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Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club Official Brochure 2012-2013


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Contents Welcome to Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club.................4 History...........................................................................7 Racing.........................................................................11 Cruising.......................................................................15 Membership................................................................17 Cadets’ Section...........................................................19 Social Activities and Events........................................20 Vive l’Entente Cordiale!!..............................................23 Clubhouse and Bar.....................................................25 For Those Special Events/Meetings............................31

Training Courses.........................................................35 Active Marina Programme...........................................37 Club Regalia................................................................38 Navigational Information..............................................41 Dover Marina Facilities................................................43 Things to Do in Dover..................................................45 Who’s Who at Royal Cinque Ports...............................47 How to Find Us............................................................49 Contact Us...................................................................50 Tel: 08707 707 765 • Email: Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club and Pinnacle wish to thank the advertisers who appear in this publication for their support and wish them every business success. The contents of this brochure are believed to be correct at the time of printing, nevertheless, we cannot endorse and readers should not rely solely upon the accuracy of any statements or claims contained herein without prior consultation with the service provider.


Welcome to Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club (RCPYC) is one of the oldest yacht clubs in England and is situated on the seafront in a prime position, overlooking the busy port of Dover. We are a royal club with a tradition dating back nearly 150 years, including a distinguished historical association with the ancient Cinque Ports, whose Lord Warden – an Admiral no less - we can proudly boast is our President and the crest of the Confederation is worn proudly on our club burgees. Our cruising and racing sections are vibrant and thriving, and we are always willing to welcome new sailing friends. Our Rear Commodores have built our competitive sailing to a level we have not seen for some 4

years in the RCPYC and our membership continues to grow. We offer a programme of racing from early March right through to the end of September. Owning your own boat is not necessary for membership of the RCPYC, nor is the ability or even the desire to sail. Our social side continues to flourish whilst our waterborne members are often in search of enthusiastic crew, whatever level of experience, so you will not be short of good sailing and, equally importantly, excellent company. There are plenty of club members who will welcome you aboard their boats if you are new to sailing, and pleased to advise you how to gain more experience. Royal Yachting Association (RYA) certified training courses – which are well respected and highly regarded across the globe – are run regularly at the club.

There is a great esprit de corps in the club, and we have a diverse social calendar that is always well supported. Our members are keen to make the most of our excellent premises. We hold a wide range of events from formal dinners to beer festivals, with music to suit all tastes, and innovations such as our poetry evenings, which resulted in the publication of an anthology of poetry and prose – perhaps a first for a UK yacht club. We have strong bonds with our sailing friends in Calais and Boulogne and, with France only 21 miles away – visible from our windows on a clear day – trips across the Channel are a frequent destination for our popular cruising section. Our good relationships do, though, extend far beyond the land on our horizon and we have regular involvement with clubs from Holland, Belgium and, more recently, Germany. Visitors using our

facilities come from far and wide and gives the club a truly international flavour. For the future, it is my vision that we work together to ensure RCPYC becomes more widely recognised, locally and nationally, as a club that offers good quality sailing – be it racing, cruising or tuition – for all ages and abilities, together with a strong social programme. Our Flag Officers and Committee are all signed up to this vision and we have an excellent, hard working team who will work towards this aim. Come and discover what our club has to offer. Whether you looking for sailing, social, or merely in search of good company, you will not be disappointed on any count and a warm welcome is guaranteed. Bernard Sealy, Commodore - September 2012


History The Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club was formed in 1872. The club had strong links with members of the Royal family and gentry, which put it in a very enviable and privileged position. The Duke of Connaught, our first Commodore, was largely responsible for obtaining the Admiralty Warrant from his mother, Queen Victoria. This means that Royal Cinque Ports is one of just 29 yacht clubs in the United Kingdom permitted to fly the undefaced Blue Ensign. Members of the club must apply for permission to do so and once granted, protocol dictates that the Blue Ensign must only be flown along with the club’s own burgee, or flag.

A frequent patron of the club in those exciting early years was the then Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward VII. He had been bitten by the sailing bug and invested in a series of ever-more impressive sailing vessels, which culminated in having Britannia built in 1893. He often raced from our club, while his mother, Queen Victoria, gave trophies to be contested at our regatta.

Britannia, sometimes with His Royal Highness on board, used to race against similarly impressive boats in a series of events around Britain, with Dover and the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club featuring prominently as one of the highlights in the racing calendar. What a sight it must have been to behold these 200-tonne cutters doing battle in the English Channel!


History Continued... In 1893, at the RCPYC regatta, Britannia beat Valkyrie, a boat built specifically to contest the America’s Cup, the blue riband event of all yacht racing. The Prince collected the Commodore’s Cup for his victory, which was slightly tempered by the fact that the two boats and another, called the Vendetta, all collided on the way back to port and had to be towed back to Dover. A newspaper report of the time stated: “When the impact occurred, many of the persons on the decks of the vessels were precipitated into the water, but they were all rescued.”


Among those to have visited the club in its formative years were Capt. Matthew Webb, who had a reception held in his honour in 1875 for becoming the first person to swim the English Channel, and Paul Boyton, who is renowned for crossing the same stretch of water with the aid of a somewhat bizarre patented rubber lifesaving suit, an achievement, while perhaps not as impressive as Capt. Webb’s, is said to have “caused the wildest excitement over all the world”. Modern sailing achievements have also been marked by the club: Hilary Lister, the only quadriplegic person to circumnavigate Britain, gave a presentation to the club, and was conferred honorary membership.

The club’s President is the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, the post held by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother until her death in 2002. Former holders include the Duke of Wellington, Robert Menzies, Prime Minister of Australia, and Sir Winston Churchill. The current Lord Warden, Admiral the Lord Boyce, KG, GCB, OBE, DL, was installed in 2005, and is a great friend and supporter of our club. On St George’s Day 2011, Her Majesty the Queen created him Knight of the Garter, an award granted to only 23 persons outside the Royal Family.

As for our club’s name? The “Confederation of The Cinque Ports and Ancient Towns” was founded in 1050 by Edward the Confessor. Dover is one of the Cinque Ports, and provided ships and men for the defence of the country, in consideration of which they were granted certain privileges, particularly in regard to taxation. Cinque derives from the Norman French for five and is pronounced “sink” not “sank”. The club’s original premises were destroyed by fire in 1940. A seemingly disastrous occurrence at the time, it did lead to our moving to our present outstanding harbour-front location after the Second World War at the invitation of the then owners, an exclusive businessmen’s club known as the Dover Club.


Racing Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club has an active sailing section and offers a full competitive programme for eight months of the year. Fitting out is usually around mid-March but, by that time, the sailing programme is already under way. The first or second Saturday in March generally sees the start of our Spring Race Series. This is a five-race calendar run over successive Saturdays, with the best three results to count in deciding the series winner for the Joyce Martin Cup.

Graeme Sweeney -

There are similar racing series in the summer and the autumn, while the club’s two-day weekend regatta in August sees the John Davidson Plate and the Paul Iverson Cup, two of our most prized trophies, contested on successive days. The club has two start lines and a selection of courses that can be adapted to suit prevailing tide and wind conditions. We employ a handicapping system (ours uses Byron software, which makes time adjustments depending on the type of boat being raced. This means everybody starts on an equal footing regardless of their craft, with sailing ability determining the outcome.


Racing Continued... One of the advantages of being a club that dates back to 1872 is our silverware - some truly spectacular. Many of our historic trophies have been keenly fought for over the years by several generations of RCPYC sailors. One such example is the eye-catching Prince of Wales Cup an imposing trophy we have proudly on display. It is not contested every year but is an indication of the club’s pedigree and past history. Trophies are presented at the end-of-season Laying-up Supper, which is generally held in early December. This is a tremendously popular occasion and one of the club’s social nights of the year.


Boats from RCPYC also take part in Ramsgate Week - six days of ultra-competitive racing in a wide variety of sailing classes – and our members have had good success in this major event in the UK calendar. In addition, we support the Dover Regatta - a more leisurely-paced two-day mix of water-based events and attractions on land in early July. This features a colourful parade of sail round the harbour with the Lord Warden and the Mayor of Dover taking the salute from a flotilla of assembled boats, “dressed overall”.

The London 2012 Olympics brought much media coverage and great public interest to the participant sports, with RCPYC itself celebrating the visit of the Olympic Flame to Dover on its journey to London. Team GB again enjoyed medal success, and anyone caught by the sailing bug, after seeing it on television, can visit us at any time and try it for themselves, as the club offers regular “taster sailing� weekends during the spring and summer. Guests can come and see why sailing becomes an absorbing passion to many. And it

gives us a chance to show off our splendid premises at their best and encourage more people to become members. The clubhouse is open, and we have a programme of rope-work and safety demonstrations, slide-show presentations and trips to the marina which give visitors a taste of all things nautical. The Saturday evening usually ends with a barbecue and live music.


Cruising Cruising has become an increasingly popular part of sailing life at the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club. Our formative years were characterised by major competitive races, the results would make news around the world, and while racing is still an important part of the club’s raison d’etre, it is equally important to move with the times. As leisure time has grown, more and more people have discovered the enjoyment of sailing purely for pleasure. Boats offer a freedom like no other. Simply check the weather forecast, plan your trip, invite some friends, stock up with provisions and take off for a weekend, a long weekend or a whole week. Members sail to the Channel Islands, the West Country or wherever the mood takes them. France is only 21 miles away at its nearest point

across the Strait of Dover - difficult to forget when, on a clear day, you can see it beckoning you from across the water! And that is cruising in a nutshell: sociable sailing with the chance to discover new destinations and enjoy new experiences. The club has a host of group-orientated cruising events scheduled throughout the year, where members either sail together or meet up at the destination. These include regular rallies to our French neighbours and also to Belgian and Dutch harbours. Often trophies are awarded for “competitive cruising”, allowing a greater opportunity for boats and crews of all types and experience to compete for the club’s extensive cabinet of silverware.


Graeme Sweeney -

Membership Our current membership is over 300, most of whom are active sailing or social members. While many of our members live within easy reach of Dover, we have several who travel regularly from farther afield for our activities, and some whose boats are berthed permanently abroad. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in sailing or power boating - you do not have to be a boat owner to join the club - and social members are welcome. Many of our members originally joined because of the warm welcome they received when first entering our premises as guests.

Our membership encompasses all ages and all backgrounds. We offer Individual, Joint and Family Memberships, and our rates remain highly competitive when compared to other clubs in the South of England. While we are proud of our history and tradition, we maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and anyone interested in joining the club is welcome to drop in at any time to look around and have a chat. A member will sign you in and possibly even buy you a drink at the bar!



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Cadets’ Section If you are a young person keen on sailing or want to give the sport a try, then come and talk to us at Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club. The club is actively developing its Cadets’ Section and encouraging more young people into the sport. Thanks to an informal arrangement with our friends at Dover Sea Sports Centre, we have access to the craft required to enable us to teach dinghy sailing. This introduction to sailing can then be built upon and developed through exposure to the Royal Yachting Association’s (RYA) highly-regarded training courses, which can help beginner-sailors acquire the expertise necessary to feel safe on the water and hone the skills required for racing and sailing for pleasure.

Our aim is to run these RYA courses throughout the year, provide sailing opportunities for young people alongside their peers and build meaningful relationships with other dinghy clubs throughout Kent and further afield. For more information, contact Bernard Sealy through the club by calling 01304 206262.


Social Activities and Events We are rightly proud of our sailing heritage at Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club, but you do not have to be skilled on the water to appreciate what our club has to offer. RCPYC has a rich and varied social calendar and there is a full and interesting programme stretching from January to December. Our social secretary is extremely aware of the diversity of members and endeavours to include something that appeals to everyone. We hold traditional festivities to celebrate Christmas and the New Year and host a St George’s Day dinner in April.


There are also the popular sailing-related celebrations that you would expect, such as the Fitting-Out supper in March and the Laying-Up supper in November. The Trafalgar Day dinner held in mid-October is a particular highlight, with the club and dining tables looking resplendent as befits such an important date in naval history. Many members take the opportunity to dress up in their finery before being piped aboard, and both the local Royal Naval Association and the Dover Sea Cadets have become a part of this occasion in recent years. Our President, the Admiral the Lord Boyce, is usually the Guest of Honour.

But then there are a host of events that have nothing to do with sailing and merely underline the wide range of interests our members have, with the common thread linking them being the desire to get together and enjoy the warmth of each other’s company. The RCPYC’s own beer festival has steadily grown in popularity and the two-day event held in late February or early March is now become a part of many a Dover beer connoisseur’s annual calendar.

From film nights, which are generally held once a month, to quizzes, where our members get to show what a brainy bunch they are; from Valentine’s suppers to regular Sunday walks; from poetry evenings to wine tasting; a traditional Burns’ Supper, a St Patrick’s Day ceilidh, and our own club’s Shanty Men have been known to add to the entertainment - the opportunities are about as endless as there are slots in the calendar.


Established in Dover for over 140 years, we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing a thoroughly professional service to the community and to businesses in the area and beyond. Our specialist areas include: n Business Sales and Purchases

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Vive l’Entente Cordiale!! It is only fit and proper that every year, we pay homage to our nautical heritage and celebrate Admiral Lord Nelson’s finest (and final) hour in defeating the combined Spanish and French fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Happily, Anglo-French relations have come a long way since those days and we can proudly say the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club has been actively involved in building a fantastic rapport with our colleagues across the water, whom we are delighted to call “nos amis” (our friends). The sailing fraternity is always a very friendly one which generally has two things in common: people with a love of boats and the desire to have an enjoyable time. With Dover’s stunning setting and rich history, it is no

surprise that we are a regular port of call for our French comrades and are equally thrilled to visit them across the Channel at every opportunity. Our most popular sailing and social weekend takes place in late November, when we sail to across the Channel to sample the delights of that particular year’s vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau. After spending the Friday night on the Continent celebrating with our French friends, we sail back together for another night of celebration at the club, with plenty of bottles of “red fuel” on board. We have a cruise rally to Boulogne or Calais in July to celebrate Bastille Day, and we play against the French in an annual petanque match, as part of the Dover-Calais Festival of Sport, which each town takes turns to host.


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Clubhouse and Bar The Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club is located on Dover’s waterfront, only 300 yards east of the Marina, and commands a fine view of the busy harbour, ferry port and cruise terminal. All visiting yacht owners and their friends are welcome as honorary members, and are invited to avail themselves of the club’s amenities during their stay in the town.

There is a good range of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks available and, for the discerning beer drinker, real ales are always on tap. We have a snack menu, available daily from 12pm-2.30pm and again from 6pm9.30pm. There are sandwiches, salads and much more besides. With a little notice, more substantial meals can also be prepared and groups catered for.

The club bar is open for refreshment seven days a week at lunchtimes, and in the evenings opens every day except Sunday. Opening hours change slightly from summer to winter, so make sure to check our website ( to avoid disappointment.


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Clubhouse and Bar Continued... Visitors can relax and unwind, get to know our members, catch up with e-mails and the all-important weather forecast, thanks to the free Wi-Fi the club offers, or follow the latest current events on our large screen television. Weather permitting, the outside deck area provides a delightful spot for a lunchtime drink or a sundowner, watching the ferries come and go, or the dinghy racing in the harbour.

Visiting yachts and crews are often invited to take part in our various social, cruising and racing activities, by arrangement with a member. So, if you are visiting Dover, please do come in and see us. We are a very friendly club and a warm welcome awaits you.


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For Those Special Events/Meetings Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club is a popular choice for those looking for a pleasant venue for their event or function. Our facilities are both extensive and impressive and their versatility allows them to be used for a wide range of purposes. We have a separate function room (the Lord Warden Bar) that is available to hire for those seeking that special spot for a sit-down three-course dinner or we can provide buffet-style catering. The Lord Warden Bar can seat 30 comfortably and, for larger numbers, the combined Lord Warden and Prince of Wales bars can seat up to 60 for formal dining or accommodate up to 90 for buffet-style events. The deck area and garden is an ideal spot for barbecues and hog-roasts.

Our peaceful, picturesque setting overlooking the harbour makes it a very popular choice as a venue for family occasions. We have regular users who appreciate the comfortable surroundings and friendly service from our House Staff. Groups such as the Nautical Institute hold their monthly lectures here, and RCPYC members/ visitors are frequent and welcome attendees at these interesting and varied meetings.



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For Those Special Events/Meetings Continued... For clubs and businesses looking for a venue to hold a seminar, conference or meeting, we can accommodate up to 60 people in comfort in the Lord Warden Bar, while the Reading Room (named after one of our past Flag Officers) is ideally suited to smaller groups. Sometimes, a temporary change of scenery and just getting away from the office can work wonders for staff morale and productivity. Our meeting rooms are perfect for lectures, networking meetings, product launches, sales meetings or corporate training sessions. Hire is available mornings, afternoons or evenings, or the whole day if required and various catering and refreshment options are available.

Our caterers justifiably have an excellent reputation in Dover, and beyond, and will ensure your guests leave totally satisfied. Rather than offering a set meal, they prefer to discuss specific requirements with each event organiser, so that a menu is created that meets their individual needs. For more details about hiring the club for a business event or family occasion, please call the club on 01304 206262.


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Training Courses Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club has an ongoing commitment to ensuring our sailors, and anyone who takes to sea from the Port of Dover, is suitably qualified to do so. To a newcomer, sailing can be a daunting challenge, particularly with the ferry port and one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world right on our doorstep. As we all know, the sea can be a dangerous place and catch even the most seasoned sailor out. While it is true that knowledge and experience comes from spending time out on the water, it is equally true that it is impossible to have too much training. This is why we encourage novice sailors, with the help of our Training Officer, to undertake the International Certificate of Competence - a qualification widely accepted in Continental Europe. We also work in collaboration with others to offer the highly-regarded RYA Coastal Skipper/Yacht Master

Theory course at the club. This course is the advanced course building on the Day Skipper syllabus for more experienced skippers and is the perfect way to get ready for the Yacht Master Coastal and Yacht Master Offshore Practical Examinations. VHF radio courses are also run jointly. We hope to build on the success of this programme and host further courses in the future covering all levels and abilities. In addition, RCPYC is registered to teach the RYA First Aid at Sea Course, which covers most general injuries and illnesses, with particular emphasis on the variations applied at sea. Training is undertaken by a club member, who is both a qualified surgeon and an RYA instructor. For more details, ask at the bar or e-mail the honorary secretary at


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Active Marina Programme We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with both the RYA and Dover Harbour Board, in making Dover Marina part of the Active Marina programme. This scheme is aimed at boat owners to encourage them to make more use of their boats through training, cruising and social activities.

Whilst many of us have regularly crossed the Channel and consider ourselves knowledgeable and proficient, this tuition is aimed at crew, potential crew, new owners and those new to the area who may not have the same confidence or knowledge. And remember - you never stop learning!

A number of events have been planned, including shorebased and practical tuition by qualified RYA instructors. We offer tuition either on your own boat, on someone else’s boat, or we offer an opportunity to take the practical lessons on a boat provided by the club. There will be a small charge for these tuition days, but due to our participation in the Active Marina Programme, we offer a considerable saving when compared with that charged by commercial sailing schools.

Further details of the courses available, and future dates, can be found on the club’s website, www.rcpyc.



CLUB REGALIA R.C.P.Y.C and Henri Lloyd have joined forces to produce a superb range of Club Regalia. Our partners at Henri Lloyd have provided pioneering technology in sailing apparel and intelligent innovation since 1963. You can now buy official Club Regalia manufactured by Henri Lloyd from our club house or direct from our local store at favourable discounted rates. Other items from their sales floor stock can be branded with our club logo. Bespoke items are also available with members and boat names added for an additional charge. Please contact your club house or Henri Lloyd for further information Henri Lloyd Ltd. McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Village 110 Kimberley way, Ashford Kent TN24 0SD 01233 625641



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Navigational Information Dover has an Outer Harbour containing ferry and deepwater commercial berths and an Inner Harbour, where the Marina and former Hoverport are located. The entrance is straightforward, but all small craft are requested to call Dover Port Control (VHF 74) when two miles off to receive instructions for entering the port, and permission to enter will usually be granted when your craft is 200m from either the Western or Eastern entrance. The tide can run fast across the entrances, so be sure to allow for this, and keep a careful watch for commercial vessels at all times in this busy port!

Once inside the Outer Harbour, you should proceed towards and into the Inner Harbour located between the Admiralty and Prince of Wales piers. As you enter the Tidal Harbour, switch to VHF Channel 80 to communicate with Dover Marina staff, who will arrange a berth allocation. There is a Marina Reception pontoon on the Crosswall Quay in the Tidal Basin, directly below the office, where marina staff are present 24 hours a day to assist you.



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Dover Marina Facilities Dover is within easy reach of the French marinas of Boulogne, Calais, Gravelines and Dunkerque. Normandy and the Belgian and Dutch coasts are also very accessible. The marina has an excellent range of facilities and services that have earned it the top Five Gold Anchor rating from The Yacht Harbour Association. There are 399 berths in three berthing areas key-coded for security, with fresh water and electricity supplied as part of the mooring fees. Full toilet and shower facilities, plus baby changing facilities, are provided 24 hours a day in five places and there are two laundry rooms: by the Clock Tower and at Wellington Dock. An excellent and well-stocked chandlery is five minutes walk away, and will supply all your boating needs, from a shackle to a rubber dinghy!

Visiting craft may be anchored in the Outer Harbour but should not be left unattended. You may enter the Tidal Harbour and contact Marina staff (VHF 80) for a berth to be allocated, or go straight to the reception pontoon. A scrubbing berth, which is also available for minor repairs, is located on Dolphin Hard in the Tidal Harbour. Its use can be arranged at the Marina Office. For major repairs and maintenance, a hoist with a lifting capacity of 50 tonnes is situated in Granville Dock. Dover Marina is a member of TransEurope Marinas, a partnership of marinas offering their resident berthholders discount mooring fees when they visit other members’ marinas.


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Things to Do in Dover Dover is an ideal destination for those looking for a base to discover all that this historic region has to offer, or as a stopping-off point before setting off for Continental Europe. As well as the spectacular waterfront panorama and the White (Langdon) Cliffs made famous in song by Dame Vera Lynn (an honorary member), Dover itself has a host of other attractions to enthral visitors. These include: • Dover Castle • The White Cliffs Visitor Centre • The Roman Painted House • The Dover Museum, housing the unique Bronze-Age Boat Gallery • Crabble Corn Mill • Samphire Hoe – a nature reserve built with the spoil from the Channel Tunnel. • The Western Heights, including the Grand Shaft and Drop Redoubt – both built during the Napoleonic period. • Just outside Dover is the Battle of Britain memorial at Capel-le-Ferne.

Many events take place throughout the year, with a free annual open air drama performance in Dover Castle at the end of June. May sees the Dover Pageant, the Dover Carnival takes place in July and the Christmas lights are switched on in late November. Dover Castle, in an imposing position overlooking the harbour, is fascinating in its own right. Incredibly well preserved, its Great Keep was built by Henry II in the 1180s, and has been the subject of a multi-million pound refurbishment. The underground tunnels, the nerve centre for the Dunkirk evacuation, are well worth a visit. Slightly further afield, the historic cathedral city of Canterbury is only 20 minutes’ away, while the spectacular Leeds Castle is also within easy reach. For more information, visit and 45

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Who’s Who at Royal Cinque Ports Flag Officers Commodore Vice Commodore Rear Commodore Sail Rear Commodore Power Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer

Trustees Bernard Sealy Richard Hart David M Ford Mo Parkin Garry Doherty Stephen Anderson

Irving Benjamin Keith Gallagher Peter Jenkins Brenda Stewart

Committee Members Helen Hoffman Len Hood Peter Lees Lesley Sinnock


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Email: 25a Singledge Lane | Dover | Kent | CT16 3EL

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How to Find Us and Contact Us Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club enjoys a premier location on the seafront overlooking Dover Harbour, and is easily reached by road, rail or sea. Dover enjoys excellent road links into the motorway network via the M2 and M20, has a railway station (Dover Priory) a short walk from the harbour, and a fast ferry service to France. The Ashford International rail station, with fast links to Paris and other Continental destinations via the Eurostar train and the Channel Tunnel, is only 20 miles along the M20 motorway. The Folkestone Eurotunnel Terminal is nearby for passengers with vehicles. Our position is 51° 07.17’ N, 1° 19.35’ E, while for satellite navigation purposes, our postcode is CT16 1LA.

Directions From London - Take the M20 towards Dover. Follow the A20 for about seven miles, over two roundabouts. At the Prince of Wales Roundabout, take the 2nd exit on to the Esplanade. Turn left to stay on the Esplanade and immediately over a small roundabout before taking a left onto Cambridge Road. At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Waterloo Crescent. The club is on the right, with parking immediately opposite on the left. From Folkestone - Take the A20 until reaching the Prince of Wales Roundabout and then follow the directions as above.


How to Find Us and Contact Us Continued... From Canterbury - Take the A2 into Dover. At Eastern Docks Roundabout, take the 1st exit onto the A20 heading to London/M20/Folkestone. After half a mile turn, left onto Wellesley Rd and then first right onto Camden Crescent. The club is situated on the small roundabout with the monument, and there is parking just opposite. Public transport The nearest railway station is Dover Priory, which is less than a mile (or a 15-minute walk) away. Southeastern run up to three trains an hour to London St Pancras International. Journey time on the fastest service is approximately 68 minutes. Up to two trains an hour run to Canterbury. Journey time on the fastest service is approximately 21 minutes. 50

There are regular bus services to most towns and villages around Dover including Folkestone, Deal and Canterbury. Regular bus services can be caught from the Eastern Docks or Pencester Road in the town centre.

Contact Us We look forward to welcoming you to Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club. If you have any questions, or would like further information, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club Waterloo Crescent, Dover, Kent, CT16 1LA Telephone: 01304 206262 E-mail: Website:

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1-4 Poulton Cl, Coombe Valley Business Pk, DOVER, CT17 0HL


Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club | Waterloo Crescent | Dover | Kent | CT16 1LA Telephone: 01304 206262 | E-mail:


A guide to the yacht club, sailing and facilities, and supporting local businesses.

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