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BUZZ REEVES IN WAR TIME (Continued from Page 3) the driving energy that dominates the Reeves personality. To win the war, Buzz knew that tremendous exertion and untiring effort were required. And those two words-exertion and effort-are just two more that could aptly serve as his middle name! He at once began to look for the capacity in which he could best serve. The Reeves Sound Laboratories, Inc., took space at 62 West 47th Street. The lease was signed October 1, 1942, equipment was procured and personnel was obtained. Contracts were signed with the United States Army Signal Corps to produce quartz crystal oscillators for air-borne radio. The contracts called for 1600 to be shipped by December . . . Reeves shipped 2200. January, 1943 was to have seen 3000 crystals shipped ... Reeves finished 4300. The Signal Corps wanted 4000 crystals in February . . . Reeves shipped 8 700! Some pertinent facts about Buzz's war-baby: Up to the time of Pearl Harbor, only a handful of crystals was produced in this country annually, mostly for broadcasting stations and police radios . . : In the first month of production, the Reeves Sound Laboratories, Inc., produced only 16 crystals . . . A year late~ , they were turning out more crystals in one week than all the other manufacturers in the whole country made in 1939! From the beginning of the operations until now, production has been stepped up 60 times! Tolerances of the crystals produced are measured within one millionth of an inch, which is approximately a thousand times less than the thickness of a cigarette paper . . . hence, the name given to the women employees of the plant; "Millionth-ofan-Inch Girls." The plant itself is located, unconventionally enough, in the heart of the Times Square district. where employees reach their work by subway. bus and taxi, with the obvious advanta~es of time saved, and effort and energy conserved for the present job-at-band. The plant was awarded the ArmyNavy "E" in November, 1943, and 20

six months later, received the White Star for continued production gains. The building itself was converted into a war plant from what had been a furniture warehouse. From four floors of echoing empty space was created a seething, bustling and vigorous organization-precision equipment, proficient personnel and a tremendous amount of enthusiasm worked a modern production miracle! The facts and figures so far show that our story of Buzz Reeves has a conventional happy ending: Buzz found his place in the war effort; the Signal Corps found their man in Buzz; and the planes that were grounded for lack of crystals in 1941 and 1942 are flying today! But that's not the end of our story! Today, in Brooklyn, the building that formerly housed the Long Island University-a building with six floors and 120,000 square feet-is being made ready to hold another of Buzz's war-babies, Hudson American Corporation (of which he is the President), manufacturers of critical electronic equipment. Up

to the present time, Hudson American Corporation was divided into eight different operations at eight different addresses in the Times Square district in New York. With the consolidation of the organization into one integral part, Buzz expects even greater accomplishments--and knowing our man, it's a dead certainty that he'll get them l No, our story isn't told even yet. At 215 East 91st Street, still in New York City, is still another buildin~足 This one bas four floors, was previously a garage-and was built, of all things, to house a brewery! It now holds a further collection of Reeves' interests: Record Container Corporation, Criterion Products (a printing company), and the Machine Shop Division of the Reeves Sound Laboratories. In addition to these, a "new operation" has been scheduled to make a home there in the near future. We'll put the title at the end of our story instead of the beginning: "Buzz Reeves in War-Time" or "Pi Kap Makes Hitler and Tojo Say 'Uncle! ' "

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Lieut. Fred E. Quinn, Sigma, who is stationed in California, offers his vacant room in York, S. C., to any Pi Kapps and their friends stationed in that vicinity. He writes, "My home is off the main routes but it is open to any Pi Kapps and their friends. York, S. C., is a small, quiet town so if any of the Pi Kapps in that vicinity want to spend such a week end, my mother would be thrilled to have them. The address is: Mrs. Fred E. Quinn, Kings Mountain St., Telephone 164 York, S. C. We hove plenty of room and our friends are always welcomed. There are quite o few camps, etc., in that vicinity so maybe someone could use my room while I'm away." Others having offered hospitality to Pi Kapp service men are: Rolph M. Snider (Alpha Delta) 3574 N. E. Webster, Portland, Ore. Home Phone-Garland 2108 Business Phone-Atwater 1133 Mrs. Louis A. P. Harms, (mother of Von Duerson Harms, Omega) Gordon Drive and Bruce Ave., Flossmoor, Ill. Telephone-Homewood 223 (45 minutes from Chicago's loop on the Illinois Central.) The Pi Kappa Phi Directory, on sole in Central Office for $1.00, will help you locate Pi Kopps in strange cities too. THE




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