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10th Muse

Winter 2011 Edition Student Publication

What is The 10th Muse?


10th Muse

The name was chosen in honor of the nine muses, Greek goddesses who offered inspiration in the arts and sciences. With the need to expand our publication to include students from across the country, the 10th Muse was born.


Alejandro Acejo

Time can do so much, all it takes is a touch of your love so I can be free and fly away like a dove, and for that I will pay you back. I will paint you a work of art and all of the colors will pour from my heart, but it feels like an earthquake when my heart starts to ache, so just cut me a break because I know that me and you will never make a mistake. I’m telling you the truth because I am not a fake.

Kelcie Vaughn

Brooke Foster


Nortasia Patrick “His heart rate is dropping!” the small doctor yelled. “Josh! Joshua!” Natalie yelled. “Get her out of here!” “Nooooo. I’m not going anywhere, he’s my husband!” “I said get her out of here!” The doctor yelled louder. “I love you Josh!” I was in the middle of dying. I was having a heart attack. At age 23 I thought my life was about to end.

My wife, Natalie and I met four years ago. From the moment I saw her, I knew she was the love of my life. We met in a local coffee shop near my apartment. I approached her when I saw she was sitting alone near the end table by the back door. “Hello. I’m Josh!” I held my hand out to shake hers. “Hi, I’m Natalie!” She accepted my request and shook my hand. “Now, why on earth is a beautiful woman like you in this coffee shop alone?” She started blushing. Natalie was at least 5’8”, with long brown/golden hair. She had a beautiful smile and big, really big, brown eyes. “Because I want to be alone! And why on earth is a beautiful man like you here alone?” “I’m not alone!” I lied. “Then may I ask who you’re here with?” “Someone…” I lied again. “Girlfriend, mom, uncle, child, friend?” “Maybe…” “Is that maybe speaking of a girlfriend, mom, dad, child, or friend?” She got me there. “No. I’m alone.” “That wasn’t too hard.” “Yeah, I just didn’t want to seem like a loser.” “Well, I don’t think you’re a loser!” She handed me a folded piece of paper, walked out the front door, hopped in her red Range Rover, and took off. I called her two days later and asked her out to dinner and a movie! She agreed. I had a blast. Natalie is a very talkative, honest, respectful and not to mention beautiful person. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. I never thought we’d be together after three years. We got married in Hawaii and soon she will be birthing my first son! I can’t wait till the day he comes. We’re naming him Anthony! Over the years, I have gained over 100 lbs. I don’t know why I just sat around. When my mom and dad died in a plane crash two years ago, I just couldn’t handle

life. I started eating to get rid of all my problems… Any and everything. I would usually eat fatty foods; French fries, cheeseburgers, doughnuts, candy bars, potato chips, ice cream, soda, just anything that has sugar and is fattening. I was never an eater as I am now. I never liked fatty foods, junk, and I wouldn’t dare put my lips to a soda. I really don’t know why I chose food. Most people would go towards drugs or alcohol, not me. ..... “How are you feeling, sweetie?” “I’m fine,” I said with a soft tone as I woke to open my eyes, “How about you?” “I’m scared! I thought you were going to die and leave me and our unborn child alone!” “I would never do that to the love of my life! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me since the accident. I want you to know that I will try my hardest to lose all this weight so I won’t have to ever put you through this again.” “Oh, Josh! I love you just the way you are. But I would be very happy to see my old Josh. And I will be right by your side supporting you in every way possible!” “Thank you, Natalie. I love you!” “I love you too!” “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Boomer. How are you Joshua?” Dr. Henson was a short, black woman with light brown skin. She had short hair and had big brown eyes and lips. “Hello, Dr. Henson!” Natalie stated. “How are you?” She asked. “I’m alright.” Natalie suddenly had a frown on her face. “I’m feeling a lot better, Dr. Henson!” I stated. “That’s good! Ok, Joshua I’m so glad we got you to the ER when we did. You would have died! Most heart attacks occur because of coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD is the buildup over time of a material called plaque on the inner walls of the coronary arteries. Eventually, a section of plaque can break open, causing a blood clot to form at the site. A heart attack occurs if the clot becomes large enough to

cut off most or all of the blood flow through the artery.” “I see…” “Why that look?” I didn’t understand a word she was saying. “You had the heart attack because of the fatty tissue around your arteries. This can also cause diabetes and other difficulties keeping you from living a regular life. Your only 23 and you weigh 300 lbs. You need to loose a lot of this weight and I won’t EVER have to treat you for another heart attack.” She stated sharply. “What options do I have?” “We can provide you with a trainer to lose the weight or you can go through bypass surgery.” “Can I get a minute with my wife, alone?” “No problem. I’ll send in a nurse in about an hour to check your vitals.” She left the room quietly. “So what do you think, Natalie?” “I think you should do what YOU think is best!” “I know, but you have a part in this decision also. I’m your husband and I would never want you to feel left out in a decision like this.” “Ok, honestly?” She paused. “I would say no to the bypass surgery. I don’t want you to lose a lot of blood or go into a coma and not be able to wake up in time for Anthony’s birth. I’m already 9 ½ months pregnant.” “Ok. The decision is made, Natalie. I’ll take the trainer. I’ve got a lot of work to do.” “Aw, honey! It’s good that you’re making a change. I love you so much, words can’t even express it.” She exclaimed. “I love you too, Natalie! Thank you for being by my side every minute.” “Your welcome, Josh! Now, let’s get that nurse in here to check your vitals so you can get some rest!” Two weeks after my release from the hospital, Natalie went into labor! Dr. Henson thought I was having heart problems again and said she was

disappointed in me but I let her know that Natalie was just checked in for labor. She didn’t utter a word after that, just apologized. Natalie gave birth to Anthony at 5:41 pm. Anthony was 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 23 inches long. He was such a beautiful little thing! He was a quiet baby too. He had a head full of hair and all 10 fingers and toes! Eight months later, little Anthony is crawling. He can say only about two words, Momma and Dada! Every now and then, he will try to take a few steps. I love that little guy. He has blonde hair with big blue eyes! Anthony likes to play all day long! I have lost 193 pounds; I want to change for myself, Natalie and Anthony! If my mom and dad were still alive, I do not think my life would be the same. I have always loved my life but I truly think Natalie and that heart attack changed it. Life’s perfect at this moment and I wouldn’t do a thing to live a different one.

Hannah Dektor

Odes, Elegies, and Zombies, Oh My! Ode to My Shoes Colton McCarter

ode to my shoes they keep my feet warm like hot pockets over my socks they definitely keep my feet warm I tie them up super tight and run like the wind the armor for my feet against the rain and cold as strong as steel yet as soft as satin ode to my shoes fit perfectly like perfectness the way they bring out my eyes my shoes are so cool when I need a friend my shoes will be there when my feet are cold my shoes will be there when I go rock climbing they support me when I ride my skate board they love me when its time to run they float me into the air my shoes are so cozy my shoes are so funny my shoes are nice they make my world bright ode to my shoes

Ode to Coffee Abby Doig

Ever since I was very young

I always wanted to know What the taste of coffee would taste like, So I tried it, I tried the drink that adults always favored More than soda pop or juice, I tried the drink that was the foundation of cafĂŠs, The drink that adults loved so much, So I tried it, The taste was so deep and rich, It was like a taste of heaven In a mug, It was such a satisfying taste Soda pop could not compare. And all the things you can add To make the coffee even more amazing, Such as Different flavors of coffee creamer, Sugar, honey, agave, and cinnamon. God has truly blessed us with this gift; coffee. I enjoy coffee every morning now, Coffee gives me the energy I need To do my online schoolwork And my chores. The sound of my coffee maker going off Is magnificent, It is like music to my hears, It is as if a pianist was in my house Playing a charming tune. How glorious it is to have several cups in a day And never grow weary. Beer is disgusting Wine is sour Juice has lost its flavor And soda pop is not as nearly flavorful as coffee A day without coffee is a very sad day.

Ode to my Computer Corey Kurowski

My computer, my work, my life, my friend. A gift for myself, one full of love and thought. I cannot spend a day away from you. The power you process is like a race car engine, blazing speed unmatched by any. Yet so silent, a bird flying through air unheard by the world below. Made by man, but excelling beyond your creator’s dreams. The protector, your hard black shell which shielding you from damage. A jet, wind cuts across your sleek edges, unseen during nightfall. Your cover secretly and silently stands by to protect your fragile components. The warrior, never one to quit even in the toughest of battles. An angel, always pulling through when I need you most. You remain the unspoken hero of my world. Giver, your time is kindly spent with me. Knowledge center, a brain inside of you shares all the data in the world with me. Generously giving me everything you have. My teacher, you teach me every subject every week day. A mailman, taking what I need delivered and giving it to my family. You are the worker who never asks for anything in return. My friend, always there and always supporting me no matter what. Part of me, without you my life wouldn’t be so, life would stop. Thank you, my computer.


An Elegy for My Goldfish Addison Fincher I was a seven year old brown haired girl, at the town fair, playing games and winning animals bloated with pride and hard cotton. It wasn’t until I played a ring around the bottle game that I won the best prize of all. I took him home and my mom bought a fish bowl with blue rocks and a box of colorful flakes. As I plunked him into the water he started swimming in circles and blowing bubbles, and I knew his name. Every morning I fed him and told him stories about the chocolate cakes I had made and all the vanilla soufflÊs I want to make. He floated like a clementine. Then a week later he died. My dad told me to flush him, but I knew he needed a proper funeral. We went outside and dug a grave. We made him a cross out of popsicle sticks. We all spoke a few words, and then let him go.

Brooke Foster

Johnny Mejia

Johnny Mejia

Ponderous Road Anahi Rodriguez

Your intentions were pure Like the rain that falls down from the sky. Leaving its mark on the ground, Yet it leaves later when the sun comes out. Thinking it could make any difference, But it won’t. You went away leaving everything in my mind a mystery, My heart so broken into pieces over you’re mysterious intentions. The words you have told me, were they true or just over passes of your feelings yet to be discovered. Great impacts left me into a ponderous road heading nowhere, As if a lost dream in the mind of other people with no one to like in their lives. To think you could have had a great impact, But all you left was just an open door with nowhere to go. If your intentions were true, why bother to act as if you didn’t intend for me to take them to heart. Well, I did. Your mind set must be out of whack, because I’m ready to just hack my mind into pieces of wood to make something of them. Your actions came to be nothing, but things that just weren’t real. Passion from the words; dead like an envelope sealed, dried up, and the letter lost, somewhere never to be found. The point in your impactions to my life, was great but in ways you will never find out, because all I show is the things your mindset can just picture. But you’re gone, so no deed done well. Indeed you made your intentions clear, but yet not as true as mine were suppose to appear.

Alaina Foster

Self Portraits

Hannah Dektor

Brooke Foster

My Ride home Tyler Phillips

I sat in the back seat of a ford pick-up and I began to dose off, being lost in my thoughts. How had I ended up at this point in my life? My whole world had been flipped over in the last week. I had been taken from my dad, jailed, and now was being sent to live with some strange people. The truck hit a fairly large bump and I was jerked out of my thoughts. “Sorry about that.” My driver said. I looked at the man who was assigned to take me to my new home. He looked about 40 with a raspy voice and a country accent. He had been nice to me so far. He had stopped and bought me a meal from McDonalds even though drivers aren’t supposed to. I thought that maybe he knew a thing about this kind of thing but I elected not to ask him about it. In the past week I learned one important lesson. Trust nobody. I began to let my thoughts wonder and went back to one week ago in my fourth grade classroom. I sat in my seat being disconnected from the rest of the world. Most kids in the fourth grade didn’t even know what drugs were. At my age I shouldn’t have known either but I had easy access. Since my step-mom died my dad spent most of his time high and as a eleven year old kid I was curious. When my dad was knocked out the night before I took some pain pills and got up three hours later for school. As I sat in class the teacher walked up to me. “Is everything ok Tyler?” She asked. “I’m just tired.” I replied with a generic answer. She looked me over and then walked away. I was off the hook for now. As an immature fourth grader I thought it would be cool to bring some pills with me to show off to my friends. I showed them and got the reaction I wanted but I didn’t expect my principal to be behind me when I did. “What are you doing with these Mr. Phillips?” He asked as he took them from

me. “They are some Tylenol for a headache.” I replied, still trying to lie my way out. “You are in a lot of trouble.” He said as he grabbed my hand and led me to the office. I was so worried as I walked through the office doors and knew that I was going to get it when my dad found out. “So what kind of music do you like?” The driver said taking me out of my thoughts. “It doesn’t matter.” I said not feeling like music. He switched on the radio to a country station. I closed my eyes and relaxed once again slipping off into my thoughts. “We are here.” My counselor said pulling into my driveway. My heart was pounding as we walked up to my porch and my dad opened the door. “Hello Mr. Phillips my name is Lorie Crane from the school counseling center. Do you mind if we talk in private?” My dad shot me a look and said, “Yes come in.” I was told to go up to my room and wait for him. They talked for about thirty minutes and then I heard the outside door open and close. I figured she had left as I now heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I tensed up knowing it was my dad and felt my heart sink when my doorknob started to turn. A police officer stepped in to my surprise followed by Ms. Crane and my dad. “Mr. Phillips my name is Officer Wiley. Do you mind if we talk?” “That’s ok.” I replied never taking my eyes off my dad. We talked for awhile about how bad drugs were and how stealing was a crime and that I could be in serious trouble. Finally all three of them stepped out of my room and continued to have a conversation outside. The officer returned by himself. He asked me to stand up and put my hands out in front of me. When I did he placed cuffs on my hands and told me that I was under arrest. My heart sank. As I was escorted out to the car I looked for my dad but he was nowhere to be found. As the

officer drove off I had no idea that I would never see my dad again. “So how do you feel about going to this new home?” The driver asked. “Good I guess.” I replied. “Well at least you get a chance for a fresh start. Not everybody gets that you know.” He said as he nodded. I looked at the driver, and as much as I hated it, he was right. My life was flawed in the past and what I needed was a fresh start. With that thought in my head, I sat back and began to think again. As I arrived at the detention center, I had to empty my pockets and get checked in. I found out that my dad had requested my removal because he wanted them to ‘scare’ me straight. I was told that if I didn’t straighten out I was going to have to stay there. I was to address everyone as sir and I was on room restriction. I went to bed around six o’clock and dosed off a few hours later. At about four o’clock in the morning, I was woke up and told that I was getting out. I got my stuff and checked out of the detention center. Ms. Crane was waiting for me outside and we began driving. “Tyler, I want you to listen to me now.” She said sternly. “Yes ma’am.” “Your dad… is in the hospital.” She looked at me waiting for a response. “Is he hurt?” “He took a lot of medicine that he wasn’t supposed to and he is in bad shape.” “Are we going to see him?” “Tyler your dad is endangering you with the type of lifestyle he lives and you cannot go back to see him.” “Where are we going?” “You are going to go to a shelter while we find you a foster home.” I snapped awake as we pulled in to a driveway. “We are here.” Said the driver as he turned off the car. He looked back at me and said “You are going to be just fine kiddo.”

I thanked him and took a deep breath as what I thought to be my new foster mother walked up to me. She had a nice smile as she studied me. “You must be Tyler.” I nodded in response. She took me by surprise when she embraced me and said “Welcome home.” For the first time in a long time I felt safe and at home, and I never wanted to leave.

Brooke Foster

An Invocation Justin Hill

Hear me Muse of man, sing the time of Tara’s son Justin, trapped, raged, that brought misfortune to all around, grieving with self over suffering he hath seen, suffering be great, but gave great cause, to spread wings and take to skies, and the love of Zeus was awakened. Begin, Muse, when the opposites create one, the brilliant Justin.

Kyle Skehan

Demi Schwalger

Paul Daley

Kyle Skehan

Eric Wood

An excerpt from Matt Blair’s children’s book, “Adventures of the Quiet Warrior.”

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The 10th Muse - Winter 2011 Edition  
The 10th Muse - Winter 2011 Edition  

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