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On the sixth day, paddlers rest,

Wolf conquered tirring is this tale of two modem-day adventurers-men who currents, strenuous portages, roustings by police, thievery and a 100-mile gauntlet of tree branches, water moccasins and lesser hazards. Lewis and Clark, meet Bridgman and FitzGerald. you get the idea. About midmorning Friday, 1, Gary Bn~an (Memphis - Gamma - • n.a) llQd"William 'FitzGerald, stepped onto the north elfd of Mud Islan~ along the Mis~lissipt>i Riv and to be the _ .~~_,.,... of the omething I've always had in the back of my head," says Bridgman of the six-day ~edi­ tion by canoe~ed the "Wolf River S idgman, a former Memphian who's now ~ssistant director of university publications at the University of Mississippi, and Fip:Gerald, a Maryland native and Ole Miss graduate student, 32 SfAR & lAMP

embarked on the journey to raise awareness about the Wolf. Although it's a degraded urban ri~r through much of Memphis, the Wolf emanates from fragile and relatively prist;ine swamps east and sduth of the city in North Mississippi and Fayette County, Tenn. In recent years, Tennessee officials and conservation groups have raised funds to protect the river's headwaters. The trek by Bridgman and FitzGerald began Saturday, April 25, at tbe source of the river in a spring-fed pond in Holly Spring National Forest near the Benton-Tippah county line in Mississippi. When it was through, the two were honored at e downtown cobblestones by City Councilman John Vagos and other city officials. Vagos, who has eJIPI!eSsed c;oncem about encroaching development and other threats to the Wolf, later praised the two for their journey. Local conseiVationists and river enthusiasts say ~rft• _.,....,,."""-·nyone trekki om the source of the Wolf to its mouth. Bridgem d ~erald are the first "that we know of." says Sarah wilburn, who has lived near the river all her life and, :along with her husband, operates a canoe-rental in Moscow, Tenn. Bridgman, a board member and river·~~n•-•w. the Wolf River Conservancy, and Fi~~Ge:rM;J~iW been planning for the trip since at lea!ft'1WI. ing exploratory trips to remote parts of


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