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STOP FRETTING OVER THE BAD ECONOMY... Advertise in the Piedmont Shopper

- it is affordable - it works and it reaches more readers than any other paper in Southern Virginia. Call 434-822-1800 NOW!

3157 Westover Drive, Danville, VA Call 434-822-1111 to place Classified ads or 434-822-1800 for Business Ads Place Your Ad Online NOW at

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Each townhome has a modern floorplan and features... • 2 Bedrooms • 1.5 Baths • Hardwood floors & carpet • Washer/dryer hookup • Central Heat - A/C • Pets under 25 lbs. allowed • No Government Assistance • $575 per month / 1 year lease

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Turnpike Townhomes 1200 Franklin Turnpike

434-250-7296 Accepting Applications Now

ELKS Every Friday – Weather Permitting Doors Open 6 PM • Games Begin 7 PM

ONE $50000 Jackpot! (Depending on Attendance) $ 00

50/50 up to 500

The Chick-FIla cow has been all over the place lately. He even stopped by our office at the Piedmont Shopper!

Don't Smoke A couple of hours into a visit with my mother, she noticed I hadn't once lit up a cigarette. "Are you trying to kick the habit?" she asked. "No," I replied. "I have a cold, and I don't smoke when I'm not feeling well." "You know," she observed, "you'd probably live longer if you were sick more often."

560 Main St • Danville, VA

Please visit our website for updated classifieds and info NOTICE TO ALL EMPLOYEES! All personnel will now be required to look happy while working. Company-approved supplies will be provided to each employee at little or no cost. Workloads getting to you? Feeling stressed? Too many priorities and assignments? Not sure where you'll be working? Here is the new low-cost, company-approved solution to cope with multiple priorities and assignments!

Jordan Slayton

Each employee will be supplied 2 paper clips and rubber bands. (See Fig 1.)

It's Just a Catfish! For all those crazy guys who go 'noodling' for catfish and & stick their arms down the fish's throat! ! This would be 'all the catfish you can eat.' Each year, a few people were drowning or disappearing mysteriously in Huadu's Furong Reservoir. It was not until recently, when the son of a government official went swimming in the reservoir and was drowned, that the secret was revealed. It is a 3 metre long man-eating catfish whose head alone is 1 metre wide! After cutting up the catfish, people were surprised to find the remains of another man inside! Swimming in the reservoir is now forbidden because it is feared another similar man-eating catfish is still lurking in the waters

Assemble items as shown in Fig 2.

Sisters Out of Gas Returning after traveling a great distance by car to get medical supplies for their small clinic, the nuns ran out of gas quite literally "in the middle of nowhere." They knew the area well; no gas for miles in either direction. Not wanting to leave the supplies, and not wanting to be separated, they began to pray. Just then a gas tanker stopped, and the driver asked, "Sisters, what is wrong?" They explained their gas gauge was stuck and they had run out of gas.

Apply as shown in Fig 3.

He replied that his tanker was empty and he was on his way to load fuel for one of his routes. But on inspection he found he had a little in one of his lines; however, he had no bucket to catch the remaining tidbit of fuel. "Bed pans," replied one sister. "We have bed pans!" With that, they got out the bed pans and gratefully caught all of the last little bit of gas in the tanker. Then the driver said, "Sisters, I am short on time I must go!" The sisters thanked him and poured the gas into the car. As they were pouring in the last little bit, a highway patrolman pulled up got out of the patrol car and stared in disbelief. "Sisters, I've no idea what you have done, but I sure admire your faith!"

This new office equipment will help you to reach the end of a productive work day with a SMILE on your face! Management

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These words – the author is unknown – are particularly sobering today. “A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship…. “Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.”

Lé Salon Welcomes

Joan Holley -Stowe

formerly of Unisex Barber Shop Joan welcomes all of her previous & new customers to come see her. We Accept Walk-ins! Hours: Tues.-Fri. 8:30am-5:30pm

620-D Westover Dr., Danville, VA (Next to Pino's Pizza)

(434) 250-9490 (434) 793-3544

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Mobile on DeManD Storage


40’ & 20’ Storage Containers 45’x102” Wide Trailers 16’ x 8’ Mini Mods & Stuff Its Rollup Doors For Rent

Safe, Dry & Secure • Padlock Doors • Wood Floors Ground Level Access LOCAL TRUCKING Toll Free 866-849-1599 Local 434-791-2980

25th Anniversary Of . . .

Kenneth W. Daniel Sr. Roofing 130 James Road, Danville, VA 24541

(434) 822-0075 • (434) 251-1789 Over 30 Years Experience Free Estimates, Licensed, Bonded & Insured (10% Off Thru 2009)

Williams Transportation & Storage, Inc. Located: 1428 Goodyear Blvd. • Danville, VA 24541


Thank You $3.00

For Voting For Us – Best Of 2009 Bring This Coupon For $3.00 Off Your Next Order Of $10.00 Or More! 796 Piney Forest Rd. Danville, VA 24540 791-4311


Offer Expires 3/01/09 Coupon Not Valid With Other Offers


A Violinist in the Metro A man sat at a metro station in Washington, DC and started to play the violin; it was a cold January morning. He played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, since it was rush hour, it was calculated that thousands of people went through the station, most of them on their way to work.

SAVE UP TO Applied toward purchase with dealer’s participation. For a limited time on select in-stock Central Boiler outdoor furnace models and ThermoPEX® Insulated piping, at participating dealers only. See dealer for deails.

Three minutes went by and a middle aged man noticed there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds and then hurried up to meet his schedule. A minute later, the violinist received his first dollar tip: a woman threw the money in the till and without stopping continued to walk. A few minutes later, someone leaned against the wall to listen to him, but the man looked at his watch and started to walk again. Clearly he was late for work.


Sierra’s Wood Furnaces

The one who paid the most attention was a 3 year old boy. His mother tagged him along, hurried but the kid stopped to look at the violinist. Finally the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk turning his head all the time. This action was repeated by several other children. All the parents, without exception, forced them to move on. In the 45 minutes the musician played, only 6 people stopped and stayed for a while. About 20 gave him money but continued to walk their normal pace. He collected $32. When he finished playing and silence took over, no one noticed it. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition.

One of the possible conclusions from this experience could be: If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world playing the best music ever written, how many other things are we missing?

Relax, we’ll do the housework. • Daily • Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly Services


To the Guy Who Mugged Me Downtown (Downtown, Savannah) I was the white guy with the black Burrberry jacket that you demanded I hand over shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend. You also asked for my girlfriend’s purse and earrings. I hope you somehow come across this message. I’d like to apologize. I didn’t expect you to mess your pants when I drew my pistol after you took my jacket. Truth is, I was wearing the jacket for a reason that evening, and it wasn’t that cold outside. You see, my girlfriend had just bought me that Kimber 1911 .45 ACP pistol for Christmas, and we had just picked up a shoulder holster for it that evening. Beautiful pistol, eh? It’s a very intimidating weapon when pointed at your head, isn’t it?

Need help? Did you hear about the man who was flying along in a single engine airplane and the engine stalled? He couldn’t get it going again and the plane was diving to crash very quickly. He couldn’t pull it up so he strapped on a parachute and jumped out of the plane. Well, to make matters worse, the parachute wouldn’t open no matter how hard he pulled on the ripcord. So he’s frantic and considering what to do as he plunges to what he knows will be his death. He looks down and all of a sudden sees a man flying up towards him from the ground. So here the two men are in the air, passing each other; the pilot headed down and the other man headed up. The pilot with the broken parachute yells at the man headed up, “Do you know anything about fixing parachutes?” “No,” the man yells back. “Do you know anything about fixing gas furnaces?” No matter which direction you’re going in life—up or down—you can probably use some help. Ask God for help today as you make a life, not just a living.

We Also Buff, Strip & Wax Floors


FREE ESTIMATES • LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED Shannon Blachura (434) 548-9911


If this is true, it’s a darned fine story.

No one knew this but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the best musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth 3.5 million dollars. Two days before his playing in the subway, Joshua Bell sold out at a theater in Boston and the seats average $100. This is a real story. Joshua Bell playing incognito in the metro station was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and priorities of people. The outlines were: in a commonplace environment at an inappropriate hour: Do we perceive beauty? Do we stop to appreciate it? Do we recognize the talent in an unexpected context?

6133 Kentuck Road Ringgold, VA 24586 Bus: 434-822-7335 Cell: 434-334-8398

The Piedmont Shopper is honored to have Dr. Joey Faucette’s “Listen to Life” column as a regular feature in our paper. If you see Dr. Joey, tell him you saw it in The Piedmont Shopper.

I know it probably wasn’t a great deal of fun walking back to wherever you’d come from with that mess in your pants. I’m sure it was even worse since you also ended up leaving your shoes, cellphone, and wallet with me. I couldn’t have you calling up any of your buddies to come help you try to mug us again. I took the liberty of calling your mother, or “Momma” as you had her listed in your cell, and explaining to her your situation. I also bought myself some gas on your card. I gave your shoes to one of the homeless guys over by Vinnie Van Go’s, along with all of the cash in your wallet, then I threw the wallet itself in a dumpster. I called a bunch of phone sex numbers from your cell. They’ll be on your bill in case you’d like to know which ones. Alltel recently shut down the line, and I’ve only had the phone for a little over a day now, so I don’t know what’s going on with that. I hope they haven’t permanently cut off your service. I was about to make some threatening phone calls to the DA’s office with it. Oh well. So, about your pants. I know that I was a little rough on you when you did this whole attempted mugging thing, so I’d like to make it up to you. I’m sure you’ve already washed your pants, so I’d like to help you out. I’d like to reimburse you for the detergent you used on the pants. I’d also like to apologize for not killing you and instead making you walk back home humiliated. I’m hoping that you’ll reconsider your choice of path in life. Next time you might not be so lucky. If you read this message, email me and we’ll do lunch and laundry. Peace!

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NOW NOW ! O PEN! N E OP Collision Center North, Inc. Our #1 G Is Com oal pl Custom ete Satisfa er ction!

ing z i l a i c “Spe t& n i a P In rk” o W y Bod 3943 US Hwy. 29 Danville, VA 24540 Hours: M-F 8am-5:30pm.


Thank You!

Family Haircuts 1313 West Main St. (across from Hardee’s)

Voted Danville’s Best Barbershop Cathy N. Allen Walk-Ins Welcome!

Hours: Tues-Fri 9-5 • Saturday 9-1

Animals & Accessories Hollywood Pets Upscale pet boarding, doggy daycare and grooming. Website http:// Call 434-792-PETS COUNTRY DOG BOARDING Boarding for SPOILED DOGS! No cold kennels. TV, Heat/ Air, Hiking trails LOTS of TLC. We also offer PET & FARM sitting 4 all size animals & livestock. 434-685-1673 would you like to learn how to ride or own a Bucking Bull? Call for details 434250-3298 AKC German Shepherd 2 males, 2 females, red/ black and black/ tan. Strong bloodlines, high ball drive, all shots. $500 OBO. 434-5685588 oat hay horse quailty $5 per bale, call 434-724-7283 MISSING: Light yellow Golden Retriever male with a red collar, name Jake. Please call 434-432-0855 or 434-713-8838.

Adorable Akc reg. YORKIE puppy $650.00; also beautiful Pure Bred PAPILLON puppies $300.00. GREAT VALENTINES GIFT! please call 434-724-3999 or 434-334-7733 leave message

434-429-9294 Dixie Chick farms 2000 Chicks Due in March 10th, Over 16 breeds of Chicks. Quail, Pheasants and Guineas Chicks For Sale. Call 434-709-0429, 336-404-9910 white silkies chickens hens & roosters, $10ea, call 434-793-8080 (3) akc reg labs left dewormed, shots given, call 434-724-2061, 434-2509981 white leggings hens 1 yr old, $7ea, call 434-685-3397 square bales of hay Building kept, $2.75 a bale, call leave message 434-7247823 15yr old rocky mt gelding $300; 21yr old TN Walker mare $350. Good trail horses, call 434-724-3032 male shih tzu 1 1/2yrs old, tri-colored, shots up to date, $100, call 434-334-3222

2 LOCATIONS TO BETTER SERVE YOU! horse pasture for rent 8 stalls, call for more information 434-685-7912

HAPPY B-DAY to Shainia Talbert We love you..... Danny and John John

lost lemon & white beagles, females, in Whitmell & Hinesville area. Reward, 434-251-4172

Happy Birthday Happy 1st Birthday Reagan! We love you, Nana & Papa Wayne

Shih Tzu Puppy

Happy Birthday Baby! Happy 1st Birthday, Reagan! Mommy and Daddy love you oodles!

CKC Shih Tzu Puppie, one male 8 weeks old, first shots, $250 434728-1749 Great Dane puppies for sale Two Black Females $250ea One Harlequin Male $400 434-792-3811

happy birthday to Janet Richardson 45yrs old on Valentines Day. Your friends, Carolyn and Roger Handy

yorkie/malti-poo 2 beautiful blonde females, playful, ready to go, first shots, wormed, parents on site. $300 Each 434753-9368

happy birthday to my mom shana I hope my mom has a great b-day love Johnthan

black angus & simmental heifers & bulls, excellent genetics, call 434-685-7912


black angus heifers 15-16mos old, ready to breed, call 434-432-2519

Happy late valentines day, to our little hearts. Adrian, Adrianna, and Christian. Mommie and Daddie loves you much!!!!!!

ponies for sale Call for details and prices. 434-685-5472. We also do Birthday Parties (Pony Rides)

Happy Terrible “2” Wishing my lil man Josh a wonderful 2nd birthday 2/21. We love you. From Mommy and Sissy.

Free Cute Puppies Chow Mix, 3 male, 3 female, medium sized dogs. 434-792-1219

in loving memory of my dear husband JOHN REED, we love and miss you! Love, your Wife and Daughter

Free Lab/Colie Puppies to A good home, 8wks old, first shots & wormed. Gary 434-822-1624 Free to Good Home 2 Dogs Australian Sheppard Mix, Miniature Cocker Spaniel. 434-251-1007 or 434-822-7034

Happy Valentines Day Sam. We love you. Love, Lauren and Christopher

in loving memory of our dear sweet Papa JOHN REED, who left us 4yrs ago on 2/19/2005. We love and miss you, CJ, Kayla, and LeAnn Lynch

Self Locking Cattle Head Gate Big Valley Brand $200. Two young Beef Cows $350 Ea Black & Red Angus 434-250-6650 FOUND DOG Between Climax & Whitles, Young Male Lab Mix, Brown, Very Lovable & friendly. Call 434-432-7091 Pek-a-poos 2 Black BOK Males, w/ white on chest, very loving lap dogs, ready now, 7wks old. Asking $250 to good homes only 434-822-8924

Adult dogs Japanese Chin Chin for sale. 4 females, 1 male. 2 black/white, 2 sable/white, $200.00ea. 434-724-4661


Free to good home adorable 8 week old kittens. Litter box training already. call between 9am and 9pm 434-685-1432

Buck, Happy Valentine’s Day and Anniversary! You are incredible and the best thing that ever happened to me. Love, Crystal

gentle 12yr old registered TWH Chesnut more with 7mo old Filly, $2000, call 434799-6942

Cabel, Happy Valentines I will always love you no matter what! Love, your heart Kath

Mini Dauchshund 9 month old mini dauchshund. Solid black. Housetrained. Spayed. Up to date on all shots. Accessories included. $300 OBO. 434-250-4891 or 434-332-4989

Congratulations to Brittney & Lamont On the Birth of their new Son, Jeremiah. Born on Feb 12th, 2009. I Love you guys, Love Always Mom.

red reg tn walking gelding 3yrs old, white blaze on face, very gentle, $800, 434-724-7496

happy birthday shana She is turning 24 today. I want to wish her the best

AKC Welch Corgi Female Beautiful Red and White. Great with kids. $250.00 3yrs old 276-732-5036

free 1yr old beagle mix female, spayed, black/brown, most all of shots, call 434-793-2476

English Masstiff Fawn Purebred 18 mo. old Female, $300 firm, no papers. Sire weighs 230, parents on premises. 276-6508041

Happy birthday shana Love, Zackary, Morgan, and Krist

David, I love you and hope we will be together on our anniversary, but I’ll be with you always Misty Ernie, Happy First Anniversary 2/21! You are all I will ever need...forever! I love you! Your Wife, Tammy Gary Jones, I can’t express my love for you. Words aren’t merely enough. I love you so much baby!!!!! -Brittany Happy 25th birthday Zane on Feb. 20! You’ll always be in my heart even though we are apart! Happy 2nd Anniversary on Feb. 20 to David and Misty. May God bless you and your marriage. Love Mom and Dad HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY To the Best Granddaughter, Nevaeh Lynn Yeatts on Feb 19th, Love you Always Nana Cindy. Happy 33rd Birthday To our Mommy, Kristi Austin. February 18th Love Kaitlyn, Emily, and Peyton Happy B-day Reagan Happy Birthday my lovely little niece! Auntie Megan loves you!

Jill Blankenship Happy 40th Birthday on Feb 21st. x ID 2759252 Kathy Gill - Happy birthday! We love you more than words can express! Kacey, William, and Jasmyn Krazy k, I love you. Love always, Tiffany Lost Dealer Tag ID99-274 Please call, Massey Auto Sales @ 434-489-6868. 1309 West Main St. Tag Lost between 1309 W Main & NC welcome center or 911 to alert Police. Thank you.

muriel huff, Happy Birthday on February 13th! We love you very much, your Family Nanny Kathy - Happy Birthday to the best nanny in the world! Love you forever and ever!! - Jasmyn Angelic

Open house - showplace 106 Hunt Street, Chatham, Virginia Selling Contents Including: Antique & Period Furniture, Glassware, Lamps, Rugs, Toys, Framed Art and Pictures, Tractor Mower many other items (Name Brand Furniture Hinkel Harris), Corner Cabinet, Dental Cabinet, Early Cherry Table, Walnut Server, Early Walnut Twin Beds, American Fostoria, Pottery Jugs, Enamelware, etc. Phone 434-770-1184 or 434-549-1729 for more details SALE STARTS: February 27th and 28th @ 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

6262 Riverside Drive Danville, VA 24541 Hours: M-F 8am-5:30pm.


Rebecca Riddle Happy 10th Birthday on Feb 19th. You are our Angel. We Love You. Mama, Daddy, Elizabeth Tanner and Tucker


ring found by a very honest young man at OT Bonner Middle School. To identify ring call 434-792-0307

1950’s Chest Antique Chest (4 drawers) light/ medium color, newer brass pulls, excellent condition (5’5”tall, 3’4”wide 17”deep), $200. 434-251-0802

rt, Happy Valentines Day. It has been to long since I have seen you. I love you! PTIES

Antique Iron Safe Floor safe with three drawer file inside, combination lock, fireproof. Best offer, 434-728-2462

shana happy b-day B-day wishes goes out to my sister. I love you Kristy

antique hoosier cabinet maple, flour bin, rollup front, white, looks new, $225 OBO, call 434-250-2993

stolen: 1986 ford 4wd truck in Vandola Rd area. If anyone knows any information please call Harold 434-8221084. If convicted reward of $1000.

antique pie safe over 100 yrs old, $300, call 336-514-2107

to my baby Jamie Lee Stump, Happy 24th Birthday on Valentines Day. We love you, Carolyn and Roger To my love ronnell I am putting this in here just so you know how much I love you, XOXO

Victorian Steamer Trunk From the 1870s, Dome Top, Black in Color, 434-2518578 or 336-388-2568 vintage store showcase glass & walnut wood, w/glass shelves, lighted, $35; also many antiques, call 434-349-5600 Antique Oak Dresser with mirror, $350 OBO, call and leave message at 434250-0707

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B & B Engine & Parts Remanufactured Engines & Cylinder Heads 2424 Hutson Road Call BINK Dry Fork, VA 434-724-7175 or 1-800-237-4412 24549 Bonanza Apple Peeler By Goodell Co, Antrin, NH call 919-306-7805 for more information large wooden antique dresser 2nd drawer opens out to desk, $45, call 434-334-6913 duncan phyfe couch antique, needs recovering, $75, call 434-792-7691 Solid Mahogany Round Dumbwaither and Solid Mahogany Kidney Dumbwaither Tea Accent Tables. $300.00 Each. Call 434-250-7296 Solid Mahogany Marble Top Lamp or Window Table. $300.00 Call 434-2507296 1923 9FT Pool Table Brunswick Arcade 2, solid mahogany, beech wood inlay, mother of pearls. Its nice. My father got this in 1932. email 434334-8078 Antique (walnut) Bedroom suit, scroll moldings & carvings, wood casters, full bed w/ mattress & boxsprings, vanity dresser w/ mirror, chest of drawers, both w/ glove boxes on top, round nightstand, top lifts up-$300. 434-799-4123 Antique 5 Piece Bedrm Suit $650 Firm. Antique Table & Six Chairs $800 Call 434-489-7468

Apparel Jewelry & Clothes YOUR STUFF CONSIGNMENT Specializing in teen and young mens and womens clothing. 1081 Piney Forest Rd. 434-836-1450

AUTO VILLA 2001 Dodge Ram 1500

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“We Finance” Cash Offers “Welcome” Ride Today! Bad Credit, No Credit, NO PROBLEM w/Approved Down Payment.

2006 Buick Lucerne

2005 Chevy Silverado Truck

2004 Mazda 6

2003-2006 Honda Accord, 10 In Stock

2003 Infiniti G35

To Choose From, Many Colors!

2002-2007 Chevrolet Malibus 6 To Choose From

Many Colors, Low Miles!

Champagne, Fully Loaded, Low Miles, Very Nice!

Grey, V-6, Fully Loaded, Low Miles!

2002 Toyota Solara

Red, Very Low Miles!

2008 Chevy Cobalt Black, AT, Fully Loaded!

2008 Pontiac Grand Prix

Blue, 4 Door, AT, Loaded, Low Miles!

2005 Chevy Suburban

2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2007 Ford Mustang GT, Burgandy, 5 Speed,

2000-2002 Honda Accord

White, 4x4 Nice!

Red, 5 Speed, Low Miles!

Red, Loaded Too Sweet!

Blue, Sunroof, Leather, AT, Needs New Address!

the bra lady boutique has strapless bras from size 32A to Full Figure. Strapless sizes up to 50FF for all your proms and wedding needs. 1085 Piney Forest RD, Danville, 434-793-LADY 1 Carat Diamond Ring Stunning 1carat Marquise Engagement Ring, with small diamonds on sides. 14K Gold. Valued $1,800, asking $1,200. 434-349-9120 vera bradley pocketbooks new & used, call 276-638-6388 Maternity Clothes Great for working woman. Several pant/skirt suits and various other pieces. Mostly size small with few mediums. Suits $10-15, separates $5 each. 434-770-2232

2008 Nissan Sentra White, 4 Door, AT, PW, Nice!

14ct 20in herringbone necklace, paid $600, asking $350, call 434-476-1771 1ct engagment ring $500, call 434476-1771

2008 Honda Accord EX

Gold, Nice, Blue, AT, Loaded, Very Low Miles! Must See! Car Fax Vehicle History Reports

Very Low Miles, Too Sweet!

15 In Stock To Choose From, Many Colors!

Tax Checks Cashed With Purchase!

928 Riverside Dr • Danville, VA 24540 A GENUINE full length fur coat. Paid $7,000, asking $2,000. Call after 6 pm 434836-1294.

Clothing t-shirts, sweatshirts, coats, jackets. Mostly sz med & lg. Good for work, some like new. 50-$5 ea. 276-650-8041

midnight blue prom dress size 14 with accessories, $75.00 OBO, 434-250-1619

White washing machine, great condition $175.00. Microwave $25.00 434-7990083

Ladies dress shoes and sandals, new in boxes, several pair, sz. 9 $7-$15 276650-8041

2006 frigidaire 16.5 cu ft refrigerator, $225 OBO, call 434-203-6809

Gorgeous girl’s size 10 lite pink dress, perfect for Easter. $25, 434-7931243 Bonnie Jean pink dress child size 10, $25, 434-793-1243 George Pink & Peach color flower dress, child size 16. $30, 434-793-1243 heart shaped gold ring with ruby in the heart diamonds around it size 7 $35 434-836-0284 size xl harley davidson leather jacket, authentic, flames on sides, eagle on back w/flames and “Ride Free”, $100, call 434-836-3018

PROM TIME! Long cream colored dress with gold sequence and sheer chest. Size 2. $30 434-799-1253 woman’s certified diamond solitaire ring, 1.02K, free sizing, Lifetime transferable warranty, excellent condition, bought at Kay’s, $5200, call 540-382-8827 woman’s 1k total weight diamond earrings, 14 diamonds, excellent condition, in box, bought at Kay’s, $800 price negotiable, call 540-382-8827 Clothing Size 6-8 For Sale Skirts, pants & tops 434-685-4447

elvis watch mint condition, $50, call after 9pm or weekends anytime 434-3340148

drapes for patio door or french doors, great condition, neutral color, $35 a pair, call before 8pm 434-793-4245

2 sets of scrubs 1 black cherry &1 plum, size 2XL, $20.00 set. Also have a top (scrub) size 2XL for sale for $8.00. Never been worn, call 434-489-2728.

Jewelry Numerous pieces(emeralds & diamonds, and more) selling all in one lump sum only, call 434-792-4715

prom dresses multi color size 3, new w/tags, paid $99, asking $35, call 434822-2229 champagne/silver prom dress size 2, paid $315, asking $50, call 434-8222229 Iron-Age Steel Toe Work Boots 8 Wide (MW), leather, electrostatic-dissipative, ANSI approved, brand new, $40. 336-694-9646 mens 3qt ct 7 diamond ring nice, paid $1250, asking $400, call 434-6855811 ladies heart shaped diamond wedding set, quarter carat, w/3 channel set, accent stones down each side, 14ct bands, $1414 negotiable, 336-589-0313 brand new womans leather motorcycle jacket, size large, paid $450.00, will sell for $100.00 OBO, 434-203-0778 PROM DRESS Formal party dress. Sleeveless, backless full-length gown. Beaded, dark bluish-green. Size 6. Worn once. Originally $350.00, asking $65.00, 336234-8998 Size 6 formal dress w/matching purse and shoes. worn once as a wedding dress $300 OBO 434-836-4970

Mens Work Pants & Shirts Pants 36x32, Shirts LG. Blue Brand New $8 a set. 434-724-4610 14KT Gold Necklace, Brand new 1/2 ct diamonds, from Ben Davids, Paid $1200 Asking $400. 434-724-4610 Lots of size 10/12 Dresses & Pants. Call 434-429-7468

Appliances Whirlpool dishwasher good condition, $100, 434-334-4023 Chest Freezer & Drink Cooler Chest freezer $100; Drink Cooler $200, 434-251-0523 broan stainless steel under the counter range hood, $60 OBO, call Sam 434-203-9010 spacesaver microwave oven white, like new, $150; 19in color TV $100, call 434791-1126 2 george foreman grills they are in good condition, $40.00, 336-388-0257 Ge washer/dryer 7 years old, runs terrific! Large capacity. $200. You pick up, or $250 we’ll deliver 15 miles. 434-685-2921

kenmore dryer $75 OBO, call 434203-6809 sausage grinder antique still works, $40, call after 9pm or weekends anytime 434-334-0148

ge dishwasher white, good condition, $85 OBO, call 434-724-3580 kenmore trash compactor $20, call 434-548-2179 whirlpool dishwasher works excellent, $110, call 434-792-8517 GE countertop range stainless 2 burner with jenn air style grill downdraft fan, $100 OBO. 434-792-1658

Small refrigerator $40. Call 434250-7600

side by side stainless steel refrigerator, 2mos old, $350, call 434-441-1989, 434-836-2943

freezer great for small area or apartment, good condition, $40, leave message 434-793-2746

Washer and dryer 1yr old. $400 for both; roper stove, 1yr old, $200, call 434429-5645

SHARP MICROWAVE $50; 14pc American Eagle wooden canister set $25; Crock pot, deep fryer, toaster oven, coffee pot, griddle, slow cooker, ss stand mixer, $5-$20ea, 434-432-3415

Large Capacity Washer and Dryer for sale. Excellent working condition. Must pick-up yourself 434-793-0132

Used Dryer $50 30 Gal Hot Water Heater $50.00 Call 434-822-2950

Emerson Microwave Full Features 700W Deluxe with turntable, like new $40.00 434-836-4034

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Steve Padgett’S danville Honda 4050 Riverside Drive, Danville, VA 24541

434-793-7901 • 1-800-MYHONDA

e Lifetimain r t Power ar ranty! W ! d e Limit EW Hondas N l l On A ars ed Ye t i m i l Un ited Unlim s! Mile

Doug Felici

Honda Sales And Leasing Consultant

2004 Honda CRV EX



(Kelly Blue Book Valued Over $14,000)

$5,000 Test Drive

Come in and drive any vehicle on our lot, new or used and you will be entered in our monthly drawing for $5,000 cash. Bring in this coupon and also get a FREE GIFT. No purchase is necessary. You agree to appear in Monthly TV commercials, complete a W-9 form if you win. Winners are not eligible for one year.

Must Ask For Doug To Get FREE GIFT!

Whirlpool Gold Washer Excellent used condition. White. $125 OBO. Call 276957-8757 or 276-732-1573. Frigidaire stainless steel dishwasher, less than 2 years old excellent condition. $125.00 434-251-7119 Kenmore Washer & Dryer Top Load, White, $125.00 for set. 434-724-6503 NEW Kitchen-Aid Refridgerator side by side Stainless $2,400 at Lowes never used - $1,300 call 434-203-1735 NEW Whirlpool Smooth-top Stainless stove higher-end model with matching microwave will seperate $550 buys both! 434-203-1735 white kenmore dryer 3 years old. good condition. $75 434-836-6878 White whirlpool Washer & Dryer Good working condition $300 for both or will sell separately. Call 434-685-5075


mike’s performance audio “The Finest In Car Audio & Custom Installations” Import/ Truck Accessories & Wheels, and Mobile Video. Sony, JVC, Memphis, Pioneer, Rosen, Boston, etc. 114 Nelson Ave, Danville, 434-836-6972, email: Speaker boxes for 6X9 speakers Excellent condition. Black, but can be painted. Prewired and insulated. Exc. Cond. $10. 434-793-2536 Crate Tube Amp REDUCED Have a like new 18 watt all tube amp with two 12in speakers. $200. 434-822-8317 TV STAND 3 shelf, smoked glass, cherry wood legs, swivel TV pedestal for up to 52in, $225, 434-793-0693

25in Sanyo TV, needs picture tube, free if you pick up. 434-250-5585

35” Curtis Mathis television Excellent condition $175 434-822-1710

Iphone touch 8GB 1mo old, $165, call 434-724-6622

HDTV 53IN Pioneer Widescreen Projection, Needs some repair. Call for more information. $100 434-432-0199 or 434728-2411

toshiba 27in color tv w/remote & manual. Includes entertainment center that fits TV perfectly, 4 shelves, 2 doors, & drawer, great condition, $150 OBO, 434251-3367 Two 12in Memphis subwoofers, a 1000 watt amplifier, speaker wire, and Memphis ported box. Asking $400, 336-583-8558 radio shack handheld scanner 100 channels, $75 firm, call 434-685-7738 33 1/3 records mostly country & western artists, some in original jackets, 76+, $50 OBO, 434-724-6373 broken ps1 Plays games but controller port doesn’t work. Probably fixable. $10. Call Dustin 434-251-0393 small house speakers 1 GE and 2 Aiwa’s one is blown, but tweeter is good. $10. 434-251-0393

$10 oFF

alignMenT Must Present Coupon • Expires 2-28-09 PS COUPON

$10 oFF

any BRaKe JoB

Must Present Coupon • Expires 2-28-09 PS

321 Boise sound system $650 Call 434-685-3714 4 Rockford Fosgate T1 12”s Four Brand New Rockford Fosgate T1 Dual 2 Ohm 12” Subs. $180 OBO. 434-429-0699 2 magnavox digital to analog converter, brand new never been opened, in box, $35 firm, call 434-710-0598 gamecube w/3 games, 2 controllers, w/ all hookups, $45, 434-822-7156 Blackberry Verizon Blackberry Pearl. Silver. Only had since Christmas. $150, 434-713-9758 blackberry curve red with clip has small crack on screen, works perfect, $60.00 OBO, 434-685-8426

Symphonic VCR $10. Call Dustin 434251-0393

Stereo deck w/speakers $25; Stereo w/cabinet & 4 speakers $50; LP album cabinet $10, 434-836-1735

Sylvania 13in Remote Control Color TV with built in VCR, like brand new, $50.00, 434-836-4034

PHOENIX GOLD 500 2 AMP $80.00 OBO; Concept 500 amp $75 OBO. Call 434-6855702.

54inch Philips flat screen projection TV, $400, 434-728-3763

virigin mobile cell phone 1mo old, contract through March 2st nights & weekends, manual & bill of sale, $25, 434-7913892, after 7pm 434-429-5415

Swivel TV Stand Like new TV stand with smoke glass front. Turns all directions. Holds 27in TV, $25.00, 434-685-4122 Subs and Amp Brand New! Never Used! 4000 Watt Amp, and 2 -12in 1600 Watt each Boss Subs. $600, 703-231-1996 Portable PSP player great condition, needs battery. Comes with memory card. $75 336-388-0211 Alpine D105 Flipup alpine d105 flipup radio $550 OBO 434-250-4562 nintendo 1 with 1 controller and 1 game works perfect. $40.00 OBO 434-685-8426 Nintendo items Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Gamecube w/ controller $20 each call 434724-7404 Nintendo Gameboy Advance Player plays games on Gamecube, Memory Card 251 blocks, Pokemon Trozei DS: $10 each. 434-724-7404




jvc cd player for car $100, call 434-334-0709 xbox 4 controllers, DVD player back kit, 10 games, $100, 434-334-0709 in dash 7in tv dvd player for car, $500, call 434-334-0709 Nintendo Wii W/Wii Sports, 2 remotes, 2 nunchucks, 2 classic controllers, 5 preloaded games, plus more $400 OBO, 434334-0268 BoomBox Portable, Two Separate speakers, CD player, Cassett player & Recorder. Call 434-792-0685 ALLTEL Blackberry no contract, used only 3 weeks. I have box, papers, and accessories. Asking $325.00, call 434-7282544 Alltel Moto Q phone no contract, used 6 months, have extra accessories, great phone, asking $125.00, 434-7282544 800 watt m.a. audio amp (2) Kenwood 12in in 2 boxes w/capacitor, $400 OBO, call after 5pm Mon-Thur 434-432-2802


T/A Wayne’s Used Cars

10056 US Hwy 29 North - Blairs, VA


32inch sanyo tv $100 custom built entertainment center, light oak $300 for both as a set. Samsung a/c window unit, 10.5 btu, $180; 27 inch TV, $100. 434-429-5645 two rockford fosgate p2 15’’ in a box new speakers $300 OBO also 2-tens, fiberglass box, matching amp $200 call 276-340-5078

1994 Ford ranger xlt truck Tan, AT, 4x4, V-6, Ext. Cab $4,995

2001 chevy S10 truck White, 4 Cylinder, 5 Spd., AC, Sharp! only $3,995

2000 honda paSSport Green, AT, Loaded! $6,995

1998 gmc Jimmy Sle Cofee Brown, AT, Loaded, 98K, Extra Nice! $4,995

2000 Buick regal grand Sport Green, 125K, Leather, Michelin Tires $4,995

2003 vW Jetta glS Station Wagon Blue, Extra Clean! $6,995

verizon blackberry pearl Silver only in use for barely a month.comes w/ all original accessories payed $190 asking $140. 434-713-9758

AWD, Local Trade, One Owner!

magic chef gas range w/broiler & top of stove, $45, call 434-250-8688

We will buy and remove junk vehicles 434-799-5384 203-1963

TV Perfect for Child’s Room-Small color TV (cable ready), stand and VCR. $30 for all. 434-251-3457, please leave message.


Whirpool wash machine white, 4 years old, asking $150, runs great. 434822-8592

Ricky Carter


oil change Up To 5 qTs.

10w30 penzoil only

$2 oFF all oTheR oil changes Must Present Coupon • Expires 2-28-09 PS

Play Station 2 1 remote control, real cheap, call 434-836-1690 mickey mouse 15in tv w/VHS & DVD players, $60, call 434-836-1296 62in philips big screen tv 2yrs old, w/DVD/VCR player, remote, $1300, call 434-441-1989, 434-836-2943 50in hitachi big screen tv paid $2600, asking $950 firm, call 434-791-1126 jvc dolby digital surround sound, $150, call 434-791-1126 canon film type camera sure shot 60 zoom, 38 60mm, like brand new, various programming modes, $40 firm, 434203-6322 4 Rockford Fosgate t1 12in Dual 2 Ohm. Brand new still in box. $180 each OBO. 434-429-0699

“We Want Your Tire & Automotive Business” EnvironmEntal & shop fEEs $3-$5 addEd to most invoicEs

2605 Riverside Drive • Danville, VA 24540 Office 434-792-3066 • Fax 434-792-3071

Open Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:30 pm • Sat. 7:30 am-12:00 noon Free Shuttle Service within city limits.

Sony Model SLV-D380P VCR Recorder & DVD Player New, still in box. Paid $99.95, asking $70.00, OBO. Call 434-836-2678 playstation 3 played very seldom in good condition, includes a wireless controller, $275 OBO, 434-432-8240 HDTV 40in Sharp floor model HDTV. Excellent condition. $395. 434-822-6617

Memphis 1000D amp 2-12” Memphis M3 Subs, Custom Ported Box, Very Loud, Barely Used $700 434-203-1720 HANDHELD GAME! BRAND NEW ! Miuchiz Pawz Dash (pets) game console connects to computer! paid $20 asking $10, 434-709-9021 leave message X-BOX Game system 4 wireless controls, memory card, plays DVD with remote, 42 games. $165.00. Call 434-724-1374 Boostmobile cell phone i425 (white) in great condition and i have a $5 call credit for $30. 336-233-0017 call Kramale Coleman!! 46in lg flat screen tv, 1yr old; Samsung Blue-ray disc player 4mos old, all excellent shape, call 434-728-6860 full size VHS camcorder auto zoom, auto focus, excellent condition, 2 battery charger units, just need batteries, $50 firm; TV stand, heavy duty, $75 firm, serious inquiries only 434-203-6322 21in color tv console w/new VCR, $45, call 434-250-8688 Toshiba 55 inch Projection TV Great condition, Great Picture, Has 2 Svideo and several component connections. On casters. $400 336-694-9646 New in Box Motorola Q For the verizon network never used comes with case and car charger $250.00 434-250-7273 Samsung I760 Smartphone Like new for verizon network. Has wifi/ slide out keyboard, touchscreen $175.00 434-250-7273 CB BASE STATION AMP Maco 300 6 tube amp $300 and Maco 200 4 tube amp $200 434-251-0805 flat screen toshiba 40in tv practically new 3mos old, paid $1400, asking $700 OBO, 434-792-4715 Two Rockford Fosgate 12In Subs $400 Call 434-203-9121

Auto Parts & Accessories 1973-79 Ford truck doors passenger fender, and hood, make offer, 434-2511857 72 Ford 302 block in need of rebuild, rusty, complete with crank, rods, pistons, and oil pan $50 434-251-1857 Dana 44 front axle, flat top knuckles, ready to install $200 434-251-1857 smith davis tire “For All Your Automotive Needs” Tires, Alignments, Oil changes, Brakes, Wheels, State Inspections, Mechanical work, Exhaust. Serving Danville & Surrounding areas for 30 years. 788 Piney Forest Rd, Danville, 434-793-9338 4 Michelin LTX A/s tires 265/70-R17, good condition, less than half tread wear. $75 OBO. 336-514-0245 454 & 4L60E 1993-94 454 Chevy SS engine, 1998 4L60E transmission, 434-2510523 Bedliner for 1989 and up Toyota Truck, $50; Dunlop Motorcross tire 110/90-19 like new, $20. 434-836-1344 2006 cts caddy factory rims (4) 15in took off car in 2007, $400 OBO, call leave message 336-234-0047 all terrain BF Goodrich size LT285/75 R16, brand new tires, paid $900, asking $600 OBO, call anytime 434-7283833 24’s chrome wheels, great condition. $1100.00, call anytime 276-806-9354 20in RIMS and tires 20in MSR Rims, black with chrome lip, very clean, perfect condition, good tires, $850.00 OBO, 434728-2192 set of pitbull rockers tires size 35/1450 x15, 2mos old, less than 4,000 miles on them, paid $1100, asking $700, call 434-250-5154 set of 15x12 black bullet hole wheels fit 6 lug Chevrolet or Toyota, $300, call 434250-5154 (2) Winton Winner LT Truck tires, like new, size: 35 x 12.50 R15 LT. $50 each. Call 434-799-4756 1997-04 Buick Regal/Century Used headlights. Make offer. 434-251-0393 heavy duty bumper jack lift up to 3 1/2 ton, new, $40, call 434-822-6401 small block ford high performance parts, stroker kit, and other parts, call after 5pm 434-770-6525

Esh Buildings, Inc.

918 NC Hwy. 62N • Blanch, NC 27212 • 1 Mile North of Yanceyville



Rent To Own

“Check Out Prices, You Owe It To Yourself.”


E-mail us: • Visit us:

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Model #13319

2009 Nissan Frontier Stk# N90282 MSRP $22,575

SALE PRICE $18,995

Model #09719

Model #07219

2009 Nissan Murano S Stk# N90029 MSRP $28,030

SALE PRICE $24,995

SALE PRICE $26,995

2009 Nissan Altima 2.5 Stk# N90475 MSRP $20,940


2009 Nissan Pathfinder SE Stk# N90061 MSRP $37,495

SALE PRICE $32,995

Model #05619

Model #08219

2009 Nissan Maxima 3.5S Stk# N90462 MSRP $29,985

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Model #10319

2009 Nissan Quest 3.5S Stk# N90389 MSRP $30,890

SALE PRICE $25,995

Model #77518

SALE PRICE $17,995

2008 Nissan Rogue SL AWD Stk# N81001 MSRP $22,920

SALE PRICE $19,995

Model #11519


2009 Nissan Titan King Cab Stk# N90261 MSRP $29,005

SALE PRICE $20,995

Model #42818

Model #56068

2008 Nissan Sentra 2.0S Stk# N81712 MSRP $18,320

2008 Nissan 350Z CPE Stk# N81509 MSRP $29,265

SALE PRICE $13,995

SALE PRICE $22,444

Our used car sales have been tremendous... now we are running out of used cars. We need to trade for your car! If we can’t trade for it... we will buy it!

The car you are driving now is probably worth more than you think it is!

132 Union Street Bridge Road • Danville, VA All prices plus title, taxes, license & $299 processing fee. Dealer retains all rebates and incentives. under cover bed cover like new, Dodge short bed pickup, 2002-2008, w/free bedliner, $350, call 434-489-6657 richmond super t-10 trans 4sp, 2 rings. New in box. $1400.00 FIRM. 336388-2268 5 lug american racing rims 5 rims and 4 centers, size 15x8 for JEEP $350.00 336-388-2268

(2) tires like brand new, 205/65 R15, $45, 336-388-1563 (1) gm distributor out of 1988 Chevrolet 350 motor, good condition, $25, call 336-388-1563 1 set of clutch pedals 1973 Nova used, $20, call 336-388-1563

24” rims N tires U2 50 305/35/24 7” lip 6 lugs excellent tread CALL K9 $2500 OBO 434-688-1042

2 sets of 15x8 chevrolet rally wheels, band centers & new tires; 1 set of 255/60 15; 1 set of 245/60 15, brand new 15x8 6 lug, truck rallys w/tires, $450 each set, 434-489-4232

fiberglass camper shell white with yakima canoe rack.fits short bed f250. 200.00 OBO 434-685-8426

truck rear end 12 bolt, 5 lug, w/ springs, heavy duty, good condition, $150 OBO, call 434-836-4555

Homemade metal ladder rack for log bed truck $150 OBO 434-251-2658

1987 Monte Carlo front end parts needed, fan, shroud & other front end parts, call after 6pm 336-388-5955

set of 35x16x15boggers 2 good tread to slick $40 call 434-250-0659 leave message Husky Liner Floor Mats for a Toyota Tacoma $30 OBO Call 434-432-0199 or 434-728-2411 1982 Z28 Parts 2 Doors, 2 Fenders, Trunk lid, Hatchback Glass $175 for all. 336-694-1102 1973 chevy caprice body only 2dr, hardtop, no motor or transmission, good chrome & glass, little rust, $1500, call between 5pm-9pm 434-656-6563 brand tires & rims off Chevrolet Trailblazer, Continentals P245/55 R17, $1500, 434-548-6714

New Toyota Corolla Hood 1995 $175.00; Rear glass 1969 Chevy pickup $75.00; 3 speed trans 1969 Chevy $100.00. 434-6855438

TURBO 350 TRANS excellent condition, 434-251-3628 or 434-793-9935 Heavy duty rubber bed mat fits 2000 Ford Ranger standard bed, $25, 434-7921658

1988 dodge ram for parts positive traction rear end, 727 transmission, all kinds of parts, 434-476-6597, 434-471-3773

Access Torno Roll-up Cover, like new fits 5 1/2ft. Chevrolet truck short bed 1999-2007 (crew cab) classic, $200.00, 434-836-4034

Set of 15in Dodge Dakota rims and tires, asking $200.00 OBO, Call 434-250-6709 Set of 14in rally wheels 2 come with tires and 2 without, asking $150.00 OBO. Call 434-250-6709 (2) tires like brand new 205/55 16, $50, call 336-388-1563

Need to buy front end parts for 19982003 Dodge Intrepid (hood, fender, bumper cover) prefer silver. 434-728-3656 anytime. ford parts call for prices. 4 new tires new alternator etc... 434-429-2063 83 Ford Ranger, good truck for parts. Asking $125. 434-203-6688 DIESEL ENGINE 6.2 chevy truck motor, fuel tank, new starter, complete, I’m going to gas. $500.00, I will pull. 336-548-1354 LUND truck visor w lights 73-87 chevy truck black primer ready to paint. $50.00 336-548-1354

big block Chevrolet and small block Chevrolet cylinder heads, pistons, turbo 350 & 400 transmissions and other parts too numerous to list, call 540-382-8827

Westin Chrome Bull bar like brand new, fits Chevrolet truck or SUV, paid $450, asking $200, 434-836-4034

(4) 20in tires w/cruiser alloy wheels, like new, $1500, call after 5pm 336-597-9830

454 chevy engine can hear run. $1200. 434-836-4160

B&M slap shift still new in box, $80 OBO, 434-251-3628 or 434-793-9935

1982 dodge ram d100 slant 6 parting out, no title, call 434-476-6597, 434-4713773

set of corvette rally wheels unilug, fist car or truck, $200, call 434-7138784

1969 Chevelle Parts New Lt & Rt full 1/4s $450 pair. Used front clip $150. trunk lid $50. 434-836-4160

Soft bed cover Fits Nissan Frontier Crew Cab $50.00 Firm. No drilling. Clamps inc. Excellent. Condition. 434-685-1402

MAXXIS TRAVEL TRAILER TIRES 225 x 75 r15 - almost new - 4 tires - $100 434203-1690 or 434-836-1552

set of 6 lug 16x8 aluminum wheels, w/good tires, to fit Chevrolet Silverado, $250, call 434-713-8784

15x10 eagle alloys 28/15x15 mickey thompson 15x8 195/60R15 $500.00 OBO Call John 434-728-3841

2004-2007 nissan maxima upper and lower chrome grill and inchannel window vent shades. 434-685-2201

AVID S33 yokohama Tires 4 used Yokohama Avid tires Size 225/65 16, $60.00 for all. New sell for $150.00 each! 336-5142978

460 Ford Engine Very good condition, Needs assembly $300 OBO 434-685-3981 After 5PM 1-888-203-3982

big block chevrolet 454 cubic inch engine, $6500 negotiable, call 540-3828827 Tires & Wheels 4-235/75/16 Goodyear, Descent Tread $25, 2-245/70/16 WL Yokahoma tires, 1/3 tread, both $35. 4-5 Spoke Chrome wheels, off PT Cruiser 9,000 miles on them $400 434-835-0098 Chrome Wheels 16” Elite Bodega’s 5 lug with tires $250 434-489-3729 Grill for F250-F350 Ford Truck $25. Call 434-835-0098 Four tires 235/65R16 Good Tread $75 Call 434-822-0683

Firestone Firehawk RWL tires 2, 23560R-15 & 2, 255-60R-15 less than 2000 miles on them, 9/32 tread depth, $150. 434251-4050

1998 Burgundy Chevrolet Lumina TOTALED, Still Runs- Excellent For Parts, Great Motor, Transmission. $600 OBO For Whole Car Call 434-685-6093

Dunlop Grandtrek radials 4, 26565R17 OWL, about 5000 miles left on tread, $40, 434-251-4050

2000 Pontiac Grand AM TOTALED Excellent For Parts, Motor, Transmission, Has Brand New $450 Dollar Fuel Pump. $500 OBO. 434-724-4990

17in Chrome Rims and Tires 5x100 bolt pattern, excellent condition, $800 Cash. Call about wheel fitment. MKW M43 Rims. 336-421-9999 8 lug dually adapters for Chevrolet or Dodge, may fit others. Solid aluminum 3in spacers for full size truck. Mounted on project truck but not run over 10 miles total. Paid over $300 for these new, asking $125. call after 7pm 434-728-5401 complete 460 All brackets still together call John 434-728-3841

dodge pickup parts full size and Dakotas; hoods, doors, beds, fenders, many parts. Call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638 1988 Plymouth Voyager Minivan, still runs, burgundy, front end damage, will sell for parts-$200 firm 434-203-0758 1987 Nissan Sentra runs good, red, will sell for parts $300 OBO 434-203-0758 Four 16 inch Chevrolet Z-71 wheels great condition $150.00 434-251-7119

*Photos for illustration purposes only.

2005-09 mustang parts Super chips model flash pack brand new for 4.0 V6 or V8; cold air intakes, brushed aluminum parts for the interior & more, 434-792-4715 1998 Ford taurus Does Not Run, Vin 1FAFP52U7WA253473, Mileage 154,181 $500 Call 434-793-1278 ask for Suzie or Beverly

Sale Ends February 25th Turbo 350 lock out type from Camaro $75.00 276-732-5036

1996 Mustang GT SOHC Engine and T45 5 speed $1000.00 OBO 434-334-6416.

307 SBC New Alum intake, new paint, ready to install. $300.00 276-732-5036

1988 Stock Ford 302 Crank polished ready to go $100.00 OBO 434-334-6416.

1993 Chevrolet 4X4 runs good, auto, shifts good lot of parts, buy for $750.00 will part out 434-753-3301

20 Inch Chrome Wheels W/Tires. Five Lug. Must See!! $750.00 Firm. 434-2283895 or 434-793-0091

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never pay retail again! 1304 Piney Forest Rd • across from Arby's •

2007 Dodge ram 1500 Crew Cab ..$14,280 List: $17,995, 4x4, Automatic, SLT Pkg.

2007 Dodge Calibur r/t aWD..$11,560 List: $14,995, Automatic, Lots Of Options

2007 isuzu ascender 4x4.........$10,980 List: $14,995, 19K Miles, Factory Warranty

2005 Ford escape 4x4...............$9,470 List: $13,995, XLT, 52k Miles

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe ..........$8,465


Winter ClearanCe all Cars reduCed

2006 Mitsubishi galant eS ......$8,475 List: $11,995, Automatic, CD, Lots Of Extras

2006 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx ...$8,175 List: $10,995, LS, V6, Automatic

2006 Suzuki Forenza .............. $7,550 List: $10,995, Automatic, CD

2004 Chevrolet Malibu............ $7,450 List: $9,995, Automatic, CD, Low Miles

2005 Ford Focus ZX5 ............. $6,990 List: $9,995, Automatic, Lot Of Extras

2004 Suzuki Forenza .............. $5,970 List: $8,995, 29k Miles, Factory Warranty

List: $15,995, Automatic, Seats Seven

FinanCing From 5.75%

2006 Chrysler Pacifica AWD. ..$11,240

2006 nissan altima 2.5 S ..... $11,540

List: $8,995, Automatic, CD

2005 Chrysler town & Country ...$9,440

2007 pontiac grand prix ........ $9,870

List: $7,995, Automatic, CD, Great Gas Saver

2007 Ford Freestar Minivan ....$8,960

2004 Jaguar X-type 3.0 aWD ... $9,840

2004 Ford Freestar SeS ..........$6,970

2006 Ford Fusion Sel ............. $8,960

2005 Chevrolet venture lS .....$6,750

2006 Chrysler Sebring gtC ....$8,745

List: $10,995, Automatic, Leather, Clean

2005 Jeep liberty 4x4 ...............$8,450

List: $11,995, Automatic, 4x4, Lots of Extras

2007 Ford Freestyle Sel. ......$11,640

List: $14,995, Leather, Entert. System, Loaded!

List: $11,995, Automatic, CD, Lots of Extras! List: $12,995, Automatic, CD, Clean

List: $9,995, Automatic, 4 Dr. Minivan

List: $10,995, 4 Dr. Minivan, Lots of Options Set of Eldorado ZTR Sport Tires. LOW MILEAGE size p265/70R16 $250.00. Call 434-797-3161 or 434-251-3582 after 3:30 22 Inch Chrome Wheels w/Tires. Six Lugs, $1,200. 434-822-7920 or 434-7283165. 2.8 chevrolet motor V6, like new, $500, call 919-698-7796 302 chevrolet motor & transmission, good shape, can hear run, $300, call 919698-7796

List: $13,995, Automatic., Air, PW & More List: $12,995, Automatic, V-6, Clean

List: $13,995, Automatic., Leather, CD List: $10,995, Automatic, Clean

List: $11,995, Convertible, Low Miles

flashpag handheld performance programmer for Mustang 2005-09, for V6 & all V8, call 434-792-4715 1994 volvo 940 motor & transmission, less than 100,000 miles, best offer, call 434797-1616, 434-334-6964 1966 motor & transmission 6cyl, motor completely rebuilt, $500 for both, call 434-797-1616, 434-334-6964 chevrolet 327 engine w/forged internals, still on engine stand, never been cranked, have all receipts, $1500 negotiable, 434-728-1673 1989 mustang rear end 7.5, w/373 gears, $100, call 434-728-1673 all glass ford mustang $150, call 434-728-1673 ford 460 small block w/new dome pistons, 30 over, still on stand, dove cylinders heads, 76cc chambers, 434-728-1673 1987-88 Toyota Front Grill $75 1 piece, for 2WD Truck. 336-388-9080

Auto SUVs 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Red with Black Interior, Alpine Stereo with Remote, Nerf Bars, Excellent Condition, $3995 OBO, 434-907-1421 2002 Chevy Trailblazer $6999.00, 6CYL, fully loaded, very good condition, call Tony 434-688-1220 1999 Mercury Mountaineer Automatic, v6, 4.0 liter, four door, green w/tan interior, leather seats, 136,000 miles, $4000. Good condition. 434-793-2444 2005 Toyota Highlander excellent condition; 53,000 miles; $14,500; 434-4328590 2000 jeep wrangler Sahara pkg, white, 5spd, 6cyl, excellent condition, 112,000 miles, a/c, hardtop, $8500, call 434-489-1303 Fully loaded w/lots of extras 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, V8, 4WD, Sunroof, Leather, MUST SEE! $9,999 OBO, or 336694-6987 2002 Chevy Blazer 4WD 2dr, 94,000 miles automatic, power everything, sunroof, towing package, tinted windows, leave message 434-728-0304 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport Yellow, Great Condition, 5 sp, 6 cy, CD, AC, 98k miles, extras, $10,100 call 434-724-9996 1988 chevy blazer for parts or if you have engine, 5 speed $300 OBO call 336388-0801 or 434-334-0233 1986 Ford Bronco II Has new paint, runs good, and is great for the family. Contact: Merle @ 434-797-3791 1996 blazer 4wd, runs good, might need alternator, call after 5pm 434-432-9122 1999 Ford Expedition, blk/gry 84k orig. miles. LOADED, new tires, never smoked in, exc. condition, tow pkg, 3rd row seating $8000 OBO, blue book $9300 434-7241752 Looking to Buy SUV Rodeo or Passport, or similar size SUV, in good condition. Call 434-429-8436 2005 Toyota Highlander 4WD V6 Excellent Condition, Towing Package, AWD with Traction Control, AT FWD/AWD, All Power Options, White w/Gray Int., New Tires, Premium Alloy Wheels, No Interior Stains, Factory Rubber Floor Mats, Rare 3rd Row Seat. $16,200.00, 434-250-6448, 434-836-6181

2004 Chevrolet Classic .......... $5,970 List: $7,995, Great Gas Mileage!

2005 Ford taurus Sel ............ $5,680 List: $8,995, Leather, Clean

2004 Chevrolet impala............ $5,620 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier ......... $5,390

*Prices exclude Tax, Tags, & Processing Fee.

Sale Price reFlecTS caSh Sale. Financing available aT negoTiable liST PriceS. WiTh aPProved crediT.

2004 Subaru Forester XT, Stk# 48459A, $14,259. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2001 Subaru Forester, Stk# M90235A, $6,237. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

2005 Hummer H2, Stk# 48579P, $25,957. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2007 Nissan Pathfinder SE, Stk# N90262A, $19,590. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at toyota 4runner Looking for best offer on 1995 4-runner with cracked head in motor. Truck looks like new. 336-694-1893

Auto Trucks 2007 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Black, Access Cab, Automatic, V6, 22,000 miles. Very Nice Truck. Factory Warranty. $19,800. 434-797-1813 2003 Silverado 4x4 only 27,000 miles, loaded, one owner, $15,500 OBO. 434656-6373

2004 ford explorer sport trac gold, loaded, VADLR call 434-791-4000 2004 Ford Ranger Edge Edition Red, Must See! VADLR call 434-791-4000 1995 Chevrolet Truck White, shortbed, extended cab. $6000 Call 434-2506459 or 336-388-5654 after 3pm. 2002 avalanche Z66 awesome truck, excellent condition, loaded, $11,500.00 OBO, must see, 434-709-9739 1965 Chevrolet pickup short bed, call 434-792-0733

1996 chevrolet blazer flowmaster dual lines, good tires, new intake gasket, clean, $3200, call after 5pm 434-432-2802

2006 Toyota Tacoma Quad cab 4WD p/u, 6spd trans., shortbed, very low mileage, local one owner. $22500. 434-432-8295

1990 4door jeep laredo runs good, asking $1,000, 434-792-1337

1972 ford 1/2 ton short bed, 300, 6cyl, automatic, white/blue interior. Farm truck or project $800, call 336-694-1102

2003 Ford Expedition XLT 5.4L V8, sunroof, 6 CD changer, 3rd row seat, runs and drives great!!! $11,995, 434-770-4342 2001 gmc jimmy 91,000 miles, black, fully loaded, 4x4, $5290 OBO, call 434334-4106 1998 ford explorer xlt new brakes, $2500, call 434-797-1426 2005 ford expedition xlt fully loaded, DVD player, 24in rims + stock rims & tires, 6 cd player, 4wd, electronic 3rd row seat, 434-203-9112 2000 Dodge Durango 81000k, garage kept, dark blue, very good cond. $5995 434-836-3491 1989 GMC JIMMY S15 4x4 4.3 engine. new tires, runs good or will trade for truck $1,500, Call 434-203-1271 or 336-6946585

2003 chevrolet z71 extra cab 4x4, only actual 18,000 miles, new bed liner and electric brakes, excellent condition, $17,500 firm, call 434-724-1425 1977 chevrolet 1 ton flatbed w/5th wheel hitch, 454 engine, good condition, $2500, call 434-251-2540 1984 chevy scottsdale, dark blue, 350 motor, 350 trans, super clean, must see! $3,000, 434-334-8164 2005 Chevy 1500 Crew Cab 4x4 62k miles, spray bed liner, garage kept, like new. $15,900 OBO, call anytime 434-7090507 2008 GMC Serria Crew Cab 2WD, steel gray, 5.3 V8, with flex fuel Cruise, Tilt, Air, Auto, Leather seats, power driver seat, tow package, Onstar, XM radio, very nice, 2600 Miles, $26,000, call Chris 434334-6324

1991 s10 chevrolet pickup 4.5, 6cyl, excellent shape, $2295 firm, leave message 434-685-5495

2007 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab 29k miles excellent condition, must have payoff 336-591-5885 ask for Brandon

2000 Ford F150 XL 2000 5.4L V8 Triton 4X2 Longbed, with only 81,000 miles. Runs great. Tight transmission, No tailgate. Some minor dents. Clean interior. New tires. Great work truck, $2,600 OBO, 434-250-3724

1997 chevrolet pickup ext cab, 4wd, 3rd door, Z71, runs good, 194,000 miles, $3900 OBO, call 434-489-4232

1996 Dodge Dakota Ext Cab 4X4 white, runs great. $4000 OBO. SERIOUS INQUIRY ONLY 276-956-1604 1994 Ford F150 SHARP! 2wd, 78,000 miles, tinted windows, CD player, flowmaster, extra clean leave msg 434-728-0569 2003 f150 ford lariat 4X4 Ext Crew Cab 4 door, dark gray like new only 24,000 actual miles asking $18,500. 336-388-5955 2000 ford f250 7.3 liter diesel, 6spd, manual transmission, 4wd, ext cab, long bed, excellent condition, garage kept, 52,000 miles, $16,900, 276-358-2430 1989 chevrolet work truck 10ft utility body made by Reading, 2wd, 350 engine, 4spd, manual transmission, dual rear wheel, $2900, 276-358-2430 1999 ford f150 pickup ladder rack, toolbox, long bed $3000, call 434-4295438, 434-432-2630 1972 Ford 1/2 Ton Shortbed 300 6cyl, automatic, white & blue interior. Farm Truck or Project $800 Call 336-694-1102 1983 s10 pickup ext cab, short bed, V6, AT, looks & runs good, $1500, call 434-2507743 1967 chevrolet short bed very fast, rally wheels, needs some work, $5000 firm, call 434-724-7424 1990 chevrolet 1/2 ton 4wd, lots of new parts, needs motor & radiator, $1200 OBO, 336-514-0764 1990 ford ranger extended cab with 84,000 miles, a/t and a/c, only $2800.00, 434-799-2000

1976 cj7 jeep real nice, 130,000 miles, straight 6, new wheels, great shape, $3500, call 434-548-6804

1992 Chevrolet Pickup Std Cab, short bed, 305 V8, 5spd, A/C, green, 253k mi. well maintained, $2100.00, 434-656-8409

1999 s10 blazer 4x4, AT, 4.3, loaded, 144,000 miles, $3300, call 434-797-1904

1998 Ford F150 Ext Cab 4X4 5.4 V8, AT, CC, PW, PL, CD player 33” Tires 148k miles $5500 434-822-5974

1990 ford ranger ext cab, 4wd, AT, ps, pb, cc, 4.0 V6, bedliner, $2500 OBO, call 434-685-1185 1995 chevy ext cab 1500 2wd, runs very good, $3000.00, 434-728-1410 1976 chevrolet 4wd pickup orange, stepside bed, 350, AT, 6in suspension lift, 39 1/2in super swamper tires, runs good, $2000 OBO, 434-432-8999, 434-728-4203

2006 Nissan Frontier LE, Stk# N48587P, $18,995. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Stk# N48586P, $14,072. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2007 GMC Sierra 1500, Stk# 48576P, $12,994. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ, Stk# 48565P, $34,648. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 1994 Ford f150 XLT 4X4 AT, AC, PW, Bedliner, Campershell. Tow Package, 82K Miles. Evcellent Condition $3995 434-7241945 1990 Chevrolet K1500 4X4 350 5spd, runs great 250,000 miles, regular cab, stepside 3in lift, 33 swampers, $3600, 434222-7261

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

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Now Hiring Customer Service Reps Located in our Beautiful Danville Facility


• Someone who likes helping people? • Ready and able to work flexible hours? • Interested in $8.50/hr.

Submit your application TODAY!

Apply Online Today! Click on CAREERS link Ask about out Paid Time Off and Tuition Reimbursement

Team members must pass drug screen and background checks and be eligible to work in the USA. Telvista is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Employment Help Wanted Does the Word “KIDS” scare u? This innovative salon is designed for the entire family. We offer services to adults, teens and we specialize in childrens haircare needs. It is not a requirement to work on children to work at this salon. We have openings for a nail tech and stylists. Stop by to meet me and see if this salon is a good match for you and your clientele. Tiny Cliks Studio is joining us in March. Come join in the fun and be part of our team at Kids Have Style on Riverside Dr. 434-791-3316 Drivers: Dedicated Runs with Consistent Freight, Top Pay, Weekly Home-Time & More! Werner Enterprises 800-346-2818 x143

Financial education Coordinatorñ position in Danville with work in nearby counties. Arrange and publicize financial education classes for low/ moderate income adults, recruit speakers, coordinate with area agencies, provide some instruction, counsel individual participants, collect data, write reports. Requires excellent oral/ written communication skills, bachelor’s degree, experience and skill in database and other computer applications, car. Experience in financial management, credit counseling, public speaking, and Spanish speaking preferred. 20 hours per week. EOE. To apply, send resume and cover letter to Virginia Legal Aid Society,

2004 Jeep wrangler sport 4x4 V6, 5 speed, 45,000 miles, soft top, oversized tires, $14,500, 434-8361826

need Someone to Stay in my Apt @ Halifax Courts on 2nd and/or 3rd Shift with Child. While I work. Call for info 434-7282017 seeking a professional Hair stylist and Barber, and Nail technician. For more information come by 126 Woodside Dr, Suite G, Danville, Tuesday-Thursday, 8am-5pm Survey Takers Needed: Make $5-$25 per survey. http://www. GetPaidToThink. com Wanted: Serious Minded People to Start Home Based Internet Travel Business. Minimal Startup. For more info call 434-797-1805.

Employment Positions Wanted CNA - Will Sit with elderly From 8am-1pm, 5 Days a Week. 30 Years Experience. Have References Call 434-822-7903 Leave Message. laid off carpenter 18yrs experience. Remodeling work, roofs, decks, siding, drywall, framing doors, windows. Concrete slabs and sidewalks. Call Jay 434-7247066 leave message

Looking for work on farm 49yr old VA native needs work. Exp. w/tobacco, hay, cattle. Equipment maintenance/ repair. Have CDL. Good driving record. 10yrs exp. working w/ migrant workers. Speak some spanish. Live in Rt.41, Blairs area. 434-517-1775 ask for Lee 434-228-6445 mother with experience will babysit children in her home. Keeling district area, call 434-793-0741 Will Baby Sit in my Home Thirty Five Years Experience. Call for information. 434724-7571

1996 dodge dakota sport 4cyl, 5spd, ac, reg cab, bedliner & rails, looks & runs great, driven daily, 112,000 miles, $2150, call 434-822-2818, 434-710-0804

1999 dodge ram quad cab, 8ft bed, gooseneck, 114,000 miles, 4wd, $6995, call 434-753-1232 2006 toyota 4 runner AT, ps, ac, pw, pdl, pb, white, call 434-793-2476 1987 toyota ext cab 4wd, 5spd, 4cyl, 4in suspension lift, 3in body lift, 35in tires, 529 gears front & rear, and more, $3995 OBO, 434-250-5154

1981 diesel chevrolet luv with Isu engine, 5spd, $1000, call 434-799-6942 2001 Silverado 1500 Ext Cab Red, V-8, automatic, 73,000 miles. Excellent condition! Asking $8,500. 336-388-5010 96 Ford Ranger Splash Custom Has customized hydrolics 15 inch daytons and only 75000 miles. SHOW TRUCK 434548-5928

1976 Ford F100 XLT LWB, AC, PS, PB, V8, AT, 85,503 original miles, looks & runs great, $1800 firm, 434-429-1780, 434-6854700 2006 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4x4 35k miles, double cab, tow package, long bed w/liner, running boards, AT, $19,900, 434334-6413

Call 434-822-1800 to Advertise in The Piedmont Shopper

1963 Antique/Classic Chevy Pickup, Restored & Great condition, runs great, red, step-side, finished bed, $7,900, 434-7282848 x ID 2757785 2002 toyota tacoma 4x4, ext cab, 5spd, silver, AM/FM/Cassette/CD, ac, cc, ps, pb, pw, pdl, pm, spray on bedliner, 67,009 miles, $10,500, 336-580-1007, 434791-2280

1983 Ford F150 long bed V8, Great running truck. Solid, new brakes, radiator, 2 front tires, recently tuned-up. $1800, 919563-9880 1990 Chevrolet 3/4 ton 139,840 miles New tires New battery 434-251-4933 1988 Ford Ranger Ext Cab 4X4 PW, PL, AC, AT, Push Button 4X4, New Tires, New tune-up, Camper shell $2900 Call 434-250-4990 1995 nissan pickup needs windshield, bumper, grill, battery, & radiator, $800 firm, call Kevin 434-724-1218

Chevy 3/4 Ton Truck Bad Engine, I have replacement engine to be installed $800 434-835-0098 2007 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport package, double cab, clean truck, silver exterior, 25000 miles asking $21000 434-822-8592 1994 Chevy Silverdo 2500 Ext Cab, Loaded, Camper shell, high mileage, looks good, runs good, $3295 OBO Call 434-8220683

1999 Chevy S10 Ext Cab Red, DEAL OF THE DAY! VADLR call 434-791-4000 1984 dodge ram prospector 150 new tires, chrome wheels, black, bedliner w/teal aluminum toolbox, $2300, call 434476-6597, 434-471-3773 2001 Chevy S10 2WD, AT, AC, Cruise, 4.3 V6, 43K Miles, $7200 OBO. Day 434-2502432 Night 434-685-4767 1984 dodge pickup 150 Royal SE Prospector, 360, 4 barrel, AT, good body, $3500 OBO, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638

2000 chevrolet silverado 1500 97,000 miles, $8000, call 276-252-8649 ford 70000 diesel tractor 90HP, setup wide for tobacco, $7200, call 434250-0448 1997 dodge ram dually 3500 diesel 4x4 manual trans fifth wheel upgraded turbo much more $8000 OBO call 434-770-6376 2006 Nissan Titan Custom 6”Procomp lift, 20”gear wheels custom grill custom 2 tone leather seats, dvd/ navigation, Rockford soundsystem 20kmiles 36kmilewarranty $28,000.00 434-250-7273

2003 CHEVY DURAMAX 4X4 3500 Dually, Full Power, Allison, Banks exhaust, Edge w/ juice programmer, Finance assistance, $18,400 434-728-1372 2002 Dakota Pick-up 4x4 Quad Cab 4-speed automatic-trans. Garage kept, Low miles, Price New $28,555. Call for sell Price. 434-572-8137

1989 Ford F350 Dually, 4 Door diesel with Goose neck hitch runs good looks good $3,800.00 434-441-0932, 434-432-0151 1988 mazda straight gear ext cab, air, runs good, looks good, $1800, call 276340-1825 1974 ford f150 truck runs great, $2000, call 434-709-1622 1998 toyota tacoma a/c, 84,000 miles, 2wd, bedliner, 5spd manual, $5995, call 434-822-1026 1952 Dodge 4X4 Pickup 318 V8, 4speed tranny. Needs restoration, new master&slave cylinder, new carb. $1850 OBO. 434-334-4887 1998 ford f150 long bed, bedliner, AT, air, excellent condition, call 434-793-4117, 434-334-6816, 1983 Ford F250 4X4 Utility Body-Work Truck 434-791-4300 C71 Chevy Truck 4X4 Extra Cab Like new, 18k Miles, Loaded, electric brakes, bedliner, $17,500 Firm 434-724-1425

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Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper 1994 Honda Accord 4 cyl, automatic, 4 door, power windows & door locks, cruise, great gas mileage, 200K, $1995, 434-5755383

We are paying TOP prices on gold! Bring your broken, dirty or useless gold to

Danville Pawn 799-5555 741 Piney Forest Road • Danville

2005 Blue Hyundai Elantra Auto, AC, Sunroof, Power windows and locks. RUNS GREAT!! Great on Gas. 66,000 miles. $6,995.00, 434-441-0916 2006 TAURUS SE Don’t miss this one! Excellent condition. Loaded! $6,800, 434250-0262 1998 Pontiac Firebird blown 6 cyc; T-top, good tyranny & frame, new clutch, master & slave cyc., tires. $600. serious inquiries only 434-799-4756 1967 Mustang Coupe “Roller” All sheet metal done. Some new parts. Serious inquiries only 434-799-1388 1989 buick century runs good, high miles, needs minor repairs, a/c, cd player, pw, pl. $300 OBO. 434-251-7963 eagle talon Good 5 spd, $2,000 OBO or will trade. Clean title history, no mechanical problems. 434-203-8048 2000 VW Beetle GLS Loaded, 100K miles, white with black leather. Good condition. $6000, 434-770-1946 2000 VW Jetta, good condition, Leather seats, sun roof, AT, $5000 OBO 434-2037320 1993 toyota camry needs seals, runs and drives, mechanic special $1000 OBO looks great 434-334-0233 or 336-388-0801 2003 PT CRUISER LIMITED EDITION, LOADED, 1-OWNER, $4500.00 434-8226628 1995 cadillac seville burgandy, 64,000 miles! Excellent condition, Northstar Engine Good gas millage. Asking $5,195. 276-790-7299

1996 Ford F150 4X4 Burgundy, 6in suspension lift, 35x12.50 Pro Comp Tires. Asking $4500 Call 434-724-7775 or 434334-4030

Auto Vans 1990 MAZDA MPV MUST GO for parts/ repair, needs engine work, will sell/trade asap, have kids no car, $700 OBO, 434203-8048 1996 ford windstar van $2000, call 434-836-4554, 434-250-5617 1994 town & Country van $1200 OBO, call 434-836-4554, 434-250-5617 Looking to Buy a Van Winstar or Montana or similar size Van. in Good Condition. Call 434-429-8436 1998 ford windstar van motor & body good condition, needs transmission, $700 OBO, call 434-792-7558

2007 Chrysler Town & Country, Stk# N48573P, $14,289. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at van parts 1996 Dodge Caravan will sell for parts only, call 434-548-3311 or 434548-5990 1996 windstar van has extras, very clean, trade for a tractor or truck, call 434822-7614 1992 Chevrolet Astro van Seats 8, runs good, needs paint. $800, call after 7pm 434-728-5401

1972 VW Beetle Engine & transmission recently serviced, new brake shoes, master & wheel cylinders. New gas tank & new floor panels, seat cushions, needs paint $3000 or trade. Call 434-724-6016

2002 toyota camry le green, AT, spoiler, alloy rims, VADLR call 434-791-4000 2007 Chevy Cobalt blue, very low miles, VADLR Call 434791-4000 1997 Dodge Stratus 2.4L, PW, PL, Alpine CD, good body & motor, needs trans. $700, 276-732-7279 2004 Volvo Convertible C70 Low mileage, loaded. Gorgeous ice blue, dark blue top and gray leather interior. $16,500, 434-822-7531 1998 Mazda 626 $1,800.00, 434-2509531 All Original 1987 300ZX 1987 Nissan 300ZX. 180,000 well maintained miles. Replaced transmission, new tires, great engine. $2000, 434-724-4612 1995 caddy sls 20+MPG, great condition, new tires, 72,000 miles, $5200.00, must see, 434-709-9739 1995 crown victoria good shape, new tires, $2295, call 434-792-5579 1995 dodge neon 5spd, engine good, transmission gone, $500 OBO, call 434251-2588 1992 dodge caravan white, w/gray interior, $1000, call 434-251-2588

2000 Ford E-150 VAN, 7 passenger, V8, 44K, trailer hitch, new tires, extremely clean $6295 434-792-4845

1994 mazda 929 good for parts only, asking $800 OBO, call anytime day or night ask for Melissa 336-409-2510

2004 Ford Freestar Van ’S’ Trim Package, One Owner-Fleet Maint. (Ga. Power), Less than 100 Miles on New Trans. (One Year Warranty Incl.), OWNER FINANCING AVAIL. Clean Van! $5999.00 434-432-4180

1994 Buick LeSabre Runs but needs work. Asking $800.00. 434-797-1502

1992 ford 48 passenger bus w/ wheelchair lift, low mileage, $3000, call 919-698-7796

Auto Cars VA-Carolina Auto Auction 2331 Goodyear Blvd, Danville. Wholesale to everybody. 7pm Friday, call 434797-5165 1990 Miata Red w/new roof, PS, PB, A/C, great condition. $2,800 OBO, 434-7972029

1961 ford Fairlane Two door, very rare. This is a good car to restore, sale price $2,500. 434-251-4667 2003 Mitsubishi lancer Evolution 8, 4wd, Ralley red, 4dr, 5spd, 28,000 miles, $17,800. Must see! Very nice, 803-7190138 1984 monte carlo ss 355 CID, high volume oil pump, Turbo 350 w/BNM shift kit, so many other new parts, $2500 firm, 434-728-6258 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Nice good running car.140k, & great on gas. Asking $1500, 434-728-3568

2000 white toyota camry Good condition, well maintained, automatic, CD/ cassette, power windows/ seats 118k mile. $4900 firm. 276-957-4083 1992 lumina euro 4dr, good condition, $500, call 434-728-6010, 434-822-5714 2002 Chevrolet Impala Silver, at, power, window, locks, seat, 133k, bucket seats, alpine cd, will email pics $5500 OBO 276-358-1209 2005 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5, Loaded, Local Car, low miles. Call 434-685-3714 1990 plymouth Laser 2DR, 5Speed, AC. 80K Actual Miles $2195 VA DLR 434836-1376 2004 Chevy Camaro V-6 Automatic TTops $5995.00 434-836-2595 1990 ford escort lx 4dr, station wagon, $500, call 434-792-4704 2001 chevrolet lumina AT, 34mpg, excellent condition, 220k, $2750, call 434250-5095 1998 Chevy Cavalier $1500 4cylinder, ac, 4 door, cruise, 143,000mi, tires 75%. My mom has owned since 22k. Good condition, 336-694-5921 1995 pontiac sunfire, red, 167,000 miles $1,495 434-710-0563 2000 Ford Mustang asking $2500. Call 434-250-1035 call for more info. 2001 PT Cruiser 5 speed, 4cyl, am/fm, CD, new tires, rims, great gas mileage, excellent condition, $4,500 OBO, 276-6294308 1991 Geo Prism Same as Toyota Corolla. New Front axles, New tires, auto, cold a/c, 199k. 35+ MPG!! $1,575. 336-514-0392 1987 OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88, 116,000 miles, runs good, minor dent on passenger side door, $1000, 434-432-3415 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass Excellent condition. New tires, $2,600. Call before 9pm 434-432-2158 2006 Honda Civic EX Excellent Condition, No Interior or Exterior Blemishes, All EX Power Options, Sunroof, 36-40 MPG, Galaxy Gray w/ gray interior, 33K Miles, Alloy Wheels, MP3 Input, AT, Joy to drive. $15,500.00 434-250-6448 or 434-836-6181 1996 trans am formula 1 Corvette motor, AT, $4500, call 434-548-6804 1994 chevrolet camaro z28 135,000 miles, $3400 firm, call 434-251-6426 1990 ford escort lx 1.9, AT, call 434792-4704 1996 oldsmobile ciera 4dr, AT, a/c, all power, only 71,000 miles, nice! $2995, call 434-822-2802 1997 geo prizm 4dr, excellent running condition, $1600 OBO, call 336-388-0754 2002 mazda 626 4cyl, 66,000 miles, very good condition, $5900, call 434-685-7237 2006 nissan sentra AT, silver, w/black cloth interior, AM/FM/CD, spoiler, keyless remote, 37,000 miles, great condition, $10,000, 434-792-6925 1996 chrysler cirrus 120,000 miles, great condition, $2400, call 434-251-9515 1986 Ford Mustang Hatchback body, has all GT ground effect kit, set of long tube headers, extra hatch, $600, 434203-2018

2004 BMW 330Ci, Stk# 48561A, $24,897. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

Our school buses are not so bad after all, huh.

Any Information Leading To The Arrest & Conviction Of The Person(s) That Stole A 1986 Ford 4x4 Truck In The Vandola Rd. Area. $2000 Reward

Please Call Harold 434-822-1084 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier, Stk# 80708B, $7,995. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2001 Volvo V70, Stk# N90576A, $7,997. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT, Stk# 90591A, $11,957. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis GS, Stk# H81161B, $5,652. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2004 Pontiac GTO, Stk# M48568P, $16,788. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2006 Honda Accord LX, Stk# M48577P, $13,734. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SL, Stk# N48582P, $20,202. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

2004 Corvette, very nice, low miles and fast, looks new inside out, must see, $24,000, Ricky 434-429-1887 1992 Volvo 940 Turbo White with black cloth seats, Power everything, heated seats, runs but needs some work. $1000, 434-770-4248 2006 ford fusion AT, V6, black, tan leather, 50,000 miles, $15,500 434-2227261 1972 chevrolet chevelle need restoring many new parts. $2100 OBO. Call for details after 5pm 434-432-2802 2001 chevy impala good condition, very clean, 138,000 miles, $4700 OBO, call after 5pm weekdays 434-432-2802 Mom’s Car For Sale 1978 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, 100+ miles. Prime condition. Owned by elderly lady. Call Alex 434793-4411 1984 nissan 300zx AT, runs good, $800 OBO, call 434-685-5036 2005 nissan maxima se silver, 65k miles, loaded, leather, sunroof, chrome wheels, new tires, one owner, $15,500. 434-489-1252 1984 Dodge 600 convertible, good body, needs top and some interior work, have title. Includes complete 1984 Dodge 600 turbo convertible for parts. Will not separate. $900 for both. Call before 7pm 434-728-5401 1994 honda prelude sunroof, air, cc, new tires, new $3000 paint job, runs excellent, $4200, 336-552-0281, 336-347-7163 1996 mercury sable 3 liter V6, new tires, call 434-793-7521 1999 lincoln continental Excellent condition, sliver 99,000 miles, $4900 434724-4064 OR 434-334-8866 2002 Oldsmobile Alero Red, 4-door, V6, automatic. Some Mechanical damage, excellent body and interior. Asking $1,000 336-388-5010 2001 Ford GT Mustang V8, AT, 25,000 miles, garage kept, VIR pace car, new tires, yellow/ blk 434-429-1780 or 434-685-4700

2007 Pontiac G6, GT Convertible, Stk# 48583P, $18,197. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

2001 PT Crusier 5 speed, 4cyl, am/fm, CD, new tires, rims, great gas mileage, Excellent Condition $4,500 OBO 276-6294308

2007 Cadillac CTS, Stk# 48570P, $19,984. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

2003 MAZDA MIATA CONV. Red w/black top, ps, pb, a/c. Good Condition. Mileage 38,000. Asking $11,500. 336-234-8183

2007 Mercedes Benz C230, Stk# N48581P, $22,862. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, Stk# N48569P, $15,189. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2006 Buick Lacrosse, Stk# 48567P, $12,883. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix, Stk# 48584P, $11,890. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2007 Lexus IS250, Stk# N48580P, $24,898. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2005 Lexus LS430, Stk# N48566P, $28,995. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2000 Cadillac Deville DTS, Stk# 80406A, $9,979. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

1991 Honda Accord Asking $2000 OBO Grey in color Burgundy interior 4dr 434-709-7120

1995 saturn 4 dr. 5 spd., a/c, great condition, dark green, 1.9 L, mpg 30’s hwy. Was $2295.00, now $1495.00. Extreme Autos, 401 Old Greensboro Rd VDLR, Call 434799-3211 2004 Chry. Sebring Convertible Touring Edition, good car fax report, burgundy with black top, am/ fm/ cd, 141k miles, was $6995.00, now only $5495.00 Extreme Autos, 401 Old Greensboro Rd VDLR, 434-799-3211 2002 VW Passant GLS station wagon, auto, 1.8 turbo engine, 113,000 miles, 30 mpg hwy; car fax report; List $8700.00, asking $4995.00. Extreme Autos, 401 Old Greensboro Rd VDLR, Call 434-799-3211 1996 Volvo 960 sedan, runs and rides great, 187,000 miles. List $3995.00, asking $2495.00. Extreme Autos, 401 Old Greensboro Rd VDLR, Call 434-799-3211 1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo V6, 50,230 Original Miles, White Metallic with Black Leather Interior, AT, $8,000 OBO, Call 434-728-4676 2002 Volvo S80 sedan great luxury car, 99,000 miles. List for $8700.00, this week asking $6995.00. Extreme Autos, 401 Old Greensboro Rd VDLR, Call 434-799-3211 2001 Volvo V70 XC AWD turbo wagon, auto, 155,000 miles, very clean, List $8500.00, asking $5995.00. Extreme Autos, 401 Old Greensboro Rd VDLR, Call 434-799-3211 2001 BMW 325 CI convertible, auto, one owner car fax report, silver, nice sports car, 171k miles List $12500.00 asking $10,495.00. Extreme Autos, 401 Old Greensboro Rd VDLR, Call 434-799-3211 1994 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28, 350 LT1 V8, Red with Grey Interior, AT, Flowmaster Exhaust, All Options, $4,000 OBO, Call 434-728-4676. 1956 dodge custom royale runs well, needs paint, $3200 firm, call 434-8226892 2004 BMW 330 44K, Load Silver, new tires, all packages $24,000 Call 434-250-1953 1990 toyota camry new tires & transmission, runs great, $2000 OBO, call 434728-5372 1972 baja bug good condition, runs good, good gas mileage, $1600, call 276638-3208

The Belk Bridal Expo Sunday, February 22, 2-5 pm Piedmont Mall Belk Store

Let us help you plan the perfect wedding.

• Bridal Registry Specials • Door Prizes Vendors To Include: Belk & Co. Fine Jewelry Brenda’s Cake Palace Bridal Veils & More Clinique Cosmetics Frances White, Bridal Coordinator In Good Taste, Invitation Destination Karen’s Hallmark Memories By Melissa Mount Herman Courtyard Olan Mills Photography PJ’s Bookstore, Riverwalk Party Supplies Tux Formal Wear Weddings & More Video Productions

Call 792-6211 for more details. 2007 Ford Focus Black w/Beige Interior. AT, PS, PB, CD. Excellent gas mileage. Low Miles. $10,500 Firm. 434-432-8744 1998 Lincoln Continental 1998 Lincoln Continental luxury sedan,32V InTech V-8 engine, great on gas, loaded, everything power, premium stereo system with 6 disc cd player, cruise, tilt, gold in color with tan leather interior, excellent condition, garage kept sense new, 70,000 original miles, asking $4,500.00, phone:434-548-1181 1999 Mazda Millenia, fully loaded, leather, lots of new parts. $3295, 434-3342454 or 434-822-0683 1995 Mazda MX6 loaded, good shape, $1295 OBO 434-822-0683 1972 Mercury Marquis $1200.00 4D w/429 engine 44,000 original miles on engine & transmission. 434-441-6257 or 434724-7783 Get ready for Summer!!Limited edition 2005 Crossfire Roadster. Excellent condition! Black/ Black convertible.17500 miles. Custom wheels. All the extra’s. Great gas mileage! Moving must sell. $18000 or best offer 434-549-1488 1982 dodge mirada 93,000 actual miles, AT, 2nd owner, 318 AT, $2500 OBO, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638 1993 honda civic lx fully loaded, pw, $900 OBO, call 276-358-2175 1991 honda civic dx 5spd, 4dr, a/c, AM/ FM/Cassette, good condition, $2100 OBO, 336-349-7676 1992 toyota camry le 4dr, AT, 105,000 miles, clean inside, AM/FM/Cassette/CD, paint faded, power pkge, $2900 OBO, 336349-7676 1995 mitsubishi galant maroon, needs slight work & paint job, $1000 OBO, call 434-334-3222 2009 Pontiac Vibe Silver, 2.4 5-speed auto, Preferred Pkg, AC, Chrome wheels 21-29 MPG, 800 miles MSRP $21,640 Sell $18940 434-836-3136 or 434-250-8861 1991 chevrolet caprice ex-cop car, good shape, new inspection sticker, call after 5pm 434-724-1549, 434-724-2818 1994 lincoln town car immaculate condition, 113,000 miles, leather interior, $2100 negotiable, call 434-728-4904 2001 honda civic 2dr, 5spd, 4cyl, new timing belt, water pump & tires, $5500, call 434-251-8747 1971 buick electra w/23in wheels, new paint, $6500, call 1996 ford thunderbird lx 89,000 miles, very well maintained, $3500, call 434-476-6923 Honda Accord Excellent Condition New paint, 18”chrome wheels new tires, interior like new, pw, pl, auto 102k miles $8000.00 434-250-7273 2004 Cadillac cts Like new 48k miles 100k warranty new tires sunroof, pw, pl, heated leather seats $18,000.00 434-2507273 custom race/drag Nissan se-r 2-92 sentras, new built engine, 3 trannys, turbo, fully restored, 450whp, call for details 434-250-7273 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Complete Restoration In 04. $4800 Call 434-8363887 or 434-251-1592 2001 TDI JETTA TDI GLS 147K Black/ Beige Interior extra clean, 40 mpg, power windows/roof must drive $8,000 call 434203-1735 2004 Nissan Altima 2.5s Pearl White/ Black interior extra clean 80K great price at $9,500 firm - call 434-203-1735 1994 Nissan Altima AT, AC, Power sun Roof, Nice Car. Runs Good. 434-822-2802 1993 oldsmobile royale 88 runs good, needs transmission, new front tires, $600, call 434-250-6243 1998 cadillac eldorado less than 100,000 miles, $6200, call 434-797-1616 1989 buick park ave garage kept, loaded, $2550, call 434-836-1838, 434251-0185

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We Give You Top $$$ For Your Scrap Gold For Every $ Worth Of Scrap Gold You Sell Us We Give You In Store Bonus Credits Up To $700.00 Credit Dollars Can Be Used To Purchase Any Merchandise In The Store. Come In For Details!

SAVE BIG . . .

2384 Riverside Drive (across from Burger King)

434-792-PAWN (434-792-7296)

Piedmont Shopper© •February 19, 2009 • Page 11 3 stage crib to full bed w/3 drawer dresser changing table used only 1.5 yr $150 OBO 434-548-1782 Changing table Has cabinet on side 2 shelves & 1 Drawer $100. Pack-N-Play $30 Call 434-228-3005 Girl’s Stride Rite Tennis Shoes size 11-1/2 XW $4.00 and size 12-1/2 W $4.00 434-836-4034 Girl’s New Balance Tennis Shoes size 12-1/2 wide, $4.00 434-836-4034 Tropical rainforest swing like new great condition paid $100.00 asking $75.00 434-549-1489 2 New white children’s rocking chairs $40 each 434-836-2401

Don’s Auto Recycling 799-6333

We buy salvage cars. We buy brass, copper, aluminum cans & more.

ROB’S FLOORING & CARPET REPAIR Custom Installation & Repairs • Laminate Floor • Vinyl • Carpet • Tile • Hardwood Floor

Excellent References Available Call Rob 336-388-0998 or 434-251-1640 2008 honda civic 2dr, 4cyl, AT. fully loaded, blue, adult driven, excellent condition, $16,400, 434-432-4389

1967 VW Beetle Runs, Needs body work. $1500 Call 434-688-2273

1996 grand am pontiac needs head gasket, as is $700, call after 5pm 336-6946557

Baby & Childrens Items

1978 ford grenada 71,000 miles, 302, runs great, good condition, $1500, call after 5pm 336-694-6557

Stroller in great condition 1 medium in size, $20.00, easy to fold and compact, 434-251-5998 the bra lady boutique has Full Figure and Nursing Bras up to 48H. 1085 Piney Forest RD, Danville, 434-793-LADY little girls clothes 0-18mos, some little boys clothes 0-24mos, call 434-8361724


MAILING – P.O. BOX 10368 • DANVILLE, VA 24543 SHIPPING – 503 Wilkerson Rd., Danville, VA 24540

14 Ft. Jon boat with trailer. Live well; swivel seats and many extras. $1300.00 firm. Call after 3:30 434-251-3582 1994 18’ Marada with trailer; walk-thru hull; Mercruiser I/ O motor; other extras $3,895, OBO 434-822-1710 MotorGuide Trolling Motor 44lb thrust like new, 2 Marine Batteries, $250.00 For All, 434-907-1421 Elgin 40hp boat motor, good compression just no spark, all parts are still available $150 434-251-1857 2000 Lowe 18ft Bass Boat Fully rigged aluminum bass boat with 90 hp Johnson. Very good condition. $7200 OBO. 434-822-8317

2002 Sylvan 22ft Pontoon Fully rigged for fishing & pleasure. Low hours, 50HP Mercury. Garaged with tandem axle trailer & full cover. 434-685-3714 2000 cobra bass boat Mercury 225, tournament ready, very clean, garage kept, o/b charger, 2 fish finders, tandem trailer, 434-441-0358 JET SKI late 90’s jet ski does not run, $225 OBO, 434-251-3628 or 434-793-9935

baby boys outfits & pajamas 0-6mos, $1ea outfit, call 434-793-7528

2003 Seadoo Three seater jet ski, 185 hp red very nice, 4 stroke engine and comes with trailer. $5000.00 434-251-7119 1996 24FT Sweetwater Pontoon New carpet and all new upholstery. $5000.00 434-251-7119

High Quality Homes at Exceptionally Low Prices 2008 Display Models Must Go! DW Lot Model $299/Mo. Rates as Low as 5% 5245 Halifax Road • P.O. Box 189 Halifax, Virginia 24558 Phone: 434-476-4030 • Fax: 434-476-4031

Building Supplies Danville Ready Mix, LLC, Call for all your concrete needs. FREE Estimates. 434-799-5818 oak flooring 21/4in solid unfinished. APPROX. 273FT. TAKE ALL $450, 336-627-7146 new vinyl windows. and sliding and swing patio doors, super buy, jcarter131@ 336-627-7146 Needs someone to tear down building and shed. Good 12 foot black metal roof and many pieces of wood will be given to person to tear down and haul away. Easy to get to and disassemble. Building is 24 x 28. 434-822-7175 20 Windows/Matching STORM taken out of my home large bow and a huge picture- make an offer not junk! 434-203-1735

Graco Highchair Barely used. Green and Off White. $50, 434-548-8711

1985 landau 24ft pontoon 90HP Mercury motor, good condition, w/top, no trailer, $2495, call 540-576-2752

Little Girls shoes Sizes 4 and 5. Size 18 mos-24 mos clothes also. Call for prices 434-548-8711


l & B General Contractors Electrical and Plumbing Specialist. 24 hrs Service. Licensed and Bonded, call 434728-3968

white baby crib and changing table; fold out play & go set, changes from changing table to play pen, 434-791-3681

Double cross audio book James Patterson novel. Author of the two bestselling detective series of the past decade, $15, 434-822-0205

Business Equipment

Math Book Practical Business Math Procedures by Jeffrey Slater. Included are the textbook, study guide, and DVD. Brand new! 434-429-2202

5 file cabinets w/4 drawers, $25ea, call 434-432-0592

little boys size 18 months summer clothes all in great condition some still have tags on them $2 each 434-836-0284 Playard NATURE’S PUREST PLAYARD - HUG ME. New, $125.00 434-793-0693 play pen with diaper changing attachment, bassinet attachment and diaper/wipe stacker like new 434-799-4011

College books Juvenile Delinquency, Spanish, Report Writing, Corrections, Criminology, Personal Wellness. Call for pricing. 336-388-0211

dora new dora dolls, dora kitchen set, dora lamps, dora four wheeler, dora tricyle, dora bike. Lots more, 434-728-1410

The Parent Adventure Preparing Your Children for a lifetime with God, $5.00 434-836-4034

crib 3 deep drawers, 3 shelves, also has changing table. Good condition, $100 OBO. 434-203-4181

valiant comic books Marvel and Image comics, Many #1’s. Call for prices and details 434-728-3347

Stroller Stroller Chicco Capri (Blue), good condition, 3yrs old, $20. 434-9440533

Encyclopedia Brittanica Complete set, includes Annals of America, Atlas, Reference and Index volumes. Mint Condition, $100, 336-694-9646

A local restaurant is giving away something delicious absolutely FREE, no strings attached!

Car Seat Evenflo (Comfort Touch) 4yrs old, good condition. $20 (Chatham) 434944-0533

Go to and click on the FREE 6icon to find out all about it.

fisher price aquarium cradle swing, 6 speeds, music, lights, and motorized mobile, $35, 434-432-2802

similac advance w/iron, isomil, alimentum, sensitive and organic, reasonable price, call 434-222-3387 NICE CHANGING TABLE Very nice cherry changing table in great condition. Only used for 3 months. 434-251-2702

bassinet, pack n play, bouncy seat, $40 for all or sell seperate, call 434-3345598 gilrs size 7/8 jeans all for $20, serious inquiries only call Kelly 434-822-6806 real cheap baby items, bouncer swing, baby food, baby milk, clothes, strollers, car seat, call Octavia 434-836-1690 Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone, Fun, developmental toys, Seat rotates 360 degrees, Jump pad provides unique bouncing action, $15, 434-251-8521 like new pack n play paid $150.00, will sell for $50.00 OBO, 434-203-0778

This is a limited time offer, so hurry... Tip - you need to look before Tuesday.

Motorguide Fiberglass Boat 12ft fishing flat bottom boat, great for ponds, etc. Excellent condition, $250.00 Firm, 434429-9902

1985 17FT Ranger Bass Boat 1990 150HP Johnson GT150 Runs Perfect, All equipment included. Ready to Fish. $5,100 OBO Call 434-685-2029 or 434-251-0277

like new white highchair great shape, $20, call 434-724-6373

Please call for FREE estimates on your concrete projects.

434-799-5818 • FAX 434-799-5846

Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo $30; Evenflo Exer Saucer Smart Steps $50; Bouncy Seat w/vibrating seat $10, 434793-4020

young boys clothes sizes 10-18, call 434-793-7528

Providing Residental, Commercial, & Industrial Concrete Needs In Danville & Surrounding Areas

childrens clothes lil girls jeans 7/8 & more summer outfits, $20 for all, 434-8226806

sleekcraft jet boat $3000 firm, call 434-251-1569

KIDS’ STUFF CONSIGNMENT Baby equipment, toys, maternity & children’s clothing. 1083 Piney Forest Road 434-836-1450

“The Foundation You Can Build On”

toddler bed Thomas Train wooden bed with mattress and comforter set $100. Great condition. 434-836-6651 Advantage Timber Crib Set Includes diaper stacker, pillowcase, dust ruffle, comforter, head guard, and bumper guard. Paid $165 asking $65. 434-728-1179

mystery books 60+ Nick Carter paper backs. most in good condition all readable. Killmaster series N3 45.00 OBO 434-6857176 Life Strategies, Marriage Bible, God’s Devotional Bible, One Great Truth, 90 Minutes in Heaven, $5.00 Each 434-836-4034

restaurant equipment Basement of 1085 Piney Forest Rd, downstairs underneath 7 door reach in cooler, 3 freezers; 1 door, 2 door, & 3 door coolers; shelves deep frye grill; steam table sink hoods; walk-ins, sandwich unit, coffee & tea maker. Plus over 2000 yard sale items. Call for appointment to preview items 434-429-8481 Retail accessories Nice Glass Displays, Checkout, Clothing Racks, Hat Rack, hangers & more. Priced separately or will sell the lot. 276-650-8041 Stations and Chairs for sale call after 5pm. Leave message. 434-710-0875

Business Services Economy Tree Trimming Licensed & Proof of Insurance. Best service & best price ALWAYS! Call 434-724-4034 or 434-251-3565

Tony Ray Cook Lawncare Commercial & Residential complete lawn care. Tree work with bucket truck, stump grinding, backhoe service and bobcat work. Free Estimates! Call 434-489-2886 or 434-793-3665 R&D Tree Service, Inc Locally owned & operated for over 25 years. Tree Topping, Take Down, Cable Trees, Stump Grinding and Bucket truck available. Call 434-822-6010 CALL ME IF YOU NEED... Light Hauling, Demolition, Basement-Yard Cleaning, Digging; Odd Jobs- Free Est. Call James @ 434-792-6892

Bill’s Handyman Service Affordable & Dependable. Home, Mobile Home & Business Repairs. Call 434429-3697 Bonded Pressure Washing Make your home look like new again! Get your siding, deck, driveway and sidewalks cleaned! Call Jared 434-251-7375 for your FREE ESTIMATE. Byrds Nest, Inc. Tree Removal Service, bucket truck, storm damage clean-up and brush removal. Family owned & operated. Karle & Jonathan Byrd 434-724-4095 or 434-251-2098 FREE ESTIMATES! Dan River Window Company Save on Heating & Cooling expenses. Free Estimates! Call 434-792-0966 Toni & Kellam’s lawn service Will do yard work at reasonable rates, can mow, trim, install much anything you need done in your yard. Also power washing houses. 434-822-5303 or 336-508-8148 midsize dump truck service Hauling Rocks, Gravel, Mulch, and Dirt. Call 434836-0297 or cell 434-251-4584

windows & doors installed. Vinyl Replacement and Complete Vinyl Windows. Carpentry - I Measure up Windows & Doors. Free Delivery, Free Estimates. Workmanship Guaranteed. Call Neal 434-7247856 or 434-334-2111

Page 12 • Piedmont Shopper© • February 19, 2009

Baldwin & Associates Realty

Office: 434-835-0305

Visit Our Website E-mail Us At

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper Cutting back on workforce? But still need some help? Stay-at-home mom looking for clerical work to perform from home. Very proficient in typing and grammar, creative in graphic design, and great with all publications (letters, brochures, programs, bulletins, etc). Can email, fax or hand-deliver completed work to you quickly and efficiently without the hassle of an extra person on payroll. I have a BA in Accounting from Radford University. Call 434-251-2612, or email at

Steel Buildings 30X50, 40X75, 100X150. Deliver, Erect, Turnkey. Alderson Construction, Inc. Call 434-432-1905 ANN’S ACCOUNTING & TAX SERVICES. TAX PREPARATION & E-FILE. CONTACT ANN @ 434-799-1470 or 434-441-6198

FEATURED HOME WOODHAVEN DR. – Nice 3 bedroom home, one level living. Laundry on main floor, full unfinished basement large kitchen/diningroom combination, living room. Large backyard, landscaped. MLS40146 $117,500 City Properties

FAIRFIELD AVE - Two Bedrooms. $39,500 – Southside HARRIS PLACE - 4 Bedrooms. REDUCED! $50,700 1008 LOCKETT DR. - Split level home w/formal living room & dining room. $99,900 CLARKSON DR. - 3-4 BR, HW floors, den w/fireplace, in-ground pool. $110,000 GREEN ST. - 3 BR, 1.5 BA. $95,000 MONTAGUE ST. - 4 BR, 2 BA. REDUCED TO $75,000 STANLEY DR. - Brick ranch, 3 BR, 1.5 BA. $105,000 GLENDALE DR. - 3 BR, Dollhouse. $56,500 SCHOOLFIELD - 2 BR. $54,900 AMERICAN LEGION BLVD. - 2 Bedrooms. $59,000 LEEMONT CT. - 2 Bedrooms, large living room, full basement w/kitchen. $69,200 WOODBERRY HILLS - ARBOR PL. - 3 BR, 3 full baths. $148,500 OAK CREEK DRIVE - Two story, 10 rooms, 5 BR, 3.5 BA. Reduced $169,900 SWAIN DR. - 4 BR, 2.5 baths. REDUCED! $80,500 SOUTHLAND DR. - 3 BR, 1.5 baths. $95,000 SKYLARK DR. - Sandy Shores, split level, 4 BR, 2 full baths. Reduced $89,900 AREY CT. - 3 BR, 2 baths, 1st floor laundry. $192,000 ROSEMARY LANE - 4 BRs, 2 full baths. $119,000 325 CATHY DR. - 3 BRs, 2.5 baths, alarm system. $131,000

County Properties

FRANKLIN TPK. - 3 BR, 2 BA, full bsmt, dbl carport. $143,500 JEANETTE DR. - 3 BRs, 2 baths, updates. $133,900 CEDAR HILL RD. - 4 BR, 2 BA. $2.5 Million RT. 29 N . - 46.5 ac. +/-, long road frontage. $850,000 – Commercial potential 109 FOREST CT. - 3 BR, Hw. floors, new berber carpet and pool. $189,900 IRISH ROAD - 3 BR, 2 baths. Reduced $85,500 W. HIGHTOWER RD. - 3 BRs, many extras. $92,000 IRISH RD. - 3 BRs, 2 full baths. Situated on 4.27 acres. $105,000 (MLS 40545) 1350 RANDOLPH DRIVE - 3 BR 2.5 baths, 10 acres. $214,900 WHISPERING PINES RD. -Beautiful home w/3 BR, LR w/hardwood floors. $109,500 HORSE FARM – Taylorsville Road – $9,500,000.00 – NC WALTERS MILL ROAD - 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths. REDUCED! $114,500 – NC

BIRCH ELMO - 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, LR, DR, kitchen w/stove & refrig. $91,900

Commercial Property – High Traffic

PINEY FOREST RD. – $299,900 and $418,000

Call For Our List Of Investments, Foreclosures & Land! Available In City & County – $5,000-$200,000

AGENTS: Mike Jenkins ........489-1820 Vernon Garrett .....728-3710 Jeremy Echols .....709-7137 Nikki Minter ..........429-9092 Herb Gillispie .......203-2873 Lori Richardson ....250-4077 Susan Emerson ...728-2258 Ralph Stitt ............251-6256 John Quinn ..........724-1349 Billy Meyer ...........793-5845 Mary Jones ..........770-4361

Dee Dunaway, 251-4011 /GRI/ Assoc. Broker J.D. Emerson, 432-9375 / 728-2286 Assoc. Broker Linda Baldwin / Broker 836-0228 blakes mobile home service transport and setup for used or new singlewide, doublewide, and modulars, call 336-5043481 or 336-599-0936

danville decks Decks and Deck Repair, Screened-In Porches and Room Additions. Free Estimates. Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and References, Don Nicholson 434-685-1746 majestic cleaners Quality cleaning at competitive prices. Located at 796 Piney Forest Rd Danville, 434-791-4311

Lewis Electric Company Service Calls (ONLY $35.). For Quality, Dependable & Affordable ELECTRIC Service, call Rob 434-836-6328 HOME UPDATE PACKAGE LEWIS ELECTRIC CO. 434836-6328 Lighting Fixture installation $15. Receptacle w/ cover replaced $5. Switch w/ cover replaced $5. (Materials Included) John C. Stone Hauling We Haul: Rock, Dirt, Mulch, and Sand. Please give us a call for a Free Estimate. Call 434-2517520 or 336-388-1820

north star property services Landlord Services. Evictions - Turnovers - Repairs Remodels - Cleanouts - Service Calls - Emergency Service. Call 434-228-3246 Miracle Home Improvements, Licensed & Insured, Specializing in Additions, Bathrooms, Finished Basements, Enclosed Carports, Interior/ Exterior/ Garage Doors, Garages, Decks. FREE ESTIMATES! 434724-2173 Sprigs & Twigs Landscaping Commercial and Residential irrigation and lawn care. Mowing, mulching, etc. We repair all brands of irrigation. 20 yrs experience. Call Tim 434-548-1244

floor sanding & tile work Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling and much more. Free Estimates. Guaranteed work. Many references. 434250-3298 precision home improvement (formerly - The Honeydo Man)for all your home improvement and bathroom remodeling needs done precisely right! Call Larry 434-822-2285, 434-251-1563

Old Fashioned Construction Tim White-Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Services include residential/commercial carpentry, decks, tile, flooring, painting and much more! 434334-4878 Retired brick mason looking to do repair work- mail boxes, columns, retaining walls, chimneys, fireplaces and any other small jobs, Call 434836-5257 MOBILE AUTO REPAIR FOR ALL CAR REPAIR JOBS BIG AND SMALL. WE COME TO YOU JUST CALL 434-203-4877 Childcare 24 hour childcare services has opening for children of all ages. Only two spots available. Call for more info 336337-7273

4 bay shop w/paint booth for lease or rent in Ringgold/Kentuck area, call 434822-8001

Computers High Speed Internet Anywhere Finally, no more dialup or slow satellite... you now can get high speed, faster than DSL. Anywhere, Pelham, Chatham, Swansonville, Providence. Even works in the Boonies! Call today $65 startup/$39 per month. 434836-3355 hp computer, 19in monitor DVD burner, 32gb hard drive, 504mb of ram celeron processor, window xp, computer desk, chair, $200.00 OBO, 434-432-2630 Very Nice Computer Desk w/Hutch, paid $489.00 new, asking $125.00, just to move it out. MUST SEE, 434-203-0624 used lexmark printer for only $25.00, 434-836-8119 dell computer windows xp looks like windows vista, monitor keyboard mouse with speakers $85.00 434-728-1892



Thoughtfully designed two bedroom patio homes. 9 ft ceilings, granite countertops, ceramic floors and more! Fantastic Location Call Phyllis Marshall For a Showing


or Your Local Realtor



Handyman Services I Specialize in Remodeling, Bathrooms & Decks, Best Prices Guaranteed. References Available. 434250-0448 WILLIAMS ELECTRIC Quality Workmanship, Affordable Prices, Remodeling-Additions, Basements, Garages, Light Switches, Washer/Dryer Receptacles & More 434713-1920


Collectibles nascar collectibles diecast cars and more call for details leave message, 434-724-2789 OR 434-713-1055 Comics for sale-1990’s comics some #1’s and Marvel Comic cards 3 complete sets, 434-792-6330 Basketball Cards for sale 1994 classic basketball draft cards some other cards too, make offer, 434-792-6330 Valiant comics for sale. Also, Image and Marvel comics. Many #1’s. Call 434728-3347 anytime post cards Many foreign countries, with stamps, 50 cents each, with no stamp 25 cents each, call 434-836-1029 Antique Holiday Pedal Car Metal pedal type car in good condition, $50.00 OBO, 434-429-9902 Antique coke cola cooler antique coke cola cooler/ refrigerator selling as-is $525 approximately 4feet X 4feet 434-4897325 500 Pokemon cards, good shape, 4 are rare cards. $200.00 Contact: Justin @ 434-724-3699 rolls of new coins The states are NC. OK. PA. NY. TENN. & VA. 434-8364390 Magic the Gathering Lot of over 3000 Magic trading cards. Want to sell altogether. $65 OBO 434-685-3106 AVON COLLECTION $3ea; Western collection, $1-$10ea; Vinyl LP album collection, $2ea, call 434-432-3415 10,000 Sports Cards Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Nascar & Hockey. Six Notebooks of Complete Sets. 24 Case of Cards - Packs of 10. $500 for all. Sell as complete set. Call Fred @ 336-307-4604 for info. Can be Viewed Locally Tim @ 434-724-7290 african american barbie collection, still in boxes, over 100, $30ea, call 434822-2229

434-251-4011 Buy a home or... Sell a home Call Dee today!

HP LaserJet 2100 Printer c4170A B&W 10-19ppm, Epson Stylus cx5400 color printer/scanner/copier 11-22ppm-, Lexmark x63 printer/scanner/copier, 7-14ppm, $20. ea, 434-799-4123

caterpillar clawer loader 1994 loader 3100 hours 4 in one bucket and closed cab nice loader $29,000 434-4416225

5ft bush hog 3pt hitch, $425, call 434797-1904 Massey Ferguson 1085 85HP Perkins Diesel, runs and looks good, $7400 OBO, 434-251-0525 ford tractor bucket push or pull, 3pt hitch, dual hookup, $250, call 336-5623057

Hay for Sale Square or Round Bales. Call 434-685-1475 or 336-362-2443 9 shank jitter bug $285, call before 8pm 434-656-8121

CAT 955L Loader big bottom 85J series, 60% undercarriage, runs good, $16,500, 434-251-4050

desktop computer Windows XP home edition, monitor, keyboard, mouse, great condition, $150 or $200 w/Lexmark all in one printer, 434-334-0709

3pt fertilizer spreader like new, $200, call before 8pm 434-656-8121

hardee 3pt hitch box blade like new, $750, call 434-799-6942

18ftx5ft hay trailer no title, no taillights, $450, call 434-476-1771

wheat straw square bales $2 per bale, call 434-822-6754, 434-251-4881

256mb ram stick for PC2100 desktops, $10, 434-738-2347

COLLECTION OF CIVIL WAR BOOKS Will sell all or individually. Call 919-306-7805 to view Wade Boggs Topps card Baseball card in plastic jacket. make offer. 434-8220573


Commercial Rental Property

backhoe 555D Ford four wheel drive, ext hoe, backhoe 3200 hours 434-4416225

emachine computer whole system, w/ speakers, 100GB harddrive, 512MB memory, 1.81 AD processor, Internet ready, $200 Negotiable 434-792-4783

compaq computer windows xp internet ready with mouse keyboard $55.00 434-728-1892

For Sale 0ver 200,000 sports Cards and non-sports cards all for $900.00. phone 336-627-0057



Civil War Chest Set $40 OBO. 434793-1243

Blue M&M character, 5 ft. tall, hard plastic $100 434-836-2401


Dee Dunaway GRI, Associate Broker

hp palvion computer Windows XP, Internet ready, dvd drive, monitor, keyboard mouse & speakers $85.00 434-728-1892

(2) nascar slot car racing sets, 45+ ft of track, paid $130ea, asking $50ea, new still in box, 434-791-3083


Farm Equipment FARM & PET SITTING Experienced with animals & livestock, all sizes. Go out of town with no worries and let us feed, clean & care for your critters. Insured ñ 434-685-1673

1500 Sq Ft Commercail Property Piney Forest Rd 434-836-1394 or 434-2504199

cow hay $20 a roll; Horse hay $30 a roll, delivery available, call 336-260-7606

2 business locations on 29N; one is 300 sq ft; one is 1000 sq ft, call for details 434-799-2000

Hay Bales For Sale Fescue & Orchard Grass $3.50 & $4.00 a bale 434-685-3922 or 336-552-2855

Ford 3600 Diesel Tractor 2000 Hrs. with Loader, 6ft New Bushhog & 5ft Road Blade, $7500. Call 434-585-2879 pure-breed angus bulls 1 year old, excellent genetics, $1000-$1100, call after 7:30 pm 434-822-5057 Fescue Hay $2.75 sq Bale Located in Tunstall area 434-724-6016 1997 john deere mfwd 5300, 55hp tractor w/bush hog, 3545 loader, 8ft howse disk, canopy, very clean $17,300 336-388-2610

5x5 hay bales Under shelter great condition $25.00 call 434548-3388 or 434-793-7897 looking for land To lease for hunting, on the west side of Pittsylvania County. 434-724-4204 Wanted: Single row 3 pt hitch cultivator.... Call Mike 434-665-4811 or 434-374-9251

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Each Office Independently Owned And Operated NEW LISTING

See Many More Of Our Listings at: SOLD


We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia's and HUD's equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia's fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia's Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.


NEW 148 Hickory Drive/Deerwood

1640 +/- sq ft, full basement, with TREMCO waterproofing. Great room with double Ventless gas fireplace, 2 bath with tile floors in baths and in foyer. Master bath has tub and 48 in. shower. 3 large bedrooms. Walk-in closet. Upgrade kitchen appliances with oak cabinets, large 2 door garage, concrete drive and walks, 12x16 deck with steps. WARRANTY.

Call D. Womack & Co. 434-822-1534 434-250-7220 • 434-250-7212

Will Pay Closing Cost

Henderson Road – Pelham

Complete Renovated. This shingle sided home is 1524 sq ft, 1-acre lot in Caswell county. Large living room, eat in kitchen, 3BR, 2BA, deck front and rear. Master bedroom features his/her walk-in closets and private full bath. This home is conveniently located off Park Springs Road in the Pelham community with easy access to both Highways 29 and 86 and is approximately 10-15 minutes from Danville. Zero down finance available. Chartwell Properties, Inc - http:// or 434-713-9332.



Stoneridge – 3 BR 2 bath home 58 West Area – 3 BR 3 bath home Laurel Grove – Newly remodeled home located on 4.49 acres. It has located just off of Mt. Cross with in-ground pool on 15 acres. 4 BRs and 2 baths. $199,900 Road. $199,900 $310,000

We have expanded our website coverage to over 350 websites AND we advertise in many Local, National, & International newspapers and magazines. We also have 6 exclusive National catalogs! Which raises the question....


Karen Hilton 434.250.4724

sofA & loVeseAt 2 end tables, cocktail table, cherry wood, excellent condition, 2 pictures, curtains too, $750, 434-791-3681 oAk coffee tABle And two end Tables $75, End table with attached lamp $30, Butcher block cart with wheels $50, Card table with 4 chairs $20 Call 434-250-7600 2 BlUe recliners $25ea; buffet w/hutch $100, call 434-791-2651 2 microwAVe stAnds $50 very good condition; kitchen dinette set w/4 green chairs, $25, 434-791-2651

Lawless Creek Rd.

3BR, 2BA, vinyl, 2 car garage, full basement, 12x16 deck, concrete driveway, rock on front of porch. Call D. Womack 434-822-1534 434-250-7220 434-250-7212 Will Pay Closing Cost sorGHUmn silAGe for sAle $38 per ton, day 434-441-0274, night 434-7244647 931 cAt BUcket dozer 7ft row blade, 5 bottom plow, call 434-685-7912 7 foot lAnd Pride yard pulverizer, only used 1 time $700. 336-508-9601 6 ft sitrex disc mower Good condition. $2000 336-508-9601 2004 lonG 520 diesel Tractor with quick attach loader. 52 horsepower and only 400 hours. 336-508-9601 Allis cHAlmers 50/50 diesel tractor with loader. 50 hp, 2500 hours, good condition. 336-508-9601 HeAVy dUty loGsPlitter Brand New, $1,000 434-836-1957 or 434-489-1565 1983 ford 1510 tractor, 20 HP, 3cyl. diesel, 966 Hrs., asking $3500 434-799-3221 2000 GHel fork Lift, 2200 Hours, 4x4, automatic,44’boom, fome filled tiers,3 way steering, 6000# lift Have all Service records, and owners manual, $26,000.00 434-251-6957 x ID 2758865 HAy orcHArd GrAss & fescUe Good Quality Round Bale Hay. Barn Kept $25 Per Bale. Phone 434-822-0129 or 434-2515108 internAtionAl trActor 2424 35HP, 4cyl, gas, 3pt hitch, good condition, $2500, 434-822-5274 743 BoBcAt 60” BUcket Aux Hyd, Hook ups, Excellent Condition, $6500 Call 336388-5731 1950 sUPer A fArmAll trActor w/ cultivators & several other pieces of equipment, 336-388-0082 1977 internAtionAl dUmP trUck Diesel, airbrakes, 5 speed with 2 speed axle, runs strong. $4995 434-250-6872 fArmAll cUB 12 Volt system Under belly moor $1695, 12in 2 bottom 3pt hitch plow w/ new pts $275, 14in 2 bottom 3pt hitch plow w/ new pts $275. 9N Ford 12V Sys $1795 call 434-251-4896

fitness, exercise, & sPort sit UP BencH $50, call 434-835-0115 treAdmill barely used, $275, call 434835-0115 exercise Bike, great condition, asking $60.00 OBO, call Sarah 434-432-2379 exercise Bike GreAt condition 35$ 336-388-0211 like new Boflex xtreme 2yrs old, barely used, includes: 2 hand grips, lat bar, straight bicep curl & squat bar, leg extension attachment, exercise chart, and all cable extensions. $700. 434-724-6207 Gym set $125. Call 434-250-7600 seArs workoUt mAcHine $100, call 434-548-4166, 434-792-3147

418 Oak Forest Circle

Beautifully remodeled sprawling brick ranch home, close in county location, 1.7 acre lot. 4BR, 3 1/2BA, includes a separate In-Law suite. Price reduced drastically to $219,000. Seller will pay closing up to 4% with full price offer. Or Will owner finance with 5% down for up to 3 years. Call Interior Designer, Rose Shields at 434-728-0204 for a viewing. Furnishings sold separately.

AB loUnGer as seen on TV, new, $50, call 434-836-8757 treAdmill $75. Call 434-432-4536. 434432-4536 stAtionAry Bike $20, call 434-5482179 PAcific Prowler 18 sPd dual suspension mountain bike; bought new in May 2008 & barely used; silver; shocks; $100 OBO. 434-489-5395 sPeed BAG, wAll sUPPort $35.00, 434-836-9705 Bowflex UltrA Excellent condition. additional. 100lb resistance rods, 410lb total. lat/tower leg/curl and extension, must see. $600 434-489-1557 Pro form 350s Cross trainer treadmill, $125 OBO 336-421-3080 totAl Gym 1100 $125 OBO 336-4213080 exercise eqUiPment. Total gym, exercise bike, etc. Excellent used condition. No reasonable offer refused. Call 276-9578757 or 276-732-1573 weiGHt BencH nice, w/weights, $75, call 434-792-7691 smitH mAcHine 300lbs weights, lots of extras $400.00 276-732-5036 2 Bikes, 1 mens, 1 womens Mens, 26” Schwinn 21 Speed, Womens 27” Mongoose 18 Speed. $40.00 each 434-724-6503

fUrnitUre & Accessories

twin Bed solid wood light oak, w/ mattress & box springs, $175, call 434-4322195 BreAkfAst nook fair condition, more info call Brian 434-429-8264 6 cHAirs $10ea, call 434-441-1989, 434836-2943 solid oAk fUll size Bed $125; brass full size bed 25yrs old excellent condition, $150; wine rack dark mahogany $50, small kitchen table, 4 chairs, oak top, excellent condition, $125, 434-203-1615 HeAVy dUty sHelVinG Units 2ftx4ftx7ft, $30ea, 2 or more delivered, call 434-685-8377

kitcHen tABle no chairs, $30, call 434489-5599 wooden entertAinment center and hutch 3 drawers, call 434-791-3681

GlAss toP tABle - beautiful, large (40inx72in), formal dining table with six highback, upholstered chairs. Excellent condition. $250.00. 434-724-4382

tAn coUcH $500; mirror w/gold frame, 30inx42in $100; queen size painted metal headboard, $100, 434-791-1126

corner cABinet Solid Pine medium brown, handmade, Glass doors, drawer, Raised panel doors 6.6’tall, 40”wide, 29”wall space $425. 434-251-0802 tV stAnd smoked glass 3 shelf 57L x20W x24H with swivel pedistal for up to 52 “ tv $225 434-793-0693 red metAl BUnk bed twin on top full on bottom $125.00 firm, w/twin mattress $150.00 434-724-4955 liGHt Brown coUcH $50, 434-2510523 cAPtAin’s Bed like new, twin, 4 drawers, w/mattress, $250, contact: gmorris22364@ 434-793-1937

wHite, doUBle Bed with chester drawer and dresser. $500.00. 336-388-1656 wood dininG tABle 5ft extends to 8in, w/4 chairs $125; brown & blue floral sofa $100; Queen size sleeper sofa, solid blue, $150; Craft Matic Twin bed $150; Antique Console bench seat stereo $50; 434-8361735 GlAss disPlAy cAse $50; assorted bookshelves $10; magazine end table w/ lamp $10, 434-836-1735 scroll work sofA mirror $60sm; gold scroll work buffet mirror, $40; lamps $100; student chairs $5ea; interior decorating gold mirror, shelf, & 2 sconces $35, 434432-3415 lArGe Bedroom dresser All wood $225 Call 434-822-1069 rocker/recliner extra nice, paid $400, asking $90 OBO, call 434-836-8951 3 section sHelf on rollers 3ft, $45, call 434-836-8951 roUnd kitcHen tABle $110, call 434792-8517


mAttress sAle Twin $115 per set, Full $145 per set, Queen $179 per set. Lowe Furniture, corner of North Main & Franklin Turnpike. 434-836-6565

qUeen-size sleePer sofA, sage green, excellent condition, $200.00, 434822-1710

BreAkfAst nook tABle (new) 36in round drop-leaf, pedestal base, solid wood, Walnut finish, made in USA, 2 chairs, $360. 434-251-0802

4 solid cHerry tHomAsVille dining room chairs $300; breakfast table w/4 chairs $75; tall wicker fern stand 40in, $75, call 434-791-1126

cAliforniA kinG wAterBed Complete. Large headboard w/mirror. 12 drawers underneath and middle storage. Can e-mail photos. $300.00 276-732-3244 set of mAtcHinG GlAss tABle lamps - amber glass with flowers. Beatiful! $25 434-822-1710 coffee tABle And 2 mAtcHinG end tables. good condition - $25 822-1710 recliner - Brown. excellent condition asking $75 434-822-1710 coUcH & 2 chairs $150.00. 434-799-0083

nice oVersized fUrnitUre White oversized sofa & love seat w/ ottoman. Ideal for a spacious area. Moving soon & need to sell. $350.00 OBO! 434-251-5682

dArk mAPle tABle w/ lamp made in it, 1 drawer, 2 shelves, $20, 434-792-4055 corner BreAkfAst nook light wood, fair condition. $50.00 or neg. 434-227-4893 twin size loft bed with bookshelves, drawers, and desk attached. Mattress included, Cherry stain. Good condition. $300.00, 434-822-5737

Jeff Davis 434.548.6039

fUll size cAnoPy bed with vanity $75 434-793-3215 fUll size mAttress & BoxsPrinG Good Condition. $100. 434-685-3152 2 tHis end UP twin Bed frAmes + 2 Night Stands & 2 Mirrors. $180.00 434685-3152 qUeen soft BlAck iron Bed Damaged but still sturdy $10 OBO 434-5481782 BroyHill PAinter sHed edition Solid Oak Dinning Room Set. Table has Oak top, Legs burgandy w/6 country chairs, winter white. asking $1,000 Paid $3000 Call 434-228-3005 writinG desk 3 drawers, very nice, paid $300, asking $100, call 434-713-8144 sofA, soft All leather, black, sleeper sofa, Made by Lazy Boy, excellent cond, smoke-free home, $850 434-250-5644 or 434-793-2757 file cABinet Finally get organized. 2 drawer beige, includes hanging rack system and some folders $20 434-250-5644 or 434-793-2757 coUcH, cHAir, rocker, ottomAn (wine/ blue/ gray fabric) coffee table, (2) end tables; very good condition, $250. Call 434-685-7671 fUrnitUre Chester drawer, & bed with box spring & mattress. call 434-822-8377 for info. fUrnitUre bed with box spring & mattress & Chester drawer. call 434-822-8377 for info. loVeseAt And recliner MUST GO! Stain and Odor free. $100 will negotiate 434-250-2822 mUst sell desk & cHAir $65 oBo New Oak Wood Desk & Black Leather Chair included. Call 815-289-2941 or 434773-3994 comPUter desk 6x6 ft. corner unit w/2 letter size file drawers and hutch, $100 434836-0381 AsHley Bedroom sUite Ashley queen size modern style bed w/mattress & boxspring, dresser, nightstand, black chrome finish paid $2200.00 sell for $750.00 434250-7273 lArGe BroyHill cHinA HUtcH, lighted and lots of storage. Light wood, beautiful, $575 434-710-0875 lAyzBoy BiG mAns recliner Tan Color, Swivels, & Rocks $50.00 434-724-6503 cHerry fUrnitUre very low prices, call for details 434-792-4715 kinG size mAttress/Box sPrinGs good shape, $350, call 434-709-1622 oAk coffee tABleAnd two end Tables. $30 Call 434-822-6970 mAHAGony cHiPPendAle Dining Table, 6 Chairs & 2 Captain chairs, double pedestal w/2 leaves. Excellent Condition. $4200 Firm 434-489-6402

cHinA HUtcH 2 pieces, glass front, $300, call 434-728-2258

side BoArd, AntiqUe BUrlewood 3 Doors, 2 Drawers, Empire Style $300 Firm 434-489-6407 8am-10pm

3 cUsHion coUcH and matching oversized chair $150.00; 14inch Magnavox TV with remote $25.00, 434-728-0941

AntiqUe wAlnUt fAintinG sofA $275 Firm 434-489-6407

BlUe rocker recliner and recliner sofa $75.00 for both; 2 end tables $10 each, 434-793-3215

Bedroom sUit Chest, dresser, w/mirror, headboard, mattress & box springs. Excellent Condition 434-517-0825 or 434579-3322

kitcHen tABle 1 chair, $15, call 434836-1690

new comPUter cHAir $25 Various other office chairs $10 Each. 434-429-7468

roUnd tABle 4 chairs, very heavy duty. $60, call 434-822-7614


sofA & swiVel rocker recliner Light brown microfiber material. Brand new. $550. Call 434-822-8776 cHerry Bedside cHest Bedside Chest by Jamestown Sterling. Mint condition - solid cherry. Call 919-306-7805 Brown recliner cHAir good cond. $75. Chest of Drawers (Bassett) solid Pine 4 drawers $100. Cherry Coffee Table 50”L $65 OBO 434-799-4123 sofA & cHAir Cream with burg, green, mauve, almost new. $225 276-650-8041

Donna Gibson 434.728.0605



GUns-Art-AntiqUes Selling Gun Collection (10) Art Collection, Antique Glassware and Furniture Toy Collection, Call 434-770-1184 To View Chatham, Virginia Location mossBerG 30.06 w/3-9x40 scope, $350.00; Henry pump.22 w/scope, $200.00, 336-421-3080 rUGer 25.06 $450 Winchester model 70 stealth II.243 wssm $500 336-421-3080

HeAltH & BeAUty PHysiciAns exAm tABle for doctors office, $950, call 434-441-1989, 434-8362943 oreck xl toP of tHe line top rated, room air cleaner/ionizer, excellent for people w/asthma, $100 firm, serious inquiries only 434-710-0598 Bedside commode $20, call 434-7930769, 434-334-6822 BAtHtUB cHAir $20, call 434-793-0769, 434-334-6822

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791-0326 202 Boatwright Ave • Danville VA Hours: Mon & Fri 8-4 • Tues - Thurs 9-6 • Sat 8-4

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

David Gluhareff, CFT - ISSA (434) 728-0952

Is your doctor really helping you or just medicating you? How many times have you gone to a doctor and you find out you have High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Acid Reflux, Heart Burn, Arthritis, Sleep Problems, Achy Muscles, Fatigue, Stress, Depression, Muscle Cramps, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Poor Circulation, clogged arteries, or a History of Heart Disease? What did that doctor do for you? Many times a doctor will prescribe medicines that you become dependent on and you never really fix the problem. You mask the problem for years with medication and it may help some, but it does not change your lifestyle. Do not get me wrong, the meds are usually the correct quick fix or temporary pain healer or rapid way to get control of your situation, but too many times I see doctors letting you stay on these meds without getting you to change your lifestyle. To treat and or fix any of the above problems there is the responsibility of you the patient to make an effort to change your lifestyle and become healthier with Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest. Most of the illnesses and diseases I mentioned above are greatly helped, Treated and many times fixed by Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest. Sure your doctors have said you need to lose weight, but how many of them actually show you the right way? How many of your doctors do not talk about Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest, yet talk about the Medicines they will put you on that often have debilitating side effects. Many times you also get more problems and side effects from taking the medications. Please understand that MODERN MEDICINE saves lives every day and I am not badmouthing doctors. Doctors who are prescribing medicines coupled with prescribing healthy lifestyle changes are the ones who truly make a difference in their patient’s lives. I get calls all the time from people who say their doctors tell them to lose weight, yet do not show them the correct way to lose weight. Most of the problems mentioned above are weight related and or unhealthy and lazy lifestyle related. Your doctor should get you to the necessary resources to get you to begin a plan which includes Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest. The right types and amounts of Exercise will help the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones get stronger and better conditioned which will lead to a higher metabolism (fat burning) and a stronger and more balanced you. The right Nutrition will help you get good foods into you and help your Cardiovascular System run better and help you feel, look, and move better. The right amounts of Rest will help your body’s Immune System overnight with a good 8 hours of sleep plus a nap in the afternoon can give you more energy to make it through the rest of your day. If your doctor is not prescribing healthy lifestyle changes, but is only prescribing meds, then you need to get another opinion from another doctor. I see people all the time who get dependent on their meds and are not being fixed even a little. I respect doctors and the work they do. I have had and have now many doctors as my Personal Training clients. There are really good doctors here in Southside Virginia! But there are also those who will not discuss or do not know what to discuss with their patients about healthy lifestyle changes.

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Positive Benefits Clients of Mine Experience: As a Personal Trainer I train clients either One-OnOne, in Small Groups, Online, or in Large Groups. The large group I am working with right now is a Fit-Club organized within True Holiness Church in Danville, VA. I have been training their Pastor for a little while now and he has lost around 50 Pounds! Well Charles Walker is still leading by example. He has been able to cut back on some of his meds and is in far better control of his sugar levels now. He used to be near stroke levels with his sugar and on lots of meds, but now since he has decided to attempt a healthy lifestyle change he is coming off of many of the medicines he

had been on for years. Another lady in her fifty’s, who I Personally Train, has come off nearly $300 per month in meds for her sugar and blood pressure problems. Many of my clients stop getting heartburn, Acid Reflux, and indigestion because they stop eating junk food. Many times these same people were on strong Acid Reflux meds and still eating a large Italian sub sandwich with chips and soda at 10 PM at night and wonder why they still had this problem. The problem stemmed from their daily bad nutritional habits. If you eat junk you will feel like junk, Period! I have a guy, nearly sixty years old, who has gotten off his heavy duty Acid Reflux purple/yellow med (which used to give him diarrhea, but helped Acid Reflux) because he doesn’t eat high fat and greasy dinners anymore. Many times my middle-aged female clients say their arthritic places of their bodies are less painful once they begin an exercise routine (which is proven to help lubricate joints and help with arthritis). Nightly cramps in the legs of my clients mostly go away with the regular exercise and regular stretching my clients do just a few times per week. From personal experience over the years nearly 80% of my clients with High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol are able to come-off of, or their doctors cut way back-on, their medicines. The ladies I have worked with who have been told they have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue usually get rid-of 70-75% of the pain they used to have and gain 50% or more energy back with an Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest plan. Talk To Your Doctor Now! Now is the time to seek help from your Doctor, an Experienced Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, or other Health Professional to start a healthy lifestyle plan which includes Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest. If your doctor tries to get you on a plan which includes any of the following……then RUN AWAY! - A Fad Diet….RUN AWAY! - Meal plan with pre-prepared or pre-packaged foods….RUN AWAY! - A Meal Plan without Exercise….RUN AWAY! - An Exercise Plan without Proper Nutrition…. RUN AWAY! - Exercise Plan that does not include Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, and Stretches…. RUN AWAY! - An Exercise and Nutrition Plan that does not include Proper REST….RUN AWAY! - Low-Carb Diets (unless you are diabetic)…. RUN AWAY! - Fat-Free Diets….RUN AWAY! If you and your doctor can sit down and discuss a healthy plan which includes Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest and you agree to begin and be consistent on this plan, then you will get healthier immediately! If your doctor does not think you should Exercise because of an underlying heart problem or some serious condition you have then listen to him or her, but usually there are light and easy exercises just about anyone can do, even with some serious health issues. Always work with your doctor and other health professionals to get your regular physicals and keep an eye on all your body’s readings. Have a great weekend! -Dave

A personal trainer for 12 years, David Gluhareff credits his career as a fitness professional to his own personal weight-loss story. The process of losing 100 pounds, which he began at age 16, is what inspired him to start training others utilizing proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation, rest and recover, and stress management. shower chair new, Invacare brand, adjustable legs, $35, call 434-770-2544

3 motorized scooters call for details, selling as is, call 276-638-1075

kerosene heater rarely used, $50, call 434-835-0115

sears kenmore dehumidifier takes water out of air, excellent condition, $50 firm, serious inquiries only 434-203-6322

1 motorized wheelchair never used, paid $4000, asking $800, call 276638-1075

old large ornate wood stove $2500 OBO, call 434-836-3851

roller walker w/basket & seat, used once, brand new, $100, call 434-685-7445 3 bottles Decolorized Iodine each one fluid ounce. Call 336-694-6561 Nurse mates!!! BRAND NEW IN BOX! blue heart! size 6-1/2 runs big! Paid $55 asking $20 OBO 434-709-9021 leave message! braun mens model contour electric razor, brand new still in box, retails $120, $45 firm, serious inquiries only 434203-6322 wolf sunvision tanning bed full size, 24 bulb, $900, call 434-792-0684

Heating & A/C Equipment Gas Furnace 75,000 BTU for Mobile Home. Call Tony 434-688-1220 stay warm Call Mike for red oak, white oak or hickory wood. Wood for $60/a load on long bed pickup, call 434-799-4236 Federal Floor Furnace Very Good shape, 105,000btu’s, No.2 fuel oil, Beckett Burner, heats great. $125.00, 434-2030624 to see.

modern wood stove and 5ft tall cast iron coal stove, call for prices 336-3882235 fireplace insert w/blower, $375, call 276-358-2430 OIl Floor Furnance w/fan $200 Antique Fireplace Mantle w/mirror. $250. Call 434-822-2950 Charmglow V/F Natural Gas Charmglow vent free Natural gas 30,000 BTU Heater, Brand new in box, $299 new, $225 cash only. 336-694-4935 275 oil tank w/stand, $225, call 434-3244592

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Angel Wings Home Care

We offer Registered Nurses, Certified Nurse Aides and Personal Care Aides for your home recovery convenience. Statistics prove you recover quicker and safer in your home, so let Angel Wings Home Care put you back on your feet faster and with peace of mind.

2276 Franklin Turnpike, Suite 106 Danville, Virginia 24540 Phone (434) 836-8711 • Fax (434) 836-8713

WHATEVER YOUR MEDICAL NEEDS ARE...CALL US! • Oxygen • CPAP • Power Chairs • Lift Chairs • Wheelchairs • Uniforms • And More!

smAll window Air conditioner 8,000 btu used only 4 months $125 434-7933215

Start Getting Ready For Bathing Suit Season By Calling

ProPAne HeAter 100,000 BTU’s Alum CAN Utility Type VGC $65.00 cash only. 336-694-4935 wood stoVe For Sale custom made cast iron wood stove, 3 years old and used very little. Ideal for warming a house or shop. Will sell for $350 call and ask for Pat 434250-6604 or 434-656-2642

There’s No Place Like...

20% Off All Programs – This Week Only!

free firewood Small pickup truck load. Needs splitting. FREE. Call 434-822-0668 after 5PM.

Don’t Wait Call 799-2041 Today!

dry Pine, PoPlAr, oAk mixed Wood. Longbed Truck Load $65.00. Clean basements, attics, carports, take off miscellaneous items. 434-822-0397

364 Lowes Drive, Danville, VA (Across From Wal-Mart)

3356 Riverside Drive Danville • Virginia

dry oAk firewood or Green oAk or ash. Already split, $55 a load delivered, call 434-724-1425, 434-441-6691

(434) 797-1329

firewood for sAle Call 336-3882223

HolidAy items Monday-Friday: 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. • Saturday 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.


Designed To Fit Your Budget Needs

lP GAs firePlAce loGs vented, 24in long, split oak type, very good condition, $75, 540-243-4985

3-1/2ft cHristmAs tree in a pot, great for front porch, like new $30.00 434-8364034 cHristmAs wreAtH mAde by Gingerbread House (new) $30.00 Set of 3 Glass Snowmen $5.00 434-836-4034

HoUseHold items

You Have Nothing To Lose But Weight!

mr. coffee 4 cUP coffee mAker Great for small dorm room, Recreational vehicle, or over the road trucker. $10, 434822-0205

Assorted HoUseHold items Small Furniture, Small Appliances, Kitchen Items, sheets, assortment of books, many more items. Call 434-685-5075

VArioUs HoUseHold items Coffee maker, mail box, coffee grinder, telephone, boombox, candle holders, flower vases. All $2-5 each. 434-793-2536

lAwn & GArden

telePHone White, AT&T brand, corded telephone. Like new. $5 434-793-2536 oreck cArPet steAm cleAner w/ attachments, used twice, paid $325, asking $195, call 434-489-5350 BAtHtUB for sAle wide, deep, jacuzzi type tub for sale, has never been used, excellent condition, $75.00. Call 434-5637492 in-cABinet sinGer sewinG Machine $75 Call 434-822-1069 cerAmic cAnister set salt & pepper shakers included, $5, real nice, call 434799-2915 VArioUs HoUseHold items sofa, microwave, furniture, porcelain dolls, Christmas decorations, call 434-250-9833 AtlAntA BrAVes twin comforter set; w/shams, 1 set of sheets, 1 valance window curtain, 2 pillows, 1 laundry bag, $100, call 434-836-3885 kitcHen cABinets in good condition, includes double sink, call 434-793-0177 liGHt yellow oVAl rUG trimmed in blue, $20; huge bag of towels, rugs, curtains, and more, $35, 434-792-4055 2 Gold lArGe trAVerse BArs for draperies, $25; 2 brass traverse bars for draperies, $15, 434-792-4055 scm electric tyPe writter $20 Portable Sewing Machine, Very good condition $30 Call 434-836-6730 kitcHen cABinets very good condition, made out of birch wood, call 434-250-9233 cUstom mAde window treAtments Two Waverly fabric window treatments by The Gingerbread House. Call for details. 434-724-6598

lAndscAPe liGHts 150 FT or better of walk-way/driveway lighting, $25 OBO, 434738-2347 PAtio HeAter 7 ft. tall, uses propane. $85.00 434-710-0875 All wood storAGe BUildinGs 1st Quality, Recession Specials; 12x16 $1995; 12x24 $2995. FREE Loft, Shelf. FREE Delivery 20 miles, call 336-583-9375 roUnd oUtdoor tABle GlAss toP 3 outdoor chairs, $45, call 434-476-1771 lArGe collection of Potted plants, all kinds; aloe vera, ferns, bamboo trees, and more, call 434-724-6373 woodsPlitter 5.5 HP motor Two stage pump $325 434-724-6225 mUrrAy 20HP 44in cUt Riding Mower needs minor repair, $250 OBO Call 434685-3981 After 5PM 7Pc PAtio set; table, 4 chairs, umbrella and stand; BEST OFFER; must GO, 434489-9297 or 276-656-6718 20in crAftsmAn mower $35 Adjustable wheels. Call 434-822-0397 PUsH mower 1yr old, $45, call 434-8368951 (2) cUBcAdet ridinG lAwn mower w/ full grass catcher, call 434-797-2008 electric lAwnmower 13in cut, $75, call 434-728-2258 30x50 metAl t Posts $2.75ea, call 434251-1393 ridinG lAwn mower 11HP Briggs & Stratton, 36in cut, electric start, good condition, $150, call 336-562-3057 HUsqVArnA ridinG lAwn mower 14HP Kohler engine, 42in cut, hydrostatic drive, good condition, $300, 336-562-3057

window treAtments Custom made by The Gingerbread House. Waverly fabriccall for details. 434-724-6598

seArs ridinG lAwn mower 1yr old, 11HP Briggs & Stratton engine, good tires, $250, call 434-799-4236

sinGer sewinG mAcHine $40 Needs tune up 434-836-6216

PoUlon PUsH mower, 3.5 HP $50 434792-4845

BrAss lAmP $5. 00 Marmalade Lamp $15.00 and brand new matching cloth napkins set of (6) $5.00 434-836-4034

mUrrAy 20in 4HP PUsH mower With bagger, Used twice. Paid $169, Asking $100 434-835-0098

oUtside steel door 36in w/38in rough openings; full glass storm door, 34in w/36in rough openings, 434-724-4546

JoHn deere Gt275 Lawn & Garden Tractor Koeler 17 Horsepower Hydra Static Drive, 48 inch cutting deck, $3,000.00 434836-4034

lArGe tAll stAndinG decorAtiVe lamp, $8, approx 6ft, call 434-334-6913

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CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 462 Piney Forest Rd. Danville, VA

(434) 791-4921

Murray Riding Mower 17.5HP, 46”cut, Automatic, Good Condition, $550.00, 434797-3197 concrete flowery type bird bath, medium size, 30in, $25, call 434-441-1380

Miscellaneous 1000 watt power inverter Will power small appliances like TV, coffee pot, microwave etc. Great for Truckers. $50, call 434-251-8516 all wood storage buildings 1st Quality, Recession Specials; 12x16 $1995; 12x24 $2995. FREE Loft, Shelf. FREE Delivery 20 miles, call 336-583-9375 Doll houses Brand new, light house ($100) and farmhouse ($50). Beautiful and solid wood. 434-822-7531 14ftx24ft metal leonard building, $2700, call 336-388-2636

We offer a casual dining atmosphere with fine food. You can even choose a lobster from our Live Lobster Tank. Offering tender steaks and succulent seafood to tantalize the palate along with tasty appetizers and robust sandwiches. We are open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday serving 4:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Weekend Live Entertainment beginning at 10:00 p.m. hosting both local and national talent. Accommodations provided by Hampton Inn, Eden, NC

new ballast for 8ft 4bulb units, $20ea, call 434-685-8377

Mobile Homes

Cemetery plots 2 plots Danville Memorial Garden, Serenity section space 1-2 29-a $1395 or 2 for $2000. Memorial Garden sell for $1695each, 336-370-4258

clayton homes in blairs New extra large 3BR, 2BA, all drywall, save $1000s. We will beat any deal period! Call toll free 888-258-0268

55 gallon drums $5ea or $3ea for 10 or more, call 434-728-1700 5 light chandelier nickel finish, telescopic, $60, call before 9pm 434-724-2323 1 carriage wagon wheel $30, call 434-836-3885 hanging scales $32, call 434-7930769, 434-334-6822 FREE Big Red Club House Used to be a 18 Wheeler Sleeper Bed. 434-548-5848 Flea market items, home accessories of every description, glassware, vases, brass pieces, small household appliances, would like to sell the lot, call for details. Also, small furniture items, what-not stands, wall prints, etc. will sell separately. 434-7921583 bilco steel cellar doors 5ft long, $200, call 434-799-0766 Yard Sale Items large amount, make offer, call and leave message at 434-2500707 Big Rig Tire Chains, Quick Grip Tire Chains. Cam Type, Fits 275/80R24.5 & 285/75R24.5, Never used, $50, 434-2518516 Doll Molds Porcelain doll molds Over 100. 434-793-0624 10 candy machines like new, 10 3 headed 25 cents, 50% off, $150 OBO group or sale separate, 434-791-5749 military surplus Huge lot of transmitters and recivers and other electronics all tube type. best offer e-mail wadedidit@ 434-685-7176

Mobile Home Service- Mobile home repairs, moving and set-up. Call Bob Holland 434-791-2807, 276-732-6185

Lots for rent first three months FREE! Rolling Hills Mobile Home Park 434-836-4593 We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

doublewide superstore Gorgeous New Doublewides. Homes for only $49,900. Includes delivery & Set-up. New Government financing now available! 1-888-258-0268 x ID 2738522 modular home discount center Lowest Modular Homes on the Market. Call 1-888-258-0268


GET THE SECOND ENTREE FOR ONLY .99 CENTS Expires 2-28-09 Limit One Coupon Per Table

After 4:00 P.M. Sunday – Thursday

$5.00 OFF ANY $20 PURCHASE (Excluding Alcohol)

Expires 2-28-09 Limit 1 Per Table, Dine-In Only

Restaurante Mexicano

2818 Riverside Drive 792-0601 Fax: 792-1943

COME SEE OUR NEW CRAZY, LOUD, LIVE MARIACHI BAND Monday March 9th 6:30 - 9:30 pm

SCCW Wrestling February 22nd $5 At The Door Conn Alto Sax/new case Conn Alto Sax recently repadded with new case. Asking $275.00 OBO, 434-429-9902 Country/Southern Rock band looking for Lead Guitarist. If interested, leave message 434-822-2667

The Worx Band February 27th Pre-purchase of tickets and seating available. 336-623-9104

Coming In March – EXILE!

Matt Boswell & Hillbilly Blues Band February 28th

Mon-Thurs 11 am-10 pm Fri. 11 am-10:30 pm Sat 12 noon-10:30 pm Sun 12 noon-9 pm ABC PERMITS • EAT IN OR TAKE OUT • CATERING

Homes Set-up Ready to Move in Under $12,000 Call 434-836-4663

1998 HD Dyna Convertible Removable Saddlebags and windshield. Screaming Eagle pipes. Nearly new tires and battery. Good condition. $9200 434-685-1965

2BR 1BA Mobile Home Appliances Furnished on 58 West. 225 Mo+Deposit 434685-7920

2007 Harley Sportster 1200 Pacific - Blue, 720 miles, like new chrome $9800 434-728-1465

mobile home for rent On Westover Dr near Moorfield Bridge Rd. deposit and first month rent starting at $300.00 per month. call 434-822-0279

1998 Suzuki Bandit 1200 Low miles. Runs great. With extras. $2600 434-7975437

Recently Remodeled Mobile Home Central HVAC, insulated windows, nice for young couple, private lot off Goodyear Blvd, 53 Martha St. Only $350 per month. Call Sutherland Real Estate Now @ 336-3882636 Well Kept 2Br 1BA Mobile home @ 632 Cascade Rd Lot 1, Central HVAC, Only $325 per month. Call Sutherland Real Estate Now @ 336-388-2636

Motorcycles & Go Carts brand new 2008 110cc camo with security system, great condition, asking $675 please call 434-251-6785 2003 harley davidson Softtail Deuce 100th Anniversary Edition, lots of chrome, garage kept, had back surgery must sale call 434-724-2789 or 434-7131055

Etaz Scooters 50cc $999; 150cc $1399; 50cc ATV $350; 110cc ATV $899; pocket bikes street or dirt $299; 125cc dirtbike $799. All with warranty. Etaz Scooters 434-432-3332 2007 Suzuki GSXR600, blue and black, immaculate, m4 exhaust, 520 kit, new 2ct tire, $6,700. 434-470-1123 07 HARLEY SOFTAIL DEUCE Vivid Black with extras, 3500 miles, showroom condition. garage kept, $16,500.00, call for details 434-685-1753 2008 Suzuki GSXR 750, immaculate, blue and white, M4 exhaust, $8,600, 434470-1123 4 ATV Dunlop tires. Two 25x8-12, Two 25x10-12 Dunlop Kt135 A/T tires, real good condition. $100 OBO, 336-514-0245 four wheeler brand new 2008 110cc, great condition, red with security system, asking $675, please call 434-251-6785 2002 hd softtail efi 88 twin cam 6548 miles showroom condition, black, lots! of extras, a must see, $9500, more details call 434-444-0087 or 434-792-1855

(4) 29.5x10x12 swamp lite tires on rims, $400 OBO, 434-203-0374 2001 Fatboy, twin cam, real red,95c.i.d., edelbrock rpm heads, twin quicksilver carbs, raked 3 degrees, lowered, 6200 miles $12,000. 336-388-1656 1995 Harley Davidson Springer Chrome everywhere. 10,000 miles, Original paint. Must See. $11,000.00 OBO, Over $22,500 invested. Martinsville. 276-6294308 2004 H. D. Heritage Softtail Like new, all the extras. Vance & Hines. 14,000 miles. $15,000.00. 434-822-1349 2006 harley davidson electra Glide Classic, 6900 miles, $14,500, call 434-250-7960 1pr of harley davidson leather boots, Medallion edition, size 11M, worn only once, like new, 434-432-1127

Seven Mile Ford March 6th and 7th

2007 Yamaha Big Bear 400 4X4 Great condition, new 27 in ITP Mudlight tires, camo 600 miles. asking $4250 OBO needs to go. 434-334-4887 1987 suzuki 700cc excellent shape, new tires & battery, $2000, call after 5pm 336694-6557 1995 HD Sportster XL1200 20k Miles, Garage Kept, Lowered, Fat Bob Gas Tanks, Black, Belt Drive, Ex Cond $5500 434-2280183 2000 Kawaski Bayou 300 4X4 Like new, ex cond, low miles, Green. $2300 434-2280183 1998 ZX7R Ninja 750 Ex Cond, 12K Miles, New Paint, Extended 10IN, Michelin Tires, Lowered, New exhaust. To many extras to list. $4400 OBO 434-728-2131

1988 Honda Hawk GT NT650 $2,500 FIRM, 39,700 miles, green, excellent condition, corbin one-up seat included. For an additional $175 will include a new corbin two-up seat. Call 434-579-3265

2007 brute force 750 kawasaki red, dry box, new tires, 87hrs, $6500 OBO, call 276-340-1825 2007 Suzuki Vinson 500 Red, 180 miles. Standard Trans, push button 4X4, stock. MUST SELL. $4800. Month left on warranty. 434-548-2233 1998 honda cbrr chromed out, custom paint, $3000, call 434-203-8778 2006 harley davidson dyna wide Glide, red & charcoal, 8000 miles, call Randy or Jackie 434-724-3530 2008 yamaha grizzly 700 Ducks Unlimited Edition, 4wd, ps, $7000, call 276252-8649

2002 honda vtx 1800 black, very low mileage, like new, lots of extras, $9000, call for details 434-792-7691

2007 mini chopper 125cc, good condition, asking $800.00, 434-836-8119

2006 suzuki 90 4 wheeler $1500 OBO, call 434-822-7436

go cart 8hp runs great, big tires, new belt, positive traction, $425 OBO, needs to go! Call 434-334-4887

2004 CRF 150F dirtbike good condition, one owner, $1500. 434-203-7376

1981 Yamaha Seca 550R All original parts. Restoration project. Will run w/work. $350. 434-799-4756

2007 Honda 450ER Like new, 15 hours, black and white, many extras, mint condition, $3,800 434-548-2131

1970 HD Sprint 350cc Needs restoring, make offer 336-388-5753

Almost New Shoei Helmet worn a few times, size small and has the original box and cover. $185. OBO 434-429-1569

2007 GSXR 600 LIKE NEW! Must sell! 1,900 miles, $7,100, 434-250-0262

’85 Honda Rebel 250 new battery, new tires, good condition. Great starter bike. $1500.00 276-650-2665

2005 1300 Hyabusa real nice, $8500, call 434-793-8080

1997 Kawasaki ZX-11 sale or trade. May trade for Mustang V8, let me know what you got, 336-932-9565

2003 yamaha r1 $4400.00, lots of extras, serious inquiries only! 276-732-7442 MUST SELL

2002 GSXR 600 02’ 1000 Motor, Chrome wheels, new Mich Tires, brakes, pol frame, lowered $5400.00 276-732-5036

2001 HD ElectroGlide Flht Twin Cam 1450cc. Exc Cond. $9500 OBO 336388-5753

2004 KAWASAKI KX 125 Great bike. Very fast. Pro Circuit Exhaust, Renthal handlebars, V-force reeds. MUST SELL! $1600 OBO, 434-685-1415

2007 ATV Honda Recon 250 Brand new, 3 hrs driving time, electric shift, 2 wheel drive. Asking $3000 Call 434-251-8406

8 ACOUSTIC GUITARS Call for details. 434-685-3152

johnson 4 string electric bass w/ Unibox amp & bass speaker, new strings, flat wounds, chromatic tuner, hardshell case, strap & all, $350 firm, 434-836-7641

racing go cart good condition, $450, call 434-334-8637, 434-334-4916

2001 suzuki GSX-R 750 Stretched, 13,500 miles, runs, rides great, lowered, lots of chrome polished frame, D&D exhaust, $6500, 434-222-7261

7 FIDDLES/VIOLINS. Call for details. 434685-3152

4 MANDOLINS Call for details. 434-6853152

634 MONROE STREET • EDEN, NC 27288 • 336-623-9104

new fluorescent lighting T8, 4ft bulbs, $2ea, call 434-685-8377

Like new 5ft Cypress Swing that can be hung on a porch or frame, $90.00 434-836-4034

The Pizazz Band February 21st

2001 yamaha yz 250 New sprocket and chain, forks rebuilt and new seals, good tires very clean, very fast! bike is in great shape!! $1800 CALL 434-685-3090


Old Fiddle W/Case New Bow Resin and instructional CD. 434-685-3119 fender electric acoustic 6 string guitar, brand new, automatic tuner, carrying case & stand, $350, 434-770-9768 Gulbranson Columbia 110 Electric Organ for sale. 13 foot pedals, split keyboard, 37 separate rhythm/ musical categories. Great for home or small church. Wood cabinet. Like new. $300. 434-822-7175 Yamaha MG24/14FX Mixer, 16 Mic channels, 4 stereo channels and two effects channels. Danville Sound Co. 434251-8960 Crate Tube Amp Crate 18 watt all tube amp with 2-12 inch spks. like new, 4 mos. old. $200. 434-822-8317 FREE Standard Upright Piano-move it and it’s yours - Good condition. Call 434724-4947

Real Estate We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

2 BEDROOM RANCH FULL basement, FR, LR & lots of storage, central heat & air, nice yard & neighborhood, Ready to move into 1645 Leemont Ct, N. Danville. To settle estate lowest price and firm $36,000.00 434-770-1563 x ID 2742523

Beginners Welcome! Guitar, Piano, Voice, & Trombone Instructors at Riverland Music Store in Downtown Danville. 434791-3121

PIANO SERVICE Clark’s Piano Tuning and Repair. Will do full restoration or minor repairs and tuning. 32 years-Certified Master Technician 434-724-1444 Washburn X-37 7-String Guitar midnight blue/chrome, mint w/original box. Professional neck/bridge adjustment included. Amazing action! $300, 434-203-6159 Female Vocalist Needed for Medieval to Metal Music. Free Training for the Right Candidate. Over 18, Talent, Drive Required. 434-203-6159 Martin acoustic/electric Martin OMCXK2E with gold hardware. Ralph Stanley signature both sides. Fishman preamp/ tuner, $1250, 434-724-7446 childs keyboard excellent condition, paid $24, asking $10, call Tammy or Jeff 434-822-7156 country band looking for bass player. Call Jeff 434-724-5811 Keyboard, Roland, pro type Has case, cabinet and stool, used very little, sold for $1600, now $350, 434-724-1444

House for sale Nice Home, Nice Area, Walking distance to Averett U. 2BR, 2BA, Central Heat & Air. New Kitchen, New Windows, $79,500, Owner Financing Available. Call 434-728-2848. x ID 2742671

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church “Sunday Worship” Sunday School............................................ 9:30 A.M. Worship Service.........................11:00 A.M.

Every 5th Sunday – Hymn Sing • 6:00 P.M.

Come Join Us! Pastor – Sandy Wright 8060 US Hwy. 29N 1/4 Mile On Right Past Spring Garden Rd.

Blairs, VA 24527

Affordable Health Coverage Family of 4

35 Yr Old Parents 2 Children

$155.59 month*

Single Female

28 Years Old

$ 46.73/month*

Single Male

30 Years Old

$ 36.38/month*

*Virginia Rates / Preferred Rate / Non-Tobacco


**Virginia/North Carolina Rates

ADVANCE SENIOR SOLUTIONS 625 Piney Forest Rd, Suite 305, Danville • 434-797-2505 • Toll Free 866-736-1441

Best Deal in Danville! Completely renovated 3BR. 2 bath home. Everything new inside and out. New central heat & air, custom kitchen cabinets, huge attic. Owner will help with closing costs. $67,000. Call for details! 434-251-7145 or 434-822-8969 x ID 2749248 perfect home in the country 2BR, 1BA, quiet neighborhood. This beautiful home includes; carport, storage area, deck, and appliances, $82,000. Call 434-7245044

Beautiful country home for sale by owner. 3/2 DW on one acre of lanscapped gardens. Large shed with electric. Come for a visit and a cup of tea! We can discuss price. 1621 Green Bay road, Chatham. 434-432-2115 - leave message. new 148 hickory drive/deerwood 1640 +/- sq ft, full basement, with TREMCO waterproofing. Great room with double Ventless gas fireplace, 2 bath with tile floors in baths and in foyer. Master bath has tub and 48in shower. 3 large bedrooms. Walk-in closet. Upgrade kitchen appliances with oak cabinets, large 2 door garage, concrete drive and walks, 12x16 deck with steps. WARRANTY. Builder priced $165,000. Will pay closing cost. Call D Womack & Co. 434-822-1534, 434-250-7220, 434250-7212

418 oak forest circle Beautifully remodeled sprawling brick ranch home, close in county location, 1.7 acre lot. 4BR, 3 1/2BA, includes a separate In-Law suite. Price reduced drastically to $219,000. Seller will pay closing up to 4% with full price offer. Or Will owner finance with 5% down for up to 3 years. Call Interior Designer, Rose Shields at 434-7280204 for a viewing. Furnishings sold separately. Under Construction Lawless Creek Rd - 3BR, 2BA, vinyl, 2 car garage, full basement, 12x16 deck, concrete driveway, rock on front of porch. Will pay closing cost. Call D. Womack 434-822-1534, 434-2507220, 434-250-7212 6 unit duplex Southside, needs some work, $40,000, call 434-250-6624 3br, 2ba, Lg. Kitchen, den and living room. 1 acre on Mt. Cross Rd. Manufactured home on brick foundation. $65,000, 434-250-0301

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Virginia Heating & Refrigeration Corp. Over 44 Years In Business

We Sell Retail & Wholesale Appliance Parts & Motors A/C Units Furnaces & More!


2333 Riverside Drive (beside S&B Motor Co)


Henderson Road - Pelham ZERO FINANCING. Complete Renovated. This shingle sided home is 1524 sq ft, 1-acre lot in Caswell county. Large living room, eat in kitchen, 3BR, 2BA, deck front and rear. Master bedroom features his/ her walk-in closets and private full bath. This home is conveniently located off Park Springs Road in the Pelham community with easy access to both Highways 29 and 86 and is approximately 10-15 minutes from Danville. $86,900, zero down finance available. Chartwell Properties, Inc - http:// or 434-713-9332

jenings carbon extreme bow Nice bow comes with a quick release, camo case, led sight, quiver $150 OBO call 276340-5078

Tired of renting? We do land home packages as low as $500.00 down, ask for Norman Hall 434-836-2327

8ft pool table great shape, w/accessories, wall pool stick rack, $500 OBO, call 434-724-7066

Texas Land -0- Down 20 Acre Ranches, Near El Paso, Beautiful MountainViews. Road Access. Surveyed. $15,900. $159 per/mo. Money Back Guarantee. Owner Financing. 1-800-843-7537

Golf Ball 4 Dozen Titleist Pro VI & Pro VIX. Nice $60.00, 7 Dozen Callaway $56.00, 7 Dozen Titleist $56.00 Call 434724-6768

Secluded Country Home 3Bed 2Ba home on 6acres. french doors, fireplace, large kitchen, and soaking tub in master bath. $89,500 call for appointment 434-822-6759 (for sale by owner) Recently renovated house nice neighborhood, 3 bedrooms 1 bath, includes washing machines and refrigerator. Call 434-770-5850 after 5 before 9 for details office space Realty Bldg 2321 Riverside Dr - 1 rm $135 mo 2 rm suite $275 mo incl utilities owner agent call Wayne 434-799-4141 buy, sale or trade land within 12 miles of Danville; also restricted lots & parcels within 5 miles for sale. 434-685-7912 Ranch Built 2004 2BR 2BA, 1300 Sq Ft, Sunroom, Hardwood, Tile, 5 Acre Private Subdivision, Cascade Call 434-685-3440 or 434-489-3335


want to buy A climbing tree stand, reasonably priced 434-738-2347 2 DEER STANDS $125.00 for both. 434685-3152 mountain bike 18spd blue, real good condition, very little used, $50, call Kevin 434-724-1218 Medicus Golf Dual Hinge Swing Trainer, 5 Iron, Right Hand, Original Box, DVD, $65 firm 434-836-8930 Megaforce Golf Clubs, all irons, fairway woods & driver $50 434-822-0656

Golf Balls 3 Dozen Titleist Pro VI & Pro VIX $45, Callaway & other brands $8.00 Dozen Call 434-724-6768 KID SKIES..atomic race skies. size 700x65x6584=7m. $45 OBO. SKIES.size 167.k2 demo $50 OBO. Call 434-685-5702

Recreational Vehicles 2001 coachman catalina light camper, sway bar, very nice, has everything, sleeps 6, a/c, $7750 firm, call 434724-1425 Hitch with adjustable ball, bars and sway control $250 Adco camper cover 2931foot. $200 434-793-4992 1995 Damon Intruder Motorhome JUST REDUCED to $17,000. Everything works! 56,000 miles, Ford 460 engine, 35ft. 434-489-1999 or 434-724-9014 Time to go Camping! 1999 Fleetwood Prowler, 26ft, $4500, 434-656-3906 24ft double axle bumper pull travel trailer, 1973 model, $850, call 434792-3010 2007 Wildwood Travel Trailer 282RLSS, 30ft, only used once. Must be seen. Many Amenities. Very Luxurious. Please leave message 434-685-9312

For Sale By Owner 3Bedroom, 1Bath, LR, Kitchen & dinning. Formal DR. Central Gas Heat/AC. Stove & Dishwasher. Double Seal windows, LG deck, Wash RM, LG Heated Storage RM, Car Port. $99,000 434-822-1069

Vitaspa Hot Tub in great condition. Seats 5-6. Comes with new cover. Asking $3500 or make an offer, 276-632-6097

6 beautiful acres in ringgold $38,800, call 434-250-5095

intex misc pool items ladder, pump cover, and more, call 434-489-5350

fairfield Park completely refurbished 4BR, 2 1/2BA, 2400sq ft, all appliances included, new carpet & travertine tile. Call Troy 434-429-3615. $145,000

Motorguide Trolling Motor 28lb Thrust, 5 forward and 2 reverse settings, $50.00, 434-429-9902

1999 Starcraft popup camper new tires, sleeps 6, air/heat, mini refrigerator, sink, drop out stove, $3000, call 434-7998822

Pool Tables 7, 8, and 9 foot, new and used tables with accessories. Will move and recover. 434-685-4122

Rental Property

ranch style 3BR, 2BA, 2 car garage, covered patio, utility shed, greenhouse. Large cedar walk in closets. All appliances plus upright freezer & washer/dryer. 10.812 acres in Pittsylvania County, Keeling District, $139,000. Call for appointment 434793-3517

Dart Board New, enclosed in wood cabinet, $75.00, call Carolyn 434-432-4945

round blow up pool 16ft x 4ft good shape, comes with filter, ladder, chemicals, nets, the whole works. $100. 434-685-2921 Romance In A Hot Tub Very Nice, Excellent Condition. Sky Blue Fiberglass with Hardwood Housing, Insulated Cover. $1500 OBO 434-907-1421 pair of mens rollerblades size 8, paid $30, asking $15, call Tammy or Jeff 434-822-7156 abu garcia fishing reel 5600 barely used, $50, still in box, call Kevin 434-7241218 SPYDER EXTRA PAINT BALL gun with bag, 1 CO 2, 1 Big Hopper, and 1 Little Hopper. $60.00 OBO, call 434-685-5702 Set of Tommy Armour 855 OS Golf irons, 3-PW, S-Flex, Excellent Condition $90 Call 434-836-2859 Set Of Adams IDea Hybrid Golf Clubs 4, 5&6 Hybrids and 7-PW, SW irons. Like New $250. Call 434-836-2859 girls bicycle 20in pink, like new, $40, call 434-685-5075 Card Table red felt, oak finish, round, 48” diam, seats 8, drink & chip holders for ea. includes chips & holder. Like New! $ 75.00 (434) 724-3122 GOLF BAGS Cart bags like new, $10; Titlist bag. 1 walk bag, good condition, $5. 336234-8998

1997 26Ft Prowler Travel Trailer, Sleeps 6, very clean, many amenities. Good starter camper $3800.00. Call 336516-3532 before 6pm. Call 434-822-6469 after 6pm

Mobile Homes for rent possible owner finance. Rollings Hills Mobile Home Park 434-836-4593 Mobile homes for rent in Brosville & Danville area. Washer, Dryer and A/ C included. Rent either weekly or monthly, utilities included by week. Call 434-685-3463, 434-7996128, 434-334-2250, 434-793-9027 or 434-822-8000 We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

Lakeside Mobile Home Park mobile home for rent, furnished, 2BR & up to $100/mo. paid in utilities. Call 434-836-9314 HOUSE FOR RENT 2BR, 1BA, HVAC,164 WOOD AVE, $435mo, 434-836-4754

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Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

The Piedmont $hoplifters and other notorious misbehavers in our town, as reported by the... City of Danville POLICE DEPARTMENT Pittsylvania County SHERIFF DEPARTMENT

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY REPORT 2/11/09 Myers,Angela Dog stolen.

13148 Rockford Sch Rd;Gretna

2/11/09 Barber,Barbara 3200 Mt Cross Rd;Danville Window on vehicle broken and a DVD Player,CD Radio, and checks were taken. 2/12/09 Soyars,Ricky 789 Oak Hill Rd;Danville Back door glass broken out, a lot of stuff has been stolen out of house, WII game system,camera,rifle and playstation 2 stolen. 2/13/09 Tuppleman,Richard 568 Sunset Dr;Dry Fork Theft of a Satellite radio receiver,Antenna,clothes and books. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING THESE CRIMES PLEASE CALL CRIMSTOPPERS AT 1-800-791-0044 FROM: MIKE TAYLOR, SHERIFF DATE: 2/17/09 Deputies with the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office identified, located and interviewed one of the individuals associated with the suspicious door-to-door conduct reported late last evening… Today, Sergeant Edwards with the Sheriff’s Office interviewed Benjamin Spenser, who told Sergeant Edwards that he was a co-owner of the company, trading as “Diamond Associates” and provided a Lynchburg, Virginia address… Diamond Associates go door-to-door asking to come into homes to demonstrate cleaning products associated with the sales of “Kirby Vacuum cleaners….. Mr. Spenser advised he was not aware of the complaints and would have his associates come to the Sheriff’s Office to register… The Sheriff’s Office began receiving calls around 8:30 PM, Thursday evening, February 12th from residents in the northwest section of the county … complaints were that strangers were approaching home owners asking to come into their homes to demonstrate home cleaning products… citizens were concerned after reading a news report from Buckingham County, Virginia that a home invasion had occurred shortly after an encounter with subjects that fit the description of the door-to-door salesmen and the vehicle they were operating … this morning Deputies here confirmed with authorities of the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office that there was no connection between Diamond Associates and the home invasion as previously reported … The Sheriff’s Office was assisted in this investigation with Roanoke and Lynchburg Police Departments

Just can’t handle doing the laundry anymore? Call us for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

Riverside Shopping Centre Beside Subway

792-9567 Wash • Dry Fold • Alterations Smoke & Water Damaged Clothes

We rent beautiful linen tablecloths for all of your special occasions

Date 2/17/2009 2/16/2009 2/16/2009 2/16/2009 2/16/2009 2/16/2009 2/16/2009 2/16/2009 2/16/2009 2/16/2009 2/16/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/15/2009 2/14/2009 2/14/2009 2/14/2009 2/14/2009 2/14/2009 2/14/2009 2/14/2009 2/14/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/13/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/12/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/11/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009 2/10/2009


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2Br House for rent Stove, Washer/ Dryer, Refrigerator, Water included, Covered deck, Central Heat/Air. $375 Rent, $550 Deposit. Call 434-250-7211 or 434724-4807

This photograph of a Dan River Mills, little league team, was taken in the late 1960’s. The only name we know is Lee Pribble who is in the second row, second from left. Thanks to Juanita Pribble for sharing the picture with our readers.

double wide for rent

820 buford st in city, 3-4BR $425mo/+$215dep, Section 8 approval, total electric, call 434-822-5636

3BR, 2BA, in Pelham, NC. NO pets, private lot, $500mo/+dep. Serious inquiries only! Call 434-822-2509

Stephens Real Estate Sales, Property Management & Rentals. 434-797-4663. Ask about rent specials! We do accept Section 8 on certain properties. Quarry St 2BR,1BA $425mo; Moanna Pl 4/5BR,2BA $550mo; Bonner St 2BR,1BA $425mo; Mabin St 2BR,1BA $425mo; Richmond Blvd 2BR/1BA apartment, $400mo.

Westover & Schoolfield Area 3BR & 2 Full BA, 2BR 1Bath, Both Central Heat/ AC, w/Appliances, W/D hookups, $425$600 a month. Call 434-822-2950

RENT THIS AWARD WINNING APT. A must see new Pelham 1BR fully furnished, ground floor, no steps, carport, closets galore, big bath, all utilities washer/ dryer, central heat/ air. Danville 2 miles, hwy 29 easy access. Call cell leave message 336514-0316

Very Nice 1 Bedroom Apartment 58 west area 1 mile from Danville. Exposed beams, sky lights, track lighting, small deck, carport, built-in cabinets, ceiling fans. Nonsmoking $495/ m+deposit 434-724-6016 Leeland Hotel No Utility Bills all included in the room rent, reasonable rates, downtown, desk clerk on duty 24hrs a day, maid service Monday-Friday. Restaurant beside hotel. Call 434-792-0411 4br, 1ba 9 room house, central heat/air, W/D hookup, $650mo/$650dep, basement, Section 8 Welcome, Kentuck area, call 434792-7937

Brick Duplex 3 Bedroom, hardwood floors, fenced back yard. 221 Sedgefield, $425mo. 434-836-5100 2 Bedroom house Nice house, huge backyard, big rooms, hardwood floors. 2017 Carter St. $400 month. 434-441-0460

Quiet, upscale living in West Main area. 2BR units at Astor Arms Apartments now available. Please apply at Wilkins and Company Realtors, 428 Piney Forest Road. 434-797-4007

House for rent 3 BR, 147 Clement Ave, north side. $400 month, Section 8 welcome, 434-250-2965

mobile home for rent Westover area, on private lot, call 434-441-1494



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house for rent 698 East Stokes St, Danville. Recently remodeled, new carpet & paint, reasonably priced. call 434-7246696, 434-441-6107 Lg doublewide 3br/2ba Private, quiet, outside pet OK on approval. ref/ dep/ lease required. w/d hookup $525mo. Mature single or couple only. 276-650-8041 moble homes for rent Westover Dr. upper end, Deposit and $300.00 per month call 434-822-0279 2br, 1ba mobile home for rent 472 B. Jones Road. Stove, refrigerator, w/d, utilities included - private lot $130.00 wk or $560.00 mo 434-685-3361 5Rooms 1BA House Full Basement, Appliances Furnished, Forest St Martsinville. Call 434-685-7920 2BD 2BA Mobile Home for Rent Country living, Private Lot, 1 Acre, Renter Maintains Lot. Includes washer, dryer, air, stove, refrigerator & hard wood floors. 375mo+375dep. Call 434-822-6625 home for rent 3BR 2Bath home in Chatham area on large lot $900.00 per month serious inquiries only 434-429-1901 or 434-429-6091 2br mobile home kitchen appliances furnished, washer hook-up, private nice secluded lot, convenient location, non smoker, no pets, $300mo/+dep, 434-250-0866 leave message

1-Bedroom Apt for rent W. Main, Stove, Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator, Water Included, Front Porch, Handicapped Accessible $375 Call 434-250-7211 or 434724-4807

*Sorry, this offer does not include classified ads for Animals • Businesses • Business Services • Full or Part time Homebased Businesses • Business Help Wanted Ads and Services such as • Childcare • Sitting Services • Yardwork • Selling of Firewood • Selling of Haybales • Housecleaning, Etc. • Mobile Homes • Real Estate and Rental Property ads which include "For Sale by Owner" • Guns or • Cemetary Plots If your ad falls into one of these categories, please include your check for $6.00 per ad per issue. (Up to 20 words)

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All new Bostitch Rn-46 and F28WW nail gun $200 each; Air compressor 26 gal with air tools $250, excellent condition, 434334-4023 craftsman 10in compound miter Saw, with Laser trac feature. Brand new, still in the box. $195, 336-514-0245 Generator Coleman Powermate Maxa 5000 ER (extended run) Electric Single phase 120/240 volt, never used, $400. 434251-0802

$25 to $100......................................................$3 - $5 $100 to $300........................................................$5 - $10 $300 to $1000.........................................................$15 - $20 $1000 to $5000 +.......................................................$25 +




• vinyl & Painted Wood • Over 20 Models on Display • Many Styles or custom Order to Match Your Home

We have a storage unit that will suit your needs: • 5x10 • 10x10 • 10x20 • 15x30 • 30x30 and outside parking for boats and RV’s Two convenient locations: 3334 Hwy 29N & 3318 Hwy 29S

HI & DRI MINI STORAGE (434) 836-3785

Pugh Enterprises’ Business Services “Proud to give the personal attention your business deserves.” Professional, personable services at the LOWEST RATES. Serving businesses and individuals in your area, FULL-time, since 1999.


(Specializing in Payroll & Accounts Payable)

• Software Set-up & Training • Income Tax Preparation • Notary Public • And more!

Call for your free consultation.

(434) 822-1997 or (434) 489-9435

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virginia Mennonite built Sheds

Is the stuff at your house piling up?

ProTouch Air Verter w/ Air Control HVLP Spray Gun, New Still in pkg, w/8oz. cup, sold for $349.95, sell $100. 434-7994123

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4333 US Hwy. 29 • Blairs, VA 434-835-0035

2Br 1BA Home Accepting Applications, 118 Stokesland Ave. Central HVAC, Computer/sewing room, enclosed back porch with washer/dryer hook-up. Reduced to $450 per month. Call Sutherland Real Estate Now @ 336-388-2636

Classified Ad Deadline: 3 pm - Tuesday

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Giles Shed World, Inc.

Houses for rent Accepting Applications. 4BR 1BA @ 819 Noble Ave. first $400 per month. 2Br 1BA @ 1000 Claiborne St $300 per month. Call Sutherland Real Estate Now @ 336-388-2636

Suggested amount to send when you sell your items:

North Main

Lowe Furniture


Large 1-Bedroom Apartment 1-1/2 Bath, Stove, Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator, Water included. Front Porch, $350 Call 434-250-7211 or 434-724-4807


kli nT


See Us and Save More!

Wallpaper Design Custom Sewing Painting

(434) 685-3613 Joanie Forth, Owner

Danville, VA



Wallpaper & Painting Services

Fra n


In Our Hometown

Sofa Sale

Twin Mattress $89

Paid Ad (please enclose payment)

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Dale McFaddin

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The Piedmont Shopper’s Favorite Recipes

Praise the Lard & Pass the Biscuits

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper Free Soccer Ball, Shirt & SockS Fraternal Order of Eagles Located 58 East 3 Miles Past Danville City Limits with every paid regiStration Presents Saturday, March 7th

Gospel ConCert Church sisters Blessed Hope Quartet outreach Virginia sunrise and Vision

MIXED BERRY COBBLER 4 c. mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and/or raspberries) 1 1/2 c. sugar, divided 1 stick butter 1 c. flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. salt 3/4 c. milk

FRIED RICE 4 cups boiled rice 3 tablespoons olive or peanut oil 1 tablespoon dry green (or other) onion 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder (or 2 cloves fresh) 2 tablespoons dried mushrooms 2 dried whole eggs, rehydrated 1 tablespoon soy sauce shredded canned ham, pork or chopped shrimp (optional) Sauté rice in oil for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add green onions and mushrooms and meat, if using. Cook for several minutes. Combine rehydrated eggs with soy sauce and stir into pan. Cook until eggs set. QUICHE (BROCCOLI AND CHEDDAR) 2 (9 inch) deep pie shells Minced onion Crumbled bacon 2 c. grated cheese 2 c. chopped, steamed broccoli 4 eggs 2 c. half & half 1/4 tsp. nutmeg 1/4 tsp. white pepper 1/2 tsp. salt

For latest Bingo And event Information Join YAHoo! Groups – eagles 4420

Bingo sundays at 5:00 pm AnD thursdays at 7:00 pm

4000 kilowatt rv electric generator, McGraw edition, $600, call 336-694-3917 atlas 48in gear drive metal lathe EMCO FB2E milling machine pexco 36in metal sheer, all for $3000, call 434-6854228 new titan industrial generator 8400 watts surge, 11HP gasoline engine, $2200, 434-724-7283 new titan industrial Commercial, dual tank & head compressor, 12cFm @ 100psi. 6HP gasoline engine, $700, call 434-724-7283 new titan industrial Commercial 3x3, 3x3 trash pump, 15,840 gph, 6HP gasoline engine, $900, call 434-724-7283 16in powermatic wood plainer excellent condition, $500, call 434-251-2540 ShopSmith Tablesaw, drillpress, jointer, lathe, bandsaw, sanding disk, all in 12sqft area, $1100, 434-724-4951 Air Compressor Ingersoll Rand 4HP 30 Gal Tank 220 V Very Good Condition. $175, 434-685-4122

BLUEBERRY CREAM CHEESE DESSERT CRUST: 1 cup chopped pecans 1/2 cup butter, melted 1 cup flour

steel chainsaw model #039 20in bar, excellent condition, $275, call 276-3582430

TOPPING: 4 cups blueberries, fresh or frozen 1 cup sugar, divided 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1/4 cup water Combine crust ingredients; spread in a 9 x 13-inch pan and cook for 15 minutes at 350 F. Cool. Cream together the cream cheese and powdered sugar. Fold in Cool Whip.

For Questions or more information call 434-799-3402 or 434-836-5218.

Utility Trailers

7X16 enclosed cargo trailer 2005 white, double axle swing rear and side doors, new tires, $2950.00 firm, 434-2514232

Craftsman Combo Combo 1/2 19.2 Volts cordless drill driver & 1/4 in 19.2 impact driver, New in Box $85.00 cash only, 336-694-4935

NEW in Box Derrick Jeter Baseball and Batting Machine, $20. 434-793-1667

Magic the Gathering 10-60 card decks, 9 plastic cases, Starter Set w/2 sealed decks, 3 CDs, instructions, more. $75 434-203-6159 Hangar-9 J-3 Cub Ready to fly, new 4 channel radio, engine, battery & fuel. Call 434-251-1592 electric hummer $100, call 434-4761771 swing set $20, call 434-489-5599

Decorated Sheet Cakes • Decorated Cup Cakes Decorated Donut Cakes • Balloon Bouquets


604 Piney Forest Road • (434) 799-0720 Cast-iron wood stove Wanted cast iron wood stove, 434-489-7325

Toys Girls 16Inch Bike Purple with flowers. Great condition. $50, 434-797-2029

FEBRUARY 24, 2009 We Deliver • Major Credit Cards Accepted

Craftsman 11HP Floor Model Shaper, W/some bits $200 434-822-7585

2006 8.5x28ft Enclosed Trailer Homesteader Hercules car hauler. Dual 7k# Axles. Barnstyle rear doors w/3ft curbside door. Only pulled twice. Like New! $8900 434-250-4713 x ID 2755681 1999 hudson trailer wood floor, metal ramps, 18ft, dual axle, good condition, $1900, 276-358-2430 2002 kaufman 2 car trailer $2300 or will trade, call 434-429-0309 MAXXIS TRAVEL TRAILER TIRES 225 x 75 r15 - almost new - 4 tires - $100 434203-1690 or 434-836-1552

Wanted: Looking for someone that might know how to repair a old 35mm Canon camera. Call 434-822-4210 Want to Buy: A nice sofa sleeper in very good condition. Must be solid color and reasonably priced. Call 336-694-6561 Want to Buy: Two new or like new AX handles. Reasonable priced only, call after 4pm 336-592-0039 Want to Buy: Clean house bricks at a reasonable price. Need about 100. Call 336-694-6561 I am interested in seeing a yearbook from Climax Elementary School. From years 1975 to 1980, if you have one, call 434-724-7519 Full size bed frame wanted Stationary or on rollers. Not rusty. Good condition. Call 434-228-3886

Wanted: Kiss items. Shot glasses, posters, t-shirts, etc. Contact: Christy @ 434489-4262 looking for a set of 33x1150 or 1250 15 inch tires 434-251-2658 4.0 Liter Engine for 1996 Jeep Cherekee. Prefer Low Miliage 434-685-1965 wanted: set of used hearing aids, in good condition, call 434-836-1402 wanted: 24ft or less camping trailer, will pay $500, call 443-350-1283 wanted: embroidery cards for a baby lock sewing & embroidery machine, call 434-432-8082 Wanted House for Rent Older Couple & two small dogs, would like to rent 3-4 bedroom house. Decent location, up to $400 month. 434-836-0258

talking tigger $30, call 434-836-8119

6x9 trailer w/winch, dump bed, $600, call 434-822-7614

Two Radio Flyer red wagons Number 18 and 90 series, red, wagon is old, $30.00 OBO, 434-429-9902

tandem axle w/electric brakes, steel body sides & floor, very heavy duty trailer, call 434-548-9444

kids pool table 3ft tall, 3ft wide, 4ft long, many accessories, $40, call Kevin 434-724-1218

7x14 enclosed trailer garage kept, red w/chrome wheels, barn type rear doors, side door, $2929, 434-489-5267

2 barbie jeeps 1yr old, paid $350ea, asking $100ea, call 434-792-7691

2001 Coachman Ultra Lite Campe Excellent Condition, sleeps six. $7750 Firm 434-724-1425

WANT TO BUY: non enclosed trailer to haul vehicles, must have working brakes, pay cash or trade vehicle. hph1953@verizon. net 434-736-0727

Wanted to Buy

need gocart frame looking to bye go cart frame don’t matter if it has motor 434728-1892

Want to buy Junk Vehicles, will pay $120 & UP. FREE TOWING. Call 434-251-3810 or 434-432-0686 leave message

wanted to buy bunk beds 434-8222854

wanted: grass catcher for John Deere riding lawn mower, in good condition, at reasonable price, 434-822-1203

Looking for cowl hood Would like a 2.5” or 3” bolt on cowl hood for a 87-93 Mustang. 434-728-3646

wanted: mobile home or house to rent, in country, no trailer park, must allow pets, call 434-822-0750, 434-549-1873

WILL BUY WORKING AND BROKEN Nintendo systems, games, and systems at reasonable prices! Old and New! 434-2511976

Mens Bike Looking for aluminum bike 10 speed preferred. Good condition please 434-822-7195

Student needs a good car Would like to buy dependable car for $800 or less, 434-251-3926

9mm or big size 380 pistol in good shape between $100-$175 call Brandon 434-203-8005

Searching for Gerald Ford Presidential silver plated spoon. Picture on front. IS on back. 37th in series. Please call 434836-2003

Combine 1/2 cup sugar and cornstarch in a saucepan. Add water then 2 cups of the blueberries. Cook over medium heat. stirring constantly, until thickened and translucent. Crush some of the blueberries as they cook.

Hangar 9 Piper J-3 professionaly built, new 4 channel radio, new engine, 1 gallon fuel, starting battery, never flown, 434-8363887 or 434-251-1592 kids gazebo playhouse from Toys R Us, $60 firm, call 434-432-0592 BARBIE DOLLS Call for info 434-8226970

Tater Bugs Bar•B•Que & Catering 319 South Boston Hwy. (58 East 6/10 Of A Mile East Of City Limits On The Right)

Special Thanks to All Piedmont Shopper Readers for Responding to Last Week’s Ad!!

Tater Bugs Bar•B•Que Weekly Specials! Fridays - 4pM To 8:30pM All You Want to Eat Chopped BBQ Plate & 2 Sides Only $7.99 Must Present Coupon. Expires 3-31-09.

The Pittsylvania County girls softball league is a fast pitch league dedicated to teaching both fundamentals and a competitive spirit. We invite all girls from Pittsylvania County and the surrounding areas, between the ages of 8 and 15, to come out and learn how to play the game of fast pitch softball and to have fun doing it.

Three Ladders 16Ft Ext Alum G/C, 8Ft Step Fiberglass L/N, MT-13Ft Alum Telescoping, L/N, All (3) Ladders $160.00 Cash only. 336-694-4935

12ft trampoline w/safety net, mint condition, $50, call 434-441-1380

Thursdays - all day Buy One Sandwich at Regular Price, Get One FREE!! Must Present Coupon. Expires 3-31-09.

The registration fee of $25 (Twenty-five Dollars) per girl must be paid at the time of registration. In addition, those girls who did not play in the league during the 2008 season, must provide a CoPy of their birth certificate or a school record showing their date of birth.

craftsman 1500 lb. atv/motorcycle jack $50.00 336-421-3080

Spread over cooled crust.

Remove from heat and add remaining sugar and blueberries. Cool. Spread over cream cheese filling and chill.

Registration for the 2009 season will be held for age groups 10U & 12U at the Blairs Community Center (main entrance), on Tuesday, February 24th thru Thursday, February 26th 2009, between the hours of 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, each night. All returning players and all new players must register on one of these three nights. (Registration for 15U will be held at a later date.)

Heavy Duty 22 foot trailer tilt bed, flip down military hitch, dual wheels. Hauls tractors, backhoes, small loaders. $1500. 434-822-8969

bicycle 18 inch boys bike. Great condition. $30, 434-738-2347

FILLING: 8 ounces cream cheese, softened 1 cup powdered sugar 8 ounces Cool Whip

Pittsylvania Co. Girls softball leaGue 2009 r eGistration

Homemade metal ladder rack for log bed truck $150 OBO 434-251-2658

Wood lathe, Table Saw & Drill Press. All in One Shop Smith Machine. Great for small shop $125. 434-724-6016

Brown pie shells for 5 minutes at 450 degrees, sprinkle minced onion and bacon bits in the bottom. Mix all other ingredients together and pour into browned pie shells. Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes and then bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

The FC Southside United Soccer Club is now taking registrations for Spring Soccer. Season begins March 21st for U-10, U-12, U-14 & 15 and over (adult) and March 28th for U-4, U-6 & U-8. Registration forms are available at All Star Sports, Game Stop, Chatham Shirts, Star Tribune, El Cazador & Villages Pizza. You can also register on our website at The registration fee is $25.00 for each player. For any questions, please call (434) 724-1691 or send e-mail to

~FABRIC~ Looking for large rolls call Carolyn at 434-432-4945 WANTED: Need 17.5 ft. Bass boat trailer. Call 434-713-8838. loft bed Want to buy loft bed, can pay up to $125.00, need no mattress, need to be sturdy 434-724-4955

saTurdays - 4pM To 8:30pM Buy One Chopped Plate with 2 Sides at Regular Price, Get One FREE!! Must present coupon. Expires 3-31-09.

Looking to buy gently used infant car seat/stroller combo set in neutral or girl pattern. 434-203-3123

EVERYDAY – Buy 2 pounds of BBQ & a bottle of sauce & get a FREE 12 pack of buns $22.95. Must present coupon • Expires 3-31-09.

looking for someone to tint windows on a 2003 Jeep Liberty at a reasonable price. Please call 434-429-0684 asap 434791-2426

NEW rEsTauraNT hours: Thursday • Friday • saturday • 11am to 8:30pm Catering & Delivery Available with One Day Notice Any Day of the Week Call 434-251-1542 for more details

Mobile Home Want to buy, nice older 3 bedroom mobile home for under $10,000. Email with info

want to buy International tractor for parts, 100, 130 or 140. Call before 8pm 434-656-8121

wanted: 3 metal adjustable music stands, reasonable price, call 434-432-2617, 434250-2755 wanted: mechanical drywall lift, drywall gun w/belt feed, call 434-822-8099

wanted: Indian and Harley Davidson Barbies, still in box, call 434-656-6563 wanted: 1990-96 Nissan 300ZX set of original wheels, call 434-836-5500 wanted: large quantity of boys clothes 18mos-2T, call 434-792-0746 wanted: small or compact pistols, and/or ruger 1022 rifle, call 434-250-8785 want to buy or trade ladies and mens watches, call 434-548-6714 wanted: 5ft bush hog, in good condition, at reasonable price, call 434-822-1203

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

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Please contact our office about submitting items of community interest. Photos Stories Sports Scores Events Reunions Awards Etc...

822-1800 Piedmont Shopper

10 year old Grayson Massey of Dryfork VA wins on the road coarse at Rockingham Speedway. In only his second road coarse race in his very short racing carer Grayson won his heat race by 2 seconds over the 2nd place finisher.he lead the race flag to flag over racers with 3 to 5 years more experiance than him.His mom and dad are very proud of him.

Business Bytes- Lucy’s Restaurant opening in the old Rax building, country cooking………Lee Tire Service (formerly Bandag) and one of the oldest tire services in Danville, closed its doors last week…….the Double Deuce set to open on Westover Drive across from Coates Recreation (Patrick Swayze the bouncer?)…….Virginia Heating and Air has relocated to 2333 Riverside Drive next to S&B Motors……. Mazda lot, American National Building, and lot on Riverside by Locust Lane all up for sale…..San Marcos open in Coleman Marketplace…… Goody’s up to sixty percent off remaining merchandise…’s the time to buy a home, great rates and plenty to choose from….rumor of another gym coming to Danville…..opening a new business? Expanding? Send business news to

God's Pit Crew w/TRBC in Texas Here is a sign you won't see around here! Free calls!

The American Legion Post 325, Danville, announces that the 67th session of Boys State will be held at Liberty University in Lynchburg the week of June 21 – 27 2009. Interviews to attend will be held on March 9 & 10, 2009 at the Post. All fees to attend are paid by the Post. Also, transportation will be provided by the Post. The Boys State program is open only to males who have successfully completed their junior year of High School. They must be recommended by their High School and have outstanding qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, loyalty and service to their schools and community. They must have an above average scholastic standing. They and their parents must be residents of the state of Virginia. They must have their interview arranged by the school counselor or principal. Boys State is a comprehensive one week course in state and local government. It is a “leadership action program” where rising seniors take part in a practical government course. It is designed to develop a working knowledge of the structure of government and to impress upon the citizen the fact that our government is just what we make of it. Full information is available on line at www.vaboysstate. org American Legion Post 325 is located at 135 American Legion Blvd., Danville, VA 24540.

While my wife and I were returning home from a weekend stay in Mount Airy we decided to ride the back roads and ran up on this frozen water tower on route 89, kind of pretty isn't it! Submmitted by Ronnie Barksdale

Baby’s Name: Jacob Thomas Eanes Birthdate: January 26, 2009 Parents: Amber & Joel Eanes, Jr. Maternal Grandparents: Dennis & Melita Motley Paternal Grandparents: Joe & Mildred Eanes Baby’s Name: Brady Aaron Reynolds Birthdate: February 4, 2009 Parents: Amanda Reynolds Maternal Grandparents: Kathy Reynolds, Larry & Selena Reynolds

FARMERS’ MARKET PROGRAM DEFINES THE BASICS FOR VENDORS Fresh, high-quality, local food is provided to consumers who visit Virginia’s farmers’ markets. Increasing from 88 in 2005 to over 140 farmers’ markets in 2008, Virginia communities have demonstrated their support for local food. This opportunity requires farmers’ market vendors to understand the importance of quality food and to manage the issues affecting food sales. Virginia Cooperation Extension in partnership with a coalition of farmers’ market vendors has scheduled Farmers’ Market: The Basics program on Wednesday, March 4, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Buckingham County Agricultural Building located in Buckingham, Virginia. Anyone interested in becoming a vendor or understanding of the policies, procedures, and best practices of a farmers’ market is invited to register. The program will focus on food safety, regulations and inspections governing food-based businesses and farmers’ markets, financial recordkeeping, sales tax and reporting systems, marketing strategies, and web-based marketing. Program speakers include representatives from the health department, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, and VECTEC. The cost to attend this workshop is just $15 and includes lunch and handouts. Pre-registration is required. To register for the workshop, please make your $15 check payable to Buckingham Extension Fund & mail before Monday, March 2, 2009 to: Farmers’ Market Meeting; Virginia Cooperative Extension - Buckingham County, P.O. Box 227, Buckingham, VA 23921-0227. If you have questions or to obtain more information, contact Dr. Martha A. Walker, 434-766-6761 or e-mail If you are a person with a disability and desire any assistive devices, services or other accommodations to participate in this activity, please contact Martha A. Walker, Central District Office, at 434-766-6761during business hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to discuss accommodations 5 days prior to the event. *TDD number is (800) 828-1120.

and this will be your guaranteed in rate every year! Paper Piedmont Shopperlocked - Your Favorite Weekly Community

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121 Piney Forest Road • 434-799-0875 Behind Ollie’s in Kings Plaza Locally owned and family operated by Mike & Tammy Wiles looking for a lot (bundle) of Leapster Leapfrog game system games and Gameboy Advance games. All must be in good working condition and reasonably priced. Call 336-694-6561 Wanted to Buy twin bed with bookcase headboard or storage (or both), very reasonable. 336-694-1520 wanted: large chest freezer, in good condition, reasonable price, 20cu ft, call 336234-9699

want to buy old service station gas pumps & air meter, any condition, 434-2502993

need someone to call about how to put minutes on a Tracfone, call 434-7924055

wanted: real nice porch glider, call before 8pm 434-822-0262

wanted: heavy duty drill press, at reasonable price. Call 434-250-4481

furniture twin bed with box spring & mattress & Chester drawer call for info. 434-822-8377

wanted: log splitter, at reasonable price, call 434-250-4481

wanted: 60-75HP tractor, 4wd, cab & front end loader, call 434-685-7912

wanted: billy goat, Alpine, dairy type goat for herd, call 336-234-9699

wanted: used 8ft farm gate, call 434-7920684

Want to buy 2 sets of bunkbeds in good condition at a reasonable price. Call before 9 PM. 434-836-0248

wanted: rear chrome bumper for 1991 Toyota 4x4, call 434-429-7587

maternity clothes want to buy small spring summer. Call 434-728-1920 leave a message. Need hood, fender, bumper cover for 1998-2003 Intrepid. Prefer silver. Call 434728-3656 anytime OLD LOG BUILDINGS want to buy old log building, barns, etc. Ask for Kevin 336-3664861 want to buy 6spd trans axle for Craftsman riding lawn mower, in good shape, call 434-685-3119 Sandwich Prep Table needed for a concession stand reasonable price 434724-3509 wanted: 5 acres or less for reasonable price, preferably under $25,000, call 434432-2722 wanted: 1BR apt for rent, reasonable price, call 434-713-8144 wanted: 2 Black Angus cows, call 336349-4102 wanted: 3pt hookup roto tiller, call 336349-4102 wanted: inexpensive 12 gauge pump shotgun, must be very reasonable & take 3in shells, if it is hot you are not, 434-2036322

wanted: Radio and Stereo equipment with Vacuum Tubes, Testers, Parts, Manuals, and anything associated with these items. Working or not, 434-429-7587 wanted: Old HiFi stereo equipment, Receivers, Reel-to-Reel, Tape Decks, Ham radios, and CB Radios and Equipment. Working or not, 434-429-7587 wanted: black curio w/ gold trim, call 434429-7587 bike want to buy adult 3 wheel bike 434822-6957 Wanted: Black tool box for 2001 Ford Ranger XLT pickup in good condition, & reasonably priced. 434-799-4145 Wanted: Modern style briefcase in good condition, reasonably priced. 434799-4145

Wanted Hay 5x5 fescue & orchard grass, will pay $10 a roll. 434-572-8137 Wanted: Used fence & gates, other supplies for cattle. 434-572-8137 wanted: 4cyl engine for 1993 Toyota Camry LE, AT, call 276-618-1469 Glock Model 21 Call 336-388-5753 Interested In Buying A Large Chest Type Freezer, in good condition, reasonable price. 20-24 Cu Ft. Call 336-234-9699 Small or Compact pistol and/or Ruger 10-22 Rifle. Call 434-250-8785 Wanted: CDI module for a 1999 Honda 300 Fourtrax 4X4. Call 336-5142689, Ask for Larry

Weddings white wedding gown never worn size 12. Halter style a-line with beautiful train. $250.00 firm Call 434-251-3582 or 434797-3161

Yard Sales

Changing table wanted. Needs to be in excellent condition for a reasonable price. 434-710-0875

1942 n fairview rd, chatham Yard Sale, Sat-Feb 21st, 8am-until, lots of various items. Weather permitting

Buying Radio and Stereo equipment, Vacuum Tubes, Testers, Parts, Manuals, and anything associated with these items. Working or not. 336-578-4494

moving sale 3 pc. Entertainment center w/ TV, washer, dryer, stove, refrig., floral rug, and other misc. items. 434-429-4064

wanted: white highback rocking chairs; white wicker chairs & wrought iron furniture, at reasonable price, call 434-792-4055

Multi Family Yard Sale Sat-Feb. 21st, 7am-until. Fairfield Park - 107 Parker Place Sat Feb 21st on 729 8am-until, Kentuck Trailer Ct, Call 434-822-7775 for details.

Wanted ASAP: male full blooded pug to breed with my female pug, call 434-7911817

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1996 hyundai elantra 4 cyl, 5 spd, call 434- 549-3352 for more info ask for Travis. Cattle Roundup Would like to buy used metal cattle roundup corral and used gates. 434-572-8137 Looking to Buy SUV Rodeo or Passport, or similar size SUV, in good condition. Call 434-429-8436 Looking to Buy a Van Winstar or Montana or similar size Van. in Good Condition. Call 434-429-8436 Wanted to buy steel traps. Call 434822-4210 wanted to buy Buck wood stove, call 434-792-6773 would like to buy a large dog cage for a boxer, in good condition, at reasonable price, 434-709-1106 Looking to buy 1989-1993 22RE motor, reasonable price, 434-250-0659 leave message looking for a stock or aftermarket exhaust for 2000-2005 Rancher 350, leave message 434-728-3769 wanted: parts for 1978-81 Camaro, call 434-728-0160 wanted: 1967-72 Ford short bed pickup, call Derrek 434-203-2018 Wanted: 10x10x6 dog lot and dog house in good condition. Please call 336-2348986. Denim Fabric I am looking for denim fabric to buy, call Carolyn at 434-432-4945 want older computers with with windows 95 or less for parts, call after 5pm 434-822-5595 Want Crawdad boat in good condition, call 434-429-9902 Wanted: 10x10x6 dog lot and dog house in good condition. Please call 336-2348986

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INVEST IN YOUR HOME! SAVE ON UTILITIES! Replacement WindoWs insulation heating and cooling systems noW installing all eneRgy staR pRoducts

Licensed Bonded Insured

Danville Insulating & Window Co., Inc. And Sizemore’s Heating & Air call today For a package deal!

434-836-1044 • 434-432-0006 locally owned & operated / owners gary & allison durham Serving Danville & Surrounding Area Since 1948

Late Model Restoration $ SAVE $




Gift Ce rtific Availab ates le!

Your Bumper Specialists! Same Day Service! Specializing In: Paint Touch Up • Interior Repair • Headlight Restoration • Windshield Repair • Scratch Removal • Rim Repair • “We Come To You”

Call 434-441-6295

CD rate with an even stronger


Looking for a secure place to grow your money? Get a guaranteed yield with a fixed rate CD from State Farm Bank.® For information, call me today. R.D. Howell, Agent 480 Piney Forest Road Danville, VA 24540 Bus: 434-793-4344 Cell: 434-728-2848



LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, STATE FARM IS THERE. *Annual Percentage Yields as of 02/04/09, rates subject to change without notice. Minimum balance to open an account and obtain the stated APY is $500. A penalty may be imposed for a withdrawal prior to maturity. Certificates automatically renew at maturity at the then current rate for the same term. Some products and services not available in all areas. STATE FARM BANK • HOME OFFICE: BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS •®

BLUEGRASS SHOW FRIDAY-FEB 27TH The Dan River Region Bluegrass Association show for the month of February will be held on Friday, February 27, 2009, at 7:30 p.m. at the Chatham Community Center. Doors will open at 7 p.m. Cecil Hall and the Dominion Bluegrass Boys will be featured. Admission is free to members and $5.00 for nonmembers. Please bring canned foods for the needy. Please note that this is a new location for the months of February and March 2009. For Information call: Raymond Crane 434-836-9285 Carotid Surgery in the Elderly Presented by Richard Embrey, Cardiovascular Surgery of Danville. Thursday March 5, 2009 6:30-7:30PM, to be held at Riverside Health & Rehab Center, 2344 Riverside Dr, RSVP by Monday, Feb 26th. 434-791-3800 COMMUNITY LENTEN SERVICES FEBRUARY 25TH, WEDNESDAY 12 NOON, MENU: SOUP AND SANDWICHES, DESSERT, AND BEVERAGES. ASH WEDNESDAY, ROCK SPRINGS UMC – Rev. Ron Obenchai

Donated Items Needed For Fund Raiser At Dry Fork Auxiliary, until April 11th. The Fund Raiser Yard Sale will be held May 2nd. For information call 434-432-2409 after 6pm, Ask for Barbara FAMOUS RECIPE BRUNSWICK STEW The Sertoma Club of Danville, Sat-Feb 21st at Dorton Insurance Agency 427 Piney Forest Road. This is the last stew of season so call any Sertoma Member or James F. Haley, Jr. 434-793-9126 to pre-order, ready for pickup after 10AM. FREE CONCERT by Facing Faith at FREEDOM Baptist Church 1428 West Main St. Danville, Va. Sunday at 6 O, Clock P. M. Feb. 22nd. 434-792-3811



A local restaurant is giving away something delicious absolutely FREE, no strings attached! Go to and click on the FREE 6icon to find out all about it.

Gospel Concert to Benefit Camp Selah! Beginning at 2:30pm, Sun-Feb 22nd, in the sanctuary of Moffett Memorial Baptist Church, 1026 North Main Street, Danville. Featured singers: the New Hilliards, the Church Sisters, and Terry Agnor. A love offering will be received to benefit the ministries of Camp Selah in Sutherlin, Virginia GWHS CONCERT George Washington High School Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will be in concert on Tues-Feb 24th, at 7:00PM, at the GWHS Auditorium. Admission is FREE. There will be refreshments served after the concert. IF YOU ARE A VETERAN, A FAMILY member or surviving spouse of a wartime veteran who currently resides in our community - or if you are interested in making Abingdon Place Danville your home, join us Tues-Feb 24th, 5:30pm for an informative session to learn more about Veteran Aid and Attendance Benefits. RSVP tp Rick Neal 434-799-1930 Looking for an Inexpensive, fun, and healthy way to spend your Friday night? The Ballou Recreation Center Council on Aging hosts Friday Night Dances for adults over the age of 60 each Friday Night from 7:30p.m.-10:30p.m. at Ballou Recreation Center. Doors open at 6:00p.m. Music provided by “City Limits” Band. Cost is $5.00. For more information, call Ballou Recreation Center at 434-799-5216. Right Touch Christian Church Black History Program, SatFeb 22nd, 3:00pm at Sleep Inn Conference Ctr. Suite F, 58E Danville Spaghetti Supper Friday Feb 20 The American Legion Post 1097 Located 17 Fairfield Ave, will have a Spaghetti Supper Friday Feb 20, 5:30 -8pm. Meal includes salad, garlic bread, tea & dessert. Price $7.00 a plate. Proceeds go to support local veterans & local charities

This is a limited time offer, so hurry... Tip - you need to look before Tuesday.

Having Trouble With Your Balance?

Let us develop a comprehensive, individualized workout plan just for you. We assess your situation & help you set safe and attainable goals

BLACK HISTORY MONTH PROGRAM Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church is inviting you to a Black History Month program on Sunday, Feb 22nd at 3pm. The Church is located at 406 Gay St, Danville. The Youth Choir of Bennett Memorial Missionary Baptist Church in Danville will be the Guests.

COMPUTER SKILLS TRAINING!! The Institute for Advanced Learning & Research (IALR) is now offering International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Training & Certification. This training is for anyone looking to learn basic computer skills in areas such as File Management, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Email. The training cost is only $30 for all 7 courses and is offered weekday mornings, evenings, or Saturdays. New classes begin in March. Call now to register or for more information 434-766-6617 or visit our website



COMMUNITY Events "Feast of Fools" Brosville United Methodist Church. Feb 24th, 6PM Pancakes, cake auction, foolishness. Proceeds to missions. 685-3140.

Must Be Energy Star To Qualify For 2009 Tax Credit


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WHO CAN I CALL FOR HELP? SAAA Has the Answer. Wednesday, Feb 25th. Alzheimer’s Association. Presented by Carolyn Scales, Homes Services Director, SAAA. 1225 West Main St, Danville. 12-1PM, Bring your lunch and a drink

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2811 Riverside Drive – Danville, VA 24540


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• Granite • Limestone • Marble • Slate • Onyx Fabrication and installation To view stone slabs, call ahead and make an appointment. This will allow us to provide you with the necessary time and attention you deserve!

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Is A 2009 Graduation In Your Future?

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