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Chelsea Manalo

Filipino Canadian chef competes in international baking championship

Winnipeg pastry chef, Austin Granados is one of the 10 bakers from the US and Canada competing on Food Network’s Summer Baking Championship Season 2 in California.

Hosted by Jesse Palmer, every episode serves up a thrilling creative process by the contestants resulting in delicious treats for the judges to relish. With every episode, the winner of the challenge receives a special prize.

For the second episode aired on May 20, 2024, the Granados family held a watch party with family and friends for Austin. The room was full of excitement as the attendees cheered every time Austin was shown on screen. And at the end of the episode, the cheers went even louder when Palmer announced Austin to be the winner of the Main Heat challenge.

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Chef Austin Granados is the owner of Cake-ology bakeshop in the heart of the Exchange District in Winnipeg, at 185 Arthur St. Photo courtesy of Chef Austin’s family Filipino Heritage Month is celebrated in June to honour Philippine Independence Day on June 12 and recognize the contributions of the rapidly growing Filipino Canadian community.


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Pilipino Express recently spoke to Austin about his experience so far, in the competition.

PE: First off, congratulations on being selected to compete at Food Network’s Summer Baking Championships! How is it going so far?

Chef Austin: It’s going good. We just finished another episode and there’s many more to come.

PE: How long do you stay in California for each episode?

Chef Austin: It depends on when you get eliminated. I was there for the majority of the time. There are 10 bakers. In the first and second day, everyone was there to mingle and get a tour of the kitchen. And the third day, that’s when we did our challenges.

PE: What is the most challenging part of the competition? And how did you overcome it?

Chef Austin: The most challenging would probably be the time – finishing the task within the given time. It can take a shoot 90 minutes or as long as

two and a half hours. Depending on the pre-heat and the main heat (event).

The pre-heat challenge, you get an advantage to get to the main heat. And in the main heat, some of us get eliminated. And time is definitely on the

Photo courtesy of Chef Austin’s family

When good things are about to happen, people can be surprised when they have mixed feelings at the same time such as happiness, anxiety, excitement, and sadness.

“What’s wrong with me?” said a well-dressed, put-together woman who sat on the chair opposite me, asking this question out loud to herself. Kate was days away from her wedding, which was perfectly planned, right down to the colour of nail polish she would be wearing. Her adoration for her fiancé was clear; he was the love of her life, kind, intelligent and supportive. Both sides of the family got along well, and everyone was excited.

Yet, Kate couldn’t help feeling that as the big day drew closer, her anxiety and doubts were getting louder. When she thought about the wedding, she would get this sinking feeling in her stomach and wondered if she was doing the right thing.

Then there was the case of John who had retired two weeks earlier. He had been a well-


From page 3 clock. But all we have to do is stay focused, make sure that you’re finishing the components of your vision at the end. If something does go wrong or if you have to pivot, then by all means you have to scrap one of the components out and just present what you have.

PE: Are you able to incorporate Filipino ingredients in your creations?

Chef Austin: Oh yes. You get to request ingredients. Mine was ube, pandan, cassava and others. But they give you what’s available in L.A. for the show in general.

PE: Who among the three judges is the toughest to impress?

Chef Austin: The toughest I should say, is Duff Goldman. He’s like the “ace of cakes” guy. But everyone is like super stern. They’d say something good and something constructive. But if they don’t like your flavours or your components, they would tell you straight up.

PE: During the second

respected, successful manager in a large company. He was looking forward to travelling, playing golf, and visiting with friends. But lately, he was feeling sad and nervous for no apparent reason. He and his spouse were arguing more, despite having additional time to spend together.

When people think of life events such as retirement, getting married, or becoming parents, they often focus on the excitement and benefits of the change. But as time gets closer to the big event or soon after it happens, unexpected emotions such as anxiety or sadness can happen, causing people to feel conflicted. Guilt sometimes appears, which can add to the emotional confusion. Thoughts can pop up such as, “I should be happy, but I’m not,” followed by, “What is wrong with me?”

Some people don’t realize that change, good or bad, can be difficult. This is in part because even good change is accompanied by loss. Kate, in our first example,

episode when we had the watch party on May 20, you won the main heat event and won a special prize! Tell us about that.

Chef Austin: The challenge was making a cheesecake with your underwater item. Mine was a starfish. And I made a basque cheesecake and then there’s a hidden flavour to go along with your theme. I got pineapple. So, I made a roasted pineapple burnt basque cheesecake with a hidden roasted pineapple layer with a little bit of vanilla, cooked it down until it darkens in flavour, with a little bit of honey and vanilla bean, and incorporate that into the cheesecake. And then it was a water element that you must submerge. And so, I used a tapache, basically like a fermented pineapple drink using the rind of the pineapples.

PE: What do you consider important traits in joining a competition such as this?

Chef Austin: You must be team player. Even if we are doing individual things, you have to make sure that you’re sharing all the ingredients necessary because you only have a small amount.

Good change can still be stressful!

knew that her uneasiness was not at all due to a loss of love for her fiancé or that she didn’t want to marry him. After allowing herself to think about it, she realized that she was saying goodbye to some of her independence. For most of her adult life, she made her own decisions about finances, career, and did what she wanted when she wanted. Now, she was in a partnership and needed to think about the wellbeing of two people. She also wondered about how much time she would be able to spend with her friends and family. After discussing these worries with her fiancé, she realized that he would be supportive of her individual needs too, and her doubts started to disappear.

After some discussion, Jerry realized that before retirement, he assumed that he would be living the good life. He happily thought about doing what he pleased, having fun all day, and not having to worry about anything. But before long, he started to miss having a purpose to get up in the

So, you have to work together even though you’re (going) against them, you’re still friends at the end.

PE: For this particular episode you won the Main Heat Challenge and won a Disney Cruise for four!

Chef Austin: Yes! I am definitely going to bring my fiancée and my parents.

PE: I know that this is somewhat a dream come true for

morning. He didn’t have a routine any longer and he missed having responsibility. His sadness and unrest were affecting his marriage since he was confused about his feelings, which only came out as anger and frustration. After he allowed himself to process these feelings, he realized that he still needed some structure. He found a part-time job doing bookkeeping for a small company and volunteered at the hospital one day a week. He also joined a gym so that he could have a morning exercise routine. The sadness eased and he felt that he had a balanced lifestyle.

If you are having a hard time dealing with a big life event, consider doing the following:

• Acknowledge your feelings, no matter what they are. Telling yourself that you “shouldn’t” feel a certain way may cause guilt and even intensify the uncomfortable feelings. Try writing out thoughts in a journal or e-mail yourself.

• Talk to someone you trust. This will avoid feeling alone and

feeling that something is “wrong” with you. You might find that others will open up and share similar sentiments about their own experiences.

• Make a list of what your life looked like before and after the change. Highlight the things that you like or enjoyed about both times in your life. Then think about whether there are ways to still have it in some way.

• Think about other big changes in your past and whether there were any similar feelings. Was there anything that helped to calm you down at that time? Chances are the same strategies will help again.

• Find effective ways to cope, such as exercise, meditation, or a creative hobby.

“Love is more afraid of change than destruction.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher, poet and scholar

Cheryl Dizon-Reynante is a licensed therapist with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan (ANAK)



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Photos courtesy of Chef Austin’s family

There has been much public discussion about the alleged actions of the Manitoba Minister of Immigration Malaya Marcelino. The Minister has been accused by the PC immigration critic of threatening MPNP applicants and program officials. This may just be a lot of political talk or ways to control the decisions of the immigration department. Minister Marcelino to her credit stood her ground and did not run from the accusations. She is responsible for her decisions and outcomes. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt “the buck stops here.” Let us examine for one moment the political landscape.

1. The NDP inherited a MPNP program, which was being revamped by the outgoing PC government. If the PCs cut 1/3 of the assessment staff, is it surprising that the program ended up with a backlog of files? The problem was laid before the change of governments.

2. The federal government changed the temporary provision of PGWP (post graduate work permit) holders at the end of December 2023. They were no longer able to apply for an extension of the PGWP and faced a crisis in their legal status in the country.

3. The federal government was in a crisis of their own; a housing crisis, and the opposition was quick to blame international foreign students and overseas foreign workers.

4. Many foreign worker applicants tried to find a way through by submitting an Expression of Interest to the Express Entry, specifically the Canadian Experience Class. They ended up on yet another backlog of submissions, hoping for relief.

5. The months of April and May saw the opposition raise the question of MPNP backlog. There was something familiar with the public accusations. The PCs blamed Minister Malaya

Marcelino for threatening MPNP staff and applicants with a cut in nominations. This is familiar with Prime Minister Trudeau being blamed for the housing crisis because of his immigration policy. Did the Manitoba Minister use harsh or unfair language? Or did she try to get a straight answer about the backlog? I have learned over the years that sometimes where there is smoke there is no fire but only smoke.

Minister Marcelino to her credit did not panic in the face of political challenges but pursued other actions to resolve the immediate challenge faced by thousands of expiring permit holder. She directly negotiated with her federal counterpart Minister Marc Miller.

Temporary public policy for Manitoba’s Post Graduate Work Permit holders

On May 8, 2024, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced a temporary public policy to help address Manitoba’s labour market needs and enable post-graduate work permit holders to maintain ongoing employment in the province.

This temporary public policy allows post-graduate work permit holders employed in Manitoba with work permits expiring in 2024, who are eligible to apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) and who have submitted a valid MPNP Expression of Interest (EOI) profile prior to May 10, 2024, to be eligible to apply for a province-specific open work permit that will be valid for up to two years. Additional details regarding this temporary public policy and associated processes will soon be available.

EOI submissions to MPNP to be prioritized

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program will temporarily prioritize assessments of submitted MPNP applications with expired or expiring work permits. MPNP applicants whose

MPNP backlog, complaint and resolution

work permits have expired or are expiring within the next 45 days are asked to inform the MPNP by using the Skilled Worker Webform. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the MPNP with accurate, up-to-date information and to notify the program of any changes to their application or status in Canada.

Please note that all applicants must ensure their immigration status in Canada remains

valid. You can check with the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada website for further information or contact a licensed immigration consultant or lawyer to ensure you remain in status. I can happily report that several cases, which were part of the MPNP backlog, have been given a positive assessment and an invitation to apply. Thank you, Minister Marcelino and the MPNP staff for their efforts.

Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-2270292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail. com.


Canada and the Philippines mark 75 years of diplomacy with special coin

When it comes to Canada’s Filipino community, Winnipeg shines, as there is no other area in Canada that has a higher concentration of people with Filipino heritage than Winnipeg North.

In Ottawa’s parliamentary chamber, on May 27, I repeated what I often tell people not only in Canada but also in the Philippines.

“Mr. Speaker did you know that the heart of Canada’s Filipino heritage community is located in Winnipeg North.”

I have often brought special guests to the corner of Adsum Drive and Dr. Jose Rizal Way to visit the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal. In the fall of 2018, Motion 155 received unanimous support from the House of Commons recognizing June of every year as Filipino Heritage Month. The debates back on June 1, 2018, included some of the following statements.

Kevin Lamoureux (Liberal MP) – “To see a formal resolution to acknowledge the many contributions of the Filipino community is so wonderful and pleasing. I believe that in the month of June what we will see are extra activities that go beyond the Filipino community and a better understanding of the contributions this community has made not only to my home province of Manitoba but to Canada. No matter where one goes in Canada, we find that there is a healthy Filipino community that continues to grow and share its culture and heritage while becoming a part of Canadian heritage. When I think of peo-

ple of Filipino heritage, I think of kind, loving, hard-working people with very strong ethics.”

Bob Saroya (Conservative MP) – “This motion seeks to recognize the contributions Filipino Canadians have made to Canada. It proposes that the month of June every year be observed as Filipino Heritage Month. The Filipino language and culture are very rich, and this motion recognizes that as well. Finally, it would identify how important it is to reflect upon Filipino heritage for generations to come … Filipino Canadians have made, and are making, a significant and important contribution to Canada. It is important that we recognize them for that. For this reason, I hope we can count on all sides of this House to support the month of June as Filipino Heritage Month.”

Jenny Quan (NDP MP) – The Philippines has consistently been a top source country for newcomers to Canada for years. In 2016, it was the number one source country with over 40,000 new permanent residents to Canada. Large, vibrant, and flourishing communities have been established in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and my home city of Vancouver. In my time in municipal, provincial, and now federal politics, I have had the opportunity to engage with Vancouver’s Filipino community and now with communities across the country. To say that this community contributes to Canadian society would be a massive understatement.”

This is a special year as Canada and the Philippines are celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations in 2024. Wanting to recognize both the 75 years of

diplomacy and June as Philippine Heritage Month in Canada, I commissioned a limited-edition coin to be produced.

These coins will be given

to people who have organized events in June and noted the significance of June being Filipino Heritage Month and acknowledge the 75 years of diplomacy

between Canada and Philippines.

Please e-mail me by June 10, if you are aware of someone who you believe should be recognized. – kevin@mpkevin.ca.

Futurpreneur to empower aspiring young entrepreneurs

Minister of Small Business,


Futurpreneur, a program for aspiring young entrepreneurs aged 18-39 who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents currently living in Canada. She stated that entrepreneurs across the country,

especially the next generation of small business owners, now have a better chance to successfully start or buy a business, as the Government of Canada has renewed its investment of $60 million over five

years for Futurpreneur.

Futurpreneur is a sustainability pre-acceleration program for impact-driven future entrepreneurs. Participants receive mentorship, education, and skill development

while working on their business solutions (futurpreneur.ca).

MP Kevin Lamoureux, MP Ben Carr, and MLA Cindy Lamoureux joined Minister Valdez in the meeting.

Philippine Ambassador to Canada Maria Andrelita S. Austria (7th from left) at the Rizal Monument in Winnipeg with MP Kevin Lamoureux (5th from right) and MLA Cindy Lamoureux (5th from left) and the Knights of Rizal, April 2024. (Photo from Philippine Consulate General, Toronto, web site.) Hon. Rechie Valdez, was in Winnipeg on May 16, 2024, held a dialogue with several small business owners from the Filipino community. Valdez discussed


New Miss Universe Philippines makes history

Chelsea Manalo is the new Miss Universe Philippines. With an African American father and Filipina mother, she has made history as the first Black woman to win the Miss Universe Philippines title, breaking traditional beauty norms in the country.

Manalo, 24, represented the province of Bulacan. She bested over 52 other beauty contestants and amazed everyone with her sultry look and smooth performance at the coronation night held on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Her win makes her the official representative for the country at the 73rd Miss Universe pageant, set to take place in Mexico in


Kathryn Bernardo wins FAMAS Best Actress for AVeryGoodGirl

Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo bagged an acting award at the recently concluded Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards 2024 on Sunday, May 27, 2024.

With her performance in A Very Good Girl, Bernardo won over Maricel Soriano, In His Mother’s Eyes; Charlie Dizon, Third World Romance; Marian Rivera, Rewind; Sharon Cuneta, Family of Two, and Eugene Domingo, Becky & Badette

Bernardo’s first FAMAS Award is a German Moreno Youth Achievement Award in 2011.

Meanwhile, Mallari got the most awards with six including Best Picture.

Piolo Pascual got the Best Actor trophy for his performance in Mallari along with Alfred Vargas for Pieta

Other noteworthy winners of the 2024 FAMAS Awards are:

Best Supporting Actor: LA Santos, In His Mother’s Eyes; Best Supporting Actress: Gloria Diaz, Mallari; Circle of Excellence Award: Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon; and Special Citation Award: Gloria Romero

Josiah Antonio, ABS-CBN News. Photo by Ganiel Krishnan, ABS-CBN News.

Jessica Soho recognized at the Global Filipino Icon Awards

Jessica Soho, widely regarded as the Philippines’ most awarded broadcast journalist, adds another feather in her cap after being honoured with the Icon of Media Excellence Award at the Global Filipino Icon Awards held last May 17 at Dusit Thani Dubai,

Now in its fourth year, the Global Filipino Icon Awards recognizes individuals and organizations that have excelled in their respective fields, raising the Philippine flag on the global stage. The event is organized by

The Global Filipino Magazine, a prominent publication based in Dubai and is known as the fastest growing Filipino magazine in the Middle East.

With a crowd of 250 attendees from the Filipino community


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Kathryn Bernardo United Arab Emirates. Piolo Pascual Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes Jessica Soho Pia Wurtzbach


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September this year.

During the finals, Manalo impressed the crowd with her response to a question about using her beauty and confidence to empower others. “As a woman of colour, I have always faced challenges in my life. I was told that beauty has standards. But for me, I have always believed in my mother, and in myself. Uphold the vows that you have made to yourself,” she said.

“Because of these beliefs, I am already influencing many women who are facing me right now. As a transformational woman, I have here 52 other delegates with me who helped me become the woman I am,” she continued, as a round of applause erupted from the crowd.

Manalo’s win has sparked dialogues on redefining beauty standards in the Philippines, where Caucasian features have long been favoured due to the country’s colonial past. Lighterskinned actors and celebrities have dominated the entertainment industry, and products that promise skin-lightening treatments are in high demand.

Manalo, who started her modeling career at the age of 15, disclosed that she had insecurities growing up and was bullied for her dark skin tone and hair. However, she credits her mother and stepdad for always assuring her and helping her “realize that I am beautiful in my own extraordinary way.”

Manalo has been participating in pageants since high school. In 2017, she clinched a spot among the Top 15 finalists in Miss World


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across the UAE, the Global Filipino Icon Awards was also attended by Dubai-based fashion icon Michael Cinco who was given the Lifetime Achievement Award in Fashion Excellence. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Cory Quirino were also given the Icon of Elegance and Purpose Award and Excellence in Media and Pageantry, respectively.

In her acceptance speech, the Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho host lauded all the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have been sacrificing so much to provide for their families in the Philippines.

“Global Filipino Icon Awards 2024, thank you very, very much! This award humbles me to my very core. Sa akin po kasing palagay, ang dapat hinihirang na icons, heroes, excellent at outstanding — kayo po iyun, mga OFW, Global Filipinos, Global Pinoys. Kulang ang salitang bayani para sa inyong kadakilaan, para sa lahat ng inyong tinitiis at isina-sakripisyo, lalo na po ang mga nanay at tatay na malayo sa inyong mga anak. You truly represent the best among us — kayo po ang pinakamahusay na ehemplo kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng pagiging Pilipino,” she says. Soho also shared how much


Ogie, Regine nakakaramdam ng ‘banta’ sa mga baguhan, batang singer?

Aminado ang celebrity couple na sina Ogie Alcasid at Regine Velasquez na may mga pagkakataon na naiisip nila ang “paglipas” ng kanilang showbiz career.

Lalo na raw ang Asia’s Songbird na nag-aalala rin tungkol pagkakaroon ng mga bago, bata at magagaling na singer sa panahon ngayon.

Sa panayam ng Fast Talk with Boy Abunda, natanong nga si Ogie kung nakakaramdam din sila ng “banta” sa kanilang career na tumatagal ng ilang dekada.

Binalikan din ni Tito Boy ang sinabi ni Regine sa isang interview na, “hindi ko na panahon” o lumipas na ang kaniyang kasikatan bilang singer at aktres.

Sabi ni Ogie, “Always. Araw-araw namin ‘yang pinaguusapan, at araw-araw kaming nagkakaroon ng maraming realization.

“Una, minsan kasi nahuhuli ko siya na pinanonood niya iyong videos niya noong bata pa siya. Tapos sasabihin niya sa akin, ‘Tingnan mo o, ang taas ng boses ko, ‘no? Ang galing ko noon ‘no?’

“Sasabihin ko, ‘Hindi, magaling ka pa rin hanggang


Manalo is a strong advocate for empowering indigenous kids through education. She partners with Kids for Kids, a youth-led organization dedicated to establishing safe spaces for children, particularly those in remote areas, and empowering them to become catalysts of change within their communities.

she would want to tell the story of the OFWs to the rest of the world, “Gustung-gusto ko pong ikuwento ang inyong mga kuwento! At marami-rami na rin po kaming mga bansang narating. Kaya nga po laging ‘lumilipad ang aming team’ diumano! Wala nga yatang sulok ngayon sa buong daigdig na walang Pilipino. Kung saan naroon ang trabaho at oportunidad, may Pilipino. At kapag may kabayan, may kuwentong masarap pakinggan dahil kuwento iyon ng pagmamahal para sa pamilya at para sa bayan.”

She also took the chance to show her appreciation and gratitude to all Global Pinoys who have been helping other Filipinos in as much as they can.

In addition to accepting the award, Soho filmed a Dubai episode for KMJS which will air this June. The multi-awarded public affairs program is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Just this month, KMJS was named as the Most DevelopmentOriented Public Service Program at the 18th Gandingan Awards by the UP Community Broadcasters’ Society. The multi-awarded public affairs program was also named as Most Popular TV Program for News and Public Affairs at the Box Office Entertainment Awards. GMA News

ngayon. Iba lang ang istilo mo ngayon.

“Mas may puso ka nang kumanta kasi nandito na ako sa buhay mo,’” sabi pa ng Ultimate Singer-Songwriter.

“Sasabihin namin, ‘Ang dami nang bago ‘no, ang dami nang magaling. Ang dami nang bata. Wala na siguro tayo,’” dagdag pa ng asawa ni Ate Regs.

Pero sabi raw ni Ogie sa kaniyang misis, “‘Ano ka ba? Oo! Pero hindi naman wala. Nandito pa rin tayo. Ang mahalaga alam natin kung saan tayo lulugar.’

“Marami nang bagong darating talaga. Pero ang maganda, nakukuha mo iyong respeto ng mga batang ‘yan,” pagbabahagi pa ni Ogie sa paguusap nila ni Regine.

Ang nakakatuwa pa raw kay Regine, gustung-gusto nitong sumusuporta sa mga baguhan at batang singer kaya kung bakante siya at talagang nagge-guest siya sa concert ng mga ito.

“She wants to be part of the lives and careers of those who are coming,” sey ni Ogie.

“Kasi naaalala niya noong

nagsisimula siya, ganyan din sina Pilita Corrales), sina Kuh Ledesma, sina Pops Fernandez sa kaniya. Hindi niya nalilimutan iyon,” pahayag pa ni Ogie Alcasid.

Samantala, matagumpay ang ginanap na trade launch ng pagaaring talent management and production ni Ogie, ang A Team sa CWC Interiors Showroom nitong May 23, sa BGC, Taguig City. Bukod sa pagmama-manage

ng talents, kakaririn din ng A Team ang pagpo-produce ng concerts at shows. Sey ni Ogie, 21 shows ang planong gawin ng A Team ngayong taon hanggang 2025.

Mauuna nga riyan ang major concert ni Martin Nievera at susundan ng reunion concert ng iconic all-male group na Streetboys sa November 8, 2024, sa New Frontier Theater.

Courtesy: Ervin SantiagoBandera


While having coffee and a great conversation with Donaldo “Danny” Ferrer at Garden City Food Court, I heard him saying that only a few in the community appreciate the strategic importance of a workers’ party in the life and struggles of the workers, particularly the Filipino workers. He continued that without a workers’ party, the protection of the historical gains and the longterm interest of workers will be in jeopardy from any reactionary political party out to dismantle the progressive and pro-labour laws already institutionalized in Manitoba.

Danny is a retired worker from CN Rail. He is a proud member of the union Local 101 CAW Lodge 316, a shop steward for nine years from 1988 to 1996, and a finance secretary for eight years. Aside from being a shop steward, he was also a health and safety officer at CN Rail.

Ticket to a better future

Like most early pioneers in the Filipino community in Winnipeg, Danny started working in 1971 with Western Garments and was paid $1.40 per hour. To advance his career, he studied aircraft maintenance in Gimli. He joined small shops after that until he learned about an opening at CN Rail in 1974, where he got paid $4.35 per hour. Danny considered this as his ticket to a better future. He worked as a carman, doing general maintenance of rail cars for 30 years, retiring in 2004 with an hourly rate of $26.00.


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you, what do you want to say to others, especially the young ones who might also be dreaming of becoming a chef like you?

Austin: You know, I’ve had a lot of mentors that really pushed me to follow my dreams and my passions, so I encourage you to follow your dreams and your

Strike, weapon of the workers I asked Danny if he experienced a workers’ strike. He answered with a big “yes.” For Danny, the strike is the weapon of the working class in advancing and protecting their rights. He furthered that if an issue can be resolved without going into a strike, it is the ideal situation. If not, the workers will be forced to assert their rights on that level.

He also added that he is proud to be in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a province rich in working-class struggles, and known for the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike that transformed the lives of Canadian workers. After his retirement, Danny confided that he still supports workers’ strikes as an act of solidarity. He shared that in the past, he even joined a strike in one of the hospitals in Calamba, Laguna, Philippines, while on vacation. Calamba is near San Pedro, Laguna, Danny’s hometown.

Danny shared that his favourite historical personality is Tommy Douglas, the great Canadian who led the fight for healthcare in Canada back in the day. The issue of health care is personal to Danny. He survived colon cancer in 2012. Without the healthcare system, he wouldn’t be here sharing his story. Aside from cancer, he has been diabetic for thirty years.

Importance of democracy

Danny explained that people advancing democracy in the workplace should also be involved in the wider community by voting

passions. And I know the people surrounding you will always support you, just like how my family and friends supported me. ***

Chef Austin is the owner of Cake-ology bakeshop in the heart of the Exchange District in Winnipeg at 185 Arthur St. The popular place serves up different types of custom cakes, various types of French pastries such

Donaldo “Danny” Ferrer

for representatives who have a strong position for people’s issues like healthcare, Pharmacare, and dental care, to mention a few. He added that this is how Canadian democracy works, as contraposed to what is happening in the old country (Philippines) with its pre-industrial and agricultural character, an offshoot of its long history of neocolonialism.

Before we parted ways, Danny shared that the first time he cast his ballot in Canada was for David Orlikow, “a long-serving member of the House of Commons of Canada, representing Winnipeg North from 1962 to 1988 as a member of the New Democratic Party” (Wikipedia). When I asked him if he knew any other unionist from the community, he mentioned Bob Luna, whom he often saw in the CAW office during his union days.

After retiring as a driving instructor (2004-2023), Danny spends most of his time hanging out at the Garden City Food Court with his friends. Armed with knowledge from his union days, he keenly listens to conversations, engages in discussion, and poses critical questions that promote democracy and social justice.

Levy Abad authored a book titled Rhythms and Resistance: Narrative of Filipino Musicians and Activists (1972-1994). Levy is also a singer-songwriter, poet, and migrant rights activist who has released four albums centred on the life and struggles of migrants.

as cream puffs, tarts, laminated doughs such as kouign-amann and supreme, one of their best sellers that they make only once a month.

The Summer Baking Championship winner will receive $25,000 USD as prize. the show airs every Monday from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. on the Food Network.

Unionismandtheimportance ofaworkers’party
Back, l-r: Edna Crisostomo (ninang), Ogie Crisostomo (ninong), Naomi Crisostomo (fiancée’s sister), Maria Crisostomo (fiancées mom), Ferdie Crisostomo (fiancées dad), Rose Anne De Picciotto (fiancées cousin), Abigail Crisostomo (fiancée), Austin Granados, Richard Granados (dad), Darlene Granados (sister-in-law), Zeny Granados (mom), Arvine Granados (brother) and Roger John Crisostomo (fiancées cousin). Front, l-r: Joshua Crisostomo (fiancées brother) and Amanda Rozen Granados (sister). Photo courtesy of Chef Austin’s family

Proud to be Pinays!

The annual Pinays Manitoba Trailblazers Recognition Awards on May 11, 2024, at the Viscount Gort Hotel in Winnipeg was a success, attended by over 250 guests, and honoured Hope Anderson, Virginia Gayot, Andrea Macasaet, and Cheryl Dizon-Reynante. The event also launched the Outstanding Young Pinays of Manitoba, celebrating Hanna Pagdato, Larissa Pagdato, and Jordy Wyant, with Hon. Senator Flordeliz Gigi Osler in attendance to officially launch the initiative. Special thanks to everyone who attended and to major sponsors: Larry Vickar of Vickar Automotive Group, Wes McCallum of The Prolific Group, Pilipino Express, Felly Grieve of A-1 Nutrition, Noel Lapuz of Kuya’s Foods, Aida Montierro of U-MAC Express Winnipeg, and Atty. Rachel Punzalan of Punzalan Law.




Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot


1. Pinipiga

10. Pedido kung tag-init

11. Pantukoy

13. Hindi na ‘yong dati

14. Huni ng daga

15. Inihaw

17. Isambot

19. Tulis ng palaso

20. Hinikayat

21. Pantukot

22. Winasak

25. Alagang nangingitlog

28. Ipinahayag

30. Sulyap

31. Kaayusan

32. Alpabeto

33. Ang unang tao

34. Kalis


1. Kadena

2. Pang-abay

3. Ikuwento

4. Masarap na handa

5. Ulirang babae

6. Limi

7. Ihanda

8. Magalang na tugon

9. Pangamba

12. Ikokopya

14. Bigyan ng hangganan

16. Sabaw ng sinaing

18. Huni ng uwak

20. Husay

21. Tabihan

22. Luto sa mantika

23. Uri ng haman

24. Kinawawa

25. Babad sa yelo

26. Sapakat

27. Talyasi


The University of Santo Tomas

Alumni Association of MB inc.

Is now accepting applications for its 2024 USTAAMI Scholarship Awards

Applicants must be:

• Of Filipino descent

• Have attended grades 11 & 12 in Manitoba

• Have a minimum gr. 12 average of 85%

• Accepted and entering first year in any post-secondary schools in Manitoba in September 2024

• Have community and volunteer work

2024 USTAAMI Bursary Awards

• Available to members of the USTAAMI who are currently upgrading their profession and to children of USTAAMI members

Deadline: September 30, 2024

For other requirements and copies of application forms

Please visit the UST Alumni Association of Manitoba Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/USTAAMI/ For inquiries email: ustaami@gmail.com


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