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VALIZ, BOOK AND CULTURAL PROJECTS Thomas Bragdon Pia Pol Astrid Vorstermans Exp./Afz. Valiz, Het Sieraad, Studio K34–36 Postjesweg 1, NL–1057 DT Amsterdam





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THE SHAPE OF EVIDENCE Contemporary Art and the Document Sophie Berrebi The Shape of Evidence examines the role and use of visual documents in contemporary art, looking at artworks in which the document is valued not only as a source of information but also as a distinctive visual and critical form. It contends that for artists who use film, photography or written sources, adopting formats derived from specific professional, industrial, scientific of or commercial contexts, the document offers a way to develop a critical reflection around issues of representation, knowledge production, art and its history. It addresses several issues that are key both in art and in general culture today: the role of the museum and the archive, the role of documents and the trust that is placed in them, the circulation of such images and the historical genealogies that can be drawn in relation to images. It is based on a close reading of a select number of works of art (e.g. Christopher Williams, Fiona Tan, Jean-Luc Moulène), which makes it approachable and engaging with the reader. The book investigates objects and ideas drawn from a wide spectrum of areas including literature, history, photography history, scientific representation, surrealism, conceptual art, commercial photography etc. Ultimately the book invites viewers to reflect upon the production and interpretation of seemingly straightforward images, and proposes that some artists can show us through their practice how to turn these deceptively simple images inside out. Sophie Berrebi (1973) is a writer and art historian, born in Paris and living in Amsterdam. Her writing has appeared in frieze, Afterall, Metropolis M, and Art and Research, among other publications. She received her PhD from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London and has been based at the University of Amsterdam since 2003 where she teaches art history and theory, mainly in the areas of photography and contemporary art.

The new series vis-à-vis was set up to provide a solid but accessible platform to ‘studious’ subjects in the young visual arts, architecture and design. The authors relate to history and art history, to other authors, to recent events and to the reader. Most of them are academic researchers. What binds them is a powerful, visual way of thinking, an undaunted treatment of the subject matter, a fearless attitude to the mores of the academic world, and a skilful, creative style of writing. This series seeks to provide access to stimulating and relevant subjects and research that usually remain hidden to the non-academic world. De nieuwe serie vis-à-vis is bedoeld om ‘studieuze’ onderwerpen in de jonge beeldende kunst, architectuur of design op een degelijke, maar ook toegankelijke manier een podium te bieden. De auteurs verhouden zich tot de (kunst-) geschiedenis, tot andere auteurs, tot de actualiteit, tot de lezer. De auteurs zijn veelal academische onderzoekers. Wat hen bindt, is een grote beeldende denkkracht, een onverschrokken omgang met het onderwerp en met de mores van de onderzoekswereld, en een vaardige, creatieve pen. De reeks wil prikkelende en relevante onderwerpen en onderzoek, die normaliter voor de nietacademische wereld verborgen blijven, op een toegankelijke manier beschikbaar maken. Supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds 288 pp., paperback, 20 × 15,5 cm (h × w) ENG, November 2014 Design: Sam de Groot NUR 651, ISBN 978-90-78088-98-1, € 25

Later in 2015 available as ENGLISH paperback book The Perfect Spectator: The Experience of the Art Work and Reception Aesthetics 320 pp, paperback, 20 × 15,5 cm ENG, September 2015 Design: Sam de Groot NUR 651, ISBN 978-90-808185-0-7, € 25,00

Giovanni Anselmo Entrare nell’Opera, 1971

THE PERFECT SPECTATOR The Experience of the Art Work and Reception Aesthetics Janneke Wesseling

What happens between a spectator and an art work? How do we experience ‘meaning’ in an art work? How can the process of interpretation be understood and articulated? To address these questions, the author explores the field of reception aesthetics, with its central premise that the contemplation of art is a matter of interaction between the art work and the observer. The research is focused on unravelling and problematising the theoretical terminology of the interaction between art work and spectator, deriving from reception aesthetics as well as from hermeneutics and phenomenology, with the aim of building a new theoretical foundation for this terminology. Additionally, different concepts of spectatorship are extensively discussed. ‘I believe it is more productive to research how the art work works or signifies than what it shows or might signify. This ‘how’ reveals itself mainly in the performative act of experiencing the work.’ This book addresses scholars and students in the fields of art history, aesthetics and visual and cultural studies, as well as artists and art students, and all those art spectators who wish to develop a deeper understanding of the experience of art.

Nederlands e-book / DUTCH e-book, November 2014 De volmaakte beschouwer: De ervaring van het kunstwerk en receptie-esthetica Design: Sam de Groot NED, NUR 651, ISBN 978-90-78088-97-4, € 10

Ian Wallace Jazz Street II, 2001

DE VOLMAAKTE BESCHOUWER Janneke Wesseling has worked as an art critic for the Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad from 1982 to the present. She has published several studies on contemporary art and artistic research. Wesseling is co-director of PhDArts, at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts of Leiden University, and Professor and head of the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice at the University of the Arts, The Hague.




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De sleutelvraag van dit boek is: hoe werkt het kunstwerk? Het betoog bevindt zich op een snijvlak van receptie-esthetica, kunstbeschouwing en kunstkritiek en wordt ondersteund door veel voorbeelden uit de kunstgeschiedenis en uit de hedendaagse kunst. Het richt zich op een breed geïnteresseerd publiek dat zich nader wil verdiepen in de werking van het kunstwerk, maar het is ook bedoeld voor kunstenaars, critici, andere kunstprofessionals en studenten in kunst, filosofie en geschiedenis. Het wil een handreiking bieden voor het kijken naar kunst, met het doel de ervaring van kunstwerken te verdiepen. (Ned e-book)

Art & Society


The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook is a compendium of living research developed by artists, designers, theorists, neighbors, and activists who investigate and expand the status of the home outside the narrow lens of private concerns, but in consideration of the great potential in supporting a privateness that revitalizes and allows for other forms of sociality. It offers numerous entries that include case studies, project documentation, ephemera, analysis, and theory in the form of artistic, collective, and spatial design operations. This collection of texts and images is thereby unusual, complex, and fascinating, yet as constructive as any home interior catalog. The book provides tools for building a domestic commons where private and public merge and are thereby redefined. GDR is informed by neo-Marxist, post-structuralist, and late nineteenth-century material feminist views on domestic labor, issues, actions, and research. Inhabiting the structure of a 1960s home economics design manual, the book investigates existing domestic regimes and divides materials into the following key categories: Home Apparatus, Accommodations, Work at Home, Properties and Oikos, and Neighboring (Organizing). Many projects are woven throughout these chapters. They constitute a diverse and sometimes conflicting tapestry of domestic tactics, apparatuses of disruption, and political entanglements to spark your imagination and catalyze your own GDR practices. Whether you are a flexible worker, domestic worker, house husband, elderly caregiver, mother, activist, or student intern, this book aims to provide an evocative — if not useful — resource for an artistic, political, social, or personal “revolution” from the very place where you eat, sleep, and work. It brings together relations and tools being forged between the private and public spheres, and across multiple fields, in the interest of (in)forming society from the very inner but common sphere of the domestic realm. The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook evolves from the Grand Domestic Revolution (GDR) project at Casco—Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht. The content was explored during a two-year-long research residency at Casco, aspects of which are presented here through interviews, essays, personal accounts, diagrams, and more.

With Casco—Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht 336 pp, paperback, 32 × 24 cm (h × w) ENG, September 2014 Design: Åbäke NUR 612, ISBN 978-90-78088-92-9 € 29,50

Authors: Agency, Sepake Angiama, Ask!, Ruth Buchanan, Binna Choi, Doris Denekamp, Silvia Federici, Katherine Gibson, Arend Groosman, Shannon Jackson, Dolores Hayden, Christina Kiaer, Margaret Kohn, Gabriele Kunsch, Emily Pethick, Doina Petrescu, Precarias a la deriva, Simon Sheikh, Stavros Stavrides, Maiko Tanaka, Marina Vishmidt, Sarah van Walsum, and many others

cover image: Aernout Mik

FUTURE PUBLICS (THE REST CAN AND SHOULD BE DONE BY THE PEOPLE) A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art Maria Hlavajova, Ranjit Hoskote (eds.)

With BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, 324 pp., paperback, 16,5 × 11,5 cm (h × w) ENG, October 2014 Design: Kummer & Herrman NUR 651, ISBN 978-90-78088-94-3, € 24

Future Publics includes contributions by artists, theorists, and activists who reflect on the emergence of radically new publics, whose origins in moments of social crisis and political uncertainty inspire them to question existing forms of collective organization, decision-making structures, and protocols for the construction of social value and cultural meaning. These future publics recognize that the institutions of political and cultural life cannot continue as usual, following the collapse of late capital’s certitudes. Utopian yet pragmatic, insurgent yet self-critical, these publics resist being normalized into the official, conscriptive definitions of citizenship and instead contribute actively to the formation of new solidarities, cutting across conventional lines of class, region, ethnicity, and ideological affiliation. In the cultural field, future publics demonstrate a capacity for engagement that exceeds the passive observation of the ‘viewer’ or ‘consumer’. While developing a genealogy for future publics, the contributors to this volume also assemble a vocabulary that points towards artistic practices and emergent groups staged outside the rigid institutions of public culture: they address, among other phenomena, rebel citizenry, cultural users, stateless states, and devolutionary platforms. The reader explores how the imaginative and intellectual labor of such formations has proposed new speculative forms of belonging and collaboration beyond the ones envisaged within the paradigm of ‘contemporary art’. WE ROMA A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art Daniel Baker, Maria Hlavajova (eds.)

also available

We Roma inquires into the contemporary moment through the proposition of the ‘Roma model’ of existence as it resonates within artistic practice and civic imagination. By reversing outsider status, can we, with the claim that we are all Roma, invoke alternative futures? Artists, theorists, and activists of both Roma and non-Roma origin speculate upon the possibilities throughout this selection of new and anthologized texts.

Authors: Nancy Adajania, Ariella Azoulay, Amelia Barikin & Nikos Papastergiadis, Manuel Beltrán, David Graeber & Michelle Kuo, Dóra Hegyi, Tom Holert, Brian Holmes, Geert Lovink, Elżbieta Matynia & Joanna Warsza, Katya Sander, Simon Sheikh, and Stephen Wright

Ranjit Hoskote (1969) is a poet, cultural theorist, and curator. He lives and works in Bombay. Maria Hlavajova (1971) is artistic director of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. She has organized and curated numerous exhibitions both at BAK and internationally.

Authors: Albert Atkin, Huub van Baar, Damian James Le Bas & Delaine Le Bas, Zygmunt Bauman, Ethel Brooks, Àgnes Daróczi, Tony Gatlif & Cécile Kovacshazy with Alex Lykidis, Ian Hancock, Sanja Iveković, Timea Junghaus, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung & Regina Römhild, Salman Rushdie, Mike Sell

Art & Society

With BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, 288 pp., paperback, 16,5 × 11,5 cm (h × w) ENG, 2013 Design: Kummer & Herrman NUR 651, ISBN 978-90-78088-78-3, € 24

ISBN 978-90-78088-51-6 ISBN 978-90-78088-53-0 ISBN 978-90-78088-50-9 ISBN 978-90-78088-34-9 ISBN 978-90-78088-35-6 ISBN 978-90-78088-29-5 € 19,90 € 19,90 € 19,90; 2nd ed. € 19,90; 2nd ed. €18,50 € 19,50; 2nd ed.

Antennae Series ALTERNATIVE MAINSTREAM Making Choices in Pop Music Gert Keunen Which mechanisms and logics of decision making and choice lie at the basis of the selections made by people working in the pop music circuit? Which general frames of thinking and evaluating do pop music professionals apply? Almost as a rule, these people will talk about the same bands, those that make the crossover to the outside world – the ‘hypes’. What are the origins of these hypes? How is it possible that everybody talks about the same bands? What makes people talk about some, yet the same bands, while remaining silent about other bands? And why is it that only a small percentage of the legion of bands that stand at the gates get ample airplay, concerts, press coverage and, as a result, a sufficiently large audience? Alternative Mainstream deals with the music segment that lies between the ‘mainstream’ and the ‘underground’. This segment includes genres that range from hip hop to rock and from folk to electronic music. Gert Keunen attempts to uncover which aesthetics and ideologies lie at the basis of the cultural construct that is the alternative mainstream and embeds his findings in a broader socio-economic context.

Gert Keunen is a teacher, publicist and musician. He has a PhD in Sociology and teaches music history and music industry in Tilburg, Hasselt, Brussels and Ghent.

Arts in Society, with Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg ca 354 pp, ENG, October 2014 Design: Metahaven NUR 660, ISBN 978-90-78088-95-0, € 19,90

ANTENNAE SERIES Antennae are feelers for the reception or transmission of signals. This series is intended to pinpoint certain phenomena or new lines of thought in the arts and to explore them by means of essays. Antennae brings together these thematic lines and wants to offer points of reference for further discussion or follow-up research.

MOVING TOGETHER Making and Theorizing Contemporary Dance Rudi Laermans (ed.) Moving Together by Rudi Laermans examines contemporary dance from both a practical and a theoretical perspective, with interactions between the two. The author analyses three important tendencies in contemporary dance: pure dance, dance theatre, and (self-)reflexive dance. He proposes a (theoretical) conceptual framework and through extensive dialogues with choreographers he investigates how artistic cooperation results in dance. Rudi Laermans is Professor of Social Theory at the KULeuven (B) and writes regularly about dance and visual art. Arts in Society, with Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg ca 354 pp, ENG, November 2014 Design: Metahaven NUR 675, ISBN 978-90-78088-52-3, € 19,50

ISBN 978-90-78088-57-8 € 19,90; 2nd ed. ISBN 978-90-78088-81-3 ISBN 978-90-78088-52-3 ISBN 978-90-78088-68-4 € 19,50 € 19,90 € 19,90 ISBN 978-90-78088-87-5 ISBN 978-90-78088-77-6 € 19,90 € 19,90

Authors: Zoe Beloff, Arne De Boever, Mark Fisher, Matt Fraser, Pascal Gielen, Tessa Overbeek, Kerry James Marshall, Viktor Missiano, Carlos Motta, Nat Muller, Julie Atlas Muz, Gerald Raunig, Dieter Roelstraete, Hito Steyerl, Julia Svetlichnaja, Hakan Topal, Niels Van Tomme, Samuel Vriezen, Christian Wolff

AESTHETIC JUSTICE Intersecting Artistic and Moral Perspectives Niels Van Tomme, Pascal Gielen (eds.)

In this publication, sociologist Pascal Gielen and curator Niels Van Tomme invite a variety of artists and critical thinkers to reflect on new futures for the notion and practice of justice. Launching the proposition of ‘aesthetic justice’, the book offers thought-provoking views on the ways in which works of art may confront, and potentially redirect social and political imaginaries. Using analyses of contemporary art works that challenge the social, political or economic status quo, as well as interviews with artists and theoretical reflections, the book suggests alternatives for a more just future. It does so by considering the liberating potential of specific aesthetic frameworks used in a wide variety of artistic contexts, ranging from the visual arts to cinema, from music to theatre, and by exploring novel modes that can shape the emotionally charged concept of justice, and eventually transform it. Supported by the Mondriaan Fund Arts in Society, with Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg ca 354 pp, ENG, November 2014 Design: Metahaven NUR 651, ISBN 978-90-78088-86-8 € 19,90

Pascal Gielen teaches sociology of art and cultural politics at Groningen University. He is also director of the research group Arts in Society at Fontys School of Fine Arts and Performing Arts (Tilburg). Gielen has written several books on contemporary art, cultural heritage, and cultural politics. Niels Van Tomme is a New York based curator, researcher and critic who currently works at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture in Baltimore. His exhibition projects are shown internationally and investigate the intersections of contemporary culture, politics, and aesthetics.

Antennae Series

ANTENNAE PLANS 2015 N.B. all planned titles are working titles

TRIPLE BOUND Essays on Art, Architecture and The Museum Wouter Davidts

240 pp, 24 x 17 cm (h x w), ENG, February 2015 NUR 657, ISBN 978-90-78088-49-3, € 19,50

TEACHING ARTS IN A CHANGING CULTURE Art Education After The End of Art Barend van Heusden, Pascal Gielen (eds.)

Supported by the Mondriaan Fund Arts in Society, with Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg ca 354 pp, ENG, spring 2015 NUR 150, 651, ISBN 978-90-78088-85-1, € 19,90

SPACES FOR ART CRITICISM Geographical, Technological and Institutional Changes Pascal Gielen, Thijs Lijster (eds.)

Supported by the Mondriaan Fund Arts in Society, with Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg and Groningen University ca 320 pp, ENG, 2015 NUR 651, ISBN 978-90-78088-75-2, € 19,90

INTERRUPTING THE CITY The Art of Intervention Art Pascal Gielen, Sander Bax (eds.)

Supported by the Mondriaan Fund Arts in Society, with Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg ca 288 pp, ENG, 2015 NUR 758, ISBN 978-94-92095-02-2, € 19,90

Art & Society Just released: the paperback book Common Skin, Context Without Walls series Supported by the Mondriaan Fund, SNS REAAL Fonds, kf Hein Fonds 128 pages; paperback; 24 × 17 cm (h × w); ENG/NED Design: Meeus Ontwerpt NUR 644, 651, ISBN 978-90-78088-67-7, € 19,90


Artist: Myriam Mihindou (Gabon/France, 1964) Authors: Daphne Pappers & Liesbeth Levy Design: Meeus Ontwerpt ENG/NED, NUR 644, 651 ISBN 978-90-78088-93-6 October 2014 Format: Epub3, € 10

Together with Meeus Ontwerpt, PUNTPIXEL and Miriam Rasch (Institute of Network Cultures), Valiz has created its first e-book, specifically designed as such. In this digital edition of Common Skin, philosopher Liesbeth Levy and art critic Daphne Pappers disclose the work of the artist Myriam Mihindou (Gabon/France, 1964) and the power of dialogue. It includes an artist’s section in which Myriam Mihindou reveals the relationship between sketches, notes and key works. With a searchable database and no compromises made when it comes to images and design, this first Valiz e-book goes beyond the standard of most e-books today. The book will be available through the main digital bookstores and via our website.

WHISPERS: ULAY ON ULAY Maria Rus Bojan, Alessandro Cassin (authors) Ulay (1943) has been a pioneer of Polaroid photography and one of the central figures of performance art since the 1970s. A singular presence among the artists of his generation, his radically innovative work, partly known for his twelve-year partnership with Marina Abramović, has received critical acclaim worldwide. This generous volume Whispers reveals an extremely innovative oeuvre, coherently rooted in a personal life philosophy guided by strong ethical principles. Supported by Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds 536 pp, ca 1.100 ills., hardbound, 24 × 17 cm (h × w), ENG Design: HallerBrun NUR 642, 646, ISBN 978-90-78088-72-1, September 2014, € 29,50

EVENTS, FAIRS, PRESENTATIONS, TALKS AUP ARCHITECTURE WALKS, Amsterdam (Atlas AUP Gebieden Amsterdam), 2014 Starting point, Openbare Bibliotheek, Buitenveldert, 1pm • 16 & 30 August • 6 & 20 September • 8 & 22 November • 6 & 20 December 29 August 2014 Book launch The Ethics of Art, with Guy Cools Dalhouse Art Gallery, Halifax (CA) September 2014 (date to follow) Presentation We Own the City BRIC, Brooklyn/New York City (USA) September 2014 (date to follow) Presentation We Own the City Basheer, Hong Kong 4 September 2014 Book launch The Ethics of Art, with Guy Cools Bookshop Formats, Montreal (CA) 4–5 September 2014 Sustainable Creativity in the Post-Fordist Condition, with Pascal Gielen and many others Harmony, Groningen University (NL)

Contributors: Marina Abramović, Laurie Anderson, Timea Lelik, Tevž Logar, Thomas McEvilley, Charlemagne Palestine, Lena Pislak, Silvio Wolf

8 September 2014 The Day of the Emerging Artist, with Pascal Gielen and many others De Pont Museum, Tilburg

VAN EESTEREN TALKS, Amsterdam (Atlas AUP Gebieden Amsterdam) Introductions to the work of Van Eesteren by one or more speakers • 16 September: Successes and the emerging of Buitenveldert • 7 October: People in Buitenveldert: the demographic development of the area • 18 November: Public space, stones, green and water in Buitenveldert • 9 December: The future of Buitenveldert, heritage versus new developments 25–28 September 2014 London Art Book Fair Whitechapel Gallery, Londen (UK) 25–28 September 2014 New York Art Book Fair MoMA PS1, New York (USA) October 2014 (date to follow) Presentation We Own the City University Museum: MoNTUE, Taipei (TW) 13 October 2014 TRADERS Summer School #1: On participatory art and design and public space Hasselt & Genk (BE) (Participation Is Risky, Antennae) 8–12 October 2014 Frankfurter Buchmesse (DE) 31 October 2014 Book launch The Ethics of Art, with Guy Cools, as part of a Modul Dance Event, Tanzquartier Wien (AU)

Walter Nikkels, Depicted € 45,00

ISBN 978-90-78088-56-1 (E)

ISBN 978-90-78088-54-7 (E/D/NL)

Jurriaan Schrofer € 39,90

ISBN 978-90-78088-70-7 (E) ISBN 978-90-78088-69-1 (NL)

Willem Sandberg, Portrait of an Artist € 19,50

ISBN 978-90-78088-73-8 (E)


Camiel van Winkel, During the Exhibition... € 25,00

11 September 2014 Book launch The Ethics of Art, with Guy Cools, Bohemiam Café, Kelowna (CA) 12 September 2014 Valiz Party, 11 years Valiz, more than 100 books made, and a lot of other good news to be celebrated at Valiz’s studio!

PLANS/PLANNEN 2015 HERMAN DE VRIES, TO BE ALL WAYS TO BE Colin Huizing, Cees de Boer, and many authors Supported by the Mondriaan Fund, late spring 2015 Design: Remco van Bladel, many images, NUR 642, ISBN 978-90-78088-99-8, ENG, € 25,00 Publication parallel to the Dutch entry at the Biennale di Venezia, 2015

VALIZ NEW — 2014 — THE SHAPE OF EVIDENCE Berrebi, vis-à-vis ISBN 978-90-78088-98-1 (E) € 25,00 — DE VOLMAAKTE BESCHOUWER Wesseling, vis-à-vis ISBN 978-90-78088-97-4 (N) € 10,00 (e-book) — GRAND DOMESTIC REVOLUTION HANDBOOK ISBN 978-90-78088-92-9 (E) € 29,50

SLOW READER: A RESOURCE FOR DESIGN THINKING AND PRACTICE Carolyn Strauss, Ana Paula Pais, and many authors, fall 2015. In collaboration with slowLab, supported by the Creative Industries Fund, NL Design: Ana Paula Pais, NUR 656, ISBN 978-94-92095-01-5, ENG, € 19,50 Providing meaningful theoretical and practical substance to open up the importance of Slow knowledge to the contemporary design discourse; design as in thinking out new systems in diverse contexts and communities.

UPCYCLING [working title] Maaike Lauwaert, Francien van Westrenen, and many authors. In collaboration with Stroom, Den Haag, summer/fall 2015 Design: Elisabeth Klement & Laura Pappa, paperback, NUR 646, 656, ISBN 978-94-92095-00-8, ENG, € 19,50 About the imaginative re-use of materials, and value creation by artists, designers and architects, with source texts, new texts and images.

— FUTURE PUBLICS (THE REST CAN AND...) ISBN 978-90-78088-94-3 (E) € 19,90


— COMMON SKIN, MIHINDOU ISBN 978-90-78088-93-6 (E-N) € 10,00 (e-book)

— ALTERNATIVE MAINSTREAM ISBN 978-90-78088-95-0 (E) € 19,90

— COMMON SKIN, MIHINDOU ISBN 978-90-78088-67-7 (E-N) € 19,50 paperback — WHISPERS: ULAY ON ULAY ISBN 978-90-78088-72-1 (E) € 29,50

— AESTHETIC JUSTICE ISBN 978-90-78088-86-8 (E) € 19,90

— MOVING TOGETHER ISBN 978-90-78088-52-3 (E) € 19,90 ANTENNAE PLANS 2015 — TRIPLE BOUND (2015) ISBN 978-90-78088-49-3 (E) € 19,50

6 November 2014 Lecture about Community Art, by Pascal Gielen HSLU Design & Kunst, Luzern (CH) 27 November 2014 (2pm-10 pm) Mini-conference on Arts, Politics and Ecology, curated by Guy Cools (The Ethics of Art) Kunstencentrum Vooruit with UGent, Ghent (BE), 27–28 November 2014 Conference ‘Art Handling’, with Pascal Gielen Migros Museum for Contemporary Arts, Zürich (CH) 7 December 2014 (1 pm–5 pm) Paradiso Boekenbeurs, Amsterdam 12–14 December 2014 Fruit Exhibition Book Fair Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna also see > Agenda/Calendar

— TEACHING ARTS IN A CHANGING CULTURE (2015) ISBN 978-90-78088-85-1 (E) € 19,90


— SPACES FOR ART CRITICISM (2015) ISBN 978-90-78088-75-2 (E) € 19,90

— WE ROMA, CRITICAL READER ISBN 978-90-77288-16-0 (E) € 24,00

— INTERRUPTING THE CITY (2015) ISBN 978-94-92095-02-2 (E) € 19,90 VALIZ PLANS — THE PERFECT SPECTATOR (2015) Wesseling, vis-à-vis ISBN 978-90-808185-0-7 (E) € 25,00

— WALTER NIKKELS ISBN 978-90-78088-54-7 (E/N/D) € 39,50

— SANDBERG PORTRAIT ISBN 978-90-78088-73-8 (E) € 19,50 — JURRIAAN SCHROFER (N) ISBN 978-90-78088-69-1 (E) ISBN 978-90-78088-70-7 € 39,90 for a complete list see:

trancityxvaliz order list

WeOwnTheCity € 27,50

___ BINNEN IN DE STAD ISBN 978-90-78088-64-6 (N) € 24,50

ISBN 978-90-78088-82-0 (NL)

ISBN 978-90-78088-83-7 (NL)

Stedelingen veranderen de stad € 15,00 ISBN 978-90-78088-63-9 (E)

Vernieuwing van de stadsvernieuwing € 24,50 ISBN 978-90-78088-90-5 (NL)

Pioniers in de stad € 19,50

___ ATLAS NIEUWE STEDEN ISBN 978-90-78088-62-2 (N) € 29,50

Reactivate! € 27,50

ISBN 978-90-78088-00-4 (E) Compendium for the Civic Economy € 24,50


ISBN 978-90-78088-80-6 (E) SBN 978-90-78088-79-0 (NL)

ISBN 978-90-78088-91-2 (E)


Farming the City € 27,50

___ COMPENDIUM CIVIC ECONOMY ISBN 978-90-78088-00-4 (E) € 24,50 ___ FARMING THE CITY ISBN 978-90-78088-63-9 (E) € 27,50 ___ PIONIERS IN DE STAD ISBN 978-90-78088-90-5 (N) € 19,50 ___ PUBLIEK VASTGOED ISBN 978-90-78088-65-3 (N) € 22,50 ___ REACTIVATE! (N) 978-90-78088-79-0, € 27,50 (E) 978-90-78088-80-6, € 27,50 ___ STEDELINGEN VERANDEREN DE STAD ISBN 978-90-78088-82-0 (N) € 15,00 ___ VERNIEUWING VAN DE STADSVERNIEUWING ISBN 978-90-78088-83-7 (N) € 24,50 ___ WE OWN THE CITY ISBN 978-90-78088-91-2 (E) € 27,50

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BOOK TRADE / REPRESENTATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF VALIZ TITLES AND trancityxvaliz TITLES: NL/BE/LU: Coen Sligting, Centraal Boekhuis, GB/IE: Anagram Books Europe/Asia/Australia: Idea Books, USA/CA/Latin America: D.A.P., Individual orders: Trancity en Valiz zijn samenwerkende uitgeverijen die elkaar vinden in een gemeenschappelijke opvatting over de functie van publicaties. De boeken bieden kritische reflectie, zorgen voor interdisciplinaire inspiratie en leggen het verband tussen culturele disciplines en economische en sociaal-maatschappelijke kwesties. Publicaties over de stad, stedelijke ontwikkeling en het publieke domein zijn de kern van de samenwerking trancityXvaliz. For the English explanation of the collaboration trancityXvaliz: see cover. © Valiz, Amsterdam / Trancity, Haarlem, artists, authors, designers, 2014 All rights reserved. Folder design: Elisabeth Klement, Logo design: Joseph Plateau, Amsterdam Typeface: Univers, Arial Paper: white offset, 90 grams Printing: Ten Brink, Meppel The prices and content of this folder can be subject to change!

t r a n c i t y xv a l i z DE UITVINDING VAN LEESZAAL ROTTERDAM WEST Collectieve tactieken en culturele uitwisselingen Maurice Specht, Joke van der Zwaard Na de sluiting van de bibliotheek in de Rotterdamse wijk Het Oude Westen richtten actieve wijkbewoners Leeszaal Rotterdam West op, dat in korte tijd opgroeide tot een bloeiende ontmoetingsplek. De uitvinding van Leeszaal Rotterdam West begon met twee vragen aan de bewoners: hoe ziet jouw ideale Leeszaal er uit, en wat zou je er zelf aan kunnen bijdragen? Kort daarna werd er een pand ingericht en ontstond een mooie publieke ontmoetingsplek rond taal, literatuur, verbeelding en participatie die volledig draait op een bont gezelschap van vrijwilligers. Hoe verliep dat proces en wat is het resultaat? Leeszaal Rotterdam West wordt vaak gebruikt als voorbeeld van hoe zo’n ontwikkeling niet moet (amateurisme door bezuinigingen) en hoe het wel moet (bewonersinitiatief). In dit boek wordt de Leeszaal van binnenuit belicht en bespreken de initiatiefnemers aan de hand van hun praktijkregistraties en theoretische inspiratiebronnen de Leeszaal als zelforganisatie, als publiek domein, als leer- en werkplek en als cultuurbazaar. Dit is geen handboek met richtlijnen en waarschuwingen, maar een kritisch en praktisch ideeënboek over mogelijkheden en ingewikkeldheden om met anderen je eigen stad te maken. Voor doe-hetzelvers, professionals en ambtenaren, en interessant voor alle anderen die over stedelijke ontwikkeling van onderop en de inrichting van maatschappelijke en culturele ontmoetingsplaatsen nadenken.

Supported by Stichting Doen, Stichting Solidaridam Stichting Atelier Rochussen 192 pp., paperback, 23 × 17 cm (h × w) text in Dutch, November 2014 Design: Karin ter Laak NUR 758, ISBN 978-90-78088-96-7, € 22,50

After budget cuts forced the public library of the Het Oude Westen area in Rotterdam to close, members of the community took matters into their own hands and founded the Leeszaal Rotterdam. This public, communitycontrolled library is often used as an example of a successful bottom-up initiative. In this publication the Leeszaal is used as case study to learn about creating your own city in a critical, reflexive way.

Maurice Specht is filosoof en publiceerde eerder over zelforganisaties in de stad. Joke van der Zwaard is ontwikkelingspsycholoog en publiceerde over rondkomen, vooruitkomen en samenleven in stadswijken.

FALL / WINTER 2014/2015 NAJAAR/ WINTER trancityXvaliz is a co-operation of two independent publishers. They share a common understanding regarding the function of publications. Their books offer critical reflection, interdisciplinary inspiration, and establish a connection between cultural disciplines and socio-economic questions. Publications on the city, urban change and the public domain are at the core of the collaboration between Trancity and Valiz.


Exp./Afz. trancityXvaliz, Het Sieraad, Studio K34–36 Postjesweg 1, NL–1057 DT Amsterdam

Simon Franke acquisition and editing t (+31) (0)23-5324144

Pia Pol, Astrid Vorstermans co-editing, publicity, sales, distribution t (+31) (0)20-6764144

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