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ship team and a cup for high team score. Our victory due to the efforts of Harris Kahl, varsity pitcher; Daul Potter, holder of high individual score last year; on .Hovey; "Butd1" Whorley; and Marshal Burt. W1th practically the same line-up next year, you will read about another championship bowling team at Alpha Theta in 1933. Michigan state has a band known all over the country as one of ',t he best R.O.T.C. units in existence. Of ~he sixty members, six are Pi Kapps. Statistically speak;~g 10 per cent of the band and 25 per cent of our acIVe membership were members of the band last fall term. They were: Donald Moore, first trombone ; I<enneth Bellinger, drummer ; Hank Demming, drum~er; Laverne Smith, saxaphone; Robert U rch, cymdals; a.nd James Aldrich, bass horn. I must also intro~ce J1m and drum major for last season. Jim twisted his baton like a veteran and handled the goal post toss like "rolling off a log." December 8 marked the holding of the Alpha Theta-Alpha Kappa conclave at Hunt's Food Shop ?fEast Lansing, Mich. Alpha Kappa succeeded again ~n taking the scholarship cup back to Ann Arbor. hort and interesting speeches were given by Brothers J. Wilson Robinson, Joe Cannon, and Bernard l-Ielmrich ; Archon Brewster gave the address of welco~e and Archon Hotchkiss gave his response. Glen Dally handled the job of master of toasts with great dexterity.


Alumni Personals

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. AI Morley spent about a week with us at the begtnning of the term. Ted Crooks has returned to school to take up gradUate work. Robert Rieman was married to Miss Dorothy M . Foe, Port Huron, Mich., October 3, 1931.


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Honoraries Take Several Auburn Men By J. C. WILLIAMS, JR. ~ecl~es: Henry Fuller, Marion Junction , Ala.; W. W. ernn, Winder, Ga. ; Eugene Heacock, Sylacauga,

~Ia.; Floyd W. Hurt, Sylacauga, Ala. ; John T. King, -Uverne, Ala.; Lafayette Looney, Sylacauga, Ala. ; Austin Martin, Wetumpka, Ala.; Johnny Orr, Lindale, Ga.; Finlay Rockhill, Birmingham, Ala. ; Fred Stephens, Louisville, Ala.; K. G. Taylor, Albany, Ga.; Workman , Ashland , Ala . ICharles .. 1 1 ~ ftates: Fred Chapman, Grove Hill, Ala.; Lafayette Eidson, Centerville, Ark.; James H. Hamilton, Jasper, Ala.; A. L. Payne Jr., Grove Hill , Ala. Officers: H. B. Upchurch, archon; J. A. Summerlin, tr.easurer; J. P. Roberts, secretary; J. C. Williams, historian; L. H. Poole, chaplain; M. S. Caley, warden. M. S. Caley was recently tapped by Spike Shoe,


honorary track fraternity. Fred Chapman and A. L. Payne were honored by Delta Sigma Pi, honorary business fraternity. Pledge Workman was recently initiated into Alpha Phi Epsilon national dramatic fraternity. James Robbins has broken into the headlines freguently as director of the popular campus orchestra, the "Auburn Knights. " Howard Upchurch takes care of the piano playing and the vocal numbers in an inimitable style. This ord1estra made a very successful tour of South Alabama during the holiday season. Pledge Martin was recently elected secretary of the freshman class.

Alpha Kappa Wins Scholarship Cup Again By V. WELLS Pledges: Ralph Seiler, Niagara Falls, N.Y. ; MacDowell Gilmore, Ingomar, Pa.; Donald Evans, East Tawas, Mich. For the second consecutive year, Alpha Kappa received the Wilson sd1olarship cup which is awarded annually to the Michigan chapter whose scholastic average for the preceeding year was the best. One more year means permanent possession. The only social event of the winter season which is to be sponsored by Alpha Kappa is a formal dinner dance which is to be held on Saturday, February 13, the night following the J Hop. We are renting a booth at the Hop together with Sigma Zeta. We are also uniting with them in the party, which will take place at their house. "Bill " Gnodtke, who has been house manager for the past two years, resigned his post in favor of matrimony. The ceremony occurred on Christmas Eve and was witnessed by Archon Hotchkiss, who reports that the couple got off to a good start in a deluge of rice. The bride was Miss Lucille Huston.

Venison for Founders • Day at Penn State By GRANT A. CoLTON Alpha Mu has been honored just recently in having three of its members elected to honorary societies. Brother Meade, who is a pitcher on the varsity baseball team, was elected to the Skull and Bones society, an organization of outstanding managers and athletes on the Penn State campus. Broth er Epler and Brother Stoudt were chosen to become members of the Pi Tau Sigma honorary scholastic engineering fraternity. All three brothers have worked hard and they rightly deserved the recognition which they received. Pledge Fryer and Pledge Strauss have been doing



But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..


But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..