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is a type of assistive technology that is an application that can be used with scanned pages or applied to online sources. When using Read & Write Gold, you have the ability to visibly highlight any specific words, phrases or sentences and what is highlighted is then spoken aloud by a normal toned voice. The program can be easily installed and includes a user tutorial. The software can be used atop of PDF files, word processer files and websites.

WHY USE IT?  It is a great application to use because it can be used in any type of environment as long as it is in installed and is very private. It only takes clicking 1 button to scan and read any text.

The software can be purchased on the website, There are several different levels and packages with different prices for the application to be bought. It is a CD that takes 10 minutes to install and comes with headphones and a special adapter.

 When used in the classroom, with the use of the headphones, a student with a visual impairment can focus on what they are struggling with within the text by highlighting it and hearing it aloud while their peers are nearby and are not being disturbed.  It is useful for note taking and acknowledging the important points and students can focus on their assignment without much assistance from others.  It is user friendly and accessible. Because it can be used on word processer files and websites of the internet, it can be used in the classroom and at home during leisure time or doing homework.

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Read & Write Gold  
Read & Write Gold  

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