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Valiz Het Sieraad Studio K34-K36 Postjesweg 1 1057 DT Amsterdam Sarah van Binsbergen, Pia Pol, Astrid Vorstermans

05/08/16 09:01

The Responsible Object A History of Design Ideology for the Future Marjanne van Helvert (ed.)

What would future archeologists think of our time, if they were to dig in the places that used to house our civilization? They would discover countless dumpsites of things we threw away: plastic and metal objects, still smouldering heaps of discarded electronics, synthetic textiles, and other things that do not decompose within a foreseeable amount of time. They would find the leftovers of an age of rampant, imperishable objects.

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9 789492 095190

ISBN 978-94-92095-19-0

Today, in an economic system that revolves around producing and consuming these objects, we are starting to review their role in a series of challenges that lie ahead of us. In the design discipline, sustainability and social responsibility have become prolific epithets, generating new products, materials, and technologies, designed to change the course of our future. The intrinsic design ideologies are often not new, but form a fundamental part of design history, reappearing throughout the previous centuries. This book presents a history of socially committed design strategies within the western design tradition, from William Morris to Victor Papanek, and from VKhUTEMAS to FabLab.

design) 05/08/16 09:01

Contributors Andrea Bandoni, Ece Canli, Alison J. Clarke, Éva Forgács, Marjanne van Helvert, Susan R. Henderson, Ed van Hinte, Elizabeth C. Miller, Luiza Prado de O. Martins & Pedro J. S. Vieira de Oliveira Marjanne van Helvert explores the dynamics between theory

and practice of design. Her main fields of interest are the relations between ethics and aesthetics, DIY practices, gender politics, utopia and dystopia. She is currently working on Dirty Clothes, a recycled DIY clothing label and magazine. Other projects include the ongoing curtain landscape project, and her manifesto Dirty Design (2013). With Ueberschwarz, Supported by the Creative Industries Fund, NL ca 272 pp, paperback, ca 24 x 17 cm (h x w) ENG, October 2016 Design: Ruben Pater, NUR 656, ISBN 978-94-92095-19-0 € 19,90

Anti-Design, Arts & Crafts, Bauhaus, Counterculture, Critical Design, Green Design, Queer Studies, Radical Design, Social Design, Scarcity & Utility, VKhUTEMAS

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05/08/16 09:01

(new • arts)

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Facing Value Radical Perspectives from the Arts Maaike Lauwaert, Francien van Westrenen (eds.)

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9 789492 095008

ISBN 978-94-92095-00-8

ca 480 pp, paperback ca 24 x 17 cm (h x w) ENG, October 2016 Design: Elisabeth Klement & Laura Pappa NUR 646, 656 ISBN 978-94-92095-00-8 € 27,50

This book presents nine alternatives to regain personal power, find inspiration, shape a better environment, share energy and creativity, and build on a vital and just society. The authors propose to place values such as hesitation, care, giving and disconnection at the centre stage in order to reclaim value from the logic of capital. These nine alternatives are put forward in an anthology of texts by architects, philosophers, scientists, historians and economists. A selection of images and three artist’s contributions are included to inspire the reader to rethink the scope and language of the current value system.

The nine propositions of value creation form the start of a new vocabulary to think and talk about what has value and how value is created. Artist’s contributions Atelier Van Lieshout, Navid Nuur, Reto Pulfer With reprinted texts by Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Marina van den Bergen and Piet Vollaard, Richard Buckminster Fuller, Roger Caillois, Michel de Certeau, Céline Condorelli, Barry Farrell, Michel Foucault, Yona Friedman, Klaske Havik and Hans Teerds, Charles Jencks and Nathan Silver, Tony Judt, Siegfried Kracauer, Bojana Kunst, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Marcel Mauss, Evgeny Morozov, Victor Papanek, Jan Ritsema, Richard Sennett, Viktor Shklovsky, Bev Skeggs, Jan Verwoert

Contr Yocha Siobh Emilio Gelde group Archi Aless Julian Caroly

With S Suppo

With Stroom Den Haag, Supported by Stichting Doen, Gemeente Den Haag

(formerly announced) 05/08/16 09:01

(new • design)

‘We know what things cost but have no idea what they are worth’, Tony Judt, quoting Oscar Wilde. Value as a non-economic notion is one of the hardest concepts to tackle. As it is immaterial, value is one of those core concepts that shape society, influence hearts and minds but defy an easy definition. To reformulate value as a constituting factor in an open and caring society requires a ‘tilting vision’. This fresh, upside-down perspective can be found especially amongst artists, including architects, writers, musicians, designers, playwrights and poets.

Slow theor persp of hu intera Positi thinki the pa desig altern palet web o inten fields (re-)im ‘Slow collec

Ana Paula Pais, Carolyn F. Strauss (eds.)

Slow Reader offers a collection of theoretical reflections and practical perspectives that offers a holistic vision of human activity in enduring, dynamic interaction with other living systems. Positioned as a ‘resource for design thinking and practice,’ this book challenges the paths through which contemporary design practitioners operate, offering alternative perspectives and an expanded palette of tools for addressing the complex web of interdependencies. The Reader is intended to inspire well beyond design fields, serving as a vehicle for reflection, (re-)imagination and further investigation of ‘Slower’ approaches to living, individually and collectively, now and into the future. Contributors Yochai Benkler, Maria Blaisse, Chet Bowers, Siobhán K. Cronin, Olafur Eliasson, Eric Ellingsen, Emilio Fantin, Fernando Garcia-Dory, Lotte van Gelder, Jeanne van Heeswijk, the nanopolitics group, Jogi Panghaal, Eva Pfannes (Ooze Architects), Ana Paula Pais, Ann Pendleton-Julian, Alessandra Pomarico, Marjetica Potrc, Julian Raxworthy, Uzma Rizvi, Niels Schrader, Carolyn F. Strauss, Christina Werner

Time, Creative inquiry, Interaction, Process, Engagement

With Slow Research Lab, Supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL

(new • design)


Slow Reader A Resource for Design Thinking and Practice

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ISBN 978-94-92095-01-5

ca 240 pp, paperback ca 24 x 17 cm (h x w) ENG, November 2016 Design: Ana Paula Pais NUR 656, ISBN 978-94-92095-01-5 9 789492 095015 € 19,90

05/08/16 09:01

The Perfect Spectator The Experience of the Art Work and Reception Aesthetics


Janneke Wesseling


What happens between a spectator and an art work? How do we experience ‘meaning’ in a work of art? How can the process of interpretation be understood and articulated? To address these questions, the author explores the field of reception aesthetics, with its central premise that the contemplation of art is a matter of interaction between the art work and the observer.

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Janneke Wesseling has worked as an art critic for the

Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad from 1982 to the present. She has published several studies on contemporary art and artistic research. She is director of PhDArts, international doctorate programme in visual art and design, at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts of Leiden University, and Professor and head of the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice at the University of the Arts, The Hague. In February 2016, Janneke Wesseling was appointed Professor in the Practice and Theory of Research in the Visual Arts, Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University (NL).

Of Sp


ISBN 978-90-808185-0-7

9 789080 818507

(Also available in Dutch) e-book / Nederlands e-boek ISBN 978-90-78088-97-4 € 10,00

(new) valiz-fw-16(CMYK-clean)-profile.indd 6

Of th wi A Ar

The vis-à-vis series provides a platform to stimulating and relevant subjects in recent and emerging visual arts, architecture and design. The authors relate to history and art history, to other authors, to recent topics and to the reader. Most are academic researchers. What binds them is a visual way of thinking, an undaunted treatment of the subject matter and a skilful, creative style of writing.

ca 320 pp, paperback 20 x 15,5 cm (h x w) ENG, November 2016 NUR 651 ISBN 978-90-80818-50-7 € 25,00

De vis-à-vis-reeks biedt een podium aan relevante onderwerpen in de jonge beeldende kunst, architectuur of design. De auteurs verhouden zich tot de (kunst)geschiedenis, tot andere auteurs, tot de actualiteit, tot de lezer. De auteurs zijn veelal academische onderzoekers. Wat hen bindt, is een grote beeldende denkkracht, een onverschrokken omgang met het onderwerp en een vaardige, creatieve pen.

Design: Sam de Groot,

05/08/16 09:01


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Of Sponge, Stone and the Intertwinement with the Here and Now A Methodology of Artistic Research Janneke Wesseling

This concise book introduces the notion of ‘experience’ as a key concept in a methodology of artistic research. The author traces a genealogy of ‘experience’ from William James, John Dewey and Alfred North Whitehead to Brian Massumi, placing this concept in a framework of research in visual art. The argument is founded in the practice of artistic research and in the reflection on the interweaving of thinking and making. This publication is a slightly extended version of Wesseling’s inaugural lecture at Leiden University in September 2016. Of Sponge... includes a collaboration with the Austrian

performance artist and PhD researcher Lilo Nein.

ISBN 978-94-92095-21-3

9 789492 095213

64 pp, paperback 20 x 15,5 cm (h x w) ENG, September 2016 NUR 654 ISBN 978-94-92095-21-3 € 10,00

ectator valiz-fw-16(CMYK-clean)-profile.indd 7

Sophie Berrebi: The Shape of Evidence 2014, E – ISBN 978-90-78088-98-1 € 25,00

ISBN 978-90-78088-98-1

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which elaborates on the notion of experience within artistic research, links The Perfect Spectator, which reflects on the interaction between the work of art and the observer, to another, future book on a methodology of artistic research (expected in 2017/18). This new book [no title as yet] is written from the perspective of the practice of artistic research and is inspired by the challenges faced by supervisors of projects in artistic research at a PhD level. In the forthcoming book chapters will include ‘The Importance of Posing the Question’, ‘Why Write?’, ‘Experience and Artistic Research’, as well as a reflection on some concrete case studies of PhD projects in artistic research. Keep track via our website and Facebook.

(also available)

eption Aesthetics (plans) nce of The the Artlecture Work inaugural Of Sponge...,

9 789078 088981


05/08/16 09:01

valiz-fw-16(CMYK-clean)-profile.indd 8

dramaturg. He has worked as a dance critic, curator and policy maker for dance. He now dedicates himself to research and production dramaturgy. He regularly lectures and publishes internationally, and has developed a series of workshops that aim to support artists and choreographers in their creative process. Cools has edited the transcripts of the talks in cooperation with dance dramaturg Lisa Marie Bowler. Supported by Akram Khan Company, London; Concertgebouw Bruges; Eastman, Antwerp; Fontys Dance Academy, Tilburg; les Ballets C de la B, Brussels; Sadler’s Wells, London

ISBN 978-90-78088-29-5 (RP)

ISBN 978-90-78088-35-6, (OP)

ISBN 978-90-78088-52-3

Dialogical practice, Movement, Space, Music/Time, Fields of energy

ISBN 978-90-78088-86-8

ISBN 978-90-78088-75-2

ISBN 978-90-78088-95-0


ISBN 978-90-78088-85-1

Dialogues with Sue Buckmaster, Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion, Rosemary Butcher, Dana Caspersen, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Tim Etchells, Antony Gormley, Jonzi D & Soweto Kinch, Akram Khan, Ruth Little, Russell Maliphant & Michael Hulls, Alain Platel, Hofesh Shechter

Author Guy Cools is a dance

ISBN 978-90-78088-77-6

Imaginative Bodies contains a series of in-depth conversations with dancers and choreographers, composers, visual artists, hip hop artists, dramaturgs, a lighting designer, and a puppeteer. The overall theme is defined by the body, both in relation to the place it takes in the artist’s work, and in relation to wider debates on the body in philosophy, science, medicine, anthropology, and the arts. Depending on the affinities of the artist, a more specific theme has been defined for each dialogue, ranging from poetics to politics, from mythology to ecology, from intercultural studies to conflict management. The associative chains of thoughts of these talks give an intimate insight into the creative process, inspirations, sources, identity, and ways of collaborating. It is through the sentient body that we experience, know and imagine. Imaginative Bodies reaffirms the central position of the body in many artistic practices.

ISBN 978-94-92095-20-6

Guy Cools (author) Lisa Marie Bowler (ed.)

9 789492 095206

Antennae/Arts in Society ca 240 pp, ENG October 2016 NUR 675 ISBN 978-94-92095-20-6 € 19,90

Imaginative Bodies Dialogues in Performance Practices

05/08/16 09:02

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Kon Efr Dan

valiz-fw-16(CMYK-clean)-profile.indd 9

Antennae/Arts in Society ca 240 pp, ENG October 2016 NUR 675 SBN 978-94-92095-18-3 € 19,90 9 789492 095183

ISBN 978-94-92095-18-3

Price Antennae € 19,50—€ 19,90 RP = reprint OP = out of print

Design: Metahven

ISBN 978-94-92095-03-9

ISBN 978-94-92095-10-7

ISBN 978-90-78088-81-3

ISBN 978-90-78088-50-9 (RP) ISBN 978-94-92095-11-4

ISBN 978-90-78088-87-5

ISBN 978-94-92095-04-6 (RP)

ISBN 978-90-78088-51-6 (OP)

Performance, Action, Work, Dramaturgy

ISBN 978-94-92095-02-2

ISBN 978-90-78088-52-3

ce, e,

Contributors Una Bauer, Simon Bayly, Andrea Božic, Nicola Conibere, Guy Cools, Augusto Corrieri, Konstantina Georgelou, Ivana Müller, Betina Panagiotara, Efrosini Protopapa, Joachim Robbrecht, Jonas Rutgeerts, Nienke Scholts, Arabella Stanger, Danae Theodoridou, Julia Willms, Jasna Jasna Žmak

ISBN 978-90-78088-57-8 (RP)

w emy,

There is a growing interest in the notion of dramaturgy, which is often discussed either as the work of the dramaturg, or as the compositional, cohesive, or sense-making aspects of a performance. Drawing on such views, The Practice of Dramaturgy addresses dramaturgy as a shared, politicized and catalytic practice that sets actions into motion in a more speculative, rather than an instructive way. The first part, ‘Dramaturgy as Working on Actions’, explores three working principles that lie at the heart of the editors’ propositions, and relates these to debates on action, work and post-Fordist labour. The second part, ‘Working on Actions and Beyond’, opens up to different artistic, social and political perspectives that such understanding of dramaturgy may give rise to.

ISBN 978-90-78088-53-0 (OP)

y earch s a d s with


Konstantina Georgelou, Efrosini Protopapa, Danae Theodoridou (eds.)

ISBN 978-90-78088-68-4

NUR 675 ISBN 978-94-92095-20-6 € 19,90


The Practice of Dramaturgy Working on Actions in Performance

05/08/16 09:02

19–23 October 2016 Frankfurter Buchmesse Stand 4.1/L 70 Messe Frankfurt (DE)

2 July–18 September 2016 Exhibition ‘Into Nature’ with herman de vries Museum De Buitenplaats, Eelde (NL), www.

November 2016 UQAM, Montreal (CA) Presentation and lecture Imaginative Bodies by Guy Cools,

16–18 September 2016 Independent Art Book Fair New York, Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, Brooklyn (US), www. 19 September 2016 Inaugural lecture Janneke Wesseling at Leiden University Academy Building, Leiden (NL) 24 September 2016 Lecture Rudi Laermans on collaboration in performance Middlesex University, London (UK), 13 October 2016– 8 January 2017 Exhibition ‘Ulay Life-sized’ Schirn, Frankfurt (DE) 18 October 2016 Book presentation Imaginative Bodies: Dialogues in Performance Practices with Guy Cools,

valiz-fw-16(CMYK-clean)-profile.indd 10

19 November 2016 Guy Cools’ book presentation Imaginative Bodies , before the show of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, National Arts Centre, Ottawa (CA), 1 or 2 December 2016 December Dance Bruges Concertgebouw Bruges (BE) On the British dance scene , with performances of Akram Khan, Jonathan Burrows, Russell Maliphant, Hofesh Shechter. Lecture Guy Cools Imaginative Bodies , www. decemberdance 9–11 December 2016 Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin (DE), 11 December 2016 Beurs voor Bijzondere Uitgevers Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)

ISBN 978-90-78088-54-7, € 45 ISBN 978-90-78088-94-3, € 24,00

15–18 September 2016 New York Art Book Fair 2016 MoMA PS1, New York (US)

18 November 2016 Lecture by Guy Cools on Imaginative Bodies and In-between Dance Cultures University of Ottawa (CA)

ISBN 978-94-92095-12-1, € 27,50

14 September 2016 Book presentation What’s the Use? Constellations of Art, History, and Knowledge Veem House for Performance, Amsterdam (NL)

11 and 15 November 2016 Lectures by Guy Cools on Imaginative Bodies and In-between Dance Cultures , Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Montreal (CA),

ISBN 978-90-78088-99-8, € 25,00

9–11 September 2016 WIELS Art Book Fair Brussels (BE),

ENG – ISBN 978-90-78088-70-7, € 39,90

ISBN 978-94-92095-13-8, € 19,90

12 June–4 September 2016 Exhibition ‘herman de vries – basic values’, Museum De Domijnen, Sittard (NL)

ISBN 978-90-78088-72-1 € 35,00

Sadler’s Wells, London (UK)



(Highlights) 05/08/16 09:02

(Complete List) (OP) = out of print (SC) = scarce, almost out of print All titles are in English, except for: (NL) = in Dutch only

ISBN 978-94-92095-13-8, € 19,90

Valiz—New | Forthcoming ___Facing Value Maaike Lauwaert, Francien van Westrenen (eds.) 2016, ISBN 978-94-92095-00-8, € 24,50 ___The Responsible Object Marjanne van Helvert (ed.) 2016, ISBN 978-94-92095-19-0, € 19,90 ___Slow Reader Ana Paula Pais, Carolyn Strauss (eds.) 2016, ISBN 978-94-92095-01-5, € 19,90

Antennae—New | Forthcoming ___Imaginative Bodies Guy Cools (author), Bowler (ed.) 2016, ISBN 978-94-92095-20-6, € 19,90 ___The Practice of Dramaturgy Georgelou, Protopapa, Theodoridou (eds.) 2016, ISBN 978-94-92095-18-3, € 19,90

vis-à-vis—New | Forthcoming ___Of Sponge, Stone and ... Janneke Wesseling (inaugural lecture) 2016, ISBN 978-94-92095-21-3, € 10 ___The Perfect Spectator Janneke Wesseling 2016, ISBN 978-90-80818-50-7, € 25

ISBN 978-94-92095-12-1, € 27,50

ISBN 978-90-78088-94-3, € 24,00

-7, € 45


trancity valiz—New | Forthcoming x

___Nieuw-West: Parkstad of Stadswijk (NL) Nio, Reijndorp, Veldhuis, Blom 2016, ISBN 978-94-92095-22-0, € 26,50

Antennae—Released ___Aesthetic Justice Pascal Gielen & Niels Van Tomme (eds.) 2015, ISBN 978-90-78088-86-8, € 19,90 ___Alternative Mainstream Gert Keunen 2015, ISBN 978-90-78088-95-0, € 19,90 ___Arts Education Beyond Art Barend van Heusden, Pascal Gielen (eds.) 2015, ISBN 978-90-78088-85-1, € 19,90 ___Community Art Paul De Bruyne, Pascal Gielen (eds.) 2011 [2013, 2nd ed.], ISBN 978-90-78088-50-9, € 19,90 ___Dread Juha van `t Zelfde (ed.) 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-81-3, € 19,50 ___The Ethics of Art Guy Cools, Pascal Gielen (eds.) 2014, ISBN 978-90-78088-87-5, € 19,90 ___The Fall of the Studio Wouter Davidts, Kim Paice (eds.)

valiz-fw-16(CMYK-clean)-profile.indd 11

2009, ISBN 978-90-78088-29-5, € 18,50 ___In-between Dance Cultures Guy Cools 2015, ISBN 978-94-92095-11-4, € 19,50 ___Institutional Attitudes Pascal Gielen (eds.) 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-68-4, € 19,50 ___Interrupting the City Sander Bax, Pascal Gielen, Bram Ieven (eds.) 2015, ISBN 978-94-92095-02-2, € 19,90 ___Locating the Producers (OP) Paul O’Neill, Claire Doherty (eds.) 2011, ISBN 978-90-78088-51-6, € 19,90 ___Mobile Autonomy Nico Dockx, Pascal Gielen (eds.) 2015, ISBN 978-94-92095-10-7, € 19,90 ___Moving Together Rudi Laermans 2015, ISBN 978-90-78088-52-3, € 19,90 ___The Murmuring of the Artistic Multitude (third revised edition) Pascal Gielen (eds.) 2015, ISBN 978-94-92095-04-6, € 19,90 ___No Culture, No Europe Pascal Gielen (ed.) 2015, ISBN 978-94-92095-03-9, € 19,90 ___Participation Is Risky Liesbeth Huybrechts (ed.) 2014, ISBN 978-90-78088-77-6, € 19,50 ___See it Again, Say it Again (OP) Janneke Wesseling (ed.) 2011, ISBN 978-90-78088-53-0, € 19,50 ___Spaces for Criticism Lijster, Milevska, Gielen, Sonderegger (eds.) 2015, ISBN 978-90-78088-75-2, € 19,90 ___Take Place (OP) Helen Westgeest (ed.) 2009, ISBN 978-90-78088-35-6, € 18,50 ___Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm Pascal Gielen & Paul De Bruyne (eds.) 2012, ISBN 978-90-78088-57-8, € 19,90

Valiz—Plans 2017 ___Jean Leering (NL) Paul Kempers (vis-à-vis) 2016, ISBN 978-94-92095-07-7, € 35 ___Marion von Osten, Once We Were Artists | BAK Maria Hlavajova, Tom Holert (eds.) 2016, ISBN 978-94-92095-14-5, € 19,90 ___Triple Bound Wouter Davidts (vis-à-vis) 2016/17, ISBN 978-90-78088-49-3, € 25

___Binnen in de stad (NL) Matthijs de Boer 2012, ISBN 978-90-78088-64-6, € 24,50 ___Compendium for the Civic Economy 2012, ISBN 978-90-78088-00-4, € 24,50 ___Farming the City / CITIES 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-63-9, € 27,50 ___De uitvinding van de leeszaal (NL) Maurice Specht, Joke van der Zwaard 2015, ISBN 978-90-78088-96-7, € 22,50 ___Pioniers in de stad (NL) Lokale Lente 2014, ISBN 978-90-78088-90-5, € 19,50 ___Publiek vastgoed (NL) Marc van Leent 2012, ISBN 978-90-78088-65-3, € 22,50 ___Reactivate! Indira van ‘t Klooster 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-80-6, € 27,50 ___Reactivate! (NL) Indira van ‘t Klooster 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-79-0, € 27,50 ___Het nieuwe stadmaken (NL) 2015, ISBN 978-94-92095-05-3, € 19,50 ___Stedelingen veranderen de stad (NL) Mariska van den Berg 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-82-0, € 15 ___Vernieuwing van de stadsvernieuwing (NL) 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-83-7, € 24,50 ___We Own The City Francesca Miazzo, Tris Kee (eds.) 2014, ISBN 978-90-78088-91-2, € 27,50

Valiz—Released | Backlist ___Amsterdam in Letters (OP) Maarten Helle 2008, ISBN 978-90-78088-25-7, € 29,50 ___Atlas AUP Gebieden Amsterdam (NL) Jouke van der Werf, Marina Roosebeek (eds.) 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-42-4, € 35 ___Autonomie als waarde (NL) Pascal Gielen e.a. (eds.) 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-66-0, € 15 ___Het Balkon (OP) (NL) 2008, ISBN 978-90-78088-19-6, € 5 ___BAVO, Too Active to Act (NL) 2010, ISBN 978-90-78088-38-7, € 15 ___Peer Bedaux, Architect (OP) 2006, ISBN 978-90-78088-06-6, € 33 ___Blommers & Schumm, Anita and 124 other portraits (OP) 2006, ISBN 978-90-78088-08-0, € 35

And much more.... check out our website:

___Blue Tuesdays, De Ateliers (OP) 2004, ISBN 90-807318-2-X, € 17,50

trancityxvaliz—Released | Backlist

___Koen van den Broek, Crack (OP) Davidts e.a. (ed.) 2010, ISBN 978-90-78088-41-7, € 29,50

___Atlas Nieuwe Steden (NL) 2012, ISBN 978-90-78088-62-2, € 29,50 ___Binational Urbanism Bernd Upmeyer 2015, ISBN 978-94-92095-06-0, € 22,50

___Van Brummelen & De Haan, Redrawing the Boundaries (SC) 2009, ISBN 978-90-78088-26-4, € 25

05/08/16 09:02

___Conditional Design Workbook (OP) 2013, ISBN 978-90-78088-58-5, € 24,50 ___Joost Conijn (OP) 2007, ISBN 978-90-78088-04-2, € 29,50 ___Common Skin—Myriam Mihindou Daphne Pappers (etd.) 2014, ISBN 978-90-78088-67-7, € 19,90 ___Luc Deleu—T.O.P. office: Orban Space Wouter Davidts, Stefaan Vervoort, Guy Châtel (eds.) 2012, ISBN 978-90-78088-60-8, € 27,50 ___The ABC of De Designpolitie (SC) 2008, ISBN 978-90-78088-21-9, € 10 ___Dit is Nederland / Dienstcatalogus (SC) (NL) Martijn Engelbregt 2006, ISBN 90-78088-02-8, € 4 ___Dutch Resource (SC) Werkplaats Typografie 2005, ISBN 978-90-80818-57-6, € 26 ___This is the Flow Rutger Wolfson (eds.) 2009, ISBN 978-90-78088-24-0, € 10 ___Gijs Frieling, Vernacular Painting (OP) Gijs Frieling, Job Wouters 2009, ISBN 978-90-78088-37-0, € 35 ___Future Publics | BAK Maria Hlavajova, Ranjit Hoskote (eds.) 2015, ISBN 978-94-78088-94-3, € 24 ___Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook (OP) Casco | Binna Choi, Maiko Tanaka (eds.) 2014, ISBN 978-90-78088-92-9, € 29,90 ___Ni Haifeng, The Return of the Shreds Ni Haifeng, Kitty Zijlmans (eds.) 2008, ISBN 978-90-71655-22-7, € 17,50 ___Sara van der Heide, Penumbra 2005, ISBN 90-80818-58-5, € 20 ___Highrise—Common Ground Jeroen Boomgaard (ed.) 2008, ISBN 978-90-78088-18-9, € 19,90 ___Langs het IJ (SC) (NL) Sabine Lebesque 2006, ISBN 978-90-78088-11-0, € 18,90 ___Along Amsterdam´s Waterfront (SC) Sabine Lebesque 2006, ISBN 978-90-78088-12-7, € 19,90 ___Het IJ rondom (NL) Sabine Lebesque 2011, ISBN 978-90-78088-47-9, € 18,50 ___Around Amsterdam’s IJ Banks Sabine Lebesque 2011, ISBN 978-90-78088-48-6, € 19,50 ___I Read Where I Am (OP) Mieke Gerritzen, Geert Lovink, Minke Kampman (eds.) 2011, ISBN 978-90-78088-55-4, € 17,50 ___Jakarta Megalopolis Arjan van Helmond, Stani Michiels 2007, ISBN 978-90-78088-01-1, € 19,50 ___Een nieuw huis voor Muis Mus (OP) (NL) Hanne Hagenaars with De Designpolitie 2008, ISBN 978-90-78088-20-2, € 5

valiz-fw-16(CMYK-clean)-profile.indd 12

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(B Re &

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© Val artist All rig prices

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(Book Trade Representation & Distribution)

We Own The City E-ISBN 978-90-78088-91-2 ISBN 978-90-78088-91-2 € 27,50

USA/CA/Latin America: D.A.P., Europe/Asia/Australia: Idea Books, Representatives or distribution partners Idea Books:

ISBN 978-90-78088-96-7

AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND – Perimeter Distribution – Justine Ellis & Dan Rule, CHINA AND HONG KONG – Edwin Chu FRANCE, SWITZERLAND AND WALLOON BELGIUM– Sébastien Richard GERMANY AND AUSTRIA – Kerstin Heyen, JAPAN AND ASIA – Julie Onishi RUSSIA, AFRICA – Tony Moggach SCANDINAVIA – Anna Eriksson SOUTHERN EUROPE – Bookport Associates, Individual orders:,

Design folder – Lotte Lara Schröder, Amsterdam, Typeface – Jungka, Univers LT Std, Times New Roman MT Std Paper – Arcoprint Milk, 100gr, 1.5 Printing – Ten Brink, Meppel © Valiz, Amsterdam / Trancity, Haarlem, artists, authors, designers, 2016. All rights reserved. All contents and prices can be subject to change!

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De waarde van het allerdaagse NL–ISBN 978-94-92095-16-9, € 19,50

9 789492 095060


De uitvinding van de leeszaal NL–ISBN 978-90-78088-96-7, € 22,50

ISBN 978-94-92095-16-9


9 789078 088912

Binational Urbanism E–ISBN 978-94-92095-06-0, € 22,50

9 789078 088967

Het nieuwe stadmaken NL–ISBN 978-94-92095-05-3 € 19,50

9 789492 095169

GB/IE: Anagram Books, Adeline Mannarini

ISBN 978-94-92095-06-0

NL/BE/LU: – Coen Sligting – Centraal Boekhuis

9 789492 095053

ISBN 978-94-92095-05-3


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Nieuw-West: Parkstad of Stadswijk De vernieuwing van de Westelijke Tuinsteden Amsterdam

I.s.m. Van E

Acht jaar na publicatie van de veelgeprezen Atlas Westelijke Tuinsteden Amsterdam verschijnt een grondige analyse van de effecten van de stedelijke-vernieuwingsoperatie in een van de grootste stadsuitbreidingen van Nederland. Wat is er ruimtelijk, sociaal en institutioneel veranderd in die periode? Wat is het effect van de vernieuwing, die begin eenentwintigste eeuw inzette op sloop-nieuwbouw en een diversere bevolkingssamenstelling? Wat zijn de gevolgen van de enorme druk op de Amsterdamse woningmarkt? Heeft de acht jaar geleden gesignaleerde ontwikkeling van meer diversiteit in voorzieningen en gebruik van de publieke ruimte zich doorgezet?

mental map bewoner

Rituelen, kaart Must

Ivan Nio, Arnold Reijndorp, Wouter Veldhuis, Anita Blom, Hein Coumou

En wat heeft de toenemende waardering van het erfgoed uit de jaren vijftig en zestig bijgedragen aan de vernieuwing van Nieuw-West? De auteurs geven antwoord op die vragen en signaleren per buurt belangrijke ontwikkelingen over de periode 2006–2016, waaraan de vernieuwingsoperatie positief heeft bijgedragen. Zij laten zien hoe binnen de bewoners meer differentiatie ontstaat en hoe zich een nieuwe middenklasse ontwikkelt. Amsterdam Nieuw-West is duidelijk meer stadswijk geworden. Deze publicatie biedt een perspectief voor een nieuwe omgang met de naoorlogse stadsuitbreidingen en hoe we na jaren van stagnatie de stedelijke vernieuwing weer op kunnen pakken. Met veel beeldmateriaal, o.a. series kaarten van Must.

How to revitalize urban peripheral areas that where built in the 1950s and 60s? In the 1980s and 90s they were considered dysfunctional, and the discussion arose: demolish or renew? Amsterdam Nieuw-West is one of these areas and an excellent case study for the positive effects of renewal, a specific long-term approach with an interesting and growing diversity in the social and urban sphere. (ONLY IN DUTCH!)


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ISBN 978-94-92095-22-0

9 789492 095220

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ca 160 pp, paperback ca 22 x 24 cm (h x w) DUTCH, October 2016 Design: Joseph Plateau NUR 648, ISBN 978-94-92095-22-0 € 26,50

Stedelijke vernieuwing 2004–2016, kaart Must

m cten

as In d e: st is ase wal,

Stedelijke vernieuwing, Culturele dynamiek, Diversiteit, Dagelijks leven




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I.s.m. Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed en Van Eesteren-Fluck & van Lohuizen Stichting

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herfst/fall/winter 2016-17

City Urban change Public domain

Stad Stedelijke ontwikkeling Publiek domein

trancityxvaliz Trancity en Valiz vinden elkaar in een gemeenschappelijke opvatting over de functie van publicaties. Onze boeken bieden kritische reflectie, zorgen voor interdisciplinaire inspiratie en leggen het verband tussen culturele disciplines en economische en sociaal-maatschappelijke kwesties. Simon Franke Pia Pol Astrid Vorstermans Sarah van Binsbergen

Trancity and Valiz share a common understanding regarding the function of publications. Our books offer critical reflection, interdisciplinary inspiration, and establish a connection between cultural disciplines and socio-economic questions.

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