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S. Claus Visits New York Alumni By ALFRED TYRRILL, Alpha Xi


.largest and, according to the consensus of optniOn, the best Christmas dinner of the New York Alumni Chapter ushered in the holiday season on December 17. Nearly one hundred members of the alumni chapter and of the Alpha Xi undergraduate gro~p-the largest attendance in the history of the affatr-were assembled to await the arrival of Saint Nick. The scene of the dinner was the Hotel Brevoort, in lower Manhattan, which is managed by Raymond A. D. C?rteig, Jr., Alpha Xi. G. Sumner Small, Alpha Xi, prestdent of the alumni association at Brooklyn Poly, was the toastmaster. Many prominent Pi Kapps were present, including Albert W. Meisel, supreme d1ancellor; William J. Berry, archon of the first district; Lawrence J. Bolvig, president of the New York alumni; Prof. Erich Hausmann, dean of graduate study at the Polytechnic; Prof. Edward ]. Squire, professor of civil engineering at Poly; Robert Emmet Allen, Delta; John E. Scharer, ar~hon of Alpha Xi, and Alfred J. P. Wilson, Alpha :Xt chapter adviser.

During the evening the group joined in singing many of the Pi Kapp songs, as well as the alma maters of Cornell and Brooklyn Poly, for the group was largely composed of Alpha Xi and Psi men. The "chain" song, which may be familiar to many, although its use is governed by local conditions, was also rendered by the Alpha Xi undergraduates. It is the custom of the alumni chapter at its dinners to award those brothers who have become fathers during the year. A silver cup is given to the proud parent of each boy, and a silver spoon to the father of each girl. No credit is given to those who have received a second or still later addition to the family. The first is all that counts. The awards this year were distributed by Brother A. J. P. Wilson, and Brothers Bernard J. Minetti and James Dreyfus received the cups, while Brother David G. Kells was the sole recipient of a spoon. The event for which everyone was waiting, the arrival of Santa Claus, was heralded by the sound of "Jingle Bells," and then Santa entered. The usual costume, the voluminous bag slung over his shoulder, even the fuming "stogie" he carried in his mouth, could not conceal the fact that it was Charlie ("Shifty") Behringer. He had gifts for everyone-key cases, leather-bound memo pads and paper folders, cigarette cases, all bearing II K <I> in gold letters upon them. Although it had been the custom in past years to have each brother who cared to bring a gift, and to have Santa distribute them, the committee this year was able to include the gift as part of the dinner.


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