The Great Adventure of a Little Reindeer

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The Great Adventure of a Little Reindeer


ar, far away in the enchanted forest, there was an unusual little cottage. In this cottage lived a small, extraordinary reindeer. Why was he so extraordinary? Because he was very different from the others. One day, he decided to leave the forest and start the adventurous journey to Santa's village...

Agnieszka Podgórska, PP21 Radom, Poland

he deer decided to search for the city of Santa Claus with his friend the squirrel. So without waiting for anything, he rushed to his house. The knocker knocked on the door, but no one opened it... - Where did the squirrel go? thought the deer.

Ramutė Beržanskienė kindergarten "Drugelis" Šiauliai, Lithuania

he reindeer then heard someone calling him.He looked up and saw the wise owl. -Are you looking for the squirrel? the owl asked. -Yes my dear owl, did you see him? -Of course,said the owl.He went to the big oak tree to collect acorns...

Elena Kokova,2nd kindergarten of Zagora,Greece

he reindeer went to the big oak to find the squirrel, but he was gone. But he found some other reindeer and they decided to travel together. They proceeded through the forest and found themselves at a crossroads. They didn't know whether to go right or left. Then they heard from the right a distant sound "HO HO HO" and a wooden arrow appeared pointing that way. Santa's hat was hanging on the sign.

1st kindergarten of Nydriou, Lefkada, Greece

he reindeer were wondered.Why was his hat hanging there? They walk in the direction the arrow pointed and came upon a beautiful,snowcovered village, where tiny elves were walking hurriedly carrying packages on red polished sleigh. The little reindeer was jumping happily and its nose was constantly flashing colors when suddenly appeared worried Santa's wife.She told them that Santa had disappeared without even touching the good-smelling cookies and the hot cocoa she had prepared for him......

1st kindergarten of Sperchiada,GreecePanagiota Daliou

he reindeer decided he had to help find Santa Claus. The time for delivering gifts is approaching! Without thinking much, he soared into the sky and illuminated the night with his wonderful nose. He deeply believed that Nicholas was just lost in a thick fog and would soon find his way. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice: "HO HO HO"!

Ewelina Mordka, PP21 w Radomiu, Polska-

t was Santa Claus. "I finally found you Santa! But what are you doing here? Everyone is looking for you." asked the reindeer in wonder. And then he realized that behind Santa Claus was hiding his friend the squirrel. "And you here? I was looking for you." he said. Then Santa told him the whole truth. "The squirrel kidnapped me from my house because he was angry that I only took presents to the children and not to him. So he thought of kidnapping me so that he could get all the presents for him." The reindeer was shocked by what he heard. He couldn't believe that his friend had done something so bad.

3rd Kindergarten of Aspropyrgos, Greece

e scolded his friend and released Santa Claus.Then they thought for one day to act like an elf and distribute gifts.Everyone was happy with this perfect idea .When they started distributing gifts,everyone was happy.Everyone receivd gifts and none of them were left without gifts.

fter this adventure and the kidnapping Santa Claus was very angry with the squirrel.The deer who still loved his friend tried to talk to Santa Claus and explain to him that the squirrel was not bad but reckless.The squirrel, in order to prove that he was sorry for his act, told everyone that he does not want to receive a present this year and that he prefers his present to be given to the best child in the village.He also emphasized that from now on, for whatever help Santa Claus needs, he is willing to help.After all this, Santa's wife invited the squirrel, deer and elves to her house and treated them to hot chocolate and butter cookies with frosting.

Antonopoulou Athanasia, Primary school of Kato Kamila Serres

ing ring, ring ring!!!! Suddenly the phone rang... "North pole, Santa speaking". It was the three kings from Spain. "We have a problem, Melchor has a cold and we need help with the presents for the 6th of January, Can you help us?" "Of course" said Santa, "I know just the right elves". Santa puts down the phone and says "That´s enough hot chocolate for today, we have a job to do!"

Nadia y Saranay Ceip Araya.

fter a day Santa arrived in Spain. -Nice to meet you Caspar and Balthasar said Santa Claus. -First of all, thank you for accepting our invitation. We need your help. -Tell me about your plan. -We will work together to finish faster. We will give you the map where you go to give the gifts to the children. Before Santa started work, there was a little time. He decided to go for a tour with the reindeers. He went to the Parque del Retiro. Ho ho ho he said as he moved forward in the sleigh.

kindergarten of Lagkada .

The End

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