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It’s an International camp for Explorers organized by 4vents, Escoltisme i Guiatgue coordinated with Eurotransit, that will take part in Mallorca from 6 to 17 August 2014.

Slogan Explore the Past to Understand the Present and Shape the Future. There will be a look back to know our origins and revive several moments. To take a pause and reflect on the present. At which point are we? What are the strengths and weaknesses? To be able to come up with new projects and challenges for Scouting and Guiding.


Aims PIOCAM 2014 aims to be a camp where you can share experiences, make new friends, discover other cultures and learn about other ways of Scouting.

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Logo The triangles represent the tents that we, the scouts and guides, use to go camping and three triangles symbolize the meeting together and the ‘play’ icon at the same time allowing us to l a u n c h n e w p ro j e c t s a n d challenges.


Place PIOCAM 2014 is to take place in S'Hort Son Serra de Marina, Santa Margalida, north of Mallorca.

a path inside of the estate, there is an important area of dunes and the beach.

The property has an area of 24,000 m2, with a small pine forest. A 10 minute walk along


or all


Son Serra de Marina

Mediteranean Sea

Mediteranean Sea


Program The camp will be divided into different subcamps where participants can take part in workshops, projects and trips. It can vary depending on which subcamp you are in.





How I can be part of PIOCAM 2014? Participants: Age of participants: Explorers. Leaders must be over 18.

IST: IST must be at least 18 years, at the beginning of PIOCAM 2014. And they must be able to communicate in English and be prepared to make any necessary task during the camp. There are two ways to participate in IST PIOCAM 2014: Doing basic tasks. These can be classified into three main groups: the Intendance, logistics and support activities. You can choose two options that interest you.. Proposing a workshop and to be in charge of it at the camp. In this case the proposed workshops should be one of the following topics: life in the past, the present life, future life. However we ask that you are ready to work where they need help, because despite having a daily task assigned, other tasks may arise when we need your help.


Entry fee Participants: Participant fee: 220â‚Ź. The fee includes: All meals during PIOCAM 2014 dinner from 6 August 2014 until lunch on August 17 2014. All activities and transport during PIOCAM 2014.. Kit participant PIOCAM 2014.

IST: IST Fee is 110â‚Ź. But if you submit a workshop and the PIOCAM 2014 team accepts it, we will take on the cost of the camp and the organization of it. The fee includes: All meals during PIOCAM 2014 dinner from 6 August 2014 until lunch on August 17 2014. Kit participant PIOCAM 2014. Information note for participants and IST: Price does not include transportation to the field. Besides, we offer the option of contracting the transport for the arrival and departure, from one indicated point in Palma at the camp site and vice versa. Participants must have their own accident insurance.


Registration and Contact Registration: From 25 January to 30 April 2014. Registration form: For any questions please contact the organizing team: Mail: Web: All news at:

Piocam 2014 @Piocam2014





Information Camp  

Information about Piocam2014. It’s an International camp Explorers, that will take part in Mallorca.

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