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bliss embraces at your stay‌

Discover contemporary design, only a step to the beach, features the truly relaxing Pool Villa, Pool Access and the Surface Bar with panoramic views, indulge yourself throughout lifestyle entertainment in tropical paradise on Patong Beach.

La Flora Resort Patong

39 Taweewong Rd., Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 344 241 Fax: +66 (0) 76 344 251 Email:

Beach Dining Lunch Buffet: 790++ per person (food only) - Daily 12:00-15:00 hrs Dinner Buffet: 1,290++ per person (food only), 1,590++ per person (incl. 1/2 bottle wine) - Mon/Tue/Fri 19:00-22:00 hrs A-La-Carte available 11:30-17:00 and 19:00-22:00 hrs (except Tue/Fri evening) All prices in Thai baht

We offer the finest selection of salads, pizzas, pasta, shawarma, Thai food dishes, rotisserie selections, a sushi and sashimi counter and much more. Sweets include the chocolate fountain with selections of fresh fruit, tiramisu, desserts by Bake Bakery and Thai desserts.

Awesome Every Day. For You. Surin Beach, 076 316 567, Taxi: หาดสุ ร ิ น ทร์ ตรงข้ า มกั บ โรงแรมทวิ น ปาล์ ม ส์ ภู เ ก็ ต



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For those of you who may have considered retiring or working in Phuket, we have some articles in this issue of which should help you to make up your mind. For retirees we let you know the benefits of retiring to an island such as Phuket and also basic guidelines on how to retire here legally and hassle free. For those who have considered working, we let you know exactly what jobs you are entitled to do, and also how to go about obtaining the much needed work permit.


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2013 is going hopefully to be the start of good things for Phuket with some much needed improvements to its infrastructure already underway. Firstly, the expansion to our International Airport, which I’m sure most of you will agree, is very much overdue. And secondly, the construction of the new overpass at Phuket’s busiest Junction at Central Festival.

We hope you enjoy your time here in Phuket and we hope you enjoy reading this issue of magazine.

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Welcome to the first 2013 issue of magazine, here’s wishing you all a prosperous New Year.





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Kan Eang@pier



Arts & Culture 14

Phuket Vegetarian Festival An Extraordinary Religious Festival


Beauty & Wellness 18

“Do Good, Feel Good” An interview with Alexander & Carolin Toskar

Eat & Drink 24

Chef Talk with Chris Dodds Executive Chef Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa


Kan Eang@pier Phuket’s Original Seafood Destination


Recipe - Tom Som Pak


Recipe - Pad Phet Gai


Coffee Beans and Greens A Great Healthy Alternative Now At Central Festival Phuket

Gladness & Joy 38

Phuket’s “Home of Help & Care”

Hotels & Resorts 40

JW Marriot Phuket Resort & Spa The complete family holiday destination


Review - Crowne Plaza Panwa Beach Resort


Play & Show 46

Fly like the epic character Hanuman


Archery, a Sport for Everyone

Property & Home Décor 50

Condominium Developers Drive Phuket Property Market


Residence Impression


Tropical Luxury - Recommended Items

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Wat Directory

Special Features 74

Retirement in Phuket - Total Enjoyment


Jobs for Foreigners in Thailand


Work Permit Application in Thailand

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Art & Culture Phuket Vegetarian Festival



Religious Festival


he Phuket Vegetarian Festival is an annual event held during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. It is believed the vegetarian festival and its accompanying sacred rituals bestow good fortune upon those who religiously observe this rite. During the festival local residents of Chinese ancestry strictly observe a 10-day vegetarian or vegan diet for the purposes of spiritual cleansing and merit-making. Sacred rituals are performed at the various Chinese shrines and temples around the island and aesthetic displays such as walking barefooted over hot coals and ascending ladders with bladed rungs are performed by entranced devotees from these shrines and temples who are known as “Mah Songs”. There are also “Street Processions” each and every day throughout the festival which always start at the shrines and temples.


Mah Songs “Mah Songs” are people who invite spirits of gods to possess their bodies. Mah is the word for horse in Thai, and the name “Mah Song” refers to how the spirits of the gods use the bodies of these people as a vehicle, as one would a horse. Only pure, unmarried men or women without families of their own can become a “Mah Song”. At their temple they undergo a series of rituals including flagellation and self-mutilation to protect them for the duration of the festival. The “Mah Song” tradition doesn’t exist in China, it is believed to have been adopted from the Indian festival of Thaipusam. Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival activities include large processions of “Mah Songs” wearing elaborate

Art & Culture Phuket Vegetarian Festival

“Mah Songs” are people who invite the spirits of gods to possess their bodies. costumes who pierce their cheeks and tongues, without the aid of anesthetic, with all manner of things, including swords, banners, machine guns, table lamps, and flowers. While the face is the most common area pierced, some also pierce their arms with pins and fishhooks. Teams of people accompany the “Mah Songs” to keep their wounds clean and to help support the heavier piercings. It is believed that while they are possessed the “Mah Song” will not feel any pain. They can also be seen shaking their heads continuously, and usually do not seem to see their surroundings. It is not a totally reckless exercise, the “Mah Songs” are monitored by event organisers and doctors to make sure there are no serious injuries or infections. While large crowds of people gather to watch, the entranced “Mah Songs” distribute blessed candy and pieces of orange cloth with Chinese characters printed on them, yang for good luck. There was an amusing story about a “Mah Song” who lost his nerve at a recent festival. He intended to pierce

his tongue with a spear but couldn’t face the pain so he bought a pig tongue and skewered it with the spear. He marched through the entire procession holding the pig tongue between his teeth. His deception was discovered when organisers asked to examine his wound and found he did not have one.

The Street Processions The Vegetarian Festival is growing increasingly popular not only for tourists from Thailand but those from all around the world. Phuket becomes increasingly busy during the festival’s ten days with large numbers of people coming to try the delicious vegetarian food and observe the ceremonies and rituals. Another of the highlights of the festival is the processions which take place on each of the final seven days of the festival. On each day, a different temple takes its turn to make a


Art & Culture Phuket Vegetarian Festival

procession from their temple around Phuket Town and back again. It is the images from these processions that can be seen all around the world. The processions are big affairs that can take an hour or more to pass. They generally start early in the mornings and finish before lunchtime, although the temples also seem to have spontaneous processions around town at other times.

The most popular processions are early every morning when tourists get a chance to see the “Mah Songs”, although this isn’t for the faint hearted as the “Mah Songs” are often covered in blood. Throughout the procession a cacophony of drums and firecrackers pound and explode to scare away evil spirits. As well as the “Mah Songs” and their entourages, there are also other groups marching. Community groups, entertainers and schoolchildren join the march to add variety to the show.

Then there is the final march on the last night of the festival. This is a staggering spectacle and one of the absolute highlights of the festival. The fireworks start up in the early evening and do not let up until the procession is finished at around midnight. The procession starts around 7pm and continues through the evening. As they march through the crowds, they come under an extraordinary bombardment from the onlookers. They throw firecrackers around the marcher’s feet and even their heads. The onslaught is so intense that a haze of acrid smoke fills the air. The parade starts to spread out under the bombardment and turns into more of a charge than a march. It is a stunning sight to see the running figures charging through the noise and smoke while firecrackers flash around them. It is something that more closely resembles a war zone than a religious festival. Around 11pm the procession starts towards the shrine at Saphan Hin for the final ritual to send the gods back to the heavens for another year. The street procession timetable updates every year and can be found at


Italian Cuisine 324/15 Prabaramee Road, Kalim Bay, Patong Phuket 83100, Thailand Tel. 076 618127 Mob. 0872705929 Fax. 076 618130

Beauty & Wellness Interview with Carolin & Alexander Toskar


Beauty & Wellness Interview with Carolin & Alexander Toskar

“Do Good, Feel Good!”

Carolin & Alexander Toskar are based in the Swiss city of Zurich. They are frequent visitors to Thailand, and on their visits they provide their followers with spiritual healing treatments and also share their healing method of ‘Divine Straightening’. It is Carolin & Alexander’s mission to support people all around the world, to align their spirit and create access to their souls, that they might recognise love, happiness and thankfulness within everyday life and face all experiences with strength, serenity and dignity.

Alexander Alexander was first introduced to Divine Straightening by his father Pjotr Elkunoviz. Having been advised by doctors he would suffer for the rest of his life from the pain of a degenerated spine caused by a shifted pelvis, Pjotr decided to find out about “Spiritual Healing”. Shortly after, he developed a mighty strong energy, now known as Divine Straightening, and was instantly cured. Pjotr has since provided thousands of people with Divine Straightening. Having been witness to his father’s practicing it is no surprise that Alexander has been engaged with miscellaneous ways of spiritual healing and traditions since early childhood. His wish for spirituality has never diminished, even when Alexander was successfully working as a designer in the advertisement industry. During this time, due to life circumstances, Alexander made several long trips to India to stay with Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian guru, spiritual figure, mystic, composer, choreographer, poet, author,


Beauty & Wellness Interview with Carolin & Alexander Toskar

orator, philanthropist and educator. It was from Sathya that he received the clear vision and message to correct his life and to dedicate his whole strength to the service of others and the healing work. Sometime after this Alexander wanted to research and share more about what is behind the Divine Straightening energy and therefore started to write a manuscript, which would later become the book’ Divine Straightening’. Today, he continues his father’s healing work and gives healing treatments and delivers lectures worldwide and he is also a frequent guest on Thai television.


Carolin Carolin’s attraction to healing and the way of healing in different cultures materialised when she was studying pharmaceuticals at university and it grew somewhat during her many visits to India, Australia and Thailand. For seven years she was a Personal Trainer and Coach for a large international company. During this time, she was able to deepen her own spiritual development through regular trips to India´s great Masters and Yogis and more so when training to be a qualified life advisor.

Beauty & Wellness Interview with Carolin & Alexander Toskar It was when she had her own impressive experience of Divine Straightening from Alexander’s father, that she amplified her deep wish to bring together the different parts of life in a meaningful way to help people even more comprehensively. This she’s been doing in the deep belief that health; vitality and well-being are in every human and can be activated. This knowledge she is bringing to others in seminars and as author of the book ‘Health as a Path to the Self’.

It was in 2005 in Freiburg Germany that Carolin and Alexander opened their first Healing School and in 2008 the centre for Divine Straightening in Munich, Cologne and Zurich, where they accompany people on their path to health and contentment. Now, Carolin and Alexander operate together worldwide as spiritual healers and ambassadors for Divine Straightening and the Spiritual Health Foundation. It is their aim to succeed in bringing this special healing work to the world and that it can become accessible to many of thousands of people in Europe and abroad. Due to regular healing travels, through their books (published in German, English and Thai), regular publications in journals, the new DVD documentary on Divine Straightening, and many testimonials they have are certainly starting to meet their aim of healing worldwide.


Beauty & Wellness Interview with Carolin & Alexander Toskar

there are still some scenarios which really stick in their mind. For Alexander he remembers a couple who come to see them who were in the process of separating, after receiving treatment they realised they should be staying together, in fact they later became parents. He also remembers visiting Breast Cancer Haven in London, one of the organizations supported by their Spiritual Health Foundation, and although they do not promise they can cure people of this illness, they do believe after their healing is performed sufferers can be a lot more comfortable with their lives and people can be a lot more positive about their situation. The feedback they received after their visit was very positive. For Carolin, although she appreciates any form of feedback about healings of the physical body, she is very much touched when it involves increasing levels of peoples joy and ease of life.

The Spiritual Healing Foundation The Spiritual Health Foundation, established in 2010, is a non-profit organization with a mission to develop and promote spiritual healing and wellbeing for children and dependent people. All of the foundation’s projects are voluntarily supervised by Carolin and Alexander. For 7 year now they have work closely with the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand. They were initially invited by the director for alternative medicine to visit hospitals and to give lectures and trainings to physicians and nurses, and they continue to do so on a regular basis. Although they travel extensively, Carolin and Alexander see no difference in how people react to their methods of healing. Although Europeans are much more skeptical, they can still be converted into believers, which to Carolin and Alexander is all part of their process. In fact, there was a recent publication about the couple in a London newspaper, and although some readers were not in the slightest spiritually minded, they knew what issues they had with themselves and what the benefits would be of ‘Divine Straightening’. A number of the article’s readers took one hour away from their businesses and attended the seminar which Carolin and Alexander were holding. They were put through the healing process and taught about self healing and left the seminar feeling completely different people. Carolin and Alexander believe everybody they see benefits in one way or another from their healing methods, and are always touched when they receive any kind of positive feedback,


The foundation was set up to support dependent people not only financially but also spiritually. Carolin and Alexander always try to combine financial support with turning up at their projects and providing treatments and teachings. They often visit orphanages and see children who are suffering with illnesses or a severe disease. They also visit projects where adults are suffering with life threatening illnesses such as breast cancer and it is at these projects where they really try to spread not only their knowledge and their gift, but also the proceeds raised from the foundation. It is not the foundations aim to heal the world; however, Carolin and Alexander want to try to include all the people they know either from providing them with treatments, or people whom they have met on their travels, into the idea of spiritual health and to teach them that everybody can contribute and bring something into it. Being focused on spirituality, it is important that they are regularly present at their projects. They are not a foundation that just hands over money to the projects

Beauty & Wellness Interview with Carolin & Alexander Toskar they support, or do not know, they support projects that support their ideas and beliefs. The connections they make for the foundation only happen by chance and they do not select people purely because they want to meet them. It is just by chance they have met people who have been involved with projects and after visiting them have decide it is something which the Spiritual Health Foundation would support. There is one project the foundation supports, Breast Cancer Haven in the UK, and it was in Thailand that Carolin and Alexander met the founder. There were also two musicians they met, also in Thailand, who have a foundation in Los Angeles which supports soldiers involved in the war in Iraq. One of the musicians lost an arm in a car accident and after experiencing Carolin and Alexander’s treatment invited them to LA to carry out a healing session on the soldiers supported by their project. At the end of every year Carolin and Alexander travel to Asia, an area of which they are very attached, to carry out charity work as a way of way of saying thank you for the gift which they have been given. In their opinion, Asia is so much easier when it comes to getting in contact and involved with other foundations and projects and to make charity spiritual healing events. They believe the idea of doing charity work within Buddhist cultures is very much alive, this being the reason it is so much easier. Carolin and Alexander visit the projects their foundation supports at least once a year, those which are more close to their home are visited possibly up to four times a year. In the time working together with the projects they have seen a great deal of emotional change within the people they have provided treatments. They realise they do not always have a cure for a number of the people they treat, but they can make life changing differences for them. Many people believe it hard to be involved with the projects they support, such as Breast Cancer Haven, due

to the emotional attachment involved. However, Carolin and Alexander’s approach is firstly they may be able to be of help to the people they meet, and that it is never too late. They see a lot of self contentment within these people who are suffering and see a lot of positive growth after they provide them with treatments. The foundation, although only having been set up 2 and a half years ago, now has a small group of regular projects which it supports including Pattaya Orphanage and Child Protection Center, Breast Cancer Haven, London, and others. It is the goal of the foundation to support at least one project in each of the countries Carolin and Alexander visit on a regular basis. They still want to spread their support a little more but they realise they are a small foundation and cannot support an ever increasing number of projects. When it comes to raising funds for the foundation, 100% of proceeds from any of the couple’s English language books go straight into the foundations funds, along with funds raised at their spiritual healing group sessions and money donated by people who have received treatments from them. Furthermore, all proceeds raised from the selling of their ‘do good, feel good’ t-shirts go to non-profit organizations in Thailand. When it comes to the hopes of Carolin and Alexander for the future of the foundation, they simply want to continue spreading their motto of ”Do Good, Feel Good”, and they hope they can continue to inspire people to help others. They believe once you have experienced pleasure, such as that as when you have helped somebody, you will become instantly addicted and will want to continue to have this memorable experience. For more information about Carolin and Alexander’s ‘Divine Straightening’ healing method or about the foundation please visit: or


Eat & Drink Chef Introduce Renaissance


Dodds Executive Chef Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa.


hris Dodds was born and raised in small town in Queensland, Australia called Innisfail. Having had an interest in cooking from a young age he decided it was to be his career. Chris now has over sixteen years experience in the kitchen and has recently been appointed Executive Chef of the popular Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa. recently caught up with Chris and found out a little more about him and his work.

Can you tell us about your past career? I actually spent four years learning my trade under the watchful eye of Chef Steve Szabo at Pallazo Versace, on the Gold Coast of Australia. However, I decided I really wanted to try to bring my style of cooking to a variety of cultures and therefore decided to move abroad. For two years I worked for a small boutique company in Malaysia called GHM, and prior to moving here I looked after two hotels, for three and a half years, in Abu Dhabi for a company called Rotana.

What is your food philosophy? Firstly, food is always at its best when it’s the freshest and of the best quality. I’m in a good situation being able to select high quality ingredients according to the seasons and to bring in the very best products from abroad. Secondly, I’m a firm believer that the food should be the star of the show and that things should never be over complicated.

If there was one menu item that you could, but have never been given the chance to add, what would it be & why? I have been very lucky and fortunate in my previous positions to have had total freedom to add what


Chris Dodds Executive Chef Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa.

“Food is always at its best when it’s the freshest” I wanted on the menus. So if I got any ideas I could easily implement them.

Do you have a signature dish or a favourite you can share with us? There are a lot of dishes I like to cook but one of them would be a fresh Seared Seabass with New Potatoes, Broad beans, Tomato, Olives and Basil. It’s one of my favourite dishes to prepare and it has certainly been a favourite with customers on my previous menus. Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa 555, Moo 3, Mai Khao, Thalang, Phuket, 83110 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 363 999 Fax: +66 (0) 76 363 988

Eat & Drink Kan Eang History

Phuket’s Original

Seafood Destination

Ask any local, expat or frequent visitor to Phuket to recommend a good seafood restaurant and we’re sure most of the time their reply will be the same, Kan Eang@pier.


he restaurant, a favourite with locals and visitors to Phuket, will soon celebrate its 40th anniversary, and even after all these years, its 200 metres stretch of waterfront overlooking Chalong Bay is one of Phuket’s stand out dining experiences. Come with us as we trace four decades of history from the inception of Phuket’s original seafood destination, all the way to the present.


Eat & Drink Kan Eang History

The Pachantabutr family has run Kan Eang@pier since its inception in 1973, where the restaurant’s story has much more humble beginnings than the seafood giant you see today.

Chamnan Pachantabutr is a local man, raised in the area, who cooked and sold traditional seafood such as Bua Tod (batter fried fresh-water weed with shrimp), Hor Mok (steamed fish curry mousse wrapped in a banana leaf), Pla Mong Pao (Coconut husk BBQ Jack fish) and water to the local fishermen, some of whom still work in Chalong today. There was only a small grocery store then and even though many of his patrons could not pay for the food that Khun Chamnan cooked, he happily accepted their fish and other catch as payment, sharing meals with them as one happy neighbourhood family on a regular basis. It was actually due to Khun Chamnan’s kindhearted nature the name Kan Eang was first introduced, Kan Eang simply means to ‘feel at ease’. His early local dishes have survived the test of time as well, many of them can still be found on the menu today.


Eat & Drink Kan Eang History

Back in its early years, Kan Eang was more of a local hang out than a restaurant, but Khun Chamnan began to see more and more people come to sample his food. As word of his cooking spread, he had to use more space along the waterfront and eventually setup more bamboo salas next to the bay. His repertoire of dishes began to grow as well, but he still stuck with his original concept of using local seafood to create delicious food. Creamy crabmeat curry with coconut heart served with steamed white noodles and fresh bean sprouts, as well as stir fried fish or prawns in tamarind sauce are just a few examples of what he added. As time went on, Kan Eang became a full-fledged restaurant purely by the quality of its local cuisine.


Eat & Drink Kan Eang History

Kan Eang continued with a simple look for many years, with ever more customers. Then in 2007, Khun Chamnan decided it was time to change the appearance of his restaurant to meet the expectations of Phuket’s ever growing tourism industry. He closed the restaurant and personally supervised seven months of drastic renovations, and what emerged was Kan Eang@pier as you see it today; a modern, world-class boutique seafood restaurant and premiere dining destination in Phuket.

The new Kan Eang mixed old concepts with new innovations. The sala atmosphere was retained with the addition of beautiful airconditioned versions of the same buildings, with thatched roofs and unbeatable views. There was also great expansion on the menu as a range of classic Chinese-Thai dishes and Japanese cuisine such as Phuket lobster sashimi, prawn tempura and meat & vegetable teppanyaki were brought in at the end.


Eat & Drink Kan Eang History

a terraced venue with sofa seating and chic décor that is perfect for intimate or fun social gatherings. What stands out as the most radical and far-reaching change to date though is the creation of another restaurant within Kan Eang@pier. This is Vset, a self-contained air-conditioned venue that shares the relaxing vibes of Kan Eang but takes a step in service and brings the highest quality Mediterranean to Phuket’s shores at the hands of multiple award-winning chef, Ronnie Macuja. Vset may be different from Kan Eang, but you can feel the same passion behind it, as it is the Pachantabutrs’ desire to not only keep their restaurant’s legacy, but also build something new and provide unique dining experiences to residents and tourists alike.

Today, Kan Eang@pier runs like a well-oiled machine both at the service level and behind the scenes. Its continuous aim is to provide first-rate service, use the best ingredients, signature techniques and also create a beautiful atmosphere in which to enjoy it all.

The restaurant continues to evolve, transforming its seaside bar area into Vbar,


With such a wide variety of options it’s no wonder Kan Eang@pier has not only become a favourite amongst locals and tourists, but also with a large number of celebrities, politicians and high profile people that have passed through its doors.

Kan Eang@pier, located at the pier of Chalong bay. Address: 44/1 Viset Rd. Moo 5 T.Rawai A.Muang Phuket 83130 Tel: +66 (0) 76 381 212, +66 (0) 83 173 1187 E-mail: Website:

Eat & Drink Recipe

Recipe: Tom Som Pak Sour soup with vegetables This sour Thai vegetable soup recipe comes easily and quickly together for a weeknight meal. Tom Som Pak is translated as sour soup with vegetables. This tasty dish highlights the simplicity of using fresh ingredients to create complex fl avors. Other types of Tom Som can also be made from meats as well as seafood.

Main Ingredients • Soup stock • Pineapple • Banana stalk • Cashew nuts • Morning glory • Young tamarind leaves

• Anchovies • Shrimp paste • Ripe tamarind & • Garcinia Cambogia • Sugar • Salt

Cooking Method • Heat the soup stock until boiling and add anchovies, banana stalks, morning glory, pineapple, young tamarind leaves and cashew nuts until cooked • Add ripe tamarind, garcinia cambogia and shrimp paste and stir well • Add sugar and salt to your preferred taste

Recipe courtesy of Phuket Andaman Camp Tel: +66 (0) 76 510 565, +66 (0) 81 693 2656 32


Eat & Drink Recipe

Recipe: Pad Phet Gai Fried spicy chicken Pad phet is a typical spicy Thai stir-fry that’s easy to make and the flavor is fantastic. As an alternative, the dish can also be made using deep fried catfish nuggets, pork, beef, tofu or shrimp.

Cooking Method

Main Ingredients • Chicken • Hot curry paste • Kaffir lime leaves • Red goat pepper

• Sugar • Fish sauce • Soy sauce • Fresh pepper corns

• Cut chicken into small bite size pieces • Finely slice the kaffir lime leaves and red goat pepper • Fry the curry paste for 3 -4 minutes • Fry the chicken until cooked • Add the sugar, fish sauce, soy sauce and pepper corns to taste and cook for a further 3 or 4 minutes • Serve and garnish with the kaffir lime leaves and red goat pepper

Recipe courtesy of Phuket Andaman Camp Tel: +66 (0) 76 510 565, +66 (0) 81 693 2656 34

Eat & Drink A Great healthy alternative now at Central Festival Phuket

A great healthy alternative now at Central Festival Phuket


merican born Charles Pulaski has been based on the island of Phuket for the past ten years. He was previously involved in the property construction business, but is now the Director of Coffee Beans and Greens, located in the food hall of Central Festival Phuket. Coffee Beans and Greens came about simply because of Charles’ boredom with the food options available in Central Festival. He has sampled pretty much all that there is on offer there, and is tired that all that is on offer is one kind of processed fast food or another. It was Charles’ idea to offer something a little different for the thousands of shoppers that pass through Central every day, and therefore there is now a much healthier alternative for not only the shoppers but also for Charles.


Eat & Drink A Great healthy alternative now at Central Festival Phuket Coffee Beans and Greens offers visitors a great choice of drinks and snacks comprising of fresh roasted organic coffee, grown in Northern Thailand and roasted fresh on Phuket, a range of organic vegetable and fruit juices and shakes, the ingredients of which are all sourced from farms around Thailand, and wide range of healthy option sandwiches. It is Charles’ belief that although there are a number of other outlets offering coffee within Central, he does have a fl avour advantage over his competitors. Charles acknowledges that the variety of Italian coffee currently available does taste nice, it has been roasted and vacuum sealed months in advance to it actually being drunk, thus affecting the fl avour. His coffee is served within days of

it being roasted, giving it a much fresher and vibrant taste. His coffee is also unique in that there is only his and one other outlet on the island that offers fresh roasted Thai coffee. Charles is proud of the fact most of their ingredients are organic and they operate an outlet that is as ‘Green’ as possible. Charles decided to choose Central Festival as the location for the fi rst Coffee Beans and Greens outlet after looking at his profit and loss estimates. He feels being located within the southern Thailand’s leading shopping destination he will have steady business all year round, compared with being in a tourist location where he would rely on high season as his busy period. He also wants a base of local customers, something which he would not get if he was located somewhere such as Patong, where it would be purely a tourist customer base. With regards to the future of Coffee Beans and Greens, if the fi rst outlet does become profi table and there is a successful working relationship with Central, Coffee Beans and Greens will be expanding to other Central properties throughout Thailand.

Testimonials Russell - It’s nice to fi nally have a place in Phuket that uses organic products. For me, not only do they taste a lot better, there also a lot better for you. I think the market has been crying out for something like this for a long time. I also like to come out and support new businesses which are opening in Phuket and this one has the perfect location and is easily accessible.

Khun Ying - I like to come to Coffee Beans and Greens because I love having organic products. This is something very new for Phuket and it’s great that this is now available for those of us who want a great healthy option.

People really should come and give it a try!


Gladness & Joy Phuket’s “House of Help and Care”


‘‘House of Help and Care”


nita Somaini was born and spent most of her working life in Switzerland. She originally trained as a pharmaceutical assistant and then spent four years training to become a certified nurse at the Lindenhof Hospital, Berne. She has several years of hands on experience within both surgical and orthopedic departments, and is qualified in dealing with geriatrics and psychogeriatrics. Later Anita underwent intensive internal training at Langenthal hospital, the training of which enabled her to work within the accident and emergency department of the hospital. Her overall experience covers all major aspects of the nursing profession. During her working years Anita has also acquired an extensive knowledge in dealing with people suffering from dementia. Anita also has experience in marketing and sales, business administration and personnel management and her diverse knowledge later enabled her to become Sales Manager of an international pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. Anita and her husband Carlo moved to Thailand in 2009 to further develop their existing family business. As Anita is not actively involved in the business, the move offered her a unique opportunity to put a personal dream into reality, and to use all her professional nursing experience here in her new venture BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ. Her dream was to care for elderly people in a wonderful setting and a very pleasant climate. The quality of care she provides is neither available nor affordable in Europe.


Anita Somaini of BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ From Thai, BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ translates into English to mean ‘‘House of Help and Care“, and as the name suggests the home offers the highest quality care to their long or short stay guests. At BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ they specialise in providing stays for those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s, in a cozy and secure home within a family atmosphere. Care is given to their guests on an individual basis with warmth and cordiality, and if desired they are able to provide 24 hours a day individual care using three nurses for each guest. They support their residents in all those areas where they are no longer independent.

Gladness & Joy Phuket’s “House of Help and Care”

What does Anita hope to achieve with BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ: Long-term cooperation with authorities and institutions in Europe to promote high quality and affordable nursing care in a host country like Thailand. Cooperate with local European authorities with the aim of them understanding and supporting the benefits and the needs of an institution such as BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ.

BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ is not comparable to a nursing home, as we know it in Europe. Their guests benefit from a life in several different spacious villas with three or four large bedrooms with en-suite private bath, toilet and shower, a living room, garden and pool. They offer their residents a life within a community, under excellent care and respecting their utmost privacy. It is their moral obligation to provide all necessary security and to maintain the quality of life of their guests. Their aim is to maintain or improve the physical and mental abilities of guests for as long as possible and they encourage and support the abilities that each individual guest brings. At BAAN TSCHUAI DUU LÄÄ they promote social interaction and stimulating activities for their guests such as parties, get-togethers, sight-seeing, games, T.V., music, swimming, etc. depending on their individual desires, capabilities and current constitution.

Create public awareness in European countries regarding the existence of quality alternative care options in Thailand in addition to those of a general nursing home, in European countries. Anita is convinced people with dementia can live abroad and be given a much better quality of life. She has seen how happy, calm and collected they can be when carefully treated with respect and dignity. Carewell Service Co., Ltd. 19/19 Moo 4, Soi Suksan 2 Rawai, Muang, Phuket, Thailand 83130 Mobile Phone: +66 (0) 86 270 9522 Website:


Hotels & Resorts GM Talk

Ludovic Gallerne Director of Sales & Marketing of JW Marriott Phuket

The complete

family holiday destination



f looking for a great family holiday accommodation anywhere in the world, one of the fi rst names that should spring to mind is JW Marriott.

Beautifully located on the glorious Mai Khao Beach, JW Marriott Resort and Spa has 265 large rooms which provided plenty of space for a family of 4.

If looking for a great family holiday accommodation in Phuket then the fi rst name you should think about is JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa.

JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa offers a taste-bud tingling range of dining choices to suit all tastes and each outlet has specially designed kids’ menus.

Whether your perfect vacation entails just pure relaxation and luxurious indulgence, or you are looking for an activity-packed family holiday, the multi award-winning JW Marriott Resort and Spa is a real tropical fantasy for the whole family.

If you’re worried about how to keep your children occupied during the day, you need worry no more. Ludovic Gallerne, Director of Sales & Marketing of JW Marriott Phuket recently told us that a large amount has recently been spent on total renovations

Hotels & Resorts GM Talk

of their Kid’s Pavillion and now provides kids of all ages everything they should need in today’s day and age.

especially prepared for the 19+ year olds including Thai Dessert making, Muay Thai and tennis.

The Kids Pavillion facilities now includes computers, large flat screen for movies, puzzles, Sony Play Station, pool and table tennis tables for the teens and computers, cubby house/climbing frame, learning programs, wooden toys, arts and crafts and a fully supervised Little Turtles Program.

And the whole family can even spend some quality time together partaking in activities specially designed for all ages such as Juggling Jams & learn to fly trapeze.

The Recreation team at JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Phuket has arranged an extensive range of activities for all ages. There is Thai parasol painting, pirate treasure hunts & face painting for the 4 – 12 year olds and Tie dye art, Batik painting & Yoga for the 13 – 18 year olds. Even the older kids need not be jealous of their younger siblings as there are also a number of activities

All in all, JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa Phuket has to be the first choice for all families looking for the complete family holiday destination. JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa 231 Moo 3 Mai Khao,Talang, Phuket, 83110 Thailand Phone: +66 (0) 76 338 000 Fax: +66 (0) 76 348 348 Website: Facebook:


Hotels & Resorts Crowne Plaza Hotel Review


a World of Inspired Experiences

Nestled in the secluded & private Makham Bay, a small cove with wooded headlands overlooking two nearby historic islands, in Cape Panwa is the newly-opened Crowne Plaza Phuket Panwa Beach Resort, an oasis of serenity which oozes luxury and boasts amazing views of the Andaman Sea and a private 200-meter stretch of beach.


his beautiful Phuket resort, with its stunning architecture, draws design inspiration from the local rich SinoPortuguese heritage of the area with its marbled floors, rich woods and flowing water. The stylish property offers an array of striking and cleverly appointed guest rooms, complemented by thoughtful touches. Throughout your stay you will enjoy a seamless and impeccable service as they strive to make your stay extraordinary. Phuket


awaits you and the Crowne Plaza team is here to help you explore its riches and get the most out of your holiday. Crowne Plaza Phuket Panwa Beach Resort is the perfect location to unwind, recharge and explore the enriching experiences on offer at one of the world’s most sought-after destinations.

Hotels & Resorts Crowne Plaza Hotel Review

ACCOMMODATION Crowne Plaza Phuket Panwa Beach Resort is equipped with a total of 224 elaborate rooms with nine different categories on offer. All the rooms are filled with modern comforts and imaginative touches drawn from Phuket’s past, each features interiors of rich wood and intricately handcrafted finishes, are spacious and ensure you will find the spot that’s just right for some “me-time” or “us-time”.

DINING Spread across the resort are five exquisite dining establishments, offering an extensive selection of cuisines that tantalise the taste-buds. MOSAIC (All-day dining) The subtle aromas of Thai cuisine guide every guest at Mosaic, where exquisite artistry meets the freshest ingredients. Cool salads, delectable seafood, fiery curries and creative stir-fries are the highlight, along with a range of pan-Asian favourites, European fare and special themed nights such as seafood buffets.

Andaman Loft Pool Suites Elevating the heights of luxury are the 13 unique two-storey Andaman Loft Pool Suites. These 100 sqm loft suites boast a private living area, dining space, an indulgent bedroom with views out to sea, a terrace that allows guests to step directly into the properties large beachfront lap pool as well as a personal Jacuzzi. Andaman Terrace Rooms Refuel from the busy life with the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the Andaman Terrace Rooms. Enjoy a generous 100 sqm space, including a spacious terrace featuring two sun loungers and panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. The attached balcony serves as romantic spot or even a play area for children with its ample space. Crowne Sea View Rooms Be inspired in the 42 sqm Crowne Sea View Room which offers spectacular views of the Andaman Sea from the spacious private balcony.

PATIO AL FRESCO (Italian) Dine al fresco at Patio Al fresco, the spacious open air patio, or enjoy the mouth-watering dishes in the air-conditioned cool indoors. Explore the aromas, tastes and textures of the Italian countryside in an eye-opening setting.


Hotels & Resorts Crowne Plaza Hotel Review

LOBBY LOUNGE (Drinks and Light Dining) Overlook the sea from the breezy Lobby Lounge. Plush sofas and chairs invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the day over afternoon tea, a pick-me-up snack, or a perfectly mixed cocktail. Lounge about alongside the soothing sound of trickling fountains. SPLASH (Pool Bar and Beach Barbecue) Select from light bites throughout the day or succulent meats and grilled seafood from the beach barbecue - seared just to your preference. BISCUIT (Bakery-Café) Sip and nibble the morning or afternoon away at the bakery-café, or pick up some sweets and savouries to enjoy on the go. Biscuit welcomes guests to delight in a range of gourmet sandwiches, delicious baked goods, refreshing drinks and premium coffees.

FACILITIES The Thann Spa and Sanctuary To unwind and receive a much needed energy boost guest are encouraged to try out the Resorts spa facilities. The Thann Spa and Sanctuary has expert therapists on hand to pamper guests with a variety of treatments using Thann’s proprietary products. 24-hour Fitness Centre The 24-hour fitness centre includes sophisticated cardiovascular and weight training equipment as well as a Kinetics exercise machine. Guests can complete their vigorous workouts in the air-conditioned indoor centre with beachfront views. Swimming Pools Laze away on one of two beach front swimming pools and soak in the surrounding views of the Andaman Sea while relaxing in complete serenity. Blue Horizon (Water Sports Centre) Over at the Blue Horizon Water Sports Centre, guests looking for more exhilarating pursuits can partake in activities such as ocean kayaking. Kids Club The family-friendly resort also has a dedicated Kids Club to ensure that the little ones are well taken care of as well. CROWNE PLAZA PHUKET PANWA BEACH RESORT 8/88 Moo 7, Sakdidech Road, Vichit Sub-District, Muang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 302 900 Fax: +66 (0) 76 302 999 Email: Website: Facebook:


DISCOVER ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES AT PHUKET'S NEWEST HIDEAWAY. Escape to a tranquil bay, with its own private beach and spectacular views of the Andaman Sea. Explore our unique heritage where Sino-Portuguese design meets modern comforts. Revel in our array of stunning guest rooms complemented by thoughtful touches and impeccable warm service. Diverse dining options and a comprehensive selection of leisure and recreational activities complete the experience.


T. +66 (0) 763 02900

Play & Show Flying Hanuman

Fly like the epic character Hanuman


he world is yet to see another mighty hero like Hanuman. During his life-time, he worked wonders and exhibited superhuman feats. He has left behind him a name which, as long as the world lasts, will continue wielding a mighty influence over the minds of millions of people. A white humanoid monkey, Hanuman depicts strength, valor and courage and has the ability to fly. Imagine flying like a hurricane wind, lapping the blue sky as you bypass myriad clouds. Imagine flying like an eagle up into the sky and floating with glee. Imagine finding yourself flying high above towns and large expanses of woods and hills.


Imagine darting at great speeds as the brown and green earth slips away far below as you look down over the town as trees vividly pass by. Oh, what an experience to fly like a bird, like superman, or like Hanuman! A journey at Flying Hanuman is an experience unexplainable when you fly the boundless infinite skies. Flying Hanuman Located at Kathu waterfall Tel. +66 (0) 81 979 2332 Email: Website:


The Coffee Club is a welcoming, relaxed meeting place offering All Day Breakfast, Gourmet Sandwiches, Salads, Pasta, Grills, Light Meals and Thai favourites. Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a relaxing coffee and cake. With two great locations in Phuket we look forward to meeting you at The Coffee Club. :: FREE WI FI :: NO SERVICE CHARGE

JUNGCEYLON SHOPPING COMPLEX , Patong Beach T: 07 629 2036


TURTLE VILLAGE Mai Khao Beach T: 07 631 4305

The Coffee Club Thailand

Play & Show Phuket Archery

ARCHERY A Sport for Everyone A

rchery, the art of using a bow to shoot arrows at a target, is one or the oldest precision sports still practiced today. Its origins date back to prehistoric times when the bow and arrow were used to hunt. Today, competitive archery is enjoyed in many different forms. Archery is a sport for all seasons and for all people whatever their age, gender or level of physical ability. It is also a very versatile sport since it can be as simple or as involved as the archer wishes. Phuket Archery Club was founded in order to allow those interested in archery to get together and share their experiences as well as to develop their archery skills and promote the sport to people in Phuket. The range at Phuket Archery Club consists of a piece of open grass surrounded by a metal fence on two sides and a building on the left. Set up in this space are 16 target ranges at various distances from the covered firing area. The club caters for anyone interested in archery and can be attended by children who are aged 9 years or older.


There’s also a shop at the club which offers a range of bows & arrows, finger guards, arm guards and quivers for those who want to get really serious about things. The club has plenty of equipment for hire, and this along with using the range, is available at a very reasonable price. All you pay is 200 baht for the use of the equipment, and 50 baht for the range, and you get an hour to happily twang away. The club will even throw in free lessons for those who’ve never done it before. If you have your own equipment, you pay just 50 baht an hour for using the range, or there’s a deal where you can pay 300 baht a month and get the use of the range at 20 baht an hour. Phuket Archery Club is located on Ong-Sim-Pai Road in Phuket Town, right in the middle between Sritong Gold Shop and the Triumph Shop. If you are coming from Phuket Grocery (on your left hand side) just keep going and turn left after the gold shop. Parking spaces are available.

Play & Show Phuket Archery

ARCHERY BASICS Archery is a sport in which participants use a bow to shoot arrows at a target, which has ten concentric circles. The score of each arrow depends upon where it lands on the target. The highest score, a ten, is achieved by shooting an arrow into the center, or bullseye. Scores go down from nine for the next circle out to one for the outermost circle, whilst missing the target means you score zero. For indoor compound archery, a ten is scored only when the arrow lands inside the inner ten ring. After the final arrow has been shot, the arrows are scored. The number of hits (non-zero scores), tens and Xs (hits within the inner ten ring) are also recorded for the purpose of breaking ties in the final scores.

Compound: This bow uses cams and cables to make the holding weight less than half of the draw weight. These bows are favored by bow hunters because of their greater accuracy, flatter arrow trajectory and their ease of use. Beginners are often referred to the recurve bow to start with, because it has a variable draw length, better string angle for drawing with the fingers and because it is a better tool for learning proper form and technique. Mastery of the recurve bow results in better muscle tone and overall archery habits; once that is accomplished the compound bow represents a leap forward in ease of use and force. Also, a compound bow is built for a particular draw length, which may not be easily changed. Growing bodies will grow out of compound bows swiftly in the teen years.

ARCHERY BENEFITS Perhaps what is so appealing about archery is its easiness and accessibility to just about everyone. Almost every age group can participate and enjoy this sport. While it is a fun sport, it is also physically demanding. By playing archery, you are increasing not only strength but also focus, flexibility, and attention skills. It is relatively inexpensive if you just want to play for fun. If, however, you want to play for competition, then the price can jump quite high and take up a lot of your time. Remember this; archery is not about winning or losing. The ultimate goal of an archer is to enjoy playing the game for what it is, not just for winning. The archer should focus more on improving himself than trying to beat other people. Once you realize this, then, archery becomes a lot more fun.

TYPES OF BOWS Recurve or Olympic: The only type of bow allowed in Olympic competition, as yet. Its limbs curve away from the archer. This is the direct descendant of the bows of antiquity, differing only in the materials used and refinements. The force required to pull a recurve bow increases directly with the distance pulled.

PHUKET ARCHERY CLUB Open Mon - Fri noon - 7.30pm Sat - Sun 10.30am - 7.30pm Tel: +66 (0) 81 979 5680 or +66 (0) 81 797 9655


Property & Home DĂŠcor Condominium Market Share in Phuket

Condominium Developers

drive Phuket property market


he demand for condominium projects in Phuket is growing strongly among both locals and foreigners, especially for condos priced between 0.90 - 1.99 MB. The new supplies of condominiums are mostly located in the downtown area and on the east coast of the island where demand is strongest. The condominium property market has experienced the highest growth in recent times, followed by detached houses and then townhouses. Phuket’s economy is strong, with promising trends such as further urbanisation and economic development. The number of Thai and foreign businesspeople in the province has also seen relatively high growth; significantly affecting demand for condominiums. It is contributing to the overall economy of the province. When investment rises, hiring and consumer spending grow, leading to overall economic growth.


Property & Home Décor Condominium Market Share in Phuket

Condominium Developers Condominium projects in Phuket by

Condominium projects in Phuket by

Thai Property Developers from 2010 - 2012

Local Property Developers from 2010 - 2012

a total of 32 projects from 22 companies.

a total of 13 projects from 11 companies.

• Sansiri - dcondo Kathu Phuket, dcondo Kathu Patong, dconco Creek, dcondo Mine, The Base DowntownPhuket, The Base Uptown-Phuket • Supalai - Supalai City Resort, Supalai Park @Downtown Phuket, Supalai Park @Phuket City • Serene - Plus Condo Project 1, Plus Condo Project 2 • Tri Property - ZCAPE Condominium Phuket, ZCAPE X2 • G-1 Land Group - Kamala Regent, The Regent Bangtao • Able Asset - Centrio Phuket • Top Line Living - The Clover Phuket • Sittarom - The Pixel Cape Panwa Condo • JL Property - The WIDE Condominium • Thebellproperty - The Bell Condo • Blue Point Development - Blue Point Condominium • D Real Estate - Good Condominium • Oceanic Global - Kata Ocean View Condominium • The Kris - The Kris Condo • Perfect Property - Icon Park • The Haven Lagoon - The Haven Lagoon II • A.P.T. Land Company - The Unity Patong II • APG Group - The Art@Patong • Chanakarn - The View Condo Suanluang • Sea & Sky - Sea & Sky Condominium • Ratchaporn - The Scene Condo • Royal House - Royal Kamala Condominium

• Phanason - The Park Condominium, The City Condominium, The Green Place Condominium • United Property - Phuket Villa Patong • V.S. Group - The Royal Place Condominium • The Future Phuket - The Future Condo • Songchai Chalerm - Sugar Palm Suan Luang • Phuket Living - The Light Suang Luang • The Square - The Square Kuku • Kathu Golf - Kathu Golf Condo • Phuket Asset - Phuket Avenue • The Beach Developement - The Beach Condotel • Chalong Concrete (CLC) - Chic Condominium

29% 71% Thai Property Developers

Local Developers

The following graph compares the ratio of condominiums from Thai Property Developers and Local Property Developers.

The projects from Thai Property Developers take approximately 71% of the market with 29% being taken by local developers. The top developer is Sansiri with 6 projects, followed by Phanason and Supalai both with 3 projects.


Property & Home Décor Condominium Market Share in Phuket

Condominiums by Units According to reports, the 45 projects offer a total of 14,101 units. Condominium units are sorted from largest to smallest as follows:

Over 1,000 units • The City Condominium - 1,758 units • The Green Place Condominium - 1,400 units • The Park Condominium - 1,027 units

Over 500 units • • • • • • •

dconco Creek - 806 units dcondo Kathu Patong - 653 units The View Condo Suanluang - 611 unit dcondo Kathu Phuket - 556 unit Supalai Park @ Downtown Phuket - 518 units Supalai Park @ Phuket City – 504 units Centrio Phuket - 504 units

Under 100 units • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Icon Park - 92 units Kamala Regent - 79 units Royal Kamala Condominium - 79 units The Clover Phuket - 79 units Phuket Avenue - 78 units Good Condominium - 76 units The Bell Condo – 74 units The Square Kuku – 72 units The Unity Patong II - 66 units The Haven Lagoon II - 64 unit The Scene Condo - 56 units Sea & Sky Condominium - 53 units Kathu Golf Condo - 50 unit The Kris Condo - 32 units Blue Point Condominium – 21 units

The number of condominiums in Phuket divided by the number of units Number of projects 30 20

20 15 7



0 1 - 100


100 - 500

500 - 1,000

> 1,000

There are 20 condominium projects with between 100 - 500 units and 15 condominium projects with fewer than 100 units. There are only 10 projects with more than 500 units.

Number of units

Property & Home Décor Condominium Market Share in Phuket

Condominium Prices The prices of condominiums in Phuket in the order of cheapest to most expensive price are as follows:

0.90 – 1.99 MB • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1.99 – 2.99 MB

Good Condominium - 0.90 MB Supalai City Resort - 0.99 MB Plus Condo Project 1 - 0.99 MB Plus Condo Project 2 - 0.99 MB Supalai Park @ Downtown Phuket - 1 MB Supalai Park @ Phuket City - 1 MB The Bell Condo – 1.0 MB The Scene Condo - 1.1 MB The View Condo Suan Luang - 1.00 MB The WIDE – 1 MB dcondo Kathu Phuket - 1.1 MB dcondo Kathu Patong - 1.1 MB The Future Condo - 1.18 MB ZCAPE Condominium Phuket - 1.19 MB dconco Creek - 1.29 MB dcondo Mine - 1.29 MB The City Condominium - 1.29 MB The Light Suan Luang - 1.3 MB The Square Kuku - 1.3 MB The Green Place Condominium - 1.4 MB Centrio Phuket - 1.49 MB ZCAPE X2 - 1.49 MB The Royal Place Condominium - 1.59 MB The Clover Phuket - 1.7 MB Sugar Palm Suan Luang - 1.85 MB The Park Condominium - 1.99 MB

• • • • • • • • • •

> 3.00 MB • • • • • • •

Phuket condomiums divided by the start price Number of projects



20 10



0 0.9 - 1.99

2.00 - 2.99

> 3.00

Phuket Avenue - 2.1 MB The Pixel Cape Panwa Condo - 2.1 MB The Art@Patong - 2.26 MB The Haven Lagoon II - 2.3 MB Chic Condominium - 2.49 MB Kata Ocean View Condominium - 2.5 MB Royal Kamala Condominium - 2.5 MB Kathu Golf Condo - 2.7 MB The Beach Condotel - 2.79 MB Sea & Sky Condominium - 2.9 MB

Sale price (Million Baht)

There are 26 condominium projects in Phuket with sales prices of 0.90 - 1.90 MB and 10 projects with sales prices 1.99 - 2.99 MB. There are 7 high-end condominium projects with sales prices of more than 3 MB.

The Kris Condo - 3.19 MB Phuket Villa Patong - 3.45 MB The Unity Patong II - 3.5 MB The Regent Bangtao - 4.2 MB Kamala Regent - 6.5 MB Icon Park - 7.7 MB Blue Point Condominium – 9.8 MB

Property & Home Décor Condominium Market Share in Phuket

Condominium Locations Kathu • • • • • • • •


dcondo Kathu Phuket dcondo Kathu Patong dconco Creek dcondo Mine Kathu Golf Condo Plus Condo Project 1 Plus Condo Project 2 The Scene Condo

Patong • • • • • • •

Blue Point Condominium Phuket Villa Patong The Art@Patong The Kris Condo The Haven Lagoon II The Park Condominium The Unity Patong II

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Centrio Phuket Good Condominium Phuket Avenue Sugar Palm Suan Luang Supalai City Resort Supalai Park @ Downtown Phuket Supalai Park @ Phuket City The Base Downtown-Phuket The Base Uptown-Phuket The City Condominium The Clover Phuket The Future Condo The Green Place Condominium The Light Suan Luang The Royal Place Condominium The Square Kuku The View Condo Suan Luang The WIDE



• Chic Condominium

• The Regent Bangtao

• Kata Ocean View Condominium • Sea & Sky Condominium • The Beach Condotel

Kamala • Kamala Regent • Icon Park • Royal Kamala Condominium

Panwa • The Pixel Cape Panwa Condo

Chalong • The Bell Condo

Cherng Talay • ZCAPE Condominium Phuket • ZCAPE X2 - Cherng Talay

Condominiums for sale in Phuket by location

Kamala Kata

7% Phuket City

40% 60% Muang Phuket


7% Other


Tourist Areas

15% 17%



Approximately 40% of projects are located in Phuket City (18 projects) and 60% of projects are located in Tourist Areas (27 projects). Divided into area, there are 8 projects in Kathu, 7 in Patong, 3 in both Kamala and Kata and sub-areas such as Cherng Talay, Chalong, Panwa Cape, Karon, Bangtao have 6 projects.


33/7-9 Vichitsongkram Rd., Talad Nua, Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel: +66 (0) 81 892 2807, +66 (0) 86 662 7766, +66 (0) 76 219 406 Email: Website:

Numsang Hi-Fi

Music, video & home automation - anywhere life takes you

Property & Home Décor Residence Impression

Mr. Barry Krisch, a businessman from Dubai, working in the Music Industry, was the first person who bought Saiyuan Estate’s Onyx style villa. Why a ‘Saiyuan Estate’ became his destination after surveying property for three years? Q: Why did you choose Phuket as your destination? A: For many reasons actually as I have been coming to Thailand for many years. The first reason, I like playing golf here in Phuket. Secondly, I realised a long time ago I like Thai food, Thai people, Buddhism, and I am now trying to learn to speak the Thai language. Moreover, there are now direct flights by Emirate Airlines from Dubai to Phuket. It took me only five and half hours to decide on my perfect destination, as Phuket is so convenient for me. Asia is a great destination; Thailand is a land of history, and the best place for tourism and hospitality. Phuket is a very easy going place. There are many interesting things to do and Paully, my wife; she is the best driver and she drives me anywhere. Q: Have you invested in property here before? A: No, this is the first property I’ve bought. I spent three years surveying properties in Phuket to use as my holiday home. Firstly, I considered buying a condo which would be easier to manage. You just close the door and go away. I surveyed properties by renting condos to stay in, in many areas, during


my vacations. I stayed in Surin, Bangtao, Karon, Naiharn, and Patong. I disliked Patong because there is nothing of interest there. It is very important for me to feel humanity outside where I want to be. I did actually put a deposit down on a condo in Rawai but they never finished building. That was a bad experience. I then changed my mind and wanted to live in Surin, I put down a deposit on a property in Surin and again they didn’t commit. I waited about 8 months for construction to to start and then I took my money back. At Raiwai I lost a bit of money and I also lost a lot of my time. However, everything happens for a reason. Finally I found Saiyuan Estate. I saw the Onyx Style villa and I loved it because it’s not a condo. Q: What do you think about our service? How should we treat villas owners, or do we already do it perfectly? A: About your service, I cannot find one fault. The beginning of my property buying experience was terrible. However, from my first visit to Saiyuan Estate up until the final purchase was absolutely perfect. I mean in every step of the way. You know how to treat people who are not Thai and come to visit your country. They just need someone to hold their hand and tell what to do as local people. I was also impressed with the construction updates, keeping me well informed of progress. I have a business in Dubai, also a hospitality service business, but different from yours. I understand that making customers happy is very important. Everything is important to Saiyuan Estate, you finalised the villa on the exact date you said you would.

Property & Home DĂŠcor Residence Impression

Activities by Saiyuan Estate

Host & Share Event Saiyuan Estate welcomed group visitors with a host dinner, sharing our project concept with a site inspection, and introducing how we service our customers and partners. Our previous visitors are Exotic Property Management, Top Well Property, and Tez Tour Company.

In house workshop

Saiyuan Estate arranged a creative in house workshop for our in house customers, agencies and media, to meet and enjoy special activities with us. Soften the mood spa and aroma homemade The Valentine’s Day relaxing workshop. Everyone learnt how to make aroma salt and how to do basic massage at home. Love Actually cocktails workshop Making easy cocktails and mocktails you can do at home for your party. Featuring cocktails created by an award winning bartender. Cooking showtime Lovely workshop for Thai food lovers. We cooked and had lunch after the workshop. Everyone enjoyed. Follow us on facebook

saiyuanestate +66 81 9683760


Property & Home Décor Décor Items



An eye-catching mirror design that cleverly uses the natural beauty of wood. It’s an elegantly simple design: a frame for the mirror is formed with two pieces of wood running either side. This design mirror is never more at home than when reflecting the greenery of the world outside.

As if it sprouted on your wall, taking in warmth and tender spirit of your home for nourishment, this beautiful stainless steel tree branch wall hanging is eye-catching. A great way to bring a touch of nature to your space.



y r u x u L l a c Tropi LOTUS FLOWER TEA LIGHT HOLDER & BOWL Both decorative and functional, these beautiful stainless steel open lotus flowers are designed to hold a tea lights and potpourri. A great feature in any room in any house.

JADE SCULPTURE RECTANGULAR CERAMIC VASE This contemporary style vase would make a great conversation piece in any home. Perfect for tall stem flower arrangements, this vase series is tall and strong.


A hand carved red jade sculpture set on a copper coloured stainless steel base. Handmade by a Thai designer.

DECORATIVE CERAMIC BOWL This one of a kind ceramic bowl has been handmade and formed This beautiful porcelain bowl does double duty. Hang it on the wall, it becomes a work of art on the table it serves food magnificently. Use it as a beautiful fruit bowl.

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Cozy Company

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ABSTRACT METAL WALL MIRROR This beautiful hanging mirror will beautify any room. The frame is handcrafted, breathtaking in designs & an instant eye catcher.

CERAMIC VASE This handmade brown and white vase is crafted of ceramic and acts as a simple accessory piece to existing décor. Place anywhere in your home for visual interest.

PETRIFIED WOOD CANDLE HOLDER Bring a unique piece of nature into your home with this beautiful hand carved petrified wood candle holder.

GLASS TEARDROP TEA LIGHT HOLDER These are very attractive retro items, an ornate brushed steel base with a delicate glass shade which features gold leaf mosaic design.

STONE TOPPED TABLES Wood & stone make up this table’s simple, modern design. With a distinctive granite stone top, and a wooden base, these tables are a true reflection of natural beauty.

LEATHER & STAINLESS STEEL CHAIR This modern leather chair has a steel frame of dependable sturdiness with a high-shine chrome finish. The chair is ideal for a waiting room or office, but is versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings.


Buddhist Wats The most impressive form of Thai artistic culture

A wat to a Buddhist is like a church is to a Baptist. While Phuket does not have the largest concentration of wats in Thailand it does have more than its fair share.


ats are super examples of local religious beliefs, Thailand classifies a wat as a sacred area housing monks and an large structure displaying a Buddha. Phuket’s wats, like those of any province in Thailand, have Buddhas in just about every position imaginable; standing, lying, sitting, waving his hand, and lounging or as the Thai’s refer to it, reclining. The wats are also great


places to see ancient Siamese architecture and design and some of the edifices are truly spectacular in size and adornments. On the following pages are some of the lesser known of Phuket’s wats that we recommend you visit.

Wat Maikhao GPS Coordinate (8.130609,98.301149)


Wat Mongkol Wararam (Wat Nai Yang) GPS Coordinate (8.094241,98.3054)


Wat Lattiwanaram (Wat Tai) GPS Coordinate (7.842976,98.346811)


Wat Nai Harn

GPS Coordinate (7.785493,98.305613)


Wat Samakkhi Samkong GPS Coordinate (7.909972,98.367069)

Wat Sawang Arom (Wat Rawai) GPS Coordinate (7.785493,98.305613)


Wat Sil Supa Ram (Wat Luang Pu Supa) GPS Coordinate (7.854359,98.328462)

Wat Suwan Khiri Khet (Wat Karon) GPS Coordinate (7.858961,98.296343)


Wat Anupas Kritsadaram (Wat Get Ho) GPS Coordinate (7.907592,98.354021)

Wat Kathu GPS Coordinate (7.919664,98.342558)


Wat Suwan Khiri Wong (Wat Patong)

GPS Coordinate (7.906061,98.310788)

Wat Anamai Kasem (Wat Bang Tao) GPS Coordinate (7.981548,98.289159)


Wat Phra Nang Sang GPS Coordinate (8.027169,98.332806)

Wat Muang Mai GPS Coordinate (8.091692,98.342889)


Wat Sophon Wanaram (Wat Paklok) GPS Coordinate (8.015716,98.399207)

Wat Sri Sunthorn (Wat Liporn) GPS Coordinate (7.997697,98.356768)


Wat Tha Sak GPS Coordinate (8.081569,98.385775)

Wat Thepkrasattri (Wat Ban Don) GPS Coordinate (8.021155,98.321946)


Special Retirement in Phuket

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Retirement in Phuket Total Enjoyment


etirement to most is the point in life when a person stops employment completely. It is the end of the road of years of heading off to work each day. To others, it is a fresh start in life, the excitement of new things each day on their time and terms.

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Special Retirement in Phuket Now ask yourself these questions. Are you thinking of a good place for retirement? If you are, think about this. Are you really happy in your current situation? Do you desire to live near a beautiful tropical beach? Can you really survive on your retirement income in your home country? These questions run through the minds of many people approaching retirement age. If you are not happy in your current situation, then it is time to make that change, if Phuket is right for you, then it’s time to get the ball rolling in a new direction.

Phuket has become a destination of choice for many retiring foreigners for a number of reasons. Why is Phuket the choice for so many retirees? Well it’s known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue seas. It is Asia’s most popular beach destination. This fun island provides an unbeatable combination of perfect silky soft white palm-lined beaches and superb hospitality! Due to its boom in tourism Phuket is changing quickly and growing to be one of the most modern cities in Thailand, with an excellent infrastructure, fast and convenient air travel, fast Internet connections and much more going for it. When asked about retiring in Phuket, every expatriate you meet gives you a different reason for retiring here. Whether it’s because of the world class diving in the Andaman Sea, golf at world-standard championship courses or exciting eco-adventures in tropical forests, Phuket is a place to extend your horizons. Take an exhilarating speedboat trip to the surrounding islands, or enjoy a serene cruise around mystical Phang Nga Bay. Or why not simply enjoy Phuket’s vibrant nightlife in Patong Beach, Total enjoyment! If you are considering making the move, along with hundreds of other retirees, is pleased to provide you with this basic guide to retiring in Phuket.

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Image Copyright Alexander Chaikin, 2013 Used under license from


Special Retirement in Phuket

Advantages There are a good number of advantages of retiring in Phuket.

Cost of Living

This is probably the most important reason why Phuket is a popular choice for retirement. Many retirees are collecting some type of monthly pension, if you are this really is the way to go because you always have that monthly cash flow. If you have the income you can live a very, yes very lavish lifestyle with from 54,000 THB per month. A place to live is available for all budget levels, the big factor is where you want to live. Phuket is loaded with tasty foods with plenty of open markets and roadside food stands to choose from, if you really want to you can live as the locals do and eat for 200 THB a day. Phuket has a very good selection of supermarkets with both Western and Thai foods and you should not have any problems finding your ingredients for any type meal you prepare. Just find the right place where you can buy what you need at a budget that works for you.

A New Lifestyle


If you love to shop, Phuket is known a paradise for shopping, you can find just about anything at rock bottom prices. If you are shopping for clothes, jewelry or furniture you can really find some good deals, most places outside of a major shopping complex will allow you to haggle to get your best price. The best advice is to go where the local Thais shop, they can always point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a bargain.


Did you know that Phuket has some of the best medical services in the world? All doctors and nurses are very well trained, Phuket’s hospitals have some of the best services around, health tourism is really becoming a big business, and most hospital procedures can be performed at a fraction of the price when you compare it to the western countries. It’s really not surprising foreigners find themselves enchanted and wanting to spend their retirement in this breathtaking piece of tropical paradise. If you are interested in doing the same, applying for a retirement visa in Thailand would be the first step to take. Listed on the next page are the requirements.

The low cost of living will really give you a nice new lifestyle, think about the opportunities you normally can’t do in your home country. Phuket, because of its low cost will allow you to do just about anything. If you are looking for that special spa treatment that in western countries will usually set you back thousands of Baht, in Phuket you can enjoy and complete luxury spa treatment at anywhere from 1,000 THB. There are so many outdoor activities to choose from, scuba diving, golfing, sailing and so much more and you can find almost any in Phuket for a fraction of the cost.

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Special Retirement in Phuket

HOW TO OBTAIN A RETIREMENT VISA IN THAILAND: OBTAIN A NON-IMMIGRANT VISA Requirements: • Passport (at least one year remaining before expiration) • You must be holding nationality or permanent residence of the country of application • Proof of Funds

OBTAIN A ONE-YEAR RETIREMENT VISA Requirements: • Must be 50 years old and above • Passport (signed copies of each page) • Non-Immigrant Visa • Departure Card TM.6 • Proof of meeting Financial Requirements • Thai Bank Book (original) • Letter from your Thai Bank • Three(3) 4x5 cm photos, with full face taken

MEETING THE FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR A RETIREMENT VISA Financial Requirements are as follows: • Bank Account showing THB 800,000 • Monthly income of at least THB 65,000 • Combination (Bank Account + Income x 12 = THB 800,000)

REPORTING YOUR STAY EVERY 90 DAYS and VISA EXPIRATION • You are required to report to the Immigration Police every 90 days if you are on a long term extension of stay. Persons holding a multiple entry visa will simply depart Thailand and renew their extension of stay after each 90 day entry. • If you cannot obtain your extension inside Thailand, you will have to get a new non-immigrant visa from a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad.

OBTAINING A RE-ENTRY PERMIT • Most people misunderstand the different concepts of “Extension of Stay” and “Re-entry Permit”. Sometimes mistaken for each other, you must understand that these are two different things, both of which you would need during your stay. • The Extension of Stay is simply the controlling date. Everything else is dependent on this. Everything is invalidated when your Extension of Stay expires. On the other hand, the Re-entry Permit’s validity is subject to the validity of your Extension of Stay. However, leaving Thailand without a re-entry permit automatically invalidates your extension of stay.


Special Retirement in Phuket

Teaching English and Translation Thailand has great demands for teachers and the majority of working foreigners here are teaching English. The minimum requirement for teaching English is a bachelors’ degree in Linguistics or English. Although you may still be able to get a teaching position without a degree, the pay is usually not very good. In fact, most teaching positions are not usually well paid, even if you are a native speaker with exceptional teaching record. As English is the international business language it is possible to find work as a translator for Thai businesses.

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Jobs for Foreigners in Thailand


any foreigners visit Phuket and become interested in staying for longer or making a life changing decision to move here. If you’re very lucky and have a large bank balance you can do so with ease. However, for those not in that position, it means that you will have to work.


Computer and Information Technology Programmers, Web designers, and IT professionals are in demand in Thailand. If you have some experience in the field, it is probably not too hard to get a job. Engineering Foreigners are not permitted to get a Civil Engineering position, but there are a fair number of available positions for specialized engineers. Writing and Editorial National broadsheets and other media do hire a few writerseditors. Editing assorted papers, articles, and books on a freelance basis is also a way of picking up funds. Hotel Management and Culinary Tourist hotels are hiring foreigners as general managers and public relation managers, to talk to their guests, listen to and solve their problems and so on. Also hotels and foreign-managed restaurants are hiring chefs with experience in European cuisine.

If you’re looking for a higher paid job, you will be looking for a job that Thai people do not have the skills to do. Thailand, unlike other countries, keeps certain jobs for its own people. If locals do not have the skills or experience to do a job, it will be open to foreigners to fill that position. Don’t expect to be paid anything like you would be back home as the cost of living on this paradise island is so much lower.

Music and Entertainment Music and Entertainment industries are tough to break into in any country, including Thailand. Although there are a fair number of musicians and English speaking DJs in Thailand, the available positions are not very high. There are also hotels looking for talented musicians to perform for their cocktail bar, restaurant or lobby. If you are good at playing guitar or keyboard and able to sing as well, you’ll have a good chance at being hired.

Here are some of the jobs opportunities that foreigner’s are most likely to land in Thailand:

Please note you can’t work here unless you secure a work permit.

Special Retirement in Phuket

Image Copyright Pressmaster, 2013 Used under license from

Work Permit application in Thailand


o enable a foreigner to do any kind of work in Thailand, even voluntary, they need to apply for a work permit. They have to be employed by a company in Thailand which has a minimum share capital of 2 million baht. The foreign employee must earn a minimum monthly salary which is set out depending on their nationality. The applicant must be hold a valid “Non-Immigrant” visa at the time they process the work permit application, however you can start the work permit application for the purpose of obtaining a Non-Immigrant B visa (i.e. some embassies require a valid work permit or a work permit application form WP 2 as one of the conditions for issuing a Non-Immigrant B visa). There are a number of grounds upon which a work permit can be granted (this is on a discretionary basis and takes into account considerations such as suitability and qualifications of the foreigner for the position): • The company must have a fully paid-up registered capital of 2 million Baht to hire one foreigner, plus one person for every additional 2 million Baht (up to a maximum of 10 people).

• If the registered capital of the company is less than 2 million the company can hire one foreigner if its total corporate income tax payment had been at least 5 million Baht for the past three years. The company can hire one foreigner for every 5 million Baht paid in tax. • The employer has engaged in export which has brought into Thailand revenue of 3 million Baht in the previous fiscal year. The employer can hire one foreigner for every additional 3 million Baht up to a maximum of 3 people. • The employer has at least 50 Thai employees per foreign employee up to a maximum of 5 foreign employees. • A foreign employee must have paid personal income tax of at least 18,000 Baht in the previous personal tax year or if the foreign employee has not worked in Thailand previously, documents for potential employers confirming that, the foreign employee will obtain income in Thailand of at least 50,000 Baht per month for an employee who is single and 60,000 per month for a married person, must be presented.


Directory / Restaurant

Catch Beach Club

Baan Kalim

Come and join their delicious daily beach buffet during lunch or dinner. They offer the finest selection of salads, pizzas, pasta, shawarma, Thai food dishes, rotisserie selections, a sushi and sashimi counter and much more.

A mouthwatering and taste-bud tingling range of dining choices from Seafood, Chinese, Royal Thai cuisine, Western classic dishes to suit all tastes.

Come and experience this restaurant in Phuket, rated the best Italian food in Asia by Condé Nast Traveler, offered in an upbeat setting with authentic Italian fare.

A memorable dining experience, from traditional Italian cuisine, sophisticated international favourites, to Thai dishes with exotic tastes, textures, and style. Open for lunch and dinner.

Area: Cherng Talay Cuisine: International, Seafood and Thai Pricing (THB) Starters: 350 - 490 Mains: 500 - 1,200 Deserts: 120 - 310 Wines: 1,310 - 15,500 Hours: 09:00 - 01:00 hrs daily

Area: Kalim - Patong Cuisine: Seafood, Thai, Chinese and Western Pricing (THB) Starters: 200 Mains: 150 Deserts: 200 Wines: 800 Hours: 11:00 - 24:00 hrs daily

Area: Mai Khao Cuisine: Italian Pricing (THB) Starters: 240 - 480 Mains: 400 - 1,400 Deserts: 240 - 280 Wines: 1,650 - 28,500 Hours: 18:00 - 24:00 hrs daily

Area: Mai Khao Cuisine: Italian - Thai Pricing (THB) Starters: 190 - 395 Mains: 220 - 1,900 Deserts: 195 - 395 Hours: 09:00 - 23:00 hrs daily

Contact Twinpalms Phuket T: +66 (0) 76 316 567 E:

Contact Patong beach, Kathu, Phuket T: +66 (0) 76 618 125 E: baankalimrestaurant

The Surface


East 88 Beach Lounge

Firefly Bar

“A true ocean view the gem of Patong” Enjoy the real beauty of Patong beach from the Surface a rooftop open air restaurant & bar.

For over 20 years Savoey Seafood has been one of Phuket’s most popular seafood restaurants. Savoey is located in Patong, the most active beach in Phuket.

The East 88 Beach Lounge boasts a selection of contemporary international cuisine with some of the best club sandwiches and burgers you can find anywhere.

Unwind with a collection of cocktails and snacks and panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. For hookah lovers, a collection of premium tobacco will complement a wonderful evening.

Area: Patong Cuisine: Thai Pricing (THB) Starters: 200 - 350 Mains: 390 - 790 Deserts: 200 - 220 Wines: 1,100 - 7,800 Hours: 17:00 - 24:00 hrs daily

Area: Patong Cuisine: Seafood, Thai and Chinese Pricing (THB) Starters: 100 - 300 Mains: 300 - 1,600 Deserts: 50 - 200 Wines: 1,100 - 2,900 Hours: 10:30 - 24:00 hrs daily

Area: Rawai Cuisine: International Pricing (THB) Starters: 200 Mains: 300 Deserts: 200 Wines: 1200 Hours: 06:00 - 24:00 hrs daily

Area: Natai Pricing (THB) Foods: 200 - 330 Beverages: 150 - 295 Hours: 16:00 - 01.00 hrs daily

Contact La Flora Resort Patong 39 Thaweewong Road., Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150 T: +66 (0) 76 344 241 E:


Contact 136 Taweewong Rd., Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150 T: +66 (0) 76 341 171 E:

La Cucina

Contact JW Marriott Phuket 231 Moo 3, Mai Khao, Talang, Phuket 83110 T: +66 (0) 76 348 300

Contact Serenity Resort & residences 14 Moo 5, Muang, Phuket 83130 T: +66 (0) 76 371 900 E:


Contact Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach Mai Khao, Talang, Phuket 83110 T: +66 (0) 76 603 699 E: www.holidayinnresort

Contact Maikhao Dream Resort & Spa, Natai 5 Moo 6, Kok Kloi, Takuathung, Phang Nga, 82140 T: +66 (0) 76 401 301 E:

Directory / Hotels & Resorts


Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

Holiday Inn Resort Mai Khao Beach

Pura Vida Villas Phuket, a boutique development of three-bedroom pool villas designed for the epitome of chick tropical living. With bold, original design, luxury features including private pool and steam room, Pura Vida offers iconic luxury holiday homes just minutes from stunning beaches, golf course and the Airport.

An exceptional blend of its original elegance and traditions with a distinctly contemporary style. Renowned French designer Fredo Taffin successfully fused classic architectural symmetry with modern chic to create the ultimate in luxurious beachfront relaxation.

A boutique hotel situated on a headland overlooking the Andaman Sea and the white sand beach of Kata Noi. There are 12 types of suites to choose from, including a private pool suite or suites in the new and secluded Ocean Wing.

The most recent international hotel brand to the tranquil northwest coast of Phuket, embracing the pristine and scenic Mai Khao Beach. The hotel’s unique Thai hospitality caters for all types of travelers.

Area: Nai Yang - Nai Thon Rates Low Season THB 13,000 High Season THB 15,000 Peak Season THB 18,000

Area: Kata Rates Low Season THB 4,750++ High Season THB 9,600++ Peak Season THB 11,600++

Area: Kata Noi Rates Low Season THB 7,900++ High Season THB 12,900++ Peak Season THB 14,900++

Area: Mai Khao Rates Low Season THB 2,720++ High Season THB 3,995++ Peak Season THB 5,992++

Contact T: +66 (0) 76 510 160 F: +66 (0) 76 510 163 E:

Contact T: +66 (0) 76 330 015-7 F: +66 (0) 76 330 561 E:

Contact T: +66 (0) 76 333 568 F: +66 (0) 76 333 001 E:

Contact T: +66 (0) 76 603 699 F: +66 (0) 76 603 555 E: www.holidayinnresort

Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa, Phuket

Holiday Inn Resort, Patong

La Flora Resort Patong

Maikhao Dream Resort & Spa, Natai

22 exquisite pool villas in a romantic tropical setting on popular Phuket Island. Nestled on the northwest coast of the Island, it blends in perfectly with Phuket’s natural beauty.

An oasis in the middle of Patong and is within walking distance to shopping, restaurants and night life and just steps away from the beach.

A modern unique style. It is only the boutique resort in the central Patong Beach area that offers pool villas. This trendy resort showcases a high-end lifestyle,complete with two sparkling swimming pools,stylishly

An intimate 56-room Resort featuring deluxe pool or sea view rooms, and spacious 2-storey duplexes. Elegantly designed to reflect traditional Thai architecture and décor.

Area: Mai Khao Rates Low Season THB 36,000++ High Season THB 40,500++ Peak Season THB 58,500++

Area: Patong Rates Low Season THB 5,200++ High Season THB 6,900++ Peak Season THB 7,700++

Area: Patong Rates Low Season THB 6,600++ High Season THB 9,700++ Peak Season THB 12,000++

Area: Natai Rates Low Season THB 8,280++ High Season THB 11,160++ Peak Season THB 13,320++

Contact T: +66 (0) 76 371 371 F: +66 (0) 76 371 372 E: maikhaorsvn

Contact T: +66 (0) 76 370 200, +66 (0) 76 349 991-2 F: +66 (0) 76 349 999 E:

Contact T: +66 (0) 76 344 241 F: +66 (0) 76 344 251 E:

Contact T: +66 (0) 76 401 301, +66 (0) 76 401 301 F: +66 (0) 76 401 305 E:

Pura Vida Villas Phuket


A sanctuary of organic inspiration Private pool villas 2 bedrooms from 8.3 MB

Onyx Essence price start 8.3 MB

Oriental Essence price start 10.8 MB

The organic passion of Saiyuan Estate is tangible the moment you enter this cosy arrangement of just 46 homes in a community designed with today’s organic lifestyles in mind. Set in an organic landscape of herb gardens and shady boulevards, the two-bedroom Onyx Essence and Oriental Essence home types offer a variety of options to best suit your budget, taste and lifestyle. All Saiyuan Estate residents enjoy free use of a covered car parking area located away from residential units, while a guard house provides 24-hour security at the estate’s only entry gate.


+66 81 9683760


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