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Phuket Sa-ard Let’s see inside


we can


successful and keep the world clean with the power of Phuketians



Baan Yamu

“  ” Absolute Hair Clinic World Professional with Thai Hospitality Medical Treatment for Hair Loss Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Hair Transplant in Women Hair Transplant in Scarred Scalp Eyebrow Transplant Mustache, Beard Transplant

Absolute Hair Clinic is a hair transplant clinic absolutely devoted to hair restoration founded by a well-trained hair

transplant surgeon certified by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). If you have hair loss, hair thinning, baldness or Androgenetic alopecia and looking for hair treatment or hair replacement, we can help to grow your hair back. The Royal Place, Tesco Lotus Intersection Tel: +66(0)76 612 762, +66(0) 860 411 336 Fax: +66(0)76 612 763 Email: Website:

Sanctuary of Serenity La Colline is nestled among hills of deep, lush greenery surrounding all year round by the scent and colours of tranquil acres of tropical flowers. Luxuriate in your three- or four-bedroom home, relax – with friends or on your own – in your extensive poolside sala. Gently admire the white pathway meandering through the garden that surrounds your magnificent g villa,, standing g supreme. p


Email: info@ 6 271 783 7 ) 0 ( 6 6 + : x a 71 770 / 1 F Te l : + 6 6 ( 0 ) 7 6 2 SHUW\ &R /WG

w. p r o p .com ww property55


Editor’s NOTE W

e’ve heard a lot about global warming, great disasters, earthquakes, flashfloods, new diseases discovered and so many negative changes that continually happen. It seems like the world is crying or maybe screaming out loud just to get our attention back. Is it because WE are ruining the planet earth?...The answer is YES. We’ve spoiled our homeland with and without intention. We keep a current and future development but never look back to what we’ve done. What can be achieved by being selfish and destroying nature, the great supporter? We realized that a financial crisis is not the world’s most significant problem anymore compared to the earth’s environmental problems. Then ‘Phuket Sa-ard’ project started. ‘Phuket Sa-ard’ or ‘Clean Phuket ‘ is a project that aims to create awareness among people. We do want to remind everyone and of course ourselves to start saving our homeland. It’s not only about saving Phuket but the whole world. Let’s see inside how we can make ‘Phuket Sa-ard’ successful and keep the world clean with the power of Phuketians. P.S. Let’s smile together this May 2010! Good bye until next time,

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Phuket Sa-ard Let’s see inside


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we can


successful and keep the world clean with the power of Phuketians


Baan Yamu na t er

ional D e Center

Phuket In t


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CONTENTS FEB 2010 - APR 2010

PEOPLE         

INDEXERS              

FEATURES                 





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ON THE COVER            8

Nail Enhancements Manicure / Pedicure Polish Paint and Color Changes Manicure / Pedicure Spa Treatment Paraffin Hands & Feet Treatment Nail Art Designs Acrylic Nail / Gel Nail Extension Decorate Nail Designs

Nail Club by Thanya

Big C Suppercenter 1st Floor (Super Market Floor)

Nail Club by Thanya No.2

Soi Bangla

Behind Junceylon Shopping Destinaion Call +66 (0) 81 797 2286, +66 (0) 76 248 095

Delivery Service Available

Rath-u-thit 200 Pi Rd.

Nail Club by Thanya

Junceylon Shopping Destination

Baan Zaan Fresh Market

Nail Club by Thanya No.2

People Foc us


Thanaphum Hongsyok A CHALLENGING SHIFT FORWARD Born in Bangkok and grew up in Phuket before moving to Bangkok again to pursue higher level of education. Graduated with two master degrees from the US: MBA in Finance and Master in Computer Application (Software Design), came back to help family business as the financial crisis in 1997 hit Thailand hard. That is a very brief biography of Thanaphum Hongsyok or ‘Tiny’, the only son of Phuket’s renowned business tycoon and politician Phummisak Hongsyok who runs many businesses involving real estate, residential development, vehicle sales, etc for decades. Thanaphum Hongsyok or ‘Tiny’ today represents part of his family’s extensive business portfolio talking about his life with Mazda Phuket:


People Focus

Thanaphum Hongsyok


People Foc us

How did you become a part of Mazda Phuket? After my graduation, I got back to Phuket and found that there was lots of work to do when the ‘Tom Yum Goong’ crisis troubled many businesses. I decided to approach our family business by initially becoming a Financial Controller for Honda, Anuphas Vividhkarn Co., Ltd. Bit by bit, I got deeper with the overall picture and learned all about finance. I moved to take the helm for Mazda after acquiring some level of experience from working for Honda. What is the difference between working for Honda and Mazda? At Honda, my job was only to improve already pleasing sales and services. But with Mazda, things are more complicated and challenging. I have to research more in marketing aspects, an area I’m not strong at theoretically nor in experience. So how do you deal with it? No other way but to do it right away and learn from reality and mistakes. And the outcome? 70 percent succeeded and 30 percent failed. For me, it was satisfying though. Two campaigns that created 70 percent of success are: ‘zoom-zoom’ sticker’s strategy which helped indirectly drive brand awareness among the Phuket community, along with almost a full range of test-drive cars we provided for those who interested in our new launched Mazda 2. How about the feedback for Mazda 2? It is very good despite the target market being slightly different from what has been aimed at first. Mazda 2 in Phuket, instead of attracting the younger market, has become like a third car for the family. Launched on November 17th last year, till the end of the year, we could sell 80 cars within only one and a half months. That is a great move we have made and it came at the right time to achieve the annual target. Mazda 2 compensated for the drop in truck sales.


Mazda versus other brands? Prior to this, we were focusing on the truck section. If talking about sedans, we have only Mazda 3 to compete with others in the C segment; however there was no representative for B segment until the arrival of Mazda 2 that perfectly opens the new door to other segments. Mazda CX-9, Mazda’s flagship SUV will also hit the market soon. What is your strong point? Of course it is our chassis drivers can trust, combined with the favourable appearance. Look at Mazda 3 for example - the model has been launched for almost five years but it’s still popular, not to mention Mazda 2 which has been designed to be more fashionable. Together with JTEPA [The Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement] privilege, we can offer imported cars in even more competitive prices than importers in the grey market can. How about the customer trend these days? As said, although the Phuket market is not exactly similar to the national market, Mazda 2 is a good start for us to look further than the existing segment we have been playing. We don’t expect large volumes of sales but are recognized and accepted among target groups. That is gratifying. What challenges you the most? It’s real life. Because planning in the paper and practical stage does not always get along. Outside factors make it difficult. From January 2nd to the end of the year, for me everyday is challenging. How do you set the goal for this year? To make sales for saloons higher than trucks. Consider such good Mazda 2’s feed back, it’s much possible to make more than the lost number of the truck.

Mazda for PHUKET


“In manufacturing process, we use some parts produced from recyclable materials such as plastic to help reduce waste volume. However, the quality remains high standard.”


bliss embraces at your stay‌

Discover contemporary design, only a step to the beach, features the truly relaxing Pool Villa, Pool Access and the Surface Bar with panoramic views, indulge yourself throughout lifestyle entertainment in tropical paradise on Patong Beach.

La Flora Resort Patong

39 Taweewong Rd., Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 344 241 Fax: +66 (0) 76 344 251 Email:

People Foc us

Watcharapin Managing Director of Dara Hotel 14

People Focus

The background Mr. Katha Watchirapin, who previously worked for private corporate in Bangkok, said that what brought him into the hotel business for the first time was a kind suggestion from his aunt and lovely cousins. “They have been in the business for over two decades already. When considering the fact that the land is originally my family’s, together with the advantages of the location and the high potential of Phuket Island as a tourist destination, we decided to begin Dara Hotel.”

The concept When the helm set, the team was ready to move in. The big challenge was to make their imagination become tangible. Mr. Katha researched and worked closely with the architect for the hotel’s design. “It was a mixture of my own ideas and the architect’s development.

Colour for life


new colourful building located just south of Phuket’s busiest intersections near Darasamut School may direct the direction of your gaze from the traffic jams in front of you once you notice its existence. If its bright and cheerful colours are part of the effort to grab people’s attention, we think the mission has been accomplished. Questions have popped up in my head after the first impression and we are quite sure it’s similar to yours. What’s the building for? Is it a new apartment? Who is the owner? How dare he or she ignore the norm! Find out more with us. The toy-like building is actually Dara Hotel which just opened in mid 2009. The owner of the hotel is Mr. Katha Watcharapin who spent about half an hour with us to clarify all doubts regarding his hotel and his attitude.


People F oc us

For the best of my knowledge yet based on many reliable researches, colours have a powerful influence on one’s cognitive performance. So we chose to play around this attitude.” He and his team tried to think outside the box. They swept aside the basic theory of colour-matching and did the experiments with real example themselves as part of the process to comprehend the actual feelings colours may inspire.

“We are striving to be an element of visitors’ highly independent vacation. Dara Hotel is a hip hotel providing a comfortable stay and a convenient solution that may fulfill the requirements when people are looking for such experience in Phuket.”

The target Dara Hotel is positioned as a high valued city hotel for both Thai and foreign travellers. “Those from neighbouring countries in particular have become our areas of concern after low cost airlines in the region are achieving rapid growth.” Direct flights to Phuket operated by AirAsia, Tiger Airways, Firefly Airlines, to name a few, bring more visitors from Singapore, Malaysia, Penang, Jakarta, Medan Hong Kong, Taipei, and even Australia. “With a short flying time within 5 hours, they may visit Phuket more than once a year and that means our opportunity too.” The internet savvy client is also a main target. Those who are looking for a medical service as well are included since the location gives convenient nearby access to major hospitals.

The dominant feature “Of course it’s our colour that is outstanding but more than that I think it’s because of what’s inside the package we offer that will bring our guests back.” Looking at the other side of the coin, though they are not pioneers of the industry, as newcomers they benefit from something a veteran won’t. “Fortunately,


we are new enough to choose only the latest technology and the highest quality facilities to utilize in our hotel. That makes Dara Hotel value for money.”

What has been learned? ‘Word of mouth’ is the most powerful tool in marketing, not newspapers nor TV adverts. “My cousin and my role model as well told me this and I can see it’s true. People will tell others when you do well and vice versa so you have to do your best. I have learned to give, to not only think about the gain. I try to offer the most I can to our guests. I’ve learned to be focused and patient when I see a barrier blocking my way.”

Life is learning When one is growing up, one’s perception on life is likely to change like Mr. Katha’s. “Previously my motto was like ‘just live your life’. But when I grew up and especially when I started my own business it became ‘dead fish don’t struggle’ that keeps pushing me forward every time I face hardships. Life is like travelling and the travelling is colour for life.”

Mr. Katha for


PHUKET SA-ARD “I just want to see Phuket clean, well organised and green. I think Phuket deserves good care from all of us. For Dara Hotel, we are trying to be environmentally friendly the most we can. We opted for a renewable energy system by using waste heat from air-conditioning to produce hot water. We reuse and recycle paper here. As an individual I think we can also help Phuket by properly sorting garbage.”

Eats & Fun Chef T alk

Peking Roasted Duck

When did you first become interested in cooking? “It was when I was less than 15 years old.”

Please tell us how did you start your culinary career? “I initially was just a helper in the kitchen. At that time (about 60 years ago) I worked hard to get only 2 baht a month (approx 4,000 – 5,000 baht these days). Until I moved up and got 5 baht a month. In the past there were no cooking schools. Working in the real kitchen is the only way for people to learn cooking and it was the same for me.”

What is your experience in Chinese restaurants?

Chuchart Thammasatisuk (Leing Wang Teo) Chinese Executive Chef at The Royal Kitchen

“Prior to this, I worked for one of the oldest and most famous Chinese restaurants in Thailand named “Hoy Tien Lo”. The seven years at the country’s premier restaurant was a priceless experience since it helped clear up my career path and acted like a visa for me to get ahead. I then spent two and a half years in Japan before coming back to Bangkok and I also did a stint in Australia for a year.”

And then?

A short story of a long journey The Royal Kitchen boasts itself as Phuket’s tallest and one of the finest Cantonese restaurants in Phuket. Open since 1989, the restaurant continues writing down another page of its long history. We at got a chance to spend a few minutes with its executive chef, the man whose name can never be missed in the end credits.

“I flied back to Thailand and began working for The Royal Paradise ever since then. It was over 20 years ago from the first day I came here to set up the kitchen. Who knows it may become my only workplace for the rest of my life.”

Why don’t you move again? “Living in Phuket is so comfortable and convenient when compared to living in Bangkok. That’s the reason.”

Chef Chuchart for


“Looking at my work, we in the kitchen have to sort all the garbage and waste. What is also practiced here is to collect used cooking oil and sell it at minimal cost to buyers who will process it to bio-diesel.”



Eats & Fun Delicious Dish

Emperor’s menu on the top o

Thai cuisine is unique, well known and worth trying,

Emperor’s Salad

Peking Roasted Duck

Mixed fruit salad comes in a beautifully carved watermelon; Served with a tangy mayonnaise dressing. Topped with fresh shrimp.

Superb with the thin, crispy skin, cut into one hundred and twenty slices in front of the diners before being served.

it cannot be argued. But if you have been in Phuket for more than a week and have tried a lot of recommended dishes e.g. Tom Yum Goong, Thai Green Curry Chicken, Pad Thai, Gai Pad Met Mamuang, Fried Spring Roll, Panaeng, Moo Sa-Te, etc. from various restaurants throughout the island, you may want to take a break for the sake of your stomach in order to continue exploring the hidden dishes on menus. And if you are looking for inspiration, we recommend you head to Patong, look for The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa in which The Royal Kitchen is located on its 25th floor, and find some emperor Chinese cuisine.

Steamed Sea Crab in Soy Sauce

The Royal Paradise is centrally located at Patong Beach on Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road. Dining at The Royal Kitchen, diners are allowed to enjoy panoramic views of 180° over Patong’s bay from the top of the island’s tallest hotel tower. The kitchen opens daily for: Lunch 11:00 am. - 02:00 pm., Dinner 06:00 pm. - 11:00 pm.

Fresh lump of crabmeat sauteed in soya sauce with vegetable and served in shell.


Eats & Fun P huk et S a- ar d




Teerasak Srirath

Wannah Nontamit

Piangpen Thampradit

“As a Restaurant Manager, I constantly remind my crew to sort garbage out before throwing. For me personally, I live in a company’s dormitory and we have a commitment that we will throw every garbage bag from a dormitory only when the garbage compactor truck arrives at around 5 in the morning.”

“We take part in every environmentally friendly event which asks for cooperation. For example, we got involved in a clean up activity hosted by Patong Municipality since the middle of last year 2009 that led us to receive an honorable certificate recently.”

“At Sri panwa, we take care with the cleanliness of our area as a normal practice. We sort out the rubbish and always look for things to reuse and recycle. For Phuket, if we look at the capacity, we’ll see the waste volume is comparatively high. Although we have an incinerator, it’s not enough. Part of the reason is because people don’t sort out their garbage. I love the idea of a recycling business as it helps Phuket at the same time. Phuket somehow has too much trash, so it’s our work to think how we can keep it clean.”

Restaurant Manager, S.T.P. Group

Asst. F&B Manager, The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa

F&B Development Manager, Sri panwa

Te T ee erra assak S Srrir atth ira h

amit Wannah Nont



ra n Thamp


   

Rim Talay Thai Restaurant

The Grange Steak & Seafood Grill

Café Loma

Andaman Pool Bistro

Bangtao Bay, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 324 352 Fax: +66 (0) 76 324 353 Email:

Mom Tri’s Kitchen

at Villa Royale

Elegant Dining by the Sea Thai & Mediterranean Cuisine Awarded Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence

12 Kata Noi Rd. Kata Noi Beach, Phuket 83100 e-mail :

Reservation Call : 076-333 568

Eats & Fun Feat ur ed D ining


The sum of three unique dining experiences Island dining is great and unique with the breathtaking views of Kamala Bay at Cape Sienna.

The Poolside Bar & Restaurant

Plum Fine Dining

Vanilla Sky Bar & Lounge

The Poolside Bar and Restaurant is where east meet west. The restaurant serves both Oriental and International Cuisines for breakfast, lunch, daytime snacks and dinner alfresco from 6:30 am until midnight. An ultra-modern pool and patio décor together with an ocean breeze allow the utmost in relaxing dining all day and all night.

What could be more romantic than sitting with our beloved, having a selection of delectable dishes and a glass of a decent drink right in front of you two with the Andaman’s twilight sky revealing its mysterious thoughts to your eyes? Plum Fine Dining has seduced Phuket with tasteful ease. It is one of the best locations to enjoy the ocean’s beauty. The restaurant serves fusion cuisine inspired by oriental spices from 6 pm onwards.

The Vanilla Sky Bar & Lounge may be the peak and the pride of Cape Sienna. The views from this position are second to none and the atmosphere is indescribable. A deep understanding in art even takes it to another level. The bar serves a range of exotic cocktails from 5pm till midnight.

Breakfast: 6:30 am - 10:30 am Lunch: 12:00 am – 3:00 pm Dinner: 6:00 pm – 12.00 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm (closed on Monday and Wednesday)

Guests are allowed to use the snooker room on its third floor. They also have The Chambre Separe on the top-floor available for private special parties on any occasions. Bar open: 5:00pm – 12:00pm

Cape Sienna 18/40 Moo 6, Nakalay Road, Kamala, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand Tel: + 66 (0) 76 337300 Fax: + 66 (0) 76 337399 Email: Website:



Eats & Fun Fe at ur ed Dining

The LoVnge of DaVinci Instead of going somewhere else on a chilling morning or a stressful afternoon, why not cherish a moment with family or friends by heading to The LoVnge?

Large comfortable lounge sofa and an easy rhythm over a light melody are the norm here, as is impeccable service. In a cozy and friendly Italian ambiance, The LoVnge is an ideal place to spend a peaceful afternoon.

In the morning after you have done with daily routines, why not start the day with a fine hot coffee complemented by a freshly baked homemade croissant, Pain au Chocolate, or a quiche from a varied selection? Let the tropical sunlight and fresh food invigorate your senses.

The LoVnge is part of the most traditional al Italian al restaurant in Phuket, “DaVinci� located in n the e Bzenter Mall in the southern most part of the island, at Nai Harn village.

In the afternoon, maybe after a weary morning of hard work, cool your temperature down with a cup of premium tea, a piece of sumptuous cake or a scoop of homemade Italian ice cream that is too good to refuse.


Davinci Restaurant BZenter 28/46 Moo 1, Nai Harn, Phuket (Opposite 711 on the road to Nai Harn Beach) Tel: +66 (0) 76 289 574 Mobile: +66 (0) 8 0525 1400 Email: Website:


Thai, Chinese, Continental Cuisine Prepared By Highly Experienced Chefs Patong Beach


Soi Bangla

Thaweewong Rd. Siam City Bank

Safari Hotel Raat-U-Thit Rd.

136 Thaweewong Rd., Patong Beach, Phuket 83150, Thailand Tel. +66 (0) 76 341 171-4 Fax. +66 (0) 76 340 231

Eats & Fun I ndex D ining

Pavarotti Ristorante & Pizzeria


71/22 Soi 10 (Baan Hau Kuan), Moo 5, Kamala, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand Tel:+66 (0) 84 364 3892 Email:

Ristorante & Pizzeria

Italian fine dining in Phuket Tucked away in a peaceful corner of delightful Kamala village, Pavarotti restaurant offers a romantic and intimate setting to savor exotic Italian cuisine. Chef Pepe, who enjoys cooking and loves to share his passion and creations with people, put a creative twist on dishes with an innovative presentation. Pavarotti also features a wonderful wine cellar, holding up an impressive selection of vintages from around the world. The open kitchen provides a visual experience e that t at can ca make a e a simple s p e meal even more memorable. The venue has been designed for either air conditioning or alfresco dining, both worth a try. The restaurant is attractive in light orange, cream and tan tones that inspire warm feelings during the sun’s working hours and a romantic ambience under soft candlelight at night. Chef Pepe and his team are friendly creating a special atmosphere and feeling just like you have at one of your best friends’ home and of course there is no doubt he is a talented chef. Open: Green season 2.00 p.m.-11.00 p.m. High season 11.00 a.m.-11.00 p.m. Credit cards: Visa, Master, JCB, Amex Established: Christmas 2008 Special Sunday lunch Italian buffet only 599 THB


To Surin Beach Mai Khao Beach


Kamala Bay Garden Resort & Hotel

Phuket FantaSea

Kamala Beach Bang Tao Beach

Kamala Beach

Pavarotti Ristorante & Pizzeria

Patong Beach

Kamala Resort & Spa Chaleomphakait 100 Pee Park

Kamala Beach Estate Phuket City

Karon Beach

Kamala Beach Hotel

Pavarotti Ristorante & Pizzeria

. Rd ad mh Ri Thai Vegas Bar & Dinner

d. aR Kamala Bay Terrace Resort Nak


To Patong Beach




To r

Loc Location: At Kamala Beach, close to Phuket-Fantasea. For taxi: ตั้งอยู่ที่หาดกมลา ใกล้กับภูเก็ตแฟนตาซี

Eats & Fun Fe at ur ed Dining

  The 9th Floor The 9th Floor possesses the highest Haute Cuisine vantage point in downtown Patong and is renowned for its extensive wine lists and range of award-winning dishes. Whether it’s Mediterranean fare or Swiss specialties; Thai gourmet cuisine or innovative fusion cuisine, its reasonable cost, excellent service and outstanding vista will simply blow you away. Tel: +66 (0) 76 344 311 Location: located on Rat-U-Thit Rd., opposite to Club Andaman

White Box A vibrant mix of hi-class eating and cool music lounge, the White Box nestles on the sands of Kalim beach overlooking Patong bay. White and blue colours and a minimalist style create a relaxed and uncluttered feel that reflects in the Mediterranean and Thai culinary inspiration. The white box has unobstructed sea views, nice music and great food. Served daily from 5 pm till late. Tel: +66 (0) 76 346 271 Location: located just closed to Kalim Bay


Pum Restaurant & Cooking School Pum started cooking when she was very young; she found her Grandmother’s recipes complicated, so she simplified them. Pum Restaurants offer a simple side to Thai food. Clean and healthy dishes produced using only the freshest ingredients all presented in a warm and friendly environment. Taste their delicious food first then come back to take part in one of their fun cooking classes. Tel: +66 (0) 76 346 269 Location: 2 minutes walk from Bangla Road past the Jungceylon Complex

Acqua is one of the most contemporary and chic restaurants in Phuket, with a high reputation for the searches and quality of its ingredients and for the extensiveness of the wine list where all the top of the top wines find their places. Chef and owner, Alessandro will introduce you in a culinary experience, where authentic Italian specialty with a contemporary fleur will make your experience unforgettable. Acqua can be booked for private lunches, dinners, parties-meetings.

324/15 Prabaramee Road - Kalim bay-Patong 83100 Thailand Tel. 076 618127 Fax. 076 618130

Open everyday from 16.00 to 23.00

Free taxi in Patong area 2 Ways from hotel to restaurant and back

Health & Beauty P huk et S a- ar d




Pareeya Jullaphong CSR Project Manager, Bangkok Hospital Phuket

“I suggest Effective Microorganisms or EM to people in the hospital. They can use it for natural cleaning, deodorizing, composting and many other uses. Of course it helps reduce chemicals used in the hospital. My hospital also introduced to it several schools in Phuket.”

Pareeya Jullaphong

Khemawan Vettayawaikoon

Sujaree Th ongthuea

M.D. Specialist in Cornea and Refractive Surgery, Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Sujaree Thongthueak Pharmacist, Vachira Phuket Hospital

“I regularly join the hospital’s environmental activities whenever they organize it as I think whoever you are or what profession you do, we all have a duty to respect the environment. I believe when people realize this, things start changing for better.” ttayawaiko Khemawan Ve




“I have often see people drop garbage in the public areas. Once I saw a mother to two children who wasn’t looking at what she was doing. That was terrible and not good manners for someone who takes full responsibility for kids’ learning. We should have some measures to deal with these kind of people. For me, “sa-ard” means more than cleanliness. In the meantime, it could be interpreted as our community should be free from evils and bad influences and you know that has to start with the family also.”

Health & Beauty Phuket Sa- ar d

Kongkiat Laorwong MD, Absolute Hair Clinic “At my clinic, we see sorting out garbage as an important standard to practice. Infectious waste will be separated and collected in the red plastic bag appropriately, while general garbage will be kept in the normal black trash bag. This is a rule everyone at my clinic must obey.”

Jakkaraporn Jongkraijak Head of Staff, Absolute Hair Clinic “I’m responsible for the clinic’s hygiene and cleanliness. A proper management for infectious wastes is very important as we are a medical place where hygiene is vital. It has to start here.”



Potchara Kekina

Nutchawat Khunsak

General Practitioner, Vachira Phuket Hospital “People love cleanliness and tidiness. Phuket needs ‘foster’ care just like we pay attention to our patients, office and place. I somehow see flaws in some areas. That’s why ‘public mind’ is important. If people understand how garbage should be sorted, they would practice it in daily life. It’s easy either for you to bring it back to re-use or sort, or responsible parties to dispose of it. The ‘No Plastic’ campaign is cool when everyone exactly realizes its significance.”

Nutchawat Khunsak Trainee, Sukko Spa “Turning on the air-conditioners an hour later in the morning, turning them off an hour earlier and turning them off during lunch breaks for an hour are the norm here. Doing this we use less electricity than normal - at least 3 hours a day.”


Health & Beauty H ealt h Car e

Muay Thai Chaiya Fight for survival! he legend of Muay Thai Chaiya began when an ex-solder, later called “Tan Poh Ma” (meaning ‘He who arrived’), turned his back on his career, to find peace under the guidance of the Buddha’s teachings. Although he left all secular routines behind, his boxing skill was brought along his pilgrimage from Bangkok to the south that ended at Chaiya District in Suratthani province, where Muay Thai Chaiya originated.


“Tan Poh Ma” taught Chaiya’s ruler (or “Pu Kham”) and locals who were interested in how to fight his way. Muay Thai Chaiya was therefore passed down to other generations. However it was limited to a group of people who loved the art of battle as it requires a passion and endeavor. After reaching a peak, Muay Thai Chaiya had to face a downturn for many decades – almost disappearing – until “Ong-Bak” (a Thai action film depicting an ancient style of Muay Thai directed by Prachya Pinkaew that had pushed Muay Thai and a leading man Tony Jaa into a worldwide hit), plus a few other films launched later that reminded viewers of its existence and raise cultural consciousness and awareness of this kind of martial art. The Muay Chaiya technique is different from modern ring Muay Thai: no open guards gestures, no footwork, but a guard that hides the fighter’s face and a slow stalk called “Yang Sam Khum” which is a basic manner for any movements either kicking or punching used in the battle. Muai Thai Chaiya blends art and science together. Knowledge and skills from Krabikrabong (a kind of sport and martial art), Ruesi-Dudton-Stretching-Exercise, Thai traditional massage, Pranayama or Breathing Exercise, and meditation can all advance Muay Chaiya practice. Chanupol Yodsamai or Sho, a Muay Thai Chaiya trainer at Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness in Phuket, told us “the only way to preserve it is to carry it down through generations.” He said that there are not many places you can learn and practice Chaiya style boxing. Most masters are in Bangkok, where he just left for Phuket, to aim to preserve Muai Thai Chaiya by teaching people here at Sukko. Classes are available from 10.00am – 7.30pm everyday except Friday.

For further information about training courses, please contact 076-263222 or log on to


Home H o me & Déco Décorr


Dé c or Déc or I tem t em s

Whether used as a sofa in the lounge or an extra bed in the den or bedroom, the unusual design of this sofa bed makes it a striking piece of furniture. Made from Banana leaf but getting its inner strength from a stainless steel frame, it provides comfort for either function. Popping in for coffee, or unexpectedly staying overnight, your guests will appreciate your taste.

tems R e c o m m e nd e d I

y r u x u L l Tropica


CHAIR CUSHION Displaying the same grace as the round side table which compliments it well, this chair has a simple classical look about it. It is comfortable, fashionable, and with soft textured cream fabric, has a sumptuous feel to it.


Elegant Eleg El egan eg antt and an and stylish styl st ylis yl ish is h this creation is purely pure pu rely re ly artistic. art a rtis rt istititic. is c. What Wha W ha used to be called ‘conversation perhaps, but a ‘c ‘con onve on vers ve rsat rs atio at ion io n piece’ pi sophistication. with wi th a great gre reat at deal dea eall more m Viewed by day it is a natural element to your home, and spot lit by night, a pleasing form of subdued lighting.

Home & DĂŠcor DĂŠcor I t em s

SIDE TABL TABLE Although Alth Al thou th ough ou gh a side ssid ide id e table, tab ta b this piece could be used Al Fresco, for a couple as a dining din d inin in ing in g table, tabl ta ble, bl e, perhaps pe p e or small ssma mallll family. ma ffam amililily. am y. Its Its rrustic look blends well inside but classic design. or out. out o ut.. Another ut Anot An othe ot herr unusual he unu un u

1/1 Lagoon Rd., Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket Thailand 83110 Tel: +66 (0) 76 270 847 Fax: +66 (0) 76 270 633 Mobile Mob ile:: +66 ile +66 (0) 81 970 970 8272 8272 Mobile: Email: Ema il: cozy_ co zy_com zy_ compan com pany@y pan y@yaho y@y ahoo.c aho o.c om

WIRE CHAIR Intriguingly out of the ordinary, these wire chairs are eye-catching and definitely different. Nevertheless they are extremely strong, surprisingly comfortable, light and cool without cushions.


Stylish and curvy, but also very tall, this figure needs to be displayed in a large room with high ceilings. At night it can be lit in which case it provides a warm and interesting conversation piece.

BRONZE WOMAN SCULPTURE This Balinese sculpture, handcrafted in cast bronze is a beautiful piece of art. It exemplifies the antique aspect of south-east Asian craft, yet is modern in its concept. In other words, timeless.


Home & Décor Index Awning

Phuket Awnings Services Co., Ltd. 108/92 Moo 5 Chalermprakiate R.9 Road, Tambol Rassda, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel: +66 (0) 76 612 870 Fax: +66 (0) 76 612 869 Mobile: +66 (0) 81 788 1639 Email: Website:

Professional Awning Maker Phuket Awnings Services Company Limited is a professional awnings and sail making company with over ten years experience in the field. Our products range from tensioned membrane fabric roofs through yacht sails to shade sail structures. All materials used are imported and are of premium quality designed for functionality as well as longevity. In addition to providing protection to you and your property from the effects of the sun, our imaginatively designed products can also enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Mai Khao Beach


Chalerm Phra Kiat R.9 Rd . (B ypa

Open: Mon-Sat 8.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. Close: Sunday

ss Rd. )

All of our products are made to order.



Phuket Awnings Services



Kamala Beach Phuket Awnings Services


Phuket Rajabhat University


Wat Samkong

Patong Beach

Yaowarat Rd.

Mission Hospital

Phuket City Tesco Lotus

Karon Beach


Pornthip Sea Store

Bang Tao Beach

tri R d.

Irav ade e

Services: • Awnings design and manufacture • Awnings installation • Premium fabrics and materials supply; Ferrari, Sunbrela, 303 Products, Coolaroo, Quick Dry foam and YKK • Consultancy service • Textile awnings system by

Phuket International Hospital

Yao wa



Big C

Loca Location: From Tesco Lotus intersection, on By-pass road, Phuket Awnings Service office is located at 200 metres before reaching Porntip Sea Store. For taxi: จากสี่แยกโลตัส ออกสู่ถนนบายพาส 200 เมตรก่อนถึงพรทิพย์ซีสโตร์


Land & Property Phuket Sa-ard

Jon Va nas

Narumol Thongpet

in Wiwat Udomsap



Narumol Thongpet

Jon Vanasin

Wiwat Udomsap

“When we have a clear vision and action plans on environmental caring and to keep ‘Phuket Sa-ard’, what we have to do is just follow the standards we have set. We talk with the residents to join us looking after Phuket. There is more and more pollution these days and it is bringing in diseases. For this reason, I think we have to keep ourselves clean, as well as Phuket.”

“Our company places great importance on the environment. Looking at it visually, we will have a detailed plan on the environment for each development. These are mainly involved with waste water treatment and construction of waste management; so we strictly abide by the law. Although we have no project located close to the beach for which more requirements may need, we don’t overlook our passionate commitment for caring for the environment. We apply measures within the organization, something as easy as recycling is not only good for the environment but it’s good for business as well.”

“As a developer, a problem we currently face directly is about garbage from the garden which cannot go to the incinerator and we have to manage it ourselves. Lucky we have a way out, but some irresponsible developers and contractors probably spoiled Phuket with piles of construction waste on the road shoulders in isolated areas. It would be great if the concerned agencies realize and systematize this.”

Sales Manager, Erawana Group

General Manager, Erawana Group

Project Manager, Erawana Group


Phuket, Thailand


ur 35 luxurious self-catering private pool serviced villas are available in the vicinity of Naiharn, Bang-tao, or Lanyan Beaches which are three of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Each exquisite villa is located no more than 5 minutes driving from the beach. It contains 1 to 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and dining area, a luxurious cozy living room connection to a private swimming pool, and a wooden sundeck with picnic table surrounding by a tranquil tropical garden.

A private maid is provided to serve breakfast to guests’ liking. In addition, the average villa area of 225 square meters and 2.5 meter high fences are designed to ensure your privacy and security intact. Therefore, our villas should be one of your best solutions for families or groups of friends who will enjoy an emphasis on tranquility and services. 95/75 Moo 7, Saiyuan - Kata Road, Rawai Sub-district, Muang District, Phuket, Thailand. Tel: +66 (0) 7628 9614 Fax: +66 (0) 7628 9615 Email:

 

<3;04(;, 73(*, 6- 30=05. 5(;(0 ),(*/ 0 7/(5. 5.(



he wealthy community is expanding from Phuket to Natai Beach, Phang-nga.The Loft Natai is nestled among the gorgeous scenery of lagoon and beach front view. Delight in an eye-catching 5 storey building, 3 bedrooms, the landscaped garden features a 3 by 8 metre swimming pool. The perfect location is on north of Phuket, merely 30 minutes commute from Phuket airport to The Loft Natai.

The Loft Natai Natai Beach 79/2 Moo 8, Nateoy, Taimuang, Phang-nga 82120 Tel: +66 (0) 81 806 6930, +66 (0) 81 956 1077 Email: Website:

Over 120 properties in 10 locations

Erawana Co., Ltd.

19/10 Moo 6, Soi Kok Tanode 2, T.Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel: +66 (0) 76 275 022-3 Fax: +66 (0) 76 275 022-3 E-mail: Website:

Reward yourself with a house at

TANODE VILLAS 2 by Erawana

Only 4 units left. Starting at 16 million baht. One or two storey villas are built on an open plan concept where indoor and outdoor areas are seamlessly integrated to fit your tropical living. Here taste goes along with function. Located in Layan area, near Laguna Phuket Resort and Residence. Tanode Villas 2 is among tranquil surroundings and a quality residential community. 5 minutes to pristine Bang-tao/Layan beaches 15 minutes to international airport golf courses and other facilities close by Contact our sales office for more details: Erawana Company 19/10 Moo 6, Soi Kok Tanode 2, T.Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel: +66 (0) 76 275 022-3 Fax: +66 (0) 76 275 022-3 Email:

Land & Property I ndex Development

Company Vauban Co., Ltd. Bangkok Sale Office 424 Sukhumvit Road, Kwaeng Klongtan, Klongtoey District, Bangkok 10110 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2 260 5317 Mobile: +66 (0)85 227 7175 Email: Website:

Phuket Sale Office 171 Moo 7, Paklok, Thalang, Phuket, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 7 631 0507 Mobile: +66 (0)85 227 7175 Email: Website:

Baan Yamu: Sea, space and serenity On a pristine seafront location on Phuket’s east coast, Baan Yamu Residences offers a tranquil, high-end lifestyle. The fully built, low-density development is characterised by spacious modern design that integrates its villas, penthouses and condos with an exceptional provision of outdoor space. The island-dotted Phang Nga Bay is on both sides of the development, which is on the exclusive Baan Yamu peninsula. Residents’ shared facilities include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a clubhouse, spa, gym and restaurant.

Mai Khao Beach


Ban Pakcheed Mosque


u-P Yam Baan



lo k

Pa Khlok

Baan Yamu

iR ttr sa

Phuket City

Units 2Bdr Garden condominiums – 177 Sqm - Start at 12,830,000 THB 2Bdr Bayview penthouses – 230 Sqm - Start at 22,990,000 THB 3Bdr Garden condominiums – 269 Sqm - at 20,990,000 THB 4Bdr New courtyard villas – 555 Sqm - 35,000,000 THB Executive villas, which are built to specification, start at 75,780,000 THB


Rao Dotul Solilne Mosque

a Kr

Karon Beach

To Airport Baan Yamu

ep Th

As an investment, Baan Yamu offers a substantial income Tao stream through a guaranteed rental income. Residents Bang Beach can enjoy a 6.5% net annual return on their investment Kamala for five years – or an immediate discount of 25% - and Beach a high capital appreciation of their asset. Developer Patong Beach financing of up to 50% is also available over five years.


Residents can enjoy a comprehensive range of immaculate services from Twinpalms, whose expertise as a management company is wellknown through the Twinpalms Surin resort.

Si Su nt h o

Cape Yamu

n Rd. To Phuket Town

Location: Baan Yamu is located in Paklok, just 50 m away from the pier. For taxi: ขับเข้าซอยเคปยามู โครงการบ้านยามูห่างจากท่าเรือ 50 เมตร

HE COCO HOUSE H A Bliss in Truly Serenity The Coco House is a totally designed blend of contemporary Thai building in a spacious landscape with fully equipped in a house.

Managed by Phuket Property OK The Coco House Saiyuan, Rawai Beach, Phuket Tel: +66 (0) 86 274 6886, +66 (0) 89 867 4724 Email:

The Rich Box Condo



he Rich Box Condo is a thoughtful designed condominium with throughout the sunbeam and verdurous hill perspective.

Managed by Phuket Property OK The Rich Box Condo Opposite Patong Go-Kart Speedway, Phuket Tel: +66 (0) 86 274 6886 , +66 (0) 89 868 3812 Email:

Land & Property I ndex Development

La Colline Phuket Sale Office 3/10-11 Moo 5, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 271 770-1 Fax: +66 (0) 76 271 783 Mobile: +66 (0) 81 862 0808 Email: Website:

La Colline: “Sanctuary of Serenity” La Colline: encapsulating a total area of 33,000 square metres, La Colline plays host to 23 spacious villas, each with 700-800 sq.m. of built up area. Nestled among Layan Hill, La Colline benefits from deep, lush green surroundings all year round and also from the scent and colours provided from tranquil acres of tropical flowers. Most notably however, La Colline boasts a stunning unobstructed panoramic view of Phuket’s azure blue Andaman Sea.

Mai Khao Beach

La Colline Airport

Laya n4

La Colline Bang Tao Beach

n2 Laya

g Rean Ban

o Kh

To Tonsai Waterfall Pranangsang temple

kT anot

Banyan Tree Phuket Ba

Kamala Beach



ayan Rd.

Karon Beach

Tao R

Laguna Phuket Golf Club

or m

Phuket City


Patong Beach

Loc Location: Located at Layan Beach. For taxi: ตั้งอยู่บริเวณหาดลายัน



d. tri R sat Kra ep Th

Price: 43 – 70 Million Baht according plot size

Thalang District

n Ba

Facilities: • Fitness • Hammam (Turkish bath) • Changing room men and women • Spa with 2 massage rooms

Do nJ

Project name: La Colline Project type: Luxury Pool Villas Total land area of project: 21 rai Total no. of units: 22 villas and club house Unit size: 740 - 800 sq.m. of built Area No. of bedrooms: 3 - 4 and 5 bedrooms No. of bathrooms: 3 - 4 inc powder rooms

Thep Krasa ttri R d.

La Colline is a perfect setting of pure serenity, utmost privacy and unrivalled natural beauty.

Land & Property

Bangkok Sale Office 45/5 Soi Sukhumvit 59, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel: +66 (0) 2 714 3901

I ndex Development

Escape to Eternity La Colline is located in Layan and benefits form a peaceful and picturesque setting as well as beautiful panoramic views. Strategically located, La Colline is an exceptionally well designed project with striking architecture. Each Villa gives off an aura of complete relaxation and quality upon embracing your very first steps. Modern tropical style villas are comprised of three stories and boast 15 metres infinity edged swimming pools which fade away beautifully into the endless horizon. An accompanying poolside sala provides the perfect place to relax as you watch the sun go down.


Land & Property

Elite Property Services Asia

I ndex Property Agent

100/28-29 Moo 5, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 326 272-3 Fax: +66 (0) 76 326 274 Mobile: +66 (0) 8 1893 1048, +66 (0) 8 9973 4307 Email: Website:

The Hermitage

Luxurious tropical lifestyle by Elite Property Services Asia Elite Property Services Asia is a boutique property agency specializing in luxury property sales and rentals within Phuket, Thailand. The various choices in portfolios of properties is extensive from investment apartments, luxury villas, land plots and exclusive beachfront properties with breath-taking views across the Andaman Ocean. Recognized more popularly as “The Land of Smiles”, Thailand is a place where people can live a luxurious tropical lifestyle offering a great universal appeal with beautiful mountains, dense forests and stunning beaches. Thailand has become one of Asias economic leaders with significant rises in foreign investments over recent years.

So i Mai Khao Beach

Bang Tao Beach


To Laguna Phuket


n gt a lay Pha

ttan a Srisoontho n Rd. To Heroines’ Monument

Tesco Lotus Express Amanpuri

Guaranteed rental returns of between 6-10% are being offered by some developers and coupled with the rising capital growth, this makes investing in Phuket extremely attractive.

Elite Property Services Asia

Bang Tao Beach Elite Property Services Asia Kamala Beach Patong Beach Phuket City Citty ty

Service: Property Sales and Rentals

The Chedi

d. nth Srisoo on R

Surin Beach

Karon Beach

To Kamala

Location: Opposite Lotus Express Cherngtalay For taxi: สํานักงานอีลิทพร็อพเพอร์ตี้เซอร์วิสเอเชียตั้งอยู่ตรงข้ามกับโลตัส



Recreation & Rooms GM T alk


Pitakrojananont General Manager of Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

we do pay great attention to detail. I think if guests are happy staying with us, they will tell their family and friends also. They will probably come back again and again or even persuade other people to come.” So service is vital? “Of course, as everyone knows many hotels out there maybe different - but they can all be gorgeous undoubtedly in their own way. Then what influences the most in guests’ decision making, if not service or hospitality?” What do you worry about the most? “It’s those external factors we can’t control like the global economic crisis and especially our uncertain political situation. I just want to beg everyone to think about others and the whole before they take any action.”

Adisak Pitakrojananont General Manager of Mom Tri’s Villa Royale


conversation with Adisak Pitakrojananont, General Manager or “Brother Dan” for his staff at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale, a luxury boutique hotel in Kata Noi.

SERVICES THAT TOUCH THE HEART How did you become a General Manager for Mom Tri’s Villa Royale? “I began my career in the hotel business, which always attracted me, with a job at Phuket Yacht Club. I moved around to other places before coming to Mom Tri’s Boathouse as an assistant to GM. After a while Mom Tri, the owner of ‘Boathouse’ and ‘Villa Royale’ gave me a chance to look after his hotel as a General Manager from around 2003-2004.” What makes your hotel memorable and unforgettable? “It’s a combination of location and unique service we deliver. Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is not a big hotel but


Do customers’ behaviors change? “Yes, they do. The Internet opens a new door for people in choosing and booking process. Now they don’t depend much on travel agents anymore. Travellers can wait for last minute offers from different hotels and compare to get the best offer themselves. Likewise, they are able to check out reviews and comments from many sources on the internet as well.” Some say that Phuket has changed or overdeveloped; what do you think? “I heard this from our guests too. But I do believe we can make it in a sustainable way. Hotels and people in other businesses must be smart enough to keep Phuket good, otherwise we all lose.”

Adisak Pitakrojananont for



“Our hotel shares the sandy Kata Noi beach with Katathani. As an effort to keep the beach and the scenery remaining wonderful as it is, we and Katathani often join hands for beach clean-up activities,besides our policy to not release untreated wastewater into the sea.”

Recreation & Rooms Phuket Sa- ar d




Angkana Thanasiriphong

Personal Assistant to MD, Sri panwa “I speak for the owner and all executives to say we all are concerned about the environment issues and have been implementing lots of policies and measures to save ‘planet Phuket’. For example, in our gardening, we gave up plastic trash bags and choose reusable basketss instead to contain grass clippings, leaves and garden waste. Then all the garden waste will go to fill in the land. Each department brainstormss for energy saving measures and put them into action. Normally, we and d the neighboring Phuket Marine Biology Center will join any beach cleaning activity every 3 months.”

Angkana Than asiriphon




kai Ubolrak Ratta

Thawatchai Buatip

Ubolrak Rattakai

PR & Sales Trainee, The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa

Marketing Communication & Sales Executive, The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa

“Self-discipline plays an important role in this respect. I think we should start with children and within families. It’s like throwing a stone into the pond and you see a ripple effect in the water. Maybe a good example is needed.”

“I don’t want this to be just a fad that comes and go. I would like to keep the most beautiful picture of Patong as long as possible and I think the easiest way to achieve that is by people being responsible for what they have done, in this case for their trash. I don’t think more bins would help if people still have wrong attitudes.”


Recreation & R ooms Phuk et S a- ar d


PHUKET SA-ARD Chutima Boonsanong HR & Training Manager, Twinpalms

Arunsak Saetan

“We try to create a sense of possession and pride about our own property among our staff. I think we should start with a small thing, like in our place and gradually move up to larger society that includes Phuket. When someone calls for help, we prompt to give a hand. Our staffs usually go with trash bags to collect all that spoils our beach.”

Maintenance Manager, Twinpalms “At my work, I try to opt for materials or items which are reusable or modifiable. It is a way we can reduce waste volume from engineering. We reuse what we can reuse.”

Prasit Thongrit

Landscape Supervisor, Twinpalms “I have to take care of the property’s cleanliness as in my job description for the hotel, residents and Catch Beach Club on Surin Beach. However, I think we can all help Phuket look better together by giving a hand. Pick any garbage up and put it in a bag or bin wherever you see it. Just do it!”

Arunsak S aetan

it Prasit Thongr


Recreation & Rooms Phuket Sa- ar d

PHUKET SA-ARD Voradanai Kamcharoen Villa Executive, Sri panwa

“We talk about service, so it’s our nature to keep our place tidy and clean all the time. I personally focus on this point and try to instill this attitude to my staff. If they look after themselves well, the routine will extend to their surroundings as well. If you can’t stop using plastic bags like my departments, then try to use them the fewest. From my point of view ‘clean Phuket’ means clean to the eyes too. To reorganize shops, stands and restaurants will benefit Phuket’s tourism.”


anai K amcha r


Jarupa Phimsri,

Assistant to HR Manager, S.T.P. Group “On behalf of S.T.P. Group, we always a good partner of local municipals to take part in environmentally friendly event. For individual, I always reduce garbage by thinking before throwing a single trash. If I can reuse them, I’ll definitely do.”

Phanit Booranaphavang Chief Reception, S.T.P. Group

“I’d like to see more trashcans in Phuket. As you can see these days, Phuket population grows increasingly. More people will absolutely bring more trash in the island. We finally will have to be more careful and thinking more about this problem before it’s too late.”






Recreation & R ooms

Somboon Petchnui

Phuk et S a- ar d

Gardener Supervisor, Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket “Team work is needed just like here to keep ‘Phuket Sa-ard’. Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket sorts our garbage. Fruit and vegetable garbage from the kitchen becomes organic liquid fertilizer to use within the hotel and sell to staff. It’s work. The province’s plastic bag campaign is a good start. If we can pull it off, the plastic bags we send to the incinerator will decrease and that consequently means less total waste volume.”

Pichit Ong-oug

Landscape Manager, Laguna Service Co, Ltd. “We take care of the common areas of Laguna Phuket, including the beaches, as my work requires me to care for them; but for something further than that I’m willing to give cooperation on in any initiative or campaign.”

Somboon Petchnui

chit Ong-oug Piich P

JJariyaporn ariiyapor Sainoi

H Coordinator, HR S Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket


porn S aino


“W have to deal with piles of documents “We everyday so we cannot avoid using lots of paper. ev However, we try to help by reusing paper the Ho most we can. We print on both sides of the m paper and if the paper is hard enough we keep pa it for decorating our announcement boards etc. In order to keep Phuket clean, for me, it is just a matter of self-discipline; people should throw garbage in a bin.” ga

Suthisuda Wongjon Suthis

o uda W


CSR Executive, Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket “We are currently mainly focusing on the ‘Green Leaf’ project. For hotels, ‘Green Leaf’ plays an important role in the development of environmental quality that helps keep Phuket clean at the same time. For myself I’m interested in plastic bag initiatives and to sort out waste for recyclable items. These can be easily implemented by myself.”



Recreation & Rooms Phuket Sa- ar d

Rungtawan Pattarasuwannakit CSR Officer, Banyan Tree Phuket “At Banyan Tree, we are in many projects to keep Phuket clean. We reduce using chemicals by teaching our staff to produce dish washing liquid for internal use ourselves. It’s easy and practical. We collaborate with Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket in the EM [Effective Microorganisms] fertilizer project. We also started to experiment using ‘Hydrogen Boosters’ with our kitchen trucks to save oil consumption. In addition, now we are researching on using earthworms to recycle food wastes into organic fertilizer. If this is possible, it will be our next project. ”

Rungtawan Patta rasuwanna

Thareeya Deasakorn Khamkar


CSR & Community Relations Manager, Laguna Phuket

“We hope to see a volunteer spirit in our staff and so in people outside to keep Phuket-Sa-ard. By helping together, Phuket will remain a favourable destination in the future. For those who don’t know where to start, just listen to what people suggest and try to do it bit by bit and it will become a mass.”

n Khamkar Thareeya Deasakor Dussadee Musika

Dussadee Musika Asst. Executive Housekeeping, Laguna Beach Resort “It begins from the first hand after waste is thrown into the bin. Our housekeepers who are responsible for each guestroom will take care of sorting out unwanted items into plastic, paper, cans and whatsoever, before they are taken into our garbage bank. Our housekeepers are trained and monitored to use any solutions properly to save water.”

Naravadee Swangridht PR & Advertising Manager Destination Marketing, Laguna Phuket “Under our PR role, we don’t have much to do with campaign organising but more with the publicity. Creating awareness and calling for participation are everything. Do your best, be a good example and people will follow.”

Naravadee Swan gridht


Recreation & Rooms I ndex House Rent al

The Crystal Lake 176/16 Moo 3, Srisoonthorn, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 82 819 0980 Fax: +66 (0) 76 258 312 Email:

Where you can have real peace of mind The Crystal Lake is a private villas development for rent, embraced by peaceful surroundings, located near the Two Heroines monument in Tarua Sub-district. A total of 10 villas form a small gated community with safety and privacy some of the major attributes. Each of the modern villas were built on 59 sqm land plots. Fully furnished and finished to the highest standard, the villa comprises with a unique bedroom, specious living area, pantry, parking space, landscaped garden, and private balcony for guests to enjoy spectacular views of serene lake and lush garden. An inspection is welcome by appointment. To Airport

Mai Khao Beach

Sri Sunthon Sub District Adminitrative Organization


d. ri R att as Kr ep Th

No. of villas: 10 Facilities: • Air conditioning • Fully furnished • Private balcony • Cable TV • Hot water • Wireless internet • Room service • Housekeeping service • Bicycles to borrow • Restaurant and bakery shop • Mini mart • Landscaped garden • Parking space

Sri Supphaluk Orchid

Bang Tao Beach

Sathini Village Kamala Beach

d. rn R oonto Sri S

Heroines’ Monument

The Crystal Lake

Baan Tha Rue School Patong Beach

Wat Thep Wanaram

Tha Rue Temple

Phuket City

The Crystal Lake

Karon Beach

To Phuket Town

Location: Hidden in a peaceful surrounding near Tarua Temple, only 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport. For taxi: ซอยข้างวัดท่าเรือ ขับเข้าไปประมาณ 2 กิโลเมตร เดอะ คริสตัล เลค



Raoatulsolihin Moaque

Wat Sri Sunthon

Recreation & Rooms

Dara Hotel

I ndex Resor t & Hot el

14/18 Moo 4, Chaofa Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 612 846-49 Fax: +66 (0) 76 661 2850 Email: Website:

The most colourful hotel in Phuket A new and stylish hotel centrally located in Phuket town near Central Festival Phuket, Dara Hotel gives an easy access from every part of the island. The hotel claims itself “the most colourful hotel in Phuket” with hip design concept inspired by Lego Toy.

(Bypass Rd.

Wac hi ra Rd.

. Rd nit


Rang Hill



B i Rd .

SB Design Square

Kamala Beach


Big C

Wachira Phuket Hospital



International Hospital

Bang Tao Beach

a Kiat R.9 Rd.

Airport i Rd.

Mai Khao Beach

Chalerm Phr

No. of rooms: 50 Facilities: • Swimming pool • Bar & Restaurant • Wireless internet connection • Cable TV • Room service • Parking lots • Elevator • 24 hrs security


Offering 50 well-appointed accommodations together with ranges of facilities required for an ideal leisure or business trips on paradise island of Phuket.




Central Festival

Patong Beach



Phuket City Surakul Stadium

Dara Hotel

an Rd.

*Rates inclusive of breakfast, taxes & service charge.

Rd . Fa h








1,600 2,200 3,000 3,500

Vic hit

Patiphat Rd.

Mae Lu

Dara Hotel

Karon Beach


Rate: Studio Standard Junior Suit One Bedroom Suit Honey Moon Suit

Location: Dara Hotel is situated on Chao Fa (West) Road, near Loca Thai Tha Nan Restaurant and Central Festival Phuket in Phuket town. For taxi: โรงแรม ดารา ภูเก็ต ตั้งอยูบ ่ นถนนเจา้ ฟา้ ตะวันตก ใกลก้ ับอุทยาน

อาหารไทนาน และเซ็นทรัลเฟสติวัลภูเก็ต


Recreation & Rooms R ent al Ap ar t m ent

@ SIVANA PLACE Rental Apartment Minutes to Laguna Phuket

The place to be.


@ Sivana Place is a new apartment building located in a quiet corner of the Cherngtalay district of Phuket, only a few minutes from the up market Laguna resorts, Banyan Tree, Amanpuri and situated in the middle west of the Island. Every room and suite has been designed in a contemporary style and is fully equipped with all you need for a short relaxing escape, or for longer term comfortable living.

For the convenience of guests, @ Sivana Place has its own swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant, coffee shop, laundry service, cleaning service, car rental facility, car park, airport transfer service, free Wi-Fi internet, and of course, 24 hour security.

Rates: Standard rooms and suites may be

hired on a daily or monthly basis. As can be expected, the rates vary according to the season and range from a daily tariff of 800 to 1,500 baht or 10,000 to 15,000 baht per month for a standard room. Suites are priced at 1,500 to 2,500 baht daily and 25,000 to 30,000 baht monthly. Whatever your objective, this is a place to lay your head down‌‌

For and Against: The


Rd . lay

Ch ern gta

nd on -


Sri So on to rn




Police Station Tesco Lotus To Surin Beach


i Rd attr ras

Laguna Phuket

Sivana Place

Pa oi 8 kS sa

Whether you are a workaholic who needs to be able to shut down in your free time, or even a family man, @ Sivana Place can deliver the goods. Its location is ideal for some of the best Phuket has to offer, with a plethora of excellent restaurants, shopping centers, banks and international schools all within a few minutes drive. There is nothing against!

53 Moo M 4, Soi S i Pasak P k 8, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel: +66 (0) 81 734 4324, +66 (0) 76 615 944 Fax: +66 (0) 76 615 945

Vehicle & Technology

H3 Digital – Smart Homes

I ndex Hom e Aut om at ion

19/7 Moo 7 Srisoonthorn Road, Srisoonthorn, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel: +66 (0) 76 620 116-7 Fax: +66 (0) 76 620 028 Email: Website:

One-stop ‘Smart Home’ Service Provider Established in early 2004 to provide a one-stop ‘Smart Home’ service for luxury properties, H3 Digital was founded by a family team with a passionate interest in the application of technology in the home. H3 Digital’s Smart Home systems guarantee the very highest levels of quality, stylish designs and ease of use, our designs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Sri Sunthon Sub District Adminitrative Organization Bang Tao Beach

Wat Sri Sunthon


Baan Bang Jo To Laguna Phuket Sathini Village Phuket City

The Palace Of Art

iR ttr

H3 Digital

Patong Beach

Karon Beach

Raoatulsolihin Moaque

a as

Kamala Beach


Services: • Smart home design • Lighting control • Whole home audio • Home cinema



Our Nuvo and Sonos whole home audio systems make it easy to listen to your favorite music, anywhere in your home. No more looking for the CD or having to turn on stacks of equipment – pure high quality sound wherever and whenever you want it.

To Airport Mai Khao Beach


A Smart Home is an investment in your quality of life, our technology gives you complete control over your home, making it more enjoyable and comfortable to live in whilst enhancing your lifestyle. With KNX by Gira it’s simple to control your home, a single touch sets a sophisticated lighting scene, illuminating the room to your mood, routine activities are automated, leaving you free to sit back and enjoy your home.

d. rn R oonto Sri S

H3 Digital

Sri Supphaluk Orchid

Heroines’ Monument Baan Tha Rue School

Wat Thep Wanaram To Phuket Town

Loca Location: H3 Digital is conveniently located just 3km from th the H Heroines monument towards Cherng Talay at the front of Permsap Villa in Baan Manik. For taxi: ขับจากแยกจากอนุสาวรีย์ฯ

ไปทางเชิงทะเล ประมาณ 3 กม. เป็นอาคารพาณิชย์อยู่ด้านซ้ายมือใกล้ทางเข้าวัดม่าหนิก (วัดเทพวนาราม)






Please don’t stop the music...


...I can still feel your heartbeat & smell your perfume...


every move... you’ve made


is gorgeous...


I can’t resist thinking about you anymore... 68

Here she is, , our winner of o the 1st Model Search!

T Three months didn’t seem that long when we were watching at those beautiful young ladies, Cherryw Reviere-Juliet-Wan, through our first (but not last) ccontest, Model Search.

Congratulations Reviere! You are everyone’s number ONE!

Special Thanks: Clothes & Accessories:





People Pos h Lif e

 Bryan Lunt




Posh Lif e

19 questions and 19 answers to help you know better the man who has nothing to do with Absolut Vodka but is Asia’s market leader in mixed-use resort development. Bryan Lunt, Chairman of Absolute World Group of Companies. 1. Can you introduce yourself? “I’m Bryan Lunt, Chairman of Absolute World Group of Companies, originally from Liverpool, England, living in Hong Kong.” 2. What is Absolute World Group of Companies? “Absolute started as a vacation club and has since expanded into resort management and resort development. We have a total covering of shared ownership products, hotel products and real estate developments.”

3. What are you going to do in the future? “What we are going to do in the future is to continue with new real estate development; to expand our portfolio hotels and programs. We originally started selling only to international families e.g. Australian, British, German, Russian, French and Chinese. Then we moved into the Thai market in March last year. Our company is eleven years old now. The expansion is fast as we are a proactive sales and marketing company. We go and look for new businesses. When it gets difficult, we just work harder. Everybody digs in from the top management down to all staff. Absolute is made of some very good people.”

Absolute Bangle Suites Prive Bar

Absolute Bangla Suites Amazing Suite


People Pos h Lif e

Absolute Bangla Suite’s Prive Bar

4. How did Absolute start? “Absolute Group has three principles: share holders, myself and two Russian partners. Thailand is an upbeat market. We probably have 40% of our business in Thailand and we run 27 offices around the world, driving clients to come to Thailand whether they come with the vacation club, Club Absolute or whether they come as a guest of real estate properties like yooPhuket, or other properties in Bangkok, Samui and Pattaya.”

Absolute Bangla Suites Wow Studio


5. How about the future plans for Absolute? “There will be two or three more developments in the coming year. One decided yesterday is a brand new double beach project. It is not released yet but is very close to releasing, along with Samui’s new project. We are also looking for something in Khao Yai for the Thai market, because not all Thais can afford to buy their own second home for holidays, so to have a fully managed, fully serviced holiday home is a fantastic opportunity for Thai people. We’ve been approached by very big Thai companies to partner with us on something new. Hopefully this comes off and it will really open the market to Thai people.”

People Posh Lif e 6. How about your working principles? “What we sell, we have to deliver.” 7. Any advice for those who want to become like you? “Don’t do it. Take it easy. Get a normal job. Don’t be competition.”(He laughs out loud before we continue the next question.) 8. How do you spend your free time? “I do boot camp, squash, ski, socialize, drink fine wine and dine.” 9. Your role models? “Some people I like are Richard Branson, Bill Marriott and Bill Clinton. They are all strong characters and successful. Nothing is easy. Also Nelson Mandela. You know, anything impossible is possible.” 10. How do you see yourself in five or ten years? “Five years I can see but ten years is too far. I would like to keep our business growing. We believe in Thailand not just in the tourist areas but we will grow into new areas. We will get some people to help us develop more charity works. We want to go to the smaller towns like in E-Sarn to open up a home, maybe something like an orphanage.” 11. Have you seen the movie ‘2012’ yet? What are you going to do if a disaster like in 2012 does happen? “I’ve seen the film last year. Do I believe something is going to happen in 2012? No. I’m not moving from Hong Kong because if it’s going to be underground - if it happens - it just happens.” 12. Are you addicted to music? “I have music in the car. All types but my favourite songs at the moment are just lively music like Lady Gaga and The Arctic Monkeys from UK. I have quite a range of music with 5000 songs on my iPod. It depends on my mood. Oh Dido and Amy Winehouse. That type.” 13. If you find yourself upset or in a bad mood, how can you get back on track? “Seven deep breaths and go. You can change your mood in a heartbeat. It helps get yourself organised and clears out the clutter. Just take a deep breath and let it go.” 14. Are you left-brain dominant or rightbrain dominant? “I have no idea! But if it’s about colours: red, green or yellow - I have a strong yellow character I think.” 15. What do you like and dislike the most in Phuket? “I don’t like the traffic, too much fried food

Bryan Lunt

and when it rains. For good things, the beaches are nice, the people, the culture. It’s difficult to work in Thailand but if you are nice with Thai people, things work nice with you. What goes around comes around.” 16. What do you think Phuket should improve? “Better infrastructure. Bury the wires to make it look nicer. Few issues with Tuk Tuks. Few issues with tourism; I think we need to promote Thailand outside of Thailand more. Many people don’t know how good it is. Hopefully we get political stability and the future looks good. I wish we have less tax on wine and imported fine cars.” 17. Is there any charity you are getting involved with? “We help the Phuket Has Been Good To Us charity. We also have a neutral healer from Bangkok coming to help anyone who is sick, to help them clear their heart and get a better shape.” 18. As an entrepreneur, what do you do to keep Phuket green and clean? “We have a beach cleaning initiative with a group of hoteliers.” 19. Lastly, what would you like to tell our readers? “If you have a hotel or a resort and would like to enter the shared ownership business, talk to us. We can help you make a lot more money than running as a normal hotel. The opportunity exists now. Or if you have nice land and would like to build a hotel or condo with us as your partner, then Absolute is your future. And if you are not healthy, we have a doctor to help you!”



Suchart Vikittipong Chief Operations Officer

Sombat Atiset

Chief Executive Officer

Nirand Thanaphop

Assistant Chief Operation Officer


Though some people are still debating if the climate & environmental problems are happening for real or are just a myth, many people begin to call for responsibility from businesses and individuals before the problems turn to be an uncontrollable catastrophe in very near future. The spotlight falls on those businesses taking advantages from or destroying nature. Hotels count.



hile many businesses and entrepreneurs start to move with more environmental consciousness as a result of the pressures from others, some of them have been walking along this clean and green road for a long time. The more join up, the sooner, the better.


Katathani, a deluxe beachfront Phuket hotel and spa, stretching along 850 meters of white sandy beach at Kata Noi Bay, chose the right direction at the initial stage. Just before the construction, even prior to the blueprint drafting process, the mission statement was well written, so the environment issues have already been put into hotel’s concept. “The picture was clear in our heads. We thought about the ratio of the green area first of all. Then we figured out how to add more green in following years as Katathani is striving to be one of Asia’s best environment-friendly holiday destinations,” said one of the hotel’s executives.

The hotel becomes a learning center that has welcomed many visitors from both government sectors and private sectors. “Waste is increasing every year. We cannot depend on an incinerator. It’s not the way to solve the problem but we have to help cut the waste volume down. Katathani wishes to have standard settings for the industry just like in the food industry. If someone neglects to take care of the environment, they should be ignored or penalized too.” It has to take time and cannot be achieved in a day but it is worth doing in the long run. ‘One for all and all for one.’ If charity means something giving or sharing, what Katathani have down can possibly be reworded as “sharity”.

Its environmental policies and practices cover all areas of operations from kitchen to garden, from waste to energy by using the common 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. For instance, using fruit peels to produce washing solutions, treating water waste and bringing it back to water plants, making organic fertilizer from trimmed trees and grasses, producing bio-diesel from used cooking oil, & heating hot water by solar cell system, etc. Even if all these are not enough, Katathani is going to implement a new project “Biogas” produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter from the kitchen for use in the hotel. There are many ways to do this. “We also encourage our stakeholders to be conscious of the environment and take action as we do. Business partners will be pushed to use reusable materials or packages or those become waste. Guests will be convinced to save energy and reduce consumption.” advised an executive. ISO 14001 is a smart tool for businesses to easily and effectively manage its environment. Katathani is also certified by many local and international organisations for its achievements in environmental practices such as by Green Leaf Awards, Green! by Apollo Certified, TAT Award, & Green Planet Award etc. Katathani hopes to get more involved with the community. “They have to be educated and instilled with the right attitude when they are very young so that the ideas can last a lifetime and be passed on to others.”

Katathani for



“Waste is increasing every year. We cannot depend on an incinerator. It’s not the way to solve the problem but we have to help cut the waste volume down. Katathani wishes to have standard settings for the industry just like in the food industry. If someone neglects to take care of the environment, they should be ignored or penalized too.”


Phuket Sa-ard T alk


PHUKET SA-ARD Amorn Intorncharoen

President, Phuket Pearl Factory “In my opinion, the best solution to preserve the environment is to make efficient use and renewal of natural resources so as to reduce waste and stop overusing natural resources.”

Amorn Intorncha roen





Saran Somrak

Mukda Chartikul

Saran aran S Somrak

Sale Manager, Phuket Pearl Factory

HR R&P Public ub Relations, Phuket Pearl Factory

“I brought in trees to plant in my office. Apart from creating a nice perspective for viewers, it’s also good for respiration and mental health of both our staff and visitors.”

“My work ork doesn’t d allow me to escape from the pearl farm and it’s ’ss my m duty to examine water quality habitually since our business relies on that. Though we have to use a lot busin off pearl oysters in farming, we cultivate and release them back to the sea to keep the ecology remaining in balance.”

Phuket Sa-ard Talk

Aumpaiphan Pawattananusorn Phuket Provincial Public Health Office

“At my office, we have a policy of using both sides of paper and reusing printed paper. We collect recyclable material and sell it out as well. The money after that will be given back to us in terms of fringe benefit. That’s a very good idea to promote proper waste management.”

Aumpaiphan Pawattanan usorn

Piyaporn Kaewklam (Meaw) Kasikorn Thai Bank Phuket Branch

“If someone wants to see Phuket clean, they have to add more bins to cover all areas. I believe no one would like to litter if they see a bin close at hand. Further, concerned agencies have to ensure the speedy collection of garbage.”

m Piyaporn Kaewkla

Pawin Torwong (Num)

Bangkok Bank Phuket Branch “Keeping Phuket clean is very important. Let’s say Phuket’s beaches. White sandy beaches are our prominent point which brings a lot of income to Phuket. We should take good care of them, to always keep them beautiful for tourists.”

Pawin Torwong


Phuket Sa-ard T alk

Ketsarintip Rungruengniti (LukPeach)

Phuket Rajabhat University Student “If we want to see Phuket clean, I think we have to start with our own place first, wherever at your house or school. For me myself, I’m willing to join any activities which involve environment protection.”


p Rungru eng


Piyanut Sukkerd

Phuket Rajabhat University Lecturer “I tend to impress upon students to be aware of cleanliness. Starting at classroom, they have to help keep the place clean after class. I think cultivating consciousness in a new generation is important to social development.”

Piyanut Sukkerd

Somjit Choosawang (Pop)

Phuket Rajabhat University Student “I often remind my friends not to litter in the public. We should take responsibility for dropping litter into the bins and must not create task for others.”

Somjit Choosawang


Phuket Sa-ard Talk




Peerapong Sritung sirikul (P)

rapaiboon Songkod Pranwee


Songkod Pranweerapaiboon (Toey) Peerapong Sritungsirikul (P) Pongpak Reangrittirong (A) Phuketwittayalai School Students (Toey) “In our school, most of the garbage comes out of the canteen, so we have a policy everyone has to follow: that is no plastic bags for food and meals are restricted in the canteen only.” (P) “School is another place where a lot of people are gathered together. If we don’t keep it clean, we may have to deal with health problems instead.” ttirong (A) Pongpak Reangri

(A) “If we want Phuket clean, we have to start with creating consciousness among people due to the fact that it is the root of the problem.”


Phuket Sa-ard T alk

Torpan Pusantia (Tor) Phuket Tourist Police

“The role of tourist police as the first friend of tourists who visit Phuket make us have to be ready to give out information in every aspect. If it is about keeping Phuket clean, we take responsibility to tell them what they should or should not do here.”

Torpan Pusantia

Suntorn Ruyan (Nok) Thai Art Gallery

“To develop the cleanliness of Phuket, we categorize people into two kinds that are responsible people and non-responsible people. A way to make non-responsible people to become responsible is to show them that spoiling their home is shameful.”

Suntorn Ruyan

Aekapon Junchoowanitkul (Aek) Nam Sang Hi-Fi “Most tourists that come to Phuket are from those developed countries which look neat and clean more than we are here. What we should do is improve places, streets, shops and restaurants to be clean and attractive.”

Aekapon Junchoowanitkul


Phuket Sa-ard Talk



Sasithorn Pinthong

Marketing Manager, Sukko Spa “At Sukko Spa, our hot water comes from natural heating systems, not the electrical systems and that is another way we can help reduce the electricity use.”

Duangkamon Thirintharaphong Sales Executive, Sukko Spa

“We established a waste bank and convince people to donate recyclable garbage. The revenue from selling this garbage will be collected for the fund we manage for all staff to get loans.”

Duangkamon Thirintharaphong Sasithorn


Thongchai Poovachiranon Director of Regional Environment Office 15

“Phuket Sa-ard or Clean Phuket’ is not limited at garbage only. But it includes vision, water & air that has to go alongside as it is a network. There is a connection in every single part. As an official directly involved with environment, I try to educate people and organize many activities to raise public awareness and to solve the environmental problems the best I can.”



i Poo v




Phuket Sa-ard T alk



PHUKET SA-ARD Alisara Na-Takuatung (Alice) DJ @ 108 Mazz Radio

“At home, we have a practice of sorting out the garbage. Reusable items will be kept to reuse while recyclable materials will go to recycling centers to make new products. At work, in my radio program I always insert knowledge and some ‘how to’ for my audience.”

Takuat Alisara Na-


Ketsuda Soontarin (Mook)


AIS Phuket Customer Service “Phuket is a nice place to live and that attracts people from different places to settle down here. When it involves a lot of people, it’s not easy to control hygiene and cleanliness. So let’s start with ourselves. Just take responsibility for your own society.”

a n Kanjan


W Wipawan Kanjanawipakul (Ple) K Ketsuda Soontarin

D DTAC Phuket Customer S Service

“I personally think Phuket is cleaner as a result of good cooperation between parts of this society. I do hope Phuket will remain this clean to welcome all visitors.”



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: Patok Beach at Racha Island

Photography: Itti Kerdphon

: Windmill Viewpoint at Ya Nui Beach

Photography: Itti Kerdphon



Erawana Company

On “The Platinum Coast”, north of Bang Tao Bay, the Erawana Group launches their latest low density condo development consisting of only 39 unit residences. Comprising both 2 and 3 storey buildings, 2 and 3 bedroom units are on offer at prices starting from 6.75 million baht. Discover for yourself how practical living at SORA can be.

19/10 Moo 6, Soi Kok Tanode 2, T.Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel: +66 (0) 76 275 022-3 Fax: +66 (0) 76 275 022-3 Mobile: +66 (0) 89 729 2989 Email:

Phuket Sa-ard Feat ur e S t or y


Phuket Sa-ard Feat ur e St or y


RECYCLE ANSWER “Phuket currently generates as much as 550 tons of garbage everyday and the volume tends to continually increase. While the only incinerator, we can handle only 250 tons of garbage per day, Phuket’s garbage problem levels up to a crisis and it’s closer to our life than you think.” said Nithi Ruktaetrakul, Brand Manager of Wongpanit Phuket. We had a conversation today with Mr. Nithi, a zealous young businessman who makes a profit out of waste. He runs a recycling business under the name of Wongpanich Phuket Branch franchising from one of the country’s biggest waste recycling firm established since 1974. Tons of waste is sent to his factory everyday.


Phuket Sa-ard Feat ur e S t or y


ow is today’s garbage situation in Phuket? Phuket is lucky for being a travel destination, so most of the waste can be recycled unlike those agricultural areas where most of the waste generated is not recyclable. Five years ago, Phuket generated about 250 tons of garbage per day that didn’t exceed the incinerator’s power but nowadays the volume is as much as 550 tons per day and probably reaches 700 tons per day in the near future. 30-50% of the daily waste generated by businesses, government offices, schools and colleges, households and public agencies is recyclable waste. 30 tons, which is calculated as at least 10% of total recyclable waste goes to Wongpanich’s factory. What is recyclable?

Nithi Ruktaetrakul Brand Manager of Wongpanit Phuket


We can sort the recyclables into 6 categories: 1. Paper e.g. magazines, catalogs, office paper, shredded paper, newspaper, cardboard, paper board 2. Plastic e.g. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic bottles, mixed plastic, HDPE (high-density polyethylene), plastic bag

Phuket Sa-ard 3. Metal that combines with steel’s magnetic properties e.g. zinc 4. Non-magnetic metals like copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel 5. Glass e.g. bottles, jars, vials, gallon jars, jugs 6. Others e.g. batteries, rubber tubes, robes

Feat ur e St or y

Recycling these materials also means reducing waste and the consumption of fresh raw materials; for example if you use wasted paper to produce tissue paper, you don’t have to cut down the whole tree for such inconsiderable reasons. The easy concept of recycling is to “reproduce itself”. Scrap iron and steel is essential for making new steel as recycling steel scrap saves resources usage and saves the CO2 emissions produced when making steel from iron ore. What isn’t recyclable? Our big problem now is when people don’t have the right understanding for what isn’t recyclable. They try to sell us cloth, wood, tyres and some organic materials which we cannot recycle. What can we do to help reduce garbage? We should begin with teaching in families so that children know how to behave and be conscious of the environment. Parents should take responsibility to teach them since their very first steps. They will know how to choose environmentally friendly products. They should know how to reduce consumption and to manage unwanted items; whether to reuse it, to recycle it, or to throw it away. Garbage should not be mixed with recyclable items otherwise it’s useless. Hence sorting out garbage properly plays an important part in recycling procedures. If we, as every single individual, can reduce a kilogram of waste per day, consider the whole picture of thousands or millions of people: we can help decrease tons of garbage.

What should people be aware of in recycling? You have to know what is and what isn’t recyclable first so that you can sort out the garbage right and handle it properly. You are not supposed to create burdens to others just like you know to turn off the light whenever you go to bed. Make it your habit, convince people and teach children how to. We, Wongpanich and other entrepreneurs, are ready to give out our hands to save Phuket as well.


Phuket Sa-ard Wo r k s hop

Take it into action Here are some activities and initiatives you may take part throughout the year to help keep planet “ PHUKET SA-ARD ”. Think and do it! Cherngtalay Cloth Bag Campaign for Green Phuket Starting from 14 February 2010 Cherngtalay Sub-district Administrative Organisation will run a campaign responding to province policy to reduce plastic bag use by encouraging people to adopt cloth bags instead. It kicks off on Valentine’s Day. For more information, please contact Tel. 0-7632-4440 Fax. 0-7632-5292. Katathani Phuket Beach Resort World Environment Day 5 June 2010 Exhibitions and activities from 9:00 am till afternoon to raise environmental awareness among the community. Join beach clean-up and tree planting around and nearby the property. 400 tree giveaways for participants to plant at home. Patong Bicycle Rally June 2010 Bicycle Clubs in Phuket and public will gather for a bike rally to create awareness about the benefits of cycling concerning energy saving. The exact date is to be announced. Tel: 0-76344-275 Fax 0-76344-255.


Rasada Big Cleaning Day 2010 January – September 2010 Get yourself ready and come out on the third Saturday of each month joining a clean up activity around Rasada Municipality’s area. Tel: 0-7652-5779 Fax: 0-76525-788 Patong Big Cleaning Day 2010 January – December 2010 The first Thursday of every month is scheduled as a coastal cleanup day for public and businesses in Patong this year. Meet up at the beach if you are close by at the time. We need your hands to help. PSU Phuket Recycle Bank Throughout 2010 ‘Trash to Treasure’. Donate recyclable items to garbage bank run by Prince of Songkla University Phuket Campus every Wednesday throughout the year. Revenues will be funded for underprivileged students’ loans. Tel: 0-7627-6061

Phuket Sa-ard Wor kshop

PHUKET SA-ARD These photos are some of Phuket Sa-ard activities done by various organizations in Phuket.


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E-mail: Tel: 089 866 6189

Offering 3 types of fully equipped airconditioning room with facilities and services provided such as swimming pool, taxi service, tour desk, and WiFi internet. This is a boutique hotel where you can stay at ease in Patong. Located in Soi Sansabai, just 100 metres away from Jungceylon (biggest shopping complex) and famous Bangla (night entertainment).

Area : Patong


No. of rooms: 25

Luxurious boutique serviced apartment and hotel, located at the heart of Phuket town. Every guest can enjoy 180 degree view of green area from private balcony, accommodated with large in-room space and fully equipped pantry. Baan Suwantawe will bring you to the memorable ‘JUST @ Home’ atmosphere/experience. Address: 171/8 Soi Sansabai, Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd., Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150 T. +66 (0) 76 344 141, +66 (0) 81 638 8787 F. +66 (0) 76 344 649 E.,

AREA: PHUKET TOWN STUDIO: 26 PENTHOUSE: 4 Address: 1/10 Dibuk Rd., Taladyai, Muang, Phuket T. +66 76 212 879 F. +66 76 215 541 E.

 

 

   



A Magical Night of Illusion Thursday 31st December 2009 at the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket

Happy New Year 2010 Party Tuesday 29th December 2009 at Kamala Regent



Mom Tri’s Royale Wing Suites Launch Party Saturday 7th November 2009 at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

New Year Celebration at Dusit Thursday 31st December 2009 at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket



New Year Celebration at The Lawn Thursday 31st December 2009 at The Racha

New Year’s Eve at The Surface Bar Thursday 31st December 2009 at La Flora Resort Patong



New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner Thursday 31st December 2009 at Twinpalms Phuket

Purple Rain Party Saturday 19th December 2009 at Cape Sienna



space, function, lifestyle & design are blended without compromise!


outique Golf Villa exclusively offers 7 pool villas in the middle of beautiful golf cour se, Phuket Countr y C l ub. Setting in a peaceful environment amidst the natural embrace, the two-storey villas has been designed under a large open plan concept to maximize advantages of tropical climate and the greenery atmosphere. Each in a position allowing an unobstructed view of the golf course.

Built to the highest standards with beautifully finished functions. Boutique Golf Villa comes in a choice of either 3 or 4 bedrooms featuring private 4x15 metre swimming pool, Jacuzzi and fully fitted premium kitchen. The perfect spot for peace and tranquility where residents can expect an ultimate golfing inspired experience or a valued investment in Phuket.

Boutique Golf Villa 91/134 Moo 7 Vichitsongkram Rd. T.Kathu, A.Kathu, Phuket 83120 Tel: +66 (0) 81 628 5166, +66 (0) 86 952 7142 Fax: +66 (0) 76 319 931 Email: Website:


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