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K.W. Development

Reinventing Phuket’s Hospitality Industry VDO Link

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Just a few moments away from Kata’s sandy beach, Kata Sea Breeze offers 330 breezy guest rooms & suites, 4 swimming pools with pool bars, spa & kid’s corner and lots of exciting activities for our guests to enjoy. 72 Kata Road, Karon District, Muang, Phuket 83100, Thailand Tel : +66 76 284300 - 4 Fax : +66 76 284307

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Phi Beauty Clinic

Tiger Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts

Phi Beauty Clinic is a great option for those who seek to improve their appearance by means of plastic surgery. Using the most advanced techniques to reconstruct and repair every part of the body, patients can rest assured that procedures will be carried out safely and with satisfactory results.

At Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp, Phuket they offer the chance to train and prepare with others of similar skill levels and prepare and train for an MMA or Muay Thai boxing fight, and the body you want is just around the corner with help from their fitness programs.

1/27 close to Chalong Circle, Moo 5, Tambol Rawai, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83100 Thailand

7/6 Soi Tad-Ied, Moo 5, Tambol Chalong, Amphur Muang,Phuket 83100 Thailand

Contact person: Dr Sununtika Chitvarin Tel: +66 (0) 87 688 3999 Email:

Contact person: Reservations Tel: +66 (0) 76 367 071-2, +66 (0) 95 094 0780 Email:

Sabai Mansion

Phuket Country House

Sabai Mansion offers daily-monthly room rental for workers and tourists who want a clean and cozy place to stay at a friendly price. With a great location and facilities guests are sure to be pleased with all Sabai Mansion has to offer.

Phuket Country House has two affordable luxury properties available for short or long term rent. The first is located next to a jungle in Chalong; the second in a quiet location near Kamala Beach. Both are ideal for tourists or residents who want to live in peace but be close to the island’s popular attractions.

16/7 Soi Hatchananiwech 2/9, Anuphas Phuket Karn Road, Tambol Talad Yai, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83000 Contact person: Khun Prasertsak Tel: +66 (0) 86 689 7510 (K.Prasertsak), +66 (0) 89 472 5454 (K.Ausa), +66 (0) 87 907 9387 (K.Suparat) Email:

Contact person: Reservations Tel: +66 (0) 89 875 5789 (Thai and English), +66 (0) 81 415 5522 (English) Email:

Our online bi-lingual (English and Thai) website,, provides daily news and information regarding the happenings on Phuket, which we believe are beneficial and interest to our readers.

Listing Page: A onetime fee of only 9,900 Baht and your listing will remain on all your business life.

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Welcome to the first issue of magazine for 2015. The entire team would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year! Leisure



In this issue of the island’s leading lifestyle magazine we introduce you to two of Phuket’s newest and most exciting businesses, the first is the Eastin Yama Phuket Resort, a resort which we’re sure is going to give other resorts in the Kata area of the island a real run for their money. The second is K.W. Development Co., Ltd, a company who has vast knowledge in Phuket’s real estate and hospitality industries and are about to launch several new projects which include ready-made hotel projects for investors and entrepreneurs. We will also give you an insight into some of the island’s most noticeable and loveable mascots, something which are becoming more popular for defining local Phuket brands.

K.W. Development

Reinventing Phuket’s Hospitality Industry VDO Link

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For those who are less tech-savvy we also give you the low down on QR Codes, something which are becoming increasing popular with advertisers worldwide. If you didn’t know what QR Codes were or how they work before you certainly will after reading our article.


We hope that you enjoy this issue of our magazine and 2015.




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K.W. Development - Reinventing Phuket’s Hospitality Industry

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- Phuket’s Workers Statistics in 2014


Real Estate - Phuket Condominiums The Best Selling Product



Travel - Phuket International Airport Non-Stop Growth




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- Mustapha Haj omar - The Charming Prince of the Mediterranean Cuisine



Restaurant Review - spice to discover at outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort - An Authentic Peranakan Dining Experience by the Beach



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Index Phuket Stat

Phuket’s Workers

Statistics in



Phuket’s economy has been expanding for decades due to the island’s power-driven tourism industry. Due to the growth in that industry it is not surprising that the island has also seen significant growth in its real estate industry due to increasing numbers of workers the tourism industry requires. Increasing numbers of Thai and foreigner workers are coming to work in Phuket, and the following statistics show the numbers of workers who reside in Phuket and where they come from.

The total number of registered workers in Phuket in 2014 is 407,207 312,917 Thai nationals

94,290 foreigners

76.84 %

23.16% 593 Chinese (33.90%)

80,795 Burmese (96.09%) 1,443 Laotian (1.72%)


other Asian countries

969 Cambodian (1.16%) 868 Filipino (1.03%) 599 South Koreans (34.24%)

The largest number of foreign workers registered in Phuket originate from the 15 countries which make up the ASEAN region, 84,075 or 89.16 percent of all foreigner workers. 80,795 Burmese or 96.09 percent, 1,443 peoples Laotian (1.72 percent), 969 Cambodian (1.16 percent) and 868 Filipino (1.03 percent).


329 Indians (18.81%)

200 Japanese (11.43%) 28 Taiwanese (1.60%)

In addition, there are also 1,749 workers who originate from other Asian countries including 599 South Koreans or 34.24 percent, 593 Chinese (33.90 percent), 329 Indians (18.81 percent), 200 Japanese (11.43 percent), 28 Taiwanese (1.60 percent).

Index Phuket Stat




Germany France South Korea




India Myanmar



Philippines Cambodia



689 French (15.23%)

1,076 Russian (23.79%)

2,841 Other countries (72.08%)

559 Italian (12.36 %)

other countries

Europeans 1,363 English (30.13%)

432 German (9.54%) 405 Swedes (8.95%)

The second largest group of foreign workers in Phuket are Europeans with a total number of 4,524 made up of 1,363 English or 30.13 percent, 1,076 Russian (23.79 percent), 689 French (15.23 percent), 559 Italian (12.36 percent), 432 German (9.54 percent) and 405 Swedes (8.95 percent).

543 Australia (13.77%) 558 USA (14.15%)

The remaining 3,942 workers originate from either Australia, USA and other countries. Those from other countries make up for 72.08 percent or 2,841 workers, USA 558 or 14.15 percent and Australia 543 (13.77 percent).

The information in these pages relating to the number of foreign workers who are registered to work in Phuket has been provided to by the Phuket Provincial Employment Office.


Index Real Estate

Phuket Condominiums The Best Selling Product


hanges in the economic environment unconsciously affect our behavior and it is therefore necessary to adapt to these changes especially where residences, which change with the times are concerned. Phuket is a tourist city well known all over the world. It is also known to be strong economically. Having looked into the past investment trends of Phuket we found that both Thai and foreign investors choose to invest in Phuket. With its great beaches, world renowned diving sites, historic heritage, spectacular range of spas, health and wellness resorts, yacht marinas, attractions and boutique hotels, Phuket is the second most popular tourist destination in Thailand after Bangkok and it brings a large amount of revenue to Thailand through tourism. In addition, it is also gaining promotion from the Government who want to see Phuket become a main hub for the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community region and for investment that extends beyond tourism. Phuket is also viewed as an economic hub when it comes to trading in the South-East Asian region. Phuket has a large number both Thai and foreign workers and retirees which continue to grow year on year, and due to this continuous growth the demand for housing is also continuously growing. Statistics from a recent survey by Phuketindex found that in the first half of 2014 there were a total of 6,315 residential units sold, 2,929 units in Amphur Muang, 873 units in Amphur Kathu and 2,513 units in Amphur Thalang. We also found that from 20112013 approximately 30,800 residential units were sold, 13,900 houses and villas and 16,900 condominiums. The results of this survey clearly show us that the demand for condominiums is far greater than for that of houses and villas, and this is why Phuket is now seeing that developers now prefer to build condominiums rather than houses and villas. When we looked further into the condominiums sold from 2011-2013 we found that they were broken down into three main price groups, less than 50,000 baht/sq m - 45 percent, 50,000-100,000 baht/sq m - 45 percent and 100,000+ baht/sq m - 10 percent. Whilst in the first half of 2014 there were approximately 2,416 condominium units sold, once again within the same three price groups, less than 50,000 baht/sq m - 40 percent, 50,000-100,000 baht/ sq m - 35 percent and 100,000+ baht/sq m 25 percent, a 15 percent increase on the years 2011 - 2013.


Our survey found that in 2015, a further 2,644 condominium units will be complete and ready for sale. With regards to preferred location for condominium developments our survey revealed that 45 percent of developments were in Muang District, 50 percent in Kathu District and 5 percent in Thalang. Although there are a number of local and international developers choosing to develop condominiums in Phuket we found that the largest number of developers choosing Phuket as their preferred location were in fact large Thai developers including Pruksa Real Estate, Sansiri, Supalai, Tri Property and The Bay Cliff.

In the first half of 2014 there were a total of 6,315 residential units sold

Amphur Thalang

2,513 units


Amphur Kathu

873 units


2,929 units


Amphur Muang

Index Real Estate

From 2011 - 2013 approximately 30,800 residential units were sold

The condominium units sold from 2011 - 2013 were broken down into three main price groups

In the first half of 2014 there were approximately 2,416 condominium units sold within three price groups

100,000+ baht/sq m



condominiums %



100,000+ baht/sq m


13,900 houses and villas %

Less than 50,000


baht/sq m



50,000-100,000 baht/sq m



Less than 50,000 baht/sq m




50,000-100,000 baht/sq m



The following graph shows condominiums developed by national developers * The company who has built the most condominiums in Phuket is Sansiri Public Company Limited


52.6% 21.0%



Tri Property Pruksa Real Estate


The Bay Cliff




• • • • • • • • • •

• • • •

dcondo Luxe Rassada-Samkong Phuket dcondo Kathu dcondo Kathu Patong dcondo Creek dcondo Campus Resort Kuku dcondo mine The BASE Height Phuket The BASE Uptown-Phuket The Deck Baan Mai Khao

Supalai Supalai Supalai Supalai

Pruksa Real Estate City Resort Phuket Park @ Downtown Phuket Park @ Phuket City Vista Phuket

• Fuse Valley Phuket

The Bay Cliff • The Privilege Residences Patong

Tri Property • ZCAPE Condominium • ZCAPE X2 Condo • ZCAPE 3 Condominium


Index Real Estate

Interview with

Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai President - Agency for Real Estate Affairs (AREA)

Condominiums are the most popular property type amongst developers with a total of 16,107 units, or 54 percent of the whole market. This is followed by townhouses (15 percent) and single detached houses (14 percent). “As of the end of June 2014, Phuket had a total supply of 7,124 units. Muang District is where most supplies are - some 2,929 units. “Condominiums on Phuket have also been the best-selling product during the last 12 months, and accounted for 68 percent of the whole market. “The best-selling price range was between THB 2 and THB 3 million, followed by the THB 1 - THB 2 million and THB 3 million - THB 5 million respectively.”


Dr. Sopon cautioned

During a market slow down, developers need to be careful and focus more on market study and financial strategy. They also need to learn more on specific restrictions in order to develop the right project on this island.

Index Real Estate

Uthai Uthaisangsuk Senior Executive Vice President of Business Development & Project Development Division (Condominiums), Sansiri PLC

sansiri has developed the most condominium projects on Phuket with a number of developments under the names of dcondo and The BASE. Our condominiums have been developed to meet the demands of the island’s current real estate market which is seeing more and more people who work and live in Phuket wanting to own and invest in real estate, especially condominium units. In recent times, we have seen a huge increase in demand from both Thais and foreigners who want to invest in condominium units and that is why the island has seen such expansion within this real estate category. “However, we are not only now seeing an interest in the standard type of condominiums; we are also seeing a large number of investors who are looking for resort condominiums such as our Baan Mai Khao and The Deck Patong projects, both of which have received great feedback from foreigners looking not only for a good investment but a condominium in a great location.

Image Copyright Sansiri PLC

Image Copyright Sansiri PLC

“Within a three year period Sansiri has developed a total of 14 residential projects in Phuket with a total of 5,105 units. The breakdown of these projects is as follows: dcondo Kathu 556 units, dcondo Kathu - Patong 653 units, dcondo Creek 806 units, dcondo Mine 436 units, dcondo Campus Resort Kuku 471 units, dcondo Downtown - Phuket 310 units, dcondo Uptown - Phuket 387 units, The BASE Height - Phuket 358 units, The Deck - Patong 270 units, Baan Mai Khao 206 units, Burasiri Koh Kaew 156 units, Habitia Koh Kaew 244 units, Habitown Koh Kaew 228 units, B-Avenue Kuku Commercial Building 24 units. The total value of all our projects is 14,317 million THB. “sansiri condominium units start from as little as 1.39 million THB (dcondo) going up 33 million THB (Baan Mai Khao) and sizes range from 29 sq m 62.5 sq m. “sansiri is very pleased with the response we have received for each of our projects and so far we have welcomed approximately 2,000 people to the Sansiri family. We are very confident with the investment potential of Phuket; a city which continues to see growth not only in tourism but also other industries. We as Sansiri wish to continue to grow alongside the island into the future.


Index Real Estate

Mr. Chitsanucha Phakdeesaneha Managing Director of Universal and Porchland Group Image Copyright Porchland Group

Porchland Group is a real estate developer based in Pattaya, Chonburi where we already have 11 projects in our portfolio. However, earlier this year we added a twelfth project to our portfolio with the launch of the Massa Luna Condo Phuket, our very first project in Phuket. It was our decision to expand our business to Phuket because it has a large market for holiday homes, possibly the best in Asia. It is also because it’s a world-renowned tourist destination. “We have decided to invest in Phuket with a high-end condominium and the main decision for this is because it’s in the area of Nai Yang Beach, an area which offers natural beauty and privacy. It is also a popular area with Thai and foreign tourists and expatriates. It is located only 3km away from Phuket International Airport or a drive of approximately 10-15 minutes. We believe that in the future this area will see further development and growth and is a high potential area. “Our Massa Luna project is worth in the region of 1,140 million baht. Construction started late in 2014 and will be complete in late 2015, with customers being able to move in at the beginning of 2016.

Image Copyright Porchland Group

Image Copyright Porchland Group

“Our main target group is foreigners living in Phuket who want to own a property rather than rent, or those looking for a good investment.

Image Copyright Porchland Group


Image Copyright Porchland Group

“We are also looking to bring further projects to Phuket in the Rang Hill area close to Bangkok Phuket Hospital on an area of approximately 29 acres. It will be a city condominium with unit prices starting at around 1.8 million baht. This project will be launched in conjunction with the universal Development Limited Company who is also based in Pattaya. The project will be worth about one billion baht and we expect to launch this project in the first quarter of 2015.


33/7-9 Vichitsongkram Rd., Talad Nua, Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel: +66 (0) 81 892 2807, +66 (0) 86 662 7766, +66 (0) 76 219 406 Email:, Website:

Numsang Hi-Fi

Music, video & home automation - anywhere life takes you

Index Travel

Phuket International


Non-Stop Growth


irports of Thailand (AOT) recently announced that the number of domestic and international passengers who passed through Phuket International Airport in 2014 was approximately 11.27 million, an increase of 2.70% on last year (2013). It also stated there were a total of 74,501 domestic and international flights, an increase of 6.13% on 2013. Additional figures released by AOT revealed that Phuket International Airport sees an average of 233 flights and 36,100 passengers per day. Furthermore, AOT has also recently released a report forecasting that the number of passengers to use Phuket International Airport by the year 2015 will be approximately 12.5 million passengers, 7.5 million domestic passengers and 5 million international passengers. With statistics such as these it is no surprise that Phuket International Airport is being expanded to accommodate the growing number of passengers who are travelling to Phuket for both business and pleasure purposes. has gathered more detailed information from various airlines that operate at Phuket International Airport so we can give you some more in-depth statistics into the airport’s operations. We have also spoken to some airline representatives to give us more information about their Phuket operations.


All statistical information in this article has been provided by AOT Passenger (Million) 12






8.4 7.0

8 6




4 2 0

Year 2008





Number of passenger at Phuket International Airport from


Index Travel

International Carriers


International carriers

48 A total of

carriers serve passengers at Phuket International Airport


National carriers

The numbers of carriers at Phuket International Airport

Domestic Carriers • • • • • • • •

Bangkok Airways (PG) Business Air (8B) Jet Asia Airways (JF) Nok Air (DD) Orient Thai Airlines (OX) Thai Air Asia (FD) Thai Airways International (TG) Thai Smile Air (WE)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Aeroflot (SU) Air Asia (AK) Air Berlin (AB) Air China (CA) Arkefly (OR) Asiana Airlines (OZ) Blue Panorama Airlines (BV) Cebu Pacific Air (5J) China Eastern Airlines (MU) China Southern Airlines (CZ) Condor Flugdienst Gmbh Frankfurt (DE) Dragonair (KA) Eastar Jet (ZE) Edelweiss Air (WK) Emirates (EK) Enter Air (OF) Finnair (AY) Firefly (FY) Hainan Airlines (HU) Hong Kong Express (UO) I Fly (H5) Indonesia Air Asia (QZ) Jetstar Airways (JQ) Jetstar Asia Airways (3K) Juneyao Airlines (HO) Korean Air (KE) Malaysia Airlines (MH) Nov Air (1L) Qatar Airways (QR) Shanghai Airlines (FM) Siberia Airlines (S7) Sichuan Airlines (3U) Silkair (MI) Spring Airlines (9C) Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia (DK) Thomson Airways (BY) Tiger Air (TR) Transaero Airlines (UN) Tuifly Nordic (6B) Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)


Index Travel

The 40 international carriers can be split into three specific regional carriers

23 ASIAN carriers

EUrOPEAN carriers


AUSTrAlIAN carriers

The asian carriers can be further split as follows:

The carriers from europe can be split as follows:

The carriers from australian can be split as follows:

10 Chinese carriers


russian carriers

2 carriers from Australia


Malaysian carriers


Swedish carriers


South Korean carriers


German carriers


Singaporean carriers


Dutch carrier


Qatari carrier


UK carrier


Filipino carrier


Finnish carrier


United Arab Emirates


Polish carrier



Italian carrier

Indonesian carrier


Swiss carrier




Index Travel

Bangkok Airways Bangkok Airways is an airline hub for Phuket International Airport that links to both domestic and international flights.

Ms. Ariya Prasarttong-Osoth Vice President – Sales of Bangkok Airways “The airline chose to open flights to Phuket because there are a variety of natural beauty and unique cultural attractions and it is perfect for travelers from all over the world. It offers a wide range of open flights from various cities to Phuket.” Image Copyright Bangkok Airways

Phuket Flight Ticket Prices Phuket - Bangkok Chiang Mai

Phuket - Samui Phuket - Chiang Mai Phuket - U-Tapao (Pattaya)


U-Tapao (Pattaya)



1,790 baht start from 3,100 baht start from 2,890 baht start from 2,590 baht start from

Bangkok Airways domestic flights at Phuket international airport Phuket - Bangkok

8 flights per day

Phuket - Samui

5 flights per day

Phuket - Chiang Mai

1 flight per day

Phuket - U-Tapao (Pattaya)

1 flight per day

Airplanes used for Phuket flights

airbus a320, airbus a319 and aTr72-500


Index Travel

Qatar Airways Qatar Airways is award winning international airline and on 2014 they launched daily non-stop Doha - Phuket flights, this is a great opportunity for travellers from the Middle East to plan their break with a beach vacation to Phuket.

Mr. Jimmy Sng Country Manager Thailand at Qatar Airways Image Copyright Qatar Airways

“Phuket is a popular city that is one of the favorite destinations for tourists all over the world, and Qatar Airways recognizes the importance of providing a superior service to passengers and to facilitate their travel across the globe with shorter journey times. Connect to Phuket with our network. A dedicated non-stop Phuket service will help meet the growing demand the airline has for this particular destination. Moreover, Europe is an extremely popular destination for a number of Thailandbased locals as well. We are therefore very pleased to be able to continue to offer more options to those looking to travel with us and enjoy our award-winning five-star service.” Doha - Phuket flights are served by Airbus A330 aircraft in a two-class configuration of 24 seats in Business Class and 236 in Economy.

Phuket – Doha date flights MONDaYs, WeDNesDaYs aND sUNDaYs


arriVe DOHA AT 22.50HrS

TUesDaYs, THUrsDaYs, FriDaYs aND saTUrDaYs

DeParT PHUKET AT 19.05HrS 24

arriVe DOHA AT 22.25HrS

Jet Star Airways Jetstar Airways is currently the third largest domestic Australian airline (by market share) and fifth largest international airline (by capacity share) serving international routes to-and-from Australia.

Mr. Leslie Ng Regional General Manager for Sales, Jetstar Group “Phuket is a beautiful beach destination and a favourite with Australians alike. Phuket is one of the unique destinations that will satisfy everyone, from the walletconscious to the big spender. Phuket has historically appealed to Australians and a vast spectrum of travellers, including FIT travel, honeymooners, couples, and families. The affordable baht continues to make Phuket one of the most popular holiday destinations all year round.”

Jetstar Airways started flying from Sydney to Phuket in 2006 with 3 flights weekly and from Melbourne to Phuket with three flights weekly.




Ticket Prices Phuket - Sydney Phuket - Melbourne

11,299 baht start from 11,299 baht start from

Airplane used for Phuket flights

Boeing 787


Business Launch

“K.W. Development” Reinventing Phuket’s Hospitality Industry

VDO Link

K.W. Development Co., Ltd. is the name of a company that offers a full range of real estate developments. The K.W. name represents the names of the owners, two of Phuket’s best developers, Mr. Karn Prachumpan – Managing Director of The Beach Group, and Mr. Watchara Jaruariyanon – Managing Director of Vasi Co., Ltd. Together; they have the vision of reinventing Phuket’s hospitality industry by creating “Ready-Made Hotel” projects to offer to both investors and entrepreneurs. recently had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Karn and Mr. Watchara about the origins of their business venture and their vision of developing real estate projects that once complete will be worth billions of baht.

Who are Mr. Karn & Mr. Watchara? Mr. Karn Prachumpan

was born and raised in Phuket; he’s the owner of a property development company called The Beach Group, a company that has been responsible for developing a number of projects on the West coast of Phuket. So far, The Beach Group has developed approximately 8 commercial and residential projects including hotels and exclusive villas. They are also responsible for developing


The Beach Condotel which used a concept of “honesty, quality and time”, a concept Mr Karn believes gives customers trust in their performance. With most of the projects they have developed their primary focus is location. Mr Karn truly believes that if a project is in a prime location then customers will be more interested in it and they can build to the specific needs of the customer.

Mr Karn says that they are sometimes seen as tour operators as they have an in-depth knowledge when it comes to the island’s tourism

Business Launch businesses and they can advise where a good location is for a specific business. People can rely on them as they have over 15 years experience doing business here and do not specialise in one specific area.

property purchases and sales. These businesses have been very much involved in the hotel sector and have worked together with the hotels such as Sala Thai, The Nap and The Sea which are all located in Patong.

Mr. Watchara Jaruariyanon

was born in Nakhon Pathom and graduated from the Prince of Songkla University Hatyai Campus in 1989. He started his working life in Bangkok working as a civil engineer and was involved in the building of Central Chidlom, the LPN office and RS Tower Ratchada. After 3 years he moved here to Phuket and joined a company as a hotel design consultant and was again involved in the construction of 3 projects. 16 years ago he opened a company called Vasi Co., Ltd. which has been involved in approximately 40 projects worth in the region of 10,000 million baht. However, Vasi Co., Ltd. is more than just a construction company, it also has a sister company Vasi Land and House Co., Ltd. which deals with land and

Why did you decide to set up K.W. Development Co., Ltd.? Mr. Karn said “We decided to setup K.W. Development Co., Ltd. as The Beach Group and Vasi Group Co., Ltd. have different strengths and specialize in different areas, but of our specific areas of expertise go together hand in hand.” Mr. Watchara added “Khun Karn has over 10 years experience working in marketing, and I have vast experience as a design consultant and construction supervisor. Putting these together made setting up a property development company seem quite natural.

In addition, Mr Watchara also has a jewellery shop in Central Festival Phuket and he is the owner of the Kajonkietsuksa School in Thalang which opened in 2013 and is located near the Thep Kasatri & Si Sunthon Heroines Monument. This school also has a nursery called Baan Kajonkiet which is located at the entrance to the Laguna Phuket complex. Mr Watchara is a member of the Prince of Songkla University alumni committee, on the committee of the Phuket Real Estate Club, and is former president of Phuket Golf Club.

What projects is K.W. Development Co., Ltd. working on?

Image Copyright K.W. Development Co., Ltd.

Mr. Karn said “K.W. Development Co., Ltd. is already involved in the development of projects in different locations around the island but predominantly on the west coast. Beach Point Bangla is located in Patong at a prime area near the beach. This project is very close to 4-5 star hotels such as La Flora, Thara Patong, The Kee and Alpina. This area is one of the hottest to be found at this time. “This was a large plot of land covering an area of 4.25 rai and this allowed us to develop 2 projects. The first is 2 storey project consisting of a single storey boutique hotel and the upper level can be used as a plaza with restaurants bars and other businesses; this will be the client’s decision. The second is a 200 room 4-star hotel which will sit 30 meters away from the beach; this will be developed to sell.


Business Launch “Another of our projects is located in Kata; this is called the Two Hotel, a 4-star resort with 150 rooms. Another is a 250 room 3 star budget hotel located 200 meters from the beach, again on a very prime piece of land.

We have also bought an old hotel in front of Club Med Phuket and this will be turned from a 180 room property to a 220 room property. This will also be developed to sell.

What would you like to say to prospective customers? Mr Karn “We are looking in the same direction with the products we create. In the next two years our projects will be the ones to look out for. We are also creating products which we will be managing ourselves. This is very rare in real estate, there are very few companies who develop and manage their own projects. “When developing you need to understand many aspects such as height restrictions, the location, environment, local laws etc which all vary, however, we can handle all these aspects as we have knowledge in all these areas. “In addition, if we build a hotel to sell, buyers can buy in the knowledge that we have built legally and that the hotel is fully licensed. We will make buying a hotel very easy for them. Another thing is that we want to develop projects that sit alongside the current tourism trend.”

Image Copyright K.W. Development Co., Ltd.

Mr. Watchara added “We have to admit one thing, Phuket’s real estate industry already boomed several years ago. However we believe that it will not suddenly stop, it will continue to grow. “We have become part of this business and we are committed that all construction work is of a high standard, we work regardless of profit or loss, and all our work must be legal and well designed. When working we take into account the environment and we try to ensure that where we build we improve nearby public spaces so that they benefit all.

Image Copyright K.W. Development Co., Ltd.

“We would also like to advise people that we also have K.W. Service Company who is currently trying to buy land near Tesco Lotus to set up an office. This company has been set up to oversee whole real estate projects as we have experts in architecture, engineering, finance and marketing within our organization. We are also consultants in the field of real estate investment. If you don’t want to develop a project yourself, or if you need help developing a project here in Phuket we are happy to help. “Come and get to know our company, we will work everything out together. We will not waste anyone’s time and we do not only focus on profit. We care about the environment and urban development, and we ensure that our designs fit in with their location!”

K.W. Development Co., Ltd.

98/90 Kata Road, Tambol Karon, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83100 Tel: +66 (0) 76 333 111 Fax: +66 (0) 76 330 475 Image Copyright K.W. Development Co., Ltd.


Where Italian dining experience meet art and passion !

By Alessandro Frau Chef/Patron

324/15 Prabaramee Road

Kalim Bay - Patong - Phuket Tel 076 618127 email:

Restaurant of the Year

News Phuket News Update

PHUKET NEWS UPDATE Amari Phuket Announces New Cluster Sales Team

Following the recent appointment of Mr Pierre-Andre Pelletier as the Vice President and Area General Manager of Southern Thailand, he has now announced a strategic restructuring of the Sales Team into a cluster to take care of the group’s other properties in Southern Thailand. The restructure includes the Director of Sales and Marketing, which has been accepted by Ms Wallee Krooprasert (left), following with the Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing that has been accepted by Mr Charoen Awassadaporn (centre) and the Sales and Marketing Manager, which has been accepted by Ms Yupa Eravadeekul (right). The Cluster Sales Team is now on-board and will focus on initiating and developing the company’s sales, marketing strategies and activities, working to make Amari the best upscale hotel in the region as well as continuing to drive business development in both existing and new accounts to support the company’s growth. Address: Amari Phuket, 2 Muen-ngern Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150

Ms.Ornchaporn appointed as ‘Public Relations Manager’ at Kata Sea Breeze Resort. Ms. Ornchaporn Sangsre (Koy) was recently appointed as ‘Public Relations Manager’ here at Kata Sea Breeze Resort. Khun Koy graduated from Bangkok University having attained a Bachelor Degree in Bachelor of Arts Program in English. After graduating, Khun Koy joined several international organizations in Australia and America before returning home to Thailand to join a regional airline. With Khun Koy’s strong international background and hospitality knowledge, we are sure that Kata Sea Breeze will become one of the most famous family resort’s here in Kata! Kata Sea Breeze Resort 72 Kata Road, Karon District, Phuket 83100 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 76 284 300-4 Fax: +66 (0) 76 284 307 Email:

Regent Phuket receives the Global Winner - World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014 Regent Phuket Cape Panwa has been voted and awarded World Luxury Hotel Awards 2014 – the Global winner in the “Luxury Island Resort” category, the pinnacle of achievement for luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. The award is a result of Regent’s highly personalized luxury journey, sublime attention to detail throughout and universally excellent guest feedback. “We are extremely thrilled to have been recognized as the winner of this most coveted award in the hospitality industry. As the General Manager of the resort, it gives me great pleasure seeing the acceptance of our resort within such high standard of esteemed hotels at the awards. We strive to deliver the best in resort accommodation, first class cuisine and a guest experience tailored to the individuals who stay with us. Our guests who voted for us are more than guests when returning to their second home, they have become part of our Regent family” said Brice Borin, General Manager of Regent Phuket Cape Panwa. Regent Phuket Cape Panwa, 84 Moo 8 Sakdidej Road, Tambon Vichit,Cape Panwa, Phuket 83000 Thailand Phone: +66 (0) 76 200 800, +66 (0) 76 318 888 Fax: +66 (0) 76 200 803


News Phuket News Update

Revamped Laguna Phuket Golf Club ‘Memorable’

Dusit Thani Phuket unveils new look Laguna Café

The revamped Laguna Phuket championship golf course, which officially re-opened in January after a full makeover, now has a “real sense of place and belonging” according to its designer, Paul Jansen. The former lead architect for Faldo Design, who created Laguna Phuket’s award-winning sister course in Vietnam, says the layout retains much of its former character and appeal, but has been dramatically improved aesthetically and strategically. He pays special tribute to the construction team including Mark Lawson and superintendent Blair Pratt, who have helped ensure the course requires “thinking golf”. The project, which has revitalised the layout that hosted the 2009 Thailand Open, required some fairways to be re-graded and raised to help with drainage, while strategic tree clearing has opened up views of the surrounding mountains and numerous water features have been rejuvenated and visually highlighted. Unique features include wood ties on some steep fairway edges and traditional Thai fishing boats placed in watercourses. Jansen says these visual elements have enhanced memorability and character. Laguna Phuket Golf Club is part of Asia’s first and leading integrated resort, located on Phuket’s Bang Tao beach. The 1000-acre complex includes Banyan Tree villas, Dusit Thani, Angsana and Outrigger hotels and is within easy access of Phuket International Airport.

Image Copyright Dusit Thani Phuket

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket officially unveils its new look Laguna Café, following a THB 6 million refurbishment and extension carried out over the last few months. Laguna Café has been redesigned with Phuket’s Old Town as an inspiration. Create Great Design Co., Ltd. used the area’s Sino-Portuguese architectural heritage to inform the design, and throughout the café there are distinctive elements such as: textured, weathered woods; chairs and cushions upholstered with oriental-style fabrics; painted floor tiles and fine porcelain pieces. Artwork has been chosen to reflect the resort’s storied history with images of members of the Thai royal family, international

For more information, visit

heads of state and celebrities adorning the walls.

The Coffee Club opens second store in Jungceylon The Coffee Club is celebrating following the opening of its latest and second store at Jungceylon Shopping Center, in front of Robinson Department Store. There are now a total of 16 branches of The Coffee Club in Thailand which are located in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin, Chiangmai and Motorway Outbound. The Coffee Club is an Australia & New Zealand’s favourite cafe brand which is originally from Brisbane, Australia. The Coffee Club offers free Wi-Fi, long opening hours, all-day breakfasts and tasty light meals. The new store is open from 9.30am-12.00am. Ground floor, Sino Phuket Zone, Jungceylon Shopping Center, Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd., Pa Tong, Kathu, Phuket 83120 Tel: +66 (0) 76 292 036

An open show kitchen adds a fun, interactive element to the space and an extensive al fresco dining area with views across the swimming pool and lush tropical gardens now accommodates 176 guests. The vibrant venue offers a creative all-day dining offering, highlighting comfort foods from Portuguese, Chinese and Thai cuisines, coupled with the signature warm Dusit hospitality. For more information please contact Email: or dial +66 (0) 76 362 999 ext 7303


Recommended Chef Talk

Mustapha Haj Omar The Charming Prince of the Mediterranean Cuisine


hef Mustapha Haj Omar is considered one of the most sought-after chefs in the Middle East and has recently been appointed Executive Sous Chef, Master of Oriental and Mediterranean Cuisine at Metzo’s restaurant at Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort. No stranger to challenges, Chef Mustapha welcomes journeys of discovery both in and out of the kitchen and his passion in the art of fine dining is evident.

Chef Mustapha has had over 18 years of experience preparing five-star dishes at many luxury hotels and resorts throughout the Persian Gulf and Asia such as One & Only Reethi Rah Resort and Spa in the Maldives, Mon Liban, Luxembourg, Shangri-La Villingili Maldives, the Sheraton Bahrain Hotel and Le Meridien Dubai, to name a few. He has cooked for royalty, celebrities and VIPs and even hosted his own cooking shows on Bahraini television. Chef Mustapha is probably the perfect definition of a celebrity chef and it certainly helped that he was raised in a restaurateur family. We had a chance to chat with him recently and here is what we discovered about him.


When was it that you realised that you wanted to cook as a career? It started when I was a teenager around 14-15 years old. My grandmother was the person who inspired me. Helping her with cooking in the kitchen led me more and more into it. I decided to learn more about food and cooking, for example how to implement a nice dish in a fine-dining restaurant.

Do you cook at home? I have a passion to learn about local food. Usually on my day off or when I’m on holiday, I will try to cook local dishes I have tasted. Whenever I have local food I try to remember the ingredients and keep the memory of the flavour and practice some of the techniques and cook the same at home.

What is your favourite dish at this moment? You seem to have fallen in love with Thai cuisine. Tom yum goong. It’s sour and spicy, a perfect combination. I learn to cook this dish from my Thai friends. I enjoy both eating and cooking Thai food, it has special aromas and a wide variety of flavours; sweet, sour, and spicy.

Recommended Chef Talk

Tom yum goong. It’s sour and spicy, a perfect combination. I learn to cook this dish from my Thai friends.

Away from work, what are your leisure activities? I sometimes go swimming and if possible I play football.

You are one of the most popular chefs in Middle East. How did that happen? I use all of my five senses when I prepare dishes and employ positive energy. You could say that I put my soul into the bowl!

We have heard that you have cooked for celebrities and royalty, what are the challenges involved?

Metzo’s Bistro is open daily from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Chef Mustapha’s signature dishes at Metzo’s will be available from Friday 6 February. For reservations email Or call +66 (0) 76 360 600.

Celebrities and royalty can, in general, afford to travel around the world and are usually highly experienced when it comes to food so it’s challenging to make them happy with the dishes’ presentation and of course the taste so you need a lot of passion.

Samakeh Harra – grilled fish marinated in chilli, citrus and cilantro

Take a culinary tour of the healthy Mediterranean with Chef Mustapha at Metzo’s Bistro. Try the signature dish Samakeh Harra and everything from homemade pasta, to lamb, slow-cooked meat dishes and grills to delectable perfection – all accompanied by a great selection of wines.

Chef Mustapha explains: “It’s a Mediterranean dish and a good combination between local fish and sauce which is made from fresh ingredients such as vegetables, onion, garlic, pepper, coriander, parsley leaves cooked and sautéed in olive oil along with spices to create a good aroma and flavour. The fish is gently cooked on the grill and served with sauce and potato wedges.” Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort 323 Moo 2, Srisoonthorn Road, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Bangtao Beach, Phuket 83110 Phone: +66 (0) 76 360 600, Fax: +66 (0) 76 360 670 Website:


Recommended Restaurant Review

Spice to discover

at Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort An Authentic Peranakan Dining Experience by the Beach


hy not steer your boat of gastronomic passion out to discover a new destination like Peranakan cuisine at Edgewater restaurant at Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort? Give yourself a chance to try out local dishes prepared and served up by locals in the cozy and romantic atmosphere at this beachside restaurant with its luscious Andaman sunsets. The Peranakan are descendants of Chinese ancestry who nowadays make up a significant portion of Phuket’s population. The Peranakan culture, so to speak, is at the roots of Phuket. Culinary delights are at the heart of these people and they have a saying, “For ordinary people, food is heaven” and it’s no surprise that their delicious culinary secrets have been passed on down through generations. Alfresco dining at Edgewater starts with a refreshing and healthy glass of pandan juice before enjoying a wide range of Peranakan cuisine and of course freshly caught seafood chosen from the display.


Spectacular view on Bangtao Beach

Kick your appetite off with a sour and spicy yum som o – marinated shrimp, pomelo, roasted coconut flakes and crisps. Yum goong siab – dried shrimp with pineapple salad is another dish worth a try. Recommended dishes are moo hong Phuket, a favourite for many locals. The pork in this dish is seasoned with sweet soy sauce and spices, stewed for hours until the meat is tender and the flavour of the sauce soaked in. Gaeng phed poo comprises Andaman blue crab in yellow curry. It is rich with coconut milk and has a distinctive aroma and taste. For crab lovers who are not so fond of spicy food try poo phad pong karee stir-fried crab with mild curry. An all-time favourite is tom yum goong. This spicy and sour shrimp soup is simply delicious and a great choice of dish. The sweetness of the fresh shrimp is highlighted with the ‘just right’ tasty soup. For families with kids, the seafood basket and gai yang takrai - lemongrass grilled chicken are perhaps good

alternatives. The two dishes have been designed for everyone in the family and are served with different dipping sauces. Remember to keep some room for dessert such as ice krachang - crushed ice in a little bowl, topped with sweet corn, red beans, peanuts, syrup and milk. It’s a great way of rounding off your culinary journey here. You can also enjoy a signature cocktail such as the restaurant’s Peranakan mojito now on offer at just THB 99 a glass (normal price at THB 270). Share your great times with your friends by’ liking’ Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort, checking in and #Peranakan at OutriggerPhuketBeachResort until 30 April. The Peranakan is open daily from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm, except Wednesdays and Sundays. For reservation, please call +66 (0) 76 360 600 or email

Business Investment


Exchange Control Regulations


you are planning on living in Thailand or doing business then you need to understand the exchange control laws. All foreign transactions fall under the

Exchange Control Act which governs all foreign exchange transactions. During the course of 1990 foreign exchange controls have been relaxed by the Bank of Thailand to ensure that investment in Thai property does not wane. Foreign currencies can be transferred or brought into Thailand without limit. Any person receiving foreign currencies from abroad is required to repatriate such funds immediately and sell to an authorized bank or deposit them in a foreign currency account with an authorized bank within 360 days of receipt, except for foreigners temporarily staying in Thailand for not more than three months, foreign embassies, international organizations including their staff with diplomatic privileges and immunities, and Thai emigrants who are permanent residents abroad or working abroad. Purchase of foreign currency from authorized banks is generally allowed upon submission of documents indicating international trade and investment. Companies in Thailand can engage in derivatives transactions with authorized banks to hedge against foreign exchange risk provided that supporting documents indicating future foreign currency receipts or obligations are submitted.

Any person bringing into or taking out of Thailand foreign currency bank notes in an aggregate amount exceeding USD 20,000 or its equivalent must declare to a customs officer.

Foreign Currency Account of Non-Residents Non-residents may maintain foreign currency accounts with authorized banks in Thailand without limit. The accounts can be freely credited with funds originating from abroad. Payments from Thai residents or borrowing from authorized banks can be deposited subject to supporting evidences. Balances on such accounts may be freely withdrawn.

Foreign Investments Transfers in foreign currency for direct and portfolio investments in Thailand are freely permitted. Proceeds must be surrendered to an authorized bank or deposited in a foreign currency account with an authorized bank in Thailand within 360 days. Repatriation of investment funds and repayment of overseas loans can be remitted freely upon submission of supporting documents to an authorized bank. For repatriation of investment funds, evidence of sale or transfer of such investment shall be submitted. For loan repayment, evidence of inward remittance of such loan and loan agreement shall be submitted. Information from Bank of Thailand (BOT)


Business Investment

How do you know when the remittance is transferred into your account? To support their customers, Krungthai Bank provides a maximum of three free e-Advices via e-Mail to instantly inform the customers first with a Pre – Advice on the inward remittance and when the remittance is transferred, in local currency, into their account and, finally, the Confirm Credit Advice.

Khun Chumpol Dulyamahakamthorn Manager of Krungthai Bank (KTB) - Rassada Road Phuket Branch For exporters: Easy Inward Remittance Service, KTB Inward Remittance Service helps remove exporters’ unnecessary anxiety about: • The information to be provided to the ordering party abroad; • When is the remittance credit transferred to their bank account? • The right exchange rates; • The need for foreign exchange risk management Those concerns become less of a worry with Krungthai Bank by simply providing the following information to the overseas remitter and exporters can rest assured that the remittance they are awaiting will be transferred into their accounts promptly and safely:

Please remit to

Email 1. Pre - Advice


Email 2. The remittance is transferred


Email 3. Confirm Credit Advice Pre – Advice Customers receive an instant advice on inward remittance with the following details: - The name of the foreign remitter; - The currency involved; - The account number of the beneficiary of the remittance and - The amount remitted.

Confirm Credit Advice Confirm credit entry into the customer’s account with the following details:


- Exchange rate; - Remittance fee and - The amount of remittance transferred into the related account.


KTB charges a 0.25% fee of the total remitted amount (minimum Baht 200, maximum Baht 500).


Business Bright Idea


Defining a Brand A mascot is any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck, or anything used to represent a group with a common public identity, such as a school, professional sports team, society, hotel, military unit, or brand name. Because Phuket it is a city of tourism and there are many hotels here, creating something which identifies a hotel brand is perhaps not essential to all, but it is certainly important for a great deal of them. Various hotels in Phuket have created a mascot which identifies their brand, and regular visitors to these hotels know these mascots and the story behind them well. Now you can get to know some of Phuket’s best known mascots too!

“Tee Ting” Crystal Wild Resort Panwa Phuket


ee Ting is a Chinese animal, it is sacred and is believed to bring prosperity and fend off evil. According to legend, Tee Ting is a wonderful dog who understands the human language and is considered as a symbol of good fortune. Tee ting is a mascot like no other and is certainly one to be remembered. Tee Ting is unlike common dogs and comes in a range of styles and designs. The yellow character stands on glass balls and holds bamboo twigs in its mouth and was introduced as the mascot for Crystal Wild Resort Panwa Phuket at its opening on 14 August 2014. Tee Ting is currently not available to buy.

Mongkontep Khoo-aroon General Manager 38

Business Bright Idea

“Foto Bear” Foto Hotel


hen the Foto hotel was first built and the first sample room had been designed, the owners were thought the room was beautiful and had been designed just how they wanted it, but they felt it was lacking that something special. They thought long and hard about what was missing from the room, and then one day an executive of the hotel said he felt it lacked vitality, perhaps because of the room’s design or color scheme. To improve this it was decided that a doll be placed in the room to make it more lively. This was how the idea for bringing a mascot to Foto Hotel came about. When it was decided to bring in a mascot to the hotel it then needed to be decided what should be used, perhaps a person, an animal or maybe an object, but whatever it was needed to have a good feeling. It didn’t need to be awesome, but it shouldn’t be something which would affect a certain religious beliefs. Finally, they decided to use an animal as their mascot. They then looked at what animals live near the hotels, poultry or aquatic animals came to mind but they weren’t the perfect choice.

Image Copyright Foto Hotel

Wirachai Pranveerapaiboon C.E.O. The Attitude Club Phuket

Finally they came to the conclusion that the animal should be one with arms and legs so the guests could embrace it and have that feeling of comfort. Then someone


390 Baht




said “the animal which is seen most like a doll is a bear, a toy bear is always seen as loveable.” It was agreed that a bear would be Foto Hotel’s mascot. To ensure their bear would be remembered and look different from others they chose a fabric and pattern that differs from the typical teddy bear and that would comply with the Foto Hotel brand.

Image Copyright Foto Hotel

Foto Hotel opened in October 2012, and on this day, Foto Bear was born complete with its grey, white and black tartan material”.

Image Copyright Foto Hotel Image Copyright Foto Hotel

Foto Bear is available in 2 sizes is, large is priced at 3,500 Baht and small is priced at 390 Baht.


Business Bright Idea

Nong Sleepy Sleep With Me Hotel Design Hotel @ Patong


he mascot for Sleep With Me Design Hotel @ Patong, Nong Sleepy, arose from 2 factors:

- People counting sheep to fall asleep. - Sleep is synonymous with the word sheep. They decided to use a sheep because they are seen as cute and fun. Furthermore, counting sheep to go to sleep is a western concept and they wanted to keep their sheep in the minds of their guests. They wanted a sheep to be part of the hotel’s story and for the sheep to bring fun and smiles to their customers. Sleep With Me Design Hotel @ Patong believes that by Creating Nong Sleepy they are raising awareness of the hotel both internally and externally: Externally: Nong Sleepy goes out and meets people as much as possible such as by being featured in magazines and visiting trade shows and agents. Internally: Nong Sleepy can be found all around the hotel be it in the form of art on wall or a cuddly toy in a room. They are also given as gifts to employees who have been awarded outstanding employees of the month.

Nong Sleepy had been planned by the hotel’s designers before construction on the hotel began and was used in advertising to communicate with customers before the hotel opened. Nong Sleepy soft toys are available in red, green, grey, and black and all features the hotel’s logo. However, in the future Nong Sleepy may well be developed into a superhero. For those interested in purchasing a Nong Sleepy from the hotel, al colours are available in 3 sizes:













Having received great feedback from customers Nong Sleepy is now also available as a feature on the hotel’s polo shirts, shoes, umbrellas, bathrobes and also as fridge magnets.

Sittichai Tanakorncharoen Image Copyright Sleep With Me Hotel


General Manager

LAND FOR RENT at Baan Ao Nam Bo, Ao Makham Muang Phuket Sakdidet


Chanod 10 Rai for Rent Baan Ao Nam Bo Opposite FIFA football stadium

Road thit man U







a oR


80,000 Bath / per Month / per 10 Rai Contact: +66 (0) 99 391 4056, +66 (0) 85 991 4495, +66 (0) 82 445 5178 Email:

10 Rai for Rent - Baan Ao Nam Bo

Pracha Ruamjai

FIFA football stadium


Business Inspiration Talk

Phuket Local Developer



s you probably know, Phuket’s real estate climate has become highly competitive with such a wide variety of properties on the market that buyers can pick and choose the development, and the developer, that suits them best.

Buyers in the housing and accommodation market are divided between those simply looking for an investment, which they will rent out or sell on, and those looking to invest in their own home. Whichever kind of investor you are, the decision to buy often comes down to the developer’s reputation. With Phuket continuing to grow as a tourist destination, buyers are faced with a multitude of developers to choose from. The island’s tourism industry has been the bedrock on which many high-end international developers have flourished, along side big national players out of Bangkok.


Business Inspiration Talk Some feel safe investing only with the big international brands or at least successful developers from Bangkok with extensive portfolios. On the other hand, local developers can often turn out to be the most reliable when it comes down to personal service and intuitive knowledge about the local surroundings. Phuket Villa Group is one such Phuket-based developer that has built a reputation of trust among locals with an extensive track record of building residential projects across Phuket. And after more than 25 successful years building quality homes for Phuketians, and with a good eye for the strengths and weaknesses of locations around the island, Phuket Villa Group has successfully matured into a big player in its own right.

Image Copyright Phuket Villa Group

Here, Phuket Villa Group’s Managing Director, Maetapong (Oun) Upatising, reveals some of the secrets of the local developer’s success.

Laying solid foundations Phuket Villa was established over 25 years ago by my father, Paiboon Upatising. We started out building small project of shophouses but after lengthy talks with an old school friend, and real estate industry expert, the idea came about to develop houses. My father took a gamble and invested in his first housing development. Phuket Villa 1 was a sell-out success, and was the first housing development in Phuket to offer residents the use of an community club house. The popularity of the concept allowed us to build on the success and grow with more similar developments.

Building a better quality of life Our priority has always been to give homeowners a better quality of life by choosing a good location with adequate utilities. As well as a house, Phuket Villa buyers get a better quality of life with things like the community club house with a swimming pool as well as desirable neighbors in a convenient location. Our condominium developments have also been built on similar concepts.

Always something different Each of Phuket Villa Group’s 18 residential developments has its own uniqueness. Each of the projects have been carefully designed by professional architects to best respond to the demands of the residents and a particular lifestyle according to the location.

Image Copyright Phuket Villa Group

Quality materials are carefully selected to match the price range of the homes, which are built to form a friendly neighbourhood with communal facilities. The developments are designed around the lay of the land, which determines the design and the kind of materials we use. Our after sales service is also part of our core values to being customer satisfaction.

Community support With the launch of every new development there is always a long line of interested buyers. We are very grateful for such wonderful support and the trust they have for us. We never have to make any special promotions. However, we do make a promise to our customers: “Quality”. It is not just about house but the quality of living in that house. Through word of mouth, Phuket Villa Group has become known for transparency and providing quality in-house utilities and community facilities. “We provide the best possible care”. Our after-sales service is one of our strengths. As we manage several


Business Inspiration Talk

developments we have to have efficient after-sales service. Being based in Phuket we can quickly respond to customers’ needs. Even if a property has been transferred, we are happy to help solve the problem as quickly as possible. As our slogan says, “Phuket Villa for better quality of life”. “Houses as designed”. We have a rule that every single project that we develop has to first pass environmental impact assessments and acquire planning permission and construction permits from the authorities before the properties are put on the market, so buyers can rest assured that their home will be fully compliant when completed. “Keeping our promises”. When people ask me why our sales are so good I tell them it’s because we always strive to offer the best to our customers and keep the promises we make about the utilities, facilities. “Location”. Although Phuket Villa is a local developer and considered small compared to international developers and those from Bangkok, we have local knowledge and experience that they simply can not provide in the same way, bringing our customers the best possible value.

Image Copyright Phuket Villa Group

Phuket Villa Group has developed 18 projects over the past 20 years. They are: -

Phuket Phuket Phuket Phuket Phuket Phuket Phuket Phuket Phuket

Villa Villa Villa Villa Villa Villa Villa Villa Villa

1 2 3 5 California Daorung Suanluang Chaofa Chaofa 2


Phuket Villa Chaofa 3 Phuket Villa Kathu Phuket Villa Kathu 2 Phuket Villa Kathu 3 Phuket Villa Kathu 4 Phuket Villa Thalang Phuket Villa Thalang 2 Phuket Airport Condominium Patong Beach

Future Plans

Image Copyright Phuket Villa Group

We will continue to develop in Phuket and we are trying to offer more variety of choices to serve the demands of the market. New developments in the pipeline for the next few years are Phuket Villa Thalang 2 and Phuket Villa Airport. We will also continue to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction as we move ahead focusing on quality rather than quantity. Phuket Villa Group has grown a lot over the past two to three years, which we believe is a result of positive feedback and an efficient team.

Phuket Villa Head Office

68/191 Moo 2, Chaofa-Daorung Road, Tambon Vichit, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83000 Tel: +66 (0) 76 353 501-503 Fax: +66 (0) 76 510 212 Email: Image Copyright Phuket Villa Group


Recommended Hotel Review


Yama Hotel Phuket

Image Copyright Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket


ow that we’ve entered tourist high season, some of you may be looking for an alternative place to spend your holidays. We believe many people plan to head north of the island, a popular tourist destination, especially for this period. However, for those who like to spend their holidays amongst the crowds, we would like to introduce you to a new hotel in Phuket located in the Kata area. Opened only as recently as October, Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket is uniquely decorated with ‘Yama’ flowers, the hotel’s symbol. This beautiful white flower is like the 3rd heaven and it’s featured everywhere in the hotel, on the walls, in the elevator, on the drinking glasses, and even on the lamp shades, a nice touch, as when the lights are on its shadow appears on the ceiling.


Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket is perched on a hill before you reach Kata Beach, one of the most famous beaches on Phuket. Its location allows you to enjoy gorgeous views of the Andaman Sea and an unobstructed vista of the Kata hill range. Despite being located away from the beach, the hotel offers you serenity and ultimate privacy, and don’t worry about how to get to the beach, the hotel provides a free regular shuttle service to and from the hotel. When you first arrive at Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket, the ever friendly hotel staff will serve you a welcoming drink and immediately make you feel that you are part of the Eastin Yama family. Furthermore, it’s definitely a resort for those who love to enjoy their holidays slowly, peacefully and with total relaxation.

Recommended Hotel Review

The hotel has 104 rooms in total which are: • • • • • •

47 Superior Rooms (32 sqm) 34 Superior Rooms with Sea View (32 sqm) 7 Superior Pool Access Room (32 sqm) 5 Deluxe Room with Mountain View (41 sqm) 8 Deluxe Room with Sea View (41 sqm) 3 Suites with sea view (63 sqm)

Image Copyright Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket

Image Copyright Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket

Image Copyright Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket

Image Copyright Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket

Image Copyright Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket

Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket also boasts a full range of facilities and services for you to enjoy during your stay such as swimming pool, Jacuzzi pool, pool bar, restaurant, fitness center, kids club, conference room, banquet room, car park etc. In addition, in 2015 the resort’s AuraRooftop Restaurant & Nectar Bar will open, serving seafood dishes and cocktails it’s the ideal place for a party. Meanwhile, Senzees, the hotel’s main restaurant is open from 06.00-23.00 hours for all day dining. Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket 5 Soi Patak 2, Patak Road, T.Karon, A.Muang Phuket For more details please contact +66 (0) 76 303 456 or search through

Image Copyright Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket

Image Copyright Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket


Lifestyle Inside


Fashion Trends F

ashion clothing; a key factor in a number of both men’s and women’s lives. For some it is something from which they do not want and cannot escape. For many, fashion clothing is a necessary part of their life. Following fashion requires having a large wardrobe of clothes which house all the latest and most popular fashion garments, and more importantly, the very latest designs. Clothes’ designing is an art which often uses culture and tradition as the basis for creations, and in any one year a designer will have three collections: winter collection, summer collection and spring collection, and it all depends on the season as to what designs the collection will feature. To be a successful fashion designer a number of factors need to be taken into account such as what their customer base and target group look for in design, and also what the current trends are in the market, which are often decided not only on season, but also on the brand itself.


Thailand’s fashion industry offers a lot of variety due to the fact that a large number of leading international brands have stores here, and there are also a large number of Thai designer brands who design for those who follow international fashion and base their designs on that particular target group. Fashion has played a major role in the development of the lives of Thai people, and for those in Thailand who want to follow fashion usually means they have to prosper in life and want to live a high quality lifestyle. These people want to live a beautiful life, they want stylish homes with stylish décor, and they also want stylish and fashionable clothing in their wardrobe. In the following pages we tell you more about three international and national fashion brands which are popular in Thailand right now and are seen as the brands of Thai people.

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Founded in 2004, Itch clothing is for men who love street wear. Itch is a hybrid clothing line, meaning that it is the birth child of two different styles. It’s the unification of hip hop wear and skater wear. Their most popular products are their unique designer t-shirts. Itch clothing is specifically designed for men who always keep up with new trends, new styles, and who like to be unique no matter whether at work or casual. As their motto reads, “Itch are not a brand, Itch is a movement!”

24-35 AGED FROM years old



FOUNDED Image Copyright itch

Image Copyright itch

Color Trends 2012 2013 2014

Chartreuse, Green pastel, Gray, Light brown, Pink pastel, Orange-red White, Gray, Gold, Orange-red, Beige White, Red, Black

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Sirarin Supakolsonnithikorn Brand Manager ITCH_STUDIO Image Copyright itch


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Image Copyright Marihorn

Marisa Horn Owner

Marisa Horn gained success from her “Mari-J” brand, a store retailing fashion apparel imported from Japan. This success inspired her to build her own brand. She studied fashion on her own and discovered new styling trends from her travels to New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and the fashion week in Milan which influenced her view of fashion and lead to the beginning of her brand Marihorn. Marisa believes that it’s not just stars and celebrities that want to look good and that all girls want to be good-looking regardless of the time of day, be it from the moment she wakes up in the morning or casual clothes during a relaxing afternoon to the evening dress she wears to a party; all need to be attractive.




FOUNDED Color Trends

2012 2013 2014

Purple, Green, Black, Peach Orange, Beige, Black and Gold, White, Grey, Black, Blue, Burgundy White, Gold, Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Black

Where to Follow the Brand marihornbrand Marisa is particular about the quality of the stitching and tailoring details. Her hopes are that her brand Marihorn will be another choice for the fashionable woman who cares about style and quality.

Marihorn_brand marihornbrand


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Michael Tien founded The G2000 Group in 1980 in Hong Kong. And it has since positioned itself to provide upscale and high-quality corporate and casual clothing that is made with utmost care and attention. Its mission is to offer an ultimate shopping experience throughout each and every part of its operations. With this, G2000 makes sure that it only offers the best styles and designs to its customers. With over 30 years of expertise in structured and soft tailoring, G2000 has built a solid reputation of excellence in quality, fit and value for money.


WORKING AGE Image Copyright G2000 Group

Michael Tien

Founded The G2000 Group in Hong Kong




Color Trends 2012 Image Copyright G2000 Group

White, Blue, Red, Mint and Pastel Tones, Black, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink Rose

Image Copyright G2000 Group


Dark Tones - Black, Grey, White, Brown

2014 Clothes are unique to each brand whether its style, colors, patterns and fabrics. People’s choices for clothes depend on their own individual preferences. However, for designers their choice of designs for their collections often use a theme, and their collections usually tell a story. Their brands pay attention to detail when it comes to colors, designs, packaging, and also customer care and after sales service. Their target groups are important and it is for their target groups that their collections are designed. The fun of fashion is not simply about beautiful and creative clothes, but also about the identity of the person wearing it.

Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Grey, White, Red, Orange, Cream, Blue, Black, Purple, Blue

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An eye-catching mirror design that cleverly uses the natural beauty of wood. It’s an elegantly simple design: a frame for the mirror is formed with two pieces of wood running either side. This design mirror is never more at home than when reflecting the greenery of the world outside.

As if it sprouted on your wall, taking in warmth and tender spirit of your home for nourishment, this beautiful stainless steel tree branch wall hanging is eye-catching. A great way to bring a touch of nature to your space.

s m e t I d e d n e Recomm LOTUS FLOWER TEA LIGHT HOLDER & BOWL Both decorative and functional, these beautiful stainless steel open lotus flowers are designed to hold a tea lights and potpourri. A great feature in any room in any house.

JADE SCULPTURE RECTANGULAR CERAMIC VASE This contemporary style vase would make a great conversation piece in any home. Perfect for tall stem flower arrangements, this vase series is tall and strong.


A hand carved red jade sculpture set on a copper coloured stainless steel base. Handmade by a Thai designer.

DECORATIVE CERAMIC BOWL This one of a kind ceramic bowl has been handmade and formed This beautiful porcelain bowl does double duty. Hang it on the wall, it becomes a work of art on the table it serves food magnificently. Use it as a beautiful fruit bowl.

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Cozy Company

1/1 Lagoon Rd., Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket Thailand 83110 Tel: +66 (0) 76 270 847 Fax: +66 (0) 76 270 633 Mobile: +66 (0) 81 970 8272 Email:

ABSTRACT METAL WALL MIRROR This beautiful hanging mirror will beautify any room. The frame is handcrafted, breathtaking in designs & an instant eye catcher.

CERAMIC VASE This handmade brown and white vase is crafted of ceramic and acts as a simple accessory piece to existing dĂŠcor. Place anywhere in your home for visual interest.

PETRIFIED WOOD CANDLE HOLDER Bring a unique piece of nature into your home with this beautiful hand carved petrified wood candle holder.

GLASS TEARDROP TEA LIGHT HOLDER These are very attractive retro items, an ornate brushed steel base with a delicate glass shade which features gold leaf mosaic design.

STONE TOPPED TABLES Wood & stone make up this table’s simple, modern design. With a distinctive granite stone top, and a wooden base, these tables are a true reflection of natural beauty.

LEATHER & STAINLESS STEEL CHAIR This modern leather chair has a steel frame of dependable sturdiness with a high-shine chrome finish. The chair is ideal for a waiting room or office, but is versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings.


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JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa’s Gourmet Weekend From November 14 to 16 2014, JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa held its much anticipated Gourmet Weekend, which incorporated a series of specialist-led cooking demonstrations and set dinners and culminated in a Charity Dinner. For this event, JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa invited five world class chefs to cook for their guests, Chef Peter Manifis from the InContro Restaurant in Perth, Australia, Chef Norio Nomoto the Japanese Chef form the JW Marriott Bangkok, Chef Nooror Somany-Steppe from the Blue Elephant cooking school and restaurants, Chef Tim Butler owner of the Eat Me restaurant in Bangkok and JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa’s Executive Chef Dietmar Spitzer.

JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa’s Executive Chef Dietmar Spitzer “I think we’ve done a brilliant job getting this whole event together, and I’m happy that we’ve had a full restaurant for the grand finale, our Charity Dinner. “I’m very excited that I’ve been able to cook with four world class chefs and that we’ve all managed to pull off this magnificent event. I think the highlight of this charity dinner was the foie gras from Chef Tim. The appetizer by Chef Norio was just beautiful, the seabass from Chef Peter melted in your mouth, and the lamb by Chef Nooror and my two desserts turned out perfect. “Tonight was all about raising money for the turtles so that we can build the education centre and I’m happy to say that we’ve raised enough to build that and we can start next month. I look forward to welcoming everybody back next year.”


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Rhythm of Sound at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa Saturday 29th November 2014 saw Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa hold its much anticipated ‘Rhythm of Sound’ event, an event which was originally scheduled to take place in June 2014 but had to be postponed due to the military coup. The ‘Rhythm of Sound’ event was part of Renaissance Hotel brand’s RLife LIVE platform, and was seen as the main event RLife Live for the Asia Pacific region in 2014. The event saw Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa fly in 8 DJs and dance music acts from countries all over Asia such as Jaxx Da Fishworks from Japan, DJ EvinKing from China and IMMA*BLEEP*YOUUP from Malaysia, who will play alongside a number of famous Thai DJs including Spacemonkey, SunZone & KrissadaFunk. It was an event that neither Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, nor the Mai Khao area, has ever witnessed before.

Goetz Bauer - General Manager, Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa “RLife Live events started around 2010, the same year in which this property opened. At that time, RLife Live events were basically for the development of entertainment at new hotels. But these events are not only related to DJ performances and music but more related to helping guests to our hotels find and discover something new. This can be related to food or drinks, but it is mainly related to entertainment. We knew that there is so much entertainment here in the Asia-Pacific region so we decided to make one big event that would bring together DJs from all across the Asia-Pacific. Renaissance as a lifestyle brand stands for the next generation of customers but also for the ones that are still feel they are staying young. “I would like to thank everyone for joining this event and we still have five hours to go. We are hoping to have a lot of ‘Rhythm of Sound’ tonight and at the end of the day we hope that we have some good beats, some good rhythm and more importantly a lot of fun. I don’t want to stop the rhythm at this point, so please enjoy the evening enjoy the party!”


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Re-opening of Iniala’s signature restaurant Aziamendi Thursday December 4th 2014 saw Iniala Beach House hold a press outing to celebrate the official one year anniversary and grand re-opening of its signature restaurant Aziamendi. In commemoration of the event, 3 Michelin Star Chef Eneko Atxa was at Iniala/Aziamendi along with Chef de Cuisine Alex Burger and the Aziamendi team. The full-day of festivities kicked-off with a welcome luncheon where guests got to experience the new Aziamendi lounge concept where they serve Thai and Basque Tapas (Pintxos), ‘Aziamendi Plates’. This was followed by a tour of Iniala. In the evening they organized a very special dinner at Aziamendi featuring the new seasonal menu “Inspire”. was privileged to be able to speak to Iniala’s visionary founder Mark Weingard.

Mark Weingard – Iniala Founder “Aziamendhi was created because we wanted to bring real creativity into a restaurant, and the most important thing was to bring real creativity into the food. When people come to Thailand they want to eat very special food, yes, Thai food is amazing, but we wanted to bring something new to the scene so we added Aziamendhi to Iniala. “We searched all around Spain and met all the top Spanish chefs and finally decided that we wanted to work with Eneko because not only was he a two Michelin star chef at the time, he’s now three, he’s also a really warm person whose creative and loved this project so much we felt we could work on Aziamendi with him.”


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Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2014 On Sunday 23rd November 2014, a field of over 1,200 individual pro and age group athletes representing 47 nationalities took part in the Laguna Phuket Triathlon (LPT) jumping into the waters of Bangtao Bay at 6.30am to tackle the 1.8km swim, followed by a 55km bike ride and a 12km run. There were also 65 relay teams taking part amid the event’s renowned carnival atmosphere. This year’s entries once again break previous year’s record. Italy’s Massimo Cigana and Alberto Casadei made impressive history together as they crossed the finish line together and claimed LPT’s first dual champions in the annual event’s 21-year history. In the women’s field it was multiple world championship titles holder Parys Edwards of Great Britain, newly-crowned 2013 ITU World Championships in London, who finished the first place.


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Grand Opening of Palm Seafood by Twinpalms Phuket On Thursday 08 January, Twinpalms Phuket held to opening “Palm Seafood”. Phuket’s Most Exciting & Stylish Contemporary Live-Seafood Restaurant, Lounge & Bar. Located on Bangtao Beach, 700 meters from Twinpalms Phuket.

Khun Sittichai Jitnatham - Twinpalms Hotel Manager Welcome to another dining destination of Twinpalms “Palm Seafood”. We try to bring people to the experience of seafood dining in the luxury place. At here we make the Live Seafood, we have an experience in Thai Food “the Authentic Thai Food” and we try to bring the real authentic Thai food to this beautiful place.


Lifestyle Social Responsibility Angsana Phuket Gives Back to the Community to Celebrate 3rd Anniversary To celebrate its third year anniversary in operation, Angsana Laguna Phuket establishes the My Lucky Elephant art competition to support the Phuket community with a core initiative that is aligned with Banyan Tree’s Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy of “embracing the environment and empowering people”. The art competition seizes a key opportunity to increase awareness of the lives of Thailand’s wild and domesticated elephant, as well as contribute to the local art culture and support local talents. Three schools including Baan Prujambal, Baan Laemsai and Baan Maikhao were invited to participate in the My Lucky Elephant art competition. Three student representatives from each school built and decorated a papier mâché in the shape of the resort’s mascot, Namchock, the baby elephant. Throughout the process, the three teams were mentored by two students from the Rajabhat Phuket University who are currently benefiting from the resort’s art scholarships program they were given last year.

Regent Phuket Conducts CSR Initiative On December 15, 2014, Regent Phuket Cape Panwa had the pleasure of conducting a happiness initiative with the Panwa community as the resort’s General Manager Brice Borin and his team invited students from the Baan Laem Panwa School to a cooking class at the resort. There were twenty two children attended this class. Through the class, children had fun and learned how to make a famous Thai dessert called “Look-Chub” which is mashed and sweetened Mung beans made into cute candies, colorfully painted with food colors to look like fruit and glazed in the sweet candy. This activity is carried out to provide the children an opportunity to gain knowledge outside of school. Mr. Borin said “At Regent Phuket Cape Panwa, we are not only committed to providing excellent services to our guests, but also ensuring the continuous positive contribution to local communities and the environment.”

Social Responsibility Laguna Phuket Launches Local Vendors Support Centre Project On Thursday 11 December 2014 at a “Phuket Governor Meet Press” session, hosted by Phuket Governor Nisit Chansomwong at Phuket Provincial Office, Laguna Phuket has announced the launch of a local vendors support centre project as well as local taxi operator reorganization within Laguna Phuket area. Following the province-wide reorganization of local beach vendors and operators in Phuket which include Bang Tao beach area where Laguna Phuket situated, the resort, in collaboration with Phuket Provincial Office and respective local authorities, extends support to affected local villagers by setting up a “Local Vendors Support Centre” for vendors and service providers such as masseuse, tour desk, etc on the resort’s land near the beach and lagoon between Tsunami tower and Angsana Laguna Phuket.

Home & Life Foundation kids celebrate at Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket recently celebrated their 4 year Anniversary by treating children from Home & Life Foundation orphanage to a day of fun and pampering at the resort. The programme started with fun and games with management and staff followed by a feast of kid’s favourites then a splash in the resorts lazy river and jumping cliff. After an exhaustive day, it was time to pack up, say goodbyes and take the journey back home!


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