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Soul Destiny Discovery The Transformation of the Human Journey BY PHILIP G. ROSS


Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Ross, Philip G., 1949- Soul destiny discovery: mentoring the Transformation of the human spirit by rediscovering and Manifesting one’s life purpose ISBN 0-9687903-0-5 1. Spiritual life. 2. Self-actualization (Psychology) – I. Title. BL624.R67 2000 291.4’4 C00-932699-5 Edited by Valerie Moen, Paul McGowan and Deborah Wiens Published by MDG International. Soul Destiny International Inc. This writing is the March 2014 edition.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE who have contributed to the creation of our Soul Destiny I curriculum and subsequently, will contribute to your life journey. Thank you to my friends and colleagues who have contributed countless hours as architects designers and editors of this course. Deborah Wiens, The late Paul McGowan, Valerie Moen, Wayne Gano, Tom Bohlmann, and Julie and Andrew Cox have all been a part of the outcome. My life partner Jeanette and my Daughters Christine and Michelle who worked through the night helping me reach timelines and who continue to be my foundation and support. We are grateful to our valuable MDG Associates who have joined us in this journey. Without their initial trust and support this may not have been accomplished. Suzanne and Chas Child, Carolyn Hastie, Ilze Jaunberzins, Kate Steffen, Mark Duffie, Jenni Stuart, Bob Dumais, Elizabeth Corbett, Jim Sapara, John Hirdman and Katherine Esche saw the vision and had the courage and insight to be part of this evolved path and direction that focuses clearly on the individual and the overall effect of changing the planet. Together we have forged a strong foundation for the future.  4  

Thank you to our voices The Late Billy Van, Debi Sandler Walker and Cheryl Castillo; and to Jim Morgan of Acrobat Recording Studios for audio creation; to Dale Clyne for audio editing; to Fortunato Aglialoro for book and graphic design; to Drew Seton Warner of Get Reel Inc. for music compositions; Mark Rodman of AMV Graphics Inc for printing and Lou Nigro of York Bindery for binding. These talented people are the artists behind our production who went the extra mile to meet our needs and timelines. Thank you to all those partners and families behind the scenes who allow us to pursue our life purpose. Thank you for recognizing the need for the hours sacrificed for this product development and the time that will be shared out side our homes to support and mentor all involved. I hold the thought that they too will have the same opportunity and guidance through their individual life journeys. I acknowledge and thank all those authors and instructors who have given many the gift of their knowledge. This knowledge has and will continue to be part of our curricula in some form even if only in the context that it enabled and guided us to think the thoughts we are thinking. A partial list of the people I wish to acknowledge includes Leslie and Sandra Fieger of Delfin Knowledge Systems, the late Wally Minto of Alpha Awareness, Marcia Martin of the Power of Speaking, the late Wallace D. Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich, and the late Charles Haanel for the powerful The Master Key System. There are many other publishers and personalities who have contributed to and  5  

influenced my journey and the journey of others. Oprah Winfrey, Leeza Gibbons, Gary Zukov, Neal Walsh, James Redfield and Shirley MacLaine are such individuals.

I am grateful for the spiritual guidance I receive from Gisela Horst and what I call my Spiritual Boardroom. In my frequent consultations, I receive constant inspiration and guidance as well as the odd push, as I did to move in this direction. I acknowledge all those who challenge me throughout my life, particularly my worthy opponents, critics and cynics from whom I seem to learn the most valuable lessons of all. Without all of the above, this all encompassing program of the Success Engineering System, the magnificent Soul Destiny curricula and the entire ongoing support system that is available to come into your life would not have been possible. Most of all, I want to thank you, the reader and listener, for taking the time to review this product and for deciding to become more in your life by becoming a new and improved You.


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Index Welcome ……………………………………………………….…………….10 Preface ................................. …………………………………………..13 Introduction ........................................................................... 16 Thoughts Are Our Reality……………………………………………….20 The Master Key to Success..................................................... 22

Soul Destiny Guide ................................................................27 Meditation .............................................................................. 33 Our Vision / Your Vision.........................................................39 Our Mission /Your Mission................... ……………………………46 Your Success Path ......................... …………………………………..50 Visualization………………………………………………………..55 Action…………………………………………………………………59 Momentum………………………………………………………...62


Manifestation………………………………………………………64 Four Stages of Awareness.................... ……………………………..66 Clarity of Dreams and Goals ..................................................73 Life Line - Reprogramming Your Thoughts...........................83 Creating Collective Vision ......................................................91 Living a Life of Harmony ...................................................... 95 Lifestyle Balance ....................................................................100 Ego ................................... ……………………………………………..104 Visual Engineering..................................................................109 Affirmations ............................. ………………………………………114 Health ................................. …………………………………………..119 Being of Service......................................................................129 Commitment......................................................................... 133 Accountability .......................................................................141 Humility ................................................................................144 Wealth ..................................................................................146


Detachment ..........................................................................148 The Power of Words .......................................................... 151 Live a Life of Gratitude.........................................................153 Your Life Passion - Purpose................................................ 155 Summary ................................……………………………………….163 Appendix

Soul Destiny The Master Key System TM .........................165 24 Part Summaries Testimonials 1900-2000……………………………………………….179 Conclusion …………………………………………………………………190


WELCOME Philip Ross Author, Publisher and Producer of The Soul Destiny Series

I extend a warm a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Board of Directors and founding members of MDG International, and the Soul Destiny International Team. Almost two decades ago I made it my life passion and purpose to help people around the world discover and manifest their life passion and purpose. I am pleased and proud to share that I have witnessed the success of so many people who have crossed my path through these teachings and the Soul Destiny Series. I have seen millionaires, authors, producers, philanthropists, academics, and professions to name a few. People all over the world have been through these workshops many I have kept in touch with others I have only heard of their success. The one common thread is they all are building their life passion with purpose. I’m sure there are countless hundreds of thousands who have been influenced indirectly from those who have experienced our workshops, readings and teachings of this and other related programs to which I have been proud to have been associated. All with one common thread The Master Key. We offer to you our Progressive Personal Development


Program containing the 3 course Soul Destiny curricula and support structure. Your decision to receive and review our program is an indication that you are seeking some answers and perhaps a path of personal growth. You have found us trough our website, referred by a satisfied participant or perhaps been interviewed by one of our Associates or Directors, and from the results of this introduction you’ve been guided to our program of progressive personal development. During this process you may have been asked some key questions about your current life situation with emphasis on how and where you may like to improve, grow or perhaps review back to basics self discovery. I ask that you take this as a serious beginning and decide where you would like to go in the ideal situation, “without limit or compromise”. Regardless of your current life circumstance, rich, poor, healthy or health challenged, lonely or blessed with love and friends, this program will change your life. Our course curricula and our progressive approach and mentoring are designed to help you to manifest your desired results.

Soul Destiny is comprehensive. The core of the Progressive program is The Master Key System written by Charles Haanel. It is a brilliant masterpiece that will change your life and keep on doing so throughout your life as it has for many others and me. Each part has significant depth and affects everyone who


reads or listens to it at different levels of understanding. Along your path of Soul Destiny you will meet many people who bring a diversity of backgrounds and experience to our program. As you progress through Soul Destiny, Soul Destiny II and Soul Destiny III and on to Mastery, you will be achieving your life purpose or as we call it, your Souls Destiny. This means that you will discover why you are here and how to align yourself with your purpose. Once this is achieved, it is a mission in progress. You will find a sense of peace and tranquility within you knowing that you are in the right place at the right time and in harmony with your creator. You will develop an awareness that will be cultivated over time enabling you to think in a way that creates the desired results and be a person who vibrates and resonates at a level that attracts people, things and well being to you. This will bring into your life less resistance tand more flow of all that you desire and an appreciation of everything around you, including yourself. You are on an amazing journey, a journey of discovering the real you. This journey will change your life. Enjoy your journey. All of us within the MDG International, Soul Destiny Team wish you a warm and sincere... Welcome aboard! 2


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This book SOUL DESTINY DISCOVERY is written as a guide for the reader who is interested in starting down a path of self-discovery, finding and manifesting their life purpose and breaking down sabotaging barriers that may be obstructing your success. This is the first of a series of our 4 part Self Study Library consisting of, Soul Destiny Discovery, Soul Destiny The Master Key System, Soul Destiny The Master Key CDs and the Soul Destiny Personal Growth Journal. This collection was created as a home study course and is the foundation your life journey and if you choose, our progressive seminar series Soul Destiny II, Soul Destiny III, Mastery IV and Spiritual Odyssey V. This is the manifestation of a journey that began in early 1995 and has culminated in a vision of extraordinary potential for all who choose to be all that they can be. The course was designed with a vision of many people discovering or rediscovering and manifesting their life passion and purpose. The result will be hundreds and thousands of people making a difference to themselves, their families and the planet by individually and collectively being all that they can be. Â

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Soul Destiny products are not based on any one specific belief system or religion. They are the bridge that links many belief systems together. We may grow with the wisdom of thought and the power to “BE”, “DO” and “HAVE” absolutely anything we choose, thereby creating a world that cannot only deal with, but embrace all that is bestowed upon us and it. I believe those who are drawn to this journey are here for a reason. You have been led here to be part of the solution. If you are new to personal development and the idea of a spiritual journey, you will be able to use this as your basis for present and future learning. If you are experienced, then use this for what you can add to what you have already know thus far and allow your spiritual side to gain the grounding of the physical world. You are encouraged to observe, learn from and share with all others within this program, the mentors from around the world and others outside our program. By participating, you are becoming a mentor yourself. Even though you are on your own journey, you are not alone as a member of our continuous personal growth program. You are free to learn as much as you can from whomever you wish and take as long as you like. Once you are on the journey of self-discovery and rediscovering your life purpose, you will not be able to go back to where you were. Your life will change and evolve as you open up to becoming all that you can be. The power and uniqueness of this course is in application that is supported by our international mentoring system and our progressive course 14  

curricula. This is a work in progress. It is a course in wisdom, not knowledge. I wish for you to get as much and more out of your journey as I have from mine. Enjoy your journey. Make the most of your new life. 4


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INTRODUCTION THE JOURNEY YOU ARE ABOUT to partake will embrace all that you are seeking and awaken and inspire your life to new levels of confidence , knowledge and wisdom . It will be your journey. The series of Readings, workshops and courses we have assembled are designed with your life in mind. Where is it you truly want to go? Who is the person you want to be? What are the results you are seeking? There is no limit to the asking or in the receiving. You have been granted the gift of free will from your creator and have the ability to “BE” anything you desire to be, to “DO” anything you want to do and to “HAVE” anything you desire to have. This means “without limit or compromise”. You will be encouraged to think about and visualize the ideal results you want now in your life. The life you visualize that excites your passion and gives you the feeling inside that you are happy, content and excited about you and your place here and now on Planet Earth. You will be in alignment with those around you and achieve an understanding and awareness of others who come in and out of your life. While you have decided to move in a direction of growth and a path of finding your ultimate life, others may decide they are not ready for this


journey. Some, however, will see and be attracted to your new energy, catch the fever of your excitement and vibratory state and as a result decide to pursue their path. As you understand that all are in the place where they desire to be and that there is no need to judge, envy or criticize, you will be able to tolerate and forgive more freely. Let go and let live. Your journey through the curricula will be structured and guided with mentorship and love. There are many who have decided that it is within their journey to assist you as your new path unfolds. They are here as guides to support you without judgment; they are here to assist you, not to force their ideals upon you. Your creator has given you the gift of free will. This means you make your own choices and decisions along the way. Everyone you come in contact with throughout your life has been, is and will be part of your experience. You will learn to know that each is a gift. Some gifts appear unpleasant and disturbing, some are delightful and beautiful; make no mistake, they are all gifts. Each has a lesson that is part of the tapestry of who you are. Your life, as you see it now, is a result of all you have come in contact with since your birth and before and your connected thoughts lay the path for where you go and who you will become. You will learn to be conscious of your thoughts and masterfully direct your future, In Health, Wealth and Love. We will take you down many paths to help you achieve your true happiness in balance between a human being and a spiritual being. You will examine your current life and review your past from birth to uncover sabotaging patterns and people  17  

whom you met and the results they have created in your life. You will examine the thoughts you thought and the results they created. You will be able to review in depth these patterns thoughts and lessons and rewrite them to your specifications for the results you now desire. You will become the architect of every moment, every day, present and future as you move through our series of lessons within this Book Soul Destiny Discovery and subsequent courses. This course is designed with your results in mind. It is well structured and “success engineered” to give you the tools, skills, mind set, learning environment and support to achieve application. Many products give you the overview, some key information and great advice, even case studies. We, through our progressive curricula and mentoring system, open the door and provide the life map and assistance at every crossroad and fork to allow you to stay on track. Whether you are an individual looking at this as your vehicle for success, a corporation or an employee of the corporation, your life journey, passion and purpose is your life. Corporations have a Mission, passion and purpose and a life just as a human being does. The corporation is a “corporate being” made up of “human beings”; therefore, all must have a clear understanding of and fit within the purpose of each other in the context of the corporation. When people within a corporation are not in tune with the mission and vision a company struggles against the nature flow and success is 18  

hindered or slowed and even terminated just as is the life of us as individuals. You will learn from many masters throughout your journey and will become a master yourself. Everyone you come in contact with from the moment you begin your path will become more because they have experienced you and the person you are now becoming in this wonderful world of enlightenment.


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THOUGHTS ARE OUR REALITY I have learned over the years, primarily since I embarked on my path of personal development that Thoughts do create our reality. If we want different results in life we simply just change our thought. What we think about on a thought-to-thought flow shapes our lives. To master our thoughts is to master life. It sounds easy and it is however first we must realize that we are creatures of habit and patterns. Since the birth of our soul and more significantly for this series from our physical birth we have been programed and formed patterns and habits of thought. Our parents, teachers, siblings, media and friends even adversaries have all influenced and left their mark on our lives. Our experiences such as play, travel, happiness, pains and pleasures are embedded in whom we are. Our thoughts store this data and create our personalities, egos and mannerisms. We become what we thought and think about and evolve as we progress or regress through life. Our Self Discovery Soul Destiny Discovery Book and workshops begin by finding what is not working for you, what is working for you, what you truly want from life with passion, discover your life purpose, even your soul purpose and help you to change your thoughts to finally get on the path to manifestation of your precious life journey. We will take you back to Childhood, chart your years and uncover and dissipate sabotaging habits and patterns that are weighing you down and inhibiting your success. Regardless of who you are, your current circumstances, health, age, colour,  20  

race or gender you have the ability to fortify your remaining years and more important your Soul’s Destiny by taking seriously the Teachings of our Soul Destiny Series. The Next section on the Master Key, Republished in its original manuscript by MDG in year 2000 as Soul Destiny The Master Key is a brilliant foundation for life on the many laws of success that will fortify your life going forward. We would be inconclusive if we didn’t include this in our teachings to all our students. Even more important is my decision to offer it to you in its original manuscript by the brilliant Charles Haanel 1916. Phil Ross


THE MASTER KEY TO SUCCESS Soul Destiny Discovery is a great companion to The Master Key. Our four part self study package is designed to fortify your progressive journey. The Master Key is the foundation for the many Laws that are the ingredients of success, The Law of Attraction made famous recently is only but one of many laws that will be presented to you through Soul Destiny Master Key and fortified by Soul Destiny Discovery, Following are some excerpts from Soul Destiny The Master Key. The Keys to all that Is. Want more health? Get the health consciousness! Want more wealth? Get the wealth consciousness! Want more happiness? Get the happiness consciousness! What you think about you bring about! ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE and are in your life is a result of how you think. You shall be what you are thinking today. Where you will be tomorrow is a result of how you think today and tomorrow. If you want different results than you are now getting, you must learn to think differently. To think differently you must learn to master your thoughts. Sounds easy? I assure you it is, but it takes practice. Soul Â

22 Â

Destiny Discovery will provide some valuable insights and lessons to help you achieve this.

Soul Destiny The Master Key System, our Success Engineering System and your willingness and passion to “BE”, “DO” and “HAVE” more in your life, will take you on a journey of transformation. This will be an exciting journey that will take you wherever you want to go. It is not a quick fix program. It is a way of life, a way of thinking, of “Being”, “Doing” and “Having” all that you desire. Overview I have selected The Master Key System as our foundation for understanding the human experience. Although it is not the only ingredient to a successful life, it is an essential and powerful ingredient that one must understand and take seriously if one truly wants success in all its forms. This masterpiece was first written in the 1880’s, and then in the early 1900’s by Charles Haanel. The teachings in this work are what most, if not all of today’s personal development or empowerment programs and successes are based on. You will read testimonials from Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow Rich, and many others who attribute their success to The Master Key System. Until you learn and understand the messages within this book and the wisdom within it, you will continue searching for your key to true happiness and success.


We have utilized these teachings throughout our Soul Destiny products with the necessary additional input to enhance the application of its principles. Expectations At this point, you probably have certain expectations about this program. We ask that you be mindful of the fact that often expectations hold us back or even prevent us from experiencing the openness required when we are introduced to something new. For this reason, we ask that you keep an open mind as you experience our program. As they say “check your ego at the door and open up to become more”. It is our intention to help you discover your life passion and purpose— the reason why you are here on this planet—and to live that purpose. We call it your Soul Destiny. We know that once you find this purpose you will feel fulfilled, happy and at peace. You will also attract the things in life that you desire. You will be more to all those who come into contact with you. This will make a difference to you, your family and the planet. Some of you will make significant differences and contributions to many lives as many who have studied these teachings these past 100 years. In order for us to help you do this, you must, absolutely must, become aware of the power you have to create; the power to manifest all that you desire. You must learn the power behind the thought. Once you are aware of this, the journey begins to remove all thought that is holding you back. You will need to recreate yourself from your thought s going forward. 24  

We want you to be all that you will to be. The Success Engineering System and our Soul Destiny courses will be your key to personal mastery. You must be courageous enough to reach out and venture into the journey of change. NOTE: Soul Destiny The Master Key System is published and recorded in its original state. We ask that you excuse any dated references or expressions and reference to gender that exists in the writing. History of The Master Key System In the late 1880’s a book called The Master Key System was published. Charles Haanel published The Master Key System about 1916. It has been republished several times since, including our publication, which is part of our four part self study package.

The Master Key System was produced in the early 1900’s as a correspondence course of instruction. Over 350,000 people paid a large fee for this course. We have evidence that many of these people submitted weekly lessons to Mr. Haanel who corrected the lessons and returned the answers by mail. One of the first correspondence courses. It seems to have been marketed in the USA, Canada and Great Britain. Sometime later it disappeared from the market and was secretly handed by the rich from family to family and through generations like a precious heirloom until it reappeared in the late 1970’s.


Charles Haanel – the Author Charles F. Haanel was born May 22, 1866 in Arbor, Michigan. He began his career in St. Louis as a businessman. He resigned his position and founded his own company, which became one of the largest conglomerates of its time. He became a noted author and businessman. In addition to The Master Key System he wrote two other books, Mental Chemistry and The New Psychology. His business back ground included serving as President of The Continental Commercial Company and President of the Sacramento Valley Improvement Company. He was a member of The Author’s League of America, the American Society of Psychological Research, The St. Louis Humane Society, The St Louis Chamber of Commerce and the Science League of America. Mr. Haanel passed on November 27, 1949. He lives on through his books and all the people who have studied and applied the principles therein, as well as our latest publication, Soul Destiny The Master Key System, our seminar series and all who partake in their personal journey utilizing the teachings.


SOUL DESTINY DISCOVERY Study Package Guide for both Soul Destiny Discovery and Soul Destiny The Master Key 1. Review the material in Soul Destiny Discovery prior to beginning your study of Soul Destiny The Master Key System. There are sections in this book containing exercises that are to be done as you go through this book. Your life purpose exercise is an exception; it may be completed after you have gone through Soul Destiny The Master Key System in its entirety for the first time. 2. Listen to the CD’s through once Using a set of stereo head phones listen to the 24 parts, read the parts or do both together as the CD’s follow the text. However, the text does not have the meditations. 3. Experience Discovery and The Master Key System Book or CDs in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. It is important that you allow yourself to relax and concentrate as you go through the system. Do not make the mistake of being busy in your mind and thinking of other things. Eventually this becomes easier. Initially you may have to work a bit


harder to stay focused. Take care of bodily functions and needs before settling down to review the material. Turn off the phones, faxes, computer and pagers so that your train of thought is not interrupted. 4. Listen to or Read an entire Chapter or part before beginning the next Part or Chapter. Do the lessons as you go in Discovery and the Mediations where applicable. Once you are in a silent, peaceful, uninterrupted place you will not need to work at listening to the material. Just relax and listen or read. Allow the material to flow into your conscious and subconscious mind. There are no hidden or subliminal agendas. Whatever you are meant to hear you will hear. Each time you go through the part you will think you are hearing something new, as you are ready to receive that particular message. 5. Take the program seriously. It is there to assist you in making significant adjustments and perhaps profound changes or transformations in your life. 6. Open up to the possibilities. Judging and over analyzing as you listen to the material will block possibilities. Once the 24 parts are completed you will have ample time to assess your thoughts. We recommend that as you listen or read you remain openminded rather than prejudge the material. As the words and grammar are different from our current usage, we suggest that you listen for a general understanding rather Â

28 Â

than focusing on the words themselves. 7. Allow yourself the time to do each part and to reflect as you go. You have ample time to review the program. Although it is a 24-week study program you will start to benefit as you go step-by-step. You will consult with the program for years. Each time you will hear what you are ready and open to receive. 8. Take the time to work with yourself first. This is your life! Focus on what you’re getting out of it rather than being concerned that everyone around you gets what you are getting. There will be time to share but for now “put on your own oxygen mask first” as they say in the airlines. You will be able to help many once you receive and are growing with this material. This is your life; you will become a better you as you grow and others will be attracted to the new you. You will learn that your vibratory rate causes others to notice changes. Be patient! 9. Do the meditation exercises. Some of you will be experienced meditators and have little difficulty with the meditation exercises, while others will be discovering it for the first time. If meditation is new for you, think of it as deep relaxation and being aware of your thoughts. Whether you are a novice or an experienced meditator, do the meditations. They are structured to start off with some simple exercises and build as you move through the parts. They are progressive in


nature and will make a profound difference in your personal being. Through meditation, you will become more at peace, relaxed and less stressful. The release of stress alone will improve your health. 10. Make notes in your journal about each meditative experience as you complete the meditations and reflections on your chapters/parts. Instructions to guide your note taking by thought mapping are included in your Soul Destiny Personal Growth Journal. You will be able to reflect on this later in the course. 11. Study one Chapter per week of Discovery and one part per week for 24 weeks of the Master Key. Or if inclined at your own speed and interest It is important that you take the week or as long as it takes you to feel that you have a general understanding of the material, as each part builds on the previous one. We have included a summary for each part of the Master Key in the Appendix in the 24 Part Summary. They are useful as reflections after you have explored your own interpretations through the completion of the journal entries. 12. Go through the Soul Destiny material as often as you like. You, like most people, will refer to this material time and time again over the months and years. Each time you go through this program you will be convinced it has changed; that there is something new within. It has not changed, you have. You grow into a different state of understanding as you progressively shift through the lessons over the months and years. Share the program with your family but remember they  30  

may not be ready at this time. They will see the changes in you however and if they are interested share your findings. I suggest you do not try to force the material on them. Keep the Books and Cds as at some point in their lives they will likely be ready. 13. Through the course curricula you will become more and make a difference to all you come into contact with. Soul Destiny The Master Key System is the foundation; the Soul Destiny Discovery, with it’s application, mentoring and follow through creates an atmosphere of learning, camaraderie, community, and focus on you and all who take the journey to rediscovering their life purpose. You will want your family and friends to discover what you have. Go slowly with them. Soul Destiny Discovery covers some of the early steps of determining if they are ready to take their journey. The person who shared this with you will be more than happy to help you to introduce the program correctly to those with whom you wish to share it. A young man lived in Salt Lake City many years ago. He was industrious, thrifty, and much admired. Then he did something that convinced his friends he had taken leave of his senses. He withdrew all his money from the bank, went to an automobile show in New York, and returned with a new car. Worse, as soon as he got home, he put that car in his garage, jacked it up, and proceeded to take it apart, piece-by-piece. After examining every piece, he put the car back together again. The folks who were watching him thought he was just plain wacky. They were further convinced he was mad when he began the process again, and again and again.


That man was Walter P. Chrysler, whose innovations revolutionized the automobile industry. As taken from Napoleon Hill’s — Keys to Success 15


MEDITATION THIS PART COVERS THE power and benefits of meditation. What is meditation? Why? Where? How? How Often? Breathing Posture Technique What is Meditation? Definitions: Webster’s Dictionary describes meditation as “sustained contemplation” or “to reflect, ponder” The Oxford Dictionary describes it as “ indulge in thought, reflect” Webster’s Living Dictionary states it is “to dwell on anything in thought— the revolving of a subject in the mind” Meditation is also described as going within, into the silence and taking one from Beta state—which is the normal vibration of the brain—to Alpha, which allows the increased ability to absorb and learn more quickly.


Meditation can take you into a state of nothingness or from physical to spiritual. It is a state of being at one with the Universe or God or the divine; no matter who you are or whatever your beliefs. During this home study course and throughout the Soul Destiny curricula you are advanced through various degrees and depths of meditation. Why Meditate? Meditation allows one to be in a state of silence and tranquility that progressively enables us to deal with life situations. We receive answers to questions and situations by blocking the busy external mind traffic. Our beings begin to recognize a state of peace, tranquility and awareness as well as connection with oneself and spirit that opens up a new and beautiful space. Where to Meditate? One can meditate almost anywhere, however for the most effective meditations, it is recommended you find your power spot or places. These are areas in your home, outside or even new places in hotels, etc., as you travel. The idea is to find a place where you feel the most power physically, spiritually and emotionally. The better the balance, the more perfect the place. You need not be overly concerned about this initially but as you become more familiar with meditation you will want to find the best places to meditate. It is extremely important that you have quiet and are away from Â

34 Â

electrical interference from computers, radios or anything emitting strong frequencies. These can interfere with the energy forces and be disturbing. Telephones, cell phones and pagers should be shut off during meditation. When outside, avoid telephone and hydro lines that can also interfere with energy forces. I suggest you start by finding a comfortable room in your house where you can sit undisturbed. You will need a CD player, preferably with headphones. How to Meditate? Find a comfortable chair or cushion or sit on the floor. Your feet should always be in contact with the floor or ground. Therefore, if you are sitting on a chair put your feet flat on the floor. I like to take my shoes off. The grounding of your feet against the floor or earth’s surface is said to ground you or connect your body energy with mother earth. You can sit on the floor in a lotus or semi-lotus position or simply cross- legged. Your spine should be straight and erect so that your head lines up squarely with your body and feels comfortable without any tension in your shoulders. When you sit, stretch your buttocks slightly allowing your body to rest on your bones and you will be able to sustain longer periods of meditation more comfortably. Your hands can be by your side or as some suggest, comfortably resting on your lap with the palms facing up. This puts your palms in the receiving position. You can close your eyes, although some who are experienced


can meditate with their eyes open or closed. I recommend you close your eyes or even find a scarf and use it as a blindfold. Some advanced meditations use a blindfold for total darkness. You are now ready to begin your meditation. How often? You may want to start slowly and meditate with our Soul Destiny The Master Key System parts, which build nicely as you progress through each part. The meditations start with the basics of being in the silence listening to your thoughts and feeling your body. They then progress to your breath, on to visualization techniques and beyond. By the time you progress through the 24 parts you will be practicing lengthy meditations and experiencing great peace. Daily meditation will give you peace, contact with your inner self and allow you to be at one with thought and spirit. You will discover that your life changes significantly within a short period of time. If you do this for 30 days, you will be amazed at the state of inner peace you will find, in addition to developing the habit of consistency. Ten minutes of meditation can replace hours of sleep. It was Ghandi who stated that when he had tremendous demands on his time or heavier responsibilities he meditated twice as long each day. He believed that he could sleep fewer hours by meditating more thereby creating more time for other needs.


36 Â

Breathing Your breathing is very important in a meditation. Take slow deep breaths, filling your abdomen with oxygen. Feel the air entering all parts and every cell of your being. Feel each body part relaxing as you inhale and exhale slowly. Be aware of any tension throughout your body and mentally repeat to that part “relax” or “release”, giving total permission to your entire body to be relaxed. Throughout this CD series you will experience guided meditations. You need not be overly concerned with technique to begin the course. These guided meditations will be all you need as you progressively develop your meditation skills. Meditation Journal In your Soul Destiny material, you will find your Soul Destiny Personal Growth Journal. In this journal there is a place for you to reflect on your meditations. Each time you complete a meditation, write down your feelings and thoughts about your experience. It need not be long but should be your experience. This is not to say that you should look for anything in particular in your meditation. Journal your experience even if it is as wonderful as total silence. The unhappiness and suffering that we experience arise through our inability to control our own minds, and the happiness that we wish to achieve will only be achieved by learning to control our minds... You can use Inner Science to educate each


individual to understand him or herself, to control his or her negative emotions and distorted notions, and to cultivate his or her highest potentials of love and wisdom.

The Dalai Lama with Robert Thurman Once one knows the secrets of the mind, one will uncover the nature of all realities. By knowing the one, one will know all. This is the nature of the mind.

Traditional Tibetan saying

20 Â

38 Â


Mentoring the transformation of the human spirit by re-discovering and manifesting one’s Passion and life purpose... Soul Destiny OUR VISION IS OUR CLEAR PICTURE of what is being accomplished through our corporation. The vision statement you see above was developed over a period of at least six years. It evolved from of many smaller parts, which led to the big- ger vision you see before you. As you begin your journey you will have a vision. It may be that you decide at first you may decide to be a part of our vision and share in the benefits and the responsibilities. You will notice as you analyze the vision above that it relates to you. Our vision is to assist you in discovering or, as it says, rediscovering your life purpose, and manifesting it. We do this through our progressive curricula and our powerful mentoring process. As mentioned earlier, it has been a work in progress for fellow directors and myself for many years. It started with each of us beginning in different places in our lives and doing what we felt was important at the time. Like a puzzle we grew, piece by


piece, in search of our respective journeys; each time adding another piece until the whole picture was complete. All are firmly committed to the corporate vision and continuing the journey of helping others find their path. You will start on your journey as we did, with a similar puzzle that will unfold piece by piece. Yours may include ours as a part of your own individual and unique journey. At the same time you may capitalize on the strength and support of our mentoring group. You will be guided to begin by completing an overall picture of who you are and who you want to become, what you want in terms of material possessions as well as financial, health and humanistic goals. Our progressive courses will assist you in doing this with clarity and in harmony with your desire to achieve your life purpose. Your vision statement will be your allencompassing visual of this outcome. Some of you will keep the same vision throughout your life while others will continue to evolve and grow from the earlier vision. There is no right or wrong vision except perhaps NO VISION. With a vision there must be clarity; you must know what you want and be specific. To do this, you will receive assistance in our curricula. In the creating of our vision of Mentoring the transformation of the human spirit by rediscovering and manifesting one’s life purpose... Soul Destiny, which focuses on you accomplishing your vision, we took a look at the outcome we anticipated. Imagine hundreds, if not thousands of people beginning our course series, most of them victims of today’s busy world. They 40  

are too busy being busy to think about why they are here. They are living a life of uncertainty in their employment; they feel fear, judgment, jealousy, and scarcity, going from paycheck to paycheck after taxes, barely getting by, in survival mode. They are watching as their children enter their journey in a world where a college degree has no guarantees. In all likelihood they will require several career changes just to survive. They live in a world where it is unclear what products or services will be required and how making a living will look in tomorrow’s picture. Let’s visualize a picture where everything is possible. Everyone becomes self-reliant in knowing that they are in control of their outcome. Regardless of the fast paced ever- changing world, they are the masters of their destiny. Each person is aware that they are here on this planet at this particular time to embrace the unfolding of all that is coming and to utilize the experience for the good of all. Let’s picture the graduates of our Soul Destiny curricula emerging with their life purpose that fits with the changing world. They listen to their guides and find the fit between themselves and the needs of the world, and in fact, what contributions and/or differences they are here to make. They are here at the right time in the right place and doing the right thing to contribute as well as gain the experiences that their spirit has come to learn. Imagine again, hundreds, if not thousands of people clear and fulfilled in an abundance of wealth, health and happiness that 41  

only comes with being in harmony and balance with their life passion and purpose. Imagine all the people making a significant difference on the planet in each of their own journeys and accomplishing their visions. This is our vision in a panoramic view. This I can assure you: If you don’t have your own vision, you will be part of someone else’s vision. Corporations who have visions and employees with different visions create a tug of war within their structure. Any company that does not recognize the need for individuals to have their life vision, as well as be a part of their corporate vision, is setting the foundation for internal chaos and disharmony. It is similar in relationships. Each person is an individual with needs wants and desires. If corporations, groups and couples recognize, embrace and encourage their separateness, they can relate in harmony as they assist, mentor and support each other to fulfillment. Most successful companies, for example, have their vision statement clearly outlined. This vision is shared with their employees who understand and even support it. The company also understands and encourages each employee to have his or her vision. Perhaps the two intertwine with the employee seeing the bigger picture and building their personal vision through the company. This results in more input from the employees who feel more connected and a work force that represents the


company and their vision, thereby portraying a harmonious profile to the buying public. Couples have the same opportunity. Each person has his or her own vision but they also have a shared vision. They recognize each other as individuals with a need to live out their life purpose. This understanding, supported by communication, will enable each to proceed with harmony and experience less struggle between them. I see most couples in a relationship where one party is living the others passion and purpose or even worse neither with a passion and purposeful life. Our chapter on relationships speaks to this in more detail. Our Soul Destiny progressive format is designed to free each and every graduate to fulfill his or her life purpose, their Soul Destiny. Once they arrive at this point, they will be in total peace and feel a sense of accomplishment. It is important that each person in any type of relationship have their own vision as well as having a shared vision. Exercise For Individuals Spend some time thinking about where you are. What is working for you? What is not? How are these conditions affecting others you care about? Now, think about how you would like to see your life without limit; “Be”, “Do” and “Have” all that you desire. Visualize it in detail; the home, the view, the bank account, the humanistic ideals. Who are you helping? What is their reaction? How do your loved ones feel about


your new life? Create the picture clearly in your mind. Keep this vision and add as many details as you can.

For Couples Complete your own vision in silence, make some notes and then share your visions with each other. This will provide the opportunity for you to determine the similarities and differences and work together toward achieving a relationship where you can fulfill your individual and relationship life purpose.

For Corporations Complete the previous exercise if you are working for a corporation. Does your vision match or resemble your company’s vision? Note the similarities and the differences. Does your company’s vision harmonize with your vision? Which vision do you spend the most time working towards? Now keep in mind that you do not have to leave your corporation to achieve your vision but instead, you may see how there is a fit; or perhaps the company may be a bridge to your own vision. You will have more instruction and support in your vision throughout this course. You are on your way to creating a


picture of your life. Now we will create your mission statement to support your vision. Remember our Vision is “Mentoring the transformation of the human spirit by rediscovering and manifesting one’s life purpose... Soul Destiny” Our vision is your vision. 25



To provide the knowledge, tools, skills, mindset, support, mentoring and learning environment to empower individuals, groups, and corporations to create and achieve their life purpose and goals. IN THIS CONTEXT, “mission” is intention. Although the dictionary defines mission in several contexts including religious, as in missionary, I think it is important to say that even though our mission has the intention of creating very beneficial results to mankind and the planet, we are using the word mission in the business sense. We provide the structure for the application of our vision statement “mentoring the transformation of the human spirit by rediscovering and manifesting one’s life purpose... Soul Destiny” This is our ongoing commitment to all who take our progressive journey. Every corporation must have a clear Vision and Mission Statement that can sum up their vision and the method that they will carry out their vision. Each person who has a goal, purpose or plan must have a clear vision and mission statement. As you will see by our mission statement, we provide:


The Knowledge -The content, process and understanding of universal principles as well as knowledge of yourself and your own inner power.

The Tools -The thinking and application techniques for success. This includes various formats to share and discuss our courses with fellow participants.

The Skills -You will acquire the skills required to fulfill your vision.

The Mindset -This is necessary to maintain your focus and commitment to your goal.

The Support -Necessary to guide you and assist you along the way through the many hurdles that can detract from and negate one’s enthusiasm and confidence.

Mentoring -Provides the experience of those who have done what you are about to experience, and assist you to achieve your desired


results. Assistance from a variety of people will help you find abundance and a balance of financial, spiritual, health and humanistic aspects in your life.

The Learning Environment -Needed to keep up with the growing amount of knowledge and provide the foundation for wisdom. We offer progressive curricula that include a home study pro-gram and interactive seminars that provide an experiential, multimedia format with group participation and accelerated teaching/learning techniques. Our mission has been structured around our history and belief of what we have found successful to guide people through their journey to reach their life goals and life purpose. Once you have completed this course, Soul Destiny, you will be given the opportunity to complete a life purpose statement exercise. Once completed, this exercise will clarify for you where you want to go. Then you will develop your mission statement around your life purpose. Some, if not all of the ingredients, may be available through our comprehensive program. Others may come from places yet to be deter- mined. Your association with us will assist you in gathering the things you require to accomplish your goals. You need not burden your mind with detail, as it will unfold as you move through our structure. At this point, it is only important that you are aware of how we will assist you through our mission and that you will develop your own as you advance. Â

48 Â

Corporate clients will experience the same process since a corporation is similar to the individual; both have a vision and both require the structure to achieve their destiny.


49 Â

28 YOUR SUCCESS PATH YOU WILL LEARN AS YOU PROGRESS through Soul Destiny The Master Key System component of the Soul Destiny ITM home study program, that thought is the cause of all effect. This simply means that every thought we have creates some action, activity, reaction or momentum. It has been said that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa it has an effect as far away as Canada and beyond. Every thought that has ever been thought is still traveling like radio waves into infinity. In one of our seminars, a gentleman stood and told the story of a message that had been received by a naval radio operator. The message was dated in the early 1940’s; the time it was received was somewhere in the 1970’s. The genius of Thomas Edison, Mozart, Da Vinci, and others is said to have come from outside the world, as we know it. It is well known that people use less than 10% of their brain. Realizing what we have accomplished using less than 10%, think of the possibilities as we learn to use the other 90%. If Thomas Edison, Mozart, da Vinci and others were getting information that was not yet documented to the rest of the world, where did this information come from and how did they access it?


This program will uncover for many of us and remind some of us that Thought is Universal and that the supply is abundant to all those who wish to go beyond their 10%. For instance, Edison, Mozart and da Vinci received and utilized thought beyond their human limitation and past programming. You will learn as you study and complete this course, Soul Destiny, and advance through the other Soul Destiny courses, that you will become a master of your thoughts rather than your thoughts being your master. This mastery will change your life as you learn that you have complete control and responsibility over your life. “Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes”.

Kenneth Hildebrand Thought In this course, you will discover much about thought and understand more profoundly the power behind it. How you use thought now and in the future will shape your journey. Absolutely everything we see, touch, hear, taste and smell is created from a thought. So thought must be the source of all there is. What causes a thought to vibrate at a level that allows it to create? Need, Want and Desire Need, want and desire cause the attraction of thought and


provides the catalyst that compels thought into action. Think about this. What value would thought have in our world unless we put it to use? We come across something that needs to be done, solved or created and immediately thoughts come into our mind. You arrive at a body of water that you need to cross and your thoughts turn to solutions and alternatives. The more profound the occasion, the faster the thoughts start coming. For example, imagine you are facing this body of water, a river perhaps, and want to cross. You will casually think about the possibilities of how to cross the river. Now a different situation arises; a bear starts to chase you! Suddenly, your thoughts become more important and start to race through your mind, causing you to come up with a solution much faster, hopefully faster than the bear. We have all heard of stories of miracles where people demonstrate human power that would not normally be possible, like moving a vehicle off an injured person. How do we attract such super power at a time when needed? We can say that need is definitely the spark to creative thought and creative thought is thought in motion. Hence need, want and desire are necessary to put thought into action. There are, of course, different degrees of need, want and desire. I suggest the degree of thought is directly proportionate to the degree of need, want or desire. Â

52 Â

As in the case of the river, bear and you, the need is strong and requires results now! The same is true of all we do in life. We manifest what we want in direct proportion to the degree we want, need and desire that which we seek. With this in mind, think of something in your past that you really and truly had to do or have. Think back to all the obstacles that you had to overcome to achieve whatever it was you had to do or have. Think about this in depth. What were the perceived results if you did not accomplish this? Think about the results and how you felt after you did what you needed to do. How did you get this done? How did you build up this nerve and perhaps the tactics to accomplish such a feat? It may have been the courage to ask the first love of your life to dance or the person of your dreams on a date. It may have been to find money where money did not exist for something you really wanted. Relive the experience in detail. Roll the film in your mind back to that time and think about the experience in detail. You should have a good idea by now how powerful desire is in sparking the thoughts that are out there for you. They are universally abundant, nonrestrictive and willing to help. Need, want and desire and the degree of such are the attraction and catalyst for thought and the degree of thought. You could conclude from this step that if you really want something, it is crucial that you must be strong in your desire to manifest it; in fact, you need to be passionate about it. In the example of the bear and the river, another emotion was added to the thought  53  

process; Fear. In this case, fear sparked the passion to live. Now let’s follow the thought to the next step of manifestation.


Visualization Once we have the need, want or desire to whatever degree we choose, we then must take the thought and allow it to manifest physically and materially. In order to do this, we must create the picture in our mind. We allow our thoughts to do this. Think about the river and the bear again. Can you see the river, the surroundings, and the bear? You perhaps hear the river, bear and other sounds, and smell the scents that are required to give you the results you are seeking. Your mind will, through thought, gather the ingredients necessary to create the ability to escape the bear and perhaps cross the river, if that is the solution. Again, the more powerful the need, the faster the thoughts are attracted to your situation. You are now picturing the scene in your mind, you have a visual of the action required to escape the bear and save your- self. Perhaps it is a log to get to the other side or to climb a tree; it may be to pick up a stick and defend yourself. The same visualization happens in business and in our personal lives. Whatever we want, need or desire becomes a thought and Â

55 Â

a visualization of the results we are looking for. We need not be concerned about how the results will come; our thoughts draw all that is needed based on the degree of our need. The picture you have of the outcome is extremely important; you must be precise. You must visualize in detail that which you desire. To illustrate this, let’s again think of the bear and the river. You visualize crossing the river to escape the bear. Can the bear also cross the river? How deep is the river should you fall in? Is it a river hundreds of feet down, perhaps at the bottom of a canyon? Is the bear aggressive or friendly, tied up or loose, small or large? If you don’t have the details you could make a choice that could have the same outcome you are attempting to avoid. In summary, the visualization must attract the details of the picture you require; the thoughts will put the picture into the desired outcome. The same is true in business and life situations. For instance, you want to be in business, are passionate about it; allow your thoughts to loosely and freely go about thinking and visualizing the business. Think about the money to be made, the travel, and visualize doing all the things that you can do with the outcome of the business. What happens if you leave out one or more minor ingredient, perhaps the hours of your time needed to run the business? The business becomes successful but needs you to run it meaning you are bound to be the life support of your new venture. It could mean sacrificing the most valuable commodity 56  

you have, time; time with your loved ones and for yourself to truly experience all that life has to offer and all that you have to offer life. You become, in fact, the life support system for a monster you have created called a business that has taken on its own life. You cannot easily escape such a creation; it will consume days, months and years because of that one oversight of visualization when creating the thought. Yes, you can overwrite the thought and create a new picture any time. However, it must be clear that attraction to the detail of the visualization of the outcome you desire is extremely important as in the case of the bear and the river or a business. Visualize in detail the results you desire; put yourself in the picture along with all that is important to you. It is important to know that all that you think about and visualize you become. Your life, as you see it now, is a result of all your past thoughts and the visualization leading to manifestation of those thoughts. Some of those thoughts were inherited from well-meaning family, others you attracted from friends, teachers and other equally well-meaning people along the way. Some may have come from places you have yet to discover. Because of your lack of understanding of the power and control of your thoughts you may have become a conduit for anything or anyone to randomly influence your path in life. You can determine your results by how you think and visualize that which you desire. It would be important to mention here that one not limit themselves in all that they need, want or desire. The universe is abundant; the only limitations we have are those self-imposed.  57  

It has nothing to do with education, experience, age or looks; these are physical, it has everything to do with thought. Whether you think you can or think you can’t— You are right.

Henry Ford The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.

Albert Einstein All our dreams come true—if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller


Action - The Map We have now covered the power of thought related to our needs, wants and desires and the visualization of our thoughts and the detailed outcome we desire. We discussed the importance of the degree of passion behind the thought and the detail of the vision required in achieving the perfect results. Now let’s take the next step to manifestation-action. We take our vision created from our thoughts and document or plan the outcome and steps to produce the results. It is not necessary to stop and do this now, as you will do this later in the course. However, it is a step in the physical manifestation of your vision. You will notice I said physical manifestation. A vision is the manifestation of your goal. Once visualized, you already have achieved it. You will learn that thought is all there is. This may be difficult to grasp now but you will understand this as you go. We are in a physical world, we travel in our bodies and utilize our bodies to exist and accomplish things on the physical plane. This is why we must take this next step of making our vision physical, assuming we want to experience it on the physical plane. In the case of the river and the bear, it was necessary to carry


out our actions without documenting what we were going to do, we had no time to think through and develop detailed plans. Some things in life fit into this category while others require detailed planning. For instance, if you needed to cross that river and the only way would be to build a bridge that required certain engineering requirements, you would create the need, thereby attracting the thought and visualization of the results in the detail required. The same is required for life plans, business plans and other outcomes requiring structure. It has been said, “if you do not have your own plan you will become a part of someone else’s plan.” This is true of 90% of the population. This is a subject that will be expanded on later. Our next step is to create our plan or map, to put our visual experience on paper, computer, in the sand or even imbed it deeply within our minds. The plan must be Success Engineered with the final vision in mind. What is the desired outcome, in detail and clarity? When do we want to accom- plish this outcome, one year ...two...? . Now, break it down into shorter periods, what can we do now-today and what is required daily? How does our thinking need to change to be in the right mindset to achieve different results then we have been experiencing in our life so far? Who do we need to attract to us to help with our vision? In business we would create a business plan; in our personal life we can call it a life plan or even a project plan.


We will guide you through this exercise after you have listened to Soul Destiny The Master Key System portion of this Soul Destiny ITM and have completed your purpose statement. When you have a clear written plan in detail, you will know the outcome, thoughts required, people involved, action needed, and application necessary to physically man- ifest your visualization. The test of commitment is action. If we say we will do something and don’t practice then it is just talk. Ask any successful athlete and they will tell you they see themselves winning long before they have won. They practice what they plan and they plan what they practice. You will receive plenty of help from our mentoring team on planning.


Momentum The next step to manifestation is building, or creating momentum. Momentum is what puts life into the project or better, gives the project life. It becomes a living entity with or without you. This is the best way to create something if you want a lifestyle of total freedom. If the business or project develops its own life, you get to go play on your next project or do what you wish. The person who builds a project or vision that requires their constant involvement has made himself, or herself, a prisoner of their vision. To develop momentum we simply find others who share our vision. We add one, then another, then another and soon our program, project or business is alive and moving forward with the power of shared vision. It’s essential to have clarity of all concerned. In other words, a group with scattered vision has scattered results; a group with clear vision, along with passion and application, succeeds. One cannot succeed without others unless one considers success in the life of a hermit. Businesses that are sole proprietors need customers who share their vision. Businesses and corporations need collective vision in their customers and employees. You can see it in any company where an employee Â

62 Â

is merely going through the motions from paycheck to paycheck. Everyone they come into contact with catches the thoughts and lack of vision and soon the whole company is spoiled by the attitude of the part like a rotten apple spoils a barrel of apples. Corporations, families, groups and organizations would be wise to seek the common vision of the group while allowing the individual vision to grow. This creates the momentum to perpetuate as a healthy entity without exception. If there is a part that is not contributing to the whole, then the whole must reach out to the part and create the harmony to balance the entity. Without the balanced momentum, you have a poorly tuned machine.


63 Â

Manifestation Once you have achieved the need, thought, vision, plan, and momentum you have achieved manifestation of your Vision. It is important to sustain the vision, to hold the vision and to keep it alive. Many entrepreneurs have started companies or projects, given life to the project, thereby creating the entity as a living concern and then began to sabotage it because of ego, attachment, jealousy and/or boredom. For some, the joy is in the making, while for others it is in the sustaining of a project. If your vision takes on a life of its own, like a child growing up, let it go, let it grow. Guide it, nourish it and let the momentum grow! Give yourself the freedom to move on to another vision within the project or without. Only then will that passion within you be rekindled. Allow others who are passionate to carry the torch. As you go through the Soul Destiny curricula you will notice again and again that our vision is to allow you to be all that you can be. We did not say you are limited in your choices, in fact you may choose many paths during your life. There is no shortage, only abundance. Feel free to be all you can be, create all you wish to create. The only way to do this is to be willing to let go. Once you let go, you are detached and free to once again Â

64 Â

be all that you can be. What a wonderful opportunity we have as we venture onto this path of infinite possibilities. “Come to edge” he said. They said “ We are afraid” “Come to edge” he said. They came. He pushed them. And they flew

Guillaume Apollinaire 38


THE FOUR STAGES OF GROWTH You will discover that growing is a constant and you will become more aware of all that is around you and the experiences that can be gained by being open to all as lessons. The four stages of growth outlined here give you an understanding and awareness of your experience as well as help you to understand that all humans are in one stage or another in all that they are and do. You will understand and be more forgiving as you observe people and their behavior in their daily activities. You will see that all that you do is one of these four stages. When you do something or are acting or reacting in a certain way you can observe yourself and adjust so that actions do not continue on an unsatisfactory path. Some changes take years, others are instantaneous. You can have fun with this process as you start to see your- self and others as an observer of humankind. The four stages are: • Unconscious incompetent • Conscious incompetent • Conscious competent

• Unconscious competent 66

Let’s analyze each of these stages of growth. Unconscious Incompetent This means that you are totally unaware that what you are doing may not be correct. You go about life totally unaware of your actions. You are ignorant of the fact that this action is even incorrect by any standards. Having said this, I am speaking about actions that fit into common standards; customs, legal, moral, educational standards etc. It does not matter to the universe since the universe does not judge; however, if one wishes to evolve they must move from this state of ignorance into a state of awareness. The unconscious incompetent goes about their life doing things and being in a state of not knowing that they may be off track. Some great examples of this are basic language skills such as double negatives—I don’t know nothing! Unless they mean I do know something and this is the way they choose to express themselves then this is incorrect. Most people hear this and know that the person is not using proper English. The person that has used this incorrect statement is totally unaware, therefore, may never make it right. However, if they become aware, they may still slip up occasionally but they will be aware of it and start the process of change. They will become a conscious incompetent. This is a basic example but is a good one because it is so easy to detect as we listen to our children. Television and peers perpetuate the incorrect usage. Once one is guided and made


aware, they will hear it in all others as incorrect and thereby be reminded to use the correct phrase. One example that we become aware of in our early growth in MDG International Inc. and our Soul Destiny course is the use of the words “try” and “want”. This course teaches us that what we ask for we always get. Therefore, if you use the word “want” as in “ I want a new Porsche”; your subconscious has no alternative but to grant you your request. Think about this. You said you want a new Porsche. Your subconscious hears “want” and grants you the want. Now you are in a constant state of “want” and never manifest the Porsche but do manifest the wanting of one. Once you are aware of this you can move from that not knowing to the knowing. You can start to make changes in your vocabulary that say the correct words that direct your subconscious to manifest. In this case, replace the words “I want a new Porsche” with “I have a new Porsche.” The Porsche will materialize. However, be specific as to model, color, equipment and so forth. This act of being specific was referred to earlier and is covered in more detail throughout the course. Conscious Incompetent This may sound a little blunt but most people are not yet at this level in most of what they do. If one does get to this level then they are well on their way to true personal growth. They simply become aware of their actions and reactions to all that they are and do. They, let’s face it, we, are in this category in most of what we do and who we are. Or, if you choose, you may deny it but then you must go back to the last step unconscious incompetent. You decide! 68  

As soon as you are ready to admit to yourself that you might have some things to work on that need your conscious attention then you are beginning to grow. You will continue to grow every second, hour and day that you are in the state of awareness of both your own and other people’s actions. The unconscious competent is the growth stage. Let’s think of some examples of areas we might need some conscious incompetent thinking. A good example is when you are driving and someone cuts you off on the highway. You immediately react (every action causes a reaction) with judgments randomly flowing out of your mind and, perhaps, mouth... idiot, jerk, maybe even a few obscenities. The kids are in the car with you. They start to learn from you, as kids do, how to react the same. What about your judgment and opinion of the person who cut you off? Yes, perhaps they did something wrong and even endangered your life. Now, you can take the first option of being an unconscious incompetent or you can think about your actions and reactions and handle the situation differently. You can become a conscious incompetent. You have already spilled out all the obscenities and judgment so you can’t retract them but you can be aware of how you acted. Think of the kids, the way you lost it, how your day is now on a different track. Your adrenaline is flowing; you are angry, emotional and perhaps stressed. Ask yourself “why am I letting someone else’s careless action affect me?” Let it go, perhaps they have an emergency to deal with; you recognize that they made an error in judgment. That is their issue, refuse to make it yours, let it go and observe your feelings. Moving to this stage from the latter allows you to grow to the stage of conscious


competence. You know that you handled it right this time. You thought about your possible reaction and handled the whole thing with calmness. You are aware of your actions. In the last case, we talked about the words “want” and “try”. The same rule applies here. As a conscious incompetent, when you use the words “want” or “try” and realize that they are a request to your subconscious for the action of “wanting” and “trying”, as opposed to the results you seek then you can quickly correct your words to eliminate these from your vocabulary. Remember, we are on a path of manifesting our destiny and must become aware of our words, actions and reactions in our daily lives. Become aware of your habits, your daily activities, the way you are “being”, “doing” and the results you are “having”. As you adjust your actions and reactions you will be sure to have more of what you desire more often. Conscious Competent This is a state of knowing that you know that you are correct and that you have handled the situation in a responsible manner.

You know, that you know, that you know. You have your success vocabulary down pat and are aware of your actions, you think about what you say and the ramifications of all. You are in control. You have mastered this particular part of your life and are ready for the next. Remember, it is an


ongoing journey. There are many, many considerations that you need to bring through these 4 steps of growth. How do you treat your children, spouse or significant other, animals, insects, all living things? Do you kill a bug or spider out of fear or do you help it outside to a safer environment for both of you? Do you give it life or take it away? Do you chop a tree down without thought of its life? Are you aware of all the beauty around you or do you go about each day busy in your mind, not giving thought to all of the earth’s offerings? Do you look at your children and loved ones as if they are what it is truly all about? Do you give them your ears and eyes? Do you love making each day a special connection? These are some things to think about as we go about our daily routine of being a conscious competent. How many things do we do with total awareness correctly each day? Time is something we cannot replace. Unconscious Competent We have finally arrived at the ultimate stage. We have got it. Whatever it is we were working to improve is being done without the need to think about whether it is correct or not. Our subconscious has been programmed and is now doing it without any effort from our conscious mind. Driving is the best example I can give of this stage. When you learned to drive you had to learn how to use each piece of equipment; the brakes, accelerator pedal, clutch, signals, steering wheel, road signs, etc. Each step had to be thought of in sequence and with some degree of accuracy. It probably took 71  

months, maybe years, to get the process of driving through these four steps of competence. Now, several years later, you get into your automobile, drive from point A to B going through thousands of thoughts and actions and when you arrive safely never give a moment’s thought to what was required to accomplish such a journey. Your subconscious has been programmed to handle most, if not all, of the driving including the danger signs and all that goes with driving. Now, after years of driving, go to another country where they drive on the opposite side of the road and observe the difference. You are immediately pulled back to the conscious incompetent stage. You must learn to reprogram the subconscious to drive all over again, as nothing is the same as what you have taught it about driving. You must get into the car on the opposite side, the controls are different, and you are on the opposite side of the road. You get the point. Life is like this. Especially in our new fast-paced world. As soon as we learn and master something it is replaced by something smaller, faster and more complex, and with more capabilities. Just think about the remote control on your home entertainment center. We are in an age of change and in order for us to survive; we must be in a constant state of growth. We must be aware that we are always being forced back to the beginning to relearn, to keep up and to stay ahead. We must become conscious incompetents before we can become consciously competent before we can become unconsciously competent.


72 Â

CLARITY OF DREAMS AND GOALS THIS SYSTEM IS ABOUT TAKING YOU from where you are now to where you would ideally, without limit or compromise, desire to be. Areas you desire changed could be: wealth, health, family, happiness, love, relationships and physical well-being. Throughout the teachings and applications in this Soul Destiny series and the incredible wisdom of The Master Key System you will gain the indisputable ingredients of success as well as the application of universal principles and mentoring. The success path in a previous part has clearly outlined the map. You have also learned some of the other key ingredients necessary in your journey. This part helps you to look clearly at your present situation and identify the life you may truly want to have. To do this effectively you may have to put your ego aside and let down some barriers, even fears, because in order to move forward it is essential that you are open and honest with your current situation. As well as facing your current situation we ask that you allow yourself to be open for anything, absolutely anything you choose to be, do or have. Think as large as you like, as if you had a genie appear and grant you all that you desire. This is not easy. You are already Â

73 Â

listening to the voice of previous programming telling you all the reasons why this will not be happening. Let’s look at a few. “ If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” “ Get a real job.” “ If you are going to get anywhere, you have to work hard!” “ If you want to succeed, you must have an education!” “ You are not smart enough.” “ I am not smart enough.” “ Those who succeed started with money.” “ I don’t have the knowledge or skills.” “ I don’t have the money.” “ I am too short, too tall, fat, skinny.” “ I am too young.” “ I am too old.” “ I am physically challenged.” You can keep adding to the list as long as your mind keeps spitting them out and, if not, ask your friends or family. They will be sure to give you many. Now, think about each of the categories above. List the people you know or have heard about who have succeeded in spite of the above. Keep listing and looking for them. They are your role models and living proof that none of these are real reasons why you or anyone else cannot succeed in life. The only thing that is holding you back from success is YOU. You will repeatedly find answers in this course which assist you


in “getting out of the way of your own success.” It will be so simple that you will wonder why everyone can’t get it and do it. Well, they can, but first they must want it and want it (whatever it is) with passion. That little voice is likely saying “yes but I don’t want to give up”—whatever comes to your mind. (“Want” in this context refers to the motivator that begins the process of action leading to fulfillment.) We did not say you had to give up anything. We did say you could have everything! You just need a little help with some reprogramming along the way. This part will help you discover what it is that you want to change. It is only one look at your life. We will go much deeper after you complete Soul Destiny The Master Key System review. You will be constantly growing throughout these curricula, and may need to adjust your wants as you grow. The method that follows is a great start to opening your mind. In fact, the person who introduced this product to you or your company may already have done some of this in the initial interview before you ordered this product. I commend you for taking the step to review and study this product Soul Destiny, because it indicates that you do have a strong desire for something in your life, for change in some area. Change is growth, without it you will not grow; instead you will get locked in a comfort zone. If this is the case, you will watch as the world passes by. Your money will be worth less each year. Your friends may grow, while you maintain the status quo. The world is moving at such a rapid pace that all of us must be prepared to change and grow... often. In order to 75  

achieve the things in life that we desire we must be more than casually interested in achieving them. We must develop a passion, better still a white-hot passion or need for what we would like to achieve. So, how do we do this? First, we must know where we are and why we are where we are. Once we understand the principles of this system— that we are where we are due to past programming by our teachers, peers, media, siblings, environment, parents, government and grandparents— we can then review what we have learned, select and keep what serves us and let go of what no longer serves us. Before we go back and visit our history, we need to decide what we truly want. Before we decide what we want, it is important to decide what we don’t want. What is it about our current situation we are not happy with? How is it affecting our daily lives and how is it affecting those around us; our spouse or significant other, children, brothers, sisters, friends, business associates, etc.? I feel it is important to take an earnest inventory here if you are seriously ready to make changes or even evaluate the possibility of changes. For some, there will be minor adjustments; for others, there may be some major house cleaning and rebuilding. Start this exercise in self-analysis by making four lists. Label these lists: 1. What do I like about my current life?


2. In what areas am I Dissatisfied? 3. What do I Desire? 4. What are my Dreams? These are called the three D’s... Dissatisfaction, Desires and Dreams. List 1: Likes What Do You Like About Your Current Life? First, list all the things you like about your current situation that you want to carry forward as you build your new life. What do you like about your job or business, health, family, financial situation, home, autos, possessions, achievements experienced thus far in your life? Take a good honest and open inventory. List 2: Dissatisfactions Now, list all the things in your life at present that you are dissatisfied with. As you make the list also include those you care about and how your areas of dissatisfaction affect them. Your list may include your spouse, children or other family members, friends, etc. Most importantly, how do you feel about it? How are they feeling about it? For example:


Suppose you are working 50–60 or even 70 hours per week either on the job, bringing work home or even pre- occupied mentally. This is affecting you and your ability to enjoy many of life’s opportunities in many other areas. This may include time with your children, spouse, family, and friends or for you to smell the roses or enjoy the simple things in life. Time, your most precious commodity of all, is spent and wasted on trying to create wealth so you can have the time to do the things you want. By the time the wealth is created you are getting too old to physically enjoy all that you passed up to get there. Who else is missing out besides you? Think of your children and your spouse; are they getting the best of you or are they always trying to book an appointment with you? How do you feel about this and how do they feel? The fact is today’s world has alternatives; you can decide to live differently. First, you must continue this exercise with all that you are dissatisfied with in your current situation. Keep building the list and adding thoughts about all feelings and experiences involved. Some areas of dissatisfaction may be: hours of work, boss, job instability, not enough income, too much travel, stress, health, people, lack of opportunity, not enough challenge and so on. Delay is the deadliest form of denial.

C. Northcote Parkenson


List 3: Desire Desire is how you would like to see your life—how many hours you do business, what kind of house, cars, charities, time with children, spouse, physical well-being, humanistic goals, etc. Make this list as long as you would like and do this before going to the next step. List 4: Dreams This will take some serious thinking. Imagine now (close your eyes if you wish) that you can have absolutely anything in life without limit, without compromise. If we appeared as a genie from a lamp or fairy godmother and gave you every- thing and anything you wanted. How would your life look? Start the list. (Here are some thought starters) Where would you live? What would your home look like? How many rooms? What would you see when you look out the window? How much money would you have? What kind of car or cars? How many cars? What colors, options etc. Where would your children go to college? Where would you take them on a vacation? How often? What would you be able to do for your significant other to make them happy? How many hours would you work, if any? Would you commute or work at home? What would your home office look like? How many vacations per year would you take? Keep building your Ideals list. You are reengineering your life.


What would you do for yourself that you have not yet accomplished? What would you do for others to make your life more meaningful? As you write all of the above, think about and even write about how your family feels and how you feel knowing how they feel. For instance, if you had another 10—30 hours to spend with your family what could you do with them? What the difference in their lives would a superior college education at one of the world’s top colleges or universities make? See them graduating, thanking you for helping them in their lives. See them getting married and having a wedding to remember that you have given them. Your dreams are your dreams; you can make them whatever you dream them to be, as large and as broad as you like. Be passionate about your choices. Be as specific and detailed as you can. The more excited you get as you think about your life the better. Review and Passion Now review your list of dissatisfactions and compare them first with your desires and then your dreams. How did you feel when you wrote about your Dissatisfactions? Was it a little depressing? How did you feel when you wrote about your Desires? Was it exciting? Did it make you want to get out there and get it or was it realistic and not that exciting? Now think about your Dreams. How did that feel? Was it exciting, did it start to stir something inside of you? How would


you rate your level of excitement or passion on a scale of one to ten? One, you are fine where you are and ten, you are really and truly passionate about manifesting these things, lifestyle and dreams. It is the passion that will drive you to the achievement of all that you desire, without limit or compromise. Passion, revisited on a daily basis, will keep your thoughts alive. What you will discover in this Soul Destiny The Master Key System material is that what you think about you become, you do and you have. This exercise allows you to see and accept where you are so that you can see the possibilities that lie ahead. The journey you are on leads you to become all that you are passionate about becoming. Be prepared to ask for all that you desire because you are about to learn the secrets of those who have achieved what you are seeking. Be sure to include balance. Do not ask for wealth without health or the time to enjoy it. If you do, you will be a wealthy person in monetary terms but bankrupt in other areas. You need not sacrifice anything. People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. Its called VICTIM MENTALLITY. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they can’t find them, make them.

George Bernard Shaw As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able


to remake the world . . . as in being able to remake ourselves.

Mahatma Gandhi My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the place for the next moment.

Oprah Winfrey 52


82 Â

Your Life Line REPROGRAMMING YOUR THOUGHTS EVERYTHING WE HAVE HAS BEEN CREATED by our thoughts. Therefore we can say that we have been the creators of all that we have or do not have. If we want to change the future we will need to think differently or we will create the same results. When we review our past, we wonder how we did such a poor or great job of creating the present circumstances? How did we know to make the choices we made, think the thoughts we thought? It does not matter where we are on our life path—young, middle age or seniors. We all have a past, present and future. Although we know that the “present” is all there is, it is wise that we build our lives as though we may be around a long time. In fact, if thoughts create our reality and we choose to be around, we had better create our thoughts very carefully. One who thinks about living until he or she is 50 will surely start to pass on at 50 unless they redirect their thoughts. The numbers of people who die within a few short years after retiring are proof of this.


The human body, according to some, was designed to never wear out. So why does it? The cause may be stress, poor living habits, passion, lack of will to live and many other reaons, all of which point directly back to thought. So let’s choose our time that we would like to remain here and, like all other choices we suggest, think abundance. Think about the life you would like to live and all the great things you can do with the wisdom you carry forward. Visualize the whole scene. See yourself at a healthy 100 or 150 if you like and picture all those around you. Remember the details, take a few people with you; children, grand- children, greatgrandchildren and so on. Please remember to include health. You are fit, alive and witnessing the world evolving with all the changes, just as your grandparents witnessed the automobile, radio, television, dishwashers, air travel, jets and the first man walking on the moon. Imagine the changes you have seen and will see. You get the picture; plan to live and live to plan. Of course like all things, it is your choice to exercise your free will. The purpose of this part is to develop a lifeline so we can reflect back and forward in time. As we want to make changes in our lives, the application of some basic thinking will be required. Start by deciding how long we want to live. Think about this. The preceding paragraphs may have opened you up to the possibilities. I am sure some of us have that little voice jumping in and telling us all the reasons why we cannot or should not live this long. Those of us who take this power of thought  84  

seriously will by now be ignoring these destructive past programmed thoughts and be rewriting over them with new constructive thoughts of our choice. According to the Bible the following individuals lived very long lives: Adam 930 years Seth 912 years Enosh 905 years Kenan 910 years Mahalael 895 years Jared 962 years Methusela 969 years Lamech 777 years Noah 950 years Abraham 175 years GEN, 5:5 GEN, 5:8 GEN, 5:11 GEN, 5:14 GEN, 5:17 GEN, 5:20 GEN, 5:27 GEN, 5:31 GEN, 9:29 GEN, 25:7 Complete this exercise. Draw a line vertically down the center of a sheet of paper. This line will represent our lifeline. Those who plan to live a while may want to use a large sheet. Leave room on both sides of the line for notes. Please see the illustration. At the top of the line, put the number 0. At the other end, the age that you have decided to live. Somewhere in between the lines, enter your age. If you are 50 and the age that you wish to live to is 100 enter 50 in the center, 60 at 60% of the way down the line and so on.


85 Â

Lifeline Diagram Thoughts/ Failures Success Qualities Fear …Dreams Qualities 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 +


Now take some time to think about this in depth. Mark off the line in increments of tens. Go back to your birth and think about all the things you did well and make a list. Example: 0 to 50 - I accomplished • Walking • Talking • Eating • Riding a bike • College Beside each of the things you accomplished write what you think was necessary to accomplish these things, even the trial and error in finally reaching the goal. • Courage • Persistence • Excitement • Passion • Desire Now, make a list of all the things you didn’t accomplish, perceived failures and disappointments. List the things you are not happy about in your life. Again, use 0 to 50 (based on your own age) Think about this in depth. • Didn’t do sports • Allowed the school bully to abuse me • Didn’t get the part in a school play • Didn’t take that job • Left college too early • Made the wrong career move • Poor time management • Poor money management • Disorganized • Procrastinator


Now, write down the thoughts and fears that prompted you to take these actions or circumstances. Are they yours or someone else’s? Are they still with you? What fears did you have? • Fear of public speaking • Fear of failure • Fear of success • Fear of what others will think • Fear of loneliness • Fear of ridicule • Fear of not looking good Let’s look forward from present to the age you decided to live. Write down all the things you want to achieve and when in your lifeline. Write beside each what thoughts or qualities will be needed to be to achieve these. Check back on your past years and see which thoughts or qualities did not serve you well. These need to be reprogrammed and might include the following words or thoughts: • Doubt • Lack of confidence • My father said I would never succeed • My uncle said I must be a lawyer • My teacher said I was dumb Look for patterns, thoughts, fears and actions that have reoccurred in your life. These will jump out at you. Keep in mind that this exercise can be very revealing. However, stay with it and be honest with yourself. The awareness of these patterns enables you to make changes in your present and future. Your reward will be different results in your life. Now, let’s take these thoughts and fears and reprogram them so


they are no longer with you. Make a list of all of them on a separate sheet of paper. Beside each, change the thought pattern to an affirmation. Affirmations are one of 57 the methods of changing thought patterns. Others methods include hypnotism and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Affirmations are something you can do right now. You will learn more about others as you progress through Soul Destiny II and Soul Destiny III seminar series. Here are some examples of overriding affirmations from points above. You can change anything by writing a positive affirmation. • Fear of failure: “I always succeed at everything I do!” • Fear of public speaking: “I am a great public speaker and the audience loves me!” • Lack of confidence: “I am confident at everything I do!” You must take all your shortcomings that are no longer serving you and rewrite over them with affirmations. You must do this and remove all doubt that continuously enters your mind from the subconscious years of programming. Repeat the affirmation of the thought you wish to repro- gram over and over until it is so. You will take the thought into your subconscious and move it through the four stages of growth until it moves you to the stage of unconscious competent. This 89  

is the stage of knowing that you know and need not be concerned about it. You own the change. You remove all previous programming that no longer serves you. You are learning that thought is extremely powerful and that you have complete control over your thoughts. This thought, being Universal and all there is, can be your servant or your master. Decide that you have faith in the material contained within Soul Destiny The Master Key System and change your outcomes hourly, weekly and for the rest of your life. The man who comes back through the door in the wall will never be the same as that man who went out. He will be wiser but less cocksure, hap- pier but less self-satisfied, humbler in acknowledging his ignorance, yet better equipped to understand the relationship of words to things, of systematic reasoning to the unfathomable Mystery which it tries forever vainly to comprehend.

Aldous Huxley


90 Â

CREATING COLLECTIVE VISION Couples, families, corporations, organizations and groups all require clarity of vision to manifest their dreams and desires. As well as individual passion, collective passion and vision are essential to accomplishing the effects we seek. It is important to realize and understand that before we can have a group vision we must allow all to have their person- al vision. Each of us must be crystal clear in what we want as individual beings and spirits. We all work in groups of sort. Even the artist who paints in solitude needs a buyer or admirer for his painting. Corporations are a living entity as are families, groups and couples. All are individuals working collectively for an effect or result. Think about how we can integrate the individual and the group together.. A group in this case will be anything more than one. After each person has completed their individual analysis of the aforementioned exercises, they can do the same exercise for their group. Think of the group (company, family, couple, etc.) as a living entity with a collection of like minds and similar interests that want a certain result. Let’s review the process: • What is it we like about our current group situation? • What are we as a group Dissatisfied with or about? • What are our group Desires?• What are our group Dreams?


• Expand on the dreams; be passionate, have no limits. • Share the thoughts as a group.• Write down all participants’ views.• Visualize the outcome; create a vision statement. • Create a group dream board.Allow each person their input and observe the results. As a group, you are of one collective vision or you are not. This will become obvious when you start to share ideas as you progress through the process. It is important to have individual vision statements and dream boards (outlined in a subsequent section) completed prior to doing this group exercise as this provides a strong foundation for the individual once they become involved in the group experience. Each individual will feel confident within themselves first and should not become disillusioned or insecure if the group exercise does not fit exactly with their individual path. They will simply fill the void somewhere or someplace else. Create a group vision statement. After completing the process, determine the essence of the group’s contributions and come up with a vision of what the group’s intention is for the outcome. Create a mission statement of how the group will achieve the vision. Write out or cut out the words from your magazines. This exercise is interesting for couples and families. It is enlightening to see the children unfold their dreams on paper. For couples, it is informative as you see the similarities in goals as well as the differences. You learn to appreciate each other as individuals with different goals and life paths, yet see and enjoy enough similarities needed to create the energy and synergy to 92  

be there for each other. You will understand each other more clearly and assist each other rather than resist because of a lack of understanding. Be pre- pared to let each person be all they can be and each group be all it can be. The corporation that understands that all of its employees are individuals with independent dreams is open to allow the people to grow within the company. By involving the employees in the corporate vision, they, as intricate parts of the organization, will understand that the whole depends entirely on the parts. A company with a collective vision shines from the outside in and from the inside out. This concept is most important in today’s understanding that while a corporate career may be limiting in an individual sense, there is the need for the corporation as a living entity to survive despite the needs of the individuals. All must be aware of the individual’s inner power and that the employees who build their strength internally become less dependent on external forces such as the corporation. Employees have their personal vision; by understanding that, the corporation can contribute to this vision while the employees are a part of the corporation. The employees can enjoy the rewards of income and assisting in the accomplishment of the bigger picture. In summary, everyone can have the outcome they desire. Through detachment of the vision of the others and in the allowing-ness of all to accomplish what they must, we can realize that there is peace and satisfaction in knowing that all people are exactly where they need to be. 93  

The key to our inner resources is self-knowledge. Selfknowledge is gained by personal development... This comes close to being the meaning of life. Consequently the raison d’etre for a company is to supply an environment in which personal development of human beings involved in the company can best take place... What a precious gift to humanity and our planet it would be if the remarkable knowledge we have achieved should be united with wisdom. Then our planet would be the paradise it is meant to be. Business life has the opportunity to bring that gift forward.

Rolf Osterber, Founding Member of the World Business Academy 62


94 Â

LIVING A LIFE OF HARMONY THE UNIVERSE IS LIKE A RIVER, it must flow and evolve constantly. Resistance is not in harmony with the flowing river, wind, the Universe or our lives. Just as a master of martial arts will teach, we must let all things flow. Utilize the energy of the assailant by picking up on the inertia of the attacker and use it to your advantage. Use the river and the flow to your advantage. A sailor learns to use the wind to guide his sails, whether going upwind or running freely downwind. The Universe and God or your Supreme Being are the same. We can work with or against them. We can join or resist them. Realize that we are a conduit or channel for the Universe and that we are here to do its will. The more we take on and open up to possibilities the more comes our way to support our desires. We in effect become appliances of the Universe. Just as electricity requires a function to perform its value to us so does the Universe and the energy within it. It works through us if we allow it; if we plug in or open up to Being of Service. Think about how electricity responds if not used correctly. It can blow up things, give fatal shocks, and cause fires. If used Â

95 Â

correctly, it can power lights, appliances, hospital equipment and so on. It can be harmful or beneficial. Universal energy can also do harm in storms, hurricanes, etc. or it can be of tremendous good when man harnesses the energy and puts it to worthwhile causes. Open up, be of service and the abundance will flow as it has never flowed before. Resist and you will be no more than a broken appliance sitting in the scrap yard of life. It simply will not seek those who are not open. You have learned about the four stages of growth in an earlier section—the unconscious incompetent, conscious incompetent and so on. The second stage, the conscious incompetent, is where all the lessons are learned and where the change or transformation in us happens. Unless we are prepared to accept that we are capable of making mistakes and owning our actions, we will never be able to correct them and therefore grow. Absolutely everything we do is our own choice. We can choose how we act or react to everything. We can react with anger to the person who cuts us off on the highway or we can let it go, learn from the experience and go on with our lives. We are learning that life is full of lessons. Everything we experience has a lesson for us if we choose to find it. As you grow through these curricula, think about the flow of the Universe or the will of your Supreme Being. When you have an experience such as being cut off on the highway or one of your children throws a tantrum, think about the experience as a lesson and react with observation as opposed to anger or fear. Observe that the other person may not be as evolved as and 96  

aware as you have grown to be. Forgive them, or at least step back and enjoy the fact that you can deal with things in a more harmonious manner because you are a conscious incompetent and choose to learn from the experience. Learn to think of the things you do, they way you act and react as being in alignment with the laws of the Universe and God. Choose to handle your daily experiences as a student of earth and learn from all those around you. Above all, start to observe yourself. When you act or react, observe the lesson that you can learn from the experi- ence. You handled yourself in a manner that you may not have appreciated but seemed right at the time. Let it go and learn, and learn again and again until the lesson becomes embedded in your subconscious as a conscious competent and on to an unconscious competent. You have got it and it does not need your conscious input any longer. Move on to the next lesson and get it and then the next and so on. Make sure that all you do is for the good of all concerned; that you are learning to live in harmony with yourself, your family, fellow man and the Universe. You will discover that this planet is a living thing and that all who inhabit it have a right to be here. You will learn that there is an abundance of everything good and evil and that you can choose to see it and be within it as you will to be. It is your movie, your experience. You are the director and the cast. How you think is how you will BE. And I have felt a presence that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime of something far more  97  

deeply interfused, whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, and the round ocean and the living air, and the blue sky, and in the mind of man; a motion and a spirit that impels all thinking things, all objects of all thought, and rolls through all things.

William Wordsworth Competition Harmonious competition is the knowing and the awareness of the Law of Abundance; that you need not succeed at the expense of someone else. You know that what you wish for others you receive tenfold and that all you wish for others you also receive for yourself. With this in mind, practice the thought process of wishing all the best results. When you hear from a friend that they are doing well, embrace their joy. Listen to your conscious thoughts and if they send messages of envy, jealousy and fear simply kick them out. You know that your good fortune follows as you wish the best for your friend. The same applies to sports, business and all other life situations. Consider the beauty within the person, business entity or group made up of divine human beings and spirits all doing their best and allow them the blessing of your supportive thoughts and energy. Be confident that you will receive all that you desire when the time is right. It is important to point out that “what you wish for others you will also receive” works the same whether you wish


ill or negative thoughts or positive thoughts for others. The same energy is required to wish them well. Therefore, it is prudent to choose the correct thinking. This is a very powerful and rewarding lesson in life. Like others, it may take a while to accept this on a conscious and subconscious level. When you do, you will experience a new peace in knowing that you know and that all is as it should be. Those who are “drivers” in business and competitive in life will find this most challenging; I assure you, it is to your advantage to think harmonious thoughts to all including your perceived competition. 66


LIFESTYLE BALANCE PEOPLE RELATE TO ONE ANOTHER IN many different ways. These may be characterized by two extremes. They either come from a physical, material, left brain, masculine, analytical personality or a visual, right brain, spiritual, feminine personality or somewhere in between. For simplicity, let’s call the first group analytical and the second visual. Usually, those who are coming from the analytical or left brain have it somewhat together on the financial side but are lost on the personal, warm, loving, touching side. While those who are visual, spiritual and right brained are very warm, caring and feeling but may lack the financial or structured side. As individuals, we don’t fit perfectly into either extreme. We exhibit different degrees and combinations of both these extremes at various times. However, most of us fit into a predominant type. Left brain or analytical individuals may go through life feeling that something is missing. They may have money, possessions, family, etc. but feel that they are incomplete. The right brain, spiritual, visual individuals may have peace,


tranquility and love; yet are missing the money or grounding that analytical people possess so they travel through life in a state of confusion about organization in all or most of its levels. They want to change the world and do humanistic good but never have the financial wherewithal to do much about it. The purpose of this part is to create an awareness that both ends of the continuum exist and to emphasize the importance of finding the balance between the spiritual and material. If one has only a material mindset and thinks primarily about possessions and financial achievements, they will have much difficulty keeping their wealth and more seriously, they will sacrifice everything to get it; family, children, spouse, friends, time, integrity, honor, etc. This does not mean that if you have a great deal of money you have all of these traits. It is likely, however, that the analytical types have struggled with the “softer” core issues at one time or another. When they take the final inventory of their value some- where throughout their life journey, they have regrets. They have a sense of failure, a lack of accomplishment. They may have missed their children growing up, precious time with their spouse or partner and loved ones. They may never have taken the time to smell the roses and experience life in all its beauty and simplicity. They have made it financially and could be bankrupt in other areas of their life. The spiritual, right brain visionaries have wonderful ideas; thoughts of helping or even saving the world, spiritual wellbeing and love but may never fulfill their life in the physical realm. They are usually in debt and have a limited supply of


money. They usually don’t appear to be concerned, at least superficially, but live a life of financial stress as those close to them suffer from lack related to money. We suggest that balance is important for both extremes to be able to cope with the physical world. If the business person embraces the spiritual, they will have money and things will flow more freely; they will eliminate stress through the awareness of their spiritual connectedness and meditations. Peace comes with the journey. They will tap into knowledge beyond the physical plane that can lead them beyond money to greatness. Thomas Edison, the quintessential inventor, and the modern day software wizard, Bill Gates of Microsoft, are examples of individuals who have used spiritual principles in their lives. Business people will be able to release the need for greed and replace it with time for family and time for experiencing life’s wonders. Their health will improve and they will live longer. The spiritual will achieve financial well-being, be able to live their life without the stress of financial lack. They will pursue their life purpose in the humanistic realm and learn to give to themselves without guilt and fear of money.

Soul Destiny courses bring people from the two extremes together very successfully. They are able to share their past and build their present and future with a balance that has been out of reach previously as a result of fear and past programming. Equally important, they achieve a genuine awareness that they can create their own reality through thought. We live in a very different world than our parents or even the 102  

world of only a few years ago. The world is changing at an everaccelerating speed. Our children will not have the luxury of one career or the security of a single long-term employment relationship. Many of us are painfully aware of this reality right now, as expectations about work have changed in less than a generation. We must build our own security from within. We do this by building the ability to be in total control of our effects because we can recognize that we are the cause of all that we are. This course has already started to help you understand this, your choice is to own this power and balance your life between the spiritual and the physical. You realize that everyone who wishes to survive the years ahead needs to embrace and apply this knowledge. It will not be difficult for those who embrace it and enjoy the journey. Those who resist find that a life without harmony and balance is a life of ever increasing struggle and stress. Life gives us the power of free will, the ability to choose. You will learn that there is no shortage, that all is abundant. Choose to have it all. Balance your life with wealth, happi- ness, health and love. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. Our hope for creative living lies in our ability to reestablish the spiritual needs of our lives in personal character and social justice. Without this spiritual and moral reawakening we shall destroy ourselves in the misuse of our own instruments.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 70 Â

103 Â

EGO WHAT IS EGO AND WHY IS IT important to mention here in the Soul Destiny personal growth program? The Living Webster Dictionary defines Ego as “the ‘I’ or self as distinguished from self or others; the individual’s mental state and sensual experiences, as known through direct introspection; psycho anal, that part of the psyche that is conscious, experiencing and reacting to the outside world, and thus acting as a mediator between the id’s unconscious primitive impulses and society’s expectations” Egotism as “vanity, self-esteem; self-concept” Egocentric as “having or regarding self as the center of all things; involved with one’s own concerns and relatively unaware of other’s concerns; self-centered” One interpretation is that the ego can be used for good, harm or even evil. I write about it because I feel that the ego can be one of our most restricting emotions. It can keep us from becoming all that we can be, especially in the world of balance. The ego and the spirit are separate in that the ego is a conscious act that protects the physical being from the perception of


others and the way they would like to be seen. The spirit is not concerned with this and functions as if the individual is part of the whole and does not see a difference or the need for separation. Therefore, there is a conflict over the need for ego at all on the spiritual level. In the physical world we see the need for the acceptance of others as an important need. As we grow aware of how our ego serves us, we can release ourselves from its possible bondage. The ego, “that part of the psyche that is conscious, experiencing and reacting to the outside world” is a powerful part of our human armor. It protects us, drives us and motivates us to create ourselves as evolutionary human beings. So the ego can be a good thing. However, if we use it for the sake of putting ourselves in a position of competition or rivalry at the expense of another, then we move into egocentricity which is “being involved with one’s own concerns and relatively unaware of other’s concerns or self-centered” and is not in harmony with the Universe. We are learning in Soul Destiny The Master Key System that there is abundance, always have been and always will be. We have learned that harmony with the Universe is a necessity in order to create and keep wealth, health and love. We have also learned about the four stages of awareness, the conscious incompetent in particular, which is very important when we are making changes in our thinking.


Most of us have learned that ego can be an unattractive trait in people when it is misused at the expense of others. The ego is mentioned in this course so that we can all start to observe it in others and especially in ourselves. Ego is displayed in our lives in many forms such as our possessions, our clothing, our relationships and especially how we interact with people. We need to be treating each other as divine human beings whether or not one has the same career, automobile, home, bank account, clothes, physical appearance, gender, age, social status, ideals, culture, religion or education. Even attitude is a reflection of egocentricity. I urge you to be aware of how you view, speak about, interact, gossip and even think of others as you experience your journey. This will not be an easy trait to master. Constant awareness and observation will create the adjustment of your being from conscious incompetence, the knowing, to conscious competence, the correction, to unconscious competence, the state of internalization and being. When we accept and truly believe that there is an abundance of everything and that what we wish for others we also get for ourselves, we need never put ourselves in the unattractive position of defending our being from others. We defend ourselves by boasting about past or present experiences and building our perceived status in the material world. Instead when we allow the others to be strong, then we become strong. Give out love and you receive love. Wish others wealth—there is enough for all—and we shall receive wealth. Forgive those who are ignorant to your needs, release them as individuals who 106  

have not become aware of their actions and wish them well. Don’t give them any negative energy. Know that your ego is in control or at least observe that you are content with allowing others their strength. Watch the ego of others and observe that it can be an unflattering human experience. Become conscious of your own handling of the ego and learn to keep yourself in con- trol. Your thoughts are harmonious with the Universe and your vibratory rate becomes a magnet of attraction instead of detraction. This is a very important lesson in the Law of Attraction. Thoughts are creative (cause and effect); the thoughts you think are thoughts which send out messages to everyone you meet of support, encouragement, best sincere wishes, abundance, success, love and harmony. In order to change we must let go of ego. The ego that defends our values and current thinking does not have room for change as it becomes threatened and challenged protecting preprogrammed thoughts. The ego is in conflict with spirit, as it believes it is separate from the whole and therefore carries out its actions as a comparison to others. The spirit realizes that it is part of the whole and does not require a competitive nature. Specifically, another person need not be less than us so that we can be more. When we wish success for others, we also receive success. The ego tries to exploit all situations into forms of praise for itself in order to overcome its doubts. Become aware of your EGO. Start to study your behavior and interaction with others. Become a new improved YOU who is one with the whole. What you wish for others you receive for yourself.  107  

If for a moment we make way with our petty selves, wish no ill to anyone, apprehend no ill, cease to be but as a crystal which reflects a ray— what shall we not reflect! What a universe will appear crystallized and radiant around us!

Henry David Thoreau



VISUAL ENGINEERING VISUAL ENGINEERING IS A FANCY TITLE for a simple and fun process which is essential to success. We have learned in previous parts that a thought is attracted to a need and that thought is creative. It is the cause of every effect known to man. The need prompts the effect or the solution that is required. The thought then attracts the necessary ingredients to manifest the effect or results we are seeking. We then take the ingredients and form a visual picture in our mind that is the result. Let’s create a real life example of this. You need a place to live. You start to think about the type of place you will require to suit your needs and add a few extra wants to the house. This is happening within the mind or mind’s eye. It is in your head and the thoughts are attracting energy and ideas. You can hold the picture in your head or mind in which case you will have to put it into memory. You will be much too busy as you go through your daily busy thoughts—numbering in the thousands—to hold the vision consistently. You can also take the thought that you are visualizing and put it down in writing or in a picture format. A designer would create the design and an architect would take your thoughts and create a blueprint. You would then create a budget or cost analysis and then have a contractor use the


information to build the house. Along the way to the house being manifested you would be making adjustments and corrections. The results or the effect is your dream home. This exercise is an example of how everything in your life is manifested. You could have skipped the designer and the architect and just checked out homes already on the market that come close to your ideal but they are someone else’s thoughts that you have accepted as a close comparison. Now let’s reflect back to the section on Dreams and think about the dream side of our exercise. What did you write down as your Ideal lifestyle, without limit or compromise? Were you specific in detail or did you generalize? If you were to take each item and create a design and blueprint, would you have the information written or just in your thoughts? With our Soul Destiny progressive program, we will help you form every dream in detail; for now we are going to take a much simpler yet important and effective track. We are going to create a dream board or physical picture of your dreams. To do this you will need the following: A large piece of white board or Bristol board (any color) Scissors A glue stick or glue Assorted magazines This is going to be your personal dream board, not to be confused with your spouse’s, families or companies. If you wish you can have your family members do their own personal dream board at the same time which will make it all the more


fun. Put all the above on the floor or table, a place where you can work or play for a couple of hours. Next, look back at your dreams. Study them for a few minutes. Think about the detail of what you want in each item. Pay attention to size, color, and quality. Please remember to get excited... you have absolutely NO limitations. Your conscious mind will need to be controlled as thoughts of limitation start to bombard you. Ignore any thoughts of limitation. Be excited by the lack of limitation. The more a thought or vision excites you, the more reason to put it down. Once you have studied the items or effects of your dreams, go to a peaceful place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and let your mind go through your dreams, one by one, looking at the things you desire. Whether it is the car of your dreams, a home, humanistic goals or all of the aforementioned, think about each one in detail allowing your thoughts to go beyond the item itself and think of the results. How do you feel moving into your home or driving the car? Picture the faces of your family as they too experience the results. In the case of charity or humanistic goals, see the people you are helping and the expressions on their faces as they receive and put to use what you have provided. Visualize the entire picture as clearly as you can and as detailed as you can. If you like, put on some soft music. Open your eyes and return to the place where you have laid out the materials of your dream board. Without structured and controlled thinking, go through your magazines one by one and  111  

look for pictures and words that jump out at you. Select things that fit with your visualization. Do not let the conscious mind interfere with thoughts of fear, poverty consciousness and limitation. Allow all that you desire to pop out at you; cut the pictures and words out that you are attracted to. The more passionate the feeling, the more the need to cut it out. Do not stop until you have gone through the magazines and accumulated all that you feel you need to complete your dream board. Take the words and the pictures and lay them out on your dream board. Move them around until you feel comfortable that they are in the right place. You may want a heading or a different phrase that will make a statement that supports your dreams. Use as many as you like and in any order you like. Now that you have placed them on the board, glue them in place. Some of you may require two or three sheets of board; it is your dream, go as large as you like. Create a vision statement in writing or with cutout words that best describes your vision. Make it as brief and encompassing as possible. Now you should have a picture of what YOU want, a visual of your thoughts. It should be your masterpiece of how you are thinking about what you passionately want now in your life. If you like, do what I do; frame it and hang it on your wall or just pin it to your wall. It should be some place where you can see it daily. As you experience your progressive course studies with us, you  112  

will do a few of these and each time your picture will change. Sometimes, it will be because you have achieved the items and other times because you have changed your thoughts or needs as you grow throughout the program. In any case, it is an exercise that will give you a clear picture; evidence of the changes and transformation of your life.

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.

Helen Keller Each man has only one genuine vocation—to find the way to himself... His task is to discover his own destiny—not an arbitrary one—and live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else is only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity, and fear of one’s own inwardness.

Hermann Hesse 78


AFFIRMATIONS PREVIOUSLY, WE INTRODUCED AFFIRMATIONS as a method of overwriting our thoughts. Our thoughts are the architect of our physical reality. We are learning that thoughts are the cause, which produces the effect. We can create or recreate ourselves any way we desire. The stronger the desire or passion, the more the thoughts vibrate to send the message to the subconscious, which has no choice but to supply. We are changing ourselves from servants of our thoughts and the thoughts of others to masters of our thoughts and therefore our outcome. How do we do this? We have years of preprogramming that is imbedded deep within our conscious and subconscious mind. We learned earlier how to go back through our history and address these non-serving thoughts and write over them with affirmations. Affirmations are simply affirming what you believe to be true. With the gift of free will from our creator we can decide whatever we choose to be true, so why not select the truth that serves our desired outcome? This applies to health, wealth, character, actions, integrity, personality, how we treat others, our planet and our loved ones. Even the plants, animals and all Â

114 Â

living things that cohabit our planet should be included. By taking our current situation, including habits, phobias, fears and doings, we can create new results by affirmations that overwrite our thoughts. Instead of “I hate spiders,” say “I love spiders, they serve us by reducing insects, thereby creating balance.” When we are renewing our thoughts we must think about another Universal rule. They must be in harmony with the Universe. Let’s think about this! A thought that serves us at the expense of another may not be in harmony. A thought that is of a competitive nature, in that someone must lose for you to win, may not be in har- mony. The Universe is full of abundance. There are many “winners” and levels of winning in any sporting event even though there may be only one first place. The Academy Awards recently changed the announcement from “and the winner is” to “ the award goes to.” This came about as an evolution in thinking with the knowledge that all are winners to some degree by virtue of being considered for an award. In business and life in general, if we affirm success for all, we also receive the results of that affirmation tenfold. Another law is in effect here... The Law of Service. So, we affirm the success of our rivals. We wish them well. We send them our support. We enter the race, enter the business, enter life and be the best that we can be. If our thoughts are “giving” then we will receive


the results that we want. Affirm the best for everyone. Always. Be aware of over- riding talk. This is the talk that is the rebuttal to the thought you have affirmed. For example, when affirming, “I am beautiful and perfect!” you may hear another voice or thought coming in that says “yeah right, you’re not beautiful, you are...” You may hear a lot of this and you must counter it with the affirmation you desire each time until that voice is no longer able to interfere. You must ignore and overwrite the negative voice within until it is gone and is replaced with only what you desire. How do you deal with those outside voices; your friends, television and print media that are constantly giving you programming that conflict with your ideals? Override them with your desires through affirmations until they are no longer affecting your subconscious programming and your life. The battle between the internal voice, outside world, media, friends and so on will be a constant challenge for you. However, because you are of awareness, you can immediately deal with their affects on your desired outcome as you hear them. You will find that as you hear the counter statement, your overriding thought affirmation kicks in and silently deals with the situation. “I am, therefore, I am.” The words ‘I AM’ are key words to affirmations; they put them in the present tense. Phrases like “I want,” “I’ll try,” “I will” are only adding to your delay in achieving the results. The subconscious gives you the trying, the wanting and the will which is future and never arrives unless you put it in the “now.” 116  

It is extremely important that you understand this. Be conscious of your vocabulary. Eliminate these words. They are destructive and override your new affirmations. You must always “Be” before you can “Do” before you can “Have.” The “I am” is what puts you in the “Be.” Be in your mind, in your thoughts whatever you desire. Be beautiful. Don’t try. Be intelligent. Don’t try. Be an actor. Don’t try.

Soul Destiny The Master Key System states clearly that the Universe will provide for you. You need not be concerned about how. The necessary thoughts will come to you that will produce the results. There may be many in sequential order spread out over time. You must be prepared to listen to the thoughts within and without, and sort between those that serve and do not serve you in reaching your ideal. Your meditations must make use of “I am.” In the alpha state you are closer to resonating with the vibratory pattern of the universe where the individual “I” is only separate from the “I” of the Universe by degree. The Universe gives you what you desire and thus gives to itself. The “I” is one with your supreme being whether your views are Christian, Scientific, New Age or... In summary, start all affirmations with “I am.” Do them repeatedly until they have reached the stage of unconscious competence. Hear the overriding thoughts that pop in from your subconscious and conscious world and immediately overwrite them with your counter affirmation. Observe the


input from others. Do not own it. Overwrite their thoughts immediately, if necessary, with the ones you require for your life purpose. Be passionate about the desire that you are affirming. A mediocre desire will not be enough to keep the interest in change alive. White hot passion is better. Remember, that what you are is what you are thinking. If you want different results, think the ideal and affirm it and it will be yours. Think without limit or compromise.


118 Â

HEALTH PERHAPS THE BEST EXAMPLE of the power of thought is its relation to our health. Soul Destiny The Master Key System is clear that what we think about we bring about. If we want health, get the health consciousness. When we discussed our lifeline previously, we learned that we can choose to live longer. This decision in itself triggers the need that creates the thought, visualization and application to set off the necessary vibrations to attract great health. One thought leads to another, embracing all aspects of what it takes for our physical body to sustain good health and live longer. We can break this subject of health consciousness into several categories for clarity. • Stress • Environment • Balance • Attitude • Communication • Money

Relationships •

Stress, one of the most common ways that one can break down their physical resistance, has many sources. The body becomes weak as we take on the stress of the physical world. The way to overcome this is to replace stressful thoughts with thoughts opposite to the thing that is causing stress. Meditation is one of


the keys to relieving stress; others include exercise, diet, etc. We can meditate on a particular problem and learn to wrap it up and send it off into the Universe or visualize it exploding out of sight or send it off into the sky in a balloon. Writing down the thought that is stressful is also important. Visualize it, document it, meditate and thereby attract the help to solve the problem or manifest the results needed. Overwrite with affirmations for your choice of outcome. For example, we might be stressed by deadlines in a project. We must have the job done to meet our commitments. The pressure of this can weigh heavily on us and cause stress as we allow the thoughts to pour in. They are fears of not getting it done, wondering what will the customer think, what the boss will think, they shouldn’t have selected such a timeline in the first place, etc... Or we can say, “OK, this is the timeline, let’s do it.” Hence, the need starts the thoughts working in a “solutions mode” moving us into visualizing the results. Then, putting the project into a written plan or blueprint breaks down the elements allowing us to create the timeline and attract the people to manifest the results to meet our timeline. What we have done is taken the stress out by not allowing fear and nonproductive thought patterns to interfere with solving the issue. If the thought is not solution-based then it will cause stress. Stress will cause illness in the individual and even create illness in those around us. As those around us become infected with our stress, they also take it on. This can create a perpetual cycle of stress. What we give out we get back tenfold. Decide not to live a life of stress and as a conscious incompetent catch


yourself when you are in a stressful situation. Simply reprogram yourself with affirmations of the positive, meditations and follow your thought to manifestation.

Environment How and where we live, as well as whom we associate with, can cause our health to be challenged. I say this with the knowledge and wisdom that none of this can affect us if we just use thought control as outlined. However, our general environment including our home, city and even friends, can affect our health. Being surrounded with healthy conversations, positive discussions and choosing our television and reading material with content that promotes positive thinking, is essential. How do we deal with members of our family or friends who are committed to a life of negativity? What pictures do we put on our walls? What we consciously see as we look out the window and how we take the time to be with nature, all add up to a healthy lifestyle, if we pay attention to them. Our thoughts are constantly being tested and programmed by our environment. We can build our thoughts a thousand times a day in positive ways and still have all these negative patterns bombarding us. Have you ever had a person that is in your presence drain your energy, leaving you flat and listless after they leave? They seem to suck up all the energy from us and leave us with the task of rebuilding ourselves after they depart. With “thought” consciousness we can stop this as we become aware of a person’s needs. Instead of flowing with this negative energy 121  

force, deal with it or stop the visits entirely. Having a picture on the wall that has a negative scene can spark unhealthy thoughts. The picture could be a battle scene or an unhappy face. Check your house for signs of negative, stressrelated items and replace them with things that promote a healthy lifestyle. Check your children’s rooms. Are they waking up everyday to a happy place? Surround yourself and your family with an environment that promotes a healthy atmosphere. Balance Balance is the key in all that Soul Destiny represents and it applies to each and every topic, including health. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance is essential to the elimination and reduction of stress as well as preventative health. Physical conditioning, such as walking regularly and spiritual conditioning, going within (in meditation), prayer or just being silent provides peace, tranquility and answers to life’s problems. The key is to learn how to ask. Listen and be grateful, as well as add some patience. The mind and the power of thought combined with belief manifests results. The underlying self-sabotage of allowing those old thoughts to creep in and overwrite your confidence vanishes. Good health and balance are essential ingredients that go hand in hand. Meditate daily, even for a few minutes, exercise regularly... walk, run, anything that will keep your body strong. You still need it as a vehicle for the soul. Keep the mind active; read, learn, grow and let it know it is still required. The more we use 122  

our bodies and minds, the more they stay fit and remain ready to serve us. Money Financial lack is perhaps the most common stress producer. There may not be enough money to pay for obligations. Creditors call creating fear, anxiety, stress; making you want to hide every time the phone rings. The answer is to deal with it, mentally and physically. Know your outcome and your income; make a budget and be sure to bring enough in to handle the outcome. Easier said then done? Perhaps this is due to overspending, ease of credit card approval and use, and credit that soon overwhelms us and has to be paid. First, I suggest that we live within our means, become debt free and think bigger. Perhaps this may seem like a conflict but if we think about it, credit is spending money we don’t have but will have. Buying things today from tomorrow’s income means as we are spending tomorrow’s income on past purchases we will or may be short on tomorrow’s purchases. I suggest that credit become a thing of the past; decide to be debt free. Use a debit card that allows you the convenience of not carrying cash yet gives you access to your cash in the bank. Another option is a secured credit card that is limited by the balance in your bank account. Other than perhaps a mortgage and an automobile loan, the need for credit is a state of mind. Creditors must be dealt with, not ignored or the stress will continue. It is an overriding voice that will haunt you. So, if you are one of the millions that are overinvolved financially, make a 123  

conscious incompetent decision that enough is enough and clean house. Direct your thoughts to financial abundance and being debt free, with a cash surplus in your bank accounts and being of value and service to others creating the same for them that you want for yourself. Be grateful for all that you are and have and observe your financial situation as a valuable lesson. Remember that we are here to learn lessons and all of us, at one time or another, will receive financial lessons. The number of people in debt in the world today is in the multimillions. The stress, marriage breakups and discord that debt perpetuates is enormous. The good news is that the answer is within our control. Act now in thought and deed, seek help if required. Relationships Develop healthy relationships within couples and families. As we grow spiritually we become aware of our actions and reactions to everyone around us. The conscious incompetent stage once again becomes a reminder of how we are listening to, feeling about, acting towards and reacting to our fellow man. Learn to think differently and the stress reduction of detachment will eliminate many health issues that are searching for a weak mindset to inhabit. Understand that each person is their own physical being. We are all part of the whole; we are the same except in degree. The things you see in others you see in yourself. Choose to see the good. You are the cause of your effects. Each person has his or her own journey. Your spouse, partner or friend is experiencing his or her own spiritual path or life purpose. This means that they have their lessons to learn and  124  

goals to achieve. When one party draws another into their life purpose, it must be with the understanding that the other person also has their individual agenda. They set each other free. It helps individuals to understand that each person arrived here on earth to follow their spiritual path. As we grow through Soul Destiny, we will discover that each of us has an unique life purpose and that we meet people along the way who are part of that purpose. If couples and friends understand that we are free to pursue our life purpose as individuals first and then create collective agendas while clearly understanding the other person’s individuality, then stress and conflict between couples and friends will be replaced by understanding and harmony as they support one another on their individual journey. Each becomes free to “BE” all that they can “BE.” Attitude Develop a healthy attitude towards all people and things. A healthy attitude is stress free as you learn to observe all and not judge. Take the position that you are aware and learn from all that you see and experience. Create an attitude of flow without resistance. As a river flows unobstructed, allow people to be who they are. You can forgive them for not being in the conscious incompetent state although perpetuating an inharmonious attitude is unhealthy. An example of this is being in the presence of someone who is overflowing with negativity. They enter a room and you feel the energy shift; you may begin to protest causing another state of inharmonious flow. The situation becomes more intense resulting in an argument where both parties become stressed. You have developed an attitude


about the attitude. Defuse the situation by not giving it energy but giving it love. No two things can exist in the same space at the same time. This is true of attitude, pain, discord and all that is. If you simply direct thoughts of love to any situation and hold the thought, it will prevail over the opposite. The bottom line again, is reduced stress. Communication Communicate with those around you in a more harmonious manner. We must understand that each person has a soul and is on a path in the physical world that is separate only by degree. When we are supportive of their pursuit, we can become better communicators as we listen and hear without judgment. We become supportive, not destructive to their cause. Better communication means being of better listening as others share their thoughts. It means being truly open to hearing what they want to give of their thoughts. You can decide at any time what you will contribute from your thoughts but only when you are certain that they have completed their thought. Many of us are busy thinking of our return dialogue well before the other person has finished their thought. This gives them a feeling of not being heard. Be conscious of the other person’s message and you will find that you will learn more by being of listening rather than constantly spilling all that you know onto others. Allow the other person to empty out their thoughts so that when you do share, they will also hear you. Keep in mind, they may not know what you know or be at the same stage of awareness; that we all are in the conscious incompetent stage in areas of our life and growth. Allow each other the space to grow thereby  126  

relieving stress and improving and promoting a healthy environment. Disease is dis–ease meaning uneasiness; freedom from stress is an answer to preventative health. Exercise

Healthy bodies need exercise. The mind, if not used, deteriorates. So does the physical body. The more we use it, the more it builds itself to sustain its strength. It is the vehicle of the soul on the human plane. It needs to be used to grow. This is stating the obvious, however, it must be said in this book so that we realize that balance in the physical world requires the physical body to carry out physical deeds. We are entering a world where the body is becoming less and less required. We sit at home and everything comes to us. We work, play, study and shop at home. Food is delivered less expensively than we can prepare a meal. We will even be able to travel by virtual reality in the future. So where does that leave our bodies except in the position of life support for our minds? We must learn that our minds require a healthy body for survival. It is balance. Because of our need for physical health, we must be conscious of the application of exercise and health to sustain our bodies for longer life. We will also have more free time as the world moves increasingly into “cocooning” as it is called (working from home.) We can use this time to walk, run, play sports, anything that will allow us to exercise and stay fit. What one does is their choice, however, consistent exercise is part of the Success Engineering System solution. 127  

To develop a new habit, such as exercising, simply set up a consistent routine and do it for 21 days straight. You will have recreated a new habit in your life. Going back to a former habit takes only a couple of missed days. Again, use your thoughts to create your desired outcomes and get back into the habit desired. You can recreate your life as you go. 90


128 Â

BEING OF SERVICE THE HUMAN BEING IS HERE to be of service, to learn lessons and/or to observe. Some or all of these reasons will apply to every human being, depending on their beliefs. As human beings we cannot “Be”, “Do” or “Have” much without each other. We are codependent. We share the plan- et with other human beings, plant life, insects, animals, birds and mammals. All are life forms within Planet Earth and the Universe. We are all here with a particular function and have evolved over thousands of years. As cohabitants of the earth we are responsible for the maintenance of our planet. We are in a sense, the caretakers and as human beings, we are (to the best of our knowledge) the most evolved and intelligent of species. We have evolved through the stages of hunters and gatherers living off the land, through the agricultural stage (the discovery and development of farming) followed by the Industrial Revolution (mass production), the Electronic Revolution (robotics and machines replacing people in industry) and now the Information Age or Cybernomics (my own word) whereby the computer and communications are transforming the world of conventional work.


At present, we are still involved a great deal with 40 to 70 hour workweeks; busy being busy. We still have a responsibility to our planet but take little time to think about it. In fact, we have abused it. It is only of late that we have, through our mass consciousness, recognized the damage we are doing to our earth. The ozone, the rain forest, lakes, oceans, etc. are all in severe jeopardy. Our earth is in clear danger. We, as a human race, are entirely responsible for this destruction and must now take the responsibility to clean up. Some have even gone as far as to call us a planetary virus. We have an opportunity and an urgent responsibility to make a difference.

The Success Engineering System recognizes this wholeheartedly and was founded from the thought of creating the solution through man. Others, having the same sense of responsibility, have approached the subject via mass consciousness, attempting to have all think as one thereby creating critical mass and thus change. Our solution or contribution is more focused on individuals. It is one thing to think about the solution and thereby send out the necessary vibrations; it is another to create the application of thoughts through collective mentoring. The result is a collective thought-consciousness through individual awareness and action. In finding our life purpose and following actions that are congruent with natural laws, as expressed in Soul Destiny The Master Key System, solutions to our planet’s abuse will unfold effortlessly. We are an evolution in the solution, a missing link that will through individuals, make a major difference within a  130  

short time. Each person who begins the Soul Destiny journey is seek- ing his or her true life destiny. As they discover and manifest this, they will be of service, each making a difference. The degree of difference will depend on each individual’s spiritual mission; all will make a difference in their own unique fashion. We will be tracking the progress of each person as they move through the system and accomplish their missions spiritually and materially. Being of service to the planet and mankind can start immediately. We all know by now the law of tithing, what we give comes back tenfold. Accept this thought, expect it to be true and file it in your subconscious. Go about your life being of service to all and everything. Be observant, not judgmental. Learn not to criticize. Help the beggar on the street, the hungry in Ethiopia, the neighbor in distress or an insect needing a lift outside. We can choose to squash an insect out of fear or do nothing, thereby being of service while cohabiting our planet without any prejudice whatsoever. We must move beyond color, size, religion, intelligence and gender, and move to a conscious state of sharing our planet as we go about cleaning up Mother Earth or Gaia. The earth after all, is a living entity just as we are. It is in dire need. Being of service is as simple as doing something for others. As we plan our life purpose or Soul Destiny we have an Â

131 Â

opportunity to create our humanistic goal. This is a process of determining what it is that we are passionate about on our planet and the creatures and plant life that inhabit it. From this exercise, which ties into your personal and financial well–being you will begin to discover why you are here and your Soul Destiny. Once this unfolds and begins to become clear, you begin the process of manifestation. This connects you with your higher self, your God or Supreme Being as you go about the fulfillment of their will through you. You become a being of service to your planet and all its inhabitants. You are making a difference. 93


132 Â

COMMITMENT WHEN YOU WERE INTERVIEWED for the Soul Destiny journey, you were asked where you are now and where you wish to be with regard to your life. Without limit or compromise, where is it you truly want to be? What would be the ideal life for you and your loved ones? You were also asked about how passionate you are about changing from your current circumstances to where you ideally choose to be. MDG International, Inc. through our Success Engineering System, Soul Destiny courses and our members is committed to mentor you to your ideal, your life purpose. In order to do this you will personally need to have commit- ment. Once the thought of commitment is burned deep within you there is but only one result... success. Choose carefully in detail what you desire; be passionate, be committed. What is Commitment? Commitment is the steadfast message to the sub- conscious and the universe that there is no recourse except that it is done.

Phil Ross Some people dream of success...while others wake up and work at it. Â

133 Â

Unknown Success is the result of seeing the goal steadily and aiming for it unswervingly.

Unknown Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.

Margaret Thatcher Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes...but no plans. Peter Drucker If you want to take your mission in life to the next level, if you’re stuck and you don’t know how to rise, don’t look outside yourself. Look inside. Don’t let your fears keep you mired in the crowd. Abolish your fears and raise your commitment level to the point of no return, and I guarantee you that the Champion Within will burst forth to propel you toward victory.

Bruce Jenner Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving.

Unknown We must sail sometimes with the wind and some- times against it—but sail we must and not drift, nor lie at anchor. 134  

Oliver Wendell Holmes The sea is dangerous and its storms terrible, but these obstacles have never been sufficient reason to remain ashore... unlike the mediocre, intrepid spirits seek victory over those things that seem impossible... it is with an iron will that they embark on the most daring of all endeavors to meet the shadowy future without fear and conquer the unknown.

Ferdinand Magellan, Explorer 95Words are words, promises are promises— performance is reality. No involvement... no commitment.

Unknown You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.

Henry Ford Breakfast of eggs and bacon: The chicken was involved; the pig was committed.

Unknown When you chase two rabbits, both will escape.

Ancient Chinese Proverb Resolve and thou art free.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Commitment is the line you must cross. It is the difference between dreaming and doing.

Thomas Bohlmann Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the “right stuff” to turn our dreams into reality.

James Womack Committing yourself is a way of finding out “that” you are. A man finds his identity by iden- tifying his commitments in life.

Robert Terwilliger 96No try! Do, or do not. There is no try.

Jedi Yoda It is in your moments of decision that your des- tiny is shaped.

Anthony Robbins It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Buckminster Fuller We will either find a way, or we will make one.

Hannibal, 210 B.C The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you


commit yourself to it.

Mack R. Douglas Commitment is what transforms a dream into reality.

Thomas Bohlmann What happens when one is committed? Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness concerning all the acts of creation and initiative. There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help that would never otherwise have occurred: a whole stream of events issues from the commitment, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt could have come his way.

Wolfgang von Goethe All great masters are chiefly distinguished by the power of adding a second, a third and perhaps a fourth step in a continuous line. Many a man had taken the first step. With every additional step you enhance immensely the value of your first. Â

137 Â

Ralph Waldo Emerson Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, nothing will stop him short of success. Unless a man believes in himself and makes a total commitment to his career and puts every- thing he has into it— his mind, his body, his heart — what’s life worth to him. The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regard- less of their chosen field of endeavor.

Vincent T. Lombardi I have learned to trust my instincts; they have never lied to me.

Tiger Woods Total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance.

Tom Flores Commitment is tested every day. “Commitment can hurt. Even under the most favorable of circumstances, commitment can be painful. Indeed, it is in the possibility for pain that commitment finds its meaning and its power. Of what value would commitment be if it did not have 138  

its price? Choose your commitments carefully, but don’t avoid commitment. Once the commitment is made, expect for it to be painful at times. Prepare yourself for some discomfort. Be ready to make some sacrifices. And be ready to see it through. Commitment can bring great things, and in the process you will grow. Commitment to your spouse, to your children, to your community, your friends, your faith, your work, your beliefs, your future, will bring true and lasting rewards. You simply won’t get very far without making some commitments. Fear them enough so that you take them seriously, but not so much that you avoid them. The commitments will hurt at times, but you can handle it. They’re worth it and you’re worth it. Your home, your family, and your world are worth it. Go ahead. Make the commitment; take the difficulties as they come, and build something great.”

Ralph Marston Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others.

John F. Kennedy The man who is tenacious of purpose in a rightful cause is not shaken from his firm resolve by the frenzy of his fellow citizens clamoring for what is wrong or by the tyrant’s threatening countenance.


Horace 65-8 BC Commitment is the enemy of resistance, for it is the serious promise to press on, to get up, no matter how many times you are knocked down.

David McNally I haven’t failed; I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work.

Thomas Edison Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michael Angelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein. 100


ACCOUNTABILITY BY NOW WE HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING that our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts are not someone else’s! This eliminates the blame game. All that happens is our doing. Therefore, we must take responsibility for the cause. Responsibility simply means our ability to respond to everything the way we choose. Accountability means that we are accountable for all that we do and have. We are aware of our thoughts and actions/reactions as we interface with people and situations daily. Again, our state of conscious incompetence allows us to observe how we deal with life’s situations in a responsible manner. In a reflection of your life, you may look back and think of all the things you didn’t do or achieve and immediately find someone to hold accountable. You see this all the time, and feel the sincerity of thought as people express various versions of the “not my fault” reasoning and find someone to hold responsible. Now, I am sure some of you are saying “yes but... my case is different, someone else is responsible.” Regardless of the scenario, you have the gift of free will. You have the power to recreate yourself regardless of life’s blows.


You can accept the fact that someone steered you wrong or did something to you that created your current path or you can change it and change it now. Only you can take ownership of your life and realize your desired out- comes. Deal with the forks in the road, both past and present, by revisiting each in your mind. Then use the lifeline exercise to bring these situations into focus and face them. Override and reprogram the counter productive thoughts with new positive thoughts and affirmations. We must become aware of all that we do and rise above this destructive pat- tern of blaming others. This will not be an easy transition. If you are in sales and things don’t go well, you will immediately search for whom else is responsible. If you are in business and your business isn’t going the way you would like, you will find someone or something to blame. Start to catch yourself in absolutely every instance and change the thought from blame to solutions. Always ask... what is the lesson here? You will grow and grow and grow. Observe others as they play this game of passing the blame. Learn from this, as it is another aspect in our human behavior that is linked to ego. Since one-half of the working population works from home, it is more important than ever to be aware of account- ability. In a normal work situation we are expected to do a task and report to someone else. Even the employer has a responsibility to their employees. When we work alone, we may have a project or task that is due at a certain time, therefore, we are responsible and accountable to that commitment. We are 142  

accountable to ourselves and not an employer. When we are in the process of starting a new venture or life change, a new physical or health program or new business, we must develop a system of accountability. Commitment with accountability will yield the desired results. It may be as simple as creating a chart, log or written checklist as a tool for daily guidance. The fact is, it is often a challenge to do when working alone. A system of mentor- ship is one of the best ways to achieve the activity needed for the desired results. A mentor is someone who will be the gatekeeper of your accountability to yourself. Do not expect the mentor to be attached to your outcome. A mentor will become attached to determining if you do what you say you will do. Decide what it is you want to achieve. Do the thought, visualization, written exercises and you will attract the people who can help you achieve your desired outcome. This creates the momentum and entices your need to become accountable to each other for success. Be sure to add all the ingredients of success into your plan. Lifestyle, health, wealth, exercise, time management, integrity, harmony, tithing, humanistic goals and balance are all part of a solid plan. Become accountable, take responsibility, and recognize that you are the creator of all that you are. 103


143 Â

HUMILITY Something in human nature causes us to start slacking off at our moment of greatest accomplishment. As you become successful, you need a great deal of self-discipline not to lose your sense of balance, humility and commitment.

Ross Perot ONE OF THE GREATEST OBSTACLES to success is fear of humility. This has also been one of my most profound lessons during my path in personal growth. Once we have mastered humility there is not much left to hold us back. The bigger your purpose, the more likely you are experiencing the wrath of the naysayers, those who will find a great deal of pleasure in the demise of your success. Some will be sure to let you know of your imminent failure; others will be kind on the surface but let others know that you cannot succeed. The key here is the confidence that you are focused on your goal, committed and clear. I have learned that no one gets all the votes. If you are to create a new path, be prepared for only a few to help you trample the grass. It will not be long before the route has attracted many. The clearer you are, the more others see your vision. The more committed you are, the more they will join you. Momentum starts with a need, thought and vision; Â

144 Â

others become attracted to the vibration of your Being. Along the path you may meet many who celebrate your stumbles. You must simply stay on track and the appropriate, meaningful thoughts show up to perfect your Ideal. Think of the many who traveled before you who undoubtedly experienced humility: the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Abe Lincoln, Ross Perot, Bill Gates; to mention just a few. Ask anyone who has achieved success if they were ever questioned, ever criticized or ever experienced humility along the way. They will all answer “Yes.” Once you experience it, embrace it and allow it to fuel your desire to reach your goal. Do not waiver, for to do so will send you on a fast track to mediocrity. Humility is a good thing. Enjoy it. Embrace it. There are risks and cost to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-run risk and cost of comfortable inaction.

John F. Kennedy 105


WEALTH WEALTH WAS MY FIRST LESSON when I studied this material 6 years ago. It has been the subject evolution ever since. When I first heard the words “If you want wealth, help others become wealthy.” I stopped reading and pondered this. Was it new, had I not been doing or thinking this? The answer was clearly “no”! I had at the time built a couple of companies to multi-million dollars in sales and considered I had degrees of success but I was not keeping the wealth. I was not paying myself, not fulfilled and definitely not living a balanced lifestyle. With all this, I was not looking for the answer that I received. How could I help others become wealthy when I had not mastered it myself? The answer was clear. This had been my obstacle. I was focused on my wealth, therefore, not paying myself what I was worth. I began a journey of helping others achieve wealth and found that it was considerably more gratifying; I was also paying myself more in the process. It was working. This Soul Destiny is a result of this early thinking on wealth creation.

Soul Destiny The Master Key System teaches us this in parts ten and sixteen on the topics of Abundance and Wealth. It is important that we realize again that this is not an easy transition


in consciousness. While it is simple in theory and practice once we have developed the correct thoughts, it remains a journey in reprogramming to change from our previous survival instincts of self-first. I have also learned that wealth is more than money, far more. Once I found that I can “BE”, “DO” and “HAVE” all that I desire, I discovered that I needed less. I became wealthy in many ways, not just financially. I became more aware of everything; people, feelings, love, my family, the planet and all its inhabitants. I became aware of the Universe and the spiritual. My world broadened immensely creating abundance beyond material wealth and it keeps on growing. When we apply the principles in Soul Destiny The Master Key System, wealth comes to all who do not lose sight of and continue to have faith in, the power of the thoughts we possess and the ability to manifest all that we truly desire. Aladdin’s Lamp is in our hands. If we want wealth, we need to develop the wealth consciousness.

Soul Destiny ITM is the catalyst to help you apply and achieve with this course just as Charles Haanel did back in the 1900’s. The mentoring team helps you achieve your ver- sion of wealth and all that you desire. Don’t be surprised if along the way you discover a whole new appreciation of true wealth. 107


DETACHMENT THERE ARE MANY UNIVERSAL LAWS that we are learning as we progress. As we create our thoughts, forming them into visions and manifestation, we must carry with us the Law of Detachment. This is opposite to attachment. Attachment stifles growth through fear, insecurity and uncertainty. Detachment allows us to create, flow, grow and evolve. It fits well with another Universal law, the Law of Evolution. Things must evolve or they die and decay. To build a dream and be detached means that regardless of the outcome, your spirit is not threatened. The dream or goal takes on a life of its own through you. Being too attached creates fear as you build and causes limited creativity and poverty consciousness, restricting the outcome from becoming all that it can be. The ego is attached while the spirit remains detached. The ego is concerned with what others think of it while it goes about creating or living. The spirit lives free of this judgment because it has no attachment. The businessman who does not take his losses personally builds again and again, having successes as well as failures. He becomes unattached to the personal blame and learns and grows. Research any self-made or financially successful person Â

148 Â

and you see detachment in their character. For example, Donald Trump lost a fortune and a few short years after became a billionaire. Abe Lincoln failed many times before being elected as President of the United States. On the other hand, research any person who lives a life of lack or poverty and you see attachment built on fear of failure. We are learning that what we fear we attract. A salesperson afraid of failing will not pick up the phone. A doctor afraid of losing a patient will soon have no patients. Detachment from past conditioning and letting go of all that no longer serves us is the only way we can grow. Do you want more clothes? Throw out the ones you have. Do you want more furniture? Empty the room and you soon find the replacements. If the room and closet remain full you will not grow because of attachment. The same is true of our thoughts and past experiences. We must practice the Law of Detachment to grow. Live from spirit and know that your security comes from within. The power to create is all that you require. It is the ultimate security and all you will ever need. Discover your true self and the “knowing” that you are the cause of your effects, the creator of your outcomes. Detachment is your key to freedom from the need to collect symbols of success such as cars, boats, clothes and money. You can have all these things; it is like living in prison to be attached


and owned by these “things.” Complete freedom involves being detached from symbols of ownership. Become detached from your journey with Soul Destiny and liberate yourself to grow free from stress and the pressures of the physical world. The more I have in my life the more I value the wealth of the things that are free. They ask nothing from me whereas the manmade world asks the exchange of time, toil and freedom. Observe the attachment you have to things, including loved ones. See clearly that attachment restricts not only your growth but also theirs. Attachment to the thoughts and opinions of others surely causes one to fear progressing in the business world. Public speakers would never speak; politicians never run for office, athletes never compete, if they took their defeats personally. Become detached and grow beyond your wildest dreams. 109


THE POWER OF WORDS WITHIN SOUL DESTINY THE MASTER KEY SYSTEMTM we learn that words are the link between the subconscious and the conscious, the spiritual and the physical. We do not need to speak the words, as thinking creates the same message through the vibrations of thought. There are words we speak that send conflicting messages to the subconscious and the Universe or God that can create the opposite results to our intentions. It is important to know how they are affecting our outcome. Try

I am trying to achieve all I can be. When your subconscious hears this, it is directed to give you that which you have asked. The word try or trying following the powerful “I Am” is the request. As the subconscious must give you your request, it grants you the try and you stay in that state until you change the request. Want, need, will, would like, interested in, desire, hope, wish, dream of (you can add a few) are all transition words and give you the wanting, needing and so on. Realistic


I often hear the word realistic come up in a seminar, particularly when something is being requested of time, goals, ambitions, lifestyle; the things required for setting your life up for all that it can be. Realistic is a state of each person’s mind. We are learning that thought is creative and that everything comes from thought. This includes time, time frames, abundance, wealth, health and all that is. You create your own reality; if you think your goals are realistic, they are. If you think they are not, they are not. If you think you are right, you are correct; if you think you are wrong, you are also correct. There are no such limitations except those you attract to your subconscious. Give me something that is not realistic and I will show you a world of possibilities. What you say also gives you the results you speak about. Tired “I am tired.” The subconscious responds and presto, you are tired. Replace this with “I am energized.” You will become energized. Impossible That is impossible, unbelievable and can’t are often used words in this context. It is possible, believable and can be achieved. Be a conscious incompetent; be aware of the words you and others speak. Know that once the request has been made, the die is cast. The choice of words will change your outcome.



LIVING A LIFE OF GRATITUDE THE UNIVERSE PERPETUATES ITSELF in evolution. Everything must evolve. This is the Law of Evolution. Everything must also be in harmony with the Universe. One must not suffer for the benefit of another or one must not take from another in order to benefit. Wealth created at another’s expense is short lived. This and other Universal Laws must be followed to achieve balance and harmony in your life. Another Universal Law is that of Gratitude. This law, when honored, is the final key to opening the door to all that you desire. Those who take it to heart receive what they ask for. Those who do not live in gratitude are faced with wanting their entire lives. W.D. Wattles writes in the 1900’s about Gratitude in The Science of Getting Rich; Oprah Winfrey devotes a part of every show to Gratitude. As Wattles states in The Science of Getting Rich “Gratitude will lead your mind out along the ways by which things come, and it will keep you in close harmony with creative thought and prevent you from falling into competitive thought.” Gratitude requires the direction of thought to the positive in all.


Without it, thought gravitates to discord and seeks all that is negative, critical, competitive and unharmonious. When we give thanks to the Universe, God or whomever we believe to be our higher power, then we are in direct contact and communication with them as consistently as we give our thanks. Thoughts are all that there is and exist in unity with our creator. Therefore, when focused on gratitude, we center on finding the good in all that happens in our life. For instance, find the message or lesson in each circumstance or event daily. Practice this thinking whether the event appears negative or positive. We can extend this thanks to everyone around us because we also know that when we give thanks to each other, we also give thanks to our higher power. Giving thanks attracts more. We must believe this. Those who have not experienced this discover quickly that developing this as a sincere daily routine immediately starts to show in your life. To help you do this, we have supplied a six month journal in which to enter your gratitude daily. As with any habit, practicing creates and anchors this powerful tool. Choose a certain time each day—before you go to bed or when you arise—and think about all that you are grateful for and record it. Do this for a minimum of 21 days. This creates a habit you keep up from here on. Also, make notes in your journal of the results that follow. You will begin to feel the pleasure of being grateful and seeing the power of looking at everything in your life as an experience of lessons and blessings. Encourage your children and partner to do the same.


When a thought enters your mind that is a negative, ask the question “what can I be thankful for here?” You will immediately experience an attitude change as you answer the question. Be grateful to everything and everybody for the lessons learned from going without as well as the lessons of receiving abundance. When things are going in your favor, continue with this act of thanks and do not break the connection with your God, Universe or Supreme Power. You will find that these powers work through those who are willing to receive, be of service and give thanks. This keeps the connection and your willingness to be open to receiving more. Please do not underestimate the power of gratitude. It is our primary method of connecting with the power of the Universe. There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein 113



THE SOUL DESTINY CURRICULUM is designed to help each individual discover, confirm and achieve his or her life purpose or Soul Destiny. This chapter is designed to assist you in establishing your life purpose by putting it into the form of a purpose statement. It is recommended that you revisit your purpose statement as you progress through the Soul Destiny courses. By reviewing your purpose statement regularly, it will evolve and gain clarity as you evolve and gain clarity. Please go through the steps one at a time. When given the first activity, put this book down and complete that activity. Then move on to the next activity. Please do not read ahead as it may affect the “accuracy” of your outcome. Each activity is a step unto itself. Use the Soul Destiny Personal Growth Journal to record the development of your purpose statement. You will find that it changes as you grow and process the course material. Please answer all questions from the heart and with total honesty. This is your life purpose and yours alone, be honest with yourself.


This exercise should be done in a special or sacred place where you feel very comfortable, where the energy feels right for you. It may be the same place you enjoy meditating. You also will want to have privacy and be undisturbed while you are doing this. By playing background music—classical, meditation, or other instrumental music which makes you feel good—you will touch the emotional right portion of the brain which will more likely evoke the feelings and emotions desired in this process. Are you ready? Are you relaxed? Have you got something nourishing and refreshing to drink? Good, then let’s get started. Step 1 Your first activity is to prepare a list—name it: List #1. This is a list of seven Positive Personal Attributes you have that you feel make you special. Please put down what you feel or think makes you special; that may or may not be what other people say make you special to them. If more than seven come up for you, that’s great, write them all down. Do you feel you are an excellent communicator? Maybe you’re a great cook or a great mother. These are just examples and may or may not apply to you. Take as much time as you need. When you have completed this list, come back to this page. Step 2 Your second activity is to compile a list of seven Achievements


you are capable of now at this moment, at this point in time. Name this List #2. Remember, this is your life, take your time and recognize your uniqueness. An example may be that you are able to prepare a good business plan for yourself or others or that you can ensure your children get a good education. Please revisit this page when you are finished. Step 3 You’re back! Wonderful! List #3 Focuses on your beliefs about seven Urgent Requirements for Planet Earth. What seven thoughts, actions, experiences, etc. do you feel would make the most significant and positive difference to our world now and for the future? How do you feel about world hunger or war, for example? Please remember, your answers come from within. Step 4 Your fourth and final list is a list of seven of Your Life’s Desires.

List # 4 What are the seven most important things you choose to have 158  

in this lifetime? What would you “Be”, “Do” and “Have” if you had all the resources and time possible? Do you want to travel more? Do you want a nicer or maybe happier home? You have now completed the first major step towards your life purpose. Step 5 Now, let’s move on. Your next exercise is to go back to each of your 4 lists and put an asterisk beside the item on each list that is the most significant for you. Relax, breathe deeply, trust your inner self. Step 6 Now that you have done that, you are ready to create your purpose statement. Use the following format to create that statement. When it is complete, you may find that you need to tweak the words a bit to make the statement flow. Please feel free to do that making sure that you maintain the context and power of the statement. Complete the statement using the asterisked item from each list. Your Purpose Statement will read as follows: Using my (asterisked item from List #1) I am (asterisked item from List #2) To accomplish (asterisked item from List #3) And so doing, also achieving (asterisked item from List #4) Read it over; roll it around in your mind and your heart. How


does it feel? Do you feel like celebrating? You should! You have just accomplished what approximately 10% of the world population ever-even thinks about and about 3% of the population ever actually do. Feel free to go back over your lists picking out the second and third most significant items and create a second and third life purpose for yourself. It is recommended that you remind yourself of this as often as possible. You should have it so firmly ingrained within you that it becomes an affirmation. Here are some suggestions for assisting you. Be as creative as you choose to be. • Make a banner and put it on your office wall; make it colorful and fun. • Put it on your business cards. • Put it on your bathroom mirror and refrigerator door. • Carry it on a piece of paper in your wallet. • Make it into a divider in your agenda or journal. • Have it made into a bookmark. • If you commute, have it on your steering wheel or dashboard. • Put it on your Dream Board.


• Add some items to your Dream Board that create a visual representation of your purpose statement. • Send yourself greeting cards periodically with it written inside. You’re probably asking “how does one stay focused on one’s life purpose in this rapidly changing and fast-moving world?” That’s a great question, and here is just one solution. Step 7 Please think about the different roles you play in life. Are you a father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, coach, athlete, manager, supervisor, employee, educator, chairman of a committee or committees, chauffeur, organizer, business- owner, mentor, instructor, friend? Each of us plays many different roles in this theater of life. Preferably on a page in your Soul Destiny Personal Growth Journal, create a thought map to illustrate all the different roles you play and the responsibilities you have within these roles over the next week, month, year or longer. Now, think about these roles and responsibilities. Are they or can they be carried out in a way that is contributing to your life purpose, your Soul Destiny? Are there certain roles or responsibilities that are distracting you or taking you in a different direction? What can you do to change the role, the responsibility or the sense of distraction? A fulfilled person is a person living a life of purpose. It’s a good idea to take a little time at the beginning of each week, maybe Sunday night if your work week or play week


starts on a Monday, to go through your roles and responsibilities for the week ahead. How are they or how can they contribute to your life purpose? In doing this, you will find that your week flows smoothly, harmoniously and feels very rewarding and joyful for you. As a result, your life will be joyful and the lives of those who come into contact with you will be positively affected. The Soul Destiny courses and mentorship program provide guidance and support for the ongoing achievement of your life purpose and Life Mastery. If you experience pain along the way, consider it a signpost of progress. And if you gradually become more comfortable in your skin, if you feel a spreading sense of oneness with all creation, don’t fight it. There’s more to us than the sniveling, snarling organism that craves power and approval. The clarity and contentment we seek lies deep inside us all.

Strateford Sherman,“Executive Life”, Fortune Magazine 118Each man has only one genuine vocation—to find the way to himself... His task is to discover his own destiny—not an arbitrary one—and live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else is only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity, and fear of one’s own inwardness.

Herman Hesse


SUMMARY THE PRECEDING PARTS cover the components of success. They are written to address a cross section of readers from all walks of life and designed to open the channel for deeper discussion. They are also an extension of Soul Destiny The Master Key System that is profound in concept as well as a brilliant piece of writing. The two books Soul Destiny Discovery and Soul Destiny The Master Key System are guides to assist the reader on a path of personal growth by helping them to understand themselves. First, they understand their conscious and unconscious minds and then, how this knowledge will serve them. Soul Destiny Discovery provides techniques and pointers to assist in the understanding and absorption of the material. The two books start you on a journey of understanding between the Physical and the Spiritual worlds. Those who are open to the teachings in both begin or continue the journey to reach a better-balanced life and a rediscovery of their Soul Destiny. Realizing what your mission of learning and achievement is and why you are here on the planet is your Soul Destiny. Doing this is the work of God or the Universal higher power. They work their miracles through us. All we need to do is be open and Â

163 Â

willing to take on the next task. Soul Destiny Discovery and Soul Destiny The Master Key System are the manuals and the maps. Along with them, through our Success Engineering System, we offer the readers support and mentoring on their journey to success. Your success is found in the application of these principles and is assured by using our mentoring and support system to help you along the way. Do not allow youself to quit or drop out. Stay with the process, the journey and the commitment to arriving at your life’s goal. See yourself there, feel the excitement of accomplishing what you set out to do. Celebrate the success. Open up to the next assignment of your higher being. The Soul Destiny courses are progressive. After the home study Soul Destiny I course, experience Soul Destiny II, Soul Destiny III, Mastery IV, and Spiritual Odyssey V seminars. The seminar series takes the student to a level of greater understanding, building from the foundation of the home study program. The interaction, community and multimedia presentation is a phenomenal next step in application. See you there! 121 122



SOUL DESTINY THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM PART ONE Tells upon what possession is based, explains the cause of all gain, and explains the cause of loss as well as all other experiences in life. It explains how power is secured. It tells of a world within and how this world is governed. It explains how the solution for every problem in life may be found. It tells how practical men and women find the courage, power, hope, enthusiasm and confidence by which they are given the intelligence and wisdom to make their dreams come true. It tells how more efficiency is obtained and retained, and how our future may be placed under our own control instead of being at the mercy of any capricious or uncertain external power. It explains the cause of every condition, the reason for every experience, the origin of all power, and why all power is absolutely under our own control.


165 Â

PART TWO Tells how and why the operations of the mind are carried on by two parallel modes of activity, the one conscious and the other subconscious. It explains why the thought processes of the subconscious are the theatre of the most important men- tal phenomena, why ease and perfection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the consciousness. It explains the origin of all great, noble, brilliant thoughts and ideas, why we find ourselves some- times endowed with tact, instinct, courage, sagacity and inspiration. In fact, it tells of a vast mental storehouse in which 90 percent of our thought processes originate; it explains also how this vast mental storehouse may be placed under the supervision and in the keeping of the conscious mind. It tells why those who are familiar with the laws governing in this larger mental domain are enabled to accomplish, to achieve, to become writers, authors, artists, ministers, captains of industry, and why all others must necessarily remain less than 10 percent efficient. PART THREE Tells why the necessary action and interaction of the conscious and subconscious minds require two corresponding systems of nerves. It explains how the connection is made between these two systems of nerves. It explains and tells of a central point in the body for the distribution of energy. How this energy is distributed. How the distribution of this energy gives the individual pleasant sensations, how the inter- ruption of this distribution brings discord, disharmony and lack and limitation of every kind. It tells of an archenemy which must be destroyed,  166  

and tells how to destroy it. It tells what determines the experiences in life with which we are to meet, and why these experiences are under our own control. One enthusiastic reader says of this Part: “This document in my opinion is the greatest single document beneficial to mankind ever written in the history of the world; it is the first time that I have come into a true understanding of the Silent Powers that dominate and determine one’s success.” PART FOUR This part tells what it is which controls that which you call yourself. “You” are not your body; the body is simply the physical instrument that the ego uses to carry out its purpose. “You” are not your mind; this is simply another instrument that the ego uses to think, reason and plan. When you say “ ‘I’ go” you tell the body where to go; when you say “‘ I’ think,” you tell the mind what to think. When you come into a realization of the true nature of the ‘I,’ you will enjoy a sense of power which nothing else can give, because you will come to know what you are, who you are, what you want and how to get it. PART FIVE This part tells how the subconscious processes are continually at work, and it tells how we may consciously direct this work instead of being mere passive recipients of its activity. It tells how we may have a vision of the destination to be reached, the dangers and pitfalls to be avoided. It tells how the word has


become flesh; how we are constantly creating and recreating ourselves. It tells of a mental home which each of us is building for himself, the importance of this home, where the material is secured, the character of the furnishing, how and why many of us need a mental house- cleaning in case we wish to realize our ideas. It tells of the condition by which we may come into an inheritance of health, harmony and prosperity, and the condition is one which demands no sacrifice except the loss of our limitations, our servitudes and our weaknesses, and costs only the labor of harvesting its great resources. PART SIX Tells of the unlimited possibilities of the Universal Mind, which is the life principle of every atom in existence, and explains how this mind is differentiated in form. It tells of the most marvelous piece of mechanism that has ever been constructed, and tells how the effect, which will be produced, depends entirely upon the “mechanism to which it is attached.” It tells why we should all become familiar with the mechanism so as to secure the effects that we desire. The power to which it can be attached is unlimited, and we can accordingly secure any effect we desire when we become familiar with the mechanism, and understand how to make the proper connections. An understanding of this part will enable you to plan courageously and execute fearlessly, because you will have come into knowledge of the source of all power and this will determine your course in life, bringing you into contact with all that is strongest and best and most desirable.


PART SEVEN This part tells of a method by which you may construct the mold or model from which your future will emerge. It tells how you may make it grand and beautiful; it explains that you are not limited as to cost or material, that no one can place any limitation on it but yourself. It explains that in the construction of this model, there is much work to be done, that no one can do the work but yourself, but it tells you what to do and how to do it, it suggests methods and plans which, if faithfully and persistently carried out, will result in conditions exactly in accordance with the purpose and thought. It tells of millions of faithful helpers that will come to your aid if you are faithful in your work, and it tells why some who are apparently faithfully endeavoring to realize their ideal seem to fail. It is sometimes just as important to know what not to do as what to do. PART EIGHT This part tells of the creative principle of the Universe, what it is, how it takes form and how it is brought into manifestation. An immutable law must necessarily govern this principle, being the underlying principle of all existence. It tells how the character, health and circumstances of the individual are formed, and suggests methods whereby desirable conditions and circumstances may be created. It tells how and why and when the material from which your future is to emerge is secured. It suggests methods and exercises by which you may secure complete control of the power that governs in this mighty field of action. Mighty because it is the most important work which any individual can undertake. We are making our  169  

future now, today; when it comes we shall have to accept what is given; it will be too late to change it, but we can dominate it, control it, make it what we want it to be, and this Part explains how. PART NINE This part tells of the fundamental principle, the imperative condition, and the immutable law underlying every successful business relation or social condition. It tells of the law by which you may make yourself irresistible, by which you may sweep away every form of discord, disharmony and doubt. It tells the secret of the solution to every problem. It explains that there are only three things that all mankind requires for complete happiness and development. It tells what they are and how they may be had. PART TEN This part tells of the Law of Abundance. It shows that Nature has provided abundance for all, and why some seem to be separated from this supply. It tells of a connecting link between the individual and the supply, explains the Law of Attraction, the law by which your “own” is brought to you. It tells why every experience in life is the result of this law. It tells why and how you may place yourself in harmony with this law and thereby assist in bringing about desirable conditions in your health, environment, or finances. It shows that this Law of Attraction is fundamental and eternal and that there is no escape from the result of its operation. Knowledge of this Law is absolutely essential to those desiring to make permanent progress. 170  

PART ELEVEN This part tells of the means by which we have discovered that the infinitely small as well as the infinitely large is in the last analysis nothing but force, motion, life and mind. It tells of the process by which we have become familiar with the vast organization by which we are identified with the complex operations of Nature. It gives concise directions for making use of the creative power of the Universe, the power by which all things are brought into existence. It shows how this marvelous power may be utilized, directed and made available for the solution of every human problem. PART TWELVE This part tells of numerous counterfeits and perversions by which many are led to think that something can be had for nothing. There is no royal road to success, we must give before we can get; if we cannot give money, we must give service, we must give time and thought, the Law of Compensation demands an eye far an eye. It tells how we may create the implements by which we may put into operation the laws by which we can gain access to the unlimited resources of Nature. PART THIRTEEN This part explains why certain forms of thought often result in disaster and frequently sweep away the result of a life- time of effort. It explains the modern method of thinking and shows how actual, tangible results are thereby secured, and how conditions must change in order to meet the requirements of a Â

171 Â

changed consciousness. It explains the process by which this change is brought about and how we may hasten it. PART FOURTEEN This part explains the source of all Power, Wisdom and Intelligence, and how we may bring it into harmonious relations in our affairs. It shows that those who understand the principle get results in exact accordance with their understanding and their ability to make the proper application. This opens up possibilities hitherto undreamed of and by an orderly sequence of law. It explains the source of all energy and all substance and the method by which this Universal Substance is differentiated into form. It explains the nature of electrons and of cells upon which the maintenance of health and life depends; it explains how we may bring about radical changes in our life and what the result of such changes must necessarily be. PART FIFTEEN This part explains the Law of Growth, and explains why we cannot obtain it if we tenaciously cling to what we have, and that difficulties, disharmonies and obstacles indicate that we are either refusing to give up what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require; we are holding on to worn-out and useless material, or we are allowing a deficiency to exist and are not obtaining the material necessary for our growth. It explains how the ability to appropriate what we require for our growth is secured. It explains how vitality is important to thought, and what determines the importance of words, the vessels in which thought is carried. How abundance may be secured and why we  172  

must be pre- pared to assume the responsibility for every thought and action. It explains the necessity of Insight, its value in examining facts and conditions at long range and in turning our attention to profitable channels instead of working with problems that contain no possibility of any kind. PART SIXTEEN This part explains the nature of Wealth; it shows how it is created and upon what is depended. It shows why success is contingent upon an ideal higher than the mere accumulation of riches; it shows that success depends upon creative ability and explains the necessary condition for attainment. It explains why premature wealth is but the forerunner of humiliation and disaster. It explains the methods by which we may take our fate out of the hands of chance, and consciously make for ourselves the conditions which we desire, it tells how we may compel success by the utilization of scientific and exact methods, and it explains that while we have the ability to create harmonious and constructive conditions we also have the ability to create inharmonious and destructive conditions, and unfortunately, through ignorance of the law, this is what many are doing. PART SEVENTEEN This part tells of the Law of Vibration and why the highest principle necessarily determines the circumstances, aspects and relations of everything with which it comes in contact. It tells why and how knowledge of these higher forces makes all physical force sink into insignificance. It explains the nature of concentration; it tells something of the practice of  173  

concentration, tells something of the results of concentration. It tells how the mind may become a magnet, how it may irresistibly attract the conditions which it desires; it tells why it is necessary “to be” in order “to have.” It tells how to unfasten the prison bars of weakness, impotence and self- belittlement and realize the joy of overcoming obstacles. It tells how the intuitive power is set in operation and how this inevitably leads to success. It tells of the difference between real power and the symbols of power, and why the symbols turn to ashes just as we overtake them. PART EIGHTEEN This part tells of a change in the thought of men, a change which is silently transpiring in our midst and which is unparalleled in the history of the world. The fetters of tradition are being melted off from humanity and truth is rising fullorbed before an astonished multitude. It tells how the individual is enabled to control every form of intelligence that has not yet reached this level of self-recognition. It tells when and how the creative power originates; it tells how the Universal produces the various combinations which result in the formation of phenomena; it explains the principle of attraction by which things are brought together, which is the sole means by which existence is carried into effect. It explains the real source of wealth of the individual. It explains the method by which attention and concentration may be developed and shows why the power of attention is the distinguishing characteristic of every man of ability.


PART NINETEEN This part tells of the search for truth, which is another name for ultimate cause. If we can find the truth we shall have found the cause for every effect, and having found the cause we shall be in a position to control the effect. It explains that all things are finally resolvable into one thing, and that as they are thus translatable they must ever be in relation and can never be in opposition to one another. It explains that a knowledge of this primary substance is power; it explains that a knowledge of cause and effect is power, that wealth is the offspring of power, that events and conditions are significant only as they affect power, and finally that all things represent certain forms and degrees of power. It tells of a certain form of power that can control every other power, why it is superior and how we may make use of this superior power. PART TWENTY This part tells what the true business of life is and the result. It shows that we can obtain no results as long as we remain oblivious to the only power there is, an understanding of the principles, forces, methods and combinations of mind and its relation to the Universal Mind. It explains that the Universal can act only through the Individual; it shows that we are the channel for its activity, that it is within us, that we are it. We can, of course, fail to recognize it and so exclude it from our consciousness, but it will nevertheless be the basic fact of all existence. It tells of inspiration, the art of adjusting the individual mind to that of the Universal, the art of becoming a channel for the flow of Infinite Wisdom.  175  

PART TWENTY-ONE This part explains how we may come into possession of power sufficient to meet every situation that may arise in life. It explains that the ability to eliminate imperfect conditions depends upon mental action. It explains that great ideas have a tendency to eliminate smaller ideas, so that it is well to hold ideas, which are large enough to counteract and destroy all small or undesirable tendencies. This is one of the secrets of success, one of the accomplishments of the Master Mind. It explains that the creative energy finds no more difficulty in handling a large situation than a small one. It explains how conditions are produced in our lives by the predominant thoughts that we entertain. It explains how you may set causes in motion which will create an irresistible magnetic power which will bring the things you require to you. It explains the issue between the old regime and the new, it explains the crux of the social problem, it explains the true secret of health, wealth and power. PART TWENTY-TWO This part explains the cause of our present character, our present environment, our present ability, our present physical being constantly changed by simply changing the rate of vibration. It tells how the rate of vibration is being constantly changed in our bodies, usually unconsciously and often with detrimental and disastrous results. It tells how we may effect this change condition, and tells how we can make our future what we wish it to be. It explains how the vast panorama of Nature is consciously changed by simply changing the rate of vibration. It  176  

tells how we may effect this change consciously and thus bring about only harmonious and salutary conditions. It explains that the Law of Health is based on the Law of Vibration, and that with a proper knowledge of the law we may externalize health conditions. It explains the operation of this law and how it is being more generally understood and appreciated, and how many physicians are now giving the matter their earnest attention. PART TWENTY-THREE This part tells of the money consciousness and the power which sets the current in motion which produces the attractive forces which opens the doors to the arteries of commerce. It tells how the current is stopped or completely reversed and turned away from us. It tells how money is woven into the outer fabric of our existence. Why it engages the best thought of the best minds. How we make money. How to recognize opportunity. How to make a money magnet of yourself. How to get the necessary insight to perceive and utilize opportunities. How to recognize values. It tells how to convert an idea into an income, how to make a direct connection with the Universal Mind, how to secure practical results; in fact, it tells what the only really practical thing is. PART TWENTY-FOUR This part explains the entire theory and practice of every system of Metaphysics; it tells how to express harmony, how to express health, how to express abundance. It explains the nature of all conditions, and how they may be changed or  177  

removed. It explains how every difficulty, no matter what it is or where it is, can be removed or dissolved, and it explains the only way in which this is ever done or can be done. It also tells of a Master Key by which those who are wise enough to understand, broad enough to weigh the evidence, firm enough to follow their own judgment, and strong enough to make the sacrifice exacted, may enter and partake.


178 Â

Testimonials 1900-2014 Buffalo, N.Y., August 19, 1917 Chas. F Haanel, St. Louis, Mo. Dear Sir: I considered myself quite an advanced student in psychology when I first took up your wonderful Master Key System. I had read a great deal of the most important literature, and possess many of the best books on the subject, besides proving in many ways my understanding of the laws, yet I felt that the discipline of a reliable system would prove very helpful. My realization has far exceeded my expectation; words cannot convey my intense appreciation—my wonderfully enlarged understanding. I think your Master Key System covers the ground completely, and in a most convincing and practical manner—nothing seems to be left out, and everything is so clearly explained. I think it would be as hard for a sincere student to go back to their old way of thinking, as for an oak tree to return to its acorn. It has changed my whole outlook, and given me a new courage and a zest for my life plans, that is glorious. Wishing you and your system the greatest success, Yours most



Rose B. McMatton Austin, Minn., May 3, 19l9. Mr. Charles F. Haanel, Saint Louis, Mo. Dear Sir: Permit me a word of appreciation for your wonderful Master Key System. I have been for years a devout searcher for the Holy Grail or Royal Arcana, which would prove the key which would unlock the “Hidden” treasure.” I have studied philosophy, ancient and modern; you have synthesized the wisdom of the East and West and given it in a manner so logical and penetrating that by its aid one is able to distinguish wisdom from sophistry, truth from delusion, spiritual expression from psychic vagaries and the sublime operations of spiritual insight and intuition from deceptive visions and false revelations. Also I have been a student of Mythology and have viewed the Myths of all ancient races or sacred allegories of the deepest spiritual insight from which to gather by symbol, metaphor and parable the cosmic history of the universe and the soul history of mankind; but your metaphysical elucidation and application have made substance of the shadow Again I have studied the Mystics from the great teachers whose message has been of universal import and transcendental significance; but found your system to be free from any craving for sensational phenomena, imposition on the credulous or


material occultism. You seek the deeper mysteries of mind and soul, rather than those of the astral or material realms. You are arousing the dormant higher mind and making a clear way to the inner sanctuary. In religion also you have the kernel or spirit of all religions as taught by their founders, for the ultimate aim of all religious effort and instruction should be the education and reintegration of the human soul, which was made in the image of God; but has trav- eled for experience into the “Far country” of natural forces and well nigh forgotten its parentage. The Mystic says, “Knowledge is the sum of facts and truths and nothing but them, gleaned from experience, education or comprehension, without prejudice was to the channel through which the influx of knowledge may come, the source of the education, its nativity or the objectivity of the comprehension.” You have successfully taken the mystery out of Mysticism and placed all propositions in the clear light, so that, “He who runs may read.” I consider you a true benefactor to the world. Use this letter or any portion of it that may be serviceable.

C.H. Gibbons, 407 Winona, W. Abbotsford, Quebec, Canada, October 30, 1918. Mr. Charles F. Haanel, St. Louis, Mo. My dear Mr. Haanel:


I find it very difficult to say all I wish to say in so small a space. The Master Key opens up an entirely new world, a world full of the greatest possibilities and achievements. It explains in detail some points that are often vaguely treated in other works. It is helping me to adjust myself. I have had the feeling that I was not properly in tune with the great powers around me. The secret of the “Within” is worth millions. I have more confidence in myself than ever before, and am cheerful and optimistic each day, whereas before taking up this study, I was always in doubt about the future. With each rereading of these studies comes more understanding; with added understanding comes harmony, and with harmony comes peace. What more can we strive for? The lessons in money consciousness are a revelation. A question which so few understand is here made perfectly plain. It has completely upset the old tradition that to be “good” one must be “poor.” I am very grateful for this knowledge and feel a certainty of success in the future. As I have not had an ordinary high school education you may imagine how these lessons have helped me to understand the real things of life. By using these methods I will be able to overcome the errors of wrong thinking, and to construct an efficient and useful future. Wishing you success in spreading this wonderful message


throughout the world, I am, Yours truly,

Murray E. Fisk Aledo, Ill., March 6, 1919. Mr. Charles F. Haanel, St. Louis, Mo. My dear Mr. Haanel: Physically and mentally these lessons have been of inestimable value to me. For I have in a very large measure learned to control the fear and sick thoughts that were a constant source of hindrance to me. In a material way, I have greatly increased my efficiency in my business, obtaining greater results than I ever dreamed possible and bringing in increased financial returns. So much for the present benefits. Now I wish to tell you the benefits that are difficult of explanation. First, the enlarged viewpoint, and the Altruistic ideas so carefully worked out in detail. I can better express this by comparing my former views to the narrow horizon line that encompasses a small town and contrasting this with the vast panorama which opens up to one’s view from the top of a high mountain. For myself, there have been opened up avenues into territory which I have viewed from afar, longing to explore but fearing to Â

183 Â

attempt. Summing it all up, I feel differently towards others, towards myself, towards things, circumstances, and above all a nearness to GOD. I have talked your lessons to many; if I can be of any other service to you, please let me know. Yours gratefully,

L. P. Delk Canton, O., March 12. 1919. Mr. Charles F. Haanel, St. Louis, Mo. My dear Mr. Haanel: I can see now that I have been the victim of many conflicting theories and views in life which prevented me from gaining a firm purpose and an unswerving ideal. But the main points now being adjusted, every- thing else seems to fall in line. Last year I took a step which practically meant starting life all over again. The course has confirmed to my mind the wisdom of this step, though I have laid myself open to the censure of the unthinking crowd. I know I am on the right way and am able to face the future with vigorous hope and dauntless courage. I am recommending the course to my friends and, strange to say, several of them notice my changed attitude toward life and the resulting success along all lines and ascribe this to my study of the Master Key. Â

184 Â

I fully endorse what others claim for the Master Key, when they say that it is the greatest discovery of the Twentieth century. With many thanks and best wishes forever increasing success. Very sincerely yours,

J. C. Ringwald P.S. If this letter can be of any use for you, employ in any way you see fit. THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY PHILADELPHIA, PA. Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 19, 1918. I have indeed enjoyed the course of study very much Dear. Mr. Haanel: I have completed the studies and it also been of great assistance to me. My out- look upon life has been broadened, my point of view enlarged, and my knowledge of truth multiplied many times. However, a statement of the sum total of benefit received from these lessons is nearly impossible to make, inasmuch as this benefit entails practically a reconstruction of my entire life and thought. On account of great difficulty in assimilating radically new ideas, I have not kept pace with the lessons even with a week between them. But I can say to you that they have given me a foothold upon the everlasting hills which will one Â

185 Â

day bring me to the summit of the peak. You are opening the doors of a new and wonderful life to many, giving them in understandable terms the wisdom of all the ages. We have had many to tell us what to do, but you tell us also how to do it. May you continue and prosper, and my best wish for my fellow beings is that they listen to you and take the lesson to heart. With all best wishes and many thanks for the Key that your helpful and brotherly hand has slipped into mine in passing, I am, Cordially and sincerely yours,

Joen Munroe Chicago, Ill., April 21, 1919. Mr. Charles F. Haanel, St. Louis, Mo. My dear Mr. Haanel: You probably know, from the editorial in the January issue of the Golden Rule, copy of which my Secretary sent to you, that I began twenty-two years ago as a coal miner at a dollar a day. I have just been retained by a ten million dollar corporation at a salary of $105,200.00 a year, for a portion of my time only, it having been agreed that I shall continue as editor of the Hill’s Golden Rule.


I believe in giving credit where it is due, therefore I believe I ought to inform you that my present success and the success which has followed my work as President of the Napoleon Hill Institute is due largely to the principles laid down in the MasterKey System. You are doing a good work by helping people to realize that nothing is impossible of accomplishment that a man can create in his imagination. Surely my own experience proves this. I shall cooperate with you in getting your course into the hands of the many who so greatly need your message. Cordially and sincerely,

Napoleon Hill, Editor Alberta, Canada, September 8, 2000 It was over 20 years ago I came across The Master Key System. My friend invited me to attend a lecture on an upcoming seminar that was about “How to get anything you want.” Anything! This was my first exposure to any form of Personal Development of any kind. That night when I came home I told my friend that I was going to go to the weekend seminar. Little did I know how much this was going to alter the direction on my life and set a pattern for me to achieve anything I wanted. When I arrived I was given a movie ticket stub just like the old tear off ones you use to get at the theatres that said “ADMIT ONE.” On it was printed the words “This is about the greatest story ever told—all about you.” After the weekend was over I


came out with a sense of clarity never before experienced. Almost immediately some of the goals I had started materializing. One of the things I remember was we had 75 people in the room that weekend. I remember one of the exercises was to think of a friend that we hadn’t seen for a while. Someone who you just wouldn’t expect to hear from. Our assignment for the next 5 minutes was to visualize seeing our friend as we had last seen them. Only for 5 minutes then we went for lunch. After an hour and a half we returned. What I experienced and heard next was quite astounding and in my mind quite astonishing. Of the 75 People in our class, 62 of them had messages waiting for them when they called home. Some of them were from friends they hadn’t seen or heard from for 15 years. Some were from people that were traveling half way around the world in Australia and would take the time right out of their holiday to stop and use the phone to call and say “Heh Mary this is Betty, I know I haven’t spoken with you in years however I just had this feeling to call you, is everything okay?” Over and over I heard these stories. It was quite incredible. In 2 weeks after that we got together and shared some of our experiences. There was such a sense of joy and peace amongst the group of newfound friends. Everyone was creating miracles in their lives. One person tripled his income & sales quota creating new records for the company. Another lady came back to visit us and talked about how after taking the weekend seminar she decided to reduce her weight by 30 pounds and was already halfway there and without exaggerating already looked 6—8 years younger. Some People changed careers


discovering their true wonder job. The most satisfaction for me was watching the state of love, joy and happiness that everyone discovered within them. If you have ever wondered what it was like to really discover just that missing link that would bring all you desires and dreams together. If you’ve ever felt that you just know there is something else you need to learn and that there is a better way. Then this has been waiting for you. You owe it to yourself to experience the greatest story ever told— it’s all about you.

Jim Sapara


Pickering Ont. Canada, September 8, 2000 I discovered The Master Key System in January of 1995. At the time I was not aware of the power that was about to unfold from this amazing wisdom. Although I had already experienced some success in business and even flirted with personal development, I was blindly finding my way by trial and error. This was an expensive and time encompassing way of reaching the target. I also discovered that I was sucked into the life of the businesses and lost my person in the process. Those who are in business know what I mean. I was simply another cog in the business world more appropriately call Busyness. I half listened to the course with my busy mind and managed my way through most of the tapes until about 11:30 in the evening when everyone retired to bed. The silence of the house enabled me to focus. I immediately started to hear the tapes and the messages within. The Law of Vibration tape was speaking about thought and that it is the cause of all effects. I woke up and understood this so clearly and got extremely excited at the possibilities in those words. I was hooked on the Master Key from then on. I have been studying it’s principles for 6 years now and have traveled Â

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the world and manifested what I desire as I go.

Soul Destiny is the result of my thoughts and the vision that it became. More than the financial benefit is the discovery of the spiritual connection to the Physical world and the power and infinite wisdom of the universal mind. The awareness of everything, action and reaction of others and myself has made me a better human being. The discovery of real wealth lies in the simple things and that all that happens are lessons that move me to a greater plane. Once I learned that I can manifest anything, I no longer wanted for anything. This is true freedom and the ability to live life as an observation instead of a work to live experience. I have discovered my Soul Destiny and am committed to helping others do the same.

Phil Ross CEO and Founder MDG International Inc., Soul Destiny International Inc. 146 Â

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Soul Destiny Discovery available in Hard Cover or E Book- Is part of a four piece Home Study Collection which includes: Soul Destiny Discobe...

Soul destiny revised may 25 2014docx  

Soul Destiny Discovery available in Hard Cover or E Book- Is part of a four piece Home Study Collection which includes: Soul Destiny Discobe...