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letters Are Won by Two Alpha Pi Men By


On returning from the Christmas vacation, Alpha Pi found itself faced with the prospect of a new scholastic term and the initiation of the six men pledged in October. According to rules of the university, no fraternity may initiate a freshman until he bas successfully completed the first term, which comes to a close in the middle of December. All of the Alpha Pi pledges passed their lwork and will be initiated in the near future. On reviewing the football accomplishment of Alpha Pi for the past season, it is found that two members received their "S," both of them earning this distinction for the first time. Lawrence Thompson and "Ox" Clark, both of them members of the sophomore class, earned their letters playing at guard in the Sewanee forward wal l. Both of these men showed up well last year on the freshman squad and wi ll be a great help to the varsity in their two remaining years. On the freshman team, Alpha Pi was represented by "Swede" Nelson, Jimmie Johnson, and Ralph Ruch· all three of them earning their numerals. Nelson was chosen captain of the frosh team, and aided materially with both his playing in any of the line positions and his punting. Tackle is the usual position he holds down, but he also plays other line positions. Johnson and Ruch play in the backfield. Alpha Pi began the interfraternity basketball season by defeating the last year's champions in a close match. The championship of this league, which is a coveted thing at Sewanee, went to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity last year, but it is the hope of the Pi Kapps that the cup will change hands, and the team is working hard to obtain the cup for Alpha Pi. The basketball season also finds Nelson, Johnson, Ruch, and C. Thompson out for the frosh squad. The chapter publication of Alpha Pi is in prepara tion at the present time, and wi ll soon be issued.

our league in handball, but lost in the semi-finals to Kappa Sigma. In wrestling, with six entrys from the house, we placed eight in a field of twenty-three. Basketball is starting, and, from pre-season reports, it looks as though our team will go far this season. Archon Fisher is swinging a mean glove these days and he is sure to hold down a varsity berth again this year. Our Founders' Day banquet was quite a success, a good dinner with several appropriate speed1es by alumni and faculty members added spirit to the occa· sion. Archon Fisher served admirably as toastmaster. We plan the initiation of five pledges on or about February 7. Plans have been going forward nicely for second semester rushing and pledging. We expect to get several valuable men. Alumni Personals

Clarence W. Menear married Miss Nellie Irene Har· rington of Fairmont, West Virginia.

Colleges and Universities President George Thomas of the University of Utah has set himself up as an advocate of the indigent male. He states that the feminine part of a date shou ld pay half of the ex· penses.

The students of Northwestern have initiated a new gam· bling scheme. They organize pools before the meetings of the class and each member of the pool guesses the number of times the instructor will use his pet phrase during the lecture.

Fraternities at Williams have agreed to eliminate a fe"' social affairs from their calendar in order to conserve their parents' cash.

Pep and Enthusiasm at West Virginia By LrNwooo YouNG Initiates: Lucian Clip fe l, Duquesne; Ralph Izard, Madison . 0 fficers: Charles Hill, archon; Linwood Young, treasurer; Lucian Clipfel, secretary; Jack Shipman, historian; Fred Fisher, chaplain; John Adkins, warden. Everyone is back from vacation with Jots of pep and enthusiasm and a determination to make this a bigger and better year for Pi Kappa Phi, scholastica lly and in ath letics. Intramurals are in full swing. We placed first in


C. W. Mcintyre, Alpha Theta, Is Connected with University of Missouri C. W. Mcintyre, Alpha Theta, has ]eft his posi· tion of assistant general manager of the National Dairy Association of St. Louis to accept the position of assistant professor of dairy husbandry at the Uni· versity of Missouri. He will have charge of the opera· tion and research work of the Hatch Dairy Experi· mental Farm, Oakwood, Missouri, which is operated jointly by the university and the Bureau of Dairy Industry of the U. S. Department of Agriculture.



But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..


But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..