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January 2008 Vol. 14 No. 1


Be informed about issues before you vote

s the Presidential Preference Primary Election grows near (Jan. 29, 2008) I have had a lot of voters inquiring about the tax issue. Below is the Ballot Title and Summary of the constitutional amendment that will appear on the Presidential Preference Primary Ballot.

Please take time to read and review the information below. By giving you this information early, you will have time to contact your legislators should you have any questions regarding this issue. NO. 1 CONSTITUTIONAL REVISION ARTICLE VII, SECTIONS 3, 4, AND 6 ARTICLE XII, SECTION 27 (Legislative) Ballot Title: Property Tax Exemptions; Limitations On Property Tax Assessments Ballot Summary: This revision proposes changes to the State Constitution relating to property taxation. With respect to homestead property, this revision: (1) increases the homestead exemption except for school district taxes and (2) allows homestead property owners to transfer up to $500,000 of their Save-Our-Homes benefits to their next homestead. With respect to nonhomestead property, this revision (3) provides a $25,000 exemption for tangible personal property and (4) limits assessment increases for specified nonhomestead real property except for school district taxes. In more detail, this revision: (1) Increases the homestead exemption by exempting the assessed value between $50,000 and $75,000. This exemption does not apply to school district taxes. (2) Provides for the transfer of accumulated Save-Our-Homes benefits. Homestead property owners will be able to transfer their Save-Our-

Homes benefit to a new homestead within one year and not more than two years after relinquishing their previous homestead; except if this revision is approved by the electors in January 2008 and if the new homestead is established on Jan. 1, 2008, the previous homestead must have been relinquished in 2007. If the new homestead has a higher just value than the previous one, the accumulated benefit can be transferred; if the new homestead has a lower just value, the amount of benefit transferred will be reduced. The transferred benefit may not exceed $500,000. This provision applies to all taxes. (3) Authorizes an exemption from property taxes of $25,000 of assessed value of tangible personal


property. This provision applies to all taxes. (4) Limits the assessment increases for specified nonhomestead real property to 10 percent each year. Property will be assessed at just value following an improvement, as defined by general law, and may be assessed at just value following a change of ownership or control if provided by general law. This limitation does not apply to school district taxes. This limitation is repealed effective Jan. 1, 2019, unless renewed by a vote of the electors in the general election held in 2018.

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Sumter County vote notes

re you ready to go vote? The Presidential Preference Primary Election will be held Jan. 29. This ballot will contain the candidates for president and also the Property Tax Exemption: Limitations On Property Tax Assessments. The registration books in Florida close 29 days before each election. The books closed Dec. 31, 2007. You can register or make a party change after the books close but only for subsequent elections. Party changes cannot be accepted at the polling place on Election Day. Again, there are three ways to vote. To receive an absentee ballot you can call our office, come into the office or request one by mail. The deadline for requesting that an absentee ballot be mailed to you is 5 p.m. Jan. 23. Early voting runs from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Jan. 14-26. Look for the schedule in the newspapers or go to our Web site, And finally, if you don’t vote using an absentee ballot or early vote, you must vote at your precinct on Election Day. Because we have added and split some of the precincts, please look at your voter information card before going to vote. Make sure your informa-

tion is correct. You can locate your polling place by going to our Web site or calling the office to verify your information. Remember: You must show photo and signature ID. (The employee badge and buyer’s club ID was removed from the law this year.) If you do not have the proper ID, you will have to vote using a provisional ballot, and the canvassing board will then determine your eligibility. Please note: Registered voters in Precinct 109 will temporarily vote (for the Presidential Preference Primary Election only) at Colony Cottage Recreation Center, 510 Colony Blvd. Voting will be held in the Tea Room. Your polling place (O’Dell Recreation Center) will not be completed in time for the January election. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Karen S. Krauss Supervisor of Elections, Sumter County (352) 793-0230

Admission to all VHA meetings, except the Welcome Social & Golf Cart Safety Clinic, requires residents to show their VHA membership cards. A Villages resident may join at any meeting.

Page , January 2008, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice VHA Officers and Directors E-Mail: Web site: 1104 Main St., The Villages 32159 Pres. Roger Kass, V. Pres. Jim Kelly, Sec. Joyce Fisher, Treas. Ray Glessner, Administrative Board Lu Bowen, Art Dilling, Don Hahnfeldt, Evan Richards, Past Pres. Doug Tharp, Kathy Porter, Regional Directors Lake County - Bill Calhoun, ---------------750-6430 Region 1 - Jerry Keliher, Region 2 - John Land, --------------------------751-2535 Region 3 - Geoff Langdon, Region 4 - Marty Wilber, Region 5 - Chuck Wildzunas, Region 6 & 7 Russ D’Emidio, Committees VHA Foundation Alice Terrill, Chairman------------------------------------------------------ 259-1691 Membership Kathy Porter, Chairman---------------------------------------------------- 259-8196 Jean Keliher, Coordinator-------------------------------------------------- 750-0892 Bob Eisenhauer------------------------------------------------------------- 259-1485 Betty Dyer------------------------------------------------------------------ 751-1192 Evan Richards --------------------------------------------------------------259-2974 Marty Wilber ---------------------------------------------------------------751-5048 Ed Fischer-------------------------------------------------------------------750-2491 Alice Terrill ----------------------------------------------------------------- 259-1691 Dotty Mathieu-------------------------------------------------------------- 259-2704 Sylvia Mongolier----------------------------------------------------------- 430-0070 Newcomer Social Joy Tolan, Chairman-------------------------------------------------------- 750-5368 Bill & Betty Dyer------------------------------------------------------------ 751-1192 Program & Activities Doug Tharp ---------------------------------------------------------------- 750-1760 Roger Kass ----------------------------------------------------------------- 259-7174 Voice Editorial Staff Marty Wilber, Managing Editor-------------------------------------------- 751-5048 Safety Clinic Joy Tolan, Chairman-------------------------------------------------------- 750-5368 Tom Tolan------------------------------------------------------------------- 750-5368 Bob Fountain--------------------------------------------------------------- 750-0677 Faye Fountain-------------------------------------------------------------- 750-0677 Chuck Wildzunas----------------------------------------------------------- 753-3703 Health Insurance Assistance Harold Barnes-------------------------------------------------------------- 753-8810 Helping Hands Bill Dyer, Chairman--------------------------------------------------------- 751-1192 Belle Aire, Steve Pryor------------------------------------------------------ 751-1287 Briar Meadow North, Jim Stone------------------------------------------- 753-7163 DeLeon Villas, Judy Trongon----------------------------------------------- 750-0954 Glenbrook, Al Ely----------------------------------------------------------- 259-3944 Polo Ridge, John Sullivan-------------------------------------------------- 750-6175 San Antonio, Hugh & Donna Gracey--------------------------------------- 750-9192 Santiago, Ken Mathieu----------------------------------------------------- 259-2704 Summerhill, Ron Kershner------------------------------------------------- 753-9629 Valle Verde, Marty Dubbs-------------------------------------------------- 751-0600 Waverly Villas, Connie Connor--------------------------------------------- 259-5201 CERT & Emergency Shelter Charles Miner-------------------------------------------------------------- 750-2426 Sunshine Committee M. J. Doherty, Co-Chairman------------------------------------------------ 753-7239 Gail Burgess, Co-Chairman ------------------------------------------------ 750-1371 Web Site Liz DeLuca------------------------------------------------------------------ 750-9681 Partners Program Lu Bowen, Chairman------------------------------------------------------- 259-2155 Barbara Urbanski, Co-Chairman------------------------------------------- 753-2663 Seniors vs. Crime Liaison Joyce Fisher ---------------------------------------------------------------- 750-2491 Military Affairs Sterling Wood--------------------------------------------------------------259-5507 Law Enforcement Sterling Wood--------------------------------------------------------------259-5507

A message from the President of VHA


the Colony Cottage Recreation Center where our state representatives, Senator Carey Baker and RepresenAs I mentioned last month Anne and I have been tative Hugh Gibson, will dealing with her non-smoking lung cancer. So far, talk about the proposed she has tolerated the chemo and radiation treatproperty tax exemptions ments that the doctors have been giving her; she and limitations on propercontinues to be active and has been power walking ty taxes included in the almost everyday. As we have done all of our lives, no matter where amendment. They will also answer your questions. The in the world we have lived, we continue to focus meeting will start at 7 p.m. on the positive and work together to overcome the and seating will be limited. The entire amendment is obstacles. There is no doubt in our minds that this presented in the Villages Voice (see page 1). Please is helping her in her battle. take the time to learn the facts and understand the January 2008 presents us with some important implications before you vote. You will need to be a opportunities to overcome obstacles and to have VHA member to attend the forum; of course you will an impact on our future. This month we have the have an opportunity to opportunity to vote on the constitutional Please take the opportunity to vote and be join at the meeting. Speaking of the amendment that will sure you understand the candidates’ importance of learnchange the property tax positions and the facts. Sometimes it is easy ing the facts, the issue structure in the state. to be swayed by emotion and hype, but the of recycling comes to In addition, we have mind. Recently stories the opportunity to vote choices we make this month are going to Jan. 29 in the Presiden- have a lasting impact on our future, both in were being widely circulated that were incortial Preference Primary Florida and nationally. rect. Several people and no matter which were concerned about party you support, your issues that were not accurate and some began to vote will make a difference. Voting is an imporjump to conclusions that were totally unwarranted. tant privilege and one that we should all exercise It is easy to see the negative and sometimes it takes responsibly. Please take the opportunity to vote a little effort or a bit of time to learn the facts, but and take the time to be sure you understand the it is always preferable than jumping to erroneous candidates’ positions and the facts. Sometimes it conclusions. is easy to be swayed by emotion and hype, but the Currently there is a group in CDD No. 4 circulatchoices we make this month are going to have a ing a petition regarding the gates. From what I have lasting impact on our future, both in Florida and learned, those who are circulating the petition do nationally. not have a full understanding of all of the facts Please be sure you understand the positions of surrounding the decision that the supervisors made the candidates and be sure you understand the several months ago. It is important for those who long-term implications of the Property Tax Amendare leading the movement to talk with the District ment. Supervisors to learn and understand the facts With respect to the Property Tax Amendment, before jumping to conclusions. I have generally the VHA is hosting a ‘town-hall’ forum on Jan. 15 at found that when we don’t agree with the position taken by someone it is often because we don’t fully understand the facts. It is always best to ask for the reasons behind a decision before deciding the decision is wrong. This is just as important in the case of local issues as it is in the case of national and international issues. The more we learn about the issues the better qualified we are to understand General Membership Meeting and agree or disagree with the conclusions or the Tuesday, January 15, 6:30 p.m. actions taken to deal with an issue. When we do Lake Miona Recreation Center learn and understand the issue we are basing our decisions on facts, not rumors or half-truths. VHA Safety Clinic If you have a topic you would like to learn more Wednesday, January 16, 10 a.m. about, let your VHA Neighborhood Representatives Savannah Recreation Center or Regional Directors know. Thank you for spending some time with me; I Sumter County Commissioners look forward to “talking” with you next month; Tuesday, January 22, 5 p.m. meanwhile, be safe and most importantly, enjoy life. Colony Cottage Recreation Center 510 Colony Boulevard Roger Kass, VHA President Parlor Room

his is the start of a wonderful New Year. I want to start by wishing you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

January Meetings Notice

The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, January 2008, Page 

VCDD Government District reports District No. 2 District No. 3

November 2007

Financial Report

Ray Glessner, Treasurer

VHA – General Operations Starting Balance


Income: Dues Received $2,196.00 $9.02 Other Income Total Income


Expenses: Hospitality $452.70 Office Expense $257.64 Public Relations $2,728.97 Publications $2,151.66 $550.00 Services Total Expenses


Ending Balance


VHA – Charitable Foundation Starting Balance Income: Total Income Expenses: $842.00 Fundraising Total Expenses Ending Balance

$16,880.22 0.00

$842.00 $16,038.22

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. Friday, Dec. 14, 2007, at the Sumter Landing District Office. Resident Richard Kimball provided the Board with a report, spelling out that many Villages residents are not adhering the watering restrictions as directed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. He stated that noncompliance is a misdemeanor in the second degree, subject to a $500 fine, and enforceable by the county sheriff. It is suggested that residents become aware of the days and hours that they are allowed to water. Compliance is so easy. David Miles, District CFO, provided the Board with an update on the status of the State Board of Administration local government investment pool and the status of The Villages investment plans. Mr. Miles did an excellent job of advising District staff to withdraw dollars from the fund prior to the freezing of fund assets, and as a result they are in safe haven at Citizens First Bank. He suggested that each district board appoint a member to serve on an advisory board to make recommendations on future investments. On the recommendation of Mr. Miles and district staff, the Board appointed Nick Jones to serve on the advisory board. District Manager Janet Tutt announced that the Sumter County Board of Commissioners has decided that the county will not be responsible for major repairs to The Villages county-owned roads except for the collector roads (Buena Vista Boulevard, El Camino Real, and Morse Boulevard). Other roads will receive repairs only for minor problems, such as potholes. (When did you last attend a Sumter County Commission meeting?) Sam Wartinbee reported that tree trimming is nearing completion along El Camino Real and that SECO has repaired the lighting problem at the entrance to San Leandro Villas. Chairman Chico Mir gave an update on the Resident Advisory Committee meeting, where later pool closing times were recommended and John Rohan was asked to determine if more tennis courts could be converted to pickleball courts. The next board meeting was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Friday, Jan. 11, at the Sumter Landing District Office, 1894 Laurel Manor Drive, The Villages, FL 32162. Nick Jones, Supervisor

District Reports continued on page 4

Chairman Dick Belles called the meeting to order at 3 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. All supervisors were present, as were all staff members. There were no audience commnts. The Sumter County Sheriff’s officer gave a traffic report. From Oct. 12-Dec. 13, there were 13,564 vehicle and 15 golf-cart citations issued. Three golf carts were issued citations for no motor vehicle registration and for exceeding a speed limit at a cost of $300 each. The Board approved the minutes for the Oct. 26 and Nov. 9, 2007, meetings. David Miles, finance director, reported on the comparison budget to actual income and expense for the period. The cash balance as of Nov. 30 was $1,344,176. Mr. Miles explained that the districts have pulled out all funds deposited with the State Board of Administration pool. These funds were deposited in Citizens First Bank until a better solution presents itself. Each district will send one board member to participate in an investment advisory committee. Supervisor Tillman Dean was appointed to represent District 3. Mike Amadeo from District Property Management reported that all annuals are planted. Trimming is complete except for the area around the power vault on Southern Trace and Oak Forest. This project is still under consideration. Villa St. Simon road resurfacing will be put off until May due to a problem with the supplier, and residents requested to put if off until May, when there will be less traffic in the area. Water restrictions are extended until June 30. John Rohan reported that the traffic workshop with Sumter County will be held at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 23 at the Sumter Landing District Office. Dick Belles added that the Board will discuss issues that will be spoken about at the workshop and this topic should be put on next month’s agenda. Janet Tutt reported that Sumter County passed an ordinance on road repairs. Parkwood Development made an overpayment of $751.57, which has been returned. Rick Montroy, District representative to the RAC, gave an update on the following: • A focus group will study the dog park at Paradise Lake. Residents are letting pets run loose. • Pool hour closures will remain at 11 p.m. at Paradise, Hill Top and Southside pools on the historic side. • Approval was given to the request of the Woodworking Club to add a storage building. • The request to make tennis courts into pickleball courts at Saddlebrook was voted down. • A handicap lift was installed at Hill Top pool. The next meeting was scheduled for Jan. 9 at Mulberry Recreation Center. The meeting was adjourned. These are not the official minutes. They can be obtained at the District Office.

Page , January 2008, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

District No. 4 The meeting was called to order at 11 a.m. Dec. 14, 2007. Four of the five supervisors were present, creating a quorum. Audience comments began. A resident expressed concern that one of the District’s dry ponds is unsightly with high weeds and slime. The Maintenance Department indicated that they would mow the seed heads along the perimeter of the pond after they germinate, and mow the bottom of the pond as weather permits. In addition, they will grade the area to eliminate large piles of dirt. A resident stated that the island along County Road 42 and Belle Meade Circle contained dead plants and was generally unattractive and not up to “Villages standards.” The Board indicated that the property is the responsibility of Citizens Bank. They have been contacted and are aware of the issue and will address it. A resident would like the hiking trail under the power lines addressed. The path has worn and uneven spots that might cause a resident to fall. It was stated that the Developer will repave the entire walkway. A resident indicated that there is a visually impaired resident in Ivystone Villas and asked if a sign could be erected to warn auto and golf cart drivers. The Board asked administration to look into this. New business: The district counsel reviewed the financials. He indicated that he was able to pull out all the money that the District had in the local government investment pool before it was temporarily closed as a result of valuation concerns of the asset back securities that the pool held. This is a direct result of the sub-prime mortgage issues the capital markets are experiencing. The district counsel wanted approval from the Board to form an investment advisory committee with a representative from all districts. The purpose of the advisory committee would be to determine how to reinvest the monies taken out of LGIP, which approximates $21 for all districts. District 4 approved the committee concept and also selected Supervisor Paul Kelly to represent District 4 on the committee. In an effort to reduce speeding on District roads, the Board approved the purchase of a portable radar speed display unit at a cost of $2K. The unit will provide drivers of both autos and golf carts their speed. In addition, the unit has a readout capability that can be sent to local law enforcement to indicate areas that need to be more frequently patrolled for speeding. The portable unit, managed by the Maintenance Department, will be randomly placed on roads in District 4. In an effort to reduce heavy-truck traffic “commuting” through the District, the Board requested and received approval from the Marion County Board of Commissioners to prohibit heavytruck traffic except for local deliveries on Belle Meade. The Board, with this approval, will install signs indicating the restriction and notify the Marion County Sheriff’s Department for enforcement.

The Maintenance Department requested that residents notify them of any “common ground” maintenance requirements and not to cut the landscaping themselves. The number to call is 7534022. Administration reminded residents that the onceper-week water restriction has been extended by the St. Johns Water District to June 2008. It was also mentioned that during the winter months, watering may not be required each week and it can be healthy for root growth to extend the watering times. The Board, based on prior resident discussions, approved the installation of reflectors along the golf cart entrance at the Belle Meade north gate. This will help with night travel of golf carts. Paul D. Kelly, Supervisor

District No. 5 The meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Village Community Development District No. 5 was held at 9:30 a.m. Dec. 21, 2007, at the Sumter Landing District Office. Chairman Kaissling called the meeting to order and stated for the record that all supervisors were present, representing a quorum. The minutes of the Nov. 16 meeting were approved. David Miles, finance director, reviewed for the Board the revised format for the November 30, 2007 budget to actual statement. Mr. Miles advised the Board that year-to-date actual revenues received were $463,644 and the year-to-date expenditures were $798,950, which resulted in a negative change in net assets of $335,306. Mr. Miles noted that the annual assessments are beginning to be received by the District from Sumter County, so the Board should notice a considerable increase in revenue on the Dec. 31, 2007, budget to actual statement. State Board of Administration status update: David Miles reviewed the memo he provided to the Board which explained the status of the District’s funds previously held with the State Board of Administration (SBA). He advised the Board that the District’s funds were transferred from the SBA to Citizens First Bank. The problems with the SBA, combined with the drop in the prime rate, will result in a decrease in the amount of interest income the districts will receive in fiscal year 20072008. David Miles advised the Board that the issue now confronting the districts is what type of investment plan they should be utilizing. Staff is recommending the establishment of an investment advisory committee comprised of one representative from the VCCDD, one from the SLCDD and one from each numbered District 1 – 8, for the purposes of reviewing funding alternatives and recommending future investment strategies, and will report back to the boards in January 2008. The Board recommended that Vice Chairman Runyon represent District No. 5 at the investment advisory committee meetings. Janet Tutt advised that staff will be returning to

the Board with the revised interest rate agreement for the sweep accounts held with Citizens First Bank. Landscape maintenance update: Replanting along Buena Vista Boulevard is recovering. Cost estimates for irrigation along south Buena Vista Boulevard will be provided to the Board at a future meeting. During staff reports, Monica Andersen stated the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) has extended the existing water restrictions through June 30, 2008. Pete Wahl reminded the Board this was his last meeting as district manager and he thanked the Board for their efforts and working with him. Chairman Kaissling presented a “thank you” momentum to Mr. Wahl and the Board thanked him for his service with the District. The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 18 at the District Office. These are not official minutes; those can be obtained at the District Office. Ron Kaissling, Chairman

District No. 6 The meeting of the Board of Supervisors of District 6 was held Friday, Dec. 21, 2007, and was well attended by residents and staff. Three supervisors were present, representing a quorum, with Supervisors Moeller and Brown absent. David Miles, finance director, reviewed with the Board the revised format for the Nov. 30 budget to actual statement. Mr. Miles also reviewed the memo he provided to the Board which explained the status of the District’s funds previously held with the State Board of Administration (SBA) and now being held at Citizens First Bank. The issue now confronting all districts is what type of investment plan the districts should be utilizing. Staff is recommending the establishment of an investment advisory committee comprised of one representative from the VCCDD, one from the SLCDD and one from each numbered District 1-8, for the purposes of reviewing funding alternatives and recommending future investment strategies, and will report back to the boards at the January 2008 meetings. Vice Chairman Moss volunteered to represent District 6 at the investment advisory committee meetings, and she was approved by the Board. A discussion on the replacement of trees on District property in the Bridgeport at Lake Sumter area – which had been tabled from the Nov. 16, 2007, meeting – took place. Supervisor Moeller wrote a letter to the Board and staff stating his position on the possible tree replacement issue and this letter was read into the record. With all in favor, the Board directed staff to fill any holes remaining from previous tree removal but not to replace any of the trees removed. Mike Anderson, of District Property Maintenance, provided an update to the Board on the algae treatment of the canal in Bridgeport at Lake Sumter and said the cleanup of debris within this canal and District 6 continued on page 

The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, January 2008, Page 

Sheriff’s Youth Ranch Welcome our new VHA Members BEEDER, Karen & Wayne DAHL, Richard & GABEL, Marian EAGEN, Jeannette EDWARDS, Joan H. FARMER, Doug & Patricia FIALA, Ron & Rita GLADE, Alfred & FRATI, Rose HARVEY, Robert & Jane HETZER, Hugh & Shirley HILL, Carl & ROBBINS-DEFRISE, Gloria LEONHARD, Leon LLOYD, Don & HUGHES, Carol MAGEE, John & Maureen MARKLEY, Irvin McCARTHY, Francis & Helen McKNIGHT, Bob & Barb MURCHEK, Jack & Connie PERLAK, Denise PETRYKOWSKI, Jack & Sharon PIZZARELLO, Peter & Karen REED, Belinda & Rex RICCIO, Angelo & Mary Lou RODRIGUEZ, Frank & Anne SABOURIN, Robert & Carol SCHMIDT, Susan SMITH, Michael TUTELA, Alfred & Deborah WASSELL, Joy & Jim WOOD, Richard & Jane

















ith the turn of the calendar, another whole new year full of hope and anticipation lies ahead of us. The boys and girls of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches have enjoyed the blessings our special donors and friends have shared with us. They are truly grateful for the wonderful gifts they received. But most importantly, they enjoy the new beginning they have been given at the Youth Ranches – a chance to start afresh with a caring family and a warm, happy home to live in. We have helped so many boys and girls who have come into our fold over the years, but the reality is that there are so many others who are needy, abused, neglected and heading down the wrong path. Your gift can help us reach out to more children and give them a chance to start life anew. You can help us fulfill our mission to prevent juvenile delinquency and help youngsters become law-abiding and productive adults. We hope that

you would consider being a part of our donor family. This gift could mean so much to a special child. Help support “Florida’s Charity for Florida’s Children” by contacting us today and finding out how you can make a difference. If you would like more information about supporting this worthwhile charity, please contact Frank Kenny, donor relations officer at (352) 4472259 or visit us at

Frank Kenny

Certified Emergency Response Team report District 6 continued from page  removal of vegetation continues. The Bridgeport at Lake Sumter entrance was again discussed. Pete Wahl stated the speed bumps are in place and are having an effect. Staff received an estimate of $30,000 for the relocation of the power panels and the gate controller box. The Villages Design Committee has not yet met to discuss the issue of the entry wall. Staff set a meeting for after the first of the year and will report back to the Board at the Jan. 18 meeting. The Board tabled this discussion until then. Monica Andersen advised the Board that the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) has extended the existing water restrictions through June 30, 2008. Ms. Andersen also advised that the e-mail addresses for supervisors are operational on This report is an overview of the minutes from the Dec. 21, 2007, Board of Supervisors meeting. If you would like to read the complete minutes, please stop by the Sumter Landing District Office or log on to The next meeting of the District 6 Board of Supervisors will be at 11 a.m. Friday, Jan. 18. Sally Moss, Supervisor


irstly, we in CERT wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Next, we want to again express our gratitude for your most generous support of our team.

We recently graduated a class of recruits that added 27 new members. Our total strength now stands at 207 members. In February, we will commence a new class of about 60 recruits. In a recent conversation with a state CERT representative, I mentioned we will have more than 250 when the class graduates. He responded that he thought we might be the largest in the state.  Our capabilities now stand at seven field teams and two specialty teams. It is quite possible that when the February class graduates, we will add at least one more team. Residents living south of Bonita Boulevard wishing to join CERT are encouraged to call 205-8280 and put their names on our volunteer list. It won’t be more than 18 months until we also will be fielding a team south of County Road 466A.  Several highly trained and experienced personnel have recently joined our team in critical leadership positions and we welcome the opportunity to draw upon their backgrounds to better prepare us for what we hope never happens.   Thanks again to all – and be safe.   Charles Miner, Commander

Page , January 2008, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

News from VHA Regions Regions 1 & 2

Lake County Region

Region 3 Geoff Langdon, Chairman 259-1037 Adderson Sawyer, Vice Chairman 259-1770 Barbara Rogers, Sec. 751-4159

Bill Calhoun, Chairman 750-6430 Judy Tehonica, Vice Chairman 753-9886 Sharie Law, Sec. 751-5258

Jerry Keliher, Chairman 750-0892 Paul Greene, Vice Chairman 750-5095 Jean Keliher, Sec. 750-0892

John Land, Chairman 751-2535 Dotty Mathieu, Vice Chairman 259-2704 Bill Guntle, Sec. 753-9014

Residents and reps are reminded that we voted to meet every other month in 2008, with the first meeting at 7 p.m. Jan. 9 at Chula Vista Recreation Center. If you know of a speaker or want information on germane subjects, please call Bill Calhoun at 750-6430. Welcome to Richard and Nancy St. Amant as reps for Orange Blossom Gardens. Many thanks to Pauline Brooks for her service as rep to Orange Blossom Gardens.

We hope that everyone enjoyed a tremendous holiday season as we closed the last chapter of 2007, and are ready for the new year as we get under way with 2008 here in The Villages. This is the beginning of our annual surge period with the return of our seasonal residents, family houseguests, and many visitors either returning to The Villages or making their initial visit. Things are bustling. Welcome to all. In keeping with the spirit of the new year, our VHA Regions 1 & 2 are preparing for our formal merger in February when we will become the VHA Sumter Northeast Region. This will occur Feb. 21 at our combined general membership meeting for Regions 1 & 2, when we elect our officers for the newly structured Sumter Northeast Region, effective for the next year. The elected positions to be filled are chairman, two vice chairmen (one from each former region), and secretary. All of these positions

are open and our nominating committee, consisting of Dotty Mathieu (2592704) and Bob Eisenhauer (259-1485), are interested in any candidates that you would like to propose for any of these positions. The formal geographical area of the combined Regions 1 & 2 will follow the same boundaries of the existing VCDD 1 and 2 areas. This will be an important meeting – please plan to attend. The VHA membership drive will be held between 2-4 p.m. Feb. 1113 at each of the postal stations in our two combined regions. Volunteers are still needed to hand out information packets and sign up new members. The following area representatives have already volunteered: Elsa Goyma, Charlie Porter, Fred Driller and Carl Bell. We would like to have three or four volunteers at each postal station on each day. Additional volunteers are needed. Please contact John Land (751-2535) Regions 1 & 2 continued on page 14

Region 4

Region 5

Regions 6 & 7

Marty Wilber, Chairman 751-5048 Barbara Fielitz, Vice Chairman 751-2626 Kay Mutty, Sec. 753-0932

Chuck Wildzunas, Chairman 753-3703 Larry Recla, Vice Chairman 430-1114 Barbara Urbanski, Sec. 753-2663

Russ D’Emidio, Chairman 750-4486 Laurie Cooper, Vice Chairperson 750-9566 Sylvia Mongolier, Sec. 430-0070

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that you all had a very safe and enjoyable holiday season with family and friends alike. As we move into the busiest part of our year, I would like once again to remind everyone about safety. Pedestrians need to be aware of every type of traffic: golf carts, bicycles and automobiles. As for our “powered” vehicles, we need to learn to abide by some signs that appear along a few of our streets, such as “Share the Road.” We all can get where we are going in time for whatever activity we are involved in by simply leaving five minutes earlier and not having to “race” down our roadways. I also would like to remind everyone about our VHA General Membership meeting in January. It will be Jan. 15 and we will have a speaker to help us understand the upcoming property tax issue that is going to be on our primary ballots Jan. 29. Region 4 continued on page 10

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is ready to start the new year refreshed and renewed. We have a busy year planned for our Region 5 reps and are looking forward to getting started. Within a few days, all Region 5 reps will receive a mailing with all dates for 2008. Unfortunately, we hit a minor roadblock in our scheduling. Our first Region 5 General Membership Meeting had been scheduled for Jan. 15, but recently we were notified that the VHA is holding a Villages-wide General Membership meeting on that same date. Since this new meeting will focus on the new homestead legislation, we felt it was important that our Region 5 members be free to attend. So we are officially combining our meeting with that of the VHA and invite all our members to attend what should be a very informative session at 7 p.m. Jan. 15 at Colony Cottage Recreation Center. Region 5 continued on page 14

We hope you and your families and friends had a wonderful holiday. Now it is on to planning an exciting 2008. Our first major event is our quarterly Regions 6 & 7 General Membership meeting, which will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 21, at Lake Miona Recreation Center. If you enjoy golf, this is the place to be! Our guest speakers will be Ken Creely, Villages director of country club operations; Fred Gibbons, director of community relations; and Todd Basso, golf operations manager. The Villages continues to become one of the world’s premier golf communities, so come hear about the latest changes, helpful hints, and a glimpse of what’s on the horizon. This is a most popular topic – don’t miss it. We are well into our petition drive to request a full-service post office to be located within The Villages. This effort and our VHA membership drive will culminate with a week of special events in February. Come learn more about your VHA and join our group

Neighborhood reps are needed. See page 15.

dedicated to maintain and enhance your lifestyles. In preparation, there will be a very important monthly meeting for Regions 6 & 7 VHA representatives at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23. We have received a very good response to our need for reps, particularly in some of the new areas. Please join us in welcoming seven new VHA reps this month. Bill Hawkins from Bridgeport at Lake Sumter, Irv Markley from Bridgeport at Miona Shores, Steve Cooke from the Village of Amelia, Mary-Alice Wildasin from the Village of Duval; and in the Village of Hadley, Doug and Pat Farmer from Grovewood Villas and Kathy Roth from Hillcrest Villas. I would also like to thank Buddy Jenkins, who is retiring as rep for Bridgeport at Lake Sumter, for his dedication and participation. However, there still are neighborhoods in need of reps – check the VHA rep contact page in this issue. Regions 6 & 7 continued on page 14

The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, January 2008, Page 

Veterans Corner — VA outpatient clinic


hope you have seen the two articles put out by U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Ocala) in the Daily Sun stating that our new VA Outpatient Clinic is coming. We have been saying for some time now that it will be built along County Road 42 near Mulberry Grove Shopping Center on land donated by The Villages Developer. They are working on the plans as we speak. The clinic will be about 90,000 square feet, and as you can imagine it will take a little time to get all the nooks and crannies in place. They plan to start construction in late 2008, and plan to finish the building by late 2009 or early 2010. It will take about 18 months to build the clinic, so depending what month they start will tell you about when they will turn it over to the VA. The VA Outpatient Clinic will be one step below a hospital. As you can imagine they will have few beds and these beds are for day surgeries, no overnight stays. If you need major surgery or require a prolonged stay, they will transfer you to a major hospital like the VA hospital in Gainesville or one of the local hospitals. As a point of information, the VA sponsors two types of clinics: the community-based outpatient clinic and the outpatient clinic. Below is a sampling of some of their services. Community-based Outpatient Clinics (We have one: Laurel Manor Plaza) • They offer normal doctor-related visits. • They see all acute and chronically ill eligible

veterans. • All critically ill veterans are stabilized and transferred to other facilities. • Procedures or specialty care not provided by this clinic are referred to other medical centers. VA Outpatient Clinic • They offer all the services above and much more. • General services include: amputee clinic, audiologist, prosthetics, compensation examinations, PTSD treatment, rheumatology, dental, smoking cessation, cardiology, endocrinology, social work, genitourinary, special exposure examination, Homeless Veterans Program, immunization/ allergy, spinal cord injury, optometry, substance abuse treatment, patient education, triage, physical therapy, women’s health. • Special procedures include: minor surgery, cystoscopy/pros, sigmoidsopy, IV therapy, nebulizer treatment, biofeedback, phlebotomy, and prescriptions. • Diagnostic services include: Laboratory, CT scans, radiology, nuclear imaging, halter monitor, pulmonary function, psychological testing. These are not all the services that will be offered and some of them will not be on line in the beginning, but this as what can be expected from an Outpatient Clinic. Good news about our Community-based Outpatient Clinic, by Laurel Manor Plaza: It will remain

open until the new outpatient clinic on CR 42 is open. The lease for the clinic was for three years and comes up in early 2008. But the powers that be, both from the VA and the Developer, were farsighted enough to put in a clause in the contract, which renews the lease for one year at a time until the VA can open the new clinic. This facility is scheduled to close when the new clinic opens. More: If you are a veteran who uses our Community-based Outpatient Clinic, don’t forget to get your influenza (flu) shot at the clinic. The shots are available until the end of January. For additional information on veterans’ resources, visit the Veterans Corner on the VHA Web site at

Sterling A. Wood, U.S.Army, Ret. Chairman, VHA Military Affairs Committee

Dates to remember: Jan. 27, Vietnam Peace Treaty.............................VMP* April 12 , Ex-POW Day..........................................VMP* *Veterans’ Memorial Park

Central Florida Gardener Prepare for a freeze


iving in beautiful Central Florida also means we need to take steps to protect our plants from temperature extremes. Cold temperatures are on the way and low temperatures, frost, or a hard freeze can easily damage many outdoor plants in Florida. Nature allows many cold-hardy or native plants to “harden.” This hardening induces a natural protective system, and enables them to survive our colder temperatures. Subtropical plants do not have this natural ability to harden, so we must use artificial means to minimize damage from the cold temperatures – in other words, “coats and mittens.” You don’t need to cover all your plants, but the subtropicals such as ti, ginger, banana, philodendron, elephant ear, ferns, and even some palms such as the pygmy date palm (roebelini) will need protection. Blankets, sheets, towels and, of course, plant frost blankets all can be used effectively. Some say black plastic is good and others say “no” to plastic, so I will side with caution and not recommend

plastic. If you have a special plant you want to protect, you can hang a light bulb under the blanket covering the plant. Covering materials need to be prepared ahead of time. If time allows, practice covering your plants. In this way you can cut your material to proper size, have adequate securing devices ready and make certain you have enough material, all in the warmth and light of the day. Or, you can wait until it is dark, cold and windy and watch your covering blankets end up in the neighbor’s yard. Nutrition is very important in increasing a plant’s resistance to cold injury. Plants fertilized properly four times per year will survive lower temperatures and recover faster from cold injury than plants suffering from a lack or imbalance of fertilizer. Most plants continue to grow during the winter although their rate of growth is slower than normal. The rate of fertilization should be reduced proportionately, but not stopped completely. Use perhaps one-third the amount of fertilizer that you normally would. This is also true for watering. Plants require water during the winter, although again at a reduced rate. With an irrigation system, water once per week with approximately one inch of water. It is not recommended for homeowners to run sprinklers to prevent freeze damage. Although somewhat effective, it needs to be constant and

cover 100 percent of the foliage. A light mist will freeze on the plant, causing damage. If your plant should receive injury from the cold, you can remove the damaged leaves as they turn brown. If a few of your plants do not come back in the spring, simply replace them with a cold-hardy variety. Care of houseplants More houseplants are killed from improper watering than from any other single cause. When plants are overwatered, the soil remains saturated and root systems are unable to function properly due to of a lack of oxygen in the soil. Additionally, bacteria and fungi lying dormant in the soil invade the roots and eventually destroy the entire root system. Conversely, too little water causes the plant to become stunted and woody. The leaves turn yellow and drop off. It would be nice if I could say exactly how much water to give each of your plants, but there are many variables, such as type and size of pot, soil mixture, home humidity, sun exposure, plant species and the size and stage of growth. Generally, plants should be watered when the soil becomes dry to the touch. Place your finger into the soil about an inch. If it feels dry, water is

Gardener continued on page 12

The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, January 2008, Page 

Page , January 2008, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

Welcome to our new VHA Partner – Siam Orchid Thai Cuisine Our January Anniversaries – 5th Anniversary: Regal Sun Resort; 2nd Anniversary: Carvel Ice Cream Store, Cold Stone Creamery & Fort Knox Self-Storage; and 1st Anniversary: Cozco Handcrafts, Edible Arrangements & PAWS For A Moment. 24 Hr. Cart Club, Inc. (352) 330-1911 $10 Off Premium Membership $5 Off Basic Membership Valid on initial sign up only. Active Living Store Medical Equipment & Boutique 17880 SE 109th Avenue #630 – Summerfield (352) 307-3511 10% Off Any Retail “In Store Only” Item of $200 or Less In Value Not valid on special orders or insurance items. All Animal Trapping Svc. Inc. “Florida Wildlife Commission Permitted” (352) 245-0193 Office (352) 299-5675 Cell 15% Discount 10% Discount For All Follow-Up Service. All Things Fine 1171 Main Street – Spanish Springs (352) 257-7384 10% off All Regularly Priced Merchandise Excludes sale items. Not valid with any other offer. Arden’s Fine Jewelers 1060 Canal Street – Lake Sumter Landing (352) 751-6613 50% Off Jewelry Appraisals A Special Day Gift Shop 3535 Wedgewood Lane – Southern Trace (352) 259-7270 10% Off Your Purchase Excludes Pandora Jewelry. Baby Bundles On The Go (352) 406-4754 10% Discount on Crib Rental Boulevard Tire Center 418 S. Hwy. 27/441, Lady Lake (352) 430-2380 10% Discount On All Service Work 5% Discount On All Tire Work (Includes tire purchases.) Bravo Pizza 1080 Lake Sumter Landing (352) 430-2394, 2395, 2396 10% Off Dine In & Take Out (Whole Meal) Not valid with any other offer. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream 8699 SE 165th Mulberry Lane – Mulberry Grove (352) 205-8987 Buy a Fresh-Made Waffle Cone Get a Waffle Cone of Equal or Lesser Value Free One benefit offer per family membership. Captain Mike’s Lazy River Cruises on the Withlacoochee River South West of Ocala on Hwy. 200 just in Back of Stumpknocker’s Restaurant Call for Reservations (352) 637-2726 $2 Off Per Person

Villages Homeowners Association Member Benefits*

Remember - you must have a current VHA membership card to take advantage of benefits. *One benefit offer per family membership. Carvel Ice Cream Store 674 US Hwy. 441 – Rolling Acres Plaza (352) 430-2588 Buy One Cone/Cup – Get One Free One benefit offer per family membership. Caribongo 1041 Canal Street – Lake Sumter Landing (352) 750-6147 Free Color Changing Tote Bag with the purchase of $25.00 or more. (Retail Value $9.99) Offer not valid with any other offer or promotion. Limit – one tote per family Chick-Fil-A of The Villages 7330 US Hwy. 441 – Rolling Acres Plaza (352) 430-0223 Buy A Value Size Combo and Get An Original Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Free Cingular (Spectrum Global Network) 972 Del Mar Drive – Spanish Springs (352) 205-7513 10% Off All Phones With Activation Cold Stone Creamery 13769 US Hwy. 441 – Lady Lake (352) 430-2680 $3.00 Off Any Small or Medium Round Ice Cream Cake Comfort Suites 1202 Avenida Central (352) 259-6578 Special Rates: $107.99 through April 30, 2008 Not valid Leesburg Race Weekend. All reservations are based on availability. Must call hotel directly in advance for reservations. Cozco Handcrafts 1121 Main Street – Spanish Springs (352) 430-0386 10% Off – Excludes Sale Items Dominic’s Ristorante 1000 Canal Street – Lake Sumter Landing (352) 430-1136 $5.00 Off with Purchase of Two Dinners Does not apply to Early-Bird & Sunset Menus Domino’s Pizza 1558 Bella Cruz - Spanish Plaines Center (352) 430-0800 Buy One Large Pizza at Menu Price Get One Medium 1-Topping Pizza Free Edible Arrangements 11962 CR 101 – Palm Ridge Plaza (352) 391-1334 $4.00 Off Purchases Valid on orders over $25.00.

Firehouse Subs 994 Del Mar Drive – Spanish Springs (352) 761-8100 13757 US Hwy. 441 - Lady Lake (352) 430-3870 Free Cookie with Purchase of Medium or Large Sub Not valid with any other offer. One benefit per member. Fort Knox Self Storage & Truck Rental 13634 US Hwy. 441 – Lady Lake (352) 750-4647 Rent a 5x5x10 Standard Unit, Get the Second Month for $1.00 Valid on new contracts only. Gables Restaurant 322 Alexander Street – Mt. Dora (352) 383-8993 20% Off Regular Priced Lunch or Dinner Entrees Valid for member and three guests. Gotta Get Your Name On! (352) 391-9333 – (352) 750-4137 Fax Free Design Shop Consultation and Sample Stitch Out Haagen Dazs 1001 Lake Shore Drive – Lake Sumter Landing (352) 751-0261 10% Discount Hertz Local Edition 990 Main Street – Spanish Springs (352) 430-1039 20% Discount H & R Block 208 S. Hwy. 27/441 – Lady Lake (352) 750-3669 17860 SE 109th Ave. – Summerfield (352) 347-6736 $10 Off Tax Preparation Valid at these offices only Island Images 1112 Main Street – Spanish Springs (352) 259-7623 10% Discount on Mondays Excludes sales items. Johnny Rockets 976 Old Mill Run – Lake Sumter Landing (352) 259-0051 10% Off Meal Kennedy Carpet Cleaning (352) 241-8018 (352) 391-4365 15% Off Carpet Cleaning

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Partners Committee

Photography by Terri (352) 391-4365 Free 5X7 or 8X10 matted & framed portrait with with purchase of any package valued at $49.95. Pizza Hut at Spruce Creek 17860 SE 109th Avenue – Summerfield (352) 347-7019 20% Discount on Every Guest Check Not valid with coupons or specials. Plaza Jewelers 16770 S. US Hwy. 441, Summerfield (352) 307-3846 20 to 40% Saving Off the Already Low Retail Price & All Watch Batteries $3.00 Quiznos Sub 3509 Wedgewood Lane – Southern Trace (352) 751-5698 $2.00 Off Any Toasty Combo Meal Includes sub or entree salad, side item, and a 20 oz. fountain drink. Regal Sun Resort (Formerly Grosvenor Resort Hotel) 1850 Hotel Plaza Blvd. – Downtown Disney (800) 624-4109 Room Rate Based on Availabilty and Season See VHA Web site, current Grosvenor offer will be honored through Jan. 4, 2008 RJ Gators 1015 Lake Shore Drive – Lake Sumter Landing (352) 751-6235 5% Off ScentSational Candles and Gifts 994 Alverez Avenue – Spanish Springs (352) 753-1604 20% Off Any One Non-Sale Item

Schwan’s Home Service, Inc. (888) 7245-9267 Free Half-Gallon of Ice Cream With Your First Order Siam Orchid Thai Cuisine 1561 Bella Cruz – Spanish Plaines Center (352) 391-5272 - (352) 391-5277 Fax 10% Off

Sonic Drive-In

11211 SE 178 Pl. – Wal-Mart Shopping Center (352) 347-2860 Tuesday Nights: 5 Single Patty Burgers for $5 after 5 PM. Add-ons at extra charge. Wednesday Nights: 1/2 Price Single Patty Burgers 99¢ Single Topping Sundaes Valid at the Summerfield location only.

The Partners Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the suitability for partnering with commercial enterprises. The Partners Committee is presently soliciting new members. If you have a business to recommend, contact Lu Bowen at 259-2155 or Barbara Urbanski at 753-2663.

Sweet Creams 1000 Bichara Blvd. – La Plaza Grande Center (352) 750-0010 25% Off All Purchases Tree Tops Golf Lighted Driving Range & Miniature Golf 698 W. Lady Lake Blvd. – Lady Lake (352) 259-2313 Mondays: $1.00 Off 18-Hole Round of Miniature Golf Fridays: $1.00 Off Large Range Basket (120 Balls) Tree Tops Golf Shop 704 US Hwy. 441 – Rolling Acres Plaza (352) 753-4644 10% Off All Golf Merchandise on Mondays Excludes Ping. Sonus Hearing Center 13940 Hwy. 441, Bldg. 600, Suite 601 Oakland Hills Professional Center (352) 259-8157 $20 Gift Card to Outback Steakhouse With Free Hearing Exam Restrictions apply, call for details. Southern Image Photography 97 Del Mar Drive – Spanish Springs (352) 430-2056 10% Off The Special of the Month Vic’s Embers 7940 Hwy. 441, Leesburg (352) 728-8989 Complimentary After-Dinner Cocktail or Dessert for Each Person in the Party Victoria’s Estate Jewelers 1106 Main Street – Spanish Springs (352) 751-3386 50% off Jewelry Appraisals Villages Car Wash and Lube Bichara Blvd. – La Plaza Grande Center (352) 753-1306 $1.00 Off the Regular Price of a Silver or Gold Wash Package Village Bowling LLC Fiesta Bowl 890 Avenida Central – (352) 753-2747 Spanish Springs Lanes 997 Alverez Avenue – (352) 750-9440 $1.00 Off A Game Of Open Bowling Per Entire Visit Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill 1128 Canal Street – Lake Sumter Landing (352) 391-1412 10% Discount (Excluding Alcohol)

Page 10, January 2008, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

Ask the Chief — Safety tips


hen you travel, know where you are going and how to get there and back. Check for construction detours; for longer trips, get a weather forecast. Most state law-enforcement agencies provide road and highway information, so when you are traveling out of state, check to see what conditions they report before you leave. Inform a family member where you will be and when to expect you back; give them your route if they don’t know it. Travel and conduct your business during daylight hours if possible. Lock doors and windows when getting into your car and keep them locked while driving. When driving, keep doors locked and windows rolled up. Maintain at least half a tank of fuel, and keep your vehicle in good repair. Remember, “It doesn’t cost any more to keep the top quarter of your tank filled than it does to keep the bottom quarter filled.” Even if you’re pressed for time, take time to fill up the tank. Making a habit of checking your fuel gauge whenever you start driving and routinely “topping off” your tank can prevent unexpected, untimely and dangerous roadside emergency situations. If you experience a breakdown, pull as far onto the shoulder as possible and turn your emergency flashers on. If you have a cellular phone, summon assistance from a reputable source or call for law enforcement response. Otherwise, raise your hood or tie a streamer to your antenna, and await assistance inside your locked vehicle. If a stranger stops, speak to them through a partially rolled-down window, and ask them to go to a phone and call police or a tow service; do not exit your vehicle until a law enforcement officer or tow operator are on scene. On longer trips, be sure you have water, food and blankets in the vehicle. If involved in a property-damage collision in an unfamiliar or potentially unsafe location, do not open or exit your vehicle. If you have a cellular telephone, summon law enforcement. If not, acknowledge the accident by hand signal, and motion the other driver to proceed with you to a safe location (where there are other people and light) to exchange information. If unable to proceed, honk the horn to attract attention and ask a passerby to summon police. If signaled to stop by any vehicle other than a clearly marked law-enforcement unit, acknowledge the signal, and wave the driver to follow you to a safe location (where there are other people and light). Drive within the speed limit and take the shortest possible route to the nearest safe place. If you have a cellular phone, dial 911, tell the call-taker you are being followed by an unmarked vehicle attempting to stop you, and ask them to send a marked law enforcement vehicle to your location. When parking, roll up the windows, lock the

vehicle, take the keys, and conceal valuables, preferably in the trunk. During hours of darkness, park and walk in lighted areas to the extent possible. When returning to your vehicle, carry your keys in your hand and be ready to unlock the door and enter as quickly as possible. As you approach your vehicle, scan the area, glance underneath the vehicle, and take a quick look inside before entering. While out and about, present an alert appearance. Be aware of your surroundings; scan the area from time to time. Avoid concentrating so hard on shopping that you fail to keep track of your surroundings, others near you or your personal property. Wear conservative, comfortable clothing. Grip carried items firmly and avoid leaving them unattended. Carry minimal cash and valuables, and wear minimal jewelry. Shop with friends or relatives if possible; there IS safety in numbers. As you shop, be alert in crowded places. Among pickpockets’ favorites are revolving doors, jammed aisles, elevators, and public transportation stops and vehicles, especially at rush hour. Carry the day’s most expensive purchases closest to your body, and don’t carry so much you lose the ability to react quickly. Return to your vehicle periodically to check on it and reduce the amount you are carrying and must keep track of. Store packages in the trunk or, if your vehicle doesn’t have one, out of plain view (on the floorboard, under a blanket or clothes, etc.). When possible, have purchases delivered instead of taking them with you. Ask for an escort to your car if you feel nervous. Return to the mall or store for assistance if you spot suspicious activity near your vehicle. Stay alert while loading items into or out of the vehicle or arranging cargo stowage. If someone approaches, and you feel threatened, get in and lock up until they leave the area; if they loiter, drive away. Using debit or credit cards is much safer than carrying a lot of cash. If the vendors you will visit don’t take cards, consider obtaining traveler’s checks, which, unlike cash, can be replaced if lost or stolen. Visit ATMs only at well-lighted and populated locations; visit during daylight hours if possible. Using the drive-up is usually safer than walking up or into a facility. Remember to scan around you as you make your withdrawal. Many ATMs now have fish-eye mirrors mounted above the keyboard to enable you to view the entire surrounding area while conducting business; try to patronize ATMs so-equipped, and use the mirror!

If anyone is loitering, or you don’t like their looks, go to another ATM. Stand such that those behind you cannot see your PIN as you enter it; your PIN should NEVER be written down on or carried with your ATM card. Be observant. Avoid dark areas, shortcuts, culde-sacs and suspicious persons. Stay near light and people. Be prepared to flee potential problems. If apprehensive about any location for any reason, leave. Consider carrying a whistle. Weapons are not recommended, and may be unlawful. If followed while you are on foot, cross the street, vary your pace and change direction. If followed when you are in your vehicle, execute several right turns to verify you are being followed, get and stay on arterial streets, and note and record the follower’s license-plate number and a description of the vehicle and occupant(s). If followed by a vehicle while you are on foot, turn the “wrong way” onto a one-way street. If follower persists, go to an occupied and lighted location (convenience store, fire station, police station) and summon police. Until next time – let’s be safe out there! Chief Ed Nathanson Lady Lake Police Department 423 Fennell Blvd. Lady Lake, Florida 32159 Phone: (352) 751-1560 Fax: 751-1566 E-mail:   Please note: Under Florida State Statute 668.6076, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.  

Region 4 continued from page  For all of our returning seasonal residents, welcome back. I hope you are pleasantly surprised with the changes you are seeing in The Villages. There have been a lot of completions of projects that offer us as residents a lot more activity areas and golf opportunities. Our regular quarterly meeting will be Feb. 21 at Mulberry Grove Recreation Center, at 7 p.m. as usual. We will be electing a new slate of officers for Region 4 as two of the current officers, including myself, will not be continuing as officers for the region. Please plan on attending and remember to bring your VHA membership card, as we will need to verify membership for the elections process. Thanks for all of your support over the past two years, and if there is anything I can do to assist, I, along with my wife Judy, will still be listed as representatives for Sherwood Villas.

The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, January 2008, Page 11

Lady Lake Commissioner’s report YMCA subcommittee member discussion Mike Burske, the Parks and Recreation director, announced that there were seven emails received from very talented people wishing to be a part of the YMCA financing subcommittee. He was seeking a recommendation from the Parks and Recreation committee to the Town Commission to nominate Sarah Runk, Henryka Presinzano, Pat Monti, Jr., Rich Gapen, Carole Martin, Rick Keller, Ann Ford and Paul Hannan to the YMCA fundraising subcommittee. The first task of this committee is to see if the goal of a YMCA is financially feasible. Mr. Burske said that once the committee is started, they determine if the necessary funds can be raised for this and how it can be done, and these first members of this committee would start identifying key people in the area that could potentially become involved in supporting this YMCA project. Rails to Trails Study Mike Burske addressed the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board regarding this project development and environmental study update for the trail in Lady Lake. Mr. Greg Kerns from Reynolds, Smith and Hill was at the meeting and gave a presentation update on the trail study for Lady Lake. This trail project is being administered by the Florida Department of Transportation. This project has been progressing in the last few years. He handed out a preliminary alignment map to the committee and told them that he is at the beginning of the PD&E study. He has to comply with federal environmental standards on this project, as it uses a minimum of 80 percent federal funding, and this PD&E study does comply with those standards. The beginning of this study is just the initial starting point for alternatives. Over the next several months, this will be refined and workshops will be held with much opportunity for public input. The trail comes from Leesburg, and follows Highway 27/441 in most cases to the Sumter County and Marion County lines. The trails are still in the initial stages, and as shown in the map, there are alternate routes. The proposed trails will be for the most part 15 foot wide, depending on the ever-so-important obtaining necessary right-of-ways. The trails will be solely be used by pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters, and roller bladers; no motorized vehicles are allowed. The federal government will be financing the greater portion of construction and right-of-way acquisition. In April 2007, the four-mile South Lake Trail opened which connects to the 5.5-mile trail Lake Minneola Scenic Trail, which connects to the 22-mile West Orange trail.

The Property Tax Amendment On Jan. 29, the voters will be going to the polls to vote for the new Property Tax Amendment. The Florida League of Cities has passed a resolution opposing the proposed constitutional resolution, stating it fails to deal with the disparities and the inequities in the state’s property tax system. Moreover, it further erodes an already unfair system. The resolution reads, “The FLC is urging its citizens to consider the consequences of the proposed constitutional amendment concerning property taxes that proposal for reasons stated herein; supporting a constitutional amendment prohibiting unfunded state mandates in order to reduce property taxes; supporting a prohibition on the state’s practice of requiring local school boards to increase property taxes; and urging the Florida taxation and budget reform commission to develop measures consistent with this resolution.” The Town Commission discussed this resolution in their Jan. 3 meeting, and this commissioner has concerns that most of the voters are not that well informed on the consequences of this resolution. Any resident wishing to discuss any of these issues can reach me at (352) 397-2510. Commissioner Paul F. Hannan - Ward 4

Marion County Sheriff report

— Help keep traffic stops to a minimim


n December 19, 2007, the traffic unit was in our area of the county and produced 280 traffic stops. Of the 280 traffic stops, 48 were issued traffic citations, the remaining 232 were issued either verbal or written warnings. Within The Villages there were 90 traffic stops, or approximately 32 percent of the traffic stops for the South Marion District area.

The primary goal of the Sheriff’s Department is to keep the residents safe, not necessarily write citations for each and every infraction. Controlling traffic through education can often be more beneficial than writing a lot of citations.

by Marty Wilber Resident of Marion County and The Villages Information provided by Lt. T. O’Hara, MCSD

Page 12, January 2008, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice Master Gardener continued from page  needed. Some plants, such as ferns, need to be watered before soil becomes dry, while cacti and other succulents need to dry out between waterings. Add enough room-temperature water slowly, until it runs out of the bottom of the pot. This type of watering washes excess salts out of the plant and guarantees that the bottom two-thirds of the pot is properly watered. If you have the time and patience, give your plant one-half of its weekly water slowly and the other half ten minutes later. This gives the moisture-holding material, such as perlite, time to fully absorb the water rather than passing through the soil before the perlite can do its job. All ferns and plants with shiny leaves like a misting of water weekly. Make certain that soil and pot drain well. Never allow plants to sit in a saucer of water. How to get the water out of the saucer is somewhat tricky. I use a bucket and a large sponge. Watering from the bottom of the container with the use of a saucer or tray is a method used by many people; however, this type of watering brings nutrient salts to the surface, which will accumulate and can result in burning the upper roots or stem. It is best to water from the top. Containers without drainage holes should have a layer of coarse gravel placed in the bottom to allow a space for excess water. Another method is double potting. Place the plant in a pot with drainage and place that pot into a pot without drainage. Add several inches between the pot’s bottom to allow for excess water. Gravel or pieces of broken clay should not be placed in the bottom of a pot with drainage holes as this is shown to actually slow water movement. However, a piece of broken clay pot can be placed over the drainage hole to prevent soil from draining through the hole. Fertilize three times per year with a slow-release fertilizer such as Osmocote or Dynamite, or one of the other fine slow-release products that state they last four to six months. Clean foliage by washing with warm water. You

may add a couple of drops of dish soap to the water for cleaning the leaves. Rinse leaves with clear water to remove soap film. Place in your shower for a good flushing and cleaning twice a year. Remove dead leaves and faded blooms. All houseplants need some degree of sunlight. The best light is the southeast filtered light. Try to keep plants in the same location as changing light conditions stresses the plants. Turn the pot periodically so all sides get equal light. Setting your plants outside in the sunshine does more damage than good. An occasional light rain is great but a bombardment of unaccustomed sunshine could shock or burn your houseplant. Plants with highly colored leaves, such as coleus and crotons, plus flowering plants and succulents, grow best when placed in an area that receives full sunlight. Others, including ferns, philodendrons and many other plants, do well in indirect sunlight. At the time of purchasing your plant, the container sticker should advise you as to the amount of light required for each individual plant, or, check your plant books or plant stores for optimum light recommendations. Your plant can adjust to more light, but seldom to less. A corner with no sunlight will require a grow light. There are many types and sizes that work very well. An occasional pinching off of the flowers and new growth will keep your plant’s growth and fullness in check. Good luck with your houseplants. They need your TLC, but let’s not kill them with kindness. Properly measure their fertilizer, water and light requirements, and they will give you years of enjoyment. Jerry Potter is a master gardener, a columnist for Central Florida Gardening and a VHA member and representative

Question or comment for the VHA Board?

Write it down and place it in a VHA box or submit it at our general meeting. Thank you.

(You may also write on another sheet of paper)

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________ Email: _______________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ Community Development District: ________________ Village: ________________________________

Florida-Friendly Landscaping In order to protect Florida’s natural resources, the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods (FYN) Program encourages homeowners to follow the nine major principles of Florida-friendly landscaping. Right Plant, Right Place: Plants selected to suit a specific site will require minimal amounts of water, fertilizer and pesticides. Water Efficiently: Irrigate only when your lawn and landscape need water. Efficient watering is the key to a healthy yard and conservation of resources. Fertilize Appropriately: Less is often best. Overutilization of fertilizers can be hazardous to your yard and the environment. Mulch: Maintaining a 3-inch layer of mulch will help retain soil moisture, prevent erosion, and suppress weeds. Attract Wildlife: Plants in your yard that provide food, water and shelter can benefit Florida’s diverse wildlife. Control Yard Pest Responsibly: Unwise use of pesticides can harm people, pets, beneficial organisms and the environment. Recycle: Grass clippings, leaves, and yard trimmings recycled on-site provide nutrients to the soil and reduce waste disposal. Reduce Stormwater Runoff: Water running off your yard can carry pollutants such as soil, debris, fertilizer and pesticides that can adversely impact water quality. Reduction of this runoff will help prevent pollution. Protect the Waterfront: Waterfront property, whether on a bay, river, stream, pond or beach, is very fragile and should be carefully protected to maintain ecosystems. Information provided is from FYN’s Florida-Friendly Landscaping publication. For additional information, please visit FYN’s website at fyn/

The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, January 2008, Page 13

Pickleball in The Villages


need your help. I am looking for a very special pickleball player that I have not been able to find. I think there is a possibility this player is a son of a Villager. Let me explain.

The VHA Bylaws are always available on our Web site. Visit: and click on the Bylaws link.

How does your VHA Representative help you? VHA representatives educate themselves and stay informed to help verify or dispel rumors, provide help when you need assistance in resolving neighborhood issues and acquaint you with services and benefits available through the VHA.

I was going to be in Huntley, Ill., for a week so I went on the USAPA Web site to see if anyone played pickleball there. The USAPA has a “Places to Play” feature on its Web site that lists all the states that offer pickleball. As I looked for states that begin with “I,” I was surprised to see a state listed as “IQ.” Curious, I clicked on “IQ” and this is what popped up on my screen: Camp India, Nasar Wa Salaam, Iraq. “We play on a flat roof on a bomb-proof building that was once a theater. It’s a little uneven and we get an occasional bad bounce, but we have sandbag protection all around. You’ll find us located between Fallujah and the prison at Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad. We’re a gated community with armed guards and machinegun bunkers. You’re welcome anytime; please bring your own ball; we’re down to just three.” Doggone it, no son or daughter of this nation protecting me from harm’s way will ever go without pickleball. Never. As long as they are there, they will

Get your tic kets Spaghetti Dfor the VHA Catered by O inner live Garden Tickets are n ow Villages Boxon sale at the Office. Date: Thurs day, Feb. 7, 2 008 Cost: $9 per person for a ll-you-caneat spaghett i, salad, garli c rolls, iced tea, coff e e Seatings: 4:0 0-5:30 p.m. and 5:30-7:0 0 p.m.

MEMBERSHIP FORM NAME (S): ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________ ZIP CODE: ______________ COUNTY: _______________________ PHONE: _________________________


q 2 Yr. - $12.00 per household q 2 Yr. - $12.00 per household

q $60.00 LIFETIME per household q $60.00 LIFETIME per household

Important: Make checks payable to: The Villages Homeowners Assoc. You may deposit your check and this form with a self-addressed stamped envelope in the VHA box in any Villages postal pick-up area.

VILLAGES HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC. 1104 Main Street, The Villages, FL 32159

have pickleball balls and paddles and it will be my honor to provide them at no cost for as long as they are there. All I need to make this happen is to find a way to get in touch with them. They list an e-mail site (jbsfsgm@ that I have sent messages to six to seven times but I never get a response. Do you have any ideas? Suggestions? If you don’t, will you ask others for their help? Post this appeal anywhere you think someone might see it that has ideas. I’ll follow up on all your suggestions. E-mail me at I’ll keep you posted. Thanks.

C U on D Courts…….George Brewer

Property Tax continued from page 

Further, this revision: (a) Repeals obsolete language on the homestead exemption when it was less than $25,000 and did not apply uniformly to property taxes levied by all local governments. (b) Provides for homestead exemptions to be repealed if a future constitutional amendment provides for assessment of homesteads “at less than just value” rather than as currently provided “at a specified percentage” of just value. (c) Schedules the changes to take effect upon approval by the electors and operate retroactively to Jan.1, 2008, if approved in a special election held on Jan. 29, 2008, or to take effect Jan. 1, 2009, if approved in the general election held in November 2008. The limitation on annual assessment increases for specified real property shall first apply to the 2009 tax roll if this revision is approved in a special election held Jan. 29, 2008, or shall first apply to the 2010 tax roll if this revision is approved in the general election held in November 2008. Note: The January 15 General Membership meeting will provide information on this topic.

Karen S. Krauss, Supervisor of Elections, Sumter County

Page 14, January 2008, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice Regions 1 & 2 continued from page 

January Meetings Notice General Membership Meeting Tuesday, January 15, 6:30 p.m. Lake Miona Recreation Center VHA Safety Clinic Wednesday, January 16, 10 a.m. Savannah Recreation Center Sumter County Commissioners Tuesday, January 22, 5 p.m. Colony Cottage Recreation Center 510 Colony Boulevard Parlor Room

Region 5 continued from page  Region 5 will hold a General Membership meeting at 7 p.m. March 18 at the Lake Miona Recreation Center. Current plans call for our speaker to be Nick Xenos from Deed Compliance. During this meeting, we will hold the election for two two-year terms on our Region 5 Board. In our February column, we will give you more information on the nomination and election process. As always, you can contact our secretary if you have any questions before that time. We currently have rep openings in the following areas: Clayton Villas, Broyhill Villas, Inglewood Villas, Collington Villas, and Swainwood Villas. If you are interested in joining our rep family, please contact our secretary by phone or e-mail.

Region 6 & 7 continued from page 

SHINE: Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders

SHINE representatives are available for consultation the first and third Fridays of each month from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Jose Iturbi Room of La Hacienda Center. For immediate assistance, call Harold Barnes at 753-8810. He will promptly return all calls.

If you are interested in joining this hard-working group and helping your community, contact Russ D’Emidio, chairman of Regions 6 & 7. Are you a VHA Member and haven’t gotten your VHA membership decal? Please see your VHA representative, who will also be making the rounds. At the same time, join us and the rest of your neighbors in becoming part of the petition drive to request a full-service post office to be located within The Villages. Stay tuned to your local postal facility bulletin boards for more information.

or Jerry Keliher (750-0892). Although The Villages has grown in every conceivable way, there is one area that has not kept pace. As large as our resident population has become, we have yet to have a full-service post office in our midst. The VHA has finalized a petition requesting a full-service post office that would be located in The Villages and accessible by golf cart. This petition may be signed by our residents at each VHA membership drive desk in February 2008, at future VHA meetings or through our area representatives. We ask that care be exercised to endorse this petition only once. More information will follow concerning this important project and a final date to sign the petition has not been established. Upcoming important dates include: • Jan. 8 – Newcomers meeting at 7 p.m. at Canal Street Center. • Jan. 15 – VHA General Membership meeting at 7 p.m. at Colony Cottage Recreation Center. • Feb. 7 – Our annual VHA Spaghetti Dinner will be held at La Hacienda Recreation Center.  Tickets are available at The Villages Box Offices at a cost of $9 each. Please make plans to come and join us. • Feb. 21 – Our Sumter Northeast Region (formerly Regions 1 and 2) General Membership Meeting. Sumter County Judge Tom Skidmore will be our guest speaker, with a question and answer session. Those VHA members present from our region will elect new officers for Sumter Northeast Region. This is important – please plan on attending. We are always looking for thoughts, ideas, and topics of interest for inclusion at our regional general membership forums. As always, our area representatives are available to assist you with any homeowner questions or comments that you might encounter – check page 15 of this publication for regional representative names and phone numbers. I would like to close on a cautionary note for all of our vehicle and golf cart operators during this extremely active time in our Friendliest Hometown. We need to operate our conveyances on both the highways and transportation trails, as appropriate, in a responsible and safe manner. All of our operators need to be fully aware of other vehicles and golf carts, allow a little more time to reach our destinations, and drive both defensively and with courtesy. Please remember that Florida state law requires that no one under the age of 14 be allowed to operate a golf cart on a public street or golf cart path anywhere in the state of Florida. Please use good judgment and act responsibly. Thank you very much.

VHA Representatives by Village. How does your VHA representative help you?

VHA representatives educate themselves and stay informed to help verify or dispel rumors, provide help when you need assistance in resolving neighborhood issues and acquaint you with services and benefits available through the VHA.

Lake County Region Country Club Hills

Ray Leggiero- -------------------------------751-0221 Rod Lein-------------------------------------750-6667

Orange Blossom Gardens

Richarad & Nancy St. Amant----------------259-7931

Silver Lake

Ray & Barbara Jackson----------------------750-6000

Rio Grande No. 2 Nick & Joan Martucci-------------------- 753-7516 Clyde Kemper- -------------------------- 750-0537 De Laguna Villas Bob Wagner----------------------------- 750-1646 Joi Lauterborn--------------------------- 750-5355 De La Mesa Villas Sandi Andrews-------------------------- 750-6570 Rio Grande Villas Milly Adams----------------------------- 753-5608 San Pedro Villas Sally Bennett---------------------------- 750-6585 Edward Fischer-------------------------- 259-4912 Village of Rio Ponderosa Charlie & Kathy Porter------------------ 259-8196 Patio Villas Carl Bell---------------------------------- 750-1251 Village of Rio Ranchero Howard Keppler------------------------- 750-4742 Carey Scully----------------------------- 753-1434 Valdez Villas Rhea & Harold Feinberg----------------- 259-5966

Village of Del Mar - Need Representative Hacienda Villas Dennis Williams------------------------- 750-0063 Chula Vista Villas Tom & Sharie Law----------------------- 751-5258 Judy Glasel------------------------------ 430-9707 Courtyard Villas Matthew & Dorothy Chesson----------- 753-1938 Village of El Cortez Peggy Harrison-------------------------- 750-0186 Village of La Reynalda Joy Anderson---------------------------- 408-5387 Judy Mix--------------------------------- 751-0610 Village of La Zamora Mario Campagnola---------------------- 751-0512 Village of Mira Mesa Village of Alhambra Bob & Mae VanValkenburg-------------- 750-0418 Alhambra - East Village of Valle Verde Art & Alice Terrill-------------------------259-1691 Larry & Dolores Edwards---------------- 259-0471 Alhambra - West Al & Marge Hayes----------------------- 750-1563 Jane Bakalis----------------------------- 259-7369 Villa De Leon John & Judy Trongon---------------------750-0954 Villa Del Canto Hickory Hammock Vincent & Blanche DiRito--------------- 753-2310 Ed & Rae Nowe---------------------------259-1488 Village of Harmeswood of Belle Aire Village de La Vista Barry & Ginny Evans----------------------259-2271 De La Vista - East Village of Santiago Dwight Brockway----------------------- 259-7341 Elsa Goyma------------------------------ 750-4842 Ken & Dotty Mathieu---------------------259-2704 Larry & Ann Marsillo---------------------750-2270 De La Vista - North Earl Cherubini----------------------------753-3123 Jo Pfent-----------------------------------259-4512 Leonard Koss-----------------------------753-0886 Paul & Patricia Bennett------------------430-0754 Escandido Villas De La Vista - West Paul & Jeanne Greene--------------------750-5095 Henry & Dotty Cole---------------------- 759-9065 Ray Owens--------------------------------753-5725 Wayne Speicher------------------------- 259-9934 La Crescenta Villas De La Vista Villas - North Barbara Welter-------------------------259-9531 Tom & Joy Tolan--------------------------750-5368 San Leandro Villas De La Vista Villas - South Tom & Joy Tolan--------------------------750-5368 Donald & Lu Bowen--------------------- 259-2155 Village of Santo Domingo De Allende Jim & Tawna Kelly------------------------259-3130 Bill & Lois Guntle-------------------------753-9014 John & Elaine Blum----------------------259-3592 San Antonio Villas Al & Cathy Sherman----------------------750-3795 Lee & Peggy Ray--------------------------259-3391 John & Anita Land----------------------- 751-2535 San Miguel Villas Vera Cruz Villas Craton & Joyce Fisher--------------------750-2491 Vince O’Brien-----------------------------259-6037 Village of Hacienda Hills Villa de la Ramona Hacienda - East Fred Driller----------------------------259-0915 George Bentz-----------------------------750-9117 Hacienda - North Elmer Starrett----------------------------750-4141 Richard O’Malley-------------------------750-5398 Village of Belle Aire Hacienda - South Need representative Juliette Testa---------------------------- 753-3350 Alexandra Villas Hacienda - West Tom and Berta Crawford---------------- 259-6104 Ed Martin-------------------------------- 753-8523 Cottages of Summerchase Village of Palo Alto Need Representative Robert Landers-------------------------- 753-0310 St. Simon Villas William Waldron------------------------ 259-0895 Doug & Nancy McKernan--------------- 753-9086 Valdosta Villas Tierra Grande Villas Jerry & Jean Keliher--------------------- 750-0892 David Dingee--------------------------- 259-4364 Glenbrook-East Villa La Paloma Need representative Stephen Beaulieu----------------------- 753-9181 Glenbrook-West Tierra del Sol - North Need representative Robert Eisenhauer---------------------- 259-1485 Sunbury of Glenbrook Tierra del Sol - South Need representative Louis & Mary Guiliano------------------- 753-7306 Village of Polo Ridge Village of Rio Grande Doug & Claudette Tharp---------------- 750-1760 Rio Grande No. 1 John Sullivan--------------------------- 750-6175 Villa Berea Bob & Faye Fountain-------------------- 750-0677 Gail Donofrio---------------------------- 259-7435

Region 2

Region 1

Region 3

Nachez Villas Need representative Village of Summerhill Ray Schwartz---------------------------- 751-3048 Ron Kershner---------------------------- 753-9629 Amelia Villas George & Barbara Rogers--------------- 751-4159 Fernandina Villas Need representative

Region 4 Village of Briar Meadow Briar Meadow East Barbara Fielitz--------------------------- 751-2626 Briar Meadow North Uwe (Smokey) Wist--------------------- 751-6041 Briar Meadow South Larry Waites----------------------------- 751-2858 Birchbrook Villas Chet & Linda Sturgess------------------- 750-3976 Forsyth Villas Kay Mutty--------------------------------753-0932 Greenbriar Villas - Need Representative Legacy Villas Robert Wilson--------------------------- 751-3519 Mayfield Villas Arthur Rowe Jr.-------------------------- 205-7661 Quail Ridge Villas Bob Lee---------------------------------- 750-6397 Village of Calumet Grove Herb Gantz------------------------------ 751-3976 Ashleigh Villas Donald Akers---------------------------- 751-0955 Cameron Villas Roger Kass & Anne Gray---------------- 259-7174 Greenwood Villas Kenneth Geiger------------------------- 753-0229 Merry Oak Villas - Need Representative Morning View Villas Anne Broming--------------------------- 753-9064 Village of Chatham Tom Koscelnik--------------------------- 753-9749 Don Deakin------------------------------ 750-5395 Judy Wilber------------------------------ 751-5048 Bromley Villas Allan Wadman-------------------------- 259-0908 Sherwood East Villas Eleanor Solomon------------------------ 259-4679 Sherwood West Villas Marty & Judy Wilber-------------------- 751-5048 Village of Piedmont Irwin & Charlotte Newman------------- 753-4684 Ray & Kay Glessner---------------------- 751-0701 Chadwick Villas - Need Representative Waverly Villas - Need Representative Village of Springdale Bob Thatcher---------------------------- 259-2083 Sunnyside Villas Charles Melia---------------------------- 259-7668 Fairlawn Villas Eugene J. Hinerman--------------------- 750-2087 Pinecrest Villas - Need Representative Royal Oak at Springdale Carolyn Willette------------------------- 753-0390 Village of Woodbury Bill & Betty Dyer------------------------- 751-1192 Jim Murphy------------------------------ 259-1581 Ivystone Villas - Need Representative

Region 5 Village of Ashland Robert & Janice Blakeley---------------- 750-2917 Sue Martin- ----------------------------- 753-0972 Bellamy Villas Ruth Ferguson--------------------------- 205-7128 Clayton Villas Need Representative Jasper Villas Walter & Janice Martin------------------ 205-7099

Rainey Villas - Need Representative Village of Belvedere Felice Maurer---------------------------- 259-7647 Phyllis Kravitz--------------------------- 750-1878 Arlington Villas Victor & Joyce Wise-----------------------750-0927 Belmont Villas Helen Xenos----------------------------- 750-0146 Cherry Hill Villas Jackie Preston--------------------------- 259-0937 Hialeah Villas Dean & Joan Barner--------------------- 751-5725 Village of Bonnybrook Don & Gail Burgess---------------------- 750-1371 Broyhill Villas - Need Representative Clifton Villas Libby Miller------------------------------ 250-4247 Ezell Villas Jay & Valerie Nace----------------------- 751-3035 Ray & Pat Adams------------------------ 751-6966 Heritage Villas Joseph & Frances Ullman------------ 305-359-5709 Inglewood Villas - Need Representative Village of Bridgeport at Lake Miona Karen & Hans Thiemann---------------- 259-7288 Village of Liberty Park William Flavin--------------------------- 751-3729 Thomas Simone------------------------- 205-8155 Chesterfield Villas James & Bettye Murphree-------------- 753-0751 Eagle Ridge Villas Ray & Justine Bunnell--------------------259-3601 Edgefield Villas Julie Ayotte------------------------------ 350-2087 Vernon Villas Buddy & Marie Miner------------- 610-509-9065 Village of Lynnhaven Barbara Urbanski------------------------ 753-2663 Rod South------------------------------- 751-7547 Collington Villas - Need Representative Southern Oaks Villas Philip Edgington------------------------ 753-0584 Swainwood Villas - Need Representative Village of Poinciana Philip & Davida Seindenberg----------- 750-3152 Lawrence & Sherry Recla---------------- 430-1114 Bailey Ridge Villas Collette & John Desmarais-------------- 753-0841 Lime Grove Villas Terry & Johanna Hannah---------------- 751-7680 Mount Pleasant Villas Vera Fuchs------------------------------- 751-0155 Sullivan Villas Thomas Davis----------------------- 612-201-2240 Village of Sunset Pointe Jerry Potter------------------------------ 259-6333 William & Maria Satterfield------------- 430-2301 Hickory Grove Villas Joan Sullivan---------------------------- 430-0755 Village of Winifred Jim & Phyllis Hurst---------------------- 750-6963 Chuck & Nancy Wildzunas- ------------- 753-3703 George & Nancy Burck------------------ 750-4331 Latrobe Villas Thomas & Judy Schuler----------------- 751-4440

Region 6 Village of Virginia Trace Russ D’Emidio, Chairman --------------- 750-4486 Art Guay--------------------------------- 430-1227 Len Chapple----------------------------- 259-7222 Virginia Vine Villas -Need Representative Stillwater Villas Dale Sams--------------------------------750-0736 Richmond Villas Bill & Ann Berry------------------------- 259-4913 Village of Tall Trees Sylvia Mongolier, Secretary------------- 430-0070 Tom & Pat Brimer------------------------750-6588

Cherry Vale Villas Viola Schneier--------------------------- 750-3422 Oak Bend Villas - Need Representative Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter Gregg Foster -----------------------------205-4388 Bill Hawkins------------------------------350-2598 Village of Bridgeport at Miona Shores Irv Markley------------------------------ 259-4684 Village of Caroline Renee Coster ---------------------------- 430-1965 Elizabeth Villas Gary Lawson- ----------------------------751-1170 Katherine Villas Emily Emigh----------------------------- 391-1695 Kaylee Villas - Need Representative Village of Mallory Square Lanny & Liz Aselton --------------------- 430-3439 Natalie Villas Harvey Blakely-------------------------- 350-2052 Emmalee Villas Mike Kassan------------------------------446-8444 Alexa Villas Bill & Margaret Gottschalk---------------350-2405 Madison Villas Barbara Garnett------------------------- 205-4362 Phyllis Grasso---------------------------- 391-9417 Janeann Villas Need Representative Village of Amelia Steve Cook------------------------------- 753-5699 Audrey Villas - Needs Representative Village of Sabal Chase Barbara Burgess------------------------- 350-2511 Gary Hendricks, Sr.---------------------- 259-2139 Carlton Villas Jerry & Donna Grimes------------------- 750-2987 Tanglewood Villas Laurie Cooper, Vice Chairperson- ------- 750-9566 Hampton Villas Jeanne Tucker--------------------------- 430-1332 Oleander Villas Jim Neilson------------------------------ 753-9812 Village of Largo Peter Havighorst------------------------ 391-1288 Newport Villas Douglas Owen--------------------------- 753-5722 Jamie Soutar---------------------------- 259-6792

Region 7 Village of Duval Russ Bond------------------------------- 753-9164 Mary-Alice Wildasin--------------------- 391-1836 Rosedale Villas John & Chris Coene---------------------- 446-9597 Allandale Villas Pat Kennedy----------------------------- 391-5291 Crestwood - Need Representative Double Palms - Need Representative Holly Hill - Need Representative Sandhill Villas - Need Representative Village of Bonita - Need Representative Bonita Villas - Need Representative Village of Hadley - Need Representative Grovewood Villas Doug & Pat Farmer---------------------- 750-3515 Hillcrest Villas Kathy Roth- ----------------------------- 423-1770

Page 16, January 2008, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

VHA Fundraising

Italian Style! Sherry Berge waits in line for a helping of spaghetti. Members of The Villages Homeowner’s Association met at La Hacienda Center where they enjoyed an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner catered by the Olive Garden, February 1, 2007 in The Villages.

Left to right: Beverly Fagge, Evelyn Closkey, and Sally Creech eat their spaghetti dinners. The Villages Homeowner’s Association sponsored the annual event as a delicious means of raising funds for the VHA.


he Spaghetti Dinner came to life in April of 1998 as a means of providing funding for the VHA Charitable Foundation that had been formed. Since then, the Spaghetti Dinner has become a social event to which residents bring their friends, tablecloths, wine and snacks for dinner and enjoyment. The proceeds from the Spaghetti Dinner go to the VHA Charitable Foundation and for years the dinner was its primary source of income. The Charitable Foundation uses these funds for a wide variety of charities in the area, and the best part is there are no overhead costs; all funds raised go to the charities identified by the Foundation. Tickets to the February 10 dinner are available for $9 per person from The Villages Box Office. Seatings will be 4-5:30 p.m. and 5:30 -7 p.m.

Barbara and Art Snyder wait in line at La Hacienda Center to receive a spaghetti dinner. Everyone enjoyed the annual event, catered by the Olive Garden.

All photos courtesy of The Daily Sun

Village Voice January 2008  

Voice Test Document

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