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Pinays Manitoba honours exceptional Filipino women

The annual Pinays Manitoba Trailblazers Recognition Awards was a resounding success, drawing a large turnout from the community on Saturday night (May 11, 2024) to celebrate this year’s honourees at the Viscount Gort Hotel. The four Trailblazer Awardees were joined by the three Young Pinays Awardees during the recognition ceremonies. Pictured from left to right are Hope Anderson, Virginia Gayot, Hanna Pagdato, Hon. Senator

and Cheryl Dizon-Reynante.

As the Filipino community in Manitoba expands, so does the presence of Pinays or Filipino women making positive impacts across diverse fields in our society.

Pinay is a word that refers to a girl or woman of Filipino descent.

The Pinays Manitoba Trailblazers Recognition Awards took place on May 11, 2024, at the

Viscount Gort Hotel. This annual event, now in its eighth year, is organized by Pinays Manitoba Inc., showcasing their ongoing dedication to celebrating women who demonstrate leadership, inspiration, and motivation through the Pinays Manitoba Trailblazers initiative. More than 50 members of Pinays Manitoba collaborated to host the evening, which drew over 250 guests to honour the remarkable achievements of Filipino women.

“We proudly celebrate four outstanding Pinays Manitoba Trailblazers. They are strong progressive women; breaking the mold; overcoming barriers;

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See PINAYS p4 Flordeliz (Gigi) Osler, Jordy Wyant, Larissa Pagdato, Andrea Macasaet,

Ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK)

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helping to make a difference in people’s lives, opening doors of opportunities for others; breaking glass ceilings. All of them, role models for women and the next generation of Filipino women in Manitoba,” said Pinays Manitoba president Winnie Navarro.

This is also the year that the Pinays launched its youth program, the 2024 Outstanding Young Pinays of Manitoba. The Hon. Senator Flordeliz (Gigi) Osler, herself a Pinay Trailblazer awardee, officially launched the Outstanding Young Pinays of Manitoba initiative.

“Our initial honourees are three inspiring young Pinays who are proud of their Filipino heritage and share their passion for hockey with our community. Expect more, in the coming years, from these young trailblazers in the making,” said Navarro.

The guests enjoyed an outstanding lineup of entertainers. Rochelle Kives performed Flowers, Paul Ong sang Climb Every Mountain, and Trailblazer awardee Andrea Macasaet captivated the audience with her rendition of Don’t Forget Me from the musical Smash

Another memorable moment in the program was the special tribute to mothers. As the event coincided with Mother’s Day eve, Nena Joy Lazo delivered a heartfelt homage to her own mother and to all mothers in attendance.

Meghan Marquez and Lucille Nolasco-Garrido of 92.7 FM CKJS Afternoon Pasada emceed the program. Cora Delos Reyes led the opening prayer. Faith Fundal, host of CBC Manitoba’s Up to Speed, performed the national anthems, Lupang Hinirang and O Canada. Lesalie Pagat joined the emcees on stage to acknowledge sponsors and guests. Trailblazer award presenters were Crystal Paculan, Lucille Nolasco, Belle De Leon Lerio, Melody Balane, and Myrna Ong.

The Registration committee was led by Connie De Villa along with Leah Beltran, Trifona Bermisa, Josie Concepcio, and Belle Lerio. Sally Bader oversaw the ushering with assistance from Melody Balane, Remy Amoyo, Victoria Cochico, Emily Sapon, Jojo Lerio and Rodge Lopez. Glenna Pangindian managed the production assistant team with Marita Salazar, Josie Concepcion, Cora Delos Reyes, and Remy Amoyo. Set design and event See PINAYS p14

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During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic the government waived the 20hour cap on work hours for international students. The waiver is set to expire, and the Liberal government has signalled an intention to limit the hours students will be able to work off-campus for up to 24 hours, beginning in September 2024.

Minister Miller is correct when he points out that the purpose of bringing in foreign students is to study. In a statement made on April 29th the Minister explained the need for restrictions on work for students.

“Looking at best practices and policies in other like-minded countries, most of them limit the number of working hours for international students. Canada’s rules need to be aligned or we will find our programs attracting more and more applicants whose primary intent is to work, not study,” Miller stated. “To be clear, the purpose of the international student program is to study and not to work.”

The new limit of 24 hours per week comes as the federal government moves to control

the increase in temporary residence immigration amid the pressures on the housing market. It is important that the influx of international foreign students be controlled amid the pressures on the availability of housing and the need to ensure that the study permit not become an unofficial work visa. The amount of time that students work impacts on their studies and performance levels. “We know from studies as well that when you start working in and around 30-hour levels, there is a material impact on the quality of your studies,” Miller concludes.

The minister is aware that many international students need to work off campus to meet living expenses, but his department is concerned that 80 per cent of international students are currently working more than 20 hours a week.

The former limit of 20 hours per week will be restored at this time and the new standard of 24 hours will be implemented in September 2024. There is no limit on the numbers of hours international students can work when they are not in class, such as

International students limited to 24 hours of work a week in September 2024

during the summer break.

In addition to the 24 hour a week limit on off-campus work, there is another deterrence for those international students who might apply for a study permit with the primary objective of working in Canada. The foreign student, who wishes to study in Canada, must be able to prove that they have $20,635 available for living expenses, beyond the cost of tuition. Students are not limited to 20 hours a week if they are on an academic break. However, students taking summer courses must now adhere to the old 20 hours of work a week standard.

The return to the 20 to 24 hour a week work standard is only one of the changes. Students will

also have to obtain a provincial attestation letter (PAL) from the province where their designated learning institution (DLI) is located. This is part of the change in maintaining an overall cap on study permits in 2024. The federal government will impose a twoyear cap on study permits for international students, expected to be around 360,000 study permits, which represents a 35 per cent reduction from 2023. The number of study permits to be issued in 2025 will be reassessed at the end of 2024.

The limits on temporary residence immigration, study permits, and work permits is something we need to become accustomed to as the present

governing Liberals and opposition Conservatives work to capture the support of the Canadian public or the centre of the political spectrum. It is too easy to focus on immigration as the reason for the housing and medical services crisis. Stay tuned and watch for changes.

Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail.com.


Rocky Añonuevo, the first Filipino labour activist to become Unifor’s National Rep for organizing unions in the Manitoba and Saskatchewan areas messaged me on Facebook on March 18, 2024. He shared “We are at the Legislative Building on Broadway, waiting for an announcement on anti-scab and card-check.” We are hoping it passes and becomes a law. It will be a big help for the workers of Manitoba.

The importance of this legislation cannot be underscored. Anti-scab law will prohibit the management from bringing in scabs or non-unionized workers to operate the company in times of strike. On the other hand, a cardcheck is a one-time certification to join the union or for which 50 per cent plus one of the membership cards signed will render automatic union status. This policy already existed in Manitoba before until Premier Pallister reversed it in 2016 during the Tories’ reign. Union journey

Rocky emigrated from Talisay Batangas at the age of 16. He became a Unifor staff member and a member of the Amalgamated Local 3003 - New Flyer Industries. Rocky stressed, “All my labour education has been with Unifor in Port Elgin. “Unifor is Canada’s largest private sector union with more than 315,000 members across the country, working in every major sector of the Canadian economy” (Unifor’s website).

Rocky started as a production worker at New Flyer Industry (NFI) in January 2007. By 2012, he was introduced to unionism and started getting involved as

a young worker activist for the Prairie Region Council of Unifor. He was also a shop steward and a long-time harassment investigator at NFI.

As a result of his immersion in union struggles, union education and organizing, Rocky ran for a higher position and greater responsibility in 2018 and became the vice-president of Local 3003.

In 2020, he ran as full-time cochairperson at NFI and again got the approval of the membership. It was at this stage that Unifor National noticed his leadership and started sending him to major conventions and training, and also helping out with elections. In 2023, he applied and was hired as a national organizer.

Education and training

Rocky’s union brother Neil Soliven told me about a special place in Port Elgin, Ontario, where Unifor provides theoretical empowerment. Rocky shared that that’s where he got his training on grievance handling and workplace leadership, harassment investigation, bargaining with different companies and whatnot.

He added that every year they have three different conferences all over Canada and as a constitution delegate, he attended all three.

Aside from organizing for Unifor, Rocky also volunteered to help homeless people on the streets of Winnipeg during winter, giving out hot soup, winter jackets and blankets, to name a few. From this, one can glean the well-rounded formation of Union activists, who are trained theoretically in labour schools and actual labour and community struggles. No wonder labour cadres are sometimes better than

Roque “Rocky” Añonuevo: Labour activism and breakthroughs


Importance of unions

The importance of unionism is having a voice. When workers forge unity, we can make things better for everyone. Unions are organized to stand up for fair wages and good health and safety in the workplace, free of harassment from employers.

I asked Rocky about the union’s struggles that he experienced, and he shared that he didn’t experience a union strike in his local during his stint as vice-president. However, he was actively involved in some big strikes in Unifor, like the Co-op strike in Regina in 2020. He was on the ground at the picket line the whole time.

Trade union politics

Recently, Rocky was elected as a member-at-large for the New Democratic Party – Transcona constituency. This demonstrates his broad understanding of the role that trade union politics play in furtherance of the empowerment of workers in social legislation.

As a parting question, I asked Rocky about his favourite quotation. Rocky explained “Individually, we are just one drop of water, but together we are an ocean!” (anonymous). He believes in “the power of the people” to effect a meaningful change in society. Truly, with working-class organizers like Rocky, the defence and advancement of the historical gains of workers are in safe hands.

Levy Abad authored a book titled Rhythms and Resistance: Narrative of Filipino Musicians and Activists (1972-1994). Levy is also a singer-songwriter, poet, and migrant rights activist who has released four albums centred on the life and struggles of migrants.



Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia to star in Un/HappyForYou

An exciting new chapter awaits JoshLia! Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia are set to make their highly anticipated return to the silver screen in the upcoming romance film, Un/ Happy For You, premiering later this year. Once teenage co-stars and former real-life partners, Julia and Joshua have grown into two of their generation’s most talented actors. Now, they are poised to reignite their on-screen chemistry in a story that promises to be both compelling and relatable.

Joshua is thrilled to reunite with Julia, reflecting on the incredible journey they’ve shared since their early days in the industry.

“Nung nalaman ko ‘yung project, sabi ko yes agad, kasi ang tagal na rin kasi nung agwat nung

panahon na nag-work kami,” he recalled. “Before kasi mga teenager pa kami. Ngayon, I can say na siguro nag-mature na rin kami. Lumaki na kami, literal. Exciting lang, nagkaniya-kaniya kaming journey and parang ngayon magbabalikan kami sa pelikula.”

Julia echoed his sentiments, explaining that the timing and the material compelled her to say yes to the project: “It almost felt like maybe it’s already the right time, it’s the right material, we’re both in a good place in our life. I’m happy na magkakatrabaho tayo ulit.”

Ready to create something special with JoshLia’s undeniable chemistry is director Petersen Vargas


Alden, nagbabala tungkol sa mga fake tweets

Nagbabala si Alden Richards sa publiko laban sa fake tweets na ginagamit ang kaniyang pangalan, pati sina Kathryn Bernardo at Daniel Padilla

Sa Chika Minute report ni Aubrey Carampel sa GMA News 24 Oras nitong Miyerkules (May 15), muling sinabi ni Alden na nais niyang maging pribado ang tungkol sa kanila ni Kathryn.

“Kahit kailan po hindi po ako magko-comment ng kahit anong defamatory words to someone na hindi ko naman masyadong nakakasama at wala naman akong karapatan na manghusga sa taong tinutukoy doon sa mga fake tweets na kumakalat,” sabi ni Alden.

“Ingat lang po tayo sa fake news dahil ang social media po eh pugad ng fake news, so not until iyong mga official accounts po ng mga artista ang nag-post

See ALDEN p9 Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards


From page 8

noong mga tweets na kumakalat diumano, eh huwag po nating agad paniwalaan at mag-fact check po muna tayo bago tayo mag-call out ng judgement,” paalala pa ng aktor.

Muling nagkasama sina Alden at Kathryn nang kilalanin sila bilang Box Office King at Box Office Queen ng 2024. Sa isang panayam sa magazine, nabanggit na rin ni Alden na nais niyang maging pribado kung ano

man ang namamagitan sa kanila ni Kathryn na kaniyang naging malapit na kaibigan nang gawin nila ang pelikulang Hello Love

Goodbye Sinabi rin ni Alden sa hiwalay na panayam na “what you see is what you get,” ang tungkol sa kanila ng aktres.

Bibida si Alden ang upcoming series ng GMA na Pulang Araw, at makakasama niya sina Dennis Trillo, Barbie Forteza, David Licauco, at Sanya Lopez —FRJ, GMA Integrated News


L-r: David Licauco, Barbie Forteza, Sanya Lopez Alden Richards

Filmmakers unveil plans for ‘Pilita’ documentary in Cannes

Award-winning director Baby Ruth Villarama and producer Chuck Gutierrez unveiled a new documentary project about the life and career of Filipino icon and performer Pilita Corrales at the 77th Cannes Film Festival in France.

The documentary, still in its early development stages, will be introduced at the Producer’s Network and Spotlight Asia segments of the festival. It will focus on Corrales’ seven-decade career and explore her personal life through her songs.

In a statement, the filmmakers said the film will trace Corrales’ unexpected rise to fame from a shipwrecked magician’s assistant as a teenager to becoming a major TV and recording star in Australia in the 50s, opening for the Beatles in the 60s, and performing with Sammy Davis Jr. in Las Vegas in the 70s. Famously, Corrales was bestowed the title ‘Asia’s Queen of Songs’ after winning the Tokyo Music Festival in 1972.

“Pilita is more than just a documentary about a singer,” said Villarama. “It’s a story of resilience, reinvention, and the enduring power of Filipino music. Pilita’s story is an inspiration, not just for aspiring artists, but for anyone who has ever dared to dream big.”

The Pilita documentary will be produced by Voyage Studios, along with Raymond Ang and


“I’ve always felt a deep responsibility to help preserve

Pilita Corrales and Janine Gutierrez Corrales’ granddaughter, awardwinning actress Janine Gutierrez In an Instagram post, Gutierrez expressed her excitement for the which will highlight the story of her “Mamita.” Mamita’s amazing legacy, and I hope this project becomes another way for younger generations to learn about her story – not just as a legendary performer, but as a woman who defied expectations and truly paved the way.” Jeff Canoy, ABS-CBN News


Enjoy a magical season of music with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra!

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra has announced its 2024/25 season. With plenty of classics, more matinées, exciting live concerts, lots of movies, concerts for kids, fantastic guest artists and collaborations with communities, there really is something for everyone at the WSO.

“The 2024/25 season marks my seventh year as music director of the WSO, and I have high expectations for this ‘lucky number’ season!” says Daniel Raiskin, WSO Music Director.

“I’m thrilled about the astounding array of world-class artists who will join and inspire our orchestra and audiences.”

Music lovers are encouraged to visit the WSO website (wso. ca) or call the box office at 204949-3999 to subscribe to their favourite series before May 31 for the best savings and priority seating. Subscribing to the WSO newsletter will ensure fans looking for single tickets will be first to find out when they go on sale.

The five concert Saturday Classics series features masterworks and renowned guest soloists. The season opens with Manitoba’s own James Ehnes playing the violin and the viola. Young Canadian cellist Bryan Cheng returns to wow the WSO audience. The final Saturday Classics concert celebrates concertmaster Gwen Hoebig.

The five concerts in the popular Thursday Classics series offer diverse programming, shorter concerts, pre-concert performances by musicians in the making, and post-concert Q&A lounges.

Chopin Piano Competitionwinning Canadian Charles Richard-Hamelin joins the WSO to play Chopin, of course. Canadian guest conductor Tania Miller is joined by former WSO principal tuba player Chris Lee for Winton Marsalis’ tuba concerto. This series ends with guest conductor Leslie Suganandarajah leading the WSO for Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony. Guest conductor Leslie Suganandarajah was a protégé of WSO Music Director Daniel Raiskin

The UnTuxed series offers matinée performances of select works from each Thursday Classics concert, with informative and interactive discussions of those works from the stage.

New this season is a muchrequested classical matinée series. The Shirley Loewen Sunday Classics offer a second chance to experience some of the season’s beloved Classics concerts.

And, by popular demand, the WSO continues its traditional holiday presentation of Handel’s Messiah, this season offering three performances at the magnificent Knox United Church.

The 2024/25 season’s

Manitoba Liquor Marts Live at the WSO concerts offer distinctive and vibrant experiences with a unique blend of fashion and virtuoso violin with Thorgy Thor, soulful melodies of Aretha Franklin performed by soloists Capathia Jenkins, and the iconic music of Queen performed by Finnish sensation Rajaton.”

The exciting BMO Night at the Movies with the WSO series features a blockbuster roster of iconic films on the big screen while the WSO plays the score – live! This year’s movies include Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,

the 1925 silent movie version of The Phantom of the Opera, The Princess Bride, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

The Manitoba Liquor Marts Live at the WSO Matinées series offers another new afternoon concert experience. These concerts are presented in pops format, showcasing the talented WSO and local artists like the Musica Singers. Concert-goers can reminisce about 70 years of WSO Pops, celebrate A Prairie Christmas, and explore Orchestral Music Through the Ages.

Brooklyn-born and raised singer/actor Capathia Jenkins sings the soulful songs of Aretha Franklin Manitoba’s own James Ehnes plays both the violin and the viola on opening night! Guest conductor Leslie Suganandarajah was a protégé of WSO Music Director Daniel Raiskin Concertmaster Gwen Hoebig is joined by her family for two very special concerts The WSO’s Prairies Christmas Celebration features Musica Singers! Photo: Rollan Temporosa Photography

From Renaissance to pop MadzconcerttranscendsmusicalboundariesinWinnipeg

The Philippine Madrigal Singers left audiences spellbound in their Winnipeg debut. Led by choirmaster Mark Anthony Carpio, the Madz, as they are fondly called, delivered two highcalibre choral concerts at the Muriel Richardson Auditorium of the Winnipeg Art Gallery last May 5.

The program commenced with Ryan Cayabyab’s Metropopwinning piece, Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika (How Beautiful Our Music Is), immediately showcasing the qualities that have brought the choir to worldwide acclaim. The singing was refined, controlled, and effortless. The layering of voices and motifs was expertly executed.

A pair of 16th century madrigals featured the deft musicality of the Madz in ensemble performance. Giovanni Gastoldi’s Cantiam, lieti cantiamo for double choir evoked characters leaping out of a Renaissance painting inviting the audience to sing and dance with them. The conversation between a young girl and an old man in Orlande de Lauss’s Dessus le marché d’Arras for six singers was a masterclass in blending, balance, intonation, and accuracy.

The Madz’s success and popularity also lies in the diversity of its repertoire and proficiency in storytelling. For this concert tour celebrating the 75 years of Canada-Philippines diplomatic relations, the choir brought with them Andrew Balfour’s Omaa Biindig (Here, inside) with text in Ojibway, a medley of Indian love songs, Broadway favourites, a Eurovision entry from Spain, and hits by British bands, The Beatles and Depeche Mode.

Folk, avant-garde, pop, and novelty songs comprised the concert Filipiniana. Perhaps the most entertaining number in the program, DJ Alvaro’s cheeky Papa Ka Ba? was gamely delivered by the female section that had the audience in stitches. The ballads Bituing Walang Ningning and Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin were such a huge hit that the mere mention of artists who popularized the songs (Sharon Cuneta and Martin Nievera, respectively) sent the crowd into a swoon.

“Their performance in Winnipeg has been a long-awaited event,” said Liesl Puentespina whose sister, Risë Fullon, is an alumna of this multi-awarded performing group. Hearing this new batch of singers brought back memories to Puentespina. “I grew up hearing the choir in concerts and rehearsals, courtesy of a Madz sibling. They still sound as heavenly as the Madz of my childhood,” she reminisced.

“The Madz is a brilliant choir performing with such a high degree of musicianship

and artistry,” observed Philip Lapatha, Maples Collegiate choral director. “The singers presented a wide range of repertoire, opening hearts and minds to the incredible breadth and depth of choral art,” he added. Several of his colleagues also attended this historic music event. Some of Manitoba’s other choral leaders in the audience were Jorrel Camuyong, Elroy Friesen, Scott Reimer, Kimberly Lapatha, and Dorothy Dyck.

For the Madz, Carpio said, “Our first time in Winnipeg has certainly been a memorable and happy one. Our concerts in the wonderful space and acoustics of the WAG were made even more special by the wonderful audience we had in both. We definitely felt the warm hospitality extended to us by the Filipino Canadians who took really good care of us while we were in Winnipeg.”

In addition to their two WAG concerts, the Madz sang at various places around the city. A day after their arrival, the group teased diners at The Forks Market with a preview of their repertoire. A few days later, the resonant halls of the Manitoba Legislative Building reverberated with the Madz sound. The choir was welcomed by Notre Dame MLA Malaya Marcelino.

Winnipeg choral artists also got up-close with the visiting artists in workshops around town. Ace Espino invited choir members from local churches for one at the Fort Garry Community Centre. Espino said, “This activity was meant to improve and develop their singing skills as choristers.”

Under the Winnipeg 150: City of Song initiative, the Winnipeg Arts Council sponsored a workshop at the Judy Silver Student Commons of Maples Collegiate jointly presented by the Manitoba Choral Association and Musica Singers. Jenny Steinke-Magnus, MCA executive director, was delighted with the turnout of workshop participants.

Dyck, who co-directs the choir program of Maples with Lapatha, felt that the workshop “was a wonderful experience.”

After the event she said, “I found it very powerful seeing people of all ages working side by side to learn music together. There was a beautiful energy in the rehearsal process.” To this, Lapatha added, “Our choral students and Winnipeg choir enthusiasts were truly inspired by the Madz workshop.”

Celebrating their 60th anniversary, the Madz tour of Canada is bringing Philippine music not only to Filipino communities but to new audiences as well. The Madz itinerary includes three choral festivals across Canada during their three-month visit –Cantando (Edmonton), Podium (Montreal), and Harbour Voices (Newfoundland & Labrador).

In between concerts, workshops, and courtesy calls, the Madz visited The Forks and other parts of the city with their host families. (Photo by Ace Espino) The Madz’s unique style of singing in quartets while seated in a semi-circle sans a conductor is inspired by the madrigal, a polyphonic song-form popular during the Renaissance. (Photo by Ace Espino.) The Madz debuted in Manitoba with two concerts at the Winnipeg Art Gallery featuring an eclectic program of songs from the Philippines and around the globe. (Photo by Ira Alejo) The Madz and Musica Singers of Manitoba, at the WAG lobby, are led by conductors Mark Anthony Carpio and Oscar Pantaleon Jr., who sang together with the Philippine Madrigal Singers in the early 90s. (Photo by Ariel Fernando) Madz choirmaster Mark Anthony Carpio conducted a choral workshop for local church choir members at the Fort Garry Community Centre. (Photo by Ace Espino) The resonant halls of the Manitoba Legislative Building reverberated with the Madz sound when the choir paid a courtesy call on Manitoba lawmakers. (Photo by Ace Espino)



Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot


1. Hinaharap

5. Nakabitin

12. Klase ng kahoy

13. Biblikal na puno

14. Panumbok sa bilyar

16. Alinsunod

17. Papatungan

18. Tiyuhin

19. Ayos

21. Alipusta

25. Suspetsa

27. Agrabiyado

29. Ginagawang lubid

31. Ihagis

32. Dalampasigan


1. Ganit

2. Bahagi ng mukha

3. Tela

4. Baryo

6. Pangbungkal

7. Amain

8. Tangay 9. Biyaya ng langit 10. Uri ng isda

11. Pataba

15. Ngiting nakakainis

18. Mula

20. Lamukos

21. Malaking kagat

22. Unlapi

23. Linis

24. Tagulamin

26. Kahabag-habag

28. Liping minorya

30. Hulapi

31. Pagkakakilanlanan


From page 4

photography were by Rey-Ar Reyes of Pilipino Express and Disenyo Graphics. Event video coverage was by Jake Arida. The sound system was managed by Enrico Ancheta.

Luella Sadicon, Vice-President of Pinays Manitoba, concluded the event with these words: “We are immensely grateful for your presence and the warm community support we received for this year’s event. Special thanks to our major sponsors: Larry Vickar of Vickar Automotive Group, Wes McCallum of The Prolific Group, Pilipino Express, Felly Grieve of A-1 Nutrition, Noel Lapuz of Kuya’s Foods, Aida Montierro of U-MAC Express Winnipeg, and Atty. Rachel Punzalan of Punzalan Law.”

The 2024 Pinays Trailblazer awardees (in alphabetical order)

Hope Anderson is the first Vice Dean of Graduate and PostDoctoral Studies at the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Manitoba). She is an investigator of cardiovascular health and disease, with multiple awards and publications to her credit. Hope takes pride in having mentored numerous Master’s and Ph.D. students, along with post-doctoral fellows, throughout her career. She is dedicated to mentoring and preparing future thinkers. In her professional capacity, Hope is a scientist, educator, and academic leader at the University of Manitoba.

Cheryl Dizon-Reynante

is the first Filipino woman to serve as the Clinical Lead of Psychosocial Oncology at Cancer Care Manitoba. She oversees 20 counsellors across the province and remains actively involved in seeing clients herself. The counsellors under Cheryl’s leadership provide emotional, mental, and social support to patients throughout their cancer journey, offering individual, couple, family, and group therapy sessions. Cheryl’s guiding principle is to assist and support others. She discovered her passion for helping people in her profession, which gives her a sense of purpose, inspiration, and meaning in life.

Virginia Gayot is a prominent leader in Manitoba’s Filipino community. She currently serves as the President of the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba (PCCM). Virginia’s strong dedication has guided the organization toward greater trust and respect within the community. Proud of her indigenous heritage from the Cordillera region, Virginia previously led the BIBAK Association of Manitoba and served as a board member of Siloam Mission.

Andrea Macasaet is a celebrated Filipino Canadian performer born and raised in Winnipeg, known for her talents in acting and singing. She gained recognition for originating the role of Anne Boleyn in the international Broadway production of SIX: The Musical. Andrea also played Mimi Rodriguez in RENT at the prestigious Stratford Festival in Canada. Andrea is witnessing a positive shift towards diversity in

the theatre world and is actively advocating to break barriers for people of colour in theatre.

The 2024 Outstanding Young Pinays of Manitoba Pinays Manitoba recognized three young Filipino Canadian women – sisters Larissa Pagdato and Hanna Pagdato, along with Jordy Wyant. These Winnipeggers competed for the Philippine Eagles hockey team at the international Women’s Union tournament held in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Wyant and the Pagdato sisters showcased exceptional skills for the Philippine hockey team, despite the sport still growing in the Philippines with limited funding. Nonetheless, the Philippine Eagles team secured a bronze medal at the Women’s Union ice hockey tournament. These remarkable young Pinays are grateful for the opportunity and experience that allowed them to connect with their roots and embrace pride in their Filipino heritage and culture. Representing the Philippines on an international stage has fueled their passion for hockey to transcend borders, making history in the world of women’s ice hockey.



Pinays Manitoba honours exceptional Filipino women

Proud to be Pinays! The Pinays Manitoba Trailblazers Recognition Awards was held May 11, 2024 at the Viscount Gort Hotel. It was a resounding success, made possible by our awardees, major sponsors, advertisers, guests, and Pinays members. The Pinays Manitoba Board of Directors are Winnie Navarro, President; Luella Sadicon, Vice-President; Leah S. Beltran, CPA, CGA, Treasurer; Connie De Villa, Auditor; Lucille Nolasco-Garrido, Secretary; Emmie Joaquin, Public Relations; Araceli Ancheta, Director/PastPresident; Directors: Josie Concepcion, Maybelle De Leon-Lerio, Margaret “Meghan” Marquez, and Marita Salazar. More photos next issue. The 2024 Outstanding Young Pinays. L-r: Jordy Wyant, Larry Vickar of Vickar Automotive Group, Hanna Pagdato, Wes McCallum of The Prolific Group, Larissa Pagdato and Hon. Senator Flordeliz (Gigi) Osler L-r: Pinay Trailblazer Hope Anderson, Larry Vickar of Vickar Automotive Group, Trifona Bermisa for A-1 Nutrition, and Wes McCallum of The Prolific Group L-r: Larry Vickar of Vickar Automotive Group, Pinay Trailblazer Virginia Gayot, Wes McCallum of The Prolific Group and Atty. Rachel Punzalan of Punzalan Law L-r: Larry Vickar of Vickar Automotive Group, Pinay Trailblazer Cheryl Dizon-Reynante, Wes McCallum of The Prolific Group and Ellen Lapuz Gatpayat for Kuya’s Foods L-r: Larry Vickar of Vickar Automotive Group, Pinay Trailblazer Andrea Macasaet, Wes McCallum of The Prolific Group and Claire Timay of UMAC Express Cargo Rochelle Kives Paul Ong

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