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Foundation Award The chapter with the most comprehensive alumni development program.

Purdue (Omega) Chapter Singing Award

Oklahoma (Alpha Gamma) Alumni Organization of the year

Purdue (Oniega) Housing Corporation of the Year

Texas -Arlington (Delta Psi)

it was

Parent's Club of the Year Oklahoma (Alpha Gamma) Campus Chapter of the Year

SUNY-Brockport (Eta Lambda) Rennsalaer (Alpha Tau) SUNY-Albany (Eta Xi) Shippensburg (Zeta Delta) West Chester (Zeta Nu) Albright (Zeta Chi) Maryland (Eta Epsilon) SUNY-Plattsburgh (Eta Kappa) SUNY-Cortland (Zeta Omicron) Mercer (Alpha Alpha) Indiana (Alpha Psi) Howard H. Baker Leadership Recognition Award

Scott Martinez, Colorado (Eta Gamma) Archon of the Year Award

Dan Weber,Aiabama (Omicron) Vice Archon of Year

Kevin Graff, Colorado (Eta Gamma) Volunteer of the Year Kevin Sutherland, Iowa State (Alpha Omicron)

s Student of the Year recipient, one would think that the life of Mike Kerr (Maryland - Eta Epsilon) ould be simple, almost dull: go to class, study, eat, sleep, go to class, study, take test, etc. But Kerr's last year was a little bit more interesting than most. When he was elected archon in May 1997, Kerr inherited a chapter with dwindling numbers, no house, adversity in the brotherhood, no alumni boards, no chapter advisor and an $18,000 debt. "It's safe to say I entered the semester with a lot of doubts," recounts Kerr. Those doubts were wrestled with daily, Kerr remembers, but optimism and a strong focus on brotherhood pulled the chapter (and Kerr) through the year. "The key to our success was staying focused on the principles established in ritual; that brotherhood was not made by how much money you had or

a make or break year." WeD, Bta Epsilon made it. The chapter welcomed 18 associate members without a house, retained 100 percent of pre-initiates, cut their debt in half, became a Level II Journey Chapter, won the President's Cup for best fraternity, picked up three top IFC awards, established full alumni advisory boards (including a housing corporation), filled their newly remodeled house and finished the spring semester with a 3.24 GPA-the highest on campus. And Kerr made it, too. Beside his immense duties as archon, he fund raised over $4,000 for the Journey of Hope (and trained), received the Bruce Rogers' Award as a cyclist (the first from Eta Epsilon), was co-historian for Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, was elected president of Order of Omega Society, participated in the Government and Politics Honors program and cofounded the Apogee Institute, a program that allows Greek leaders to earn credits as chapter managers. He also maintained a 4.0 GPA within his major, and a 3.62 overall. So how did this whirlwind of a semester leave Kerr? Simply, "it's going to take me a whole other year to take this all in," he jokes: FALL 1998



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