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Dear readers,


Here’s our August – October 2016 issue: It’s a period that corresponds with the wet season in Phuket, but you can also find sunny days here so “Enjoy every moment of your life and laugh while you can”. Are you an adventurer? …find out today, our Front Page story will bring you to become one of Hanuman’s playful warriors at Hanuman World.

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In our travel section we’re pleased to present the Swissotel Resort Phuket Patong Beach and their slogan: ‘Unwind with Swiss service and Thai smiles’. And don’t miss our selected hotel and its signature room.

GM Talk

In this issue we have a chance to talk about Phuket business trends with Surachai Chaiyawat - Chairman of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce and Wirachai Pranveerapaibool - CEO of The Attitude Club. And we also get to know the younger generation of the Rotary Club, a charity which has been established for over a century in Phuket. Keep in touch with gorgeous style of Nawaphorn Namwan - Director & Designer of Crazy Fur Co., Ltd. And enjoy a chat with Chuan Suwannakarn - GM of Baan Suwantawe about his life and businesses. Don’t miss our favorite section Social and Events Photos, check out what’s been happening in Phuket during the last three months. Be happy and enjoy your life!!!’s Team

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CONTENTS AUG 2016 - OCT 2016

Front Page



12 - Hanuman World - A true kingdom of adventure and teste.

People People Focus 16 - Surachai Chaiyawat - Chairman of the




Phuket Chamber of Commerce

Life Talk 20 - Chuan Suwannakarn General Manager



of Baan Suwantawe

Style 28 - Nawaphorn Namwan ‘Note’ Director & Designer of Crazy Fur Co., Ltd.

Restaurant Guide

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42 - Acqua Restaurant

30 - Wirachai Pranveerapaibool CEO of The Attitude Club

46 - Savoey Seafood

Charity 34 - The Rotary Club of Sino Phuket

Chef Talk 38 - George Newling-Ward Executive Sous Chef of Impiana Resort Patong

44 - Baan Kalim Restaurant 48 - KEE Sky Lounge

Signature Dish 50 - Andaman Tuna Tartar

Signature Room 52 - Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa 53 - The NAKA Phuket 54 - Sri panwa

GM Talk

55 - Impiana Private Villas Kata Noi

64 - David Ippersiel - General Manager of

56 - Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach 10

Lifestyle & Travel

57 - Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach


Travel Destination 58 - KidZania

Zenith Holiday 62 - SwissĂ´tel Resort Phuket Patong Beach


Social 22 - Event Photo Albums

For enquiries or reservations, please call 076 396 433 - 41 email Follow us: @HILTONPHUHKET Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa | 333 Patak Road, Karon Beach, Muang, Phuket 83100

Lifestyle - Front Page

Up on our skybridges, you’ll move about the treetops as Hanuman does, living high above the ground, overlooking his world. You’ll eat and drink as Hanuman does, and learn about how he protects his beautiful forest. This is a journey through history and myth. It is as much an education as an adventure.

On a zipline, you are closer to heaven, not only because of the height, but because you are doing what Hanuman does best. You are Flying! You’ll glide with great speed across the natural landscape just as easily as Hanuman can. You will understand the sensation of being where the world’s beauty is matched by the power of the Gods.


Lifestyle - Front Page

• Anyone can climb. Different level of trees available. • All experience-levels welcome. • Spectacular Phuket town scenery from the top • Conquer over 20M climbing a strong rainforest tree.

PLAY TIME Every hour from 8 AM - 4 PM + 66 (0) 62 979 5533, + 66 (0) 76 390 189



Lifestyle - Front Page

Adventures take a lot of energy, especially when they follow in the footsteps of Hanuman. We have what you need at our restaurant, which serves authentic, simple but beautifully prepared Thai cuisine.

+ 66 (0) 62 979 5533, + 66 (0) 76 390 189 14



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Lifestyle - People Focus

Surachai Chaiyawat Chairman of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce


urachai Chaiyawat, Chairman of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce, shares insights about Phuket and insists that the island still has room for growth.

Opportunities will come with the completion of the international airport’s expansion Phuket has a growing number of visitors every year; this year we expect more than 10% of an increase on the previous year. In 2015, we welcomed about 13 million tourists and with the airport expansion - which is expected to be completed this year -14 million is the number forecasted. In the past we only had 28 aircraft docking bays but our aim is to have 33. We’ve now become an international tourism and air travel hub which means that tourists can fly to pretty much anywhere from Phuket and I feel it will be a new era for the island in which we can expect to see exponential growth. When the airport development is finally completed, it’ll be able to serve 18 million visitors per year and we’re even looking ahead to 25 millions of passengers a year but that will need extra infrastructure.


Lifestyle - People Focus Infrastructure projects In response to the growing number of tourists, the government has approved an increase in the province’s budget to improve our infrastructure. These are the Chalong underpass, the Saku underpass, Koh Kaew-Tharua u-turn bridge and Muang Mai Airport underpass.

Latest Phuket GPP (Gross Provincial Product) Totally - 133,283 MB Non Agriculture - 128,450 MB / 96.37% Agriculture – 4,833 MB / 3.69%


Phuket aims to be a Smart City Phuket has beautiful beaches and great weather and is known worldwide for its scuba diving, entertainment shows, shopping, spas, and healthcare. In spite of all this we still need to keep up with things in order to compete with other tourist destinations such as Hong Kong and Singapore who seem to be more ready with smart facilities for tourists. Phuket has the aim to be a Smart City. This project is in the province’s long-term plans and will implement it during the 4-5 years to come. Phuket will be a hub for the Digital Industry and will promote Smart Living providing safety and security for both residents and tourists with the development of CCTV systems, a tourist database, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi connections all over the island.

5.85% 5.99% 20.19%

24.55% 39.19%

Phuket City cleans up While the government puts a focus on the development of infrastructure, Phuket City will be upgrading its waste management and environment. The update of the garbage incinerators in Saphan Hin will be completed in 2018 and they’ll then be able to handle up to 950 tons of garbage per day which is approximate to the expected increased statistics. A wastewater pipeline system in Samkong area will also be implemented.

The private sector pushes the economy The government allots a 3.500 billion baht budget while the private sector adds another 100,000 million baht. The big players are also interested and believe in Phuket’s potential. King Power Phuket Complex and the floating market in Kathu have already been launched and in the upcoming years, you’re going to see a few more projects coming up such as a Central Festival new phase, Blue Pearl by The Malls, GMS Duty Free, Phuket Aqua Park and Bukis Phuket.

Latest Phuket GPP - Non Agriculture

Hotels and Restaurants (50,341 MB) Transport, Storage and Communications (31,534 MB) Wholesale and Retail Trade; Repair of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Personal and Household Goods (7,694 MB) Financial Intermediation (7,512 MB) Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities (5,438 MB) Other (25,931 MB)


Lifestyle - People Focus

The direction for the future When we have more visitors coming to Phuket, the other provinces in the Andaman region also benefit from the situation. Many tourists coming to Phuket also travel on to other destinations such as Phang Nga, Krabi, Ranong, or to Trang. Though these other provinces’ income don’t necessarily depend on tourism as they’re mostly agricultural they do however produce food and supplies to feed Phuket so this makes the Andaman region’s economy better and healthily stimulated as a whole. Apart from the airport’s expansion and the improvements in the road works infrastructure, electricity and water are also what we’re concerned about. We’ve discussed about having an electricity power line from Surat Thani and fresh tap water from the Ratchaprapa Dam in order to support the increasing consumption and needs in Phuket. In my opinion, I’d say that Phuket and the other Andaman provinces still have good potential for investment. As long as investors know when and how to adjust to the changing situation, Phuket will always provide an opportunity.

About Surachai Chaiyawat - Chairman of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce Surachai Chaiyawat obtained his bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Prince of Songkla University and his master’s degree (also in engineering) from the King Mongkut University of Technology in Thonburi. He has his own businesses in the automobile industry and real estate development.


To summarize: Phuket’s economy is on the up and up

Phuket KPI (Key Performance Indicator) : evaluate the success between Phuket and overall of Thailand Overall 47.93%

Goverment performance

Comprehensive development

30.58% 36.22% 27.43%



11.86% 29.72% 30.21% 38.74%

Green economic growth Phuket

Khun Surachai began to work for the Phuket Chamber of Commerce 16 years ago and he’s been interested in public service since his university days. He was inspired by a quote from the Prince of Songkla University that says “Our Soul is for the Benefit of Mankind.” He’s been Chairman of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce for a year.

Economic growth Thailand median

The Phuket Chamber of Commerce’s role is mainly to provide support and consultancy for businessmen and investors and to work towards benefitting local commerce, industry, agriculture, fi nance institutions and freelancers in Phuket as well as to help in the coordination between the private sector and officials as well as supporting charitable works.


Lifestyle - Life Talk

Chuan Suwannakarn General Manager of Baan Suwantawe

A Chat with Chuan Suwannakarn The Life and the Future of Baan Suwantawe Ser�iced Apartment and Hotel


any young people look at life and realise that they can gain more worthwhile experience by traveling and working abroad; Chuan Suwannakarn was no different. After he passed his degree in Hospitality Management at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, Australia, he started his working life as a Group MICE Specialist at the Shangri La Hotel in Bangkok for about two years. Only then did he decide to head back to Phuket to take over Baan Suwantawe Serviced Apartment and Hotel from his parents as general manager. Chuan is now 29 years old and exudes that kind of newgeneration-type energy in order to successfully run Baan Suwantawe in this changing world.



- Life Talk

Why do you decide to come back home? I wanted to come back and help my dad. I was very happy working at Shangri La, and just like other young people I had a lot of fun in my work. But after having a meeting with my dad, I decided to come back to help so I went back, informed the office of my intention, and resigned six months later.

What are the origins of Baan Suwantawe? It all started when my dad moved our air-conditioner company from Mae Luan Road to where we are now. He built Baan Suwantawe but at first he didn’t mean it to be a hotel, more a serviced apartment; a monthly rental setup. Since there were no serviced apartments with a swimming pool at that time he thought up the idea of Baan Suwantawe.

What makes Baan Suwantawe outstanding? Our strong point is the size of the rooms. 36sqm is the room area and the balcony is another 8sqm. We have a swimming pool, indoor parking, free Wi-Fi but unfortunately we don’t serve breakfast so our large living space is our main selling point.

What’s the future direction of Baan Suwantawe? I’d like to renovate both the design and concept to respond to new demands. We’re looking for a new concept for our place in every aspect in terms of the physical appearance and service style. Whether it’s the lobby or the rooms everything will have a clear concept but it’ll still be based on the main theme and that’s ‘a comfortable stay’. I’d like every guest to feel comfortable when they come to stay with us just as we would feel if we stay at Baan Suwantawe. This was the first intention of my parents when they built it. They put their hearts into the details. They used themselves as the standard in every little

“You might get tired but never give up.” thing such as the water pressure and water temperature as well as the air conditioning. So we stick with that principal because if we ourselves don’t feel comfortable, who will?

What about your leisure time? I spend most of my free time in sports; I like to play football and I play music sometimes but this also depends on my friends. I love watching movies at home.

How do you manage your time? Actually, living in Phuket is much easier compared to living in Bangkok. You don’t get stuck in traffic for hours and hours like in Bangkok. If you finish work at 5 or 5.30 it’s easier to get around here. When it comes to time management, I think it all depends on individuals. Sometimes you really need to work, but you should also be flexible. When it comes to family time, you need to take the time. I think it depends on what you value as the most important things in your life; for me, family comes first.

And traveling? I normally take one or two trips in a year. I like to travel on my own and not with a tour agency but my girlfriend does. I went back to Melbourne recently; it was a good time actually. But if you ask me about short trips on weekends or holidays, I’m not that kind. I prefer to stay home. I like long trips of more than 10 days at a time better. It’s like you have a big aim in the journey so you need to prepare yourselves for it. For me, I think the fun is not the traveling but the preparation and anticipation of what you’re going to experience.

Your life’s motto? I’d say you simply need to do your best, have fun when you play, push yourself to the limit when you have to work and enjoy it. You might get tired but never give up.


Lifestyle - Event Photo Albums

Press Conference Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2016 On Saturday 4 June 2016, Laguna Phuket had a pre-race press conference at the event’s Expo Marquee in Laguna Grove for the Laguna Phuket International Marathon. This year, its 11th edition will take place at the destination resort from 4-5 June.


Lifestyle - Event Photo Albums

Careers@Hilton Live Showcases: Youth in Hospitality On Thursday 7 June 2016, Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa hosted an event that saw 220 students from the Phuket Vocational College assigned to different groups and join in activities from several hotel departments including the front desk, kitchen, food & beverage, and housekeeping. This initiative is a part of Hilton Worldwide’s ‘Open Doors’ commitment, which aims to have a positive impact on at least one million young people by 2019 and better prepare them to reach their full potential.


Lifestyle - Event Photo Albums

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, 5th Global Day of Discovery On Thursday 16 June 2016, Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa celebrated its 5th annual Global Day of Discovery with an exclusive event featuring the Chalong Bay Rum Factory. The day kicked off centered on local craft beverages overseen by the hotel bartender and local beverage experts. Guests were invited to visit and learn about the rum-making process and create cocktails and also to enjoy fresh local seafood and BBQ recipes at the factory.


Lifestyle - Event Photo Albums


Lifestyle - Event Photo Albums

Experience Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach On Friday 29 July 2016, the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa management team invited members of the media to one of the most pristine and peaceful beaches of Phuket at Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, the latest resort by Marriott International. The resort, is surrounded by a verdant and lush national park and was officially opened in June after a 2.3 billion baht renovation.


Lifestyle - Event Photo Albums


Lifestyle - Style

Nawaphorn Namwan ‘Note’ Director & Designer of Crazy Fur Co., Ltd. You may remember a few months ago that Phuketindex had a chance to introduce to readers a smart working woman. Today ‘Note’ or Nawaphorn Namwan, the young Director and smart designer of Crazy Fur is with us again to share about her personal tastes, life and style.


Lifestyle - Style Beginning her day Every morning while I’m dressing, I listen to a Buddhist sermon. I think it’s a great way to get my mind ready for anything that may come my way and to boost my energy before I set off for the day. I also like to use perfume as for me, the aroma is a kind of therapy which will make me feel good about myself. I have two favourite perfumes. The first is Coco Chanel. This perfume has a cool scent while the other one, a Versace, has a hint of coconut. Personally I like its mild touch, though others

Her crazy accessories First is my watch. I like stylish items and this watch lends both function and style. When you want to know the time, you just have to slide its cover open. The second is my bangle. I like to have something on my wrist and I like the design of this bangle. It doesn’t have to be a known brand or luxurious but something stylish. And last are my sunglasses that protect my eyes when I have to work outside.

think it’s strong.

Hobbies I like to spend my leisure time exercising doing stuff like biking, jogging and keeping fit. It benefits

Her mustn’t-forget items

both my physical and mental health.

I never ever forget my mobile phone. I have to maintain constant contact with clients and use the apps. The phone helps a lot when I’m out and about and happen to see something that inspires a new design. Then I can capture it right away. Another item is my notebook. There’s so much information going on and many thoughts are flying around my head everyday so it’s important to note down stuff before I forget them otherwise they’re gone for sure. And I really like marker pens, and definitely don’t forget them. I use them when I sketch or design something. These pens make stuff more colourful and when I have to explain things to my team they make it easier; more colours = more fun.

Most impressive photo Her dressing style My style of dressing is actually quite varied. As my job is in design it’s natural that I like to create new things and to keep mixing and matching up items. Sometimes I dress according to the mood I’m in that morning; I try mixing and matching items in my wardrobe until I get a unique theme for the day.

The shots that impress me most are candid photo snaps when I’m focusing on my work or something like that. When I see these kind of photos I feel that I’m really into it and it gives me a lift and helps me work more. We focus because we love it – like that.

It’s new and refreshing every day – kind of fun.


Lifestyle - Property Talk

Wirachai Pranveerapaibool CEO of The Attitude Club


Lifestyle - Property Talk

MONO LOFT Image Copyright MONO Phuket


he Attitude Club is one of the property developers who have had a remarkable success in projects that they’ve launched on the Phuket market in recent years. After Two Villas, Wings, and Saturdays, The Attitude Club now introduces its newborn baby, MONO.

How did the MONO project get started? About three years ago we acquired this piece of land in Palai. I personally like Palai and often go there to enjoy the food; the area is quite peaceful, the road is broad and other than that the scenery is green. I feel at home here and love the place. After I got this land, I then thought about developing something useful here. At the time our other projects we’d been working on were completed so it was time to put our hearts and energy into this piece of land.

SIMPLICITY IS NATURE. IT’S MONO LIFESTYLE. Why MONO and what is it? While I was thinking about the development project, our team traveled to many places and Japan was a destination we often visited. We mostly spend time in the rural areas of Japan rather than in the city and Palai gives me similar feelings I experienced in rural Japan. Both places make me feel happy and breezy every time I visit and I feel like I’d like to stay in those places longer. MONO is the transformation of our impressions of rural Japan into reality.


Lifestyle - Property Talk

MONO LUX Image Copyright MONO Phuket

Image Copyright MONO Phuket

Tell us about the development MONO is built on approximately 14 rai of land. There are two types of house; a one-storey semi-detached house design which is called MONO Lux and a two-storey semidetached version called MONO Loft. The concept is to make an ‘ordinary’ house with a focus on the beauty of the simplicity. That’s MONO.

What’s the unique selling point of MONO? MONO is a residential development with low density. We only have semi-detached and detached houses. From our market study of the big picture, most of the housing developments in Phuket and in Thailand tend to offer specialized designs with a lot of details. We’ve found that there’s a group of people who don’t appreciate complicated designs and who prefer something simpler. So the uniqueness of MONO is ‘simplicity’. MONO will only use a few tones and simple materials. Everything is kept simple and minimal without much modifying, rather focusing on nature, greenery, and peace as we believe when we combine those two factors together they’ll bring a restful environment that makes MONO different from other developments available on the market right now. It’s perfect for those who are looking for tranquility and a simple life. MONO is the best choice for an ‘ordinary’ house.

What are the Attitude’s success milestones? Our latest ongoing project is Saturdays and the newest project is the outcome of what we observe from the current market after we succeed with Two Villas, Wings, Saiyuan Estate.


Image Copyright MONO Phuket

What’s the current real estate development situation in Phuket? I see that the real estate industry in Phuket still has a future. It seems that the industry movement is slowing down but I feel it’s an incubation period in terms of infrastructure and other factors. Phuket is going to move to the next stage, though recently it’s been affected by the downturn of the country’s and the world economy. But I believe in a year or two we’ll see Phuket’s real estate market soar again after the undergoing infrastructure and ongoing big development projects are completed. We’ll see Phuket rise up again.

It seems that the industry is slowing down but I feel it’s an incubation period

For more information about MONO Phuket, please visit

Lifestyle - Charity

The Rotary Club of Sino Phuket There are a number of charitable clubs in Phuket and amongst the most popular and well-known is the Rotary Club. Phuketindex had the opportunity to inter�iew one of the club’s senior members. 34

Lifestyle - Charity “We don’t talk business. The club is formed purely for the purpose of serving the public interest and charity,” explains Khun Kongsak. “It took me about a year to prepare the setup. You need a minimum of 30 people. At first I actually didn’t take much action and chose rather do it slowly,” admitted Khun Kongsak, thinking that as there were already seven clubs in Phuket he didn’t see the importance of having one more. However, he changed his attitude when he had the chance to talk with a few senior members at a seminar about the direction of the new club for the young. “I understand it more now and see the potential of the new generation - most of them the descendants of leading entrepreneurs in Phuket. They are already donors and support other charities but not in the way Rotary Club does. I think if we guide them right and start to encourage and foster the public mind, they will be empowered to do even greater things.”

What about the Rotary Club’s projects?

Khun Kongsak Khoopongsakorn The Charter Club President talks about the history of the club.

“The Rotary Club’s projects will first and foremost focus on needy areas; even in Phuket there are still some people and places that are in need. At our age, we’re attracted by charity works involved with children and education. Last year, we collaborated with the TIDA Dance group and organized the ‘Frozen’ show to raise funds for the Baan Sapham School library. We also helped raise funds for Heart Centre for Children at Vachira Phuket Hospital. We’ve also done some road safety campaigns which have been running for two years now.”

“The Rotary Club has been established for over a century. At present there are seven branches in Phuket. I was a member of the Rotary Club Phuket South for about six years before I joined the Rotary Club of Sino Phuket,” says Khun Kongsak. “The Rotary Club Phuket South got the message from the Rotary Club International to bring in some new, young blood. Normally, members are relatively senior – retirees who have the time to engage in charitable causes. So basically we were requested to introduce the club to the new generation. Phuket has the potential to successfully recruit younger members into the club as it is a small society and most young entrepreneurs are from well-known community families who usually see each other in several places and occasions around Phuket. I can then easily spot those who might have the same interests as the club. So I was asked by senior member to be on the lookout for potential younger members; people who have a publicspirited mind and who are interested in charity works. “

Joining the Club “If any of you are interested in what we do, the first rule is that you have to have the heart to put good works above yourself. The second is you have to make time for the club as we normally have at least a one-hour meeting every week. For those who realise the importance of what we are doing but don’t have time to join us, you can also support and donate to the project we are working on. You may follow the Facebook page of the Rotary Club of Sino Phuket.”


Lifestyle - Charity

Jakkapan Jitsomboon Club president


Lifestyle - Charity

How did you become a member of the Rotary Club? I was persuaded by the club’s seniors. They asked if I’d be interested in helping others in the way the Rotary Club does. I thought to myself that it was a pretty good idea and there were other young people joining so it all interested me.

With more people, we have more of a chance to create a better world

What project are you working on this year?

This year we have a project called ‘Safer Roads’. We’ve received a lot of funds from overseas and have asked other clubs in Phuket to join us in this project. Another project is a Chinese-language training course for tour guides. We’re doing this project with the Rotary Club Jungceylon, and the Phuket South branch. It’s free. For those who are interested, you can contact us and we will help coordinate with you. We’d be happy to have more members. With more people, we have more of a chance to create a better world.


Travel - Chef Talk

George Newling-Ward Executive Sous Chef of Impiana Resort Patong


Travel - Chef Talk

I think the most inspiring thing for me is to create something that brings people together so everybody can enjoy it


xecutive Sous Chef George NewlingWard is originally from Devon, a county on the south-west coast of England. He’s now with the Impiana Resort in Patong so what better time than now to get to know this talented chef and see what he brings to Phuket? Chef George’s background is in the hospitality and hotel industry; he studied culinary art in the Caribbean and the USA, earning a degree from New England Culinary Institute then did an apprenticeship at a Caribbean Resort before completing an internship at the Savoy Hotel London. Then he moved back to the Caribbean for five years in a French bistro before moving back to the hotel industry. Chef George came to Thailand about five years ago and has been with the Impiana for two years now.

He talks about his inspiration to become a chef.

Today’s menu. “The menu I prepared for you today is one of our upcoming dishes. It’s Nicoise salad and Phuket lobster. The inspiration comes from my background of French Colonial cuisine and the locality as we’re here in Phuket. I try to use local seafood combined with the most traditional salads.”

“I think it comes from living in the Caribbean. I moved to the Caribbean at a very young age. It’s a region where many different cultures are formed together and in coming together they also bring their food. So I’ve had exposure to many different types of food; Indian, Chinese, American, Latin American and more. It all comes together and brings people together also. So I think the most inspiration for me is to create something that brings people together so everybody can enjoy it.”


Travel - Chef Talk About Impiana Resort Patong’s restaurants “We have four restaurants. Sala Bua is our main restaurant serving all-day dining which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and room service. We also have The Bistro located on the roadside serving what is Italian mama-style cuisine and wood-fire style pizza. 3 Spices is a Thai Asian restaurant at

The Bistro

Beach Bar

which we’re presently launching new menus. We’re trying to introduce more of local Phuket-style food which is getting a little bit hard to find, especially in Patong. The last of our restaurants is Beach Bar where you can enjoy snacks, sandwiches, cocktails, or anything you’d like to have while you sit by the beach.”

Sala Bua

3 Spices

We’re trying to introduce more of local Phuket-style food which is getting a little bit hard to find, especially in Patong.


Travel - Restaurant Guide

Acqua Restaurant Alessandro Frau

Following a black-and-white theme that gifts the restaurant clean lines and a good sense of proportion, Acqua’s design fully complements an all-round satisfying dining experience. The restaurant has imaginative lighting, nowhere more so than at the bar. Trendy without being gratuitously chic, cutting edge without going over the top and spacious without being cavernous, Acqua’s décor balance practicality and aesthetics in a fine dining environment in Phuket.

Chef and Owner

Acqua Restaurant is the first of a series of restaurants designed by Alessandro Frau, as Alessandro dedication for culinary doesn’t stop to cooking but also to project and design restaurants and concepts. Chef Alessandro Frau was the Winner of Iron Chef Thailand on November 2013. Find more about Alessandro by visit In 2013 Acqua Restaurant was appointed as one of the Best Italian Restaurant in Phuket and Thailand from Ospitalita’ Italiana in the World.

Guide Cuisine: Italian Reservation: Recommended Dress Code: Smart-casual Open: every day from 16:00 – 23:00 Mobile phones allowed: Yes Car parking: Yes Credit cards: Accepted Tel: +66 (0) 76 618 127 E-mail : GPS/DD: 7.916537, 98.290996


Recommended Dishes 45-minute slow cooked egg on a Parmesan cheese fondue, fresh black truffle and crispy pancetta powder

Sous-vide cooked octopus salad, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon and vinegar, fennel leaves, celery and taggiasche olives DOP

Pan-fried USA scallops with duck liver, chili jam and truffle pumpkin sauce

Trenette pasta with Alaskan king crab in its own jus with sliced Sardinian tuna bottarga

Wood-fired roasted suckling pig, saffron and violette potatoes, broad beans in its own sauce


Where Italian dining experience meet art and passion

324/15 Prabaramee Road – Kalim Bay - Patong - Phuket Tel 076 618127 email:

Travel - Restaurant Guide

Baan Kalim Restaurant Wanlop Phothong

Baan Kalim Restaurant and Seafood offers a mouthwatering and taste bud tingling array of Executive Che� dining choices ranging from seafood, to Chinese dishes, Royal Thai cuisine, and western classic dishes to suit all tastes, all under the guidance of a highly experienced Chef and professional seafood restaurant team. Great emphasis is placed on Thai hospitality service with a lot of interaction between the service staff and diners. The restaurant has an array of fresh seafood, ranging from live lobsters, tiger prawns and crab, along with a rich variety of local fish prepared in many manners to suit diners’ taste. The restaurant has stunning views overlooking the beautiful Andaman Sea and a panoramic view of Patong Bay. The sunsets at Baan Kalim have to be seen to be believed – with stunning, breathtaking views.

Guide Experience: Seafood, Royal Thai cuisine, Phuket traditional and international dishes Reservation: Recommended Dress Code: Smart-casual Open: 11:00 – 24:00 Mobile phones allowed: Yes Credit card: Accepted Tel: +66 (0) 76 618 125 E-mail: GPS/DD: 7.906419, 98.297476


Recommended Dishes Boiled fish balls with garlic sauce Deep-fried Phuket style sausage ‘My grandma’s fish’ and ginger soup with a dash of sesame oil Num-prik-khung-sod Crab curry served with mee hoon noodles Fried crab with garlic and pepper Stir-fried lobster with garlic, butter and white wine sauce Baked mixed seafood Steamed mussels with Thai herbs Deep-fried fish with sweet and sour sauce

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Savoey Seafood Supit Jararith Asst. Manager

Open since 1980, Savoey Seafood is considered one of the landmarks of Patong Beach. This popular and bustling restaurant not only has a wide array of fresh seafood but also offers competitive prices.

Baked lobster with butter and garlic sauce

Savoey Seafood is a large, open-plan restaurant with a seating capacity of 400 plus, but you would never know. Despite its size, with 50 staff members the service is excellent, polite and considerate.

Tom yum koong

Savoey Seafood is very popular and getting there early is recommended. It would be a real shame if you missed the opportunity to dine at this first-class seafood restaurant during your stay on Phuket.

Stir-fried crab with spring onions, ginger and garlic

Guide Experience: Seafood and Thai cuisine Reservation: Recommended Dress Code: Smart-casual Open: 10:30 – 24:30 Mobile phones allowed: Yes Car parking: Yes Credit card: Accepted Tel: +66 (0) 76 341 171 – 4 E-mail: GPS/DD: 7.894471, 98.295719


Recommended Dishes

Stir-fried crab with curry powder

Steamed fish with lime juice and chili sauce Deep-fried fish with sweet chili sauce Stir-fried mussels or clams with roasted chili paste sauce Oven-barbecued fish Stir-fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce

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KEE Sky Lounge Chef Adul Rattanasuwan Executive Chef Choose from air-conditioned and open-air spaces to sip sundowners and enjoy stunning views – all accompanied by sensational food, live music and wines from around the world. These trendy rooftop venues offer something for every mood. Have a romantic dinner with wine or party the night away while discovering the Kee Sky Lounge’s signature cocktails.

Recommended Dishes Sea scallops with black pepper sauce Peking duck in fresh spring rolls with Hoisin sauce Canadian lobster & vegetables with caviar dressing

Guide Experience: Sensational sunsets & live entertainment Cuisine: East-meets-West tapas and trendy fusion food Reservation: Recommended Dress Code: Smart-casual Open: 17:30 – midnight Mobile phones allowed: Yes Credit card: Accepted Tel: +66 (0) 76 335 888 Ext 8241 E-mail: GPS/DD: 7.895185, 98.296634


Surf & turf platter with char-grilled beef tenderloin, tiger prawns, sea bass fillet, spinach and wedge potatoes Roasted rack of lamb with Sichuan pepper, grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes and jus Warmed chocolate volcano cake served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

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Preparation: 1. Peel and clean the Papaya, cut cubes (1cm/1cm) from it, marinate the cubes with a little bit of lime juice, salt and cane sugar place the Papaya cubes in the refrigerator. 2. Cut the Tuna Saku into very small cubes, place them in a big bowl, chop the mint leaves and mix them with the tuna 3. Start to toast the Toast bread till it has a golden color 4. Marinate the tuna-mint mix with a little bit of salt, black pepper, sesame oil and Extra virgin olive oil, mix everything well with a spoon, now you can add some lime juice and Mix again.

5. Try and adjust seasoning with more salt, pepper or sesame oil 6. Now plate the Tuna Tatar and the marinated Papaya cubes, serve the dish with the warm golden toast slices.

Tip: you can precut everything in the afternoon before your dinner party, when your guests are ready to enjoy the Tatar just marinate the tuna and serve it right away

Ingredients for 4 Persons: 8 slices




White Toast Bread

Andaman Tuna Saku (Sushi Quality) 20mil

Fresh mint leaves

Sweet Papaya


extra virgin olive oil Black Pepper Sea Salt Cane Sugar



Sesame oil

Lime Juice

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Deluxe Suite @Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa Image Copyright Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa

Relax on the large balcony with a panoramic view of the sparkling blue ocean and beautiful sunset. Image Copyright Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa


lose to local Phuket attractions, the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa is the perfect place to enjoy active activities and spectacular scenery. Phromthep Cape offers beautiful sunsets and you can experience elephant trekking. The beaches of Kata Noi are great to relax, whereas Patong Beach is famous for its nightlife. Deluxe Suite, Feel immediate at home in a refined high leveled 85 sqm suite with private balcony providing panoramic sea view. The bright and airy room offers contemporary interior dĂŠcor with modern amenities including a large bathroom with separate bathtub and walk-in glass shower, spacious living area and king-size bed. Stretch out on the sofa in the living room and watch TV or work at the spacious working desk while watching the sunset. This suite also benefits from access to the exclusive service of the Panorama Lounge located on the 12th floor with stunning panoramic sea view, including complimentary breakfast.


Image Copyright Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa

Contact information Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa 333 Patak Road, Karon Beach, Phuket 83100 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 396 433 / Fax: +66 (0) 76 396 136 Email:

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Pool Villa One Bedroom @The NAKA Phuket Image Copyright The NAKA Phuket

Enjoys premier views of the sea, just steps away from the shoreline.


he NAKA Phuket is where an exclusive beach meets with an unspoiled hillside. The resort is only accessible via an isolated mountain road, making it the perfect location for those seeking to experience the ultimate feeling of seclusion, yet as the resort is only 10 km away from Phuket’s bustling nightlife centre Patong, it’s also the ideal choice for travelers who enjoy a more urban experience. The 205 sqm Pool Villa One Bedroom includes its own patio and balcony. The west-facing villas are located in a private area with amazing views over the sea back towards Patong Beach and are 28 metres above sea level. The Villa features an overhanging bedroom with king-size bed, a full mini-bar, a capsule coffee machine, as well as a dining and living room. Set in each living room is a 48-inch Smart TV with satellite TV channels and a home entertainment system. There is free Wi-Fi in the villa and throughout the resort. Also featured is a private 32sqm swimming pool with two sun loungers for each villa.

Image Copyright The NAKA Phuket

Contact information The Naka Phuket (S.T.P. Group Management Co.,Ltd.) 1/18, 1/20 Moo 6, Kamala, Kathu, Phuket 83150 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 337 999 / Fax: +66 (0) 76 337 990 Email:


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Penthouse @Sri panwa Image Copyright Sri panwa

Image Copyright Sri panwa

Perched atop Sri panwa’s latest addition to its oasis of calm and luxury, the Penthouses


ri panwa, a luxury hotel private pool villa & spa resort in Phuket Thailand. Perched high atop Cape Panwa and commanding breathtaking views of the Southeastern tip of Phuket, occupying the Cape Panwa peninsula in its entirety, the ultimate in luxury vacation accommodation on Phuket Island. Perched atop Sri panwa’s latest addition to its oasis of calm and luxury, the Penthouses command unparalleled views of the Andaman Ocean from up to 60 metres above sea level. Designed using our signature Tropical Contemporary Theme the westerly facing Penthouse Suites are made up of 140 sqm of refined living space as well as a private infinity pool to enjoy the sunset views. Luxury penthouse with full amenities, premium TV channels DVD player, Satellite TV service HDTV Free WiFi, Free wired high-speed Internet. Separate sitting area, furnished patio, soundproofed rooms with air conditioning.


Image Copyright Sri panwa

Contact information Sri panwa Phuket 88 Moo 8, Sakdidej Road, Tambol Vichit, Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand Tel: +66 (0)76 371 000 / Fax: +66 (0) 76 371 004 Email:

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Honeymoon Private Pool Suite @Impiana Private Villas Kata Noi Image Copyright Impiana

Delights you with sheer romance and blissful solitude-for-two. Image Copyright Impiana


mpiana Private Villas Kata Noi offers 11 private villas with breath-taking views of a boundless blue horizon, where sky and sea merge in bursts of bright sapphire splendor. Selected by a leading and prestigious travel magazine to be among Asia’s Top 5 Villa Resorts, Impiana Private Villas is a living testimony to excellence in exclusivity, services and activities. With butler service at your beck and call, long sea-facing pools, in-villa massage and barbeque options, a great location atop the rocks between Kata Noi and Kata Beach, which embodies the spirit of real Phuketian cooking and a creative menu at the Living Room restaurant: the resort has it all for those keen to escape to true indulgence. The Honeymoon Private Pool Suite is strategically located in the center of the resort. At 80 sqm it delights you with sheer romance and blissful solitude-for-two, enhanced by exciting complimentary gifts to commemorate your nuptials. Indulge your new significant other and yourself to a customized spa treatment on your private deck and let the mesmerizing sounds of lapping waves below lull and sooth your senses. An ocean-facing full-glass partition opens up to a magnificent view of the Andaman Sea.

Image Copyright Impiana

Contact information Impiana Private Villas Kata Noi 10 Moo 2, Kata Noi Road, Karon District, Muang, Phuket 83100 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 330 770 / Fax: +66 (0) 76 330 771 Email:


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One Bedroom Oceanfront Pool Villas @Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa Image Copyright Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

Discover a luxury of oceanfront facing the Andaman Sea at the nearest melting sunrise. Image Copyright Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa


et amidst the unspoiled splendor of Mai Khao Beach, Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, a Marriott Luxury and Lifestyle Hotel, is the ultimate retreat for guests looking for relaxed luxury. Pamper yourself with a visit to Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa. Discover a luxury of oceanfront facing the Andaman Sea at the nearest melting sunrise. The combination of modern touches of luxury and local architectural design offer the minimum of 117 sqm unparalleled ambiance with the curved sea turtle carapace roofs in every Pool Villa enclosed within the natural walls and green spaces. Private pool is set alongside a natural timber floor patio while dazzling and welcoming bedroom with natural light streaming into the floor to high curved pale-wood ceiling, colorful green-blue furnishings including flat-screen TV, DVD player and sofa. Large terrazzo-chic bathtub featuring twin vanities, Internet access and data port is set on a working desk. Safety box, iron and iron board are also available just a few step away.


Image Copyright Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa

Contact information Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa 555 Moo 3, Mai Khao Beach, Talang, Phuket 83110 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 363 999 / Fax: +66 (0) 76 363 988 Email:

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Beachfront Two Bedroom Pool Villa @Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach Image Copyright Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

Located directly at the beach, the hotel’s most spacious and luxurious Villas offer comfort beyond words.


ocated just a few minutes from the airport, you’ll feel like the hustle and bustle of everyday life is miles away. Setting on Nai Yang Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Beachfront Two Bedroom Pool Villa, the most spacious and luxurious Villa offers comfort beyond words, with private bedrooms, communal living area, private swimming pool, and sala overlooking the serene of Andaman Sea. Totally 370 sqm pool villa with king-sized bed at master bedroom and twin double beds at second bedroom and private Sala with sea view at beachfront location. More comfortable and feel free with separate living room and bedroom. Located directly at the Beach, the most spacious and luxurious Villas offer comfort beyond words, with two private bedrooms, communal living area, private swimming pool, and outdoor Sala overlooking the serene Andaman Sea. Spacious, luxurious villas blend traditional Thai elegance with modern style and helpful amenities. Offers high-speed Internet access, mini refrigerators, bathroom with separate Jacuzzi bathtub and shower. Additional perks in your villa include a wallmounted flat-screen TV and 24-hour room service.

Image Copyright Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

Contact information Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach 92 Moo 3, Naiyang Beach, Tambol Sakoo, Phuket 83110 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 625 555 Email:


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Giving kids a learning experience to learn fun role-playing.

The name KidZania comes from combining the word ‘kid’ (short for the German word ‘kinder’ or children), with the Latin suffix ‘ania’ meaning ‘land of’ while the letter ‘z’ comes from ‘zany’, which means ‘witty’ or ‘cool’.

KidZania Worldwide


idZania was founded in 1996 by Mr. Xavier Lopez Ancona who dreamed of creating a place where kids could have fun while enjoying real-life experiences. The first KidZania site was opened in 1999 in Mexico City as an edutainment centre for kids aged 4 - 14 years focusing on giving youngsters an entertaining learning experience through role playing of the profession they want to pursue in the future such as being a pilot, doctor, actor, firefighter, police officer, reporter, etc. while igniting creative thinking and instilling awareness of the need to join together to make a better world.


KidZania currently has over 20 countries, including Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Egypt, Philippines, Porturgal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia and Thailand “KidZania Bangkok is the largest indoor KidZania in the world”. More than 42 million children have benefited from KidZania facilities around the world, since its opening in 1999. KidZania focuses on giving kids a learning experience to learn fun role-playing. They can benefit, both physically and mentally, while getting career motivation to grow up to be productive citizens in the future.

KidZania is a unique country with its own economy. It is a kid-sized replica of a city, complete with buildings, streets, vehicles, establishments, stores and all the elements of a real city. The city is designed to be safe and original for kids to role play entertaining job activities of adults like in the real world. Kids must work to earn income as firefighters, doctors, police officers, reporters, etc. They get to train to use the money earned to purchase goods or services.

Travel - Travel Destination Each activity of KidZania is specifically designed to aid and boost behavioral skills and values in children

Experience Through each job and activity, kids learn about how society functions and some basics in financial literacy, economics, career principles, teamwork, as well as social and real-life skills. Hands-on activities in KidZania offer better fulfilling learning experiences for kids. In each establishment, there are Zupervisors to introduce and provide support for each activity. They are present in all establishments in KidZania to guide and ensure the children understand and perform activities properly. Each activity of KidZania is specifically designed to aid and boost behavioral skills and values in children such as teaching them how to work as a team to solve problems, how to interact in society and helping develop physical skills like movement skills. By performing real-life job activities, kids learn the value of having a career and how they can contribute to a bigger community. KidZania offers hands-on experiences for kids to learn about teamwork and economics in ways in which they can easily relate and enjoy.

Educational value Role playing is a universal form of play enjoyed by children all over the world. It is fun and offers educational, psychological and motivational benefits. We have consulted educators, psychologists and play experts during the development of every KidZania location to ensure our activities promote creativity, critical thinking, communication, confidence and collaboration. By blending reality with entertainment to prepare kids for the real world, KidZania provides real-life experiences and fun at the same time. These experiences are useful when the children become grown-ups.


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How to enroll in KidZania KidZania is open seven days a week. Kids and parents have to buy tickets to enter the kid-sized city at the box office in front of KidZania. Each visitor will be given a unique security bracelet allowing KidZania staff to track and locate each individual child throughout the city.


In addition, each visitor will receive a boarding pass to KidZania and a cheque in KidZania currency (KidZo), which can be cashed at a bank in KidZania. KidZania consists of 3 main areas: 1 Airport. Visitors have to come to this zone first to go to KidZania. In Bangkok, KidZania has a 21-metre section of a real Boeing 737 from Air Asia in which to role play pilots and flight attendants.

2 City Square. This is the center of a KidZania city. The zone includes a town hall, a university, a bank where kids can cash a cheque and open an account to save what they earn from work. It also has a theatre, a retail store, a government office as well as activity areas for performing arts. 3 Suburbs. This is where all the factories are located, including the likes of a soft drink bottling plant, a milk factory and others etc.

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KidZania Bangkok About KidZania Bangkok “KidZania Bangkok,” the largest indoor learning center in Asia is the 12th branch of KidZania, first opens on May 6, 2013, and is conducted by Mr. Denis Zhu, CEO and Vice Chairman. KidZania Bangkok has 10,000 square meters and its capacity of 1,500 people. At the “KidZania Bangkok”, there are more than 80 professions in 65 facilities, i.e. doctor, policeman, firefighter, news reporter, TV news anchor, pilot, air crew, auto mechanic, chief, designer, model, and etc. Also there are the parents lounge and the “Urbano house” for babies and toddlers.


Weekday - 10.00 am - 05.00 pm Weekend and Public Holiday - 10.30 am – 08.30 pm

Contact Information:

KidZania Bangkok Siam Paragon, 5th Floor, 991 Rama 1 Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2 683 1888 / Fax: +66 (0) 2 683 1899


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SwissÔtel Resort Phuket Patong Beach Unwind with Swiss service and Thai smiles


wissôtel Resort Phuket Patong Beach is a luxury lifestyle resort; a place where you can enjoy warm and friendly Thai hospitality along with Swiss service in Patong Beach. An ideal destination for guests of all ages. Swissôtel Resort Phuket Patong Beach is located in a convenient spot in close proximity to the vibrant shopping and nightlife centre, yet still within a few minutes’ walk to famous Patong Beach. The hotel offers 383 guestrooms with either city or pool views; some are pool access and spacious suites. The interior design can be described as ‘Tropical Thai’ and all rooms are equipped with all you need for a comfortable getaway. From the moment you enter the hotel’s welldesigned lobby you’ll feel the tangible welcoming atmosphere with hotel staff members greeting you with polite smiles.


Just next to the reception area is the stylish DBar with an LED spiral chandelier bar high above your head. Here you can enjoy high-end spirits, mixed drinks and cocktails prepared by the experienced and friendly mixologist. A happy hour promotion is now on offer from 4-6pm daily. Next to the bar is the hotel’s main restaurant, ‘Flavours’ serving Thai, Asian and Western cuisine for all-day dining.

Travel - Zenith Holiday On the 7th floor is the plush Swiss Lounge where exclusive business meetings and private informal casual gatherings are held. Swiss Lounge provides a peaceful atmosphere with free-flow light snacks and drinks all day long.


Families with kids will love the hotel’s Kids’ World - designed purely for the joy of all youngsters aged between 4 -12 year old in this spacious creative area. Kids’ World features games, toys, a playground and attractive and stylish games capsules where kids can enjoy the latest PlayStation versions. If you’re a fan of Irish Pubs, Swissôtel’s The Drunken Leprechaun on its ground floor might be just the place you’re looking for. As the night falls, this traditional Irish pub will get you in the mood for entertainment and provides a rich selection of spirits, stouts, ales and lagers on tap, along with great live music.

General Manager David Jamieson says: “I am thrilled and delighted to have the Swissôtel brand now present in Patong Beach and to spearhead its operation and its leadership team. Rebranding is not just changing the logo above the front door. It is about changing service mind-set of the people. Over the past several months the entire team has been working extremely hard to get the rebranding complete and we are excited to bring the upscale Swissôtel Resort Phuket Patong Beach to you, our valued guests. In a few months’ time we are proud to launch our brand-new rooftop ballroom with a capacity of 300 for meetings and functions. We also have several other projects that have been planned over the next two years. Our aim is to ensure that Thai service with a smile is complemented by reliable and consistent Swiss hospitality.” With 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry David Jamieson, a native of Australia, utilizes his international hospitality knowledge of the travel industry to aid in the success of the Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts in Patong Beach, Phuket. David Jamieson joined the dusitD2 Phuket Resort for its rebranding early 2016. The hotel is now operated as the Swissôtel Resort Phuket Patong Beach since June 2016.

Beef Guiness Pie by Chef Angelo Faoro


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David Ippersiel General Manager of Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach


Travel - GM Talk “The second challenge is the seasonality. Because you have a high season and a low season in Phuket it obviously has a huge impact on the performance of the hotel. The last challenge is that we have more demanding owners who want more and more return on their investments at a much quicker pace.” He says that in dealing with seasonality he is looking for different markets to compensate for the losses but having the Marriott brand-name behind the hotel makes it possible. “We ramp up at a much quicker pace than our competitors. So we are able to penetrate the market at a much quicker pace and are able to give our owners profits at a much faster pace as well.”

Image Copyright Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach


arriott has recently introduced another hotel under its name in the north of the island. Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach is the only international branded hotel on this secluded Phuket beach. General Manager Mr. David Ippersiel helms the brand-new Marriott and tells Phuketindex readers about himself - his past, present and future, and about the hotel he runs. GM David is Belgian by birth but he was raised in Asia for most of his youth. “I was living in Singapore and in Philippines prior to my studies in Switzerland. I started my career back in Singapore in 1994 and have moved all around the world ever since,” he explains. After graduating, David started his career in the hotel industry in 1994 with the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore before joining the opening team of the Banyan Tree in Phuket. He spent four years in Phuket before he decided to travel the world, “to see what was happening out there”, says David.

before I was asked to open the Nai Yang Marriott Resort. So that’s why I’m here back in Phuket for the third time.”

What are the challenges involved in opening this new Marriott? David says that the one of the main challenges is to find the right staff to operate the hotel. “Now we’re being asked to hire more Thais and fewer foreigners in order to cut running costs besides giving opportunity to the locals. However, being Marriott and with the acquisition of the Starwood, this makes us more interesting for Thai nationals to join as they can foresee a bright future with us in the industry.”

Tell us about Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach The hotel is a combination of a takeover and newly built project. It used to be the Imperial Adamas before. “Originally, the hotel had about 100 rooms but Marriott wanted around 200 so we designed additional buildings. Five new buildings were added to meet the needs and the food and beverage outlets were also refurbished. “So now we have a combination of very authentic Thai modern rooms all across the resort with four F&B outlets, a big swimming pool, a new spa, recreational activities as well as a kids’ club which wasn’t there before.”

GM David told us that he began his working history with Marriott in 1998 when he stopped travelling and joined the Sales & Marketing department at JW Marriott Dubai. He also worked for the Renaissance Dubai, the Warsaw Marriott Hotel as Director of Sales & Marketing, then worked in the regional team at the Marriott’s headquarters in Frankfurt from 2004-2007. David finally came back to Phuket as hotel manager for Indigo Pearl at Nai Yang Beach. “Then Marriott called me back to manage Algeria Renaissance in Africa

Image Copyright Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach


Travel - GM Talk

Image Copyright Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

What’s the difference between Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach and neighbouring hotels? “Nai Yang is still a traditional Thai beach and not an overcrowded tourist destination such as Patong or Kata or Karon so it’s still a very genuine beach. On this beach over the years, there have been a couple of hotels built but we’re the only international branded hotel at this particular spot,” he says. “Moreover, we’re very fortunate in terms of location. We’re secluded and have no neighbours to our right and left. We have our own ‘private’ beach as such, so we don’t have the same impact that the other hotels have being on the main strip.”

Image Copyright Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach


Lifestyle How about your goals? “In the five-star category of resorts, we’re more or less the same. We deliver the same services to customers when it comes to rooms and facilities. But apart from the fundamentals I’m trying to make it different based on the staff that I have. I want to make sure that we deliver consistent service throughout our guests’ stay, to make sure we deliver a genuine service that comes from the heart and that we take the time to make sure that every guest spends a memorable time with us at the resort,” says David. “Obviously we’re going to have challenges along the way but the main focus for me will be on training I provide to my staff and on the service I deliver to my customers,” he adds. “I believe if we get it right, the message will flow through and we’ll get many return guests and that, in return, will obviously drive up revenues for the hotel and the owners. That’s my main goal.”

“The thing is that when you are an hotelier, you need to have a passion for what you do. I spend three-quarters of my time – if not more – at the hotel,” says David who adds that it’s important to keep your eyes open for what’s happening nearby and throughout the industry. “The hotel industry is open 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. So there are a lot of things that happen throughout the year which you have to be aware of so when you leave the hotel you can’t just switch off and forget that you have a hotel to run. It does take a lot of my time, actually.” In the little free time that he does have, GM David likes to travel. “There are still a lot of places that I’ve never been to in Thailand. I just enjoy relaxing, whether by myself or with my friends and my kids when they travel to Phuket.” And like many other people when they have to spend so much time with people on a daily basis, he prefers a peaceful atmosphere. “It’s sometimes good to take a step back from the rest of the world, to regroup, rethink and get fresh and ready for the week to come,” he says.

David siel Ipper

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