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Alumni Chapter. The program for the occasion follows:

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"Brotherhood" . .. ... .. ... .... District Archon Price "History of the Fraternity" .. . . .. . .. . Brother Vowles ~iolin number ... . ....... .. ... .... .. Pledge Rozelle Prospects of the Future" . . . . . ... .. . . .. Archon Knox Solo .. . . .. .. . . .. ......... . ...... . ... Mrs. Vowles "Tidbits" . . . . .. .. .. . ... ... . . .... . .. Brother Beaty

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After this enthusiastic program, the brothers and guests retired to the chapter room where Mrs. Vowles CUt the large birthday cake with its twenty-seven candles and punch was served. . Important social functions of the last two months tnclude sophomore Christmas houseparty on December 19-20 and the Panhellenic dances of January 2930, for which Tal Henry furnished the music.

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Alumni Personals oyrth ·ial

Chalmers R. Carr is now at the University of North Carolina where he is taking work in the medical school. W. W. Harrison is now serving as Clerk of the Committee on Printing, House of Representatives, at Washington.


Cleveland Elected Archon of Delta Chapter By SID


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0 lfi.cers: D. B. Snider, treasurer; William 0. Self, assistant treasurer; Walter Martin, secretary; James Scales, historian; Thomas F. McAfee, chaplain; Charles W. Cox, warden. Green H. Cleveland, popular member of the senior class at Furman University, was recently elected ard1on of Delta Chapter for the second half of the year. Brother Cleveland, who is a Greenville boy, succeeds James W. Culbertson of Woodruff as archon. Brother Cleveland holds several outstanding honors on the campus and will receive his B.A. degree this spring summa mm laude. He is a member of Kappa Delta and Hand and Torch, honorary scholastic fr~--




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Clark, Alpha Pi

terntttes. He also holds membership in the Cloister, which is an honorary English club, and in the French Club. last spring he was honored by election to the Student Council. Arthur Trask McCarson, Delta pledge, was one of the mainstays in the line of the freshman football

G. H. Cleveland

team at Furman University this past season. McCarson, who hails from Henderson, N.C., was a star in highschool football for four years, playing tackle. This year on the Furman team he was shifted to guard by Coach Mcleod and played that position well. He is fast and shifty and has the making of an outstanding guard. He played in all of the freshman games this year, and promises to be a strong contender for a regular berth on the Furman University varsity next fall.

Iota Joins Other Atlanta Chapters 1n Radio Broadcast By BILL MANER Tranfen: John Coursey, Pi; Moyce Sikes, Eta. 0 fficers: Bob McCamy, · archon; Carlton Daugherty, secretary; Charles Newton, treasurer; Will Hill Newton, historian; Ossis Cobb, chaplain; Wilson Page, warden. The athletic number of The Star and Lamp finds Iota with plenty to talk about. This year we were represented on the football field by Tom Black. Black 23


But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..


But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..