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Alpha Omicron, 1932

a mainstay of the d1apter in rushing, and has held several offices, including archon. In extra-curricular Work, he has shown great ability as an actor in the Play Workshop, the Poly dramatic organization. H e ~eld the position of casting director of this organization during his major and senior years. Brother Hansen has centered his extra-curricular efforts on athletics. In his freshman year he was a member of the J. V. basketball squad. The only other member of his class to make the team was Brother B.ill Johnson. Art played class football and represented hts class on the Athletic Board of Control, the organization which supervises all varsity, J. V., and class tea~s, and appoints all managers. It might be interestmg to note that Alpha Xi has .five men on the board, and that the total number of members is nine.

Alumni Personals



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:x·Born to Brother and Mrs. David G. Kells, Alpha t, a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, on December 2, 1931.

Alpha Omicron Introduces Dinner Bridge to Campus By A. D. SWISHER ~ledges: Albert Jordan, Marion, Iowa; Edwin Paine, urt, Iowa. .The outstanding event of the past few weeks was, Wtth.out doubt, the Founders' Day banquet. It was tres~ded over by Brother Giese, of the Agriculture ngmeering faculty. Brothers Files, Dean, A . K. Johnso.n, and Brown swiftly reviewed the past and present Wtth occasional forecasts of the future of Alpha Omicron. (As a part of -t he forecast, the .first set of architect's plans for a new home was submitted to the ~hapter.) The pledges were very creditably represented Y Pledge Lapsley, while Brothers Lauer and Scott spoke in behalf of the alumni. At the conclusion of these talks our honor guest, Past District and Supreme Archon Driver of Des Moines crystallized all that had been said in one of his short talks that have always meant so mud1 to Alpha Omicron. Because of the fact that Iowa State has in force the


quarter, rather than the semester, system it became necessary to elect a new ard1on to .fill the unexpired term of retiring Archon A. K. Johnson. This honor was conferred upon our champion distance man, Brother Carl Files of McCrory, Ark. The social events have been limited somewhat, but from all reports the fall dance given at the Country Club on November 14 was a success of the highest order. James Struve, Jim Struve, Austin, Mabbitt, Sawhill, Zellars, Frank Dockal, Grantham, Dewell, and Dingman were the returning members and pledges. Our next dance will be a formal at the SheldonMuon Hotel on February 13. On December 4, Pi Kappa Phi again took the lead of Iowa State fraternities and introduced the formal dinner bridge. At this function, Brother and Mrs . Giese and Lt. and Mrs. Arthur Andrews of Rensselaer Technical Society (now Alpha Tau) acted as chaperons. So successful was this party, the .first of its kind on the campus, that other houses are preparing to follow suit in the near future. Another honor conferred upon the members of Alpha Omicron was the selection of Brother Duncan as one of the Iowa State delegates to the national convention of Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalistic fraternity, held at Minneapolis November 16-18. Brother Dean, also a member of Sigma Delta Chi, was unable to attend and remained on the campus in charge of the Iowa State St11dent. Brother Deitchler again surprised the chapter with his versatility by annexing for himself an important role in "Wings Over Europe, " the last production of the Dramatic Club. Visitors have been rather scarce for the last month. Brother Zellars, '28, spent a couple of the Christmas holidays with us. At the same time, Gilbert Doughty spent several days with Pledge Hawes. Both are of Union, Maine. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dockal also paid us a short visit just as the quarter ended. Lastly, Pledge Herren brought two friends with him when returning from his home at Plattee, S.D. Oren Neal from Indiana has been on the campus since the beginning of the year as an instructor in Farm Crops and Soils and has been over numerous times.



But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..


But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..