa continues to inspire and set an example by being a recurring monthly donor to The Pittsburgh Promise. 35

“I want to be a teacher when I grow up.�


Kindergartner at Pittsburgh Liberty K-5 On weekends, you can find me: Chasing my brother, Asher Favorite Song: Theme song to Jesse on The Disney Channel Favorite Book: Tiki Tiki Tembo In the future I hope to: Be a teenager!



Plan 2020

Our Children, Our Focus With crystal clarity, as it has been from our inception, the focus of The Pittsburgh Promise is our children. We repeatedly said, and continue to say, that Pittsburgh’s promise lives in every one of her children. They are the reason we provide scholarships, promote school reform, leverage neighborhood development, and infuse the region’s workforce with preparedness and diversity. All children deserve opportunities to expand their visions, schools that prepare them well for bright futures, neighborhoods that are conducive to growth, and a marketplace that is eager to receive them and invest their gifts and skills in meaningful and productive ways.

The theme of this plan is the acronym F.O.C.U.S. In order to deliver the results that our children need and deserve, for the next five years we will focus on at least the following:

As we prepare for the next leg in our ultramarathon, we look back to take into account all that we learned in our first eight years, briefly celebrate successes, and carefully reflect on struggles.

Successful fundraising + effective organization + compelling communication + insatiable urgency = important and impactful scholarships and services

We also forge ahead to do our best and work our hardest on behalf of our children, schools, neighborhoods, and workforce, and to sustain that work for as long as possible.

Fundraising Organization Communication Urgency, and Scholarships and Services The formula that will guide our steps for the next five years is this:



Fundraising Our Commitment The long-term sustainability of The Pittsburgh Promise is secure to include at least the Class of 2028 — ­ students who entered Kindergarten in the fall of 2015. In order to do that, we will work vigorously to complete the $250 million campaign that we launched in 2008. As of October 2015, we have raised $176 million. We will strive to raise another $74 million by 2020 through doing the following:

• Intensify the work and reach of our committed and very capable volunteers:

Institutional Committee: Marty McGuinn and David Shapira, Co-Chairs

Individual Committee: Peter Mathieson and Susie Shipley, Co-Chairs

Grassroots Committee: Candi Castleberry Singleton and Susan Paine, Co-Chairs Keepers of The Pittsburgh Promise: Debbie Dick and Mardi Royston, Co-Chairs

• Maximize the potential and impact of the following opportunities:

Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC)

United Way Contributor Choice (Promise code is 9576075)

Recurring online donations through scheduled monthly withdrawals (www.pittsburghpromise.org)

Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees (Promise code is 19130)

• Host a major event in 2016 to nurture, grow, steward, and celebrate relationships and raise funds

• Secure $35 million in new commitments by December 2016

• Identify prospects, deepen relationships, and secure commitments of $39 million between 2017 and 2020 • Engage parents whose children received a Promise scholarship in a “Pay It Forward” campaign


• Develop a plan to turn Promise alumni into donors

Organization Our Commitment The Board of Directors is fully engaged in the governance of the organization today and focused on its sustainability into the future. The staff, at all levels, functions at the height of excellence to advance the mission of The Pittsburgh Promise. In order to do that, the Board and staff, deliberately and compassionately, will govern and manage the affairs of The Pittsburgh Promise and remain true to its mission. We will strive to be guided by data as well as anecdotes to measure our impact, sustainability, and health. We will continue to: • Develop purposeful relationships with our students, parents, schools, officials, donors, and each other

• Set ambitious goals for individual and systemic impact

• Commission external evaluations that guide us in measuring impact, implementing course change, and influencing policy makers


Communication Our Commitment The services and brand of The Pittsburgh Promise, as well as its benefits to the community, are widely known and highly regarded across all demographics in Western Pennsylvania. In order to do that, we will carefully, frequently, and openly inform our community about the scholarships and services available through The Pittsburgh Promise. We will strive to write, design, and publish compelling materials to communicate clearly and warmly with students and families, schools and staffs, community and donors. We will: • Develop and launch an effective digital media marketing strategy that substantially increases our online presence and engagement • Ensure that The Promise’s Program, Workforce, and Development teams are equipped with a suite of print and digital materials that bolster their efforts to serve all of our constituents and expand the depth and breadth of The Promise • Expand the reach of The Promise’s impact through news coverage and other earned media


• Identify opportunities for strategic and affordable paid media

• Grow our “Voices” campaign to a population of at least 500 students

Urgency Our Commitment Our precious and limited resources of people, money, time, and opportunity are stewarded with the urgency that our mission requires and deserves. In order to do that, we will advocate for systemic excellence in all our schools and neighborhoods, while never losing sight of the wellbeing of the individual child. We will strive to: • Achieve significantly higher rates of high school graduation, as well as post- secondary enrollment, persistence, and completion • Bring the majority of our scholars back to Pittsburgh after earning a degree, diploma, or certificate, and help them gain meaningful employment in the region’s workforce • Continue the stabilization, and eventual growth, of our city’s population and our schools’ enrollment


Scholarship and Services Our Commitment All PPS children in grades Pre-K through college have the scholarships and support services that they need to succeed, and have futures that are filled with promise. The Pittsburgh Promise will provide scholarships and promote services in partnership with others.

• Help students create a clear pathway from high school to post-secondary education, apprenticeships, or employment by supporting the development of a comprehensive career exploration plan for all students starting in the 6th grade

• Support the district’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) efforts, infuse them with market relevance, and help them connect with our region’s In order to do that, we will reaffirm our original 3P strategy, which is helping students to employers Prepare, Plan, and Pay for higher education, and be equipped for life beyond. • Empower high school students with the knowledge of relevant career opportunities by expanding the number and variety of college courses they can We will strive to ensure that at least 80% of all PPS students earn a post-secondary take while still in high school degree, diploma, or certificate. We will: • Ensure that every child, in every school and in every neighborhood, has access • Maximize the impact of peer mentoring by deploying well-prepared Promise to every resource that all children need in order to grow up ready to learn, Ambassadors in each high school • Increase high school graduation rates by applying early interventions in middle grow, and succeed. We will do this by participating in a region-wide planning process for delivering support services as needed in most PPS buildings, to school to ensure that students remain on The Pathway to The Promise eliminate obstacles and expand opportunities. • Improve post-high school planning by promoting taking the SAT exam, completing the FAFSA process, applying for available financial aid, and enrolling in and attending post-secondary schools • Increase post-secondary enrollment among all demographics in PPS by ensuring that all seniors have a plan for what they will do after high school • Improve right-matching of students with post-secondary institutions by aligning Promise and PPS guidance strategies, along with student support services at post-secondary schools


Join us at the anvil This aspirational work requires many hands — thousands of them, in fact. Volunteer. We need some adults to join the “Be a Middle School Mentor” effort. This is an initiative of the United Way of Allegheny County, along with the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh Public Schools. It fosters positive relationships, prepares students for academic and career success, and helps them achieve eligibility for The Pittsburgh Promise. www.BeAMiddleSchoolMentor.org “We Promise” is uniquely designed to support African-American male students who are at risk of missing Promise-eligibility requirements of a 2.5 GPA and 90% attendance rate. “We Promise” mentors provide the resources to ensure that students are prepared and eligible to receive a scholarship from The Pittsburgh Promise at graduation. www.pps.k12.pa.us/wepromise Give. We also need your financial support. We still must raise another $74 million in order to be able to provide scholarships through at least the class of 2028 — children who entered Kindergarten in the fall of 2015 under the umbrella of The Pittsburgh Promise.


ONLINE pittsburghpromise.org

MAIL 1901 Centre Ave, Suite 204 Pittsburgh, PA 15219

UNITED WAY Use our agency code number 19130 when donating.

Use our agency code number 9576075 when donating.


1901 Centre Avenue Suite 204 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219 phone 412.281.7605 fax 412.281.7638 www.pittsburghpromise.org

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