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(EDITOR'S NOTE: In token of appreciation for extraordinary length of service on the Supreme Council, a suitable gift was voted to Past Supreme Edito1路 Richard L. Young and Past Supreme Secretary Elnm路 N. Turnquist by the fraternity. The following letters speak for themselves.)

Charlotte, N.C. Janua1路y 8, 1931 DEAR HOWARD:

It is difficult for me to adequately express my and Mrs. Young's appreciation of the handsome gift which the fraternity sent us at Christmas. Nothing could have been more appropriate, more useful, or more desired. Each time that I glance at it or count its beautiful chimes I am reminded of the thoughtfulness of those who were kind enough to remember me. Through the passing years it will be a source of pride and joy, and I know that it will serve as a tie to bind me and my interests closer to Pi Kappa Phi. Frankly, I was not deserving of such generosity, but because of the spirit behind the gift, it is that much more appreciated . I thank you and all those who had a part in it from the depths of a grateful heart. Best wishes for good health and prosperity in 1932. Fraternally yours, RICHARD L. YOUNG

January 25, 1932 Chicago, 11/inois To THE SUPREME COUNCIL AND BROTHERS IN

PI KAPPA PHI: The beautiful electric clock with its musical chimes and attached plate of appreciation, which was delivered to me on the night before Christmas, is 'l gift that will be long remembered and ever cherished. It is difficu lt to express in words my feelings and my thoughts as I read the engraved inscription on the gold plate.

The purity of tone, beauty of design, and lasting quality defines in an indelible language the spirit and the motive which prompted its presentation. The greatest reward in giving of one's time and energy is the satisfaction in knowing that the effort has been appreciated and has proven of some va lue in the progressive march of an organization of genuine men. The writer has always strived to give unstintedly of his time, loyalty, and devotion, and if in any small way he has left an impression in the pages of the fraternity's history of some thing really worth while, his efforts have certainly not been in vain. My associations during the past six years with the various members of the supreme councils and chapters are indelibly written in my book of memories as some of the most pleasant experiences of my life. It is my sincere hope that Pi Kappa Phi wi ll continue to grow, not on ly in membership and numbers of chapters, but in strength of character, ideals, and in everlasting brotherhood. It is my further hope that the members of the Council may receive Supreme Guidance in their deliberations and in the cementing of an unadulterated fraternal brotherhood and in the estab lishment of its financial security and stability during the present crisis in our fraternity and economic systems. All I can say in appreciation of your appreciation is, I thank you . Fraternally, ELMER N. TURNQUIST

Pi Kappa Phi Ten Years Ago By



Psi Chapter had recently been installed at Cornell. The Berkeley convention was just past. There Roy Heffner was elected supreme archon ; Jimmi e Setze, secretary; Henry Harper, treasurer; George Driver, alumni secretary; and Dick Young to his second term as editor of The Star and Lamp. The magazine was devoted to accounts of the convention . Some of the things done: The word "eminent" was dropped as a prefix to titles of the supreme officers; supreme treasurer was made business manager of the magazine; life subscription plan was made compulsory; provision was made for the first song book, with Wade Bolt to edit it; office of "chapter inspector" was created; constitution and laws were


Pou, Omicron re-written; and Atlanta was chosen for the next convention. Names prominent in the convention news: "Ches" Reeves, Cosby Byrd, George Sheetz, John Barnett, George Grant, Orvin Gaston, Forrest McGill, Billy Borland, Lawton Ellis, Karl Gibbon, and H. E. Dillingham. Chapter letters to the magazine showed John 0. Blair (now of D etroit and active at the recent convention) was secretary of Gamma Chapter; George Sheetz was archon of Alpha; "Euc" Reeves and Ray Nixon were students at Emory; Eldon Kiffin was a pledge at Nebraska; and Howard Leake was one of the brand-new Pi Kapps at Washington and Lee.



But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..