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One day with HĂŠlder Nobrega


Name: Hélder Nobrega Age: 32 Profession: Salesman For you, is rally important or just a hobby? Hobby

The Rally vinho Madeira is on the 30th and 31st of July and the 1st of August. It will have as guests Luca Rossetti and Giandomenico Basso champion of last year’s rally. The best Madeiran is Alexandre Camacho who will enter the rally in search of the title, since last year they came 3rd .

What is your team? My team is Team A.D. Camacha. Which is the car you use to compete? Do you like it or would you prefer another? My car is the Toyota Yaris. I like it but if I could I would buy another. Is the rest of the team important for a positive participation? It’s very important from mechanics to closest friends. How did you start to participate on the Rallies? Why? I started just for fun and also because I have always liked it. When I was 8 years old I used to run away from home to see Rally Vinho Madeira.

The title of the best of Madeira is Alexandre Camacho and Pedro Calado’s team. This team participates in rally for 1 year. This team is a part of the Olca Team. Alexandre Camacho is 29 Years old and Pedro Calado is 38 Years old

What is your favourite team? My favourite team is Olca team. Which was the most important rally that you participated until today? The most important rally that I participated was Rally Vinho Madeira.

The Madeiran Bernardo Sousa, who took part of the WRS didn’t participate in the rally of Portugal because During the rally you can see that there is he crashed during a a strong rivalry between pilots. Does that training session, and didn’t rivalry stretch to everyday life? manage to fix his car in time No, as soon as the rally is over so is the for the rally. He was driving rivalry. the new Fiat Punto this year. What is the rally that you haven’t

Paintball Paintball is a very interesting sport played with guns that shoot bullets with paint which I think is a very cool detail. Some parents think this sport is violent because of the guns and the way it revolves around war and death, but it’s actually a fun sport. If you want to practice it, you can play in Madeira Camacha. It costs between 20 to 25 euros and it includes the material for protection, the gun and 100 bullets.

Rules It is mandatory: To Use a mask for protection during the game and outside the protection zone. To Use the butterfly (slap-pipe) in the barrel of gun in the safe area You may not: Shoot from less than 10 m. Give your material to another player if you have been eliminated. Exceed the limits of the field, otherwise you are discarded. Talk to players in the field if you have been eliminated. Clear Ink stain any of your equipment or accessories, otherwise if caught in such act by a referee, you and your team are subject to penalties. Continue to play after being hit. Climb up to trees or structures. Discuss the decision of a referee during the game.

Selection! They meet convoked for the practices of the Regional Selecção of Masculine Initiates, who will become fullfilled themselves in the days, hours and places below indicated the following athletes: Day: 24.04.09 (SÁB) Hour: 09H30 (90’) L ocal: Pav. Funchal Day:24.04.09 (SÁB) Hour: 17H00 (90’) L ocal: Pav. Esc. B. Perestrelo C.D. Infante: João Freitas, Paulo Rodrigues, Francisco Camacho, João Aguiar; Académico do Funchal: João Gomes, Guilherme Nascimento, Pedro Henriques; Nuno Afonso, Francisco Pereira, Luis Gonçalves; C.S. Marítimo: Francisco Silva, João Rodrigues, Diogo Carvalho, Mário Castro e João Rebelo; Camacha : Luis Gama, Edison Mata; AM Madeira SAD: José Quintal e Diogo Abreu; B. Perestrelo: José Santos, Alexandre Oliveira, Francisco Barcelos. Coach: Marco Freitas

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Name: JoĂŁo Gomes Age: 13 Job: Student How long have you playing handball? 6 years

Why do you like to play handball? Because I have a lot of friends there and because I like very much play against other teams.

What is your team ? AcadĂŠmico

Who is your favourite player? Karabatic, team of france.

Have you ever won a champion- ship? Yes , Regional champion-ship in 2007-2008.

How many times a week do you practice? Four times for week.

Do you want continur play handball? Yes, I want be senior and play in Madeira Sad.

Why do you play in Madeira Sad? Because iy’s the best Madeira team.

If you could say something to new players want would it be ? I will say to never give up and stay in handball to have fun.

Tall Ships:

The Regatta is organised by Sail Training International and is the centrepiece of year-long celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the first settlement on the Portuguese island of Madeira. The big regatta Tall ships, begins in Ílhavo and navigates towards Madeira. Falmouth to Ilhavo (Port of Aveiro) is some 630 nautical miles southsouth-west. With Ushant (north west France) and Cape Finisterre (north west Spain) to negotiate, and the prevailing winds from the west to north west, the first leg of the race may still present a number of tactical challenges for the fleet. This will be particularly true for the square-rigged ships which cannot sail as close to the wind as those with fore-and-aft rigs. Ilhavo to Funchal is a further 630 nautical miles southwest across open sea, but the tactical challenges to play wind and current to best advantage may be just as critical in determining the end result.

Tall ships of this regatta are: Sedov – Russia, Alexander von Humboldt – Germany, Astrid – Netherlands, Capitan Miranda –Uruguay, Challenger 1 and 4 –United Kingdom, Creoula – Portugal, Cuauhtémoc – Mexico, Endeavour – United Kingdom, Gedania – Poland,Juan de Langara – Espanha, Mir – Russia, Pelican of London – United Kingdom, Pogoria –Poland, Quero-Quero - Portugal, Shabad Oman – Oman, Spaniel – Latvia, Tecla – Netherlands.

Organized by Associação Naval de Lisboa months Date Prove Club Class

April 18 e 19 Torneio Castanheir a /Budget A.N.Lisboa Vela Ligeira

May 31 Troféu EPAL A.N.Lisboa Vela Ligeira

September 19 V Troféu Almada Forum A.N.Lisboa Vela Ligeira / Sharpie12

November 21 e 22 Torneio Castanheir a /Budget ( Ranking 2010 ) A.N.Lisboa Vela Ligeira

Name: Dario Gonçalves

Age: 28

Job: Teacher of physical education and sport in Club Sport Martimo (departem of swimming)

What is swimming for you? The swimming is a modality characterized by a high complexity, to have success, it’s necessary to control many variables intrinsic and extrinsic for all swimmers. This modality, the way to success is win technical perfection, and a rigorous physical and mental condition to overcome difficulties and achieve higher levels in terms of excellence.

Do you like be trainer? Why? It is a passion that came to me a bite late, because I just have contact with this modality when I was in University. His level of requirement and challenge places that daily fight with us in complete our goals, turn this job a constant challenge with the need to acquire more knowledge and skills in order to overcome the constant and unique demands. In addition to developing of technical and competitive skills is required to take responsibility for our athletes in a point of view more holistic, that is, we must train our swimmers beyond the sport’s skills, training them as men for life. Therefore, it makes me feel useful and happy to play this function.

Before be trainer, you already practiced swimming? Or other sport? No. In swimming I was done just the learning level, I didn't have practicing in competition’s program. In competition I was practiced others modalities like soccer, handball and also athletics. The soccer was a modality where I was better.

In terms of professional, you have any goal unrelated with swimming? In professional terms, I desire to deepen my knowledge on this modality, I think that we must be like athletes and aspire to higher levels.

Today, less people practice swimming. What do you tell to people for come practice this sport?

For you, what is the best madeiran athlete? What is his/ her club? For me, the best of girls is Fabiana Quintal (C.D. Nacional) and the best of boys are three: Luís Pinto (C.D.N), Duarte Mendonça and Mário Costa (C. S. Marítimo).


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