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Burbank; Mel Reid, Ellensburg; Donald Tomlinson, Albany, Oregon. Samuel Pearson, a freshman from Portland, Oregon, was recently appointed assistant collection manager of the Daily Barometer. Pearson has the distinction of being one of the three "rooks" on the regular Barometer staff. Robert Scuricb, '31, is chairman of the campus decoration comm ittee. Robert WiJJiams, Pi Kappa Phi schol ar, was initiated into Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary in education. Williams is now a member of three honora ry and professional fraternities. An informal party in the form of a radio dance was given in the chapter house on January 16, 1932. The an nual formal dance wi ll be given February 20, 1932. Alumni Personals

Harry Kallander, '28, formerly of Klamath Indian Agency, has entered the field of professional wrestling .

Another Student Body President in Alpha Eta By EMERSON GAY Pledges: Paul Cox, Clanton; Harold Greer, Birmingham; Jul ian Regans, Birmingham; Lawrence McNeil, Birmingham; Thomas McWhirter, Birmingham; A. B. Stutts, AttaJia; Copeland Graves, BlountsviJJe; John Graves, Birmingham; Lenard Vines, Birmingham; Harold Hardin, Summit; James Guinn, Bessemer; Walter Casey, CuJJman; James Edwards, Mobile. Initiate: Claude Philips. Rush week was a very good success for Alpha Eta. The program cons isted of two smokers and a party. The alu mni came out on two occasions and helped the chapter out w ith pledging. This is the first year for open rush at Howard. At th e first of the year, it was decided by the chapter to g ive a social party of some kind each month. Usually there was a dance g iven, since we have several musicians in the chapter. Harold Hardin, one of our pledges, plays the saxaphone, another the trombone, and one the piano. Thanksgiving, the pledges entertained the upperclassmen with a dinner at the house. It was a nice affair and the pledges did a very good job of putting the party over. During homecoming week, which is the annu al Birmingham-Southern-Howard game, we had many alumni to v isit th e chapter. An alumni banquet was held at the school cafeteria, and afterwards everyone came over · to th e house. Intramural sports at Howard are about to get und er way. In D ecember we played football, winning two games and losi ng one. Each fraternity is allowed two 32

sh teams in the intramural sports, one for indoor baseball and one for basketball. Alpha Eta hopes to come out on top in these events. Paul Cox, a p ledge, plays on the basketball team. Alpha Eta holds many student offices. Carl Park was eJected president of the student body. Henr)' Smith is on the student cou ncil along with Frank Fleming and Emerson Gay. Frank Fleming and Paul Guinn are circulating managers of the Crimson. Ern· erson Gay is assistant business manager of the Cri111· son. Henry Smith is a cabinet member of the Y.M.C.A· Alumni Personals

The Birmingham Alumni have a very active mern· bership this year. There are about seventy-five mern· bers who are represented from severa l d ifferent chap· ters. Brother Lent Brewster from Alpha Eta Chapter is president of the alumni and Brother Robert Mundine from Omicron Chapter is secretary. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at the Bankhead Hotel in Birmingham. The alumni have been a great help to the active chapter. The alumni plan to give a dance on February 5 together with the active members. They are expecting to make some money on the dance and wi ll turn it over to the chapter. Alfred L. Bains married Miss Meta Elizabeth Witt· meier on November 28, 1931.

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Alpha Theta Is Interfraternity Champion





Pledges: The return to school of Basil Creager, '34, Three Rivers, Mich., and Forest Meir, '33, Grand p Ledge, marked the addi tion of two pledges to our present organization. By pledging Fred Bable, Trav· erse City, we brought the total up to sixteen. 0 fficers: Ed Brewster, archon ; Ken Bellinger, treas· urer; Robert Eurch, secretary ; Earl Watz, hi storian ; Robert Whiting, chaplain; and Robert Mueller, war· p den. J:. Interfratern ity sport activities consisted of golf and A bowling last term. Alpha Theta took the bacon in l both events. Our golfers included the best quartet seen A on this campus for some years. Robert Mueller, former ( college ch amp ion , led his team to victory w ith the e aid of Hank D emming, Laverne Smith, and Kenneth ~ Bellinger. Hank was this year's winner, as well as I being that of Jast year, of the first flight coJJege l championship. Laverne was runner up in the same ) flight. c The bowling team was also represented by good t men. Last year practically the same team, with one e~· b ception, received a cup for runner-up position. ThiS year the boys walked off with a plaque for champion·



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