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CEO Corner esigning and constructing an operable, distinguishable building is truly an art. The roles of many individuals, from many different backgrounds, must come together under a common theme to effectively produce the final structure. Similarly, the founders of Pi Kappa Phi forged a model from which our Fraternity would be based and continue to grow. In this issue of the Star & Lamp, we take a look at the theme of building a Fraternity. But first, do you notice anything different? Part of a successful structure is its ability to change. Here at the Star & Lamp, we decided to make a few changes, introduce some new items and make other information more readable. As with any large endeavor, it is a work in progress, so you may see some additional changes in the upcoming issues. But for now, let me give you a quick tour of what we've done. On the cover appears an original piece by Fernando Mico (George Mason- Zeta Epsilon). The introduction of original artwork began in the Spring 1998 issue and will be an occasional addition to the magazine-showcasing some of our talented alumni in the visual arts industry. There is only one design rule given to our cover artists-there are no rules. The point of the cover is to capture the different styles of the artist, while conveying the point of the issue. One note: keep your eye out for the Star Shield in the design-some covers it may be completely visible, others might need a little bit more work to find. Following my space here will be a new page, simply labeled Page One. Interfraternal news will mainly grace this space, as well as quick notes on your National Fraternity.


The Notebook will proceed an expanded contents section. This section will contain more in-depth information on the National Fraternity, including the Foundation, Push America and Journey Project pages. In this issue, you will also find some interesting text and numbers on the current State of the Fraternity. The undergraduate and alumni news has also been improved. In Collegiate, the department will open with a feature on one of our chapters, followed by other chapter news. In a similar fashion, Lifelong will begin with a featured alumnus or alumni group, followed by news and notes. As the name reflects, the Scroll will continue to list important names, addresses and phone numbers for the National Fraternity. Following this page will be a prospective member form. I encourage you to copy this form and keep a couple on hand to mail, fax or email it into the office. This will help communication between the Fraternity and its alumni, and will allow alumni to more actively participate in the RUSH process. As a throwback to a similar department in the past issues of the Star & Lamp, we are excited to bring back a history page in the Capsule. This page will feature stories that reflect the people, places, things and ideas it took to build Pi Kappa Phi into what it is today. And what structure could sustain stability without a focus? Similarly, the Focus portions of the magazine will tie the theme together with relatable stories and features. In this issue, we showcase some of the structural icons that bear the names of Pi Kappa Phis. Also, we wrap up a wildly successful Supreme Chapter and showcase some of the award winners. As always, enjoy this issue of the Star & Lamp! Fraternally yours,



K A P P A PH I p I Mark E. Timmes esigning and constructing an opera- Fraternally yours, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER \~,, .. · Stephen Whitby (I...