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From the editor's desk, While going through the editorials of the previous issues of Echoes, PING's predecessor, I came across one word repeatedly - 'indifference'. Over the years, IIIT's newsletter, no matter what its name might be, has sought to remove this one trait which is born out of lack of awareness. Call it indifference. Call it apathy. Call it lack of interest. Fact of the matter is that most of us are happy commenting on the status quo without making efforts to bring about any sort of change. That's where Ping comes in. It's more than just a literary renaissance. In trying to revive the newsletter, we're also trying to bring to life those who have so far chosen to stand and quietly observe. It's time now, the fifth house - the one that belongs to neither of the four and is united only in its ‘inaction’ - comes to life. And that's what Ping seeks to do - it's a 'ping' to IIIT and we're awaiting your response. Although we will continue what Echoes started, we choose not to be just an echo of our predecessor - we also intend to trailblaze new paths. One step in this direction is the new website which will archive all softcopies of PING (and the previous issues of Echoes) as well as the fiction pieces sent to Ping (those go into the literary section). IIIT is a veritable hub of activity - be it our sports enthusiasts burning the nightlights (and thereby a hole in the administration's pocket) or the frenzied cultural council dashing off hurried mails announcing upcoming cultural events to students; something or the other is always afoot. On a lighter note, PING is also your personal informant - what's hot, what's not, who's wielding the mic, what's cooking on the court - it's all here. So that you don't remain a stranger in your own campus. In brief, we hope to bring to you your news in your own words and we hope that by the end of this academic year, the PING team may grow to include all of IIIT. The holiday season is about to begin and although it will be preceded by the relatively darker period of examination, we'd like to skip the dark part and so, this issue is in keeping with the festive spirit of Christmas. Hope you all have a great holiday. Also wishing luck to all those sitting for placements. See you next year! 1

25th November, 2009

A day with the Dean Currently, MIT has a course structure in which there is no grading in the first semester. This gives enough room for students to explore and experiment. What do you have to say about such a system, if implemented in IIIT? Sir : I don't think grades are important. Yes, they are there and you have grades just like you have height and weight. If one learns and understands and if there's a rational evaluation, then you will be recognized for what you learn. If there is any organization that calls up students based on their grades, I wouldn't go there. I would only be worried if a student performs poorly in IT workshop, Electronics workshop courses or BTPs, but students are doing well there. If you work to learn, you are bound to enjoy. Grades are just a representation of how well academics are going on in the institute. If you ask me, the institute would like to introduce a system that enables the faculty to give a student a paper at the end of four-five years saying he is good enough to be a graduate and the paper is sufficient to get him/her a job or pursue higher studies (with no grades). But in such a case, students must show that they are learning and present themselves as knowledgeable persons. If we had an environment where students look forward to everyday’s learning, we would never need grades.

There have been some unfortunate incidents concerning the new entrants to IIIT. What is your take on them ? Sir : This year unfortunately I am not in touch with the UG1 so I am not aware of the incidents that occurred. But I still don't think so. Even few years back there were some student groups who were quite "energetic". To understand this question of behaviour one must analyze the role of the "silent majority" in a batch. It is these who change the way the things go and tilt them. It has to be worked out with students how to make them proactive and come forward to ensure untoward incidents do not happen. Often professors say, "Unfortunately we don't have professional TAs ." Your comment on this. Sir : I am hearing this term "professional TA" for the first time. I do not think anything like this exists rather we can call it "an enthusiastic TA". There are few issues in having capable TAs: 1.Sometime the courses are new. 2. Neither the faculty nor the TAs have got any experience in teaching that course earlier. 3. To add to it some students do have some knowledge of that subject but they are not of the same core area as that of the subject. So ultimately it all depends on how a TA takes it up. But we do make sure that in case the feedback is not up to the mark then that TA is not allocated a course in future.

In the course, "Social choice theory" (SCT) many students failed. Your reply was that humanities courses should be treated in the same manner as mathematical courses and should have binary marking scheme. Also, you claimed that this policy will be implemented from the next semester. It seems that neither mathematical nor humanities courses are being graded in this manner. Nothing has been done even to assess the policy. Please comment. Sir : There has been a misunderstanding. Social Choice Theory is a branch of Economics that is mathematical and requires understanding of core concepts. If there are students who do not understand the subject, the faculty has the right to award them a zero. In fact in this course, a lot of students did well too. The Professor who was a guest faculty, an economist from JNU, had also cleared each person's queries separately regarding their answer paper. Academic integrity was never in question. It's just that students took it easy. It’s not for the first or the last time that this has happened. I personally prefer binary marking for the simple reason that I have seen the quality of answers degrade over the years. Clarity, preciseness and completeness are missing in 85-90% of answers. If it's only grades that the students work towards, then the marking should also make them write whole answers.

How is your experience in attending Parliament meetings? Any suggestions on the conduct of such sessions. Sir : I was till recently a faculty nominee for the Parliament meetings. It is my belief that faculty should not interfere in the deliberations of Student Parliament. So I attended the meetings as a silent observer and absorbed whatever went on. I believe that the student body can be a lot more proactive than what they are. Currently we find the same 10 -15 % of students everywhere. I don't expect to see more than 100 students at the Sports Meet out of a family of 1200. I don't know why this happens but the students must take up this issue and instil enthusiasm amongst their peers. This (17- 22 years) is the age to indulge in all kinds of extra-curricular activities and sports. All students must fully be a part of the IIIT family, participate and attend all events. 2

How have you seen the students evolve over the years? Say, comparing the first years with the fourth years.

Your favourites: Movies – 2001(Space Odyssey), many sci-fi movies, (2012 ?? That is just hype...probably full of forgettable special effects).

Sir : Students have lost creativity. They are increasingly becoming mechanical and want algorithms for everything. Students like to play safe these days but research is not about playing safe. Playing safe has become a norm rather than an exception. Students must realize that they worked hard to come here to work harder, the harder they work the easier it gets. I would say a student can take a year off, do what he likes, come again and pursue his studies. Such kind of endeavours helps a student explore new fields.

Books – Harry Potter (One must notice all the CS in the books, like Marauders map is nothing but a GPS system) and many more. Comics - Tintin, Calvin and Hobbes, Asterix and Obelix Sports - Cricket. I would also like baseball to be promoted in IIIT. I love to see creativity in sports rather than score-lines.

Your message to students: Sir : This is a research institute. You come here to work hard to do research and not for a job. It is like you go to NDA to become a cadet and not to become a professor. There is no choice once you have joined IIIT. Accept it and do your best.

Professor – Dr. Govindarajulu, no second thought about it !!

#include<iiit.h> -by TheKingsGambit & Gaurav Agarwal – TheKingsGambit went forth to represent India in the ACM Inter Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) 2009 in Sweden, creating history for IIIT-H. Today, TheKingsGambit has Rajat Goel in place of Ajay Somani (who is currently at Google Bangalore). In the ACM-ICPC Regionals this year, 3 teams from our college went to participate - BlitzKrieg (Madhava Rao, Rishikesh, Sundeep), Dream (Yash, Nadeem, Rahul Goutam) and of course, TheKingsGambit. All the teams performed well, but TKG once again proved their mettle by qualifying for the World Finals, for the second time in succession.

If you’ve been around in IIIT-H for some time, then you must have dabbled in a bit of good old programming... we all have :) In fact, our institute has nurtured some of the finest programmers of the country, who have not only excelled at the National Level, but have also gone forth to represent India in International Events. Ever wondered how it came to be like this? How did IIIT scale such heights in the world of Computer Programming? Like all things, it began with a few people who took an interest, and were willing to do something new. A few motivated guys from UG2K4 got together as a team – CTRL_D. They turned a few heads by grabbing the top spot in the programming contest at TechKriti, IIT Kanpur. Sandeep Kumar a.k.a. Turbo, Ankur Jaiswal & Suprit Achar made up the team, which stood among the top 10 in many other contests in their time.

The current UG2 and UG3 also have their own fair share of talent – Yash, Madhava, Kunal, Nadeem and many more. In fact, even the first years have shown great promise, judging by their performance in the IntraIIIT Programming Contests held this semester.

In 2005, a young fella called Ajay Somani joined IIIT (yeah, he was a mere 15 when he came here)... not before long, he found his forte in programming. This guy, with his batchmates, Abhilash I. and Sharat Chandra P., formed a team called OpenGL and did well in contests all over India. The 2006 batch saw the arrival of two people, who would complete the team called TheKingsGambit, a team that would completely redefine the programming scene at IIIT. Ajay Somani, Anshuman Singh

“To become a good programmer, you must have an interest in Problem Solving”, says Anshuman Singh. But that’s not enough... to hone your skills, it is necessary to be diligent, focused and to never stop learning. A tendency among students in our college is to stop programming once they are done with the C Programming & Data Structures courses. “This is bad”, says Gaurav Agarwal, because you lose touch, and you have to get your basics back in order before going any further.

“Yak Yak Yak... Enough history, I wanna do what these dudes do, and I wanna do it better!!”


Some suggestions for improving your coding skills from the bonds are :

experienced is always a great idea :)

 Solve problems online at any judge of your choice - SPOJ, ACM-UVA, TopCoder etc  Improve your mathematics and general problem solving skills  Read tutorials on Wikipedia, TopCoder  Start by attempting easy problems, and soon you’ll be solving tougher ones

Anshuman & Gaurav have taken the initiative to revive IIIT’s Programming Club, in their effort to continue the programming legacy of our Institute. In a stunning move, they’ve managed to get Google as the club’s Official Sponsor!! This means Cash prizes, Google TShirts, Bags etc. for the winners of Club-Organized Monthly Contests :)In the near future, they plan to expand the scope of the IIIT Programming club by conducting open contests... and much more

If you stay focused for the initial few weeks (Gaurav compares this to the “Threshold Energy” of particles in Physics!!), you are bound to continue programming as a hobby... Of course, asking for help from the more

We wish them good luck in their Endeavours... :wq

Sports @ IIIT-H prised its critics. Aakash held the second spot on the rostrum in volleyball, throw ball and cricket, once again proving their mettle. Chess, the game of the wise, saw some fierce battles on the 8x8 wooden boards, with Vayu taking the icing on the cake in the men’s category and Prithvi taking away the women’s trophy.

Although students in IIIT are not too gaga over the early morning PT and Yoga, they are certainly not out of love for Sports. One can verify the verity of this hypothesis merely by examining the football ground or the basket ball court at any time of the day. Recently, members of the IIIT family had the prerogative of displaying this love, for the ninth Intra College Sports Meet was held on the 13th and 14th of November.

Prithvi dominated both Badminton and Carrom tournaments. At this point, we had Prithvi leading the points table, followed by Agni, Vayu and then Aakash. The magnificence and the grandeur of the Ninth Sports meet were not affected by the heavy downpour on the 12th of November. As is the custom, the sports day began with the March Past. In their colourful house jerseys, the marchers portrayed their discipline and order. Soon after the march past, the inauguration ceremony marked the s t a r t o f t h e e v e n t s . Some of this year’s star performers who deserve a mention here are Nishanth Reddy (Agni, UG2K4), the sportsman of the year who made it to the top, fourth year in a row and Tanvi Gupta (Aakash, UG2K9), the sportswoman of the year. Nishanth bagged the gold medal in four out of the five events he had participated which include 100m, 400m track events and long jump and triple jump events and got silver in the 200m sprint. Tanvi won the gold in Long Jump and Shot-put, an remarkable feat, and many more medals in other events. In the games segment, the best players were Addhyan Pandey (Vayu, UG2K7) for football, Jyothish (Vayu, MS) for basketball, Narender Reddy (Prithvi) for volleyball, K Silpa (Vayu) for throw ball and Sagar Gupta (Agni, UG2K6) for cricket.

Students with Badminton Ace Saina Nehwal

This monsoon semester, the sports calendar began with the table tennis event which was dominated by the Agni House. While Agni won in the girls’ and the mixed doubles categories, Prithvi claimed the men’s shield. After table tennis, the sports season took off in full fledge with a plethora of other sports events. Prithvi claimed the Volleyball shield and Agni won in the Cricket tournament. Vayu, which had been silent so far, came back strongly to secure ownership of the coveted throw ball, football and basketball shields. In doing so, Vayu broke the seemingly everlasting winning streak of Prithvi in the Basketball tournament. Aakash’s win over Agni in foot- It is not wrongly put that Sports is for everyone! Onlookball and basketball to secure the third slot certainly sur- ers were amazed by the level of participation among the 4

faculty members. While Mr. Prabhakar won the Uncle Charlie Chaplin walk, he was the runner up in Javelin throw and the second runner up in 400m. Mrs. Kavita Vemuri dominated the women's events and was the winner of Discus throw, Shot-put and Javelin Throw.

Cultural Panorama Well, this year's Two-to-Tango was as good as ever, but undoubtedly for most of us, the euphoria created would surely make a lasting impression in our cognition. It was a delight to see so many amazing performances and one could only wonder how difficult it would be for the judges to have just 3 positions to be awarded.

Finally, at the end of the sports meet, Prithvi won the prestigious overall championship with 2060 points, a consequence of the exceptional performances by Prithvians. Other houses did just as well. In the words of Amy Bass- “it is not the triumph but the struggle that makes you a winner.”

The teams that bagged the top positions are Ujjaval (Prithvi, UG2K8) & Shantanu Rai (Prithvi, UG2k9), Prahal & Supriya (Prithvi, UG2k9), Sagar (Vayu, UG2k8) & Varun (Vayu, UG2k9).

The Ping team on behalf of the entire IIIT-H students’ community would like to take this opportunity to thank the efforts and hardwork put forward by K S Kamalakar (Physical Education Officer), Dr. Kannan Srinathan and Dr. Shyam Sunder Reddy (Faculty incharge sports). Also, special thanks to Dr. Kamal Karlapalem, Dr. Abhijit Mitra, Dr. Pradeep Ramancharla, Dr. Tapan Kumar Sau, Dr. Rawat, Smt. Kavita Vemuri, Sri K Satyanarayana and other faculty and staff members who took time out from their busy schedules and participated in the cricket match (at the end of sports meet) and other events. This year saw glimpses of new winners from the first year and also the last performances of some of IIIT’s best sportspersons. Hats-off to all the folks who worked hard and played harder, thus making this year’s sports activities fun and competitive.

This time, the standards have been raised to new heights. The audience was introduced to innovative concepts like Prithvi’s skate dance, Aakash’s puppet show and an awesome human coordination act by Vayu. The event was meticulously organized by Rajesh Chowdary and Sagar Patil and was highly appreciated and enjoyed by the audience. No wonder, cheering took the place of the usual jeering. On the 10th of November, we had the Inter-house Dumb C. The event got the same amount of enthusiasm from participants, as was put in by the organizers. There were 4 teams from each of the four houses. The event began with a general elimination round, where each team was given a minute and were supposed to guess as many movies as possible from the four given titles. After about an hour and a half of frantic air drawing, object pointing and random mimicries, six teams proceeded to the next round. This was a bit more challenging beacuse each team was given only 1.5 minutes to guess two movies, a book and a personality. Yet again, the teams showed great performances, and finally Abhinav, Pulkit and Aditya (Vayu) were the winners. Akshit, Medha and Tanvi (Aakash) came a close second while Altamish, Nirvana and Wasif (Prithvi) were third. The event in totality was a huge success. The next event in line was Creative writing. This event brought together the budding writers and pushed them into a world of imagination. The organizers came up with “creative” challenges such as writing a story on the topic 'A knife in a thief’s pocket' and writing jingles for products, 'Fair and Lovely Cream' and 'All Out Mosquito repellent'. The results are awaited.

The friendly basket-ball match between IIIT-H and NIFT-H witnessed a huge turnout, marking the spirit of IIIT-H. Everyone felt the need of a bigger ground , not for the game, but to accommodate the audience! (who showed an unusual interest in the ... :P)


A Helping Hand

- by Piyush Arora teers visited this place. We all had great fun as we spent around four hours with the kids there. After the ‘interaction’ with the children, snacks were served, following which we played games with them. The total expenses incurred for these visits were about Rs. 8,000. Most of the children in both the orphanages are runaways, rag-pickers and street dwellers, brought from various parts of the city. These students are very intelligent and sincere. I would like to mention one instance where while interacting with one student of 4th class I asked him what his ambition was and he replied "orthopaedic". I thought he might have heard of it somewhere, that's why he is mentioning it, because probably at his age had someone asked me, I myself would not have been able to even spell it properly. But this Lilliputian standing in front of me said, "Anna, I want to become an orthopaedic since my father's leg is crippled and he is not able to move properly". Similarly a 3rd class students said that he wanted to become a child specialist since child care is not done properly in hospitals. Really, these words struck me deep inside !

Contribution for flood affected peopleWe are all aware of the tragic events that took place in parts of A.P. and Karnataka. More than thirteen districts were heavily flooded. In this regard, we asked for contributions from the students’ community for the floodaffected people. We got a pretty good response from the students, about Rs. 9,000 cash and a large amount of clothing was collected. An amount of Rs 5000, collected during the accident of the sugarcane juice vendor was also added upon the students' consent, thereby amounting to Rs. 14000. The faculty also came forward and presented a generous donation of their one day’s salary. I sincerely hope that if any similar situation arises in the future, people will once again come forward and offer their help and services generously with the same spirit of togetherness.

Motivated and inspired by our visit to orphanages on Diwali, 2 IIITians, Kasthuri Bai and Manju (Masters in CCNSB) came forward and contributed Rs 2500 with which we bought 75 kgs of rice and 60 washing soaps for Chavadi Welfare Society as per their needs. I hope that people take this as an example and step forward to help these under-privileged children more often and experience the joy of helping the needy. Our small deeds when put together, can really bring happiness in lives of many.


Visit to orphanages on Diwali It was one of the best days we'd ever had. Everything turned out to be far better than what was expected. Around 65 students from across all batches joined us in our visit to the orphanages. It was heartening to witness such an overwhelming response from the students.

To kill an uneventful weekend, read The Two States by Chetan Bhagat. Bogged down by assignments, projects and the exams? Listen to Working Man -by

1)Chavadi Welfare SocietyThis orphanage has around 35 children and was visited by 20 volunteers. At first we had an interactive session in which we talked to the children where they showed us their paintings and other skills. Then we served snacks, played musical chairs and had a small Diwali celebration with them. We spent around three hours there. It was an amazing experience for two reasons. First, interaction with kids is always a delight as they are the most innocent souls on the earth. Second, the interest shown by every IIITian was laudable.

Rush. Eat out without burning a hole in your pocket: stroll to the Parotha point near the DLF building for a quick meal. All you cinema lovers, don’t miss Inglourious Basterds. -- the latest directorial masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino.

2)Hyderabad Council of Human WelfareThis orphanage has 160 children, and around 45 volun6

Academic Committee

Alumni Talk

-by Abhilash I.

Recently formed Academic committee, discussed the issue of course feedback in their first meeting. Academic committee holds the opinion that student feedback plays a crucial role in improving the course quality. However the current feedback does not contribute in doing so as much as it should; for the students have come to perceive that filling the feedback from is a ritual and they fear that an honest feedback would affect their grades.

Gaming, is one of the passions of many in IIIT-H, but very few sought it as a career. Did you know that our precious alumni has such a game lover who sought a career in the field of game development? Mr. M. V. Chaitanya ( Batch - UG 98) is a game developer in the company Sierra Atlantic, at the post of Sr. Software Consultant. He is right now the head of 3 game development teams within Sierra Atlantic . We caught up with him and questioned him on his unconventional path taken, where striving for big software empires is the general approach.

The Academic committee in it's first meeting held on 28/10/09 started its search to set up the right structure that would improve the course quality. Our first step was to enumerate a few basic principles of course feedback:

Q. How did you get interested in Game Development?

1. We should find a way to get honest and sensible course feedback from students. 2. De-emphasize the idea of evaluation of instructor skills and emphasis should be more on improving course quality. 3. We should have structures to record feedback and improve the course during the whole semester and for the coming academic term. 4. We should aim to improve/take every course to reach its best/optimum.

At my time there was no internet. Labs in IIIT closed around 9 or 10 PM. We did assignments, gaming and everything in labs. Magazines like DATAQUEST came with free discs of demos of all kinds of softwares and games. I used to install everything from baby planning softwares, GPS locators to games like Comanche Gold and Age of Empires. While playing games ,I developed an interest in the making of games. I learnt tools like VGAMOD, Open-GL and 3-D Studio-Max and started writing small games. The first visual program which I wrote was Radar Screen. Q. What is difference between other IT jobs and Game Development?

Guided by our desire to improve course quality through feedback, Academic committee conducted an experiment. The committee members took feedback from students in one of the courses with the instructor's consent. The students wrote the feedback and then the members read through it and drafted relevant suggestions to the instructor. Constructive suggestions were very well received by the instructor and the practical ones are being implemented in the remaining part of the course. Academic committee is gratified to see a prompt response from both students and the instructor.

In game development one deals with end user development. While most of the other software are sold to companies to get the job done, in games you fiddle with the tastes of people. Fun factor plays a major role in any game. You need to interact with artists which is a difficult task initially. Q. State of gaming industry in India back then and now? At that time very few companies were there. Today around 80 companies work in the field of game development. It’s under development process and still at a slow rate.

Notable is the simplicity and effectiveness of such a process. The student suggestions go to the instructor in a timely fashion with no bureaucracies involved, and desired changes in the course can be seen immediately. To achieve all this an active participation from students side is necessary. Students can collect the feedback on a course and aggregate common opinions to pass them to the corresponding instructors. If there are certain issues the course registrants can't take up to the faculty member, the Academic committee will be more than happy to do that.

Q. What would you advise IIITians who want to pursue Game development as a career? “If you are not a gamer you can’t be a good game developer. You may be a good gamer but you may not be a good game developer”. In game development, art is as important as programming. Cross-disciplinary knowledge is a real strength in this field. Team-work is also very important. You need to have a passion towards building and completing games. Start in college itself. Make a game for yourself, a game which you want to play. Don’t only start with writing a game, “finish it”.

When a student makes a suggestion and comes to the next class to see that his ideas have been taken seriously and implemented, it will be a proud moment for him/her. With such things happening around frequently, we know we will be onto something.

One Line message: “Grow up, don’t just grow old.” We thank Mr. M. V. Chaitanya for his precious time and wish him luck for his future adventures in the gaming arena. -Interviewed by Nahil Jain


MISSED CALL Everyone receives "missed calls" on their mobiles quite often. But have you ever wondered what role can they play in your life? Find out in the witty and humorous article written by Ishan Rastogi (UG‐ 3) ‐ what missed calls are for him and why a NOKIA 1500 is as same as the flashy Blackberry. SMILE IS ALL I WANT FROM YOU An old saying says "It takes only 13 muscles to Smile but 64 mus‐ cles to frown!!" But still we are reluctant to smile. Find out why Govind Bharadwaj (UG‐2) wants a smile from you. WHO CARES? Divide and Rule!!! A common line is India’s history at the time of the British. The British used it to manipulate the Indian people. But even after 62 years of Independence have we been able to de‐ velop a good understanding of this term? Find out what Manish K u m a r S h a r m a h a s t o s a y a b o u t t h i s . HERE IS NOBODY TO LISTEN Diwali as we know, one of the most awaited festivals in the Indian Sub‐Continent and a perfect time for many students to visit their homes. But have you ever thought how does a person feel who is unable to go. Find out from a beautiful poem written by Siddhar‐ tha Kashyap. Here are a few lines :‐

1. There is lack of good stationary and general store. The one stationary shop which we have in NBH is mostly closed and at the general store also, we don't get many items of daily use. Even for a refill, we need to rush to Indranagar or sometimes even further. The small shop near library does not keep refills. 2. At this year's convocation every student of UG who was in the dean’s list was appreciated. But no PG student's name was mentioned there. Their name was not even mentioned in the booklet which was provided to passing out students. Good student must be appreciated, as such appreciation encourages others to work hard. One of the passed out students from M-Tech. Bio-informatics has already written a mail to Dean academics and forwarded to PG2 regarding this issue and also he had mentioned some other issues but no reply was received as of time of print.

There is nobody 2 listen, except the Echo of my own words There is nobody 2 observe, except my Mirror Image. A pen is mightier than the sword, they say! Included here are excerpts from the witty observations and poetic creations of some of our own students who have chosen to wield this weapon. Read the complete pieces at

Response from The Dean Academics I do not think there were Dean's list names in the booklet given out to the graduating students. I need to check it out. But if something like this has happened it needs to be rectified. 3. The EC department at IIIT-H has been suffering from serious problems over the past many years, some of them being – shortage of faculty members, lack of lab components and infrastructure, practical exposure to simulation softwares like MATLAB is abysmally low and low quality of placements. Response from DEAN Academics and EC HOD (during SFIS on 19-11-2009) We are painfully aware of the situation and are in talks with many professors to join the institute for the EC program. The college will put in more effort to promote the visibility of the EC department in the industry and attract more core EC companies to IIIT-H for placements. More emphasis on practical skills will be put.

SPECIAL THANKS TO — Piyush Arora , Anshuman Singh and Gaurav Agarwal , Abhilash I. , Ishan Rastogi , Govind Bhardwaj , Manish Kumar Sharma , Siddharth Kashyap , MV Chaitanya (alumni) & S.Badrinath ( for his suggestions , guidance, and invaluable assistance throughout)


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